Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite
November 15, 1968
Mark Probert at Carmel, California.

~ Taped at the home of Lyall and Betty Histers ~
Palm Springs, California

Yada di Shi'ite: It is my pleasure to be here this evening. To the lady and the man of this house, I extend my deep appreciation for allowing us to come here so that we may discuss life, its nature, what we as individuals are looking for, what we are hoping for and also what is. The first thing I wish to say is I am not a ghost or a spook or an astral shell. I am a consciousness, just like you. The only thing is, I have no skin on. Sometimes you get very cold without your skin - cold in the head. You came that way. You took no heat with you. Heat is life, is intelligence, is understanding.

Many people are very negative to me because I have not come back to earth more times. They say that in reincarnation, you should be here very often, not once. They say, "You are not acting according to what we know". But I am acting according to what they don't know, so that makes a big difference. When you know Law, you know how to live with skin or without skin. There are no such conditions as what are called mysteries or supernatural or super normal. These are all words that the thinking man is going to have to get rid of if he hopes to communicate this intelligence to his fellow man.

We cannot use the words we have been using in past ages. This time is a very different period than man has lived in for many centuries. In past ages, there have been highly advanced beings who hoped to create very knowledgeable civilizations. As the intelligence, the knowing leaked away from man, in his struggle and strife to life, the knowledge fell away and we became destroyed. I say to you, without any effort to cause you to accept what I say at face value, for what you accept or reject, is your business. But, man has been coming and going from earth for millions of years, not just a few thousand, but millions.

The solar system and the galactic systems throughout all space is, in what you would call measurable time, seven and three-quarter billion years old. But I wonder how that is. By 1 - 2 - 3 up to billions? Does time exist? Is it an entity apart from the consciousness of living beings? Living beings besides human beings? All of them exist in different conditions of their consciousness, which they measure as time.

So, there are a great many forms of time, right in the one condition which we humans call time. Then there is something else, the physical world, matter is not a product of time. It is a product of times. We live in a times existence, in a 1-2-3 world, an Alpha-Beta-Gamma world. Now, I am talking away from me, for I, as a personality, am not important. All I do is make sounds at you. I do not tell you or teach you anything. I make sounds at you and you translate them according to your conditioning, your feeling. And you feel I have said something - or I haven't. And that's what we do with one another. That's why there are such a vast number of beliefs about everything. Each one of us is a bundle of beliefs - and ever changing. These beliefs are constantly in a state of flux.

So, what do you believe? Can you live comfortably with your beliefs? Can you go to bed, and make your beliefs a comfortable bed companion? - If not, and the majority cannot, so their beliefs become nightmares, tortuous nightmares in which the individual then seeks to run from, to escape from, in alcohol, drugs, overeating, sex. However, I do not know of anyone who can do excessive sex; you can only do your limit.

BELIEFS. I live and die with my beliefs. I take them to wherever I am, and where am I? I am in consciousness. Where are you? You are in consciousness, not in time and space. All of existence is illusionary. That does not mean these states of existence do not exist. It simply means they are concoctions of our consciousness - dreams.

REINCARNATION. A vast number of people believe, they believe without any substance as proof, that they have lived before and that they will live again in this world. Many of you sitting here, believe that. Can I deny it? Would I, if I could? No, for if it is comfortable for you to believe it, do so. We each live alone. Nobody, even twins are not born together. Because why? Because we live in mind. My world, your world The physical bodies may be together, but that's not togetherness. We are miles apart from one another, and the only thing that can bring two or more people together in a real state of togetherness, is something called love.

LOVE means understanding. To understand, is the marvel of human attributes. When we understand, we do not fight one another. We walk together. We see and feel together. No man encounters a stranger. These lives are but dreams and to the dreamer, the dream is true, it is real. Why haven't I come back? I had my first earth birth 500,000 years ago, if you are going to think of time as countable, as measurable in your way of measuring chronologically. I came to a civilization called Yuga. I was born in a city called Kaoti. It doesn't matter. I am just telling you about my dream. What you feel about it is your business, not mine. Now, if you would look at your life in that way, in your encounters with one another, you would get along marvelously together. All I know is I understand you, I love you. I can do no other than that.

But how can I understand you if I don't understand myself! We are total strangers until we understand ourselves. People want me to tell them about their past lives. Tell me about your past dream. What was it made of? What was its meaning to you? The dream you had just last night, not 100 or 1,000 years ago. Strange isn't it? We can remember what we did a thousand years ago, but we cannot recall what we did yesterday. And we seem disinterested in yesterday. We seem disinterested in today, and that is even more disconcerting to the human mind. When he pays no attention to today, what can his tomorrows be like. Blank, that's what. Blank and fearsome.

Who can look into the past without some measure of regret? And who can look into the future without some measure of anxiety? The only way we can escape these negatives, these painful darts of life, is to live today be aware of what we are doing today. Otherwise, our tomorrows will be very mysterious and we will not know what to expect. This puts us in a state of anxiety. If I know what I am doing today, I am certain what my tomorrows will be like. We live now, in this ever present now; and here is where our aims should be. To widen our understanding, to become awake, aware, this is becoming alive. It is said in your Christian teachings, that the man called Jesus the Christ died on the cross to save you. Not me, I wasn't under that dispensation because I wasn't here yet. Do you believe it? And if you do, how do you know it? Have you done more than just heard somebody tell you, or have you just read it in a book, called your holy book, and accepted it because it is "the holy book"?

Holy? How do you know it is holy? These are important thoughts my friends, to know what you are saying, for man is moving into a greater period of mental growth. Evolution of the body has stopped. The body is not going to become any more complex. And as mind advances, greater understanding comes and causes us to move, to be, to act in totally different ways, so that we will begin to lose some of the organs of our body through lack of use.

You are going into space (not that you aren't in it already), and become increasingly more aware of it. It means tremendous change in mental growth. To get this change, you have to drop away from the old, to be willing to let go. In going up a high hill, you cannot pick up stones along the way and put them in your pocket, not with the hope of arriving at the top fresh and in good form. Stones of anxiety, stones of uncertainty about what we were taught in the past. My father and my mother say it is true. My grandfather and my grandmother say it is true. But I haven't lived yet. I cannot know if it is true. I accept because I love them, in my particular way, love being an emotional attachment. I go along with what they say because I do not know yet.

Undoubtedly, they are giving me the best they know. But I must find me. I must find out myself. I cannot sit in my mother's lap all the rest of my life, listening to fairy stories. I cannot be holding my father's hand listening to his fairy stories. Their fairy stories were good for them, for that time; but you have to drop all these. You have to be willing to let go. You cannot have emotional attachments. You have to look at things clearly.

What is? Was there a man called Jesus Christ? I don't care if there was such a man. What was his experience, his dream. That was how he found himself. He didn't die on the cross to save humankind, but to save himself. Save himself from what? What does man suffer from? Ignorance! That's what darkness is - ignorance. It is not knowing, being unaware, asleep. Do you care whether a man called Jesus came to save you? Apparently yes, because in all your cities I see temples everywhere each with a different name, but all supposedly aiming at the same thought - to worship "God".

What about you? Do you not want to worship yourself? How can you worship a God, give love to, even know anything about such a thing as God, unless you know about yourself; unless you value your own being? When you know yourself, when you have basic values regarding your own nature, then you can know whether there is such a being as a God. It would not be guessing, not by faith, but by knowing.

In the science of physics, how do the scientists come to know that atoms exist. If you understand the structural nature of an atom, you will see what it is. You will not be guessing and therefore you will know, when you see the reactions of this untouchable thing, you will know what it is and you will then handle it carefully.

If you will, here is a little joke from your world and it fits with what I am saying. The joke is like this "How do porcupines make love?" And the answer is, "Carefully" How does man touch an atom, for it has its great dangers, as does the porcupine? Carefully!

Nature peels the atom apart without blasting violence into the surrounding spaces. It is going on every moment, every split second of existence in the physical world. It is peeled, being broken down, changed into other substances. But, yet today, you haven't learned how to do this without the great chance of blowing yourselves up, turning yourselves into pure energy. Why? Because man still has in him all the violence of the atom. So he attacks the atom violently, and the atom returns his attack in violence. One who understands life, approaches it with reverence, with love, and is never destroyed.

Let me go back please to my existence in Yuga, to tell you that I was, the physical me, it was destroyed in a violent quaking. Violent storms, vast windstorms of the most devastating nature, tremendous pieces of ice coming from the skies, the most utter darkness you can imagine, periodic fire in the sky, the destruction of the life giving substance called oxygen was burning.

Do you know I was born consciously? So, I died consciously. Knowing what my body was (and yours is), I knew how to take up that energy into my creative center. So I didn't leave it to return to the elements, in the ground and in the atmosphere. The energy of your body is what you used to form your body. It belongs to you. It is the building blocks of your ideas about yourself. Your bodies are exactly the paintings that are done in the mind, meaning, if you do not like yourself, you do not consider yourself a good artist.

Why should you think that? Your body is serving a purpose. But you made it that way, to serve that purpose. Do you want to un-make it? Then consider the purpose. What are you doing? Where are you going? What are you wishing for? What do you want? Then work from there.

Today you have motor cars, very busy; nobody is safe on the streets. Observe please that everybody chooses the kind of car they want. They do not just pick any car. Will you do any less for your body? Choose it. What do you want it to look like? It is in your hands? You are the creator. Does that sound like too much? Because man has been blaming his creation on "God" or gods, he has found no reason to learn how to do his own creating. "I didn't do it, He did it!", and if He didn't do it, then, "my neighbor did it". Everything is going the other way; nothing is coming back to me. So why should I accept responsibility for what I am doing? God did it! He knew what he was doing!

How do you know that? Do you know what you are doing? That is much more important. I imagine that this "God" you speak of, could take very good care of himself without any anxiety from his creations. He, if He existed, would have peace, which is what man should be looking for, not happiness, but peace of mind.

Happiness is predicated upon getting something. Man builds his ideas of what happiness is, on someone else, or on possession someone else. He says, "If I only had that woman, I would be the happiest person in the world". So he gets her. For how long is he happy, content? For how long does he look upon her with passion? Just until she helps him to cool that passion off. It wasn't she he wanted; it was release he wanted from his own tensions and anxieties about himself.

The world of man is no better than he has made it, he, meaning we human beings, no better, no worse. And it never will be! What do you want? It is not going to come to you by wishing for it. War is born out of man's lack of thought. He believes he can possess something. He thinks he can own things and own people.

Your modern marriage is based on that thought, to own, to possess. "You are mine!" It leads to hate, murder, suicide. We should teach that we can only own by love. Love is an open hand. Our ownership becomes borrowing, "For now, for the present, let us share life together. My life, your life, together, with no concern about the opinion of our next door neighbor." This is my life. This is my reality. Let me live it. My life, my dream.

Q: Yada, many of us here, talked to you about 100 miles away, not too long ago. Does that mean anything to you?

Yada: Oh yes, because there is no such distance. We are forever together. There is no parting, no separating, for mind is consciousness, self-awareness, which is all there is. How can we be separated?

Q: You talked about togetherness. Sometimes we Americans have preached it to the point where it became religion, and in doing so, lost oneness?

Yada: That's the trouble. You have lost pride in that creator, that creative self; because you have chosen by body choice, by body-sensation choice. "I like your personality, or "I detest it". Do not come near me. I cannot stand you;" or "Come to me forever." Some even add a day to it. But that "day" generally proves longer than the forever.

There is only one thing I can say in some form of sincerity; we cannot be together bodily and be together without mind. We cannot be together without love, which is understanding. It is not kiss, kiss, kiss That is biological love and that, each of us finds in ourselves. I cannot tell you what my sex attraction for you may be. Nor can you tell me. It is a feeling within each of us, and we are very different in our creative nature. When two people are really together, apart from the biological urge, they are together in mind. The body doesn't matter. There is a one-ness in our mental realm that has nothing to do with matter. It is a song, a beautiful melody.

When we fall down into physical attraction, which certainly has its place, we become inclined to be bored. Bodies are for the senses. Mind does not belong to the body. It is not born. The creative self is not born.

It is like the story of the man called Jesus. The Jesus man was born, the physical body, the matter body. The Christ was never born. That is a state of awareness, a state of being that we eventually come to. They say the Christ was crucified. How can you crucify something which is not material? It has nothing to do with the matter world. I know the word Christ means Messiah. I am speaking of the higher meaning of it, which is the Light. That's what I am. The man Jesus is to have said, "Follow me, for I am the way and the light". He didn't mean, "Follow me, Jesus". He meant, "Follow me - the Light. Now, that's what I say. What do you say? Do you wish to object to what I am saying, to deny any part of it? If you do, feel free to express what you feel for it is only that way we can have understanding.

Q: When you were a priest in the temple in Yuga, did you have the same philosophy as you have now, or did you teach different?

Yada: I taught no different. Truth is truth. I don't care when it started, because it didn't start. It always was. That's the truth. I am the way and the light. You say that, for that is the truth about you. It is said that like attracts like, so the light attracts the light. It cannot attract anything else. I was born conscious. I knew of the experience, from a life spark, to my father's body, to the passage through his blood stream, to his sex centers, where I involved myself with the material substance in his body, called cells. Out of his genetic system, I drew a pattern of my form for that period of time. I remember the passage from my father's body to my mother's body. I felt everything that he felt, the grandeur of the passage, the tremendous light which it produced that gave light to the cavern in my mother's body; that swept away the darkness of ignorance and made it possible for me to consciously form my own body, in her body.

Soon, if you have not yet in your fields of biology discovered this, it will be discovered that the entity is conscious of his experiences in the father's body and in the mother's body; and from the mother's body into the bigger body of the world. And in that consciousness, are formed all kinds of beautiful thoughts and all kinds of very negative ones.

There is something you call birth trauma. But trauma comes in many ways to the entity that is yet only a seed, a chemical seed. But the life is there, the consciousness is there, the awareness of the creator is there. As I said before, that's what I say. What do you say about it?

Q: You mentioned that during the quakes in the temple, you had a process whereby in breathing you left the physical body and went into the other plane, without any process. Could you explain that?

Yada: I doubt that I have words for it. And the words I would have to use, if I had them, I doubt that you would grasp them. They would be meaningless.

Comment: Try us.

Yada: That's what the devil said to Jesus! "I dare you. Jump off that cliff." "You are a holy man, you are a God. Let me see you do it"!

Comment: We've asked you this before, and you've come to the same point. I agree with Esmeralda, but try us.

Yada: Look please. What words would a chemist use to describe chemistry to one who doesn't understand it. Can he find words, really?

Q: Try us on some words, so we can think about it.

Yada: All right. I almost got out of that. You know, if you are going to get out of something, you have to try! Is not breath, life? Yes? Do you not, from the time you were born here, until the time you leave here, breathe the world? Not just a body, but the world. You live on the energies of breath, which are basically electrical. I am not different from you. I have no secret powers. I'm not a man of mystery. I am like yourself, the greatest being that is possible to imagine. I am the creator. You are the creator.

It is said in your holy book that God made man from the dust of the earth, and He breathed into him the breath of life. What is the breath of life? What is matter? It is energy - pure energy. And that's what I did with my body because I recognized it as being made up of the breath of life, pure energy. And it's said, one of the basic laws you have discovered in your period of existence here, is a law called The Conservation of Energy.

How can we leave anything to find itself? How can we destroy anything? How can we burn it? We can't really, but we believe we must and so we try. Can you destroy energy? Matter? All you can do with matter is transmute it? Yes? And that's all you do when you breathe, you transmute matter.

I looked at my body, which was lying under great tons of stone. I could see it. The stone was pure energy and I thought I would need that energy from my body. Why waste it? I could take it with me, so I wouldn't have to go somewhere else to take energy from somewhere else. You might say, a lazy man's way of doing things. I took it with me, because I knew it was the substance out of which I had made a body, and will make another body, make other bodies again. I have taken energy and molded it to my thoughts without coming through woman, without using the biological path.

I do not want to seem so strange a being to you, with all these statements for we cannot get together if I do that. I am, I repeat it, I am no different than you. I simply know something different, not more, I do not have more knowledge, just different. You each know something different from one another. Nobody has much knowledge or little knowledge. It doesn't come in packages or pound weights.

If I can breathe in a body, can I not also breathe it out? If you could reach back in history and make contact with a Yogan and have him tell you the secrets of breath, you would know how he could appear and disappear as he wanted to. It all lies in the secret of breath, the rhythm and the one pointedness of one's mind.

What does he want to create? Anything from a human form, to the most ordinary object, I do not know of any ordinary objects, but I use the word because you understand it, even better than I do. Have I made clear to you yet?

Comments are made here.. . ....

Yada: I thank you for understanding. You know, here is where we need one another, for understanding. I am a vacuum without you. I have no existence. I cannot find my-self. It is in you that I find myself.

Aud: And it is in you, Yada, that we find ourselves.

Yada: E. gratia.

Q: When we use the expression, "Conservation of Energy", perhaps a direction of energy is what we should call it now. Conservation sounds like hoarding.

Yada: And aren't we all hoarders? Yes, of course. We hoard because we think we cannot get enough for ourselves. We think somebody else is likely to take it from us, or get it before us "I must possess that quickly, or I will die" That's the ego speaking, the earth liver. That leads to another thought. Before this though, how joyful a person are you? How open and free? It doesn't depend too much upon how you have been conditioned by someone else. It depends upon your liver! I am liver conscious today, also kidney conscious, lung conscious, and I can understand how you people today would be exceedingly lung conscious. I would ask why you do not practice deep-breathing, and then I became aware of the atmosphere you live in and I say, "Breathe carefully"

Q: This is off the subject, but astronomically, 500,000 years ago, there were two moons. Did the other one disintegrate?

Yada: Yes. It was pushed off its orbit onto the present moon you have now. It struck it, and smashed all to pieces on your present moon and pieces fell. Some fell to your earth, some fell on your present moon, and some remained in orbit around the moon for many years. One time, the moon had sufficient water to give it an atmosphere and an ionosphere as a protecting belt from the radiations from outer space - not only from the sun, but from other points in space. The whole of space is in a sea of radiation, pure energies not yet become matter; a vast and endless supply of fuel for the sun. It cannot run out. What will happen to the sun is, it may become much smaller than it now is - what you call shrinking. And then, after a period of time, the density will become so great, it will explode.

The substance may make up smaller bodies in space. Some of the substance may go very far out into space, away from your earth. The explosion may cause an explosion on your earth that could destroy it. But I do not see that happening. I do not see your earth being destroyed in any way, for a great period of time yet. Every body in space keeps every other body in magnetic balance.

Q: Do you visit other planets all the time?

Yada: I am afraid to say that because there are many people today, if they heard I said that, would consider me a space being, a flying saucer man. I wouldn't mind that so much, if people on earth weren't so strong in wanting to adore someone, or, to attack them.

You know, when you make yourself an important being to the rest of your fellowmen, you put yourself in great danger. If you want freedom, if you want peace of mind, detach yourself from what the world calls important.

Q: Is this detachment possible with mothers or young people with families who don't feel they are able to detach themselves?

Yada: Everything has a feeling of attachment for what is called its own. So that even though a part of that which is you, which you may call your son or daughter, though they be many, many miles away from you, there is still a connecting link which denies you or them the chance of breaking that tie. And it shouldn't be broken. Everything should be done to hold it together, so that in the end you have a continued link between you, from life to life, from life to death, and back to life.

I only say, that if we put our emotional selves upon another, in a way which would dominate them or control them or obsess them, or possess or smother them, it is dangerous. It is deadly. We send waves of hate, in our will to dominate. It is not love, it is hate. Send love everywhere around you, "You are my daughter. You are my son. We are one in the Light. We cannot escape from one another. But we can imprison one another. It says in your Bible, "I am my brother's keeper". True. But I am not his jailer.

Q: Could we go back to your recounting of the light when you were fully conscious of the conception process? I am interested in the arrival of light as actual or symbolical of union. There is a current theory that love is closely allied to electricity. Yada: Is so. Pardon a moment. I will talk on that, but I wish to consult with my teacher. May I go away for a little while, and come back?

Comment: Take a little breather.

Yada: That is what you would call apropos.

Possessed by the spirit, the spirit of breath. For every change of consciousness, there is a change in the rhythm of breath. I am not aware of how many of you have studied breath and its many uses. Certain kinds of breath can kill you; other kinds can give you added life, can change the chemistry of the glandular system in such a way as to bring back health to the body.

But how is one to get this health if one takes, into his system, things that are negative to it, like tobacco. You say to Mark, "Excuse me please". But if I say these things to you, I must say them to him. You do not give truth to one, and hold back from another. To have life, is to put living foods in your system, all the time, not just part of the time. But because the majority of people today, do not concern themselves with living food, they bring early death to their bodies.

Almost all diseases of the body could be stopped if people would learn to eat proper foods. You could make the doctors poor, put them out of business, if you would learn to eat intelligently and to chew your food until it is like liquid in the mouth before you swallow it. If doctors would follow this, they would be healthy. But they don't, and they get sick the same as you. The sorrowful part of that is, they have to take their own medicine.

I say to you, and you judge it for yourself, all diseases of the body come from improper foods which the body cannot assimilate. There is an action called "osmosis". It is by energy, which is electrical, being absorbed through the walls of the intestines and the stomach.

Diabetes - which Mark has - do you know any doctors today, who know what to do for diabetes except to give the body either insulin or a substitute? And does this cure the ailment? Does it stop it, and bring the pancreas back to normal? No. It is a crutch. But who is going to argue with it? Do you want to live? Then take anything to keep you alive until you find something that will make you alive.

The medical world complains about quackery in its profession. How is that to be stopped? There is only one way I know of, for the honest, sincere, educated doctors to start curing ailments. When they do that, quackery will go out automatically. There is quackery in everything. Until the individual wakes up and produces the truth there will always be quackery. It is of no use to argue and start fights about quackery. That doesn't stop it; it encourages it.

Drugs, by themselves, do not cure diseases. Curing is in the hands of the sick person. Many people and many doctors know this. People can get over diseases with the administration of ordinary sugar and flour pills. I am certain that the medical world, consisting of human beings, does not want things that way. But that's the way it is.

What is a more cruel form of quackery than that we commit upon ourselves, that of selling our life for money, the Green God. Man has come to the point where he will do anything for money, sacrificing his honor and his life. You have millions who are driven to alcohol and drug taking, and you wonder why. "What is happening to our civilization?" I have heard this many times. Nothing is happening to your civilization, but what the individual creates it to be. It's getting into an insane condition. Man is not evil. He is not born of evil. He is born of love, the Light. But he walks in ignorance. He doesn't know any better.

CRIME. Your country here, and that's all I'll speak about at this time, is becoming a robber's den. Your law enforcements do not know what to do about it. Little by little, the people are losing control. Mob violence. Why? Because people love to be violent? Yes. As long as we are ignorant, we only have the animal to deal with. And that animal, which is the human inside, is the most ferocious of animals in creation.

My friends, I haven't come here to criticize your moral and ethical laws, but just to make you aware of what is going on. What is the truth for all of that? It doesn't come out of evilness, but out of insanity. The constant pressures of an ever growing civilization, pressures on the individual, creates insanity.

There is only one road back, to start with groups such as yourselves to teach what sanity is and where man has lost it on the way. The moment we come into the physical world, the mental self comes in contact with matter, it suffers greatly. This is the cross that you bear; the great creator crucified again on the cross of matter. That's the story of the man, Jesus, and many others who have suffered on the cross, using themselves as symbols for the whole human race.

My emotional self and my blind ego tell me that my master Jesus let himself be murdered for me, making murderers out of those who murdered him. He let it! Did he? I say he did not. I say, every day you are putting yourself on that cross and keeping yourself there. In family life, what do you mean that you love your family? If you do, why not teach your children what love is, so they can walk with other little children intelligently. Teach them truth, not fairy stories like something for nothing. Santa Claus, Jesus the Christ. Your father and mother didn't get these toys for you, Santa Claus did it!

So, when they grow up and come to know that Santa Claus is now dead, they could very easily hate you for it, mistrust you. You let them think there was something for nothing. You said if they were good, Santa Claus would come and leave them something. The child does not know what goodness or badness is. He only knows what living is. Then you, the parent, guide him from there to intelligent understanding of his actions.

I, your mother or father, bring this present to you because it is a symbol of my love for you. It is not whether you are good or bad, it is a symbol of my love for you. Enjoy it. Feel me - in the gift I give to you. This will help the child to take better care of the toy you give, in appreciation for him, for his intelligence, for his willingness to learn.

There is a story today, which has been going on for a year or two, that "God is dead" The Old God, the God of Moses, the God of Wrath, the God of Vengeance, the God of hate is dead; is dying. You are coming into a new age. He is dead, for it is he that was created by Moses to bring to a people who were living like animals, hating, fighting and killing because they did not believe in any continued life. They wanted their pleasure right now. That is what is happening today.

Moses was a member of a brotherhood, known as the White Brotherhood. He was sent to the people at that time, to bring to them this great raging God who would destroy them if they did not come alive to understanding, to love. It was the only way to save them, for they would have annihilated one another, the whole race, in due course. In them was the insane devil, the blind devil of hate, of destruction. They feared for their lives, but not for anyone else's. Survival of the fittest. You do live in a parasitical universe. Everything eats on everything else. Not a very pretty picture, but true. Right now, as you sit here, you are destroying tens of millions of bacteria when you breathe in and out. You give life and take it away.

The proton and neutron eat on one another, and survive that way. A man asked me, "Do you think it would be better if I didn't eat meat?" I said, "What do you think of yourself? Do you really like meat? Then eat it. When the time comes for you not to eat it, you will see reasons for you not to eat it and you will stop". So, it does no good for either you or me to say, "Don't eat meat, it's evil. It hurts the poor cow." Do you think you will keep the cow alive by not eating it? If you don't eat it, something else will.

The question is, what is your mental attitude to meat? The act of eating it will not hurt, but your attitude will hurt you. Everywhere we all eat, eat, eat. We are all eating machines. That is the nature of the physical world. I say, eat what you feel is comfortable. Don't disturb the big brain just to satisfy a hunger of which you know not what you are hungering for. You are not hungering for meat or for physical food. You are hungering for mental food. The physical food will come. The mental food will tell you how to get the physical food that will not kill you.

Many people live on diets of vegetables and fruits and they have breath that smells like they are dying inside. Others eat meat and have nice sweet breath. How do you account for that?. Good thoughts, attitude accounts for it. Bad breath usually doesn't come from what you are eating, but from what you are thinking.

That's what makes the body smell good or bad. For those who have their thoughts in good balance, the body will "sweat", I know some words are offensive; again, attitude. It is just a word. What is your attitude to words? When you have a well balanced attitude to words, you cannot be offended by any words, because all words are sounds. You say somebody called you a name. No, they just made a word and you called yourself the name. They just made a sound and you said, "I am not that at all. I want to fight with you." To take that attitude is admitting you are what you are called. I know what I am, so why should I be concerned about what you called me? And I have been everything; and I am everything. I try to be everything to all people.

People go around with guilts because they have been taught that certain things are evil, wrong, bad. So, soon they get a thing about it, they get "hung up" (a good expression). What is your attitude to what you are doing? Do you enjoy it? Do you get pleasure, which relaxes the body; brings peace of mind? Then do it! A thought has to be expressed. It is born by expression. When we do not express what we really feel, that thought turns back upon the body and poisons it. Do you wish to object to that?

I will tell the story of the old maid. Have you heard that story? How could you know? I haven't told it yet. There was an old maid - what is an old maid?

Aud: An unmarried lady.

Yada: Worse than that! A frustrated female conditioned to fear an anxiety regarding sex. This old maid is going through life for many years, afraid of the male. But the mind is what it is by its ability to dream. She kept on dreaming of nice looking men, but when real men came to her, she was always frightened and ran away. But, after years of living in her dream, it became difficult for her to tell the difference between the dream man and the real man. Then a man appeared at the foot of her bed and she was frightened. She pulled the bed clothes around her and cried out, "Oh sir, what are you going to do to me?" He said, "I don't know, it's your dream."

That's what we are doing with life. "Oh life, what are you going to do to me?" I don't know, it's your life. Sir, you wish me to talk of love and what you call electrical?

Aud: Yes, if you will, Yada.

Yada: Isn't that interesting? For years and years, especially American people, didn't know what love was. Now they know. It's electricity. And this knowledge has become a great shock to them! But indeed it is. We humans have the blessing of what is called imagination, the ability to image. Our imagination sets up an electrical flow through the nervous system.

Q: What initiates the flow?

Yada: Imagery. This sets up an actual flow of electricity through the chemistry of the nervous system, the chemistry of the body. When two people meet, who have an empathy for one another, in the beginning it is purely physical. It is sexual, biological.

Of course, being taught that sex is evil, they do not want to admit that; and so they make it romantic. They try to keep their minds away from the sexual feeling they have for one another, it's evil. Nature, being what it is, this cannot go on for very long. Despite their negative thoughts about it, they get automatically pulled and still come together.

If they have sexual relationships with this kind of love, they create an actual electrical exchange between them. This is one reason why it is not a healthy thing for the man to use protection over himself. It cuts off the electrical flow, and if continued, can actually cause some form of tuberculosis.

The love flow, called kundalini, is electrical. To use that flow for just one purpose, through the sex centers, is not enough. For it is creative energy. It is substance of the mind, out of which we do all of our creating. We impregnate life with our feelings about our creations.

Yet, if we feel shame, we destroy that creative feeling in many ways. Great paintings, great works of sculpture, or engineering and mechanics are born of this energy. When you move to one to whom you are physically attracted, try to know what that one wants. What is their expectation? What is their feeling regarding the sex act?

In the same way as you would with food, move to your food with a feeling of love for it. Give it life, your life, so it will give you life. Put a sense of joy into your eating. Taste, before you taste your food, taste it mentally. Start the juices flowing in the mouth, preparing the mouth to take the food for digestion, for that's where it starts, in the mouth.

Most people in your world, if something looks like food, they eat it. And they eat it in such a way, in such a hurry, that they may die, it is called from heart attack, from excessive gases forming in the stomach, from food eaten too fast. Touching someone you love is very different from touching someone you do not love. There is an electrical exchange. You feel it in the hands. The hands are an extension of the mind. There is a humorous expression I hear today, when one says, "How do you feel?" the other says, "Feel me!" And that's right. Feel me! Do I feel good to you?

Aud: Could you tell the difference in observing electrical pictures of three types of contacts, one where there is love, one neutral, and one where there is extreme distaste?

Yada: In the exchange between two of you, where there is distaste, you have a clashing of the current. This current goes back into the body without having done its work, and brings pain to the body. It's an input of what should have been an output. It causes shortages in the nervous system, and if a person has to keep on touching that person, he could have a nervous breakdown, or any other disease.

Q: Would that account for the rampant increase of venereal disease among young adults? They have intercourse without love, and short-circuit themselves?

Yada: That is right. Besides this, not having love for themselves, not being able to love another and give in love to another, they are living in a very negative way which lets them live in filth and dirt, which automatically produces venereal diseases.

Aud: Yada, one of my friends, a doctor at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, took readings before a Caesarian incision was made and it was a very low reading. After the incision was made, the reading immediately jumped. This implies a re-orientation of the electricity in the body, where it is now focusing on an area to be healed. I am trying to connect this with imagery.

Yada: That is very good.

Aud: Practicing wellness, is that the idea?

Yada: No. Each cell becomes chemically affected, or perhaps I should say infected, by each adjoining cell. Remembering that a liver cell cannot be a kidney cell; a heart cell is a heart cell, it will never become anything else but a heart cell. Isn't that beautiful? Isn't that clever of the creative mind? Now when you cut into any organ of the body, it is an abnormal thing to do to a body. And these cells sense that and they have shock from it and the shock causes them to lose a portion of its electricity. To heal, they have to get back that electrical flow, it has to be able to run smoothly. But who is going to give it to them? Where are they going to get it from?

Only the mind of the patient. The patient has to take on an attitude of security. "I 'm going to be all right. I am going to be well. I am going to live. I want to live." This information is passed to the cells where the cut has been made, and they begin to come alive again, to respond to the encouragement of the mind; to bounce back, to become awake, energized by the mind, "A will to live." Many medical men have seen such cases where people were at the point of death, then somebody gives that patient love, gives them a purpose for living and it seems like a miraculous cure takes place, a cure the doctor says, by physical observation, would be impossible. You have signs of this in the thing you dread most, called cancer. The cancer feels, for it is a living cell, a living mass of cells, cells which have gone wild from hunger. They have lost electrical flow. There is a great deal of difference in the electrical flow of cancer cells, and good healthy cells.

Q: Can we make the analogy that if the master location of imagery is the sub-conscious of the patient, this is turned on automatically with a will to live; then it should be possible to control the growth of cells by reversing the polarity, and reverse the multiplication?

Yada: Yes of course. Why is there any sickness to the body? Does it come automatically with no reason at all, and the chemistry, all by itself suddenly goes through changes that make a cell dangerous to the rest of the cells of the body? Is that what ailments are born out of? Is this their source? There are some biologists who claim that the human individual isn't any more than what he eats, how he sleeps, how he generally exists. A man who is supposedly a genius of music, he gets this because of his genetic inheritance? Genes and chromosomes are chemical substances, yes?

Q: Cannot the chemistry, through the art of imagery, be changed into alchemy?

Yada: Of course. This is what alchemy originally was, the changing of the nature of the human individual.

Q: Doesn't the story of genesis explain, really give the greatest explanation, because God created in His image after His likeness?

Yada: If you understand "God" to mean here, that Creator within, yes. There lies the whole secret of man's health, or lack of it. What does he think of himself? What does the creator think of himself?

Aud: He created what he liked...

Yada: Of course. Diabetes. I go back to Mark, and also some of you may be diabetic, but he is my measuring stick right now. The onset of the ailment came before the actual ailment. The onset was fear for his existence, fear for his life. This gave him a feeling he was not wanted, not loved. What gave him that? The fact that his mother was not feeding him. He was dying at her breast, starving to death. Then the doctor found she did not have enough milk for him, so they took milk from the cow and gave it to him in a bottle. As soon as the stomach-god was happier, the up-here god became more pleased and so kept him alive.

But that feeling within him was still there, the shock from it. Many people get into severe accidents, but are not physically hurt. They are mentally, emotionally hurt; and they can die instantly. It is called shock. It was the same with Mark when later his mother died. Because they were closely allied, the shock was great when she died.

Then much later, again, he was listening to a doctor tell his wife that she had cancer. He went into shock. She took it very lightly, very detached, two different types of people. When he had that last shock, it was a blow to the pancreas gland and a blow to the liver. Insulin does not cure it, but it does keep him alive. This disease is very dangerous, not only because it causes glandular changes; but these glandular changes can create a change in the brain flow, the electrical flow, which could cause schizophrenia. And it could at any time cause violence.

There are many people who get up quickly and are killed. If they were closely examined, it would be found they have a sugar change taking place suddenly in the blood. This affects the brain and drives them to violence. How many people who are brought into your courts of crime are asked by the judge if they have had a sugar test lately? And when you consider the number of people who are alcoholics, this badly affects the brain; it attacks the liver and the pancreas gland. It makes diabetics out of them, without the need for insulin.

But diet would cure them. To take alcohol away from an alcoholic, without weaning him away, is to kill him. Give him purpose. Give him reasons for being wanted, for being loved. Then put him on a good diet.

Q: Could I make a suggestion, that you could remember this book, perhaps there will be some other groups listening to you, especially the young who don't understand what love is and are using it improperly. There is a book, put out by a man named, Von Herben. He's a psychiatrist, practicing in California. The title is, "Sexual Perfection in Marital Happiness", and he expounds the electrical theory quite completely. It might be wise to let some of your friends know that this is in written form and they can perhaps understand themselves better. Maybe Annie could make note of this?

Yada: Yes, of course. I'm sure she will for she is extremely interested in the human being as a whole.

Aud: Joseph Von Herben is his name.

Yada: I think, while you are sitting here, all of you, why put this down on paper so that you do not forget it, because no doubt, it's a very important writing, very helpful.

Q: Apropos of your developing further the story of Jesus, the fact that Christ was not crucified on the cross as we know it, but on an X form, in a voluntary ritual?

Yada: That is right.

Q: Could we take that as a subject?

Yada: I would be most pleased to do so. If you feel weary, my friends, I would be pleased to depart.

Q: In your time, did your people or yourself engage in any kind of astrology?

Yada: Not in the way you think of it, no. We had an astronomical building in my city and it was built in the form of a stairs pyramid. On the top was a dome on a pivot which would open, so that on very clear nights, the stars could be seen in a large copper plate which was imbedded in the floor of the observatory. This copper plate had degrees marked on it, so that stars could be plainly seen and located. We didn't think of stars as having control over humankind, as separate, but as all bodies have their energies felt by all other bodies. At all times, this is going on. We knew that some of these energies affected animal and plant life, and that the moon caused a flow of all sap, water, which is the sap of the earth; in plants, in animals, in the human animal. It regulated the sap of the body, which the blood is, a sap of the body.

And this brought some changes in a woman and also in males, but in a little different way. But we did not know too much about the effect of the stars upon one's future or one's past or one's present. We did know the stars are symbols that man should follow to learn of his divine nature. We were sun worshippers. But we didn't worship the sun as a god, but rather with knowing that all life came from the sun, the great "E-da", the great Light of our being. So we spent early morning hours in respect to it; and as it went down, we also paid respect to it. But you see, without fear, but with knowing. I am the Light. I came to earth to dispel the darkness so that there could be life, and life more abundantly. These are not false words. They are the truth. I came to bring life more abundantly.

Q: I'd like to ask one last question about the copper plate and degrees. Do you know enough of that experience to tell if it was 360 - like we use now?

Yada: Yes. Galileo was a very smart man.

Q: Where did he get his information. Was it given?

Yada: Yes, given in a very particular way. There are certain beings that have communication with higher minds. Your Bible, the writers of this were called inspired, but they were dictated to, explained to. Those who called themselves the Essenes, were a Brotherhood of the Light. They were given, in very clear and very precise words, and I mean precise words, in a certain language, what is and what is not. But they could not write exactly as they were given. They could not use the language. So they gave, in what you call, symbolic words which the lay individual could not understand.

Always through life comes secret languages, not because the people who know want to be superior, but because they know that the rest of humankind is not ready for that kind teaching. The Tarot cards are symbolic, talking, instructions of what life is. Later, astrology came from the Chaldeans, they were the greatest astrologers that I know of, and also astronomers.

Do you want to know truth? Do you think you could recognize it if you heard it? There are words that very clearly tell one, what is. To one who does not understand these words, it means nothing.

"Jesus was sacrificed on the cross". Wonderful! Let's leave it stand there, and go over here, and we hear, "Jesus died for me". Now I don't have to do anything. He's already done it for me. He paid the price. Can you imagine a knowing being permitting himself to be slaughtered, to be murdered for any reason at all? The Lamb, the blood of the Lamb, it is the story of sex, the sexual part of me.

It is the inner teachings. The Jesus body, the tomb in which the Christ dwelt, was broken open and the Christ rose. The Christ returned home - found itself. The Jesus body is the illusionary body, very pretty but illusionary. You are going to lose it. Then what? Will you rise out of the tomb of your physical self?

It is said, the disciples doubted he would rise again. Several of them doubted it. But Jesus did not doubt it. Jesus knew. He did not die. He came into greater Light. To die means to perish, nothing, darkness, nothing. He came to live, to find life ..... I come in ignorance, and if I die in ignorance, I am truly dead. Truly dead.

I would most enjoy to speak to you longer, but I have my instrument to be concerned with and I must withdraw please.

Group: Thank you Yada, etc.

Yada: E gratia. It has been my honor...