Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite

Through Medium Mark Probert
November 23 1968

~ This is the last Lecture ~

Ted: This is Saturday night, November 23,1968 and we are at the home of Ted and Felicia Michaelson, 1842 Sixteenth Street, Santa Monica , California. We are here to listen to a lecture by Mark Probert and the members of the Inner Circle.

Yada: Sinas and Sinehas, I am Yada di Shi'ite.

Comment: Good evening Yada. Welcome

Yada: A notchi, a notchi.
          (Yada speaks in his language and there are several exchanges).

Comment: We'll speak in English.

Yada: Or a reasonable facsimile! My honorable friends, it is a joy to be here again. We of the Circle, certainly regret the little mixup that happened a few weeks ago, which took us at a little tangent at the wrong time, to some other place. But do you not sometimes wonder what the nature of a mistake is? Because you see, it does not always produce a negative condition which is what a mistake is supposed to be. Very often, it brings things into better alignment. But, you who make the mistake - or me who makes it - we must not let ourselves jump to any conclusions about what the mistake was, for it may bring a better condition to us than if we had followed out the original plan. For which there is a kind of example.

Some years ago, in your world here, during one of the many wars that your world is in most of the time, they were making room on the big plane - you know, the ship of the sky - making room on the big, big plane ship - you know, of the sky - making room for what you call entertainers. So there was a lady on this ship who had to lose her seat - you better keep sitting on yours or you'll lose it too. Ha-ha. Is that alright?

Comment: Ask Jack. He's here. He'll give you a rating on it. But, she had to get off the plane.

Comment: That's what they call "bumped".

Yada: And she cried and she made a big fuss. Then the plane - it go and it came down, it crashed and killed everybody aboard. Now we go back to this lady, and she is jumping for joy that this happened to her One minute - tears; the next minute - smiles, laughter; joy. So, what is a mistake? What is good; what is evil? What do we mean by these terms? You should know, because you are using them all the time. But how many stop to think of what is back of these terms? Very few. Instead we get into emotional terms with them; misunderstanding; not being able to look into what is called 'the future'. And what is the future? The future is the present. If it were not so, you could never come to it. What is the intelligence of complaining about anything? What do you gain by it?

Comment: Attention.

Yada: That's all - and negative attention mostly. No one can change what is. No one can stop what is happening. Man labors under the impression that he does things on his own. But almost no one can do things on their own. There is that condition called 'the great mind' - the great cosmic consciousness - the highest center of awareness which the low self, the conscious self, the ego-conscious self is not aware of.

Sometimes, this great mind is called THE CHRIST - the light of the Christ. Now, not the Christ you have been taught of - a man who has come to save you; but the Light - out of which all has come. There is nothing throughout all existence that has manifested apart from - away from - this great creative Light. And you know, the joy of knowing this is freeing oneself from anxiety regarding one's life. Some people, entering for the first time into the broader fields of metaphysics, getting away from the orthodoxies they are in a hurry; they want to learn right now everything there is. How are you going to do that? There are special kinds of study that we must use to prepare ourselves to open the centers to the Light. It is not simply knowledge we are trying to get; we are trying to get something more - it is called wisdom. And wisdom is how we use our knowledge - and this always takes a great deal of concentrated thought about what we are doing at any given moment.

Why am I doing this or doing that? That which I didn't do before, why am I doing it now? What is the purpose behind it? Is the material life - is it a mechanical chance of chemistry? Of course not. It is a product of the mind - the great Inner Find, the great Light. From this approach we find beings - going back to the most ancient of times -- who were sun worshippers. Did they worship the sun as a god? No, but as a source of the Light, knowing they came out of the Light, They are beings of the Light. So they made symbols regarding the sun, the Light which they used at times when they were paying homage to the Light. Man knows he is a sun being.

Now today you have beings coming into your atmosphere, which you have come to call UFOs or flying saucers. These beings come from other civilizations in the vast regions of space. But because you know so little about them, you are doing what man always does to the unknown, to that which he knows so little about - you are worshipping them, giving them adoration! And this adoration is of an emotional nature - it is sentimentality, which is alright for man is a sentimental being. He lives on his emotions most of the time. So, if he wants to do this, that's alright - do it.

The only trouble is that when we adore, when we love, without knowing what our love is, we gain nothing by it; nothing by it. It is nice to have faith, but faith without substance is of little worth. Many people think of me as they think of the space being. They think, because they have heard of spiritual life after death, that I also am a spirit. That is, the nice ones talk about me that way. Others call me spook, ghost, astral shell or whatever. But you know, I am never what someone else thinks I am. You are not what someone else thinks you are. You are, to yourself, something entirely different - just as mysterious as any beings in the outer spaces, just as great, just as divine. For all is born of the one source - the LIGHT.

So, who can be something different? Who can be greater, or less great than another? We walk together. We go together in the LIGHT of Life. (Yada speaks in his language.) We walk together or we do not walk at all. No man stands alone. We all need one another. I thought I heard someone starting to ask me a question. Would you care to do it now?

Question:: You were speaking of faith without substance, etc. Is this to mean without substance - without soul?

Yada: That is right. Without substance is without soul, without meaning. You know, there was a lady in San Diego who made a statement when someone was complaining to her about an event which she did not feel pleased about. This lady said "Well, it's better than a blank, isn't it?" And isn't that a wonderful statement to make. Whatever happens to you, it is better than nothing happening to you. When nothing happens to you, you are out in a void - a blank - a nothingness. Pain is not always what we think it is. Pain comes to one, to also open that one up from their dream of matter, throwing a greater beam of light upon the darkness of their ignorance; forcing them to pay attention to their higher mind - their higher consciousness.

Pain is an individual experience. No one can comprehend my pain. If you have never had what you call a toothache, how are you going to tell another, who has never had a toothache, what it is. Headache - how are you going to tell someone else? All you say is,"I have a headache". If you have never had one, you say "Oh, what is that?". I am going to take this or that medicine for it, which is advertised on your picture boxes - your TVs. What do these drugs do? There are arteries in your brain which are getting too much blood at one time, and this causes the arteries to extend; they are gorged with blood. These drugs quiet the throbbing of this artery as it seeks to get through the brain, so your headache stops.

But, you really haven't gotten at the cause of the headache; you have just stopped the effects. Now, if you do not find the cause of the headache, you are going to get it again. Some inner excitement, some form of anxiety has set the blood to moving too fast through the limited width of the veins, or arteries of the brain. What are you worried about? What are you anxious about? What are you afraid of? Every ailment of the body starts in the mind, in the mental self. You may talk to me about diseases, about germs, about microbes - but how did they get started? Why haven't they killed you long ago? Because you were born with them. Your body swarms with these micro-organisms, both inside and outside. Of course, knowing this, makes making love difficult?. But, because the drive to make love, is greater than the fear of microbes, we go on making love. What is your choice? All you are doing is exchanging microbes, but you cannot stop loving. Loving is a natural thing for the human being.

Comment: ....microbes build up anti-bodies, so you are helping the person.

Yada: Very good. That should, what you call - cool you. You then, do not mind if the bugs are 'grooving' on you! Your microbes cannot be killed. They are chemical substances which have a coating that is like armor. You can put some microbes in the most intense electrical heat and the moment you stop the heat, they are alive and active again. You cannot cremate them. Of course, there are some that you can kill, with very little effort. In fact, their very life kills them. When you breathe, you kill many of these micro-organisms. And when you breathe out, you produce some more. Man lives in a condition that I can only call parasitical. Everything is living on the life forces of everything else. For life, is for life. There is no death.

But, again, there is death, it is called the death of ignorance. And we kill it with learning, with education as to what is as opposed to what isn't.

Question:: Regarding what is, and what isn't - the other night, we were discussing illusions and it was said that everything is real and there is no such thing as illusion. So the word 'illusion' is an illusion and that makes everything real ....

Yada: Sir, you shouldn't have come here tonight Because, what you are saying is of two natures - it is true and it isn't true. Truth depends upon what the individual means by that word. To the dreamer, the dream is true. When we begin to learn that there are different sides to life, we begin to see that there are different states of truth. What can you live with?

What can you have - not happiness, because happiness is a will-o-the-wisp, but peace of mind is constant, once we acquire it. In happiness we are seeking only to get something; our joy is predicated upon possessions of some kind or another.

Comment: Not necessarily. You see, it comes up a lot of time - indecisions - what is or what isn't .

Yada: But Sir, if you get this, if you know how to think in that manner, you are acquiring something much more important, which I call peace of mind. Then you are not seeking to possess anything. You leave things alone. You let life, instead of trying to make it. This is where man finds his unhappiness. He is constantly pushing his ego self into changing things; but he doesn't know what to take in the place of this or that. He doesn't know what decisions to make. He is not comfortable with any decision he ever makes because he is not certain of its nature, of its ability to cover all possibilities, of bringing him into a negative state. Peace of mind lets one live; it does not make him live.

Question:: You say we all come from the light and I agree, and that we're all responsible for each other as children of the Light. How responsible are we really though, as our brother's keeper? How far do we go in our responsibilities?

Yada: A keeper is one who has love for you, and for everything. Now, it is nice and necessary; it is natural, to be our brother's keeper. But, if we are not careful, we may seek to possess - and this makes us our brother's jailer, instead of keeper. We want to confine - we want to restrict - we want to possess - and in so doing, we bring a quick and very painful death to those whom we seek to control and dominate. Now, it is said that there are spooks who are obsessing and possessing spooks in the flesh! There is more spookiness going on among yourselves, in your world, than between the worlds - more will to dominate, to control. Few of us seem to have a life of our own that will keep us busy and prevent us from entering into the business of another.

And, there are many spooks in the astral world who are trying to live the lives of people on earth. When they were on earth, they didn't seem to know how to live their own lives. They were possessing while they were still here in the flesh, and they go on doing it after they lose the flesh body. There is only one chance of having another person come into your dream, and to be safe with you in your dream. This one chance is called love. We have no touching upon another's dream until we have this one attribute of the heart, of the mind, of the spirit, of the soul - it is called love.

We are truly lost creatures in an illusionary dream until we have this love which brings us into rapport with all other human beings. It washes from our minds, that which was hypnotically put there - called prejudices, of all kinds. Look please - there is a madness rising, called racism. This is insanity. Out of this kind of thinking, man reaps the wild winds, the wild winds of his negative doing. "You hit me and I'll hit you". This goes on continually - like an endless nightmare; and will go on until man learns that there is only one being anywhere - that one great being within each of us, who knows nothing about these prejudices. Skin coloring, race, languages, religions - none of these things has anything to do with that great being within us. It is only a part of the nightmare that we, as individuals, concoct for ourselves out of our ignorance. Ignorance meaning not knowing truth - that is all.

Question:: You said before that faith was nothing without substance. Where does the substance come from? How do you put substance in your faith?

Yada: Love is that substance; that feeling of continuity that I have with you, that you have with me; that knowing feeling we are one, we are one and the same. We are born of the Light. Things in the world are appearances; this is a projection. This vibration called the matter world is an idea - it is a part of consciousness called the matter world. Can I - am I making this clear please? Am I? It is of great importance that my words do not lead you into confusion, but out of it.

Question:: You are saying that substance is consciousness?

Yada: The substance is consciousness; and therefore, the substance is life. And that life, the substance of life, is love. What does love mean? It is understanding; conscious awareness; knowing - not just taking things by faith, but by knowing.

I AM THAT - THAT I AM. I AM THE REALITY. And when I say that, you say it. It is your words; your thoughts; your I-am-ness which you are speaking of; your divine nature - divine, meaning love; not holy. Holiness comes to us when we fall out of love. We become what we think is good, which is what the ego thinks; not what is really in that great self within us. It is the low ego-self which is a wonderful thing for the physical world, for physical living. The ego is a necessity. You cannot destroy it, but you can guide it so that it doesn't destroy you.

Question:: How do we know, Yada, how can we be sure?

Yada: Not so much by reason. Reason is a very complex thing that goes on in the brain. We come to reason by relating one thing to another thing. But there is a sensing that we come to, which is beyond reason. I call it a feeling of oneness. I love you. Can you understand what I mean? Are you loved? There is only one love. It is ours. Do you love yourself? To love yourself, is to honor yourself. To honor yourself, you must have understanding of what you are honoring - what self? The physical self? Yes, in part, because it is a necessary point of the consciousness, of the human being. But also the spirit, the soul. Now you may not be able to picture what a soul looks like, because it doesn't look. The spirit is breath, spiritus, meaning breather. Breath is Life. Life is a sense of the divine within us. I know my source, therefore I am not an alien. No matter where my consciousness is, I am not an alien to the people of that state of awareness. I am acceptable, by my love, to all things alike.

Comment: You are free then?

Yada: Free. Freer than the winds. Free, as energy is always free.

Question:: Could we reach this source of knowledge through meditation?

Yada: Of course. But remember, while I say that, you must know that it is going to take you a great deal of work before you can arrive at that point in your meditation - where you will come to know what is. Now, once you do this, as grand as that experience is to you, it is not going to let you run screaming with joy, with the belief that you can tell it to someone else. No, it brings peace to your mind and to your body. You feel it moving through you like a marvelous sense of pure joy. I have listened to many people talk about the joy they get in taking trip on lysergic acid. It is nothing like this. It is grander - much more so. There is no drug that can bring you to that level of pure joy; no drug. But you can find it in the quiet of your own being, in what is called meditation.

But look please, at the work you will need to do. The first thing you will have to develop is a sense of patience with yourself - no pushing, no anxiety to hurry you. Wait. Be patient, and all that is yours will come to you. You cannot lose it. You cannot keep it away from you - it is yours. You are the creator of it, and for the first time, you are beginning to create consciously - aware; knowing what you are doing. In patience, we begin to find the cause of our sickness, our insanity, how we got off the track from our divine nature to our limited ego nature.

Question:: I found that many people who meditate, and many vegetarians I've met, and many people who take on programs to better themselves, they start feeling more divine than they did in the past and consequently start feeling better than others - and to me, that's an illusion.

Yada: Yes! I know many people who eat only vegetables and fruit, and they have the worst breath you ever smelled!

Question: Yada, how do the ways we seek love in this world, compare with the way others seek it in other worlds?

Yada: My honorable friends, I am having a difficult enough time, telling you how to do it in your world. Now, if I should try to lift your awareness to higher states of awareness, and to let you see what is going on there, you would instantly vanish into those other worlds yourself - if you could comprehend them. You know, I am not trying, not making any effort to not answer your questions; to not give you satisfaction. No, I want to give you satisfaction. I want you to understand. It is so necessary that you do, just for your daily living. If we who labor in our physical world, without comprehension of what goes to make up the physical world - if we do not get to learn that, how can we learn about other states? You live in the physical world. You must know how to handle ourself in this vibration. Then you can learn about other vibrations. Sometimes people do think that I am avoiding answering their questions.

When I was talking through Mark in Palm Springs, there was a man who insisted that I tell him how not to leave a body on the earth when he dies, and why not to. I tried to tell him that I couldn't tell him, but he would not understand because there was no language to explain this to him - no exchange of meanings, of words. But, I no more got through telling him all this when he said, "Well try me!" Ka Sida - that is the best expression. Wow! You see, I talk to you; I use my own language. I know you do not understand it, so I am not really talking to you, but to myself - expressing my feelings about certain thoughts that I hear in your world.

But then I try to translate what I know into English and it does not always translate well. In the Mysteries, in the inner schools of the ancient times; there were no real mysteries, but the things that were taught, were taught by specially made-up languages for those who were knowledgeable on such subjects. So, the outside person would not know what was being talked about, because perhaps he was not ready for it yet.

What are illusions? They are misconceived ideas about what is going on around us. The ancients never meant to imply, when using that expression illusionary, that a thing or condition did not exist. They were trying to say that the world of matter is a world of the senses; it is sensory, therefore you are seeing not what you are looking at.

Illusions. (Yada hits the table) It appears to you, both by sound through the ears and by observation through the eyes, that Marks hand - which at the moment is my hand - I just borrowed it, and I'll give it back to him after a while, it looks or sounds as if the hand is touching the table. Doesn't it, to you? But it is not and you could have the proof of it if you had a sensitive enough gauge to measure the distance between the surface of the skin and the surface of the wood of the table. There is a vast space; they are not touching. No two pieces of matter ever touch. It is a sensing, a belief born of the senses, therefore, not an actuality. But for all purpose of your physical world, it is good enough - I am touching the table.

Now, where are you? It appears that you are sitting in a room. A room is a measurement of space, yes? But, this again, is an illusion of the senses. How much space? How far apart are you from one another? Often it looks as though some of you are very close together. That's nice. But are you close in mind, too? Your bodies may be touching, but are your minds touching? Very often, our sex urges drive us to take another, of the opposite sex, to bed with us. We say these two people are together in bed. But are they really? They may be mating in body, but there is no communion in their minds. So the physical mating does them little good. They think they have gotten some satisfaction from it, but unless they are mentally communing, besides physically, they get no real substance from one another. There is no exchange. It is a little tickle, for a moment. And if it is not tickling in the brain, in the mind, also, the tickle will bring no laughter of joy, but pain and disgust. Do not cheat yourself. Know what you are doing. Do you want to say something to me please, anybody?

Question: Is the universe in harmony?

Yada: The universe is always in harmony. Only our misconception about what is going on around us, makes it seem to be out of harmony.

Question: It is in harmony though?)

Yada: It is in harmony.

Question: Then, when stars or galaxies collide, that is part of the harmony?

Yada: Yes, it is part of the harmony.

Question: That violent action is part of the harmony?

Yada: Everything is, but we, in our thinking, make it out of harmony,

Question: Now, I agree that it is in harmony.

Yada: It is, of course. Were it not so, nothing would exist. No thing. You would have but energy moving, but not creating anything,

Question: Then, great collisions of mass and violent changes are in harmony?

Yada: Are in harmony. But this, to man, is not so.

Question: Why not?

Yada: Man cannot create by violence. He destroys - and destroys in a very negative way.

Comment: But he would not be destroying - he would be modifying.

Yada: Yes. But man, remember please, is a conscious being. He has something the rest of the universe does not have - Self awareness.

Question: The rest of the universe does not have self awareness?

Yada: Does not have self awareness. There is no-thing, throughout the entire universe - and universes in toto, that has that wonderful thing that man has, called self awareness; so that he can say, in the most profound way, and mean it, and know it I AM THAT - THAT I AM. I AM THE REALITY. It is this great consciousness which flows through man. He doesn't own it. It flows through him constantly. He walks in it. He is of it, and it gives him the feeling that he is creating it. He alone, by that sense of self awareness, becomes the creator of all - all in all, both individual things and mass things.

Comment: I still don't understand why violent changes within man, and to man, are not in harmony, if violent changes are in harmony with galaxies colliding.

Yada: But you see, galaxies do not create violence. It appears, to the eye, that there is a great deal of violence, but if you could get out there in the vastness of space, you would not see it as violence you would only see changes taking place.

Comment: Think about the violence in the digestive processes.

Yada: They are not violent. No, it is not really violent. It is what you think is violent - from your own sense of violence. It is not violent. There are sometimes two chemicals which need to be brought together. But they seem to oppose one another, very often in a violent way, so there needs to be some way to bring these two chemicals together. So, you form another chemical substance which you call a catalyst, which helps them to link themselves together in a quieter, more peaceful manner. In man, the catalyst, to keep the violence down, is called love. It is difficult to put this in clarity - very difficult, because man has brought with him from the primeval swamp, a very violent side of himself. And he has difficulties in renouncing it; in trying to get into the body of love and peace.

Question: Why is he having all this difficulty? I asked you, a little while ago, if the universe was in harmony and you said yes. If man is part of the universe, then he is in harmony; so why are we sitting here and why is there all this talk about the ego self?

Yada: My honorable friend, you misunderstand. I speak not with a forked tongue, when I say that man is a creator. He is just not awake to this fact, and so his desire to create, destroys.

Comment: We're in harmony; we're just singing in the wrong tune?

Yada: Right. (Several other comments are exchanged here between the listeners.)

Yada: Now you are getting into semantics. You see, there are some things that you simply cannot talk about, with the use of words. I try, because I find it necessary to do for man here on earth. I try. This is my work. This is what I come here to do. So I try to find the best tools - words. English words mostly in your case; and it does not always make clarity. I regret, but that's the way it is.

Question: Yada, how can one find self and know what you are talking about?

Yada: First, what are you? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Not who are you - everybody knows who is who; but almost nobody seems to know what they are. So I ask you, what are you? And I speak not just to you Sir, but to all of you sitting here - What are you? What do you suppose you are? Now I do not expect you to answer me because each of you will give me a different answer. That's alright.

Question: Do we just go through the life cycle, to find out?

Yada: That is what life is for - to discover what we are. I AM THE CREATOR. Now that sounds big, doesn't it! In fact, to many, it sounds like too much! But how am I the creator? By feeling, I come to know. I come to know by feeling, my own nature. Now if I get a 'stick of fear' pushed into me at the moment I am trying to discover myself, I will naturally back away; the pain is too great. The reason this man or this woman is sick, is because they hate. They are bogged down in hate - hate of another; hate of their color; hate of their creed; hate of their political beliefs. Hate, hate, hate. Kill, kill, kill. We all seek to destroy that which we do not understand. Or, we 'bottoms up' to it. In either case, we are lost because that is not the way to approach ourselves, to approach life, to come to understanding. Understanding comes to us not through reasoning, but by being quiet. getting ourselves quiet, so we can listen to that marvelous teacher within us. I AM.

Question: Do you mean the real self?

Yada: The real self, that dwells here. It is the Son of the Sun, and when we open that center, the light comes out and dispels the darkness. When the tomb of Jesus was opened, they found him not there. People who believe in psychic phenomena, were awed by it "Yes, he did rise, just as he said" "Isn't that amazing. Isn't that wonderful He must have been a witch!" He never got in there, so He had nothing to get out of. Here (Yada gestures) is the tomb that is spoken of - the body self. We, the Christ, is shut off, is locked in the body self - the cave of the body. The cave of the body is ignorance. The Christ arose - which is the entirety of the man called Jesus. It is the real self.

The doll - is a projected symbol of the man called Jesus - the body self - just an idea. And he took that idea with him, in here (gestures) - not the physical head, but the mental head. It is known also as - the heavenly state. What am I made up of? My physical self is what it has been conditioned to be, by first of all my parents or those whom I came into early rapport with, in the physical body; right on through to my death. I am that, physically speaking. I am a conditioned being conditioned to this vibration called the world of matter.

Now I come to a point, I come to a fork in the road of my life. I must go one road or the other. I must know what I am. My confusion has come from believing that I am a who - a personality, a thing in the flesh. The first thing I must try to do is to find out what I was conditioned by - fear, anxiety, guilt, shame; or love and understanding. Which? Why am I afraid? Because I do not understand. I do not know what is happening. It is like waking and finding myself in a dream. (The world) So I get caught up in it; everything is there already. I had nothing to do with the dream. It was just there when I came into the physical world. I had nothing to do with it - "God did it!" "My parents did it"

Now suddenly it may be my good fortune, in this particular life, to wake up - to suddenly realize that I am dreaming. In doing so, all my fears and anxieties about the dream, vanish; for now, I am master. I am now a conscious creator, so I can change anything, alter anything, produce anything in that dream. It is the same in your wakeful dream, called the material world. Are you conscious in it, or are you a drifting, unconscious zombie? Now I do not use those words at you. They are not critical words. I seek not to criticize you, for to criticize another is to criticize my self. I simply make the statements. This is how it is. That is all. What you do with it, is your business.

Question: Yada, you mentioned how people might pick up negative violence? Do people also pick up negative violence when they are dreaming?

Yada: Oh, of course. We do that, from every thought we think. No matter where we are, we are always open to points of activity that may be destructive to us - out of harmony with us.

Question: Do you use the same words as when you wake up in the morning, to rid yourself of negative violence?

Yada: Yes, you can. This keeps you in a more positive way of thinking; therefore, you are not intruded upon so easily by negative thoughts of others. You make positive statements to yourself, about how the day is going to be. "This is my day; this is my creation. And, the more I am consciously aware, the fewer negative things are likely to occur to me." Now this is what I say. But what do you say, because it is your life. Most of you remember a story I tell about that this is your life. Would the rest of you care to hear this story?

It is one about what you call an old maid. An old maid is one who apparently has been afraid of the opposite sex conditioned, because it is not natural for a woman to be afraid of a man or for a man to be afraid of a woman. It is a conditioned reflex - but that's what an old maid is. The mind is such that, no matter how we are stopped physically from doing things, the mind goes on doing them anyway, if they are for us to do. So this old maid kept dreaming about handsome men. Every time it came to the real man, the external living being, she was afraid and would run away. But after a time of dreaming, her dreams became so mixed with the external self and external happenings, that she was seldom sure which was which. So one time when she was dreaming, she dreamt about a man standing at the foot of her bed - gazing at her with lust, beautiful lust. She got very frightened and cried out to him "What are you going to do to me?" He said, "Lady, I don't know. This is your dream!"

Isn't that a truth? This is your dream. Life, oh life, what are you going to do to me? I wait. I wait in patience and often in impatience, for life to move and help me to move. I do not want to be the excluded middle. I do not want to be left out. To play some part is better than no part.

Yada withdraws for a while...

Yada: So, I come back again, from whence I didn't go.

Comment: You've been a big ear again, eh!

Yada: In the meanwhile, Mark has been a big mouth.

Comment: Haven't we all!

Yada: Yes of course. I was a big mouth a little while ago and now I am a big ear so I listen to what you have to say.

Question: Can you tell us a mantrum or something we can say first thing in the morning to send out, or bring to ourselves, a higher vibration?

Yada: Yes, of course, and I am going to use an expression you have often used - and the reason I use it is because you are accustomed to it. You may not really comprehend it, but you've been using the word. When you get up from your bed, stand up; put your hands out here in front of you; bring them around to your back, touching them, and in the meanwhile, say to yourself "I am in the light and of the light. I am the awakened Christ". This will offer you all day protection. When you go to bed, repeat it, for many of us are in greater danger asleep than we are awake. Because of our thoughts, our anxieties, our fears, we can kill ourselves, rocking up a nightmare that will frighten us to death in our sleep. Remember that all the organs of the body are at a low ebb of action, while you are asleep; so it is easy to die in your sleep.

The question is, do I love myself? The answer - yes. Why? Because I understand myself; I know what I'm made up of because I created it myself. My "god" of the past is dead. He was a god of fear and anxiety, which brought all my troubles to me. The real god - the eternal Light, the Christ within - is an awakened state of consciousness. Can I not be protected in this higher state of consciousness? How can I not be? I have no protection from the God of Moses. The God of Moses was the god of wrath and vengeance, which this great being was told to bring, by the White Brotherhood, to the people of that time, because that is all they could understand. They were afraid to die - but yet they were not afraid to bring death to everyone else around them. In order to save the people of that time from one another's angers and jealousies and fears, a god of that kind had to be brought to the people.

Man is slowly coming out of that state of consciousness. He is coming into the light - the light of understanding, so he finds the real god within him, constantly there. He does not have to get on his knees. He does not have to enter some special building, called a temple or church. He knows that this body is the living temple of the living god. But the greater masses are still living in the swamps of their ignorance. But, life is not lived by masses. Life is lived by individuals. We, as individuals, have to come out of the swamp.
There is a story about a man in India, who is walking along a dusty road, and comes upon a man by the roadside, who is carving elephants out of simple blocks of stone. He looked at the stone elephants and admired them very much, and he turned and looked around for an elephant that this man might be using as a model. But he couldn't see any, so he said to the man "Sir, tell me please, how do you carve such perfect elephants without a model?" The man, the artist said "I look at a block of stone; I look carefully, and pretty soon I begin to see the elephant in the block of stone. Then I knock away everything that is not elephant."

So it is with us. We look into ourselves and we see all the beauty of the creator in ourselves, and then we begin to knock away everything that is not of the creator. We knock away the animal and find the divine human. How beautiful that story is. What great meaning, just coming from the lips of an apparently ignorant sculptor. But you see, he wasn't ignorant. He knew his business. His business was carving, was molding. That's why he created such great and beautiful elephants. Can you look in yourself and see the light you are? Can you see that divine being in you and then start breaking away everything that is not of that nature? I do not mean that you should live a saintly life or a pure life. Live your life whatever it is; whatever it is. If you are going to be a crook be a good one know your business. This way, you stay out of trouble. If you are going to be a saint if you insist on it - be a good saint. In order to be a good saint, you must first be a good rascal so you'll know what a good saint is! You'll know what to 'knock away' to make that saint.

A little while ago, a lady and man were talking to Mark, asking him about Karma - I was there; I listened and Mark tried to explain, He did a very nice explaining, very nice; but it was not understood by the listeners. Was it Mark's fault? - the talker? Or, the people's fault - the listeners? All we can ever do with one another, in the physical world, is to make sounds. Then the listener to those sounds, makes his own pattern of what is, of what has been said. We can do no more than that and they can do no more than that. I cannot teach; I can only make sounds, and you use those sounds to teach yourself. So you see, you are the teacher, not I.

Does man live after death? That is a question with many important issues in it, one of them being - what do we mean by living after death? What is it that survives! Do you think you are a spook in the skin, a ghost? Well, you will be a ghost or a spook when you die, too, because you are one now if you live that way. You are practicing to spook people. Know yourself and you will talk that way. Do not be afraid of your own thoughts and your own feelings, whatever they may be. There are people who have been taught to be afraid of sex. And if they are taught to be afraid, taught to feel guilty about the opposite sex, then they turn to their own sex. For sex must be expressed in one way or another.

It is a natural phenomena of the human being, as well as any other animal. But with the human - he puts something else with it - thought. It is not simply a drive to satisfy himself for the moment, it is a baptism, that should enlighten us. Is sex used only through the sex centers? Of course not. It is the energies of life; it is the kundalini - which causes us to be creators. It is the fire of inspiration. It is the touching of the Light, the creative Light upon our minds. What do you feel about it? It's not what I feel; it's what you feel. That is important.

Life after death. Alright, I am going on a trip. What do you do when you are about to go on a trip? Sensibly, I believe, you pack a bag. Yes? You are now going to take with you things you can use. In climate - taking heavy clothing for cold weather; light clothing for warm weather. Now would you take heavy clothing if you are going to the tropics. Would that be sensible? What would you put in the bag? Things that you can use. Now, you are going on a trip but you haven't tried to find out what your destination is. So you do not bring anything. So you end up with nothing, at the end of the trip. And you suffer, from bringing nothing.

You are going into this other state of consciousness, this other feeling world. What's on your mind? Are you afraid? Do you think you can take your body with you? If you think you can't, then you will not. If you think you can, then you will. But why would you want to take your body with you? It's worn out; useless. You can take it if you want to, but how will you take it - old? Worn out? Sick? No, not as it looks to you - you cannot take it that way.

What is a body? It is a point of energy. Now you learn to breathe that energy back into your center - the center of your being, because you made it; it belongs to you. But, you will not do this for a long time yet, because you have no real need to do it. You are going to another place; you are not going home yet. You are to adventure further into other lands, in which you do not need that form, so you leave it behind.

But there will come a day, there will come a time, there will come an hour when you will suddenly realize that you are dreaming. Then you will know how to move around. Then you will know the value of energy. Then you will know how to mold it according to the way you want to. When you know this, you are going home. You will not dream more of a matter world. You will not go down into the lower world, called the 'astral world'. You will return to consciousness. You will recognize yourself as the eternal creator. For this moment, for this time, all my words may seem pointless, useless, of no value to you. But sometime, somewhere, you will suddenly understand it all. Do not be concerned. There is no hurry - no need for it. You are already attuned to the Light. You just now need to know it, to recognize it, to become aware of it.

Karma - like the word 'sin' - has a strong tendency to give us guilt feelings. This, when we move into the next level of awareness, this guilt demands that we come back, because we keep in mind that we committed a sin, an evil, a bad! We then want to punish ourselves. That drive for punishment, drives us back into the physical world - the world of punishment, the world of pain and uncertainty, the world of the blind. If you believe that you are guilty of some act, you will punish yourself - as you have never been punished before. Many people are suffering in this way in your world, and it often demands the attention of men who are trained in the field of psychology of the human mind and the human emotions. It demands their attention. Many of these men also carry the same elements of guilt and shame with them, so they use their idea of what to do to heal you, and themselves, to understand themselves. And you pay them for that. Why not; it's their work. You are their work?

Do you want to be your own psychologist? You can, if you can keep down your anxieties; get control over your nervous system; break away from your false concepts which you have been put under from the time you got here. If you can do this, you will not suffer again with emotional sicknesses. And, when you get clear of the physical world, you will know how to live in this otherness of mind. You will not become a haunt on the earth, but you will become a healthy helper to man who is still in the flesh body. You will not impose your personality upon them with big sounding titles. You will come and say "My friend, I am of your life. I know what you suffer and I want to help you. Will you permit me?"

In your holy bible it is saying, "The harvest is great, but the harvesters are few". Our business is with life, with the living not the dead, with the conscious. Let us play that part. Let us go to the living. Again, in your Christian bible it says, "Go not to the dead, for the dead know nothing". That's true. Ignorance. They sleep in ignorance. No man can waken another until that one is read to be awakened. Which would you rather I do - you sitting here, which would you rather I do - bring to you your relatives and friends? For what? What could they tell you, that you do not already know? Who is the greatest being to come into close rapport with? You. Yourself.

You may contact a hundred, thousand beings on many levels of consciousness but if you have no contact with that great being called YOU, then all other contacts come to nought. You see why I say - Love Yourself - because there is no greater being in all existence than you.

Ted, do you want to say something to me, please?

Comment: First of all, I want to ask you how Mark is doing... I know there is something about his heart .... an impending operation. Do you want us to 'cool' some of the lectures for awhile? Annie mentioned that there is a possibility you may want to let up a little .... that he may need some rest.

Yada: It is kind of you to have that consideration for Mark, to have that love for him. We, of the Circle, greatly appreciate that. Ted, he is not in a very good condition. Now I do not think I need to suggest that you do not say anything to him about what I am saying, please. The arteries, over most of his body are in very bad shape. If the operation is not performed, he can suddenly die. Now you know, we of the Circle, have the same love that you have for him. So we do not will him to die. We need him like you do, but each of us has to live and to die in his own time. There is no one of such importance, that they cannot be replaced. Now Mark knows that. I do not think he is concerned about dying - he has been more concerned about living.

I cannot predict his death - and I would not, if I could. That is his business. I know that you - all of you who come here - you have a real love for him and would miss him very much. But we cannot stop the progressing or the motions of life. We cannot choose who is to stay or who is to go. Vast numbers of humans have been wiped out in the activities of nature; also, in the violent activities of man in his motor cars. What's the best way to die? The best, is to die knowing - to not be afraid; to die in love - a love of life and a love of death; the love of coming and the love of going.

The operation which he needs, will sustain him for perhaps, a few more years. We of the Circle, will be where the operation is performed. We will make every effort to see that it is carried out intelligently - and that's all we can do. Whatever happens, we of the Circle, we are most grateful to all earthmen who have come within the sound of our voices. We cannot express our deep feelings of love, and the will for your betterment. You know, one of the most difficult things to do is, to cause your undertaker to cry when you die. Very difficult. I want you not to feel sad. Feel glad. We go together through life. There is no reason for sadness. Do you understand? Do you feel that understanding in yourself? Then you will know that life does not work against man, but always in his favor. I am very grateful to you.

Question: May I ask you one question, if you are going to go?

Question: We seem to have spirits in a house next door, and I don't know if they are good, bad or indifferent. But my kids have heard them, and my husband heard them as well. Is there anything I can do? Put them away, or tell them good-bye?

Yada: What you mean is, you wish to rid your house of these beings - and whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, it is better not to have them there. Let me tell you something about what 'spirit' means. First, all that glitters is not gold; and all things that pound and run up and down the walls, are not spirits. You have children? (Yes?) Have there been any reports of haunting in that house, before you moved in?

Answer No. I'm talking about the house next door - it is just built.

Yada: You do not live in that house? No? Very good. These are not spirit beings as such. They are thoughts and ideas, through the emotional selves of the people who lived there. You know when you are in a room and you practice violent activity with another in that room, you leave behind you a pattern of violence, in the surrounding spaces. Every word you uttered, every emotional feeling you had and gave vent to, is imprinted in the surrounding atmosphere. And it will act and re-act as long as the house or the room stays as it was, when the violence started in it.

Sometimes this is called poltergeist. Poltergeist is a German word meaning noisy or playful ghost. But they are not ghosts; they are not spirit beings. They are patterns exploding from the bodies of those who are caught in violence. The bodies may move out of the house, but the patterns remain and every once in awhile there is a playback. Sometimes, young children produce the energies of a poltergeist. There are different kinds of energies, coming from different sources. There are the energies of what are called, 'the elementals'. These are the beings that dwell in the forest or in the deserts or the ices; gnomes, salamanders and many other kinds. Often, one who understands these forces of life, can get them to work for them - to do things sometimes very negative and hurtful things, sometimes very beautiful and helpful things. What do you hear in that house. (Crashing like chandeliers - and doors closing...) Violence, huh? . (A brand new house - just built!

Comment: Maybe it's all green wood!

Yada: But the contraction and expansion of green wood, does not make the sound of running feet and sharp rappings on doors. It just makes cracking and creaking sounds.

Comment: I was just making a joke!

Yada: I know that - so I was just explaining what you meant, in reference to that I meant - to people who may not understand either of us! Ted, your father is going to be alright.

Comment: I just came here to ask you about that. Would you be there when he has his operation?

Yada: Yes I will, if he so desires.

Comment: I asked him "Would you like Yada to be there when you have your operation?" and he said, I'll take any help I can get!" Now that is what I call a wise man. You please extend to your father, my love, and that I will offer him all the protection he needs. He will be alright.

Comment: Thank you, Yada. I know he'll feel better when I tell him that.

Yada: Thank you.

Question: Yada, is sentimentalism a limiting factor to the human at the present time?

Yada: That depends upon what the sentimental feeling is, what it is born out of. Is there any intelligence back of it, or is it sentiment as purely an emotional reaction with very little meaning.

Comment: This is what I am referring to. Most of it is emotional. Don't we have a lot of that in the world today, which is actually working against us if I may use that terminology?

Yada: Of course. It causes people - the sentimental reactions to what happens - it causes more trouble, because it is a blind thing - it is not a constructive force.

Question: Lack of intelligence?

Yada: That is right. Now, we can have empathy for others, but sympathy does very little good. Sympathy is highly emotional - we are projecting ourselves into the position that another is in.

Comment Have empathy, not sympathy?

Yada: Yes.

Comment: Actually - compassion?

Yada: Compassion is the thing. Compassion is with understanding. You know all the existing conditions and you understand them. So you do not, yourself, react negatively to another's suffering, to another's complaints, to another's angers. You know his position. You know his state of mind, so you do not oppose him. You let him move more free. You know, the more room a wildcat has to move in, the less chance he will attack you. Give room. Let things move in their own way. Then they seldom move against us.

Comment: Quit opposing.

Yada: Yes, quit opposing. When is a wildcat most likely to attack you? It is when you have him cornered, You give him little room to do otherwise. Give him a wide berth. Then you will be free, and he will be free.

Question: Is there some protection a person can take when he moves into a strange house, not knowing who lived there before or what happened there before? ( Comment Yes - have Yada come and exorcise it for you! )

Yada: How much I getting? Ha-ha. ( Other exchanges. )

Comment: I think sometimes you can even see a person has a spirit inside them, that has been given room to. Anyway, you know it is negative and you want to get it out, get rid of it. And I know it says in the bible, "Get thee behind me", but it doesn't seem to...

Yada: Sometimes, wild spirits do not pay any attention to that - "Get thee behind me" - because they know that the one who utters it, doesn't really mean it - not really. We - most of us - like to be tempted. It gives us that interested feeling. Have you ever looked from a high building and felt the will to jump, come over you? So you have to move back, before the will becomes greater, for it will take you over. If you can do it, when you move into a new house, go around the house - calling on the Christ to dispel the darkness of the forces which perhaps are there. Do it. Believe what you are saying. Feel what you are saying. And it will clear the house.

Question: Yada, could you use the same thing if you are living in the house already?)

Yada: Yes, of course.

Question: Same words? So, you can do it anytime, but you have to have meaning behind it?

Yada: Yes, meaning behind it. Feel it.

Comment We don't want to detain you, Yada.

Yada: Thank you. It has been such a joy for me always to come here to talk to you. We of the Circle thank you so much, Ted and Felicia, for making this a center for all of you to come here. A notchi. --

Comment: Take our love with you.

Yada: Gratia...   My love of the Light goes with you!