!  The Realization Of Self  !

? Did Gerardus know where he was going to be born ?
( ? Did he choose his Birthday ? )

~ Please be aware that my imagination is a lot greater than my conscious recollection of my Birth ~

Gerardus here with an introduction...
I have always been a great thinker and my thoughts are like a swarm of bees searching for the honey of knowledge. The more I think however, the more I discover that I should forget all about it and start listening. Listening to the voice within... that is! This voice is the voice of wisdom and it is far wiser than my thinking. The best way of letting the inner voice come out, is to be quiet and just sit there pretending to write. I know that I am not the real author anyway, but on the other hand, if it was not for me, nothing ever would get done...

Once in a while however, my inner voice is hard to hear and my writing is scrambled and full of nonsense. That's why it is up to the reader to determine what is true or false... or what is wisdom or nonsense. Sometimes, I feel that my writing is the recording of a dream. If you like to dream as well makes sure it is a good one. That's what I do!  Anyway, you are the Dreamer - it's all yours...


Before you were born Gerardus, you already were a great thinker. That's why you were born, where you were born! To find a decent place to be born is quite difficult sometimes and no doubt, you must have had quite the time before you picked the right family and the most suitable country.

Your first choice was to find a family where you would be loved! Your second option was to create a life style in which you would be able to advance yourself in your Cosmic Education. This meant naturally, the opportunity to find a relatively easy way to make a living and thus use your spare time to study. Well you did all these things, by planning or thinking about them before you were born Gerardus. Another thing was; you wanted to have a family name that would mean something. You picked TROS. A must unusual name.

You were born in The Netherlands in a small town called HOORN. It was a pretty place and there were many things that kept you busy when you were young. Going fishing is what you liked best. Your parents were devout Catholics and your mother ruled the roost, so to speak. Your father was an able provider and the personification of goodness. Very good parents indeed.

And oh yes; there was another very important prerogative or wish you had before you were born. The date. Well, you made it! You were born a "Glorious Christmas Baby" and your family thanked the Lord at least a thousand times. Anyway; there you were, pink and hungry. You had lots of black hair and hazel eyes. All in all Gerardus; you were a beautiful baby boy! (please smile...)

Since you succeeded in getting all your wishes fulfilled before you were born, proves - that you as a Soul are a good planner. And what a place it is this world, isn't it Gerardus? All things and people in the world seem to occupy their own space and the whole matter world functions or moves in time. Yet as you know Gerardus, when you were born; you really didn't go any other place than where you were before. For we all live in Mind or Consciousness only! Your world is physical all right, but it is a State of Mind. Your entire world is Consciousness or Mind in a material form. Matter is condensed energy of Mind. It is a Magnetic Energy Force Field...

Mankind invested an enormous amount of energy into the realm of separation and when you entered your matter world; you subjected yourself to a grand illusion! The solidity of matter is created by the thoughts and beliefs of mankind. It is the Human Mind or Consciousness that creates your plane of separation or your plane of illusion. It looks so real and solid, that everyone is fooled by its appearances! Even your scientists are deceived by its realness. Lately however, some have come to the conclusion that they are living in a dream world and they are right! There is no "objective reality". All material things, including your world, are vibrations of energy. From which you create, your so called material world or physical reality. You are the Universal Creator living as Man and you believe that you live in a world of solidity. It is a dream or a state of mind from which you will slowly awaken. The whole realm is a beautiful illusion!

Do you know Gerardus, why all things are separate in the physical world? Things are separate; because you experience the energy of mind through an instrument. This instrument is your body! Your body and its senses perceive a narrow band or spectrum of energy vibrations that are accepted by you as your material world. Your body and its senses filter out many frequency ranges and what is left you perceive, experience and accept as the world around you. In actuality the whole phenomena is so simple, it's a miracle so few people catch on!

Your body then, is a precisely tuned instrument through which you experience a reality that seems to exist out of separate things. All people, creatures and things in the universe seem to exist as if they are independent entities or things. This is not so! The energy-interconnections between all things are invisible to you, because the frequencies of these interconnections are beyond your grasp. You only see the puppets and the strings are invisible!

The entire universe is consciousness or mind, or an "Aware Energy Spectrum of Vibrations". When you live in a matter body however you only experience a tiny aspect of this infinite spectrum. The interconnecting energies between all things in physical reality are beyond the range of your perception. The body and its senses filter out most of what goes on in the universe!

The invisible aspects of the universe are vibrations that are too fast for your senses to register. These aspects of the universe are usually referred to as the spirit world. The universe is an infinite mass of vibrations of an essence we call consciousness or aware energy. You Gerardus, you only see or experience a tiny bit of it.

The universe then, is more than a "Time/Space/Matter Continuum" and the invisible or spirit world is the sustaining aspect of the visible universe. What you experience in the world is similar to what you experience when you watch your pictures on TV. What you see or experience is a self created sensory reality. Your senses fool you!

The entire matter world is a reflection of the invisible world of thought and it is projected upon the screen of your awareness. It is limited to the lower ranges of the infinite spectrum of energy vibrations in the universe.

So the world you live in is a reflection of mind. It is your own mind that is reflected back to you! This means that whatever you think about or concentrate upon becomes your reality. The world you live in; are your thoughts in material form. You create your own reality and you do this en mass as well as individually. You are the creator of the world in collaboration with other Co-Creators.

This is not only so at this moment, but this has always been the case! You as Mankind, in what you call the past, endeavoured to engage yourself into the establishment of a physical reality and live in it as physical beings. This is exactly what you have accomplished! Mankind is not just a few billion people living and struggling upon some forgotten planet. You as Mankind are great Gods and Creators! However, at the present stage of your endeavour, you might see yourself as a "helpless victim" of some cosmic experiment. This is not so! You are the very Creator in the process of living in its creation (Some periods or stages are more deceiving than others). So, at the moment you might seem lost and might wonder what life is really all about. In a few decades however, many of you will remember Who or What you really are!

So the world and all things in the universe, visible as well as invisible, are created by thought. The thoughts of the Self or the Creator of the universe. This means then, that you created the physical reality in which you have lived from the beginning! You are the Self or the Creator... living as Gerardus. However, you as the human being you are - are so infinitely small - that to say that you are the Creator is a bit of a laugh! Yet - it isn't! For there is nothing but the Creator and its infinite Energy expressed as Creation and the Created. This smart soul known as Jesus said it this way - I am the Father are One!

You liked your physical creation so much that you wanted to live in it again and again! The last time you entered your self-created world, you were called:

- Gerardus Everardus Tros -

The name TROS is an abbreviation of: The  Realization  OSelf.

We welcome you to the few who realize that they are:

However, the person you are is but another temporary actor
The Infinite Play of Consciousness

You are this Consciousness as The Creator and the Created.

... You Are ...

!   The Realization Of Self   !