Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite

Through Medium Mark Probert

September 24 1958

Irene: We are holding a lecture for a small number of people tonight. I think that is all that I need to say. Yada is the only one of the teachers that usually places his hands in the lotus blossom position. Yada always speaks in his language first before speaking English.

Yada: Senas et Senahas ena Yada di Shi'ite.

Irene: Good evening, Yada.

Yada: A notchi.

Irene: We have a few people here tonight that haven't heard you speak before. I want to tell them that when you say Senas it means ladies; Senahas is gentlemen. So he is introducing himself. He is saying, ladies and gentlemen, I am Yada di Shi'ite. This was the language that was spoken in the Himalayan Mountains 500,000 years ago. Yada lived in that civilization in a city called Keote.

Yada: Speaks in his language. E grati ya.

Irene: He is thanking Mr. & Mr. F.P. for inviting all of us, you people and us, into their home this evening.

Yada: Speaks in length in his language again.

Irene: Yada is telling you that he has been coming to the people on earth to speak of life. Gathered from all over the earth are groups of people to study Ya, or Spirit Life of people, the Teachings of Life. Is that right, Yada?

Yada: Au kee. Speaks more in his language.

Irene: He says he knows you do not understand his language but you will understand English, so he is going to speak English now for you. (Yada turns to Irene and remarks about the machine - Cheta) Cheta is a machine any kind of machine run by force. It is the tape recorder he is referring to now.

Yada: My honorable friends, we of the Circle greatly appreciate your kindness to invite us into your home.

Irene: There are 16 members of the Circle that talk through Mark occasionally.

Yada: My friends, if you can forget, for the time being, the idea that you are communicating with a spirit of the seemingly supernatural approach, if you can forget that for a little while, I think we can talk about many interesting things.

Irene: Thank you, Yada. This is a program completely different from a so-called public program. Yada usually gives a lecture and then he asks the people to participate - to ask questions, but this is your program tonight, so ask your questions. Yada is waiting.

Yada: My friends, perhaps it would be helpful for me to talk a little while about the mechanics of communication. Also what is happening to the consciousness of one in your physical world that is departing the physical world. I think you would find some interest in that, because all that are born into the physical world are subject to change without notice. That is the nature of life. Very few are born with pre knowledge of the time when they are to be projected into the physical world and very few when they are to leave. There is an old saying that, in the midst of life we are in death.

For those who do not understand the nature of life, this may seem like a very sad, dreary thing to talk about, morbid. But for those of us who are truly wanting to know what is going on in the country beyond, where we, the travelers, are going, I think it not a morbid conversation but a very necessary one and a bright one, a happy one; an intelligent thing to do. For you, any one of you sitting here, if you are going to some other country surely you would like to know what it is like to be in that country, what to expect and all that kind of thing. I think it would be so?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Now I want to start first by saying, and I always try to do this, that I am not a spirit. I am not what is called a discarnate. I am not a spook. I am not a ghost nor an astral shell. All of these tags and labels which man understands but little. I am consciousness like yourself. Only thing is you have your skin on. I don't have skin on. There will come a time when you will not have your skin on, but if you believe that when you pass from the physical world and leave the skin off that you are going to be a spook, you will be a spook.

A spook is one who knows not, who wanders around idly looking for trouble and generally a finder of trouble. A spook is a haunter. A spook is an obsessor. You don't want to be that. You want to be a consciousness and the best way to do it is by passing from the earth consciously, knowingly. You are not afraid to come here so why be afraid to go?

Now you may say, well, I have no recollection of life before I came here so how could I be afraid? You have recollection of it all right. It lies in a part of yourself that man has come to call unconscious. I do not like the word because it does not convey any true picture of the nature of what has happened or what is regarding this so called mind. Unconscious, subconscious, conscious; man likes to cut these up into pieces. There is only one state, only one alone, and it is called the consciousness. Everything is conscious. That means everything is living but it does not necessarily mean that everything is self aware, because it isn't.

But that is the nature, part of the nature of life. For everything is seeking to become self aware. Everything is conscious, but not everything is self aware. It is seeking; everything is striving for self-awareness. Now, the greater majority of human kind comes into the world with no will or desire of their own consciously. They are pulled into it through what is called desire. Not being able to break this chain of desire, we become automatically pulled back into the world of desire.

Now this does not mean there is something evil about the world of desire or that desires are evil. It is not so, because all the physical world is born out of desire. We may say the gods of creation are gods of desire. But when we become self aware, when we get to know what, not who, but what we are, then we come back into the physical world and go out from the physical and in both cases, going and coming, we will not be caught up in our acts emotionally. This is the trick of it, not to be caught emotionally, to know what you are doing; to have true knowledge of why you are coming and why you are going.

Otherwise, you become or will be, like what is called the grasses, the plant life and everything else that has no self-awareness. Going and coming through the same window, in and out the windows. You know? So we want to come to the world consciously. What for? Why do you want to come? There is purpose, design, reason for coming and going, and for everything concerning life, purpose. But there is no purpose when man does not live consciously, when he lacks self-awareness. It sets him to wondering how he got here, what he is doing here.

Sometimes he says to himself, oh, why did I go into the physical world, I did not ask to come here. It is nothing but pain, constant pain. Better I was not born at all. But when we come to know we do not further question for we have no reason to question. We do not try to change life when we come to know. We know that everything is and is as it should be and we go with it. In our not knowing we go against life and there is the trouble, there lies the pain.

Irene: Yada, when one does become aware is it sometimes necessary to continue coming back through the biological path?

Yada: Sometimes, yes. The individual finds it a worthwhile thing to do, to come back and take that path back into the physical world so he can be of service to this fellowman and even though he may know it is not necessary to take the biological path. Even though he realizes he can manifest a body as he needs it, where he needs it, do his work and depart again without going through that. But sometimes there are beings that take that path anyway.

Lady: Could I ask a question?

Yada: Yes.

Lady: Is reincarnation a universal law and necessary for earth people?

Yada: First I want to say to you; remember that I am making words, do not put too much faith in what I say. Just because I am saying it. Remember this, no matter what I say because I say it, does not make it true. Life is yours, for your learning, for your seeking. I am acting as to a point, that you, through your desire to know truth, may agree upon it, but continue to seek in many other directions anyway. So do not take for granted what I say as being the ultimate in truth or the last word.

I say this; yes it is a universal law, that is what I say. Now it still demands for you to discover whether what I say is true or not. Nobody should become your last word in authority, nobody but you, on any subject at all. My friends, there is too much adoration of sources of authority, too much belief in it. Man has to be individual, has to learn to become his own authority. You go everywhere.

For example, you know the bees? The bees go to all different flowers gathering honey. One flower is not enough it must go to many. You are a gatherer of the honey of life. It is called "wisdom". Nobody can gather it for you, but you. Rebirth. Reincarnation. Sometimes you can look at these expressions in two different ways. Rebirth can be done mentally, one does not have to die physically to be reborn. Indeed, part of our rebirth must be done mentally, must be done mentally.

One must be reborn mentally before he can be reborn physically and you do not have to die for that. By that I mean you do not have to go through, the body does not have to go through, dissolution. Rebirth is what man is seeking for, it is the coming into the Light, Light of Wisdom. Most humankind go through endless deaths of the physical structure. As I said earlier, they go in and out the same window, not knowing, not learning very much.

Man: Here's a question. You used the expression or said, "most humankind". Two or three times previously you used it. Once in connection with most people when they come into this conscious state of life as we know it, had no desire to come into it. Would you clarify for me why you used the expression, "most people". Are you suggesting there are some, or a very few who do come to this life of their own desire, of their own volition, or who live a normal life as we know it, having had previous past lives and experiences. If there are people of this nature, why are they so limited in quantity. Why not the reverse; why not more of these people and fewer of the rest of us that possess not too much of the wisdom we are discussing?

Yada: this is almost like asking, why there is only one queen bee to a hive? Look at the masses of other bees that are workers but they are not the queens. One queen bee! Why? Man, when he created this dream called the material world, took a great need to become one with his dream or his creation. Therefore, he sought to do what is called pioneering his creation. Man lived before the physical worlds ever came into being, man's consciousness that is.

The word man is a kind of misnomer, so I will just say consciousness. Consciousness existed before the matter world. It was out of consciousness the matter world was spawned. But consciousness, in order to become one with its creation, had to center its thoughts upon it. In doing this, it created form. Man form is an idea. Now, please, my friends, when I am speaking, if you want to cut in to ask this or that, you do it please, if I am not making things clear in my talk, huh?

Man: We seem to be hung up so frequently on a question of semantics. The same word doesn't fire up the same image in everybody's conscious mind. I was wondering if we are... do we have to...

Yada: ...abide by the tools we have. Is so.

Man: I think that we are trapped in those tools - on that we can agree and keep in mind we are still limited and we haven't achieved the state of thought transference, maybe that's the next step in man's evolution?

Yada: Is so, is so.

Man: But for practical purposes, we have to agree on some sort of definition. Then we also agree to qualify definitions.

Yada: Of course.

Man: The question I had at this point was, consciousness became enamored of its image and of its creation.

Yada: Of course it did. Au kee, yes.

Man: ...form physical form, in order to make it a reality, this dream, or this man's life as we know it today.

Yada: Is so, of course. Man is a fire being. He is born out of fire, the sun. He is a being of the sun, son of the sun. You go back through history of what you call religion in the world and you find in most all religious teachings from the most ancient time that man has been looking at the sun and bowing to it or giving adoration to it in one way or another. Why is this? Is it because he is superstitious? No. It is because in that great inner self that you call the unconscious today, there is a knowing of his source and his source is the sun.

How is this? Is there something scientific we can say about it? Yes, because if it is not scientific then it is of little use. How did you get here as a matter being within a matter world? In the process of formation of, let us speak right now only of the physical, this world we live in, the earth. In the process of the building, the formation of the earth, through a period there were vast, vast quantities of dust taken into the air. The earth we may say, was totally surrounded in vast fields, bands of dust. With all this dust is forming little droplets of water.

Soon these little droplets of water are brought back, the dust is brought back to earth inside these little droplets of water.  But before they came to the earth, while they were suspended in the vastness of space surrounding the earth, they were irradiated by the sun, by that wonderful radiation called ultra violet ray. Here in these little droplets of water and little grains of sand, is called dust, is born the life force.

This is the first step. It formed a little protein living organism. Then this came down on the earth in great vast water bodies. then as the time passed the water was pulled up again and in doing this, left these minute living substances to foment, starting a fomentation process; and it is the gathering of other chemicals, constituents, building a little cell.

Man: All the time there is some sort of a higher consciousness?

Yada: Is so. There is thinking going on, you know thinking? Man today connects what you call thinking with a physical brain, but the brain doesn't do any thinking at all! The brain thinks no more than does the toe. I've never heard of a thinking toe, have you? The brain is only a cellular body the same as the toe.

Aud: Yada, who does the thinking?

Yada: Not "who", "what". (Laughs) This makes it even more difficult than when you say "who", because when we say who we are inclined to give it a personality, a kind of human composition of mental quality which you call personality. That's why the Christians especially turned his God into what you call in English anthropomorphic god, a manlike god. But no, if the brain thought, then you could aptly say, rightly say, that man is but a chemical being.

Lady: Well, Yada, who is God and what is God? Can you tell us that?

Yada: Tat, Tat, Sat; Tat Sat Ohm. To be more specific, I am that, that I am. I am the reality. A moment please. I talk to my teacher (talks in his language). You understand what I said. I am that, that I am, I am the reality? Not, I, Yada, I, Yada, does not exist, it is simply a label, a tag with no substance to it. Suppose I say then, I am God. But you see this would not be speaking the truth if I say, I am God. This way I create duality, I am and then God. You understand? I create duality. Duality takes place only in creation. I am.

Man: Excuse me, Yada.

Yada: Yes.

Man: You mentioned earlier, we should strive for awareness, total awareness. That is quite a bit more all inclusive then duality. Total awareness, unless I'm misinformed, takes into consideration not only duality of individuality, but total awareness of all past life, present life, and some rhyme or reason of future life.

Yada: Mr.... Sinaha, is no, is no. You are making too much to be laboring with, if you will pardon me for saying so, too much to labor with. You get over the dream that you have been dreaming, you have only "I am" awareness, not I am so and so, or I have been so and so. All that is but dream. It means nothing. You come back to the simple existence, I am.

Lady: Yada, how can we wake up from this dream and realize that we are dreaming?

Yada: Is so, is so.

Lady: We have to wake up to the awareness that we are dreaming.

Yada: Is so. Not only do we have to wake up to the fact we are dreaming but we have to come to the realization that we are the dreamer and not the dream. We are the dreamer.

Man: Well, what is reality, if there is any possibility of reality of any sort or kind?

Yada: I am reality.

Man: You are also the dream?

Yada: I create the dream, yes, and I come to believe the dream more and more till I lose awareness that I am the dreamer. Here lies man's troubles. He becomes so hypnotized, caught up in the hypnotic belief that he is the dream, that he forgets completely that he is the dreamer.

Man: Isn't that something similar to what happens when a man is attracted to a woman. He loses his head, he marries her, they have children. If that didn't happen there wouldn't be any procreation.

Yada: Laughs. Man, when we are lost we avoid liking to play the part of the dream without any knowledge, we have no knowledge of what we are doing. We act mechanically along with all the other mechanical like creatures.

Zombies we call them at times. Not with despisement we say this, because this is simply a label like one would say, this is a table in your language, and in my language I would say, this is a me eta. Me eta - flat. You are not making the table or me eta feel badly. You are not trying to hurt someone, we are simply stating a fact. Until we come to know what we are truly, we are zombies walking and knowing not we walk, moving and knowing not we are moving, creating, knowing not we are creating, we are caught up in the dream and lost.

Lady: May I ask, how long does it take us to grow out of this dream, or do we stay in it.

Yada: This is an individual concern, an individual experience. It may appear to you sitting here, that you are all having the same experience, but it is not the same experience to each one of you. To each one of you listening to and entering into the discussion it is different. Is it not so?

Man: Yes.

Irene: From our past experience we accept it accordingly.

Yada: Accordingly, that is so. And it affects each one of us in different degrees of our emotions. Can you help it? No. As we are seeking to know life better and move through our dream, we begin to realize that there is no hurry to learn because there is no time. We live in our experiences, in our acts. There is our reality. That's reality - what I am doing at this moment. And the more of my consciousness I have in what I am doing, the more acute my sense of awareness is about it, the greater the reality of it. I ask you, I do not tell you, I ask you, is this not reasonable?

Man: Yes, very good.

Aud: Yada, before we came into this dream world, before we created this three dimensional world, we had a perfect state of existence. Is that right?

Yada: It is so.

Aud: We came from a perfect state of existence and then we came into this dream world and got lost in it. Why did we experiment with the three-dimensional vibration when we were told not to. We were disobedient by doing that and is this material existence now a punishment for disobedience?

Yada: No. If you should assume this, you can see the tremendous ramification that you would be obsessed with. First, would be the feelings of guilt. This would be the first thing you would be faced with, a sense of guilt. In order to feel the need for punishment one must feel guilty about something. Is it not so?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: And this is the very thing that man should be seeking to get through with, get over, come out of this feeling of guilt and shame. He has nothing to be ashamed of, or feel guilty about. He is by right a creator and he creates after his own image and likeness. He cannot do otherwise. Now man, let us say, man consciousness for use at the moment, being a creator, if he is truly a creator, he must create after his own image and likeness. It is all he can do. It is no use to warn him. Who is going to warn him? Only beings of a higher state of consciousness. Then we must assume that these beings are - well we must defy them.

In our talk to this man (Mark) in our dictating of the book, The Magic Bag, there is a story of creation and it is said that Overlords of the High Etheric told those of the Low Etheric, please do not create this three-dimensional vibration, because if you do, from then on will be coming great suffering. Now you can see, I think, that this is a story told in a kind of fable form. You understand? It is symbolic because there is nothing over mind, over consciousness. Now in some of the occult teachings there is a state that is supposed to be the Ohm Mind. Sometimes it is referred to as Buddhi. You know Buddhi?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Yet who knows what mind is? Why go over it, why go above it? Because man is dealing with words, some words do not sound pleasing enough to him, so he's got to get something more pleasing and in doing this, he becomes more mysterious in the things he tries to figure out, more complex. Let us try to stay with the word mind. There is nothing more than this. This is the eternal nature of being. Now mind is not because mind is just a word and this word is but a symbol so that man can express his thoughts while in the physical world and therefore learn about this or that, or the other, to some degree anyway. Because in the last analysis he will find he is going to have to stop talking, stop reading, stop looking, and go within.

Lady: Yada, are you in the highest state of consciousness or do you still have to attain more, higher consciousness?

Yada: Lady, when you ask about consciousness it is very difficult to answer, because if I say, yes, I am in a higher state of consciousness, or I have nothing more to learn, look at the predicament I would be in, heh? And if I say no, look at the predicament that would be! (Laughs)

You have a story in your world, I have told it several times, you know I am a big ear! I listen to all kinds of things. The story is about a lawyer man who asked the defendant this question, are you still beating up your wife? Now what was that man going to say without getting in trouble? Laughter. I am in this trouble when you put this question to me. Suppose I slip out of it, please, and I do not answer it, heh? You will forgive me please.

Man: Surely.

Yada: Grati ya.

Aud: Is mind and life one and the same? In other words, is existence, mind and life all one, or is there formation or ideas in mind. Is that something separate or is that part of it?

Yada: Let us talk of the nature of what is called life. The composite nature of life is action, is action. Now life does not care what you do. And I want to say this also about the word you call God. God as man thinks he knows him, of course, cares what you do because he is a man god. But god as man does not know him, does not care what his creation does.

Man: Then why is there so much attention paid to Him if He doesn't care what man does - doesn't care where he goes?

Yada: He demands no attention on Him. This is something...

Man: It took billions of years to achieve, etc. and even if it is full of faults, etc. and unsatisfactory in many respects...

Yada: My friend, it is not full of faults. It has no sweating and blood. This is but a part of the assuming, the illusion that man suffers about his creation. That is why he has created a god to blame it on. You see, man created God, God didn't create man. Man created God and put all kinds of words, thoughts and ideas in his head.

Man: If he doesn't care, or somebody doesn't care, what are we talking about, a man god, or a God God?

Lady: What is that, a God God?

Man: Source of creation.

Lady: What is the source of creation?

Man: Let's call it the sun, as Yada was talking about. He described the sun, the particle of dust, irradiation everything that took place. Some substance that's everything.

Yada: A being.

Man: I am interested in exploring a little bit further through you, this statement to the effect, the sense of no care, no care being, again I'm hung up on semantics.

Yada: That's right, the Light.

Man: Light is so, life force is so...

Lady: Impersonal?

Man: No, impersonal is even too restricting. But there is no concern one way or another. To get back to Mr. P's question about the discussion about a former perfect life. I hadn't known there was a perfect life at one time. I've heard suggestions of a former utopia, of Atlantis and all that sort of thing.

Yada: Laughs. Living today is the perfection of which man originally came out of.

Man: He couldn't have been very perfect if he was silly enough to decide to experiment. There must have been some imperfection that propelled him in the wrong direction... around this word sin.

Yada: Is so. Now you're very smart because you keep reminding yourself and me that these words are relative. You see, you are very wrong, sir, if you don't keep these thoughts in mind. You are likely to become lost, mired, in a purge of words which have little meaning.

To go back to what I mean about, God does not care. Let us be that simple and use the word God and all this so that I can clarify these things by saying this; that the word care, fundamentally speaking, is an emotional word and belongs to the lost mind of lost men. Now, when I say lost it is a bad word to use. It is not fitting because he is not lost. No more than if you were inventing something; I do not know what, but inventing something - and for a time you found you had come to an impasse. You know that there is something more that is needed for this invention to be perfected as close as it can be perfected, but you did not for the moment know what is now necessary for the next step.

Man is by his own nature a creator. There is nothing wrong with the physical world, not one little thing! Only man has to wake up to the fact that he is the creator of this dream if he hopes to come out of it. Come out of it? Why? Then he goes on with it, only now, he knows he is doing it instead of being lost, dreaming, in a trance, a coma, walking, groping in the darkness of his own creation.

Irene: Do you understand what Yada is talking about?

Yada: My friend, you, please, question me, always question me, please. Do not lead me to utter words that have no meaning for you. You cannot learn this way my friends. I am not coming as a teacher to you, but as a kind of sounding board for you. That is all.

Aud: Yada, in the formation in the body of man or in the body of a tree, is that an idea in this mind, or does it appear as a real three-dimensional body or tree in mind?

Yada: Let us look please. We say here that there are two, perhaps 2 and a half billion people on earth today. Many have the way of calling humankind, referring to humankind as man as I have done it this evening. Man exist only as a symbol. Because of this symbol in mind, men are born. Man is not born, men are born.

Man: The symbol of what?

Yada: The symbol does not look anything like the form.

Man: That's why I didn't understand that.

Yada: Let us take the plant called the tree. There is a symbol in mind known as tree. as long as this tree symbol exists, trees will appear on earth, or appear in dreams. When the symbol, or should the symbol tree suddenly cease to be, all trees would die and none other come back to the creative world. Same way with man or men of the sun. Strange - looks. Here you look into the eye. This will give you, I think, a kind of idea of what I mean.  Here you look with the eyes out here.

Now that which is inside the head does not look like anything out here that you are looking at. What is happening? Something very strange. A stream of electrical projections on the nerve system exciting just a few cc's (cells) of gray matter on the head, a few cells. You see this room or whatever you see here in the room, or whatever you are looking at. But that is the pulsation which finally excited a few cc's of cellular structure is not picture at all. Ha. Same thing what I say about the tree symbol in the great mind in which form has its being.

It does not look anything like man's form or tree form, yet from it comes what you call a tree (or men). Now you can see even better what I meant by this, if your eye, if the optic nerve of the eyes, if you could learn the vibration of that matter that goes to make up the optic nerve, you would look at the tree and you would not see the tree at all. You would see a series of vibrations, pulsating vibrations, a field - what you call a field - and it would look nothing like a tree at all. You want to say something?

Lady: Force field, Yada?

Yada: If you want to call it that. Man asks a question which is inaudible.

Yada: The nerve system and a combination of words. A combination of words, a hypnotic suggestion that has taken place to the nervous system, to the sensory organ. This sensory organ is simply a measuring stick, heh? A measuring stick.

Man: Is the sensory organ more like a mind? It isn't matter is it?

Yada: Yes, you have what is called a sensory organ: the eyes, the ears, the smell, the nose, the mouth, tasting and touching and all of this, these go to make up the sensory organs called the body. These are but measuring sticks and measure different vibrations of light and shadow. I feel that the finger is touching, but the truth is that nobody touches anything, anybody. It looks as though I touch this man's hand - I touch his hand and I put it here like this and I go like this. You looking say I am touching the table, heh?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: I am not. I am not touching the table. I cannot touch the table, not ever no two pieces of matter ever touch one another. You can take the gauge, you know the gauge? The very delicate gauge and you can come and make the measurement of space between the fingertips and the table and you will find, relatively speaking, there is a vast field of space. Is it not so?

Man: This is part of the definition of space, a new concept of space. Very interesting.

Irene: In relation to that, suppose I had some sort of substance on my fingers that would stick to this table to such a degree that I would have to soak it loose. You know what I mean?

Yada: I would make no difference. Same think no matter how you do it. Perhaps I can put this man's hand or my hand (one never knows whose hand he is using, heh?)

Lady: It makes you think of the fact that no two things can occupy the same space at  the same time.

Yada: No two things can touch one another.

Aud: There is always space between?

Yada: Always so. Now in the experiments of your scientists of today, taking what you call the proton bullet and shooting a bits of matter with the hope it is going to split the atom, this means knocking a piece of the atom off. In the first place, these bullets do not knock off a piece of the matter, because they do not even touch it. The approaching bullet creates a great field beyond itself. It is called the field that causes the exploding away of a particle of the atom.

To go with it, the bullet never touches that which it seems to have touched. More that this, when the particle has been seemingly split up, it is not really split up. What has happened then? The force of the bullet caused, the bit of matter, the atom, to expand its volume of space. Expand its action or its field, creating a larger volume of space to move in. That is all. It has not knocked it off because there is not place to knock it to. Where are you going to knock it to? Something else, what then? Do I make myself clear please?

Aud: I understand.

Lady: Yada, many of us who are coming into the world are physically and mentally healthy. Why is it some people come into the world handicapped, not well and can't think to learn, can you answer that?

Yada: Sometimes the life force gets itself trapped in various forms of discomfort, or various states of discomfort let us say. Why? There are many, many reasons. Let me say they are individual reasons, reasons that lie in the make-up of the entity coming into the physical world. Perhaps sometimes you cause pain, suffering to another. Now, how then does that person suffer for it? First, we must ask ourselves why we cause someone else pain and suffering? Why do we do this knowing what we are doing. Because we, ourselves, the one who causes the pain, wants the pain for himself, but has not the courage to take it and so gets it vicariously, enjoys it vicariously by making another suffer. Understand please?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Now, if this is true, you can readily see what will follow. The form of a crippled body has become imprinted upon the mind of the sadist. The sadist who is actually a masochist but he cannot stand that, so he gets the joy out of it by giving it to somebody else. So he imprints the picture of the crippled state, the hurt state, the diseased state upon his own consciousness and then when he comes to make a body for the physical world, he makes many misjudgments about how to form his body.

He causes the chemicals the building blocks that he has borrowed from his mother and from his father to take the various forms of chemical action, or interplay, that leads to a weak body or a crippled body. Sometimes one does this with no desire to bring pain, but he imposes upon his mind a crippled weak body in one way or another; because he gets in what is called a sympathetic rapport with that kind of suffering. He comes to believe it and he wants to take it from another person he sees suffering. He says to himself, I think I could stand that suffering better than this person that is going through it.

Have you not heard mothers, fathers, brothers, sister, friends, utter these words? Oh, if I could only take that pain from him, or her. So somehow the loved one will suffer because he sees them suffering. While we are saying it, we are taking it! We do not realize it but we are marking our consciousness with it. I think those of you that understand the law of hypnosis can see this, huh?

Man: Yada, can jealousy and hatred of one person reach another person and cause them suffering and maybe even death?

Yada: Yes, yes. Depending first on the strength of mind and the ability of this one to concentrate deeply enough to send his negative emotional waves to another. Yes, because few of us are living consciously, we get caught up in these negative waves, not knowing what is happening to us. We blame it on God or devils. We fail to know the truth of where it comes from, from those around us. The living beings and those that have passed on, the thoughts of the living and the thoughts of the so-called dead. There are many, many dead people here in the flesh and many, many living people in what is called the Astral Life.

Aud: Would you explain that a little more, Yada, please.

Yada: Yes. A dead person here is one who knows not. He or she is a wishful thinker. They become very good Christians. They depend upon someone to save them from their blindness their not knowing. They hope, because they were told that somebody died for them, and they want to see to it that they did. They want to make that one earn the joy of taking their sorrows and stupidness from them.

Man: Yada, does the majority of the thinking people of the world operate as a law against all mortals that come into the world?

Yada: Yes, yes. The mass thinking of man certainly is going to affect individual man. That is why it is said that growing inward, spiritual-mental growth, is a personal thing and you have to first come away from the mass mind. Get away from it so that it will have no pressure on you at all. And you can do it. In your Christian Bible it is said by the man, Jesus, I am in the world, but I am not of it. Now you see these are the utterances not of the man that was crucified, not of the man who came to save anybody, these were the utterances of an initiate, during the time of his initiation, said to the high potentate that was putting him through the initiation. But that is a matter by itself.

Man: We are all initiates in one sense or another.

Yada: Oh is so, is so. That is why the lady who asked, what about the White Brotherhood, what do you have to do to belong to it; is is an Order that is a group of men that are in mountain retreats. I said, no, everyone here, every living being that comes into the physical world is a member of the White Brotherhood. The White Brotherhood is a Brotherhood of the Light. The Light of Wisdom and we are all seeking it. Though we stop seeking it, unconsciously, not knowing that we are, we are still members of the Light.

A man comes into a room and the room is very light, brilliantly lighted up, but he has his eyes closed and if he refuses to open his eyes, what are you going to do? You may say to him, there is light, why ask for it. You stand there crying, give me light, the light is there open your eyes. But perhaps he does want to open them, he feels more comfortable, he needs more time to develop. He is supposed to have more time to open his eyes.

Aud: Yada, if humans have lived on this earth many times before, is it possible that the consciousness that was Jesus was the same consciousness that was Moses?

Yada: No, no. Jesus, the Man called Jesus, came out of India, 100 years before anything was even thought of called Jesus, or the Christian Religion. This man, big man, blond man, was of great understanding, of great knowledge, a true master of matter. He learned how to manipulate matter. He was what is called a magician. You know magician? Not the kind that you have today, that performs tricks for your entertainment. No.

A magician because he knew how to manipulate the matter world; knew how to take any bit of matter and make anything, and breathe life into it and all this. He knew the nature of his own being, otherwise he could not do this. This man had many lifetimes in the physical world. He went through his full 66 mystical rebirths. There are 66 mystical rebirths which we all go through individually. We may have many, many rebirths, but we have 66 mystical rebirths.

What do I mean by mystical? Man is always hiding things, heh? Everything is a mystery. Mysteries are meant to be solved, otherwise why have them? There is no pleasure in having mysteries you cannot solve, that's why man hides things from himself, makes believe he doesn't know where they are, so he can have the pleasure of looking for them. The 66 mystical births are when the individual comes to the physical world knowing. You have today what you call geniuses in let us say the musical world. The Genius. There is a man I always think of when I speak of musical geniuses called Mendelssohn. Of course, there are many others that have been here in your world. They are gone by now. Perhaps you still have a few occasionally come.

Now this man, Mendelssohn, knew music right away. He did not study, he knew music. Why? How? Because he brought back a memory of it. Did he bring it back to that time when he was here, did he bring it back as a picture of his life before as a musician? Certainly not. He perhaps had no conscious awareness of having lived before, but he had something else. He had what is called an impulse that he could not resist - to be musical. Music was his being. He was marked with music. He had this strong impulse to do music. His life was music.

Now if somebody had put the damper upon him and said, no, you cannot do this - no you cannot do that - you must be something else. This man would have died. He would have become sick and died. Why? Because this creative force, this conscious creative force would turn back upon his nervous system and break it down, bringing disease to the body or madness to the brain. That is why we say to do what you love and to love what you do, or don't do it.

It will kill you if you do. If it does not kill you outright, it will kill you in pieces, little by little and you will not know why. You will feel sick all the time, something is wrong because your creative forces are being bound up - what you call stymied. You cannot do this. You have this creative force. You must trust it, put your faith in it and it will do for you great things.

Man: Isn't it true, Yada, that a good musician who is born a prodigy must have been a musician in his past life - a past existence?

Yada: Now I think you should be a little careful about using the word must. There is no must about anything. Life has endless ways to do things. Only man chooses one way and then loses by doing this. There are many ways, because that is the very nature of life - endless ways. If life cannot get through one way it will get through another way. You cannot stop life, because it has so many ways. Now, one must start somewhere, heh? Why in a past life? Is there no new life?

Because this life is going to be a past life when we go into another life. So let us live; let us start something now! We start a new show. Let us call it a new show. We are now going to be actors in this new show. We are over with the other show. We have had it. I think Mark liked to use this expression very much. I've had it! That is true many times, we have had it, but we don't want to admit it!

Irene: Yada, is it possible, well of course you've told us twice now, that it is possible for one to come in without having had any past experiences in any particular field and yet to come knowing that when he is even a child.

Yada: Is so, is so. Coming into the world knowing.

Irene: How can he know if he hasn't had experience - what opened this knowledge?

Yada: It appears this way. Let us look at life in general. Who told what or what did who tell, to make an eye? How did it know with no print? No design? Or anything, how did it know to make an eye? It took a great period of time to make the eye. There was a time in the ancient, ancient past when life was in one cell being, just one cell. And this one cell had a kind of eye on its whole surface. It would move. What was motivating, putting it into action was light. It was what you would call today a kind of photo cell.

It operated, or was operated by light. Then through various experimentations it decided it didn't need eyes all over the body, did not want to see where it was, only where it was going. When you see where you are, you've been there already, heh? So man wanted to see where he was going. So, little by little the great idea of eyes, two eyes in the front, not the back came. Also there was at one time a race of people with one eye in the forehead. The great consciousness would say, not good, have to do this all over again. It blotted it out, you'd say. That is what life it, a big painting, a big drawing. The artist is busy all the time making a little sketch here, a little sketch there, to improve the work.

Man: Excuse me. Earlier in the evening you said he didn't care what he did with his work.

Yada: (Laughs) I am telling you a story now. You see, when you understand, when you have made agreement on what words mean and what they don't, or what they are intended to mean, then you can do all kinds of things with them, then those listening that you have made agreement with, know what you are talking about. Like I say, the word "god" should never be used by the individual person as a rule, because he does not know what he is saying. Now, when people are really seeking to know the nature of god and have a real conscious desire to know, when they agree among themselves that they know what the meaning of god is, to be for the time being, then they can use the word all the time, because they know what they are talking about.

Man: Excuse me, Yada.

Yada: Yes.

Man: I didn't mean by saying this just to quibble, but what I was attempting to say, what I would like to know - is there some great design, some great pattern, some... in other words, probably what I am struggling to say is, what is the first step toward acquiring enough wisdom to be helpful in working for this great design, if there is a great design?

Yada: First, I want to say to you that there is no design out here. There is only your design. That is all there is, your design. It is your great pattern, your creation. The aim is only to know yourself, the creator; know yourself, the creator. Now, once you do this, you will certainly come to realize that man is not seeking something he doesn't have. He has everything there is. All that he is striving to do, if anything, is to become aware of that which he is, that which is.

(Tape is turned) (Mark has a coughing spell)

Yada: So I have come back again, without the cough!

Irene: Yes, Yada, without the cough. But you don't have enough consciousness, so you don't cough.

Yada: That is so. Now, my honorable friends, this man here, do you want to say something to me, sir?

Mr. Frey or Mr. Rudy Frey?

Yada: This man here.

Irene: Call him Dave. That's Rudy, Yada.

Yada: Rudy?

Irene: Yes, Rudy.

Rudy: Is it possible for you to see us in your dimension, or do you just feel?

Yada: I do not see with the eyes like you do, I have what you call feeling, feeling. You do not look like form to me. I do not know, do you understand that please.

Rudy: Yes.

Yada: Are you interested in the study of life, sir?

Man: Yes, very much interested.

Yada: You want to pose some thought to me, please?

Man: When you talk about form, forms don't have life do they, Yada?

Yada: Not form having life; life does not exist in the form.

Man: Is life infinite?

Yada: Is so, is so. Life makes the shadows and comes to believe in the shadows for a little while and then withdraws its belief in that form and makes another form or another shadow. Sometimes man thinks he is progressing to something. It is not so. Because he thinks that this is not real, he thinks someplace or something else is real. Man is always looking over here for reality. Reality is here. I am the reality, all else is shadow. Shadow is dream. We plague our minds with worries such as, oh, there must be a better condition than what I have. I will be good and earn this better condition, believing that goodness will do it. There is an old saying, the wind is blowing the same for the bad man as for the good man. Is it not so?

Man: That's right.

Yada: So the acquiring of a better understanding is what we need. Not a wish for bettering, but getting a better understanding brings a better life to us, because it makes us more acutely aware, self-aware. This automatically tells us what our creation is. The only way man knows that there is something in what you call "out there" is by making comparisons with himself to what he believes is out there. He says, this is me and that is that. But if he could not say, this is me, he could not say that is that, because he would have nothing to make the comparison with.

You know, I said to you earlier, this evening, that I wanted to talk to you on the dying and knowing what it is and the communication. Many people come and they say to me, why is it only you come and talk and sometimes one or another of the others of the Circle talk very occasionally. Why do you not let others come and talk? What is the difference? Are we looking for personality or are we looking for education? If we are looking for education or enlightenment, we do not depend upon the personality or the source of it.
I do not care where the light comes from as long as I get the light, heh? If I am in a dark hole and somebody comes with the light, I am not going to question the morals of the person holding the light. But this is one of the great faults of those of us that work in darkness. Those that have come before us that are in darkness try to teach us what is light, and they know not themselves. So then we start to question, who is holding the light? Who cares who is holding the light when all that I want is light?

Aud: Moses and Elijah brought the light. Is that so, Moses and Elijah and so forth?

Yada: Moses was not a Hebrew, nor was he a Jew. Judaism is a religion, not a race of nationality. So while a person may be a Hebrew, he is not necessarily a Jew. However, this may be Moses was not of the Jewish religion, nor was he a Hebrew. He was an Egyptian and he belonged to the Brotherhood of the Light when Amenhotep IV was the leader of the mystical order in Egypt. This man, Moses, Moses was not his name, it was a name given to him so that he could work in Judaism or among the Hebrews. It was given to him by the School of Amenhotep IV.

Aud: Was he and the other prophets sent?

Yada: Sixteen others were sent in that time among those people. There were numerous people, numerous nationalities, numerous tribes, and 16 teachers were sent, going to these various nationalities and posing as belonging to those particular races, so they would be more trusted. We seldom trust ourselves, therefore, we have double doubts about others and triple doubts about those who are not of our skin, or our religious beliefs.

Man is so distrustful and afraid of himself, because he knows not himself. So it becomes very easy for him to distrust others. If man could but know that there is no such thing as different races of people. There is only one race and it is called the human race. But so few of us seem to want to belong to it. Laughs.

Irene: And until they understand that, they don't belong to it, do they?

Yada: Is so, is so. Hum.... other man did not say anything. What is man's name?

Irene: Mr. R...?

Yada: Yes. You wish to say something?

Man: Is man's aim to recover this different state of consciousness that he came from?

Yada: Yes.

Man: And how can he do it? By manipulating matter or by regaining knowledge of the real existence?

Yada: Before man can realize that he is doing the dreaming, there are some steps, some primary steps that must be met. The most important of these is what is called emotional control. Now this sounds simple the way it is put, the words used, in fact, very simple. But if you stop and think of it and realize how we have been hypnotized the moment we come into the physical world, hypnotized into the kind of thinking and feeling that we suffer, then we will see that it is anything but a simple step.

We are governed by our emotions because we have been taught to, we have been educated to, we have been hypnotized into it from the time we were babies. Now that we see it, just see it, that there is something more than just this blind walking around, then we ought to start to say to ourselves, about these emotions of mine what am I going to do - kill them? There are some schools of thought that want you to destroy your emotions, put down your desires. You cannot do that unless you want to destroy yourself at the same time. But we can learn to control them. Before they control us.

Now we learn to control them. How do we do this? By damming up our feelings when we are presented with a situation that we ordinarily would feel cause for anger or jealousy or fear of some kind? No, we can't do that, dam up your feelings. So what then? We have to consciously begin to realize what is happening out here that before has made us feel so angry or so fearful. What is actually happening, instead of what is happening in the dream; what is taking place? When I know what is taking place. Take a simple thing like someone calling me a bad name; before, I got angry, wanted to strike out. Now I have another, thing, I begin to think, why did he do this? Why did he attack me like this? There must be some reason.

He does not do it for no reason at all, even though that person's reason may not be a true one but simply imagined need to vent their feelings on me. Why? I know why. That person is afraid, afraid. They misconstrue what I am doing. Why? Because they have been told that what I have been doing is possibly an evil thing. In my eyesight what I am doing is not evil. I am loving to do it. I get joy from it. But they have been hypnotized into the belief that what I am doing is evil and that they should do something to stop it. Or, if they can't do anything, to run away from it, to leave me alone, to not associate with me, to think badly of me.

All these things; I have come to know why that person attacks me. I do not now want to attack him back for  I know he walks in a fit of fear. Fear - perhaps for his own soul, the safety of it. He has not yet learned to fear for his physical existence, so he fears for his soul. How can he fear for his soul when he knows not that he even has one? He has been told he has, but he doesn't know what a soul it.

Aud: Response is inaudible.

Yada: Is so, is so. And I realize this now; so I do not attack him back. I wait for him to calm down and I start approaching him not with my language, but in his language. I start talking to him about his fears and his gods and his devils and I talk his language. I pretend for the time being, that I believe what he says. I go with him, so that I can get at him. If you don't, he is going to say all kinds of words if you try to talk your language to him. I love this man now, because I know what he suffers from, for I too have suffered it.

I find myself without material things. Suddenly everything is swept from me. All that I loved, all that I possessed physically is gone. I could go mentally to pieces, but I know something. I know why you cannot possess anything, you cannot own anything. All you can do is borrow and everything one borrows, one should honor. Honor it by putting it to right action, right work. A mother loses a child and goes all to pieces, or vice versa; child loses mother and goes all to pieces. Man loses wife, wife loses man. All of this, sister, brother, friend, disappear suddenly, going to what appears to be the neant, the nothingness of life.

If I am of some religion, I am told that God is a merciful, just and wonderful being and it is a great joy to be with Him. If I believe this, then why all the emotional upheavals because somebody I love died? They go to the Great God so why do I cry? But you see, we have something else in us called a human quality. This mostly means not knowing, not knowing. If I know myself, I know that I am eternal, that the body is not me.

The body is an idea of me and that is what someone else wanted to possess or I wanted to possess, as the case may be. And then when it comes time for the body, by its own nature, to return to its own level, I have no weeping, because I know that I am spirit and shall ever be. It is called the Light, is called the Consciousness. So I say, you are not gone because you were never here. How can you go when you have not been here? What I thought was, you were but a dream, a shadow. The real you has never come so has never gone and can never go.

We have not been emotionally conditioned to deal with life in the abstract. We want the concrete because we have been conditioned to deal with the concrete. (Yada clasped his hands) This I understand, it is flesh and blood; it is warm. This I can love for this I can feel so it is this I cry for. My constant association with this causes me to believe I am this. If I know that this is not me, can I fear when it departs from sight? I don't think so.

Aud: Yada, we have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. The conscious mind operates our muscular actions; our unconscious mind controls our breathing and digestive system and heart action. Why can't the conscious mind control the unconscious mind instead of the unconscious mind controlling us?

Yada: That which appears to be the conscious self if not. It is simply an awareness of what is called our hereness. It is an awareness of the dream, of the surrounding dream that we have built around ourselves. The real consciousness is not tied in form, is not aware that life is form. It has not such an awareness. Look please, you can close the eyes when you want to go some place, right now, close the eyes and there you are. You picture it and there you are.

If you want to make where you are more concrete, then you put more of your consciousness where you want it to be. The more of your consciousness you put there, the more you will be there, and the less you will be here. So then the body will begin to collapse, because the stuff that holds the body up is the life force, the consciousness. It has gone, so the body is like a wet cloth, it collapses. If you want to be safe in your body, with your body, stay with your body. Keep your consciousness where your body is if you want your body to be safe and last longer in the physical world.

But you do not have to die, you do not have to go into any kind of coma to go where you wish to be. Set your body down, put your consciousness where you want it to be. You will not be in a coma, the body will simply be without awareness and without this awareness it has a tendency to either sag or to become rigid. You will feel real where your consciousness is, for that is where reality is.

Why do so many people in your world get killed by the machines that go bussing in your streets? Because most of the time the people driving them are not in the body. Now the machine cannot go by itself, it has to have a man drive it. Now, the body-self cannot go by itself, it has to have the man inside here drive it. There is a little man on this box on the shoulders. He is sitting in there and he is peeking out between these little slits. Everywhere he sees, but if he, the consciousness is not looking out here, he sees nothing.

Aud: Yada, if Mr. Paisly had to turn his tape over would the five senses cause reality or illusion?

Yada: Illusion dream, shadow, shadow. It is when you experience life without your five senses that you experience the greatest kind of reality. A moment please, I talk to my teacher. (Yada speaks in his language)

I have come back. The lady here, do you want to say something?

Aud: She just left, she'll be right back.

Yada: She has gone?

Aud: Yes, she'll be right back.

Irene: You want me, Yada?

Yada: Yes, I knew you had gone.

Irene: I'm here.

Yada: Where did you go?

Irene: Yes, I'm here. This lady and the other lady were talking about getting a group together for tomorrow night. She asked a question in the kitchen just now. I would like you to discuss this for her if you will. She thought it would be of interest to all of us, how to determine whether we were doing the right thing, doing the thing we should be doing. Would you explain to her how she can become aware that she is doing the thing she should be doing?

Yada: Where is the lady?

Irene: She is in the other room using the telephone. She'll be right back.

Yada: All right, I think we can. I tried to talk to her, but she was gone!

Irene: You were aware her aura was gone?

Yada: I saw you go, but didn't see her go.

Irene: I wanted to put this question to you so you could talk about it next, if you would. I also want to make you aware that Mark is to be interviewed tomorrow afternoon for a radio station.

Yada: I'll stand by an listen, all right?

Irene: Then the next night we will hold a lecture. (To audience - are there any questions you would like to ask then when she comes back, Yada will talk to her.

Man: Yada, will you explain to us the phenomena - poltergeist and teleportation?

Yada: There are two kinds of poltergeists. The first one is what we might call, for convenience, an entity, a real entity existing in another dimension, but also occasionally finds himself stranded in the physical dimension and can't get out. Sometimes human entities, not understanding life and being lost in their emotional world and dying like this, have a very strong attachment for the physical world and as we are only where our consciousness is, these beings find themselves back in the physical world but without a physical form.

Yet, by thought, they can bring to bear on matter, they can stir up a great deal of trouble in the physical world. They can show themselves then disappear, which in itself is frightening enough to a spook in the flesh. When somebody in the spirit world sees somebody in the physical world, they think they see a spook! And so the person in the physical world seeing someone from the so-called astral world, or another dimension, calls this other one a spook and both are frightened.

The spook runs this way and the man, or spook in the body, runs that way and nobody learns anything. But also there is a force, a force created from the vital cells of the body; vital cellular energy generally projected into the surrounding places by young people, people in their early sex development. This energy flies from them in explosive action. It has no conscious direction. It seeks to do anything like the child would do itself, if given the opportunity to work at random. Am I making this understood, please?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Now this force is actually electrical, of a strong electrical nature. It is governed by the thought of the child, by the whimsical attitude of a child mind. But you see, this is not only done by a child's mind. Let me ask you here, have you not mentally, from time to time in your adult years, found yourself wanting to do very strange things? (Laughter) Is it not so?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: This man here that I am speaking through to you now, he does very funny things. You know in your world you have galvanized cans you put in the street?

Irene: Trash cans?

Yada: Yes, trash cans. He sometimes has the urge he'd like to pick these up and put them through plate glass windows.

Man: Mark Probert?

Yada: He said he sometimes thinks of doing this and he said this to the surprise of everyone around and imagine the noise, the crashing of glass and the clatter of the cans. Somehow or other, it means something to his personality, to his consciousness. Some people like to do other strange things, strange only because it is not a common thing to do. Everyone is not doing it and that is very fortunate. So you see, there are many poltergeistic minds in the physical form.

Irene: Yada, when you were talking about this one time, you told about the excess amount of energy in the child's body that quite frequently cause the curtains to burn, catch on fire.

Yada: Fire. It causes fire. It causes all kinds of foolish action and sometimes the action isn't too foolish. Sometimes the action is very directive. Sometimes it is action of hate, or a sign of love. Sometimes this action, this vital energy, cellular energy, is mentally directed in love to another in a prayer you know, and makes for aids in healing that person's sickness. Sometimes it goes out and does many wonderful things at great distances from the other, who may be doing it unconsciously, not being aware that he is doing it.

Irene: That's what I wanted to get at. You said sometimes a child is not aware that this energy is setting his actions.

Yada: His pattern of action.

Irene: Yes.

Yada: It is so.

Irene: We've heard so many times that the curtains in a school house become afire and no one knows where the energy comes from.

Yada: Is so, yes. Also this force, if it is sent out in hate, can cremate a person, or you can build it up in your own body and cremate yourself. It is vital cellular energy and its basic nature is fire, heat. What do you suppose makes your body so warm when you get excited over a male, or female?

Irene: Kundalini.

Yada: Kundalini is very strange name for it, heh? Kundalini is a force of imagery, imagination. How you use it depends upon how you feel it. You want to heal someone that is sick, that is weak of body and you are strong of body, vital? Go and sit with them, or go alone and project your consciousness of love for them. Desire for protection for health, for continuity of their life here in the physical world.

You know my friends, you can also cause somebody to be sick by sending this force to them, or keeping it from them and drawing from them their forces. Concentrating on them and pulling their vital force, life force, out of their body. Now, my friends, I seldom talk of these kinds of things to people in your world; the great masses, never to the masses. To a few in a small group, yes, but only then if I feel that they are wanting to work positively for their fellowman, and not in a negative manner. LOVE IS THE GOLDEN KEY TO LIFE AND LOVE IS UNDERSTANDING.

Secrets. Many people say to me, Yada, tell me some of these mystical secrets. Yes, I would be most happy to tell this, but I also know that while we seek, we have a dual nature, a nature that believes it needs to do harm in order to make itself more secure.

Irene: If you were to tell someone something, Yada, of course I know that you know this is not what I call handing you bouquets; but I know, that you know of the awareness of the people that you speak to. But if, for instance, you did tell someone something that was more or less in what we call the dark forces and they used it, would you take the attitude that what they do with it is their affair? Is that right?

Yada: Is so, is so.

Irene: So black or white, no matter what you say, it can be used in a negative or positive way. So this one who uses it, it is their responsibility.

Yada: It is like of a man came to you and said, please give me alms, please sir. Now you smell alcohol on the breath of this man and so you become self-righteous and say, oh, no, no, you will buy alcohol with it.  It is very bad for you, you are a bad man. He says, no I want to buy food with it. You say, no, I cannot give to you because you would buy alcohol. It is not the giver's business what the person does with that which you give him. Someone comes to me and says, I want alms.

If they say what they want it for, I give it to them anyway - whether they say it or not. All they need to say is I want alms. But if they tell me it makes no difference to me, because I will not care what they do with it, one way or another. My work is to give, not to ask what is done or what is going to be done with what is given.

I know this, that if what I give this man, if he is an alcoholic and if he gets satisfaction buying more alcohol - good, good. If it kills him good. Can I live his life for him or can I start him living it? By giving it to him, will I be living his life for him, or will I be stopping him for living it, if I don't give to him? One way or another he will do what he has to do because it is only by what he has to do that he will learn.

Irene: Now this ties into the question she wanted to know, how do we know we are doing the right thing, Yada. How do we come to the right conclusion?

Yada: This is the question of the lady?

Irene: Yes.

Yada: Lady, what do you feel you want to do? Now you do not have to tell me, just answer to yourself, you do not have to answer out loud. If you truly, truly want to do it, do, do it. A man says to a woman, I love you, and she, being smart, looks at him and says, oh!  A good answer, heh? Laughter. She knows that if he does love her he is going to continue to say more and do more.

So she does not have to question him. She has only to wait to see how far he will go and in what direction, then she will know whether he loves her or not, or whether he just desires her for the time being, which means just for his own satisfaction and not for hers. Love is understanding; desire is desire. Let us learn how to separate these things. Let us not criticize.

Let us simply learn what things are and then we may find we do not have to criticize. Whatever you feel, lady, that is within your heart the right thing to do, don't ask anybody else because all they can do is to shrug their shoulders or say, yes, go ahead and do it. They don't know whether you will gain by doing it or not. Or they may say to you, don't do it, and still they will not know whether you learn by not doing it either.

Irene: She, the lady, was talking to me in the kitchen and I wish she could say to you what she said to me, something about from the time you were seven year old. Would you explain to Yada what you were telling me?

Lady: I've always been conscious of, or aware, ever since I was 7 years old, that most of the people keep grinding along and they come to be elderly and think to yourself what I'm doing or what am I not doing. That seems to be tragic and nothing has turned out the way it should be. This seems to be one of the questions of all people.

Yada: Yes, it is so, it is.

Lady: Myself, or anybody, we all want to know what to do about it.

Yada: Well, the first question, can you conceive in your mind what is more important to you - to do this or to do that? Here you are tonight, you're sitting here now. If you truly, if you thought that there was something more important that you had to do than being here, you would not be here. Is it not true?

Lady: That's right.

Yada: Then the most important thing you could be doing at the present time is sitting here having a debate with me. Laughter. You could not be doing anything more important in all the vast universe. You are doing the most important thing you could be doing right now. Now let us move from right now, let us think of an imagined future, a future moment that you will call tomorrow. Now you need not answer this, but I'm going to ask you a question.

What are you going to do tomorrow? Let us say beginning tomorrow morning. Don't answer, I only want to say this to you; the moment you decide what you want to do, do it and do not let anything else stop you; the moment you put your consciousness in it. Do not let your mind wander off somewhere else while you are doing it. Why? Because it may be of such a nature that you will have to, or need to, recall it or remember it the next day, ten days, twenty days, two months, or a year from now.

Something may arise that may make a demand upon your mind for recalling what you did. This is called living consciously, so that later someone can come to you and say, did you do this? And you will be able to say, yes, I did that. When did you do it? At such and such a time. Just like that, for it is a foolishness to say we cannot do it, because the mind can recall and remember anything. It needs to love what we are doing for we do not forget that which we love. Is is not so?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Yes. The Pope. There is a man, he is the Pope. You know the Pope? The Pope of Catholicism? He has big work, everybody looks up to him that are Catholic and some who are not Catholic. They are adoring him. Much bowing down. Now he is very proud of what he is doing, he feels important, but there is something that could creep in there and kill him and that could be a sudden feeling that he is doing something useless. That he had wasted his time on foolishness, on hypocrisy, and pretense.

Could he come to that kind of thinking, it could kill him. But as long as he believes that what he is doing is right and helpful, then he feels wanted. He feels loved and though he may get sick, he has a good chance of getting better, because the body is protected with love.

Irene: You know, Yada, I have put to use the teachings you have given us, pertaining to now. This is the only time I can live.

Yada: This is so.

Irene: And I think it is one of the best lessons I have learned from you, because you know what a worry-wart I used to be!

Yada: E grati ya. But if you could not have comprehended it, I could not have taught you.

Irene: Well, I know this is true, but you reminded me that I could do it.

Yada: It is so, is so.

Irene: And I think this is one of the best things for people to know.

Yada: That is right, many people go to bed to sleep. They say they go there to sleep, but they go there to worry, worry where nobody can watch them or stop them. It's no place to worry, in the bed, because you cannot do anything about what you are worried about in bed. Now if you want to worry, do it separately, get alone somewhere and concentrate upon it. Do a thorough job; put all your consciousness upon worrying. Very nice, and then when you do get through, leave it there and go do what you have to do. Laughter.

Irene: You know if you try to worry that is one of the best ways of getting rid of it.

Yada: That is all you can do is worry, it is all you can do. So you say to yourself, I'm going to do it consciously, and then you get over it.

Irene: That's right. When you try to worry you can't think of anything to worry about.

Yada: It is so, is so.

Man: Yada, you were saying how destructive human thoughts can be. Take an incident where Jesus cursed the fig tree and made it dry up. What kind of thought did he use to accomplish this?

Yada: Sir, speak again my honored friend, you said something and I would like to hear it.

Other Man: Did I say something?

Yada: Yes.

Man: I was saying how destructive human thinking can be.

Yada: I understood what you said sir, but somebody else spoke.

Other Man: I thought something and a word came out.

Yada: Silently?

Other Man: Yes, just a private thought, it doesn't mean anything to anyone but myself.

Yada: Laughs. Very good though. I have done this myself, very often. We suddenly utter a word out loud.

Man: Involuntarily.

Yada: Very often. You see when we utter a certain word out loud...

Man: Involuntarily.

Yada: Yes, but you see the inner you, wanted to say something. It built up to a pitch in the mind and then speaks it out!

Lady says something not understandable.

Yada: No don't. Now the man, Jesus, cursing the fig tree. I know of other things that would be better to curse than a fig tree. Laughter.

Man: Mother-in-law.

Yada: The poor mother-in-law and the devil, gets into trouble all the time. This is a negative thought. You take the seed of any plant and put it in the ground and you bless it with love, praise it with words and talk nice to it, telling it how beautiful it can grow and give it all kinds of encouragement beside giving it water and food. It will grow beautiful and it will have much strength and live longer.

Now you take the same thing, the same force of love and turn it around, turn it inside out and you use that same force as curses and feelings of damnation, and you swear at the seed and blast at and all of this. The plant will be stunted and weak with the same force turned around.

Man: Would you say that Jesus, being a teacher, when he cursed that fig tree, did it to show what negative thinking can do?

Yada: Yes, I would, for no teacher ever does an act of any kind without a very real purpose back of it. Why? Because he lives consciously. This is the secret of being what is called a master. Living consciously we learn first to control our emotions by knowing what is happening out here instead of imagining. But many people believe that somebody hates them, this is a persecution complex.

Look, my friends, a man and a woman get married, they confess love for one another and all of this. Now is it possible that one or the other can believe that they would say something with the desire to hurt, to destroy the other? Now could they do this and still go on living together? Something must be wrong there. We are lacking faith in ourselves so is it any wonder we lack faith in our mate? Love, to bless, you take your vital energies and you project them with words and a feeling.

Words projected with a feeling of hate, blast the plant with hate, and feel it, as many do for their mates when they are cursing them. Is it any wonder people take sick because we are cursing one another, those we claim to love. Our ego becomes hurt, we feel insecure and we turn to violence, oh, I didn't take a gun and kill her, or him, I did not take a knife and put it through their heart, I only said some words and she or he fell down dead. I wonder what happened? You cut off the force of life from them with your curses.

Man: Yada, how can one defend himself from the destructive thinking of other people?

Yada: By keeping very consistent, conscious awareness in everything you do. When you retire for the night, say to yourself, I withdraw my consciousness into the Light, I am in and of the Light, I stand and have my being in the Light. Nothing can enter which I do not desire. I am the Light. Some years ago you had some people here in your country who called themselves the I am people. Do you remember?

Aud: Yes, Yes.

Yada: Now, my friends, many of their ideas were very vital, real and good, but greed came among them and they destroyed themselves. Don't let greed or fear of any kind enter your daily life. Don't let it. You cannot fail in what you desire to do if you desire it truly....

Irene: Are you all right, Yada?

Yada: I'm losing control.

Irene: Yes, I know you are.

Yada: My friends, I want to stay longer, but I find it difficult at this time to keep control of this man's body. I do not think I should try to create more energy at this time. Do you mind, please, if I withdraw?

Aud: Thank you very much Yada, thank you.

Yada: Grati ya. I give love, blessings to this house. (Speaks a blessing in his language) a notchi.

Anita: We love you, Yada.

Yada: Grati ya, grati ya.