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~ Life is Full of Them ~

Life - The Universe - U - The Universe - Life

In the following you are given a certain amount of information.
This information is not necessarily absolute Truth.

? . . What is Life . . ?
Life is a Dream.
This dream is our dream about the life we are living.

.. Also ..
Life is a Self Expression.
Life is the Manifestation of Love.
Life is the activity of consciousness or mind.
Life is the expression and result of our thoughts.
Life is the experience of the creator living in its creation.
Life is the reality that is created by the expressions of thought.
Life is The Universal Consciousness or Universal Mind entertaining itself.

? . . Who or What is God . . ?
God is an oudated word.
We will use the word TIL - The Infinite Light.

TIL is Consciousness.
TIL is the enabler of thought.
TIL is Love expressed as universal life.
TIL is unlimited Loving Universal Energy.
TIL is the Universal Presence within all things.
TIL is the cosmic energy from which all things are made.
TIL is Consciousness - You are Consciousness - You are TIL.
TIL is all beings, all things and the force you think you are is TIL's Force.
TIL's identity is your identity and this Cosmic Identity lives within you and is Creation.

Who or what is the Creator?
The infinite thoughts of consciousness bring forth a creative and unlimited force of Light Beings who are the Creators of all solar systems and associated worlds of mankind. These Light Beings are duplicates of the Source and are the Source. We as human beings are aspects of these illustrious Light Beings.

How many Light Beings are there?
There are an infinite amount of Light Beings because the thoughts of consciousness are infinite and unlimited in scope. Thought or consciousness is a self creating or self perpetuating force.

How do thoughts express themselves in human life or reality?
Thoughts are received / created by the human soul and are radiated via the human aura into our surroundings. This frequency / radiation attracts or rejects certain energies that form our reality. Since all of us receive or create different thoughts - all of us create different realities and perceptions of these realities. Reality is a We-Thing...

Is mankind its own creator?
Yes. There is only TIL or the Creator! Mankind or Humanity, and all other Beings are only appearances within the Dream Creation is and do not actually exist. There is only TIL! The Infinite Light or TIL, as the creator, lives in so called human bodies that are created by the Higher Selves or Light Beings we are on higher levels. Human beings are figments in the Dream of TIL. We as Light Beings or as a Lords of Creation endeavor to live as a human being in a self created body and environment. This is the only way for us, as a Light Being, to fully participate in our creation. Every human soul will attain the Christ Consciousness level or status eventually or the status of Infinite Souldom.

Is each human being a Light Being or a Lord of Creation?
Each human being is an aspect of a higher self in the same manner as the higher self is an aspect of consciousness or TIL. When the human consciousness realizes that it is its own creator and that it lives in its own creation it has entered upon the long path of infinite souldom. During the thousands of years you have lived in your creation and because of the experiences you have encountered you have forgotten who or what you actually are. You are The Source or Self of the Universe.

What is creation?
Creation is the expression of the creator out of love for itself. The solar system and the earth with all its life is one of these creations or expressions. All life on earth including the human form is the expression of the creator you are.

What is a Soul?
You are the very soul! You do not have or own a soul. You are the Soul. Your body is an expression of your Soul. The learning Christ Self or Soul is the learning creator and lives in its own vehicle or body. Your soul is a collection of personal thoughts and experiences that are gathered by living in your self created matter dream. Your soul-energies are the cosmic memory of all experience. The earth experiences are the cosmic honey or wisdom the learning soul collects in order to grow towards Realization.

What did TIL create?
TIL is not the Creator. TIL IS Creation! The Light Being or the Higher Self of every person is the creator. This means that you are the creator. You create your own world and reality. You are the creator of your own life and destiny. Creation is the energy of consciousness or thought in form. You create with what TIL is within you! Before you become self-sufficient in creating your own life or experiences you are subjected to the creation of others. Sooner or later you outgrows this kind of life and begin to climb the ladder of awareness...

If Man is the creator... why don't we create perfection?
You are a learning creator and the earth is your school. Whatever you create is what you see all around you. Pollution is only one of your many creations. You are in the process of learning how to create with more care and wisdom.

Will we ever reach perfection in our creative abilities?
Perfection is a state of mind that cannot be reached. You can only come closer to perfection but never really reach it. The state of perfection is a static state... a dead state. Maybe creation and life the way it is now... is perfection? Contemplate on this!

What is the purpose of religion?
Religions are "psychological guidelines" and they give people the security of a way of life. Organized religions are for people who feel the need to be guided. Religions educate people up to certain levels. After that you're on your own. All people eventually will outgrown religions. All religions as you know them will be redundant in the future.

Are people who have outgrown religions better people?
People who have outgrown religions are not better or worse than religious people. They only know differently! Some of them might know the purpose of religions. All religions suffer from stagnation. Life is change! Life is lived individually... not en mass. Religions are aspects of the third dimensional establishment of your world and help to keep you grounded in that dimension.

Why are some people born in poor families and others in rich?
You are born into certain families... countries or situations in order to partake in different aspects of human life. You all are born into different circumstances to fit your need precisely. You plan it that way before you are born. Life includes all kinds of experiences in order to become wise and attain Realization.

Who regulates our place of birth or circumstances?
You do. You as the soul are in charge. Beginning or young souls are advised however to listen to their teachers or guides before they embark on reincarnation. It may save them a lot of hardship. There is a cosmic order of progression. Use all the help you can get. To be born is dangerous and you can't buy insurance!

How long have we been on earth?
You have been involved with planet earth from the beginning. This beginning however was not really a beginning because there was no way by which you could measure Time. Time is an experience of a physical and psychological nature and without body and psyche you had no idea what time was all about. You are here in order to learn about time and space. The rumor is that you have been living in all kinds of bodies for about twelve million years. Before that you were engaged with creating earth and all life upon it.

How come scientists do not know that?
Scientists are in the process of discovering that man is the one and only creator of the world he lives in. The universe or TIL is an energy that is able to recognize its own thoughts and multiply thoughts according to its need. You are these thoughts and you are the creators of thoughts. Your thoughts create the world you live in. Scientists proceed by the scope of their own intelligence and they do not really progress all that much. They only look at life from different angles. The mind of man is the universal mind and it is just as intuitive as it is scientific. Too many scientists don't accept intuitional knowledge as valuable information. Maybe the time has come to change the scientific approach.

What's an intuitive mind?
An intuitive mind is a mind that knows by intuition. A mind like that is a meditative mind. It is able to receive what it needs to know. A person like that is in contact with his soul self. There are many people like that nowadays. They will govern the world.

What is the New Age Movement?
The New Age or New Age Movement is a personal affair! It starts when you begin to question yourself about where you come from and what you are doing here. There is no certain time for the New Age to begin. Buddha and Jesus were of the New Age Movement when they were alive. The New Age starts at the moment of the first reflective question. Like: Who am I? or what am I supposed to do here on earth.

What is wrong with the world nowadays?
There is nothing wrong with the world today or at any other time. The world is a school in which you create your own lessons. It was designed to be this way from the very beginning. You learn from your mistakes. The world is a perfect school for human souls to reach maturity at their own speed and convenience. Anybody who thinks that there is something wrong with the world has not yet reached the level of maturity to understand soul-evolution and the way it is accomplished. The world of man is subjected to many cycles and they all have their purpose for the benefit of mankind.

Can we solve the problems of the world?
You experience what you create! This is the only way to recognize that you need to change. Great changes are necessary in order for you to continue living on planet earth in the future. Sometimes these changes include great declines in population. This might be one of these times. It's not a problem. It's a change!

Why do some people suffer all their life?
One of the purposes of your physical endeavor is to experience physical life. This includes suffering... murder... rape... and whatever else you do not like or understand. Suffering is but one aspect of the full Gamut of Life. You are in the very process of learning how to create a physical reality without suffering. Your future evolutionary phases will teach you how to create a human body and world in which suffering is a thing of the past. In the mean time... suffering is an awfully real experience. Please realize that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality...

What in general is the future of the human race?
Your present or "Third Dimensional Phase of Evolution" is nearly finished and it will be slowly abolished in the future. You will enter into the higher dimensional phases of your human evolution. Your future is brilliant! However.... you have to pass through some very difficult times before the next phase can take place. Human beings are the physical forms of the Light Beings and the realization of this will help them to transcend the times ahead. People who are not aware of their own greatness will have a hard time to survive the future transition period. Not all human beings will be able to advance to higher levels.

The higher dimensional phases of human evolution will be based on
Sharing... Goodwill... Trust... Cooperation... and... Love.

It will be far superior to your present three dimensional attitudes
Mistrust... Competition.... Aggressiveness... Ignorance... Greed... and... Fear!

~ At the moment you are living in Hell ~

The ignorance of who or what you really are allowed you to enter into the depth of your matter creation and is the very cause of your blatant behavior towards each other. All this will change! In the near future mankind will burst out in Love and Understanding towards each other. It is your only choice and chance of survival. Many great and wise entities from all over the universe have made it their business to be born into humanity in order to help mankind in the difficult times ahead. Do not fear!

Many people however do not have the faintest idea what is really going on in the world nowadays. Yet... they sort of feel that all will be well in the long run. Naturally it will be. All you have really is a bad day - Eternity wise. Your future is brilliant!

Your life on earth is a reflection of your life as a Light Being in the etheric regions of the universal mind or consciousness. To duplicate this kind of life in physical reality is what you have been working on for a long time. There is much to be done still!

What relationship is there between our dreams at night and our lives in the day time?
At night when you dream you are sometimes experiencing life as it exist in the "Timeless and Spaceless Environment" of the soul you are. Your dreams take place in consciousness or mind and the experiences you have do not occur in a physical reality system. The dreams you have are created and experienced by your consciousness and are determined by what you need to learn.

On the other hand...
When you live in a Time and Space Environment as a human entity the energy or personality you are - lives the dream of your soul or spirit! The human entity experiences time and space as real, but the soul lives in its own dream or creation. This will be easier to understand when you realize that the physical reality system you live in, is really consciousness or mind in a variety of forms that you accept as the world of sticks and stones. In other words your physical reality is basically an illusion!

Whatever you see, experience or feel as your surroundings or as your emotions are different forms of consciousness or mind. There is nothing but consciousness. You are the universal mind subjected to a State of Mind that accepts physical reality as real while your dreams are accepted as an illusion. In actuality, one could debate that things are really reversed!

However, all States of Mind are an illusion. Consciousness is the only real and absolute! All manifestations of consciousness are the dreams or creations of consciousness. This means that you are the dreamer or creator of what you experience! You are the very creative source in human form and your physical existence is the opportunity or process of self-recognition or self-realization.

What is the self created matter dream?
The physical creation or the entire physical universe is the self created matter dream. Matter as well as time and space are forms or force fields of consciousness or mind. Your physical universe or your physical reality then is a 'Specific Force Field' of mind or consciousness with a particular spectrum of vibrations. These force fields are of an 'Order of Energy' not known to your earth sciences. Different vibrations make up different kinds of matter and other vibrations generate electromagnetic tempic fields which are known to you as time and space. The substance you call matter and the phenomena you call time and space can only be experienced when you live in a matter body because your perception range then is the same as the vibratory spectrum of your physical universe.

The physical universe you live in is but an aspect of the total universe or the vibrational sphere of mind. This sphere is packed with billions of different kinds of vibrational activities of which your physical universe is only one small aspect. Your perception then is very selective and you only experience the one version of reality. You notice this one reality only because your perception mechanism is influenced by an electromagnetic force of an order or nature, that keeps you attuned within certain limits. This force produces effects within your reality that includes the illusion of time and space. There are worlds within worlds within worlds, and what you experience as physical reality, is a product of your mind... brain and senses! It is a reality that you have learned to recognize and at the present you are a prisoner of it. It is similar to the reality of your movies or TV pictures. Many people are slaves or prisoners to that particular illusion.

The physical universe, including all galaxies... stars... and planets... as well as all life upon these bodies, are thoughts or ideas that exist continually and infinitely! They exist in Consciousness. Once you know how to synchronize your focus upon different time zones you also know how to visit a past or future universe. The total universe then is a solidly packed vibrational sphere of thought... mind or consciousness full of invisible forms ready to be experienced as soon as you are! It is an infinite Quantum-Energy full of surprises and all of them are the infinite possibilities of consciousness.

This consciousness is the universal consciousness or mind and it is what you actually are and experience. The physical universe then and your life on planet earth are the thoughts and ideas you are and have. You are the universal consciousness and creation is the result of your thoughts. You are the creator. You are the very universal consciousness experiencing your thoughts! You do not even have to move or go any place because you experience physical reality and all that goes with it in your own mind. You live and travel through time and space in your own mind! IOW: there is no physical reality "out there" somewhere - it only looks that way...

So... the total or unobstructed universe holds within itself many and many other universes of equal reality or realness while still none of them is really real until you look at them a certain way. This does not mean that the physical universe or your matter body is not real. No. It means that you as the creator can get totally lost for many ages in your fallacies... illusions... fantasies... sciences... beliefs systems or in your self created matter dream!

Is the human brain the creator of thoughts?
The human brain in the beginning of its development only receives thoughts and transmits these thoughts into its immediate reality. Billions upon billions of thoughts or ideas are existing already and the learning creator in human form first of all has to become acquainted with what already is available. Once this is mastered the human brain and mind begin to combine existing and new ideas. From there on in it could be accepted that the human brain and it associated Soul-Mind issue new thoughts or concepts into the universe of consciousness. This means that the universe of consciousness is growing or expanding. This assures that the universal mind is healthy and never will be bored by its own universal play or game. Old thoughts eventually die a natural death - especially if they have been proven wrong.

Are thoughts forces that live beyond time and space?
Yes. Thoughts are timeless, but the energy out of which they are made slowly diminishes. To keep thoughts alive - energies have to be added to these thoughts by re-thinking the original idea.

Are there thoughts that annihilates each other?
Yes. Phenomena like these occur every day when you don't know what you're going to do. Your physical reality comes to a halt! Until you decide what to do - you just sit there. This could also happen with thoughts from two or three or more people. Thoughts do not recognize locations or time and space. The whole universe therefore is a relationship of consent. It is the very process of democracy in universal form. However, some thinkers know how to issue stronger thoughts than others. They always win. Naturally, these are the Light Beings or Co-Creators responsible for the welfare and The Relationship Of Self the universe is.

The world of mankind however still is the creator of its destiny. However, just before mankind would destroy himself the Light Beings would intervene. This could still happen in the future if man is not capable of correcting its behavior or way of life. At the moment man is in direct conflict with his own interest. It is not likely at all that the Light Beings will let mankind destroy the school of earth!

How do the Light Beings know what we are doing on earth?
All Light Beings or Co-Creators are familiar with all their self created instruments or consciousness extensions. They Are You..! You are the three dimensional shadow of your Light Being! You are the 'self thinking spacesuit' for these beings and you've come to earth to do a certain task. The trouble however is not... how the Light Beings know what you do... the trick for you is to get to know what they would like you to do!

Do animals have souls?
Yes. Most animals have group souls. The Devic Kingdom is as much a consciousness extension as mankind is. All animals are as valuable an aspect of the Unbroken Wholeness as a human being or a virus or an atom. We are all One. There are no two things! Some animals like the dolphins and whales are individual souls in their own right and could possibly teach you a lesson or two. Do not think that mankind on earth is the only Creative-Being around. All beings and things are TIL the Creator. Even your so called Aids Virus or Flu-Bugs.

What is an atom?
What scientists know about an atom is a three dimensional shadow of what an atom is in its original dimensional state of energy in the universal sphere of consciousness. What an atom is or is not depends on the observer. You are the creator of it. What is it? Names and more names do not make things what they are. Scientists as well as religions have become lost in names and words. Perhaps it is time to forget about the shadows on earth and discover the projector. In the mean time enjoy the show without analyzing it!

Ask yourself the following:
What are the people and things in your dream when you sleep? How tall are they? Are they made of atoms and molecules as well? Do they exist on their own or do you create them? Is it possible to come up with a mathematical formula that includes the dreamer and the dream? The observer and the observed are One! All things are what you are! There is but one thing... and You Are IT!

What is the purpose of human life?
In general the purpose of human life is to become Aware! The eventual purpose is to transcend the world of matter. Then thirdly, the purpose of human life is different for every human being. It depends on why you came to earth in the first place. In general all of you come to earth in order to experience the illusions you created in order for your soul to fulfill itself. Fulfillment is the attainment of wisdom. Wisdom is experienced emotions and the rewards of your Life are the emotions you experience by living in your matter creation or dream. The purpose of life is also to be joyful. Joyfulness is the result of awareness or knowing who or what you are and be able to prove it to yourself! All of you are in the process of teaching this truth to yourself by living in an aspect of your consciousness that is infinite and unlimited. This aspect of your consciousness expands and expands until it knows that all others are you in the first place. So... Love Yourself. To love All is the ultimate purpose!

Try to remember that you are not just a human being but that you are the creator of your own life and the world you live in. Your happiness depends on your attitude and not on your circumstances. For a few of you the purpose of life is finding out that there is no greater purpose than to enjoy what you are, in all your humbleness and greatness of being you! You are a free spirit and you are free to create any illusion... reality... fantasy... belief or truth. But as soon as you do; you will be limited to what you created. So be free - and be open to any opinion and all opinions - but do not hold to any.

If we could look at the total universe from the outside what would it look like?
The universe would look like an enormous Crystal Ball, that seemingly is empty inside because nothing is visible. However, if you would shine a light with specific frequencies into this ball what you would see, are all kinds of different physical universes because the different light frequencies reveal different galaxies stars and planets. Each universe has its own frequency or time and each physical universe has its own reality. It seems as if you are looking into the past or future! You can even pick a time or frequency that reveals the present physical universe. And when you put on a pair of magical lenses you can even see planet earth and look into your own room. Guess who you would see? Did you notice: that this enormous empty crystal ball is infinite in size because it is invisible? And what happened to the speed or frequency of your light? Did it not slow down the further it went? Then, how do we explain the Doppler Effect? Was Mr. Doppler all wrong?

These frequency lights have a marvelous quality! They expose the one universe after the other and they only become real when the light of a certain frequency hits them at a certain angle. All the rest of the universes either just disappear or flow right through the one that is revealed. It's a very mysterious sight. Each physical universe has its own pattern of galaxies with their own stars and planets. There are billions of them. It's unbelievable!

Suppose now that you step inside this mysterious crystal ball and bring your light with you. Looking at the spectacle now, becomes even more interesting since all kinds of universes move about you and as a matter of fact some of them travel right through you. It is truly the most amazing spectacle and it seems as if your very being changes with the color or frequency of the Light. You seem to become another person with every different exposure. Sceneries appear and disappear and all of it flows into one another. All matter universes seem to be some kind of thought fantasy that only becomes real when your light reveals its existence. Are you awake or are you dreaming? And who are you?

Now... just for the heck of it, why don't you become the light and pretend that you change the frequency with your thoughts? Do you see what's happening? You have become the very light and you can live in any universe you fancy. You now start to create your own world and environment. The whole show is created by your thoughts and it is the fulfillment of your desires. You are the Creator of All That Is!

All physical phenomena completely disappear, except for the ones you think about and the infinite crystal ball behaves as if it is your own mind or consciousness. You move through it by directing your private imagination and it places you in a world or state of mind you always desired. Now tell me, what kind of light have you become and what does this all mean? It means that you are 'The Light of Consciousness' and that you experience a specific reality of your creation in your own mind!

It also means... that the total universe that holds all physical universes is the original crystal ball or sphere of mind and that you can experience whatever you desire as long as you focus your light or attention properly and do not waver. As long as you keep your attention 'focused' on the desired time or frequency you can synchronize yourself any place any time and do whatever you want. All you do is focus 'The Light of Consciousness You Are' and you can roam the universal playground to your heart's desire. You are the Light of Creation and the very Creator of your experiences!

You are the Creator and the Created. And at this very moment your awareness or attention is present in your self created body because that is where you find yourself and have your being. Your body is the main reference point of contemplation and you live in the ultimate show piece in/of your own creation. It's absolutely divine and outrageously mundane at the same time!

Are Time and Space truly an illusion?
Time and space are the center poles of the physical Creation. It is not possible therefore to have a physical reality like the one you live in without time and space. So... when you live your life as a human being time and space are as real as any other physical thing around you. However all other physical things are as much an illusion as time and space are. The physical universe and all the things within it are Trapped Energies which form the illusionary reality of the physical. You must remember though that all realities are illusionary. There is not any reality that is Absolute except Consciousness. So what is real? Consciousness is Real! It is the only reality that is Real and Absolute in and by itself. All other realities are manifestations of the one and only Reality. The Reality of Consciousness is the one Source or Void out of which all things arise or come from. So in a way all things are phenomena which have their temporary appearances and are therefore temporary realities. All things in creation appear and disappear!

The realities of time and space are created by the human mind... brain and senses. From which follows that if you leave your body you will not experience these realities. As long as you live in a physical body however time and space are real companions! So... all things... including time and space are constructions of human consciousness or manifestations thereof and have their reality in their own right and fashion. You might say then that all things are real because it's impossible to experience things or emotions that are not real or nonexistent. Remember that whether human life is a dream or whether it is real is not important! What counts are the impressions that are made on your soul or cosmic memory. For that is the only reality that is real in the first place. It's an aspect of the Absolute!

How does Reincarnation work?
It is the soul who reincarnates and not the personality. The personality is the temporary mask the soul wears and it's especially designed for the life of that one person. The soul shares its energies with thousands of its personalities and determines what it wants each person to do. In the process of trying to accomplish this the soul might have a personality who is insensitive to what the soul wants and follows its own inclinations and desires. As you can see the soul and the ego-personality are different masters in the same house and one master will have to be ignored. The more experienced a soul is in steering the human in the direction as planned the closer the life on earth is lived according to the blueprints. Souldom then is something that has to be learned by the soul or Soul-Self. To properly plan and learn to incarnate into the right families and under the right circumstances is the art of reincarnation and naturally only old souls have learned how to do this. The younger soul in the beginning of its reincarnational patterns however is not too concerned about how and where it lands on planet earth. All lessons have to be learned anyway and all of you start from a state of unawareness or not knowing.

Awareness then... as a soul self is the cosmic honey that must be gathered by means of the reincarnational process each soul experiences by living in the physical plane of earth. Each life then is the creation of the learning soul and the more the soul learns about its physical creation the more the whole soul advances toward the state of full Realization.

This in general is what all human beings on earth are working on and very few of them are aware of what they are engaged in at the moment. This does not matter for the lessons are learned anyway. The only difference is that when you do know what life is about it becomes possible to help yourself along in a conscious manner. The evolutionary process becomes a conscious evolution then. At the moment however, the evolution of mankind is an unconscious process. Which means that many people are still unconscious of their progression toward higher states of awareness or maturity. Your world at this moment is filled with young souls who are busily engaged in trying to reach adulthood. Very few souls have reached maturity or an old soul status. To reach the Christ Consciousness level is a long process and in the future all human beings will have the opportunity to attain that level. You are an aspect of this level in the first place. You are working towards this and it is impossible to miss. Learning about your Self is what all of you are engaged in, by means of the reincarnational processes that you as a Race of Creative-Beings have taken as a path to full realization. You are the universal creator in manifestation and your planet is the scenery or school of learning for now.

What happens to the personality when the body dies?
The personality is the physical representative of the Soul or Creative-Being in manifestation. It is a specific aspect or facet of the total Soul in learning. In other words, the Soul in its 'journeys through time and space' creates and uses different instruments who in and by themselves accept different roles or parts in the play of creation. They in a way, are different characteristics of the high self and eventually are absorbed. All human beings by their own efforts and greatness eventually will expand in mind or consciousness. They will become an aspect of their soul with full knowledge that the personalities, they as a Soul created, are the very instruments, through whose experiences they as a Soul became wiser. Each human being then is an aspect of the soul, by means of which, the soul has its experiences in the same manner as each human being has its experiences from day to day by means of other people and circumstances they experience. So, what you do in your world for a living, is not important. How you get along and treat others is!

Each personality then, for as far as it is possible, is able to enjoy the greatness of the Soul as the creator of the play in which it is a part. The Soul or Creative-Being then is the creator of its physical instruments through which it eventually becomes more and more aware. In other words, without Gerardus, your soul would be missing some of the "physical action you experience" in the universal play of consciousness on earth. This question and answers would not have come about. Naturally, some other instrument could have done a similar job - but not the same.

How long will it take for all souls to become fully realized?
This question is similar to how high is high and in a way cannot be answered, but we will comment as follows. Mankind is on a ten billion year journey through space and time. The time mentioned however is an elusive value, because when this journey began, Man was not able to tell time nor space! Time and space are part and parcel of your physical creation and the beginning of this action is outside or beyond the time and space continuum.

Time and space then, are creations of the creator called Man and until you are able to master these, you are not able to enjoy the many possibilities of this continuum. Since all things are mind or consciousness in manifestation you will be able to time and/or space travel for all you really do is travel in mind. This sounds quite simple naturally, but doing this is a bit more difficult. All human beings are working towards this cosmic accomplishment. All things in creation, spiritual as well as physical are mind or consciousness in expression. The earth, as well as all things upon it are the physical aspects of this expression. Included are all invisible aspects of the physical, like air or oxygen and your mysterious continuum of time and space. Originally, you had your existence beyond time and space and your imagination as well as your curiosity, placed you era by era in a specific physical environment. The full experience of this medium brought forth the need to completely lose yourself in this endeavor. So, temporarily you are lost in the aspects of your own consciousness and the environment you find yourself in. It seems to have a reality of its own! Whether this is so or not is for you to discover.

Many of the high points of your endeavor like being a Buddha or a Christ are the happenings or results of your search for your creative source or original greatness. Which in and by itself has been enriched by your physical expeditions into this strange environment that we call the physical dream. The actual Buddha or Christ were fore-runners of mankind. All of you are equal to any of these Masters in times to come, but in this very moment of your dream you seem to be less. This is not so however! All of you are the same Great Universal Being or Consciousness. In due time you'll all leave the space you call the physical environment. Be assured of this.

Are there questions you cannot answer?
Yes, there are questions that I cannot answer. All of them are the ones you haven't asked yet!

So, we have to come up with the questions before you can answer them?
Yes, I am able to answer any question at any time. However, I cannot answer until I'm asked. It would be redundant to speak until you are ready. There is a universal agreement that information is not spread about just for the sake of making sounds. For Beings who have no questions the Universe is perfect silence. As soon as they start wondering however, the invisible silence becomes alive and answers. Ask and you will be given. It has always been this way.

If this is so please tell me what the UFOs are all about?
I will answer your question about UFOs up to a general level of human understanding. It is not necessary to get into the nitty gritty of their work and responsibilities. There are many different types of UFOs and they originate from within the many Dreams of Consciousness. And in your case, different galactic systems of the physical universe. However, I will only deal with the illustrious entities that are concerned with your Planet, its flora and its populations. This naturally includes the Devic Kingdom as well!

The UFO intelligences, beings or entities have been with the earth and mankind from the very beginning. They are the keepers of the earth. They are in charge of the bodies or forms you live in as a spirit. Many people however see their body as the thing they are. This is a very limited view. Except for the changes that you have brought about by selective breeding of certain animals, fruit and flora, you as mankind are mainly the architects and builders of the non-organic or non-living things upon your planet. The UFO intelligences and their masters are the architects and builders of the organic or living things upon your planet. They are the creators of the things you take for granted! They try to be the invisible Cosmic Caretakers of all the Things that live upon planet earth.

When you as the Creator-Self started out with another physical reality system (or virtual reality system) in which you as the creator would be incarnating in some kind of physical body, the presence of caretakers who would look after these forms was required. The UFO entities are the Creative-Beings responsible for the pro-genetic preparation of the required forms. Naturally they do not only look after the physical form of mankind, but they are in charge over all forms upon your planet. Their responsibilities are enormous indeed and of a tremendous variety. For the fulfillment of certain duties, they seem to fly in semi invisible crafts and their landings might be for the purpose of gathering samples. They are in charge then of all genetic requirements for the forms of the human and Devic Kingdoms. In order to do their work an enormous fleet of different vehicles is utilized and the organization is awesome indeed. Their Fleet might be able to overshadow the earth. They are the guardians and gardeners of the earth. There are also Alien Beings however, who are not friendly towards the human race. Moral or morality is of a completely different level with some Aliens as you call them. Some are "Electrical Beings" or Robots. They have no idea about love and emotions for example...

The creative soul-self you are, is represented upon the earth by soul-aspects projected from its totality. These soul-aspects incarnate and forget who they really are and experience the physical realm by living in bodies that are 'ready-made' for the incarnations. The earth and mankind upon it, is in a special state of mind, within the universal consciousness. So, you as the human personality, are a creative extension or instrument of the High Self you are.

I will make some further statements
that will relate to the reality system you live in at this time.

Statement 1)
What you are and think you experience, are aspects of your greater self that temporarily are expressed in formations of energy that you accept as physicalness. This greater self is infinite and it includes all things and beings. All aspects are the Whole in miniature and therefore: Each of us is All of us!

Statement 2)
When human beings are subjected to specific electromagnetic forces, they experience other aspects of their own universal mind. These other aspects include UFOs and other unfamiliar experiences. Naturally all of these are real for our mind is real! Our mind functions within the eternal now, thus your past, present and future are but arbitrary time frames!

Statement 3)
In a very real sense you all live as if in a dream in which you assume to be individual identities to give validity to the reality of the dream. The mind that is dreaming is the Creator's Mind in which all things happen as if they are real. This dreaming mind dreams about you as if it is you! All this means that you are figments in the dream and do not actually exist. That's a tough one to grok...

Statement 4)
Your physical realm is a very specific area or type of dream in which all things take place in a semi independent and separate reality that is sustained by the human belief system itself. You are the very creators and supporters of the reality you encounter or experience. All physical things however are but faint clouds of Quanta-Energy with specific vibrations that temporarily posture as the things you create and experience. The same energy can and will be something else tomorrow or next millennium! This Energy is Consciousness. Consciousness is All!

Statement 5)
Not all of you are able to see or witness all UFO activities, for the frequency ranges of your awareness and/or vision is different for everybody. In many cases, extra ordinary happenings occur when two or more velocity-vibrations or frequencies overlap, coincide or are in harmony. Two or more worlds then are exposed to one another and possibly you could see a fish swim leisurely through your living room. A most absurd sight for sure! There are indeed worlds within worlds as there are dreams within dreams. Extra ordinary happenings occur at all times for all realities take place within the One Universal Mind! The only thing that keeps virtual realities separated, is the velocity of the patterns of vibration of the Essence that IS all things. If you are aware of the slowness of your perception, it would not be too difficult to understand that a million things could takes place right in front of your eyes, and yet, you would not see one of them! The virtual reality system you live in, is about as solid as a cloud of almost invisible mist. Many other reality systems with different velocities travel through your System without hindrance or interference. They all have their own coherence, selfness or integrity. You never notice them for your level of awareness is attuned to your own habitual and sustaining frequency. Space therefore is not Emptiness or Nothingness - Space is Full!

Statement 6)
At this moment your world is like a zoo where the monkeys are in charge! When the monkeys begin to endanger the existence of the zoo, there will be an intervention from different planes of existence. It means nothing more than the squeeze or correction of a pimple on the Face of TIL, so to speak. In the mean time it all counts as Experience... and that is what it is all about.

Statement 7)

TIL the Creator
The Intelligence behind your Mind
The Love behind your Heart
The Impetus behind all Manifestations.

TIL the Creator
the omnipresent center of all beings
and its circumference embraces the infinite and unexplored regions
Our Universal and Holographic Consciousness.

Statement 8)
The universal consciousness or mind is a holographic and morphogenetic Quanta-Energy Field with infinite possibilities in which all aspects have the freedom to express themselves as they please. All aspects are the very Creator at Divine Play. Few do know this.

Statement 9)
Since you as human beings in search for truth have lost contact with the Source of your Being in order to experience your wildest dreams, it is somewhat difficult to imagine, that you are the Cause and the Source of All That Is. In time you will be united with your True Self and you will have a good laugh (and/or cry) about your journeys into the plane of separation or the world of free will endeavors. You are the Light and the Glory of Creation. Please celebrate your existence!

Statement 10)
It is of no importance whatsoever what you know or do not know. The only thing of importance is: unconditional love! This means to accept what is and to surrender to Life. To learn this kind of love is one of the reasons you have incarnated into this plane of illusion and confusion. The purpose of Life is to transcend the world! Sooner or later all of you will leave this physical reality and join the glorious ranks of Masters or Creative-Beings, who know that all of us are truly Equal and One. The only difference is, that all of us, temporarily, have assumed different functions in order to celebrate our individual freedom and greatness within the Consciousness We Are. So be it!

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