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Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite


Yada: I am going to speak this evening on healing. It seems to people in your world who have made a study of what is called para-psychology, psychic phenomena, that many know how to do this, how to heal another, but almost none know how they do it. What is the modus operandi, I think is the expression.

I do not think I need to go into any complex explanation because of what I have just previously said regarding the physical body and where the cause of an ailment starts. We can see that a healer, while he may not know exactly what he is doing, the little that he does know puts him in a kind of action that produces results. It is like you here with the electricity in the bulbs and tubes. You know how to do this, but you do not know what electricity is. Same thing. We do not have to know what something is to make it usable. All we have to learn is confidence in ourselves, what you Christians sometimes call faith, faith in one's self. It you cannot do something, there is only one way you can learn. And that is by experimenting with it.

R: That is right.

Yada: Yes. Now we can use the hands for healing by working in the aura of that person. You do not have to touch their physical structure. What you do here is, you are using your own psychic energies, body energies, and you are projecting them from your physical hands, from the auric formation of your hands into the etheric body of the sick patient, producing a change in the chemistry of the ailing part of the body and bringing it back to normal.

Now in prayer, you do not need the person even present. You can meditate upon that person and heal him by going directly into a kind of telepathic extension of your desires, and take control of that person's mind and stimulate him through his consciousness though he may not be aware at all that you are doing anything, or that you even exist. It is a kind of telepathic projection.

When we are sick we feel that we cannot do anything for ourselves, so another consciousness has to do that; one that has not such beliefs, such negative beliefs as this, has to take control of us. Now, sometimes this control is done on what is called the lowest level of the unconscious self. Understand?

R: Yes.

Yada: And there is very much direct communication wherein the sick person will suddenly say or think, I feel much better. Now he had no such thought before. He was all negative. His energies were all down. He had no conscious belief that he could heal himself, or that it was possible for him to get better. In fact, he had been told by his medical man that he could not get well, so he had his negative self down, as it were. Now he could do nothing for himself, so another consciousness of a more positive kind, a healthy consciousness could get in there and take control and start the process of healing without that one knowing that he had been worked upon by another consciousness.

R: Isn't that what they call the law of assumption?

Yada: Yes.

R: But it can also be used negatively.

Yada: Of course! Many people are under the very false concept that one has to be dead, that the physical body has to be dead, before they can take control of another person living in the physical body. This is so false.

We humans are constantly in communication, constantly in some degree of contact, or mental rapport with others, and distance has nothing whatsoever to do with it because distance is simply an assumption of the conditioned mind - that is all.

R: It seems then, Yada, that the main thing that stops us from doing this healing is the fact that we do not truly have confidence.

Yada: That is so.

R: We try, and we plan to do healing, but we have a little doubt that we are able to do it, and that little doubt stops us from throwing it into the subconscious mind, and we do not get results.

Yada: This is so. When healing yourself, you have to break through this barrier of disbelief. And it is not simply a disbelief. It is not quite as simple as that expression may cause it to appear. It is a conditioned, a hypnotic conditioned state that we have to break through before the prayer, in the use of prayer, can stimulate our consciousness so as to move it out of the morass of the condition it has been given, what you, today, call the brain-washing, it has been given. Very difficult to do.

Every ailment has its origin in the emotional self. Every ailment is produced by lack of understanding our own being, by the belief that we are not loved and appreciated, which then creates a deep sense of frustration, which then produces guilt, shame, unworthiness, and then, somewhere along this path of negativeness various glands are being affected because all of these negative conditions belong to the emotional self, and when these conditions come to us, when they become set in us, they cause changes in the motion, in the flow of the energies of the body, the nerves, glands, muscles, tendons, and the blood. Anxiety creates very definite changes in the motions of the blood because it creates chemical changes there. These chemical changes then produce a variety of blood ailments including that which is called high blood-pressure.

R: And we can use that same thing to build up our psychic faculties.

Yada: Yes. Reverse it. Take it back to a positive state. Now you have heard these expressions so many times in your world. Tons and tons of writings have been done on what is called a positive state of being, but very little useful work has been done with these teachings because the reader, as well as the authors, have not given a very clear explanation of what they are trying to say. They have not gone into it in detail. They talk on negative actions for one - negative conditions. They do not go through the process and tell how this is. Certainly, if we create negative conditions in the body, if we create disease in the body with negative thoughts, we create external negative conditions which produce for us what one calls ill-luck, bad luck, misfortune, or good fortune if positively approached with a positive understanding of what we are to do.

A negative thought is a kind of brake, if I may use that expression, a brake upon motion. It slows it down. It slows down our desire to move in a more concise and positive way. It destroys our intelligence. It leaves us shrinking and lacking in the desire to move, so to that extent it produces for us bad luck, misfortune.

To be constantly creative means you are not afraid. You know in your mind there is a possibility of failure, but this does not frighten you any longer because you are thinking in a healthy mind. So you are not actually thinking of failing; only of success.

Now let us assume that with this kind of thinking, an endeavor of yours goes amiss; you do not get, or you do not hit what you are aiming at. You are prepared for this. You are prepared - how? To assert that you are responsible in some way. The mistake you made was due to lack of complete understanding of what you were after. Now, if this is so and you accept this thought, this means that you are capable of rectifying that mistake and succeeding anyway. Do I make this clear, please?

You see, my friends, there is no move that the human can make with the thought of attaining success, while he has a negative feeling toward that move; an inner feeling that he will not be successful. How can he attain success with that kind of feeling? And what causes him to think this negative way about his efforts? Fear. The basic cause of all failure is fear.

In your Bible the man Jesus said, physician, heal thyself. He was not talking to the doctor-man. He was talking to an educated man, one who understood the laws of life but who feared to put his understanding into action. So the man Jesus said, come please, like you Americans would say, wake up. Do what you know you can do. Get out of that morass of fear and heal yourself. Do your own work.

Fear always puts a brake on us, slows us down, denies us the conscious right to declare that we are the creator. We think we are only the destroyer because there are two, you know. There cannot be creation without destruction. Nothing is eternally and forever as it was in the beginning. There is constant change. The moment we make a move, the moment we are born from one plane to another, whether it is in the physical or any other plane, we take with us the ability to create and the ability to destroy. Now, if we are not careful, we can take that destructive seed in ourselves and expand upon it by fear.

(Yada withdraws and returns after an intermission.)

Yada: Now, to talk a little bit on what I was saying earlier regarding man and his constant and natural communication with his fellowman mentally, what is called telepathically. If we understood this better, I mean those in your time understood this better, that this sort of mental activity is going on constantly between all human kind. I think it would be seen very clearly that we do infect one another with our thoughts. We can make what are normally and naturally communicable diseases, incommunicable diseases, by our thoughts and our emotionally attitudes to what we are experiencing. We take diseases that do not rightly belong to us by suggestion, by the power of suggestion.

Your advertising agencies of your various drugs and other things should make this quite plain to you. That is why some of your modern ways of advertising drugs for ailments, the advertising for getting more money for investigating diseases is a dangerous practice, for you are giving ailments to people by suggestion. The activity of the advertiser gives suggestions which then create a strong tendency to a disease which then may become an organic condition. But, you see, you have not been taught in your world the true power of suggestion. If you are not taught this, you are also not taught how to avoid being affected by another's negative thoughts.

Watch a drama. Watch the audience and their emotional reactions to what is happening to the characters in the drama. It is said a good actor can sway the audience, meaning that it will follow and absorb his emotional reactions to the experience that he is supposed to be going through on the stage.

Irene: You live through it with him.

Yada: That is so. Now this happens in the drama of life all the time, all the time. Mothers and fathers infect their children with their thoughts and feelings about certain things. A child is taught that if he gets wet with the rain, it follows that he must also catch cold, get a low grade infection. Anger between parents where the child is present gives the child the idea that this is the way to respond to difficult problems that exist between the parents; soon the child is acting out these highly emotional levels of the parents. Also it breeds within them feelings of fear and insecurity and uncertainty as to the intelligence of the parents.

We send our thoughts to those we love miles, and miles, and miles from us. We send our thoughts of sickness, despair, as well as joy and happiness and peace of mind. We have direct communication going on all the time between human minds. It is like one spraying germs on the earth. We spray our thoughts at one another.

An epidemic is thought, is power. It is not in the germ per se, but in the fear that spreads among the people. In an epidemic many people die who have not suffered germ contact, but they have created a mental condition that is just as fatal. Thought does not originate in the brain but the brain takes thought, receives it, catalogs it and passes it on as nerve energy, nerve impulses, different sensations to different organs of the body. Fear or sudden fright makes a direct impact upon what is called the adrenalin glands. The adrenalin glands react by throwing given amounts of adrenalin into the blood, into the system to strengthen the heart, but sometimes, when one does not get into the proper amount of motion to use up this adrenalin, a heart attack results. Many people in things such as quakes, sudden quakes, have died without having been touched by any physical thing. Fear, and fear alone, has killed them. (At this point there was heard the sound of a distant explosion.)

Yada: Explosion!

R: I wonder where it was. There was one in Los Angeles, the night before last that broke some windows. They blamed it on a plane that was eight miles up.

Yada: This is not always true. Sometimes you get what is called percussion from the sound, or sonic activity created by the fast-moving planes, but there are others that very few people in your world of science seem to know about. Certain forms of matter get together and create what is called implosions instead of explosions. Their sudden motion in coming together creates a kind of vacuum condition for a little while, then a second motion. You understand? And then this gives away causing a big noise. Coming together like this creates a vacuum, then when it lets go, matter rushing back into the vacuum creates the sound. Do I make myself clear, please?

Irene: Yes. It is like a whirlpool. It will create a hole in water, and when it breaks, the water rushes back into the hole.

Yada: Yes. There are more noises in your sky from implosions than anything else.

R: Yada, some scientists have come up with the theory that the earth rings like a bell.

Yada: Yes, this is so.

R: They estimated from the last earthquake down in Mexico, that it takes about twenty minutes for the sound to go around the earth.

Yada: Yes, very much like a bell. Sometimes this is not heard by the ears, but it may be recorded on delicately designed machines.

R: The way they found it was by a machine.

Yada: Yes, your world is not a solid ball. It is anything but this. It is built in layers. Layer upon layer, so you have what is called earthquakes produced by slippage of these layers. You have seen the bubble made with soap, and if you observe this you will see that it is made up of two or three skins, sometimes more, slipping around each other. Same way with the earth. The earth is in constant motion; it is never still. It produces not only quakes, but a vast variety of sounds; growling sounds, exploding sounds, grinding sounds, bell-like sounds, and many others. Same way with what you call the atmosphere. The atmosphere looks like nothing to you, but it is made up of many kinds of gases containing many different properties, and sometimes these properties, when put into certain kinds of motions, these gases make tremendous noises. Let us look at what happens when there is what is called a big thunderstorm. When waves of cold and heat rush together in a violent way, you have thunder, violent thunder, an electrical storm.

Your earth is constantly being bombarded by electrical forces in one way or another. You have what is called gravity pressures that occasionally, here and there, show up in different parts of the earth (it depends on many different factors). There are what is called sudden breaks or a break-off in pressures. This causes the earth to slip, to slide, to cave in, to blow out.

R: I have noticed that any pressure in nature, or any force in nature, is built up slowly and then it discharges suddenly.

Yada: This is so.

R: This is according to the quantum theory and it follows through all material manifestation.

Yada: Yes, this sudden getting rid of pressures releases the body of the earth from very severe strains that would, if it could not be let off, crush the whole earth, crumble it. The earth is like a living organism, it suffers from stomach trouble.

Irene: It is like the individual; if he couldn't perspire or breathe through his pores, he would die because of cellular structure break-down.

Yada: So the earth also gets rid of its poison gases, gets rid of the excessive energies that create undue pressures. Yes, the earth is a living organism. So is every body in space; everything is alive, has its own kind of life and is moved by the living force that is called life. Stones have their own life. Everything that looks dead to the eye is not dead. Very much alive.

R: Yada, do you remember several years ago we talked about rocks out in the desert moving at night?

Yada: Yes.

R: It came up on the radio the other day and they came to the conclusion that the rocks were blown by the wind, although the wind did not blow hard enough to cover up the tracks the rocks made - yet they were blown by the wind.

Yada: Oh, who said this?

R: An announcer in the radio station.

Yada: This man has no imagination at all. No. Sometimes there are forces of which the lay individual is not aware that move things. Not wind, but natural forces that displace things, puts them in different places than they were in before. There is much in your world written about the strangeness of certain kinds of fish falling in certain cases. Now is the wind some kind of intelligence that makes a choice as to what kind of fish, taking only a very specific kind of fish? This is foolish?

Irene: Do you remember when we had the surge of water-hoses disappearing down into the ground, and they could not pull them back out even by attaching an automobile and pulling on them?

Yada: Sometimes these forces, and I say this to you in all sincerity, sometimes these forces are of a poltergeistic nature, playful but with no real desire, no purpose back of what they are doing except to amuse themselves. They are of a kind of child- like nature, the forces that may be called elementals.

Irene: Could this have been what happened in the case of the hoses?

Yada: Yes, and many fires in the great forest are started in this way, by these beings, fire elementals.

Now, these things are not understood in your world. Your scientists do not pay any attention, do not give any thought to these things outside of saying or thinking that this is imaginary and superstitious belief. It is all right. If people want to think this way then they will not learn anything because they think they already know the answer. Like the man speaking of the rocks being moved by the wind; like the people, many people who had not witnessed the space beings coming to your earth, imagined all kinds of foolish and highly unintelligent things regarding what these space-beings were.

Irene: Do you think the hierarchy of our government really knows that they exist and are not admitting it, Yada?

Yada: No, I do not. Some of the men in your government, of course, especially service people, head service people, they know about the phenomena of the flying people from outer space, yes, they know, but they do not know what they are.

Irene: Do you recall that when we were at San Francisco, Mr. Layne contacted Mark and wanted to know why this individual who belonged to the President Eisenhower's group that had gone down to Palm Springs, a group of them went over to Murdoc Field and what they saw made some of them sick?

Yada: Yes, but I am of the opinion that this is just a story.

Irene: Then this didn't happen at all?

Yada: I do not think so, I do not think so.

Irene: Was the flying saucer over there at the field?

Yada: Yes, and in your Washington, your capital. These things flew over and over that city many times, witnessed by the top men of your government but they still do not know what they are. They did not know their nature. Do you suppose for a moment that if they did, and the stories of some people who claim they have gone to the moon, or to other planets in these flying saucers are true, that your government would leave these people free? No. Your government would lock them up. If they were left to move around at all, they would have constant guard over them if they had any real information of use. Your scientists, your top men in physics, in chemistry, would need these people. They could not afford to let them go. Some other nation might steal them, kidnap them. But, you see, what these people say may be true; if the leaders of your government believed this, they would not be free. So there is something wrong with these stories.

Now, if these people have such contact, why do they not get top government men to go with them? Why the shyness of the space people? Why the pretentiousness, why the vague and silly promises, none of which have been kept?

Let us go to the man in prison, a man who claimed several personal contacts with these beings. Why do they not come and help him now? Why do they leave him at the mercy of your medical men or psychiatrists and other forces back of what you call law.

It is not that these people who claim to have made trips to the moon or to other planets are deliberately telling falsehoods. They may sincerely believe they have been to such places and still be in error. It is possible for beings who are so trained, to create a mental impression in the minds of such people that will cause them to sincerely believe that they have actually made such trips, even though they have not left the earth. This is not done by hypnotism, but by other methods.

Irene: I think what they picked him up for was confiscating money he took from the people, more than anything else.

Yada: That is beside the point because of what he said. If what he said was true, that these beings were going to come and help him to make a picture, and they have not come to get him out of trouble due to them. They are the cause of his trouble.

Irene: If the story is true it seems that they would use their influence to help get him out of trouble.

Yada: This is the trouble with what is called a contract made with spirit beings. Where are they when they are needed by those they claim great interest in?

How many space people have been seen in relation to the number of ships that have been seen? How many denizens of this never-never land that they are supposed to come from? According to almost all of your contactees, they are in communication with beings from planets in your solar system and some claim, outside the solar system. But I do not care where they claim they come from, where are the beings themselves. Have you asked yourself that? When someone speaks to you of flying saucers, ask them how many of these beings that operate these ships are known to anyone on earth?

Irene: Mark has asked several of them, especially when we went to Giant Rock, and comparatively few of them had seen them.

Yada: Yes, and all of these beings disappeared with the exhilaration of a ghost when they are needed, and the same way with the mediums and other people who claim contact with spirit beings. So many leave the ones they communicate with to face the foolish music of your world that does not understand the laws of communication or what they are in communication with.

Look, please, you are going to communicate with your beloved father, mother, sister, brother, friend, wife, husband, whatever. What do you do, those of you who believe in this? Walk into a seance room and take this communication the same as everything else that you have in your physical world - for granted - if you believe in it at all? You show little surprise, little amazement, interested only in what you have to do, your own problems here on earth.

What is the result? Foolish jabbering, leaving you that have been making the communication with these beings in a vacuous state as far as understanding what you have done, the nature of it. If you have made this communication, how utterly grand! Remember, you have seen your loved one's body put into the ground or burned up in the fire. Can you take this communication lightly? Can you go before these beings, if they are true ones, if there is a true medium who is capable of producing or helping this discarnate being to produce himself in physical matter so that you can make communication with him, can you possibly go before this being and talk of your trivial wants and needs here on earth?

R: You usually forget them when you get in there.

Yada: Yes, you forget, because you marvel.

R: They seem to be of little importance.

Yada: Yes, yes. My friends, what a marvel to learn that our loved ones survive, that they do not end their destiny in the ground or in the fire. Life goes on. Life is without beginning, without end. Nor birth, therefore no death. Substance, form, is born. Form is created, not life, not intelligence. Intelligence makes form, that is why everybody, and I speak now of a human body, is so complex. Only a living intelligence, a living consciousness could create this complex mechanism. If that died, if the intelligence that created your body died, meaning to perish, the earth long ago would have lost all living form. Once they were gone, there would be no more to follow. There would be no such thing as evolution without a living consciousness directing it. Chemistry, by itself, knows nothing about creating. It is intelligence that is operating in chemicals that brings them together, selectively choosing the proper formula or combination of chemicals to form a given kind of organ in the body. Marvelous! I stand in awe before it all!

R: Yet each cell in the human body has its own consciousness.

Yada: That is so, that is so.

Irene: That is why we can heal when we cut ourselves.

Yada: Yes. In the great long ago of your earth, the life forces made some chemical one-celled beings that were operated by, and were under the control of light - the sun. Now, not all of these beings were moved by a radiation that you call light, the kind of light that you visualize with the eye, or sense as heat, but lower rates of vibration of light.

In the depths of the sea it appears that no light gets there. This is true. A vibration that you see as light does not get there, but radiation does reach them, for this is the activating force of life in matter - light, light at a degree creating what you call heat. Without heat there could be no life.

Now we go to the outer regions of the poles where the temperatures are intensely cold, or lacking in heat; yet there are some kinds of plant life, crustaceans and germs that can have a degree of existence amid all that intense cold, showing that it is not absolute cold. Light is heat.

Irene: Yada, is it possible to damage the brain of a baby born by Caesarian section?

Yada: Yes, yes. If the doctor is careless in taking the baby from the mother's body this can happen. You see, in this particular state of the baby, the skull is not yet joined, has not knitted, and this can easily be done. I will talk on this at another time.

I want to go away for a little while, all right?

Irene: Yes.

Yada: Thank you for your work here this evening, for your interest in the seeking of knowledge and information of life.  I will say goodnight to you for now....