Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite

Through Medium Mark Probert

June 4 1965

Yada: Senas et Senahas. Ena Yada di Shi'ite

Group: A notchi, Yada.

Yada: A notchi, a notchi. I listened to your conversation and found it quite interesting. Man in his doing on earth is an extremely strange animal. He has come, by suggestion, that he has made upon himself, to believe in all manner of things. In the very ancient of ancient times man was practicing the fine art of necromancy.

Joseph: Calling back the dead, isn't it?

Yada: Yes, very good. And all of this, long before, very long before any holy books were written. Man was worshipping stones and trees and a variety of other earthly things. It was not until he started the practice of communicating with the dead that he got an inkling as to the nature of things apart from their physical side. It was out of this practice of communicating with spirits that he came to talk about gods. And he created gods from this thought and many beings would refer to themselves as "the gods".

Of course not with that English word, but using a variety of words depending upon what part of the world these people were in. Now the Indians, the East Indians, have hundreds of gods, and in China and all through Asia, there are quite a number of these gods. But one and all of them come from the same source, of man's communication with spirit.

And in the beginning he did not communicate so much with his own friends and relatives and certainly not with his enemies, but he communicated with what he thought were gods. Gods of the harvest, gods of all manner of things, gods of the storm, gods of the mountains. And a group of people, mostly men, would get together at a certain time of the year or at a certain time of the month, when there was full moon, and they would call upon these gods and materialize them.

They would create a large circle. Sometimes several hundred of them were sitting and chanting and calling up their gods, largely to consult them about ways and means of getting more food and an all around better life for themselves. Now some of these beings that were materialized were of gigantic proportions and most of them were quite hideous. And often it was a very great struggle among the sitters to hold that being in the circle. They were afraid if it got away that it would create a great deal of havoc, because it looked more like a fiend than anything that was good or kind.

Its intelligence, of course, was the collective intelligence of those in the group. You see man has always created after his own image and likeness. In the Christian Bible it says that he, God, created man after his own image and likeness. The vast majority of Christians of today believe that was physical, the physical appearance, and so they have made this anthropomorphic god, all man-made.

Man: Having the form of a man.

Yada: That is right, yes, in its appearance. It came to them naturally when they materialized these beings. These beings had arms and legs and had a form that looked or resembled the human, but more often of gigantic size, towering great big beings with bulging eyes and the mouth drooling and looking very, very horrible.

Joseph: Was there any particular one individual who was given the leadership in this, Yada?  Was there one like a priest, or a witch doctor?

Yada: Not in the beginning. All these people worked together. But then as time went on and their experimental work continued, they came to discover that there were certain individuals in the group that had more power, more psychic ability and a greater ability to produce physical phenomena than the rest of them. This is all very natural, but to them, it was supernatural. They did not know why certain individuals had this power, nor did they know where other human beings came from.

A baby was a complete mystery to them. They did not connect the sexual relationship with the birth of a child. Man in his earlier life was very, very ignorant even to the smallest of things, the most natural of things. And so everything was a mystery to him. So you can see that he very readily would call on powers that he thought were greater than himself, not knowing that he was calling upon the greater side of himself, the more extended side of his own consciousness.

Man: Speaking about their not knowing where babies came from, when I was a child I was told that my mother had to go away, or I had to go away, because an Indian was going to bring us a baby, an American Indian. And of course, they didn't want to have the children around, so they went to see Grandmother, or someone. It seems as though we are perpetuating this idea of ignorance.

Yada: Of course, yes. When Mark was a little boy, the story he was given by his mother was that the doctor brought babies in his little black bag. You see, all this comes out of shame, fear and a terrible state of insecurity that the human has suffered since the day he came here. This came out of the fact that he did not know, when he came here, he did not know how he got here. He knew nothing about himself and when he looked around and he saw these other animals, he did not at first think he was anything other than one of them. But then he started to do something that is natural for humans to do. He started to think about things.

He worked out many wonderful thoughts, wonderful ideas that were therapeutic to themselves, to their societies. Mostly in Greek times, instead of seeking to call up the ordinary human spirits, a friend or relative, they would do everything to keep these out of the tribe, away from the tribe, because they felt that mostly these beings were in a position to attack them and bring harm to them, more than to bring love or protection to them. Again, man has always suspected his fellowman of more evilness than goodness. And this is natural, because we all have it within ourselves - we fear ourselves. So why not fear everybody else, every other self?

Man: We see that suspicion engenders suspicion.

Yada: Oh, of course, yes. It was only much later in man's history on earth that he discovered the value, the value of communicating with his own kind. So he got away from calling up the gods and started to call up himself. Again, in this way, he got considerable knowledge, useful knowledge, of things to do to better his life. In ancient times man was much more scared within his environment and had many frightening experiences. Feeling that nature was bent against him, he had many bad dreams. Most dreams of these times were what you would call nightmares. It was only after man began to refine himself a little bit, to come out of this animal nature and to understand his humanness, that he began to become a human being.

Joseph: Yada, I was under the impression that before man came to communicate with himself he was afraid of some of the natural phenomena.

Yada: Oh, of course - storms.

Joseph: The lightning, the thunder, storms. And I thought that that is where he got the idea that he could probably call upon these beings to control these things that he had no control over.

Yada: Oh yes, of course. Gods of the wind, gods of fire. When the lightning would come and cause great fires in the forests, these beings thought that the gods were against them. They could not imagine how the fire could appear from energy. So where has all of our early learning come from? From our ignorance, from the ignorant side of the mind. It is only because a few minds began to see truth that man stopped thinking that everything that touched him was attacking him. In your modern times, necromancy practice in the seance room, or spiritualism, is child's play, compared to what man has done in the past, and what is done in the present by some of your more educated minds in secret groups. You learn nothing of value in the seance rooms.

It is for the uneducated and to those, all it does is awe them. There are occult groups all over your world that have meetings certain nights a week, at certain given hours and they experiment with the forces of Kundalini, which is ectoplasmic energy. In its original state it is protoplasm. They learn and they practice how to draw out the protoplasmic energy out of the cells and how to direct it into creating form. Now in order to do this successfully, they have also to know how to get into communication with a spirit being, or a being in a level of consciousness other than the physical world. In almost all of occult practices, another being is called in to assist and to teach.

Man: Is that what they call a guide?

Yada: Yes.

Man: A Keeper?

Yada: Yes, keeper is good. Then there are other forms of magic such as the practice of the release of the mind; the use of breath; the use of power; and the use of the pentagram, you know?

Man: Yes, five pointed star.

Yada: Yes.

Man: Or, illustration with five sides.

Yada: Yes, and the octagon, the triangle, all these are symbolic. Your modern study of geometry - in the ancient times the occultist brought geometry into play and it is out of the earlier teachings that you have it in your schools today. But you take it as if it has to do with the physical lines and forms of your physical world. But all of these geometrical patterns were used in the occult practices. The circle is often represented as a snake swallowing its tail. This is a representation of energies going into energies to form other geometrical patterns. It is similar to the teachings of life that the entire universe is a geometrical design.

And when you can have some mental communications with the geometrical patterns of the universe you have then direct contact with the energies and you learn how to mold these energies in whatever it is you want to mold them into. As for instance, in the art of healing you call in geometrical patterns of the circle and you direct it to the bone structure if a bone is broken and you encircle the bone with the circle, and then you direct the energies, the protoplasmic energies from your body, with the use of breath and you heal the bone instantly. It is ectoplasm, it is the substance you find in seance rooms to make materializations with. But being energy, and with the proper directing of it, it becomes what is called matter - for surface structure.

Joseph: Is this circle you put around the bone a mental circle or just a physical?

Yada: It is to begin with a mental circle, then you fill in that circle with ectoplasm by the use of breath. Now you can immediately see, just by my simple words, the complexity of this operation.

Joseph: Yes, because I don't think that too many people can do it.

Yada: No, it is exactly so. Now there are many healers in different states of wisdom, and very good ones; but most of them do not know what they are doing, they do not know how they do it.

Man: They just seem to have what we call a gift, or talent for it.

Yada: Yes, that is right. Like Mark here, he paints pictures, but he does not know how he does it. Now you do not have to know this, because your unconscious self knows it and that is all that is really necessary. And to know it then becomes more of an academic thing than a practical thing. You want to say something to me?

Man: Yada, in pottery or ancient paintings of the Egyptian period, do some of the things give an illustration of how they positioned themselves to use, to get energy to themselves?

Yada: In earlier times what they did to gather energy was to sit facing the sun and then try to breathe that sun energy into their bodies. Later it became known, again by experience and practice, that you could sit anywhere, or stand on your head, or anything else and still get these energies and re-energize yourself, or re-energize someone else who was lacking energy. Because it is not actually a position or antenna that is needed to bring the energies into your particular control.

Man: What is it then?

Yada: It is your mind.

Man: I see. Then your mind visualizes this happening?

Yada: That is right. In my time, in my city, we practiced the adoration of the sun. We bowed to it in the morning and at night time. We would not only do this, but we would breathe while we were doing it. We would try to recharge the body with the energies of the sun. Now in the earlier time of my civilization, it was known and our temples were founded on the fact that we knew that the sun was god - meaning, the source of our being, meaning the source of all being because without the sun, there could be no life anywhere. And too, we gave adoration to the sun for its gifts to us, the gift of life. Later we learned that we could gather energy from the sun night or day. The fall of energy to the earth is only somewhat more scattered and less in density at night than it is in the day, especially on the dark side. Because of this, we came to think of night as a negative condition.

Man: Well, there is more mischief created at night than in the daytime.

Yada: Only because people believe that they are not being watched, they cannot be seen.

Man: Isn't that the truth.

Yada: Oh yes, of course. All this evilness comes from the belief of the negative side of life, or the night side. Today your modern countries call it the night side of life. The practices that go on at Halloween were the adoration of the Devil, or Satan, or Lucifer. Unfortunately, the truth is not known about the being called Lucifer. He was a being of light. He never was a being of darkness, he never was. But when he made his appearance among certain people on the earth, other people, to discredit him, came to call him by another name, an evil name, or a name representing evilness, demon. Man has had a number of beings of light, or Lucifers. Lucifer is the bearer of the light, not an evil spirit, not darkness.

Man: He isn't today, he still is Lucifer today.

Yada: That is right. He still is a being of Light. Man in his fear, man in his jealousies did the same thing, apparently from what your Bible says, to the man, Jesus. Everything was done to discredit him. Everything was done to discredit Mohammed. Everything was done to discredit every being that has come to man to help him out of his darkness. Even your ordinary man, when one rises with a thought that will help others and give a better life to others, the mass mind rises and tries to destroy him.

Joseph: I'm sure Gandhi had his share of trouble in his day.

Yada: Of course. And finally there was one who could stand him no longer. His little mind could not tolerate any longer this wonderful, intelligent being, and so he shot him. In a way, it is good that the great mahatma passed from the earth in that manner, because it made him something of a god, you know. Making him a martyr does that.

Man: Immortalizes him.

Yada: Yes, of course, yes. Man needs leaders, because nothing comes out of the mass mind. He needs this contact with the individual thinking mind and at the same time, the very same people that need such things desperately, they turn against it. Do you suppose that if the story of the man, Jesus, hanging on the cross, if it is true, do you think that the people that stood around were really understanding what was happening?

Man: No, not at all.

Yada: No, not at all. Some of them cried with one eye and laughed with the other one. This is the Sadism in us; this is the masochism in us. These things are in us because of our ignorance. The Christians say . . . . . . . . . . . . Come, please, lady, come (someone is entering the room) Good evening, how are you?

Annie: Good evening.

Yada: Come to see us, heh?

Annie: Thank you. I brought my beautiful friend, Nancy.

Yada: Oh, I am most happy to meet Nancy.

Annie: Thank you.

Yada: Yes. Annie? (Annie: Yes) This girl you call Crissy is she all right, feeling all right?

Annie: I believe so. She seems to be very happy because she is going on vacation for a whole month.

Yada: Oh, very nice.

Annie: I think that will be good for her.

Yada: Oh yes. You see, whenever people are doing what they love, instead of having to do what they don't enjoy, then they need a vacation. When you do what you love to do, would you take a vacation? No, you do not need it, heh? But most of what you do in your world today, you do for money, so that you can live. So your whole life is based on the adoration of the green god.

Man: He is the controlling element.

Yada: Of course.

Joseph: In our world under the economic system, we can't very well do otherwise if we want to exist.

Yada: Of course. You know the wise man does what his environment tells him to do. It is all right to be a rebel, especially if you have a place to go where rebels are appreciated. But to rebel against your environment and still stay in it is foolishness. If you do not like it, if it is not in keeping with you, why not find somewhere that is, heh? Rebels. Rebels are often very thinking people. They do not like to conform. This is mostly because they have a picture in their minds of how things should be but are not.

Now I think it is better to conform with your environment as much as you possibly can, and in the meanwhile occasionally get away from that environment. Go to some other environment and get a rest. Then come back to it, heh? Man is always striving, always fighting no matter what he gets. No matter how good he will continue to fight for something better. Good! This is the way it is; this is law, this is the way he should be. So who can oppose man for wanting a better life? Only a fool would do that. We were talking about gods?

Joseph: Yes.

Yada: In later times, the metaphysician and the occultist came to realize that all that they believed the gods had - was in themselves. And the moment this occurred to them, they forgot about these gods and started to use their own powers to make life a more intelligent thing. Those that did not forget about these gods, built temples and more temples. One temple is not enough. One temple drives man to make endless, endless temples. Where is he going to stop? Look at your world today. There are millions of temples, most of them very elaborate and expensive and mainly made from the blood and sweat of the believer. Does this show man is growing? I think not. Mark today talked with a doctor man in the building where Irene is, what do you call it?

Man: Hospital?

Yada: Hospital, thank you. Now this man belongs to a religion of the Seventh Day?

Joseph: Seventh Day Adventist. Yes. Now this man is a doctor and he talks to Mark about devils and Satan and the Garden of Eden and how man got started and how man is cursed by God but at the same time God loves him. Does this make sense? Does it seem intelligent to you that a god could at one and the same time love his creation and curse it.

Man: What did Mark tell him?

Lady: I don't understand.

Yada: No, unfortunately, Mark is of the emotional kind that is not going to halt his tongue, especially on these things. These things are in the best of his feeling world and he does not yet want to hold his emotions down. But he did pretty good today! LAUGHTER

Man: You were standing by?

Yada: Yes, yes. Now other times, earlier times, there would have been some fur flying. But Mark has learned not to do that anymore, so that's pretty good for him. But he said to this doctor "Do you really believe that man is both loved and cursed by his God?" The doctor man said, "Yes, when God made man he gave him a free will and he did not have to love God in return. He had the will to say 'no' and turn away and follow the devil."

There seems to be no third course for man to take. He must either love God or love the Devil. Why can he not love himself? He cannot, because he does not know himself. He does not know the Self that is worthy of loving. The majority of human kind labors with so many different feelings of shame, feelings of fear and anxiety. All of these negative conditions make the human being in his own mind not a very lovable creature. This is sad, but it is true, it is true. All the tears will not change this; all the wishing for it, all the philosophy, will not change this. The individual has to change himself. Nothing else can do it. Do you think that such has ever kept any human being from doing whatever it is he decides he wants to do? (Aud: No.) Or any promises of reward for not doing it? Man is a creator. That creator within him knows nothing about what his lower consciousness calls good and evil - knows nothing.

Creative activity is the nature of the higher conscious self to be evil, to be dangerous, or whatever, because the lower consciousness knows nothing about creation. The lower conscious self is an observer. Today you are watching television. You are the observer, not creating the play. You are not moving the actors around, yet because you understand the play you may predict what is going to happen to each one of the actors. You are in the position as an observer of looking into the future of the actors. Now there are some people that are slightly sensitive and are capable of predicting the future. But does a prognosticator?

Man: Prognosticator?

Yada: Prognosticator, a big word, heh?  What do you think it means?

Man: I don't even know what it means, but that is the word you were looking for.

Yada: People who predict future activities, yes?

Man: Perhaps, Yada, I don't know. LAUGHTER

Yada: Even in your world, with your language, there are many things you do not understand, yes?

Man: Oh, many, many things.

Yada: The English language is very, very difficult. Annie, do you want to say something?

Annie: No, but I was just laughing to myself about the slang expressions you like to use, "I bug you."

Yada: Oh yes, this is very to the point. I think you would know how good to be bugged is if you were ever in the swamp country. Many bugs. Do you know what bug is (Laughter). Yes! Has lady been here before?

Annie: No. This is a very dear, old friend of mine, Yada. This is her first visit to your group.

Yada: I am so glad it pleases her. I do not know if it pleases you, but it does me. Sometimes when things are new to us, we are either neutral or we want to reject. But no one can act any different than they do because this is the way the mind and the emotions tell us we should act. But you may want to say something to me?

Nancy: I think I'll have to say only that Puck, well you call her Annie, I don't know if you know anyone else who calls her "Puck", but I call her Puck because that is the way I know her. There are very few people in the world that mean as much to her as you do and so I feel very proud, because it is not often that I am able to be with people that Puck loves so much.

Yada: I am most honored. You know, my friend, when another human directs its appreciation, its love, its feelings of kindness to another, that other is being blessed beyond words, more than any god could possibly bless them. How honored one is to have another's love. It is a gift of fulfillment. It brings to one something that they cannot get otherwise, peace of mind. WITHOUT LOVE WE HUMANS ARE DEAD. Nothing can come to us without it. We cannot give anything else to anyone unless we first give them the gift of love. Now the person who calls themselves a materialist, this may sound like emotionalism of a very low kind. But should you be interested in someone else's method of thinking. Should I permit myself to be guided by a blind person? I who have eyes let me see. Often it is said that we listen but we do not hear; we look but we do not see; we touch but we do not feel. How true!

We are dead when we do these things. I look at a being in the flesh in your world. From my side of looking, you do not look like you look to one another. To me you look like light. That is what we are, because we are born of the light, we are creators. There are no other creators. In your Christian Bible it speaks of God making man in his image and likeness as I was speaking of a little while ago. Yes? It did not mean the physical, but in the image and likeness of God in mind. I was going to say, because you might understand it better, in spirit. But you see, this is the wrong word. Spirit means breath. Spirit means breathe, breather. You are a breather. But is it your breath that survives the death of your physical body? No, the breath goes out. It is that thing called the mind that survives. It is sometimes a good thing to know that it isn't breath that survives when you realize how bad some people's breath is, heh? LAUGHTER. Annie, or as you call her - what you call? Puck?

Nancy: Puck.

Man: P U C K?

Yada: Puck, hum ......

Annie: I don't know where that name came from, I just got it sometime.

Yada: She looked like Puck to you, heh?

Nancy: Oh, I don't know if she looked like Puck.

Yada: Oh, I think so, because you see you say that name and I feel a very warm feeling in your voice when you use it for her. I feel you have an affection, a deep appreciation for her. So the name is spoken as a name of love, wonderful. We are many things to many people, wonderful. Doesn't this make you wonder what we are to ourselves? (Yada tries to cough)

Joseph: It's hard to cough, isn't it?

Yada: Yes, yes. I do not like to try even because it jars my mind out of this man's body. It causes a kind of quacking in the brain and nervous system, you know quacking?

Man: Yes, repercussions.

Yada: Yes.

Annie: Yada, today we went to Sea World - Nancy and I went to Sea World. This is the place where they have captured whales and dolphins and seals. They are working to train the dolphins so that humans may better understand what dolphins have to say. Do you have anything to say about just what they mean in relation to human lives and how the communication is eventually going to come about? And just how dolphins do act as they do?

Yada: These sea beings, there is an ancient story about them. It was taught that the dolphin mind once came up on land and became a human being of a very advanced state of mind. And then came much trouble among human beings, much friction and war and these beings went back to the sea.

Man: Smart.

Yada: Of course! Now these beings have a spirit and talk. They make some very high-pitched sounds. Each of these little vibrating sounds means something and in time you humans are able to translate these sounds into understandable words. These beings have much to tell man about the sea.

Man: That will be interesting to get that information, won't it?

Yada: Yes, of course. These beings, because of their seeming experience in past ages, have a great love for man. It has been known that schools of them have saved people from drowning and taken them miles, miles back to the land.

Annie: Dr. .......  in the Virgin Islands is working very extensively with dolphins and one of their greatest features is that almost insatiable desire to please man, to please the trainer. For instance, one of their oldest dolphins has taken his own vocal frequencies down ten ranges in order to be able to closer imitate the sounds that man is trying to have him say.

Yada: Yes, yes. Kethra (I speak to my teacher a moment). My teacher says that is very fitting. Dolphins are humans in the higher sense of that word. You see, there are humans that do not look like humans. On other planets distant from your solar system there are beings of human origin that do not look like human beings, like you here. You are a species, a special kind. Due to the atmospheric conditions, your arrangement, or the alignment of your earthly design; your chemistry, all these different things, you have created this kind of form. But on other planets conditions are different. There are certain gases such as methane gas, and there is monoxide gas, that you cannot breath without killing you.

There are a number of other gases that are deadly to a lung breather. But some of these beings do not breathe by lungs. Now you have some insects in your world that do not have lungs, they breathe through the skin. The skin breathes, the outer skin is a lung or a respiratory track you might say. Now man on the earth is pretty soon going further and further in space. But man (you will pardon me if I seem to be too harsh in my speaking regarding the earth humans) he is crazy. There can be no doubt about this.

Joseph: You mean this particular species called Homo sapiens?

Yada: Yes, thank you very much.

Joseph: Well we are pretty well aware of that, Yada!

Yada: But just think, you can still give yourself much credit. Look what you are doing working with a crazy mind. Look what you could do with a sane one! LAUGHTER

Annie: I do think that's wonderful though. To be in a place that is so dark and have so much light relatively.

Yada: Oh yes.

Man: We're here for a reason.

Yada: Yes, I am certain of that my friend. Well, perhaps it would be better that one doesn't know.

Man: Yes. I said in an undertone, I'm not going to ask what the reason is.

Yada: That is good, is good. You can work just as well without knowing. You have this in the light bulbs, this electricity. You have the use of it in many different ways and still you do not know what it is. So you see it is not necessary to know what something is, in order to get very good use of it. But in some respects it is safer to get to know what you are for your own safety, for your own benefit. And mainly, anything that benefits the individual, automatically benefits many other individuals. But man is going to take some of his craziness out into space. He is going to spread his disease of mind through the Universe, the Milky Way.

Man: Yes, but some from the others might rub off while he is getting rid of this, some from the others might rub off on him, so he'll profit from the other people, the other kinds of life. So he'll have to take pot luck.

Yada: You are a man of humor! But again, is the Homo Sapien the only being in the creation that is working with rather an insane mind? Of course not! In the depth of space there are beings that are much like you were in the earliest times of your coming here on earth. They are in a state of developing; they are in a state of what you call evolution, physical evolution. Now you have gone through all the physical evolution you are going to go through. Man is now in the process of going through mental evolution. He's ever becoming as mind. He is reaching for the Light.

Man: Yada, it looks like we were reaching almost frantically. You know I was just looking in the newspaper, in the want ad section at the jobs that are available and the shortage of men to fill them. The kind of jobs of a technical nature, most of which just a few years ago didn't exist. And the science of them was so young, that hardly anybody knew about them. In just a few years, it looks like we are frantically trying to do something about it.

Yada: Of course. And you can understand what that something is when you get in your mind the thought that man cannot stop just by going into space. When the thought of the wheel came to man, he made his greatest strides into the education of his mind.

Man: Because he traveled places, he observed other places, other people, other conditions.

Yada: The wheel. From this single discovery, it is not an invention, it is a natural geometrical pattern. When man came to know how to set it up on edge and roll it around, that's when he made the wheel, or the circle, useful. Instead of using it as a pure philosophical pattern he started to make practical use of it. Very often when people get into the study of the inner life they tend to become less practical and therefore less useful to their world. You live in a physical world, so you must develop a high sense of practicality if you are going to be comfortable in that world. Yes, Joseph?

Joseph: Well I think it's a rather common observation, a lot of people get into philosophy and they find a little niche that makes them very happy and it's like digging a hole and crawling in and closing the opening after them, with their little thoughts that this is it and they don't want any more. They are in kind of a blind bliss.

Yada: Well it is called mental hibernation.

Joseph: I hadn't thought of it like that, but that's what it is. That's a good word for it.

Yada: Yes, of course. And this leads to nothing. Man is an active being. If he is, as I said, a creator, he must stay active. It is the nature of creativeness, action, motion, doing. But man, as I say, is going out into space, not just to get out into space. He has many thoughts about many things regarding life that he must learn. For instance, what I mean: your scientific minds are wanting to know the origins of the material world. Now some of the arguments seem to be that the material universe is the result of the explosion of one large atom. Now just think of that expression, "one large atom". How large? That is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Man: And why/how the first?

Yada: Yes, either way! The first - do you know what first means? The first means atom. But that is the Greek atom not your modern atom at all. These are two totally different atoms. But this is the scientists, "Holy Cow", I think you call it.

Man: Sacred Cow.

Yada: Sacred Cow talking, or perhaps I should say, mooing (that's what cows do - Moo) You would think they were talking about the Greek Atom. Same as today, you are talking about God in the same manner as the ancient Greeks did and the ancient Indians did and the ancient Chinese did and the ancient Europeans did. Those gods that they talked about existed. Today they do not exist. The Greek atom does not exist. You want to debate that?

Joseph: Maybe you had better explain it a little more for us, Yada

Yada: First, I will speak of the Greek atom. Now you know that the word atom means an indivisible particle.

Man: That's right, indivisible.

Yada: You cannot part it any more. Now I then ask you, "Do your modern scientists believe the atom is indivisible today?

Man: No.

Yada: No. They know it consists of many, many parts and more than that, they are not at all sure that it is a part at all, that there is anything there called a part. If you could observe an atom you would see that there is no substance. Now what is a substance? Substance is a sensory measurement.

Man: It is rather a borderline object isn't it, Yada, like the energy field.

Yada: Energy field, yes, to be sure. But let us not get caught in semantics. Energy is energy, is energy.

Man: You have a problem don't you, Yada.

Yada: Yes, of course, and perhaps it is only mine.

Joseph: Oh no, no, no. You are talking about something that is almost unspeakable simply because there are no words to express the idea behind the actuality.

Yada: That is what makes it unspeakable, an unspeakable enigma. But truly, in itself it is not an enigma. The enigma qualities are there because of the minds that are trying to comprehend it are not .....

Joseph: They are not on the right channel.

Yada: That is right. It is not because of ignorance on their part. I think ignorance is something we do willfully. Perhaps you might call it innocence. Why not? It is just not known because there is no understanding, there is no thought that can bring this into being with the use of words. Like the word energy - energy is energy is energy! The rose is a rose is a rose! You can see what I mean. When I said that your so-called physical world is a sensory world and has no other reality to it than what your senses are capable of lending to it.

Man: So, in reality we are in a very narrow band of vibration and even our instruments for measuring things are very imperfect themselves.

Yada: That is one, only one of the difficulties, but give the human time, that's all he needs, and he will have the answer.

Lady: When we leave our bodies, as you say, it isn't our spirit that leaves, it's our minds. Will we go on and develop this? Will our minds develop on the other side?

Yada: Of course. You see what seems to be necessary, or so I have discovered for myself, as an individual advancing into the light of understanding, one of the things you must come to understand and you will come to understand, is that you created this. Until you accept the responsibility for your creation you are not going to do very much with it, whether you are in your creation, in the hereness of what you call matter, of the material vibration or in the hereness of some other vibration. I was going to say it doesn't matter. English is very difficult because words sometimes mean many different things.

Lady: As long as we can take our knowledge with us, maybe we'll go on.

Yada: Oh, you can and you must do this. You must take your knowledge with you. People that do not, then must come back here. They fall back into the trap of the same world that they have been conditioned in, that they have become lost in. Right here you are lost and so long as you are mentally and emotionally in this, you are not going to learn anything because the mind will reject too much. Many people think when they go on from the physical world, that they are either going to be much smarter, or maybe that death itself will make them smarter. You know the next step from this physical world of yours is an energy world which you have called the astral. It is only an anti-room. There are levels of consciousness - oh, I cannot speak of them. It would be useless to. In the first place, there is no language, no spoken word that I would use to give you a picture of some of these other states of your consciousness, of your individual consciousness. Some of these states are so - so.....

Annie: I'll take your word for that!

Yada: Thank you. Yes, yes

Annie: For one on the 100th floor of a building and another on the 1st floor - the view is so different.

Yada: You know sometimes this works in reverse too. Sometimes a being, if you for instance were on a much higher plane and then you try to come down the planes and have association with those beings on the lower planes, do you think it would be easy for you to understand them?

Man: No.

Yada: No, you have risen so beyond this, you are in a class or school so beyond this, that you have lost all memory of having ever been here. So these simple little words and thoughts that you call kindergarten mind become unintelligible to you. Sometimes you feel you are communicating with a big mind and that it is your own ignorance that keeps you from understanding. So I think this should point out the dangers of ever saying that you are a teacher. Be careful, somebody will trap you and make you feel like a student!

Man: Yesterday and last evening, a doctor visited Mark to discuss the theory that the differences between our spiritual and material world has to do with the speed of light. He had a .......... with a mechanical mathematical creation and would like to prove this with demonstrations in the next few years. Would you be able to help them to accomplish his purpose?

Yada: It is a wise man indeed who knows what he may be able to do until he tries, so I cannot say whether I could or could not. When the time comes, only then will I know what I may be able to do. I do not make predictions about others and I hardly ever make one about myself. I think it is just as difficult to predict what I am going to do, as it is to predict what someone else is going to do in any tomorrow.

Man: Well, is he correct in that theory or is he off his base?

Yada: Pardon?

Man: Is he correct in that theory of his?

Yada: You said something else. What is the "base"?

Man: Or is he off his base?

Yada: What is that?

Man: Is he correct or incorrect in his theory that the speed of light is the difference between the spiritual and the material world?

Man: I think the expression, "off his base" means his field of operation, his premise.

Yada: Oh, premise, yes.

Man: Like in baseball you know. The base of operation from where you play.

Annie: Like baseball, once you get the base, you get out. If you step off the base, then you're out.

Yada: My friends, there are words that are unworthy of one using in reference to learning and one of these words, or two I should say, are the same thing but different sides of it. They are "high" and "low", higher vibrations and lower vibrations. Whenever I use them, I always think of myself as being on the higher vibration and you on the lower one! (Laughs) This puts us at a disadvantage with one another. So we would take more, using the word ........

Man: Frequency?

Yada: Frequency. Thank you very much. You see he is not only a reader of my mind, but a reader of his own, because I was not thinking of that word, but it is the word I wanted. So which mind was he reading? His own. There are tens of trillions of billions of billions of trillions of frequencies.

Man: Ad infinitum.

Yada: Thank you. But to make a small point. Very few of us frequent many of these frequencies. LAUGHTER.

Man: That took a lot of thinking.

Annie: The funniest thing about you Yada is that you think you are funny.

Man: Will Prof Luntz be here tonight?

Yada: Yes, he is standing by and getting his laughs. LAUGHTER. But what this man is seeking, if I understand from his conversation with Mark and with you last night, is that he is looking for ......... frequency or if you wish zero frequency or no frequency. He is looking for time, not times. You see, you do not live in time, you live in times. It's plural. The moment the time world moved, the first motion created the times world, because it created duality. Do I make this clear please?

Man: Are you implying that we are in duality, that we are in existence on this plane but we simultaneously are also existing on another plane?

Yada: Yes, that is one thought on the matter. But you see, your modern scientists are working very diligently to go back into the singular of time. They have all kinds of gadgets, the electronic clocks, the star clocks, the chemical clocks that you call the carbon clocks, all these different clocks, but they cannot reduce the times world back to the world of time, because the world of time is unconscious.

Man: Then how can they reach that?

Yada: By becoming one with it.

Man: Then they lose their consciousness and then they can't talk about it!

Yada: Laughs. This is very good! How do you reach this? There are different ways, but all of them lead directly to the unconscious.

Man: That's not what we want.

Yada: Yes, you can do this and you can bring back the information from the unconscious. You see, the unconscious is not an entity that is aware of itself. It has no such awareness. That's why it is the creator. This is what man calls "God". God created unconsciously without awareness that, "I - God - am creating." Because the moment he said: "I - God - am creating", it creates duality, this is me and that is you - there is duality. Do I make my point - do I make it clear?

Man: Not to me.

Yada: Good, I will do it again, heh? This is mind (knocking on the table) this is mind (indicating). This is the unconscious and the creation of the unconscious. This unconscious does not say, "I am going to create", and then creates. This (creation) is its nature, this is what it is doing, without speaking about it, without thinking, without thought as the lower mind that you call the conscious self thinks it thinks. The conscious self does not think. All of your thoughts, I mean real thoughts, real thinking, are of the unconscious self. Because what is thinking? Thinking is creating, creating new ideas, that's what thinking is! What the conscious self does is only remembering, recalling what someone else did, or what it was doing - the lower consciousness was doing - at some other time. The conscious self belongs here in your modern world. It is the sensory self and largely it is a schizophrenic ass.

Man: It is not clear to me. The conscious draws from the unconscious and we - the most intelligent being that ever existed - and yet you say .........   (word missing)

Yada: There I agree, much more.

Man: It is a known fact that the universe in its fullness, which our eyes are not allowed to see, or cannot see, is intelligent in its own orbit, in its own functions - the stars in their place, moon in its place, the earth in its place, and everything in its place. Now, how can such an unconscious, unintelligent existence put everything in its own place and function its own activities and give, to every universal connection.

Yada: Now, with that thought in mind, my friend, the thought of the unconscious being unable to do all this, how do you suppose your lungs, your heart, your respiratory system work? Do you think the conscious self does all that?

Man: I would think that the intelligent spirit in me, that made its own body, is in control of things, but is separated from our objective consciousness. Now, the subjective consciousness has got to be more intelligent than our objective consciousness, because our objective consciousness is not doing anything, it's just recording. The subjective consciousness is the one that creates all these great works. You mean it is not conscious of its activity, of its being, of its existence?

Yada: That is all right, my friend, you do not comprehend, my friend. When I say what I must say, I am not trying to cast any negative thoughts about your ability to think. In fact, it is just the reverse. I think you have a wonderful mind, a wonderful ability to think. So I am not questioning that. Let us just say, I am questioning my own thoughts. The conscious self, if this God is conscious of you, thinks of consciousness, then creation would be totally impossible. The moment it tried to reason existence into being, it would destroy itself. But you see, without thinking about it, it blossoms like a never ending blossoming flower.

It blossoms and creation is the bloom of this great mind. It draws no charts, makes no maps, makes no plans and yet creates. Just think of this, the eye of a being on the earth - an eye. My friend, the brain does not see anything. Do you know how it is operating? By light waves striking on the retina, exciting minute cones, some of them color cones. or nerve ends that are capable of dividing the combination of colors that goes to make up white or light. The unconscious does not stop to say, "I'm going to think about how all these cones must be separated before I can see light". What does the eye see? It sees shades, patterns of light, dark, dark, darker, darker tests (knocks on table with hand). Could you tell me what this was if you closed your eyes and put your hand upon it?

Man: Yes I could.

Yada: No, you could not, and I will tell you why, my friend. My question is a little tricky. Because I am using this man's hand, using Mark's hand. I have the sense of touch through his sensory system. This could be the surface of any object whatsoever, let alone a what you call table (in my language I call it mietta), let alone a flat surface of what is called a table. It could be the flat surface of a ball, because a ball is made up of numerous little flat surfaces, yes? So the senses lie, the senses are hypnotic, the senses are little magicians giving us slight of hand. So this is round, this is square, this is soft, this is hard, this blue, this red, this black, this is green.

All these things do not exist in the things. These are conditions of the senses. They are life patterns, or the flowing of energy, which the nervous system of the senses makes measurements with. The measurement says, "Umm, this tastes good" or "this tastes bad, too bad". "This feels so good".  Do you know, even in this, to begin with it is a very nice sensation, but if you continue it for very long, it gets to be a painful sensation. The pleasure turns to pain because of the monotony.

A flat surface: this is called skin surface. Looking deeper you see something quite different than skin, you see molecular structures or bands of energy. You go deeper and you see something yet different. You call it atomic structure, seeming bits of energy, or you can say energy fields I think. And then you go deeper and deeper and there is sub-energy, and sub, sub, energy. But the word "sub" does not mean below. It simply means different frequencies. So you, as a measuring stick, are measuring energy flow and you call it creation. You call it the physical world. This great unconscious self does not create what you see, you create it!

The whole vast universe - matter is matter - energy is energy - whether you are here in this minute little globe you call the earth or whether you are in some distant galactic system, solar system and planet tens of billions of light years away. There are universes, galactic systems beyond, beyond anything that the most powerful telescopes can see. Tens of billions of billions, and you think you are the only ones in this mess. You think so? If you do and you believe in what you call your God, then you are limiting your God, you are circumscribing him very badly. But you see, I know there is no such thing as what you call, God. I know this. You believe there is, but I know there isn't.

Man: What should I call God?

Yada: I think it would be better if you didn't call him, not him, but IT, the Great IT. You see when you refer to IT as He, you make IT sex gendered. You give it sex and in doing this you give IT all the qualities of a sex being, called human, or otherwise. How can you do this and still build temples? What makes you build temples to this God with a sex organ? I will tell you. In ancient times God was known as sex - Kundalini. It was symbolized as the snake. The snake was once the symbol of the male sex organ and the male creator which came to be called God. The female does not own her child. It is not nearly as much her child as it is his child. He gave it to her. She simply incubates it, gives it a chance to build its form in her body. She does not give it life by herself. She gives it part, yes, of her vital energy through the egg in her.

Now, if this was better understood in your modern world, the female would not do what she does to the male, not really. But the truth is the male has brought this all on himself by his domination of the female in all times of the past. Some more of the stupidity of the ass quality of the male mind. Also of the mind you call the conscious self. No, my friends, I do not and I would not wish to take away or disrupt in any way your kind of belief about God or about anything else, my friends, because when one does this to another, or tries, he is trying to take away that person's life. And he has no right to do it. This is murder, this is murder of the worst kind.

Man: Now that is very important. This belief or false conception that I have, I would have to do away with and have no more.

Yada: My friend, please, I do not say it is a false conception. I do not say it is a fact. Of course not. But it is what you have been conditioned to believe by the locality you came to be born in; the family you came to be born into, and the conditions they lived in. So it became a reality to you and it is a reality to you and it is therefore a reality. Such a God as you think exists does exist because you have accepted it as such. This will give you a small idea of what I mean by this. Do you know objective?

Man: Objective, yes.

Yada: Thank you. Do you know anything about the practice of hypnosis?

Man: No, I would like to know more about that. I read one book about hypnosis and felt it was an injustice to the subconscious and I laid it aside. Later I found I really should learn more about it.

Yada: It is good that you think this way. Turn aside from nothing that will offer you a better understanding of life. You need make no to-dos about it. If you find something that does not fit with your way of thinking, just set it aside and say to yourself, "I am setting it aside for the time being. I may come back to it later. I may find a need for it". So, don't throw it away. But in the use of hypnosis, or the power of suggestion, you can have yourself hypnotized and told that when you awaken there will be no one here in the room with you.

Now, the hypnotizer gives you the post suggestion that when you awaken there will be no one here at all. So you become, what you think is awake, and you find yourself alone. You cannot see these people, you cannot feel them. If someone touches you or hits you, you will not know the source of the hit or the touch. It will be very frightening to you, because it will appear that you are being attacked by unseen forces. Now while you are in this room, let us say some of these people here took sharp instruments and stuck you with them and some others took instruments of pleasure to you that made you laugh.

You would laugh and you would cry; you would yell and you would scream with pain and then with joy, and you would not know the source of either of these. But after a time, because the mind is creative, it will make a source, it will make up a source. It may say, "The one who is tickling me must be a great being. I'll call it God. The one who is sticking me and making me suffer pain must be evil, I will call it the Devil".

Now this condition is all right. We can believe in this condition as long as we stay hypnotized. But should we start to come out of it, we can no longer accept this thought because we see the other human beings sticking us, tickling us and they are not gods or devils. When our eyes are open, when we become conscious of truth - we are free. That is the only time we can have freedom. I hear in your world, every kind of peoples, everywhere crying. "We want freedom, we want freedom." Let me ask you: How many people have freedom from their tyrants within themselves; from their own uncontrolled drives; from their own fears, their own anxieties?

These are the worse kind of tyrants and until the individual can get free from these tyrants, the tyrants within, you cannot be free from tyrants without. But when you become free from these tyrants within, there are no outside tyrants that can harm you or hurt you. No one can enslave you but you. Some of the greatest free men have been born in slavery; have been born in chains; have been born with the whip on their backs. I am where my consciousness is. Tat tat Sat Tat Sat Ohm. I am that, that I am, I am the reality. You will excuse me. I must withdraw for a little time anyway, please.

Man: Thank you very much Yada.

Yada: Thank you.

Joseph: Give our love to the members of the Inner Circle please.

Yada: Gratia, if there is time and you are not too weary, I may return.

Man: We will turn over the tape in the meantime.

Yada: Thank you. To lady - You are looking very good.

Lady: Thank you.

Yada: Do you feel good? You have trouble in your nose? What you call a cold, yes?

Lady: Yes.

Yada: I come back pretty soon.

Group: Thank you.

Yada: So I come back and you have changed your positions. Is comfortable?

Lady: Oh yes.

Yada: That's good. When it is my want and my need to take of these various things regarding life, I do not want you to suppose that I am attempting to lay down any laws for you, or to change your way of thinking. I cannot do that. Only you can do that. Even if I could do that, I would not have the right to do it. I would be enslaving you to do this. I speak and you do with my words what you think they mean. That is all. And what you do with them is entirely your business, not mine.

This is why I have said many times to the people I have had the honor to communicate here with on your earth, I come not to change you. That is not my mission, not my purpose. I come with my views, my thoughts. If you find them of value to make your life more extensive, more intelligent, more comfortable, more joyful, good. For that is what life is for, for joy, not pain. You look at nature anywhere. Where there is pressure put upon a being, a life, it automatically withdraws from the pressure. It is not natural. Pain is not natural. Pain comes out of ignorance, it comes out of not knowing.

This man, Mark, speaks against priests, his resentment against priestly systems, but the resentment does nothing for you or for him. But understanding does everything. To know what these people are conditioned to, then you know why they say what they say, how they think what they think. The best way to lead a convert to your way of thinking if that is what you are seeking to do (although I cannot understand that sort of thing), is to first speak that person's language.

If they are Catholic, which this man might be. He's never going to know a Catholic until he speaks Catholicism. He is not going to change the way of that Catholic though in that person, until he talks Catholicism. We must not take emotional attitudes to our beliefs. Truth is truth. You or I may rave against things all we please, but if there is a law for their existence, they will continue to exist.

Think on this, what is law? Is there a law about this thing? Is there a law that brought this into being? If so, you cannot argue against it. But largely speaking, man tries to work against law. An instance:- the law of self-responsibility. Most of us do not want that. We want someone else as a whipping boy for our mistakes. That's what the man, Jesus, came to be - was and is to people - a whipping boy for man's shame and guilt feelings about himself. So to throw off these guilt and shame feelings he has come to believe that this Great Master Mind of Life, this highly evolved being came to save him. Save him from what?

There is only one thing to be saved from and that is ignorance. There is only one crime the human can possibly commit and that is ignorance. You today, your country, is beginning to realize the great importance of education, of bringing people out of ignorance. An ignorant person becomes a liability, not only to the system, but to the whole nation. Education into understanding. Your academic education is wonderful for making money, but it teaches you very little in regard to the nature of life and the laws of life and how to live.

It tries to teach you that there is something for nothing. Do you think in your modern courts of law that ignorance of the law will save the criminal? When one breaks the laws of nature, do you think nature is concerned about being sympathetic because that person did not know the law? The law of fire is that it is hot. It oxidizes very rapidly and if you put your finger on it, it burns it. It cannot say, "Oh you're just a little baby, you don't know I'm hot". No, it will burn the baby.

The law of right eating, because the physical body is a chemical body, if you do not put live food in it you die, you feed it to death. Tobacco smoking is against the laws for the body, it poisons the system. Now some people who do not smoke, because Mark smokes, take a very negative attitude toward me because I do not make Mark stop smoking. But I cannot rule him, I cannot control his life, not even to save it. It is his to do as he wishes and he must be free to think it out for himself. He has a brain! I am also from time to time set upon because I do not cure his wife of cancer, or cure him of diabetes. I suppose I should jump up and down and become very angry at people for approaching me this way.

But being such a great being as I am, I - I am no greater than you, I am a human being and I know I cannot dominate any other human being. It is not within my province to do this, nor in yours to do it to another. Because you don't smoke, because you do not eat meat, does not mean that you have the right to control someone else from doing these things. You have the right to suggest to them the possibility of the danger in what they are doing, but that is as far as you must go.

Larry: Yada, then would you say where cause and effect falls within the law, as far as our experience or will is concerned.

Yada: The law of the body is a law of chemistry; the law of electricity, of energy called electricity, and it functions through the body. Now there are certain kinds of chemicals or food stuffs that I think sometimes you would say are of the utmost value to the body. Live foods are vegetables and fruits. Dead food is meat. Dead chemicals are tobacco and other filth. Now you must know that when you put these things, these dead substances into your system they are going to poison the system. It may not kill you right away, or perhaps these things will not kill you at all. Perhaps it will be something else, but that is not the important thing whether it kills you or not.

The important thing is living comfortably in your physical world no matter whether it is for only twenty years or for a hundred years. The idea is to live comfortably, because when the body is comfortable the mind is more likely to be at peace and less likely to be attacking the body. Because when the body gets feelings of irritation, it is the mind that is feeling it and the mind becomes held to the body. It cannot get away to do any creative work. It is in pain, in misery. It is hypnotically held to the body. This is the sorrow of sickness. The mind, the creative self cannot find itself.

Many people say, "don't do this or don't do that, or you will not live long". It does not matter how long you live, or how short, it is how comfortably you live. In my civilization many of the people ate meat, but we of the temples knew better. Not because we had any holy feelings about animals, they were living beings, the same as us, but our feeling was not because of this. Our feeling was because the moment you kill an animal you destroy the life force in it. The life force flies and the moment this happens, a destructive enemy starts working on the cellular substance, on the tissues of the body. It is called bacteria, a very deadly bug. It creates more bacteria as it eats. They multiply and these bacteria start to form almost immediately after death. It shows what?

That the whole body is a living body. Bacteria are living elements. Some bacteria, some forms of it, are good for the body. The body is made up of them. But when you inject outside bacteria into the body through decaying substances, you can be certain you are insuring that your life will be an uncomfortable one, if not a short one. Who wants to live long and suffer? Life is not .......... ........  life in the physical world. You may do with my thoughts what you will. That is your concern, that is your work. This is my work, to speak of it.

Lady: Is Nancy - Nancy?

Nancy: Yes.

Yada: Nice name. Have you had a similar experience before to the one you are having now? Have you been present when others spoke through certain people? Have you Nancy?

Nancy: That is very hard to say, because if you call people communicating their thoughts together, I've had that before. But if you are thinking of someone such as yourself, I haven't had that before.

Yada: But you will please pardon me for saying, you have had it before. You have had it many times. This is what I mean. You say, such people as me, "communicating with such people as you".  Now before you said communicating with minds. This is what I am. I am a mind. I am not what is called a spook. LAUGHTER of course, I am just saying this, I am not an astral being. I come to you, not from the world of the dead.

You see, semantics is a dreadful thing sometimes. The word dead to me is ignorance, and there are many people in the flesh that are living in the world of the dead. The undertaker thinks so, yes. But then that's his work, that's his business. He is not going to bury anybody that has their eyes open looking at him! He waits until they stop looking at him. It's too much for him otherwise. LAUGHTER

Lady: Sometimes they do.

Yada: Of course. And then again, there are many people with their eyes open, walking around, that should be buried. Yes, because they are dead, in every sense of the word, they are dead. These dead people I think, will have to come back here to the world again. They are going to have to come back to this classroom again and do it as many times as is necessary for them to wake up to their own wonderful, marvelous inner self, yes.

This may cause you to suppose that I believe in reincarnation and I do, but not the way many people think I do. Reincarnation or the going and coming from this earth to other levels of consciousness, is a hallucination. Now there is a law behind the activities called hallucination. Otherwise there couldn't be such a thing. The law is the law of misdirecting of thought which produces hallucination. Behind this is a law called fear, fear for where I, the soul, am going. There are some people in the past who called hell the grave and they feared to die because they feared that their souls would be trapped in the grave.

But you cannot trap the soul. It is everywhere present. I lay me down and I dream a dream and I waken up to dream another dream. I had a dream that I was Yada de Shi'ite. Previous to that I had a dream that I was Gema Shima Hadi. I was told that that was the name given me when I was born through woman, or when I took the biological path and I only took it once. I was never born again into the matter world. I do not have to be. I knew when I came into the physical world what I was to do, I knew from whence I came, what I was to do while here and where I would go when I was through with here.

Man: Yada, can I ask a question here?

Yada: Yes.

Joseph: My phrasing may be a little awkward, but how could you have been so lucky?

Yada: Laughs. I do not think that .... .. .....

Joseph: It was luck, heh?

Yada: Already you knew that! It is not a matter of luck. Luck is a word that is also called chance.

Joseph: Yes.

Yada: But as everything is born out of law, nothing is left to chance. No, I directed myself here, but only after much study first on this other level of consciousness apart from the matter world. The study was so that I would understand matter before I entered into it, what its nature is. Otherwise it would have become a trap to me. But it would only become a trap to me if I forgot my source. If you forget your source, how are you going to go back to it? If you forget where you live, how are you going to go home?

Man: Well, I have an idea that in meditation is one of the ways of reuniting one's consciousness with the source so as to minimize the effect.

Yada: Yes, of course. Meditation, moments of prayer when we are not asking for some thing. The lower self always wants something, it is always crying give, give, give. We cannot find ourselves as well if we do that. Let us make a habit of prayer - not to God, not to gods, but to close the lower mind and open the big mind. This is going into the silence and listening. I cannot express its value. All I can suggest is that you try it.

In the beginning if nothing else happens, the practice of it will slow your drive down. You would not be anxious, worried or concerned. This would bring relaxation to the body. This would change your rhythm of breathing so that you do not find yourself panting all the time. Life is in such awful hurry. You breathe from here, half the chest up. You pant, you gasp. What can I say that I have not said?

Nancy when you are communicating with a mind in your world, you are touching on my mind, because there is only one mind. You, this you, is everywhere present. It looks as though it is sitting here and it looks like what is called a girl, or female. This man looks like a male. But you see, these are only appearances belonging to this vibration called the matter world. You are everywhere present. It is of the utmost value to know this. For one thing, it says to you, wherever you are, you are at home. Wherever your consciousness is, that's where you are. So how can you ever be away from home, or be away from yourself? To communicate with mind is all that the human has to communicate with. Love yourself, yes! Joseph you want to say something?

Joseph: I think not, Yada. I was just thinking about when you came into this body of your consciousness, you started on that and I was interested in your continuing along that line. You knew what you were going to be doing over here and whence you came and whence you were going. But unfortunately, it seems many of us come here over and over again.

Yada: But you see, as I spoke of a while ago, this is a hallucinated condition.

Joseph: But you said wherever we are, we are always at home actually.

Yada: That is right.

Joseph: Except we don't know we are home, we don't realize it.

Lady: We keep going and going.

Yada: I know. The lower consciousness gets drunk with the fascination of the physical or what is called the physical. In this way it gets lost in it. Now there is nothing wrong with this, except getting lost.

Joseph: Is the divider.

Yada: That is right.

Joseph: Divided against itself will not stand.

Yada: No, of course not. Sometimes people think that perhaps sometimes to know these things will take away your pleasures or your wants to have sensations of the body. No, it will show you a way to enhance these pleasures. It will make your taste of life sharp and wonderful.

Man: It will put things in perspective?

Yada: That is right. What do you wish to say, Annie?

Annie: I'd like to ask you, what do we mean when we say cause and effect and how does that operate within the law?

Yada: This cause (knocks on table); the effect was sounds, heh?

Annie: Yes.

Yada: Anything you do physically that belongs to your world, anything you set out to do, the thought alone may be the cause. You may do nothing physically to make a cause but your thought. In producing a thought and concentrating upon it, you will get the results of what you are thinking. You cannot escape this. Often we wish we could but we cannot. I had several times, in groups I was speaking to through the years, people there, who, when I made this expression that, "You will get what you are thinking of" would do what came naturally for them to do. They said, "Oh, I want a million dollars." Kasida (that's a mild oath in my language). They do not want a million dollars. They are just making noises, they are blowing up the wind. Their brain isn't working.

If they wanted that much money, or less or more, they would have it. Do you know the difference between a want and what is called a wish? A want is what belongs to us. There is another name for it, it is called a need. A wish is an idle day-dreaming sort of thing. We do not do anything to get what we wish for so it remains in the limbo. To want is to work for that want, is to make effort, is to be willing to sacrifice anything and everything for that thing.

Annie: But when you really want it there isn't such a thing as sacrifice is there?

Yada: No, because there is a goal and to lose it would be a great sacrifice. To want is to be willing to have the strength of character to forego every other thing, to rise above, to push aside anything else that stands in your way. When you use your mind this way it is magic, the magic of wanting. The law of nothing for nothing. This wishing, is the law of something for nothing. That's why there is so much crime in your world. There is a cry today in your world, "Don't help people, Government don't help people, they will take advantage of you. They will lay down and do nothing. Don't help anybody".

You know the only people that say that are people that have all they want at the moment. They are not hungry, they are not cold, they are living in comfortable homes. Many did not get these things on their own, they were given to them. Do you think you can give something and nothing will come back to the giver? This is impossible, this is against law. You should teach your people that it is noble to get as well as to give. When they know that, then when they get from you, they know they must give to you in return. Greed is everywhere in the world, because you have been taught to expect something for nothing.

Man: What about what Jesus said, "It is better to give than to receive."

Yada: This is a law also, "It is better to give than receive", but you cannot do that. The law says there is no such thing as something for nothing. The conservation of energy says the same thing. You cannot take a gob of energy out of here and throw it where it is not. How can you? No, something as equal, if opposite but equal, must be put back. To be sure. I think you are a little weary. I think you should get some rest. It has been a joy for me to come and speak with you. Thank you for your kindness. A notchi.

Group: A notchi, Yada, thank you.