Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite
Prof. Alfred Luntz.

Through Medium Mark Probert

June 21 1963

Introduction: This is Irene Probert speaking. It is Friday, June 21, 1963. We are in the home of Alfred and Anita Ganschow, at 157 Sheperd Street, Kenmore, N.Y. holding a deep trance lecture by Mark Probert and the members of his Inner Circle.

Yada: Sena et Sineha. Ena Yada di Shi'ite.

Group: Good evening, Yada.

Yada: A notchi. A notchi. Setaqua (speaks in his language)

Irene: Yada, you tell them in English. Yada is telling all you people he is grateful for you coming here this evening to talk with him and you came quite a distance and he had the good fortune to have Alfred and Anita as his friends for a long, long time and Yada said she is very dear to his heart, very close friends.

Yada: (his language) Au-kee.

Anita: Yada, we are the honored ones. We are very, very honored.

Yada: English, huh? Always better to speak the language of the land. My honorable friends, we of the Circle are most grateful to come here into this home. We are being honored to be so invited.

Anita: Yada, these are my most faithful friends. Most of them come to the taped lectures, so without them I am nothing either. (Yada speaks a little in his language again).

Irene: Yada says without the friends he wouldn't amount to much either. His teachings wouldn't be of much use if people didn't hear them.

Yada: Au kee! No ears to hear, no use to talk. Man is talking animal, but he must also be a listening animal - that is very difficult. Much more easy to talk. Sometimes we get impatient listening to another talk, so we don't hear what they say. We are only waiting to say something ourselves.

My friends, for almost 18 years now, measured by your way of measuring times, I have been using this man's body to communicate with the physical world. So you at least imagine I have had the honor of speaking with hundreds and hundreds of people in that time. Many people get the idea that we come to encourage them into our way of thinking. Converts.

No, we come to convert, the individual to himself, to his own way of life. We try to do this by causing people only one thing to do - think. Think. The human being is a thinking animal. This is what makes him superior to all else.

Coming into the physical world, we immediately pull down the curtain behind us so that we will have no memory of the land from which we have come, so that we will be able to work here, in this here-ness and now-ness of our consciousness. But man, when he suddenly became aware - suddenly, meaning several millions of years...

Comment: That's a long suddenly!

Yada: But it came to an end, didn't it? No matter how long long is, it soon is ended. How soon? What is soon?

Comment: That's a moot question.

Yada: It is. It is. But in all these millions of years, he became aware that he was different than all the rest of creation. There was not another of equal - much less higher - intelligence, and this frightened him. He felt alone, he felt cut off.

So, to save his ity from his fear, this very deep dread of this loneliness, in all the vast universe there was no other one like himself that he could go to for assistance, for help. To save himself sanity, he created an image first in his mind and then he made it with his hands. He called this "God".

But for a long period of time, he was not satisfied with one god; he needed many. In case one failed him, the other wouldn't. Insanity, born out of fear.

Man is, by his nature, again, he is a gregarious animal. You see, I use the word many times, animal. Pretty soon I come to something better than animal, but the physical structure is an animal body. And until that being within, which in your modern times is referred to as the "Christness" - until this becomes awake, he is an animal and the most dangerous animal in all existence. There is none more dangerous, none more vicious.

Does not sound very romantic, does it! Especially for those of us who believe in a god somewhere out there in space. Surely a great divine being like this would not create such a vicious animal? No, of course not. Because he didn't.

He didn't, but IT DID. This God that man talks about, including the Christian God, is not a male, he, but IT - the CREATIVE POWERS, the CREATIVE CENTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS, out of which all has come. It does not think like man thinks. It is not concerned with us as individuals. In order to get IT concerned, we have to, the individual, has to become concerned.

Until we work this concern up to an intelligent level, this creative force has no awareness of us whatsoever. None. It cares nothing about bodies. It is always spawning bodies, bodies are nothing.

Go to the sea - vast numbers of bodies of all kinds, all types, being spawned incessantly. It is going on, going on so rapidly that even if one of these species, if their creations - what you call in English - their number in multiplication, in birth - just one species alone, if they all survived for one year, your ocean would be filled to the top. Just one species.

Go also to the insect life and you see it again, spawning in vast abundance. Go to the animal world, same thing. And man, no less, is a spawner, and just as prolific. You will see how prolific. If the rate of spawning with man continues as it has been in these last years. Your earth will become so over populated, there will be no more room. People would be climbing over one another. It would be like a great ant's nest just to get a little air! Climbing over one another.

So you see my friends, this IT, this CREATIVE FORCE, this CREATIVE MIND cares nothing about bodies. So we have to care, the lower consciousness has to be educated to care.

One time a man said to me, there have been millions of people on the earth who have gone to the astral world. And as man has been on the earth, creating civilizations and destroying them for up-ward of one billion years, he said, if this is so then there must be no room in the astral world.

But, you see, the astral world is not a spatial place. It is a nospace place, so you cannot take up room. Room is for here the 3 dimensional world. In the next step beyond here, the word room, the word space, the word time has no meaning. Time belongs to your world.

Now I live in a formless condition. I do not live in the astral world. I have moved around in it. I have had many experiences in it, even before I lost my physical structure.

I came to this man, Mark, so he could do a picture of me - not out of vanity - I have worn that label in the past, vanity. But I wore it out; I saw through it; I saw the trick of it. So what use was it anymore? When you see the trick of something; then you do not care for it anymore. It bores you. Big yawn. When you get to know all about a person (yawning). So let us keep some secrets about ourselves from one another. A secret is always enticing. Very attractive. Something mysterious about yourself.

I came to this man to do a picture and made him very frightened and he wanted to run. He almost did. But we got him back, a little difficult, but we got him back. We had him get a hold of his consciousness. When you get a hold of our consciousness, we stop being afraid. It is fear that makes us run, fear of what we call the unknown. But in truth, there in nothing unknown. But there are some things we are not always in a hurry to learn about and not many people are in a hurry to learn about spooks, huh?

Now, I had him come quietly back and I said to him, do not be afraid. I cannot hurt you. I cannot harm you. I cannot. Because why? Because I come to you in love.

Anita with painting of Yada.This is the picture Yada has been talking about.

Yada: You see? Could easily feel vain there, huh? We look at ourselves in the mirror and we say, oh very nice! All of us feel, at one time or another, that we are looking very nice. But you see, it is a thought, it is an idea and that is what we are. So why not make a good idea of ourselves, an interesting and intelligent idea. This is what makes the mask look pretty. Is not the skin, is not the face, the mask itself? It's the intelligence that shines out from the mask, intelligence that is basically love. LOVE. How can one have fear and love? Cannot. Love is an instant destroyer of fear.

But what I want to say, I had a little time convincing him that we were not scary spooks, but nice spooks. Very difficult to make this sense of difference in the mind of one who is frightened, nice spook, bad spook - all the same to me - I run.

Soon we got him quieted down and I say to him. Now you put your hand out here where I stand. Make a pass with your hand and you will see that I am not in space; I do not occupy your space. And so he did this and his hands went right past where I was standing and it looked to him like it was going through me. But it was not going through me because I wasn't there. It was an image that I impressed upon his brain cells - in the cells that make what is called the eyes see. Now, the eyes do not see. The brain sees and the mind sees through the brain, a physical world. That's why it is called physical. Is not physical.

When I am communicating through this man, how do I do it? By exciting cells that he does not use, and that's quite a few. Quite a few, because the human brain has not evolved to the point where the mental self can operate many brain cells. So it uses only a few cc's of the brain matter in all its lifetime. Very few. Does not need the others yet. Now some of these not yet used cells become developed in one who becomes what is called a sensitive or a psychic.

Then some more are worked upon and developed for use with one who receives what is called illumination. Psychism, by itself, is not very helpful; not very useful. There is very little intelligence in it. It produces only excitation regarding physical phenomena.

I come to you and say Ena Yada di Shi'ite... So many people knowing this man here does not know any languages but the King's English - and he says he does not know that very well. But people, not knowing, think this is very exciting and they get caught up in the phenomena of trance and what is called - listen carefully please an alleged spirit communicating through a body.

How mysterious! How exciting! It means nothing. Nothing. You know what is important about this? It is what is said, not who said it. Not because this man is in trance. Not because I'm supposed to be a spirit of the dead - which I am not. I did not die. I learned something in the one life I had in your physical world. I learned something of great value - something that I did not fully understand until I had the experience called the physical life. I had to have the experience so I could know, and now I know. Many people know, but they do not know they know. There is a difference.

There are people in the astral world who don't know. They have no awareness that they are out of the physical structure. As you Americans would say, they are still fighting it. Yes. Still fighting what? The illusion of the matter world. (knocking on table) This is real they say. In this state of consciousness, they still believe in solids; they still believe in sensory measurement because they do not know that all they are doing is making measurements.

The senses are making measurements of the conditions that are not the same as the measurements they are getting. The conditions themselves are not the same. What I mean by this, is this which is called solid to you, to the senses (solid) meaning it has density. But it doesn't have density.

Density is not a property of matter. It is a measurement of vibration. This table, I lean this man's body on, there is not solidness in it. It's real nature is mental, but the senses measure it as something separate from the mind.

Same thing when you go into the dream world and there you are - another world. Looks real, looks solid, is tangible. True, you do many things in the dream world that you think you cannot do in the wakeful dream. But you could if you knew the trick of it all.

MAGIC! And you are the magician. You turn your world to color, sound, light. You do it. Light is the word, a label, put upon a vibration that is, in itself, not light. Solid is a word put upon some condition which is mental, which is not solid. There is no structure to it at all - none at all.

Your modern scientists are now beginning to learn that there is no such thing as matter. The Christian Scientists knew this all the time. Yes,"there is no truth in matter", is one of their expressions. Yes? But as long as the mind says there is truth in it, there is truth in it. If you believe there is something called matter, you live by that belief;you made a law.

Anita: We have to de-hypnotize ourselves fast?

Yada: Oh, I can tell you how to de-hypnotize yourself, but not fast! Nothing happens fast, but man. He happens fast. He wants everything fast, fast, fast. Your modern advertisements on your picture box - your T.V. everything fast, fast, hurry up, run, rush! Man is in a dead heat constantly, which eventually makes him only dead.

REALITY. What is it? This man, he came to see there was nothing there - nothing taking up space, which he thought of as me, the form, Yada. Look at the picture. I posed for this, but I do not look like that. I do not look like that. Why should I go around now with a sun painted on my head?

You know, there is an expression in your world - colloquial expression, I need the sun on my head now as much as I need a hole in the head. Is very good because we all go around with holes in our heads for years and years, for lifetimes. Some people, for lifetime after lifetime, with holes in the head, the brains dripping out, no thought. There is nothing there to think with. It is all dripped away.

Because why? Because they have been conditioned this way by those who came before him who also had holes in their heads. Conditioned. Man is constantly subject to hypnotic treatment, even when somebody else is not giving it to us, we are giving it to ourselves.

Fear is the greatest hypnotic force in all existence. It entrances us. It throws us into hysterical fixation. We cannot move. It is the one thing that we who are seeking the light, must get rid of first, before we can do much more. FEAR.

And we can do this by sitting alone and thinking, going back in our minds to the earliest part of our childhood that we can think about. You see, this is called becoming our own psychiatrist. It not only saves you money, which you enjoy doing, but it also saves you time and it saves you taking on the fears of the psychiatrist.

Be your own psychiatrist. But you have to have courage, courage about what you are going to see. Now if you are afraid too much, you will not want to see the truth of your own nature. Things will come to you, out of what you call the unconscious self, or if you like it better, the sub-conscious self. Some of these things that will come up to you, oh, if you are emotional, you are lost.

You will jump up and start screaming, oh I wouldn't do that! I didn't do that! I wouldn't do a thing like that! But you did. So we have to learn to face ourselves for what we are. For what we are. Basically, what we are, are creative beings. But we cannot realize the full nature of this creative self until we get rid of the fear - the fear that keeps us down.

So meditate a little bit on your past. Watch the scenery pass you by. Watch your life go by. See what happened to you. Face it. Know this is what it was and forget it. Forget it.

Most of we humans, and all of us at one time or another, are pulled down with guilt and shame feelings about one thing and another. This guilt and shame keeps us frombeing free in our actions, in our doings. It give to us a sense of not being worthy, which is called a sense of inferiority, oh, this person is better than I am.


Now, because that low ass self, the emotional self, that uncontrolled, blind, insane, emotional self, has drug us down, pulled us down, tore us apart, hit us on the head, under the chin, in the face, because it did all of that, does not mean we have to stay that way. It does not mean that we need to take that any longer. We take it only so long as we think we must and no longer.

Children are sometimes taught, by one or the other parent, to think negative thoughts about the other one. Now because children have a sense of loyalty, it makes them very unhappy that they must believe negative thoughts about one or the other of their parents and they get sick.

They get sick, first - emotionally sick, and then physically sick, organically ill. Now time goes, as we think it does but it doesn't. You know time doesn't go; you go. Not a very happy thought. But that is the way it is so let us laugh about it. Let us go with what is, not make up fancy stories because what is doesn't please us.

The child grows up, looks like he or she is all right. They look it, but as you I am certain all of you are aware, that looks do not tell the full story. In fact it tells very little. Looks are very tricky. You have to have another sense about a person, a feeling, because the eyes lie, very often lie.

Every one of the senses tell us stories, most of them false stories. This person looks all right. Then comes suddenly a feeling of violence in this person and they start killing. Then the people in their community say I do not understand it. This person was a very nice person. Everybody loved him. This is most bad thing. How did it ever come about! This person must have been suddenly seized by the Christian Devil!

And there is no devil, no worse devil than the Christian Devil. Like there is no hotter hell than the Christian hell. But a devil, an imp of darkness. See how quickly we can think up excuses. An imp of darkness.

The imp of darkness was the blindness and the stupidity of the parents; that was the imp. The indifference to truth. The neglect to want to know. That and those are the imps and the devils that possess us.

So now this man goes to the courts and the judge sits there looking at him. The judge man is also shocked: never have I had such a criminal come before me in my career on the bench as judge.

Does he say, how did you get here, sir? How is it that I am up here and you are down there? What paths did you take? What path did your guardians, helpers, teachers, parents, priests, clergymen, where did they drive you to, that you are in this mess? How did you arrive at that state of insanity that gave you the right to kill, gave you the sense of rightness to take another life? What path did you take? Who murdered your spirit? Who turned your soul into blackness of fear? Who drove you to insanity? Who took away from you your human dignity?

Now I have said many times that no one can hurt me but me, and this is true; it very true. But there is more to that expression than sounds to the ears, much more. How did this me-self get hurt? How did it arrive at the state of insanity that permitted it to suddenly kill?

You know my friends, all the universe is possible only because everything that is created is created from the Law of Balance. Everything is in a perfect state of balance. This is insanity. Insanity is when things fall out of balance because out of balance creates a condition called chaos.

I let myself into that condition. I led myself to the parents who would treat me so. They were my outlet for experiences of that nature which would lead me to those experiences of violence.

Let us go to the story of the man called Judas Escariot. I think most of you here know of this very fine man. According to modern times, and I suppose in past times, this man was supposed to be a very evil person. There was no person on earth so evil as the man who was the cause of death coming to a god incarnate. What an evil person!

So most, who do not think, who only see the surface of actions, wish this man in eternal hell and damnation. But to those of you who think, listen.

Let us suppose this man had not been baited to bring about the murder of one called Jesus, the Christ. He could not have fulfilled his destiny. The man needed Judas Escariot to make him great; a martyr in the eyes of the people. This man, therefore, if the story be true, if the crucifixion story be true, this man, Judas Escariot, is the one who should have statues made for him - not Jesus. Jesus did not need statues made for him, no great master, what is a master. One who has found his gods; one who has returned unto himself - himself being the Light; one who has become consciously aware of his own divinity, mastery and god.

Did he have to be murdered to acquire this state of understanding? Does a great mind, a mind who fully understands, who has received illumination, who knows, and knows he knows what existence is, can you imagine that one like this would make himself a martyr in the sight of the rabble, the unlettered, the uneducated, the foolish, the blind, the ass.

No my friends, of course we know better than that. The story of the crucifixion is an initiation, one that everyone of you here must at some time go through. Now, not necessarily put upon the cross because what does that mean?

The symbol of the cross, that all humankind, every individual must bear; the world, the matter world. I suffer the cross of the matter world, the world of illusion, that I may overcome this illusion and rise into my Christ Consciousness.

That is why masters come. They come to those who are ready, not to the blind, not to the rabble. They come to those who are ready for their initiation - their initiation through realization, coming into conscious knowing, full awareness; full awareness of Tat, Tat, Sat, Tat Sat Ohm. I am that; that I am. I am the reality.

What a marvelous thing to reach for. All the struggle, all the pain of my being is as nothing. Let me suffer it that I may attain, for that is all I have come for.

Yada: I listen to you.

Anita: Yada, all of them individually would have a question to ask you which is dear to their hearts, and where to begin, I don't know. All of them would have something to ask you.

Yada: I am most patient. I listen, and you speak to me just as you would speak to one another. Whatever your thoughts, I will try. Try. This is all a human can do - in or out of bodies, try to express my thoughts about what you say.

Anita: Yada, this is one from Orchard Park. Her husband is very hard of hearing and she has been wondering how it was brought about and how she can help him. But she can speak for herself.

Yada: Yes, please do.

Lady: Yes. Yada, is there any way I can help him with this condition that seems to have come on quite quickly?

Yada: You say quite quickly. How quick is that? What do you mean?

Lady: Well he had no awareness, it didn't seem to come from poor health or sickness that brought it on. He knows of no childhood illness it may have come from. There doesn't seem to be anything he can do for it.

Yada: How long?

Lady: About 4 years.

Yada: Is your honorable husband here?

Lady: No.

Yada: Lady every ailment has its origin in the psyche, in the mind. However, this also means that if it is left to run on, it becomes an active physical difficulty. Now, looking into your husband's past, I see a growing wish not to hear certain things. These things are not pleasing to him. So, little by little, in that time, in that relatively short time, he created a weakness to the hearing nerves. There is a condition - pressure on the ear drum. Now this has been created there by nerves - nerve pressures. Has your honorable husband been to see a doctor?

Lady: Yes.

Yada: They find nothing wrong?

Lady: They said it was a nerve condition but there is nothing they can do. A hearing aid will not help.

Yada: There is nothing wrong with the ear drum but there is a mental condition with the ear drum; there is a shutting off. You have the picture boxes (T.V.) it irritates you so you go and quick turn it off. It is easy for us, for the human being as a receiving set, to do. But if the sounds become offensive enough, which means that we have to face these sounds we do not like, pretty soon we automatically shut off our hearing.

And lady, I do not like to say this. It is not going to be a happy thought, but I think it will perhaps prepare you for what is to come. And that is, your husband is likely to lose his hearing entirely, and yet, nothing is particularly wrong with the hearing apparatus.

And it is my humble opinion, my friend, that your husband is, and has been, for several years under a very heavy strain that he has been concealing from you. We humans, we are delicate receiving and sending boxes, very delicate. One can become offended by seeing certain things, by being forced, put in a position of having to see something that offends the eyes.

Suddenly this person can go totally blind and the doctor-man looks in the eyes, studies the nerves of the eye, examines all the nerves of the head, but can find nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong with the hook-up. Everything is in place. The energy is flowing all right, but there is something called short- circuiting.

And this is an attitude which that person has acquired which brings pressure. The psyche, the mental self brings pressure upon the visual nerves and prevents that person from seeing. Now this is very strange, yet this person sees everything they look at. They see it, but they do not register the seeing. The conscious self loses the ability to say, I see. It does not understand this term anymore.

Think of that, where, if we understand these things, the hearing, we become deaf; the eyes become blind. And yet the person sees everything, hears everything, but they are not registering. The conscious self does not.

Proof of this. Take this person and hypnotize him, this person who is totally blind. Hypnotize him and he will see, and tell you what he sees. He will hear and tell you what he hears.

Look my friends, what we do to ourselves and to others. Think of that. In your world there is much written to the woman, by your medical world and your psychiatric world. It says to the married woman, please do not get your husband in a stir. Do not cause to bring him agitation when it is not necessary. There is no real necessity for this. You will lose him. You will kill him with a heart attack, or a stroke, paralysis.

It is said in your world that the female lives longer than the male by 5 - 7 years. It has been wrongly taught that the woman is vain. The man is not only vain, but he has personality traits that make him an easy target for destruction.

If you love your husband you will act this way to him, all of the time. It you want to keep him alive, you must be careful not to attack his ego.

(You are speaking to all of us?)

Yada: Of course. Everybody. I do not think I need to tell the woman how to tame a savage male. They are the greatest animal tamers in the world, especially the animal in man, they are good at taming. To use your wiles, to use your feelings of understanding for this wild animal, you can make him housebroke - and he will love you for it. Love you for it as you have never been loved before.

But if you attack his vanity, his ego, you will have nothing but a wild man on your hands all the time and will wish he were dead. It is said how animal-like and strong is the male, how sexually he is a beast. How he is always ready but he has to fight the fears and shames of the female. Ha, ha! Pardon me for making sounds like laughing.

A living, an alive female is a healthy female and she is always ready as he is, wherever he is, if she loves him. For the female is not very easily excited, but when her male is understanding and gives her the feeling that he will give her love, then she is ready for him sexually any time. For the woman exchanges sex for love. To her, there is just as much potency as there is in the male, but she uses it differently. By differently, I mean she uses it mainly to get love, which is her nature. The nature of the female is love.

Most of the cold or frigid females have been made that way either by their parents or by their husbands who are thoughtless, who refuse to give love with their sex. These are selfish people, selfish males. Think my friends what a wonderful and romantic life married life could be if male and female understood one another's needs, their wants, their necessities.

You see, I went far afield in answering your question.

(But it helped a good many of us, Yada)

Yada: Yes, these things are of utmost importance.There is nothing, my friends, that will make a male, who may be a very kind and understanding person, there is nothing that will turn him just the opposite, than a misunderstanding wife or female. She doesn't even have to be married to him to have an understanding. Indeed, if man and woman do not get an understanding of one another before, they are never going to get one. They are never going to get it.

It is true that most males are always ready, but they are not truly. This is a mistake, not all of them, by any means. It depends upon their psychological make up; how they have been treated as little babies with regards to sex. They can be just as easily ruined, as can the female, by bad treatment, bad understanding by their parents or whoever it was who raised them.

Think of the necessity for understanding one another in all our natures. Be calm when it is necessary to be calm; be angry when it is necessary to be angry, and be passionate all the time, passionate with life. What a glory! Everywhere color, sound, beauty. Everywhere. There is not the smallest point in space that is lacking in beauty. But I have to be prepared to see it, and how can I?

To be free from anxieties, so that I can see clearly. To be free of shame, so that I can speak truthfully. Most necessary to become a whole human. Human-ness is not something we get because we have a bare skin. No, human-ness is what we gain, we earn, by acting that way. We cannot act that way unless we can think that way.

To be free, no anxieties, no fears, no shames. I did what I did and I love it. I am glad. I am happy of it because that is the only way I could have acted at that time. Now I know better, I will do better. It is the way you learn and it frees your mind of guilt.

You know, in the teaching of the Kahunas, the Berbers of North Africa, and the people of India and China, all these people go through rituals. And today you think fire-walking, for instance, is a great phenomena and you go to see it and be awed by it. How is it he walked with bare feet on the fire and not burn? Oh magic! Oh, he doesn't really do this. He rubs his feet with magic powder and therefore he doesn't get burned.

This is foolishness. What makes that one capable of walking in fire without being burned, is freedom from guilt feelings. It is that simple. I walk on fire, free from guilt, which permits my body to exude a substance called ectoplasm, which not only coats and acts as an insulator to the soles of my feet, but to my whole body, an ectoplasm that surrounds the body.

It oozes from the body and becomes an insulator - not only to cold, to heat, but to every other physical thing I want to insulate it against. There are beings who can sit in icy winds and wrap themselves in wet blankets and make those blankets and themselves as warm as can be.

Q: Creative thinking?

Yada: Creative thinking with no sense of guilt. If we have guilt and shame feelings we are licked; we are stopped right there. Our guilts will not let us. I am not worthy, I must wait until Jesus comes and saves me.

If I am not worthy, how can he save me? You know the story in the Holy Book of the man Jesus crucified between two thieves and one of these thieves turned to him and said, Oh great master, I am afraid to die. What will happen to me? And Jesus said, fear not, for I say to you this day you shall be with me in heaven.

Do you think he meant that? He didn't even say that. He said, fear not, for I say unto you this day, meaning this is what I am saying to you today, you will be, eventually, when you have earned it, you will be in your paradise, which is understanding. Understanding is paradise and we cannot get it as long as we are burdened with fear.

Someone else wish to speak?

Lady: Yada, you can tell me what I am doing wrong?   I have a condition in the office with one certain woman.

Yada: She jealous?

Lady: Yes.

Yada: How long has this sickness been going on?

Lady: About 5 years.

Yada: Oh, very serious, huh? It is chronic now. Lady, try to take this woman to the side and talk with her. Tell her, explain to her that you do not have anything that she doesn't have, but perhaps only that, she doesn't know what she has and therefore can't use it.

(She may become violent) Laughter.

Yada: No, but you get her confidence. Get her where it is quiet and explain to her you have nothing against her; you would love to have her as a friend. What can I do for you so that you will not be afraid of me? What are you afraid of me for? What is it that you think I have, that you think you do not have? Or what is it that you think you do have that perhaps you think I do not have? You tell me.

Win her confidence. Giver her a feeling of love. Do not let her suspect in the least that you resent her. Do not do that. Do not do that. When we get suspicious of someone else, it is mostly because we are suspicious about ourselves. We are suspicious about our own motives.

Lady, what do you think now? Please you understand, I have no criticism of you, but I want to know what criticism you have of yourself. Do you have any criticism of yourself?

Lady: I feel maybe I am at fault in some way, but I don't know how.

Yada: Now that is a good start, a wonderful start. Perhaps, we say to ourselves; it is me. This is an open door for that person. Have you been to her and said, what is wrong?

Lady: No I haven't, because I'm afraid to do that.

Yada: Oh no, do not be afraid because this is one thing she fears, she fears more than anything. She inwardly feels that you are afraid of her. You are not really afraid of her. Has she said something outwardly? Has she spoken out or acted out to make you feel she is somehow not in favor of you?

Lady: Yes.

Yada: Then you speak to her and say, I am in favor of you. I have nothing at all negative for you. Will you talk to me? Let us talk.

Same thing with man and wife. They get afraid of one another. Isn't that strange? Think of that. They get afraid of one another's motives. The husband suspicious his wife may be looking at another man. He becomes afraid. He feels he cannot trust her although she may not be looking at another man. But his own inadequacies drive him to this belief.

Now, suppose she is looking at another man. Then he must know there is something lacking in him, that she is putting her eyes somewhere else. Realizing this, he will try to know - an intelligent husband will try to know from his wife, what is lacking in him, where did he go wrong - where did he make his mistake? He will try to find out from her, but not if he does not want to hear that he does have weaknesses.

The perfect man can never be made to see how imperfect he is. He has to come to this by himself. Then if she insists on putting the eye on some other man, an intelligent husband will say, go, there is the door, it is wide open. Go where your heart is. Go where your consciousness is. Take your body with you for it is no good to me, just a body. If your mental self is with some other man, what do I want with your body? I have a corpse on my hands. Is it not so? I have a dead person on my hands, for life is where the consciousness is, where we are consciously.

So, go wife, and be a wife to your consciousness. Go with it. Or the husband, wife should say, husband your mind is not with me anymore so all I have of you is a dead body. Take it somewhere else please. I cannot stir you anymore.

A man and woman married years and years and it is expected by your social system that they should be just as passionate for one another after 50 years as they were the day they were married. This is impossible! This just does not happen my friends. They may be something else though, something much more real and enduring. It is called love, which is called understanding.

A companion for eternity. I have had people say to me, Yada, what of soul mates? I say, what do you mean? And they say, one you can go through eternity with. How many of us can stand a person for even one month, much less eternity. Soul mates - forever and ever? That's hell!

Let us not be held to one another. Let us touch one another with the light, delicate and free fingers of love. Free. Not hold like this. No hold.

Q: Even with two antagonistic females?

Yada: This still can exist. I have known antagonistic females and antagonistic males but there is this that I think we must consider more. Some people can work themselves into a state of antagonism to one that they love very deeply, but this is the way they show their love..

Q: Even people at work I spoke of?

Yada: Yes, this does not have to be male and female that I am talking about. Any two people, white and black, male and female, green or yellow. Many green, green with envy. The green people are very difficult to integrate with. Yes, antagonistic? It is only because of lack of understanding. That is all.

Q: They talk that they know of....

Yada: Of course. And when you do this with sincerity, you will find a very good friend. And she will find one also. I know sometimes there are some people you do not have to be very long associated with before you find yourself bristling like the cat. Yes, there are people, and because why? Mostly because in the past, a past life experience has been carried over in memory. Not as a former life, but there is a memory pattern there that you and this person had very painful experiences together in a past time. Perhaps you murdered one another. But perhaps they murdered you.

But you see, it is not often that two people have antagonistic feeling to one another, both, without something in the past having made the image of it in their minds. They brought it over again in memory patterns. They do not know they had an experience with that person in a past life, but that out of the creative self, called sometimes the unconscious self, leaks down into the conscious self and does not tell what the trouble is, but causes chemical and nerve reactions to others. Chemistry response. Very little is known about it today, but by pure chemistry response between two people, you have either a great love or a great hate.

Comment: And even talking can't do anything about it?

Yada: No. When you cannot balance it out, bring a correction, you learn to live with it. You learn to live with it. It is like a pain. Now sometimes when we first get a pain, we have great impatience with it. We want to get over it. But it just doesn't seem to get away from us. Then we learn to have patience with it. We learn to live with it. And in learning to live with it, the mind moves away from it, so that it is at least tolerable where before it was unbearable and we can live for years and years with pain.

Comment: You mean bless it and let it go?

Yada: Yes, try to put it from your mind. Now there are pains created by certain ailments that the mind cannot tolerate, cannot let go of. They live in pure agony. This means their consciousness is constantly centered on the pain. Constantly centered on the pain. They have no other thought after a time. Their mind is lost, is overwhelmed with pain.

Now for these people, if there is any way out, I suggest they take it with no fear of consequences in the after life. Suicide, oh... if there are no guilt feelings with it, you are free. This is what bothers a man who takes his life, is his guilt feelings over what he has done. If you can free your mind from guilt feelings, which is best please? To go on in agony where you can be of no use, no service to anyone and certainly not to yourself, or to free the mind from this constant centering on agony?

Comment: You have been conditioned to think differently.

Yada: Of course, but when your mind is swamped in agony, your conditioning otherwise vanishes. The mind can tolerate only so much before unbalance comes. More than this, for one to go on for years in agony, is to mark the mind so deeply, that when they pass, they are still in agony. They are lost in it. They are in a hypnotic state in the astral world. They are screaming in the astral world as they screamed here.

They are like one who is on fire. Then, astral beings have to come and help them. They have to first obliterate their consciousness or put them to sleep and keep them in that sleep until they dream away every memory of having lived on earth, so that when they wake up they will wake up fresh and free from agony for there will be no memory patterns. They all will have been washed out.

Think, my friends, what a wonderful understanding mind, what an all-comprehensive consciousness this creative self is. It knows. It leaves no one of its creations to suffer eternal agony, or perhaps it does the Christian, but no one else.

You see, Christian man has been taught to believe this great God-self, this great consciousness, would let any part of itself suffer eternal damnation. Oh no! This kind of thinking belongs to the ass self; was created by the ass self who became priest of religion.

There is only one religion worthy of your time. It is the religion of Light, Life, the study of the Light, out of which we have all come. Give reverence to the Light. (speaks in his language)

Anita: Please tell us the meaning of what you said, Yada.

Yada: In the name of the Light - I Ka - the lower consciousness - the psyche self - I, the created, extend my love to the Creation or the creative self. I born of matter; I, the illusionary; I, the dream will awake to my Christ-ness or Light. I know this and I know I know it. And therefore it is no great thing for me to be love and kindness to all.

Anita: We have a lot to learn, Yada.

Yada: Yes, but worthy of your time, worthy of every little effort.

(Side II)

Yada: Born in love which is the Light. Born meaning carried - Born in the Light! Not projected, but carried. For I, the Light, am not projected into the darkness and have the darkness remain darkness. How can that be?

We are not born - using the word projected - into the matter world. We have always been. There was never a split moment when I was not, because had there been, there would never be another split moment when I would be. You cannot take something from nothing. So we have always been, always, meaning some periods of time, somewhat larger than the world tries to convey.

You would say forever and a day. So today is longer than forever. Yes, I have always been. I say it in another way - Tat Tat Sat. Tat sat ohm. I am that. You see, no beginning, no end. But we suffer the illusion of going and coming, so as long as we suffer this illusion, the illusion becomes reality.

Q: Who hypnotized us?

Yada: We did it ourselves. No one else had to do it. So because of our fear, we quickly hypnotize ourselves - oh, it isn't so, it isn't so. It is something that I do not want to think about. I didn't do it. You did it! Ha Ha, you did it, ha ha!

Comment: Well undo it.

Yada: Undo it. This is the job. It is a do-it-yourself job. You see, with myself now, I have become Americanized working in an American country. I love very much and appreciate the American talking, the slang, the colloquial expressions. Many of them are right to the point; right there. Have deeper and more comprehensive meaning than if it was put in perfect English.

Colloquial expression. Right now I am getting bugged. There are little invisible beings in your world, that when they see a work going on which they do not want to go on, they do all kinds of little things, these little things try to drive me out of Mark's body. They put little psychic straws in his nose. Oh you know how that tickles! Not satisfied there, get the ears.

So I do certain things mentally to them and this disperses them. Sometimes I do physical things, certain sounds, mantrums, so they vanish. They cannot stand the pressure of those particular sounds. You know, sound is magic if you know how to use it, to direct it.

Look what happens when a man knows music, collecting various instruments. All they are are sound instruments, gets these together and he aligns them in proper positions. Then he makes the signal and says, go, go in a certain way. Wonderful! The master again. The master creator. Music. This man does not like the word medium. But apart from his body, as a medium for my speaking through, there are many people who are mediums for various creative abilities - the master in music, in writing, creating.

He listens, listens to the vibrations of the universe. He has come over again to the illusion of the matter world with memory patterns of music. In order to suit this one, being a medium for music, you would either have to destroy his brain, or kill him outright.

We are all mediums for one thing or another. We are all geniuses in our own way. Knowing this, we should feel deep appreciation for the creative mind. For what I have, no matter how small we think it is, we should not think it small, whatever our abilities, we should give blessings to the creative light, appreciation to the creative forces of life.


Q: I am at a crossroads right now. Any suggestions how to avoid the mistakes of the past?

Yada: First I will say this, which ......... ......... but you will do if you make an effort and that is forget the past. Erase it. Do not let it enter your mind, and if you do, look at it coldly. Don't give it any passion. Don't put any life in it by emotionally reacting to it. Oh I mad a big mistake in the past. I was such a person as to do things nobody else would do. But everyone does the same thing.

I have had people say, Yada, I cannot tell you about myself, I am so ashamed. I say, stop right there because that is what I did too. Because the art of living is the art of forgetting. Forget it. You do not live yesterday. You live right now. You are starting right now. Everytime we make a change of any kind, we are starting right now.

Rebirth is not always something we do by getting back in a skin body. Rebirth is a change of mind. You Americans use the expression brain wash. Now all of us need from time to time, to wash our brain - washing them free of guilt, uncertainty, anxiety about tomorrow. Forget it.

Let us suppose in an instant you are dead. I am almost certain you will forget it, unless of course you do not want to. Then you will carry it over with you and make agony for yourself as long as you enjoy that sort of thing. There is a certain amount of masochisitic pleasure out of torturing ourselves. About what I did. What I did? It matters what I am doing. This is where I live.

You know the man called Hitler? He was like many others. Go back in the past, you have the man called Ghenges Khan, Alexander the Great, many others in between like this that were like this man. The man called Napoleon, or to anyone else who doesn't agree with you.

Isn't that strange? If you don't agree with me, you are a tyrant. You are oppressing me. You will not let me do what I want to do. You do not think as I do; you do not believe as I do. It is like the man, Professor Alfred Luntz, my very wonderful colleague.

Anita: We love him.

Yada: He believed, with all that was in his heart and mind to believe, that when he left the physical world, he would be with his God in Heaven. But you know, my friends, there is belief and then there is law. Most of the belief is what we do emotionally. From the emotional self, I believe. It is not enough. We have to know. To many, belief does not make what we believe a fact.Find the law. Work in the law and you can't fail. IT IS TRYING TO WORK OUTSIDE THE LAW THAT WE SUFFER.

Lady, practice loving yourself. Practice appreciation. Appreciate yourself. What a wonderful being you are. Oh, you have not the beginning of an idea of what a wonderful being you are. Let us take you physically only and go to your mirror. Don't be afraid to go to the mirror.

Most people, female and the male, go to the mirror to primp. Now they do not see themselves. They do not. That's why they are never satisfied. No matter how much primping, they are never happy with it.    ..........go around trying to get other people to tell them how good looking they are. But they still don't believe it. Why? Because they have not looked at themself, only the surface; only the shadow of the doll. Now look again. Get close. Look into the eyes of you. Be careful. You may get frightened at what you see. But stay with it. Remember you are a spook in the skin.

Now you want to look behind the skin; behind the bones, behind the muscles; behind all of this. And you can do it. Look steady into your eyes; you will see, pretty soon, a divine being.

Let us take just the physical eye. What an instrument that has ever been invented by the physical hand that is so great. You are looking out here, you know what is going on, electrical currents moving around. These create the pictures which are not pictures. Think of that! Pictures which are not pictures. How wonderful! (Oh E'Da, etc. his language) The greatest of the great. You are looking at the Creator. Don't cheat him by denying yourself. The wonder of you.

You see that? That hand? It is an extension of the mind, an extension of the awareness. I do this (gesture) think what it takes. A thought, a thought, with it, a feeling that sets the whole nervous system into instantaneous action, moving muscles, tendons. Electrical cones flowing through the nerves with no thought that says, I am going to do that with my fingers. I just do it, for that is a motion in mind. How wonderful! The creator at work. Marvelous! Skin over a body with no seams! What a tailor! God is the tailor.

You know the Bible says he was a surgeon too. Yes, he cut Adam open and took out a rib, and he said, I name you woman and put it down and it walked away. Yes! God is able and when you know the meaning, the real meaning of that word, you are struck with awe. No more can I be afraid. Now I know.

Yada: I listen, Lady, to what you say.

Anita: Yada, you are aware of our chat last night. Mark's condition. Are you satisfied with the arrangements I have made?

Yada: Yes, very much. I am deeply appreciative that you do that.

Anita: You will be with us then?

Yada: Yes, I will, I will. You want to say something to me. The F. how are you please?

F: Well, to paraphrase you, I feel nothing.

Yada: Oh wonderful! That is when we feel the best. Someone says I feel good, does not mean anything. When we feel, we are hurting; if good, you don't feel anything. It is because you are lacking these pressures that you feel good. When you put aside the body, if you have not too deeply impressed the mind with your suffering while in the physical world, you will have a sense of freedom which I cannot put into words. Heaven? Yes, the heaven of freedom from pressures of the physical world. Oh, you rise on your toes and you will do a cosmic dance. Yes, of this I can assure you.

Yada: There is a man here, perhaps, Sir, you would like to say something?

Man: Well, I have a little cold in my eye and it is always watering.

Yada: The doctor does nothing about it?

Man: No, he can't do anything. He opened a channel.

Yada: You have a tear duct that is plugged so that it is swollen open. Does he not know that?

Man: Yes, he opened the tear duct but it keeps on tearing all the time.

Yada: But he didn't close it?

Man: No he didn't.

Yada: But it is still running anyway?

Man: Yes.

Yada: Under other conditions, there would be things I would do for you myself, but I wish for you to do something for this condition yourself. Using cold pack, from time to time, for perhaps 10 minutes. Cold Pack. It should bring you relief for that in a day or so. So use the cold pack against the eye and then if you have no change, you let me know again before I go away with this man, and I will do some work myself. All right?

You know, my friends, the more we can do for ourselves, the greater we feel inside of ourselves. It gives us a greater sense of security in our own ability. This is why, if someone comes to you and they are sick, do not be in too great a hurry to make them well, but try to let them make themselves well, then they will also be more secure, but if you heal it, they may get it back again. You see, they may be punishing themselves for something they may not even be conscious of. Strange, what the mind does to you and say heal me.

First say, let me know how did you get that way? Perhaps it is a fear that was within you. What is the fear? What are you anxious about? When you lose that fear, you lose the ailment. It is known by the Ancients, and it is known today that almost all individuals troubles are psychosomatic, or mentally, emotionally brought on.

We do not like to admit this. Oh, me do this to myself? You foolish? What's the matter with you? This man has diabetes. People say to him, why do you not get your teachers to make you well, like magic? I say to them, I didn't make him sick. He created his sickness. His attitudes to his experiences acted upon his glandular system to the point of trying to destroy the body. This is mental suicide.

You see people take knife, cutting throat; jump from mountain, down on head. Doesn't do the head any good; drown themselves; take poison, all of this. They think they are going to get away with it. They are not; have to come here and do it all over again. Oh, not that again! Not please!

Yes, yes. I am sorry. Because no God made you sick, no devil got you that way. You got yourself that way, so you have to untangle it. It is your business. You go to the doctor and he says, here are some pills. Or, if he want to be more impressive, he shoots a needle in you.

This he says, will get you well, and you take the suggestion and get well. It is powerful suggestion that needle, isn't it. Then it passes off, the suggestion passes off and you get the sickness again and you think, oh that doctor man is a real witch! So you go to another doctor. This time, this doctor fix your bones, he pushes you, he hits you on the head and pretty soon you come up straight and say, I feel wonderful!

And pretty soon you feel yourself falling apart again. So you say, oh that bone pusher didn't do it. He is not so good. I go the man who puts on hands - the faith healer. No pushing the bones, no stabbing the needle in. How fortunate.

So you go to this man, he gives you this, etc., he makes passes, he makes chanting words. I have done it, so I know. I am also a witch doctor, witch anyway! Ha ha. And I have seen people right now all better, but I know a secret they didn't know. You know what that is? That if they have guilt feelings, they have frustrated me, they have destroyed my efforts. They denied my efforts. Their guilt feelings have refused to take what I have willingly given.

Think what we do. This person says, now I have had needle in, the bone twisted and now you and I have had the medicines. But I am still sick. I dare you to cure me. This is what is going on in their mind. Let me see you do it! Because I am not going to let you. I am punishing myself, I am a martyr. I am known by another name. It is called hypochondriac. Now, perhaps this person who is a hypochondriac is sick, and of course they are, the worst kind of sickness. Guilt.

There was one time, one like this, but he died. And before he was to die, he left this epitaph that was to be put on his tombstone. It was very simple - I told you I was sick. Yes, he told right - very sick. Sick with guilt and shame, anxiety for tomorrow.

Oh, I do not live tomorrow. I do not live yesterday. I live in this eternal now. Eternal. It is for laughter. It is for getting from the bed with joy. It is a bowing down to the sun that gave us light and life. Even though the sun is not visible; even though the skies are crying, the sun is there, and taking car of our physical selves all the time.

Lady, you will go from here with much more peace of mind. You will not have to fight your past. You will feel the joy of every day, of now. You will. For, not because I have done anything, but because you will see the Light. You have seen the Light of what is true - Law. And you will work in it. Your body may come to ache badly, hurt, suffer. But when you know the truth, your mind will be free. You will either go along, stay in your body, bear with it, or you will take your own life, if not directly, then indirectly.

I have had people say to me, Yada, all this meat eating is against God. Then I say to them what is against you? That is what is important. God is not worried. You may eat a whole cow and God will not care one little bit, not one little bit, if you can get a cow down. But you will care. Oh, yes, you will care, but that's not important - not the meat eating.

Think of all the other things we do that insults the body. A man says, oh, I do not eat meat, not me, but while he is saying that, he has a cigarette hanging from his mouth, puff, puff. He wouldn't eat meat, is bad to eat meat, God wouldn't like it. I wouldn't insult my body this way, puff, puff, puff, poisoning the blood stream, making sick the brain cells, because this tobacco tar goes in the blood to the brain cells. This same blood passes through the brain cells, that is loaded with tobacco tar, deadly poison. It makes the brain sag.

You have to start practicing all kinds of yoga practice to be able to stay alive and when I say alive, I mean well, it poisons the respiratory tract. It gets into the nails and makes them like tissue paper. Because why? Because it destroys the calcium in the body. Don't eat meat. Ha, ha! Oh is all right, I am not complaining. Do you like it? That's the question. It is you who is doing it, not me. Should I stop, you say. I don't say. It is you who must say.

Yada, why do you not make Mark stop smoking? Why should I make him? I didn't make him smoke. He made his own body, the same as you, with his thoughts, with these ideas. He took his father's and mother's chemistry and he mixed them together and he made himself. Pretty soon, come into this world, a baby. Is it a new soul? Perhaps. What is a new soul? A new soul is one with no memory of having been here before. So you see, most of us are new souls.

This baby will come into the world with a beautiful body.

Anita: Are you speaking of Doris' baby?

Yada: Yes.

.....Oh, thank you, Yada.

Yada: Healthy wonderful entity coming from the world of beauty, coming from the angelic world. An angel being born, angel is one of pure thought; no guilt. Then he gets poisoned when he gets here, poisoned with fear, anxiety.

Now lady, I have never been a father. I came into the world. I was taken from my mother right after the weaning period and taken into the temple to become a priest fo the temple, in my language KATA, meaning priest, meaning God-man.

But I say to you lady, raise your child without fear. Do not let fear enter that one's mind as long as it is young. But as it starts to getting older, teach it that people coming here into the world can become fearful because of wrong ideas being taught to them. So you see what fear is doing to other people.

Now if you see this clearly, you'll see also the foolishness of being frightened. Say to your child, I give you love - and get it. Let it feel your truth so that it will know the meaning of love. Here I am. Here is where my consciousness is now, in a form. That form needs touch, needs demonstrative love so that the child will know what is meant by the word.

A mother gives the child life with her touch. She gives it the kind of life that is it is not born with. It is the essence of love, appreciation. Love your body child. Honor it. Respect it. Give it only in love to another. Child, the curse of humankind is giving themselves for their own personal gratification. It permits them to have association with anyone, anyone, just for gratification of the moment.

Soon this gratification seems to be satisfied. There is a lull and we think we are free, oh, I won't have to do that again! No? Here it comes again. Do it again, again, until we are exhausted. Are we satisfied? No. Never satisfied; only momentarily gratified. But, if we give ourselves in love, give our bodies in love to those we love, we will be satisfied and each return of the desire will be like the first. Health. It will bring health to the body.

To give ourselves just for lust, just for the moment, is to bring ill health to the body. That is the importance of the marriage; that is the holiness of marriage - not something the priest or clergy say in front of two people who are trying to become one. There is no holiness in that unless you have love. Then it does not matter what they say to you. They can stand there and say Boo- Boo-Boo and you will say yes, because in your heart Boo-Boo-Boo will mean I cherish you beyond all words and all life, I'll cherish you. Words.

I listen to you.

Q: What can be done about my grandson's skin? He has excema. They have been to a specialist and are trying ointments and trying to control the food. They are certain...

Yada: This man, Mark, when he becomes agitated about something, it eats the sugar in his body rapidly and causes the insulin balance to become high and he goes into shock, just by agitation. Nobody did anything to him. Nobody touched him physically. Agitation, perhaps sadness. He often suffers from sadness. He has an outlook on the world that sometimes overwhelms him.

But what I am trying to find out is only the actions of the emotions upon the nervous system and upon the body in general. Now I think that occasionally, if he will do it, washing the face in warm epsom salts water. Has he tried this yet?

Comment: He is just a young child - one and a half years.

Yada: Then you do it. Now it may be supposed that one so young, how could they have some difficulties, anxieties, worries. Oh, they are more likely to have them than adults! Very sensitive. Now there is some trouble in the home. Some trouble. It started before the child was born. You tell me if I'm wrong, I really don't know. I do not ask you to say something here about it one way or another. I made the statement but I did not mean to invite you to make a confession here, no.

Aud: This could be before my daughter's marriage.

Yada: Anxieties in her own self can be reflected in the child.

Aud: My daughter had excema until she was out of school and working, it became less and less.

Yada: I say to you lady, in all sincerity, that your daughter acquired some form of anxiety, some form of guilt she has acquired and has made her own skin bad and has reflected this again upon her child. Now what to do about it. It is nice to know what is, but better to know what to do about it. Occasional bathing of the face with epsom salts water, not too cold, but not hot either.

Lady: How strong?

Yada: You know basin, this big, put in 1/2 cup epsom salt and pat the face and leave it to dry on the face. This will pull out all underskin irritation. It will quiet the nerve ganglia of the surface of the skin.

(Coughing) This is the man, but that is him. Do it. You want to kill yourself. Here, is this what you want to do, yes, give it to you. For only by freedom can we find ourselves. As we suffer pains, our minds are crowded down. Get out of the body if this is what you want to do. If you are so afraid you cannot face life and go on with what you came here to do, I'll be most glad to help you out. Why not. Tens of billions of human beings going, coming from the world.

Anita: Does this apply to hands too? Doris has a little trouble.

Yada: Yes, put a little epsom salt on the hands let it dry. Now when you do this, feel in yourself, all of this passing. You feel it for your grandson. You picture it; you feel it passing from him. Do not say anything to him that may frighten him.

However, so any of you sitting here object to spanking your child when you know it is necessary? God made bottoms for that purpose, besides putting them in the air. You know the bottoms up? You know? I bow down this way and while doing this my pockets are wide open and the priests can pick them nicely. I am worried about the God of my spirit and the priest is worried about the God of Mannah. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. Is so. Kethra (Yada talks to his teacher) You will pardon me, I am going to withdraw for a little while please, and if you are still interested, I will come back, or my colleague, Professor Alfred Luntz.

Anita: Some time ago, I asked about a problem of a certain person. Have you been visiting that person and how is that person getting along with this problem?

Yada: Not too much improvement. I regret to make this report, but again, regret or not, this is what is. Now instead of feeling upset or badly about this, say in your consciousness, bless them. When they are ready, they will receive that which is theirs.

Anita: I go along with that and we will be waiting for you or Professor.

Yada: I thank you. I say E grati ya. You see, I say E grati ya, meaning I thank your spirit, Ya is spirit. I thank your spirit. Without it, I could not be - a notchi.

Prof: How do you do!  I am Professor Alfred Luntz.

Group: How do you do, Professor.

Prof: The best!

Anita: Oh, and thank you so much for coming tonight!

Prof: It is my joy. It is rather difficult for me to come in after my beloved colleague Yada has been here because he leaves me little or nothing to say. Laughter.

Irene: Your very presence does a lot.

Prof: Well thank you, my dear.

Anita: Doris has a question for you.

Prof: Yes, my dear.

Doris: Well this concerns my father. He had a very serious cold and it left him with a bloodshot eye and it did not open completely. And then he has a very strong pain in the back of his shoulder which runs up the side of his neck. He has been to doctors and they say it is a nerve condition of some kind.

Prof: I am inclined to accept that, but did they tell him what to do about it?

Doris: No. He has to go to a neurologist, but he hasn't been there yet.

Prof: There is a possibility, as I see it, that there is some kind of clot in the back of the neck and it is small, but nevertheless I see it there. If this can be discovered, and I do not know if it can be by xray or not; but if so, and if is is removed, I ...... ...... which may require some operation on the nerves, there, I am certain his eye will clear up and the pain will go away. It is often that a blood clot in the back of the neck causes headaches.

Anita: He had a bad fall as well.

Doris: Yes, that was a year back.

Prof: Would you suggest to the doctor that he look for a blood clot back there? Your father, from what I see of him, has a wonderful constitution, so I feel that anything that can be done will be so much the better for him. But he has a strong constitution. Is he up in years?

Doris: He is sixty.

Prof: That is young still, isn't it.

Irene: Yes Sir, that's my age! Well, I'm so young.

Prof: Of course. A mere lass.

Irene: Yes. But you know, when we went on our last trip to San Franciso and had a lecture in Laguna we stopped at an inn overnight? The manager had a similar condition. They operated on the back of his neck for something, not for a blood clot.

Prof: Yes and they discovered a clot.

Irene: They were amazed that this clot was there. The man is well and was painting the side of his huge inn when we were there. And the terrible pain and the headache he told me about.

Prof: The body suffers more blood clotting that is generally known to the lay individual and there are not too many doctors who are aware of this. Sometimes pains in the arms and legs may be due to momentary clotting and then the pain goes away because the clot dissolves and gets through. But sometimes it is more dangerous, when the pain stops because the clot may get through and not dissolve sufficiently and then reach one of the heart valves and cause a heart attack.

We are constantly beating our bodies up without being aware of it. Age is not so much a thing of years, but rather a state of mind. And this state of mind so affects the nervous system that we can be very young or very old at an early age.

Irene: Like data processing, huh?

Prof: Yes, I think so. Well, I want to extend my blessings to the new being coming into your life, my dear, and I want to extend it to both of you, our love and appreciation for your interest in the inner teachings of life, wherever you can find them. Keep awake and keep aware and they will come to you. These various Laws of Life will come to you, without trying to track them down. We will attract them by our attitudes and our feelings to life.

Horace: Could you tell us whether it will be a boy or a girl?

Prof: Well I think you should have something to be surprised about, but my colleague, Yada, believes it will be a boy. But only two guesses, eh? But I am also inclined to believe it will be a boy. I do not like to make such predictions because the human being is very perverse. When you say something about one, they will do just the opposite. It is possible, to predict almost anything, the actions of almost anything but man, a very uncertain being.

And if it is a boy, that will be nice for you, Sir. It will carry on your name and preserve the family line.And if it is a girl, bless her because she will be the instrument of carrying your line anyway, even though not your name, but your life forces, your chemistry, your genes and chromosomes that are strictly yours. And this is what we like to know, that we are being carried on with in the physical world.

Many people believe the only continuity in life is in their children. But heavens, that is putting a great responsibility on our children, to carry on for us. We can't do that. We do the carrying on and we can only hope it will be for the best - and it always is. Always is.

We have many struggles and many lifetimes. I lived in Turkey in one of my lifetimes and I was paralyzed from the waist down. I was completely poverty stricken. I was a beggar to live.

Anita: When was this Professor?

Prof: You know, I don't like to speak of the time too much, but it was early in the 16th century. And things were a fright at that time, everywhere in the world. Poverty was widespread and even those who were wealthy were poor in comparison to the poor man today.

Q: Did you live in a city, Professor?

Prof: Yes, I lived just outside Ankara, in a little village, dirty, animalistic, foul, oh foul! The memory of it gets me emotional.

Irene: I see you in something similar to a stocking cap on your head and a dirty red sweater.

Prof: Well, I wore a fez.

Irene: This crystal you were feeling - that the microphones are mounted on - the crystal that came from Germany, Anita's lovely things.

Prof: Beautiful.My mind wasn't on it, or I would have known that.

Anita: It is very heavy too, Professor.

Prof: Well that is a beautiful thing, eh. How old is it my dear?

Anita: Quite old.

Irene: Because Professor came from Germany, I sort of....

Prof: Well you know, I didn't really. My father was German. He was a barrister. I spent some time there.

Anita: Where did you live?

Prof: In Hannover.

Irene: Barrister, a pretty word.

Prof: Yes, a law man.

Q: Did you move to England?

Prof: I left my father and went back to my mother. They were separated.

Q: Your mother was in England when you went to Hannover?

Prof: They were both wonderful people, but they simply were mis-matched, like most of we humans are.

Anita: That happens quite often.

Prof: Well, I was very fortunate. I married with a great deal of love for my wife and I know that she had a great deal of love for me. And we had two very lovely children, two girls. When I passed, they were standing there by my bed, in tears and in great anguish. It was all I could do to keep from crying myself.

There I was on the bed - dead. Who could understand my death, understand better than me? Then again, my wife and daughters, they thought they were losing a husband and father who have been very devoted to them through the years. I had promised them that when they died, they would go to heaven, so they knew that was where I went. Isn't that sad? They were certain I was in heaven. Then again, what were they crying about if they knew I was with God? They were crying over their physical loss of me.

Comment: Yada has said that this is all right, about individuals who weep when a loved one leaves. And he said this is all right as long as you don't carry it on into the mourning stage. One who has any love for another is going to naturally be upset momentarily, due to the lack of expression, we are so emotional.

Prof: Of course, my dear. And this is natural and such grieving is to be expected. But we must try to control ourselves after a time and to console ourselves after a time. Otherwise, we bring a great deal of discomfort to the one who has passed.

You see, I couldn't get through, to let my family know I was all right; that I hadn't been hurt, that while I didn't get to heaven, I didn't get to hell either - and that was a consolation in itself. It took me quite a time to get over my feelings about the grief my family was showing. Otherwise, I felt wonderfully well.

I was 81 years of age when I dropped over here and I felt wonderful! I could have danced on my coffin, but there's not much dignity in that, is there? But there was a very dear friend and colleague of mine giving me a wonderful send-off. The eulogy was remarkable. What he said about me, had it been true, I would have been given wings the moment I got there, to say nothing of the halo. Yes.

But it was amusing to listen to him. He was doing his best. Then when he came over here, was he disturbed. Was his face red! Have you ever seen a red-faced ghost? It takes blood to get that!

Anita: With two horns.

Prof: Yes. I enjoyed the freedom, but I was at a loss as to what happened to me. I later learned that I was kind of hung up between two worlds. Now I was not aware of anyone in the astral world. In fact, the astral world didn't seem to be there at all. I was only aware of the physical world.

Astral world? None of my relatives came rushing to greet me and none of my parishioners. And had they - well heaven help me! I think they would have punched me in the nose. Then I met a chap who came to me and said, now Alfred, just relax. You are all right. You didn't get to the heaven that you thought you would, but you did a good job of trying and you enjoyed yourself while you were doing it, didn't you?

Oh, yes I did. Well, what more do you want? What more? Well I don't know. So he said, come with me and I will show you and you will get a great deal more than you could have possibly gotten had St. Peter let you in the gate. He took me all over the world and gave me a way of watching my fellowman - what he was doing - what he was thinking.

Of course, this is kind of eavesdropping, but I learned some remarkable things. But it took me time. Some of the things I saw my fellowman doing were simply beyond my ken. So shocking! So horrifying! I would say to myself, surely the Lord Jesus Christ didn't come and shed his blood for this!

Well, if He did come and did shed His blood, He shed it for this. But I was happy to learn of another story concerning that man, Jesus Christ. It freed me from my anxieties. I also learned that in due course I would have to return to the physical world. Rebirth? Reincarnation? Nonsense. Then I was told, Alfred, if there is a Law, you will follow it, no matter what you think about it. I think I will, I am almost certain I will.

Anita: Won't we all?

Prof: Oh yes, not because I say so, but there is a law. You know, everyone talks about reincarnating to this life and into another life, but hardly anyone talks of the life in between, calling the life of the spirit, the spirit world. Now the spirit world is what I call the meat between the two slices of bread.

What about the spirit life? It is a wonderful life. In the lower astral world, by that I mean simply the world right next to this one, it is pretty much the same as the physical world. You can eat and drink and be merry, or be sad.You can suffer pain if you wish to suffer pain. You can have any relationship with your fellowman that you had while in the physical body. You would be surprised at the number of people who are interested in sex after death. Some would not believe it, oh it doesn't exist. Oh, doesn't it.

If you have a head, you have a body to put it on. A head is for a very given purpose. If you have a body, you have extensions of the body called the arms and legs. These are for a purpose. If you have these, you have all the organs to function in that you functioned here in the physical world.

Anita: Mrs. Beleader's daughter came in.

Prof: Good evening.

Anita: Norma is a nurse.

Prof: It is my pleasure. Then, as a nurse, one who is educated in the nature of the physical bodies, I am certain she will be interested in what I am saying. What I was talking about, my dear, is called sex after death. Now to some people, this is shocking. In fact, the word sex is shocking. But whether things shock us or not, if they exist, they exist. And all over. Crying against them will not change them. Will not make them go away.

There is not only sex in the after life, but it is going on between the planes. Many people are attacked by beings from the astral world. Some of your medical doctors and your psychiatrists will say, this is a nerve condition and perhaps it is slightly schizophrenic. That is interesting and we may call it, the mechanism of it, but it is through the nervous system that these astral beings work.

Now if these beings can make themselves solid enough to shake hands with you and for you to kiss them if you are so inclined, and you will feel lips just as they had before, you may not even be able to see them, but you can feel them.

Doesn't it remind you of the story by H.G.Wells, The Invisible Man? Have you heard of that story? It is closely related to astral-world life. Astral-world life is simply a different vibration from the physical world. Yet, let me say to you that it is a world of energy. Energy is everything and is everywhere and telepathic communication is done by nerve energy, emotional energy. To send a message in telepathy, you have to be in a high state of emotion. You can't sit down and say hello there, I am calling. You don't do that. But to receive you have to be relaxed.

Your mind may be on something apart from the individual who is sending the message to you. The mind must be relaxed to receive telepathic communication. But to send, you have to build to an emotional pitch. One in anger can send a telepathic message much quicker than in his normal state - in anger - one is excited about something.

Q: Gives it a bigger thrust?

Prof: Oh, indeed. Anger, however, is dangerous, not only physically, but it is spiritually or mentally dangerous because the vibrations we send out in anger are infra-red. And they can cause the atmosphere surrounding us to look much as water where someone has bled into the water; and it attracts the sharks, the astral sharks who eat your energies by absorbing them. In this way, they cause you a nervous breakdown that may lead to mental and emotional deterioration. These vultures, these sharks of the astral, very few of them are of the human kind. They are elementals. They look somewhat like, well I don't think I will say because I don't want to put ideas into your mind. You'll sleep better without that. We have a way of mocking up good ones of our own.

But you see how we should strive to keep ourselves peaceful as much as is possible? We can lead ourselves into all kinds of attacks from the astral world, not only sexual attack, but attack upon the nervous system. Many persons are in mental hospitals because they are being attacked and the doctors do not know it, are not aware of it. And they give them shock treatment, hoping to bring them back to normal. They never were normal, so the doctors do not know what it is, as long as they look like everyone else - normal - which is indeed a deep form of insecurity.

The whole human race suffers from insanity because most of us are living in our emotional selves. Would one of you care to say something to me? Oh, come now, you do have something to say. I know it.

Anita: Professor, there are two ladies who would like to say something, but don't know how. I leave it up to you and them.

Prof: Are they afraid? Oh, I don't think that. I think they have difficulty in framing their thoughts, But if you desire, go right ahead, eh. Oh, that is an excellent yawn. Laughter. That means you are struggling for more oxygen in the blood, not that you are bored. That's a nice way to get out of it. Isn't it?

Comment: I like to listen.

Prof: It is my pleasure. You have something to say, either one of you? Thank you that is an art in itself.

Comment: All through the lecture they have told me they have been helped already.

Prof: Well I deeply appreciate that. If we can only reach one another, just a little, how fortunate we all are. We need one another, we need the assistance by mind. We need the minds of others on us, with beneficial healing thoughts. Norma, perhaps you would like to say something?

Norma: I was thinking of schizophrenia and people who are in these conditions, don't come out of them.

Prof: No, no. You see, shock treatment, if one gets too many of them, and who knows how many are too many. It is like alcohol, one individual can take a few drinks and become an alcoholic and another can drink all day and not become alcoholic.

Alcoholism is a sickness, a sickness of the nerves, nervous system. One who drinks to excess is not drinking alcohol. They are drinking their anxieties, frustrations, fears, and I think, if the psychiatrist could reach one of these people with perhaps analytical work - bit of that. Dig down to find out what that one's troubles are, he would soon discover it was not alcohol. And so it is with one who suffers schizophrenia or some form of it. Is something wrong?

Irene: The lecture has been going on for three hours.

Prof: I will be taking off in just a short time. Schizophrenia, in some cases it reaches a point of mental deterioration, complete collapse. Shock treatment may be good, may last hopefully for a year of two years, then it wears off. The shock treatment doesn't wear off the individual's sense of awareness...