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In loving memory of Gerardus Tros, creator of this website
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... Unity Consciousness ...
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The consciousness or soul I am envisions a world in which every human being has awakened to the knowledge that we are the Creative Force in Human Form. When this is realized by all of us, understanding is the result. Understanding is Love. Love is what We Are! Knowing this from the depth of our soul will change the world into Greatness and Splendor...

In a few years, every human soul in unity consciousness will know that we are One Family, One Being and have One Purpose. Which is to share our abundance among ourselves and love the Self We Are in Human Form. This means bringing Heaven down to Earth. We all are the same Divine Energy differently!  Please be aware - that I am another You and You are another Me...
... Human life is a deep sleep in which we dream that we are Awake ...
... We are The infinite Light dreaming that we are human Beings ...

... To all brilliant souls who visit my Pages ...
Welcome ... Welcome ... Welcome

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... We do not live in a matter Universe ... We live in an infinite matrix of Energy ...
... This energy is Consciousness ... Consciousness is what you Are ...  

~  Watch this video it will help you to understand my Articles  ~

Gerardus' Articles and Essays
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You will not be at peace until you know who you Are.
Once you know who you are your soul is Awakening.
Slowly but surely you will discover why you are alive as a human Being.
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~  Once you know who you are all religions and teachings have become Redundant  ~
~  There is no need to find God because God is what you are dear Soul  ~
~  To discover this for the first time is silencing the Mind  ~
Lost and Found File Section
For almost enlightened souls Only.
Some almost enlightened souls are Frantic.
They want to become closer to God in the worst Way.
Little do they know that they already are and always have Been.
They have not got the fainted clue that they are God in the first place in all Ways.
( Many of them are trying desperately to become Perfect )
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... Creation is our Dream ...
... All the created are dreamers and Creators...
... Once we stop dreaming we flip into an orbit called Cosmic Consciousness ...
... At that point creation will disappears and so will We ...
... Any attempt to improve the world is an ego Trip ...
... It means that you have not understood that the world is exactly as it should Be ...

Our World Leaders and the Media are the biggest liars in the Universe.
Yet they are what they should Be.
They all play their Role.

If you understand all This - You are as smart as I Am.
Sorry to say that I am not very Smart.
Just a bit wiser Maybe.

~ Something about Gerardus ~


... Once we begin to awaken we notice that just about everybody else is still Asleep ...
... We feel alone, weird and somehow out of Sorts ...
... Never Mind ...
... Just keep on feeling weird and Continue ...
... Gerardus has been doing that for at least thirty Years ...

~  Readings of Gerardus' Articles on YouTube Videos  ~

Created and Narrated by Readmuch

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! The entire Universe is our Dream !
! The Soul Mind and the Body Mind !

! ... Popular Overview of all the Readmuch Videos ... !

? .. Just in case they Arrive .. ?
! ... Welcome to our Visitors ... !
?? ... Who are They and What do they Want ... ??

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Whatever you are experiencing is happening in your Consciousness.
You Are The Infinite Light Dreaming ... This Infinite Light Will Never Awaken.
Creation is a collective dream that is absolutely real and an illusion Simultaneously.
The universe is a perfect paradox and you are unborn awareness dreaming that creation is a Reality.

... Videos By Others ...

! Aha !  - - - 2011 - - -  ! Aha !
! ... A year of massive and visible Changes ... !
- - - FINALLY - - -

Gary Zukav
Linda Francis

Bashar Speaks
Jordan Maxwell
Life After Death
Crop Circle Video
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Long Video  by  David Icke
Many David Wilcock Videos
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... The Cold Fusion Story of Suppressed Technology ...
... Barbara Marciniak on preparing for the upcoming Shift ...

Hundreds of Free Videos and Movies
Mighty Mother Lode of InterViews on Videos

Videos created and narrated by TheseEyesGod

2012 and Gerardus
High  on  Arcturians
Entering Heart Defined
Practise Knowing What You Are

... To the multitudes of friendly souls who signed my Guestbook ...
                   !   Thank You ... Thank You ... Thank You   !                     ~  Look Here  ~
... Amazing .. Amazing .. Amazing ...
The Purpose of Human Life is not about Searching for Truth.
Human Life is about the Enjoyment of the Moment.
Do what you enjoy without harming Others.

... We are awareness looking at mind and we are seeing a material world and Universe ...
... Our experiences within this make physical reality an enormous Celebration ...
... Physical reality is created by our thoughts, emotions and Intentions ...
... Humans are the creator of their sceneries and their Experiences ...
... We live on Earth in order to learn about Self-Responsibility ...
... It is up to all of us to create a more peaceful world for ourselves and our Children ...
! ... Motto of the Present ... !
... We do not come here to save the world or Anyone ...
... We come here to become aware of who or what we Are ...
? ... Do You Know Who You Are ... ?
! ... If you do not Know - You are still Asleep ... !

... Most humans become addicted to nonsense that somehow makes sense to Them ...
~  Your soul is the creator of the body you live In   ~
~   Choices for Beginners in Metaphysics   ~

For about 16 years I was on many email lists and I have estimated that I wrote approximately 25,000 posts in that period. Most of my posts were explanations or answers to the questions that were asked. A few of my old posts were expanded upon and became my articles. I have kept the most important posts and you can read them by clicking here...

The 911 Affair
Other Fancy Stories.

The 911 Files were at GeoCities.com for 8 to 9 Years.
GeoCities came to a Close.
Many of these files were reformated and put on SoulWise.Net

! ... Something phenomenal to happen Soon ... !
...   2012/12/21   ...   11.11   ...   2012/12/21   ...

Records from Mayan Timekeepers indicate that the date of 2012/12/21/11.11 marks the close of several large universal cycles of time: a 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle, a 78,000 year Earth cycle, a 26 million year Earth cycle and the 225 million Galactic Year.

The simultaneous closing of these four cycles in 2012/12/21/11.11 is like the odometer turning over for the entire history of our galaxy, and perhaps the whole cosmos. It is a moment when humanity, Planet Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps all of creation is expected to take a simultaneous leap in evolution...  

Comments by Gerardus...
Do not think that at this date the world will be changed in an instant! Changes of this kind take many years to take place. Meanwhile, whatever is going to change will be the level of your awareness. It will be an Inner Change. It will be a higher level of understanding of who or what you actually are!  Especially so, if you are familiar with my writing!  In any case - follow your Bliss by being present in the Moment of Nowness at all dates and time...

(Look here and see how much time you have to buy a sturdy seat belt)

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