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Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite


Yada: My friends, I cannot give you, or anyone, truth. Only you can give it to yourself, by the acceptance, after study, examination, testing. That is the scientific mind. Wonderful! Then after you have examined, studied, and tested, still keep a little skepticism in your mind. This will save you from being trapped into all manner of foolishness. From what you see here ... Have you made any study of psychology?

Aud: No, not yet.

Yada: Perhaps you will, in time. Do you go to school?

Aud: Yes. High school.

Yada: And even there, the teachers are, like yourself, learning about life. They do not know everything about life. They give you what it says in the book, and you must accept it for a basic for further learning. But, because something is said in a book by someone who claims to be an authority, does not make that thing true. Truth lies in you, you the student of life. Teachers are necessary, of course. Pay attention, and you will learn. But the best teacher in the world cannot educate you. That is your work. Is it not so?

I cannot give you anything, not even the beginning of it. Listen please, (Yada claps his hands). What does that sound to you like? And what does it look like?

Aud: The clapping of hands.

Yada: Yes. I think it is called two handed clapping. Have you ever heard one hand clapping? That is what I am doing. I am making sounds, and you the listener take those sounds and translate them into what you already know. You cannot avoid that. Suppose I spoke in my own language (an ancient language) and I called to you. You would go away from here not being one bit smarter. Not one bit. But I may use my tongue and make sounds that you understand, called English words. But are words something in themselves? Or are not words not something in us? It is according to the way we have been conditioned. I use the expression I hate you! Now, have I said anything to you that is comprehensible to you? If so, it is only because you have been conditioned to understand the meaning, or any meaning, of the word hate.

It is an emotional word so it will stir up, it is an emotional sound, so your attitude to the sound will be emotional, to the tone. You see, I make sounds, but I do not teach anyone anything. I make sounds - the listener teaches himself. In the schools, in what you call mathematics, in simple arithmetic, 2 and 2 make 4. And after a time you come to believe it, you come to accept it. You accept those sounds as referring to objects. You cannot simply say 2 and 2 make 4, because it doesn't. Two and two more something of the same kind do make four objects, yes. Four... in other dimensions so called two and two would not make four. It could make eight, it could make sixteen. In other dimensions.

Teacher... what a great teacher, you have taught me something. But he hasn't, you have taught yourself. You have taken the sounds and translated them according to your understanding of those sounds. Not only your intellectual understanding but also your emotional attitude to those sounds. And very often, people have not been able to learn because certain sounds have been used in their presence that are painful to them. They cannot stand those sounds. They rebel or they run away. Sounds... In man's modern civilization he is destroying himself with sounds, sounds that work against the nervous system. Sounds that after a time produce blindness in the eyes, deafness in the ears, sickness in the body. Just sounds.

But are these just sounds? No, it is their attitude to those sounds. I cannot tolerate such sounds. So that means I suffer if I am forced to face such sounds.

Life is hypnotic. We are hypnotically, in the physical world, held here by our senses. The moment that sound happened outside (the sound of a motor scooter passing by), everyone's minds sitting here jumped outside. Now, to be able to keep a balance of mind - to hold your thoughts where you have put them, letting nothing pull you away, shows that you are very healthy in the nervous system, that you have a wonderful, strong mind, and emotions.

Aud: Will practice accomplish this, Yada?

Yada: Of course, yes. The secret of success in any endeavor the individual may undertake depends upon his ability to concentrate. To keep his consciousness upon what he is doing. You could sit here in this room and completely lose yourself from my words if you were of a mind to do so. How much attention can you give to that which you love... and how much less can we give to that which we do not care for. So is it not destructive of not only our morale, as well as to our feeling of beingness, of wholeness, to scatter our thoughts?

In ancient times was started the story of Man, know thyself. I think that expression is what you American would call a very big mouthful. Think of it.... what it means. And yet this expression is thrown around in the most unthinking way, without meaning to it. Like the word love... It has no meaning. It means the meaning of the individual, the feeling of the individual, the consciousness. Know yourself. How are we going to do that? What self? I have many selves. Which one should I know?

As a person, I do not know the half of me. How can I know the whole of me? I am a composite of experience, or experiences. Every experience I have changes in some manner the feeling and thoughtfulness in that which is called my personality. My conditioning - everything in it brings about a change, or changes, and more changes. Today, I embrace, perhaps with all my heart, an idea. Tomorrow, I may see through that idea, see under the facade of what that idea was created, and my whole attitude will be changed. Perhaps I may want to run away from it, instead of hugging it. I may want to destroy it.

Man seeks peace of mind, above everything else, because if you do not have that, you cannot get anything else. Everything in him runs around in a mad whirl. And his emotional self creates that whirl. To get peace of mind means to become balanced, and when we are balanced, whatever problems we are faced with, we understand them. We cannot understand anything as long as our minds are in a chaotic state, or condition.

Aud: Then it is through the ability to concentrate that we may gain peace of mind.

Yada: Of course, of course.

Now, there is something we should speak of in talking about concentration. Concentration is helpful to a more successful physical life. Meditation leads us into a higher state of consciousness - to the mind - to the spirit.

Aud: What is the difference between concentration and meditation?

Yada: In meditation you do not think of anything. Concentration is on something. Meditation is done on no thing. It is a relaxing, getting the body in balance so that the various organs, especially the suspended ones, are in balance. Accomplishing that, you breathe deeply. For what? To create better oxidation of the blood, of the brain. The majority of the humans in your modern times breathe with only half of your lung capacity, so down below, here, in the lower lobes of the lungs, it becomes bad for disease, respiratory disease. Breathe deeply! All the time. The entire lung capacity with every breath. You will not be able to do this right away because the lower lungs have not been used, have become stagnant, difficult to get into action.

In meditation, I do not ask for anything. I sit in the silence of my own being. In this state I am in communication with my higher consciousness, which man, in the Christian Teachings, calls the Christ. Unfortunately, they have put that title on a human being, one they called Jesus. And so they think that this Jesus man was an incarnate God that came here to die for them. This makes them happy, to know that he suffered. This is the masochism in the human consciousness. They looked at him, the people that stood around the cross, and watched him die. They looked at him with tears in one eye, like the alligators, and the other eye was gleaming with joy, at his suffering. Masochistic joy.

They could not possibly comprehend such a sacrifice! Today you do not comprehend it! For, in truth - no one died. No one let himself be murdered, for you, for me, for anybody. The crucifixion he did for himself, for his own being to rise above the Jesus body, to come into a higher state of consciousness, or, at-onement with the Light, which is called Christ, Christos, Krishna.

The Light, of understanding, descends upon me. The darkness of ignorance passes over my face, so the Light can come through. Oh Light, Or Father within me, forgive my lower body-self, forgive the ass within me, it knows not what it is doing. The lower consciousness is an ass. The work of Man, to Know Himself, is to rise above, to find the Christ, or the Light within. It is the work of every human being. It is the pursuit of the Beloved.

You may say to me, what of those that come into the world mentally retarded, or so physically crippled, they cannot really think, much less meditate. What of the born insane? Are they still insane, or still retarded, or still crippled, after the death of their physical structure? Some are, for a period of time, yes. Because they take it over the memory of brain activity, of nervous system activity. They take it over into - into what? This other state of consciousness is all I can say. But in time, which is but experience, they will come out of that, they will find themselves, they will return home, even as the most healthy individual.

I want to go home. I know not where my home is, but I do know that I am a stranger on the earth. How do you know that? You get a feeling. No one can tell you whether your feeling is right or wrong, but you, the individual. You may call it instinctively knowing. I do not know the full extent of that word, instinctive, but you do. To you it is a familiar word. I know, and I know I know. I am That, That I am. I am the beloved that I seek, and sought for eons of time, coming over what seemed to be an endless, rocky road. Up an endless mountain side. When, oh when, shall I get to the top? I cannot tell any individual when that time shall be, for we ourselves do not know, but it will come, of this I can assure you. Now, what have one of you to say.

Aud: You're on a very important subject. This part of bridging the gap between what we know as the physical and higher states of consciousness. For lack of words - we need this feeling. Have you anything to say about how we can attain this feeling?

Yada: You know... when you are communicating your thoughts to another, especially on matters of life, it is of utmost importance that you be very careful when you express these thoughts. This is what I am doing in my hesitation... I am casting around in my mind for words, because first I must tell you that I cannot tell you! Then, I will say, unless you can spend a little time, in the silence, you will not learn... you will not come to know. First you must discipline the ass. You must stop its kicking. Stop its braying. What I mean... stop its driving you blindly in your daily living. People have things happen to them and they cry out why does this happen to me. But what they mean to say is - it should happen to you!

I say it could not happen to a better person when it happens to me, yes. Wonderful! Whatever the thing is... I am grateful for the experience. Now, I think, it is better to go with a thing, when it happens to you, than to fight it. If we let things happen to us, anything can happen. We become like the weeds. Weeds just grow, they do not need any encouragement, in fact, they fight every discouragement!

To start living consciously is to get rid of fears, shames, guilts, anxiety. What is going to happen to me tomorrow? Tomorrow? What about right now? What is going to happen to me right now? What is happening to me is much more important than what is going to happen! I do not live in going, I live in now! I know nothing about tomorrow, for my consciousness is entirely in today. In now.

Aud: Nothing is ever going to happened, is it?

Yada: Of course not. And that is why we should be conscious of what is happening. Many of us are blind to this fact and so we get into great difficulties. Every thought I think, creates an activity in my nervous system, that moves my body into various positions, that bring about an event, that make an event.

A man and his family used to come often to hear us of the Inner Circle speak, and often we have said stay awake. Wherever your body is, be aware that that is where you are. Stay conscious, do not take your body one place and let your mind go somewhere else! You live in dangerous times. But then again, being born is dangerous. Every time that man has come to the physical world has been dangerous. This man, sat here and listened. When we said when you get motor cars, pay attention to what you are doing, because it is your consciousness that is moving that car, and if you put your consciousness away from your bodyself when you are operating that car... The body is a zombie, it is a blind doll. This man listened, but apparently he didn't hear. There is a difference you know, between listening and hearing! Because he didn't hear, he didn't learn to stay awake. And his baby daughter and his wife were plunged into the next world.

He didn't stay awake. He didn't want to stay awake. This is the cause of so many deaths on your great roads. Lack of consciousness of the driver... getting into the motor car and saying in their minds oh, if they have any children, am I going to be able to send them to the better schools... am I going to be able to give them all the things they want... am I going to be able to do this, do that, so they have no attention upon what they are doing, and in an instant, they are dead or mangled.

The first thing the student of meditation must know is to discipline the body. Now, this is not going to be acquired to any great degree in a short time. Because here in your country you are very very tense... you live under constant tension. And most of your people have never been given any training regarding the art of relaxation, and that is why there is so much sickness. And when it is not body sickness it is mental sickness. And mental sicknesses are on the increase, especially in your country. (U.S.A.) The majority of people live in fear, anxiety, of tomorrow, so that hardly anyone lives today. If we do not learn to live today, how are we going to learn to live tomorrow? If we become dead in the now, will not every other now in the future also be dead? We cannot start helping or teaching others the art of meditation until a teaching has been made regarding relaxation. Now, we cannot teach simple relaxation with any effective results to the student unless we can somehow get at the student's mind to discover what is disturbing him. And undoubtedly, when we do get at the student's mind, we will discover that it is not one thing that is agitating him and keeping him jumping around like the mexican jumping bean, it is many things. Many things that he has put into his unconscious self and covered up, and it has been rotting there. And it has become a festering sore.

Aud: A garbage can with a lid on it!

Yada: That is right. And it has been sitting in the hot sun for a long time.

Aud: And these meditative processes actually kind of loosen the lid a bit.

Yada: That is right. That is right. The psychiatrist in your world, in your country... it is a great day for him. Only trouble is, many of these people (psychiatrists) are mentally and emotionally disturbed themselves.

Aud: I thought you were going to say that they were sitting on more garbage than the patient.

Yada: Often this is true, unfortunately. As this is the case, you should consider yourself very fortunate indeed, can you encounter one that himself is clear enough to take care of you.

Aud: I think Dr.... says it very well when he says, the one who is looking for a doctor is literally taking their own lives into their own hands.

Yada: Of course, of course. My friends, you see what the subject of meditation leads to?

Here is a very serious problem. Coming here to your country are peoples from the east, such as India, and perhaps Persia, who, some know what they are doing, they are excellent teachers, they have wonderful knowledge that they can use as a therapy. Yes. But their methods become a danger to the people here in your country. Because they are not ready for it here. These teachings create greater aberrations in the students' mind and emotions. I do not want to name any of these subjects, any of these teachings as a school of thought... but I say to you, in most instances, they are a greater danger, especially to those who are starting to walk the metaphysical path for the first time.

Aud: This always created great problems. Unfortunately, we never know... I'm speaking from my own point of reference... you never know if the individual has had any pre-conditioning, in time and space.

Yada: Yes, of course. Of course.

Aud: And this only comes out in retrospect. You find this out afterwards.

Yada: Yes. Now, teaching the art of meditation seems to be a very simple thing, not at all likely to be harmful to the student, and it isn't if it is kept to the very simple forms, but when a beginner is taught, or let us say not taught, but taught to... because to be taught means to learn or be instructed properly... when they hear these things, the teacher is talking this way, according to his understanding, which is way ahead of the students' ability to comprehend, it fascinates them. The trouble is, with people getting on the metaphysical path for the first time, they are hungry, and most of this is unconscious they are hungry for some exciting phenomena, I want to learn how to breathe in certain ways so I can be buried alive. What a marvelous thing, the student thinks. It is not a marvelous thing, it is trivia, of course.

Aud: But only the individual who learns or knows himself becomes aware that this is trivia. The neophyte thinks that this makes himself perhaps next to the master. You see, one who is a neophyte, and wants to really become aware of himself, doesn't know what is really important.

Yada: Of course not. But his eyes are extended in hypnotic fascination of the thoughts of power that it will give him, how it will give him prestige. He is seeking to build his ego, and gets trapped of this.

Aud: This is true, and from what I have heard, and a few of the students I have seen of what I classify as pseudo-teachers, the teacher is more ignorant than the student, the beginner, because he wants to wave his flag higher than the rest of them. So he gives the beginner things that they should not know, and consequently they try to practice them and in efforts to become great as you say, they lose their state of awareness, their ability to hold onto themselves.

Yada: So what is important about meditation? Some teachers go ahead and try to instruct the student about breath control. To control the blood flow, the heart beat, the pulse beat... and this student has not yet learned to control his emotions. Many times the teacher who knows these things has no control over his own emotions, his own ego, so he passes these weaknesses on, to his untutored student. His unprepared student!

In hypnosis, what a wonderful power, to be able to control someone else's mind. How fascinating.

Aud: How many hypnotists will give that mind back to the individual?

Yada: And this is not the worst of it. When the teacher of hypnosis, himself, has no control over his own mind... How can we possibly, my friends, teach others that which we ourselves lack? We cannot do it, of course.

Aud: Not until we have an in built reference, and that comes from hard work and living, I guess.

Yada: Is so. But there are certain forms of yoga breathing that is not for the beginner. It can cause dissociation. Dissociation, which creates more aberrations.

To loosen the psyche, in the practice of projection, if you manage to do this... you can find yourself automatically doing it, unconsciously doing it, when you have no thought about doing it. It will happen automatically, and you will find yourself walking, and your psyche walking ahead of your body.

Aud: There is an old axiom we used many years ago, and the object was to stay in your own meathouse.

Yada: A very good thought, well expressed. Stay in your own meathouse. That's very nice... not exactly romantic, but very nice.

Aud: Some of them get outside and the door is locked before they realize what has happened, and they can't get back in.

Yada: You see, here is something the student of suggestion should first know; the psyche is not in the body. The mind is not in the body. You, and I have said this many times before, that which is called you, is everywhere present. You are omnipresent! When I say you, I mean the mental self. So it does not need to get out of that which it is not in.

What are you doing when you start giving yourself suggestions to get out of the body? You are making the Self aware of what you want to do, that is all. You want to move without the physical form. But here is a danger, because if you make the psyche aware of your need to act outside of the form, it accepts the thought, because it does not think one way or the other about it. So it acts upon your desires. Now, once you feel that you have made yourself one with that omnipresent being, if you do not know how to keep your thoughts centered on where you wish to go, and where you are... we will omit where to go, because it is where you are, you will find yourself scattered.

You will find the tendency to jump to here and there, and everywhere. You will be much like an indian rubber ball set into motion. And worse, you will find great difficulty, in the beginning, keeping that suggestion of staying out of the body. It is much harder for that higher self to believe that it lives in the body, because it doesn't. The suggestion of being outside... this it understands, because here again, it isn't. It's neither outside nor inside, because inside is outside and outside is inside.

Aud: That's the magic bag.

Yada: That is the magic bag. Do I make the picture clear, please?

Aud: Well, yes. This is clarity with confusion.

Yada: Well, let us see if we can peel the confusion off. The body is atomic substance, is energy. Energy is the building substance of the creator, or mind, the creator self. So where is an atom, when it isn't? Inside outside. Is there something different about an atom out here in relation to an atom of the body? No, of course not. To begin with, all physical form is simply symbolic thought. It's symbolic of the creative you. Every form, regardless of size, regardless of structure, living or dead, and actually, their is no such thing as dead.

Aud: To state it in the language of Physics, could not the organism be thought of as a stepdown transformer? And these meditative techniques merely put you in contact with that which exists as an overall principle, which is fundamentally energy, and perhaps gives you a greater quotient of it than you were perceptive of prior to the advent of the meditative process.

Yada: That is right. Yes. And why? Because meditation means to center, to make aware. You see, the Creator, that which you call God, it has no concept of what the form man thinks about... first thinking something, and then making it. No. This creative Self, the moment it thinks, it has created. It is not a matter of now I am going to make man, after my image and likeness. Everything is after its image and likeness, which is energy.

Aud: The configurative pattern really doesn't matter.

Yada: That is right, that is right. Pardon me a moment, I speak with my teacher. (speaks in Yu language) I say to my teacher, is it not so that that which is called the world is also throughout existence of the same nature?

Aud: Are you using the term existence as being synonymous with space?

Yada: Yes. I use it meaning all. I'm trying to point out that the Creator is not conscious, and creation was not made consciously. It is a product of the unconscious Creator, or creative Self. Now, how or what is the mechanism?

This Creative Self, every time it created form, of course giving it life because life is motion, the Creator then became self aware, and said, if it could have used words... every time it created form it said I am that. It becomes self aware. I am atom, that is its self awareness. I am Atman, first principle. Ah! Self awareness. In order to have consciousness one must create. The creator, the consciousness, then lies in the creation, from that point on. And once created, this creation is never forgotten. Once it is projected into what is called consciousness, it is never forgotten. Meaning it never perishes.

Now, if the student of meditation can grasp this, then he is less likely to go into the process of meditation with foolish thoughts. Such as asking for something, as though the creative self was unaware of what was wanted.

Aud: In retrospect it becomes ludicrous. To be so ignorant of this principle, for so many years...

Yada: If the individual is aware, if he makes thoughts about anything, in that instant the creative Self is consciously aware of what that person wants. A responsibility goes along with this awareness because in creating thoughts, those thoughts will never again die. Will never vanish. They are yours, and you should be made, should make yourself, responsible for them.

If you create the thought that one called Jesus Christ or Guatama the Buddhi can forgive you your sins, if you really believe it, it will happen. Because you made it happen. You became the Buddhi or the Christ that answered your prayers. You see, I can pray to you, and if I make the image strong enough in my thoughts that it is you that will forgive me my mistakes, I have made a law unto myself, and it shall be done.

Now, you hear this all the time, especially from not very intelligent metaphysical people, pardon me for saying that, but you hear, I love you, I love all mankind. They do not know what they are saying. You hear the noise that they are making to please themself, to make their ego feel comfortable. Now, if we say I love myself with the thought in mind of appreciation of myself, respect for myself, how can I hold these things to me alone? Because there is no me alone. I am all there is, I am the all, I am that. But my untrained mind, I have fallen to cutting everything up. Dividing. Making belief in duality.

Aud: Yet, for the practical application of experience it must appear as though everything were dual.

Yada: In doing the practice, of course, you have to do what the world in which you live requires. The world operated through law, so you must abide by it. This is where man suffers so much. He tries to go against the world he is in, the laws of that world. The law of the matter world is governing the individual as well as everything else. So how can the individual break it and not suffer? But he doesn't break it, not really. But he suffers by trying, by accepting the thought that he can break it. It goes against him. Law is law. It is rigid. Rigid. The very thought that there is a law to break created the law.

Now, let me counter that. When you become a conscious being, then you, make or break every or any law. According to your knowledge, knowing how to handle these laws. What these laws are, what they are made up of. Now, until I know this... Let us take an instance of what I mean. Man believes in the law of matter, that matter is a rigid thing. He believes his body is himself. That he cannot do something called project. When I speak of man, I mean the majority of human-kind. They know nothing of these things. They believe that when I say I am here, this is a law that I cannot instantly change and be at some other where. But when I know what I am, I can be in any instant anywhere I so desire. So in their eyes I am breaking a law.

Aud: And they think you are performing a supernormal thing.

Yada: This is right. This is called supernatural. Not only can I project, but I do something else that is even more super super. Take the body with me. Do not project. Why project? Take the body with you. You want to go a great distance from here? The beginner learns how to manipulate, not matter, but this mind, in the practice of projecting. Many of them are stuck on that plane, cannot go any further. Where am I going to project, even, say, a psychic self? Where is better than here? What am I going to do, moving around in another dimension? Is it another dimension, or is it not a state of mind, the same as right here, the difference being in concept, or awareness state. Now, what am I going to do? Am I going to become an astral peeping tom? Is that what I want to do with astral projection? Am I going to intrude upon the private life of my fellow man?

Aud: That's what my brother was saying. He said it was just like a new toy, you know. You fool around with it and then you throw it into the corner when you get tired of it.

Yada: Of course... if it doesn't break you before then, if it doesn't throw you in the corner before then. You see, it has been my thought that most people that really master psychic projection become better people, morally and ethically. It does that to them. Now there are many people outside of the body, so-called outside, people that have once lived in the physical world, who spend their time snooping on people still in the body, and for no good purpose. These become what is called scandal-mongers or spooks. This is the true spook.

Aud: I've wondered though, if a true spook can't be scared too?

Yada: Oh, aha, They are most likely to be scared. Oh yes! Now, I do not want to project because I see it as a useless thing to do. so I'm going to take all of my body, all of myself. Now first I must know a way of breathing that will loosen the matter, the energy, of which my body is made up of. This is not something the beginning student should know about. But I will talk a little of it. Because I am certain that you cannot use it, not yet. It has a far greater danger than projecting the mental self. Because it needs considerable centering of your mind. You have to know how to use these thoughts, how to center the eyes here, to the root of the nose, and at the same time breathe in this certain way, that will begin to work upon the cellular structure.

Now once you learn this, you can take your body anywhere and reassemble it in a twinkling.

Aud: Is the electrical shock attending this change rather severe as you start into this?

Yada: Yes. And this is one of the dangers. You can electrocute yourself, or, burn yourself up. You can start an electrical fire that is so hot that once started, it will cremate you or any combustible substance, and nothing can stop it.

Aud: Is this what happens to those that have been found, who have been cremated and nothing else seems to be affected in the room?

Yada: Yes, but a spirit being worked on their bodies and caused this condition. They were trying to disintegrate them. A thoughtless spirit, who knew... not more than he should have, but less.

Aud: I'm glad you have informed us of this because there have been a few who, in recent years, have been discovered to have been cremated, and it hasn't been explained that it wasn't through some act of the individual, not knowing what they were doing, but it just happens. Like some children who have so much of the fire force within them that when they get in rooms the curtains catch of fire and so forth.

Yada: Yes, but this is more....

Aud: This is something different?

Yada: No, this is the same. And this is something that very few metaphysicians know about. It is a fire being. A fire poltergeist. It is not necessarily of a human origin. They are fire beings. Now, there are some peoples that have lived in certain ways on the earth that turned them into fire beings when they passed away or lost the physical body. They cause children to appear to be responsible for fires and the way they do this is to pull off the vital energies of the child, with the imagination of the child helping, not consciously, the child does not know that it is doing this. It is truly using the vital substances of the child. The child is held responsible, and very often the psychiatrist learns about these things. First, of course, the modern psychiatrist would have to see it, because he has little understanding of what is called the paranormal activity of the unconscious mind, or the subconscious mind if you prefer that term.

Aud: These are all solar beings, and all solar activity, wouldn't you say so?

Yada: Now, in ancient times various civilizations of men have been sun worshippers and they all have created fire beings in their ritual practices, calling on the sun and the energies of the sun. Oh yes, they have made living beings out of these energies, intelligences. And they used them in various ways in their occult rituals and things like this. Both the black and white magician have used these fire beings. Also water beings. Sometimes they are called elementals, without the speaker knowing what is meant by that. We are of the human variety of elementals, when we allow ourselves to act in insane ways. Pardon me, I must withdraw for a moment. (Yada withdraws.)

To pick up on the subject you were discussing on the difference between day and night. A very interesting phenomena takes place in the mind. A change of attitude. Few of us are the same people in the night as we are in the day.

To go back for a moment to the subject of meditation, I want to make a somewhat concrete statement right now about it, and I feel this... that in the beginning of the student's attempts to meditate he should do it solely for the purpose of relaxation and to get away from the external noises that destroy or tend to destroy the nervous system in the world of confusion that he lives in. What is called the business world. Meditation is a therapy that he should practice for his upset nervous system.

Aud: When you stop charging the nervous system by bombardment and get quiet, then you have a chance to recharge.

Yada; That is so. One of the greatest reasons that so many people suffer nervous disorders is that they have not trained themselves to relax, to meditate for relaxation. They have projected themselves so much into the outside of their life and their surroundings that they have no control over their bodies. So the body gets sick.

Aud: It's so old fashioned to relax nowadays. You are offbeat if you do this, if you believe in relaxation. Our society just has gone in the other direction.

Yada: I know this to be true, so I say, you see, to begin with life is not you and me, it's me. So I cannot be concerned about what they do, or are not doing. I must be concentrated on me. What I am doing! Now, if nations would adopt this thought and act upon it, each being concerned about what they are doing, I am certain there could be no further war. But it is not that way.

Each nation is so concentrated in a state of anxiety, upon what the other nation is doing that they do not know what is going on in their own nation.

Aud: Like the neighbourhood busybody, who is so busy with everybody else's business that she has no time for her own.

Yada: That is so. This results in suspicion, because how can I look at another without some suspicion coming to the fore in my mind? The suspicion that you, in some manner, are a threat to my existence.

Aud: This is what nations and individuals do. They are so busy finding out what others are doing that they neglect themselves.

Yada: So you have no time to know yourself.

Aud: And meditation provides the means to become acquainted with your self. Your whole self.

Yada: That is so. And once you have acquired this understanding of yourself, then you are of great value to others. Then you can safely be concerned about some other you.

Now, many of our habits have become like leeches to us, like spooks with us. They haunt our body-house. We try and try to dehaunt that body-house and we find that we can get them out for a time, but they come back, and when we least expect them. We find ourselves entertaining them with great joy. Natural desires, I mean desires that are natural to the individual, though they may not be natural to some other person, but to that person, if he or she expresses their natural desires, then this is the way to live. What is wrong is when we find ourselves getting guilt feelings about what we are doing. This means we are not doing what is natural for us, and we know it. Our guilt feeling tell us so. When you can do what you desire to do, and reap no guilt feelings, then you are living naturally.

Aud: It's our concept toward what we are doing that causes us to believe that we are doing something wrong. And we'll suffer these guilt complexes until we really understand what we are.

Yada: The things we are doing that are wrong for us. The thing we are doing to us is wrong for us to do. Now, if it were natural, we could not possibly get guilt feelings about it. Many people think that the man called Hitler was one of the most heinous beings ever to come to the earth, but in your modern times very few people think much about such men as Ghengis Khan who was a monster of cruelty. Much worse than the man called Hitler. Then there was Alexander the Great. Now this man was great for murder, yes.

Aud: And yet, as historians have pointed out, each of these men were relatively advanced, highly informed individuals.

Yada: Oh, yes, Hitler used his knowledge, his occult knowledge, negatively. Meaning in black magic, but black magic is the same as white magic. What makes it black is using your forces negatively, that is all. Now, are these people, or did these people create total negative conditions? Of course not, this is impossible. It is not within the law of life for one to commit a totally destructive or evil act. Every one of these men that I mentioned, the three of them, brought people together, just as much as they dispersed them. They changed history, not only the history of man and his attitude to himself, but changed, very often, the topography of the earth. So they did many things thinking, in their mind, it was the right thing to do, and at the time, it brought much suffering and deprivation to great masses of people and death to a great number and yet, when it was all over, conditions then rolled back to where they should have been and things were much better for the human race, much better.

Aud: Yes, construction and destruction must be equal, to have a whole.

Aud: The way you have related it here, it is just global animalism and or metabolism.

Yada: That is right. Yes. You see, often man en mass is like a blind, cold, indifferent machine. It is very much like nature itself, in fact. Nature makes great quakings of the earth, great storms, and kills thousands and often millions of peoples, like in my civilization. But did these quakings and dreadful experiences that the people suffered, were they a total loss to humankind? Did they leave nothing of good in their way? Oh yes, they did. They created conditions in man that brought him closer together. They made him think, for a time anyway, how necessary it was to share himself with his fellow man, in a more kindly, constructive, intelligent way. Look please, at the acts of the man Hitler. It drove people together who had never gotten so close together, otherwise.

Now, we go to Germany and we find that because what he did was, unnatural, in trying to destroy any race of people, he had to, in the process, bring these people together, into Germany, into his own land, and even though it was to destroy them, he brought out a need for each individual to seek to protect his fellow man and in doing so, assuring greater protection for himself.

Aud: Isn't it funny though, that man will not do this unless he has a common enemy?

Yada: Yes, of course. Also, instead of making Germany a land of pure race, it is now even more conglomerated than ever before. You know, if you force a people long enough to do your bidding, after awhile they will believe that it is the way to do things. And the longer a condition remains, the less likely it is that something will cause a recall, in the minds of these peoples, as to how they once were. You see, the people that remain as though hypnotized, are people that would have been that way anyway, they were already that way. They were simply waiting for someone to come along and tell them that it was alright for them to be that way.

Now, you have in all humans what is called the two states of being, one is called sadism and the other is masochism. Whenever there is a great war, or if there is a rioting of peoples, a gathering of mobs, these states, one or the other, manifests in a very widespread way. And unless conditions are presented to make it possible for these people to express themselves this way, they will appear to be normal people who wouldn't hurt anyone under any condition, you would think. Your penal institutions create ample opportunities for the sadist and the masochist. Anywhere there are large gatherings of peoples, your armies, your navies, various other groups, are filled with people that have these strong tendencies of cruelty to others or cruelty to themselves.

Now, all this may seem to have nothing to do with meditation, but let me point out something here. What we are speaking of is our own human nature. We go into meditation not knowing, not wanting to accept, consciously, that we have these wills to sadism or masochism. But these things come to the surface during the time of meditation, and especially for the beginner does this happen. And this brings out in them a tremendous sense of guilt, but does not destroy their desire to express themselves in these ways. Let it come up and try and observe it and not get involved in it. Some people, seemingly on the surface, what is called by the unlooking eye that most of us have, to be very, very, compassionate, kind, sweet people, have in them the monster, and they are afraid of it. They are more afraid of it than they are of someone else. Yes. And this gives them the feelings of frustration and tremendous fear, especially if it happens to be one who has been raised in some particular religion, that has accepted the belief in gods and devils.

Aud: Of course, the sweetness, kindness, compassion, is merely a guise. The screen or tree that the monster hides behind.

Yada: Oh, of course, yes. Some of the great women of history, besides the great men, the ones that were thought to be the closest to their religious God, were monsters in mental crime, that they expressed in secret. There are a number of the female that are very deadly. So it is not only, by any means, a male trait to be cruel, to be heartless. The animal is in all of us. The black leopard hides behind the sweet little lamb. All you have to do is scratch the lamb and there he is. So, these things, we must remember, this is our nature, the human nature. You go back to the most ancient times in the different civilizations that man created, and here, the individual in his experiences, has created memory patterns, that he takes with him from lifetime to lifetime. Now, this is sometimes called the race mind.

Some of these experiences have spread to where many people have these experiences. Many people are or have been wonderful, compassionate people who would rather sacrifice their own life or their own comfort than to see someone else suffer, so they bring that over from lifetime to lifetime. The more intense the feeling of compassion, or hate, the more likely the individual is to mark himself with it and bring it over. And then, in one of these lifetimes, he learns the art of meditation, and if he does not train himself to accept what he dredges up from that race mind, he is in serious trouble. This is again a reason for not telling people about what they were in past lives. Even though you may be able to bring out something wonderfully good about them. It would be better that it came to them, in their meditations, than to have someone else do it for them. Because in this lifetime, they may not be so good, they may not be so compassionate.

Our memory patterns, whether they be true or false, according to our temperament, our attitude to the thoughts about things can cause us much trouble with one another, and with ourselves. There are people who, after years of being what they call good, and trying to follow the Golden Rule, of being compassionate and kind to their fellow man, because of what they have come to think about other people's attitude to their compassion and love, the thought that these people have rejected everything they tried to do for them, they have come to hate. Now, people who come to hate, who have been devoted otherwise before, to love and understanding, did not understand. They were not doing their love selflessly. Although if you told them that, they wouldn't believe it. Oh, my thoughts are pure of my fellow man, or, I am loving without any interest in myself.

You see, if we do things for any other reason, any other reason than that is the thing to do, that are natural to do, we shall not have what belongs to us. The mere act of doing should be the reward, not a secondary reward called appreciation. I do not come here for appreciation. This is the height of egoism.

Aud: But to do it and be able to say I love doing it.

Yada: For that reason alone. Wonderful. In meditation, to be able to take inventory on yourself and accept what happens without any qualms, either feelings of grandeur, or how great you were, or how evil you were, just watch the picture, let it pass. That is part of me, I accept it. I am grateful to be aware that I had those experiences. I may have brought hurt, terrible hurt, undoubtedly I did in some other lifetime, to someone else. But that was then. I was growing. I knew not truth. But now I know. So I see myself in my acts as taking steps out of ignorance, out of the field of ignorance, walking towards the light. How wonderful. How can I forgive someone else unless I forgive myself first? How can I get forgiveness from someone else unless I forgive myself first? My friends, get to know yourself, and you will know me.

It has been a pleasure to speak with you again.

It has been an honor.

(Yada withdraws)