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Yada di Shi'ite
( Gema Shima Hadi )

Gerardus about Yada:
More than thirty years ago, when I began to open one eye, I was reading a book that had a few pages of Yada's words. Almost immediately I established contact with the people who channeled Yada. That was the most blessed move I ever made! In my estimation, Yada is one of the great Masters around and he still inspires me when I think about him or go through his lectures. So during the next five years, I read many lectures from Yada that were channeled in the Fifties and Sixties by a man called Mark Probert. Mark and his wife Irene traveled to many places in the USA and they produced hundreds of 20 page lectures about Life, about Mankind, about Awakening and about the Light...

This is why I often mention: The Infinite Light - TIL - The Light We All Are!  In the late Seventies, there were very few people who were awake and I had a hard time finding someone I could speak to, about Yada or The New Age Philosophies. Good thing that this has changed drastically. I am glad that I still had some of Yada's lectures and no doubt Yada is one of the oldest Masters on the Net now as well. It makes him present in all dimensions - including in CyberSpace of planet Earth...

Yada was / is my first and favorite Teacher.  As far as I am concerned he is a Master. Yada lived 500,000 years ago and since then came to Earth four or five times to teach. Only once did he come by means of a biological birth!  The other times he manifested a human body and lived among us in our past. I assume here that before his first and only birth on Earth, he had many other incarnations on other planets.  I do not know for sure however. His Teachings contain a Wealth of Wisdom and by means of the many channelings by Mark Probert and the people who assisted him, I have learned that all of us are... The Infinite Light !

Lectures by Yada di Shi'ite
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THE PATH (By Alfred Luntz and Yada)   YADA 07

The Greatness of Man is not that he will fight to free his Country
but that he can sit on his butt and free himself.

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All lectures were re-typed or scanned and minor corrections were made in the syntax of the language in order to make them easier to understand. The original text and style has been maintained as much as possible. The lectures still have the Yada Flavor...

... Introduction of the Probert Team ...
( From one of the Lectures )

MC: Good evening. It is certainly encouraging to see such a full house after so many cards that were sent out, because I know it will be an evening you will feel is well spent and one you will not forget. Mark Probert has been a transmedium for about 12 years with the assistance of his wife, Irene. I can assure you it was a most stimulating and interesting meeting we had the other day with these teachers of the Inner Circle. I want to remind all of you about the next meeting Mark will be having in the city before he leaves this coming Wednesday the 21st. It will be here, downstairs in the board room at 8:15 p.m. So those of you who can make it, I am sure you will want to after experiencing this evening. So without further comment, I want to introduce Mark Probert and his wife, Irene Probert.

Mark: Good evening friends. (Clapping by audience)

Irene: I want to say that it is very wonderful to be back in Detroit and meet so many of our close friends and so many new friends. Before we go on, I want to mention about this little pamphlet, I want to put it down so I will mention it first. Some of you people have received them. They pertain to a book that was dictated to Mark by his teachers clairaudiently. For all those who do not have one of these we will be happy to give you one. They will be here on the table.

Do all of you people hear me? (Aud. Yes) I have been told at so many of our lectures that the people that haven't had the privilege of listening to Mark's teachers before, would like very much for me to give them a brief description of how this all started, so I'll tell you...

This was all more or less a wedding present to me. A month after Mark and I married, I was awakened several nights by hearing him talk in foreign languages. I had had some experience listening to people speak foreign languages, for I had been a teacher in citizenship at one time. After this went on for a week I told him about it and he was surprised and laughed and said he wasn't even able to speak the King's English well and certainly couldn't speak all these foreign languages that I was talking about. For 3 years this went on without any explanation of what this talking was all about. Of course, I, not having had any experience in paranormal psychology or the field of paranormal, thought he was really speaking in his sleep, in his dream state.

After this 3 year period, Mark was introduced to an investigator in paranormal psychology, Dr. Meade Lane of San Diego. He told Mark that he thought he was a trainee medium and just wasn't aware of it and that he would be most happy to come over to our home and carry on some experiments. Through these experiments, in fact, the first day he came over he had Mark sit as he is now and in a very short time, Mark said he felt as though he was losing his equilibrium, and suddenly he felt a very wonderful thrill of elation go through his body, and he went to sleep and woke up about 45 minutes later. And, believe it or not, the first individual that spoke through him, spoke perfect English! After 3 years of foreign languages this was quite a surprise to me.

As time went on, these teachers told us that our work was to be this type of thing, that is they told us he was to talk to people and more or less give them, the teachers, the opportunity of talking to people about science and philosophy, and telling of life as they see it. We had no idea that it would be anything but sitting there at home and having a few people come in once in awhile. As time progressed though, we found that we were to travel all over and it has been wonderful, believe me.

Each day that passes has been a new experience for Mark and me. The teachers do not tell us in advance what is to happen. After it is over, they would tell us this experience was to learn and they would tell us. So we are completely unaware of what our life is to be.

Mark: I just wanted to say that Dr. Layne, who is my mentor in this work, who my wife mentioned just a bit ago, did not expect or want this work to become what he called a popular thing. In other words, he didn't want me to take it out to the people and he was greatly opposed to it, until one morning about 6 o'clock he called me on the phone and said, "I had the strangest experience at 4 o'clock this morning. I was shaken awake and a voice said to me I want you to have Mark and Irene take this work out to the people and to the different parts of the United States, and eventually they hoped to carry them all over the world". That was a bit shocking to him, as he called me at 6 in the morning to tell it to me. This work is really an amazing thing to me.

I never get accustomed to it. In doing this work I am not trying to demonstrate survival, or necessarily what is called spirit communication, because I don't completely understand what is going on myself. Mind is a tremendous field and few of us, even the experts in psychology and psychiatry have even done more than scratch the surface of it. All I am trying to do in this work, is to let go and let my teachers, whoever or whatever they are, communicate with you here and then you must be the judge of what may or may not be happening. In other words, I'm not a spiritualist nor am I of any other religious belief. In trying to the best of my ability, to let those I call my teachers bring to you what they call TRUTH, whatever that may be. YOU MUST JUDGE it for yourself. Whatever conclusion you come to, that is perfectly all right with me. I have no argument about survival, communication or anything of that nature.

Irene: Sounds as though he is ancient doesn't it? But he isn't.

Mark: Time to me rushes on madly and I have spent many years of my life before I got into this work, wondering what life was all about. It didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to me. When I was a child, I had to go to church and Sunday school, because my folks were very religious. But after I reached 15 I ran away from home and roamed around the world quite a bit. Then, when I was 26 I tried going back to church again to see if I had missed something. I spent several years going from one religious teaching to another and one church to another. I finally gave up, because I couldn't find what I wanted. Whatever that may be. Maybe I, myself, don't even know, but I finally got into this work, I found something that to me was really worthwhile. I've always said that it is the only good thing I have ever done.

Irene: There is one thing about our lectures that I find don't coincide with the majority of lectures that are given. (I was just speaking to this lady in the back. I wonder if she wouldn't like to go upstairs and perhaps get a better seat. I know there are seats up there) These lectures are carried on very informally. We don't write our lectures down or memorize them before we speak to people. I find that what I feel sincerely within me, I don't have to write down. If I am sincere in what I am doing, I don't need anything to prompt me. We may make grammatical mistakes and interrupt each other, but it doesn't seem to make too much difference. The important thing is that the teachers are not interested in whether you believe in the phenomena. The phenomenon of Mark going into trance is not truly important. You see every time, they, the teachers come. The important thing is whether they say something that is of use to you, so that life will be more harmonious for you.

I notice that there are many of you people looking this way and that. It is rather difficult to see Mark up here I know, he being a little shorter than the usual person. So if you will move your chairs and be more comfortable, go ahead. When Mark's teachers come, it isn't unusual for them to lecture an hour and a half before they leave, and another teacher takes over very shortly thereafter. And to sit with your head crooked or your neck strained for an hour and a half, causes one to concentrate upon the body and not upon what is being said. You can't divide your thoughts and understand what the teachers are trying to put forth. So please get comfortable.

I wanted to say too that I know there are quite a number of strangers here and I wanted to say that these teachers of Mark's use me like a battery and it very often puts me to sleep. So if you catch me asleep don't think I'm bored. I'm just doing my little part and this is the instruction the teachers gave me. Mark and I are both following their instructions. It seems that I have the gift of the gab and I don't feel strange toward my fellowman. I just get up and talk before anybody without any instructions how to do it, so I guess that is why I am helping him.

Mark wants me to remind you that you are at an open forum and not here just to listen to his teachers. Now, I know that there are many of you in this group that would like to ask questions and there will be a microphone for that purpose. The teachers like to have you put your questions to them directly, so if you will just raise your hand when the time comes for questions, they would like to hear from you, just raise your hand and David will bring the microphone to you. These teachers will answer questions on any subject except personal questions. They don't advise you when to take a vacation, how to invest your money, or anything of that nature, because that isn't their work.

Not that there are not many very good mediums that do this, but everyone has his own type of work to do and this isn't Mark's. I wanted to say too, that the manner in which Mark was talking a while ago pertaining to church, does not mean that we are not interested in the Christ Teachings, for the teachers have talked many many times upon this. It is churchianity that Mark was referring to. We are not Atheists, as one defines atheists. We believe very strongly in the teachings of the masters. So, I don't want any of you to think that we do not believe in these things. In fact, if we didn't I'm sure that we couldn't be doing this work. I'm getting a very strong chill now and I know it is not from being cold!

Mark: When I start going into trance, my face goes through some change. I may look as though I'm having a fit but it is a very marvelous feeling. I have one teacher that calls himself, Yada di Shi'ite. Quite a name. It isn't a name, it's a title and it simply means the spirit life of a tribe of people called the Shi'ite Tribe. Well, according to this teacher, he claims he comes from a civilization that existed some 500,000 years ago and he says it was a tremendous civilization, highly cultured. Well, I've got to take his word for it because I can't go back and look. When he comes he starts to speak through me in his own tongue.

It's called the Yu language. The civilization was called Yuga, or vast body. I had, in the earlier years of my work here, when this Yada personality started speaking through me, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit for a man by the name of Dr. Hans Von Kerber at U.S.C. He was a teacher in Modern and Ancient Languages. When I called him on the phone, he said he could give me 45 minutes of his time, as he was going away on a vacation. When we went to his home he brought a recording machine and some tapes, because I did not think I was going to go into trance and have my teacher, Yada, speak to him in person.

But as we were setting up the machine my teacher said to me clairaudiently, "I wish to speak to this man in person." So then I asked the doctor if he would permit me sufficient time to let my teacher take control and talk to him and he said that would be quite all right. It ended up by us having a 5 hour session with him. Dr. Hans Von Kerber spent 7 years as a tibetian monk. He is a man about 76 years old now. He said he was able to communicate with Yada in 4 different tongues mixed together, such as Inca, Mayan, Hundustani, and Chinese. Quite a conglomeration! But anyway, when Yada comes tonight, which I know he will, because he does almost always, he will first speak in his own tongue and then he will revert to English...

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