Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite
Through Medium Mark Probert

July 26 1963



Introduction: This is Irene Probert. It is July 26, 1963. We are in the recording studio of the inner Circle Kethra E'da Foundation 931 26th Street, San Diego, California, attending a deep trance lecture by Mark Probert and members of the Inner Circle.

Yada: Senas and Senahas (Greetings in his language). Motissa, meaning similar to your word "very good". This evening I have been so interested in listening to what you have been talking about, the use of the pendulum and that sort of thing; the ouija board and those things. I am going to talk and I call my talk, "THE PRYING MIND".

Basically speaking, there is no other mind but the one mind, the one consciousness. Its work, its activity, is prying - what you perhaps would call adventuring. It is the creative thought. It is always awake, always alert. In some ways, speaking of it, it is a big snooper.

Many forms of psychism give the unwary and the unlearned the idea that it is being confronted with a spirit, good, bad or indifferent. But everything that this mind does is simply work, activity, motion. It is like what you call the atom, the inner working of the atom. Whatever work is done upon the atom - either by mechanical means or by natural means - the atom acts accordingly to the work done on it. There is no such thing as an atom in itself. An atom in itself is simply activity, action, motion.

And so it is with the consciousness. The consciousness consists of activity, which again like the atom, is neither good, bad or indifferent. It has no moral concepts but action done on it give it these properties called "moral concepts".

The human spirit is trained to think as it does in whatever way here on this earth. It gets what is called, "earth training" and gets it through the channels called the senses. And it stores up all these impressions or pressures, made through the senses. The psyche stores them up in attitudes, feelings about experiences.

Now, if one practices the art of what is called BLACK MAGIC - which is white magic used in the night direction of life, or the left hand side of the path - this is the way they think; this is the way they feel. And if these acts are effective upon others in an adverse way, then this person, if they continue this sort of thing - misusing their psychic forces, they will become what is called, what is thought of in certain parts of the earth as evil spirits. They are self centered. They have no feelings of regret about what they do. Their whole make-up is of a negative nature. One who practices right hand magic is devoted to the forces of life with affection. These people pull life to themselves, making their bodies healthier, if their acts are practiced right, if their psychic forces are practiced intelligently, for building, for constructive work. They use these forces for healing their fellow man. This produces good thoughts about them. Good, kindly, strong, leading forces will be projected to you, or to the one who so acts.

Negative forces, or when you take these positive forces and use them in a negative way, you get back negative results. This is Law, yes? This is natural. This is the way things are. Such men who become what we can only call men of destiny on your earth - Hitler, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and many, many others. They were using magical forces or their energies, their vital energies, to conquer others. Now in the beginning, their thoughts were not to conquer, but to change their immediate surroundings for the better, for everyone. But they lost control of their powers by their kind of thinking. They came to want power for their own selfish purposes.

Their activity could very well be called poltergeistic. Just because they were in a body, that does not make them any less poltergeistic. These people, in the world beyond the physical, become poltergeists for negative purposes. Now there are poltergeists that are not for negative or harmful purposes, but for helpful purposes. They assist nature itself. They create vibrations in certain surroundings from a very low order to a very high order. They spread the light, from that side of life.

MAGIC is the intelligent use of one's forces, one's energies. Storms, cyclones, tornadoes, electrical storms are produced by the vital psychic energies of the world. Now a good, ha, ha - - bad word - "good" - wrong word - - an intelligent magician can control the forces of life - the storms, the winds. But very seldom does an intelligent magician attempt this, for he knows, largely speaking, though these storms may create great havoc, that they are vital to everything on the earth.

Aud: May I interject here? I was up in Monument Valley some years ago, and Harry Golding, the proprietor of the Trading Post there, told me that when they made the movie, "Stage Coach", that the medicine man of the Indian Tribe there produced dust storms, produced rain and produced all that sort of weather for them, for this movie. That's what he told me anyway.

Yada: I am not surprised, not at all. This is the natural power of the human being, if he comes out of his little mind and asserts his domination of the Universe. But no individual can do this as long as they are using their powers back upon themselves in the form of fear. FEAR IS A FORM OF BLACK MAGIC - - - - - - upon one's own self. Because of the one big mind, there are endless activities in this mind. Some forms of poltergeistic activity refuse to be exorcised because they are mechanical. There is no consciousness in them, no intelligence, no self intelligence there.

Comment: Automated Spooks.

Yada: That is so.

Aud: Yada, is that a set pattern in the subconscious mind?

Yada: Yes, that is the result.

Aud: It is automatic?

Yada: Yes, of course. The majority of the priests of the Catholic Church - and I dare say of all other churches, all other religions, not knowing the full order of things, the truth about things, fail in driving out so-called evil spirits. Because, to most of the priestly system of all religions, every spirit is an evil spirit. Everything they do not know about, they do not understand, is an evil.

I was looking here, in a book that was here, a magazine, and it speaks of a man who had a psychic experience and says something about "was, there evil there?" You see, this is very catchy for advertisements, for the unwary public "evil there".

As long as one individual thinks evil, evil is produced and spread like a great fire or great epidemic. EVIL.

Apparently this person did not look at what he was experiencing. He was having this experience mechanically. All of him wasn't there. One who understands, can instantly recognize a low spirit and know what to do to banish that one if they feel it should not be where it is and should not be doing choice doing.

Low spirits are simply human beings who have little understanding of life. There are millions of them roaming your earth in the flesh. Because they have their skins on, almost nobody recognizes them. The majority of humans, who walk in darkness, have the propensity for evilness, making it difficult to recognize someone else's.

If one waits until the physical body dies, before they learn what tru/e powers they have for constructive work, it is too late. They have to turn around and come back here again.

You know, I said in the past, that reincarnation - rebirth - returning to the world, is illusionary. The world itself is illusionary. So, if the world itself is illusionary, coming back to this world is simply a part of the great illusion. But as long as we suffer that state of hypnotized consciousness or lack of understanding, we will follow that illusion that we have created, to the letter - every part of it, yes?

Aud: We will misunderstand what we are doing.

Yada: Yes.

Aud: We are not really coming back again, we think we are. It is illusionary.

Yada: Of course.

Aud: Hasn't Professor Luntz said he was coming back again?

Yada: Yes, if he suffers it intensely, he will do it; and I think he does. I speak not negatively about him when I say that. I speak what I see, what I understand. And if he feels the necessity to follow this dream, he will follow it right to the letter of his understanding - no more, no less.

Aud: Yada, when he comes back next time, will he be able to develop to the point where he can make his own body?

Yada: No. No, because you see, once you learn to do this, to create your own body consciously, you are free.

Aud: Yes, another question. It seems we have to learn that, in the physical body. Why is that?

Yada: Because ...  .. . ..

Aud: It gives us practical experience?

Yada: Yes, that's it in short. You see, in what is called, "The Other Dream", which is called the afterlife, we cannot do the concentration as we can in the physical body; because the moment we start concentrating on anything, any act, we are doing it, right now. But mindly (mentally) - like right here, you are doing many things without realizing you are doing it.

Aud: I know that in the spirit world you have to maintain the sense of duality - that is, yourself and the object over here.

Yada: That is so. Now if you learn how to control the consciousness, then when you acquire this kind of self mastery here in this lifetime, and then you go into this other life, you can stay in that other life as long as you want to. Short or long. (Yada speaks to a new arrival) Come please in. Good Evening, it is a joy to see you here. You looking very well. You getting a little rest perhaps?

New arrival: Sometimes . . .

Yada: It is worth looking for at times. One must.

Aud: We'll rest up there.

Yada: Yes, if you have learned it here in your world. I have been talking of a subject which I have called "The Prying Mind", or "The Great Snooper". And I have been saying, in part, that if you have not learned how to use your forces here, your mind here, controlling the forces here, you are not going to be able to do it in the life beyond. You are going to have to come back here and try again. Here is where self mastery begins. This is the school.

Now one may, in your world, suppose that the physical world, as you see it, is the lowest vibration or vibratory world. But there are forces lower. Now the word "low" is not a very good one. Let us say different, of greater intensity. And the beings in it are held there longer than they are in your world. And the pressures are greater, the suffering more intense.

Q: An inhabitant of that world - when he does attain mastery, is he greater than one who attains mastery in the physical world?

Yada: His next step to a better, an easier approach, will be then the three-dimensional vibration. He is not better; he is not higher.

Q: Does he have the potential to become - to attain?

Aud: Oh, he graduates from that to this?

Yada: Yes.

Q: There are people who do not go through the earth path at all. How do they compare with those who go through the earth path? Are they greater?

Yada: No, not necessarily. There are degrees of mastery in the world beyond the physical. Now, in the Astral world, there are beings living there who have not yet experienced the three dimensional life. Now, some of these beings, on their own plane, are like some people here on this plane. They are not ready yet to be called Masters, though they may be very, very much more so than those here on your earth. They have to have earth experience; so when they die on that plane, they are born on this plane. That is what death is - an exchange of planes.

Q: Do these people always take the biological path?

Yada: Yes, if they are going to learn what is the nature of the three-dimensional world, they have to take this path. Now, will you pardon me if I say I was one of these? I had one birth on the earth; I had to take it.

Aud: You couldn't very well understand it unless you experienced it.

Yada: Is right. Now, I could have materialized myself here, but that is not starting out on the bottom rung.

Aud: With a wet bulk.

Yada: Oh, very wet. I had to come here to dry it.

Q: Did you come from another system, another galaxy?

Yada: No.

Q: Were you in our solar system?

Yada: I had to let go of the wider state of consciousness and gradually come down the planes into what is called your solar system. Then I spent considerable time there and then I came down into what is called the astral plane, which is right next door to your physical. Then I made the step from the lower astral into the physical plane.

Aud: Call that depression

Yada: Yes, or you are getting the bends - the mental bends.

Q: When you came into the physical body for the first time, did you remember then what you had learned, while you were in your physical body?

Yada: Now please, I do not fully understand . . .

Q: When you came into the physical body for your incarnation here on the earth, and when you grew up to be man, did you remember all your other experiences in your past lives - the knowledge you had learned in previous . . . ?

Yada: I was aware of what I needed. I was aware only of that, of that much.

Aud: Just what you needed?

Yada: Yes. Then I got a degree of my awakening as I moved through various temples.

Q: Yada, when you gave Mark a part of the story of your one experience here in the City of Kaotie, you told of when you were taken from your family into the lower chamber of the temple. And these other Yadas got around you and chanted, and you stood and told of your past experiences.

Yada: That is so.

Q: At that time, you recalled what you had done and you retained this awareness during the whole time you were studying?

Yada: No, I didn't retain this the whole time, as you imagine. While I was a baby, surrounded with the Yadas, and with their chanting and their special occult practices done upon me, they had me speak out of my mental awareness. I was not, as a baby, conscious of that. I was not conscious that I was doing it. What they were doing was tapping what you would call the unconscious self, and then this unconscious self spoke out mechanically. My conscious self, which was very little as a baby, did not even know what it was saying. Like the baby cries it does not know what it is crying about; it cries, it feels pleasure.

Q: Almost like one who would be put under a hypnotic spell - and unless you are told to remember it, you don't remember it?

Yada: That is exactly so. Thank you. Good thought. You see, the body is a doll; it is a puppet. Sometimes the puppeteer speaks and acts, using the doll to do it. Then there is a lower puppeteer, the puppeteer who - well, just doesn't give a damn! He does; he is mechanical. He is operated on the strings of his emotions, and those strings of emotion are psychic. Like here - the body I speak through is a dummy. I hope your husband, Mark, will forgive me for that! Something else is called ventriloquism, so I am opening and closing his mouth through excitation of locomotive centers in the brain. Then I make sounds by wind passing through the larynx, manipulated by the muscles in the throat and tongue and the tooth - I must stop saying that - teeth.

Irene: When you tell of this ventriloquist it reminds me of when I was accused of being a ventriloquist, and this was the way the work was performed.

Yada: The only thing is, I was the ventriloquist and Mark was acting as my dummy

Irene: They didn't want to acknowledge you though, so they said it was me.

Yada: Yes.

Q: Are you getting any vicarious earth experience through this work here?

Yada: Oh, of course. You cannot dabble in a paint pot without getting paint on you. But you see, I know that which is not usable to me. I know how to drop it, to wipe it out.

Aud: Erase it.

Yada: Yes.

Aud: That's because you are unemotional about it.

Yada: Yes, I do not pin it to myself with pins of emotion. But you can do it. You do do it, for some things.

Aud: Depends upon our attitude toward what we are experiencing.

Yada: That is so.

Aud: If we do not think, our psychic energies will dispel themselves as emotions.

Yada: That is so. And I have been asked many, many times, "Yada, why do you come to the earth? Why is it your business, huh? IT IS MY BUSINESS TO HELP PEOPLE TO THINK. THIS IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE. If we humans do not learn to think, we are not humans. We lose our humanness as we live on the earth, if we do not learn to think. We are no more than the animals; we have animal bodies. To rise above that animal body, we have to think. Is that not important enough to come to your world for? Joseph, you wish to say something to me?

Joseph: I was just wondering, Yada, when you came in, whether you had consciousness all the time, and you did elaborate on that. But that question was answered by itself. But, I would imagine however that you had a purpose?

Yada: Oh yes.

Joseph: And that was to experience the earth plane?

Yada: Yes, so I would know what it was like.

Joseph: You are too humble probably. I project myself into this, that you could probably be initiated through the biological path?

Yada: Oh yes.

Joseph: And after having done this, you can go on to some other experience?

Yada: That is so. Then I can go back. Then I can return to myself and rest. Then when I project myself again, I know what I am projecting myself into. It is no longer an unconsciously produced nightmare.

Aud: Well, you have told us that you did project yourself five other times.

Yada: Oh, this is different. Then I knew what the earth life is. Then I understood what pain is.

Aud: And this is not through the biological path? Only for once you did, and then you manifested thereafter?

Yada: Yes, when I came through the biological path, I learned what pain is, what suffering is, what joy is. For joy is only a degree of pain - or pain of joy.

Irene: I wonder, are you aware of Mark's elbow on the table? Does this bother you?

Yada: No, (Comment: I can put a pad there if you like)

Yada: No is all right.

Aud: Yada, when you speak of joy and pain you sound like the Egyptian school.

Yada: Again, in these ancient Egyptian schools and the ancient Greek schools, all of the mystical schools in the past, there are none in the present that the seeker can find. He has to first have certain degrees of understanding before he will be contacted and taken to these schools and they are so hidden away that your modern man almost never - almost no one gets a contact with these schools any more.

Aud: Did there used to be one in Mt. Shasta, inside the mountain there?

Yada: Many, many years ago, hundreds of years ago.

Aud: Has it been that long?

Yada: Yes. There are some spooks around there, but the interior is all in.

Aud: Collapsed?

Yada: Yes, collapsed. It was a very wonderful underground room there, not a cave; but a cavern.

Aud: Yada, you said you come to help people think. I think this would be frustrating because so few people want to.

Yada: Now, this would not frustrate me. If it did, I would not be useful as a teacher. Indeed, I couldn't be a teacher. I know the condition they are in. Would I come to one who was not in this condition? What for? I come to those who need - not me, but my understanding. We need one another - all of us.

Irene: I think this is your main reason for suggesting that we don't try to contact people to get them to come here, because if they have the need, they will find their way here.

Yada: Is so. Is so. Even one like the lady who was here last Friday. This lady has an inner hankering to come close to the Light. She does not know why she came, but that unconscious self expressed this willingness for more food, for more understanding - by her very foolish, what seemed to be foolish comment, "Yada, would you come and go bicycle riding with me?" I suppose some of you were surprised when I said, "Yes, I will. You call me and I will always be there, but not for bicycle riding."

So she will not feel her state of insecurity more than she already does, I agreed to bicycle riding with her. That is where her consciousness is - bicycling. Whether she physically goes or not, is the question. She had at that time, bicycle riding consciousness. So I have to, if I want to reach her, I have to reach the consciousness called bicycle riding. WONDERFUL! Here she is on bicycle, going, going, going, and her mind calls to me. This gives me the chance to bicycle ride, yes? And at the same time, give her quietness of soul, of spirit, of mind.

Irene: She must be greatly troubled.

Yada: She is, she is. Look at all of your world today. Who is escaping mental difficulty, mental and emotional difficulty. Who?

Irene: I was just thinking of all the years that we have known her, and how long she remembered and wanted to come back.

Yada: Always wanted to come back. Sometimes months, sometimes years, but she did come back. And she brought other minds that were needing interest in the Light.

Irene: The little bit of talking the friend did, the lady she brought, this lady had been very interested in the teaching for some time.

Yada: And the young girl. She is just on the edge of things, and she needed just a little encouragement to see the intelligence of seeking things out for herself, just a little encouragement. My friends, THE PRYING MIND. If we are going to pry, let us put all our consciousness into whatever it is we are prying after. Let us be conscious spooks, huh?

Aware. Look at your truly scientific mind, the inventor, the student of astronomy, of chemistry, of whatever. Who are the great ones? Those who put all of their consciousness upon what they were doing at the time they were doing it. This is called absorbing. Some of us, in the beginning, are like rock. We absorb very little. Then by effort, by desire, by willing - all these things are magic tools or tools of the magician - they brought life to themselves and became that which they brought.

These are the brilliant ones, the ones that are - - well I call them world saviors. They sustain the masses by encouragement and keeping them alive as much as possible. They save the world from complete madness, from complete animalism. The great ones. Masters? Huh! Yes, and more; great magicians. They are not recognized as such by the sleepers in your world, but this is what they are. Master magicians. World saviors. The crucifixion. Most of these people are crucified by the ones they saved. But if one is not willing to be crucified, one had better not try to play the savior. Now these people save in silence. They are hardly ever spoken of by men, and when they are, very lightly, by the laymen - and only in given circles, by their own kind.

Q: When an individual reaches this state of awareness, he doesn't have to allow himself to be crucified. Is this true?

Yada: Whether he allows it or not, is not the question. It happens without his allowing or dis-allowing.

Q: Would you explain to me what you mean by crucifying?

Yada: He does his work - one does his work - and is not recognized as a great one. He is let to be pressured by the blind, the indifferent. He is attacked on all sides, but this does not mean that he is a martyr or has any sense of being a martyr. This is the way your world is. He knows not that he is a savior. He does not recognize it.

Aud: Oh I see, you are speaking - - - - when one has reached the state of awareness where we classify him as being a master, whether he knows that he is or not, for him to have reached a state of knowing that it is his attitude that causes him to be crucified?

Yada: He is not having any attitude at all about it. The world is simply attacking, in its blindness. He does not care. He does not think that way.

Aud: Well I can't understand how he can be crucified if he does not care what they think.

Yada: Caring what one thinks does not stop the crucifixion. It is something that goes on in your world.

Aud: I would think that if I were talking against what you say . . .

Yada: Let me say something. You know a man (not in your world any more) a great mathematician - Einstein. Now, this man was persecuted no end, but he did not think of himself as being persecuted. But he still was persecuted whether he thought about it or not

Aud: I think if I didn't understand what Einstein said, and I criticized it, I would be crucifying myself.

Yada: Yes, but you are crucifying him too.

Aud: Oh all right, I don't think I am.

Yada: Of course you do not think you are. That's just it. The world doesn't think it is either, but it .. ... ..

Aud: Well, I'm not doubting what you're saying but ...  .... ...

Question: Well when Jesus the Christ was crucified, did he know what was going to happen?

Yada: Of course, of course. He went along with it. In fact, he had to go along with it. In the initiation, the crucifixion was a ritual and if he was to rise above the cross of matter, he had to take this initiation.

Aud: Now that kind of crucifixion, I can understand.

Yada: That is what I am talking about.

Aud: I thought you meant the babbling people out here. They could crucify him.

Yada: They do.

Irene: I don't care what anybody says about me.

Yada: It doesn't matter whether you care or not, or whether they care or not. No, the crucifixion goes on just the same.

Q: What form of crucifixion did Einstein suffer? He was well recognized.

Yada: Many forms. By the ignorant who had no understanding of what he taught. The word crucified - even though the one crucified is not aware of it.

Aud: You mean misuse of what he discovered?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: For different purposes?

Yada: This man had no idea. He knew what was going to happen but he had no control over it. You, (Yada speaking to Irene) are being crucified all the time. Look at Mark, look at the crucifixion he suffered on the air.

Aud: Was that with Long John?

Yada: Yes, but he knew what was going on, but he was more crucified when he was not there. This is what I mean. We crucify others and it is, most of it is, done unconsciously. We don't know what we are doing. Our thoughts, we are driving nails into one another by our unconscious thoughts, our negative thoughts of others.

Betty, how are you feeling?

Betty: Real good, Yada.

Yada: How is husband?

Betty: Fine

Yada: Children also.

Betty: Very nice.

Yada: Your children, Joseph?

Joseph: As far as I know, they are fine. I don't know what crucifixion they are going through, but I know they have their cross to bear.

Yada: Now you understand. This is what I mean by crucifixion.

Irene: I understand. I thought you meant it affected the individual consciously, but I understand what you mean now.

Yada: Sometimes the unconscious of the masses bring such pressures on some, that some of these pressures are dropped down into the conscious self of that one and kills them. You see, if we can heal others who are sick, by prayer, by concentrated thought on that one, we can also make them sick.

Aud: Yes this is very true, Yada. I understand.

Yada: Speaks in his language.

Irene: I would like to turn the tape over.

Yada: Please do and I will withdraw for a little while.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Yada: . . . (already speaking) No, but it is a very good imitation. The scarlet bug, the genuine one, they are what is called petrified beetles. Yes, petrified beetles.

Aud: They turn to stone like the petrified forest?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: This is Rosicrucian, as far as I know. Just a symbol

Yada: Rosicrucian is coming down from the Egyptian teaching.

Aud: It's imported from Egypt, but they are manufactured. They are not genuine scarabs.

Yada: No. For a little while, I will go? Yes, please? Yada withdraws.

* * * * * * *

Yada: Going back into the very ancient times, in the earlier formations of the mystical schools, the initiations and rituals were performed with the use of what is called sex energies. Now because of the way this force was misused, it often brought insanity and death to those who were not well trained and knew how to conserve their energies and keep it from flowing away from them, thereby becoming depleted after some of the rituals.

Now it is said, by those who do not know, that the early Christian teachings came out of a sex cult. And the modern person today says this with a lifted eyebrow and scorn and the foolish talk of immorality, and how immoral these people were, when indeed they were not nearly so immoral as you are today. Because these practices were not done for self gratification. It was only later, that some of these schools failed, because the forces and the way they were used, produced a desire solely for self gratification. Decay came to the schools then. Immorality to be sure, for immorality is abuse.

Today in your country there is a wide-spread state of immorality. Immorality to me means abuse or misuse of our natural forces. Later, in the schools, because of what took place there, and the destruction of many of the schools, celibacy was taught. Now celibacy is a practice that is extremely difficult to live with because man's natural bent is to reproduce himself. He does not think of it as this, but that is what is his natural bent.

These natural forces bring pressure to bear on one's nervous system, until we act as we naturally should to reproduce ourselves. Now the animals (where the four footed animals are concerned), they are saved by having what is called seasonal action.

Thinking is a two edged sword. It has caused man to abuse more than to use. Man has an imagination that animals do not have. This is what makes him superior to anything on earth - his ability to imagine. I listen to people talking and they will say, "Oh it is only your, or my, imagination!" Imagination is the center, the seat of our creative abilities. One has to imagine first before they can produce. You want to say anything to me, any one of you?

Q: When I am doing my meditation, can I call upon you, or are you too busy?

Yada: Oh never too busy, because I am only one place, I am always with you.

Aud: Well, do you find anything interesting?

Yada: Laughing. Yes, but I do not think I should say so here. Your world is very much like a fishbowl. Beings from other worlds can look into your world with the very greatest of ease, so this means you have very little privacy. So now, if you have any guilt feelings, you will start behaving yourself.

Aud: Need some psychic curtains.

Yada: You have them too, if you know how to use them and what they are.

Aud: I just finished reading a book by Dr. George Hunt Williams.

Yada: Yes, I am very much aware of this man.

Aud: There's a lot he says, and he claims from - there is a planet called Lucifer between Mars and Jupiter, and it exploded from some kind of thermo-nuclear energy around 1200 B.C. and that is one of the main reasons that caused the earthquakes and the meteors that fell on Egypt at the time of the exodus.

Yada: Yes.

Aud: Is that true?

Yada: Yes, but I would not have called it Lucifer - especially among Christians, because right away it is evil. Lucifer means, "The Light Bearer". That's evil? Ha ha. You see, The Light Bearer. This great being was sent to the three dimensional world at a period of time when man was, should I say more evil than he is now?. Ha. No.

Aud: Is that possible?

Yada: No. Goodness improves and evilness improves. This being came at a time of the earth's growth and of man's sojourn here, when he was needed to extend a Light to awaken the consciousness of man, to bring him up out of his animal consciousness, wherein he thought not of good and evil. He acted only according to his natural animal drives. But the great Creators of the physical world saw that if man was not given the Light of his reality, his Christness, if he did not have this awakening, he would destroy himself before he could advance up the scales of what is called evolution of mind and of emotion.

Now there came a time, when other forces were feeling they were being usurped, so they began making a campaign against the Light Bearer, Lucifer. And they, in that time, knew (as the smart people in this time know), that the best way to destroy truth, or to destroy anything, is to give it a certain name. That is all that is necessary. So they named Lucifer, Satan. They gave it - Lucifer - they gave it Satanic forces. They said that this great being was a being of darkness, posing as a being of Light; even as today from your Christian Bible it is said to test your spirits because they may be of the devil. The only real devil is what is in us - in our thinking, in our way of feeling, by the way we have been conditioned to be fearful of gods and devils. Surely if we fear our god, we fear our devil. More, what place would a god have without a devil? The devil sustains god. God sustains the devil. Black and white.

Aud: I believe there is a place in the Bible that says, "God called all the angels together and the devil was there?"

Yada: Of course.

Aud: He was invited too!

Yada: For he was the greatest among them. THE LIGHT BEARER. In the Inner Teachings the night forces. Without the night forces, how could one recognize the Light? How can we recognize an afterlife unless we can recognize the life we are in? Recognize it. Know it. This is recognition; to know. When one knows life, one knows there is no "nolife". This is an impossibility. LIFE IS ETERNAL.

Aud: No life, would be total annihilation.

Yada: Of course. Would be mere nothing. Love it.

Lady Betty, your friend?

Joe: My friend, Yada. She is teaching with me. She teaches in another school during the year.

Yada: Very honorable work. Very needed. Without teachers, man becomes an animal. Even though the teachings may be what is called academic, without academic teachings in your world, the human being loses his human dignity. So, how important, how greatly important, is education. But you could do better. Your way of living is aimed at destroying the individual. To educate. When one gets proper academic education, they begin to think more clearly. Not necessarily does it make them better morally or ethically. There are many very immoral educated people. But it does make one think more. That is, as I said earlier, a two edged sword. It can make them very clever crooks. Education. Is there any other animal on earth that gets education of this kind? The human kind? Can they take it? Can they grasp it?

Aud: There is no other kind that needs it so badly.

Yada: What I am aiming at, is to say that as teachers you are in a very responsible and, what should be, a very honorable position. But I think your social system pays performers more than teachers. Telephone rings, Irene answers, "You have a wrong number".

Yada: Is there a wrong number? You have right numbers and wrong numbers?

Irene: She dialed the wrong number for the one she wanted to reach. She wanted Ben.

Yada: Oh, I see.

Irene: Oh, there you are! I'm sorry.

Reynolds: . . . . flower business, dealing with flowers?

Yada: Yes. I will talk with you more, another time when we have less people. It is interesting. (Yada speaks to someone in the group) lady please, you no feel embarrassed, you no feel confused. You relax and I ask you this question. First, what is it that confuses you?

Lady: (Answer is not understandable)

Yada: Oh.

Aud: Realization possibly, Yada.

Yada: All life is amazing. Yes, amazing. There is let's talk a little about it. There is something called "love". (To audience) You all right? You have troubles?

Aud: Problems, Yes.

Yada: Husband problems? Have been pregnant? Something I can do for you?

Lady: Not unless you can look in on him and see if he's all right.

Yada: He is angry perhaps with you?

Lady: I don't know if it is with me or ? Or what.

Yada: Well, he is adult so he must do what he must do, and he must be responsible for whatever it is he does. You cannot lead him by the hand. You are his wife, not his mother. Is so? Considering all those things, relax. There is nothing you can do about it and there is nothing that I need do about it. Let us talk about the word love. In English, what a wonderful sound is love. Joseph, in French what is love?

Joseph: Amour. And in Spanish amor(?).

Yada: Not very much change eh?

Joseph: Comes from the Latin amare - to love, to like.

Aud: Love is in ...  .....  ....

Yada: What Language? Hungarian?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Lady, you speak a language?

Lady: Yes I do.

Yada: What you speak?

Lady: German.

Yada: What is love in German?

Lady: Liebe - that's one form of it. It says a lot and doesn't really say anything.

Yada: Of course, because love, to say something needs a sayer. I think . . . . .

Aud: I think it is much more precise. But if you don't have a word for each act of love, in various phases, we are lost. The emotion is not conveyed properly.

Yada: Now, you see, you have said everything I wanted to say. When you said you are confused on this or that. You see, in that one little thing called love, what happens when it is used in different languages. And yet, I use it in the way you would use the word, "understanding" understanding with full comprehension. We cannot understand unless we comprehend. And it takes recognition of what is happening, to understand, to see clearly.

Aud: Sometimes we can't define our own different phases of love or any other emotion. We don't understand what we are experiencing; we don't give it enough thought.

Yada: Now here you are, by what you say first experience in what? You asking yourself, 'What's going on here?" What seems to be going on. If I have never faced a given situation before, truly I cannot recognize what is going on. Now perhaps then it needs explaining, but it is somewhat like love. You can't explain it, you can only feel it.

Q: Yada, would you say that love is the act of extending or increasing the well being of other forms of life and decreasing their misery?

Yada: E gratia ya (very good) Aukee, aukee, etc. (his language). Put it on the paper, huh. It needs to be spread around. Here as teachers, you look at pupils in front of you there. A good teacher - by that I mean to say a real teacher, sees, not a mass, but each individual student as separate units, as human consciousnesses waiting to be recorded on. So the teacher is very careful how they express themselves, knowing that each one of those students are little centers of awareness that are very sensitive. They record more quickly falsely, than they do truly. You have to get their attention and hold it. Everyone of them sitting there, while their eyes are looking at you, their minds are wandering elsewhere.

Aud: Takes more than a degree to be a teacher, Yada. That's why they are dropping out of school by the thousands.

Yada: Why also are so many of the pupils leaving schools? Because there is not much choice of teachers. If one has academic education to be a teacher, they become teachers when they are not teachers at all. They have no right in teaching, none. But can you do otherwise when you misuse your teachers. I cannot imagine, under the conditions that you have to work, that you can give your attention to each individual pupil. How can you consider one, when you have a great number to attend to? Only in recent years has your schooling system started to look out for the alert child, the more brilliant child and separated him or her from those that are not so brilliant.

Lady, I am a consciousness, like yourself, but I am controlling this man's brain. I set aside his consciousness by closing off the cells that he uses as a personality. Now, you know there are millions of brain cells, millions and millions of them, that are not used by the human individual. So you see, I have a great choice. There is only a very few CC's of gray substance or brain matter cellular structure that the individual used in a lifetime. Truly, the body is a wonderful robot, a doll, a puppet wonderful, marvelous. I do not know English words big enough to express my amazement at the human structure. But because of human ignorance, it is only destroyed, not by use, use never destroyed anything. It is abuse.

But you are a consciousness, as I said, like myself. You are operating through brain cells, that thing called your mental self. In religious talk, it is called the spirit, the soul (which almost no one knows they have). They were told and they are satisfied with that. They are afraid to question it because inwardly they doubt it. The doubt comes from not knowing. We try to sustain one another - not only in truth, but in fallacies as well. Many of our fallacies become truth to us by our trying to live them.

Does one have to be out of the world to take control of another body and communicate through it? No, and when you understand the mechanics of the mind, then you will see that you can put your body down quietly, put it to sleep, the body cells to sleep. Then project your consciousness and control another person - put them into a sleep state and you can use their body. Your mental self can control their body. This sometimes is called hypnosis, but there are different forms of hypnosis. There is direct hypnosis, where one speaks his mind to another and thereby takes control of that other person's brain cells. And then, there is silent hypnosis, where the hypnotizer becomes one with the body of the one they are hypnotizing. Think of that!

You see, the majority of people do not know these things. They will say, "oh that one is out of character", as it were. And then they call them schizophrenic; they are possessed by some form of emotional deterioration. So, what are they doing about it if that is their belief? It often is true, yes. Schizophrenia is an emotional, mental deterioration, brought on by some chemical action in the body which brings on the disease, most likely of the glandular system, which causes deterioration of brain cells also. But, I go back to what I said earlier, if you can pray and have your prayers for another who is suffering a real sickness, and cure them, then think - is it not controlling that person? Is it not a form of possession while you are still in your physical self? Are you not transferring your feelings across space? Perhaps the space is only into the next room.

Aud: Yada, all suggestions are the same thing you are talking about?

Yada: Exactly so.

Aud: Brainwashing, all the stuff we sublimate every minute of our lives.

Yada: This is all possession, obsession, of living minds over other living minds. Why do they? Because all we humans suffer certain weaknesses due to a lack of education, that we feel we do not even think anything about ourselves being controlled zombies. We do not think about it. It has become natural. When one suffers pain long enough, they will become accustomed to it, so the pain will not seem to be so intense as it was in the beginning. Then it becomes natural, second nature to them, to be suffering.

Aud: The dog misses his fleas.

Yada: Of course, of course. In a dream, you can project your consciousness out of this dream state into the physical awareness state, creating a body, an image of a body that is just as useful and usable as your physical one. This may sound fantastic so it needs explaining. Often the explanation of an explanation is more unexplained than it was when we first explained it! What is the body? It looks only like meat, huh? Meat. That's what it is. That's one side of it, yes. It is cellular structure created by a substance, a chemical compound called genes. You know genes? Now we look into genes. Is there someone who has done that. In past times, cells could not be looked into. They were too small, but now that man's mind has expanded, he has an instrument that helps him look into cells. You find here, the nuclei of the cell; acid, little granules floating in acids. These granules are, in part, like metallic substances and they are subject to electrical charges.

Now the nerves, by our thinking, we create what is called neuron showers or the arcing electrical energy between the cells in the brain, yes? So right away, we see that we are electrical robots. Wonderful. But that's not all. We go deeper into the cells and we find molecules - chemicals, molecules. We go deeper and we find atomic structure. We discover their nature by their alignment with one another - the atoms. We learn of their electrical and gravity forces, or what you call magnetic forces. Same thing. We go deeper and we find what appears to be nothing - emptiness. But in that emptiness there is a greater substance, greater by magnetism. We find lines of force or space pressures - space pressures gathering together to form a seed, whether it is in man or anything else of living nature.

So, am I more incomprehensible communicating through this man, than is the man himself communicating through himself? Or am I better understood or less so? It depends upon who's having the experience with me. To the extent that one comprehends himself, they comprehend me. Your man called Jesus one said, "I am in your world, but not of it". But he was not speaking, of himself alone. Everyone sitting; here now can say the same, "I am in your world but not of it". Has what I said, given you thoughts to ask questions now? As you will, if you desire to speak to me, I would be most honored; but if not, another time perhaps we can have better communication.

You are eating the wrong foods - STARCH.

Aud: What is starch, bread? Too much bread?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: I thought that, but I .... .... ...

Yada: If you eat potatoes, have them baked well, it reduces the starch. It does not make it less starch, but it reduces the quantity of starch.

Aud: And don't substitute cake for bread. LAUGHTER.

Yada: HONEY IS VERY GOOD, FOR SWEETS. Your modern candy is very bad for your teeth. Your dentists would go out of business today if your candy went out of business.

Aud: How about black strap molasses?

Yada: Very good, very good. And honey is very good, good for growth in the body.

Q: Cooked honey?

Yada: Oh yes, you treat honey, you do not take it as is, you'd kill yourself with it.

Margo, it is nice to have you here, even though your friend is not with you. Your friend, our friend, how are you feeling?

Margo: Fine, wonderful.

Yada: You wish to say something?

Margo: No.

Yada: Now your modern man would say that is unusual for a female.

Margo: I am an unusual female.

Yada: But I do not think a female talks any more than the male. It's just that he's around when she is talking! My friends, if you have nothing further to say, I will withdraw. It is getting that time, yes? Can I be of service to anyone? I am happy that our work - the last time you were here, Sir, Mr. C. that it has had favorable effects upon your honorable wife.

Mr. C: Yes, it has. She has felt very well this week. She hasn't had any more headaches

Yada: Very nice.

Mr. C: I am very happy about it. It did some good. Thank you.

Yada: Perhaps we can do what you Americans would call, "A Booster Shot", and do it again.

Mr. C: Yes, I'll have her come down again.

Yada: Please, you extend our love to her from the Circle.

Mr. C: Thank you, Yada, I'll do that.

Yada: E grati ya. A notchi.

Aud: Good night, Yada.