Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite

Through Medium Mark Probert

July 07 1964

Introduction: This is Irene Probert speaking. It is Tuesday evening, July 7, 1964. We are in Alfred and Anita G.'s home at 241 Sunridge Street, Buffalo, New York, holding a deep trance lecture by Mark Probert and Members of The Inner Circle.

Yada: Senas et Senahas, ena Yada di Shi'ite.

Group: Good evening, Yada.

Yada: A notchi.... (speaks in his language)

Ed: We had to see you once more, Yada, before you go west again.

Yada: E grati ya.

Group: Thank you very much.

Yada: It is my honor. Thank you very much. Thank you all very much for the attention and kindness you have so much extended to us and to this man and his wife.

Anita: We are so happy to have you with us.

Yada: Ah, yes.

Irene: We are very grateful to the people for being so loyal and coming to the lectures. This has been a great help to us.

Yada: It has. Without such, our work would be impossible, without your interest. Now it is not so much your interest in us as personalities, but your interest in the study of life. That is more important. It may be best to put our personalities in the background, forget us, but do not forget yourself and your teachings and your learning of life, your desire to seek and go on seeking, no matter what else may happen to you. Do not permit yourself to slide off the Path.

My friends, when one person feels called upon to enter into association with another person, the first thing he must remember is that he is handling another person's life. He is literally taking his time and his attention, which is his life. Now if this is so, it is of the utmost importance that he give that person a better life; show him the way. Otherwise he is wasting that person's life and no one has enough life to be wasted, even though you may stay here a thousand years; yes it does not make any difference.

For this life is for the educating of one's self into knowing what the path back home is, returning unto our source. And we can, if we are getting careless, not only lead ourselves off the path, but lead others, and this is the greatest sin that anyone can commit against his fellowman. While we humans who are really adventurers into our own creation, while we have endless time to go back home in, we still have none to waste, either by misdirection or by our own lack of interest which would amount to what you Americans would call dilly dallying.

Irene: I have a question, Yada. So as not to make the same mistakes a second time, I would like to know about the circumstances leading to the fall of man. Did the higher consciousness create its own lower consciousness and then give it free will? If so, did then the lower consciousness lose its relationship or rapport with the higher consciousness because of its desire to express its own individuality?

Yada: When the higher consciousness permitted the division, the, what you call, creating of matter, it caused a state known as duality. In doing this, it gained something called material consciousness, awareness of its environment in relation to itself. When this happened, and it has been going on since (well let's not say when) we lost our will, we didn't gain it; we lost it. This is part of the work, To Gain Back Our Will, Our Ability To Will Our Lives. It is believed, mostly by the Christians, that God made man and gave him a will so as to make it possible for him to choose between right and wrong. My friends this is simply not so. Man looks, with the kind of body he has, looks to be what is called a human or a very separate species of life. We are not humans by birth. The naked skin body does not make us humans, or belonging to the human species. We are still animals, belonging to the lower order of things.

It is not until we begin to think, to intelligently rationalize that we become human. We have no power to make decisions until we become sane, until the animal is cut down from us.  Look at man in your modern world today. How much pressure does it take, on practically anyone, to bring out that - not the animal, but the beast. The majority of us, down through the endless, endless thousands and thousands of years are here to get control and put down the beast. This beast in man is the same as the beast in any beast, it is insane. It doesn't will to anger or not to anger. It doesn't will to do any negative or positive things. Whatever positive things the majority of us manage to accomplish in our lifetime, very seldom do we think these things out. We think not only of the cause - what causes us to do what we do, but the effects. We inject insane emotions into what we think is our decision to do this or that. That is why in the majority of the times, in our doing, we get more hurt and we hurt others more often than not.

Do you think it possible for a sane human being to even think that war can make for peace and intelligent living? Do you think that one human being who has no control over his emotions, can think about doing the right things? No, he cannot. The majority of us do what we do because we are compelled to. There is something inside of us and that something mostly is the lower emotional self which I call the beast, and very often I call it the schizophrenic ass in us. Now, I know that we human beings do not like to be criticized. We want to be praised - and we should be praised. We should endeavor to praise one another, especially while we walk around in the ass mind, because we are dangerous and criticism can hurt us enough to cause us to want to turn and rend the one who criticizes us. That ego self is a maniac and is ready and willing and able to show his claws and his fangs.

Now, getting on the path we are beginning to become humans, beginning to earn that title. A marvelous title for the next step, can only be thought of as, the eternal god within us, the creator. Yes, it is said the man, Jesus, when crucified on the cross, he arose again on the third day. It does not really matter how many days it took him to do it, the fact is, that he did it. And what arose? The creative self, the Christ self arose out of the human, which he had been for so long on the earth. He did not gain that humanness over night, anymore than anyone else. I speak not of the Jesus who permitted himself to be murdered on the cross.

There are many, many Jesusses who are seeking to do that for their own glory and for their masochistic feelings for life. This is not the one who finds the Christ. Man did not fall. If he did, someone must have pushed him. No, he did not fall. He was sent by the higher mind. The lower mind was sent by the higher mind to adventure into the lower mind creation. That's what this is, a lower mind creation. That's why there is so much violence in it. It belongs to the lower mind. Very often when one passes from the physical world, that lower mind still survives and keeps the person in this dream. They become what is called earth bound. But they are not earth bound, not earth per se. They are lower consciousness bound. The ancient Egyptians when they buried their Royal People, put into the tombs of the Royal all these people owned. All their gold, silver and all their precious stones, everything of physical pleasure was put in those tombs.

Before they buried that one in the tombs, they had people, men who would gather around in the tomb, around the dead person, the pharaoh, the queens, and they would chant. They would hold a real seance. What a seance! They would call in all the earth bound greedy people, people who lived their lives purely for physical satisfactions, misers who loved gold and precious stones for the sake of having them. They would call these into being and tell them they could have all the material wealth of the pharaohs and the queens or others, but they would have to stay there. And they told them that there was the possibility that these tombs may be broken into and these things taken out. When this happens it is up to them to go and pursue those people and get these things back. Curse them, destroy them, and bring death to them, or they will come and steal your possessions and you will never get them back.

Anita: Yada, when was the pyramid first built?

Yada: The Giza Pyramid was built 25,000 years ago. It has been under water. It is very, very, old.

Irene: Yada, during one of your recent taped lectures, you happened to mention that life and consciousness in the astral world is a very personal matter.

Yada: So it is.

Irene: Ed would like to know if you could enlarge on this in some detail and you started to tell us why it would be more difficult for us to learn in the astral world than it is to learn in physical life.

Yada: Yes. First I give comparisons between this world and the astral world. This world is it not a personal one? Do you and you and you live in the world together? It appears when we do not think about it, that all of you, and let us say, that I was in the physical world with you as well, that all of us were living in the same world. We are not. While you share, your mental selves share the idea that you are living in one world together, in truth each one of us live in the physical world alone; in the astral world alone. But our creative mind gives us the idea that there are many of us and that we are associating with one another. Are we? Think of this a moment. It seems this way. You can have the same state if you practice, you can create a dream world where you go to sleep and enter this dream world and you can have anybody in that dream world you want to have. And to each of you it will seem . . . . . (sound of brakes squealing) . . . . Yada makes exclamation . . .

Irene: A car putting on its brakes . . .

Yada: So you like the world you live in, but that's all right. It is, as I said, how you respond to it. That's what makes it.

(An unintelligible comment is made . . . . .)

Yada: Of course. The astral world, same situation. You can get the feeling of living in a land where thousands and thousands of people are going around you. There are conditions created there of what you have here. Now, go into jungles, and when one dies in the jungle, when a jungle inhabitant dies he finds himself in a jungle life. How else can it be? Can you imagine a jungle man, in dying, finding himself in a kind of astral location that looks like your city here? Of course not. This would be real hell if that were true. We can only abide by that which we have been accustomed to abide. If at any time something goes wrong in that location where we find our consciousness, we know it immediately, because it is not the same as we have been trained to expect. The unexpected turns our environment topsy turvy.

Aud: We have to learn to live with equanimity. Yada?

Yada: How many of us have trained the animal to that extent?

Aud: I'd imagine very few.

Yada: That is true. You take any animal and project it suddenly into a completely different environment and what do you find? It is in a state of confusion the same as the human animal. And not all animals, four legged ones, adjust any more than two legged ones. Some do not adjust at all, they go completely insane, and die even, the same as humans.

Irene: Will you explain why it is more difficult to learn on the astral than it is in our physical?

Yada: Of course, because there you have no physical body to hold you down; that is right, no physical body on the astral plane to hold you down. Your thoughts - you are living in a world of thought. Well you are living in one here, but you have a plus in the world here, a belief in matter, a belief in weight, so long as these beliefs hang onto you, you will find you will be living them in that world. Now in the astral world, most of us discover that we are quite free, much freer than we dreamed about when on earth in the matter world. When we find this, we automatically want to play with it. We want to do things we couldn't do while on earth and as we do not know how to go about doing these things, we find ourselves in a state of confusion.

For instance, you want to go somewhere. One of two things will happen to you when this thought comes to you in the astral word - the moment you think of the place, you will be there. There will be no thinking and waiting and going; it will be simply thinking and you will be there and you will be doing that which you thought. Now here, you can think of a thing and wait as long as you desire to do that thing, or don't do it. But then again you have a similar condition here wherein if the thought is real you will find yourself doing that thing. It may take you a little longer, but you will be doing it; in fact you will not be able to resist it. Self suggestion is just as powerful as suggestion from someone else and often more so. Now some people pass from the physical earth and it is so real - by real I mean - so much like the earth. The astral world is so much like the earth that it takes them time to accept the fact that they are not in a physical body anymore.

Aud: When you were talking about this last Saturday, you did not finish the answer. You got as far as pointing out the difficulty of concentrating now in the physical world when we try to meditate.

Yada: This is the same as what I said before in trying to think now, instead of meditating. In your physical world, you can sit and meditate upon anything you desire to, but observe this - how difficult it is to put your mind on a thing and hold it there for any appreciable time. How difficult to concentrate and hold your attention. Observe, please, animals in stalking other animals, especially the cat family. Observe that extreme ability to concentrate on their prey. Observe the body action to this extreme concentration. It lines itself up perfectly with the prey. It prepares its muscles to act just as its prey's muscles are going to act, so it can be on it in an instant. It times its muscles to the action of the muscles of the animal it is stalking. Concentration. It is quite a large English word and it is a much difficult thing to accomplish. Very difficult.

Aud: Can you give us a lead, Yada?

Yada: A lead on how to do this?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: There is only one way and that is to do it. There is no telling one how. You see among other difficulties the western mind has especially, of course they have it in the East, all over the East, every Chinese or Asiatic is not knowing these things any more than everyone else here is knowing them. There are as many disbelievers in Asia as there are here in your country. There are probably more, because there are more Asians, that's reasonable. But look at the body for example. Is the body prepared in your world, in your present time, in your environment, are the muscles kept in tone? Does one practice? Is some widespread effort made to teach the people the art of relaxation? Just relaxation.

Can you really relax? You know, real relaxation, when we accomplish it and we want to come out of it, we cannot jump up right away. If we could do this, we would most likely fall over dead, because the body would not be prepared for it. Watch a person who cannot concentrate. Watch them sit and watch them not relax, but think they are. And something disturbs them and they will jump right up and there will be no difficulties with them, because they have not centered the mind, they have not relaxed. They have not put all other thoughts from their consciousness.

In sitting in meditation, the American mind is doing this sort of thing. If it is a married man or married woman, they think; "I wonder if I will make enough money to be able to send my child to college?" The child is not quite able to walk yet and they are worried about sending the child to college. "I hope that I manage to survive long enough so that I can see them grow up. I'll do mantras". What Americans call prayers to God. What a dull life for him, to have nothing happen to him. I'd pray, if I had a child, to have all kinds of things happen to him. Do you not want an interesting life? I'm sure you do.

Do not ask for less problems, less difficulties, because you are then asking life to ignore you. I know there are times when you wish it would. I know I've been tempted, when I lived on earth, I've been tempted to do that too. That is an emotional thought. Very often, people whose bodies are in suffering accomplish a great deal more, not only for themselves but for others, than people who are in good health, because people in good health generally are not driven to do anything. They feel they have endless time. None of us have endless time. We have no time to waste.

Meditation. Get first a body bath so that there is no surface irritation from perspiration from the sweat glands. Then when you sit down, or lie down, or stand on your head, if you know how to do it that way, you can meditate just as well if you are relaxed. Before you try to relax, the beginning of it is to sit, you see this man (Mark) sitting this way and I am sitting this way. When I am in this man's body it is my body now, so I have to move it back and forth. This is the way to sit. In this man, I find the muscles accustomed to sagging.

Irene: That is mostly because of the pain he is going through most of the time.

Yada: Of course, of course, but you know, sagging does not help; no matter one pains, it does not help. In fact, it adds to the pain because it closes off the nerve centers. When you do this, you shut off nerve centers in the solar plexus, in the spine, in the head, in the lower part of the body. When you are going to meditate, I suggest you sit to do this and I suggest you sway the body. Sit up straight, sway the body this way a few times. Get a feeling in your mind regarding the organs of your body and try to line them so that none of them are sagging. Work a few times back and forth this way. Now you can do this better if you take the lotus position, but not everyone can take the lotus position. Then you come to a center. Then you bring your eyes up here; you do not need to have them open.

Q: You center them above . . . . . . ?

Yada: Right into the nose, the roof of the nose here.

Q: Just below the eyebrows toward the nose?

Yada: That is right. You know why you do that? Only really for one reason, you are making an effort to center your consciousness. You are looking at the center. Now you can open your eyes and look down on the floor, wherever you are sitting and choose a spot. You may even make a mark there so that you can center your attention on it. Then you breathe in and out, with no great effort, three times; three in, three out. While you are doing this do not try to calm the mind or free the mind or blank the mind. Most of us, our minds are already blank; you do not have to try. I say to you, let your thoughts run as wild as they want to run. Just don't listen to them, don't look at them, pay them no matter. Let them go, like monkeys, go, go, go. You will find that suddenly the monkey has stopped running, you become aware of it, that they have suddenly stopped running.

The moment you become aware of it, you are not thinking "my thoughts are all gone". You have your mind completely centered upon whatever it is you want to ask or think about - your uppermost thought. And you are not asking it with the conscious mind; you are not consciously there anymore. The ass self is asleep; it's out of the way. That which you need to know will come to you in that instant. Now you may not be able to remember what you got when you come back to the ass consciousness again, but it is now on the edge of the unconscious self and it will come to you automatically when you are not seeking it.

Suddenly, when your mind is completely tied up in your daily living, when you have no thought of communion with the higher consciousness, it will drop into that conscious self and you will say, "where did I hear that before?" You may not even realize that it was given to you by your higher self while in meditation but it doesn't matter. Who ever asks where gold comes from when they find it? No one ever asked "Well how did I ever get this? "How did this ever happen to me?" . . . . . . they are going to lose it because they are saying they do not deserve it. Whatever comes to you, either by someone offering it or by your discovering it somewhere, accept it with love and appreciation and thanks to the great mind. This is called graciousness. This is the basis of the Asiatic seeming politeness. They accept graciously. Americans have a way of fighting everything, even things given to them. "Oh, no, no, don't do that! Why do you do that? Oh, that is very, very nice of you. Oh, I wouldn't want to take that from you"!

Aud: A person giving it to you, it makes them happy to give it to you.

Yada: That is right. They wouldn't do it unless they wanted to. This is what they want to do. Even people who make a show of giving . . . .

Aud: Still you may take it.

Yada: Of course. When you take from that person, they may not feel happy about it right away, but later they will. Because, you see, a person who gives without wanting to, just to make a show, they are the worst ones for wanting love and not being able to get it. They are the most hungry for love and not getting it. One who gives freely, with no thoughts of getting, has no feelings of frustration in life, is not anxious or fearful that life has passed him by or is passing him by or may. A free giver is a free liver.

Aud: Another question?

Yada: Yes, but I have what perhaps may be a foolish pun. I was wondering if anyone thought what I thought when I said that,

Aud: Yes, about the liver?

Yada: Yes, ha, ha. You see how the mind works? Here is mind reading at work. Now was I reading his or was he reading mine, or are there two minds to read?

Aud: Only one, Yada.

Yada: That is right. There is only one mind. We all live and have our being in it. When more people understand this, human beings will stop building physical temples to their gods. They will start honoring and taking care of the living temple, of the living God. I have no objection to anything a human being does in the physical world or anywhere else. That is that individual's business; it is his life. I speak only of sane living That is all. I criticize no one for what they do. I simply say if man is going to live more comfortably in any world, he has to learn to think, to reason, and to know who is the Master. Who is the Master? Until the individual can consciously let go of his fears and anxieties, he cannot claim, "I am the Master" - and live it.

Many people, in the study of occult and metaphysical things, want to know what is the magic the alchemist knows in turning the baser metals to more precious ones. The first thing to do is to turn the baser self into the more precious self and this is not as hard as so many teachers, both in the East and the West, have been leading man to believe. You see, magic is the work that we do regarding things we do not know. When we know what we are doing, this is the scientific approach; all the mysteries vanish for I know that I know. If you want to get confusion in the physical world, you can get it with the least effort by forgetting to think. You want to get the same situation in the astral world, or in any world? Then leave the work of life, your life, to somebody else. Easy, huh! Very easy. Yes please?

Marie: I have had two experiences, one a vision, one a mental picture. Was my receiving these, in any way, caused by a special feeling of love at that moment.

Aud: And she will describe to you some of the details of this, Yada. She didn't want to write it.

Yada: Please do.

Marie: The first one was before my husband and I were married, like you would project a picture in the middle of a room. I saw him from the shoulders up. The other time, I was lying down. It was only a few months ago. In my mind, l saw it. It was a stairway and people standing around it as though agitated, as though someone had fallen, or something that had happened at that moment. Could that have been a vision?

Yada: Perhaps. It may also have been an anxiety thought that took place perhaps months before that moment and now projected itself as anxiety; people in anxiety or uncertainty or confusion. Do you see what I mean? Now, in your dream - the other was a dream you say?

Marie: No, it was not. I was awake.

Yada: You saw your husband?

Marie: Yes.

Yada: From the shoulders up?

Marie: Yes.

Yada: Was this after you had been married to him?

Marie: No before.

Yada: Had you seen him before? Did you know him before?

Marie: Yes, I knew him.

Yada: Of course, the mind produces all kinds of imagery and, as a rule, the reasons for any one of these lies in the creator of them, the individuals themselves. It may have been promoted by your very deep love and affection for him. Strong love does this. When we care for one, we make imagery of the one we love. Or hate for that matter. Now you see what you are doing when you take an image of a person in your mind; when they come to you as an image in your mind, they are there, attracted by one of two things, intense love and wanting of that person, or intense hate. Now sometimes love and hate have the peculiar way of becoming mixed so that one is not certain whether they truly love that person or hate them, because that person may be acting as a contest to their personality.

Now I want to be clear and I hope you understand what I am saying. Anything, any desire could have brought the imagery of your husband to you. And, as I say, the cause could be a rebellion against a feeling of being dominated. Now, while the female, most of the time, not only wants to, but expects to be dominated by the male, yet there is enough male in her to rebel against it also, to try and fight it. This in a way is a form of sadism and masochism. If we are going to understand ourselves, we cannot back away from any possible imagery about why we do what we do.

We've got to know, Then we not only understand ourselves better, but we will understand those we associate with better. Whether we love them or hate them, we will know why, what is back of it. There is many a child that shows an excessive love for his mother whom it actually hates but is afraid to face the thought that it hates its mother so it puts up a front of love. Then this creates internal conflict within the child and it may drive him or her to all kinds of oddities in action and in thought. Love. Very strange word. Perhaps not the word, perhaps only what we humans do with it. Is that not possible?

Anita: Yada, couldn't it be a projection from the other?

Yada: Of course it could just as easily have been her husband's desire to be with her in a protective loving way. Oh yes. And so he projects an image of himself. Now did he project it out there where she seemed to see it? No, it was not visualized through the physical eye but through the mental eye. This means his desire to protect her, to be with her to act as a symbol of love, he excited nerves in the brain, optic nerves, which gave her the impression of an image of him. This is what we of the Circle do when we want to present ourselves to Mark. We do not come and stand in the room with him, although to him, through his looking eyes, it seems we are there in the room taking up space. But actually we are not.

Very often, a vision is like a voice in telepathy. It is another kind of telepathic communication. Do I make myself clear, please? Yes, very often people think they hear a voice, and perhaps many people will hear it, standing in the same place, hear this voice speak. They may jump to the conclusion it is a spirit being, if they are believers in spirit beings, and they will not think of anything else. And it will be difficult to convince them that perhaps it is not a spirit being, but a telepathic communication from someone in the physical world, some thought, some stray thought. An utter stranger could be sleeping somewhere and this person has an intense feeling, an emotion about something, and s/he has an experience in the dream and projects the thought of it and the imagery of it into the surrounding spaces.

But not actually in spaces as such, but into the larger mind where we all live. Anyone who happens to be in the environment where this thought is projected to, may pick it up, may record it. A living person. But when is a living person not a living person? We think, those of us conditioned in the physical world, we think that we are in the physical world, this is not so, we live in mind. People in the astral world, when in the astral world, say they are living there. You know, you hear people speak a lot about this life, and then reincarnation back again to this life. But hardly anyone ever talks of the meat between the two slices of bread, the astral world.

Irene: I think it is sort of thought of by most people that that part of our life is not remembered. We don't seem to be able to recall that so well.

Yada: Many people, many of us will, in the physical world, have memories of the astral world. Many of the experiences we think we had in another lifetime, took place in the astral world, not only after we lose the physical structure, but before, in projection. A person goes somewhere and suddenly they say, "Um, I've been here before, all this I know, I know it like I know the palm of my hand. Yet I do not recall ever having been here before". If they know anything about rebirth, of course they are going to jump to the conclusion, "Oh, I know! In another lifetime". But perhaps not. It may have been right in this lifetime, while you were mentally busily engaged with something right here in front of you, a part of your mind may have run away and went roaming and lived a little life in that place.

And when it came back, it forgot to tell you - you - the conscious self. It forgot to say, "Oh did I have a time! You want to know where I was? I was having a wonderful time. Oh, but I'm not going to tell you right now - later, later". Isn't it amazing, when you think about life, how much of everything seems to want to be later. Later please, when we, we want it now. Now, now, now. You feel this way so much in your world, you have written songs about it like, "There's no Tomorrow". And so there is none if you don't want it. If we learn to live now, we keep as much of our consciousness with us. We do not let it roam around that way. Hold it back. Keep Awake! Stay conscious when you are conscious; sleep when you sleep. No one is dead before they are dead, so don't try to be; don't think about it. It is of no use.

You do not think about whether you will have a dream tonight when you go to bed. Very seldom does it occur to one, "Will I draw a blank when I go to sleep tonight, or will I have an exciting dream? Will I have a real life dream or will I bring my confused and fearful thoughts into my nice dream and destroy it; turn it into a nightmare?" Here is a man dreaming a beautiful dream. He goes to sleep and wakes up in a beautiful dream. You see what he did, he took beautiful thoughts into his sleep with him, restful thoughts, and everything was nice. It was unbelievably nice; never had it felt so good before.

Then suddenly that little imp of darkness, called fear, called guilt, called anxiety, leaps into his dream and tears it into a horrible nightmare. It rends the beautiful asunder to bring ugliness and causes that person to wake up in terror, very often, but glad to be awake. Terror or no terror. Yes. Do not let yourself enter the dream world, called the astral, and take anxieties with you. Take love. Learn realization and don't be afraid. Many people being born into the physical world, are frightened before they come here, because they have to leave the Astral world behind.

Irene: Yada, one hour has expired and if you want to withdraw now.

Yada: Oh. Is so? I think I will withdraw for awhile and then you can all rest. Thank you.

Group: Thank you, Yada.

Yada: My honorable friends, if it is your will to make a picture of me, thank you very much.

Irene: It will be a flash picture, dear.

Yada: Yes, I understand. That is what life is, a flash. So every time you are moved to do it, do it huh? My friends this is to be our last night here for whatever life has to offer us.

Anita: Makes me sad to think of it, Yada.

Yada: Anita, you know there is no parting. Always in the Light we are one.

Anita: But I do like the physical part of it!   (Yada Laughs)

Irene: That's what we get for getting tied up in this three-dimensional world.

Yada: As I said earlier, as the mind is conditioned to think, it thinks. It can do no other. But your sadness honors me and I too am sad. How wonderful that we can have this sadness for one another, huh?  How wonderful.

Irene: If all goes well, we expect to be back here this coming fall. I am thinking of it now and thoughts are things!

Yada: Is so, is so. I can only move as you and Mark can move.

Irene: Well it seems that this is the only way I have ever been able to arrange these lectures, to have the idea and then get busy and do something about it, set into motion, doing, so it starts other balls rolling, and the first thing you know, things have been created to make it possible.

Yada: That is so. Now the trip - when you started out from San Diego, I was most concerned that you get as much rest and relaxation on this trip as possible. And then getting here, it occurred to me that we better not go on from here to New York and Chicago and places like that. Better to go back, because the heat is going to be greater in the coming months and it may very well be one of the hottest summers for most of your country than it has seen in many years.

Aud: Has been predicted too.

Yada: Yes. So I suggest that you who live here drink lemonade and stay cool.

Q: How about beer?

Yada: Oh all right. But do not overdo it, because that would be punishment in itself. You won't have to wait to go to hell, you will be in it. Beer is good for the body. It is a food and a nourishment if it is not overdone. Now beer, when overdone has bad effects on the prostate gland of the male and it is not very good thing in its effects upon the ovaries of the female.

Irene: When we overdo with it, too, isn't it inclined to make one gain weight, which is not a good thing?

Yada: Is so. It is one of the best bay window makers. (Laughter.) But I spoke of the most serious effects. Everything man is given to do anything he wishes if he does it in moderation. And what is moderation? It is something for everyone. Each one of us has our own kind of moderation. Alcohol, after a certain age, which is generally 35 or 40, when drunk in small quantities everyday, is good. When a man or woman drinks alcohol before those years, is not good, is very definitely not good. After those years it has a tendency to keep the arteries open, and as years go on, arteries have a way of closing, no matter what you eat or drink or not. For the body manufactures its own chemistry, and different kinds of chemistry at different ages and different amounts at different ages. The mucous membrane of the stomach and the lower bowels have a tendency to deteriorate and the replacing is not so fast as it used to be; and thereafter, after a certain age if you are not careful what you eat, you can suffer considerably from a very modern ailment, called constipation.

Chronic constipation is a memory of being a child, so this is kind of a children's disease. We go back to our childhood when we have chronic constipation. Now, you may ask what I mean by that. Now there is a question! Observe the activities of the child's mind when it cannot have its own way. If you permit it to believe that you do not love it and are willing to give it some leeway, it has a way of threatening you. It will hold its breath. If you permit the child to do this very often, the idea of gasping for breath gets back into the unconscious mind and may, in later years, work its way out as asthma. You have impressed the respiratory tract to this kind of breathing, gasping. Soon you have a physical infection there, brought on by a mental state. Then you have the child that is taught it is not getting love, so it will not give love. So it tries to end its life by retaining its body excretions. It will refuse to eliminate. Here you have the mental cause for bladder trouble, for kidney trouble, for bowel trouble. You see, all these ailments can be traced back to the mind of mostly - the activity of the child mind.

Irene: What of sinuses, Yada? I have a question here: I am bothered by sinus headaches. Can you tell me why and what I can do about it?

Yada: I think one of the most important things is to cut the mucous forming from your diet. You like starches? (Answer - Yes.)

Yada: Milk? You like milk? (Answer - Yes.)

Yada: Eliminate those things, starches and milk. They are mucous forming, more for you perhaps than for someone else. But here again we have early childhood expressions and these early childhood impressions are also about our foods. If a child is forced to eat certain foods, in adult life he will not eat these foods and the sight of them will make that person sick and the smell of them cooking will turn their stomach. It is the memory of being forced to eat that kind of food. Then this, in turn, in order for that person to protect themselves more openly so that people around them can see how they are being hurt, they create an ailment, what you call allergy. Somewhere in your childhood you were forced to eat these things, especially to drink milk. Is it not so?

Answer: Yes.

Yada: Lady, ordinarily milk is for babies. And cow's milk is not good for adults, sick or well. The adult stomach does not digest these large curds of cow milk. Now goat's milk, you ever drink goat's milk? Very good. You can do this. But for the time being, let us say for a few months, try to stay away from any form of milk and from starches as much as possible, such as white flour. White flour is often used in various cakes also, not only in white bread. White bread is not very good for the system especially because of the way the flour is bleached. It is bleached with a poison, a very deadly poison. More than this, your store breads are not fit for human consumption. In fact, I think, if it were me, I would not give it to pigs.

While I may sound funny, I do not mean to be. Lady, drink the best water you can get, and it is my observation that there is no city water anywhere in the country that is worthy of drinking. Spring water you can get right here. If possible, get it. Almost every time there is an epidemic of disease in a city, town or hamlet in your country, you can trace it to water, the people's drinking water. Do not eat candy. Most candy is not good to put in your system, neither is white flour and grease, like on the candle . . . ? (Tallow, wax?) It will not get out of your system once it gets in. It is one of the causes of hardening of the arteries.

Aud: Cholesterol?

Yada: Yes, but this is a wax from candles. You may as well put sugar on candles and eat it. You can get ample sweet from honey, but buy untreated honey. All the honey in your big market places is not good to eat. Get untreated honey. Man always tampers with everything he has.

Q: Yada, the untreated honey often turns to sugar, does it make it less nutritious?

Irene: Anita was asking me what amount of honey would be advisable. She was saying her energies run out so easily, Yada, and I suggested she take a little honey between meals, not with bread.

Yada: That is right. Even a level teaspoon.

Irene: And she was asking me if it would be fattening to her. Not this much, huh? Burn it up moving around?

Yada: That is right. And it will give you energy.

Irene: She needs something. She looked rather pale yesterday.

Yada: Also there is a very old treatment for sinus. It is honey and vinegar and water. Have you tried it? Take a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of vinegar, not ordinary vinegar but health food.

Comments: Pure apple cider vinegar from the health food store? - Wine vinegar?  I got Sterling in San Diego, a pint of vinegar will last a long white.

Yada: Yes, because you only take a teaspoon, very level teaspoon in a glass of water.

Q: Warm water?

Yada: It does not make a difference.

Aud: Yada, do you advise taking these between meals or with meals?

Yada: I think it better not to take it with meals, to take it better on an empty stomach, before you eat. One of the best treatments for sinus.

Aud: You take it often?

Yada: Now in the beginning you try. First time you take it, see how you feel because sometimes vinegar has a way of upsetting the stomach for those who have not had it before. .

Aud: Some people start out with a half teaspoon.

Aud: Each person lives in his own world, must be his own governor.

Yada: Each person has his own stomach! Which is very good. Ha, ha. Very fortunate to have one's own stomach.

Irene: You take the teaspoon of honey, but for vinegar you have to build up a tolerance.

Yada: Now it may not bother you at all, a teaspoon, but I would try a half teaspoon first for two or three days, and see how you feel.

Aud: Wouldn't it have a tendency to . . . . . . ?

Yada: Not too much. And because it does this, we will leave that stand for right now. That is, I suggest you do that, yes?

Anita: Does that combination of honey and vinegar have a cleansing effect on the intestinal tract?

Yada: Oh yes. That is what I should have said, exactly those words, because it is so.

Aud: The good part about it, I'm sure you will agree with me, is, you can take it for sinus trouble, but if there is anything else in the system that needs correcting, it will correct that too. .... .... ... ...... 's brother was taking it for sinus and he said first thing you know, that my .... ... .....  he said my sinus trouble is gone, but something else is gone too.

Yada: He said, I have what you call, hemorrhoids, and you know, he suddenly became aware that his hemorrhoids hadn't hurt him for quite some time.

Yada: He had bleeding ones. But they are gone. And one of the reasons is, that it also heals hemorrhoids, because it destroys the cholesterol deposits in the blood, which is in the veins. It thins the blood, which causes the swelling of hemorrhoids to go down. You have this combination of effects there.

Aud: It wouldn't give you anemia?

Yada: You would have to drink a great deal of it for that.

Ted: Yada, what is your opinion of carrot juice, raw carrot juice?

Yada: Oh very good, one of the very good things. And celery juice. Mixing these together flushes the intestinal tract and also flushes the kidneys.

Irene: When we are home, we get a pint of carrot juice, a pint of celery and watercress juice.

Yada: Yes, watercress juice is one of the very best things for the lungs.

Aud: Dr. Norman Walker, I think he is in Newfound now, has written a book about ... .... ..

Aud: Are you familiar with that?

Irene: Yada has told us for so long about the benefits of carrot juice.

Yada: What I suggest to all of you is to breathe no word of this to your medical society. They will feel you are cutting their throats and they do not like that. They are the lovers of the Green God. So if I were you, keep it to yourself. Do your own treatment when it is still in the stage where you can help it.

Irene: They don't have a juice bar here in Buffalo and I think it would be a wonderful thing if you, Ted, started one.

Ted: I thought of starting one after a while.

Irene: You don't think you will now?

Ted: If circumstances were better, I may.

Irene: A juice bar here would be a wonderful thing.

Yada: You have some questions here?

Aud: Yes, I do, Yada. What is the reason for the great unrest in the world today manifested by the wars, the segregation problems in the United States and evident in the unrest and lack of self discipline in many of the teenagers and young people?

Yada: The schizophrenic ass in human beings, and that may sound a very short and sharp way of putting it, but it is the reason. How can insane people do intelligent things? We have to get sane. Man is still in the stage of fright, the same as he was when he lived at a time when dinosaurs used to look in his bedroom window at the wrong time. That's why there weren't so many people in those days. It was very discouraging. Today you have automobiles taking the place of dinosaurs as a threat to man's existence. Yes and that is no falsehood. Think my friends. Think a minute. Why the unrest?

Do you think a sane people could permit themselves such slaughter of their own species in a so called cultured time as you claim to be? Should one person be killed in a sane environment, should one person be so killed then all the people would go into mourning and feel shame. But in an insane environment, where insanity is the order of the day, it is thought nothing of. You get your paper; you sit and look at it and say here are so many people killed, maimed, blinded; then you turn the page and see what is going on with people playing ball games.

Irene: It is so commonplace, Yada, it doesn't make any impression on us. You know it is taken for granted.

Yada: Yes. Here I have watched the picture boxes. I have watched people, there is a story being told about some very awful things happening to human beings. And then that goes away and is instantly replaced with some person who is striving to make a name for himself in politics. And instantly your mind, which has been watching maiming and killing, becomes cold over it. You haven't had time to get your real thinking attention before you are shifted off to inanities by the insane politician. A worldwide .... ... ...    How?  How can you do this? Then I listen to stories of people, men and women who are criminals, criminals of the worst kind. You keep them in your jails for an indefinite time and then you have trials. Then does the truth come out? Very seldom. The only thing people seem to be interested in is whether or not the prosecuting lawyer is a smarter talker than the defense lawyer. So it becomes a game.

Then if a man who is a criminal is shot, wounded or hurt by your law officers and he is dying, do you let them die? Oh no, you are Christians; you couldn't do that! So you make him better so that you can put him to death by the state. And you say no, you are not insane? How? How please, is it possible that one people can attack another people because of their race, color, their creed, their anything? How can they enslave, destroy, brutalize, murder a person because of their skin coloring, their nationality, their religion? Now, people who are religious can change if they are not too emotional about it. But you see, religion - man's belief in God is an emotional thing, and a very deep emotional thing. It is in the race mind, not only in the one individual. The color of skin is not something one can help. They cannot go back and take another color. And if they did, somebody who was not that color would still hate them.

Here in your country you cry a lot about freedom. In fact, there is a big stamp right in the middle of your state seal. It says, "Freedom", but it does not say anything about freedom for what or to what or of what. So what happens? Freedom, in the minds of the majority of people, is simply a license to do whatever they please, with no control. Do I come to tell you how to live? No, that is not my work. I come to tell you what it looks like to me. How to live is up to you. It is in your hands to think of it that way or to reject it. It is your life. I cannot live it for you and pretend to be a savior. No, only you can save you. From what?
From ignorance, that is all anyone can save anyone from.

Life is a do-it-yourself job. Yes, there are American expressions in your country I am very attracted to, because they are right to the point, like do-it-yourself job. I think that is wonderful. Do you want to die on the cross? It's a do-it-yourself job. If you enjoy others standing around looking at you with tears in their eyes, but no understanding in their eyes, just emotions, then go and get yourself crucified by trying to save some.

Every savior gets himself crucified. They ask for it. Crucified? There are many ways to be crucified besides being nailed to a cross. We crucify ourselves every time we intrude on another's life, and we tend to crucify them. Live your life as you see it, as you feel it!  And you know you cannot hurt anyone, nor yourself, if you do so with love, feelings of appreciation for the world around you. This difficulty with races has always been so. I look back, down to my time; I saw it coming then. One of the reasons my civilization was destroyed was because of hate, hate of one person for another. The world does not grow en masse; its growth is gained through the individual. Do I see any surcease from this insanity in the near future? I am sorry, but I do not. In fact, I see it getting worse before it gets better. Hatred does not die slowly.

Anita: So it is up to the individual to make up and make his life saner?

Yada: That is right. As you learn and then others see and it fits them in their mind, they will follow you. But if you try to go out and look and tell them don't do this and don't do that, they are going to come looking for you with a gun.

Anita: Could this lead to the destruction of our civilization?

Yada: Of course, of course. Look please; let us go back to history, as far back, and we find the birth of a civilization; its growth and decline and its death. This is in everything. We find the birth of a star, its growth, its expansion, its contraction and its death. It is everywhere present from the biggest to the littlest. Death, meaning change. That is all. Is anything born out of nothing?

Aud: No, it must have the ingredients to be born.

Yada: Of course. This is why virginity is nothing. It is useless. It is only useful when it ceases to be virgin. Love is virgin until it is properly used and then it is the water of life, of existence. Without it, all dies. Everything dies, not only humans.

Irene: Yada, in 1945 the beginning of the Aquarian Age was supposed to have started. We are supposed to be in the Aquarian Age now. Is this not so?

Yada: Yes it is. It started in 1945, It was opened by a period, the period being the going off of the atomic bomb.

Aud: But this was not what the Aquarian Age depicts.

Yada: Yes, for this is when the exploding of the bomb brought life. It was later that it brought death. It manifested to man the story of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp. To explode the bomb, Aladdin had to rub the atom with several million voltage bullets of proton, which is a part of an atom. Aladdin - man.

Aud: Yada, the Aquarian Age, according to what you have told is, is supposed to have been a transformation from the building of the body to the expansion of the mind.

Yada: Is so, but this sometimes hurts your teeth to have your "pupil" quote you.

Irene: No, I didn't make this law

Aud: And you didn't make this law.

Yada: Oh? How do you know I didn't?

Irene: Well I could have made ... ..... ...  I think you are trying to pull my leg.

Yada: Put it up here. (Laughter).

Irene: If this is supposed to be the Aquarian Age, are we still just muddying the water and coming into an understanding? This is 1965, almost 20 years that we have been coming into a better understanding of life.

Yada: Oh you think this is possible in 20 years and it has not been accomplished since man came back here and he is now going to accomplish it in 20 years?

Irene: No, what I wanted to ask was how long does an Aquarian Age last? What period?

Yada: As a rule it lasts for several thousand years.

Irene: Oh it does? Then we are just beginning to get our feet wet?

Yada: What you call it in Theosophy?

Irene: I'm not a Theosophy student so I wouldn't know.

Ed: Is it also called the Aquarian Age?

Yada: Is called Kali Yuga.

Irene: Oh that doesn't mean a thing to me.

Ed: A long time?

Irene: What's a long time?

Yada: Jokingly - 24 hours. Laughter.

Ed: Millions of years.

Yada: That is right. Now there are measures of half million years. 500,000 years ago is a half million years. A thousand years, a thousand and twenty four years my civilization lasted.

Irene: Yes, but when your civilization was created, the idea of enslavement wasn't at the beginning; it came thereafter.

Yada: It was after the civilization had grown up that it became very naughty.

Irene: Yes and they enslaved these huge beings.

Yada: You see, Yuga means vast body, but it referred not to the size of the civilization but to the sub-humans that lived there before we super humans got there. But several thousand years is the Aquarian Age. Man has as much time as he wants to learn in, but because people do not learn en masse, that is why everything is so slow; that's why the growing is such a slow process.

Irene: But there seem to be such outstanding things that are supposed to take place in this particular time.

Aud: Will the color of humans be changed to all look alike? Will we all be speaking the same languages and comparative thinking will be about the same? Is this what we will be calling the "Golden Age"?

Yada: Many people, a larger number of people than now, will be speaking the English language. It will be the chosen language. But the English language to be will be more . . . .

Aud: Unified?

Yada: Yes, and more . . . .

Aud: Simplified?

Yada: Simplified! I could not think of that simple word!

Ed: There are several simplifications now, now in the youth, being taught to the children and they are learning very fast.

Yada: This is very good. And then something more, to help people to understand one another better, wonderful simplification of mathematics, higher mathematics. This early business of teaching complex mathematics in complex form will be gone. You see, those things were done only when man was in a stage of foolishness and he imagined his superior nature and he enjoyed making things complex for himself. Anything that was simple belonged to the peasant, then, after a time, the superior mind began to see that the peasant mind was something to look forward to because it enjoyed the simple things. Yada is amused, ha, ha.

Irene: I think, Yada, that the controllers, the government realizes that that they must educate the masses in order for people to cope with this time frame of the machine age and they can't teach them the mathematics they used to and it can't be applied to the things they need.

Yada: This is so. And in the time that you need to know it in. Everything is going to be done faster. Everything is going to be stepped up in speed. So in order to speed up things they have to be made more simple. It is complexity that slows things down. You will reach a point where you will not be and .... .... ... ending about things. You will say this is, and that is. And that is the way it is, less perhaps, if ... .... ... ...  or I do not feel like it right now. Ha, ha, ha.

Aud: Calculus.

Yada: Yes, yes. Now why is this hurry up business coming to your world? Because man is making his first upward step to returning from whence he came. Originally man was a space dweller. He is going back to it. Not only will he be inhabiting other planets, but he will be inhabiting space itself. He will learn to live in space itself without falling down, because there will be no place to fall down to. Everything will be up and you can imagine what prices will be. (Laughter)

Irene: The children who are being born in this era, are very capable of understanding.

Yada: So, parents get smart. Yes, this is fact my friends. In coming years, from this time on, you are going to have smarter, smarter children, children who will be born knowing.

Irene: It has already been suggested that parents be given the opportunity to be introduced to these newer system, these teachings.

Yada: Yes, so they will be ready for these children because all they are coming to this world for is a refresher course.

Anita: They are more advanced souls?

Yada: That is right, that is right. For a time in the past and it is still some today, is the story that says children should be seen and not heard. In future times, better be careful adults will have to be seen and not heard. Children will be shouting all over the world. You will have a worse time controlling your children than you are having now by far. The only thing is that they will be doing more complex things, more complex things. You will have to invent newer kinds of locks and bars to keep out these children who become criminals.

Aud: They'll all become expert alchemists.

Aud: Disintegrate all the bars and all that sort of thing.

Yada: I don't know if it will go that far, but understanding mathematics you can open any lock or bar. Mathematics and the laws of Physics and the nature of atomic structure, you can wipe away matter. I am wishing, because I enjoy so much talking with you, I am wishing we could do for hours.

Anita: So do I, Yada, and think we all do.

Irene: We have another twenty minutes, Yada, and we can say a lot in twenty minutes.

Yada: Well let us try.

Annie: I have a question. I read in Fate Magazine that some phenomenon is going on in the Indian Ocean and that some people on ships and boats have seen it for the last 100 years already. It's something like a huge wheel, 1000 feet across with spokes going out in straight lines and more or less stops. But at the same time the whole huge wheel travels a certain rate of speed, about 60 miles an hour.

Aud: In the water?

Aud: In the water and they go underneath the back two wheels at the same time, one this way and the other that way.

Aud: Are you aware of this, Yada?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: Is it made of pure light?

Yada: Yes, I know of it. I wish to speak with my teachers a moment, please. Kethra . . . . Now this is the way I understand it from my teacher. You see, I have a teacher too, which shows everybody is at some level of stupidity, huh? Laughter. One nice thing about being stupid, it means that you have a great deal more time to live in order to learn. If you are only a little bit stupid, you only have a little bit of time to live. So don't get too smart too quick! These wheels are from light, or let us not use the word light, but energy rays sent from space vehicles. This radiation is not a visible one in space but when it hits the water there is considerable phosphate, a little animal that makes a glow when energy light is shown on it. Now sometimes the moon will show these phosphorous lights. But they are not, as a rule, patterned. Here you have an intelligent thing going, a pattern, a series of patterns is made. If you should ask me why these beings are doing this, I would like also to be able to answer it, but I really do not know. I only know that this is the method which is being used, invisible light rays in the water in that section, because there is a great deal of these minute living things that make phosphorescent light possible.

Now these wheels of light, Kethra . . . . . . . there is, for several years now, more or less, a study of the bottom of the ocean floor by these space beings. They are studying the different changes that have taken place on this earth through the sea beds. Beneath the sea beds this examination and testing goes on. This earth goes through periodical examinations from these beings. They do not come to interest man further in his religion. They do not care about his religion except to make note of it, showing the state of the human's advancement on the earth in this period of time. These beings go also to the tops of mountains and they study the snow and the layers of snow, testing how much potent radiation is being carried to the earth through snow, ice and rain; also testing how much the earth is heating up, and it is heating up at the rate of one degree every five years. And the reason this is, is not just from heat from the sun, but radiation coming from different parts of the solar system and beyond the solar system.

Now there are galactic systems that are separated by millions of light years, some even trillions of light years. It would appear that in the middle of the vast spaces would be a pure vacuum; but big mistake. All these galactic systems are connected by an auric light or bands of energy that reach from one to the other. Thin layers yes. But what is thin? What do I mean? Thin? Fat? The question always is, how thin, how fat. There are many radiation bands around your earth, not only one or two. There are many. They stretch from the earth to the sun. Closer to the sun, the wider these belts are, the more potent they are. Kethra . . . . How very fascinating! Creation goes on and on and on. What can I say? How on? In a straight line? There are no straight lines. There is no such thing as a straight line. Some of your scientists, your mathematicians, your physicists will tell you there are no straight lines, relatively straight, yes, but no straight lines. You know why? Because creation turns back on itself. Creation is limited and unlimited.

Aud: Unintelligible question asked.

Yada: Yes it is when you think about the size of some of these galactic systems, some of them measuring to the trillions of light years across. Ka-sida! Can the human mind begin to think of this? Of course not, of course not. Energy travels in periodical bundles and these bundles fall off, fall off and fall off until they are turning back upon the center of which they started from.

Aud: They get out to the outer periphery where it is colder and fall back.

Yada: That is right, that is right. My honorable friends, I and we of the Circle, extend our love, our appreciation. We leave it with you in hope that you will leave it with one another. It, The Light. E grati ya, A notchi.

Anita: Yada, may I extend to you my love and thanks and to all the Members of The Inner Circle for coming and for having been with us. We have enjoyed it immensely.

Yada: E grati ya. And we of the Circle had equal joy and pleasure. Yada speaks a blessing in his language. E grati ya. A notchi.

Anita: Thank you for the blessing, Yada.

Group: Good night, Yada.