! ... You Are Life ... !

You are infinite Life and you are dreaming.
You are infinite Life and you are dreaming your lifetimes.

In your infinite dream there are an infinite amount of figments.
All these figments or characters only exist in your infinite dream.
Your infinite dream is what is known to many figments as universal creation.

Your dream or creation contains figments who think that they are real.
This is not true for your awakening would reveal that all of them are One Energy.
You as a human figment will eventually know that you are this One Energy.

When this occurs your awakening process becomes clearly evident.
Some figments think that this process, called evolution, can be influenced.
When this happens human figments think of this process as a conscious evolution.

What they do not realize is - that they actually do not exist.
All figments, including human figments, have no reality in and by themselves.
This means that your infinite dream/creation is only a passing reality or illusion.

You are living in your dream
You must allow the dream to take place.

Do not interfere or fight it.
Enjoy the dream and let the joy of its experience
promote you to a more awakened level of your dream.

... Question ...
? Who or what is dreaming ?

... Answer ...
!  YOU ARE  !
!  You Are The One Reality and you are dreaming  !

... Conclusion ...
You are the infinite dreamer and you dream that you are You.

( Now take out that last 'You' and put your name there )