... Gerardus Here ...
~ The following is profound Indeed ~

~  Words of Realization  ~

The following discussion came about from an essay I wrote a few days ago and Sathya responded to it.  The red colored letters represent what I said and the darker letters are the words of Sathya. I have known what Sathya says for about 16 years and wrote about it in "New Age Notes" and "You Are God".  It really hit me again however, when I read Sathya's responses. No doubt, Life has its own way and speed of telling us things...

On the bottom of our discussion there are some observations.
I added them as a Bonus.

However, if what Sathya says is true my observations are useless.
But are they really?

When we read the following discussion and observations
try to understand them
we must take into consideration
that we as human beings live in an illusionary reality.

By this I mean, that this reality does not actually exist.
This reality exist in our mind Only.

However, we have accepted this reality
as the physical world
as the environment in which we exist somewhere.

We are taking the description of the world
as the world
we accept our perception of the world as our environment.

All this means that nothing is as it seems to be.

In other words...
We are fooled by our own body and mind.

Our ego-mind is taken us for a Ride.

Human egos, human minds or human selves
- - - - - - - - - - -

... Discussion ...

Life is a Dream.
But what or who dreams it?

You dream it!

The little you, sees itself, as separate from that which you Are.
There is only THAT.
( Om, God, Allah, Atman, Life, Truth, TIL )
There are no answers as answers live in the mind.
There are no individual Minds.
- - - - - - -

Are you saying that I have no personal mind or consciousness?

Mind as such does not even exist.
There is nothing more than apparent streams of thoughts
which appear in the dream.

Are they Real?

Yes, they are real, all things in the dream are real!
- - - - - - -

The world we live in
including all the animals, flowers, mountains, rivers
all Life upon this world are actually our collective dream.

Yes, all objects are dream objects of the ONE.
Which is who we Are.
- - - - - - -

Since we as spiritual beings are cosmic creators
our dream becomes our reality.

From the point of view of the ONE
individuals do not actually exist.

Life just happens but the dream of separation makes it seem
as if the individual is creating his/her own reality.

We don't create Life - rather IT creates us - as characters in a movie.
- - - - - - -

We move in and out of our dream or daily reality
when we go to sleep and dream other dreams.
Many of those dreams enrich the reality we are dreaming
when we are so called awake in the daytime.

Who is dreaming?
Is it the One
is it
the so-called individual?

Who is witnessing the dreams?

Answer: The One or THAT does it All.

Our so called Individuality is an imagined Delusion.
- - - - - - -

All in all
the entire creation is the result of dreams
which become reality
depending upon which plane of being we find ourselves.

Become Reality?

What does that mean except to the stream of thoughts?

There is only one plane of being that which you Are.
All the so-called levels or dimensions are mind (thought) creations.
- - - - - - -

Aren't there different planes of existence?
Don't we experience these different planes one after the other
depending on our growing level of awareness?

All thought Stuff.
(All Mental Concepts).
There is no one to visit anywhere
no where to visit in the absolute.
- - - - - - -

Presently, we are creative energy in Human Form
don't we experience all of Life in order to become familiar
with what we as cosmic creators have created or are capable of?

No, presently is also a dream
in order to become familiar, etc
is another concept.
- - - - - - -

Naturally we as these cosmic creators
capable of creating more pleasant worlds
than those of war, suffering and pestilence.
These kinds of dreams will take place in the so called future.

Who says So?

dreams both sides (good and bad) equally.
It is balanced polarity or so it appears.
- - - - - - -

Meanwhile, the world we live in now
serves us in order to awaken to more pleasant or greater dreams or realities.

! The world serves no one who does not exist !
- - - - - - -

Since all realities are dreams, the future is another dream
that takes place at the present
for even Time and Space are aspects of our daytime dreams.

.. YES ..
The future is a dream in the present.
- - - - - - -

In the mean time
our existence in this so called physical world
an enormous celebration.

This is especially so since our existence only takes place
in the Dreaming Mind We Are
which perceives an objective reality as the reflection of our dreams.


.. Try This ..
Our existence has no meaning
we do not actually exist!

Yeah, I know the mind hates that kind of stuff.

Celebration makes us feel better!
- - - - - - - -


All words and worlds are dreams of the One Consciousness we Are.

The ONE or THAT.

It's what we Are.
- - - - - - -

The entire world is full of mind-people bickering with mind-people.
They live and die and return in different bodies and continue.
Most often they kill each Other.

Remember that Life is the ONE expressing itself.
There is no one to kill since no one was ever really born.
Being born is part of the dream.

Yes, on the level of the mind
it seems that there is killing and death and unfairness
but in reality or absolute it is

Yes, agreed it is ALL ONE THING
it is still happening in the Dream
it is far from pleasant.
It's a Nightmare!

They kill and murder until they become aware of what is
become an observer.

Eventually they become Enlightened.

( Remember )

The cosmic dream is that way, and it's perfect as it is...

I feel that we can change the dream.
If we do not change the dream - who will?
We can only change the dream for ourselves
learning to live consciously.

We could conclude from all this that We as the Unconscious Creator
becoming aware of ourselves
by means of the One Dream and the Happenings within it.

Which are the experiences or dreams of the One We Are.
This is why we can change the Dream!
- - - - - - -

Consciousness dreams its dreams
in these dreams there are many characters.

Each character as an aspect of Consciousness
also dreams its dreams
in their dreams
more and more characters are created
who also dream their dreams.

There is no end to all these dreams.

All of them are The ONE dreaming its dreams.

All dreams take place in a timeless environment.
There is no first or last.

All events or dreams are happening simultaneously.

Some characters dream that the one and only Dreamer
is something different than they are.

However... There is only one Dreamer.

All characters are the One
Only Dreamer.
The One Dreamer has always existed.

This is the Dreamer We Are
We are the One Consciousness dreaming.

All human beings are the One Consciousness
which seemingly can divide itself
into different dreamers and their dreams.

Divisions of Consciousness are not possible however
Consciousness IS Consciousness.

In its dreams however it is seemingly divided in many characters
who all have their seemingly independent and separate dreams.

There is no independence and separation however
for all dreams take place in the One Consciousness.
It is the only One dreaming.
WE are that ONE.

The awareness of this Consciousness does not change
only the dreamers and dreams do.

The awareness of the One Consciousness
always itself and unchanging.
It is the awareness that witnesses all dreams.

We Are This Awareness.

It has always been this Way.

Returning to this Awareness is Self-Realization.

- - - - - - -

In all my living, reading and studying I have come to the conclusion
that in order to become enlightened I need to drop my mind.

My mind or ego is a self-created illusionary Thing.
It's a collection of thoughts that keep me separated from the Self I Am.
... Meanwhile I Continue ...

How does one drop something that does not exist?

Drop the concept of dropping all concepts
drop the concept of becoming anything in the future.
No-thing needs to happen!
Stop putting it into the future and it is here NOW...

Could it be that when I let the ONE shine through
my so called illusionary mind evaporates in the fire of the Light I Am?

God-Self or One-Soul I Am let the fire of Light I Am shine through.

On the other hand could it be that this illusionary existence or dream
will just fall away and I will consciously experience what I really am?

It seems to me that the more knowledge I think I gather
the more I increase my mind or ego.

Could it also be nothing at all describable in words?
Why try?
The more you tiddle around with describing
the more you are simply giving attention to mind.

I agree!
The more I think the more mind I collect.
None of it is what I really Am.

Do we need to become No Thing to become Every Thing?

However... there might be other choices.
- - - - - - -


The Universe
"All That Is"

This nor That.

By this I mean, that all Beings in the Universe as Aspects of the Creator
actually are this Creator
although not necessarily fully realized and create whatever they focus upon.

So all beings create their own experiences
according to their attention, focus or directed awareness.

In other words...
we all create our own environment
while all of it takes place in the One Consciousness we Are.

The entire universe is a reality in mind only.
It is not something that hangs 'out there' or any other place.

Life is exactly the way it ought to be
because ultimately all of us
are the Creator
as an Infinite Awareness and/or Experimenter.

All of us come and go and do our own thing.
Besides... who would want to live or exist in the creation of another?

This is what happens
when we accept or follow the beliefs or directions of other Beings.

We become followers
miss the authentic realities of the Creator We Are.
It would mean that we would live our Life the way others would want us to live.

That is mental slavery
has nothing to do with the freedom we enjoy
when we create our own unique environment or reality.

This is what is meant
I and the Father are One.
The Father is free and so are We.

We are the Creator...
but we only reach this level of understanding
when we grasp what is depicted by the words above.

Our environment or life then
what we believe it to be.
Our Beliefs create our Realities.

Our life is not something that is already set or formed
when we realize that we are the ONE.

Life as we know it is an instantaneous creation
by means of the very awareness we enjoy or endure
are at all times.

Our awareness determines what our life actually is
since we create it this very instant where our awareness is focused.
We are the Creator in Human Form.

We create our own reality in our dream.

We need to reach a level of awareness which facilitates us to understand
that We are Life...
that We are the Universe...
that We are the Creator...
that We are the One.

... What I see is this ...

We all have a choice when we have arrived at a certain level of awareness.

We either choose
directly access the Top Level of our Being as Sathya depicts
we choose
to go through each and every level of existence as we create them.

All levels are mind created!

At all times our Life is what we Are
and what we are
is determined by our state of awareness and our choices.

All choices are mind created!

We all have Free Will
as well as
that there is no Free Will
for those
who have accepted
that what is happening is determined
The Dreaming Nature Of The ONE.

So we either are free
- or -
we are created characters in the dream of the One.

However... we are this One in the first place... and must dream consciously!

Looking from where I am in awareness
the choice is mine for me
the choice is yours for you.

... Meanwhile ...
By being what we Are
!  We will become what we Must  !

... Gerardus' Final Statements ...

~  Creation is an expression of the One Soul  ~
!   We are It   !

We as the Creator in Human Form must learn to dream Consciously.
This means that Human beings must learn to live Consciously!

Creation is Change
That is its Perfection.

- - - - - - - - - -

Note added on 2009/08/26.
I ran into this article a few days ago and I came to the conclusion that I presently understand the entire conversation completely! This is why I added a few words to the above and you can find them here...