Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite

Through Medium Mark Probert

August 28 1965

This is Saturday evening, August 28, 1965. Mark Probert, Trance Lecturer, and his Inner Circle are here at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Morgan Harrison at Plancentia California.

Yada: Senas et Senahas, ena Yada Di Shi'ti.

Dr. M: Good evening, Yada. Welcome to our humble home.

Yada: E gratia. (Yada speaks in his language) You do not understand Yuga language, heh? English, heh? LAUGHTER. My honorable friends it is a great joy to be in your home. Thank you so very much for inviting me here.

Dr. M: Thank you, Yada, for coming.

Yada: Gratia. I think most of you sitting here have listened to me talk before, yes?

Dr. M: There are a few that haven't, Yada - a few. Our work is all concept therapy, or Concept Therapy students.

Yada: So, it is same thing with different labels. My friends, there are many, so very many human beings that know nothing about what is called - life beyond the physical world. Most of the time it is called life after death. I think someone in your world wrote a book and titled it, "Life After Death".

Man: That's a good title.

Yada: And that is what it is! Death has to do only with the dissolution of the physical structure and nothing to do with the operator of that physical structure. In ancient times the word "hell" did not have to do with the Christian hot place; it had to do with the fear of being lost in the grave (the mind being buried with the body). If this were true you couldn't think of a worse "hell". The truth is, the mind has no part with death.

Then it is said surely if the consciousness does survive the grave there must be some way of communicating with it. There was a great deal of difficulty about this for a long period of time. Man only supposed (those who were capable of thinking this way they supposed), it was a mere theory with them, that the human personality survived the death of the body. In order to ascertain the facts concerning the continuity of the individual consciousness, there had to be some way of reaching the consciousness that had departed its physical structure.

Out of this kind of thinking came the mystical schools, the teaching of what is called the occult - the hidden side of life, the story of worlds invisible. Methods were given by higher beings - first by inspiration then later - by direct vocal communication. This was not communicating with the individual who had passed away, but this communication was with very advanced intelligences - beings that had never known what the matter world was like, had never been born into it. These were the guiding forces for the adventurers who came to live in the physical world, or the world of so-called matter.

These great teachers had to find a way of communicating intelligently to certain earth men, these certain beings, by thinking, which is a remarkable thing for anyone to do. To think is very difficult. So they contacted these higher intelligences, contacted the higher intelligences on the earth, and gave them systems, keys, codes and methods of communicating with the adventurers who had passed this way. Because they thought, the theory of the personality surviving the death of his body came to be a fact. Then these intelligent beings formed groups and taught survival and communication.

Some of these groups much, much later, formed these teachings into dogmatic religious beliefs and they included their gods and devils in the communications. The gods of the storms; the gods of the crops; and the gods of everything you can imagine. There were coming to be more gods than people! LAUGHTER. Of course, this is what you Americans would say, "Things were getting out of hand".

But this is how man started to learn about other worlds, the worlds within worlds. Oh there was much fighting going on over this, for man fights over everything that he discovers for the first time. It is always the argument as to whether it is true or it is not true. Now, if a theory appeals to me it becomes my truth. If it doesn't appeal to you, you set up a theory of your own which I'm certain will oppose mine and I will not like you for this, because I am certain my theory is right and yours is wrong. You're going to hell - I'm going to heaven. LAUGHTER, I am an advanced being, you are a stupid idiot. Isn't it always this way?

The struggle to be loved, to be wanted, the struggle for a spot in the light, in the sun, in the heat, in the warmth - which means comfort and ease, free from fear. Basically, this is all any human being strives for. It is called PEACE OF MIND.

I have had, measured in your way of measuring time, 500,000 years of consciousness. So, I have quite a long span of time to look back through, yes? If what I say is true, this should not mean you have to accept it as such; this is what I say.

We humans are children of habit. Habit that is sown into us by what are called concepts. The only way a human here learns what is outside of him is through his senses; and for a long period of time, or short, depending upon that person's ability to comprehend something that was before him a long time - where we are lost in our senses. This which I have referred to as the physical, material world, its nature is better understood when you see it as a sensory world. The word matter is but a word. It has to do with all your teachings where the word was later the mother, the mother of creation.

Creation is a thought; it is a concept, an idea, a feeling. I was going to say a feeling projected, but the word projection implies something separated from something else, something extended from something else, yes?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: So this would be a false concept, because there is nothing to extend anything into. Even such concepts as what you call time and space. These are not separate entities from your mind.

When we are young we often (to use an American expression) feel like the world around us, the universe, is our "oyster". Often this oyster turns out to be a Pandora's Box and we come to wish we hadn't pried it open. But you see, to wish this, that we hadn't delved into these things of life, comes only to those of us who are ignorant, who do not want to really know. We are just curious. We say, "Oh this can't be, but I'm going to peek anyway to see if it is". If we say instead, I know; I know by the nature of my feelings about life that this oyster is worth the effort to open, we are not so likely to regret opening it, should we be able to.

To know that life is basically good, kind, intelligent, sane, to know that, is to lose our fear complex. You know, my friends, I hesitate, because I am seeking words. Words, to the serious thinker, are like precious stones. He chooses, he examines and chooses the best of the stones, knowing that if he does not, an intelligent listener will not hear him and walk away, thinking he is a fool. Well, is that too bad? No, because I have played the part of the fool many times. It was easy, easy, so long as ignorance blinds us. Do I think I will cease playing the fool now, I shall never play "it" again? Isn't that asking too much? Isn't it expecting too much? Because we are all in different grades of ignorance, or to put it another way, a little more kindly perhaps, degrees of wisdom. We (and I think we should pamper ourselves with words) we pacify our fears, our anxieties, our uncertainties, by labeling things so they will not disappear into the neont (all-ness of life, beyond human perception) and leave us more frustrated than we already are.

CONCEPT - you are now communicating with a spirit, a spook, a ghost, an astral shell, or, to please me, a great master! LAUGHTER. Yes, and when you say the word YADA, or I do, we are lost again because the question is not, "Who is Yada?", but what. What is Yada? And in our frustration and irritation it goes further. We say, "What the hell is Yada"? LAUGHTER. Yes, I understand your English very well! The first thing a foreign speaking person learns is how to swear I have asked myself that, "What is Yada" for thousands of years and always the echo comes back. "You are what you are - nothing else". Is that not frustrating? But suppose we could say definitely - I like that word "definitely" - it puts all other things aside, it shuts out.

Man: That's right, that's a good one, give us something definite. Yada.

Yada: Yes, definite. All right, to do this would be to leave you nothing. But it tells you the ultimate nature of something would leave you with nothing, for that is the ultimate nature of something - nothing. You have ten million miles of let us say string or rope. In due course you are going to come to the end of that length of rope or string, yes?

Aud: Right

Yada: And what have you got at the end?

Man: Nothing.

Yada: Yes, Nothing. And so this is the nature of everything, nothing. Nothing? Not exactly, but NO-thing, not nothing, but NO-thing. A thing in your world is a creation, in my world it simply is. It is not created. Now I am not a spirit, although that is the nicest thing I have been called in the past. I'm not a spirit, a spirit or spiritus means breather, one who breathes breath. So that when one dies and a religious person sees this person take his last breath, he says, "His spirit has gone". His breath is gone. I have had only one earth-life experience. Now this is very bad for me in many ways and also for you to know this, because if you are a believer in reincarnation you will be angry with me for breaking the pattern. "You should have lived many times in that time, Yada. How dare you? How dare you try to be different!" I know. I had a man say to me, "I remember three trillion of my lives. Trillion? I do not understand what this number is. What is it - trillion? What do you mean by this?

Man: It is a measurement - a measure of time. It goes way, way high - astronomical. Billions, trillions, sex-trillions.

Yada: Oh, you have sex trillions too? LAUGHTER.

Man: Right, right. Never leave it out!

Yada: That is right, you cannot leave sex out, it is everything. Everything, because it is where creation is - sex. Everywhere in the vast universe is a sex universe, but not the kind of sex that is in the form of man and woman. That is only one small part of it. The relationship between the neutron and the proton is sex. It creates the third being which makes matter, or this kind of surface, sensory surface. If we know this, instead of being afraid of it, ashamed of it, inner fears, anxieties that produce a great many other sicknesses in the physical body; if we understood it, we would love it. So honor it that we would never give ourselves to another, we would never give our creative energies to another whom we have no other use for than to satisfy our creative drives, personal "ME" satisfaction.

The SUN. In my time we were sun worshippers. We did not worship the sun as a god. We had not become that ignorant yet! LAUGHTER. It takes time to become ignorant. We gave it adoration in the morning at sunrise, and at sunset, because we knew it to be the source of our being. We are sons of the sun. We came, we descended in radiation to the earth, to the matter world, which was darkness until we came. We brought it, the intelligence that it has.

Before the event of the human mind, wherein it was capable of thinking through the matter body, before this, all the earth was, was a zoo, a zoo filled with insane animals whose only thought and feeling was in the stomach and sex organs. Man brought intelligence and beauty to the earth, to the zoo. It was not until man was capable of seeing the man, the human in the animal, that he started cutting the animal away (to find that human). It is like the story of the man traveling through India, who came upon a man carving stone elephants on the roadside. You have heard the story?

Man: No, I haven't.

Yada: He looked around but he didn't see an elephant anywhere and he said to this man, "Sir, how is it that you carve out of that block of stone such a perfect elephant and you have no elephant model to go by?" The man said, "It is easy. All I have to do is to see the elephant in the stone and then cut away everything that isn't elephant." Wonderful, a remarkable story, the story of ourselves. When the animal pauses just long enough to see the human in him, it gives him time and reason and purpose for cutting away everything that is not human. What a wonderful concept. Without it, if the concept had not appeared in the mind of man then, it would never have appeared at any other time, because all the intelligent things happen in very definite time and in very definite places - not before and not after. Should a thing appear in a wrong period of time, it is considered by the people in that time to be a freak. It doesn't look right.

Can you imagine one of your big birds/airplanes that make so much noise (how you ever sleep in your world any more, I do not know!) Can you imagine one of these appearing in some past century when you were still using the oxcart? You know what it would have done to the people then? They would have come to the belief that they always had been saying, that their god was returning to earth. This is what many people have said about what you call UF0s, flying saucers.

Man goes on, with all of this advanced intelligence, creating gods so that he can bottoms up to them. Creating them out of his fears, his anxieties, not only for the after life but for his life right here. He is worried, he is born worried and future generations will be even more worried, unless of course, Teachers of the Light come, not to save them, but to remove them from fear by education, enlightenment, understanding.

The Christian God is not the Christian God. It is the God of the Hebrews, the God of Moses. The Gentiles adopted him without even asking; and, of course, if you take father you have to take son too! Now, my friends, I have no wish to in any way infringe upon what you think is so. So remember I speak only from my understanding, gathered from my experience, you need do nothing more than listen.

Belief? I do not understand very much what is meant by this word - belief. How can you believe, how can I believe something I know nothing about? To have a true understanding one must look into things, one must study that which he seeks to understand. He cannot guess, nor can he say, "It says so in the book." That does not make it so. There are tens of thousands of books, tens of millions of them, and there are a vast number of holy books. The books may be holy, but the people who wrote them were not! For man, the human, is not of that species (holy). The Christians say only God is Holy. Well good for him - he belongs to that element of holiness - humans do not. He is a creation of the human mind. He did not create man, man created Him - God. Now, if we take the gender out of it and say. "It", then man did not create It, It created man, physical man is a creation, a dream of the creator.

Kasida! (Yada speaks in Yu language)

You see how difficult it is to put into words about life and death, and the worlds and things. We cannot really talk about life, we can only live it. But we cannot live it as intelligent beings if we insist on looking only on the surface. Now tell me please, what would a god want with a mortal's adoration? He doesn't need it. I think you have a slang saying to express something like this, "He needs it like you need a hole in the head". I like this very much. Your American expressions are very wonderful, to the point. You have heard of "being bugged"?

Aud: Yes, we have...

Yada: Yes. If you have ever lived in swamp country you will know the meaning of that! LAUGHTER. And so life "BUGS" us. There are like millions of gnats swarming around us and the more we fight them the more they attack us. Can we run? No, there is no where the gnats are not, because we create them. So, how to get rid of the gnats? By waking up, by becoming aware, by changing the concepts given us by those who we were unfortunate enough to come to. Unfortunate? Not really, that was our lot, that was our decision. We choose our parents. We choose the time, the place, to go and to come.

Now I know you will say, "Yada, I wouldn't have chosen this, if I had had a choice. You mean to say I would have chosen this? Oh no, I was pulled into it against my will. I was drugged, that's what happened, Indeed - I was drugged! Drugged by the hypnotically given concepts of those who came before us. Yet we cannot say they are at fault, because had we not had these things to learn, we would not have come to those people, to that place, in that time. Life is a do-it-yourself job. You see I am not afraid to take thoughts from your physical world and express them, especially when they are so to the point. A do-it-yourself job. How wonderful! And the sooner we wake up to this, the sooner the gnats will disappear. But at no time do we stop having some gnats. That is the way life Is. This is the way we learn. The seat is too hot. It says to me, "get off it".

How much heat can we stand on the bottom? Are you going to wait for somebody to take you off? You will wait a long time, a very long time. Those who love us often wish they could take us off the hot seat. They see the pain in our faces, in our actions. They have deep compassion for us, but the wise ones will not drive you off that hot seat, they will not do it. They will leave it to you. How long do you want your bottoms to burn? How great is your tolerance for pain? As much as I may love you, I cannot take you off the hot seat. You cannot take me off it. I said there, in the beginning, I chose the seat. You and you alone must have the reason, the purpose, and the will to rise up and walk off.

To go back to what I was saying a little bit earlier: I'm not a spirit, I'm not a spook, I' m not an astral shell; I am a consciousness like you. I do not know more than you, I simply know something different, not more. You see, the wonder of this is, as you teach this to your pupils, then it frees you from being responsible for what they do with what you say. Do not put yourselves up here. The higher up you go, the harder you will land when you fall. I walk with you. I stand with you. Wisdom, Great Master? Oh, I would gladly accept this if my intelligence didn't tell me that if I did, I would prove myself to be a fool. I think someone in your world said, "It is one thing to be a fool and another thing to open our mouths and prove it."

Man: Prove all that?

Yada: Why am I saying this? So that I can further say and with greater clarity, that you are not a spirit, are not a spook, although one time, talking to a man in your world, in television from a place they make this . . . . . .

Aud: Studio?

Yada: Yes, thank you very much; he called me a spirit and I said to him, "I'm not a spirit, I am a consciousness. Only difference between you and me is you have your skin on and I've been skinned! LAUGHTER.

But what is skin? An idea? Is it something in itself? Let us see - we take a piece of skin and we examine it very closely and we see it is made up of something called cells. Now cells are small enough, but can we stop there? No, we go deeper and we find these cells are made up of molecular structure - that's a pretty name!

Man: I like that!

Yada: Oh yes, very much. It makes it more concrete.

Man: Thank you.

Yada: And then we are not satisfied with this, we must go deeper and we find that molecules are made up of even smaller things called atoms. How wonderful! Are we satisfied with that? Can we stop there? No. So we go deeper into it, and we find the atoms are nothing more - I like that, "nothing more", than positive and negative electrical forces. Amazing, amazing! Especially amazing when you know, as you must come to know, that there are no such things as electrons. LAUGHTER.

Man: You just punctured my brain.

Yada: Well, somebody punctured mine. LAUGHTER. Yes, that somebody was a thinker who lives in you and in me. That somebody is the Creator. Not a god who wants to be worshipped, who feels the ego drive for adoration. No, but that great creative-self. Don't name it, because you will lose it. But your feeling, if you do not know it now, your feeling as you further study life, will tell you that this is so.

Tat, Tat, Sat, Tat, Sat, Ohm. I am that, that I am. I am the reality. Now should this make your ego blow up into the air? Make a big chest? Make smart look on face? No. There comes with this knowledge a wonderful, satisfying feeling called love, appreciation for the creator.

DIE? Death is simply ignorance. The Light came to save man from the darkness of ignorance. When the mind descended into matter it brought light. In your Christian Bible it makes the statement wherein it says, "God looked upon the deep, the darkness, and said, "Let there be light" - and there was light. There is much more to this expression, "let there be light", than what God said, "Let there be light", and the sun came up, the physical sun shone. The physical sun is radiation. Its basic nature is kundalini, sex energy, cosmic radiation. Man, in his destructive self, has turned the radiation of the light into darkness.

My civilization brought destruction upon itself when greed and avarice, great fears and anxieties came to it. The mind of the people disturbed and displeased the forces that keep the earth in balance. This let loose a series of violent earthquakes and furthermore the hate, the ignorance, brought darkness. Darkness swept down upon my civilization, darkness so black that no fire could cast a light. The horror in man's heart was extended into his dream world, which he calls "real" and in this darkness his fears were manifested in the form of violent winds, violent winds from outer space. Cold, oh so cold. Huge ice pieces came down from the darkness crushing everything. Freezing winds froze animals and humans alike - right where they stood - in the act of running - froze them solid. Oh, my friends could man know what he can do. What he has done with his uncontrolled concepts; could he know himself. Not the lower self, because the lower self is an animal of the worse kind, an ass, a psychopathic ass, a schizophrenic ass, that seeks only to gratify itself. It is murder. Is is the hyena of the universe.

Perhaps I have said too much. You talk to me please.

Man: Does anyone have any questions they want to ask?

Lady: Yada, may I ask please, would you explain to us your interpretation of the sound current?

Yada: In the beginning when what you call the matter world rose up, it started from these sound currents, or great energy wind storms. Have you know about that?

Lady: Yes.

Yada: In creation energies imploded (you understand what I mean?). Then this implosion creates a tremendous - how you say it in English? (Explosion?) Yes, but first before the explosion, a tremendous density, tremendous density. There is a substance, plasma you call it, in space, that is so dense that a cubic inch of it weighs into the millions of tons. Think of that. That's density, yes? Now this happens in the creation - energy compacts, compacts not by simply rushing from all directions, but by spiral activity, vortexual motion (you understand, please?) to the center.

The ancients in India, some of them like the Brahman people, said creation came from an egg, and in a manner of speaking, it is so. What I am leading to is simply this, there is a rushing together in a violent wind of energy and after they have centered, there comes something called the climax. The climax then is the explosion, a giving away, a bursting out of a scattering away from the center, a going away. Instead of turning in, it is turning out.

These winds are sometimes called the winds of hell. Sounds dramatic! Not winds of hell, it's just that the material world is hell. Hell because the body self is a sensory body and gets its impressions from the world around it, from outside of it, by the senses. These senses are very delicate and they cannot always stand up under the pressure, unless we/they get proper education, proper concepts of life. They cannot stand the storm and they sink into the morass, the morass of fears and anxieties. The physical body falls apart, deteriorates. Then the creator of it will have to wait a little while, go into the ante-room, which you call the astral world, and get a little bit of rest, get his being as it were, before he sets sail upon the seas of physical life again. Your priestly system (and all of them do this) talk of hell after death? (Laughs). What have you got now?

Man: Yada, why did people in the beginning think it necessary to create a god?

Yada: Because always people, every race of people, have created gods. Way back to the time of . . . . pardon me, my teacher speaks to me . . . . may I withdraw a little while please and I will come back and go on with your question? Yes?

Aud: Yes, Yada.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Yada: So now, the inner man is satisfied, so perhaps now we can speak about the outer man? Thank you so very much for letting Mark have that cooking you did. What do you call it? Cake, cake? very good! It tasted good to me. Yes, I use his taste buds. I put my consciousness upon his taste buds and taste physical things, yes. What am I when I am tasting? I am a taster. When I touch something, I am a toucher. This is what I am. People have asked me, "What are you"? Whatever I am doing at any one time, that is what I am. Now sir, the man speaking to me of the God of the Hebrews, as I said before I left, all races of people have created gods including the Greeks. Greeks were great people. They not only created gods by the wholesale lot (LAUGHTER), they discovered by what is called pure reason (you like that?).

Man: Yes, I like that - - - pure reason.

Yada: You can tell me what it is after I am through. They discovered the building block of matter and they called it the atom. The Christian called it Adam! But anyway, they gave a name to the indivisible pieces they thought of. But today do you know the atom as indivisible pieces? Surely not. Had the Greeks discovered that the atom had many parts, they possibly would not have existed long enough to become known as the ancient Greeks! LAUGHTER. And perhaps you won't either because you have discovered it.

Now, none of the Greek gods could be created today, nor the Greek atom, but man has tried to drag up his gods with him from the ancient past. Those gods belonged to those times. Those gods existed for those People because they created them, they had a need for them. The God of Moses. Moses was not a Hebrew, he was an Egyptian and he was sent by the White Brotherhood, a great mystical order called the White Brotherhood. He was sent to the people called the Hebrews. But before he came, one known as Amenhotep IV (have some of you heard of him?

Aud: Yes,

Yada: He came and he tried to bring the story of the invisible god to the people of that time. He tried to tell them this was a god of love, a god of light and intelligence; but they would have none of this, because their whole concept of life was hate, distrust, malice, fear. There was no safety. These people were killing themselves off. So they drove Amenhotep out. But the Teachers of Light knew that if someone did not reach these people they would destroy themselves. So they said, "Let us send a teacher that will appear as one of them; but this teacher must not bring a god of intelligence, a god of light and love, but a god of wrath and vengeance." This is the only thing they understood! This succeeded. This saved those people. There are some races as if they are species of animals, who by their intense hate and fear have killed themselves off, have committed suicide. Man, the greatest curse that man had, is ignorance; this is truly his only sin, the sin of ignorance.

Pardon, my friend, what did you say?

Man: Would this be why, since they understand only wrath, would this be why then, that they created the hell in people's minds?

Yada: That is right. The word hell originates with the Jews, Jewish teaching, the Hebrews. It was, as I said earlier, a fear of the entire man person, being left in the grave to rot with the body.

How else can a child act, but as a child? A child who needs education and careful guidance. Many of us who descend to the earth to become mortals lose our immortality, but only by not knowing. The great creator can never die. The lower self, the animal self of man, if a teacher, a helper, a guide in or out of your world, cannot get to those who are lost in these negative thoughts, the animal self, they destroy themselves. And then in the life beyond matter, they spend time doing the same thing they did on earth, until they feel the pull of matter again and fall right back into it. Sucked into it, into the whirlpool of ignorance.

There is no need for this, but we cannot grasp anything of worth so that we can use it as long as fear eats at us, the fears that have been given to us. You know, no child has fear at birth; no child has hate or anxieties at birth. They are educated into it. Educated by what I call the teachers of things that can't be done. In a way it is sad, but in another way that is the way it is, and who can argue with what is? Hmm. Do I want to change your way of thinking? No, because I cannot. If any change comes to you from your listening to me talk, it is only because what I say, the sounds that I produce, that you call words, makes the bells in your head ring. It wakes you up to what you already know. Now, if you are not careful, then, because these truths become so apparent to you and this makes you pleased with them, you may start giving me the bow down, the bottoms up treatment. LAUGHTER.

In doing this, you forget yourself. This means you forget to honor your creative self. You give me the credit, "Oh how great is Yada." My friends, if you want to give adoration to someone, give it to yourself, because then you will know what you are giving it to yourself for, why. You are earning it, it belongs to you.

Now I do not surely reject your love for me, I cannot do that. That would be rejecting light. If I accept your love, it is because I want to give it to you. Acceptance comes only by giving and giving comes by acceptance. There are many people that cannot accept love, they are afraid of it; they do not feel worthy of it. Their guilts and shames have dug so deeply into them, they cannot believe that anyone would give them anything so precious as love. Isn't that sad? Sad. A god in the making, stands hidden in the darkness of his own ignorance.

I give adoration to the Light. I am the son of the sun. No one can pass me. I am safe in the Light, the Wisdom. You know how do you feel when you are lying in the darkness of your room at night waiting for unconsciousness to overtake you?. How do you feel? No mask to wear, because all you have to face now is yourself. No pretense is there. Do you feel safe? If you really do, you are indeed a whole person. If you do not, you can be sure of nightmares when you do go unconscious. Going unconscious is often to face our real self. Sometimes that real self creates hallucinations that we call nightmares. Our fears, anxieties become monsters, monsters with dripping eyes and with sharp teeth. Oh, that's not nice? And they pursue us and we run. Sometimes we can't run, we become paralyzed and as the monster is about to devour us we wake up, perhaps screaming and in a cold sweat. And we say to ourselves, "Oh, I'm so happy that was only a dream!" This is what happens to one passing from the physical world. He often wakes up and say, "Oh. I'm so happy it was only a dream".

Life anywhere, in the physical manifestation or otherwise, is no more than what we make it, no more. Examine your fears lying in bed again, in the darkness by yourself. What can you do about what is possessing you? While you're in bed can you change it, can you do anything about it? Not a thing so why make it a partner, a bed partner. It can kill you. Many people have gone to bed with intense anxieties who were physically in good health and woke up dead! LAUGHTER. And they looked at their body lying there and said, "Hummm, are there two of me? How is it I am here in the bed and I am here by the bed?" Sometimes they become aware of what has happened to them. This sometimes frightens them. They died of fear anyway, now they have to meet it again. Where am I? After a time and with much uncertainty and anxiety still pursuing them, they decide they are dead. Yet, "How can I be thinking, how can I be here? I should be in heaven if I am dead. I was told that. I was told that if I accepted Jesus, the Christ; if I accepted that He died for my sins, then quickly I would be rushed to heaven with no further understanding needed and I would have a right hand seat by God. And by God I will!" But they didn't.

Man: At least that's what the professor said.

Yada: Yes, yes. Now, my friends, to know when you pass over, however you pass over, know that the separation is a wonderful experience, a wonderful experience once you get beyond the pain of the body, the awareness of body pain, body pressures. There is no word for the experience. You rest, you sleep, you are in a state of the most marvelous quietitude, but you are aware that you are. But the sleeping in what is called the transition (I do not like to use the word post mortem state, that sounds a bit creepy), but in the transition period it is like, well much better than you thought heaven was, much better. No anxieties, no fears, no concerns, just rest and your only consciousness is that you are. "I am". I am and you feel yourself enveloped in this tremendous light. Oh, it is something to look forward to. The Creative Self does not leave man in fear and anxiety. The Creative Mind does not make hell and damnation and more pain for man.

It releases him, but only if he is intelligent; if he has dropped away from his uncontrollable desires, desires of the body. If he hasn't, he takes these with him because they are what he is! I cannot go somewhere where I am not; I cannot be something I am not. So that which I am, I am everywhere and all the time. And he repeats these dreams of his earth life, he seeks out people of his own nature on earth and he vampirizes them. Perhaps this is not a pleasant thing to discuss and concepts being what they are, you can get very bad ideas. But try to listen with an air of understanding. Try to see beyond the fears that my words may produce and you will see the greatest light, the greatest purpose, the greatest reason for life, all life. There are many forms of vampirism. It is not only the sucking of blood. It is sexual attacks that go on between the planes.

These not only take place sometimes in the dream state, they take place when one is fully conscious. The person's ignorance has attracted to him these sexual vampires. Evil? No, not evil, but a purpose. Why? Did somebody do it to him? No, he did it to himself. By his thoughts he attracted these beings and they will drain him or her as the case may be. Do you know what we humans walk around with? Our thoughts. There are many more sexual attacks going on mentally than physically. And some of the nicest people, people that if they projected these thoughts so that they could know, could understand them, out of what they have come - - - - - and they have come out of what? Out of their feelings, their frustrated feelings of normal desires. But these normal desires have been pushed aside, have been held back, have been frustrated.

Now, have you ever tried to close in steam that is building up and building up? You cannot keep it closed in. It will blow you to pieces. What are you? What am I? In the physical world we are creatures of desire. This is our nature. But if we are not trained, our desires become abnormal, destructive. Lack of love causes lack of proper teaching. Why am I interested in you? Why should I involve myself in your life? I am comfortable, I do not need anything. No? Like you, I need one thing, I need it most badly, it is my life. It is called LOVE. Do you think I come just to be of service to you? This means if you believe it, that there is something called giving but not taking; or taking and not giving, or something for nothing. It is wrong, very wrong my friends. Life is not like that. You cannot take from here and leave a hole, an emptiness, a vacuum. Life cannot tolerate that. What are you? Be what you are. Love what you are. Do what you love, or the doing will kill you, destroy you.

Everywhere in physical world you find two things, hate which is ignorance and love which is understanding. These two seem to oppose one another actually the opposition is merely a concept. There is no opposition, there is no struggle. This is what my ignorance seems to create. It is an illusion of my ignorant mind. Hate - I think you have heard it said - is akin to love, yes?

Aud: Right.

Yada: When you hate someone what do you do? You keep them immortalized in your mind. You like that? You want to immortalize your enemy? How not to do this? By making them your friend, the enemy goes away. But you cannot make them your friends if you have no understanding of how they became your enemy. Did you have nothing to do with it? Were you minding your own business?

Man: Always!

Yada: Yes, what is called an innocent bystander. "I wasn't doing anything. I wasn't looking". That's true! You may not be able to communicate with the physical world after you pass, you may not, but that should prove no loss to you, it should prove a gain, because as you Americans would say, "You've had it". LAUGHTER. Why ask for more, why knock on the physical door. "Oh I have some unfinished business to attend to, let me in People. Spirit beings, who flock into seance rooms are the ones most likely to be held to the earth and to be reborn again very quickly. Seance rooms. Does this mean we should stay out of them? No, if you go I say, "good" because that is what you want to do. But I say for your benefit, for your better understanding, that it is better to stay out of them.

The cellular body in making a materialization loses much of its energy by evaporation. When a materialization is created, it is created from the cellular substance called protoplasm. When it is projected out it is called ectoplasm. But it is living substance and when the seance is over and the spirit is returning, it takes off its gown of matter and returns it to the one it borrowed it from; but almost never does that one get all of that energy back again. Then little by little it causes a breakdown in the cells of the body. It turns those cells into water cells and you have what is called a water logged condition. You have been vampirized.

Most mediums that produce physical phenomena disappear into mountains of fat. To what end, to what good? You know, the most intelligent spirit to talk to is your own, if you will listen, if you will go into the silence. Don't ask for anything, but simply listen. We are always asking, we do not need to do it out loud in words. Our feeling self can ask in the most wonderful way and get answers. I pray to God for this or that, whether it is more understanding or some money, and if I have the proper communication with this creative self, it will answer my prayer. (Yada talks in his language) "I am the Light and the Way". This Teacher did not mean, I, Jesus, am the Light and and the Way. The Jesus self is the ass. This is why He took the initiation so that He would rise above the ass to become the Christ, to consciously become the light which we all are. The man Jesus said, "The Father and I are one", yes?

Man: Yes, that is what he said.

Yada: Do you think this body is something different than you? It is you because it came from your creative self. You did it. This is the way you wanted it. Mark sometimes looks at himself in the glass, the mirror; he looks and he does not like what he sees. It is only within recent, very recent years, that he has come to realize that if he does not like what he sees no one but he can change it. My reflection, my body is the image of my mind, the image of my feeling. When Mark was a little baby his mother was not feeding him, but she did not know it, so he was starving to death at her breast. Because he could not cry out, "I am hungry, you are not feeding me", he felt the most horrible state of frustration coming upon him. It was a will to destroy himself, to commit suicide. The ugliness, the negativity of life at that age, at that period, was more than he could bear, or so he thought. So you see he made this condition.

At birth, while I say no one is born with fear and anxieties, there is a condition that many of us coming into the world, being born of woman, we naturally have. It is called the birth trauma in which we do not want to be kicked out of our comfortable position. I say, "I'm comfortable, leave me alone, go away please". But no, do they go away? I am driven into the physical world, I am tumbled out whether I want to go or not. So I am enraged, I'm frustrated, I hate everybody and I haven't drawn an outer world breath yet! Birth trauma you may not feel the real effects of this trauma for years and then have it suddenly hit you. But it didn't suddenly hit you. It is like a malignancy, it grows quietly. Only when it has possession of us does it make itself known. Great Light, extend to me the power to seek to comprehend, that is my only prayer. Now, you make noises at me please.

Man: Would you speak to us on communication, how to develop communication with one another on the physical plane?

Yada: I think the important thing for the one seeking to make such communication is to know what you are. What are your fears? What are your anxieties? Because these are the first things you will have contact with when you start your communication. We can produce in our experimenting, without knowing about ourselves, we can produce monsters, wakeful nightmarish creatures. I assure you, my friends, I am not saying this to frighten you, to stop you. Oh no. I say man should have any experience that he can have, for no experience hurts one. It is our attitude that hurts us.

Communication. Remember please that for a period of time anyway, you will contact beings who will seek to fool you; that will come pretending to be great personages, masters (I like that). They were never masters over themselves but now they want to be masters over you. A nation, the heads of the nations, want to rule the world and they have never been able to rule their own nation. Amazing, amazing. Now, practice sitting in silence for a while, make it a 10 to 5 minute a day practice. Then after perhaps five or six months of this, your chances of making communication with another mind will be much better.

You know, my friends, it is most difficult to communicate with ourselves, our own spirit, our own minds, because we are afraid, afraid of what we are. Does the rose cry out to be a leaf? Does a caterpillar make a great fuss about becoming a cocoon? Does the cocoon wait in great anxiety for his freedom to become a butterfly? Not knowing whether he is going to become it or not? The beauty of the caterpillar is that it has only caterpillar consciousness. It is all caterpillar. Then it comes time for it to be a cocoon and it is the most beautiful, well balanced creature there is. It has no anxiety about becoming a butterfly, so that when it becomes a butterfly, it is a perfect being in itself and does not need a great amount of time to live as a butterfly. Are you afraid of what you are? If you are, what can you be? Where can you go? What can you do? Your whole life or mind, your whole mind is frustrated.

I am what I am, now! I am not concerned about some other newness. My concern is not, "Do I live after death?" My concern is, do I live, do I dare to be? Yes, I fear for the death of a loved one. Who lives in the body forever? Another question: When do we have enough time on the earth? When am I ready to leave it? What should I die of? All that matters is that death is there, the transition must be met with, that is all. How? What sends us into the "wide blue yonder". What sends us doesn't matter. If it is a stone knocking the brain out; didn't use them anyway. LAUGHTER. So what am I keeping them for?

Man: Souvenirs!

Yada: Souvenirs, good! Dying of some disease? Now if you were to die of some disease, what would be your choice? You have a choice? You want to choose? Oh yes, I would like to die suddenly". Would you now? Would not the cry go up, not yet, please, I'm not ready. You know, you have a game in your world that children play. It is called "tag", and I think you touch someone and this is "tag". You are "it", I think they say. Is that right?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: That is a wonderful thing because I am it and because I am it and I recognize it, it does not make any difference to me what world I'm in for I am It, all of It, one with It, of It. I am where my consciousness is. What a wonderful thought, what a beautiful concept. I am where my consciousness is. Right away you can see why so many people create new tenants for the grave yard, because they are not conscious when they get in their motor cars, they are not "It", they are not aware. So here comes a new tenant for the grave yard. They are not with themselves. "I am not with myself." Have you not heard people say, "I do not feel like myself today"? What self is this you do not feel like? What self? I seemingly lost my body in a quake. Everything went up down up down, vast chasms opened in the earth, fissures. Hundreds of people fell in, closed up. I was in the temple, I was in a subterranean room. There were tons of stone above me. It fell in. You can imagine what a mess it made of me. Looking at my body with the physical eye you would have been horrified beyond words.

Man: Looked like a flitter then?

Yada: What is a flitter?

Man: That's what happens when something cooked is smashed down.

Yada: Oh, hummmmm, there is more than that too. But I knew before I came to the earth the length of time I was going to stay and I knew how I would go, so I was prepared. Did I leave that pulpy substance under great heavy rocks to deteriorate, to do what you call, "go back to the elements"? No. I am the only element. I brought it up into myself, into my center. The body, your body, is breath, is Prana, is kundalini, is pure energy (if I may be excused for using the word pure). It is the substance out of which the mind makes form. (Yada speaks in his language) Triune the body, the mind, and that thing called the soul of the universe. Not simply the soul, but the soul of the universe. The one creator calls back his creation to the center of his being. Communicate with spirit beings? I can assure you they will not tell you anything you do not already know.

Man: I was talking about communication with physical beings, the.....

Yada: Talking with your own? Oh.

Man: Yes, I mean establishing communication with one another.

Yada: Now, this is better. This I enjoy to speak of.

Lady: And with understanding.

Yada: Don't try. You think I am fooling

Aud: No.

Yada: No, don't try, because you will never do it by trying. Let it happen. Let them come to you. Let them speak, let them ask from you. If you go asking from them, they will go the other way, because you will frighten them. Let them come. They will hear about you, they will, if you have your light out, I mean hanging out. Most of us have it simply out. LAUGHTER.

Man: Turned out!

Yada: Yes, turned out, smothered out, destroyed, tramped down on. No, put your light out quietly, don't tell anybody. Those of us who seek knowledge become like moths. When we see a light, we move to it with great rapidity. If it happens not to be to our liking, it will singe our wings and we will fall down and disappear. In your Christian Bible the talk of spreading the gospel did not mean to go out and shout it from the house tops, because the only people that would hear it would be people that already knew.

Go out and spread it among those who are ready for it. And the going out will simply mean the extending of your light so that it can be recognized, so that moths will know. If you do it the other way, you will get more hate, more distrust of what you are seeking to do than you can now imagine. You see, all human beings are seeking the light, the light that will make them feel secure, and if they see you standing in it, they will hate you. ''Oh, he is glowing, who does he think he is." What is the little bug with the big light called?

Man: Lightning bug, firefly.

Yada: Lightning bug. In my language 'gagee'. It was a much larger bug that we had that cast a light and many of the superstitious people thought that these were souls coming to take them away from the earth! "Don't go into that mountain, there are souls with lights looking for you". LAUGHTER. Taboos. Let us approach this from the practical side; I like that practical side. If you wish to make communication with spirits let us say, you do not need to have the room darkened, you need only to have true desire to attract beings from other planes and if you will sit in a lighted room at a given time and come together with others with one mind do you like guarantees? In your world there is so much said about guarantees, do you like that? If you do, I can guarantee you will have communication with spirit beings.

Yes, but I cannot guarantee whether they will be of much help to you. To communicate with spirits here in the flesh, if you just give your love, your understanding, no matter what is said about you, either praise or critical remarks, hold your peace, move on. If you take umbrage either for the good or the bad, you will be lost. You will be sorry you started the work. I am myself. What do I care what some may say. I have no care because I know what I am. Do you know what you are? If you have love surely you cannot do anything against the natural laws of life. You cannot, so what do you care what someone says. Applause. Have you ever heard one hand clapping? At least it doesn't jar your nerves! LAUGHTER. It is getting late for you.

Man: Thank you.

Yada: It is my honor,

Lady: Yada, you said that when you came to the earth world, you knew you were going to die in this manner. Were you consciously aware of this?

Yada: Yes.

Lady: You were?

Yada: Oh yes.

Lady: Naturally we know our thoughts?

Yada: Yes, you do know but you do not want to know, so we shut it out. "I don't know." This is all right, I have no objections to this I cannot have; I can only tell you what I know, what I do, what I feel. Look, please, I said I had one life. What would I want with more? If you can have understanding - what is understanding? It is coming here - knowing! The man you call Jesus, Gautama Siddhartha who became known as the Buddha. Buddha which means Christ, the Light. Being born by virgin birth has nothing to do with the state of the mother's body. In ancient times if a woman became known to a man beside her husband and it was discovered, she would be stoned to death. Now Joseph, according to the story in your Bible, he was the father of how many other children from Mary? How could she have been a physical virgin?

But I do know this that there is nothing in the laws of nature, in what is called biological nature, that says virgin birth is impossible. In India it has been known, medically known, but hushed up, that virgins have been with child and have produced children, but they had seeded themselves. Oh, the mysteries of biology! They are so mysterious it frightens man like everything else, so he makes up stories about it.

In what is called uterus tumors, there has been found fingers, bits of skin, hair, bones of different parts of the body. Now, if the uterus tumor can be of this nature, what is to prevent this tumorous growth from making a whole person, assembling the parts? What is to stop it? You may give me all kinds of biological reasons for it not being so and I will listen, but I will know better if you say anything against what I am saying. So I will not argue with you, it would be pointless.

So I am not questioning virgin births, but the story of the man, Jesus, the story is impossible. Let us suppose the man you call Judas Iscariot was the cause of his death. He should be the most praised man of all the apostles, the most honored and the most loved, because if it were not for him, Jesus could never have gotten on the cross!

Again, the story says he came to die, does it not? He came to die. Then who cares how he died. If he was making a sacrifice of himself, to save the rest of mankind from what I do not know, except it might be the last of the Hebrew gods, because his children dared to live. Adam dared to express himself naturally. This story has caused the female down through the ages to appear to be a wanton, a whore who enticed poor little man. Too bad! He didn't want to go there, she made him. "I was minding my own business when she came along?" Too busy to have business to mind (LAUGHTER) until she came along.

And because they did not want to blame the female entirely, they called up a green eyed snake. A charming personality who intrigued Eve. He said, "Come on you are wasting your time, look at what is standing over there. What do you think that is?" "I don't know, my eyes haven't been opened yet." So the snake said, "Well, let's do it quickly. That's a man, he's a male, he's for you, you're for him." Eve said, "Snake do not talk that way, God will not like you. Stop enticing me to do evil." Snake said, "It's not evil; you do it, it's natural. God said for you to replenish the earth. How do you think you are going to do it if you don't do it?" But the moment they did it, they became evil, they were cast out! They disobeyed God. They ate of the tree, not of life, but of knowledge.

What other food is the food of man but that of knowledge? He is a locust for it. The truth is he ate not only of the fruit of the tree, he ate the leaves and the branches and the stems and the base, what you call the trunk. And being very hungry he ate the roots too! By his nature, knowledge was his vital food. How could a God say, "Don't do it, leave it alone? Sit around and grow fat, don't act intelligent. You are in a zoo. You're not human, you're an animal. You're one of my animals that I amuse myself with." The stinking zoo, until knowledge and intelligence came to the earth.

My friends, perhaps I am reaching beyond where I should reach. Only you can know that. I wish to bring light; not darkness, not hurt, not pain. There is enough of it here in your world already. If you would see people come into the astral world who lack education, lack knowledge, who have lived by their animal selves, you would weep. My friends, get rid of the fear concept and all other concepts of life will become clear to you. I must leave, my friends.

Man: Thank you very much for coming, Yada. We enjoyed it. May I ask you a question?

Yada: Yes.

Man: Where is Arikashi? Still with the Circle?

Yada: Not for a time now. He has been in India and Tibet with another group. He enters into communication in the caves and they are seeking ways and means of getting the Communists people out of Tibet without having to produce another violent quake. "Peace" cries out, but does not act out. "Freedom" he says, and the sense of freedom becomes a license to destroy.

A notchi. E grati ya.

Aud: Thank you very much, Yada.