... Gerardus and his Opinions ...

I Am The I Am
I Am the Creator in Human Form



The Creator is Creative-Cosmic-Energy expressing Itself
The Creator is Consciousness expressing itself Infinitely

The Creator loves to express itself as Creation
This does not mean that all Expressions are Loving towards Others
The purpose of Life is gaining Knowledge and Awareness

Knowledge leads to Awareness - Awareness leads to Understanding
Understanding leads to Love - Love for Self or Love for All That Is
Neither kind of Love is better or worse - for all are the One in All

Expressions have Free Will and do as they see Fit
Their free will is subject to their level of Existence
The Created have different natural or inherent Orientations
  Because of orientations groups are formed that have different Goals

The Creator is the Infinite Subconsciousness of Creation
It is and lives within its own Creation
The Creator *is* The Creation

All of Creation takes place within Mind or Consciousness
This Mind is the Universal Mind or Consciousness
There is only one Mind

Creation therefore is Thoughts within Thoughts within Thoughts
All Thoughts draw Creative-Cosmic-Energy from the One Consciousness
Creation is a Mind-Game with infinite Possibilities

The Universe / Life / God / Truth / Wisdom / The Infinite / The Creator / We / You
All the same Thing or Phenomenon

*   *   *

!  Poem and other words from the Opening Statements  !

Life on Earth is a Play that lasts for thousand upon thousands of years.
We are in the last stage of the final act.
All actors are in place and they are playing their assigned roles.

Terrible things are going on.
The audience is watching with baited breath.
There is a hidden agenda behind all the happenings in this final act.

The so called good guys fail to keep up with the so called bad guys.
The entire Play is very mysterious and puzzling.
Many people are flabbergasted.

Billions of people are concerned and millions are worried.
Some people are even trying to correct the Play from the sidelines.
The object of the Play is to awaken those who are ready.

Humanity is going through trying times and many are not able to cope.
People are emotionally affected and completely fooled by the Play.
Other people suffer because what might happen in the future.
Their dark thoughts do not contribute to their welfare.

(Many will go to 5D)

... About Light and Darkness ...

According to the Cassiopaean Channelings the ratio of Light and Dark or Good or Evil in the universe is about 50/50. I am in agreement with this. I am on the site that shares Light. The Gerardus Soul I Am determines that! This Light and Darkness ratio provides the balance in the universe and it keeps the Creative Play going. Presently, this ratio might be different in our world since we are going through a Dark Cycle. (The Kali Yuga)  We witness this in the world today - just about everybody is on the take! Trillions are missing I hear. So what? All one needs to do is understand that Life on Earth is a Play and we are the Actors. We learn by creating our experiences and from our active involvement in the Play...

When we have understood what this Creative Play is all about - we quit acting or playing. We understand then that the Play is absurdly futile. Its only purpose is to give the actors experiences and gain awareness. Awareness is the Clue - not one side winning or losing. From what I understand no one needs to be rescued either. All actors play their roles and learn "what is" in time. Once enough awareness is gained all actors become observers and see that All is Well. This means that All is Well on the Light as well as the Dark site...

No doubt all OverSouls have Actors on both sides. All of it counts as experience and that is what it is all about. There are no Good or Bad Souls - only Good or Bad Actors. There is no need for anyone to agree with this. Things are as they are anyway. Every Soul in the universe is a Winner. This includes the Illuminati. Do you grok this Mary-Ann?

*     *     *

~ Ponderings ~

The Infinite Subconsciousness - The IS - consist of an infinite amount of Aspects or Souls, who in and by themselves seem to create independently. However, the only Creative Force is the Creator living within the Souls or the Created. The Created are Co-Creators - each in their own kind and measure...

Creation as a Whole is the accomplishment of Entities who exist in Higher Levels of Creation. They are Co-Creators and create according to their own status and/or function. They do this by means of the inherent Presence of the Creator that lives with them...

We as human beings do the same thing in our own diversive manner. All Things, Entities and Beings in Creation are Aspects of the Creator. No one Thing, Being or Entity is something in and by itself - all are the Creator differently. Human beings create according to their own abilities. Humans on earth are far from accomplished or perfect Co-Creators. That's why the world is what it is...

What we experience in Creation has come about or was created by the Subconsciousness of Creation expressing itself. In the same sense, our Soul or Subconsciousness expresses itself repeatedly as the persons we are. The purpose of all Expressions is to become more and more aware...

All Things are the expressions of the Subconsciousness of Creation. The Subconsciousness of Creation is a semi-unconscious Force. It is aware but has no self-awareness! The Creator is busy creating 24/7 infinitely and is not concerned about who or what it is. It is the perfect musician who has become the music. Creation is the Music of the Creator. This means that the Creator and Creation are One. There are One - not Two! We are all One Energy...

Many Sages spoke about The Void. I see the Void as the Subconsciousness of Creation. This is the Source out of which all things arise. This is not a Void! Creation does not arise from a Void. It arises from the Infinite Subconsciousness or The IS of Creation. It is the Non-Being Side of Creation. Creation itself is the Being Side. The IS expresses itself but it is not aware of self. Its Self-Awareness is within the Created. That is where the Creator becomes aware of self... or Self-Aware. That's why Jesus said: I and the Father are One! So is the entire Rest of Creation. This includes You and I and all other Beings and Things. The Creator IS Creation in all its splendor...

~ More Ponderings ~

We live in a Free Will universe. People and organizations do what they see fit. This does not mean that they will get away with this forever. What we do to Others - we do to Ourselves. There are no Others! We will all discover this Truth. Meanwhile, the World Scenarios, including the individual conditions in our Life - are our lessons. All lessons are designed to wake up the Human Soul. For more on this click here...

Human Life is a dream or an illusion. All these dreams, illusions or lessons wake up the infinite Giant Within. Once awakened the lessons and dreams disappear. We are the Creator dreaming! When we as human beings awaken, we begin to contemplate a position of divine indifference. We are here to become Aware. We are not here to save the World or save anyone else. In the mean time, all observers in a state of divine indifference or grace radiate vibrations of Light. We radiate the vibrations of the Aware-Energy-We-Are. No doubt it is a higher frequency than from those who are still asleep. This means, that we automatically influence all others! We all live in, and are, the same Mind. We help others by just being what we are...

To become aware of what the Subconsciousness of Creation has accomplished, is done by the Created. Creation as experienced by humans is "The Conscious Aspect" of the Creator. An atom knows that it is an atom. A rose knows that it is a rose. A mouse knows that it is a mouse. A human being knows that it is a human being. All Things and Beings are aware according to their own status. We as the Created are able to become consciously aware of Who or What we really are and say: I Am The I Am - I am the Creator in Human Form...

~ I and the Father are One ~
( Jesus )

Our task is to awaken from the dream we call our life. First we must become aware that we are dreaming. Our awakening takes place bit by bit in each lifetime. Now get this - human beings are illusionary characters in their own dream. This is difficult to understand. It means that we actually do not exist because our dream collapses when we awaken. Who really are we? We are Unborn Awareness dreaming that we are human beings!  Our human life or dream is an illusion. However, as long as we are dreaming our lives are real!  Our environment is also an illusion. We have learned to accept it as real. To awaken from this reallusion is where the rubber hits the road. Our awakening is a process in a virtual reality of Time and Space. Human life is a mind-trick...

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