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                           ~ New Signature Files ~

        We as Souls are actors and have our scripts. We speak our scripts 
        as if that is the only Truth there is. In actuality, the Truth is 
        What We Are - not what we proclaim to be so. We as actors play in 
        a Drama/Comedy and in all incarnations or roles we have different 
        scripts.  None of them is Truth.  We Are The Truth... 

            ! The Reality we create is a function of our Awareness ! 

     Enlightenment is living with Love in your Heart from minute to minute.

   We are the One experiencing the All - We are the All experiencing the One!

          Light... Love... and Laughter...         Gerardus     {-^o}
                                            Love at first byte!   `

                   The wonder of it all is in the ordinary.
               How can it all be?         Where does it all go?
                   And why am I wondering.... and laughing?

                  We as Man are the Thoughts of the Creator
                      We also are the Creator thinking.

           God is the Universal Holographic Quantum Energy or Source.
                     Our Soul is God's Holographic Image.

   I envision a world in which every human being has awakened to the knowledge
   that we are the 'Creative Force' in Human Form. When this awareness becomes
   realized within all of us, Love is the result! Everyone will know then that
   all of us are One Family, One Being and have One Purpose. Which is to share
   our abundance freely and love the Self We Are in Human Form...

    The aspect of God I am has lived many many lifetimes and finally it
    has reached a state of awakeness in which it knows that it is awake.

   In my awakeness I am aware that the air I breathe, the food I eat and
   the Light of the Sun that keeps me warm, are the very benefits, of a
   Universal Welfare System that sustain me.  Therefore, I have complete
   trust in the universe and its activities, for deep down I know that I
   am what I am because of the universe - not just because of me and the
   reality I think I create. The body-mind I am is the instrument of the
   Soul I am.  And the Soul I am, is the very God or Infinite Light that
   lives within me. It does this because it learns about itself by being
   conscious in its own creations or aspects...

     The way we see and experience the world, is the result of our mind
     and its habitual attitudes over many lifetimes.  Therefore, we are
     responsible for the way we experience the world, for our habits of
     mind create the flavoring of our experiences.  Needless to mention
     that our mind-set is a very important creator in the universe.

   Wisdom always keeps one Eye on the Present and the other on Eternity.

  * I like you comes from the Mind - I love you comes from the Heart *

               As much as each letter belongs to each word
       as much as each word belongs to each poem to make it a song
                  so do You and I belong to the universe
                        to make it a Celebration!

    I am 100% in favor of an Unconditional Ascension.  This means that
    everybody, good/bad or indifferent, is raised to a higher level of
    Awareness, regardless of whether or not their karmic sequences are
    completed. As far as I am concerned, each and everyone is forgiven
    whatever they did.

    Naturally if you want to stay in a 3D karmic environment you may do
    so by reincarnating upon a different planet. The Earth is scheduled
    to ascend!  So, let's hop on the next Wave of Creativity. Enough of
    this Darkness, let's enter the Light of Love - The Fifth Dimension!

   /===O=============== From the Works of Gerardus ================O===\
  ||                                                                   ||
  ||         Life... in whatever matter form or spiritual state        ||
  ||          is a modification of the Radiant Creative Force.         ||
  ||           To know this is to realize the insignificance           ||
  ||                    of individualized existence.                   ||
  ||         To live Life with Joy however makes it significant.       ||
  ||                                                                   ||

        By the time we have learned how to think, we already have
        formed many opinions. Before we know it, we either try to
        defend or transcend them. This creates tension or stress.
        This tension or stress creates the feelings of discontent
        within us that becomes our personal resistance to freedom
        and happiness. In order to be free and happy we must drop
        all attitudes and opinions. We must become impersonal and
        radiate divine indifference.  Unconditional Love follows!

      * Sometimes a bit of Truth hits us harder than a pack of Lies *

   What we experience in Life is decided by what we think and believe.
   This means that if we only think rationally our life will only be a
   rational affair.  When we begin to think and believe 'irrationally'
   our life becomes a miraculous journey.  It also means, we must stop
   thinking like a human being and begin to think like God...

         Life is not about Believing - our Life is about Knowing.
                               - and yet -
                  Our Life is what we believe it to be.
                     Could anyone explain that to me?

   At one time God winked at me and said: Go for it and do your Thing!
   I have been doing it ever since. Just wish I knew which eye it was.

             ! The greatest mystery is the Mystery Within !
                        - We all have our Own -

  Once the Light within you awakens - you know that the God of the Bible
                           - never existed -
               as it only was a concoction of man's mind.

 The World, the Universe, Truth are not just things that are already made
 ready to be captured. Each and every one of us create our own version of
 the above. We are the Creators of our own models of reality. Infinitely!

       The Enjoyment of the Moment is the Infinity of the Future.
       That is why no Moment of Enjoyment ought to be skipped. It
       would create a Future full of Holes reaching for the Past!

     All I know is that I am a small aspect of the universe and that
     I know next to nothing of how it works. I can't even turn it on
     or off! And I have no idea what my final destiny precisely will
     be. One thing is for sure, I trust the process for I AM - I AM!

                 Everybody is the Essence of the Universe.
               No One can touch it - Yet everybody uses it.
                        ? This Essence Is Love ?

    All of us are 'enlightened' all ready and because of that, we have
    sent 'aspects' of ourselves, into different realities or illusions
    in order to experience other modes of Life, through these aspects.
    These aspects in turn, must realize that they are aspects of their
    Enlightened Self and are free to do whatever they see fit in order
    to enjoy themselves, while they help awaken more of us to the same
    realization. Naturally all aspects are the Enlightened Self in the
    first place and we could say therefore: We all are Children of the
    Creator We Are!

    Before an apple falls from the tree, it is an aspect of the Tree.
    As soon as it has fallen, it is an apple, with many trees within.
    In the same manner - as soon as we are free from the High Self We
    Are  - We are One ourselves, with many within. As Above so Below!

                                (o   o)
            /=================oOO=( )=OOo==================\
           ||                                              ||
           ||        ! TIL is Man and Man is TIL !         ||
           ||          I am not sure about Women.          ||
           ||            But I am working on it.           ||
           ||        Or was it the other way around?       ||
           ||      Maybe they started the whole thing?     ||
           ||               ! Such is Life !               ||
           ||                                              ||
           ||       ~ Light... Love... and Laughter ~      ||
           ||                                              ||
           ||                 .ooo0              Gerardus  ||
            \==================(   )=0ooo.=================/
                                \ (  (   )
                                 \_)  ) /
  HahahhahHhahahha HahhhHhha Hahahah hahha Hhhhahaha HHhhahha Hahaha Hah
 Hahahah Hhahha HhhhaHaha HHhhahha HahahaHahahah HHahha Hhhhahaha Hhhahha

               ! Know the Present and the Rest is Clear !

   The entire universe is an experiment in mind, in which we play games
   with ourselves.  In order to do so we all play different roles. Some
   seemingly better or worse than others. It's all the same Being being
   itself differently! The help we need, we find within by trusting and
   loving the aspects we are and roles we play...

      ! The Beauty of Self is present in the Moment of Nowness !
                        Smile when you see it.

   Everything is a thought, dressed up in different energy vibrations
   in order to be and entertain the Thinker and its Thoughts. Some of
   these Thoughts have reached far enough to become a Thinker as well
   that issues Thoughts on its own! Since all this takes place beyond
   time, there is but One Original Thinker. The Infinite Light - TIL.
   We are The Infinite Light in Human Form...

   In the midst of the world in trouble, entities in Human Form as old
   as the Universe itself gather invisibly to each other and play with
   words by means of incredibly complex gadgets. Providing Recognition
   of Self and the pleasure of enjoying the One They Are. This play is
   mutually conductive to many ready to receive, via the medium of the
   One Mind. It's how the Universe shares itself - Thought by Thought.

     The Infinite Light is the Intelligence behind our Mind, the Love
     behind our Heart, and the Impetus behind all Manifestations. The
       Infinite Light is the Omnipresence and Essence of Creation.
                ! This Light is You - You are this Light !

    Everything we encounter in our daily world is a Hologram.  It is
    energy in a certain manipulated form. Nothing is real except the
    Creator of the Hologram. We are this Creator!  To know that this
    is so, has stunning implications. The body we live in, is also a
    Hologram.  It contains our very Soul - which is an aspect of the
    Universal Creator in a personalized form. The Creator is present
    within its creation by means of the Soul We Are!

      There are worlds within worlds and dreams within dreams. When
      the reality frequencies of two or more worlds coincide, extra
      ordinary occurrences are noticed. Happenings of the past seem
      to appear 'amidst' our present reality for example!!  This is
      most flabbergasting to those not familiar with the manners by
      which our realities are generated.  All realities are virtual
      and they are Holographic Projections, from higher dimensional
      realities.  These exist all around us, but we only experience
      the dimension we are attuned to.  We do this on purpose!

      What is the nature of Creation?  Creation is a Holographic or
      Morpho Genetic Energy System, that can be modified at will by
      those who have risen to higher dimensional regions.  Creation
      is God's Infinite Arcade within which all participants play a
      self created and self involved Reality Game...

      Our Soul...
      is a holographic energy system which is constantly projecting
      aspects of itself into other realities.  These aspects appear
      real to our senses.  Our body is a lens giving reality to the
      illusion we are all subjected to.  Human Life occurs amidst a
      very complex and 'illusive reality' that completely fools us.
      We are fooled by our own body and its Holographic Interpreter
      the human brain.  That's why life in matter is a Celebration.
      We are the Light of Creation living as Fools in Matter!

   ! Love is most important indeed - but true knowledge includes Love !

      Our body is the secret clue to physical reality.  Without it
      we are not able to witness it, or live in it.  Our conscious
      mind, our senses and our brain form a biocomputer that makes
      us believe we live in something different than mind. This is
      not so! All is Mind and the specific reality systems we live
      in require specific instruments in order to experience them!
      Our body is that Instrument!   The Universe is a Holographic
      Phenomenon, from within all of us participate and create the
      actuality of all things. Our Thoughts create All That IS!!

     Creation is God's Arcade and all of us are interactive Players.
           Life is the Game and there are no winner or losers.
        The way we play the Game is most important for it creates
                the consequences we will be subjected to.
                   Cheating therefore is not possible.

  The world is a zoo where the monkeys are in charge. When the monkeys
  begin to endanger the existence of the zoo.  There will be an inter-
  vention from a higher Plane of Being. -----> NewAgePeoplePowerNow!!!

    When we are subjected to certain electromagnetic forces or fields
    we experience other aspects of our mind. These other aspects seem
    to include UFOs and other alien experiences.  All experiences are
    real for our mind contains all things.  Not necessarily are alien
    experiences pleasant or without danger to our well being...

  In my view "The Cosmic Christ" is the understanding that all of us in
  the world are aspects of this Energy, and that this Energy multiplies
  itself when we begin to act accordingly.  This means, sharing who and
  what we are without asking for anything in return.  We are individual
  Lights within the Infinite Loving Light We Are...

       We all live as if in a dream in which we assume or take on
       individual identity to give validity to the reality of the
       dream. This so called dream takes place amidst an infinite
       field of energy we could call The Infinite Light. The most
       persistent question is - whose dream is this?   The answer
       to this question lies within us, because all of us are The
       Infinite Light looking at ourselves from a view point that
       lies within the reality of our dream.  We are able to find
       out who or what we are - but we will not be able to be The
       Infinite Light in Total. All Entities are specific aspects
       of The Infinite Light only...

  What we are and think we experience is experienced by our Greater Self.
  The Greater Self is Infinite and we are but one tiny aspect fraction of
  this Infinite Being.  We are like one cell in the Body of this Infinite
  Being and all we need to learn is how to clone ourselves and become it!

       Good things happen to me - especially when I do not think.
       That's when true insights hit me hard. I call it intuitive
       inspiration or radical knowledge. No thinking is involved!
       I just know for I am ready to know...

Your Gerardus...
        Atom Built - Molecule Maintained - Matter Ready - Perfect Illusion.
        Expert in absolute Metaphysical Nonsense that turns out to be True.
                            ! Soul Inhabited !

      The more knowledgeable we become, the more we slowly realize
        that we are infinitely small and great at the same time.

  We all have different truths and different values in Life. Could it be
  that we are all different on purpose, in order to realize that neither
  truth nor values are as important as tolerance and understanding...

 Did you know, that when you say something doubtful, half a dozen Souls
 jump on you and when you say something right no Soul ever beeps a boo?
 Human nature you know - hard to beat. I am full of it...

     All subatomic particles have a tendency to exist only.  They are
     not really real - except on paper.  All these particles come and
     go and are created and disappear almost at random. Amazing thing
     is - so do people!  What really is the difference?  I think that
     particles and people are created and disappear, according to the
     laws and needs of the universe and that the Source put the whole
     thing on automatic pilot and took a vacation being particles and
     people to see what's going on.  Who do you think that Source is?

    Since the universe apparently does not function according to human
    understanding - we feel there is something wrong.  Questioning all
    this is close to the question - How High is High?  Not very smart!

     ! When the Light hits the Heart it kills the individual Mind !

       Becoming conscious of Consciousness sounds to me as if one
       become conscious of Life and as what is.  We can only live
       and experience this - but never convey or express it. That
       is the inner mystery of All That Is... US!

                  Things we do in Joy adds to our Light.
               Do them without Joy and we stay in Darkness.

          No thing stands alone in the universe and all things
          flow forth from one another.  Life is a Dynamic Flow
          within which the Source of all Things is "reflected"
          within its Manifestations.   Simultaneously there is
          a continuous feedback from its Manifestations to the
          Source to keep it up to date...

     Theories and Paradigms are Mental Spectacles, through which we
     look and find what we are after.  This is so because we always
     create what we're looking for. The Universe is a Wishing Well.

   Creation?   What is it?
   Creation is an "Infinite Relationship" within which we accept finite
   roles with different functions in order to learn more and more about
   ourselves and the possibilities of this Relationship. All in all, it
   is a Universal Creative Play.  We are the Authors, Directors and the
   Players of this infinite spectacle.  Before we discover that however
   all of us identify with our roles too much and seemingly get lost in
   the details of our Universal Creative Play...

  I do not see positive and negative forces in the universe.  The entire
  Creation, in which the Creator slumbers is an Awakening Infinite Giant
  in the process of discovering that it is experiencing itself!

  I do not see Gods or Egos, all I see is the Creator in different poses
  of being itself within its creation, searching for the silent voice of
  itself, speaking to itself so that it may awaken to its full glory and
  the recognition of itself by means of the experiences needed to awaken
  its Infinite Creative Force - The One We All Are - Equally!

 Enlightening to me means - experiencing enough of myself to make me realize
 the Greatness I really am although what I am at this moment, a simple human
 being, does not diminish what I really am.   My Human Form is but one of my
 disguises.  To fully embody my Greatness is full Realization.  A few people
 have but accomplished this in the last few thousands years. But more are to
 follow soon.  Whether or not I'll be among them or not does not concern me,
 nor does it diminish my efforts to share what I know - at this time. I know
 that eventually we'll all have our Moment of Glory.  In the mean time, I do
 what I can to let the Joy and Freedom within me share its abundance...

        Sometimes a comment from the heart hits people in the head.

  People, Teachings, Books, Religions and other seemingly useful things
                  (Including the Many Works of Gerardus)
             are sign posts one can lean on only for so long.
     Life becomes a glorious path when we start to live what we know.
                       It's called Wisdom in Action.

     In the universe there are basically only two things:  Energy and
     Information. We are this Energy collecting Information. In order
     to do that we have created an unlimited amount of Forms of Being
     which group together and have relationships in unlimited numbers
     or settings. All in All - We call it Life.  We are this Life!

       Life is a Laugh!
       However, you have to know where and when to tickle it. If you
       don't, it will make you cry more often than laugh. It all has
       to do with your attitude and the awareness of who you are!

               We are Light Beings and have Human Experiences.
           We are not Human Beings with a bit of Light somewhere.
      Celebrate and enjoy the Knowing that you are Man as well as TIL.
                    ~ TIL = The Infinite Light = Man ~

       Light... Love... and Laughter...
                 it is the only Game in the Universe...
                                              that begins at Home!

       Whatever way you figure it - we all play God our own way!

       True Wisdom is, helping yourself by trying to help others!
       This is difficult to do, for all of us think/feel that our
       own mixed bag of goodies is the answer.  What we need are:
       True Leaders - True Educators. All we have is re-electable
       Politicians, Bankers and Religious Leaders.

    The Spirit is the Power of the Universe that we as Souls modulate
    and use to create our own tunes. This Spirit-Power is neutral and
    we actualize it by putting our signature on it.

         The Universe to Humanity is like the Ocean to the Fishes.
                We both swim in and do not recognize it!

     - May the Light that lives within enlighten the world without -

    ! Fear is the Result of Ignorance - Love the Result of Awareness !

      I do not think there is a God - only us and our High Selves.
      These High Selves are like Parents and when we're big enough
      we do our own thing - including parenting.  Sure, these High
      Selves have Parents too, as well as Grandparents.  I can not
      see an end to all these Parents and Children of this Family.

     The Earth and its people are an enormous cosmic experiment for
     the purpose of attaining the ultimate realization, by means of
     a biological path in which each lifetime is but a tiny episode
     of an infinite dream...

      Life is not about money! However, you'll only get to know that
      when you have enough of it to fill your belly and impress your
      neighbors with your toys until you become bored with it!

         ! Any Judgment shows a lack of Understanding or Love !

    When we come to understand that there is Justice in the Universe
    we are not concerned about what is right or wrong. All we can do
    is focus on the Beauty in our World.  What we focus upon becomes
    the reality of our surroundings...

        Me thinketh - that those three monkeys have a good point.
             ! Speak no evil - Hear no evil - See no evil !
           Not bad for monkeys. Ought to be followed by people.

 All things are vibrations... energy vibrations. Some we recognize, many we
 don't.  The vibes we do not experience do not exist for us.  There is even
 an energy so chaotic that nobody recognizes it.  This is the Source out of
 which all things arise!  It is the unconscious or unaligned infinite void.
 Things that arise come about when this chaotic energy becomes aligned with
 certain thought-frequencies and form realities.  The more we become aware,
 the more we are able to create our own realities or universe.  The chaotic
 energy is the dough from which all cookies are baked!!

     Rejoice, yet stay cool, when this soap bubble we call the world
     collapses into a Fifth Dimensional Celebration.  Many wonderful
     things have happened before. We just don't remember them all...

  For many thousands of years we have been living with the misconception
  that God or The Infinite Light is some other Force. This is not so! We
  are the very One - the very Force - the Very God That Is! The Infinite
  Light speaks to us by means of our own Consciousness or Awareness.  To
  become more and more aware, means coming closer to the Light We Are!

                 Synchronicity is the Abundance of Life
                             supplying itself
                          by its allowance to be.

           The Heart finds Reasons - the Mind will never know.

         ! The hardest thing in Life is to take your own Advice !


  .  If this is so, what do you and I experience in this Realm? What is  .
  .  it that is out there? And is it out there? I feel that what is out  .
  .  there is our own Mind in which we live and what we experience is a  .
  .  self-created reality that varies according to our expectations and  .
  .  belief system. IOW: all of us create, see and experience something  .
  .  different while all realities are present at all times. And we all  .
  .  pick whatever we need from the Absolute Universal Reality in order  .
  .  to grow to maturity and doing that - enjoy even more of ourselves!  .
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ Gerardus ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Yesterday is History - Tomorrow is a Mystery - Today is a Present.

         ! Diversity is our Strength and Tolerance our Principle !

            We are Spiritual Beings having Human Experiences
            We are not Humans with a bit of Spirit somewhere

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                As long as you have fun with what you know
                    It is not important what you know.

      The past is the mirror upon which we project the future.  This
      future is created by the Thoughts and/or Emotions of our past!
      This means to me, that the more wisdom we were able to collect
      the more we are able to create a future to our liking...

       All I have are temporary opinions that change from day to day.

            When we encounter Souls which are beyond our grasp
         they surely struggle with the same obstacles to grasp us.

  There actually is nothing to do but to be. Nothing to say but to smile.
   All the miracles already happened. We need to learn to remember them.

   The universe is a Wishing Well of infinite proportions within which
      words are the symbols of meaninglessness because of Semantics.
          Actions of any kind, are more effective than words...

    I as Gerardus am an infinitely tiny fraction of the Universal Mind
    and only because of this, can I expand upon, this infinitely small
    fraction and comprehend more and more of myself. I am the Infinite
    Source in Finite Forms in order to experience what I am.  Changing
    and Infinite in all ways.  I do all this because I love what I am!

          The Center of the Universe is Everywhere and Nowhere.
                     It is within us for we are it.

       The Dreamer is not the Dream - the Creator is not Creation.
           The Dreamer is the Dream - the Creator is Creation.
     Depending on how we look at it - both are true statements indeed.
            The biggest question is - what do we do to awaken?
                  I think it's Live - Love and Laugh a lot.

                We are TIL - simultaneously - We are Man

           Is a Belief is a Sickness and a Sickness is a Belief?

     Every cell in my body knows what to do without my interference or
     knowing why.  And all human beings know what to do, without God's
     commands or knowing why. Life is perfectly self-sufficient in all
     its actions.  The Mystery carries on without asking.  Why do you?

 I sometimes feel that my Great Great Great Great Great Great Parents from a
 million years ago had children, who had children, who had children, who had
 children, etc. etc. etc. and all of them moved all over the world and began
 to speak different languages. Eventually they began to fight each other and
 killed millions of their own blood. Finally they saw that they were related
 and they opened their hearts to each other. Soon the world broke out in Joy
 and Life became a Global Celebration of Love in Action. May this be so Now!

      The Light of the Infinite shines through each Lens differently
      in order to confuse all of them! And until one knows, that all
      beings are the same Infinite Light playing tricks on us, there
      is confusion indeed...

         The infinite Light is bright and its blinds the masses.

   Well, I think that the universe is like cyberspace. Millions of posts
   originate there and are re-created on the other end. In the mean time
   they all come from the same space that is no space at all and seem to
   move through another space that ain't no space either.  What are they
   but CyberSpaceLiteDingies perfectly invisible or illusions on a piece
   of glass some people call a screen. While what they are staring at is
   not there either because the symbols are not produced. Only the light
   around those symbols is visible.  Talking about weirdness... OhmyGod!

 The Internet is like Creation. It's not a specific space or force all by
 itself, it is created and exist because of millions of human-co-creators
 who each in turn issue their home pages and posts. Creation is a similar
 kind of accomplishment.  It is a collection of Thoughts and Ideas, which
 have objectified in different realities...

   You may ask anything but believing the answer is a dumb thing to do.

     In my view, all human conclusions and/or truth are only temporary
     acceptances of wise sounding nonsense. We are the Truth and we do
     not have to prove this with words.  The majority of people suffer
     from word-trouble with semantic overtones.  They cling unto words
     as if words are the Absolute to the Power of Ohmmmmmmm?

      Love is my Existence - Knowledge my Goal - Laughter my Sharing.

      The entire universe, high and low, visible and invisible, is a
      stage upon which we play roles in order to entertain ourselves
      and one stage or scene is not more important that any other in
      the infinite play. All things are relative and equal...

              The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
                  The road to heaven is not paved at all.
               As a matter of fact there is not even a road.
                        Any self-made path will do.
                     Self responsibility is the Engine!

     It makes no darn difference who or what you are or what you do,
     for you are The Infinite Light manifested as a Human Being. You
     do not even have to like yourself.  As a matter of fact you are
     allowed to hate yourself.  You are The Infinite Light anyway!

     Everything is good for something. So don't worry or fret if you
     are useless to yourself. As a matter of fact it's a good way to
     be, for someone else needs to practise on you...

             To be in love is Human - to be in awe is Divine.

    All throughout Creation, The Infinite Light (TIL) breaks itself into
    different holographic fragments that in and by themselves are unique
    and reflect the One from which they emerge.  Each fragment continues
    to break into many other fragments which are whole as well. They all
    reproduce and create new circumstances, which teach them who or what
    they really are. TIL itself! TIL doesn't know good from bad lessons.
    It experiences itself, by expressing itself in as many possibilities
    as it sees fit in order to fulfill itself.  TIL is Love for Itself!

        Most people flirt with your mind and never touch your heart.

  Possibly yes, I fated myself. This is so because I as the Universal Self
  projected an Aspect of Myself. To once again - let it climb and shine to
  recognize its Greatness, including the Source from which it came and is.
  In the mean time, Gerardus, is like a sub-atomic particle, which appears
  and disappears when its time has come. Take him or leave him - he's here
  now - to be what he is, an aspect of the Light, in all his Beingness...

   Sometimes I see the Universe as an infinite batch of dough from which
   all Cookies are baked.  Eventually all Cookies become Bakers who bake
   more Cookies according to their own liking. Whichever way you look at
   it, all things come from the same Oven.  This Oven is TIL.

           Observing is not watching others and doing nothing.
            Observing is watching yourself doing everything.
                              (Sam Earle)

    God's Plan is being executed by the Created for we as Human Beings
    are Co-Creators within the Manifestation within which the planning
    and the manifesting is in direct relationship. To see that this is
    so is up to each individual and cannot be proven to others...

   Words are the crazy symbols that confuse me more than I understand.

                Beyond blitzing daylight the night winks
                  Showing stars wondering about people.
                      Cloudy missions become clear
                         For many see the Light.

The universe is a Wishing Well of infinite proportions within which,
words are the symbols of meaninglessness because of Semantics.
I agree with you that Reality and Illusion as each other.

    I as Gerardus am an infinitely tiny fraction of the Universal Mind
    and only because of this, can I expand upon, this infinitely small
    fraction and comprehend more and more of myself. I am the Infinite
    Mind in a Finite Form in order to experience that what I am.  I do
    this because I love what I am!   I AM the Infinite and the Finite!

          The Center of the Universe is Everywhere and Nowhere.
                     It is within us for we are it.

      The Dreamer is not the Dream - the Creator is not Creation.
          The Dreamer is the Dream - the Creator is Creation.
        Depending on how we look at it both are true statements.
            The biggest question is what do we do to awaken?

                 ! Life without Nonsense is Death !

 Somehow, it seems that as long as we can put a concept in words, we think
 that we have found a Truth.  Nothing is further from the Truth naturally.
 The universe could not care less about words. Words are a human weakness!

   The universe, in my view, is an undetermined and undifferentiated
   as well as an unlimited amount of different levels of Energies or
   Essences. From this, we create Ourselves and our Levels of Being!
   This means, that all of us can have different thoughts, ideas and
   understandings of this fascinating Essence and all be right!  For
   we all create our own participartory-reality within this infinite
   scheme of realities and/or possibilities...

       Life is a course in remembering Who or What we really are.
       We are directly connected to the infinite source of wisdom
                  yet we look for advise outside of us.

Blessed be the Light of Heart for they will enter the Kingdom of TriLite!

                     The Light is breaking through.
                     The Many see the One they are.
                         The world is healing.

   Miracles do not come in sizes - only in Blessings to All concerned.

    The Universe is Energy showing different aspects of itself grouped
    in different realities. Entities of all kinds within the limits of
    these realities think they see something that is separate from the
    Whole.  This is not so!  The Universe is one Phenomenon that shows
    different aspects of itself in all realities or illusions...

           ! The only God we will ever know is the God we are !

       When we truly know who or what we are, we are not affected
       by the affairs of the world and/or by what others call us,
       for we have the unshakable knowledge that all are the same
       and that all are playing their roles to reach that wisdom.

               ~ Rascality is one stage before Sainthood ~

    ! Not seeking answers for truth while you're living it is wisdom !

                        Smile instead of frown.
                        Laugh instead of lament.
                        Live instead of question.
                        The wise One has spoken... <;)=

    I see the state of the world as a backdrop of our classroom.  The
    classroom where all is possible and no one is barred from growing
    towards a higher level of awareness by means of his own resources
    and in whatever position he is in. Therefore, don't let the world
    deter you from becoming more involved in conscious living...

  Our relationship is multi-dimensional. Most beings dwell mainly in the
  lower mind/level. This is the level where we experience dualities.  We
  have created these dualities, in order to experience them. In the mean
  time, during these experiences some of us recognize that we all One in
  the first place. This knowing, does not diminish the experience of the
  dualistic world in which we have our being...

                      Life is simpler than we think.
               The trouble is that thinking is the problem.

         We are directly connected to an infinite source of wisdom
                   yet we look outside of us for advise.

                   Patriots are people who fight wars.
               To be one of them means you are conditioned.

      A lot of people put me on a higher pedestal that they are on.
       I would like them to take me off mine and put me on theirs.
                 It's easier to communicate that way.

   Up to now I feel, there is but One Truth. That Truth is that there
   are many. I like my own the best for it grows and grows. I am here
   to discover that I'm All That Is. It's an infinite Self-Discovery!

               The Love you withhold is the Pain you carry
                        Lifetime after lifetime.

  Life is opportunity to gain the self-awareness of our self-discovery.

         Although all opinions are important, we still need to go
         beyond them for all opinions are like stepping stones in
         the process of becoming stumbling blocks. Experience all
         things but hang unto none!

   People speaking out - mankind standing tall - for the good of All.

        The Infinite Light lives in all of us, but in many of us
        it is turned off. If this Light is turned off within you
        you can never reach a higher level of your Greatness. So
        awaken and turn on the Light of your Divinity. Awareness
        is the preliminary of Self-Discovery and Love...

 The entire Universe is like an enormous orchestra that plays infinitely
 by means of the individual participation of the players.  It seems that
 there is no conductor directing the performance.  The conductor however
 is the Inner Source within us, and plays its part, in a most mysterious
 manner by directing each player from within.   It does this in a silent
 manner and almost all players think they play themselves.   All this is
 so because they are listening to their own music.  This confuses them a
 lot! Sooner or later they become aware of the Inner Source and discover
 that they are the Inner as well as the Outer - for All is One!

     The Past and the Future are the possibilities of the Present.
     All Possibilities are Real!  However one needs to know how to
     pick them.  That's why Life is our Creation...

 Awareness, Understanding, Love and Wisdom are the Result of Experience.

             Life is the Teacher and all of us are Students.
                   Life is such a beautiful Classroom.

                  Smile... the Universe is your Mirror.

           Think Less - Smile More - Mind Less - Laugh More.

       There are no higher or lower Beings, there is only One Being
       manifesting different Aspects of Itself.  The result is that
       many Aspects of the One Being think that there are all sorts
       of Beings of which some are superior than others.  Not true!
       We are all equal but different. To learn that this is so, is
       sometimes humiliating. Eventually it makes us smile...

               You don't stop laughing because you grow old
                  You grow old because you stop laughing.

            When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced.
              Live your life in such a way that when you die
                 the world will cry and you will rejoice.
                           (Old Indian Proverb)

                      Do not strive to be perfect.
             Simply slow down enough to realize that you are.
                        (IAM - aylwin@idiom.com)

         Blessings and Smiles to you and please don't pray for me.
            Simply send me Healing Energy and Loving Thoughts!

   Our Soul is the composer of an infinite song and one of its melodies
   is our humanness.  We are this song, we are this melody, we are this
   human.  We must listen to the tune we experience and slowly we shall
   love and understand the Song of the Soul we are...

        If there is... no Good nor Bad... no Victim nor Victor
    Nno Accident nor Coincidence - you might as well burst out laughing.

            The World got to be a Lie for it is an Illusion.

       We are the Almighty looking through an infinitely narrow slot.

                  My life has been one great big success.
                  I never made a mistake I could not fix!

 We all have become the result of our choices. This means that we are the
 consequence of our own free will.  It also means that what we experience
 isn't that important, but what we think about it is!

                 We are ONE in God and God is MANy in us.
                            ~ David Cottis ~


       I would be able to appreciate my life a lot more if there was
       somebody else to blame.  Luckily I can handle all the praise!

  Our life on earth is not a pre-planned expedition that is executed to
  the point of precision according to a pre-arranged script. In my view
  we implement upon a general script and voila we grow or we don't.  It
  is up to us, up to the individual fraction of the Big One we are...

         Most people want to know everything about the world.
         Few people want to know everything about themselves!

       The world is a "location in mind' where we go and remember
       who we really are by means of the realities we experience.
              These realities are self-created scenarios.

  The ego is an illusionary self that slowly is replaced by the Real "I".
  There is but one "I" - which is TIL. The Infinite Light.  This Infinite
  Light however, is used according to the inclinations and talents of the
  ChristSelf.  We all have different functions in TIL.  None is better or
  more than another...

     ! Life is not a problem to be solved but an occasion to celebrate !
        ! Only you have awakened to Wisdom in Life... Death is easy !
          ! Religions are obsolete and they fool the best of us !
       ! Writing is doing the things of the Heart... with your Mind !
      ! God is an impersonal Force... that becomes personal within you!

    The universe, in my view, is an undetermined and undifferentiated
    as well as an unlimited amount of different levels of Energies or
    Essences. From this, we create Ourselves and our Levels of Being!
    This means, that all of us can have different thoughts, ideas and
    understandings of this fascinating Essence and all be right!  For
    we all create our own participartory-reality within this infinite
    scheme of realities and/or possibilities...

                    God is the Myth - Man the Reality
                        The one creates the other.

Do not be concerned with the masses of the world. You are not here to save
it or change it. All is Well!  You have to consider whether YOU are moving
closer to the Light. Only YOU are important!  The world is but the scenery
within which you are to enlighten the Soul you are...

  Experience creates Awareness and Awareness automatically produces Love.
  When we are aware we realize that we are all climbing the same mountain
  but find ourselves at different levels.  All climbers are but one Being
  climbing the mountain different ways.  This one Being is Love in Action
  expressing itself in the many climber we think we see...

    It is an enormous Accomplishment and Celebration for TIL to become
    a mere human being, who finds himself totally lost in the illusion
    and in total ignorance that he is TIL and always will be...

     ! The universe is an infinite computer and we are its display !
                                 (Sam Earle)
                      Exactly Sam... Exactly... Brilliant!

  I feel that we are Energy-Particles and that the universe is made out of
  Energy-Waves. We are surrounded by these waves and can't comprehend them
  for we do not recognize them.  These Waves naturally are invisible to us
  in a space/time scenario. We used to be Waves and have changed into tiny
  Particles. We ended up in a self created time/space reality. Now we have
  trouble finding our way back to waves. In the mean time we are oblivious
  to who or what we really are. We use tiny particles to measure waves. We
  suffer the apples and oranges problem! We have stepped through ourselves
  while we were not looking.  Hmmm?  Does that mean that we are unaware or
  are unconsciously creating while we dream??  Are we the infinite Creator
  dreaming our Creation and now need to awaken in our Creation or Dream??

    We only live one life and in this one life we play different roles.
    Each role is played by a different character or personality.  We as
    universal energies (The Creator in an awakening stage) become these
    players by means of merging with the body-mind of the physical body
    (personality) and we (as a Soul) seem to be alive as them. Thinking
    that we live different lives and reincarnate is an illusion. All we
    do is exist in the different levels of our own mind.  This one mind
    is the Creator's Mind. All the rest is illusion!  We as the Creator
    in human form are awakening to our own Unlimited Greatness by means
    of the dreams or lives we seem to live. We have been doing this for
    ages and ages and eventually we will reach the Christ Level...

      The Universal Mind, the Creator's Mind, unconsciously expresses
      its feelings by means of Creation, by means of Mankind. We then
      are the unconscious creator who by living in its dreams awakens
      to Self Awareness - which is the Christ Consciousness!  Knowing
      this helps us to awaken from our dream...


            Time is the Energy upon which I paint my dreams
              And when my brush touches the Fabric of Time
        Space unfolds itself and all my dreams become illusions
      Accepted as realities within the minds of the Children I Am.
                        I am the Eternal Painter.


                Life is divided between Lesson and Service.
                      Light... Love... and Laughter.

          We are not here to change the world but to see what is.

             Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, some I grok and some I block

              Inquiries are the stepping stones to the answers.
                      They both live in the same mind.


                               \\  - -  //
                                (  @ @  )
        |                                                        |
        |                 Love is Understanding.                 |
        |    Live as if you are the world and everybody in it.   |
        |                                                        |
                              oooO   (   )
                              (   )   ) /
                               \ (   (_/

          Tolerance is a greater quality than being knowledgeable.


             ! God is Silence and in that Silence I hear myself !

           ? Life sure is an hilarious bunch of nonsense isn't it ?

           ? Is there any such thing as a completely selfless act ?
         Yes, there is!  The One who commits them never shows however.
              Some call this Being God - however it is a Non-Being.

  We as the Light, enter our own creation and have different views, because we
  are the same Light differently. This is meant to be so!  It is of no use for
  the Light to produce two of the same manifestations with identical opinions.
  One of these manifestations would be redundant.  Also - once we are finished
  with this plane we will leave all opinions behind...

      The Wave...
      The universe is an evolving Consciousness. We are this Consciousness
      as individual and different states of awareness.  Specific states of
      awareness will be able to take advantage, of the fluctuations of the
      energy waves the universe consists of. Some fluctuations are similar
      to tornados. One's advantage depends on one's readiness.  It is like
      catching a ball - if you are not ready or don't know it's coming, it
      will pass you by...

            Life is about Knowledge...
                    Knowledge is Awareness
                              Awareness is Understanding
                    Understanding is Love
                              The expression of Love is Life!

              ! A wise man knows that he is next to ignorant !

  The more we become aware, the more Free Will we have. However, the more we
  enjoy Free Will, the more we leave things alone. The world is exactly what
  it should be - a reflection of what we have created. It is our Mirror...

     Human beings are Reflections of Soul in matter. Soul is 100% thought!
     Reflections of thought therefore must never assume that they are real.
     They must also avoid to take themselves seriously. It would solidify
     their reflections. This would make them impossible to get rid of. It
     means incarnations ad infinitum in which they search for themselves...

         Life itself is the Cycle of Change from Ignorance to Wisdom.
                       It is Timeless - yet Infinite

I have found that half of the world is beautiful and that the other half is ugly.
Trying to improve it is useless for it is supposed to be this way. I am enjoying
the beautiful half. However, I am getting distracted by the other half...

   The nature of free will is to follow our nature - the trouble is that
   following our nature makes us think that we haven't got it. It's been
   implanted within us  for it is us, since we thought of creating a
   a physical reality, within which we would think we lost it somewhere. We
   are like a rose - doing our thing. In the mean time, free will is a phrase
   most human beings have trouble understanding. It's a human blind-spot that
   needs to be transcended. It matters not! A rose is as much a rose as a
   human is a human being. We both follow our nature. Both of us are God
   doing its Thing...

    I wish that I could split myself into a hundred different aspects
    and read all the book I ran across.  Then on the other hand, if I
    could do that, I would probably discover that one of these aspect
    wrote them in the first place...

                Our actual true body is the entire Universe.
                The miracle is that we live in shadow of it.

       I am getting to know more and more that I know less and less.
       Soon I will know absolutely Everything about absolutely Nothing!

   Life on this world is like a movie. The good guys and bad guys play their
   roles and create very interesting and dramatic events. When the movie is
   finished, they all come together and have a drink in the local bar. They
   laugh a lot, have fun and joke about the roles they played. They come to
   the conclusion that the movie is really a comedy. The movie last forever
   and the players change roles as often as they want. Needless to say that
   all players get tired of the whole thing. Eventually they all move on to
   more interesting worlds. In those worlds, they slowly discover, that they
   are the Light projecting the infinite movie...

         ! There is no where to go in infinity than were we are !

 I have seen and heard President George W. Bush.  He has spoken and inspired 
 the people of his country and the countries of what he calls the Free World. 
 He has once again programmed them with his words that the United States and 
 the Free world are going to fight for Freedom.  Little do these people know
 that Freedom is an Inner Thing.  It can never be attained by killing people 
 or children...  

All things are consciousness, energy, or vibrations of universal mind. Not
necessarily do all vibrations or things have awareness however. In the case
of the earth and other planets, yes, they have awareness of what they are.
There is a individual awareness there! Awareness is present according to the
need of creation to make it what it is. Creation is - an infinite expression
of consciousness creating an infinite experience in consciousness - which
needs awareness to make it worthwhile.  As I suspect - our Sun for example,
very well could be the body of the Co-Creator of the Solar system. The
awareness of the Sun could be called "infinite" compared to the awareness of
a human being...

         When the Game is over we all go back into the same Box.

       If you think that there is something wrong with the world and
       that it should not this way, you are still trying to save the
       world. It means that you still have attachments to this world 
       and that you are not ready to go to 4D!

    To gain awareness is the trick.  How this is done is not important!
    Souls look at the Eternity Life is, not at the pain suffered or the 
    blood spilled by those to blind to see...

                     War is the Servant of Business

 Realities are created from the Inner to the Outer.  By this I mean, that the
 more Soul-Energy is settled in the body, the more the soul is able to create
 while living in the body.  IOW: souls create reality and the body is only an
 instrument and witness, by means of which the soul checks, what its creation
 is like and if changes are needed. Since most people are more body than soul
 and the soul takes second place, there is a tendency to think, that creation
 is accomplished by some other Force. There is but one Force, it is the Force
 we all are! To become aware that this Force is infinite, is a process we are
 working on. This work is done by all of us by means of living lives as human
 beings at this particular moment in time. Simultaneously, in other densities
 we are present at all times as the Infinite Force.  At this particulare time
 period however most people are not aware of their true Beingsness. They feel
 separated from their infinite Self, and behave according to the conditioning
 they have received. Most often humanity's conditioning is based on religious
 stories, selfishness, small mindedness, greed and violence. To transcend our 
 conditioning is our task...


                     Life is a dream that dreams itself. 
          It is our dream and it contains creation in all its details.
             We are not the dream and we are not what happens in it.
                            We are the dreamer.
   Our task is to awaken from this dream by living in the moment of Nowness.

                                 - - - 

Thinking aloud now...
maybe we make our own rules and they have to be learned
by playing the game. Once you know the rules the game is over!

Just in case Rules
Rule #1  - There are no rules.
Rule #2  - Do not make habits a rule.
Rule #3  - Play as if you know the rules.
Rule #4  - Never adopt the rules of another.
Rule #5  - Forget about all rules - just play.
Rule #6  - Never worry about playing without rules.
Rule #7  - Rules will become habits by what works best.

Wisdom is the rule of sanity and Ignorance is the rule of Insanity

Let is be known that I am never surprised by how smart or wise people are -
but the stupidity and ignorance of people floors me again and again...

Possibly reminds me of my own - Gerardus

   Believing is from what we heard - knowing is from what we experienced.


The Creator to me, is an infinite underlying universal energy. This energy
is of an unconscious nature. It is unconscious or unaware because it is
completely absorbed in creating creation. It is so absorbed that it has
become, or is - its creation. It has no self-awareness! It has lost itself
within creation. This is why the Creator is unconscious.

This means to me, that when we as the created have reach a certain level of
awareness, we are capable of become self-aware. Our self-awareness can expand
and expand, until we eventually become totally aware. At that moment, we
discover that Creation is a Self-Expression!

Since the Creator is not self-aware IS the reason that we are able to reach
a level of awareness by which we recognize that We and Creation are One. It
means naturally, that we are the Creator and the Created simultaneously!
This is why Life is a Celebration...

Pondering my creation above - Gerardus

There is but One Mind. The Universal Mind is our Mind. For us though, what
we know as our mind is actually the Universal Mind opened to an infinitely
small crack. To widen this crack is done by having experiences on earth as
human beings 'til we attain the Christ or Buddha Consciousness. This State
of Mind is, as far as I can see, not very far, the highest attainment that
is humanly possible. There are states of mind however that are beyond this
state of mind...

       ! Truth is what we become by sifting through the Lies !

God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good 
fortune to run into the ones that I do and the eyesight to tell the difference.

Truth lives in a hole in the air.

Praying and Flag-Waving are the thing.
Both are the result of something awful!

The illusion of the Hole of Nothingness is the fullness of its Reality.

In my experiences, I have found that "anybody's view" is at best, and at
worst, MY view! IOW all people are nothing but another pair of eyes to me.
The interpretations of the illusions we all observe might be different, but
in the end - none is important - because "We Are The Truth" and whatever we
experience is magic - Our Magic. Since we are different magicians, we come
up with different shows! All this is so, because we are individual aspects
of the same Universal Holographic Mosaic...

Not thinking momentarily is better than a month of thought

Authentic Souls are Rebels in the Eyes of the Ignorant - Gerardus

Full enlightenment is like a time bomb.
One cannot fool around with the timing.
It happens irregardless of your wishes.
The universe knows its time and people.
2002/02/28 - GET

Leading a normal life means you're on the wrong path.


                             O O
                      --o00o- ^ -o00o--


Enlightenment, at whatever stage or state of mind, is the result of an
evolutionary process which eventually produces a human body and a human
mind that is able to become more and more enlightened. This is a process
in time and therefore in human terms expressed as Evolution of which
awakening is a characteristic...

            Life - Involution and Evolution
                   is a Change of Scenery we call Experience...

         Time has seen more Clocks than all Clocks have seen Time.

    I live in an ideal Email-World were all notes are just one screen long!
         The rest I delete!  Do you want to live there?  Make it so! 

  ! We are the Truth and the Reality but we fall for Stories and Illusions !

      Brilliant Soul - Solid Shadow - Inner Smile - Always Present.

Trying to explain your reasoning with your mind is something different than
others comprehending an explanation coming from your reasoning.  I cannot
explain it any further, except to say that we live in a dream reality or
illusion. This basically means that "anything" goes. Reasoning or no
reasoning! Possibly the more one reasons, the more one fools oneself...

Actually, I do not think it possible to grok the heart of the matter of
matter by means of refined hamburger called brains. It's all an illusion
that more or less is "meeting" other illusionary conditions and then says -
I grok, because I am Aware Energy meeting other Energy, that in essence is
me anyway. It's kind of meeting one's shadow in an illusion and then say,
where do you come from?  In the mean time, it's kind of fun to dream and
think we know something.  Not so really - or do we?

In the illusion I spoke of, we meet others that in actuality are ourselves
once removed. We play games with words and eventually we see as well as
understand that the Consciousness we all are, "facilitates" to form shadows
of itself that seem to be alive and aware of each other, each to its own
measure. These shadows play games...

As soon as they become more deeply involved in the actuality of themselves,
they understand that all shadows are really the Consciousness that
facilitates the play. When they eventually become aware as the Facilitating
Consciousness - they experience themselves as all others playing shadows and

Means we are the Light casting shadows - Gerardus
(Truth is simple)

Life is lived in our own Mind.

CLAIMER for me only
It is not a matter of what we say, not say, think or not think, about
ourselves or others. Our thoughts might not be our own in the first place.
All thoughts and conclusions are subjective and we even could contradict
ourselves two or three days later. The Truth is that WE ARE THE TRUTH AND
THE REALITY - all the rest are but Stories!

We are the Light in human form and our desire and task is to become more
aware. This does not necessarily means to hang out with what is thought of
as the Good Guys. Hanging out with either side is taking sides. We lose our
divine indifference. Both side are necessary to make a world, but it is not
necessary to pick anyone's side as a favorite. Both are equal, they only
have different orientations temporarily...

       Being the neutral observer is the Clue - Gerardus

     Greetings with Love which is Understanding or Awareness - Gerardus
     (Our Awareness is the Lens through which we perceive the Universe)

                       ~ Reminder of our Goal ~

                         Love is Understanding.
                  Understanding is sharing and caring.
                   We do not come here to find truth.
             We are the truth and the reality in human form.
                We come here to experience our creation.
          Only when we have reached a State of Mind we call Joy
     and know that we are the Christ in Human Form or the God That Is
         are we ready to leave this illusionary reality for good!

What is a Soul?
Just in case nobody answered that one!
A Soul is Cosmic Energy temporarily seemingly separated from the Rest of
the Universal Energy for the sake of experiencing individual experiences
based on its ability to create them. If it cannot created them - it
experiences the stories or lies of other Souls...

Simplicity is my Second Name - Gerardus

We as human beings play roles in the Drama/Comedy of Creation. In almost all
cases, the Scripts of the Actors become their Truths. This is naturally a
misconception on the part of the actors.  In any case, we are the Truth and
play different roles and functions in many lifetimes.  Each role has its own
script and function. These scripts or words we speak or write - are not to
be confused with what we are - The Truth and the Reality...

When Man discovers who or what he really is - he will be flabbergasted!  He
will put his hands to his head and conclude that what he has been taught up
to that very moment is a Lie! The Truth will never be revealed by the
Religions, for if they did - all Religions would have become redundant...

There is but one plane of being - the one we are on!
And even that plane is an illusion for it is a creation of our mind. It is
not a real thing, except that thoughts are real!  It is a thought that
changes when it moves up to different or higher thoughts or so called planes
of being. How many are there? How many thoughts are followed by other
thoughts? Possibly by stopping all thoughts we might have reached the
Allower of Thought - the Mind We Are and hunker for, while not knowing what
it is. This could be a great mistake for we would live for tomorrow or for
the next thought or plane. I feel that all planes are reachable from where
we are. If you feel the need to move, you might have moved because you were
not happy where you were. There is no guarantee that the next plane or
thought is any better...

Be Here Now and put on a Buddha Smile - Gerardus

All I agree to is that, yes, great changes are coming up. Thing is,I am not
waiting for them, and/or are anticipating them, and/or know what >they will
be. I am too busy Being Here Now!  I know that I Am Forever and that the
bodies I live in are the means to experience exactly what I need to
experience in order to know that I am Just Fine the Way I Am... >>>

Note on Awakening

God or TIL - The Infinite Light - is a Movement/Vibration that travels from 
Infinite to Finite - infinitely. By this I mean, that TIL is its own Creation 
and moves back and fourth in order to maintain it. It is only aware or 
conscious in its Creation howev

Love to me is - letting you do your thing!  Setting it free!

This is what God/TIL does with its Dream-Figments (you and me and 
everybody). It has set us free in order to do what we feel like. Free Will - 
Choices. In such a way that every choice creates a new reality from which we 
learn. We have experiences and this gives us Knowledge and Wisdom. These two 
include Love - setting all free.

Yes, Human Life is the continuation of experiences and actions of our 
choice. Most are the result of the requirements or maintenance of the 
Vehicle we live in, as well as the responsibilities that come with it. It 
brings us to different "places in mind" that give us the opportunity to 
become more aware, because of our experiences, and eventually we will be 
able to stay away from the places where we had to exercise the STS 
orientation.  We are all passing through - Gerardus

The Internet is created in order to keep people busy and divided!
No doubt in my mind that it is as controlled as the stock market!

      This world is a Lie wherever you look - Gerardus
      (The truth is what we are - not in what we read)

Yes, you got that right. Be human but do not get lost in it!
The point of coming here is to wisen up to that you are "Soul-Energy" 
having an illusionary experience or dream that you are human.  The goal or 
purpose of life on earth is be human for a while and learn that you are 
neither the body - nor the human being. You an eternal Soul or God or The 
Infinite Creator having an experience as a human being. You are here to 
experience the illusion that you are human. Do not get lost in it...

Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the 
citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a 
double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows 
the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and 
the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will 
have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the 
citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer 
up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly  so. How do I know? 
For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar."  -- Julius Caesar 

            I am the Within being what I am Without

About violence, poverty, abuse and other seemingly negative experiences
Yes, the cycle can be broken, but we can only break it for ourselves.  Not
for others. We have come here to experience the world of matter and become
educated by it. We do not come here to follow or to experience what others
have prepared for us, we have come here to experience what we have created 
for ourselves. We are the Creator and live in our own Creation...

   Our fear or the smallness we find within ourselves is in direct
   relation to our ignorance of being able to express our Power...

          We are ALL equals with different functions.
      Love is a many splendored thing - it equalizes all

Life is a play in mind where we let our thoughts become reality. Sometimes
this reality confuses us and most often we become lost in our own play.  We
call upon another then to help us out.  Sometimes they are able to help us,
other times we become even more lost. It does not matter!  We still are the
same Infinite Creator witnessing its play. Some plays are created and played
unconsciously and cause us to lose our bearings.  Eventually we all wake up
to full consciousness because of our plays... 

Gerardus says...
We are only controlled by our limitations.
All limitations are but temporary illusions - Gerardus

Leonard says
Or to be more accurate, 
"We are only controlled by our illusions.  
All illusions are but temporary limitations" - Leonard

People do not like to know the Truth.
They rather fancy their mental prison of illusions.

Knowledge is the Key and Love is its Expression.

Are religions necessary?  Yes, they are for those who need them!  Those who
need them are in the Kindergarten of Life as a human being - young Souls in
human bodies. The Kindergarten School Playground is a big place. It more of
less takes up our whole world. In the mean time, for some of us, it is time
to prepare ourselves for grade One.  See you there...

What is happening in the world is the result of our collective thoughts. It
is our thinking that becomes manifest. It's like a dream that becomes real!
It is useless to go "out there" then and change the physical reality in the
world for it is the product of our thinking. We can't change the conditions
on the outside without changing our thoughts. We begin with ourselves...

         Life is what it is without any of our beliefs

                   Wisdom is instant Hindsight

God is Spirit and what we make of this Spirit becomes our Soul.
A Soul then is a self-made indestructible Being and we are it!

The pain or lack of joy we carry within ourselves and/or are to others
is caused by the experience of our separation from our whole Self or God!

Yes, shining bright on my own chosen path
free of any and all teachings or stories
following the Inner Light as it unfolds
to do as I please without concern or lack.

The Consciousness We Are is The I AM - Gerardus

We are Mirrors of God but Originals on our Own - Gerardus

We are the Truth and have Opinions.

We are the Truth but experience our Beliefs.

We only judge ourselves. Now, later and/or whenever!
Love is Understanding. Understanding is awareness realized...

Each member of Humanity is being tested by their choices. If it ever 
came to pass, it's better to be put to death by any tyrant or by any 
Mr Push, than chose Violence over Peace.  That is the test or choice 
for all Humanity - one by one...

Words are obstacles to the Truth.
They need to be overcome...

One cannot be told what the Truth is - but only our insight 
because of our experiences makes us realize the Truth. It's 
what many have been trying to tell us in the first place... 

I think "We Are The Truth", but we got lost in stories which confuse us.
Until we realize the "Truth We Are" there will be more and more stories.
We listen to them in order to realize the Truth We Are.
This realization is a process in time we need to learn to enjoy.
The Truth is superior to any condition - human or othersise...

What difference does it make to the people of Iraq, when one 
Bully defeats another Bully and the people in Iraq think all 
their troubles are over presently? In the long run, it might 
even be more difficult for them to be free than before since 
they are now dominated by a greater Bully...
                                      Think Deep Think Long!

What we are able to acknowledge - we are able to control.
What we do not acknowledge or are unaware of controls us!

When you have dropped all your opinions
You're closer to the truth than before!

The Truth contains all opinions as possibilities but is neither of them!

A Life without illusions is not worth living.

I Am The Truth and my opinions are what I have - not what I AM.
               The Truth I Am - and so Are You.
            One either understands or rejects this.

I have learned that all words have two sides - like a coin. The one side 
is trueness - the other is nonsense.  Most people do not know that there 
are two sides to words, they accept whatever side fits in their habitual 
mind. Not any one side contains Truth...

The Play is always a variant of the Plan

Life is a dream and in this dream we are confused until we awaken.  Best 
thing to do is to live our Life and do what we want to do without harming 
others. Our awakening will happen when we are ready.  We cannot tell when 
this will occur as long as we are dreaming.  The process of awakening has 
a thousand steps...

What we agree or disagree with has got nothing to do with what is.

We are all working together in the world, because the political games, 
including the killing and suffering, is what is needed in order to awaken 
the masses from their unconsciousness! If we were all truly conscious or 
aware - there would be no hate or killing. The only way to cure this 
unconsciousness is to experience the actions created by it! War is the 
creation of unconscious creators or egos. Only and because of their 
experiences will they be able to see that they are unconscious. The pain 
is the alarm clock...

All my articles and statements are only my opinions.  If you find truth 
in them - fine! If you do not - that's fine as well. Eventually, we will 
all discover that "We Are The Truth" and have opinions that change. 
Meanwhile, if you so desire, read my pages and fill your heart. Your heart is 
the residence of your Soul and like the Air is the Wind - so is God your Soul.

The Almighty Universe is so complicated, that if it could be expressed in a 
million books, the smartest human being has not even read the first page of 
the first book yet.  All this means - that we know nothing compared to what 
there is to know...

Why change the world?  It's better to change our view of it... 
The world is a perfect school for human souls.
                                 We need new eyes not a new world...

If we are the One Mind our Way - who is doing the thinking?  The One Mind or 
We?  The One Mind should be able to think for itself by now.  So why are we 
witnesses of these thoughts or even create them?  Unless naturally, we are 
the thinkers in the first place and it all happens, because the One Mind 
supplies the power that enables us to think. The One Mind might not even be 
aware of our thoughts. Something like a computer needing the power in order 
to work. The power does not know what is going on!  Are we the Instruments 
of the One Mind -OR- are we the One Mind thinking in an individual fashion?

We are thoughts, the thoughts of our Co-Creators or Christed Beings, we 
are their Mental Children!  We are unconscious of who or what we are!
We are on earth/human in order to become "conscious" or "aware" of our 
heritage. Which is the progressive development of the direct connection to 
our Infinite Subconsciousness - The IS - or our GodSoul. Our Soul is our 
subconsciousness and our subconsciousness is an aspect of the Infinite 
Subconsciousness or The IS or GodSoul. The IS never shows itself - it is 
the Infinite Subconsciousness of Creation or what people used to call God. 
God never shows.  God = Creation.

Expression of thought or consciousness cascades down from the highest levels 
to the lowest levels.  Nothing is waste - nothing is real - but the One Mind 
that is doing it. We are that Mind!  We are dreaming. We are the dreamer and 
the dream - dreaming ourselves into and out of existences just for the ride.  
Just for the dream. It's an almighty show of dreamstuff...

   All religions and teachings are created Equal...
   Eventually all followers discover that they do not need Them 

Creation is God's Song!

If you wait long enough everything is true! 

Higher Selves and Higher - have human beings as their children and or pets. 
It does not matter what kind of sit ups we do - whether we pray before 
meals or after and or swear or wink at the ladies once in a while. If and 
when THEY move - we will move. Personally, I do not think that there are 
some human beings on some planet somewhere that could prevent the universe 
from evolving as scheduled by the Great Onces. How great They (Thou) are(t) 
no one human knows...

Is there any Truth in Religions or Teachings?
Yes, but only if you are able to forget about them!

Life is an infinite cycle of Living...

To discover that one's life has been a complete waste up to now 
is the most valuable realization one could make in any lifetime!

We Are The Truth... and the reality we create, in a collective manner is 
our expression.  This expression, in all its greatness, witnessed by the 
smallness of us, makes it possible for us to realize that We Are the One 
Infinite in Finite Form...

The Universe or the Universal Mind is the medium in which we create our 
dreams. Our lives are the result of our dreams! Sooner or later we will 
all awaken to the Reality We Are...

             ! Awareness is the Clue - Knowledge is the Tool !

Thoughts that laugh...
God is an Agnostic, She awoke within you
This cured her and She became an Atheist
Laugh out loud, You're The One in Charge! 

I makes no difference what you accomplish in the world. 
Fame, Position, Money, Recognition, Being Liked or Loved, 
Being known, Being adored, Being look up to, Being needed, 
Having children, Not having children, Married, Single, Carrier, 
All these conditions change like the weather. They do not last!
Instead, all you need is to learn to love yourself... 
                   and it will give you an Eternal Inner Smile.

Friendliness is liked better than Truth!

Truth is Simple - Just drop your Opinions!

               To the Sky the clouds are its experiences
                        They all pass and it stays
       To the "I" all experiences will pass as easy as the Clouds
                        - The "I" is what we Are -

Life is not forever "this" or "that". 
Life is Everything Now!

At one time I was very sure of myself 
     But I discovered that the more sure I was 
     The less I understood that I lived in an illusion 
     Where all beings were figments of a Consciousness 
     That in the end turned out to be my own...!

Life is a movie in our mind and it has a happy ending 

We cannot solve or analyze anything unless we know how to consciously 
create it. We are here to EVENTUALLY come to this Level of Awareness. 
Meanwhile, since we think we know something - our very knowing of this 
something, blinds us to the understanding of the infinity of Life and its 
possibilities. This understanding will open up to us in the higher stages or 
densities. Presently we think we have some answers and make up the questions 
in order to fit the limited human mind. There is nothing to be accomplish but 
to be and accept. Once we are able to do this, the very marvel of the mystery 
will open up to us. It lies waiting within...

The ego is needed! Doing without it would not work.  Eventually the ego 
will awaken to greater insight. Meanwhile, those who know that the majority 
of mankind is asleep or unconscious, take advantage of that, and rule them 
like dumb animals. Doing their stealing and killing for them. The funny 
thing is: that this is exactly what the masses need in order to awaken, 
ego and all. Slowly ego is replaced by Soul...

The Soul as an actor wears human bodies as a costume.
So what are we as a human being? 
A temporary throw-away commodity. 
No more - no less...
Quick Thoughts are chilling sometimes

We all act out of Self-Love which is the very nature of the Creator or The IS

The prison of their choice...
Many people will kill to defend their free will! That's why they follow the 
religion of their choice. However, as followers they have put themselves in 
prison and lost their free will. They have become inmates of their limited 

What is said by "ALL" or "AnyOne" makes no difference once you know who or 
what you are!  The Game or Play is an illusion and/or a lie that is 
experienced as reality.  It makes no difference what this reality is!  The 
object of the Game or Performance is to awaken Human Souls.  The Play is but 
the method - the Play does not have to hold truth or water. It's just a Play 
or set up. It might even be possible to awaken people by means of a movie.  
That is what the earth-school really is anyway, for physical reality does 
not really exist. It's all played in mind and is subjective.  Our awareness 
is a subjective screen directly reflecting what we perceive - and this is 
different to all of us...

How/why do we make this quantum leap from 2D to 3D?
The universe is a dream in which it created an infinite amount of figments, 
which in actuality are very tiny aspects of the universe or universal mind 
itself. This means that not only the universe dreams, but these figments or 
we do as well. In our dream there is a slow progression towards awakeness. 
This happens by means of what we dream and create ourselves (Dreaming IS 
Creating). Follows that we begin as a very small aspect, say an atom, and 
grow towards bigger and bigger blobs of mind. Means, we move or progress 
from atom to rock to plant to animal to human - all this in our so called 
dreaming state. Within and between the different dreaming states there are 
quantum leaps. They are caused by wake-up calls and we are supposed to 
notice them. Once seen - we learn from them and slowly we awaken more and 
more. Bingo The Buddha!

God and the Devil live side by side within us. In order for us to awaken 
fully they will both have to come out and express themselves. Both will have 
to be accepted by us. Eventually we pick one of these forces as our 
orientation and go with it.  STO  or  STS.   Makes no difference, they are 
both TIL at work.  The trouble is that once we have picked one of these 
forces as our orientation we become blinded by our own thoughts and call all 
opposite forces evil or bad. They are both TIL expressed in a different 

The reality of Life is lived in our awareness - not out there. 
There is no out there. We create this out there and then we think 
it happens there.  We are the Infinite Mind having a physical experience...

Most women already have the Christ Mind 
but since men confuse them it is not apparent.

Wisdom is not what you think it is - it is what you do not think of.

Basically, I like to compare our position as human beings, as if we 
are The Infinite Light and have stepped through ourselves. We came 
out as Human Beings using our imagination. As Human Creatures, all 
we need to do now is step back through ourselves again and we have 
arrived. All we need to do is enjoy ourselves to the utter human limits 
and our enjoyment is the impetus to our arrival Home...

Do not expect anything from others but do all you can for yourself!

We are moving and dying all the time. 
Consciousness is never still nor stagnant. 
It progresses in individual stages in human beings. 
Of which a few are wondering while the rest is asleep. 
Those who are wondering must enjoy where they are 
before their awareness enlightens them...

There is something about Life that cannot be explained, 
while all the things that can be explained mean nothing...

Human Life to me means... that we all live in different human bodies and 
all these bodies function as actors upon a Stage we call the World. All 
actors have different scripts which they use when they speak or write. Once 
their acting carrier is over and they pass on - they come to the conclusion 
that their script was only a temporary personal opinion that has nothing do 
do with the Essence or Truth they actually are...

The energy necesarry in order to rise in awareness 
come from the resistance that needs to be overcome.

Nothing is right or wrong, but by 
those who call it right or wrong. The experiences mankind goes through have 
no meaning in and by themselves - EXCEPT - that they are meant to raise 
awareness within their beingness. If it does that - everything is right or 
wrong at the same time...

I feel that the God We Are - The IS - works through its Creation or Created. 
We are it!  So whatever we do - counts toward making The IS or our Infinite 
Subconsciousness MORE AWARE by means of living in a Conscious Being - who in 
the meantime becomes a witness to the process.  IOW we are waking up God 
itself so to speak - but since we are it - we are waking up our Self...

The one thing that keeps people skeptical and blind, is caused by the 
protection they need in order to cover their ego - and not just their ego 
alone - but their entire belief system. How can one possibly suggest that 
the world is a Lie, the Vatican a Crook and Mr Push and his Cabinet Liars. 
God forbid - they just prayed for them all not too long ago...
To fathom that thought is like murdering their system of living. On top of 
that - it forces them to become self-responsible. That is the scariest of 
all. Meanwhile, it does not matter really whether ten million or only ten 
people are ready for 4D/5D. Sooner or later we all will reach it...

Meanwhile, yes, it is a strange dream, in which we have spells of awakening 
in which we see things clearly, while yet finding ourselves wondering about 
it all.  Basically, there is nothing to be accomplishee for any dreamer but 
to awaken. Once that occurs the dream vanishes and we see that all are but 
Actors in an endless dream of trying to accomplishe something. It's equal to 
trying to change the colors of a rainbow...

Yesterday I met someone who figured that he was enlightened!
He nodded to me and then I realized that I was walking passed a mirror...

There is a trend in our world to more and more severely diminish the 
thinking abilities of its citizens. Naturally, it is as Leonard says, the 
result of our own created reality - or rather the lack of creating something 
better. For thinking people (and I include myself here) it is a sad state 
of affairs - but nothing one can do anything about - unless the masses raise 
their voices by means of thinking or creating something different for 

Life itself is the Seed to full Consciousness...

The very intention of wanting to learn is the most important state of mind 
we could possibly have. It means that we know that we are ignorant...

One gets out of Hell by becoming immune to the opinions of others.

End of File!

Prejudice of any kind implies that you are identified with the thinking mind. 
It means you don't see the other human being anymore, but only your own concept 
of that human being. To reduce the aliveness of another human being to a concept 
is already a form of violence...   From: Silence Speaks - Eckhart Tolle

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