Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite
Professor Luntz

Through Medium Mark Probert

June 8 1954
Lecture at the Hotel Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

Irene: Yada speaks in his language. Yada says he is happy to be here with you people. He is blessing this room and he is glad to be here this evening. Yada, may I ask you if the vibration of the machine bothers you.

Yada: No, no.

Irene: It's all right, OK?  (Yada continues to speak in the Yu Language).

Irene: Yada just said he will tell you now in English what he just said in the Yu language. He was telling us about in his time when he was Yada how he tried to teach people that there was no god above and devil down below, etc. Anyway he said he would explain it to you.

Yada: Speaks again in the Yu language. My friends it is an honor to come among you to have the discussions of the most important topic in all existence - Life. There is nothing more or greater to study than life itself. Because life is meaning man, the human kind, it becomes the duty of every human being to make a direct application, to know that which is called "LIFE". What is nature? Why come to here? Where goes from here? What doing while here? I know down through the history of man, there has been much talk in this direction and many great schools have been created, only to end in great dissension and then splitting, one half going this way, the other that way in opposition to what they originally believed, and indeed to have broken up in more parts and more parts until the original teachings, the original thoughts they had sought after, were gone, disappeared. It is no more what it was in the beginning.

Love of life and the desire to understand life brought these people together and then, personal opinions, personalities, entered in and caused a wedge, a rift to be formed, splitting them asunder. Personality is interfering in the life of man en mass. All of the, what you might call, the most glad religious you have today are not at all what they started out to be. You have fairy stories instead.

Christianity. I will speak of first. It started with a group of men gathering together to teach, and to better understand themselves, the nature of the human being. They were not seeking after an outside god. They were not seeking a god as the term is applied now, or a mystical, supernatural being. But they were seeking a so-called first cause and this first cause was meaning their origin, not a god. Not a being but their origin, from whence did they come. These men were of great minds. They had spent years in deep study, in deep practice. To know something if you cannot apply your knowledge, put it into active use it is of no worth whatsoever, no matter how great it may be.

For all life is born out of action. The moment man ceases to act, in that moment he is indeed truly dead. And this gathering together in the beginning was a council of men to study life. This council of men were concerned with one called St. Paul and for most of the other so-called disciples, apostles. These men created what is called a mystical order. Mystical meaning what? Inner knowledge concerning something apart from the physical structure; other dimensions of time; from whence man has come and from whence the matter world has sprung.

They were not seeking a god. But in the course of their studies, as each one advanced in understanding, these steps of advancement came to be known as degrees. Degrees in awakening, becoming more consciously aware of their own divinity or oneness with their origin which is the LIGHT, God if you wish, but after a time you will discover that you cannot name it. When I say the Light, I use that word only in preference of the word God. Because the word God is meaning really so little. Man is bogged down in gods and devils - So I simply say the Light which is impersonal. And all of you, I must say, and the whole of the human race, is seeking to become one with this Light.

Then it was discovered in the group of this council of men which became a mystical order, that with certain practices, certain rituals, the human being could take his consciousness out of this physical world and become one with the Light. Consciously, so this meant that they had discovered how to destroy the illusion called death, and that is why you are here on this earth. And all the great teachings that followed this down through the ages, that came out of these schools of mysticism, tried to bring to the lay mind that it was death they were trying to conquer. So that the individual would not have to go into the astral world; so that he would not have to leave a physical corpse here and go into the astral world and wait there until they again found it necessary to return again to the physical world. Around and around, doing this, going into the low astral and back into the physical world.

My friends, this is what man is trying to escape. He is trying to break this, to get through, to finish with this illusion. And out of this, where the Christian religion is concerned, came the story of one called Jesus, the Christ. The story was about an initiation and had nothing to do with a crucifixion wherein that one was murdered upon a cross in order to save you and I, from what - sin? Now this evening I ask to talk with you, not from an emotional point, I cannot appeal to your emotions. I do not do that, but from reasoning. Do you feel that someone can save you from making mistakes? That by their blood they are going to keep you from living consciously? You must live consciously. What causes man to make mistakes? What causes the individual to make mistakes? He makes mistakes, because he is not living consciously, because he does not have his consciousness on what he is doing - right here - right now - in this moment.

It is all always part there, part here, scattered all over, so that when this what he is doing or should be aware of doing, he discovers suddenly that it has gone into a mess. And then he says to himself, "Did I do that?" "Oh no, I couldn't have done that, my neighbor did it" or "I did not know this would happen, I didn't know that this would be the result of doing this". And the reason he did not know was because he was not holding his consciousness upon it. When we are constantly, consciously aware of what we are doing, the results will be what they should be. You will not have to think about results. If we only do what we are doing, that is all we have to think about and the results will take care of themselves and they will be what they should be. I do not say they will be good or evil, they will be what they should be and that is all.

No teacher, low or high, can save you from living, and in living and acting there is always the possibility of making mistakes, more often to make mistakes than not, until we know how to live and act in this moment consciously. I must be aware that "I am doing this". This is important my friends. The world is bogged down in opinions, beliefs. Do you know what you are believing to be true, or is it because you have been told it is? Are you listening to me, and do you know whether what I am saying is true or not true? If you feel that what I say is true, then you will act upon it daily, not because, I, Yada, said it or any other spook or ghost, or any other living in the body spook or ghost. Nobody can be your authority, not in the finalness of your initiation called physical living. In the end it will all be handed back to you and if you permit it to be so, it can become a white elephant. And there is nothing heavier than a white elephant! It will wear you down and keep you from acting and make you fearful.

I come to you my friends, and I say, I am Yada. Who is Yada de Shi'ite? I am Yada di Shi'ite. But if you stop and think for a moment you will see, you will understand, that I am not Yada de Shi'ite, that I cannot be Yada de Shi'ite. Not as Yada de Shi'ite, as a thing in itself. **Undoubtedly I have had many, many, many lives and in each one of these I adopted a different name or a different title**. Which one of these is Yada de Shi'ite? I come to you and I say, "I am a master". The moment I say this to you, you had better take your hat and coat and go out, for I'm not a master. Anyone that comes to you from the Astral planes or from the Physical plane and says to you, "I am Master So and So, I have come to teach you", you had better go away quickly from that one. Because if this one is a Master, he will not tell you, and you would not be able to recognize him as a master, unless you have a mastership yourself. You cannot recognize anything that is not in yourself. You may as well make up your mind to this, my friends. Let us stop pretending and playing dumb about it. When we become adults, let us be adults. Adulthood is a highly responsible position.

We have no more time to play with children's games. No, I'm not a master, nothing, in the sense of that word as you understand it. It is to me a very foolish word, for it puts you below me and the human being, the human personality, the human ego does not like this. Why? Because each one of us are creators. You see, I do not say "God". I say creators. This has meaning and we are equal with one another on the same level. And the moment we are not, when one tries to rise above the other and say, "You are my pupil, you are not ready yet, you are a poor fellow. You have not much up here, but I will enlighten you". My friends, we are degrading one another when we do this sort of thing. Everybody is ready, but the alleged teachers have been making a great mistake.

The mistake is simply this, and it is a very simple matter, they have not been using the right words to ring the bell in their so-called pupils head so that they would know what he was talking about. He has been using his own language and most of it has been high, big words, Sanskrit phrases, phrases strange. The pupil is not learning and when he starts to notice this alleged teacher's personality he becomes blinded. Blinded by the glow of this great personality and so he falls down on his face. He is emotionally caught up, hypnotized by the personality. And when he is like this, he knows nothing, because he is feeling for nothing and when he is like this with the mouth open, the eyes bulging out he is awed. "Oh, this great being has just spoken to me". So he is deaf and blind. He is caught up in an emotional hypnotic state and does not hear one word the teacher has said, because he is fascinated with his personality. This has happened to the one called Jesus, the Christ, to the one called Gautama the Buddha, Brahma, Zoroaster and all the teachers down through the ages.

My friends, who am I? I have been called many things. I have been called an evil spirit; an emissary of the devil, a spook, a ghost, a part of a split personality, an astral shell and not very long ago there was a man who wanted to get what you call this ? ? ?

Aud: Radar?

Yada: Yes, radar. And he wanted to pick me up on radar. And I said to him, "What does this do for me?" He said: "This makes you a pip!" And so I have become a pip also. Everybody knows what or who I am but me, Yada. LAUGHTER. This is all right, I do not complain. It is natural, I am all things to all people to the degree the individual listening understands what I am saying. Why does he understand? Because he already knows! This knowing may lie latent and is what is called and misplaced in this world, the unconscious self. There is no unconscious self. Perhaps I should say the all conscious self. What do I mean by all conscious self? Where is this? In what locale is the all-conscious, or the unconscious, or the sub-conscious? These are all labels and tags of unknown quantities. What are these unknown quantities? So we label them, so we think we know what we are talking about.

Your physicists call this paranormal psychology, Para - above and beyond known conditions about this or that. Is there anything that man knows? If there is, you tell it to me please? What do you know? Perhaps you will tell me you know, and for certain, that two and two make four. This is certain? There are planes of consciousness where two and two do not make four, but make much more, much more. That which you call mathematics is supposed to be a pure science. And it is pure. It is so pure nobody knows very much about it! You have something called the zero. This represents a symbol of the nothingness state. Then out of this nothingness state you automatically manufacture a whole part called "one". Is this reasoning? Is this logic? Is this understanding? Does this show you know something? How are you going to get a whole number out of nothing? How are you going to create nothing in the first place? Man did not begin somewhere. He always was.

What do I mean by "he always was"? Perhaps I had better say "IT" always was. Man, as the word is understood, is a human being. This is recognized by man as man, the human form. But very few can claim to be human. It takes work my friends to be called human, acquire the title of a human. Before this we are working in what is called the group soul. We are under control of the mass mind. The so called human beings are puppets, zombies pulled by strings. The strings of what? Is there some greater being dangling you with strings on you? No! We are dangling ourselves on the end of emotional strings. Because in coming into the physical world we become immediately hypnotized. Because every sense of the body is subject directly to nature, to hypnosis.

The art of suggestion. The eyes look out here. Your attention is held by the glitter of the matter world. Everything out here is holding your attention through the senses. Do you think that after a course of time you are going to forget what the matter world is like because you pass out from the physical world? Certainly not, because you are being conditioned, the senses are being conditioned in the physical world. It will take time to uncondition you so that you may rise into higher states of mentation. Everyone enters into the low astral plane unless they have made a great deal of study to understand what they are, to comprehend their own nature. And if you have not learned ...  .....  ..... .... ...,  my friends, which is emotional control, you will have to come right back here. No matter what else you think you know, you will still have to come right back here.

But before we can talk on what we call reincarnation, life after death, we are going to have to know what it is that goes away from the body. What survives this so called death. It cannot be a something called the "spook", the "wraith", the "ghost", what is its nature? What is it that goes away and comes back? What is that which is called the spirit? The soul? I say to you, it is this, you think of it and then accept it or reject it for you are your own creator. You must live with yourself. That which is called the soul is only a grouping of experiences recorded, and that is all you can say about it. Recorded on a light ray, called the soul seed. All things rise out of seeds. There have been some controversies, and there still is to some extent, on that very old problem of which is first - the chicken or the egg? The egg is, for all things come out of egg, egg form. The whole vast universe was formed first, the world of matter, developed, gathered on what is called great vortexes, heat or lines of force or vibration, attracting certain matter through these lines. Working ever inward to become first the egg and then out of this egg hatches all other manifestations in form.

But this is speaking from the physical side. Where did the matter that was drawn into the vortex originate from? Other frequencies? Matter did not originate anywhere. Matter always was, for matter is simply the building block of consciousness. Would any of you care to oppose me? I am most honored to listen, I too have come to learn.

Irene: Do any of you wish to ask Yada a question? If you do, just raise your hand.

Anita: I agree wholeheartedly.

Yada: Thank you very much, lady. I only hope that you will pursue whatever studies you have been pursuing that have given you that kind of consciousness to be able to agree with me.

Anita: I not only agree, I understand.

Yada: This is a great joy to me, for it means that you are on the path of finding yourself consciously. My friends, in the death state, and there is no word in my language that is what you call "death". There is no equivalent for it. In my language there is only E'da. E'da the Light, or the Life. The individual has suffered the illusion that something has happened to him, called separation from the physical body. And the illusion is so strong that it has created a condition so what and so why? So that he can escape the responsibility for leaving this corpse there. You are doing what you think is natural. Everybody does this way. Everybody leaves the corpse on the earth.

In the Christian Bible it says that when this Great Teacher was put into the cave and a great stone pushed against it so his body would not be stolen and Angels of Light came also to guard over it (that is the mystical part - the Angels of Light). The other part, which is not mystical, said that they placed guards there to see that the one called Jesus was not stolen, so that the Jews could say our Savior has risen, when they really only had stolen the body.

My friends, when the stone was rolled away there was no body. Why? Because somebody came and stole it? No. Because this man knew how to control the building blocks of his body and took the body with him. Did he take it as a body like this? No, this would smell very badly in heaven. No, he took it as energy, mental energy, out of which he created it in the first place.

He manifested it here. The same as you have, so that He could complete a mission, His work, his own work, his final initiation, freedom from that which is called death. That was his last earth life or illusionary dream. The crucifixion was an initiation. He was put upon a cross, yes, in the secret chambers of the Greek Mystical School. The story was stolen. The great avatar, the great anointed one, was one called Aesus, the Son of God, the Son of the Sun, S-U-N which means light, the Son of Light.

My dear friends, this body that you call an atom structure, molecular structure, whatever you like to call it, these bodies are what we call light blocks. In Masonry, in the Inner Teachings, they have the trowel. The trowel represents building, cementing the blocks, cementing the blocks with knowledge, with conscious awareness, building the Light Body which, when once built one never returns to the physical expression through biological process. But they can return whenever they feel it to be necessary or to go to any state of consciousness throughout the entire universe and universes. Because why? How does one get there, by flying there? No. They realize consciously that they are themselves the universe. The conscious awareness of this can take me anywhere, where "I consciousness" want to go. I do not move, you do not move, because you're consciousness and consciousness has no motion at all. But there is a form of action called material manifestation.

The dream world, the shadow world, man built it. Let us stop blaming God. Let us leave Him in His glory. Let us give Him a little peace for a change. Man has been hounding and persecuting God. He does not know it. Unconsciously he has been persecuting the Light, the source of his very being. He has formed an image of it and it has appeared like a man, in a place and locality called heaven. So every little thing that happens to him, "God did it". Or, if it is considered in this or that particular environment to be out of balance with that environment, it is called an evil. And man created another being called the Devil to blame it on. "The Devil made me do it, I'm innocent." And also he has been mistaught that one called Jesus the Christ came to keep him from paying for his blindness, his indifference to life. His indifference to his own divinity.

In your Christian Bible it says that one called Jesus the Christ was crucified between two thieves. You know this? One of these thieves turned to Him and said, "Oh Master, what about me? What is to become of me? I'm frightened". And it is said the Master turned to him and said, "Fear not, for I say unto you this day you shall be in Paradise with me". This sounds very good, yes? He is going to take him to Paradise, this one, this blind one, this hypnotized one, the lost in the material glitter one. He was going to have all this wiped out and taken to this great state of divinity. No! This is the teaching of the priest craft. They left out a comma, because they knew that the lay man, the sleeper, would not seek to find out differently. They would not notice the comma, such a little thing as a comma.

Millions of words in this book, millions of commas and periods and semi-colons and this, or that. This little comma would not be noticed. The greater majority of the people are blind anyway. How are they going to see something like that when they do not see greater things right under their noses. And so they left it out. And so the people have come to accept the thought that this one called Jesus the Christ is going to take this one and take him to heaven, heh? My friends, you know where the comma goes, heh? I'll say unto you this day, (comma) you shall be in paradise with me." This gives that one a chance to grow, to find his own Christhood by work, by effort, by consciously seeking.

My friends, I do not care how often one is taken out of a low position and put in a high one, if he is not learned to hold that position he cannot hold it, heh? This is even in ordinary life, is it not so? Then it is much more so in the divine life. We cannot go where our consciousness is not. We can only be where our consciousness is. My friends, you are born of love, not sin. Not sin. You are born of love. This world is a world of experience; a world for you to complete your initiation so that you too shall find your own Christness. All your acts, commit them in love and you shall never have to be concerned with the results. This is the Golden Key to life - LOVE, the Golden Key to the Light. All the Great Teachers down through the ages said so. But the priest craft took these words and turned them around, put shadows on them, blackness put upon them. They said you were born in sin. Evilness, the curse of Adam is on you! There is no curse on you except that which you put upon yourself.

Adam. There was never such an individual as Adam. There was never such a being. Adam is an English word is it not? Was somebody, or God an Englishman? How come then he is called Adam? Why was he not called Joe or some other name? A race of man? Atman is the word meaning oneself, becoming aware of a flesh covering. One who has moved out of the world of greater reality into an illusionary state.

My friends, if you can, if you as an individual can comprehend, can hold within yourself the realization that you are born of love, you will give light, you will give love. It will not give you a sense of aggrandizement and seeking for personal gratification. It will give you a sense of love, of humility, of inner peace, which is the only way you can consciously seek to understand that. If your mind is filled with confusion that is all there is there, confusion. You take a glass of water, pure water. It is filled to the brim, it can hold no more. If you put one more drop in there, some has to spill out, heh? And the moment that some spills out, if that drop you put in there is contaminated it will contaminate the whole glass of water. This is the glass (mind), this is the Magic Bag, or the Magic Glass. I want to stop talking for a moment. I want to listen to you please. Do you want to ask questions from me please?

Irene: You want to ask questions? Go ahead, speak to Yada like you would to us. Heh, Yada?

Yada: Yes, my friends, I am like you. I am not different than you. This man over here is not different from that man over there. We are all one in the great mind and when we rise out of this manifestation that we have made, this dream, this momentary dream, we will find our oneness and cease to feel a separation.

Lady: Yada, what about Jesus dealing with his young manhood from about twelve to thirty?

Yada: My lady friend, let us go back deep into the history of this one called Jesus. You will find that one to whom the name Jesus was given in what you call your Bible, your holy book, that this man originated or had his earth birth one hundred years before, or B.C. He came out of India as a little one, as a baby, before birth. He was expected. Expected by whom? The council of Men that later became known as the Essenes or Arcane School. You know these schools? They knew he was coming. How did they know this? Because a light appeared in the sky. Where did this light come from? Was it something called God that put a candle in the sky so that all men should know that His only Son was going to be born? No my friends, the great discerning mind, living in other dimensions of time, the masters of the universe and universes which you now see occasionally manifesting as the what you call the disk people, they knew. They knew that he was coming to the earth for the last time, that would be his final initiation. The Essenes knew that he came to join them. And the disk people, some of them, moved their matter into your dimension of time.

Let us look at this a little closer please. Within the atom are substances of such density or weight that no amount of yet known force projected at the nucleus will permeate it. One, what is called a cubic inch of this substance weighs up into the billions of tons. Do you understand me?

Aud: Yes

Yada: Into the billions of tons! This is the Inner World, yes. In that inner world, that inner substance of the atom produces form for those in those dimensions of time. Now there is no such thing, my friends, as space, no such thing as time. These are purely abstract entities or concepts. Abstract. (Waving his hand in space) This is your consciousness - that I wave my hand in, or the boy's hand in (Mark's hand). This is your consciousness. But taking it momentarily, from a physical standpoint, it is a hundred thousand times denser than this (Yada touches the table) or any matter in form as you know it. It is indeed worth that I speak about this, for these beings have their existence there and can move from their existence into yours. And it isn't a movement, it is an emergence. Let us take please, what is called (this is funny, very funny) right here, right here. Now if you will see the humor in it as well as the impossibility of it. Interesting subject to discuss is it not? (Here, Yada asks Irene for two objects)

Irene: Yes.

Yada: Thank you. My friends, let us make for pretense for a moment. Let us say that this is the only object that exists in form in all space and time. Could you tell me where in space and time it was? But the moment I do this or do this, you will know. Then you can say this is where it is in relation to this. Now, if I move these two lines where is here or there? It does not exist. It is consciousness. I think I go away for a little while please, if you do not mind, heh?

Aud: Will you come back?

Yada: Yes, I will come back. My friends, if you would like to have me come back later, I will be most honored to return to you.

Irene: Would like to have him come back?

Aud: Oh yes.

Yada: This makes my ego very big. Thank you very much, thank you. (Turns tape)

Yada: I've come back. Thank you. My friends, remember after you have gone from here that unless you try to practice what we think, to put it into daily use, it is wasting the breath to talk about it. Let us try please, heh, to use our thoughts. You want to say something?

Irene: There is a man in the back that had his hand up a while ago. Will you speak up sir, please, so we can pick this up.

Man: Did I understand you to say that was the last initiation of Christ?

Yada: Yes.

Man: I've heard it said that He is back on the earth plane again, I just wonder.

Lady: Yada, is this why Jesus (Christ) has perfected his physical body, so that he will not need to come anymore?

Yada: Yes, lady, let us understand this. Not only because he has perfected his physical body, this is of little importance. What is important is that he has perfected his state of awareness. All other things follow in perfection from that point. As we perfect our consciousness, perfection will take place in all the rest of our bodies and everything that we will in the future create or manifest.

Irene: May I mention something, Yada?

Yada: Yes.

Irene: The gentleman here on the front row, I suppose you heard him say a moment ago, he asked if something could be said pertaining to the discs. He asked that before the lecture started and I was just discussing with him a minute ago the necessity of putting forth his question. But you had already started on that and you were talking about the Master taking his body into the state of awareness, back to where the disc people are. Now, I wonder if these people know where these disc people come from. Are you aware of all this? Do you think they come from the earth?, I wondered if you wanted this straightened out?

Aud: Yes, yes.

Yada: My friends, there is a whole vast culture around you that has nothing to do with the so called dead. There are really no dead except those who are not awake. LAUGHTER. You see, many people, great masses, all of the human race in fact, go around with their eyes open. It appears they are awake, they are not. They are only aware of their little outside dream, hoping it will be as they emotionally expect it to be. They are not awake. These are the living dead. All of us have come up from that state. By degrees we come out of our dream into a greater state of reality. Those that leave the physical structure in what is called death, they enter a plane called the astral plane. The majority enter only what is called the low level astral plane. Are there piles and piles of these planes in places, in locales. No. They are simply states of awareness and human beings create states of awareness from their gatherings, or the lack of their gatherings here on this earth plane, and live in these states of awareness.

Irene: Would you say, Yada, that every individual here represents a state of awareness?

Yada: That is right. Right here in this room, my friends, there are various astral levels. Because I have had a mother, I can speak of this because I know all of you understand love for mother. This is one of the first feelings for life, first attractions, this love for mother. Now I came into this physical world as baby. When little older, I began to become aware of one called mother and according to her treatment of me, I will come to love her and want to be with her all of the time or as much of the time as is possible. Then I get to what is called the adult age and I find I must leave her, and go away for a time and make my own home and my own conditions. Now this mother in time, like all beings, is going to have to leave the physical structure in what is called death. Unless of course, she has accomplished the final initiation.

Now if my love attachment is strong and I am there watching her pass from her physical structure, this is going to break my heart. I am going to go into an emotional upheaval. And if the attachment is very, very deep, I may die with her. This is emotional attachment. It belongs in the physical world. It has little or nothing to do with your further development or the attaining of it. The mother being has simply permitted herself to act as an open door for your entrance into the physical world. This does not mean a belittling of the mother, because were it not for the universal mother there could be no universe. But let us come to understand these things so that we do not find ourselves lost. I am not getting away from what you are thinking my friend, no.

If I understand the relationship, the true relationship between one called my mother and myself, I am still capable of this great love but the love will be greater because I will understand it in its fullness in its greater reality. And when I see her passing from me, as she may do, I feel no great emotional break. Why? Because I know that she is me. That in another time I could have been her mother and she my son, that we are but minds and we will join one another in the course of events if there is a necessity for it, if there is some reason for learning something from one another. And until such time, I shall carry such belief, and a greater one than that - the Light. Then I will rise above all form, above all mother-father beliefs and become mother-father. Is it not so? I will become the mother-father and I will cease to have any further beliefs that a form holds anything.

Now there are many people that turn against communication with the astral world. There is pro and con raging against it. There are some beings that are called earthbound and these are supposed to be evil. But there are many beings that are earthbound for a very beautiful, wonderful purpose. The purpose of bringing greater love, greater awakening to the human mind. Evilness is not something in itself. Evilness lies simply in our belief of what the act that we are doing is, what is its nature. According to our environment we come to believe that this thing is evil and this thing is not evil. And if I move my consciousness from the physical world into the astral world, believing that this is evil and this is good, I'm going to carry that belief with me into the next state, and I'm going to be haunted by it the same as I was right here. I'm going to be controlled by it.

But let us look for a moment into what we call discs and what we call Karetas. The word "Kareta" simply means god-man in flight. My friends, the world of the Ethereans is in the deeper levels of the matter world. The astral world is simply one skin of the great onion called the consciousness, one outer skin. Those living in the Etheric World do not have to and never have entered the physical world by birth. But certain ones, in the course of time on the earth, certain ones in their final initiation, cannot only enter their state, but can move through all states down into the very lowest slums of the astral world up into the highest realms of being. But these Etheric beings are not the dead.

They are very much more living, they are living in a world of great, great reality. When you see these forms and they have appeared on your earth many, many times, when needed they make themselves known. And today you need on your earth authority to turn to. You have not one, not one on your earth my friends, that you can turn to and call the authority on UFO's. None can lead you out of the possibility of the entire destruction of your civilization. These beings come for they are the only authority left. They come to find a way, not to save you as bodies. They do not care if you slaughter millions of bodies, man has been slaughtering himself for thousands and millions of years. They are not interested in that.

They are interested in keeping the earth, in saving the earth, for the earth is the school of man. If he destroys it, it is going to take billions of years before he finds another body to appear on, to get the proper education that he can only get right here. Now I know many of you people are thinking that perhaps Russia is very likely to start atomic war with you. They are not. It is not their policy. She does not want to because she does not desire for that. Why my friends? Because she wants to take every country she can get whole. She does not want to destroy for she knows destroyed land is of no value at all. Would be detrimental to her.

Russia is seeking to, like your country, like England, like every country, to lead, to become the dominating power of the earth. All nations are seeking this and have sought it down through the history of the earth, and man on it. No nation is innocent of it. You decry the communistic effort to spread communism all over the earth, and yet you are spreading democracy all over the earth, or something you call democracy. My friends, Russia does not have a true communism. Communism means brotherly love and sharing, sharing alike not only of physical things, physical things are transitory, but share, share this, the light of your own wisdom with your fellowman, this is the important thing. But Russia does not have this. Democracy means the same thing as communism, it means brotherly love and sharing - sharing alike. But you do not have this.

The moment you talk out loud about sharing something you have now created committees to put a bar against it. To make war against communications. Communicating in harmonious accord with one another. Don't do this, they are individual. You do not care if your brother dies in sleep with an empty stomach. What do you care. You are seeking individual aggrandizement. This is called free enterprise. You like that? Let me look in your cities as I have looked and turned away, and were I emotional, I would be horrified beyond words. I would become so utterly ashamed of having even a thought of belonging to the human race that the thought itself would annihilate me.

Your slums. Where do you think the astral slums come from? From your slums, you bred them. I go all over your cities and I see this, I see this throughout. Not only in the cities, all over the world! I see this all over, I see it in India. They are born, they live, if you can call it living, and they die on the streets. China, Russia, all over the Far East, Mideast, and what you call the Western half of the world. Anywhere you turn there is mankind against his brother. If not openly, with effort, then by paying no attention, ignoring it, seeing the crime going on and ignoring it. We become equally guilty. You talk about being Christian, you build great temples. India builds great temples. China, everywhere to their gods and to their devils. And to worship these gods, they crawl all over the bleeding corpses of their fellowman to get favors from their gods. This is Christianity? This is Buddhism? This is Brahamism? This is a thousand and one other creeds, denominations, beliefs.

My friends, the most important thing to pay attention to is man, not god. When you come to understand yourself in relationship to your fellowman; that you are to serve him in love, that you are to serve one another - you will be serving god. Then God will not have to stand up there in the sky and say to himself, "Why did I ever create this mess?" All I hear is shouting to me, "God do this", "God do that". "Give me this". "God save my country and crucify the other country."' Beautiful heh? These beings (UFO's) they have come because they see this impossible mess. They hope to bring some understanding to the greater ones of every nation. But if they want to kill themselves, the nations, all right. But do not attempt to use atomic power to that extent - there is a possibility you will destroy the earth, because if you do, then they will have to destroy the whole human race. They will have to kill the pupils to save the school. (Sarcastically) Is beautiful, is it not?

An excellent commentary on the wonder of the human race. My friends, why now is it possible that I can come to you and say you are good when you think of the conditions on your earth and the way man treats his fellowman. You have what is called, many of you here are very closely connected to what is called spiritualism. My friends, for one to become a medium, they are taking upon their shoulders, or have placed upon their shoulders, a very serious responsibility, and the first law of that responsibility is love. An astral being, it is coming and controlling one of these sensitives. If this sensitive is not balanced in body and mind they are going to be in trouble. If there is any hate or malice, jealousy, envy within that one, he is going to suffer and spread suffering everywhere.

He is going to cause his beings, those that use him or attempt to use him, to speak unbalanced thoughts, to carry slander and abuse to his fellowman. They come and they say they are happy. If he was not happy here he is not happy where he is. If you do not respect sufficiently, or love sufficiently, your neighbors, brother,  whether he is related to you or not and respect his ideas and concepts of life, why do you now come to seek him after he is out of the physical world? You would not have gone across the street to ask your grandmother's opinion about what you should do when she was living in the physical world, but the moment she has died, she becomes all wise. Yes, grandma, you are so smart now you have become a spirit, but before you were so stupid. Grandmother is still stupid!

My friends, I have gone to many, many, what are called seances all over the world, all over your earth. In ancient times there were special groups of men and women who used to sit around. They would form a circle or they would create what is called a triangle or a square in their seating according to what they were seeking. And in full light, in sunshine, they would start chanting and making certain inbreathings and outbreathings with certain words. And they would cause to form in the center of the circle or the square, first a little misty substance and this would double and double until it became a being perhaps twelve or fourteen feet high of the most heinous appearance you can imagine with the most violent seeming nature. And they would have to fight, each one of them in that particular circle would have to fight to keep that form, that being of their creation, in control. To hold it there while they asked for knowledge concerning the conditions of crops, the conditions of family life, the conditions of the earth in general and what they should do. This was called necromancy.

But where did this being come from? Was he something in his own right? It came to be worshipped as a god or deity, and also of devils. All the seeming evilness in this form, this seeming violence was the violence within each one of these people sitting there, was the savage, the beast in them. And all that was not, was the balance and the good and the kindness and the wisdom. So these beings are always of two faces. Depending upon which face was the strongest - man would reap the results of bringing them into being. Later, there were certain ones of these individuals that came to be known as mediums, or sorcerers, and very often they would cause their projected beings to say the things they wanted them to say in order to have control over that tribe.

My friends, I say to you, I am Yada de Shi'ite, but I am also one called Mark Probert. For who is he in comparison to me, Is he separate from me? Am I separate from him and how? In what manner and what measure? One comes to you and you go to medium and he causes a projection of what is called ectoplasmic substance to build into one that looked like your father, mother, brother, sister, or a very dear friend. And this one says to you, "Remember when we did this and we did that? Oh it was very good, wasn't it? It was very lucky or it was very bad and we got into difficulties and made for good laughter". And this one that is projected is looking exactly like your mother, your father, your sister, your brother or your friend.

And you tell him all about the past that you shared with him and perhaps many things about you to her and he or she to you and you go away and say, "I have talked to my mother, father, sister or brother. My friends, I do not want to say anything that is going to what you call in America, "pour cold water upon it." I want you to have understanding of what is going on. All right, if you accept it as so, it is so. But how are you going to prove it? There is only one way to prove anything and that is to yourself. I prove everything to myself, but nobody can prove it to me, nobody. If I do not accept it from my own understanding, my own feeling about life, you, no matter what you say, (no matter what you say) no matter how intelligent you are, you cannot convince me.

There are many investigators that come to make investigations of these things. They feel they are very intelligent people, but they have no knowledge of that kind of action. Perhaps they are physical scientists. Does this give the physical scientist the legitimate right to know anything about spiritualism or spirit recall or spirit communication? They are dealing with what is called physical matter. The return of the spirit being is dealing with a matter of a very different frequency, very different. And this material scientist does not necessarily have any qualifications whatsoever or know anything about it at all. But there have been many investigations,  where these minds have entered into, and they have asked for all kinds of scientific proofs.

This is very amazing and very amusing. They want scientific proofs and so they have caused the projected being, an invisible body or what is called an astral body that cannot be seen with the eye to produce all kinds of tangible things, such as what you call finger prints. Now the scientists in finger printing are all deeply caught up into the belief of how valuable a finger print is. And so they have used this method to prove survival. And while they are proving the survival of John, John is trying to prove that it is he. (I use the name John, it is all right. heh?) Who is John, What is John, is John something by itself? So I put this entity, whatever it is, over here . I put John ... ..... .... .... or I take the tag called John, then what is John? You see what I mean my friends? What is the quality called John in itself? However we will come back to this.

Now this one called John is making some finger prints, he has been asked to do this. So he not only makes his own finger prints, and he is amazing the scientists, "Oh, this must be him then", but then John, to have a little amusement with them, makes everybody's finger prints in the room! This has been done my friends and not only everybody's finger prints in the room, but not only duplicates of his prints, but making fingerprints of those that are at a great distance from the room. Yes, therefore who was this entity called John? Was it John? That is for you to find out. I will tell you what you will find, my friends. You will find that you are John. It is the most beautiful thing to find out! If you believe you have been communicating with your mother as something different from yourself, that is all right. That is beautiful. Go do this, but love what you are doing, feel a close communication. But do whatever you are doing with your eyes open.

Do not go to a medium and play tricks with him, because he will play tricks with you. Maybe he does not mean to play tricks with you, but his so-called unconscious self knows everything and you, with your desires to find this or that, can reach into that Magic Bag, will cause him to produce that which you want. And if you make up one, he will bring out a made up ghost. You asked for it, heh? You got it! There is no need for fear. All is well with you if you live in love, this is important. It is not important if the what is called the Ethereans or the Karetas, called flying discs, it is not at all important unless you have found your own importance to life first.

Only then can you measure the importance of these beings. Will you dispute that? There has been much dispute about whether there was a God or not before the coming of the discs. Now it is a dispute as to whether they are discs or not. It does not matter whether there is a God or not, or whether there are discs or not, unless you have your own awareness, so you can recognize God or recognize the discs. Let us deal in love and with human beings like ourselves; then we can deal with Gods and discs.

My friends. I must leave you. There is another who would like to come and speak a few moments to you. I know it is getting late. I would like to stay much longer and talk with you, but your time is limited because you have made it limited, unmake it, become free. Do not be concerned with what is going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow does not exist. Live right now, right now. Feel what you are doing, feel it with all your being, then you will be much more alive. If you approach live in a peppy way it will give you a peppy feeling. Naturally. I go now and I leave you with my love.

Aud: Good bye, Yada.

- - - - - - -

Irene: You caught me unaware!

Prof. Luntz: Oh that is quite all right my dear, most of us are caught unaware. It is an honor my friends, for me to come here this evening. This is the first time I've come to your city.

Irene: This is the first time we have lectured here, Professor.

Prof. Luntz: Yes.

Irene: I was thinking today that it might be a good a good idea for . . . . .

Prof. Luntz: Today.

Irene: Yes.

Prof. Luntz: Edward, how are you sir?

Ed: Um, hum.

Prof. Luntz: It is nice to get a chance to talk to you directly. It has been quite some time that I have been talking with you. Heh, what?

Ed: A pleasure to meet with you.

Prof. Luntz: Thank you, sir. We do appreciate your kindness, your efforts. And also to your wife, we are deeply grateful to both of you and I hope sir we shall carry on whatever future we have and with all that goes on as usual, and we both learn considerable from one another.

Ed: Yes.

Prof. Luntz: In the coming years, heh?

Ed: Yes.

Prof. Luntz: I think it will be better that you come back to it later.

Ed: Will it be better later?

Prof. Luntz: Yes sir.

Ed: It is only temporary?

Prof. Luntz: Quite so, much better, much better.

Ed: Good.

Irene: It's just that the light has been turned down for the time being, heh, Prof,?

Prof. Luntz: No, the light has been turned up! More light has been cast on what is going on and it is the light that is continuing in a rather impossible direction.

Irene: I was thinking of something different.

Prof. Luntz: I know you were my dear.

Irene: You are always sort of kidding with us, aren't you. You take advantage of every little opportunity you have, of which we love, believe me.

Prof. Luntz: Well, my dear, I wasn't given to kidding during my time on the earth. Clergymen were not very likely to go on kidding, we were rather very serious and a bit stuffy I would say.

Irene: Yes, yes. Now you are taking advantage of this opportunity to sort of brush off the stuffiness. You are becoming such a relaxed individual. You taught us how to relax and I recall what you said at first to Mark. How very stuffy you were and I don't think you were deliberately that way. It was that you had been that way so long and you tried very desperately and you certainly have thrown that sort of stuffiness away.

Prof. Luntz: My dear, it is so kind of you to say that, I have tried desperately, but permit me, if you don't mind - to counter that statement somewhat. I was not what one would call aware of being stuffy when I was living in the physical world; nor after I passed over into the astral world. I was simply one called Professor Alfred Luntz, or doctor if you wish, that believed in what he had been speaking about and therefore, I was caught in the world where my belief carried me and it was not heaven.

Irene: No. Something has happened along the pathway that has gradually caused you to change.

Prof. Luntz: Yes, gradually, not desperately, because you see all of my physical life I was desperately doing something. Let us not do it that way, let us approach it the way I know now. We can always speak from the pinnacle of our wisdom can't we? Yes. Let us approach life quietly, calmly, and with a measure of emotional detachment. Then we shall learn much, much more. Coming over here, I found myself not in heaven, not in hell, at least I didn't see anyone in the red suit, but simply in a kind of suspended state where I was aware of my earth surroundings. And no one, not one of my relatives, as I look back upon it now, I am simply grateful they didn't come to see me. Yes, there was no one to greet me at all, no one for me to talk to. I could watch other beings in the body, other human beings, and hear all that was said and hear all the traffic in the streets, all that sort of thing. I was keenly aware in other words, of the earth. London, the streets of London do not look like heaven! Laughter. (Lady says something, but it is not understandable).

Yes, I was in this condition for quite a bit of time, if you measure time according to the clicking of a clock. But I was quite unaware of it as being so measured. I was simply aware of my utter loneliness with no one to talk to. But because no one of us are left to wander for very long, are left to stew in our own juices for very long, I had one come to me and ask me to go with him. It was the first time one, the first being that addressed me and I could talk back to. And he took me all over the earth and showed me the conditions of man and his doings. He took me back into other lifetimes, showing me why I had been a clergyman in the life just past; showing me the experiences I had had. Many of them in various bodies, both male and female. This, of course, astounded me to no end. I, a clergyman, was a female? No! No! But he permitted me to relive those lives, relive them and then return to him and tell him about them. This showed me very clearly why I do this or that, clearly, a visible experience, my friends.

In one of these experiences, I was a Tibetan Monk, spending days and weeks and months and years in a little cubicle, with no heat, no comfort, trying to lose myself in something called God. I spent almost an entire lifetime at that. In another life on the earth, I was a complete cripple from the waist down, dragging myself along the ground.

Aud: Were you Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, the great artist?

Prof. Luntz: My dear, were I, I wouldn't say so, I wouldn't say so my dear, because it doesn't matter. It was only an experience, only and experience. In one lifetime an artist; in another lifetime another kind of artist practicing the art of murder, a kind of corruption of poor savage. We must be very talented to do these things too, heh? One time, I found my own divinity for a moment and I do beautiful acts serving my fellowman, forgetting myself, losing my own consciousness in my service. Losing any awareness of suffering and want because I am walking in the light which is serving my fellowman.

It doesn't matter if one passes from the earth a drunkard, or a drug addict. He is going to continue a drug addict for a period of time. Yes, until he learns his lesson. And then he will come out of it and be a saint with all the pure thoughts and actions imaginable. At last, he will become a bit bored being a saint, as well as becoming bored being evil, or a devil. Becoming bored causes him to change more rapidly, do something else heh? There is no one, my friends, no one who can make a greater saint than the one who has been a great rascal, because he knows both sides of the coin.

Irene: We are like a gigantic artist with a paint brush, painting a little part of our life here and there and finally we finish the whole picture.

Prof. Luntz: Quite right, my dear. That is a beautiful thought and very well put, very well indeed. We are painting pictures to the best of our ability, each artist to the best of his ability. A bit ago, here in the City of New York, where a man, only one I speak of, committed several violent murders. There were people when this man was caught? Some of these people, were directly involved emotionally in the trouble, as well as those that were not at all connected with it, became as savage as the murderer was, crying out for his blood. "Let us do this to him, let us cut him up into pieces, let us boil him in oil, let us grind him into the ground, stamp on him and kick him to pieces." This is going to cure what he has done? This is going to bring back those that he murdered". This is the fine, understanding Christian Spirit! It is going to do nothing of the kind, and you, here, you know it. You know it. How are you going to deal with these individuals?

Remember, my friends, that these individuals are a product of your civilization, your social system, and all of the fallacies of it. Of course they will, the state will murder him. In the old Mosaic Law it is said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But that law was created in a period of time when savagery reigned, to such a great extent, that it was necessary to put fear into the hearts of the people. Your civilization, as it stands today, heaven knows, it is not quite purged of its savage nature yet. No crime is corrected, no criminal is changed by violence committed upon this person. To send one charging into the astral world is not changing the crime one iota. The state becomes equally guilty of murder and something worse in projecting this untrained, this unprepared mind into my world where he is much freer to obsess others to commit similar crimes.

Irene: I wondered whether he was obsessed.

Prof. Luntz: Certainly, my dear, he is.

Irene: I thought perhaps, professor...

Prof. Luntz: But your psychiatrists and psychologists are so totally ignorant of obsession. They call it and use other names for it, one is schizophrenic (Split personality), or paranoid, or some other high sounding title.

Irene: Professor, supposing they had brought this man back to the scene of his crime and these people had attacked him, what would have become active on your state of awareness?

Prof. Luntz: My friends, could you come into my world 'or a moment and watch violence-   going on, you would not necessarily see human forms carrying out the violence. You would see on another level of vibration and the colors and the violence of motion that would meet your eyes would turn your stomach. When one gets into a rage he projects out here into his aura the most filthy color you can imagine, deep, dirty, bloody red. This color in itself attracts like a swarm of sharks, a swarm of low discarnated beings into your aura. They may, anyone of these may, at that moment in your high state of anger, uncontrollable anger, take control of you and have you commit a crime and a few moments later, when you come out of it and become aware of being yourself, you say in horror, "Did I do that?" "I couldn't have done it." And you will be shouting those words until they strap you in the chair or fasten the hangman's noose to your neck.

Irene: I think that is one of the greatest reasons why you're telling us, Professor, never to strike a child in anger because it just creates more anger.

Prof. Luntz: You pass anger to your child, you pass to the one you strike, even if it is an adult. To deal in anger is to deal in actual, very potent, poison, power, for you may kill another by projecting at the solar plexus your anger. You can kill them. Do any of you know something about Judo? There is another side of Judo called the mystical side. Have you read about it? These individuals are thought to be able to point their finger at you and utter a certain word in a certain violent manner, point it here at the solar plexus and you will drop dead. You will feel as though someone had struck you with a heavy instrument, a very violent blow to your solar plexus, and you will die. Many murders have been committed in this manner, the projecting of energy in a violent way.

We project energy upon one another in our homes. We become and can become vampires also, sapping another's energy without touching them. Simply by our action, wearing them down and exhausting them until they contract some kind of disease, a wasting disease and die. Now I cannot stay very long, it is getting late.

Irene: Yes it is, Professor. I'm sorry to have you leave for this is the first time these people have had the pleasure of being here with us and it's just as much of a pleasure for us to have them, as for them to have you, I know. This will be the only time, this time, unless they happen to want a lecture tomorrow night. 'What do you say Professor. If they did, could you stay?

Prof. Luntz: My friends, we come to serve you. Whatever you may desire, we will try our best to adopt ourselves to your way. What do you wish to do? We have not, and this is a fact, that we do not permit money to come first in this work. The boy, Mark, and his wife are working on a very limited amount of money, putting their faith in us to see them through with your help. Also the lady over there and her husband and all of you here also. (Tape ran out, but Prof. Luntz gave thanks to all and said: "Ta, ta."