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!  Coming to the End of the Kali Yuga  ?
( Many say Yes - Few say No )

December, 21, 2012

          1) The Satya Yuga (1,728,000 years)

          2) The Treta Yuga (1,296,000 years)
          3) The Dvapara Yuga (864,000 years)

          4) The Kali Yuga (432,000 years)

Gerardus' Note:
There are books that allocate a different amount of earth years for these Yugas. Those figures are approximately a thousand times smaller. Whatever the right amount might be - I do not know for sure. Actually it does not matter. Time in whatever amount of years is an illusion anyway. All we need to remember is that there are different cycles for different lessons. No doubt, we are presently living at the very end of a negative cycle. All cycles give us different experiences and that is what it is all about...

... Short summation of the four Yugas ...

Satya Yuga:
It is characterised by virtue, wisdom and religion, there will be practically no ignorance and vice. It is called the golden age. In this age people live for a hundred thousand years. It was very suitable for self-realisation because people could perform prolonged meditation...

Treta Yuga:
In this age vice is introduced. It is called the silver age and people live for ten thousand years. Self realisation can be achieved by performing great sacrifices...

Dvarpara Yuga :
There is an even greater decline in virtue and religion, vice increase. People live for one thousand years in this age and self realisation is reached by worship of the Lord...

Kali Yuga:
In Kali Yuga there is an abundance of struggle and strife, ignorance, vice and ir-religion, true virtue being practically non-existent. The duration of life in Kali Yuga is one Hundred years and the recommended process of self-realization in this age is hearing and chanting of the Holy Name of the Lord. Vice increases to such a point in this Yuga that at the termination of Yuga the Supreme Lord Himself appears as the Kalki Avatar, vanquishes the demons, saves his devotees and commences another Satya Yuga. Then the process begins again...

" ... Vice increases to such a point in this Yuga ... "
Note by Gerardus - Did you read that?

? Could the Kali Yuga end in your lifetime ?

The incarnations of our individual Soul take place within the time cycles as shown above. All of us go through many incarnations or dreams (More on this Here). The work is to finish them as soon as possible. Before this is known however, we become entangled in our karmic activities and need to free ourselves from this illusionary bondage. Naturally these cycles do not end exactly at the above indicated time! There are long overlapping areas. A period of a hundred years is but a blink for the universe. Do not forget to breathe when it blinks...

Living in the lower worlds is like living in a prison and the only escape is education, knowledge and Understanding, which is Love. Life as a human being can be a beautiful experience - but it can also be a very unpleasant experience. Sometimes there is a lot of anguish and suffering involved. A good question is - does this need to be so? If you find a good answer - please let me know. In the mean time, please continue with your journey in the most pleasant manner possible and work steadily toward promotion and more freedom upon the higher realms...

Have you noticed that each time period decreases by 432,000 years compared to the previous one? They total 10 x 432,000 or 4,320,000 years! Did you read that?!! Over Four Million! One lifetime therefore is but one Tick on the Cosmic Clock. Makes me wonder how long or short these Ticks really are. Especially if you think that Time is an illusion. Somehow our illusions are our realities...

The principles of religion work fully in the age of Satya Yuga; in Treta Yuga they are reduced to one half; and in the Kali Yuga they are reduced to one fourth; gradually diminishing to the zero point. Presumably that is where we are now. Possibly in the 'glorious or golden cycle' the satya yuga, the principles of religions will work - probably because people more awakend than we are now and in those periods - mankind understands more and therefore it doesn't take that much effort to overcome the Negative Forces!

Part of the above was taken from a URL that is not in existence anymore.

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