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Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite


Yada: This afternoon our talk will be on the Master Teachers of life (Yogis) and to some extent on the nature of their association with those who seek to become students of life.

To become a yoga master requires many years of concentration and complete sacrifice of the lower self to the higher self. Therefore there is no such thing as a young yoga master.

It has been taught by some teachers of yoga that abstaining from sex and eating of meat are of absolute necessity if the student is to attain Self Realization. This of course is a wrong concept. The abstaining from one's normal sexual drives can be harmful to both the mind and the body, and more especially those of the young, where the fires of creation burn bright and strong. Of course, somewhere along the path the student will of his own accord find the need to practice celibacy, which by the way does not mean the mere refraining from legalized sex called marriage, which practically all priests of almost all religious orders are avowed to do, but to any use of the sexual energies where the aim is to gratify the lower passions.

However, by the time the student has reached a state of consciousness wherein he can safely abstain from expressing himself through his lower centers, he has acquired a profound understanding of his own physiological and psychological makeup and thus finds himself functioning in his higher centers naturally. When one is functioning in the higher centers naturally, it can be truthfully said they are in this world but not of it. They are no longer controlled by the lower emotional self.

When one is functioning in the lower emotional self, he is not only in the physical world, he is of it. The lower emotional self being the predatory animal in us, its natural food is meat. The true yoga master is not concerned about whether he should or should not eat meat; his concern is with intelligent dieting and meat, along with several other foods, is no longer suitable chemicals for his body and mind.

Irene: What about carbohydrates? Aren't they equally injurious to the body and mind?

Yada: Almost all foods contain some carbohydrates, but as carbohydrates in excess age the body, it is a matter of intelligence to choose the foods that contain the least of this substance.

R: Yada, there are many persons today who have the idea that when they meet a master, he will give them great and lengthy lectures on the wisdoms of life. I do not hold with that. I think that all he will give to these people is a little nudge once in a while.

Yada: Is so; all he would give them is a little nudge. However, it is entirely unlikely that the lay individual living in your busy cities, towns and hamlets, would ever encounter a yoga master, though he may meet a yoga student most anywhere, for there are many of these. And is it not true, that when we know nothing we expect much from those who know little, and to our misfortune we generally get it.

LaB: Why are the real masters of Yoga so difficult to find?

Yada: First, because there are relatively few of them. And second, when one becomes a full Yoga master, he almost invariably withdraws from the rest of mankind. Some of them simply withdraw to mountain asramas, or ashrams, where they can be found by the sincere student of life. But even so, the asramas are very difficult to locate. The love of these beings for the rest of mankind is so great they have chosen to forgo taking the final steps that would have earned them full Self Realization and freedom from the hypnotically induced belief in the matter world.

They devote their life to meditation and to teaching the earnest students who have gone to great pains to find them. Then there is the student of Yoga who lives in crowded cities. He acts as teacher and father-confessor to those who have found the stresses and strains of emotional living to be more than they can cope with by themselves. To such people, the Yogi teaches and helps to practice the type of breathing that induces the desire to relax all the muscles of the body with a minimum of conscious effort on the part of the individual.

Then he teaches them the value of patience and how the lack of it creates great tension and loss of energy in the body and confusion of the mind. He teaches on the proper things to eat and save their intestinal tract and, therefore, the bloodstream from putrefaction, which is the cause of many of the more serious diseases of the body, such as heart ailments, chronic respiratory trouble. While this Yogi is a teacher and helper of the common man, he does not otherwise involve himself with him.

R: What have you to say, Yada, about the many students who claim that the spirits of great masters communicate through them in seance rooms?

Yada: In considering the total lack of even the most elementary education given the masses regarding the Inner Teachings of life, it is not surprising at all, that those engaged in Spiritualistic mediumship would make such claims. In fact, it would be very surprising if they didn't. None of us can do more than we have been taught to do, though many often do less. In doubting the claims that the great masters of life consort with the common man either in or out of seance rooms, I think we must ask ourselves the question, what does the common man know about these highly evolved beings? The truth is he knows nothing about them at all, nor can he know anything so long as he lives in the lower consciousness.

The lower consciousness is under the domination of the sensory system and it is the senses which impose upon us the concept of reality, thereby holding us on the so-called physical plane, which in fact is one of the planes of pure illusion. The next plane, called the after-death state, is but an extended state of awareness of the physical, and as such is also a world of illusion being mirrored by the lower consciousness. This is why the common man (one who lives almost exclusively in the lower consciousness) is seldom aware when death overtakes the physical body that anything of an unusual nature has happened to him, that he goes on thinking and acting as he did before he lost his body.

While it is true that a great many people do become aware of the transition, this knowledge alone will offer them no light regarding their Cosmic Consciousness. There are many advanced Yogins who have experienced active life outside their physical selves, but while the experience has given them considerably greater latitude to work in and has strengthened their acceptance of the existence of the Cosmic Mind, even they cannot find unison with it simply because their experiences in the projected state has lent them a little more assurance of its reality.

Now, while it is not at all likely that a Yogin would be playing games for the interest of his ego and the ego of others, it must be admitted that his particular kind of knowledge puts him in an excellent position to do so by telling others what a great master of life he is, and if he can perform some magic before the eyes of the ignorant, it will bolster his position considerably.

Now all of what I have said here about my fictitious Yogin can and does happen quite often in your modern seance rooms - the common man dies and should he lack character and intelligence, he is in a good position to pass himself off as anyone, great or small, on any unthinking person, and if that unthinking person is also hoping to get something for nothing he makes himself doubly vulnerable for the predatory human, no matter which side of the veil that entity may be operating from.

The general masses have no conception of what a Master of life is, and the so-called Christian is the most ignorant on this matter. The latter statement is not a criticism but simply a statement of fact. All of the basic religions contain two separate kinds of teachings, one of these called The Inner Wisdoms is metaphysical in teachings and occult in practice and is given only to the highest priest of the Order. Then there is the outer teachings which is for the masses and is given them by the priests of the temples who know nothing of the Inner Teachings themselves.

In the outer teachings of the Christian church, there are no actual instructions given to the people. All that is learned is told them in the form of sermons which are basically nothing more than moral laws. They are told of the anthropomorphic god who had a son whom he sent to earth to become a blood sacrifice to assuage His wrath against His (sinful?) creation. It is this incarnated god-man, who the people are taught to call Master - which is just another word for Teacher.

The whole structure of the Christian church is built on the priestly teachings that this son of the Sun (Jesus the Christ) was a miracle performer. Spiritualism as a religion is but a branch of the Christian orthodox church with the main difference lying in the Spiritualistic teaching that the soul or spirit of the human individual survives the death of his physical body and that communication with it by those still on the physical plane is not only possible but is a fact.

Spiritualism also reveres the man Jesus as a miracle performer, but not for the same reason as the orthodox church does, ie that he was of divine birth, but rather through his powers as a highly evolved psychic sensitive or Medium. Now my friends, while both of these opinions may be interesting and no doubt fascinating stories and, as such, are strongly appealing to the low emotional self, neither of them has any relation to facts concerning the real nature of the accomplished Masters of life.

The whole history of man shows quite clearly that it is not his beliefs as such that have brought him pain or joy, but rather his use or misuse of them. I think, however, that it should be pointed out that beliefs by their very nature are multiplex and, because they are so, they are controversial, and controversy simply leads to greater confusion in the human personality or shows itself in distrust and hatred.

These two latter elements are not only deadly to the individual who contracts them, but they are highly contagious; and the carrier can infect not only those of the community he lives in, but in time the whole nation. It is said by some that man is a believing animal. And so he is as long as he makes no effort to know.When we know and know we know, we have graduated from the primeval animal in us to that state of consciousness called Human.

The Adept or Yoga Master is one who has through much conscious effort come to recognize the animal in him and has slain it so that the Human Self or Christ Consciousness and/or the Buddi may find freedom from the tomb of matter. The Tomb of matter exists merely as an accepted belief of the senses, or lower consciousness. When the Initiate realizes this, he then sees through the veil of deception, and in that instant of Illumination he is no longer of the matter world, even though he may elect to remain in it for a time. Such beings do not enter into the emotional affairs of man but work from higher levels of consciousness and help to shape the destiny of the world and the Universe in total.

In the Yu-ag language, one who has his consciousness in Christ or Buddi is known as a Sha wan ga and the expression for a beginner on the path is Sha shing ga. But in my time, the student had to earn the title by work; and as all the teachings of life, both the Inner and the Outer, was given by the Ka-tas (priests) of the temples, one had to go to the temples to get the necessary training. In your modern world there are no schools where one can get full and comprehensive instructions on the nature of his own being.

The schools that you do have are bent solely towards commercialism, and while there are many thousands of temples (churches) in America alone, none of them teach their followers the Inner truth regarding the Divine nature of the human individual. And of course they cannot, because they themselves are barren of such knowledge. To know truth is to teach truth, and there is only one truth, and it is that Mind is the Light out of which Man has manifested not only his own body but the body of the Universe.

Matter, so called, is the son of the Sun - The Sun being the Father which is eternally in heaven (Mind). The sun also represents the Wisdom or Light which dispels the darkness or ignorance of the world. That which is called matter is but a concept of the sensory system and as such is purely illusionary.

If matter were a reality in and of itself, the law of change could not exist. In fact, there could be no existence of any kind. However true these statements may be, it will do the student little good to accept them by faith or as intellectual knowledge.

To know the nature of life, one must have native conscious experience with it. The physicist does not accept the existence of a force called the atom by faith or hope, but by actual experience with it, first by mathematical equations and then mechanical probing. In his experience with that which is called an atom, the physicist discovers among other things that it is not a single unit but consists of many units and units with units and that when certain kinds of work are done on some of these units they give up part of themselves in various forms of activity called heat force and light.

The truth is, however, that the atom is basically a bundle of light and, as such, is the creative substance of Mind and again, as such, contains no properties of a violent nature in it. That which is seen as violence arising from the atom is due to the atoms resistance to the violent attack made upon it by some force outside itself. The Master Yogin using the passive approach of breath and meditation to the atom, does not agitate any of its parts, and in turn feels no agitation in himself. This perfect union with Mind and its creation is called Illumination, which is another word for light, and light is the vital energies of the Cosmic Mind.

Now my friends, I think that if what I've said is at all comprehensible, I'm sure you will understand why it is that one who has attained Cosmic Consciousness would have no purpose or reason for any kind of physical contact with those who still walk in the sleeping ego mind which is where ninety nine percent of humankind spend ninety-nine percent of their earth and low astral life. However, sincere students of the Inner Life can, and often do, in their periods of meditation, get in the mental stream of these Masters and are thereby helped considerably in their striving on the path.