Look at the Lady on the Left
She is partly invisible in the picture on the right

( 6/22/98 - Cathy Rice and Victoria Liljenquist at San Diego )


The two pictures shown here were both taken one after the other. The second picture is not a superimposed photo (overlaid dimension). Also, the Space Needle is NO WHERE to be seen in the location where the photos were taken. There was no attempt to photograph the Space Needle either. Cathy is partly invisible in the second picture. Victoria shows transparency on arms and neck also. This is not too unusual as it depicts how close we really are to straddling the dimensions. This also confirms "a second earth" that will look similar but different and more positive which we are moving into as a hologram. This also depicts what has been shown in visions Victoria has had regarding the new earth being created for us. In this vision, the dolphins appeared, and now the photo at Sea World appears. We will become multi-dimensional Beings and will be capable of moving back and forth between the worlds (Note: on this roll of film, there were no other photos to explain this phenomena taking place).

Gerardus here:
I sent an email to Victoria and she was kind enough to answer some of my questions. In addition she gave me the address for her website which contained more pictures. I have concluded that her pictures are depicting other dimensonal realities! Which is not really that strange since we live in a time within which other dimensions and/or densities will be revealed to us.  Thank you Victoria!

This is from Victoria's Email:
At Sea World is a Tower which I thought until recently was a space needle designed like the Seattle Space Needle. I was informed recently, that this is a tower at sea world. It is interesting how much it looks like a space needle.

I never visited the tower at Sea World, nor did I film it. Yet, it appears on film with us. There is NO superimposed image involved here, because I did not film the Tower or (space needle as I refer to it on the web site). Because of my activities involved in filming the Brotherhood of Space Light Ships (UFO's) since 1994, I felt this image appearing was a signal to me of this photo representing interdimensions, and how they overlay on each other. In this photo, I sense 5 different dimensions.

All my photographs are developed by the same company Motophoto. There are no changes of error on their part, I have been using them for 8 years.

Hope this helps. Thanks and good luck on your journey.

Many blessings to you, Gerardus.

Victoria Liljenquist

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