... We Are Unborn Awareness ...
( Many of the words below would make perfect Cosmic Cookies )

Teachings are a distraction to the Soul.
... Wake Up ...
Know Who You Are.
... You are Unborn Awareness ...

 Knowledge is Light - Light is Awareness.
Awareness is Understanding - Understanding means Love.  
Love is Wisdom without letting others know that you are Wise.

The Nameless is the One with all the Names.
Our name is but one of them - but at least we show up.
That's more than the Nameless does.

The Nameless is always beyond or behind something.
When it does show up - it does so fully awake.
That's when the person with the name disappears.

For the Masses
The Belief in Terrorism is the newest Religion.
The Boob Tube and Talking Heads are their Inspirations
The Government Proposed Solutions are their Savior!
!  Only thinking can change this  !

Do you realize
that the entire physical world and universe
only exist
in a few cubic centimeters of our brain?

Where will they exist when we leave our body?
! Nowhere and Everywhere !

We are the world and the universe.
The total of what we are is unknown to us.
To become consciously aware of what we actually are
is what it is all about.

? Are you ready for a grok like That ?

Truth is an individual thing.
Therefore not necessarily would your and my Truth agree.

We all might be able to agree to what Evil or Darkness is.

They are a lack of Awareness or Light.
This means that the ego is in charge.

There are entities who are so called evil
but to me
they are the Creator or TIL
in a certain form and exist unconsciously.

They exist in total oblivion
of who or what they actually are.
They act from their own selfish needs.

Which in and by itself is necessary
in order for them to awaken to the Light They Are.

Awareness is what it is all about.
Humanity however
is still in the early stages of evolvement
towards Buddhahood.

Suffering therefore is an aspect of raising our awareness.

We are not able to create a world-dream as yet
within which only pleasure and joy play a part in raising our awareness.
This to me is the one explanation why suffering is necessary.

Human Life is a tough proposition.

I agree with just about everything and everybody
that comes across my screen.
It makes me think that I know something.

I sometimes do not agree anymore with what I have written in the past.
I keep revising it.

In the long run it really make no difference.
Life is Change and so are our Opinions.

It's an Infinite Thing.
!  I am the Truth and the Reality  !

Since the entire Creation
The expression of One Mind
Synchronicity is possible and Normal.

It means that all dreams
big and small
take place at the precise moment.
They are lined up perfectly.

When individuals are doing their own thing however
happenings are not lined up perfectly.
They happen out of sync.

People call this a normal situation.
!  Wrong Call  !


We Are The Infinite Subconsciousness
( The IS or TIL )
in order to become aware of our Unconsciousness
we choose certain life cycles
within which we experience our own unconsciousness
In order to become more aware.

The unknown must become known
the subconscious must become conscious.


The lesson of Human Life
to see it with completely different eyes.

We all are different figments
the same dream.
This dream is creation.

All we need to do now
figure out who the dreamer is.
Somehow this should not be too difficult.


One cannot arrive at certainty by thought alone.
Mind or thoughts make a conundrum of just about anything.

All things and happenings are appearances that pass.
We need to give proper attention to these appearances.
They are the reflections of the creator we are.

! Life is a Dream !
As long as we are dreaming the dream needs our attention.
Proper attention is a stepping stone to awakening?

Thought and sensations are at the level of Mind.
The awareness we are - is far beyond that Level.

The body is similar to a reflection in a mirror - illusionary.
The only absolute is what we are - Presence or Unborn Awareness.
... I call it my Inner Smile ...

Its nature is witnessing or observing.
This nature is not thinking or some other passing mind-thing.
Enlightenment is the recognition of our true Nature!

A belief is a mental thing.
It is the repetition of specific thoughts.
Knowing is from the Heart.

Life is a Play that plays itself.
Its infinite varieties are the products of Mind.
To accept what they are is a necessary step toward awakening.

If you would like to meet an enlightened being.
Look into the mirror.
Its body is illusionary - its soulness is not.
Its soul has a human experience.

The being you think you are is an illusion.
It is a figment in a dream we call life.
In this life all things are illusions.
The only absolute is its awareness.
It's what we actually are - it's the only everlasting.

We are the only real or absolute.
Existing or living life is a self-created illusion.
It takes place in a few cubic centimeters of our brain.
Awareness is our true Nature.
Creation is an illusion of infinite proportions.
All of it is created by mind and its thoughts.
? WHY ?
Infinity creates its own diversities or dreams.

Let's look at creation
... Any Place ... Any Time ...
We are looking at our dream.
The dreamer is the awareness we are.
Creation changes infinitely.
We as awareness do not.
We are infinite awareness.
... Unchanging ...

The thoughts you have are awareness having them.
Not you the separate self.
There is no separate self.
There is only the belief there is one.
Beliefs are accumulated thoughts.
Beliefs are only beliefs.
! All Useless !

Life does not have any opinions.

Once you are awake
others are
fictional characters talking in their sleep.

We are the Creator dreaming that we are the Created.
We are the Dreamer dreaming that we are the Dream.
We are the Father dreaming that we are the Son.

We are the Infinite Light of Awareness
expressing and experimenting
any and all
the context of our consciousness
an infinite dream
that dreams itself
in order to express
Our Infinite Love for Ourselves
All Dream Characters
that appear in our dream
for the sake
diversity and entertainment.

... Meanwhile ...
All Appearances or Dream Characters
have no actual existence
in the Mirror of our Mind

Consciousness as an Expression
Our Infinite Awareness