Speed Course In Metaphysics


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Here we begin.
? What is life all about ?
Human life is about learning.

? What do we need to learn ?
We need to discover who or what we are.
We also need to learn to be joyful.
Life is a play.
We function as detectives in this play.
We are the creator playing.
The creator's play is its dream.
It dreams in order to have experiences.
It pretends to be human beings in its dream.
The dream is endless and it dreams itself.
Humans appear as figments in this dream.
All figments are illusionary thoughts.
Humans accept their existence as real.
We only exist in the creator's dream.
Some say that awakening from the dream
Personal Enlightenment.
? How can this be ?
There are no persons to be enlightened.
Only the creator or the dreamer exist.
Consciousness is the dreamer.
Figments are creations of a dreamer.
Human beings have no actual existence.

The creator is all souls - awake or asleep.
Sleeping souls are born in human bodies.
The creator lives within these sleeping souls.
All sleeping souls think to be their body.
Sleeping souls are unconscious souls.
They are the creator lost in its own dream.
Their life is the opportunity to awaken.
In their dream they seem to live in separation.
Human life is an investigation.

We are not our body.
We are the infinite creator as a human soul.
This creator within is in a deep sleep.
The sleeping creator is the sleeping soul.
Most souls are asleep but think to be awake.
They live without knowing why.
Their life is an unconscious affair.
The universe is a mental activity.
All things take place in mind only.

The matter world is an image in our heads.
It has no objective or actual existence.
The big bang is a happening in mind.
It takes place in human heads.
Mind is infinite but it appears to be local.
Humans are the creator suffering forgetfulness.
Living in bodies teaches us who we are.
Human life is the teacher.
Experience and wisdom are the result.

The creator's dream is our dream.
All human beings are figments in this dream.
Humans appear and disappear like atoms do.
Humans exist for years instead of nanoseconds.
Years divided by infinity equals zero.
? So when do we exist ?
Only Consciousness or Mind Exists.
Consciousness is the only absolute.
We are this consciousness.

This site is the home of the CosmicCookies.
Please have a cookie on me.
Have two if you like.
Please wipe those crumbs off your face.
Hidden camera behind your screen.
? How come you were not smiling ?
You are laughing so loud I can hear you.
Please close your windows.
Be careful of your fingers.

Two big questions coming up.
? Ask yourself why you were born ?
? What is the purpose of your life ?
Live     Read     Learn     Awaken
This website brings you light.
You are the creator in human form.
Your awareness is the creator's awareness.
? Are you aware that you are aware ?
? Are you aware that you are the creator ?

There is no god who runs the universe.
There is only energy or spirit.
Energy   Consciousness   Mind   Spirit

Life is and runs on energy or spirit.
This energy or spirit is the creator within us.
For most of us this creator is asleep.
All religions make sure of that.
Religions have brainwashed the world.
The entire world is a lie!

This website is full of metaphysical meals.
You are welcome to these mental feedings.
We 'are' the Truth  and  we 'have' opinions.
Life is the creator living as the created.
Everything Gerardus says is true.
It's opposite is equally true.
There is no truth in words.

!  We are The Living Truth and Reality  !

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Humans are actors in a global play.
What we do and say is our script

This thing is on repeat.
You'd better move on.

? Are you still Here ?
Gerardus is always here.
Bye for Now.

Here is one of my favorite
Cosmic Cookies

A Belief is only a Belief.
We all come to Earth in order to know.
We even have to find out what it is we need to know.
That's why we live on Earth.
We as Souls dwell in Freedom... Grace and Solitude
among the Mysteries of our own Creation.

We are on Earth to discover that we are the Creator
looking at ourselves in Greatness and Splendor.

Part of what we need to learn
to see Greatness and Splendor
in Each and Every One of Us
in all Densities and Dimensions.

This is the Curriculum of the School of Earth.


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