.. Gerardus' Grist ..
~ Opening Statements ~

? ... What is Happening ... ?
? ? ... The World and Mankind ... ? ?
The world is changing very fast and whatever questions you might have - most of your answers are on these pages! However, to completely understand what is happening might take longer than a few days. It might even take a few weeks or months!  It depends on your present level of awareness...

If you would like to know most of the answers to what is happening, I suggest that you read all my Articles, Statements, OldSoulNotes, Cosmic Cookies and Poems. Start at the beginning again until everything becomes crystal clear. You will find an explanation for whatever is puzzling you. It took me almost thirty years to write what you will find on these pages. Be patient with yourself...
Our World is a Three Dimensional Expression of the Universe. The Universe has many different kinds of Expressions and all Expressions have their cycles. Our Matter World has come to the end of our Three Dimensional Physical Cycle or Expression by the end of the year 2012. To Humanity this means that Life in Matter will be totally transformed. How is this done? That's a good question! A lot of it will be done by Mankind itself and the rest will be taken care of by Higher Beings...

Many people in the world are not aware that this transformation is presently taken place and there will be an enormous amount of energy applied to keep the 3D world in tact. We could say that the transformation from our Life in Matter towards a Higher Level of Expression is an Act of God. Most likely, there will be many people who will not be able to cope with this transformation and they will leave their body...

This transformation will transform Humanity into a completely different species with the beginning abilities and insights of Christed Beings like Krishna, Buddha or Jesus. Presently only a few people in a Thousand know that our universe is a multi-dimensional expression of creativity. Remember that when a 3D door closes - doors on a higher plateau will open. Our future door or level depends on the level of our awareness...

This level is different for everybody and what we will experience beyond the next door is different for every Soul or Consciousness. There are many multi-dimensional doors and we will be taken care of according to the level of awareness we have reached. There is nothing to be concerned about. Love yourself, trust the universe, accept what is and be open to change. It is going to happen whether we want to or not...

! Life is God's dream and we are this Dreamer !

! ... We are the creator of our Life ... We are the creator of our Dream ... !

Our task is to awaken from the dream we call our life. First we must become aware that we are dreaming. Our awakening takes place bit by bit in each lifetime. Now get this - human beings are illusionary characters in their own dream. This is difficult to understand. It means that we actually do not exist because our dream collapses when we awaken. Who really are we? We are Unborn Awareness dreaming that we are human beings! Our human life or dream is an illusion. However, as long as we are dreaming our lives are real! Our environment is also an illusion. We have learned to accept it as real. To awaken from this reallusion is where the rubber hits the road. Our awakening is a process in a virtual reality of Time and Space.  Our life is a mind-trick...

... The Play of Man on Earth ...

Life on Earth is a Play that lasts for thousand upon thousands of years.
We are in the last stages of the final act.
All actors are in place and they are playing their assigned roles.

Terrible things are going on.
The audience is watching with baited breath.
There is a hidden agenda behind all the happenings in this final act.

The so called good guys fail to keep up with the so called bad guys.
The entire Play is very mysterious and puzzling.

Billions of people are concerned and millions are worried.
Some people are even trying to correct the Play from the sidelines.
The purpose of the Play is to awaken those who are ready.

Humanity is going through trying times and many are not able to cope.
People are emotionally affected and completely fooled by the Play.
Many people suffer because of what might happen in the future.
Their dark thoughts do not contribute to their welfare.

( Those who are ready will go to 4D/5D )

... All is as it should Be ...

This does not mean that all things should be
what most people think they should be.

The average human being lives in a fog of unawareness
(The default state in which most humans live)
and they are not capable of discerning
that all is exactly as it should be.

So due to a severe lack of awareness
most human beings find fault with the world.

The more faults they find or the more they criticise
the greater their lack of awareness.

We are the creators of the world and we are here to learn.
!  No one can learn in a perfect world  !

The state of the world reflects our abilities.
To improve upon our creation must be done in an individual manner
by raising our level of awareness.
This is done by gaining wisdom by means of experiences.

!  We as Creators cannot tell others what to Create  !

... Quantum Simplicity ...

The universe, high and low, is really a "Divine-Make-Work" project. Everything runs on Universal Energy most people call God or TIL - The Infinite Light.  It's a Vibration of Energy and it's Neutral. The actual "Divine-Work-Makers" are Beings equivalent to what we could call animal-trainers. They control or program the lower worlds. Naturally, they are a few steps higher than the average lion tamer, for they are Divine Beings or Co-Creators. Meanwhile, all things are relative...

All worlds are similar to global size circuses and all the "Make-Work" is created so that Souls or Universal-Energy-Units are able to have experiences. Actually, many of these Units create their own experiences since all Units are Holograms of the ICU - the Infinite Creative Universe...

The ICU is The One Mind imagining that it is The Many and it lets its imagination run free within, or throughout all of its aspects. The trick is to enjoy this imagination, including the experiences it creates, without comparing them to others. If it was not for the Divine-Work-Makers, loosely called the Programmers, the universe would be totally stagnant or dead. It would be an infinite Computer without Software!  This way - all Aspects are busy and most have the idea that they are going some place...

Naturally, no one Being or Entity goes any place, because all happenings are dreams that take place in their own infinite Mind or Imagination. By design, no Being can pop out of its own dream at will. However, this does occur when True Awakening takes place. This happens to all dreamers or co-creators when they have reached the end of their Creative-Program or when they fully realize that the entire universal activity is nothing but a Divine-Make-Work project. All Beings or Entities cycle within the universe from Top to Bottom and up again. One cycle is called an Infinity. The universe is a Structered-Movement within Awareness or Consciousness. It is on an Infinite Journey without a specific destination - except the final goal of Full Awakening! We are Unborn Awareness cycling up and down as well as sideways...

Most Beings (and especially Human Beings) who speak to their fellow Beings about the Divine-Make-Work project are declared insane immediately! As a rule the masses are too busy to notice that they have been hit by the Truth. Most people, for example, hate the Truth and shun it like a plague. Yet, all of them are looking for it without realizing that they Are The Truth. All are very self-involved by trying to fix or save the world. They work the Light so to speak. Fixing and saving the world is a selfish addiction I call Feeling Important! Notwithstanding this nasty addiction - the allover effect of the Divine-Make-Work project gloriously declares the universe a win-win proposition. In other words - there are no losers...

It is mandatory for all humans and other creatures to be subjected to the Divine-Make-Work project. It's an automatic or a default situation!  Eventually, all of them move up and become Divine-Work-Makers themselves. There is lots of room and work at the Top. All Beings and Entities are basically Creative Energy Units raising themselves. If one becomes really good at it, one is promoted to Divine-Work Programmer or Co-Creator. All Galaxies are full of them...

The work at hand in the universe is divided according to the ability of forgetting OneSelf and playing any role convincingly without revealing the secret that "anything goes" or "flipping out" like I did by telling you all this (Please Grin). In the mean time, very few actors make universal history by becoming a Christ or a Buddha immediately. Some already were when they landed - but no Master will tell that s/he is a Master! Last but not least, it is useful to mention again that the entire Universe is...

! A Divine-Make-Work-Project of Love !

... Peace Within brings a Global Gift ...

Peace in the world is presently impossible.
It is impossible because there is a lack of human awareness.
.. Peace within .. or accepting what is .. is Possible ..

When enough people are peaceful - peace in the world will Follow.
... What we are within is reflected Without ...

To work for peace or change in the world will fail presently.
There are too many Energies that oppose efforts towards Peace.
Not any one particular condition, agenda, program or lifestyle
will be agreed upon by all World Rulers.

There will always be unrest and unwillingness to accept Changes.
These are the conditions we live with in this World.
This is the Nature of Planet Earth.

... In the future peace will be possible ...
To have peace in our world we need to have peace within First.

... Peace Within brings a Global Gift ...

... How does the Creator enter its Creation ...

We as the Creator or Universal Spirit, in the form of Human Beings, enter our physical creation as tiny consciousness-units. We enter into the dream of creation in a state of unconsciousness however!  Some Teachings call this the Biological Path. Not all so called independent consciousness-units enter the physical creation - many stay in other levels of creation or densities. We enter our creation way down at the bottom of physical reality. We might start as an Atom or as a tiny wavicle thereof...

We as the Creator or as The Omniscient radiate tiny consciousness-units of ourselves all throughout our creation. These units are in a state of unconsciousness. We enter our physical creation as seemingly independent unconscious energy or soul units. We progress by means of endless stages of growth or incarnations. This radiation goes on forever in a continuous stream of wavicles that eventually hit the regions of physical reality. Matter and Mind are the same energy except for the speed of frequency of their vibrations. They are a continuum...

These tiny consciousness-units are like universal seeds blowing in the Cosmic Winds of Creation. God so to speak - is like an Infinite Blooming Dandelion - blowing its seeds all over Creation. You and I are two of these seeds. The Infinitely Blooming Dandelion lives within you as the Soul or Consciousness You Are...

These consciousness-units or seeds are totally unconscious or unaware when they begin their journey. By means of the experiences they encounter, they learn and grow toward higher states of awareness. All of us Humans for example are on a slow but steady progression on the Ladder of Awareness. This becomes evident when a so called independent consciousness-unit becomes aware enough to figure out - who or what it really is. We eventually come to fruition as a Christed Being or Buddha...

Presently, there are not too many Christed Beings or Buddhas on planet Earth - but the amount of them makes no difference - the process of becoming aware is the same. The growing and learning process expressed in Earth Years is a very long one. On the other hand - Ten Million Years is but an instant in Infinity...

... Have a good Journey - Your arrival is Assured ...

? ... Who or what is God ... ?

God is T I L - The Infinite Light or Infinite Energy. The universe runs on it! We could call this Energy - Consciousness or The Silent Unborn Awareness. By means of its vibrations consciousness or mind creates geometric or dynamic patterns of enormous complexities. These patterns of vibration become all living beings and things in the universe. The higher their complexity - the more they acquire the ability to store awareness.

Awareness is a quality that is able to recognize self and/or others. Awareness is able to sense other vibrations of the Energy or Substance all things are made of. Awareness is Life or God itself!  We can also say that God is Creation. By this I mean that God equals Creation!  God or Life or Creation are vibrations of Energy or Consciousness!

Now - so much for what I think and say. The good thing is, that no one has to agree with me. Meanwhile, we all are the Truth and Reality! As such - we have Opinions. Opinions are temporary personal truth - they always change. That's it for now Folks! Please have fun with all my Opinions. Lots of Goodies on these Pages. Meanwhile...

May the Soul You Are
Be Blessed
By Its Own Infinite Light

... Something phenomenal to remember Here ...

!   2012/12/21   -   11.11   -   2012/12/21   !

Records from Mayan Timekeepers indicate that 2012/12/21/11.11 marks the close of several large cycles of time: a 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle, a 78,000 year Earth cycle, a 26 million year Earth cycle and the 225 million Galactic Year. The simultaneous close of these cycles in 2012/12/21/11.11 is like the odometer turning over for the entire history of our galaxy, and perhaps the whole cosmos. It is a moment when humanity, Planet Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps all of creation is expected to take a simultaneous leap in evolution.

... The Human Path ...

The first step is to learn that the world is an illusion
from which we create an assumed reality.

The second step is to become detached from this reality.

The third step is to accept this reality for what it is.

It takes an undetermined amount of lifetimes
to complete these three steps.

In our last lifetime
we know that the world does not actually exist.

That's when we laugh out loud
keep on living as if nothing happened.

Life or Creation is infinitely Weird.

~ Human Life is a Mind Trip Full of Mysteries ~

.. Gerardus' Grist ..
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