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Agartha Middle Earth! Sept 29/07 

Agartha In The Hollow Earth 

I’ve spoken of the greatest cover-up of all time being the suppression 
of the fact that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth from other 
planets. If that is the biggest cover-up of all time, then the second 
biggest cover-up of all time is the attempt to keep secret the fact that 
there is a civilisation of people living in the centre of the Earth. 
The civilisation is known as 'Agartha'.  This might be hard to believe, 
I know it was difficult for me at first. However, I now have absolute 
knowingness of the truth of it. 

To begin with, Buddhist theology affirms its existence. It is believed 
to be a race of supermen and superwomen who occasionally come to the 
surface to oversee the development of the human race. It is also 
believed that this subterranean world has millions of inhabitants and 
many cities, its capital being Shamballa. 

The King of this world is believed to have given orders to the Dalai 
Lama of Tibet, who is his terrestrial representative. His messages are 
transmitted through certain secret tunnels connecting the inner world 
of Agartha with Tibet. 

The famous Russian channel Nicholas Roerich, who was a channel for 
Ascended Master El Moyra, claimed that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, 
was connected by a tunnel with Shamballa in the inner Earth. The 
entrance of this tunnel was guarded by Lamas who were sworn to 
secrecy. A similar tunnel was believed to connect the secret chambers 
at the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza with Agartha. The first 
public scientific evidence of Agartha’s existence occurred in 1947 
when Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew to 
the North Pole and instead of going over the pole he actually entered 
the inner Earth. In his diary, he tells of entering the hollow 
interior of the Earth, along with others, and travelling seventeen 
hundred miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation, and 
animal life. He tells of seeing monstrous animals resembling the 
mammoths of antiquity moving through the brush. He eventually found 
cities and a thriving civilisation. 

His plane was finally greeted by flying machines of a type he had 
never seen before. They escorted him to a safe landing place and he 
was graciously greeted by emissaries from Agartha. After resting, he 
and his crew were taken to meet the King and Queen of Agartha. They 
told him that he had been allowed to enter Agartha because of his high 
moral and ethical character. They went on to say that ever since the 
United States had dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they 
had been very concerned about their own safety and survival. They had 
decided that it was time to make greater contact with the outside 
world to make sure humanity didn’t destroy that planet and their 
civilisation with it. Byrd had been allowed in so they could make 
contact with someone that they trusted. To make a long story short, 
when their visit was finished, Admiral Byrd and his crew were guided 
in their plane back to the outer world, their lives having been 
changed forever. 

In January 1956, Admiral Byrd led an expedition to the South Pole. On 
that expedition he and his crew penetrated two thousand three hundred 
miles into the centre of the Earth. Admiral Byrd states that the North 
and South Poles are only two of the many openings into the center of 
the Earth. Admiral Byrd also states that the inner Earth has it’s own 
sun. Byrd’s theory is that the poles of the Earth are concave, rather 
than convex, and ships and planes can actually sail or fly right in. 

I can’t help thinking about Jules Verne’s famous science 'fiction' 
book, 'Journey To The Center Of The Earth' [Joshua Stone, 1995]. The 
American press announced Admiral Byrd’s discovery, but it was 
immediately suppressed by our good friends, the secret government. Ray 
palmer, the editor of the magazine 'Flying Saucer', published a 
detailed story about Admiral Byrd’s discoveries. The United States 
government bought, stole, or destroyed almost every copy and then 
destroyed the plates at the printing office. I have been told exactly 
the same thing happened to an article about Admiral Byrd’s discovery 
published by 'National Geographic'. The magazine was released, and the 
U.S. government gobbled up almost every issue. If the story was not 
true, why would the government be so nervous? 

The psychological symbolism would have been that those that destroyed 
all these magazines had a significant mentor that destroyed their 
spirit in their tentative years [John]. 

It is interesting to note that the United States government does not 
allow planes to fly over the poles. All flights are directed to go 
around the poles, and any airline pilot flying in those areas will 
confirm this. Another interesting point is that icebergs are composed 
of fresh water, not salt water. It is also curious that it is warmer 
nearer the poles than it is six hundred to one thousand miles away 
from them. The opening at the poles might also explain why there are 
so many UFO sightings in those areas. In his book 'The Hollow Earth', 
Dr. Raymond Bernard tells of a man who has conformed Admiral Byrd’s 
story. This man is Dr. Nephi Cotton of Los Angeles, who reported that 
one of his patients, a man of Nordic descent, told him the following 

“I lived near the Artic Circle in Norway. One summer my friend and I 
made up their minds to take a boat trip together and go as far as we 
could into the north of the country. So we put a month’s worth of 
provisions into a small fishing boat and set to sea. 

At the end of one month we had travelled far into the North, beyond 
the pole and into a strange new country. We were much astonished at 
the weather there. It was warm, and at times at night it was almost 
too warm to sleep. Then we saw something so strange that we were both 
astonished. Ahead us on the warm open sea was what looked like a great 
mountain. Into that mountain at a certain point the ocean seemed to be 
emptying. Mystified, we continued in that direction and found 
ourselves sailing into a vast canyon leading into the interior of the 
earth. We kept sailing, and then we saw what surprised us… a sun 
shining inside the Earth. 

The ocean that had carried us into the hollow interior of the Earth 
gradually became a river. This river led, as we came to realise later, 
all through the inner world, from one end to the other. It can take 
you, if you follow it long enough, from the North Pole through to the 
South Pole. 

We saw that the inner surface of the Earth was divided, as the outer 
one is, into both land and water. There is plenty of sunshine and both 
animal and vegetable life abound there. We sailed further and farther 
into this fantastic country - fantastic because everything was huge in 
size as compared with things on the outside. Plants were big, and 
trees gigantic. Finally we came to meet giants themselves. 

They were dwelling in homes and towns, just as we do on the Earth’s 
surface, and they used a type of electrical conveyance like a monorail 
car to transport people. It ran along the river’s edge from town to 
town. Several of the inner Earth’s inhabitants, huge giants, detected 
our boat on the river and were quite amazed. They were, however, quite 
friendly. We were invited to dine with them in their homes, and so my 
companion and I separated, he going with one giant to that giant’s 
home and I going with another to his home. 

My gigantic friend brought me home to his family and I was completely 
dismayed to see the huge size of all the objects in his home. The 
dinner table was colossal. A plate was put before me and filled with a 
portion of food so big it would have fed me abundantly for an entire 
week. The giant offered me a cluster of grapes and each grape was as 
big as one of our peaches. I tasted one and found it far sweeter then 
any I had ever tasted outside. In the interior of the Earth all the 
fruits and vegetables tasted far better and more flavorsome than those 
we have on the outside of the Earth. 

We stayed with the giants for one year, enjoying their companionship 
as much as they enjoyed knowing us. We observed many strange and 
unusual things during our visit with these remarkable people, and were 
continually amazed at their scientific progress and inventions. All of 
this time they were never unfriendly to us, and we were allowed to 
return to our home in the same manner in which we came… In fact, they 
courteously offered their protection if we should need it on the 
return voyage”. An additional account of a visit to the hollow earth 
was told by another Norwegian, Olaf Jansen, and was recorded in 'The 
Smokey God’, written by Willis George Emerson and published in 1908. 
The book relates the experiences of a Norse father and son who, in 
their small fishing boat, attempted to find 'the land beyond the North 
Wind’, which they had heard about. A windstorm apparently carried them 
through the polar opening and into the hollow interior of the Earth. 

They spent two years there and upon returning through the Southern 
Polar opening, the father lost his life when an iceberg broke in two 
and destroyed the boat. The son was rescued, but when he told his 
incredible story, he was placed in a prison for the insane because 
no-one would believe him. After being released and spending twenty-six 
years as a fisherman, he moved to the United States. In his nineties 
he befriended Willis George Emerson and told him his story. On his 
deathbed he also gave Emerson maps that he had made of the interior of 
the Earth along with a manuscript relating his experiences. 

The term 'Smoky God' refers to the central sun in the hollow interior 
of the Earth, which is smaller and less brilliant than the outer sun 
and so appears 'smoky' [Joshua Stone, 1995]. He said that the people 
live for four hundred to eight hundred years and are twelve feet tall 
or more. Their scientific technology is very advanced. They can 
transmit their thoughts to each-other using certain kinds of radiation 
and they have sources of power greater than electricity. They make 
'flying saucers’ that are operated by their superior power, which is 
drawn from electromagnetism in the atmosphere. 

It is notable that in 1942, Nazi Germany sent out an expedition 
composed of some of its leading scientists in an attempt to find an 
entrance to the hollow Earth. Göring, Himmler, and Hitler 
enthusiastically endorsed the project. The führer was convinced that 
the earth is concave and that humanity lives o the inside of the globe. 

In 'The Hollow Earth', Bernard tells of a photograph published in 1960 
in the 'Globe And Mail' in Toronto, Canada, which shows a beautiful 
valley with lush green hills. An aviator claimed that the picture had 
been taken from his airplane as he flew 'beyond the North Pole'. 
Earlyne Chaney’s Channellings About The Hollow Earth 

Earlyne Chaney gives a fascinating account of how Agartha came into 
being in her book 'Revelations Of Things To Come'. She had a hard time 
accepting the truth of Agartha’s existence, but her guides were 
absolutely adamant about it, and its importance to human civilisation 
both now and in the future. 

Channel for Kuthumi, the Virgin Mary, and Zoser, an Egyptian Pharoah 
[Joshua Stone, 1995]. 

Earlyne’s channellings state that ages ago, very advanced souls came 
to Earth from other planets. She calls them Anunnaki; their offspring 
on Earth are the Annu. It was these beings who brought the 'arks of 
the covenant' that were used as laser guns and gravity control devices 
for the uplifting of the Earth’s civilisation. The Anunnaki and the 
Annu helped to build the great civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. 
Eventually, the Anunnaki departed, leaving the Earth in the hands of 
the Annu who had mated with Earthlings. As time went on, Atlantis 
began to be taken over by the Sons of Belial, or the Dark Brotherhood. 

The Annu, realizing the destruction of Atlantis was approaching, fled 
to other lands, especially Egypt. They helped to build the pyramids 
with their arks of the covenant. However, they also used these 
instruments to bore deep underground, building underground tunnels and 
cities. When the deluge and pole sift were about to demolish Atlantis 
and Lemuria, the Annu entered their inner-Earth cities through the 
Great Pyramid. They then sealed the pyramid, preventing Earthlings 
from discovering their underground passages and keeping out the waters 
of the flood. 

The 'Lords Of Materialism', and the followers of the fallen Angel 
Beelzebub [John]. Agartha consists of vast continents, oceans, 
mountains, and rivers. Shamballa is its central city. The population 
there is highly evolved. Earlyne says that the civilisations of the 
Yucatan, Peru, Brazil, Cambodia, and Tibet also went underground and 
that many UFOs come from the inner Earth. She conforms that the Earth 
has a inner sun; the aurora borealis is a reflection of it. She also 
confirms that there are openings at both Poles, as Admiral Byrd Said. 

It is interesting to note that the Egyptian government has found many 
of these tunnels and has tried to explore them over the past thirty 
years but they are so complex and extensive that they have recently 
been sealed for fear tourists would venture into them and get lost 

Or perhaps the 'secret government' have made it harder for anyone that 
might have left the 'top-side' of the Earth, and fled to the Agartha 
lands in the run-up to the 2012 planetary changes [John]. In another 
fascinating book by Chaney called 'Beyond Tomorrow', Robert 
Stacy-Judd, a noted archeologist from California, tells of being in 
the Yucatan and entering the stupendous 'Cave Of Loltun' with a party 
of six researchers. They descended far into the depths of the Earth 
and then realised that they were lost. They became very concerned when 
all of a sudden from farther down in the depths, a light came towards 
them. The light turned out to be a torch carried by an old blind 
hermit who told them he had seen them clairvoyantly and knew they were 
lost. Even though blind, he proceeded to lead them back to the Earth’s 

The men were exceedingly grateful and asked the hermit where he lived. 
The hermit told them that the cave was his home and that he came to 
the surface every few months. When asked how he survived, how he found 
food and water to drink, he said he was cared for by the friends who 
lived in the beautiful inner city in the depths of the Earth. He 
paused long enough to have his picture taken, then disappeared back 
into the cave. Telos, Beneath Mt. Shasta 

I attended a lecture given by a woman named Sharula and her husband, 
Shield, who stated that she was something like three hundred and fifty 
years old and that they came from the underground city of Telos, which 
apparently is a couple of miles beneath Mt. Shasta. I listened very 
intently to their teachings and have to admit they were both very 
sharp and knew their stuff, in a spiritual sense. I agreed with 
everything they said. However, I have to admit I did question her 
statement about being over three hundred and fifty years old. The next 
day, when I was receiving a healing treatment from a friend who is 
exceedingly clairvoyant, I told her about the lecture. She said that 
she could tell from a picture if what Sharula had said were true. I 
happened to have the advertisement for the lecture I my car, and it 
contained a picture of both Shield and Sharula. 

Upon looking at Sharula’s aura in the picture, my friend said that it 
was totally different from a normal human aura and that she felt that 
there was a good possibility that Sharula had been telling the truth 
about her age and home. My own intuition and inner guidance had felt 
it to be true; it was interesting to get this confirmation. 

There are apparently underground tunnels and cities at various levels 
of the Earth’s crust throughout the planet. Many of the beings who 
live there are apparently coming to the surface now, just as 
extraterrestrials are coming to Earth in great abundance. Whenever I 
research a subject I like to get Djwhal Khul’s feedback on the 
information I have come up with. I told him what I had learned, and he 
had a number of interesting things to add. 

First of all, he confirmed that Admiral Byrd had indeed travelled to 
the inner Earth as he had claimed. He said that the aurora borealis is 
not caused by the sun of the inner Earth but by a different light 
source. He said that the openings at the Poles are very wide, so ships 
and planes can fly into them, but that they are naturally protected by 
an energy field. People can find them if they really search, even 
though they are camouflaged by the energy field. He confirmed that 
there are entrances to the inner Earth in Egypt, Tibet, and the 
Yucatan, and added that there are other entrances in the Bermuda 
Triangle, the former Soviet Union, and Africa. 

He said that there are different races in the inner Earth, just as on 
the surface, and that some of them are quite tall. He also confirmed 
that the United States government and those of other countries are 
aware of the inner Earth and are hiding the information about it just 
as they are hiding their connections with extraterrestrials. He also 
confirmed Earlyne’s story of the Annu and their escape into the 
tunnels just prior to the flood. However, he added that beings had 
been living there long before the Atlanteans came. 

Throughout His life Joshua Stone employed the method of Soul 
Travelling to commune with the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul [John].  
The psychology here would be that a significant mentor of these 
'hiders' also 'hid' things from them whilst they were growing up. 

Among the Native American peoples, the Navajo legends teach that the 
forerunners of man came from beneath the Earth. The ancient ones had 
supernatural powers but were driven from their caverns by a great 
flood. Once on the surface, they passed on their great knowledge to 
the human race before once again seeking their great sanctuary. 

The Pueblo Indians’ mythology also places their gods’ place of origin 
in the inner earth. The inner world was supposedly connected to the 
surface people by a hole in the North. The ancient writings of the 
Chinese, Egyptians, and Eskimos speak of a great opening in the North 
and of a race of people who live under the Earth’s crust. The writings 
say that their ancestors came from the paradise land in the Earth’s 

In the Buddhist tradition, ancient philosophy states that Agartha was 
first colonized many thousands of years ago when a holy man led a 
tribe that disappeared under the ground. The present population of 
that underground kingdom is believed to number many millions and the 
people are believed to possess a science, far superior to any found on 
the surface of the Earth, that includes cars that run at tremendous 
speeds through underground tunnels. 

In the ancient legends of Quetzalcoatl, the great avatar of the Aztecs 
and Toltecs, it is told that he vanished on a flying saucer for eight 
days and visited the subterranean world. 

Russian explorer Ferdinand Ossendowski, author of 'Beasts, Men and 
Gods', relates his own experiences in Mongolia. In his travels he came 
across Mongolian legends of the subterranean world of Agartha, ruled 
by the King of the world who resides in the holy city of Shamballa. 
The legend says that in ancient times, a Mongolian tribe seeking to 
escape Genghis Khan hid in a subterranean land. They were shown a door 
that turned out to be the entrance to the kingdom of Agartha. 
According to Ossendowski, who was considered a great authority on the 
subterranean worlds, Agartha extends through subterranean tunnels to 
all parts of the world. These tunnels run under both major oceans and 
under all continents of the Earth and there are swift vehicles that 
move through them. He believes that the inhabitants of both Atlantis 
and Lemuria found refuge there. 

Hidden Cities 

There are over one hundred subterranean colonies underneath the Earth, 
all but one of them quite close to the surface. These underground 
cities have been referred to as the 'Agartha Network'. Their customs 
vary, but they follow a common, spiritually oriented structure of 
living - the Melchizedek teachings. The average population of these 
cities is five hundred thousand, but Telos, beneath Mt. Shasta, has 
over 1.5 million inhabitants. A second colony of approximately the 
same size is located beneath the Matto Grosso Plains of Brazil. This 
Atlantean outpost is called Posid. Although Atlantis and Lemuria have 
become myth to most people on the surface of the Earth, in reality 
they are just continuing their evolution underground.