Gerardus offers:


Who or what is this force people call God?
Are we created by this force or are we responsible ourselves?
If the force of the universe is Love why are so many people suffering?
What is the purpose of religions and is the bible the answer to our needs?

Why are some people wiser than others?
Do we indeed live before birth and after death?
Are all human beings hypnotized and don't know it?
Is physical reality an artificial environment and if so... why is this so?

What is real?... and what isn't?
Is the nature of ordinary life like a dream?
What is time really... and what is space... and who creates them?
Why are so many innocent people suffering because of religious wars?

What are UFO's all about?
What is Cosmic Consciousness?
Is reincarnation a belief or a reality?
Why are some people so mature and others behave like children?

What is the purpose of life?
What is wrong with the world nowadays?
How long is it going to take before things improve?
Are we slowly moving into the Fourth/Fifth Dimension of our creative endeavor?

All the above questions and many others are answered in the many Works of Gerardus.


Wisdom Publications is the sole publisher of the Works of Gerardus and his work is distributed by means of Books, Electronic Books and many Articles. His work is available free of charge! Please contact him by means of QuickNotes on the Main Index Page. Gerardus has been writing Metaphysical Compositions for the last 30 years and from the beginning it was clear that his work was excellent. The clarity with which Gerardus expresses the Eternal Truths is most refreshing and the Wisdom of the Wise is available to all of us!