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? Is all the hype about the Internet a technique to divert us from the real thing ?
? Are we moving into the Fourth/Fifth Dimension of our creative endeavor ?
? If the force of the universe is Love why are so many people suffering ?
? Are we created by some God or did we do the creating ourselves ?
? Why are so many people suffering because of religious wars ?
? How long is it going to take before things improve ?

? Is the nature of our ordinary life like a dream ?
? Who or what is this force people call God ?
? What is wrong with the world nowadays ?
? What is conscious self-development ?
? What is the Christ Consciousness ?

? What is the purpose of Life ?

? What are these UFOs all about ?
? Is physical reality the only real reality ?
? Why are some people wiser than others ?
? Is reincarnation a belief or an actual reality ?
? Do we indeed live before birth and after death ?

? Are all human beings hypnotized and do not know it ?
? Why are some people mature and others are like children ?
? What is Time really and what is Space... and who creates them ?
? Is physical reality an artificial environment and if so... why is this so ?
? What is the purpose of Religions and is the Bible the answer to our needs ?
? Has the race of mankind been dominated by negative forces for ages and ages ?
? Is it true that Life is meaningless and that we must make Life meaningful somehow ?

~ Answers to the Questions ~

Is all the hype about the Internet a technique to divert us from the real thing?
The Internet is one of the greatest sources of information the world has ever seen, while at the same time, it is an enormous source of diversion for the masses. Many have to graduate from the nonsense of TV first and then they can waste their time on the net. Many will enjoy the porn-sites and other base places. The Internet means that millions of people will be wasting their time surfing for goodies, including playing games of all kind. The main purpose of the Net is to keep the masses busy. Naturally, they will all awaken eventually and use it to obtain information for the education of their Soul. The New World Order loves the Internet for it is also a useful tool to spread disinformation. In the mean time - All is Well!

Are we moving into the Fourth/Fifth Dimension of our creative endeavor?
This process is called the Harvest by some teachings. It is possible that by the year 2012 many humans being will be harvested and will continue existence in Fourth Density. Who will qualify to move to Fourth Density is difficult to tell, for as I see it, the value of all lifetimes counts towards promotion. It is a normal progression of Consciousness to move upwards upon the ladder of awareness. Third Density upon this world might be terminated and continue upon another planet. There are many rumors within all kinds of New Age Philosophies. Few are reliable. My advise is to BeHereNow! It's a good place to be...

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If the force of the universe is Love why are so many people suffering?
The universe is Love expressed. Love for itself - being itself - in a manifestation that is understandable to those who are fully aware. The majority of human beings are somewhere in the beginning of this process of awakening and few are aware of the significance of our journeys through our creation, which in actuality are journeys within our own consciousness. We are aspects of the creator and therefore are co-creators, creating realities that form our lessons and experiences. Life is lessons - lessons of Love or Understanding. The world is what we are - it is the expression of our awareness. Focus on Love and you will have it - focus on war and you will have that too...

Are we created by some God or did we do the creating ourselves?
God is the Living Force of the universe. God IS Creation! It lives within all things and beings. Within humanity this Living Force expresses itself as a creative force and humanity therefore is a collection of creative beings. There are many creative beings, high and low! Some of these creative forces are responsible for the creation of the body of mankind. Man is more than a body however. We are Mind, Body and Soul. This Living Force creates by means of the Mind and Soul of mankind. The reality we live in is a collectively created reality. Mankind is but one small creative aspect of this force. I call our reality a We-Thing. Our reality is the result of the Creative Living Force within mankind and other creative beings. Our bodies are created by other creative forces and we cannot say that we are created by just one God. We are the result of a creative process that was initiated by many other universal creative forces. Some teaching say - there is only God. This is true in a way, but yet, the God force is not a single God or Creator. The creator creates through and by means of its creation. In many, if not in all ways, we are responsible for what we have become - our thoughts create our realities. Mankind is an active and inseparable aspect of the Creative Living Force of creation. We are the Creator in the form of Man...

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Why are so many people suffering because of religious wars?
Wars are the result of different philosophies or beliefs systems. Philosophies or beliefs systems are instilled within the masses by their leaders who in turn are controlled and influenced by Fourth Density Negative Alien Forces. These forces are STS (Service To Self) Forces. They literally live off the energies created by the sufferings of mankind. In order to live and maintain themselves, they control and influence the rulers of the world. Another most important factor here is, that the STS Forces exist beyond time and space, so this gives them the possibility to change our past in order to create conflicting situations that result in war and suffering. Man lives off the energies of the plant and animal world, while the STS Forces live off the energies of mankind. Mankind is controlled by higher forces and all these circumstances form the conditions and curriculum of the earth plane. Each and every human Soul living in a human body must transcend these conditions in order to transcend the Third Density plane of being. This can only be done by become aware of what is and why. For more on this read What Is... Is!

How long is it going to take before things improve?
The world is a school. A cosmic school for Souls. We are here to learn certain lessons and they need to be learned in an imperfect environment. This environment is partially created by mankind by means of his beliefs. These beliefs and/or religions are created by forces of a higher density. In general, our world will not improve, except that there are certain cycles within cycles which form the curriculum of mankind's lessons. Whenever these lessons are learned, mankind will promote himself, individual by individual, to higher levels of awareness. Our awareness level creates our realities. Life is a do it yourself job...

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Is the nature of our ordinary life like a dream?
Ordinary human life is a state of mind that is indeed like a dream. It is like being hypnotized! It is the normal state of awareness for the masses of mankind. They are asleep! Most people believe that physical life is the only reality possible. They are not aware that they are spiritual beings. Many think or believe that they are their body and have a bit of Soul or Spirit somewhere - in actuality the Soul or Spirit has them! We are the instruments of our Soul and function as an extension of this force. We are the reflection of our Soul in matter. We are here to experience physical reality. The Soul or the inner force is the creator of our life in conjunction with the creative activity of the body mind. Basically, we could say that the human being has two minds - the Soul Mind and the Body Mind. For more on this please read this...

Who or what is this force people call God?
The universe is energy - cosmic or spiritual energy - this energy is God or TIL (The Infinite Light). There is no beginning or end to this energy. God or TIL - IS. It is an Isness of neutral energy and it exist forever! There is no God or TIL that acts or exists as a personal or as an individual Force. There is no God like that! There are created beings however, who by means of evolutionary progressions became great in understanding and wisdom. They in turn create and are the co-creators of all that is created. So, created beings create other beings, who create beings and other things. Every human Soul eventually will progress to greater understanding and in turn will act as a co-creator of certain aspects of creation. The universe is an evolving energy and sooner or later all of us will be co-creators of solar systems, planets or worlds. To rise to that level is up to us. We need to do the work. The universe is our home and our work. We and the Isness are One...

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What is wrong with the world nowadays?
There is nothing wrong with the world, not now and not ever! The world is a school and what we encounter is what we have created. Humanity as a whole creates its own lessons and nowadays this is expressed as; what goes around - comes around. We experience our own mistakes and until we learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them. Life is a lesson from beginning to end. We are here to learn these lessons and they can only be learned in an environment that is dysfunctional. The very imperfection of the world makes it a perfect school...

What is conscious self-development?
Conscious self-development is the result of awareness. The more aware we become, the more we will see that the earth is a cosmic school. We are students experiencing our lessons. Slowly but surely we will understand that a belief is but a belief and that knowing is our task. We have come here to know ourselves. We did not come here to believe in religions or fairy tales. Knowing ourselves can be attained by conscious self-development. It is a slow and taxing process. Life is an investigation...

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What is the Christ Consciousness?
This is a most interesting question, but since I have not reached that state of Mind, I am not qualified to answer it. Except that as far as I know, it is the highest level of awareness that can be reached by a human being living on earth. I can say what it means to me, but I cannot guarantee that what I say is true. So here goes: to me it means that a person who has attained the Christ Consciousness has mastered the physical plane of being. It means that s/he is able to do so called miracles. So called miracles are mind over matter and activities like this are accomplished by many advanced beings on earth in many places. They include bending spoons, moving an object by mind or swing a chandelier from the ceiling. Someone with a level of awareness called the Christ Consciousness however, does not bother with bending spoons or swinging chandeliers...

What is the purpose of Life?
The purpose of Life is to become more and more consciously aware. This means, that there is a natural progression to Life and this is why we move from density to density - forever climbing to the Top. At the moment mankind is in third density and many of us will soon be moving to fourth density. Those who will not move will repeat the cycle of third density. In many ways, we all repeat certain cycles for learning is work! Most people just sit there and are either controlled or enslaved, while they think they are free. The real work is to break free from the conditioning of the world. This control is unobtrusively imposed by the Religions, the Politicians and the Bankers. In many ways, the world is a "prison" to which we return and return, until we have learned all our lessons. Naturally you do not have to believe this for belief is useless in the first place. Life is about knowing! This means conscious awareness through knowledge and experience, lifetime by lifetime, world by world, universe by universe...

In the mean time...
We as human beings live many lifetimes in densities three and four. Each lifetime has its own particular purpose. It is up to each individual to figure out what that purpose is. We are aspects or instruments of our higher self, while at the same time, we are our own boss and have free will. Our attitudes, thoughts, intentions and actions are aspects of our creativity that create our future. At any lifetime it is possible to listen to our higher self and its guidance. To learn to do this is work...

So what is the ultimate purpose?
The ultimate purpose is to return to the state of full awareness. The state we have come from in the first place. We are holographic duplicates of God so to speak. At this very present we are dream figments of our own infinite awareness. Conjunction with the God State of Mind is our ultimate goal...

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What are these UFOs all about?
There are beings in the universe who are able to move from planet to planet, from star to star or from galaxy to galaxy. They exist in higher densities and are able to travel in mind from one thought to another. Each planet and or world is another thought and these beings seemingly have vehicles that move from place to place. Space and Time are illusionary realities and from higher densities all things can be reached by other means than by what we call travel. Certain fourth density beings live right on earth, but are invisible to third density beings. When higher density beings travel they teleport from one location to another. Ordinary people might see them as vehicles of light and call them UFOs. Sometimes they enter third density, materialize or become what we call real...

Is physical reality the only real reality?
Physical reality is only one of an infinite amount of realities. Truly each and everyone of us create our own reality. To learn to do this consciously is our task. In the mean time, we could say that there are seven densities. Other teachings speak of nine or twelve densities. It depends on who is counting! Within these densities there are billions of different beings creating their own realities. All realities are virtual realities however, and the only reality that is real is the Reality We Are...

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Why are some people wiser than others?
Souls incarnate into the earth plane in order to experience physical reality. The physical reality they live in is a personal creation or reflection of the wisdom of the Soul. Some Souls have more experience in creating than others and therefore the reflections of these Souls - the human characters - are wiser than others. In actuality, the entire earth plane is a play and we all play different roles. Within our play, some of us are playing more responsible roles than others. The more responsibility is entrusted to the human vehicle, the more wisdom is necessary in order to complete this role. One Soul could have nine hundred or more reflections in the earth plane simultaneously. Therefore some human beings are wiser than others. All Souls and all reflections are of the same infinite source in the first place and all Souls and/or human beings are therefore equal. We are all actors playing different roles in the Play of God so to speak. When we begin to wake up - we begin to see through this play. It means that we are more experienced and therefore wiser...

Is reincarnation a belief or an actual reality?
Re-incarnations are the incarnations of the Soul into human bodies living in different physical realities. Every time the Soul incarnates, it finds itself in a different time and place and by means of its many experiences as a human being it becomes wiser and wiser. When a certain level of knowledge and/or wisdom has been attained, the human being as the reflection of the Soul, begins to become aware, that Time and Space are illusionary realities. It means that all incarnations are simultaneous! We could say that re-incarnation is a belief as well as an actual reality, while at the same time, re-incarnation is an illusion. There are no re-incarnations - only incarnations. Different aspects of The One Soul incarnate...

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Do we indeed live before birth and after death?
The incarnating Soul is an entity that lives forever. We are this Soul! So, yes, we as the Soul live before and after death of the body. Sometimes we live between bodies so to speak. The Soul does not die - only its instruments do...

Are all human beings hypnotized and do not know it?
For a Soul to live a human life and experience the human condition, it needs to forget that it has lived before. The idea is to live each life independently of all other lives. The connection between all lives therefore, is hidden from the human mind. Slowly but surely though, the subconscious mind or the Soul shines through and the human knows that it is connected to all lives via the Soul. So, we could say that human beings are hypnotized and do not know it. Eventually the light shines through and we become aware of our situation. In addition, human beings are hypnotized as well as brainwashed by their parents and the environment they are raised in. All these conditions have to be transcended...

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Why are some people mature and others are like children?
The earth is a gigantic cosmic classroom and it contains a mixture of Soul Ages. Therefore, some Souls or their reflections are more mature than others. According to some teachings there are different levels of Souls. They are infant, baby, young, mature, old, transcendental and infinite Souls. Seven classes in all. These different levels of Souls are distributed all over the world and some countries might have more mature Souls than others for example. This is why some countries have a more advanced outlook upon the world than others. Naturally we are born in any and all countries in order to gather experiences in and of all races and countries...

What is Time really and what is Space... and who creates them?
Time and space are the center-poles of our physical creation. However, they do not have an independent existence and are created by the body we live in. They are illusionary realities. The senses, brain, memory and conscious mind are the combined creators of the concepts of time and space. In actuality they do not exist, but in the physical dream they are absolutely real. When we fall asleep at night for example, time and space disappear and we are subjected to a timeless and spaceless reality - the reality of our Soul! The times and spaces we experience in our dreams are also self-created and they are not necessarily subjected to a certain sequence. Our dreams could take place in the past or in the future. The sequences of time within our dreams for example could also have a mixture of both...

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Is physical reality an artificial environment and if so... why is this so?
All realities are virtual realities and creation as a whole is manifested or accomplished that way. There is nothing but virtual reality and the only reality that is real - is The Reality We Are! We are the Observing Reality - the One That Is All - the Prime Creator! The universe is energy and the different frequencies of our surroundings determine at what level we find ourselves. This level depends on our level of awareness. The more aware we are, the higher the frequency. The highest levels of creation have the highest frequencies. The Infinite Light (TIL) or God or All That Is - is nothing but energy in different forms and frequencies. Some teachings call this energy Consciousness...

What is the purpose of Religions and is the Bible the answer to our needs?
Religions are guidelines for the infant, baby and younger Souls of the world. Possibly 85% of the world population belongs to this group. The Bible and other similar books of a religious nature are the established rules for the present mass population of the world. Religions are redundant to Souls who have advanced in age and wisdom. Religions are initiated and maintained by fourth density beings who control the population of the world and the religious leaders. Our entire world dances to the tunes played by higher density aliens, who create our world scenarios. Hitler for example was completely controlled by negative fourth density beings. The same thing is going on at present but the name of the Third Reich has been changed to New World Order. Total control of the world and its population is their goal. At present one can see this happening almost every day...

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Has the race of mankind been dominated by negative forces for ages and ages?
Yes, this was the usual state of affairs for thousands and thousands of years. Mankind as a race, decided to go deeper into its material creation and this could only be done by forgetting what we were. Certain races of Aliens took advantage of this and as a result mankind has been controlled for a very long time. This is an experience in and by itself that is still going on. It looks however, as if this period is coming to an end for those who will enter fourth density. Those who will not enter this density will continue their incarnations in third density. Life, high and low, is learning lessons...

Is it true that Life is meaningless and that we must make Life meaningful somehow?
Life is not meaningless for all of us are on a journey towards the Top from where we came. The entire universe is a cycling movement or vortex that repeats itself. This literally means that entities of any kind are equal, but looking from the bottom up, this is not obvious. Life is a celebration of the creator living as the creator. The creator duplicates itself in a seemingly fragmentary fashion. These fragments or aspects begin the long journey to the Top again as the created. Slowly but surely the created begin to create. Life is a continuous cycle of creating - a continuous cycle of change. It will make more sense to us when we know how to create a purpose in each lifetime for each lifetime. This becomes easier when we have learned to listen to our Soul...

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It is hereby suggested that you do not believe a word of what you have read.
A belief is but a belief - knowing is your task.
! ~ Gerardus ~ !