! . . . Words are only Words . . . !
... Human life is a deep sleep in which we dream that we are Awake ...

Who are we and what are we doing Here?
By the time you understand what I think I understand - you will definitely smile when you ask yourself that question. Meanwhile, it is the most baffling and paradoxical question in the universe. Human Beings are hypnotized-dream-figments who appear to exist in their own infinite dream. This means that we are asking a question that cannot be answered anywhichway since we as Humans do not actually exist! Yeah... you read that right! We do not actually exist since we as aspects of The Infinite Light (God) are hypnotized by the belief that we are Humans. The trick is to dehypnotize ourselves. This is usually called waking up! This means that all Humans and all other Universal Beings are zombies or dream-figments in an infinite dream. We are phantoms believing that we are real! The only actual Energy or Reality is The Infinite Light. It is The Light or Energy We All Are. Dreaming! I suggest not to be overly concerned about waking up. Just make sure your dream is a happy one and start laughing. Laughing is a freeway to full realization...

Is our Life a Mind Trick?
Our task is to awaken from the dream we call our life. Naturally, we must first become aware that we are dreaming. Our awakening takes place bit by bit in each lifetime. Now get this - human beings are illusionary characters in their own dream. This is difficult to understand. It means that we actually do not exist because our dream collapses when we awaken. Who really are we? We are Unborn Awareness dreaming that we are human beings! Our human life or dream is an illusion. However, as long as we are dreaming our lives or dreams are real! Our environment is also an illusion. We have learned to accept it as real. To awaken from this reallusion is where the rubber hits the road. Our awakening is a process in illusionary time. Yes, our World and our Life is a Mind Trick...

Does the world exist in our head only?
We are continually told that there is a world out there on which you live. Surprise... surprise... there is no world out there! The visible-light you receive with your eyes is translated in your awareness-system and produces images in your head. The world or planet you live on exist in your head only. All you have are images in your head that you continuously keep recalling in your imagination. These images make you believe that you live on an actual world or planet. There is no such thing anywhere in the universe. All physical things including your monitor are illusions! Matter is 99.9999999% emptiness. How could the world or anything material be solid? The world we live on and the system we live by - is one of the most baffling phenomenon we can imagine. Hint - we are Unborn Awareness and we are subjected to an illusionary experience. It's called being human for a while. That's what we came here to experience! Do you realize how important this is to know? Especially in case you are ready to save the world or the environment. They do not actually exist except in your own mind. How's that for an illusion? It's absolutely mind boggling and splendid...

Will the real Buddha please stand up!
Just imagine - everybody is a perfect Buddha already! There is only one thing missing. Which is the fact that they do not know it. Go figure that one! If the above is true - it means that the perfect Buddha is not really perfect. However, nowhere does it say that a Buddha is supposed to be perfect and know everything. So there you go! You have been a Buddha all along and just did not know it. How come? Well, most likely it's because you have been brainwashed by society and have not rinsed out your brain yet. No harm done! You can rinse your brain right now and burst out in laughter... Hahahah HHahaha Hahahah! What a joke Human Life really is... Absolutely! No doubt you would like some more wine by now. It helps to make you laugh even louder! Welcome to the Buddha Buddies. It's full of odd balls. Some of them are Christs. Both of them are so far-out that not even God can tell the difference...

A question in jest: Is there a God?
That's a question all Fools ask. Naturally there is a God! God is everything and everybody in Creation including all Fools. God is Creation! Holy smokes don't you know that? Well, now you know and the only thing left to do is to prove it to yourself. That might seem difficult but in actuality it is easy. All you need to do is read Gerardus' Pages and then study a few Metaphysical Books from Coles or Chapters. Before you know it - you will be exclaiming that all Fools are God and that God is all Fools. Maybe the world is about God and Fools after all and not about Money and Deception...

What is the Lesson of Life?
The lesson of Life is to lose the identity of the person you think you are! In addition to this, you need to stop identifying with things and people as separate happenings. They are The Wholeness expressing itself as itself. The fact that you might think that there is separation is an assumed aspect of the dream of separation. This dream began when you attained self-consciousness as a child. The trick is to drop your self-consciousness and attain God-Consciousness by leaving your self-consciousness in bed! You are The Wholeness, you are Unborn Awareness manifested in a world of human conditions and assumptions...

? Hmmm ?

It seems to me
that my reflection in the mirror is able to see
what I am looking at.

It's all in my head naturally.
That's where everything else is.
Except the mirror and the guy looking into it.

TIL knows best and says
My reflection sees what I Am and what I'm looking at.
... I am Awareness ...
... I am the Looker ... the Seer ... and the Object ...
No darn Soul could beat that ... not even in bare naked Form.

God often complains to me and she says
I'm often completely deluded when I am human.
Especially when I am a male.
Since I am one
I am not even smart enough to agree.

... It's a very weird and wonderful world ...

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