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Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite


Yada: It is very difficult to talk through the physical body...
One who is born into this physical world finds it very difficult to live in a balanced way in his physical vehicle so, in my talk to night, I think I will entitle it "It Is Dangerous To Be Born".

From the time one comes into the world of matter, it is a struggle. The initial effort to breathe is a pain. Being ejected from our comfortable, comparatively safe position in our mother's body is a pain, both to the mind and to the body.

Through the thousands of years that they have been observing the physical world, there is no safety in a physical life. Man comes here with no conscious desire to come into matter. Only after a human life-form came into being through the process of evolution, did man find himself, meaning did he become a conscious being, and in so becoming a conscious being and by following the pattern of his coming to the earth in what is called different incarnations, he developed the ability to consciously wish himself into the matter-world again. But even so, with his now conscious desire to come into matter, he still loses consciousness or awareness that he, individually speaking, wished it so.

So, not knowing how he got here or how he gets here, he goes on giving the - shall we say blame or credit - to the God he has created. Now, there will come a time when man will stop this sort of foolishness. He will come consciously into the world, will retain his knowledge of where he came from, so that he will know, and will have better understanding of what to do when he is here in the physical world. So long as we are born blind without this knowledge of our source, we cannot do anything to change our position here.

Irene: How can this awareness be brought about?

Yada: This will come individually, and in the course of time, it will be brought about in the same manner as what you call, evolution of the body. Next will come evolution of the mind.

Irene: Do you think that we will have teachers that will teach this en masse?

Yada: Oh, yes! It will be given in sections that will help to further awaken him, not only concerning his source, but what he is to do while here, and what he was in a lifetime or two before the present one, so he will be able to consciously create intelligent patterns in his lifetime as well as in each following lifetime. The knowledge of what he was before will not be lost, so he will know where to pick up, where to make amends, and he will make an effort to make amends for the possible mistakes he has made.

Irene: I imagine that the orthodox ways we have of teaching now will then be obsolete.

Yada: Of course. It will have to be obsolete, for the moment that man wakes consciously of himself through this knowledge, he will assume responsibility for his own existence; while before he had been a blind child, he will now start to be an adult. Not too long ago, in your world, there was a man who wrote a book called Childhood's End. Very wonderful title, for it referred to the childhood like mind coming to an end in the human being so that he will become consciously an adult because of his memory and of what to look for in the future. He will have what may be called clearer sailing and a more direct voyage. The trouble is - and the greatest trouble with man in the matter-world, is just this lack of knowing what he is.

Every time he comes back into the worlds he finds himself in a vacuum again, so he can do no more than act like an animal, for physically he is an animal of a different species than others, and that is all. Until he gets this greater understanding, this greater light on what he is, the world is not going to get in any better condition in man's relationship with man. His fellow man is not going to improve. There will be wars and threats of wars so long as man, a physical being lost in ignorance, worries. He can do no other, for, in seeking what he has to do, he has developed what may be called a kind of rage, a psychological rage against his blindness.

Irene: Through not knowing what he is?

Yada: That is right. It is like one being put into or going into a totally strange room and it is completely dark in there. He has, in spite of himself, a tremendous fear of the unknown. And what is it that is unknown? Himself! For thousands of years those who become what is known as sages, or wise men of life, have tried to admonish adults, the pupils, the students, the seekers, Man, know thyself. This truth has been repeated so often that, in the present time it has lost its meaning because to tell one to know himself does not cause that one to know himself.

Irene: He has no way of knowing how to go about knowing himself.

Yada: Of course not! This is so. The only good this expression really does for the individual seeker is to just suggest to him that there is something about himself that he does not know, that there is a greater side to himself. With just this knowledge very many have been greatly helped, because, in a way, it is suggested that there is a goal to work toward, a something to move toward, to strive for. But, you see, this knowledge is not enough. Had it been enough, a far greater number of people coming into the earth would not only have been able to awaken out of their sleep by their own efforts, but they would have been able to awaken others.

But so far, no one can awaken another because the one that is sleeping cannot understand a teaching that would help him out of his darkness. He cannot know any of it. All he can do is to take the word that is suggested to him that there is something greater than what appears on the surface. There are people among you who are trying to teach others, but these people, not having put into active use what they have been taught, are unable to accomplish anything.

I, myself, have said, in many talks with people here on your earth, that the first step toward awakening to what you are, is emotional control. Now I say, without making this first step no one can make a second step. For what part of us humans is it that is ignorant, that walks in darkness? The low emotional self which we sometimes call the ass, the animal self. So many people who have listened to me talking on control of the emotions have not tried to practice it. Is it their fault that they have not? No, because what is a teacher talking to when he is talking to other people? He is talking to the ignorant self, the unlearned.

If we are already learned we need no teacher, so it is our ignorant side, our sleeping side, our blind side with which the teacher tries to communicate. The teacher now must be more explanatory on what is meant by controlling your emotions. How do you do this? What is the first step toward it? The first step is to think. Practice thinking before you act. Think when you are faced with a given situation. Think about what is going on. Think of what that situation consist of really, instead of giving expression to your blind, emotional power of wishful thinking.

Without studying the situation we wishfully hope that it is not what it seems to be on the surface, or that it is more than it seems to be on the surface. When the animal in us is high, we have tendencies to jump at conclusions about our experiences. Due to the way we have been conditioned mentally, we imagine in a child-like manner, we hope in a child-like way, that this situation is not what it seems to be. We want it to be something different; we want it to be something else.

For instance, let us take what we call the death of one. We are plunged first, into great sorrow, great grief over the loss, the physical loss of the one we have been closely associated with until our loss. Need we say this is a natural condition, a natural tendency? True, but for those of us who think, we in our thinking have come to know that death is not what it appears to be to the untrained eye.

Knowing this about ourselves as human beings, we know it is also true about all other forms of life. Death is not the end. It is only the beginning of another condition, another world, a carrying-on. Those who do believe in the continuity of the human consciousness, unfortunately perhaps, have been conditioned to another kind of thinking. Very fine people but not true thinkers. Due to the religious training we have been given, we assume that the one who dies is going to be either greatly rewarded in this other life or very badly tormented, punished.

Now both these thoughts are child-like, for it is seldom that I am going to be punished or tormented after death, but you are. It is always someone else. This thought only adds more pain and foolishness to the first thought that I have lost a loved one. All this is pure emotionalism. It is the lower self thinking or rather, not thinking. It is simply wishing. It doesn't know, and this same unawakened mind will tell others how great and marvelous a being is God, the God that their loved one is going before. If they believed this, would they have any doubt in their minds as to the great happiness, the great happiness state of this one who has gone on?

But you see, they do not believe this. On account of our guilt and feelings of shame concerning ourselves and the God we created, we pile fairy-stories on top of fairy-stories, one on top of the other. When we understand that all things with life survive the death of the physical structure, and that all these things move in their own particular level of consciousness and self-awareness, we will lose our feelings of grief and sorrow over the loss of the loved one. Now, do you object to this?

R: No.

Yada: The whole universe is a living universe. Everything in it is safe where it is, no matter where. Everything is going through an experience. An experience in form, an experience with form. When I say everything, I mean the ONE THING called consciousness, called mind, called self-awareness. The I AM consciousness manifests in endless varieties of form.

AP: I am that; I am that; I am THAT...

Yada: This is so. Everything is formed, every life that takes on form causes that one to say I AM then it adds, tree, animal, or let us say, plant, man, fish, fowl. It is saying I AM THAT, I AM THE REALITY. What is reality? The form at the moment, the experience of the moment, THAT I AM. Where do I exist but in the moment? What can happen to me, consciousness, in my moment of expression? Nothing. Nothing that can be called dangerous. Just an experience.

Now, if we come to understand this, we will know this is an experience. It is not good nor is it evil. It is simply giving to me, consciousness, a fuller awareness of my I AM-NESS, and that is all. That is all as far as the experience goes, but there is a learning what we are in our experience and we get this learning by our ability to take attitudes toward our experiences in a balanced way, in a wakeful way, a more detached way, a more intelligent way. Everything passes. The only set and unchangeable law is CHANGE.

R: Even that varies.

Yada: There is an endless variation in the changes, yes. A static condition is only static in its time-frame and it is not going to change until that time changes and it is not going to happen until that time. Time is a feeling, a feeling of what I am in my moment of experience, and I, the creator of this experience, if I feel what is called the well-beingness of my experience, contentment, peace of mind, I am going to try to stretch that time in which I am having that experience. I am going to try to extend it, to prolong it, to keep it as much as static condition as I possibly can. But, if I do not like it, speaking emotionally now, I am going to change it right away. It's too painful. I do not want to hold on to it. I do not see that, even in pain, I am learning something of great value.

I am only concerned with the monotony of the pain. Everything that has a nervous system of any kind, even the lowest form, cannot help but suffer, or feel the intensity of certain kinds of pressures, but sometimes the nervous system of one has a greater capacity to tolerate pain; nevertheless, the slightest move a body is called upon to make produces a measure of pain. More, to just stand still eventually creates enough unbearable pressure to force one to move, just to change their position. The whole vast human world is a world of pain, a world of pressures that each one of us feels. We measure it, the nervous system measures this as varying degrees of pain.

Irene: Even when we feel that we enjoy the pleasure, we still feel that it is pain?

Yada: Yes. It is not measured then as what you call pain. It is, for a limited time, called pleasure. But the greatest kind of pleasure, and we can only know what pleasure is, or what pain is, individually. We cannot tell another what we suffer, either of joy or pain. The greatest kind of what one records as pleasure can eventually turn to pain, let us say, only if it is nothing more than the monotony that takes place in every action, which forces us to take another kind of action to get away from the path of monotony.

Man has a great natural drive. It is the drive to reproduce himself. In the majority of cases the human being, as an animal, is not thinking of reproducing himself. He is thinking only of pleasure, the pleasure of trying to reproduce himself. But for how long can he enjoy this joy before his body loses its capacity to stay in that state of pleasure? It is the one great natural joy for man. It often results in reproduction even though, as I have said, he is not thinking of doing this. He is not wishing for it and cannot sustain it, the body cannot sustain it for very long. The body cannot tolerate the intensity of the climax for a very long period.

(Yada: withdraws and returns after an intermission)

Yada: Is it dangerous to be born into the physical world? This depends entirely on how you understand life. What are you here for? Where do you go from here? Do you return here? To believe these things is to take the fear out of being born. We must be taught to consciously know that we are safe, that we cannot be destroyed, that all existence of any kind hinges upon that wonderful law called CHANGE.

The seeker, when he is sincere, will come to know the answer to these thoughts, these questions.

I have heard much talk in your world from various races of people, about re-birth, reincarnation. Some, and perhaps most particularly the East Indians, believe that the human being can, and often does, come back as an animal of some kind. That is why they have sacred cows, because they believe that the cow, the cow-body, is ensouled with the spirit of some saint. It is also why they live in filth and vermin with no, at least outward, concern over this state. It leads them to ignore filth and thereby suffer from filth. Syphilis originally started from man's sexual relationship with animals and lack of sanitation, the lack of knowledge of hygiene. Many tribes of people, even today do not associate sexual relations with the birth of a baby. The result of this ignorance is their permitting themselves sexual relations with any living organism that can produce sexual pleasure in them.

Now, regarding the human being, or the consciousness that has, through the process of evolution, created what we now call the human form. It can, under certain conditions, regress and find itself back in the body of a vicious animal. But this is only likely to take place if one, in repeated life-times, resorts to pure pleasure through animal desires, producing such actions as sadism and masochism.

Now even the most vicious animal does not know it is being vicious. It has no awareness that there is a more intelligent way to act than the way it is acting. For instance, the black leopard is a very vicious beast. It kills for pleasure, for the joy it gets from it. And there are certainly some kinds of human beings who have practiced this kind of thing, and they get a picture in their minds whereby they can no longer practice their viciousness while in the human form; it destroys their ability to think about the human form, so they slowly degenerate and eventually find themselves back in the animal form of what you call the four-legged animals, thus getting more in rapport with the feeling of viciousness they had while in that body. Do I make this clear, please?

Irene: Yes, the mind creates a body that will enable it to express itself in a more vicious manner in which it desires to act.

Yada: Coming back into the physical world we make our own body, seeking out as father and mother on earth those who have tendencies like our own. A child who is born through low emotional people - what you call savages - into savage masses, is seeking that kind of experience. He wants it; he needs it. It is his creativeness within himself.

One who is seeking to be born into the world of music, such as the musicians, the great geniuses, endeavors to find people who have a genetic memory somewhere in their family tree, of music. Now, the parents themselves, may have no talent in music. They may be illiterate people as far as music goes and are often illiterate in other ways, but in their genetic pattern there is a memory of music, a certain kind of music belonging to a certain, or particular era.

When coming back, he has a feeling that puts him in rapport with such earthly parents. Certainly I am not giving the entire and precise picture of this system of re-birth. My talk on the subject is very sketchy because there is much more back of it, and the meaning of it, and the mechanics of it, and the why of it.

Now, my friends, is life a belief? In a manner of speaking, yes. But in a deeper sense there are existing laws that are quite different from what one may believe them to be. This is what I said earlier, we fall back on our mere beliefs, our wishful thinking, our wishful desires, and these wishful desires are mostly built out of fear; fear of the unknown; fear for our own safety.

Relatively speaking, there are few great geniuses born in each generation. How does man come here? Out of what? The desire, which may be totally unconscious within us, the desire to express in the matter world again, to re-dream the dream of matter and thereby learn certain things that will eventually benefit us in our progressing up the ladder of mental evolution.

I have heard the question asked, among other questions on re- birth and the whys of it, if re-birth is true, why is it that there were not more people on earth in past times that there are today, in our present civilization? Question How old is the earth? How long has man, as a sentient being, a being that is aware that he is different than the rest of creation, been here? I say to you, over a billion years. It is what I say to you. Of course you are not called upon to believe it, to accept it. Indeed, you should not accept anything I say or anyone else says on face value as being so. I say to you that man has been creating civilizations and bringing about their downfall for over a billion years.

Irene: In this earth time?

Yada: On this earth. You have now on your earth pretty close to three billion people. Yes?

R: That's right.

Yada: There have been that many before, and more. Great and vast civilizations have come and had their moment, and died; but you cannot believe this unless you make a study of man, a study in the field of what is called anthropology. This means you have to study other things also. In the study of evolution, there are great gaps concerning man that are unknown. Man lives on the earth as though he were going to stay here always. He must do this, or fall back into the animal consciousness. He must believe and hold to the belief that he is an eternal being, because he is.

This is what gives the human consciousness the drive to believe he is eternal. The greater number of people in the present time do not know they have been on the earth many times before, and it is not necessary that they know this right now, or they would have learned it by now. If it had been necessary, we all would have retained our memory that we are Edenic beings, Gods adventuring into our creation. Is the creative energy in our bodies only to lend us the ability to reproduce our bodies? Of course not. These very energies are creative in a vast variety of ways. They are the sustainers of the great genius mind, and only if he misuses these energies might they destroy him.

I come here for one experience - to find myself, so that in some tomorrow I will be able to be born consciously into the matter- world and to consciously leave it, or to manifest a form to be of service to my fellow-man. Or, if not to create a form, to find life through a form just as I am using this man's body now. There are many ways of entering the physical world that need not the kind of body that one is born with when one is born through woman. Consciousness does not depend upon physical form to exist. You do not have to, any more than myself, wait to give up your body to manifest a body anywhere, any place, any time. This is not necessary. You can do it now if you learn to live and express yourself outside of the body before the body dies. This will strengthen your ability to hold your consciousness on the plane you will enter into when your physical body dies. The death of the physical body is brought about by the boredom of the operator of that body, the consciousness.

We bring about our own death, the death of the physical body. Now it is not, of course, the kind of boredom that most people suffer from, because the boredom suffered from by people is brought out of not thinking. Fear is crowding in on them, so fear creates boredom. Fear will not permit them to live out here, to express themselves in the external world.

They keep drawing within themselves because they fear for their own safety, and this means they fear also for the safety of those they love around them. This drive for hope, for safety, not only for ourselves but for others, is brought upon us by our ignorance of not knowing what we are as individuals; that we are creators. Do you want to ask anything of me?

AP: I once inquired of Meade Layne about the appearance of a teacher as a point of consciousness.

Yada: This is so. The saying in your world is, When the student is ready, the Master appears. This Master is not, never is, another human being. The real Master that appears when the student is ready, meaning when he is developed, when he has reached a certain level of consciousness or awareness of his own being, is the Master within with the Light. The Light within suddenly floods within him, dispelling the darkness that has kept him in the animal body believing he is an animal. This is illumination. When the student is ready, the Light comes. Jesus the Christ - not Jesus Christ but Jesus, the Christ - or Jesus the Illuminated, the Annointed One, the Enlightened One.

Those who know not the truth about their own nature cannot even know who one is with all the names they put upon one. Who knew Jesus? Everyone and no one because Jesus is but a label put upon a form. Who can know the Christ? Everybody and nobody. And why? Because when one is ready, he becomes the Christ; each one of us, in time, will attain the Christ Light and no one of us can tell when another has it, and we ourselves cannot tell when we will get it. You can see what I mean. I say, Who knows the Christ? Everybody and nobody.

I think I have come to the end for now. I will say this it is an existing law, or as you may rightfully say, it is a law of nature. It really does not depend upon someone's belief or disbelief. There is much argument among not only those who are totally illiterate in this subject, but among those who are supposed to be quite advanced in metaphysics and occult things. Arguments, debates as to yes or no on re-birth. What is, is.  We, the seekers, must learn to face this fact. What is, is, and go with it. If a change is to be made, it will be made and it will be much better if we go with the condition. We will learn more than if we fight it or pretend that it is not there.

It has been a joy to come and speak with you.