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Gerardus Everardus Tros

~ Chapters ~
~ Tale of Two Forces ~
~ Neat Narrow Notes ~
~ The Realization of Self ~
~ The One Thing Sublime ~
~ The Apple of Eve and Eve ~
~ The Merry-Go-Round of God ~
~ The Soul-Mind and the Body-Mind ~
~ Mysterious  Metaphysical  Melodies ~

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!   The Soul-Mind and the Body-Mind  !
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~ Creation is our Home and our Work ~

Our Soul Mind is an Infinite Force!
The Soul Mind we are is a miniature hologram of the Universal Mind and when we are born for the first time, our Soul Mind is totally innocent and ignorant. However, it carries within itself unconscious reflections of the Whole. Our Soul Mind is the Forever Lasting Force We really Are! We are not the body or the Body Mind! Our Soul Mind lives infinitely and it is the recorder upon which we record every experience we have in any plane of existence. It's like a computer but a lot better. Our Soul Mind is an infinite force with an infinite memory!

Do we have two Minds?
Every time we are born in a new body, we inherit the mind of the body - the brain - or the Body Mind. So when we live in a body, we have two Minds to contend with. The Soul Mind and the Body Mind! Hmm? Naturally we do not know this, for the two Minds work as one. The Body Mind is the boss however and without a doubt, it is a very dominant ruler. It takes all the power it can muster and usually it is called the Ego!

The Soul comes here to learn...
Every time we are born in a human body, we become fascinated with the Body Mind. So, imagine? We are a Soul Mind and we arrived here in order to learn something about ourselves. Our Body Mind is aligned with the World however and it is very difficult to learn anything of eternal value. Our Body Mind is the Ego or Ass and it is delaying the Soul Mind from becoming involved with the Eternal Things of Life. We came here to become aware as a Great Soul or Consciousness and this learning is pushed on the back burner by the Ego. In the mean time, this Body Mind gets to learn all kinds of things about the world and the sciences. Before long it begins to think that it knows something. It's full of so called knowledge and it is continually told that all this knowledge is important and valuable. Hmmm? There are very smart people in the world for example, but they have no idea why they are here and who created them. In general - their Soul Mind is taken for a ride...

All we do is cycle back and forth...
Naturally, all this knowledge is lost at death and the next time we are born again as a Soul Mind, our Body Mind does the same thing. It hogs the scene and plays the boss. Our Soul Mind or infinite Consciousness still knows nothing about everlasting life. All we do is cycle back and forth between the earth and the astral, and after doing this for a thousand times, we are still not even aware that we have been here Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine times before. Wow! All this because the Body Mind is such a powerful ruler and decides what is important in life. The Body Mind concentrates on itself and it does not recognize that there is an everlasting Soul Mind waiting to educate itself. Naturally, the Soul Mind is infinitely more valuable than the Body Mind because it lives forever. It is the real inhabitant of the body! What do we do about all this recycling?

The Soul Mind is the one that reincarnates...
The question also arises, what does this Body Mind really learn? Well, whatever it learns, is only of value in one particular lifetime. The next time around, all situations and conditions are entirely different again. All of a sudden we live in a different country and people do not even speak the same language. We are supposed to learn Chinese or Russian now. And whatever is learned with great effort, is lost again when our body dies. Well now, somehow there has to be a better way of getting ahead in this game of living in bodies. Our Soul Mind moves all over the world and it is getting nowhere. It returns every two hundred years or so, but it learns very little about itself. It does not learn why it is living in a body in the first place or what it is supposed to do about all these free cosmic trips. The Soul Mind does not get much of an education. Hmmm?

What do we as a Soul take with us when our body dies?
One of the troubles of mankind is, that each time we are born, it takes a lot of time to get settled again and find enough time to contemplate the state of affairs we as Soul meet in the physical worlds. Somehow we have to teach our Soul to speak to us. Another trouble is, that very few people on earth have a clue of what life is all about, while the religions make sinners out of everybody every time we go to church. Moreover, all of us attempt to acquire all kinds of worldly goodies, which we have to leave behind when we leave. Raw Deal! So what are we to do? What is the clue to human life and what do we as a Soul take with us when our body dies?

The Body Mind needs to be quiet once in a while...
What we take with us when our body dies is the "energy" we are and came with. It's our Soul Mind. Now, what does our Soul Mind need in order to learn something of value and be happy? Well, first of all, the Body Mind has to learn to be quiet in order for the Soul Mind to get a word in edge wise. As soon as we get that right, we will find that the quieter our Body Mind is, the more effective our Soul Mind becomes. These two Minds start to talk to each other then and eventually, the Body Mind realizes that it was full of fancy nonsense which did nothing for the sake of eternity. Knowing this - we have a chance to gain real knowledge and wisdom...

Become a Knower of Self and love it...
What is this Soul Mind really! Well, it is a holographic image of the Creator or The IS. The task is to awaken to the infinitely small reflections within and start acting according to the eternal engravings or laws of the universe. The Law of One! It says: cooperate, share, understand, reach to others and love yourself. This yourself includes all others. There is but One Energy. Pretty soon, we will get to know that all of us are One indeed and that all Soul Minds are here to prove that to themselves. So, the task is to awaken to the truth within and act like it. Become a Knower of Self and love it...

The distraction of the Soul Mind...
The more our Body Mind or the human we are listens to the voice within, the more our Body Mind learns that it is nothing but an instrument. An instrument suitable to get around in this world and make some kind of a living. The Body Mind does not need to shine or become important, famous or knowledgeable. All these things distract the Soul Mind from the work to be done. The real task is: the development of the Soul Mind into an aware consciousness to eventually become enlightened in human form. We are on our way to become a Buddha or a Christ. This is what living in the Physical is all about. The point is, that we might have been great masters in the Spiritual World, but this time around we have made a contract with ourselves that says - become a Great Master in the Physical Realm. And this is what we are working on every day and every breath. We need to become wise to ourselves and treasure conscious self development. There is nothing else to do that is of greater importance. The task at hand is a big one...

Be silent and recognize it...
The wisdom of each individual Soul Mind eventually becomes the Wisdom of the Universe. This is great! For the Holographic Image within our Soul Mind is an aspect of the entire Hologram of the Universe. Sure, this is what all Masters have told us: The Truth is within - be silent and recognize it. We are the Creative Energy of the universe in the process of becoming fully aware. We are here to become a Son of God as it is called. Naturally, God also has Daughters! We are a Work in Progress in an environment we call Physical Reality. This reality is but one of the many realities of the universe. There are many more densities beyond the one we are in right now...

The Universe is a Personal Expression...
So what does all this mean? It means that we are the Truth - we are the Reality! We are aspects of the Creator and growing! Each of us is a specific Holographic Image that bestows upon us our Individuality and our Greatness in God. Sooner or later we reach the point where we recognize this, and know that "All That Is" - is - the One We Are. At that point, the Universe becomes a personal expression of ourselves and our Infinite Creation becomes an Individual Affair...

~ Creation is our Home and our Work ~

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... Cosmic Cookie Cafe ...

Cosmic Cookie

The Universal Consciousness or Mind
actually a Multi-Split Parent Mind.

All Personalities... People... and Things
emerge from this Parent Mind
and live in a Dream State of Self Reflection
that does not allow them to realize
that they actually are the One Parent Mind.

We are Unconscious of our True Identity.

We suffer from a Separation Syndrome
that can only be healed by becoming Whole.

This Wholeness is what all of us are looking for
while we are experiencing our Creation.

During these Sojourns we try to fill our Emptiness
by engaging ourselves in all kinds of Activities
that in the long run do not really satisfy us.

We are Hungry for our Higher Self not for Activities.

As Human Beings in or out of the Body
we live in some kind of dissociated State
from our Greater or Higher Self.

We are Sub-Personalities of our Parent Mind
and only by Conscious Effort
and/or Radical Realization
can we as Individuated or Dissociated Dreamers
merge with our Universal or Parent Mind.

This Parent Mind is the Universal Creative Force.

The Universal Creative Force or the Creator
by means of its Sub-Personalities
- creates -
according to their Individual Wishes and Desires.

All Human Wishes and Desires however
are not too effective towards Inner Fulfillment.
We are missing our Wholeness of Being.
We have lost our Reference Point.

Greater Wholeness will be found
when we have reached
the Christ Consciousness or the Kingdom of God.

After reaching these higher States of Awareness
there are still other Planes to transcend
before we and our Experiences
will merge back into the Source of Creation.
This is what all of us are working on
Experience... after Experience.


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! Neat Narrow Notes !

In this space...
I'm supposed to say something wise.
If not wiser...

Well... let's see...

Before the world existed it was just an idea
so was the Brooklyn Bridge.
The trouble with the Bridge was...
that we had to create the World first.

(Some idea that was)

I'm supposed to say something wise again.
Be prepared...

There is a Seeker born every minute.
Because of its Conditioning
every Seeker becomes a Sucker.

People expect me to say something wise
all the time...

Reincarnation is traveling
Thought to Thought.

However, to be born is dangerous
You cannot buy Insurance.

Here's an easy one...

God and Man
Creations and Reflections of each other.

One Light
projecting Self-Images with different Colors.

People expect too much from wise guys.
Watch this one...

Life is an everlasting affair with yourSelf.
(That was easy)

People expect me to say something wise
any time and every time.
Are you ready...?

The Realization of Self
the Discovery of the Self in All
AnywhereIAm - I Am the I Am - IAmAnywhere

This means that...
I Am the Who or What I Am

... AHA ...

This means:
I Am the Self and always meet the Self I Am.

! ... WOW ... !

It is a very rare man...
who is wiser
than a million people in a million years.

The trouble is...
how would we ever find out about him.

... Try a Search Engine ...

Thought of a good one...

People used to call for help on God.
Nowadays they call for help on the Internet.

They are coming closer and closer.

Pretty soon they will know
the Real Helper lives within.

Could this be God in the first place?

Student to Teacher:
What do you think it is Teacher?

I do not think... I know!

Teacher to Student:
What do you think it is Student?

Student's response:
I do not think... I know either!
Laughs all around...

The following is neither wise nor unwise...

Life is a Celebration
The Creator living as the Created.'s perfect Truth!

Here's one to never forget...
The Universe is your Home and your Work
! You are the Boss !
Darn good question here...
If all atoms and cells in our body
every seven years...
what is it that hangs onto
old ideas and habitual thoughts
for decades and decades
if not for lifetimes?

And why...?
Well, whatever these Neat Narrow Notes are
they certainly are not very long!
Maybe they are meant for short memories?

On the other hand...
they are supposed to be read upsite down...
or backwards...


? How did I ever get out of this one ?
( Not even God knows )

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!   Tale of Two Forces   !
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~ The Game of God - The Game of Man ~

! UFOs - UFOs - UFOs - UFOs - UFOs - UFOs - UFOs - UFOs - UFOs !

~ Please Park at the Bottom of this virtual Light Structure only ~

This article touches upon the basic philosophies of the author. It is not written to discredit any human or alien force or judge them in any way. The author knows that all things are exactly as they should be. This article therefore is a report not a judgment...

Before we begin...
This is a humble attempt to give the reader a closer understanding of the UFO forces that visit our planet. However, the following does not deal with so called UFO phenomena. Meaning, the scores of people who have seen UFOs, or the amount of people who have had missing time periods, or the women who might have been impregnated by these forces and/or how many new cattle mutilation we have had this year or last year. No details will be discussed in this article. It only deals with the how and why the UFO forces come to our planet.

There is a certain amount of repetition used in this material since the concepts discussed are difficult to understand. It will help to give the reader a quicker grasp of things, without scrolling back. I hope that I have expressed this subject plainly enough so that most readers get a clear picture of how things are in the times we're living. I have tried to express the "Truth of Things" with the patience of an old fashioned angel and with the determination of a modern saint (Smile, I am Neither). The following also contains some metaphysical philosophies for they belong to the realities about UFOs.

Before we can explain what UFOs are, we first of all have to understand what the basic medium of the universe really is. The entire universe is a free and flowing vibration of energy that is infinite in its variety and diversity. Also, the universe is full! There are no open spaces or areas where nothing is happening. The universe is a Multi-Dimensional-Mind and all visible and invisible aspects of the universe are our own mind or consciousness, engaged in the processes of creation. This process takes place within us then and it is of a Holographic Vibrational Nature! It is also necessary to have some understanding of Time and Space before the puzzling phenomena of UFOs can be understood. We begin therefore with a discussion about Time/Space and Matter. Pleasant reading!

Time and Space
The Center Poles of Physical Reality

Time and space are a continuum...
We experience time and space when we are awake. And even then, depending on our activity, time and space are quite flexible. The duration of time and the volume of space depend on our attention or focus. The more we focus on either, the more pronounced they become! This suggests that time and space are actually created by us and when we are asleep or unconscious we stop creating them. Time and space are the center-poles of our physical world. They form the psycho-physical background of our day to day existence. They are flexible components or conditions. Time and Space are created by our conscious mind, our brain and our senses, working in a synchronizing energy field. The realities of time and space are generated by this special energy field to which we are subjected as long as we live in a physical body. Time and space, in and by themselves, do not exist, yet we become more and more aware of them when we focus upon them and thus co-create them. Time and space are each other's opposite. Time is the result of energy-movement and space is the distance traveled during this movement. We could say that Time and space are also each other's mirror images. There is no time without space and no space without time. Time and space are a continuum!

We experience only a small aspect of the total action...
The universe around us is like an ocean full of vibrating energy in which we swim. Different energies in this ocean vibrate in different patterns and frequencies and these different vibrations create different kinds of matter or substances. Only certain patterns and frequencies of vibration are registered by our sensory system and the surroundings we experience are the energy vibrations that particular aspect of our physical world and universe. The majority of the vibrations that take place in our environment however, are beyond our grasp. We experience only a small aspect of the total activity. This total activity -is- the universal mind or the entire ocean of vibrations! Aspects of this mind that are not noticed by us, leave openings and this gives us the false impression that these openings are empty spaces.

We create space by default...
We do not notice the energies that occupy these many openings because the energies or objects that are there, are created by vibrating energies with frequencies we cannot sense and therefore belong to other densities. We as human beings are not made to experience these other energy densities of the Universal Mind. They belong to other realities or higher levels of activity. For example - the energy bodies of our deceased relatives could be standing right beside us, but we would not notice them because we are not attuned to the frequencies of their density. However they are able to notice us! The higher is always aware of the lower. All realities, activities, objects or things are consciousness or mind in vibration. The aspects we see or experience of this ocean of vibrating mind - we call our surroundings. The things we do not sense or experience are dismissed by us. However, they are still aspects of our surroundings. Our invisible surroundings! We just do not notice these invisible energy vibrations, but they occupy the openings or room we call space. We look right through these energies and thus - we create space by default!

Space is full of energy vibrations...
In other words, space is not nothingness or empty! It is full of energy vibrations that are not noticed or sensed by us. When we live in a human body, physical reality is the main vibration of the universal mind we are able to experience. This vibration or reality includes time and space for they are the most important aspects of the scenery or stage we perform on. Also, just because we as human beings have our existence in a physical reality at this particular time, does not mean, that our reality is the only one. Physical reality is a minuscule aspect of the infinite spectrum of energy vibrations we call the universal mind. Naturally, there are many physical realities as well as none physical realities. It's up to us to discover them! The UFOs and their occupants, for example, emerge from the invisible realities that surround us at all times.

Matter - the beautiful - Illusion!

Some scientists think that 90% of the universe is missing...
Matter in and by itself as a solid substance, does not exist! We have given names to all material objects, but the objects are not their names and neither are they a substance called matter. Matter is an energy vibration of a specific type and frequency within a certain range of the consciousness energy spectrum. This frequency range contains all known physical phenomena that take place in our physical universe. Some scientists think that 90% of the universe is missing. They probably come to this conclusion because they are only using 10% of their brain. Which is not all that bad, for most people use only 5% of what is available. The reason why all of us return to this earth repeatedly, is to learn to use the rest of our brain. The universe is complete and not a thing is left out, except full understanding for Mankind at this period of our endeavor. Since mind or consciousness is all there is in the universe, the seemingly expansion of the physical universe is the expansion of our awareness expressed in physical phenomena.

The universe or universal mind is one...
When we are able to experience all energy vibrations or dimensions of the universal mind, we will soon discover that the visible and the invisible universes have merged. All universes are really one! Since we as human beings experience certain vibrations only, we therefore experience certain aspects of the universe only! The aspects we experience form the physical reality or the Plane of Separation. All things seem to be separated from each other. However, physical reality is basically an illusion! What we think we see is not really there as a solid substance. We as Spiritual Beings, have chosen to experience this illusionary reality by means of living in human bodies. Naturally we are not the body.

Life as a human being therefore is a celebration! We are the Essence of the universe and we have succeeded in creating a "vehicle" for our Mind/Soul that allows us to experience specific aspects of our creation. It's an absolutely astounding achievement! All this was done by means of the Multi-Dimensional Beings or Co-Creators we are...

We have not been kicked out of paradise...
However, when Godbeings separate themselves from their Wholeness, they invariably get lost in their creation or dream. This is what has happened to the Souls or Spirits we are! We are aspects of our own universal mind and at this moment we dream that we are separate entities living in a body that is subjected to time and space. In order for us to return to our Wholeness, we must awaken and attain; the Christ Consciousness. We are one with this Consciousness, but we are not consciously aware of this! Eventually all human beings will attain the levels of awareness necessary to promote themselves to these higher levels of Consciousness. Yes, by all means, please remember that we're not here because we have sinned and have been kicked out of paradise. We are here to experience our own physical reality! Our experience is a purposeful endeavor.

Traveling from thought to thought...
Since we are consciousness or mind and all things are different vibrations of mind; we should be able to travel from vibration to vibration - or from thought to thought. This will show us that time and space are psycho physical conditions and are created by the vehicles we live in! Traveling from thought to thought has been mastered by the UFO Intelligences. Their crafts enable them to go any place in the universe they can think of. They are the free Godbeings of the universe and the highest among them, do not even need a vehicle or craft to go anywhere. Their very thought will place them wherever they are needed. They do not really travel - they 'jump' from thought to thought! They teleport.

About the different levels or densities of the universe...
We live in a universe; that has at least seven densities. At this moment we live in the third density and transcendence to the fourth/fifth density is just around the corner for many of us. Most UFO forces occupy the fifth and sixth density and the highest levels or densities are occupied by the Great Consciousnesses who are in control of specific areas of the universe or Universal Mind in Action. The highest level of all is the very Source of All That Is. The Source is the Essence that lives in all Things and Beings.

Ezekiel and his Flaming Chariots...
All during the ages of human existence the UFO phenomena have been a part of our life. They are also mentioned in the Bible where they are called Flaming Chariots. Ezekiel for example, was taken for a free ride and lived to speak about it. However, many people are still not aware of UFOs and what they really are, it is so far beyond their understanding that the wildest guess would still be miles off target. Most likely UFO lights or happenings are taken for lightning, acts of the Gods, or for some other simple minded explanation. Nowadays however, a few people in the world are coming very close to understanding who and what UFOs and their occupants truly are. The occupants or intelligences are the keepers or guardians of the world and they have been instrumental in its creation. They are Mankind's Benefactors! Some of them are the genetic engineers of the human bodies we as Spirits live in. For ages, we as spiritual or mental entities have come to many planets to have physical experiences.

There are basically two different kind of UFO Forces...
There are also UFO beings who are not friendly towards Humanity. They have influence over the population of the earth by trying to dominate them and trying to make the whole earth their dominion of slavery! They work by means of inspiring (read possessing maybe) the Rulers of Mankind! So, at this time, there are basically two different kind of UFO Forces that have influence over the population of the earth. However, more than two different kinds of UFO Beings visit or have been encountered upon the planet. It's a big universe with many many planets with different species. Many are curious about our progress in climbing the Ladder of Awareness. They come to observe.

The masses are kept completely in the dark...
For as long as 50 years, world governments have been aware of the UFO phenomena and what certain UFO forces were all about. These government or rulers however keep many things hidden from the people. The masses therefore, are completely in the dark as to what these "flying-things" are and what they are doing. The most popular rumor suggests, that they are Beings from other planetary systems that visit here. Space travelers. Well, maybe so. Others aliens however might live right on our planet. This is kept secret by the Rulers of the world. In any case, UFO phenomena are the activities of aliens who live in our environment. They are not necessarily aspects of our 3D reality. Again, the alien presence is two-fold! There are Beings who serve and love mankind and there are Beings who dominate and exploit humanity. These exploiters live off our emotional energies - like the energies of fear and suffering. That is why there are so many wars! Both these forces are interested in the orientation and energies of mankind. It's either Love or Fear so to speak and mankind is either the receiver or supplier.

The Nature of Our Soul
Cooperation - Sharing - Understanding - Love

That is what the real battle is all about...
However, Armageddon is not about our country, properties, bodies or any other material value or possession. The battle is about the nature of our Inner-Self and the values we practice. Are we servants or lovers of Humanity or are we brain washed egos who could care less about others? The very nature of our Soul - that is what the real battle is all about! The many religions in their teachings and dogmas have similar views of things but their understanding of what really is going on is misleading. They have some of the truth, but the real truth of things, will put them out of business. This is not to say that Cooperation, Sharing, Understanding and Love will disappear. On the contrary; these are the four corner stones the New Age of Mankind will be based on!

Do they have more right to the earth than we have?
When we are engaged in serving mankind there is very little that will stop us. But when we are busy serving ourselves, most likely we fall victim to the forces that try to seduce us to a level of interest that is so far below human capability, that it would scare any person who is still capable of thinking. The secrecy that is perpetrated by our governments, is the very same type of delusion and/or seduction our governments have fallen victims to themselves. At the present, the world is in the grip of what could be considered a negative alien force. At one time there were negotiations between the USA government and this force that stressed technology over honesty and/or peace. Advanced technological information was traded for the allowance of abductions of human beings to further the alien force's experiments. The result was that the governments were deceived.

We do the same thing the aliens do...
The trouble also is, that the more technological we become, the more we wander away from our Source. It is assumed that a considerable amount of aliens are/were present at underground locations all over the world. The question arises, do they have more right to the earth than we have? I do not know. In any case, the whole world becomes upset, when people are abducted, the farmer's cows are stolen and are cut to pieces by very sophisticated means. However, we do the same thing the aliens do, when we take milk from the cows and honey from the bees. We also eat cows and kill the bees when we are finished with them. The aliens probably only use us and do not kill. Besides, who is going to stop them from doing what they want or need? Most aliens are far superior in certain aspects than we are. In the mean time, the entire world has been taken for a ride!

Man still is a fighter instead of a lover...
What to do now? Apparently the late president JFK wanted to enlighten the people of the United States and the world, but never got that far. It is assumed that the real and secret government of the world stopped him in his tracks! The entire world is suffering from the results. The deals that were made favor the almighty dollar and warlike policies over peace. There is some evidence that the same government was also approached by the forces that serve us. They promised that help would be available if all nuclear weapons would be abandoned. These weapons would be made inoperable by them in the first place in case of a nuclear war. However, they never said so, naturally! There is no way that they would let the Earth School be destroyed by a group of ego-maniacs that happen to be in control of our little world. The things that happened in the past are almost beyond belief, but here we are; the UFO situation still has to be dealt with and the masses are becoming very restless. They know that they have been lied to and they would like to hear the truth for a change. They are entitled to it, enough is enough!

Are These Beings Our Heavenly Creator
Are They God's Helpers?

They are our guardians and benefactors...
The Force of Service to Others (STO), our benefactors, are the force that millions of years ago engineered the species that now is known as mankind. Yes, you and I - our bodies that is. These Beings are not God the Almighty. They are to us what a modern genetic engineer is to the creatures he or she experiments on, or what the zoo keepers are to the animals, or what a modern farmer is to his cattle. In other words; they are our guardians and benefactors since the very dawn of mankind and our endeavors upon this earth. We ought to see them as God's helpers if you like - or as co-creators. God like decisions are made by them, as well as by mankind, day in day out. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that all of us are God. In the mean time, it is well possible that the Service to Self Forces (STS) have changed our DNA structure and lowered the level of our awareness for example. There are teachings that proclaim that this is the case. More investigation must be done in order for us to know the truth. To all of us this is an individual job...

A united world is easy to dominate...
So there are forces who are instrumental in creating fear and divisions among mankind and thus influence us to become more interested in weapons and war than in peace. They are the 'service to self' aliens. Their earth representatives are working toward a complete world domination via our systems of governments and institutions. These alien forces have been successful in contacting many government bureaucrats of the world and the domination processes are well on their way. This is noticeable by the uniting and standardizing efforts of the trades and banking systems of our world by the real forces that govern. A united world is a lot easier to dominate than hundreds of different systems and peoples. The modern media is the very means of enchanting our great diversity into one dull type of human being more robot than preliminary God! Basically, one could call these two forces Good and Evil, however it should be remembered that all the entities involved in any of the two groups, are but temporary manifestations of the One Infinite Force or Infinite Creator. All this Creator does is play the Game of God as Man. Mankind and all other species in the universe, including the UFO intelligences, are actors on the stage of creation. In other words, it makes no difference on which side of the ledger one is scripted on or engaged in. In the end, all of us are One Energy in the first place.

We are able to create a better reality for ourselves...
In order to have a universe or a world at all, certain scenarios or games have to be created by opposing polarities. The Creator or God is both! This does not mean however, that we have to create a reality of slavery and other conditions far below our capabilities. We are able to create a far better reality for ourselves, by means of diversified and plain old fashioned individual ingenuity and individual freedom! The old fashioned American Dream can still be brought to fruition, but not with a united world of slaves indoctrinated by the nonsense they are being told today. However not to worry, our real benefactors are forever watchful and all will be well in the end. This does not mean however that our present system of government will be maintained. No doubt in the future we will be able to govern ourselves, without the influence of the almighty buck! It's high time for a more realistic democratic government to replace the shambles of the present day manipulations.

The subliminal or subconscious control...
So, specific UFO forces are man's benefactors and others are a group of very smart entities, who are trying to dominate and exploit mankind via "Secret Government Organizations" the ordinary masses have not got the slightest notion of. Most likely there is a movement afoot to condition the entire population of the world into some kind of robot like existence by means of TV and other media. The masses of this world are totally ignorant of these procedures because they are busy consuming and watching their TVs. The big question is - are all TV signals interlaced with subliminal instructions to consume and stay dumb amidst the pretensions of happiness? Are the masses put to sleep? In the future we might end up with 3 billion robots and the rest of the people dead because of known, as well as unknown diseases, yet to be spread among mankind. There might even be some kind of evidence suggesting that the aids virus was created by the you know WHO in the first place. Who knows? Are these Secret Forces also the brains behind the drug smuggling? Well, it's hard to believe or prove, but so are UFOs and their phenomena. Remember however, I have a lively imagination and all this might be private nonsense. Truth is an individual Thing!

Two big questions are:
1) How long are our Benefactors staying in the background?
2) How can we help our brothers from becoming slaves or robots?

It is possible however, that the changes in the world will unite mankind and their governments and we'll all sail into the future on a bed of roses in the moonlight as reborn lovers. That would really be nice. However, things might be a bit rougher than that. One thing is for sure, we create what we are able to think of. So, let's become aware of that power and reclaim it. That in and by itself is the ultimate choice...

Positive or Negative Polarization
Good and Evil

Religions stagnate individual thinking and development...
The UFO Intelligences, like the people on earth, consist of two main groups "The Service to Others Group" and "The Service to Self Group". Both groups are just as valuable, because it is the very friction or potential between these two groups that needs to be transcended by all entities in order to grow in awareness and reach the ultimate level of Awareness, Understanding or Awareness. The religions call these two groups good and evil. Positive and Negative Polarizations might be a better terminology. The religions themselves however are participants of the Service to Self Group for they stagnate individual thinking and development. Being a follower is being a Non Thinking Slave.

The Service To Others group...
The Service to Others Group has been with us from the very beginning and we should consider them as our benefactors or friends. For millions, if not billions of years, they have been there to help and protect us from other interested forces in the universe. In the mean time, the protective network of the electronic/magnetic energy-grid around the world could have been split by our atomic explosions in the past. Atomic explosions do more than make a mess of the physical reality we live in. These explosions could affect other realities and therefore expose us to negative forces of all kinds. Not one iota about this is known by our sciences or military forces. The physical universe is not a separate thing in and by itself and our activity influences other realities! We are all affected by all of us.

The Service To Self group...
We also need to remember that most of the UFO activities are from the Service to Self group. They apparently are quite busy trying to get something from mankind that will make them more like us. They are more of an electrical being than a psychological one? They could be without emotions as well as a Soul for example. Maybe all they have is their body-mind. To become an immortal Being must be quite alluring. Another thing that we should remember is, that what we call morality, could be missing entirely in the Service to Self group. Morale is a strange thing anyway. It depends how we have been raised or conditioned. Maybe morale and survival are the same thing to them. On the other hand, they are not as cruel and careless with people as we are with animals. Some of the things we do to the animals just for the sake of fashion is below our dignity.

They have control over energy...
The UFO Intelligences live or dwell in the higher dimensions or densities and do not necessarily have a home planet. They might live on huge satellites. They have direct command/control over energy and they are able to "emerge" into our density. Naturally, when they do this, they create quite a stir among the nut and bolt philosophies of our scientific world and its followers. There might well be as many as twenty to thirty different kinds of alien entities who visit planet earth. Most likely they all use different means and/or vehicles to do so. At least one group of Alien Beings strive to have influence over the people of our world and the result seems to appear as if there is a battle going on over the inhabitants of the earth. The real battle however takes place within each individual, who in its struggles to find the Truth of Things* sometimes unknowingly aligns with the one group and then with the other. To make a stand and determine what side we are on is most important for our future. IOW: are you a Fighter or a Lover...

* Eventually the Truth of Things will show that all Realities are Virtual Realities and that the One and Only Reality that is Real is the Reality of the Absolute Consciousness or the Reality of the Universal Mind. Which All of Us Are! Creation therefore is the result of the Actions of all Individual Aspects of this Universal Mind and varies according to their individual or group desires and their particular Creative Abilities.

We Are The Initiating Force
The Creator

How to educate the masses is a difficult task...
Our world and its creation is the manifestation of our thoughts since the very beginning of this solar system and every human being is an active participant of the creative force and is co-responsible for the earth and its ecological state. In the mean time all of us, as aspects or Souls of this universal force, take turns to incarnate into the earth plane and try to make sense of what seems to be going on. Very, very few people really know or even suspect that we are the "Initiating Force" or Creator of our system. Mankind is in the beginning stages of awakening, which means that most people are still fast asleep and are not aware of what this world is really all about or who is in control. For many people God the Father is the Creator and his Son is the only one who can be relied upon (This is not meant to diminish the entity called Jesus or Sananda, who could well be one of the oldest Masters involved with planet earth). In any case, the truth about the UFOs might create a greater havoc to the religions than the fact that the sun does not turn around the earth anymore. What to do is indeed a problem, for the suppressed press and the books in the book stores are not read by the masses. How to educate the masses is a difficult task since the Rulers of the world are trying hard to keep them dumb. Who knows, maybe the more advanced TV shows and movies will do the trick. Let's hope more and more people are catching on.

A Fourth/Fifth Density World...
The world is a school and it is still good for another three/four billion years in order to raise the level of awareness of a myriad of individual entities. In the mean time, a transcendence to higher frequency levels will promote our earth to make it suitable for a different kind of being to live here. It will become a higher density world. Which means that there will be an End of Time! Time and Space will be transcended by these entities. Maybe only five percent of the world population will reach this higher level. This estimate however is just a wild guess. I am in favor of an omni-mass ascension. Who knows? It's not up to us however to judge or promote anyone. The required standards most likely are determined by the awareness/love levels combined over many lifetimes. The people who do not make the higher level will incarnate upon the earth or some other planet again. We're all in good hands. Our own!

The higher planes look after the lower ones...
Certain UFO intelligences look after man and his world, like we look after a zoo of expensive animals. As you know; we do this with dedication, love, understanding and gratitude. We learn from looking after the animals and the higher beings learn from looking after us. There is an eternal law in the universe that the higher planes look after the lower. There also is a force, as in any zoo, that destroys the scenery, tries to upset the animals by throwing rocks, and in general has a good time doing what they like best. We all have different inclinations and we live in a free universe with an unlimited amount of free people/entities and worlds.

UFOS... And Their Repercussions
What Happens When We Encounter A UFO?

A traumatic and soul searching experience...
Many people have had experiences with UFOs and their Intelligences. Most often these people come to the conclusion that there is a "missing time lapse" in what they have been doing. They also have strong feelings that something very unusual has happened to them. If they do remember what happened, they have great trouble convincing others! By no means is it a pleasure to be picked up and examined, for it is a traumatic and soul searching experience. Especially if you have to go through it two or three times because you are curious enough to utilize your Soul's memory via hypnosis in order to remember. The greatest percentage of UFO encounters are between the negative polarized entities and mankind. The rumor is that about one out of every forty people has been abducted. Not necessarily do abducted people know about their abductions.

How do these UFOs really work...?
First of all we must remember that all things in the universe are energy vibrations. All these energy vibrations have different frequencies and all vibrations have different patterns. Also we need to understand that these energy vibrations take up no actual space. And therefore many different patterns of vibrations can take place within the same locale or environment. Space thus, is not something that is empty. Space is full of vibrating energy! Most of these vibrations are beyond our range of detection. The activity or vibration we are aware of, in what we call space, is the activity that forms the physical universe as we know it. However, the entire physical universe could well be less than 1% of the total universe, although size or volume of an invisible universe are not measurable properties. Whenever UFOs and their operators enter our energy fields or our physical reality system, they emerge from the invisible into the visible regions of our mind. They do this, by lowering their vibration. They enter our specific physical plane of energies by changing their time phase and density. They were present at all times, but now they have become visible. Normally we look right through them! That is why, in many cases, these vehicles seem to appear from nowhere.

Our matter world to them is a fine mist of energies...
Many UFO Beings have control over their energies and they can appear to us as almost anything. This includes merging balls of light, beautiful spaceships and possibly even lovely virgins. In an instant they change form and appear as physical beings. It is certain, that all UFO beings have x-ray vision and see through brick walls or bathroom doors. They know our whereabouts at all times. They could even touch our valuables in a steel safe for they go right through walls of steel or concrete. They see right through physical matter for as you know, what is really there is but a fine mist of vibrating energies without resistance. Humans are equipped with 'surface-vision' only and a brick wall or a steel safe are solid to us, but they mean next to nothing to higher density Beings.

Our mind contains all things...
UFOs and their operators actually move from thought to thought since all things in the entire universe are only manifested thought forms or mind. The visible and invisible universes really are our mind or consciousness! We share this mind or consciousness with all creatures and things in the universe. All creatures and things are Cosmic Energy Vibrations and certain aspects of these vibrations make up our day to day environment. We live in worlds within worlds and none of these worlds are really physical. Our beloved senses are the greatest liars we can think of! All this naturally is created this way on purpose to make it possible to live in a physical reality. As we know; it works perfectly...

Why Do UFOs Visit Earth
What Do They Really Want From Us?

Being Human is an experiment...
The human population is the result of a gigantic cosmic experiment. It is their experiment as well as ours! Our bodies are the offspring of this experiment and our souls living in these bodies, have been evolving for a very long time. We as a Consciousness or Soul go through different cycles of evolution. In many ways our guardians or older brothers are responsible for our welfare. As soon as we become self-aware however, we become more independent and are responsible for our own actions and progress. Often this is a very critical stage. In the present stage a few of us have reached self responsibility, while others still like to be told what to do. These people will be dominated by those who like to impose their political or religious belief systems. In the future however, the world of mankind will slowly enter a phase of government without exploitation and a state of mind in which religions will be redundant. This will be a phase of love, trust and cooperation. The ages of aggression, competition and belief systems have almost passed.

The old stages of isolation are over...
All UFO visits of our guardians are required in order to supervise the race of man and for the control of necessary experiments. In the near future a more direct contact with our guardians will take place. The old stages of isolation are over. Meanwhile, many different kinds of UFOs visit our planet and it is possible that many space brothers know a lot more about us than we know about ourselves. Also, just because you have seen a UFO, there is no guarantee that you have seen a unit that belongs to our guardians. It is possibly only a visitor or a species of beings experimenting with future bodies they are trying to create either for themselves or for others. There is an eternal process going on to create new or better vehicles. The same methods were used to create the human vehicles we as souls live in at this time. That's why there are so many missing links in our human development.

The universe is our relationship...
The relationship between our guardians and ourselves is similar to the relationship between ourselves and our children and pets. We all are "The Universal Creator in Manifestation" and neither of us is any greater or better than any other. All of us are the Creator in different form! Naturally, this also means; that an ordinary virus, however nasty, is as much the universal Creator as the most powerful spiritual entity in all its glory! However, there is such a thing as "Value to the Whole" and by this is meant, that a finger is less important than the head. Both of them however, serve the infinite Creator in their own perspective values, for there are many things a finger can do, a head cannot. So, an ant is not less than an elephant and an ordinary bloke is not less than a Son of God or someone who has attained Buddhahood. Our universe is a relationship of equals that contains and embraces an infinite variety of differences for unlimited diversity is its goal.

We are The Infinite Light in human form...
In no way, should we as humans be ashamed of our relatively low level of awareness compared to our older brothers or other entities. We are all equal "mind-energy-aspects" of each other. All beings or entities in the universe are children of the Infinite Source or the One and Infinite Creator. This very Essence is the infinite medium in which all things, creatures, beings or entities relate and are specific vibrations of consciousness or mind. All things are this very Essence. There is nothing else in the universe! In other words, there is only God... there is only The Infinite Light or TIL.

The Nature of our Reality

Reality is a We-Thing...
The following is a very important thought in this essay. It's about the Nature of our Reality in the physical plane. At all times do we as human beings create our own perception from a underlying reality that is created by many. Reality therefore is a We-Thing! This means that what we see in front of us is created by the viewer. We place the pictures in front of us! This perception or whatever we experience is created by our mind, brain and senses and it is based upon what we have experienced or seen before. Our perception therefore, at all times, is a reality that we have taught ourselves to experience by means of habits and expectancies. What is out there is Holographic Energy. When these energies are alien, we always create a picture in front of us based on our previous experiences. This means that we might have been taught to see Angels, UFOs or shining ships, while in reality there is nothing like that out there. We at all time create what we see! We as human beings kind of like to fool ourselves and say - well that's what I saw and that what it was.

Our perception of our reality is a self-made thing...
Not necessarily so. We often see alien or foreign energies and put a human face on it. Physical reality is very deceiving for it is based on our conditioning. It is based upon what we have been taught before. Our brain works that way right from birth. It needs a framework based upon the genetic presence within our body. This is different for everybody and that's why some might see UFOs, and others see nothing! We need to understand here that there is no objective reality out there. What is out there, or anywhere, are cosmic holographic energies with many different dimensional natures. We have taught ourselves to try to make sense of them by fitting them with human masks. Our perception of our reality is a self-made thing! Our reality is like a myth - self created. For example, at one time, many Christians had Jesus as a Savior and they would see him in the most funny dreams or places. Nowadays Jesus is somewhat out of style. Tinja Turtles are in, or UFOs, or Beings from the Pleiades, or other star systems. We have new saviors now. Well, all this might be just another myth! The only way to get evolve in the universe is to rely on ourselves. This might mean to go within for some of us. The task is to become our own savior. That is what human life is all about.

We All Play The Game of God
- because -
All Of Us Are God

We do the same things in the animal world...
There are many different kinds of UFOs and anybody who is anybody in the UFO business, naturally visits their neighbors or distant relatives. After all, it only takes a second to think of them and you're there! UFO visits are common phenomena in our world and all visitors are aspects of a cosmic relationship. We all learn from these visits, and this includes the UFO beings. Some of them do not have the faintest idea what it is like to be human, or what it is like to be taken aboard. Many people who are taken aboard are examined and they might be experimented upon. We do the same things in the animal world. We all are the Creator and we all play the Game of God... because We Are God! The universe and all that is in it, is an infinite ocean of free universal energy in continuous vibration. This vibrating universal energy permeates all that exists and is all that exists. This vibrating universal energy is our consciousness or mind and this includes the UFO Intelligences. If they were not an aspect of our own consciousness, we would never be able to experience them. They would be "outside of our mind" so to speak.

Our world is an awesomely complex organization...
To look after a world like ours with close to seven billion people takes an enormous amount of guardians or helpers with all kind of expertise. Each and every one of us might have from four to seven guides or helpers for example. This adds up to about thirty-five billion entities, just for this world alone. Then multiply this by 10,000 for this galaxy and then again with another factor of let's say a trillion for the entire universe. The figures are staggering indeed! Then there are the billions and billions of animals, insects, plants, bacteria and viruses with their Group Souls, Devas, Elves, etc, etc. The infinite Creative Force is an infinite amount of entities and all of them are the co-creators of our shared realities. It is also a known fact that we as third density beings live off the energies of the first and second density creatures. We can assume that higher density beings live off our energies. The physical universe is like one big mouth eating. Does this means that they have us for lunch? Well, if for example 2,000 children disappear yearly in the USA alone - where do they go? In wars times, soldiers go missing - where do they go? It has also been reported that in war times entire refugee camps were deserted overnight. No one knows where these people went. Are these people "taken" by Aliens? Big question indeed.

We must learn to enjoy our creation...
Another thing to consider is that the energy resources of our world, like oil and gas or any other resources or minerals, have all been put there by a very carefully planned activity we call the Processes of Creation. We have been here from the very beginning and even then there were UFOs. We might even have been the occupants! For Time and Space are the most illusionary conditions we could think of. They are aspects of the dream we're dreaming and all the fixtures or figments in our dream are only relatively real. So whatever reality we live in, they are but realities we create. It would be wise to learn to enjoy them. If we cannot, our entire creation is useless!

... Conclusions...
?  Is All This Really True  ?

It has a built in Win-Win outcome...
How do some people know all this? What proof do they have? Your question maybe should be: How come I do not know this? And to the second - the proof is in the pudding! Some of us are more mystical than others, however this does not imply that mystical people are better than others. We're all the same Force or Entity. In order to pass the infinite amount of time and space that is available to The Force We Are, we engage ourselves in the enjoyment and/or endurance of the unlimited diversities of creation and its dimensional possibilities and differences. We do this, until all of us return Home again One by One, and take another Eternal Breath. It's quite the game for it has a built in Win-Win outcome! In the ultimate beginning or end we start or finish as the same Illustrious Creative Force. In between, we chose our individual forms and our individual functions to play the game of Hide and Seek. My function includes writing.

Life is the opportunity to appreciate life...
Life is the greatest and most important celebration we are an aspect of. There isn't one thing around that is superior! Life in all its diversity and variety is the opportunity to appreciate Life. This is the most important lesson for all of us to learn and remember. The purpose of life is to have fun by means of whatever we are doing. The Creator in all its glory, living within all of us, does not require anything of us but to have fun. Its very existence and/or bliss is realized by living within its own manifestations. The Creator's motto is Live and be Happy... make it Yours!

We are the very One...
The Creative Force is a Force of Love for Itself and its satisfaction is guaranteed when we are fulfilled however small our desires or wishes might seem to be. The one and only infinite Creator is present in each and every wavicle of its own manifestations, without appearing on the scene but once in its own full Totality! Naturally, to say, that each and every one of us is this Creator might sound absurd. However, there is no other way to express it. There is nothing else in the universe...

... ALL of us are IT ...

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From this Cosmic Center
Thousands of Brilliant Beams of Energy
into the World of Man.

One of these Beams of Energy
projects you... upon this Earth... as You.

At this particular Period of its Evolution
you are the Life and Experience of your Soul.

The Energies of your Soul
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Some People radiate more than others
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You are one of the many Instruments of your Soul
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!   The One Thing Sublime   !
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~ The One Thing that's Real or Absolute ~

What kind of energy?
The following essay developed from a recent conversation that I had with others about the oneness and the multiplicity of the universe. Science tells us for example, that the smallest parts they have found are called strings. Strings are so small that it takes 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 strings stretched from end to end to make up the diameter of a proton. How did they ever count them all? Now what a proton is everybody knows. We've heard about them for ages. A proton is a sub-atomic particle that is charged with... well what the dickens is it charged with? Well, I think it is charged with invading the atom. It's a pretty cruel act for the atom was the smallest piece of cake we could slice for a long time. Well anyway, all I'm using here are words and more words... and what do they really mean? They mean nothing at all, for they are names for things nobody has ever seen or met, except as scientific symbols scratched upon somebody's paper...

This is a very interesting subject.
I have no idea what a proton really is... except that it might be an energy vibration of some kind. What kind of energy is it? Is it Mind or Consciousness? Well in any case, a string is so minuscule that it would take 10 to the power of 20 strings to cover a proton. Imagine then, a proton is huge compared to a string! Well, if we could just know what a proton really is. Maybe, we could figure out what color it is... and then maybe... Well never mind, forget it. I guess we just have to continue without knowing what it really is. Yes, this is an interesting subject. We speak of energy-things we know next to nothing about... for they all exist within the minds of scientists. Come to think of it, these energy-things are the minds of scientists as well as ours. Have to check this mind of mine - what is it? Is it God dreaming that it is me or am I dreaming that I am .... Well forget that one as well...

What is small and what is big?
Maybe some day we will discover that it takes just as many 'duts' end to end to make up one 'string' as that it takes 'strings' to cover just one proton. Hmm? And then what would we know? Wow. The question arises naturally: what is small and what is big. Just imagine how many 'duts' it would take to cover the surface of the moon. My golly. That would keep Armstrong and his buddies really busy. Never mind, it would cost at least a dollar a dut and there is no way we could afford it. We're already spending a bundle on strings to keep the country together. Shucks man... behave yourself...

The fun is real but the reality is not...
The physical universe, from the point of my 'soul-mind', is an illusion. We are able to experience this illusion as real, because we as a Soul live in an instrument that is specifically created to experience illusions. Now there is a statement! It comes down to, that we as Souls created an illusionary 'something' in order to experience an illusionary something else. Now what's going on? Come to think of it, it actually makes sense. However, when you start to think twice about it, you start to wonder why we did this in the first place and why it makes sense. It somehow seems as if we are some kind of cosmic crook. Creating illusions in order to experience other illusions. Is that why we create puzzles and then like to solve them? Well, I guess we did this, because we are mighty creators or magicians. And so, in order to have something to brag about, we put up a huge black screen, disappeared behind it and started to create.

We live in an Instrument that fools us.
Yes, you guessed right. A hundred million years later or so, we emerge from behind this screen and find out what we did. We discover that we are living in a matter reality and in order to do so, we created an instrument that is made from the same illusionary stuff and therefore it is able to recognize its 'sameness' and says: you are frolicking in a nice reality. But please do not worry when you think that this reality is an illusion, for you dwell in a machine, that is not smart enough to see through it immediately. It's all taken care of; so go ahead and enjoy yourself by having fun in the illusionary reflections of your mind that you accept as real. Anyway, the fun is real, but the reality is not!

If you ever find the answer - please tell me.
So, here we are, confused and befuddled to beat the band, for nobody knows how to pierce this self-created illusion. Somehow, we are too busy having our tea and biscuits, while we are discovering that strings are so small, that we should not have to worry about them until we find duts. Well sure, we're living in a cosmic conundrum that confuses the creators who created it. Please ask yourself - is this really possible? And then, if you ever find the answer, please tell me. Sure, ponder over it while you have your tea and biscuits. And also please, have an easy cosmic cookie to keep you going. We need diversion in order to miss the point...

Do bodies discover things?
Our scientists however, weren't born yesterday, for they discovered that all these strings are not all existing in the same playing field. Many strings exist in other dimensions and as far as we know, there might be as many dimensions as that there are strings. Wow to the power of twenty! That is hard to grasp. What do we do now? More than three dimensions? It's not fair! How do we ever get to the bottom of this illusionary bag of biscuits? Only the English might be able to do it. One thing helps however, for scientists say that only three dimensions make up the playing field in which these strings have been discovered and it happens to be the same playing field in which the bodies or instruments are living who discovered all this. Big help indeed. However, do bodies discover things? That is the question! Maybe it is the ghost who lives in this mighty machine who discovers everything? Yeah, let's hang unto this one and see what happens...

With whom do you have these internal discussions?
Well, I think that the ghost or spirit is the one who does the thinking and creating. Who do you think it is? Do you think that your body is able to figure out who or what really does the thinking or creating? Well, you see; if our bodies are the thinkers and creators, what are the ghosts or the spirits really doing? Well, if you think that ghost and spirits or souls are entities that do not really exists, please tell me with whom your body has these internal discussions all the time. And what is the difference between an alive body and a dead one? In any case, I am convinced that the spirits or souls are the thinkers and creators. So there! These souls or spirits live in bodies, in order to experience their magic creations in this so called illusionary matter reality. And in order to recognize their magic miracles, they live in illusionary matter bodies. For as you know - like recognizes like - and likes it. Now... would you like some more illusionary tea and biscuits? These light ones here... they are delicious...

Real or Illusion - who cares?
So, I say; that the spirit or soul is the real thinker and in some kind of fashion it lets the body or instrument know what it is thinking about and what the conclusions are. For the body is the necessary instrument that is needed to discover all these scientific conundrums. After all, bodies are conglomeration of huge entanglements of strings, which really are enormous amounts of energy-eyelets that make it easy for souls to hang onto and enjoy their creations in bodily forms. Strings and duts! Naturally these bodies are illusions, but they seem real to the spirits living in them. Somehow it does not make one iota of difference anyway, real or illusion, who cares? As long as we know what is going on! The most important question naturally is, what are these instruments or bodies really made of. What really is this energy? What are these strings and duts that hold the world and us together? What is this energy that is glue and substance at the same time? Beats me? So, the real question is, am I eating biscuits or gooey string-duts?

Very strange indeed!
Well let's see; apparently, there are three dimension in which all the illusions take place and then there are more dimensions that contain all the real stuff. And scientists say; that the real stuff dimensions are neatly compacted or rolled up like carpets. The one carpet is rolled into the other and the whole thing forms an enormous bundle of carpet-energy that nobody can ever touch because it's all invisible and does not take up any Space or Time. If that is not strange - what is? For all we know, they might be the original 'magic-carpets' after all? The real trouble is, that we're having tea and biscuits in the illusionary regions of our mind and the real stuff eludes us for we are dazzled by whatever we experience with this hot tea in our hands. It's a miracle we do not burn ourselves. However, this is due to the fact that the illusionary bodies are able to detect illusionary hotness. There it is again! Like sees like and knows what it's all about...

Is what makes us tick - God itself?
So, whatever belongs to a certain group or level, finds itself all compacted together keeping each other occupied. And whatever exist somewhere else, hopefully keeps other busy things busy. Sure, it's a universe of full employment and no body or soul is dawdling or fooling around, although many of us were fooled from the very beginning by the illusion that was created behind the black screen of ordinary awareness. Sounds very weird. But that's not all, it happens to be true! Another minor point is, that the souls who would want to live in such an environment, must be close to being ignorant and lead onto the garden path by some kind of magic power that is greater than we could possibly imagine. It's hard to believe... could it be the Power of God itself? In any case, it must be very enchanting for this magic power has a grip on people that's something awful. Maybe it's Lady Curiosity?

The universe is ONE THING...
Well, let's look at the universe the way my soul-mind sees it and maybe we can determine whether my soul-mind is any good to us. Who knows, it just might surprise all of us and come up with a solution that make sense to some of us. Remember, my soul-mind is a small aspect of your soul-mind and in some fashion there is some kind of mutual-awareness between all these soul-minds of ours. They're all connected in these rolled up carpet-dimensions somewhere. So here we go and just keep connected if you dare. You see, the universe is ONE THING! It's an infinite energy in vibration. This vibrating energy contains an infinite amounts of smaller energy vibrations or 'energy-eddies' and it looks like an infinite river full with eddy currents we can't see. So what do we have here and who or what really are we? We are small distortions of and within the Unbroken Wholeness of the ONE THING and enjoy cosmic cookies a lot. Or at least some of us do. Others just file them because they're nonsense...

What is the Force that permeates and sustains us?
In any case; the universe is an infinitely great vibrating Wholographic Unbroken Wholeness or WUW, chuck full of dependent energy-vibrations that form seemingly independent things; like poppy-seeds, animals, beautiful ballerinas, mice, bagels and nice UFO stuff. Now, all these seemingly independent things are continually fed, permeated and sustained by the "Infinite Energy of the Whole" or the ONE THING. But when we live in physical reality (or in the illusion) we don't know this! We all think that we are separate or independent and that we need to scientifically figure out what's what. Well, there it is. All this technical know-how we are fed by all these sciences has brought us further and further away from the ONE THING. Many of us think that we are Beings separated from each other in a medium we call space, which seems like a lot of nothingness that takes a lot of time to get across.

If things are not their name - what are they?
No doubt whatsoever, we've done a splendid job behind this black screen for we have fooled ourselves and we are totally confused by all the things we have invented and have given names. You see, things are not their name, but many people think they are. It creates the diversity of separation and we're suffering from it something fierce. We think that everybody else and every other thing is something different than we are. It's just not so! We are the ONE THING and we have put ourselves into some kind of hypnotic spell that is just about fool proof. There is but one thing that would smash it and it's called the crystal clear awareness of the Christ Consciousness Cake! So, have a piece of it, it's free. Other free pieces are called Cosmic Cookies and they are baked not to crumble at the first bite. It means they're hard to chew because they're true!

We are only looking at a small aspect of the whole...
Physical reality then and the things we are able to discover within this reality belong to a certain frequency range. Only certain strings bother to work in our neighborhood. This is the range of vibrating energy that we are able to experience right now. However, we are only experiencing a very small aspect of the whole. Sure, we experience less than the tip of an infinite iceberg, but for some reason scientists think, that they know what's on the inside or on the bottom of this pimple. Even Mother Malarkey knows better than that! The things we see, experience, and/or discover in our reality are the energy vibrations that have an effect upon our senses and instruments. And these instruments naturally are only extensions of our senses. The things we are able to see and experience are "energy force fields" of a certain magnetic quality, which most scientists have not been able to recognize or master. All the rest of this infinite "Wholographic Unbroken Wholeness" or "One Vibrating Thing" we are unable to see or experience altogether. (Leaving thoughts and feelings and a few other unknown vibrations out of it for now) Our third dimensional world or reality contains only so much. It contains the vibrations/frequencies that belong to the third dimension only! It's about three thimbles full and a monkey's whisker. Do you like cookies better than biscuits? All the Dutch do, they hate biscuits! The Dutch are tough Cookies themselves maybe...

Why should there be an end to it?
Now, when we become 4D and maybe even 5D, we will be able to see and/or experience and most likely enjoy, the next dimensions of our playground. Our senses then, and our illusionary bodies or instruments become even more illusive in actuality for they will have risen in frequency and therefore we will be able to experience higher frequencies and vibrations. However, who knows how many levels of frequencies or dimensions there really are? Why should there be an end to it? God is almighty infinite! And so are these discoverers called Man. Yes, Kalinda, Man means men AND women! And yes, give the gentleman another cookie please... his mind is sagging.

Man and God are an Energy-Continuum...
One question is, are there any connections between these rolled up dimensions and our matter reality? Sure, all of it is One Energy! And here's another bright point of consideration. Whatever we name, believe and/or discover, is the result of our creative mind, consciously or unconsciously. So, by naming a phenomena a dut, no doubt sooner or later someone will discover lots of them and show them around to the rest of us. Definitely! For all things, including hot tea and biscuits are the creations of Man. Man is the creator and what he creates with - could be called God. Man and God are an Energy-Continuum. Man and God are ONE THING vibrating to make celestial music. And if you dare to listen carefully, you are taken up into the clouds of seventh heaven and if you're still enough, you'll hear the whisper -- Ohmm -- Ohmm.

Man lives in the Dimensions he is able to create...
Man therefore, universally, is the active aspect of the continuum and God is the inactive aspect. Or, Man is the Explicate and God is the Implicate Force. The two are always trying to be each other and once they do, they change their mind. Naturally, Man in this case, includes the Grays, the Blonds, the Dragons, the Gadchies, the Bragins, the Bronkles, the English, and all the other infinite groups and tribes. (I don't know about the Dutch however) Man, for the lack of a better word is the 'universal indweller' of his creation. Man lives in as many dimensions as he/she discovers or creates. Man is infinite... for God is pushing from the inside! And if it was not for that, hot tea and biscuits would still have to be invented. Anyway, we as Man the Creator have been occupying ourselves infinitely and we will never stop doing it. We like it. And the only big bang that will ever happen, is the one that takes place in peoples' head, when they receive the lightning realization of the infinite enormity Man is. Cosmic Bingo!

And where does God enter the picture?
Thus, we have finally answered the question - Who or What are we really? We as human beings, are very small, but awfully persistent distorted reflections of the infinite Wholographic Unbroken Wholeness or the ONE THING! We are the very small eddies within the energy-eddies of our higher selves, who are the energy-eddies of the archangels, who are the energy-eddies of greater energy-beings yet. etc. etc. Well now? Where does God enter the picture? Kalinda, God IS the entire Picture!! God or the Creator is the energy that permeates every nook and cranny of all the energy-eddies in the universe and every thing in between. The universe is chuck full of eddies. God the Creator is the "One Harmonious Vibration" that keeps everything humming steadily, including the rolled up bundle of dimensions or the quantum foam of entangled strings. Sure, God the Creator is the force that keeps the illustrious merry-go-round of the universe turning its wheels. Steady as she goes, easily...

Is there anything else but strings and duts?
The entire universe, high and low, is a reality within the Creators' Mind or Consciousness. However, the State of Affairs within the Creator's Mind is an unconscious and/or potential reality, that becomes actual and conscious as soon as this Creator in the Form of Man step-dances away from it and thereby becomes distanced from its own Source. We have to get out on the Dance Floor of Creation in order to participate in the creativity of the universe, visible and invisible, up into the endless dimensions. All these dimensions and the worlds they embrace, are full of strings and duts, out of which we bake cosmic cookies naturally, including the brilliant illusionary dribble you are reading right now. Kalinda, no cookies for that gentleman please, he is still busy chewing his beads...

The Realness of the ONE THING!
In any case; all my words above (and some from others) make up this nice Cosmic Cake. However, it sure is a hell of a big bite this time. Well, so what? If we can swallow universal illusions made from tiny strings and duts, a big piece of Cake is not going to hurt our illusionary bodies. What the Hell? Let's have two slices... why not?

For the pleasures of Mankind - Here I am!
So yes, read this essay at least twice, it will make all this illusionary dribble more real within this glorious gadget you call your mind or consciousness. This entire literary master piece, (smile) is only a small portion of Gerardus' Grist, which is entirely written for the pleasure of mankind and all the rest of us out-there-inhere. It keeps us convinced that we are real! For as you might have guessed by now; the only thing that is really real is the realness of the one Thing - the Observer or Consciousness. For that is what we are within the infinite Oneness of our Diversity -- The One Thing Sublime.

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... Cosmic Cookie Cafe ...

Cosmic Cookie

When the God-Man-Mind started out in Creation
it was Innocent and totally Ignorant.

We dreamt about a Creative Physical Reality System
where we could experience our Thoughts in Matter
and eventually would reach Infinite Wisdom.

The Earth was prepared by our Higher Selves
and we as their Personal Ambassadors
descended into our Dreamland
in order to partake
in our Creative Physical Endeavour.

Millions of Ages have past
finally we have arrived at the Present.

Some of us have learned that we are dreaming
Others declare to be awake while yet asleep.

And but few... have fully awakened.


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!   The Apple of Eve and Eve   !
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Consider this...
Let's take a descended of "The Apple of Eve" and look at it. What do we see? We see apple skin and maybe some spots here and there. We see top and bottom and we know what it is, an apple. An apple Eve would have been crazy about...

We cannot see inside the apple...
However, we know what is there. There is apple meat and seeds or pits. Give or take a few. Funny things these seeds. They mean continuity! They come all the way from Eve's apple. Since we cannot see inside the apple, let's ask ourselves, what else is there that we cannot see of the apple?

Puzzled we ask ourselves what that could be...
We thought that we saw the whole thing. Not true! The apple we look at, floats in an Infinite Invisible Field of Energy out of which the apple arises. This infinite field also contains the apple tree, the earth, the sun, the galaxy and the entire physical universe. All things float in this Infinite Invisible Field of Energy and all things arise from it. Hmmm?!

What do people call this field?
Well let's call it, The Infinite Light or TIL. We could also call it Spirit. So, TIL or Spirit is the Infinite Invisible Field of Energy in which all things float and have their being. We live in this kind of stuff and all of it is invisible to us. Weird! Well, many people call this Infinite Invisible Energy the Divine Mind, but really, that is only to please our own silly mind. I don't think that the Energy Field cares one way or another for it is totally indifferent and insensitive to what it is called. It's a neutral Field.

In any case, the apple does not exist just by itself...
It is part and parcel of an infinite and invisible reality, of which we know next to nothing. All we know is that in actuality the apple, the apple tree, the earth, the Milky Way and all things float in this invisibleness. Human beings and dogs float in this stuff! By looking at our apple however, we have the tendency to forget this invisibleness. Boy what a mistake!

The invisibleness of our apple is TIL or Spirit...
TIL or Spirit produces apples. Apples, human beings, dogs, cats and mice. It produces or creates everything we see around us or anything we can think of. Also, consider this, as far as we are concerned, the awareness or consciousness of all beings and things is present within the visible aspects of the universe. Which arises out of the invisibleness, which I call the unconsciousness of the universe. Since I am human, I have to call it something. It's there, being itself.

So, what do we notice...
There is a conscious aspect of creation and there is an unconscious aspect of creation. This unconscious aspect is the aspect out of which all things arise. Visible as well as invisible things naturally! So, there could be zillions of awarenesses within the invisible aspects of creation. These are invisible to us as well naturally. What this really means is, that we see next to nothing of what is out there.

One thing we must remember!
By looking at our apple we see but very little of the entire apple for it extends itself within the invisible energy! It might extends itself infinitely. What do we know? We only see the visible aspect. The entire apple exist or floats in an infinite field that is unknown to us. This infinite invisible field however is part and parcel of the apple. I'd say it is even the main aspect of our apple! Yeah, I wish Eve was here, she would know for sure by now.

Some people call this invisibleness, God, Spirit or TIL or whatever...
What I would like to point out here is, that the invisibleness of the universe, is not separate or apart from the visible aspect of the universe. It's all One Universe! There are no two parts or aspects. There is, what we could call, an Unobstructed Universe. We just think that there are two or more. We think so, because we do not see the invisible aspects. We are blinded. We are reality blind. We see our reality but the infinite aspects of ourselves we do not see. All this means naturally that our opinions about things mean very little, for we are not aware of what's beyond the things we have opinions about. Quite uninformed if you ask me!

Another point here:..
Scientists tell us that there is no objective world out there. What is the objective world or universe? It's what we think we see when we look around us. Now, if these scientists are right, and I think they are, there is not one thing out there the way we see or experience it. Well, WHAT IS out there? What is out there, is the Unobstructed Universe. It's an Energy that has visible and invisible aspects. We are looking straight into it and all we see is an apple, or whatever. We only see the visible things. And also, what we see is an individual version of what we are looking at! For what we see is created by the body-mind we live in. Hello! Our bodily structure and conscious mind are responsible for what we see. Indeed, there is no objective world out there. We all create our own world. All that is out there is Energy out of which each and every one of us create our own reality.

Since we all live in different bodies, we all create different realities...
My body and mind create something different than yours does. No wonder we bicker about what we see and experience out there. We all see something different and we think that we all see the same thing! Not so my sweet heart. Not so at all! We all create our own replica or concept of the world and they are all different. Besides all that, we also create our own individual experiences in order to learn our own individual lessons. So what is common out there? Not a darn thing!

All things and experiences are an individual creation and none of us can compare and say - I see what you see - or this is the way it is. Nonsense! We are all different and we all create our own world and our own universe from scratch! This leads me to the conclusion, that we are not just an image of the Creator, but we are a duplicate. We are the same thing! We are the Creator of our own reality, of our own world and of our own universe. Good thing there are some overlapping areas however, for if not, there would be nothing to agree or quarrel about. In the mean time... Congratulation...

! You are the Creator of The Apple of Eve and Eve !

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... Cosmic Cookie Cafe ...

Cosmic Cookie

The Structure of Pure Mind or Consciousness
The Virgin-Mind-Energy of the Universe
is not
A Conscious or Self-Aware Essence.

The Awareness of this Virgin-Mind-Energy
takes place in its Creations.

It takes place in the Created.
It takes place in Man.

Man seems to be created by the Infinite Mind
but in actuality
We as Man... Universally... are the Creator
the entire Creation is an Image or Reflection of Ourselves.

The Universe... High and Low... and all Realities
the Images of our Virgin-Mind-Energy or Essence.

We are the Creator... Creation is our Mirror.


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!   The Realization of Self   !
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? Did Gerardus know where he was going to be born ?

? Did he choose his birthday ?

Please be aware that my imagination is a lot greater
than my conscious recollection of my birth and its details.

I have always been a great thinker and my thoughts are like a swarm of bees searching for the honey of knowledge. The more I think however, the more I discover that I should forget all about it and start listening! Listening to the voice within... that is! This voice is the voice of wisdom and it is far wiser than my thinking. The best way of letting the inner voice come out, is to be quiet and just sit there pretending to write. I know that I am not the real author anyway, but on the other hand, if it was not for me, nothing ever would get done. Once in a while however, my inner voice is hard to hear and my writing is scrambled and full of nonsense. That's why it is up to the reader to determine what is true or false or what is wisdom or nonsense. Sometimes I feel that my writing is the recording of a dream and if you like to dream as well, all you have to do is pick the better dream and go for it. That's what I do! Anyway, it's all yours...

~ Here is my Mysterious Inner Voice ~

Before you were born Gerardus, you already were a great thinker. That's why you were born, where you were born! To find a decent place to be born is quite difficult sometimes and no doubt, you must have had quite the time before you picked the right family and the most suitable country. Your first choice was to find a family where you would be loved! Your second option was to create a life style in which you would be able to advance yourself in your Cosmic Education. This meant naturally, the opportunity to find a relatively easy way to make a living and thus use your spare time to study. Well you did all these things, by planning or thinking about them before you were born Gerardus. Another thing was; you wanted to have a family name that would mean something. And you picked TROS. A must unusual name.

A Glorious Christmas Baby Intro...
You were born in The Netherlands in a small town called HOORN. It was a pretty place and there were many things that kept you busy when you were young. Going fishing is what you liked best. Your parents were devout Catholics and your mother ruled the roost, so to speak. Your father, well, he was an able provider and the personification of goodness. Very good parents indeed. And oh yes; there was another very important prerogative or wish you had before you were born. The date. Well, you made it! You were born a "Glorious Christmas Baby" and your family thanked the Lord at least a thousand times. Anyway; there you were, pink and hungry. You had lots of black hair and hazel eyes. All in all Gerardus; you were a beautiful baby boy! (please smile...)

Life is lived in our own Mind...
Since you succeeded in getting all your wishes fulfilled before you were born, proves - that you as a Soul are a good planner. And what a place it is, isn't it Gerardus? All things and people in the world seem to occupy their own space and the whole matter world functions or moves in time. Yet as you know Gerardus, when you were born; you really didn't go any other place than where you were before. For we all live in Mind or Consciousness! Your world is physical all right, but it is a State of Mind. Your entire world is Consciousness or Mind in a material form. Matter is a condensed energy of Mind.

All things are vibrations...
Mankind invested an enormous amount of energy into the realm of separation and when you entered your matter world; you subjected yourself to a grand illusion! The solidity of matter is created by the thoughts and beliefs of mankind. It is the Human Mind or Consciousness that creates your plane of separation or your plane of illusion. It looks so real and solid, that almost everyone is fooled by its appearance! Even your scientists are deceived by its realness. Lately however, some have come to the conclusion that they are living in a dream world and they are right! There is no "objective reality". All material things, including your world, are vibrations of energy. From which you create, your so called material world or physical reality. You are the Universal Creator living as Man and you believe that you live in a world of solidity. It is a dream or a state of mind from which you will slowly awaken. The whole realm is a beautiful illusion!

Your body is a filter or leans...
Do you know Gerardus, why all things are separate in the physical world? Things are separate; because you experience the energy of mind through an instrument. This instrument is your body! Your body and its senses perceive a narrow band or spectrum of energy vibrations that are accepted by you as your material world. Your body and its senses filter out many frequency ranges and what is left you perceive, experience and accept as the world around you. In actuality the whole phenomena is so simple, it's a miracle so few people catch on! Your body then, is a precisely tuned instrument through which you experience a reality that seems to exist out of separate things. All people, creatures and things in the universe seem to exist as if they are independent entities and/or things. This is not so! The energy-interconnections between all things are invisible to you, because the frequencies of these interconnections are beyond your grasp. You only see the puppets and the strings are invisible!

Your senses fool you...
The entire universe is consciousness or mind, or an "Aware Energy Spectrum of Vibrations". When you live in a matter body however you only experience a tiny aspect of this infinite spectrum. The interconnecting energies between all things in physical reality are beyond the range of your perception. The body and its senses filter out most of what goes on in the universe! The invisible aspects of the universe are vibrations that are too fast for your senses to register. These aspects of the universe are usually referred to as the spirit world. The universe is an infinite mass of vibrations of an essence we call consciousness or aware energy. You Gerardus, you only see or experience a tiny bit of it. The universe then, is more than a "Time/Space/Matter Continuum" and the invisible or spirit world is the sustaining aspect of the visible universe. What you experience in the world is similar to what you experience when you watch your pictures on TV. What you see or experience is a self created sensory reality. Your senses fool you!

The world is your Thoughts in Form...
The entire matter world is a reflection of the invisible world of thought and it is projected upon the screen of your awareness. It is limited to the lower ranges of the infinite spectrum of energy vibrations in the universe. So the world you live in is a reflection of mind. It is your own mind that is reflected back to you! This means that whatever you think about or concentrate upon becomes your reality. The world you live in; are your thoughts in material form. You create your own reality and you do this en mass as well as individually. You are the sole creator of the world!

You are a Duplicate of the One...
This is not only so at this moment, but this has always been the case! You as Mankind, in what you call the past, endeavoured to engage yourself into the establishment of a physical reality and live in it as physical beings. This is exactly what you have accomplished! Mankind is not just a few billion people living and struggling upon some forgotten planet. You as Mankind are great Gods and Creators! However, at the present stage of your endeavour, you might see yourself as "helpless victims" of some cosmic experiment. This is not so! You are the very Creator in the process of living in its creation. (Some periods or stages are more deceiving than others) So, at the moment you might seem lost and might wonder what life is really all about. In a few decades however, many of you will remember Who or What you really are!

You are the Self or the Creator...
So the world and all things in the universe, visible as well as invisible, are created by thought. The thoughts of the Self or the Creator of the universe. This means then, that you created the physical reality in which you have lived from the beginning! You are the Self or the Creator... living as Gerardus. However, you as the Creator are so infinitely small, that to say that you are the Creator is a bit of a laugh! Yet - it isn't! For there is nothing but the Creator and or its infinite Energy expressed as Creation and the Created. You liked your physical creation so much that you wanted to live in it again and again! The last time you entered your self-created world, you were called:

- Gerardus Everardus Tros -

The name TROS is an abbreviation of: The Realization Of Self.

We welcome you to the few who realize that they are:
~ The Realization of Self ~

However, the person you are is but another temporary actor
The Infinite Play of Consciousness

You are this Consciousness
The Creator and the Created.

You are:
~ The Realization Of Self ~

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... Cosmic Cookie Cafe ...

Cosmic Cookie

Ask me about
the Illusion of Physical Reality
and the Reality of its Illusion.

And I will answer
the Vibrations of the Energy of Consciousness
that form Physical Reality
are located on the lower end of the Mind Spectrum
and the Vibrations of Thoughts
occur on a higher Level of the same Spectrum.

Things and Thoughts then
are both Aspects of the same Continuum
but their Vibrations take place
at different Ranges or Levels of the Spectrum.

Since our Senses only sense certain Vibrations
we experience Physical Things or Realities
while other Realities escape us.

Physical Things however... like Thoughts
are Vibrational Activities of the Energy of Mind
and Matter in and by itself does not exist.
Our Physical Reality therefore is an Illusion.


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~ The Merry-Go-Round of God ~

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Your Life is Your Ride

There's got to be an Almighty...
The Source of the universe in all its splendor and infinite greatness is like the air that surrounds us. Suppose now, that somehow, we are the different kinds of winds in the world. Like storms, summer breezes, gales, blizzards, Santa Anna winds, sand storms, Rocky Mountain misery mist and golly gusts for example, etc. etc. So, we are these winds, and we say to each other: there's got to be an Almighty, and in fact, a series of greater and greater Almighties, as each of us is moved or influenced by something greater, etc. etc. How can all this be and what and where is the first mover or cause?

When we have ended our graceful tunes...
Naturally, all types of winds are the air in different forms, forces and functions, for the source of the wind is the air. And similarly, the Source of the universe is an "underlying-unbroken-wholeness" like the air, or an infinite Essence, that is able to manifest itself into an infinite amount of finite beings. And also somehow imagine, that these finite beings (or all of us) eventually ease forward again, into the mysterious "underlying-unbroken-wholeness" or infinite Source when we have ended our graceful tunes or existences. We simply go Home! So in a sense then, there is an infinite amount of invisible Essence that knows how to become and be, all things and beings in the universe, high and low, visible and invisible. (You might have a big question here!) This naturally includes bakers and the dough cosmic cookies are made from. In the mean time, all beings, things, bakers and cookies are the very invisible Source, that became manifested and activates the universe and IS the energy the Source is, in manifested form.

Creation is the Creator manifested...
When all beings and things come to the end of their finite existences, in which they grow from "next to nothing" to "next to infinite", the last thing they do in their finite existence is slide back into the Essence of the infinite Source! Ever so easy... for they are It. Naturally when they do that, they surrender their individuality and later on they start all over again as an "undifferentiated-subatomic- next-to-nothingness" and begin the process of individuality once again and form the manifested universe in all its splendor. Aha! There is nothing else to do cousin! In my view (very small), these are the infinite cycles, the infinite Creative Source goes through and we in this present moment are and play the aspects of humanity. Creation then, is the Creator manifested, and this Creative Force is, maintains, and evolves back to its own unknown and invisible Source. Which is the infinitely famous unconsciousness of non-beingness or the void. It simply takes a nap and dreams of new creations. Pleasant dreams my Love...

The Law of Endless Joy...
Needless to say, that on our path we find greater and greater Beings or Powers, but really none is more almightier than the other or ourselves. All of us are equal but we have different functions. This is common knowledge to all entities beyond a certain level naturally, for they know that All of Us are One! They also know; that it is a great privilege to participate in this spontaneous and infinite play of the Creator for all of us act according to our own wishes and aptitudes. Within this play, many of us have free will for our will is the will of the Creator. However, this free will has to be realized by the entity! This means; that a certain state of awareness has to be reached before this free will can be allowed and enjoyed. However, for the entities, who have not reached this state of awareness (or evolution), the Law of Karma is valid. Also, our free will is an aspect of the Law of Grace. We could also call this Law of Grace, the Law of Endless Joy and eventually, when our Joy becomes ecstatic we become Drunk on God so to speak. Then, we easily lean forward and slide into the inviting bliss of delightfulness or the bliss of Non-Beingness. Cosmic Case closed!

Please change the water into wine...
The entire creation is consciousness in evolution. This also means that the invisible Source or the invisible Essence is unconscious or asleep and that the Creator or Source becomes *conscious* within its creation within each entity and/or being according to their function, capacity or responsibility. We wake up and say... Hmm... I am The Reality of Self and I know it. So, change the water into wine and celebrate...! We could also say that the created or all beings and things in creation are conscious, of and in, their relative positions, for our creation is a *Conscious Creation* and is the result of: the progression of mind or consciousness. Simply put - this is the way the cosmic cookie crumbles. The entire cycle might be a billion times a billions times a billion years. Time however is but an illusionary aspect of our creation for the entire affair is our Love expressed, for and by each other, within and by, the mills of our mind, intuited by the Heart of God, who lives within us being Itself. In any case, nothing is really real except our mind or consciousness or the Source of All. For the entire creation is as illusive as time. It comes and goes. In any case, whether it is real or illusion it does not matter. It's all right here. So, be here now!

And here is your big question:
Who creates all these finite beings? Well, when finite beings reach the State of Grace and are good enough to become co-creators, they are slowly introduced to how things are done in our universe. Truly then, the Created are the actual Creator(s) in Action, while The Infinite Light becomes and is creation and/or the created. We all take turns to spin the whirly wheels of God, so to speak. These wheels as you might know are infinite in size and have a enormous inertia for everybody lives on them and gets a free ride! For it is...

The Merry-Go-Round of God.

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... Cosmic Cookie Cafe ...

Cosmic Cookie

Our Physical World is like a Fish Bowl or Aquarium
and other Universal Forces are able to look in
without our Permission or Knowledge.
These Invisible Forces
are of the following Nature or Character.

The "Service to Others" Group
which is focussed on the Welfare of Mankind
- and -
The "Service to Self" Group
which is focussed on the Domination of Mankind.

Both Groups are Fourth and/or Fifth Density Beings.

The "Service to Others" Group strives for
the Energies of Love... Service... and Sharing
that may be created by Mankind
- and -
the "Service to Self" Group strives for
the Energies of Fear... Sadness... and Panic
that may be created by Mankind.

Both Groups have influence over Mankind
via Inspirational Thought or Voices
that we as Man are able to accept or reject.
In this Environment we live... work... and strive
to raise our Level of Consciousness
in order to improve our Being and Happiness.

By means of our Experiences in this Third Density
we slowly but surely polarize our Focus
and eventually
we consciously join one of the above Groups.
One Group is not better or worse than the other
for both are the Creator at Divine Play.

This Infinite Play includes all Phenomenal Worlds
within all Dimensions known and unknown.

The Unbroken Wholeness of Creation is
the Play or Dream of the Energy we call the Creator
who is present in all its self created Aspects
with different Personalities and Functions.

When the Free and Individual Aspects of the Creator
have learned to awaken from the Dream of Creation
they continue as the Infinite Source.


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! Mysterious Metaphysical Melodies !

~ Collections of short Notes ~

Analogy of Life...
Life on this world is like making a movie. It's a real happening! The good guys and bad guys create very interesting and dramatic events by playing their roles. When the movie has been made, they all come together and have a drink at the local bar. They have fun, laugh a lot, and joke about the roles they just played. They come to the conclusion that the movie is actually a comedy. To be precise, making the movie last forever. That's why the players change roles as often as they want. In the long run, all players get tired of the whole thing. Eventually they all move on to more interesting worlds. In these worlds, they discover that they are the Light projecting the infinite movie. Pretty soon after that, they quit playing roles altogether and become an observer. An observer is the Light as a personal expression...

The universe is a multi-dimensional Stage...
Shakespeare said that the world is a stage. He was almost right... the entire universe is a stage! A multi-dimensional stage upon which we play our roles. These roles include the acts of the Secret Government, as well as the acts of the 4D Forces that inspire us. We all play roles! All roles are necessary in order to create a universal performance. All in all, it's a celebration of co-creators acting out their feelings and creativity. No one is too small to perform. We all make up One Energy doing its thing. It's a spectacle of infinite proportions. In the end we all will discover that Life is a celebration of the creator living as the created...

Our Show and Puzzle...
We are the Essence within and beyond creation! As this Essence we express ourselves and issue creation. Within our creation we find ourselves individual actors playing roles. By means of playing our roles as the actors we are, we create a drama that is also a comedy. The show is very confusing sometimes, because when we as actors play our roles, our lines become our personal views. Our lines or views are different on purpose in order to make it a very interesting and confusing show and therefore a puzzle to be solved. We as the Essence of creation are the Truth! When we as actors quit playing our roles for a while - we see that our views have nothing to do with the Truth We Are. Sooner or later, we learn to see through the show creation is and solve the puzzle!  When this happens, we immediately burst out laughing...

Awareness - Soulness - Wisdom - Freedom
Realities are created from the Inner to the Outer. By this I mean, that the more soul-awareness is settled in the body, the more the soul is able to create - what it wants - while living in the body. IOW: souls create reality, and the body is an instrument as well as a witness. By means of the body, the soul checks what its creation is like and makes corrections when needed. Naturally the body-mind must be in accordance with this! Since most people are more body than soul and the soul takes second place, there is a tendency to think, that creation is accomplished by some other Force. There is but one Force, it is the Force we all are! To become aware that this Force is infinite, is a process we are working on. This work is done by living lifetimes as human beings at this particular moment in time. Simultaneously we are also present in other densities as the infinite Force or Creator...

At this specific time-track in humanity's journey however, most people are not aware of their unlimited Greatness. They feel separated from their infinite Self, and behave according to the conditioning they have received. Most often humanity's conditioning is based on religious stories, selfishness, small mindedness, greed and violence. To transcend our conditioning is our task! The happenings in our matter world are a created reality by our collective awareness or by the creator within. Our world therefore is our mind reflected in matter. By means of these reflections, we learn how to create worlds according to our desires and ideals. Most often however we create wars and suffering - for this is still where we are at! Collectively we do not know any better. By means of our suffering - we become more and more aware and learn - how to become better collective creators. At this moment in time, Mankind's collective soulness or awareness, is but a beginning apprentice in the art of creating. This is why things are far from ideal...

America and the world have come full Circle...
Sixty years ago Americans and many other people of the world were busy destroying Fascism by defeating Germany. Fairly soon however, they will be in the process of defending it! The USA is in the beginning stages of becoming a Police State and Fascism will be established in due course. The Third Reich has moved locations and Americans are welcoming it. The majority is asking their Government to protect them from the terrorists. They want security! Little do they know however, that terrorism is the result of a lack of awareness and a mind-set of indifference. It is the lack of awareness of what their Government did outside its boarders that brought on the destuction of the WTC in NYC. In the mean time, it does not take too long to figure out that all happenings in the world are controlled and created by the Secret Government of the World. They provide the scenarios that need to be experienced by mankind...

So we can say that the Secret Government is the force behind all wars and terrorism. Also, in order to continue with the scenario of a Police State, random acts of terrorism will be happening in order to maintain the levels of fear of the population. Possiblly, in a short while, Chinese soldiers might keep order in the USA and American soldiers will keep order somewhere else. Soldiers very seldom shoot to kill their own people in their own country. Believe it or not, even concentration camps in the USA have already been prepared... (Look Here) The sad thing is, that all this is necessary, for the population of the USA and the world requires it. It needs to be awakened from its indifference and its sleep...

The world is an enormous classroom, it is like grade three in Elementary School. We go through grade three and when all the lessons of grade three have been learned, we move to grade four. In the mean time, while we pass through grade three we do not change the curriculum of grade three. It's fine the way it is! It is the same with the world - changing the world for the sake of making it "better" would make it impossible for anybody to graduate from Third Density to Fourth Density. The world does not need to be fixed - all we need to do is learn its lessons. One lesson is to see through what is happening in the world and smile. All in all - this means that the universe knows what it is doing. The aggressive nature of Mankind needs to be replaced by knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom are the result of experience. Spiritual beings or souls incarnate here in order to have experiences and become aware. Human bodies are the instruments by which this awareness is gained. Human life is a tough cookie...

Please consider This...
My view is that all happenings in our world - from the past to the present and into the future - are happenings that are part of a scheduled, but flexible scenario. Cycle in, cycle out, what happens in our world is following a certain curriculum. These plans or schedules are indeed flexible, for not all scenarios work out exactly the way they have been planned. We as human beings have free will and sometimes, because of our free will, we change the original plan. Naturally there are backup plans within backup plans and in the end, mankind as a species, will experience the necessary realities. The planned but flexible scenarios are implemented, by what I call TAT (The Almighty Trinity). This Trinity is not God, but consists of beings and people who are in charge of our world. The very top rulers of this Trinity have their existence in higher densities. It is their responsibility to do whatever is necessary. These beings play their roles in these higher densities in the same manner as that we on earth play our roles as human beings. The universe is an infinite stage and there are only actors playing roles. The higher or greater the role - the greater the responsibility...

The beings or people, who are planning and allowing the scenarios to be played on our world, do not have a good or bad orientation. All of them, as well as human kind, are inspired by higher forces and we all act according to our inspirations. Many results of these actions might even seem evil to many people, but I do not agree with that. Good or bad is a human acknowledgement and this includes what some people call evil. We, the people of the world are souls living in human bodies and we are here to experience what it is like to be human. This includes the full gamut of human experiences! We all play our roles and by means of Insight, Knowledge and Understanding which is Love, we slowly but surely pass through Life from density to density. Human life is an awakening process that slowly brings us to higher levels of awareness. As a matter of fact, all of us are existing in all levels of awareness simultaneously - we are multi-density beings...

This special note is meant to assure the reader, that there are no beings or persons who we can blame for what happens, all things happen according to the collective consciousness of all involved. We are engaged in an awakening curriculum of our own choosing. We as human beings are instruments of our soul and only a few of us are the main players on this worldly stage. We all follow the lines of our inspirations and act upon them. The collective reality we create is manifested from within. This reality is based upon the level of our awareness and understanding. For most people human life is an enormous puzzle. Only a few see through the many scenarios and illusions. In the end - All things are for the best of All...

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... Cosmic Cookie Cafe ...

Cosmic Cookie

After Millions of Years of Experimentation
by Trial and Error... by Ignorance and Wisdom
Mankind has finally arrived at the Present.

One great Difficulty was to live fully in Time
in a self Created Bodily Form.

And now that we live in this Glorious Body
in a Time-Space-Matter Reality
we cannot imagine living beyond Time and Space
and without a Matter Body.

The Turmoil in the World at the Present
is the Bottoming out
of our Time-Space-Matter-World Reality.

Most of Us are completely ignorant
of the Superhuman Deeds
that have been accomplished by Man.

Many of Us are completely seduced
by the Body Beautiful and its Ego Syndromes.

The Matter World is a Make-Believe-World
and is but a Shadow of our Greater Reality.

We live here... yes... but we do not belong here.

All of Us will be returning slowly to our
Previous Fourth Dimensional Energy State
and the many States beyond the Fourth Density.

Our Future Time on Earth
will be spent by concentrating upon
the Perfection of our Mental Capabilities.


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