... Know This ...   Before you read my Articles   ... Know This ...      

! ... Enlightenment is not found in Words ... Enlightenment is an Understanding ... !

If you answer the following three questions in the Affirmative
! .. You are almost Enlightened .. !

? Do You Exist ?
? Do You Have Awareness ?
? Are You Aware That You Are Aware ?

... The Awareness You Have   - is -   The Universal Awareness ...

You Are the Universal Awareness pretending that you are a human Being.
... The human being you are does not actually Exist ...
! Your Are The Infinite Light as You  !

Being almost Enlightened is not a big Deal.
The big deal is Staying in the Present - the Present of the Moment of Nowness.
This is hard to do and needs to be learned.

Once you master this the you you think you are has almost vanished.
( Please take all this with a lot of salt - I know next to nothing about Anything )

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