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                               LURE of LOVE

                 At first I was not really sure
                            If I had bitten into the lure
                 But now... I'll say without a doubt
                        That lure destroyed my ugly snout

                 However now that I'm used to it
                         It's sweeter than a smashing hit
                 I find my mind is fully booked
                      I think I'm lost because I'm hooked

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


             Nobody has ever seen my enemy
                        For it is deafness that grew into me

             It has become my dear old foe
                          For that's the way old age does go
             But yet my dear old friends
                          I do not show the slightest trends
             For it certainly is not known
                             That everyone just speaks alone

             It is the same with the rest of life
                       I take the whole thing just in strife
             I try to compensate some way
                        And contemplate and pray... and pray
             That for the moments still to come
                         The rewards are many more than some

             I've realized that when I grow older
                         Life just becomes a bit more colder
             But not to worry dearest friend
                           I live my life to the fullest end
             For I take a smaller step each time
                              To keep me happy and just fine

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              BROWNOUT DREAMS

                 In this office... with the lights so dim
                Among the girls... some stout... some slim
                      We try to work and do our share
                   But sometimes lose our when and where

                      We try to keep the light on low
                  For again we suffer this brownout glow
                       It has become our daily grind
                     We peer and smile and do not mind

                  Oh yes... the work... the work's a lark
                    We can do that blind or in the dark
             It's the girls... the girls... we just can't see
                    And I'll be damned who's on my knee

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                I am a toy and just picked up
                          When life presents a needing cup
                To her I love... so full of fun
                        I am just a toy... of play and run

                I must detach and struggle free
                          I must just live and quickly flee
                Her lovely spiel that paints my mind
                            I do not need her bloody grind?

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


           There is this nurse I call B-B-Barbedo's
               With tight fitting clothes and a beautiful pose
           A lovely tan and a ready smile
                      I wish I could just hold her for a while

           More than likely for an old fart like me
                           All we could do is drink strong tea
           For even if I knew her doos and donts
                      I'm just too old for her wants and wonts

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              BEAUTIFUL BARB

               Here she is... Beautiful Barb
                      Always friendly and happy as a lark
               And for sure it's a dreary day
                            When she is home or gone away

           In any hospital corridor... stairway or hall
                 You cannot miss her... although she is small
           And even if you meet her a hundred times
                You will look again for she rings your chimes

        For her radiant smile and her solid look
                          She's marked and circled in many a book
        And whether you're sick... or on your way
                          She'll make you better... or just delay

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             BLINKING BRAINS

              In this clumsy brain of mine
                       The solution is just bloody brine
              It never works the way it should
                        I think it's dying slow but good

              There was a time my friend and foe
                       My thoughts were always on the go
              But since some time maybe too late
                       I try to work with an empty slate

              I do not know how to coordinate
                        And I've lost how to concentrate
              I've ask myself agin and agin
                           Maybe the cause is bloody gin

              It works sometimes completely averse
                             Maybe it rambles in reverse
              Yes I need help right now and here
                         To get the damn thing into gear

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


               Doctor O'Brien so tall and thin
                         Has got a mind real sharp within
               He has this gentle resolute persuasion
                      That must be obeyed on any occasion

               Every day and night... and in between
                         He is a gent well liked and seen
               I just hope... for my body's sake
                          He finds a cure that I can take

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              BRILLIANT STAR

              Doctor Campbell... she looks after me
                            As if I was a baby on her knee
              And every little fart or burp
                      Is written down... it's quite absurd

              But really though... she is a star
                          And as a doctor will make it far
              Wearing slacks or fancy skirt
                              For her I take off any shirt

              I would be honoured to no end
                      If she would call me dear old friend
              And if I'm ever in great need
                         For her I'd yell and loudly plead

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                 In front of my desk is this lovely chair
              And most of the time it's but filled with air
                    Most people with a wondering mind
                       Just look at it from behind

                    But once in a very rare blue moon
                 It is filled with grace instead of room
                   She comes and sits and takes a rest
                     To slyly laugh and kick my desk

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                     I drive along and often find
               It's the same old road... the same old grind
                   The same old thing and far too long
                  This seat is empty where she'd belong

                     Even the radio so loud and clear
                      Does not keep me company here
                 And in my mind I repeat again and again
                  The times we sat and smiled just then

                 Where is her laugh... where is her hand?
                     Where is the time in wonderland?

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


             Like the earth laughs with it's flowers
                  And steady cries with it's summer streams
             It is your smile that me thus powers
                   And gives me silence between the screams

             And for every day the sun does shine
                          On the mountains to melt the snow
             So will this silent life of mine
                           Be splendid in your smiling glow

             Like the trees are moved by wind or storm
                  And the grass but bends by cooling breeze
             So is my silent soul in purest form
                      By your single touch so full of peace

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                      In this life so full of strife
                  For male... female... husband or wife
                    There are moments of great reward
                    As long as the worst is disregard

                  And when we meet sorrow and adversity
                  Accept it with the greatest generosity
                    Because in our confusion and pain
                     We fail to see it is not in vain

                    Our misfortune so full of sadness
               Will show us clearer the moments of gladness
                   So just forget the bad and the wrong
                And remember the times that we were strong

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                  Cuddling-up my dear old friend
                        Should become a national trend
                  It makes you sort of worry-free
                          So slacken off and cuddle me

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                 Before the sun had ever shown
                              You and I were both alone
                 Between the stars and stardust yet
                          Two tiny specks who never met

                 Eons came and eons went
                     And silent was the time just spent
                 Until the tiny specks became
                          A loving pair completely lame

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


               Before I spent my time with you
                             I never knew quite what to do
               But now that you and I have touched
                    I feel real good but strangely blushed

               My heart is trembling... a missing beat
                        If this is Love... it's very sweet
               By golly... who the hell am I
                       To have these wings and fly and fly

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            DECEMBER AFTERNOON

             Oh smiling Soul from where did you fly
                    Your beautiful laughter lightning the sky
             Free as a bird... yet held by chains
                      Help me to save you from hurt and pains

             Acting cooler than cool but hotter than hot
                       Dreaming of evenings that cannot begot
             Fly on... dear Laughter... higher and free
                   Leaving me torture and thoughts about thee

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


               Tell me... can this miracle really be
                                That you love as much as me
               Do you really feel this glow
                      That makes my heart beat blow by blow

               Give me the signal once again
                           And tell me how and tell me when
               Tell me soon and tell me where
                               You and I will get our share

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               DEEPER DOWN

                I am a Soul and deeper down
                            I often play the hollow clown

                For a smiling grin on my old snout
                            Does not let the laughter out

                The feelings from my Soul within
                          Are not expressed by outer grin

                Yet always I am this trying twin
                          With outer face and Soul within

                And sometimes when I almost cry
                           I know the reasons and the why

                It's the clown that does all this
                        But deeper down I'm full of bliss

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                In this hospital I have no will
                        I'm semi human and holding still
                I'm neither hot... I'm neither cold
                       Just acting cool in position hold

                The day rolls by in holding pace
                        I'm just a face in certain place
                Not much identity... not much spunk
                            Another name... another bunk

                To bear the day and pass the time
                    I write these words in awkward rhyme
                Some day to come in future time
                    I kick the bucket and feel just fine

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                The dietitian believe it or not
                           Takes in my life a favored spot
                Her eyes are stern and wide awake
                     She has dark hair and beautiful shape

                And every day... come rain or shine
                     She comes to this humble room of mine
                And every thing that is marked in red
                      I eat and swallow in this stupid bed

                The best solution for me however
                           Is wish my wife goodbye forever
                And marry her... quick and fast
                        With her as cook I might just last

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


              There is always this tiny bit of doubt
                           Our mind just cannot do without
              We seem to be never completely sure
                         And that's the lot we must endure

              But if we really think enough
                        The conclusion surely is not tough
              Doubt is a belief we hold and fear
                       But the simple truth is always here

              So please relax and do surrender
                    For truth just is... and has no bender
              Before we know it... we feel at ease
                         With mind and soul at equal peace

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                    In this dorren and forsaken place
                        No people live of any race
                The ground is scarred and completely bare
                       And even water is very rare

                       Once there was a better time
                    When this habitat was just sublime
              With water and flowers and the greenest grass
                With people and children of joy and class

                The strife... the greed... the wars galore
                  Destroyed this place and it is no more
                      Maybe in a million years again
                 We'll see some folks with soul and brain

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                 Down the stairs in this deep hole
                          There is a spot that is my soul
                 In this dark and dungy place
                             There is a tiny ray of grace

                 In the ceiling and in the roof
                              Hidden deep and quite aloof
                 Is this tiny bit of slack
                          The rest of it completely black

                 Through this opening... oh so small
                        Peeks the light from a fiery ball
                 The dust is playing just for fun
                             In this brilliant ray of sun

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            FASTER THAN LIGHT

                   If I had a son I would tell him why
                      I sometimes gaze at bluest sky
                For somewhere out there in infinite space
                   There is the beginning of human race

                   If I could travel faster than light
                     I could just prove who is right
                  For I could look back at Adam and Eve
                At the tree and the apple and its retrieve

              I could listen to the prophets and their tales
                And see the Goddess with her golden scales
                There would be no guessing or believing in
              The answer would be in pictures thick and thin

              But since I have no son and cannot travel fast
                I just have to study the books of the past
                   Actually though... it's just as well
                For knowing the answers... makes life hell

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              FEATHER FLIGHT

          I feel like a feather and float just then
                       Everytime I see her and meet eyes again
          I feel so small... so infinitely tiny
                In this flight of happiness so light and shiny

          Never in this life have I felt this before
              It's terrific... splendid... too great to ignore
          Please let me fly from here and this earth
                  Because I do love you for all that I'm worth

          When I do land... please let me be brave
                    For loving just you has made me your slave
          I just cannot serve you and stay as I am
                     Because my dear love I'm not yet your man

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             FLEETING MOMENTS

                In this great eternal space
                       There is this earth in air embrace
                With you and I... and hare and deer
                         Just for a while we are but here

                Sailing forth between the stars
                               Aching from the many scars
                She's full of pain of bad pollution
                              Hoping for a quick solution

                And by the time we'd realize
                      To solve our problem smart and wise
                This earth... our very living space
                      Might not survive and kill our race

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                          FLOWERS IN WILDERNESS

              In this joyful and vibrant mind
                       There are no thoughts of lower kind
              Only thoughts of love and easing charm
                   So darn right pleasing... cozy and warm

              Even on a cold and wintery day
                           I feel the joy of spring or May
              Full of light and full of bliss
                       Like blooming flowers in wilderness

              And never ever... ever again
                           Will this mind be just the same
              As if a storm in blinding rage
                        Has changed this mind page by page

              And all the thinking done afore
                       Never produced such thoughts before
              To make this graceful mind and soul
                               So jubilant and Godly whole

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                There is a girl I know so well
                      Who sometimes feels worse than hell
                But when she bounces back... oh boy
                            She is a pleasure full of joy

                She is then... oh so free and high
                                 Way up yonder in the sky
                Wherever you just might have been
                        A girl like her you've never seen

                No wonder I fell in love so fast
                      And completely forgot about my past
                Side by side we sometimes fly
                       This lovely girl... just her and I

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              GASTRO - STAR

                  Doctor Sherbaniuk is as noble as gold
             And it's hard to know what his brain might hold
              The tremendous dedication and working at night
                 Must be his pleasure and also his plight

                   Never in my life have I met a human
                    With such a mind and sharp acumen

                 So this little poem with pure dedication
                Is written for him in sincere appreciation
                    Knowing a man so humble and stern
                  Enriched my life... and made me learn

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             GENTLEMAN - STAR

              Doctor Marien as we all know
                      Lifts our spirits to a radiant glow
              He's like a magician and does it well
                            He is a man that I call swell

              A gentle touch of joyfulness
                         With dedication and friendliness
              Gives his patients an inner glow
                      That's make them either leave or go

              So please dear doctor do not be shy
                         And let your touch just multiply
              For in this life so full of strife
                    You are enlightening the dullest life

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                 What for and how and why
                         Fell this clumsy dumb old guy
                 From his sturdy solid base
                      Into this floating mess and maze

                 Every thought and every blush
                          Turns his feelings into mush
                 Tell him soon my dearest dear
                     Are your thoughts just as unclear

                 To him... to him you lovely love
                        You are the favored from above
                 And never on this earthly plain
                         Be his mind and soul the same

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                   Since words are but a useless token
                They meet and glance... and none is spoken
                  Because their gleams from eye to eye
                 Are the witness of their hello - goodbye
                    Containing the wisdom and the pure
                        Of the torture they endure

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                       I always could but never did
                   For it is not brains or guts or wit
                      Just a flow of words in rhyme
                    To tell my love and pass the time

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                        In this great big hospital
                      I wander from corridor to hall
                         And sometimes what I see
                        Can not really exist or be

                      It is a girl so tiny and fine
                     I wish by God that she was mine
                    And although I had four of my own
                       This one I want for me alone

                     Beautiful eyes and a ready smile
                      It keeps me going mile by mile
                   Dear unknown... please never grow up
                       You are adored just as a pup

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               GOING PLACES

                   You thought that all I could afford
                       Is this crummy damn old Ford
                    Well let me tell you dear Hortense
                   The driveway stalls a gleaming Benz

                        And if you ever want to go
                    To the nearest town or latest show
                  It will get you there pound for pound
                        To any place or all around

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


             Tenderly and with the utmost care
                       She stood and slowly combed her hair
             Beautiful splendor blond and bright
                    Reflecting in mirrors against the light

             Slowly now and naked... she turned around
                     The sight just nailed me to the ground
             I could not move and tried to speak
                   All I could utter was a senseless squeak

             My limbs were lame and I could not bear
                      To see her beauty just standing there
             I closed my eyes and she took my hand
                      I moved and cried... and it was grand

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                    Had we but courage and time enough
                 And weren't so selfish and had more love
                   This world of ours... and human life
                   Would be glorious and without strife

             We could close our eyes and still see the light
                 Of pleasant thoughts and souls so bright
                  Our lives would be by joy surrendered
                And mankind's flight so heavenly splendid

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


               In this little home of ours
                      We spent our time in days and hours
               To raise our children and their friends
                     And around the corners and the bends
               The paint came off and on the floor
                        The tiles and carpets are no more

               But now the time's a coming
                          That our house is empty running
               Because for you my dear and I
                          Our lives are slowly passing by
               Do not forget my love to smile
                    Yes... it's still all worth our while

               Because of you... the one I love
                         We keep struggling hand in glove
               And you know the greatest time
                           Will be... when yours and mine
               Bring their own... dainty and daring
                          It's for all that we are caring

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


             Whatever I eat or whenever I dine
                   It goes right down and tastes just fine
             But all the food beware... beware
                      It does not stay too long down there
             It mumbles... it grumbles and it blows
                          And out the bottom it easy flows
             It's hard to imagine but every bit
                   Just turns to smelling light brown shit

            I hope in this hospital of the U of A
                      They find me a cure and I'll go away
            To a better life and a more pleasant time
                        And no more need for a dirty rhyme

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


              The doctors come and the nurses go
                            This hospital is in full flow
              This place is like a big machine
                       With many done and some still keen

              Many patients are just sick
                   And some are cured with a needle prick
              And never in your whole damn life
                      Have you ever seen that much strife

              Some come in and never leave
                      And take their shots without a beef
              They are ready and have surrendered
                    They die in peace when life has ended

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                 She is like a bible between books
                           Or like a human between gooks

                 She is like a high between lows
                          Or like a caress between blows

                 She is like a rest between bouts
                           Or like a face between snouts

                 She is like a dress between frocks
                         Or like a diamond between rocks

                 If this doesn't describe her well
                     She is just heaven compared to hell

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             JOYFUL AND KIND

               Mrs. Marion as an administrator
                         Certainly is a jolly communicator
               She directly knows the sense of a joke
                     As long as someone else gets the poke

               I think she is a reliable type of girl
                        With many a swing and daring swirl
               We are fortunate to have her here
                      To fill-out the forms neat and clear

               And even in the daily hospital rush
                       She keeps her speed without a blush
               She is experienced and cool of mind
                         And most of all... of loving kind

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                 KNOW ALL

                      Many a man either big or small
                     Sometimes thinks he knows it all
                   But before the day turns into night
                     He has to agree he was not right

                       And every time over and over
               He tries to prove the fourth leaf of clover
               And every time he thinks his proof is there
                   He has to admit that he was not fair

                    So next time when it is your turn
                   At least do show that you did learn
                 That there is no man either big or small
                    Who really... really knows it all

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


             My beautiful Linda never read this aloud
                             And certainly never in a crowd
             Read it softly and in a quiet hush
                     It's bound to make you blush and blush

             You are so brave yet beautifully gently
                       That even I become tame and friendly
             Words like tender... soft and fine
                      Cannot express these thoughts of mine

             So let these line - between you and I
                     Be the secret of secrets under the sky
             For never really I'd want to confess
                             This open book and living mess

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                      In this hospital way afternoon
                    I feel trapped in a crowded cocoon
                     And every one I speak to or not
                   Seems out of his mind or out on pot

                 I think it's the feeling of being alone
             That bereaves me of senses that have since gone
             I look out the window and the sun is still there
                  Shining its brightest and I just stare

                  Where is my spirit... where is my mind
                Where is the laughter and feelings so kind
                Please let the sun be replaced by the moon
                  And put me to sleep in my cozy cocoon

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              LOVE'S TORTURE

               Love's pleasure so tender and new
                     Becomes the torture of love's curfew
               Still we dare... gently and free
                      And try to enjoy while moments flee

               In our life so full of Lent
                             Love often is just abstinent
               We do not know what might occur
                      And try to enjoy while moments blur

               And in the dying moments of our kiss
                         We find the wonderments of bliss
               We never ask or reason why
                       And try to enjoy while moments die

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             LOVEABLE INSIDE

              Definite authority and lots of spunk
                    That's the lady... who orders the junk

              You better gulp... just for this day
                     The food she ordered... without delay

              Yet somehow... right through her lines
                      You see the glow that outward shines

              She is the type acting from aloft
                      Inwards she's lovely and gently soft

              Her tinted windows trying to hide her soul
                  Tells you... I'm the boss and in control

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             LOVABLE RATTLER

                      Typist... typist... rattle on
                        Like on a finger marathon
                Your head bent low... your neck real sore
               In capital style... like you've done before

                      What a scribble... what a note
                        It's like a funny anecdote
                   To ask for this... on a single page
                      This guy is in a fadding rage

                  So smile your smile and cool your cool
                Like you have been taught in typing school
                And while your mind is on the nitty-gritty
                 Behind that desk... you look real pretty

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                LUNCH TIME

             Patiently and in no definite rush
                       I'm waiting for you to gently blush
             And offer your excuses for staying away
                    Although you knew it would make my day

             I tell myself that I understand
                       And force my feelings under command
             I know you know as time goes by
                       That my love and patience never die

             Whatever the lunch... the place or time
                     Without my partner I can't enjoy mine
             So rush on over before I have to declare
                  That I'm talking again to an empty chair

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               MAKE-UP GRIN

              Sometimes when I feel right down
                             I pretend to be a cheery clown
              I go to the mirror just for a while
                       And put on a face with a silly smile

              Before I have my facelift done
                         The gloomy feelings are just gone
              And with this phoney make-up grin
                          I feel just fine and good within

              So if you happen to feel that way
                           Remember what you've read today
              Certainly... and I don't know why
                   Your dreary feelings will pass right by

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                     Tenderly and with a radiant glow
                     She is always busy and on the go
               Dusting... washing and with a friendly smile
                  She chats and laughs just for a while

              Then the windows... the beds and all the rest
                 In devoted dedication she does her best
                  And in this house with one quick look
                You know for sure... she goes by the book

                 And very few with their forgetful brain
                   See the care... the work... the pain
                   The way this household is being run
                  It seems that she does it all for fun

                     Well my child and older creature
                   This lady performs a unique feature
                For besides the cooking to keep them alive
               She works a full time job from eight to five

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            MY IMMORTAL FRIEND

                     I am a mortal and tempt to live
                   But sometimes I find so little give
                    Just then my Immortal comes along
                     And teaches me a different song

              Of eternal lights and stars and joyful friends
                That please and please with reaching hands
                    And take me up and up and far away
                 To a beautiful place where times are gay

                 I become an aspect of the dancing lights
                Completely oblivious of duties and plights
                And suddenly... as by the crack of a whip
                  I'm behind my desk and ceased my trip

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                 MY LEFT

                     This leathery left hand of mine
                   Behaves just right most of the time
                   However sometimes or once in a while
                    It behaves completely out of style

                 It has been taught the same as the right
                  But it does not act as smart or bright
                  Maybe it's just because it is the left
                        And of common sense bereft

                     Whatever it is I am not too sure
                    Perhaps it needs a behavings cure
                  It has to be taught to do as the right
                   To act in unison and without fright

                 I'll have to talk to this hand some more
                 And tell it again as I have done before
                  It has to learn to be honest and fair
                   And form a completely matching pair

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            NORTHERN LIGHTS

            Dear Miss Davies I just don't know whot
                    That so attracts me so that you have got
            But one thing is certain and absolutely sure
                   Your are just superb... pleasant and pure

            If all people were... what you are
                      The angels in heaven would gain a star
            You're sheer dedication and a pure delight
                     You're also beautiful and brainy bright

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             NURSING CHUCKLES

           Dear Debbie before you go away from here
                   There are three things we want to make clear

           And they are certainly no surprise at all
                        To any of your friends... short or tall

           First... we like your personality and easy style
                         And not to forget your beautiful smile

           Secondly... we like your dedication and finesse
                       And the fact that you never leave a mess

           Thirdly... we wish you a perfect nursing career
                       With doctors following from far and near

           So just make sure you pick the best
                         And your gentle touch will do the rest

           And here's some advice you should not miss
                      Never ask a doctor for more than one kiss

           Stay in control and make them submit
                            For once they start they never quit

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                           OFF - LIMIT - PLACES

                    In our steno-pool way in the back
                 There is this girl with a beautiful neck
                So smooth and whole you'd swear and swear
                      No beard ever kissed her there

                   But remember you sneaky old conniver
                    The girl is a regular after fiver
                  And lined up beards from here to there
                         Kiss her almost anywhere

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


               In this dark and endless space
                          There is but one that can embrace
               This full of pain and lonely heart
                               And yet and yet we are apart

               But once... but once the time will be
                              That you my love and lucky me
               Will join and live for all we can
                           And neither be nor beast nor man

               But form this moving loving pair
                            And take our once forever share
               Of this so painful unfair deal
                     And hope our minds and souls will heal

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                         ONE IN TWO or TWO IN ONE

                         If you are my friend
                                        Who am I?

                         If I am your friend
                                     Who are you?

                 Because my dear... a friend is one whole
                   Please help me tell this to my soul

                         If you are my friend
                                  What part am I?

                         If I am your friend
                               What part are you?

                   Really my dear you and I must define
                How a friend could be both yours and mine

               Alone we are nothing.... together one whole
               I feel that our bodies are sharing one soul

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                ON SUNDAY

                 From my vantage point and different view
                    I see them come and eye their pew
               They sort of stumble and their heads do nod
                  Because on Sunday they greet their God

                      On weekdays or any other kind
                     This God is never on their mind
                        For then... as we all know
                    They are concerned with money flow

                     But on Sundays their day of rest
                 They come to church and look their best
                    They shyly look to left and right
                   Pretending to pray with God in sight

                 They notice the ladies with figures trim
                   With bouncing boobs and legs so slim
                    They stand and sit at every chime
                     For praying there is little time

                  They look at people with many a glance
                     No self-reflection gets a chance
                    Their sacrifice... a single dollar
                  To help the man with the funny collar

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                 Many many years have gone
                            And never so much damage done
                 By such a fleeting touch of hand
                             Nor on sea... in air or land

                 Forgive me though if in times ahead
                               I cry and cry alone in bed
                 Because in this dark and empty space
                           I find no love nor inner grace

                 The brightest sunlight is so dim
                          And does not really warm within
                 Because not for any pain or cost
                     Will I ever gain the ONE that's lost

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                     Love is pleasant... love is fun
                       It's like a jolly little pun
                  From word to word... from kiss to kiss
                      Elated feelings full of bliss

                     Remember though and don't forget
                   Don't let your love go to your head
                     Enjoy... enjoy and sigh and sigh
                       Before the moment passes by

                        Never ask for what or why
                     Does love exist in this old sky
                     Enjoy... enjoy and sigh and sigh
                      And never mind the passers by

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


              Your face so beautiful and kind
                       Keeps painting pictures in my mind
              Your eyes so bright and shiny soft
                               Takes my soul way up aloft

              Your manners dainty... cute and fine
                          Steals this empty heart of mine
              Your smile so lovely and full of bliss
                       Tempts me to hug and kiss and kiss

              My lovely lady... please stay near
                      And let me adore you just from here
              In silence I admire a lovely feast
                   Disturbed by this ugly and slyly beast

              Oh how can I ever... ever stand
                           Not to touch or hold your hand
              Oh how can I ever... ever endure
                     The thoughts and desires not so pure

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                   Like lightning from a clear blue sky
                   I don't know how... I don't know why

                       My inner sense only respond
                      When it see this lovely Blond

                      Strangely in this world so wild
                    I wander through just like a child

                      My eyes so small yet open wide
                      Seeing you my thoughts collide

                     As if from ages long since past
                    I knew your Light but see at last

                    This splendid Blond so pure divine
                   Made from a Source that is part mine

                     Out of the sky so clear and blue
                    This poem is written just for you

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                I think my sneaky dear adviser
                        I do get older but not much wiser
                I still fall for a pretty smile
                     My looks just stay there for a while

                Oddly enough it rings my bell
                          And often makes me live in hell
                I think I'm sort kind of tool
                          Belonging to this grey old fool

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                SOUL MATE

                     And every time we meet and shine
                    There is this sense so pure divine
                  That fills my mind with feelings swell
                    So gentle sweet from Heaven's well

                    Yes... my thoughts completely mush
                      When I do see her silent blush
                   Nobody on earth seems just as close
                      As this so gentle Danish Rose

                      In every sense of our relation
                  There is this feeling of pure elation
                      It's so seldom that I do find
                     A loving soul so close and kind

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               TEAM - STAR

                       My dear Dolores why is it so
                    That so few words from me do flow
                     Somehow I just can't get a hold
                   Of what your soul just might behold

                  Whatever it is or whatever is missing
                 It make me wonder and keeps me guessing
                  But one thing is certain and very sure
                 Your kindness and care shall long endure

                   In this hospital this great machine
                   A person like you can lead any team
                  Please be yourself and feel right free
                  And you will be liked as much as by me

                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                       I am an adult... yet a child
                   Floating on waves of love's beguiled
                     Why are my thoughts so far away
                      And keep me puzzled day by day

                    This silent pain from deep within
                     That tears my heart are so akin
                To death and sorrow from love that's lost
                   Cold of your smile my soul is frost

                       I cannot lie and still be me
                       And have to tell whatever be
                     I do so love with full endeavor
                   Yes... it is you... for now and ever

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                 My lovely lady how can it be
                         I feel so free with you near me
                 I am so light and oh so high
                        When you are close and so nearby

                 Please tell me what I should do
                           To give the same of me to you
                 Touch my hand and gently smile
                       And stay with me just for a while

                 I am so glad that you and I
                             Do often cry at our goodbye
                 Yet feel alive and light and free
                          For I love you and you love me

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              MY LOVELY LADY

                 This human touch from me to you
                             Will never ever prove or do
                 As much as words of love and bliss
                       That you and I sealed with a kiss

                 And yet why is our devious mind
                      Sometimes so cruel and darn unkind
                 But let us cease to wonder why
                        And be ourselves and try and try

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                 THE BUS

               Right on the bus I see them all
                     The men... the girls... small and tall
               And most of the faces secretly show
                       A certain pleasure... a certain glow

               Some of the masks... boy what a lack
                     If they'd smile their face would crack
               Too bad that on this glorious day
                         Some of these people feel this way

               While watching these faces apropos
                         I try to sense what mine does show
               I put my fate right in that noose
                        And let them watch completely loose

               Behold... behold to my surprise
                          They see an old man grey and wise
               And to the amazement of all souls
                        His eyes are just two peeping holes

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                 TO PAUL

             Upon request of a friendly friend
                           I finally moved... I finally bend
             He asked me to write some words in rhyme
                          Suitable to print in The Main Line

             Can you imagine... silly sweet me
                    Picked for this honour with smiling plea
             There was no way that I'd say no
                     That's why these words are in this show

             The subject he said... doesn't matter at all
                   As long as it is decent... neat and small
             So what you are reading believe it or not
                         Are silly words still fresh and hot

             So dear Paul... for this wintery season
                  I wrote you a poem without rhyme or reason
             One demand however... with a silent smile
                       Please leave me anonymous for a while

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                Once I found a lovely treasure
                     It was beautiful and gave me pleasure
                The owner came and put in his claim
                       And now I am lonely and without aim

                However for the time that it was mine
                        It gave me a lovely glow and shine
                And now to everybody's satisfaction
                         I live faintly on pure reflection

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               UNTIL I DIE

                       I met her just in passing by
                     And yet I'd love her until I die
                     How can I live without her glow
                        If she or I would ever go

                   I'm torn between my sense and plight
                    And really want to do what's right
                    I want this feeling until forever
                   And to be without her... never never

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                  I look out of this window way up high
                 I see the earth... the birds and the sky
                The birds and the people are busy as ever
                  But which of the two is really clever?

                   Today is the day... she might appear
                   Our eyes will meet when we are near
                  And neither earth... nor birds nor sky
                   Will feel our love and know just why

                    My lovely lady please do not delay
                     My soul and heart are in dismay
                    And never.... not even when I die
                Will I tell the earth... nor birds nor sky

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                WHAT'S NEW

                     Since I cannot wait until you go
                    Here it is... please read it slow
                 It's been on my mind for quite some time
                   It's written now in verse and rhyme

                 Dear Shirley of all the girls I ever met
                     There is but one I can't forget
                    And do not ask... which one or who
                      Dear Blond... it is lovely You

                    And if anybody ever wants to know
                      What's new or slyly on the go
                   Please do not tell them for a while
                      You say lots and gently smile

                  And for times to come my lovely Blond
                    I hope your days in smiles respond
                   So let the time you're spending here
                  Put your heart and soul in higher gear

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                WHO IS WHO

               Things around here change so fast
                         They sound like rumors of the past
               Nobody knows who is who or who does what
                            Or who the hell mismanaged that

               All I can do is sit right back
                           And fold my hands behind my neck
               Humming again this same old song
                          If you don't plan things go wrong

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                     In this hospital ten floors tall
                   I look out the window and see it all
                   The trees... the cars and the people
                  And way beyond... the slimmest steeple

               The sun is shining and the world looks fine
                 This hospital window is what I call mine
                       And never in a hundred years
                   Felt I so good and shout out cheers

               Close to this tower and left of the steeple
                 Is where I live with my wife and people
                  That's where my street is and my home
                That's where my thoughts and soul do roam

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               WORDS AND ME

                       With my mind in neutral gear
                       I dream afar and never here
                      Somewhere out in way-be-yonder
                    Is my mind full of dare and wonder

                     The words flow slowly in and out
                   And sometimes I could yell and shout
                     My mind is loaded full of stuff
                      I cannot write it fast enough

                      And sometimes my dear old foe
                    The words but stick and never flow
                         And other times my enemy
                    I write and write and out comes me

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             YOUTHFUL SPRING

                  In this office with no windows and sun
                       There never is too much fun
                  It's dull and dreary and kind of thin
                   Until my Debbie... my smile comes in

                     Without any cause or reason why
                   She floods all feelings sad and wry
                 With smiles that reach my heart and soul
                    She makes me feel completely whole

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                         WE ARE ONE UNTIL WE DIE

                       Love me tender love me hard
                     With your words and your regard

                       Love me deeply love me just
                     With your passion and your lust

                       Love me right love me wrong
                      With your eyes and your tongue

                       Love me total love me alone
                      With your sigh and your groan

                       Love me heavy love me light
                    With your weakness and your might

                       Love me slowly love me fast
                    With your pleasure and your blast

                        Love me always love me now
                      With your promise and your vow

                         Love me hot love me cold
                     With your shyness and your bold

                        I love you and you love me
                       Whatever come... whatever be

                     Because as sure... as sky is sky
                         We are One until we die

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               DEAR MUSIC

              His music is like an innovation
                      While his songs are pure inspiration
              The beauty of his sound and song
                              Unfolds my soul and I belong

              His voice is touching soul and mind
                        Playing thoughts and brain so kind
              In all my days and years since past
                   This beautiful sound will last and last

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                           HOSPITAL PROCEDURE

            Doctor Peeremi with the beautiful skin
                            Is a total lady outside and in
            Her gentle manner and sincere concern
                     Made me feel glad that it was my turn

            Her questions are many and few are hard
                    With full devotion she is on her guard
            One thing however was never asked
                  That here and now will be fully unmasked

            All her inquiries were of the physical kind
                  None whatsoever were concerning the mind
            So for all to know without any hurt
                      I am dedicated... mystical and alert

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            MARY... DEAR MARY

                    Dear doctor McBean... busy as ever
                   Somehow strikes me as average clever
              She's very proficient with a touch of a smile
                And writing my history took quite a while

                     Very effective and to the point
                She examined every muscle and every joint
               Little is missed and what is does not count
               She definitely concluded I am safe and sound

               Except for one area and that's really inside
               It's the area I feed and the juices collide
                So in total confusion and I don't know why
                  I keep on eating and blow-up the sky

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                           CHARLENE... CHARLENE

              A nurse like Charlene in case you didn't know
                    Always feels good and never is low
                  Her beautiful style is very contagious
               It makes a dead man feel wild and courageous

                   If you ever feel down or totally out
                  Just call on her and look at her snout
                  Somehow she's got this personal style
               That makes you feel good and silently smile

                    So do not forget to go and see her
              Because her personal touch will make you purr
                    But never however call her in vain
                 She'll blast you out... causing you pain

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                           NOT YOUNG... NOT OLD

                  Opposite this wall through windows dim
                     Completely grey and fairly slim
                   There was this man not young not old
                   Reflecting thoughts sincere and bold

                    Another day in the same old trend
                       Seems to linger without end
                    One of those... the same old past
                   With belly-aches that last and last

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             BRIGHTFULL CHEER

             No name-tag at all but smokes for two
                                  Playing the game of who is who
             At one time she gave a name with an A
                    But who can remember when old and grey

             Whatever it is... I could not care
                    I am only watching her figure and hair
             Definitely cheerful and a face to match
                      A joyful pleasure worthwile to catch

             A smile from heaven a joy for men
                       Too bad I am sick and tied to a can
             However... however some day in time
                       I might be reborn and stand in line

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             ETERNAL HEART

            Yes... dear Brenda for every deed
                    Your hands are used for fashion and need

            And in your life and its short duration
                   They are your hands... but God's donation

            They are on loan as a priceless possession
                  To use for work in your healing profession

            They are Nature's gift for love to share
                   And they definitely make a beautiful pair

            For in your life still young and smart
                        The actions of hands form your heart

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                      STEAL A ROSE TO SAVE YOUR NOSE

              In this nice and shiny can
                    You'll find the remains of a living man
              Many trips and straight direction
                                Accumulated this collection

              The smell will travel mighty high
                            When you open up the lid to eye
              And never in this earth domain
                            Will your nose be just the same

              I the accomplish... I am your friend
                     And possibly drive you around the bend
              But if it wasn't for me and others many
                       This hospital would not make a penny

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                WATER GIRL

                      A smile as bubbly as a stream
                  Yes... she's certainly worth a scream

                    So yell for water sprinkling fresh
                   To soak your drying tongue and flesh

                      She is the favorite water girl
                  That takes your heart just for a swirl

                With her to improve you don't need a pill
                  Just call on her... you certainly will

                    In every hostipal corridor or hall
                      She has a drink welcome to all

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            JEANETTE THE STAR

                   Many a night at hours late
                                 All I do is wait and wait
                   For this shining star to reappear
                        To shine so brilliant and so clear

                   A pleasant laugh completely free
                           For all the patients and for me
                   May this pleasing brightful star
                          Shine her light for long and far

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              NEW YEAR WISH

                     May this place for ever and ever
              See doctors and nurses more clever than clever
              And that they never feel the slightest bit odd
              To ask for assistance from their boss and God

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               NEW DAY

                      On this morn as any other day
                      I just get up and slowly pray
                    And every day I'm greyer and older
                 My beliefs are growing bolder and bolder

                       Somehow deep within my brain
                   There is this force with mighty gain
                    And I use this inspirational force
                  To find my start... to find my source

                      I somehow hope from now on in
                    I'll walk this path so razor thin
                    Please send me lots of inspiration
                   For this short life and its duration

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               WATER - GIRL

                      A smile as bubbly as a stream
                  Yes... she's certainly worth a scream

                    So yell for water sprinkling fresh
                   To soak your drying tongue and flesh

                      She is the favorite water girl
                  That takes your heart just for a swirl

                With her to improve you don't need a pill
                  Just call on her... you certainly will

                    In every hostipal corridor or hall
                 She has the stuff... most welcome to all

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            JEANETTE THE STAR

                   Many a night at hours late
                                 All I do is wait and wait
                   For this shining star to reappear
                        To shine so brilliant and so clear

                   A pleasant laugh completely free
                           For all the patients and for me
                   May this pleasing brightful star
                          Shine her light for long and far

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              NEW YEAR WISH

                     May this place for ever and ever
              See doctors and nurses more clever than clever
              And that they never feel the slightest bit odd
              To ask for assistance from their boss and God

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               NEW DAY

                      On this morn as any other day
                      I just get up and slowly pray
                    And every day I'm greyer and older
                 My beliefs are growing bolder and bolder

                       Somehow deep within my brain
                   There is this force with mighty gain
                    And I use this inspirational force
                  To find my start... to find my source

                      I somehow hope from now on in
                    I'll walk this path so razor thin
                    Please send me lots of inspiration
                   For this short life and its duration

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             LIGHT BUT HEAVY

                               I am a ball
                                 Any size
                              I fit any hole
                        I am selfimposed fullness
                          Sometimes I feel puffy

                      I roll easy because I am heavy
                    People like me because of my size
                             I have no colour
                               Mostly dirt
                            I used to be shiny

                        Now I'm scratched all over
                      I have no navel but am all eye
                             I have no brain
                               Just gravity
                          Once I fell in a hole

                  I don't move until kicked in the guts
                            This does not hurt
                         I am mostly holes anyway
                               Filling one
                      The atoms I am know this best

                        I am a universe by itself
                              I have no sun
                                Just light
                            I am a light ball
                        People know me for my guts

                         I am banged around a lot
                        My equilibrium is perfect
                               I never fall
                           I am always dropped
                      My scratches make me invisible

                        My surface keeps me going
                       Don't ever wash or polish me
                         You'll end up with zilch
                  People call me an all around good ball
                             Solid and rare

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              OFFICE ROUTINE

               Notwithstanding the fact that we are facing
            temporary forces seemingly greater than ourselves
               We try and try again and do our work our way
                           We do not frustrate
                            We do not despair

               We know that these seemingly greater forces
               do not see as clearly on our level as we do
                           We do not blame them
                              We understand
                                And smile

                        And whether we win or lose
                            It does not matter

                Because we fight our battle on their terms
                 With the weapon of rightness on our side

                    And being the victors or defeated
                           Is of no importance
              For it is the glory of the battle that counts

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                     What else could this writing be
                           But pearls to swines
                     For men who are but busy eating
                         With gapers full of food
                     While mumbling words of cheating
                       With talk so base in thought
                       Not worth the mere repeating

                   And stomachs so full and wide around
                      That genitals cannot be found

                        With heads so full of fat
                        Yet scheming raw deceiting
                    Yes such a loathsome form of life
                         The animals are deleting

                            And by what else
                   Could this so fine and literary art
                     Be but answered by burp and fart

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              MY MASTER ADAM

                         Do I then do the dishes
                       While you slyly sneak about
                        Watching all that wiggles
                          Beneath a pretty snout
                        Ogling bouncing boobs that
                         Seems so firm and stout

                         Do I then carry garbage
                         And do the wash to boot
                        While you behave like Adam
                         And care for me no hoot
                    For sure I'll fix your very crank
                       And please your rotten root

                    I'll dress up like a dame you know
                         In pure delight conceit
                   And pass on by your back porch stand
                         And flare in pure deceit

                          Your eyes will open up
                       Until they are perfect round
                        And I'll seduce encounter
                         By flirt and sexy sound
                         And then my master Adam
                    Your shrimp will grind the ground

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                              She was a dame
                           Beguiled with flair
                          With subtle movements
                            Bewitched and rare

                            With face and eyes
                       Inviting the deepest trance
                             To male of sorts
                           Who took the chance

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                       ~ End of My Earlier Poems ~

!  My Later Poems  !

My Earlier Poems           My Later Poems           My Last Poems

                             JUST WHAT I SEE

           Am I to write... for Man to read
                             in Letters to be upon agreed?

           No... Hell no... I write what's Me
                       and spell in Words just what I see.

           And if it's you who I offend
                       still let me be your steady Friend.

           For what you hear... in what I say
                        are only Words... in perfect play.

           Read it... like it.. or disagree...
                          I only write... just what I see.


                             A SPIRIT DIVINE

             Blare out these Lines loud and bold
                        renewing Sense that's grown too old

             Blare them out in Sky and Space
                              renewing Mind in Soul Embrace

             Blare them out and feel my Sound
                        renewing Thoughts that have unwound

             Blare them out and hear the Sooth
                              renewing you with total Truth

             Blare them out Line for Line
                           renewing you... a Spirit Divine.


                    I LIVE.... I CARVE... I REMEMBER

               To live is carving Memory
                                  deep within the Soul.
               To die is to remember
                                  the Lines of Carving.

               To improve is to live again
                                and to remember it all.
               We all carve again... and again
                                 until Time Unfinished.

               Many Lives... and many Carvings
                                            are needed.

            Understanding of Life
                     and the Adherence of the Law
                                    make the Body Immortal.

            Without Disease.... without Death.
                               Carving the Soul is Painful.

                   It takes endurance... and Light.

            The Light of the Intelligence
                    guides carving and remembrance
                                 to Perfection in Eternity.

                   I live.... I carve... I remember.


                          FROM BEGINNING TO END

           I am but a leaf in a forest of many
                  sparkling and shining in colours like any.
           Living to fall in pure delight
                in colours a plenty... brilliant and bright.

           I was in the making since Time's begun
                      living in pleasure and fed by the sun.
           The wind is my pillow... the night is my rest
                      to be just one leaf is what I do best.

           Displaying my colours in endless pursuit
                washed by the rain and sustained by my root.
           I am but a part of this friend my tree
                        I am but a leaf... but I also am me.

           I did not ask to be here at all
                   neither do I know... my time in the fall.
           I am what I am... but a leaf from a tree
                     resting on wind... in sun that is free.

           I am part of creation and when I do fall
                   I am just asleep... still part of it all.
           For tomorrow I rise and sustain my friend
                   and live yet again from beginning to end.


                            AND PERFECT SOUL

               At death in becoming completely free
                       I leave this body.. that is not me.
               I advance as in a dream-alive
                       my shell will rot... but I survive.
               For once again... upon the end
                            I leave behind my body-friend.

               Some roads I found too much inclined
                       and some I took were self designed.
               For on this path of thoughts and deeds
                      I walked some roads for ego's needs.

               But on this planet... this Cosmic-School
                            one should not be a body-fool.
               For fools but arrive... to but return
                     from Planes-Divine to life's sojourn.

               So lay your path... to find your goal
                     with roads inclined and perfect Soul.


                             NO OTHER MUSIC

           From the Lute of God... I am but one note
                             and when God plays... I perform.
           I rise and meet the Rays of the Sun
                                       in blended Brilliance.

           There I meet my Brothers and Sisters
                  we form a beautiful melody that engulfs us.
           We dance... and the rhythm
                           propels us to the highest heights.

           We reach the levels of delight and ecstasy...
                                          in Nirvanic Trance.

           God plays until Eternity embraces
                                 the infinite rainbow.
                          We are rapturous delightful colors.

                We listen to the infinite nuances
                                      of God's Symphony.

                We are this Symphony... we did not know.

           We are listening and composing with God...
                                    We Are The Song of Songs.

                  The Song of Songs composed by Love.

           From the Lute of God... I am but one note
                             God plays and I perform forever.

                       There is... no other Music!


                          BY TOUCHING OUR SOUL

             When I talk sex... and crack a joke
                        I am their guy... I am their bloke.
             The more degrading or base the end
                       the more I rise and be their friend.

             But when I talk of God Divine
                     their faces change... I'm out of line.
             Their friendship ends and they feel itchy
                   they feel offended... they feel twitchy.

             Why is it... that when I touch their Soul
                   they feel embarrassed... out of control.
             And how can I... to my friends reveal
                    the Secret of Life... the Goal so Real?


                            A TOUCH OF GRACE

             The emptiness within my Soul
                        cries for fulfillment of the Whole.
             I need to find its deepest Core
                        and fill it up with Self some more.
             So that the echos of my mind
                           do not rebounce or sound unkind.
             So feeling-thoughts will be my norm
                         to fill my space and give me form.

             The emptiness filled up with Me
                         is what determines what I will be.
             For the difference between you and I
                        is the way we feel and see the sky.

             So let me be... and feel some more
                          to fill myself from core to core.
             With thoughts of us... this earthly Race
                        with kindness and a touch of Grace.


                            AND MAKE IT GROW

            There is no Time or Distance I do fear
                       for in my thoughts they are but here.
            Within my mind I but create
                          the limits in which I self-relate.

            But to my Spirit... eternal free
                 my Consciousness does silent plea
                 to raise my limits to Infinite Space
                       to the multi-dimensional Spirit Race.

            Still yet... as man... since Time's begun
                  in all I am....
                  I see the Sun... the Moon
                  the Stars... the Worlds-Sublime
                  as unfolding Thoughts... since Eons'-Time.

            But yet... oh God... in Space Divine
                     show me the space... I could call mine?

            Teach me your Wisdom... your Eternal Glow
                    enlighten my Spirit... and make it grow.
            Yes teach me your Wisdom... your Eternal Glow
                    enlighten my Spirit... and make it grow.


                            IN DIFFERENT FORM

            This mind... this matter... it is not chance
                              that I awakened out of trance.
            This entity... body... mind and Soul
                            are part and total of the Whole.
            Enhancing sights of worlds in motion
                         created divinely by God's Devotion.

            It is but the wandering... foolish thought
                that creates the questions that are wrought.
            In reality mind and matter are the same
                          but form a puzzle like God's name.

            So are the concepts time and space
                             baffling man from race to race.
            They are but puzzles... to be inquired
                            but form God's total as desired.

            From deep within... it's my conclusion
                        that time and space is our illusion.
            And God's sum of mind and matter
                       is God's energy in different scatter.
            So in this Universe...
                        this Concept Divine
                 Mind and Matter... Space and Time
                   Thought and Substance in every norm
                     are the Infinite One in different form.


                          IN GOD'S... YOUR TIME

            Eons ago... when you and I
                    were only dust in darkened sky
                    the Primal One  or  All That Is
                               created Man to be his bliss.

            And through the ages we lived and learned
                      explaining Life... to them concerned.

            But the primal question... how you and I
                    descended from this darkened sky
                    is still unknown as it should be
                          for who are we... for who are we?

            We are not asked to know or to explain
                        the Splendid Works in Earth Domain.
            For no human... in whatever form
                            has the knowing of Cosmic Norm.

            We should but listen to the voice inside
                              and by this Law in awe abide.
            For every creature... high or low
                             is but a Spark of Cosmic Glow.

            So with this Cosmic Light inside
                          look into skies and worlds-awide.
            And wonder... about this work Sublime
                 in awe and pleasure in God's... your Time.


                       GREATER THAN TIME AND SPACE

              I have traveled the Road
                                  from its very beginning.
                   And I will proceed
                                  toward its very end.

              No Power in the World
                      and no Force in the Universe
                                             can delay me.

                 For I am the way I am
                                   because of the Road.

                 Which is lonely and full of Obstacles.

                    Ever climbing.... but beautiful.

              I know but the part I travelled
                         and it is the Unknown I long for.
              The Road and I will meet in Infinity
                            and there I will find my Soul.

                   Eternal.... and in Perfect Order.

              Equal to the Spirit of Obstacles
                          and greater than Time and Space.


                        FOR THE WILL THAT DELVES

            Yes... I know...
                    while they are still groping
                          for I have been...
                                    where they still stare.

            Yes... I have found...
                    the Truth that's hidden
                            by the Earth that is not there.

            For the Truth... that is my Knowledge
                          is the Knowledge that comes free
                 by the Light of the Intelligence
                         that's hidden deep obscured by me.

            To free the Light of the Intelligence
                              is to agonize the Inner Mind
                with the pain of deeper thinking
                           about one's-self and Human kind.

            Within the mystery of Human thinking
                                 is the point of no return
               that will be found in Books of Wisdom
                             from the Wise of this sojourn.

            It is the Treasure of Understanding
                               that within our very selves
               lives the Light for the Enlightenment
                          waiting for the Will that delves.


                            THAT THEY DO MISS

              Wondering at the Man I am
                             I question the part
                                              I am of Man.

              Am I enough of Man as is
                             or am I just the part
                                                they miss.

              Or am I the part
                     that in its play
                             brought Man to gloom
                                          and deep dismay?

              Oh... could I
                     but be of greater Soul
                             enlarging Man in total Whole.

              And be just more
                     a man of bliss
                             to fill the part
                                        that they do miss.


                             AS WAS FORETOLD

          Multitudes of People of all kinds and size
                 have reality reflected into their eyes
                          from shadows on the wall they face
                        and think they see the world and space.

          And by the patterns on their blind wall
                                they study Man and know it all.

          Should ever one just turn around
                 to leave and ascend to higher ground
                            the dimensions of Truth at last
                          would show the ignorance of the past.

          And upon seeing the Truth and Light
                 he would sense his duty and his plight
                              and so return to past and place
                             bestowed in time to tell his race.

          But finds... that all in blinding stare
                               still study Man in dark despair.

                   No words of wisdom or kind appeal
                 do make them turn to Life that's real.

          The fascination of the world in slime
                        enslaves and binds them to their crime.

          And their opinions and their will
                         slants the Enlightener for their kill.

          For they believe to live so well
                           with Spirits dead and Souls in Hell.

          And the Reality-Beyond that was behold
                             was God-Itself... as was foretold.


                             YOUR FINAL GOAL

           I am the Poet who died and left
                       and was of his due recognition bereft.

           But now I relive to continue still
                     to speak with power and determined will.

           I speak with inspiration from Planes Divine
                     to create again the words that are mine.

           I do not respeak for the recognition I need
                     but to bring a message for you to heed.

           So pay attention to the time I am around
                for the message I repeat has no hollow sound.

           "In this World where you live
                in company with your Brother
                               and your Eternal Soul
                            you are to live and remember
                        your ultimate Purpose and final Goal"


                             OF WHAT'S TO BE

              I but reflect on space that's dead
                      producing feelings loaded with lead.
              I but reflect on rock and stone
                         creating feelings bare and alone.

                     So... in brilliant sun
                               with shivering will.
                     I speak in words
                                 with deadly skill.

                     In brilliant Sun
                             with rays that are me.
                     I repeat and repeat
                                  this urgent plea.

              "To Make The Light Abundant And Free
                    Yes... Clearer Yet... For Them To See"

              "For life as known to you and me
                            is but a part of what's to be"


                              WEIRD AND ODD

            I travel through space at enormous speed
                           in shape and form of human breed.
            I travel around by day and night
                      sustained by earth and blinding light.

               I but see my ego's need
                         and do not have belief or creed.
               Only to pleasure do I respond
                         and I don't care what is beyond.
               I am but only bones and blood
                       and fully grown from dust and mud.

            No questions ever are in my mind
                     that lead to answers of different kind.
            For I do not want to know... and why
                    this world keeps racing through the sky.
            Me and my pleasure form a total whole
                             and I don't care about no Soul.

            I rather spend my day and night
                            plucking fruits in equal flight.
            For as long as I have my meat and bone
                               I leave my Spirit-Soul alone.
            How could such Spirits ever be...
                     for you can't be... what you can't see.

               And people who believe in God...
                    they are but silly... weird and odd.


                            THE ONE THAT'S ME

               Often... in the space I seem to be
                         I cannot find the one that's me.

               Therefore I search for Light
                               and flightly flee
                        to lift my eyes to them that see.

               I am not like the flowers and the bee
                       they do not seem to think like me.

               For they enjoy their life as life
                       whereas I but find a daily strife.

               Where can I rest in space at rest
                         creating peace and rest at lest.
               Where can I go and secretly flee
                       to be myself... the one that's me.


                             MY BROTHER MAN
                Is not feeling for you...
                                sending Loving Thoughts?

                And isn't Loving...
                         sending Thoughts with Feelings?

                     While Praying... must be both?

                And all of it...
                             the Expression of the Soul.

                     Raised to Infinite Perfection
                      to the Light of the Supreme.

                So let my Feelings...
                            and Thoughts...
                                  and Loving...
                                      be for You...
                                         my Brother Man.


                             IN WHICH I CARE

             Do I then leave the ones I know
                     and join my sphere... my welcome glow?
             Do I then leave the loving past
                     and join a sphere that might not last?

             Do I then sever the ties that bind
                      and search for love I might not find?
             Do I then cut my life in parts
                         and cry and cry for broken hearts?

             Do I then sever from them for me
                        and find my life ... yet cannot be?
             Do I then leave for sights unknown
                     that do not reflect in minds of stone?

             Oh... Force Divine... provide the Light
                         to make me choose beyond my might.

             Oh... Force Divine... with me... do share
                        this human life... in which I care.


                          TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD

             Your Body... this Machine...
                               incredible as ever.
                  Cells and Molecules...
                                  to be counted never.
             A circling Dance in Nature's Game...
                        speaking and listening to your Name.

                But who is the Who... that masters You?

                 Who is the Who... that really is You?

             The Master my Friend is the You without End
                       the Spirit Sublime of Space and Time.

             The You Eternal from Light-Divine
                         the You forever... without Decline.

             The You that must live...
                        the You that must learn...
                  to abide and to give...
                        to ascend and return...
                               against all Evil and Odd
                                      to the Kingdom of God.


                         HEAVEN'S BEAUTY INKLING

              Praying is not folding hands
                              and slipping beads for wear.
                 It is not mumbling words
                                 in endless droning stare.
                 It is not falling down on knees
                            and dreading pain of kneeling.
                 It is not killing thoughts
                             in minds to dull for feeling.

              But it is...
                 the reverence of your thoughts
                               of Earth in Space-Suspense
                 the joyfulness of summer
                              and nightly storms so tense
                 the mystery of the sky
                                      begun in eons hence
                 the beauty of the flowers
                             with strength in equal sense.

              Yes... praying is the awe of mind
                                to the One We Are in kind
                it is the looking into our Soul
                               with feelings interlinking.
              It is the surrendering of ourselves
                              without a moment's thinking
                 to the pleasure of being Man
                              and Heaven's Beauty inkling.


                         AND KNOWS WHAT IS RIGHT

         Had we but listened to the Voice that spoke
                   Had we but listened to the Stranger in cloak.

         Had we but listened to the Sound that rose
                       Had we but listened to the Man who arose.

              But times have gone by
                           with cultures and revolutions
              While churches and religions
                               have brought no solutions.

         So... here we are today in complete confusion
                      while the World of Man pukes in profusion.

         But the Supreme Intelligence in its Wisdom Galore
                     has given us the choice as was done before.

              For IT created Man...
                             with an Inner Voice of Light
              So that each one of us can listen...
                                  and knows what is right.


                            WHO ARE IN DISMAY

         How can I share
                     the world that's me?
         How can I share
                     the thoughts that plea?

                              How can I share
                                         the mind that's mine?
                              How can I share
                                       my Sphere Divine?

            Should I then stand at corner stone
                   and speak... and speak... to me alone?

            Should I then shout from building's roof
                        the words to them so quite aloof?

                  How can I give this gift that's given
                          to them on Earth that are but driven
                          by wealth of dirt and plies of stuff
                              so puffing up... yet not enough?

         How can I give this Gift Divine
                     to Minds of Man equal to mine?
         How can I rest and feel at ease
                     when wars are flaring... and is no Peace?
         How can I rest... or pass on by
                            while Minds of Man offend the sky?

             I can but love and do my best
                       while Minds of Man must do the rest

             I can but love and silently pray
                     for Minds of Man... who are in dismay.


                                IS LIVING

                Life is to learn
                        to reduce wants to nothing.

                        And to be happy
                                 is to not desire.

                        For to be unhappy... is to want.

                To learn to reduce wants to nothing
                     makes the smallest gift a pleasure.

                    Givers and Wanters...
                                meet in the end.

                         For both...  Life is too short.

                But Givers live...
                        and Wanters suffer.

                To learn this with Pleasure... is Living.



                 It is the feeling
                        beyond and behind words
                                that expresses Thought.

                   For Thoughts do not come in Words.

                 Thoughts live.
                          Thoughts are Beings.
                                  Thoughts are Patient.

                 Thoughts wait forever
                          in order to become fulfilled.
                       Wrong Thoughts... return.

                 They cause disease... sickness
                               and Death... repeatedly.


                         NONE OF IT IS PLEASURE

                Patience... is endurance... without pain.

                It is the understanding of Time
                                      without killing it.

                     is Time... waiting...
                                   without forgetting it.

                     It is longing for Acceptance...

                     is the Temporance of the Soul.

                                    None of it...
                                             is Pleasure.



         I am but a tiny part of Soul
                    and part of others in control
         The part I am.... with my body as tool
                    is learning the lessons of Cosmic-School.

         This Cosmic-School... this Planet Earth
                    in which I enrolled right after birth
                    is a training place... yes pure unique
                         in this Universe... Divine-Mystique.

         I am to learn to get along
                    and still yet feel that I belong
                    as part of Souls from Planes-Divine
                          that guide and direct me into line.

         By thoughts that are my inspiration
                    to find my place in God's Creation
         And become an individual-self-unique
                      in this my Universe... Divine-Mystique.


                            BY HAND AND TEAR

             When I sit and wait...
                        inspiration passes by
                             with words that are but slurr.
             No signs are written in the sky
                                    my mind is but a blurr.

                 But when I sleep and dream....
                              inspiration is the norm.
                 With words that tumble down
                            without a thought or form.

             Yes... then I write....
                       - Poems Crystal Clear -
                                 expressed in sound I hear.

             But when I get my pen and ink
                        I find that I can't think.
                  That's why the scratches written here
                               are carved by hand and tear.


                              DEAD FOR SURE

             Trivial words
                       of pouring purr
                  Spoken in habit
                            of daily slurr
                         From man to man
                                   and wife to wife
                                Completely fills
                                         their daily life.

             And if you ever interject
                  with subjects of some more respect
             You'll find a silence so abrupt
                          as if you were the most corrupt.

                  And if you ever mention God
                         you'll find a silence really odd.

                  And mentioning 'death'
                                   is a killing cure.
                            For you'll be forever
                                            dead for sure.


                         BY THE LIGHT FROM ABOVE

           Atoms and Electrons
                       in a dazzling game
                form my body
                         and call my name.

                But where is the "I"...
                           that "I" call "I"
                                to govern this mess...
                                              so soon to die?

           The governing "I"
                  that really is "ME"
                            is the Spark-Divine
                                          that "I" can't see.
                  The Spark-Divine
                       that's part of the Whole.
                                      My Higher Self...
                                              I call my Soul.

           It's a Gift-Sublime
                    to be returned
               when the lessons of Life
                            are fully learned.
                    The lessons of Life
                                 the lessons of Love.
                            The Trial of ME...
                                     by the Light from Above.


                        WHEN I LISTEN TO MY SOUL

           Inside myself.... there is this voice
                            that never leaves me any choice
           When I just listen and let it be
                          feelings are good and guilty free.

           Sometimes though.... because I'm Human
                   I slyly lower my acumen
                   And every time the deed is done
                       feelings are down and freedom's gone.

           I become enslaved to bad distraction
                  while my Total is but a fraction
                  of this so perfect balanced Whole
                                   when I listen to my Soul.


                            THIS IS MY SONG

         Could I then just by utter chance
             Take some words and make them dance?
                 And form some truth in rhyme and reason
                     In good and evil... in trust and treason.

                      Or arrange a playful melody
                   With rhythm and soothing harmony
               Of syllables in perfect measure
          Neatly produced to be of pleasure.

          And bring about this sense sublime
            From words and words in rhythmic rhyme
               To give to you 'of finer threads'
            A sense of 'heaven's wine and breads'.

          And give to you for beauty's sake
           A ray of light from morning's break.
             For life that's lived for gold alone
                Is hard as rock and cold as stone.

                    So read this verse and yell it loud
                       Into the street... into the crowd
                     For words in rhyme and rhythmic song
                  Can never be too loud... or long.

              And while you do this... beat a gong.
                To make you feel... that you belong.
                   And tell the world... this is my song
                        And tell the world... this is my song.


                            A PLEASURE TO ASK

       My attitude is the position of my inner mind
                               kept open to openness of any kind.
       It is the graceful adjusting of my mental-sail
                       that eases my Being through lull and gale.

       It's an organic state or readiness to respond
                   from within myself... from the deepest beyond.
       To be held firmly... yet loosely enough
                        to accept life's facts... easy and tough.

       It's composed by experience... knowledge and time
                    and formed by character and thoughts sublime.
       Directed by the heart and the inner voice
                            of Quality-Divine and perfect choice.

       It determines the person... it determines the 'I'
                        to guide my Being till the time I'll die.
       To find the direction for the path-untrod
                        to say it in short... my attitude is God.

       Because to withstand the Forces of Life
           I must conquer the sweet... I must conquer the strife.
       For me... to do this alone is an impossible task
           but when my attitude is God... it's a pleasure to ask.


                              OUR DONATION

          If I could shape the Dream in you
                     and lead you beyond the heaven's blue
             I would show you... the one and only part
                       the ever seeing Eye of the inner heart.

          That sees by feeling the thoughts of mind
                   that we are creatures of the Master's Kind
          That sees by desire from the beginning of time
                          the Cosmic Master as the only Prime.

          But the way to Truth has never been shown
               and is the most impossible... ever to be known
          For the path to God... is but seen in a gleam
                     in our heart's desire... the Human Dream.

          So by my shaping... the Dream in you
                   you will slowly see... why the sky is blue
          You'll find the Mover... of the ebb and tide
                          by looking for Truth... deep inside.

          The inner heart that forever sees
                     listens to thought... and inner pleas
             and lets us know... that in God's Creation
                         the search for Truth is our Donation.


                              TO BE A CHILD

           Take all the Time
                   to be yourself
               For soon enough
                        you're on the shelf.

               Resembling a silent pile of dust...
                            resulting from I must... I must.

           Take all the time to see the Sky
                                 and open-up your Inner Eye.
           For the Knowledge that creates the 'YOU'
                      ceases the question... 'Who' is 'Who'.

               And remember.....
                   Existing... is done by thoughts run wild.

                   While living is.....
                             TO BE A CHILD...
                                       TO BE A CHILD.


                            IN WORDS OF SONG

      I have 'kinged' them.... I've 'kinged' them... and yet
            The feelings that are left... the naggings that fret
            The sense of satisfaction or completion of the goal
                        Do not complete... or do not make me whole.

                in my days of glory...
                                in my time of might and shine
          I was the King... the Superior...
                              when the world was totally mine.

            But now...
                 my mind is restless...
                                my satisfaction feeble shy
                 For I denied the Creator...
                                      the Ruler of the Sky.

      Because through God... and God alone... sublime
                  I had my Days of Glory... I had my superior time.

           And now... by twisting and by turning
                                      within my blown-up mind
                        I recognize the Master...
                                  the Ruler of my kind.

      To God... in all Its Glory... I bow in silent grief
              For in the power I assumed... I became a lowly thief.

      Forgive me...
              God Almighty...
                      forgive me for my wrong.
              And let my Spirit praise YOU.... in deeds...
                                                 in words and song.


                             ONE TOTAL WHOLE

        The Innermost Sanctum of my unfolding mind
                             contains a Temple of a Sacred Kind.

            Hidden within...
                beyond the Shadow of Light...
                    is a Force of Power and Glorious Might.

            A Power of Love...
                  and desires to please...
                             to help my kind...
                                     to a Pedestal of Ease.

        To show them the Joy and Feelings Divine
                       of comfort and bliss.... I cannot define.
            For in this Temple... in my Expanding Domain
                     there is an abundance of a different Plane.

        An unlimited Storehouse of Exuberant Power
                        to make them see... to make them flower.

            Flower in Spirit...
                        flower in Soul...
                             to make them and God...
                                           One Total Whole.

        Yes this is my Secret...
                        yes... this is my Goal.
                             God... my Fellows... and I
                                                ONE TOTAL WHOLE.


                              BECAUSE I AM

           A thousand times I have tried
                                A thousand times I have died
           A thousand times I have returned
                     And a thousand times I have yet learned.

           And for every time... that I am...
                                   I am I.... as part of Man.

                 Bestowed with Gifts....
                      from Powers Above....
                              to learn to Think....
                                       to learn to Love.

           Conscious of the Law to heed...
                             I'll try again and will succeed.
           Fulfilling the Law in true dedication
                     by the multiple choice of reincarnation.

           A thousand times I shall yet live
                           A thousand times I shall yet give

                     Thought to Creation...
                                      and to Man
                             For God is...
                                      because I am.


                          AND MAN CALLS IT LOVE

      Steeped in materialism and raised on logic and facts
                I have a cold reasoning ego... that never reacts.

         I have no fear and no anger... no worry... no hate.

         I have no feelings... no emotions....
                                   no belief... and no fate.

      I like intolerable music and I am far over-sexed.
                   With a computer as brain I am never perplexed.

          I have a disdain for sickness...
                                and scorn the poor.
                  I am greedy about money...
                                      and crafty as a whore.

      I am cool as marble and never do cry
                             I am the Master of Me...
                                     and never caught with a lie.
           I have no father... no mother...
                              and not a friend I call mine.
               I am a perfect creature...
                                and oblivious to crime.

               I am so self-satisfied....
                                that no desire is left.

         Asking favours from others.... to me would be theft.

      One thing is but missing... of which I know little of
               It's the least I do need... and Man calls it Love.


                           AS A SPIRIT DIVINE

           On my journey through Space
                          there is no about face
                 There is no beginning... there is no end
                        Forever forwards in an infinite trend.

           There is no Distance... nor Time
                                 I could not call mine
                            Because before I was I
                                          My Home was the Sky.

           Yet in Person and Mind
                            I was of a similar kind
                        With no Body... yet Soul
                                      I was part of the Whole.

           Looking back on it all
                       My remembrance is but small
                 But I definitely know
                               I was part Spirit... part Glow.

           Yet now in a Body of Flesh
                              I can look at it fresh
                 And as far as I can see
                                 I am part God... and part me.

           Because my Body... Mind... and Eternal Soul
                  Make-up One Entity... One Perfect Whole
                         Still flying through Space
                                 Like my Kind... like my Race.

           Of a highly specialized kind
                  Is my Identity and my Mind
                              Made up of Spirit and Soul
                         It is but a Part.... yet it is Whole.

           Outside my Body is my Spirit and Mind
                  Influenced by Others... of every Kind
             By Divine Inspiration and Infinite Glow
                   Enlightened in Spirit... forever I'll grow.

           No way to return... no way to retrace
                  For now.... I'm of the Human Race
              Destined to use this Material Plane
                         For Spiritual Growth and Useful Gain.

           In my body... this Space-suit...
                    from the time of my Birth
              I will live... I will die...
                         on this Planet called Earth
              To manifest Life... in God's Creation Sublime
                   And return to myself... as a Spirit Divine.


                           OF IMMEASURABLE GRACE

                For every blade of grass I see
                                   For every flower...
                                             for every tree

                I look up...
                    into the Sky so Blue
                          And wonder...
                                  who am I...
                                            and who are YOU?

                Oh God...
                    make me...
                       as a Member of your Race
                              by your slightest touch...
                                      of Immeasurable Grace.


                             FOR YOU TO ENJOY

          The greatest Importance...
                       in Life my Friends
                               are the proper actions...
                                                before it ends.

          Because after the transition to the Beyond from here
                    you have arrived at a lonely pier.

          Your do's and don't's from the life just past
                 will speak for you... and are weighed at last.

          So... never ever... do ever forget
                            that life as it should be...
                                        is sweetness and sweat.

          Just make certain...
                  that while you are here
                            you come loaded with Gold
                                             at the final pier.

          And only with Gold...
                 that you know how to employ
                             can you build a Garden...
                                             for you to enjoy.

                 (Gold is knowing how to use your Mind)


                      IN LIGHT AND LOVE DO WE EXCEL

           When I do pass... and seemingly die
                          just gently pause... but do not cry.
           For this my Body... that lies so still
                          was but the shell of my living will.

           I died but live... and I'm still me
                 through death... I'm born... completely free.
           My Soul... my Spirit... is still with you
                   with God and Friends I live... I be and do.

           And when this phase will come for you
                         the rewards deserved are coming true.

                For in this Plane...
                       where Spirits dwell
                               In Light and Love ...
                                            do we excel.


                            FOR TIME TO LAST

                        Was I a poet once before?
                   Did I indeed write score by score?
                    Where was I... what was my name?
                      Was I healthy... was I lame?

                      Was I just I... was I but me?
                  Am I a person... we should call 'we'?

                 Whatever I was... in lives just past...
                     I am I now... for time to last.


                         OF YOUR KINGDOM SUBLIME

          Every Life in this material Plane
                             should be lived to make it a Gain.
          A Gain to grow in Spirit and Soul
                            fulfilling its Purpose...
                                       in approaching the Goal.

          The Goal to become 'one' with the Cosmic Power
                    A Desire to be... like an unfolding Flower.
          Convinced in Knowledge from the Light Above
                            That of the virtues of Man...
                                          the Greatest is Love.

          For every man with his Soul Divine
                            will live forever by Cosmic Design.
          And in this World... in this material Plane
                                  The purpose of Living...
                                             is Spiritual Gain.

          Through infinite Love and immeasurable Grace
                               the Universe created every Race.
          And gave us the Chance to become 'one' with IT
                         by dedicating our Lives... bit by bit.

          Oh... Infinite Wisdom... Infinite Glow
                        Teach us your Love... and make it grow.
          Teach us your Knowledge with patience of Time
                      And make us your Servants...
                                       of your Kingdom-Sublime.


                          AND SHARING OF BLISS

         Now that my Life flows with a faster pace
                 And there still is not a day I want to retrace
         And not a moment I want to repeat or retain
                          Being afraid to lose momentum or gain
         And older in years... and trying so many a probe
                 I now understand... the purpose on this globe.

         It is so simple... and yet my efforts so small
               Although I give it my Life... my best... my all.
         So to you then my Friends... about to perceive
                       I dedicate this Poem to make you believe
         That my trials... tribulations and adversity
                     Formed the stepping stones to my sincerity

         Yet all my efforts are so tiny... so very little
             So fragile... so easily dented... so very brittle.
         While the Purpose my Friends... of Life as it is
                is Giving... is Loving... and Sharing of Bliss.



            Eternity is not any greater...
                    than the thought that can think of it.
            And yet this thought...
                   is infinite in and by itself
                            And Eternal in Time and Space.

                     For it travels out to the Stars
                                and back
                         in the wink of an eye.

                       To return to its producer.

          Since eternal times
               each thought is infinite
                             in Time and Space.
               While the Infinity of Time and Space
                                   is but a thought.
                          A thought of the Master Thinker.

          The Master Thinker...
                 has within itself
                           the Universe of Thought.
                                             For IT is IT.

               IT...created... ALL THAT IS.
                       Including thinkers like you and I.

               How great IT is...
                   we cannot think of.
                            For we only have...
                                    mortal comprehension.
               Thouhgts like these....
                                produce and are... FAITH.


                              WHO  is  WHO

                 People seem to think
                             that the world is theirs.
                       They act as if they own it.

                 But in reality....
                         they are but occupants.

                 We are on this world in companionship
                            with the animals
                                        the forests and flowers.

                 And although people act
                        as if they own the world
                                   they still pay rent.

                 The rent they pay
                        is evident in two ways...
                             in either Sorrow and Misery
                              in Recognition and Prayer.

                 Most do not know....
                                that they have a choice.

                 The ones who pay in Sorrow and Misery
                         are the ones who think
                        that they own the world.

                     The ones who pay in Recognition
                               and prayer
                    are the ones who do not want it.

                 They know that the world...
                         belongs to the Cosmic Universe.

                       They know.... WHO  is  WHO.


                         THINK!  LOVE!  INTUIT!

                Talking sometimes confuses
                        but intuition never does.
                                             It explains.

                Reading is listening
                            without hearing.
                      While looking is not seeing.

                            Seeing is not even believing.

                Believing is...
                            what we think to be true.
                It's only our reality.
                          And only one of many realities.

                               All we see
                            and all we touch
                        is only relatively real.

                             Or an illusion.

                And so are we.
                         We are made that way on purpose.

                We are atoms that speak and think
                                  by means of Spirit.
                                      Part of Cosmic One.

                Knowing is....
                    to be conscious of Consciousness.

                    All of us... know very little.
                                      Not even ourselves.

                To learn to be...
                       conscious of Consciousness
                                    start by being aware.

                         THINK!  LOVE!  INTUIT!


                        WHY YOU... ARE YOU AGAIN

            Your memory of Life and Living
                          is what you remember after leaving.
                And while you rest upon the Sky
                                        you become aware.

            You'll become aware...
                    what it was you did...
                                and didn't do.
                        And then you will understand...
                                            why you were you.

            You will see then...
                        that all of it was good.
                                 Good for Learning.
                                            And good for you.

            And after an eternal rest...
                         upon the Memory of God
                                           You'll live again.

            To try all over again.
                   With a fresh outlook.
                               You will do this...
                                         over and over again.

                Until you know...
                         and understand...
                                      why You...
                                           are You again.


                             BUT NEVER DIES

          The Truth...
                 people never like to hear.
                       They would rather hear what they like.

          And to live...
                 in continual self-deception...
                                      is what they like best.

          They are gullible.
                For one big lie repeated repeatedly
                                            gives them faith.

                    And finally...
                         they think it to be true.

          Being entertained...
                    is their main purpose.
                                 They have become the clowns.

          Materialism is their God.
                   Commercials their bodily needs.
                                And angel-cake their helpers.

          They read filth.
                   And revel.
                        Thinking is their enemy...
                                     and Destiny their curse.

          Their Soul is dying...
                while their bodies pray for dirt.
                                   Not even their God...
                                               can save them.

           The Light that is...
                        within them all...
                                    is suffering.
                                              But never dies.


                               BY LIVING

            Man will never know...
                            "The Ultimate Truth"
                     unless he becomes "The Ultimate Being".

            To become The Ultimate Being
                        Man has to become the "All Knowing".

                  "All Knowing" is Total Consciousness.

            Total Consciousness is attained
                                          by Self-Knowledge.

            Total Self-Knowledge is learned in stages.
                   The stages of Life and Death...
                                        repeated many times.

            Man will never know...
                         "The Ultimate Truth"
                    and become "The Ultimate Being"
                                           as a Human Being.

                    He has to become more.
                                    He has to become Divine.

            Man as a Human Being...
                       can only have 'opinions'.

                 True 'opinions' are obtained
                                  by thinking and intuition.

            All People... at all times...
                           are in the process
                                   of learning this
                                         more and more.
                                                  BY LIVING.


                             AND MANY OTHERS

         Your 'destiny' is your CREATION.

         You create it by - Your Actions and Thoughts.
                          - Your Emotions and Behaviour.
                          - Your Character and Attitude.
                          - Your Self-Control and Self-Knowledge.

             Your 'destiny' is the Total Sum of your deeds.

             You - as of now - are the result of
                                   what you ever have been.

                      In this life or other lives.

         Even your physical shape... form... constitution
                                                dependent on you.

              You cannot escape ever.
                         The 'fate' you meet...
                                     is created by YOU.

         You can however 'change' or determine...
                                    your 'destiny' in the future.

                  By planning now...  for future lives.

           By adjusting - Your Actions and Thoughts.
                        - Your Emotions and Behaviour.
                        - Your Character and Attitude.
                        - Your Self-Control and Self-Knowledge.

                  Life is...
                        a pay and learn program.
                              And nothing is impossible.

                    BUDDHA DID IT.
                             JESUS DID IT.
                                     AND MANY OTHERS.


                           THE LIGHT OF BIRTH

          Neither my Hands...
                  nor my Mind...
                       can grasp the Immensity of the Universe.

          And yet my Thoughts there wander.
                         Into infinite Infinity
                                   and return before I know it.

          Telling me...
               that although I cannot grasp
                            this tremendous Space
                                  it is all within me
                                                  as much
                                             as I am within it.

          And all I see outside of me...
                                  and around me
                seems to be unfolding from the inside out
                bursting forth
                      from the Crevasses of my Mind
                                           that is Timeless
                                       and all Space embracing.

          For I am part of 'All That Is'
                                     and am
                                  'All That Is'
                                         and ever will be.

                  For all I see... and am...
                                      is Consciousness.
                                Hidden in but Earth
                                                I call my Body.

                  That's why my Freedom
                              is my Confinement.
                       For I am trapped by being conscious
                                                  of being Man.

          While the Mystery of Space
                             and 'All That Is'
                                     is no greater
                                          than the puzzle I am.

              Hunkering to know my God
                           like an unborn Babe
                                       longs for
                                       the Light of Birth.


                          BECAUSE OF YOU AND ME

          There are no words to describe
                  the Light that is invisible
                            but reflects from your Face
                                    and shows me
                                  Your Inner Smile.
                                         Powered by Sunlight
                                      yet softer than the Moon.

          That's why I thus write
                       of the Beauty I see
                             of the Innermost Image
                                             of your Soul
                                             that speaks to me.

                  With Words...
                      that are inaudibly expressed
                             and are shown in Feelings.

          Feelings of Life in Mirrors
                      of Understanding and Love
                                    by Colours of Light
                                    that reflect...
                                              You to ME...
                                                    so clearly.

          I do not know...
                     I think... I love you.
                              Love you for what you are
                                                   and are not.

          I see in you...
                 the reflection of me.

                 In colours transparent
                               that shine forth from you
                                       and say...
                             that you and I are really One
                                            but only different.

          Really One...
                  but only different
                       in this our Earth-Time
                                 that really is not
                                              and yet is...
                                         Because of You and Me.


                               NUCLEAR PIT

             The High Priests of Science
                              and the Authorities that know
             Close their Mind in Confusion
                                     at the sight of an UFO.

             Living Creatures... roaming the Sky
                         in Multi-Form and Glowing Eye

             Intelligent Beings on a Higher Plane
                              How absolutely absurd
                                     How insultingly insane.

                   There is no Life... in Sky or Space
             For we.... here on Earth are the smartest Race.

                How dare you to call our attention to it

                    For we only have time
                                   for a Nuclear Pit.


                         THE SUPREME IN IGNORANCE

                I... yes I...
                            I am the most beautiful Flower
                And when I need Sunshine... I demand
                     And when I need Rain... I have it
                And when I need Shelter... I stop the Wind.

                And when I bloom...
                         the World is in awe.
                                For I am...
                                the most beautiful Flower.

           And at Night... when I dream
                             I dream about the growth around me.
           And then... I wallow in Superiority...
                                             and scorn the dirt.

           And forever shall be damned... this grass.
                  This eternal growth around me...
                                that dares to entangle my roots.

           And when the Sun arises in the morning...
                                       I am the one that shines.

                For my Colours are...
                               the Light in Brilliance.
                And when I say so...
                        the Sun hides its Face...
                                        behind my Rain.

           For I... I am the most beautiful Flower...
                                   and the Supreme in Ignorance.


                             NOT JUST BY TWO

            Where are the Moments that we shared?
                       Where are the Minutes that we cared?
            Where is the Touch of your Hand to mine?
                    Where did we leave our Feelings Divine?

            Contented though...
                     with the Sharing of Thought
                          Is what those Moments...
                                        for us did wrought.

            Never ever though...
                          my Love... my Serene
                          will we forget these times
                                                   so keen.

            Forwards... ever
               with no return
                  with Glances back
                     that made us learn
                        that Love and Kindness
                            and Patience too
                               can be shared by all...
                                           not just by two.


                              UNTIL BEYOND

               Since Words are but a useless token
                               we meet and none is spoken.

               Our Glances...
                     connecting Eye to Eye...
                             carry the Silence of the Sky.

               Our Thoughts do meet
                                and we sustain
                        the Wisdom and the Inner Pain
                                  of Meetings
                              in the Inner Shade
                     with Thoughts in Time we can't evade.

               No Light will ever...
                        show the Pain
                               born out of Love
                                          so quite insane.

               And why can't this silent...
                               and secret Bond
                                      not be consumed
                                             until Beyond?


                             TAKE YOUR TIME

            If in this Life with daily pressure
                             I just could lift you
                             and give you pleasure
                             that would be Happiness...
                                             it surely would.

                    I'm wishing and wishing...
                                         that I really could.

            For lifting you.... a mile up high
                  into the lightness of brilliant Sky
                                 is my Wish and my Endeavour.

                                 And I will try and try...
                                               until forever.

            And while I sit... and write... and think...
                              I do not want you tickled pink.

            No... just to lift you...
                                  a mile up high
                         into the lightness of brilliant Sky.

            So... when you read this....
                           and understand
                  imagine sitting upon God's Hand
                  while by this little verse and rhyme
                                     I got you smiling
                                           so take your time.


                             AND WILL YET BE

             When she looks up and looks at me
                         there is nowhere else I want to be.
             For in her eyes I see the Glance
                           that takes my Spirit for a Dance.

             And then there is her joyful smile
                   that lights her face... just for a while
             Enough to show a gentle ease
                    of feelings softer than a summer-breeze.

                when I write and think of this
                my Soul is just bursting full of Bliss
                         For not in Heaven will I find
                              a greater Love... of any kind.

             So stay on close... my greatest Love
                              to lift me to the skies above.

             Where I can dream of You and Me
                                   of all that is...
                                            and will yet be.


                           FOR SOULS TO UNFOLD

      It's a beautiful day... and I'm free as a bird
             I can write what I want... and what's never been heard.
      And while I just sit here... with open mind
                        The words just flow in... friendly and kind.

      I really don't know... why this should be so
                    But maybe some thinking... will help me to know.
      I'll give you my opinion... and also my guess
                     Maybe we'll come... to the bottom of this mess.

      Before I was... there were millions before
                         Who somehow... someway... stand at my door.
      And all I have to do... is let my pen guide my hand
                          Creating words and words... we understand.

      It's the Communion of Spirits... who lived before me
                            Guiding my pen... in the Writings to be.
      And I believe that these words... on these simple scrolls
                     Are received by me... but are created by Souls.

      And all I just do... in a way that is but small
                             is let the ink flow... and have a ball.
      For somehow... everyone secretly believes
                           That it is I... who creates these briefs.

      But the Spirit's of Eons... whisper to me
                     Their Wisdom of Ages... in words that are free.

      For me and my readers... both young and old
                      To be read and enjoyed... for Souls to unfold.


                           I AM THE DREAMER OF

            Oh yes I...
                 this Organ of the Universe
                         tied by a million strings
                                    live but in a dream
                                             and am dreaming.

            But Soul...
                 let me awaken...
                          and find my Goal.

                 Yes Soul...
                      let me seek Aloneness.
                                And let me take off
                                       on this Mystic Flight.

                  by the Distractions of the Earth.
                             Where the Vulgar but speak
                                               to the Vulgar.

            Yes Soul...
                 let me take off
                        into the Flight of the Alone
                                                to the Alone.

            To find the Mystic Reality of Creation.
                          In which I am 'One' with All.
                                        And 'All' in Oneness.

            Yes Soul...
                 let me flee in Solitude.
                              To find the Dream...
                                         I am the Dreamer of.


                                IN LIVING

                 this dreadful disease
                     so feared by many
                               and met by all
                                        is but a sleep
                                     in slumbering Beauty.

              A Beauty...                 created by each man
                           in his own way.

                    A living... wherein each man
                        is yet in touch with equals
                              likewise in need and wishes.

              And connected by Beings
                       in shared fantasies
                                     and capricious moods.

                 To last Eternal.
                      As in a dream without awakening.

                  until... again...
                        we are bambino.
                                And full of Life...
                                               and Lustre.

                  from where we came
                                to find such Beauty...
                                                in Living.


                               IT'S SIMPLE

            Whether you believe it or not
               or whether you can see it or not
                           The Truth is still the same.
                                 And unalterable.
                                           The Truth is Love.

           And when I say...
              that each time I see you...
                      - I love you a little more -
                                           I speak the Truth.

           For whatever you are...
                               or are not
                    - Your Total Being is my Being -
                                   and that's why I love you.

           For in the Universe...
                 there is but One Reality.
                        And that Reality is Love.

                        A Universe full of it...
                                      With you as part of it.

             Part of my Love.
                       Part of my Truth.
                                   Part of 'All That Is'.

                     And part of me.    It's simple.


                        AND NEVER DIMS COMPLETELY

            The preacher... yes... that is the one
                                  the repeater of fairy tales.
            About the crosses and the lost Kingdoms
                           about the sins and the redemptions.

            To the Children...
                that are but deaf and blind
                          and are lost between the words
                                            that are repeated.

                     For the Speakers... before him
                          whose story he tells
                     were but repeaters themselves.

            And his thoughts...
               are but the echo of the Earth
                           crying for newness and originality.

            And all the fear that he instilled
                 and all the grace he gave abundantly
                        never brought his Children any closer.

            For the Truth... that was there all along...
               inside each and every one of them
                      has been obscured and drowned out
                               by the words that are repeated.

            But the Truth...
               that flickering Light of Wisdom
                          can yet be found... by them
                                        that are but thinking.

            For nothing can be hidden too deeply
                            or it can be rediscovered... anew.

                  For none of us can be lost
                            by too many words forever.

            Since the Light is always there....
                                    and never dims completely.


                           AND FIND GOD IN YOU

             Before Christ... before Buddha...
                               and before any creed
                        was the Love for Life
                                       and called God indeed.

            And how this can be...
                         since the Beginning of Time
                  will never be solved... by reason or rhyme.

            And to all our questions...
                  of how... for what... or why
                                the answers are hidden
                                        beyond Earth and Sky.

            And neither is it religion
                               of whatever belief
                         that will give you the answers
                                              or mind-relief.

            For before all religions
                       and before Man and Mind
                                 was the Love for Life
                                            perfect and kind.

            And this Love for Life
                         called God indeed
                                   created 'All That Is'
                                             and Man in need.

            But 'all' you ever...
                        just have to do
                              is to look deep inside
                                         and find God in YOU.


                            FOR JUST ONE PAIR

            How can I touch... your Soul so closed
                          and speak to eyes that seem opposed.
            How can I touch... your Soul so hidden
                  with words and words... that seem forbidden.

            How can I touch... your fenced-in mind
                      enclosed in silence... and burden blind.
            How can I touch... your Light inside
                          when sparkle by sparkle slowly died.

            How can I touch... the fire grown cold
                                        with feelings...
                                  and emotions I still behold.

            How can I touch... the You in You
                                  knowing my silence ...
                                                will never do.

            I therefore speak in words that show
                  and bring to mind the Life and Glow
                  that once was there in Love Abound
                             enlightening our sphere so sound.

            So let us reach... from mind to mind
                       in words and words deep and kind
                          creating Spirits in Girandole
                                  and Unity from Soul to Soul.

            And then the time... that's left to share
                      will be too short.... for just one pair.


                              SHOW ME NOW

          Oh yes I...
                looking so wise
                        and full of Wisdom.
                                    I am but a Soul in Travel.

                And on my Earthly Journeys
                               I stop too many times.

                For at Moments of Reflection
                       I seemed to have lost the Way.

          While at other times
                       when it all seems so simple
                         and I even know the Way
                                              I do not travel.

          Why is it my Soul
                that too many me's do interfere?
                              While time goes on
                                          in loneliness.

          Show me the Way again my Soul
                so that I may travel continuously.
                     Toward the Goal Eternal
                                     with Speed and Happiness.

          Show me my Soul.
                Show me the Way without stops...
                                     and straight to Eternity.

                Show me the Path
                          to never lose my Way.
                                            Show me now.


                            IN SPACE AND TIME

            On this Journey around our Star
                          We are slowly grasping what we are.
            Thinking Creatures... with purpose and will
                       Grown from Earth... and growing still.

            But we are not grown from Dirt to fight
                   And create a Hell... where Might is right.
            Rather the experiment of Our Creation
                   Is slowly to become... of Divine-Relation.

            For the ever expanding... in Body and Mind
                    Is the Task as Planned... for Human Kind.

            And to gain control of the Unconscious Part
                     And the Innermost Feelings of the Heart
            Is our Final Goal and Sacred Duty
                 For the Gods we are... are Divine in Beauty.

            And to reach this Goal...
                           in this Universe-Sublime
                              Is by living Lives...
                                           in Space and Time.


                          AND CREATED BUT BY ME

                If I could be... as Light so Free
                             I'd soar on Rays in passing.
                On pure expanding Mind I'd flee
                              My Knowledge pure amassing.

                In being Light eternal free
                             beyond the Stars' expansion
                My Consciousness and I would be
                              beyond Mankind's Dimension.

                Where Words of Hemospheric Sound
                               are Treasures of the Mind
                Expressing Feelings pleasure bound
                                     of Firmamentic Kind.

                But since I am so finite small
                           and neither Light... nor Free

                My Words are barely Thoughts at all
                                   and created but by me.


                             THE COSMIC WAY

                Underlying our Conscious Mind
                             is the One of superior kind.

                The One that guides our total Whole
                             and is aware of Cosmic-Goal.

            No evil is found upon its Plane
                    to damage it by thoughts insane.
                 For it is made Pure-Complete
                            and journeys Time without repeat.

            And every time we come around
               our Knowledge becomes of firmer grounds
               as we gain control of the Unconscious Part
                          to shape the Feelings of the Heart.

            And living Lives...
                    are the chances to create...
                          a Conscious Mind of perfect weight.

            To lead us as Man...
                       from day to day...
                                  in this Sojourn...
                                              the Cosmic Way.


                            THE PERFECT FOOL

          Molecular Biologists in their probing scope
                    have finally found... their killing dope.
          For after years of searching...
                               in their greed and slime
                         They are about to commit...
                                             the Final Crime.

          Their triumphant hall of recombinant DNA
                           will re-shape Man the Chimera-Way.
          And by their studies of the microscopic gene
                   the future of Mankind can clearly be seen.

          A perfect humanoid or clonical man
                          is what they grow in bottle or can.
          And all the qualities and sophistication
                    will finally eliminate... God's Creation.

          For the future of Man...
                    determined by them who know
              will do without emotions... without inner glow.
          No more Feelings... and no more Soul
                        is their final aim... and final goal.

                    The production of perfect Robots
                         with equality in brain
                 is Mankind's future... for money gain.

          For genetic engineering has found the tool
                                        to make poor Man
                                            the Perfect Fool.


                             IN BLOW OR GLOW

               In some Periods of Life
                            when Darkness is Master
                       Time is slow... rather than faster.

               And in all that one then does...
                                  or doesn't do...
                      Gloom is governing... without taboo.

               But you have to remember
                          that your State of Mind
                   is created by you... in Darkness Blind.

               So change your Life
                        by the Thoughts you create.
                    And by thinking of Life...
                                    in a different weight.

               For Life... my Friend
                       in case you didn't know
                                is created by Mind...
                                          in Blow or Glow.


                            IS LOVE AND FREE

            There is an Inner Light to be discovered
                               By you of Vision deeper still
            And Inner Light of pure duration
                               To be found by the Inner Will.

            For in ages past in memory silent
                            It was instilled to last in Time
            To calm the Beast to tamer being
                          And make it slowly climb and climb.

            The Inner Light is but a Sparkle
                          Cast and thrown from Cosmic Source
            To lead in ages still forthcoming
                    The Beast with Mind on straighter course.

            And in memory silent to you and me
                            The Inner Light is LOVE and FREE.


                             THROUGH LIVING

                It is not
                    that I am better than you.
                        It is just...
                               that I have been you
                                   so many... many times.

                And the experience of being you
                       I faintly remember... in being me.

                For all the Wisdom I am now
                              whispers through me...
                                       because I was you.

                It whispers within my memory
                             of the 'yous' I left behind
                        and struggled with
                                to become the me... I am.

                For Life
                     is a Creation
                              through 'yous'.
                         By the Smile of Endurance
                                           of Existences.

                In becoming...
                       The Light of Consciousness
                                          through Living.


                              IN YOU AND ME

                There is a definite closeness
                         between the Flower and the Tree
                    A Sphere of Understanding
                                that Eyes will never see.

                It's made of Mental Substance
                    of Thought... right underneath
                         the Level of the Physical
                             and weaves the Love beneath.

                It's a binding Love for Living
                           that was there from the start.

                For Flowers... Trees... and All of Us
                                are impossible to impart.

                And within this definite closeness
                         between the Flower and the Tree.

                Is the Treasure of Understanding
                              that's found in YOU and ME.


                       WHERE BODIES JUST DON'T GO

            For you...
                a willing ear to listen
                         a silent Soul to sense
                         the Beauty and the Wisdom
                                   of the Inner Vision Lens.

            A Scene no words can transfer
                                  a scene no mind can grasp.

            Yet pictures... in the sacred Soul
                                     the Image you un-clasp.

            So share with me the Richness
                      of the Inner Being Glow
                      to enhance the Life that's hidden
                          where the Conscious Mind won't go.

            For all of us are Beings
                         of eon's age and sense
                         that came but here to visit
                                 at Creation's sole expense.

            To find the Path that's trodden
                    with Steps that do not show
                    to find the Light that's hidden
                                 where Bodies just don't go.


                            WHAT DID HE MOAN?

                    Before Man discovers
                                    a Brilliant Star
                       The Light...
                             is already dimming.

                    And when they hear
                                 his Sound and Sense
                       They listen but
                               in pure pretense.

                   And when the Star
                               and Sound have passed
                       They echo but
                              his Words at last.

                   And query...
                      faces full of doubt...
                          what was his death...
                                      then all about?

                   Did he then live...
                               for Words alone?
                          What did he say...
                                    what did he moan?


                      I'M THE ONE THAT YOU CALL ???

            I am the mover on your Earth
                       the first to meet each Life at birth.
            I am the one that can't stand still
                         yet have no shape and have no will.

            I am in openings square and round
                      and when I'm squeezed appear in sound.
            I am in areas light and dark
                            yet never leave a stain or mark.

            I am used by Man and Beast
                            and neither ever care the least.
            I rise to levels mountains high
                            yet never dim the brilliant sky.

            I am never less and never more
                       and in constant use by clown or bore.
            I am the one that's used and abused
                      the last to leave by him who's noosed.

            I flood the world by day and night
                       and in sole support of objects light.
            I am light and yet have force
                           and change a river in its course.

            I am the Medium that does not care
                    for I'm the One... that You call... AIR.


                         OF INEFFABLE LOVELINESS

                  There are many...
                               I adore
                        But You...
                               You are not one of them.

                  For adoration...
                        is but infatuation...
                                       carried too far.

                      But You...
                            You are the one...
                                  I love and love.

                  For your worthiness...
                         is an expression of reverence.

                  While your needs and wishes
                         and my wishes and needs
                                 complement each other.

                     Into a fulfillment of Joy
                                 and Understanding.

                  That propels us...
                           beyond the limits
                                     of being separate.

                  Into a Mystic-Oneness
                               of Ineffable Loveliness.


                               YOU ARE ME

                    When I am with you...
                                  my Space is filled.

                    And while Time disappears
                                    into the Eternal
                           my World collapses
                           into the emptiness
                                      of nothingness.

                         But You...
                             You are there.

                    United beyond Time and Space
                              with the Thoughts I am.

                      Into a Consciousness
                                 of fulfillment
                             and bliss...
                                 beyond expression.

                   And then I know...
                      that Love propelled us
                                    beyond existence.
                   Beyond Thought and Thinking
                             into the Dimensions
                                          and Unison.

                   For I am YOU
                            YOU are ME.

                                 For I am YOU
                                          YOU are ME.


                       GOD IS THIS CONSCIOUSNESS

                I have no doubt...
                        that I will live
                                   after Death.
                                         And so will You.

                Yet our lives now...
                              are so different...
                      for none of us is on the same Path.

                         we will all end up
                                 in the same spot.

                This spot is Timeless and Spaceless.
                         For it is Consciousness
                                         or Mind.
                                         The Mind of God.

                Since we are living different now
                               we will be different then.

                      For the Mind of God
                             has different Mansions.

                But all Occupants...
                         live in the House of the Father.

                We all live... in the same Consciousness.

                       God is this Consciousness.


                           UNTIL TIME UNENDING

                    I am nothing.

                    But united...
                        united with the Universe...
                                      I have Total Power.

                For when I embrace...
                             the Universe
                             in Total Surrender
                                          we synchronize.

                    And Spin...
                         in all Directions.

                                    Being All That Is.

                    Being All That Is.
                                  Until Time unending.


                             THAT IS DIVINE

                    There is...
                          an Understanding
                                      beyond Words.

                An Understanding...
                      that touches...
                           Feeling to Feeling...
                                      and Soul to Soul.

                    Then the Senses of the Physical
                              are too thin
                               to express
                      the Nature of its Closeness.

                And Separation falls...
                        connecting Being to Being
                                             in Unison.

                           Beyond this Earth.

                In the Regions of Life
                             of simple Love
                                         that makes us.

                This Understanding...
                      can only be expressed by Thought.

                      By Thought...
                             of a Nature...
                                     that is Divine.


                               BY FAILING

                 The Nature of our being
                            is not of being You...

                    But to be...
                            in all ways
                                      Man in Total.

                 For only then...
                          can we understand
                                and conquer
                                           the man
                                        we really are.

                 The man we really are...
                             Earth as Tool for Spirit.

                 Enabling us...
                          to complete...
                                   our Sacred Mission.

                       The Fulfillment of Promise
                           that's written deep
                            within our Soul.

                 In Lines that do not weather
                               by time and trial
                                 and do not fade
                                           by failing.


                         THE SACRED SILENT SOUL

          The Secrets...
                that are not Secrets
                      to the Eyes that have seen
                are Secrets to them
                          that are still looking.

                And no advice or revealing Signs
                            will bring them any closer.
                        For they are looking
                                 on an Earth
                            that is not really there.
                                  And therefore non-revealing.

          One of the Secrets
                to help find the others
                      is limiting the Perception of Earth.
                And to sense
                      the Forces of Self.

                   That are bursting to be discovered
                      in Silent Sacred Revelation.
                        To find the Silent Self.

          The Silent Self...
                waiting to be born...
                            from the Earth... that is not You.

                      For You are...
                             the Sacred Silent Soul.


                     THE LOVERS OF THE PRIMAL SCENE

              Oh yes... we do.
                          We talk and tremble...
                                    we glance and smile.
                      And speak of things...
                                we know are not important.

              We touch... and know
                          that we cannot leave
              We touch again...
                       and do not speak.
              But kiss...
                       and kiss again... all over.

              And then...
                       the Earth is pounding.
                                And the Mountains tremble.

              And then the Sea...
                       empties into the crevasses...
                                               of delight.

                     Quivering... and drowns itself.

              Time then is lost
                            between the sounds of us.
                       In a living
                       in which the pain of pleasure
                                is equal
                                to the Beauty of Death
                                                 in agony.

                      And awkwardly... we separate.

                    that the Curses of Heaven
                     and the Laughs from Hell
                              have encouraged us to be
                                  - what we are -
                           the Lovers of the Primal Scene.


                             FOR ALL MANKIND

                I do not care...
                           for painting Colour
                           And neither would I even draw.

                I do not care...
                             for pounding marble
                             with iron fist or iron claw.

                I do not care...
                         for moulding claymen.
                         And neither would I weld a flaw.

                I do not care...
                            for the ease of eye.
                            For seldom do I stand in awe.

                But from the Thoughts...
                            that leave my Mind
                            I sculpture the image
                                         for all Mankind.


                            THE COSMIC SPARK

                I have been silent...
                             far too long
                             and did not speak for fear.

                The hidden Feelings...
                                 right or wrong
                        exposed me... too close or near.

                   I kept inside...
                            the one that's me
                            the one that I but knew.

                Fenced in by Thought...
                                 afraid to free
                                 I was but outside view.

                But now...
                     I blare out loud and bold
                            the one that's me... Behold.

                For in this Mind...
                     this Seat of Thought
                     awakened Force that's undistraught.

                Like vision... from an Eagle High
                    Like Lightning... from a Virgin Sky.

                Born to gate...
                    through Language Free...
                               in Poetic Form...
                                      the one that's me.

                Revealing Self to Minds Abound
                      in touching Soul to Soul profound.

                For through struggle...
                           through Dungeons Dark
                      I've seen the Light...
                                       THE COSMIC SPARK.


                            AND MEET THEM ALL

                I do not belong...
                      in a world that's flashy
                I do not belong...
                      in a world that pops.

                I do not belong...
                          in a world so mundane
                          that it continually suffers
                                      from pleasure pain.

                But since I am here...
                           to stay for awhile
                   I try to adopt...
                             a personal style.

                   With an Understanding...
                               of my Man of Kind
                         With acts and deeds...
                                       and generous Mind.

                For every Soul...
                   in its travels through Life
                         Just has to experience
                                its struggles and strife.

               So I dress up...
                         in their worldly robe
                   But mentally...
                              I'm far off their globe.

                   While I keep in mind...
                             my purpose but small
                   Which is trying to serve...
                                    and meet them all.


                             AND YET IS ME

                where all Consciousness communicates
                               in the Universe of Silence
                                           that is not silent.

                where the Future speaks to the Past
                                 and the Present listens
                                       that's where I am
                                                 in Reverence.

           In Reverence...
                for the Deepness of the Silence
                                   that is not silent.
                But speaks...
                    of the Greatness in which I dwell
                                   and of the Smallness of me.

                   from the Immensity of All That Is
                                        that I am
                                  the Part that speaks
                                                  and listens.

           And that I am the Consciousness
                that both receives and gives
                                     to the one I am.

                Merged into the Being of All That Is
                                                and yet is Me.


                         AND DO NOT KNOW A GRAVE

                 I have walked...
                          from Graves and Death
                               and never lost an instant.

                 For I am Life
                          and never die...
                                   and be...
                                   for ever Life forever.

             I have been...
                 the selves I was.
                           To die a Thousand Death.
                                     yet do not miss in Time.

                      For I am 'Life'
                            and never die...
                                      and be...
                                for ever 'Life' forever.

             For I am...
                 the Composite
                           of selves I was.

                      To live...
                            for Time to last...
                                       - My Life -
                                and never die an Instant.

                                     And do not know a Grave.


                      IN THE CONFINEMENT OF MY RACE

             When I first saw the light...
                       I felt afraid... for it was blinding.
             I felt alone and lost
                       for no space was enfolding me.

             And although... I was a miracle
                                      nobody seemed to care.
             And the Coldness of the World
                         encased me in Sadness.
                                    And I became a prisoner.

             Enclosed through birth
                         within this body
                                  of Earth and Flesh.
                                           And I... but cry.

             Why did my Soul... so truly free
                                become imprisoned in but me?

             Why did my Soul... become my Mind
                           and leave my Greater Self behind?

             Why did my Soul...
                           become Time and Space
                                   in the Confinement
                                                 of my Race?


                          SUFFERING SILENT SOUL

            How can I speak to Man and Mind
                           made of but Golden Flesh...
                                             and Spirit Blind?

            How can I speak to Man and Mind
                                entangled in his Earthly Bind?

            How can I speak to Man and Mind
                                 in warnings stern...
                                              yet gently kind?

            How can I speak to Man and Mind
                                if Minds in Man I cannot find?

            How can I utter words in alarm
                           to save the Minds of Man from harm?

            How can I utter words to heed
                          if Minds in Man... but die of greed?

            I can but speak words of console...
                           to Mankind's Suffering Silent Soul.


                              FLEE AND FLEE

                Words... yes Words...
                      are but the Shadows...
                                  of the Thoughts
                                          that make up me.

                   And all my Thoughts...
                            in purest fashion
                               determine that
                                        what I will be.

                   While it is the Essence
                                of my Awareness
                            that forms my Being
                                      and sets me free.

                Free in Flights
                         to Minds of Beings
                                   that far surpassed
                                            the Little Me.

                Oh... please...
                    let the Shadow of my Being
                                 in Cosmic Wisdom...
                                            flee and flee.


                                 AND CRY

                In the Book of Life...
                                 are many Pages.
                        And for each Life
                                      one Page is turned.

                But some Lives...
                        turn many Pages.
                               And other Lives...
                                       don't turn at all.

                And in this Life...
                         my Life...
                         I am about to turn another Page.

                The Page I just lived and experienced
                                           was beautiful.

                It gave me pleasure... and great rewards.

                However beautiful...
                          this Page ever was...
                                          I have read it.

                   It was splendid.    But finished.

                For it is worn out by the many readings
                  and from touching the scenes that past.

                I am turning now...
                            to a new Page....
                                          and I am alone.

                                And cry.


                       AND YET... WE ARE OURSELVES

     In the evening... at the shore of Lake Heaven...
                    when the sun just hovers above the trees
         and each leaf becomes the colour of gold...
                                I move a little closer to my Beloved.

         And while the wind creates...
                   a thousand little suns in the trees
                                   I slowly fold her hand in mine.
         She smiles them...
             and on her face I see the contentment of the evening.

     Her eyes are reflecting the peace of her soul.
                       We sit and watch...
                               we do not think or contemplate...
                                                         we just are.
     The birds are somewhat restless.
                   They are searching for a place to spend the night.

     There are many trees.
              But somehow there is too much light yet...
                        and the wind is still alive beyond the hills.

     A small boat moves across the lake.

              And the mirror surface of the lake...
                   reflects the sun coming lower and lower...
                        while the rower with his oars...
                                          makes circles in the water.

     The circles become golden rings... that grow and grow...
                   to blend with the glimmering haze in the distance.

     Some faraway clouds
                are trying to hide the tiring sun
                                   but the light is still too strong.

         Yet it is getting cooler already...
                and my Beloved moves closer still...
                                 resting her head on my shoulder.
         Her beautiful hair falls slowly over my back...
                to protect me from the chill that will be coming.

     There are less and less birds now.
                The rower is finished making circles...
                              and the boat is pulled-up on the shore.

        The lake is a perfect mirror...
                reflecting another sun... not as bright...
                                              but more beautiful.

     The hills are telling me...
                 that the wind has gone to rest.

                 And the hand of my Beloved...
                                slowly moves in mine...
                                             and I know her thoughts.

            They are peaceful...
                     and there are no wishes left...
                                                but just to be.

     Some gravestones in the neatly kept grass...
                     are casting shadows that grow longer and longer.

          I look into the sky...
                     and some heavy clouds move across the sun.
               A Little while...
                     and golden spokes of sunrays...
                                           pattern the heavens.

     A late bird... from another world...
                 lands in the tree that is on fire...
                           and the sun... lowers quicker and quicker.

     Finally the sun that built the radiant spokes...
                      and the sun in the lake...
                      are meeting in blending sparks of togetherness.

    I look at my Beloved...
              and slowly her eyes look up and meet my soul.

                  We are content... for universal peace is within us.

    I glance at the sun again...
           and the bottom half is stretched out on the lake...
                while the top half still hangs in the sky.
                                        It is completely cut in half.

    From the distance I seem to hear...
           the sizzling of the lake that embraces the fire.
                And then a layer of faint mist covers the water...
                    while the sun disappears into the lake...
                                              without making circles.

         The spokes of light...
               have become red and move across the sky...
                                                in great banners.
         An owl is hooting in the distance...
                    and the animals of the night begin their day.

         The first evening stars appear...
                  and their twinkling is translated...
                                   into silence and tranquillity.

         Slowly then...
                  some tears fall on my hand.
                                      My Love is crying...
                                                     and so am I.
         We have witnessed...
                  the most majestic display of the universe.

                  We feel...
                         that it is within us...
                                     as well as without.

         We cannot understand.
                      We have seen...
                                 but our mind cannot accept.

             In awe...
                  and in the darkness of the day...
                          we sit... and feel united...
                                         with the universe.
                  We are ONE...
                          And yet... we are ourselves.


                              LISTEN OFTEN

             Your view of the World...
                           differs with mine.
                                     They are not the same.

             What you perceive...
                      of the World and the Universe
                           depends on 'what' you are about.

             It depends on...
                      your feelings
                            your attitude
                                    your imagination
                                         and your Soulness.

             Your Soulness...
               is the sensitivety to intuitive knowledge
                  that your Soul has gathered...
                       during all the lives it lived...
                                   in the Physical Reality.

             And although...
                    your Soul is the Magic-Collector
                you as a Human Being have control
                      of what you want to recall and sense.

                    To learn to do this...
                             you must learn to listen
                                     to the Silence Within.

             For the Silence Within...
                    contains all you want to know.

                    The Voice of the World however
                                     is much stronger
                                and completely obscures it.

             The Voice of the World... is noise.

                 The Silence of the Within... is Music.

                            Be patient... and listen often.


                          ONLY YOUR SOUL KNOWS

             I tore out my Heart...
                            for it rejected my Soul.
                       And without my Soul...
                                      I cannot live.
                                 That's why I left my Heart.

             It was bleeding...
                        and so was I.
                                But we survived.
                                       For wounds will heal.

             Living without your Soul...
                                    is slowly dying.

             Living without your Soul...
                          is continually being someone else.

             And when you do this for too long...
                                           you forget...
                                     who you are and vanish.
                           You are your Soul.

                To tear out your Heart however...
                                        hurts like Hell.
                   How much that is...
                                 only your Soul knows.


                          THE ENDURANCE OF PAIN

              She made herself...
                           his Slave.
                      And then...
                           told the Master...
                                      what to do...
                                             and how to be.
             And then...
                          the Master slaved.
                                     Thus both were Slaves.
                the Master said...
                     "Free my Slave for I am King of Self".

                 To learn...
                      what Slaves and Kings
                                   are all about...
                              you have to be both first.

                      And know what to do.
                                     And when.
                                           And how.

             To know all this...
                         takes Time and Patience.
                                 And the Endurance of Pain.



               In this Place...
                          there is no...
                                  Criticism or Rejection.
                          And Everyone is Welcome.

               The attitude of the Occupant
                       is based on...
                            Love and Understanding.
                                    Producing Compassion.

               Sometimes we cry...
                    sometimes we laugh.
                         And most of the time...
                                 we are Happy and Joyful.

               Come back if you like it.
                                   And if you don't...
                                   we are Friends anyway.

               Live your Feelings...
                          and feel free...
                                   to be yourself.

                          I am me...


                                  TO ME

               The World my Betty...
                             is the Smile of the Universe.

                       And you my Betty...
                                    are my World.

               And whenever it rains...
                             I know that you are frowning.

               And whenever...
                     the Sun tickles the Flowers...
                            in the Fields...
                                      I know you're Happy.

               In this Happy-Mood
                              my Betty
                     is the Way I want you to be.

                     the Smile of the Universe...
                               in the World you are...
                                                    to ME.


                              FREE FOR ALL

                      is the touching of your hand
                                          upon another.
                  Love... is the Smile
                                 behind your Eyes
                          that can't be seen
                                       but only sensed.
                  By the YOU...
                           you are in Mind and Feeling.

                  The Mind and Feeling...
                       that smiles back in Spirit
                            without changing your Face.

                     is the touching of your Soul
                        by the Presence of Joy
                            that announces itself
                                 Unheard and Invisible.

                      is the Knowledge...
                              that knows that it knows.

                      never exists in halves.
                              It either is... or isn't.

                 is the Presence of Happiness
                 of Sharing Mind to Mind... Soul to Soul
                             into a Beingness that is Divine.

                 is The Essence of Creation.

                 To live without it... is dying.
                            It is Plentiful and Free for All.


                       THE GREATEST THING THERE IS

                           is Understanding
                                     without Words.

                 It is also talking...
                               without being understood.

               is trying to understand
                         with the Recognition
                    that whatever isn't understood
                          very well could be
                                       the Lack of It...
                                              within Yourself.

                And searching for It...
                      very well could be...
                                   the Beginning of It.

           But the one...
               who can develop...
                    the Quality of Insight
                         to see Smallness for Greatness
                                           has got most of It.

                 is immeasurable.
                         For IT is...
                              the Greatest Thing there is.


                         AND THAT IS A BLESSING

          Every Atom...
               knows how to be an Atom.
                      But every Human Being...
                                does not know how to be Human.

          Most of them...
               do not even know how to be Man.

          It took a million years
                   to make Man out of Monkeys.

               And it will take millions of years...
                                    to make Humans out of Man.

               The Progression of Consciousness
                            is very slow
                      and different for everybody.
                                    Some develop fast...
                                       some very... very slow.

          Many are Man...
                   but few are Human.
               And most people are not aware...
                   that the Progression of Consciousness
                              is equal to the efforts applied.

          To learn this...
                 is becoming aware.
                        Some call it a Blessing.
                                        But it is not.

                 It's called Self-Development.
                              We all have the same
                                        Unlimited Potential

                                       And that is a Blessing.


                             THINK ABOUT IT

            If in Total Creation...
                    there was only one thinker
                              I would like that thinker
                                                   to be ME.

            For I would think...
               of a System of Thinking
                    that created more thinkers.

                    Thinking is Creating...
                                and Creating is Thinking.

                    And the One...
                                cannot possibly be...
                                          without the Other.

                is the Master-Thinker...

                And without this Master-Thinker...
                      you could not possibly be thinking.

                What do you think... thinker...
                       about this Master-Thinker's thinking?

            I think...
                   that the Master-Thinker...
                      is the Enabler of Thinking...
                             and never really thinks itself.

            While you and I... as thinkers...
                                   use the Enabler to think.

                  What do you think of that... THINKER?

                             THINK ABOUT IT.



           If in the whole World...
                there is not one Human Being...
                       who is capable or knows how...
                             to Love and Understand me...
                and I am not capable or know how
                       to Love and Understand...
                            that Human Being in return...
                                          my Life...
                                 has become a useless journey.

           And if the Goal is...
                     to Love 'All'...
                              while a mutual duet...
                                        is not possible...
                     how can I ever learn...
                                      to Love...
                                             all Human Beings?

                     But when I become LOVE...
                              I do not need to Love...
                                              or be Loved.
                                                  For I am IT.

               To be LOVE.
                     That is the Goal.
                            That is being God... perfectly.


                           INCREASE YOUR GAIN

           To think of nothing...
                            and do it
                    is a Sublime Conception...
                                        and Activity.

           But to never think...
                         and to do that...
                                   is useless.

           And yet...
                most people would rather die...
                                        than think.
                      And although...
                           even thinkers die...
                                   they at least know
                            whether life was a gain or a loss.

           And yet...
               all people gain.
                     But most people don't know it.
               For the Gain of consciousness
                                      is forever Positive.
                                           And never Negative.

           And whether you know it or not...
                         the Gain of Consciousness
                             is the purpose of Creation.
                         It has been like this...
                                   for quite some time.
                         Think about this...
                                   once in a while...
                                       and increase your gain.


                            FROM JOY'S BEYOND

               Cry... my Soul...
                          yes cry forever.
                     And empty fast...
                               your Stream of Tears.

               Into the Depths of Seas of Sorrows
                     cleansing the Oceans of your Fears.

                     And then fill-up
                          this Space of Hollow
                                with the Joy of Jubilee.

          For the Source of Joy and Sorrow
                         is the same... in a Soul that's free.

          So empty out...
                  this Grieving Feeling.
                               And cleanse yourself...
                                           from Soul's Despond.

                 So that the Bliss
                     and its Blessed Healing
                              will fill your Heart
                                       from Joy's Beyond.


                                AND FLY

              If I would give to you...
                        all the Beauty in the World
                          if I would give to you
                       the World in all its Beauty
                 I would but part with a Gift of Moments
                       I would but part...
                           with a Gift of Time...
                                      that would not last.

              For all of it...
                         would slowly tarnish...
                               and disappear in ages past.

              And even...
                   if I would give to you...
                                   a Diamond Moon
                           with a multi-million Facets
                                   it would but be...
                                           a poor Lampoon.

          So therefore then... my Soul and Partner
                so therefore then... my Total Whole
                      I will not give... a Gift of Moments
                          for it would but be... short Console.

          But what I offer...
                in Pure Surrender...
                        to my Partner and my Soul...
                is the Gift of Light... that's Everlasting
                                 the Gift of Light...
                                             to find your Goal.

          That's hidden deep... within your Being
                           that's hidden far... beyond the Eye.

          To be discovered... by your Godness
                         to make you fly... and fly... and fly.


                          I'M THE ONE TO BLAME

          The Words... the Words... I hear them still
                                 the Words so small... so dear.
          They ring yet in my mindless mind
                          from day to day... from year to year.
          The Words as old as Man... as old as Time
                                          and yet so truly new.

              For coming from the Lips of Her
                                  they are enough and coo.
              So softly spoken with tenderness
                                    yet ringing in my ear.

              I Love You.   I Love You.
                            I'm yours... my Sweetest Dear.

          I cannot feel... I cannot sense
                                       from overwhelming Cheer.
              I am but lost in Eyes that shine
                   so lost in Love... and freed from fear.

              For never in the Age of Man
                           will Words sound just the same.

          For in her Eyes... there is no light
                                   and I'm the one... to blame.

          For in her Eyes... there is no light
                                  and I'm the one.... to blame.


                        WHAT ELSE IT BUT COULD BE

            With jubilant ring... with sounds I love
                                  her voice speaks to my Soul.

            And listening to her cheerfulness
                                      my mind rejects control.

                Her laughter and her sense of sense
                              they lift me feather light.

                But what pain I am... what misery
                               if things do not go right.

            My lips don't speak... my hands are tied
                                   my mind is full of thought.

            This total stranger... that I am
                                  with manners quite untaught.

                Why is her nearness stilling me
                                why is her presence fear?

                Why does her Being attract me so
                       and why are my thoughts not clear?

                Why is her face so beautiful
                                     why is her Being me?

                     If this isn't Love...
                                       I do not know
                       what else it but could be.


                              YOU DID RIGHT

                I wander in a Land so Strange
                            no Shadows... Breeze or Sun
                I wander in a Forest Weird
                             with Trees that are undone.

                There is so little sense to Wind
                              no Force at all in Storms
                There is no Wetness in the Rain
                         there are no Signs... no Norms.

                How do I find... where I should go
                                 how do I search for me?

                     When Sun... nor Wind
                                    or either Rain

                     I do not feel... I do not see.

                And yet within my Inner Self
                      there is this Twinkling Light
                   that winks and flares so certainly
                             and whispers...
                                        YOU DID RIGHT
                             and whispers...
                                          YOU DID RIGHT.


                        MANY OF THEM SEE NEITHER

              The Greatness or Smallness of a Poet
                       does not depend on the quantity
                                             of his Readers.

                  The Greatness or Smallness
                                      either is ...
                                             or is not.

              And the amount of Greatness or Smallness
                        of his recognition
                              depends upon
                              the Greatness or Smallness
                                             of his Readers.

              Few Readers can recognize...
                 While others have trouble recognizing...

              Fewer yet...
                     have the ability to see
                             the difference between the two.

                        Many of them see neither.


                            UNTIL PERFECTION

             If you tell your friends the Truth
                                    you will lose them all.

             This however... is much better...
                        than having many friends...
                                           and lie to them.

                  The latter...
                          is what people call...
                                          being nice.

             Also remember...
                 that most people who are nice...
                                   are not very bright.
                                                 Just nice.

            Knowing the Truth...
                     and being able to use it wisely
                                    is being nice and wise.

                     That is what you...
                           should strive for...
                                   until Perfection.


                        GREATER... THAN YOU AND I

            In living together...
                     we have many and many things against us.
            But even...
                if 'whatever could exist' is against us
                   even if the world would collapse
                                   we would surface
                           above debris and waves of torture.

            For what we have on our side
                                  from Within
                   is the most powerful combination there it.

                   It's Love... Understanding
                                    and Self-Control.

            And with these three on our side
                         there is nothing to fear or to lose.

                And although
                   we have fallen many times
                                        we arose
                                             And are.
            For these three
                     are greater and more
                             than just the two of us.

                                              than You and I.


                            WHICH IS GODNESS

              People think...
                     that they need "Beauty"
                                        as much
                               as that they need Ugliness.

                           causes Sickness of Mind.
                      Sickness of Mind...
                              causes Sickness of Body.

                                       The above is TRUTH.

                 The Total of Truth and Beauty...
                                            is Wisdom.

                      is knowing...
                             what counts.

                                     Which is Godness.


                              OR WOULD IT?

                To say... I am not important...
                                       defeats the goal.
                    To not say it...
                         is more important
                    To think either...
                                 is worse.
                    And to never read the above...
                                       is a blessing.

                To forget about it gracefully...
                                     is impossible.
                                But the best one can do.

                    So next time...
                           be aware of what you read.
                    To reflect on this...
                                    is suffering.
                               Some people like that.

                The whole thing...
                      is open to debate.
                              Which would be useless.

                                            Or would it?


                             AND ALWAYS WAS

           If I would give the World to you
                                      in the Form of Love
                                   it would not be sufficient.

           Not... that it wouldn't be sufficient for you.
                    But it would not be sufficient on my part.

           For I want to give to you...
                    the Universe and all the Love it contains.

           For the World...
                is but a temporary place of dwelling...
                                                 and learning.

           But the Universe...
                and all the Love it contains...
                                          - that -
                                is what I want to give to you.

           For the Universe...
                     is your ultimate Destination.
               In which you will find...
                          the Fulfillment of your Desires
                              and the Refinement of your Soul.

              on this so special occasion
                    in your Time and Space Continuum
                                  I know...
                    that the offer of my Symbolic Gift...
                                  will be received
                          with Happiness and Silent Solemnity.

              Thank you...
                     for your Acceptance...
                                for it is yours.
                                          And Always was.


                       FOR NONE TO KNOW FROM WHERE

             It is I...
                  who moves my pen.
             But the 'More of Me'...
                       that brings my Thoughts.
                 Thoughts... translated through Matter
                                             that is but me.

             Spelling out the Words...
                          solidifying Thoughts to Substance.

                            For ALL to see...
                      for NONE to know from where.

             And although it is I
                            who translate
                                  it is the More of Me
                                         that really counts.

                   The More of Me and I
                         are partners of a Being
                                 in Divided Dimensions.

             A Reality...
                   in which I am but Matter
                             and the More of Me my Thoughts.

                   For ALL to see...
                         for NONE to know from where.


                                THE LOSER

                 when I look Mankind in the eye
                       I measure the Depth of Stupidity.
          I look in...
                 and see the Vast Emptiness
                                  of Soulless Wasteland.

                 And far beneath the Ranges of Ignorance
                            I find the Fields of Nothingness.

                 Too barren...
                            for Boredom to stay.
                 So Boredom replaces itself...
                             with Frenzies of Frustration
                       enclosed within the boundaries...
                                                 of Insanity.

          For the Sparkle of Soul...
                    that once was there
                         has been choked by things
                              instead of kindled by Thoughts.

                              replaced by things.

                     An exchange...
                         that's pointing out...
                                           the Loser.


                        For All That Is - is You

                Space is...
                Matter is...
                      Endless in quality and quantity.

           Both Space and Matter
                        are the Medium for the Creator...
                                         and of the Creator.

           And you and I...
              are Space... Matter... and the Medium...
                                     as Part of the Creator.

                       Small Parts... but growing.

              And by growing enough...
                        by growing great...
                              by growing forever more...
                        you and I will become...
                                       greater Creators.

           Small... yet at first...
                          but we will grow greater... later.

                  Until you and I...
                     will be Creators among Creators.

           For Space is...
              and Matter is...
                   unlimited in quality and quantity...
                         for ALL... who grow...
                                      by means of...
                                   and Spiritual-Enfoldment.

           So grow... Unlimited and Endless
                                        and be...
                              the Medium and the Creator.
                                   For 'All That Is' is YOU.


                        THE ONLY WAY OF LEARNING

                So many people I know...
                                are children.
                             They play with toys...
                                   and tinker with cars.

               they have the right to play
                                  for they are children.

           In times to come...
                 in lives to be lived
                         they will cease their playing...
                                          for they will grow.

           Yes I know....
                  For I was one of them...
                                 sometime ago...
                                     some lives ago.
                  How pleasant they were...
                                   and how soothing.
                  For Life...
                       is so beautiful as a child
                                      and so splendid...
                                               when grown-up.

           Yes grown-up...
                  but did I grow enough
                          to be a child no more?

                  Did I grow enough...
                                   to know...
                                   that the Universe...
                              is the Playground...
                                              of Playgrounds.

                  Where seriousness is sickness...
                                           and Play...
                                    the only Way of Learning.


                            BECAUSE OF OTHERS

                On opening the Book of Thought
                              you are still there...
                                  and laughing...
                                              and waiting.

                For in the Distance of your Eyes...
                                          I see the Inner.

                    Hidden within you...
                             so beautiful...
                                     so alone...
                                         and longing.

                  you keep it hidden so well
                              that I can only sense it
                           by opening the Book of Thought.

                                 While nobody...
                                      will ever know...
                                                   but us.

                For the times we were...
                                - we didn't -
                                        because of others.

                And since Loving...
                             is mostly Longing...
                        I long...
                             in the Silence of Time...
                                                  for you.

                And while not a word is spoken
                       the Book of Thought is closed
                                        in Searing Sorrow.

                But secretly we do...
                          in Dreams of Loving
                     by Eyes that sense
                          the Thoughts of you and I...
                               behind the words...
                                   - we didn't -
                                        because of others.


                          IS DETERMINED BY YOU

                 Do you sometimes think
                               that your life is a mess?
                 Do you sometimes think
                            that you couldn't care less?

                 Well... my dear friend
                              my partner in time
                 It's because your thoughts
                               descend instead of climb.

                 And how can you then
                       with eyes so sorry blind
                       reverse your direction
                                   and change your mind?

                 Well that my dear friend
                               my partner in time
                    is done by Thoughts of Love
                            and Thoughts of the Sublime.

                 For the purpose of Life
                             my partner and friend
                    is the Search for Truth
                                 to be found in the end.

                 And the Search for Truth
                              that's hidden within
                    is the Reason for Being
                                   for you and your kin.

                 For Life is Truth...
                       and beautiful... and true
                    While the Direction of Thoughts
                                   is determined by you.


                            IN INFINITE SPACE

              I do not see by eyes of atoms
                         and do not taste for tissue's lust

              I do not hear by ears of molecules
                      grown by the shaping of Earth's crust.

              I do not smell by parts of protons
                        built by the Earth that is but dust.

              But by Life...
                          beyond my senses
                  of taste and smell that I enjoy
                  I hear the vivaciousness of laughter
                             and see the light of inner joy.

              For it is the Life... beyond my body
                  that is but slowly ripened Earth
                  it is the Life... my mind... my spirit
                             that is...
                                and feels for me from birth.

              And this my Life... my Soul-Eternal
                       senses this Earth by my body's grace.

              And never would I trade
                           my Life for bodies...
                           or for all the worlds...
                                          in infinite space.


                          AND REPEAT AND REPEAT

            In the blistering days of summer
                     when the sun is burning my sense
                     and the grass is scorched
                     and even the trees seem to suffer...
                                                      I wonder.

            I wonder and think...
                     about the millions of years
                     that Heat was Heat
                     forging the Earth from its beginning
                                      and I was not...
                                                 what I am now.

                 Was I then the grass...
                                   or the tree suffering?
                     Or was I but the fruit...
                                   in the maul of a bear?

                 Or was I but a part of this rock
                           so shattered by lightning
                     Or was I but a grain of sand...
                                      melting into glass?

                 Or was I the flower
                        so struggling to bloom...
                                in this endless struggle?

                 Or was I but the wing of a bee...
                        or maybe the honey
                                   in an eon's man's tea?

                 Whatever I was in times' retreat
                        I became and became...
                             from the Heat that was Heat.

                 And know...
                   that in this future's endless game
                             I will be again...
                                   and repeat and repeat.


                     IN THE SILENCE OF ITS PRESENCE

                 what I seek...
                     the Nature of my Reality...
                     the Knowledge of what I am
                          of 'All That Is'
                          and 'All That Is' is of me
                                      is hidden deep within.

                what I am
                    is to be revealed
                    by the Inner Journey
                          into Myself... through Myself
                          and through the world as I know it.

            For the Nature of my Reality...
                          the Part I am of God...
                               is the Soul...
                                      that forms my Identity.

                 with all Consciousness
                                of which I only know
                                   the Part I am...
                                            and is searching.

            While yet...
                 the Total of all Consciousness
                                    is within my Soul.

                          Waiting to be found...
                                              by me...
                                    the Part that is seeking.

            Seeking for the Whole
                          that it contains...
                                     in the Silence...
                                             of Its Presence.


                           THE HUMAN MAN I AM

             If my Soul could write...
                         it would not be any different
                   For each Word that solidifies
                             are my Thoughts made Substance.

             And all the Substance visible
                         represents my Soul in Atoms
                   Grouped in Letters and Words
                                   revealing the Force I am.

             The Force I am...
                   instilled by the Universe
                   with the creation of Trains of Thought
                   that travel with the Speed of Light
                   from my Soul to me... the Man I am
                       through the Darkness of my Pen
                             and expresses my Soul on Paper.

             And in a similar way...
                   the Creature I am...
                           is expressed in Atoms by my Soul.

             Grouped in Cells and Organs...
                               revealing the Human Man I am.


                           TO BECOME A DANCER

            The Real Rewards of Life...
                                     Real Life...
                      are not...
                           the Fumbling Physical Attainments.

            They are not...
                the Splendor of the Physical Body.
                      And they are not...
                             the Magnificence of being Human.

            But they are.....
                the many Dances of Consciousness
                      by the Vivaciousness of Spirit
                      within the Mental Beingness
                                of the Unlimited Mind Divine.

            And to reach the Level of Participation
                      in these Dances of Consciousness
                we have to go through...
                      the Inner Man of Grandiosity...
                                   Splendor and Magnificence.

                By being a Perfect Creature
                           in the Form of a Human Being.

                In all Lives...
                          that are needed...
                                     to become a Dancer.


                         IN THE FORM THAT'S ME

               Eventually my Expanding Awareness
                          will touch the Boundaries
                                  of the Universe Unknown.

               I will discover then...
                          that the Boundaries...
                                  were the Limited me.

               For I am the Universe.
                              In Time and Space.
                                    In Thought and Action.

               But for now...
                     the Becoming Awareness
                     to the 'suchness' of my Total
                                             is what I am.

               And in order to become AWARE
                            I must be where I am.
                                           Being me
                                              the Limited.

                     And Timeless... for I am Time.

               The fact however...
                     that I was given a Name
                           and considered myself
                     to be separate from the Universe
                                              confused me.

                But now I know.
                        I am The Nameless.
                                    In the Form that's ME.

                      Nameless and Numberless page.

                              TO BE TARTED

                 Conceived in Sin...
                          from Mother's Kin
                          from the Womb I bare departed.

                 Born with Guilt
                          to make me tilt
                          I was doomed before I started.

                 Instilled with Belief
                         to exist in Grief
                         bound for Hell before I farted.

                 By the Preacher's Bliss
                           that could not miss
                           my Course was firmly charted.

                 But on my Way...
                             from Day to Day
                             the Blinders slowly parted.

                 For The Thinking Me
                       is completely free
                       and not by Religion to be tarted.


                        THE ENRICHMENT OF SHARING

               In the Universe of Consciousness...
                              I am but a Hamlet of Thought.

                   the Universe of Consciousness
                                  lingers within my Hamlet.

               That becomes enlarged
                      by the Moments it dwells within
               Sharing its Richness
                      for the Exchange of my Thoughts
                                  While Both unite in Time.

                   For Consciousness is Consciousness.

               In which the Smaller
                      contains the Bigger in Moments
                               as much
                      as that the Total contains
                               the Smaller since ever
                                            For ALL is ONE.

               And within the ONENESS
                  the Smaller learns to know the Bigger
                           while the Bigger...
                                 already knows the Smaller.

                      both do grow...
                           by the Enrichment of Sharing.


                          THIS SPLENDID DOMAIN

                  I was a planter in Peru
                              and a scientist who knew

                  I was a female in Berlin
                                 and a preacher of sin

                  I was a Dutchman blase
                                and a hussy called May

                  I was a mystic in Tibet
                                 and a worker in sweat

                  I was a typist in New York
                                 and a breeder of pork

                  I was a doctor in arts
                                  and a poet who tarts

                  I was a writer of words
                                and a product of nurds

                  And in all that I was
                              or ever will be
                         I'll grow and become
                                  even greater than me

                  For the greatness of Man
                     the players of this game
                        is determined by them
                           within This Splendid Domain.


                             THE ETERNAL NOW

             resting in the Valley of Time
                  I lean forward and see the Peaks of Tomorrow.

                            And the ones I like...
                                           I remember.

          And then...
             in glancing back
                  among the Pictures of Yesterday
                                     the ones I remember...
                                                        I like.

          And when the Valley of Time opens...
                                    in all Directions
                               it shows me
                                       that I
                          by the selections of my Thoughts
                                            become what I must.

          A Peeker onto the Peaks of Tomorrow
                  and a Glancer into the Pictures of Yesterday.

          To determine...
                  the one I will be...
                            in the Valley of Time.

                      within the Delight of Being.

                                 Among the Charms...
                                            of the Eternal Now.


                          SHARES BUT ONE WHOLE

                Oh Life... oh Life
                          from where did you fly
                             oozing from this...
                                          so silent sky?

                Why did you land...
                          in Time and Space
                             caught in flesh...
                                          of Human Race?

                Why did you...
                          imprison me
                      from the freedom you came...
                                           to be a name?

                Is it to learn...
                          to think and love
                                 so easy to do...
                                        from your Above?

                Or is it to be...
                          a part of Life
                               and to be taught...
                                  the lessons of strife?

                Or is it to be...
                          with similar kin
                             to teach and speak...
                                         of Life Within?

                Or is it to show...
                          the Inner Light
                               fashioned by...
                                     the Gods and Might?

                Or is it to grow...
                          in Thought and Mind
                                       equal to...
                                       the Gods in Kind.

                YES... SO BE IT...
                          MY SELF AND SOUL.

                     FOR CONSCIOUSNESS...
                                   SHARES ITSELF AS WHOLE.


                         IN BEING ONE WITH LIFE

                is of such a Suchness
                            if anybody would ask
                               - what it is -
                         and somebody would answer...
                                       neither of them knows.

                For LIFE...
                     is not of a Suchness...
                                  that can be explained.

                It can only be experienced...
                                           by living it.

            Living it...
                  in a Suchness...
                         that shows more and more...
                                 the Order of its Nature
                                 and the Nature of its Order.

            To point the Seeker
                  towards the Pinnacle of Balance
                                  between Knowledge...
                                      Intuitive and Rational.

            To find...
                  the Depth of Wisdom Absolute.
                        Beyond the Life of the Living...
                                      in being ONE with LIFE.


                                AND STALL

              How can the sigma know the neutron
                             or an electron its equal mate?
              How can the lambda know the proton
                         or a neutrino its massless weight?
              How can the cell know sense and feeling
                               or the Earth its daily spin?
              How can the eye know sights appealing
                      or higher Thought... its Life within?

              How can I write in poetry...
                                        of poetry
                              of Universes great and small?

              How can I write in words...
                                      of Wisdom
                            found in 'The Being of it All'?

              I can but wonder in parts...
                                   of seconds
                                   and then I stall...
                                          and stall...
                                                 and stall.


                       BY WILLINGNESS FROM WITHIN

             I bow in reverence...
                          like the weeping willow
                     and stand erect
                          like the mighty oak
                          for the magnificence...
                                       of the sky at night.

             And then I wonder...
                     about the impossible task
                               of just one Sun
                               to sustain the Earth...
                                               in splendor.

             And all the stars tell me
                           that we are not alone.
                     While the Sun...
                           and its silent whisper...
                                             tells me...
                                             that  I am it.

                     And when I connect...
                           with "ALL THAT IS"
                                         and I unite

             I know...
                 that it is I...
                      who has made the connection.

                       Not by force from without...
                            but by willingness from Within.


                       THE SILENT OCEAN INVISIBLE

              Like the Ocean...
                          and all its Life within
                           and sustains itself
                                       from the Ocean
                      and lives in Freedom
                      but yet is governed by Law...
                                   the Law of the Ocean....

              So is...
                     the Universe...
                          the Ocean Invisible
                               and all its Life within
                           and sustaining itself
                                     from the Universe
                                the Ocean Invisible
                                     living in Freedom
                     but yet is governed by Law
                            the Law of the Universe
                                that is Written in Silence.

              The Ocean Invisible...
                    holding within itself
                              Oceans of Space
                           and Islands of Matter
                       with Life within and Life upon
                                sustained by Consciousness.

              Which is...
                   All There Is.

                          the Originator and Sustainer
                                The Silent Ocean Invisible.


                               AND IS NOW

                I am I...
                     You are You
                          Buddha is Buddha
                                    and Christ is Christ.

                       And No-One is like Another.

                But yet All together
                                 we are ONE and the SAME.

                     in a Dynamic Universe
                               of Connectivity
                                     forming One Another.

                You cannot follow Buddha
                    You cannot follow Christ
                        You cannot follow Others
                             But you can follow Yourself.

                All Roads are as different
                        as the Gods who walk upon it
                    But all journeys...
                                end up in the same Place.

                And this Place...
                   this Place of Places
                                  the Understanding
                                             of the Self.

                         Comprehending the Total
                                in Unity.

                         For ALL is ONE...
                                  and ONE is ALL.

                As it was...
                   in times that past.
                            And will be...
                                  in times to come.
                                              And is Now.


                          HIS LOVING BENEFACTOR

                    I... yes... I
                             the Higher Self
                        I am the Force
                                     and the Enactor.

                    I... yes... I
                        through Space and Time
                               send forth my Part
                                           the Actor.

                    And in the Play
                            that I designed
                                   the World
                                   is his Distracter.

                    For in this World
                            his Babe of Thought
                                   he builds
                                   to form character.

                    And through his Lives
                            he'll slowly know
                        the Higher Self
                               his Loving Benefactor.


                             TO BLOW MY HORN

              My Brother Poets
                         they are but me
                   for they but write
                             what I did see.

                   For their original Line for Line
                             are but repeats
                                         for they are mine.

              My every Word
                     I ever wrote
                     they slyly use
                               without a "quote".

                           And when my Death
                                 will finally come
                                 they'll look aghast
                                          and perfect dumb.

                      For when my Pen
                               is laid to rest
                               their silence tells
                                            I was the Best.

              Because... the first Poet
                              ever to be born
                                    was Loudmouth me
                                           to blow my Horn.


                         BY THE COURAGE YOU ARE

            Towards the Evening of Life...
                Thoughts as old as the Universe
                                        - surface -
                               within the Inner of your Being.
                                        And mingle.

            They mingle...
                     with the Daily Sphere of Living
                          and tend to interrupt
                                       more and more
                                          the Surface You Are.

            These Thoughts...
                          are the Inner Self...
                                       struggling to come out.

            Recognize these Thoughts...
                     for they are the Real You
                                          in hiding
                                 behind the Confusion You Are.

            Conquer all of these Thoughts
                         and find the Real You
                                      that is crying...
                                your Laughing Face in Turmoil.

            Encourage these Thoughts
                          to reveal themselves
                                   to the Inner Being You Are.

            And find the Real You...
                                 the YOU
                            that lives beyond
                                 the seeming Laughter...
                                            of your existence.

            For then...
               and only then...
                      YOU can live the Life
                             of the Spirit You Are...
                                            in Flesh and Bone.

            The Spirit...
                     that is waiting to be found...
                                       by the Courage You Are.


                                AS ITSELF

                 You my friend....
                               and I ...
                                     are Spirits.
                              Spirits embodied in Flesh.

                 And time after time...
                      we come back to Earth
                                in the Form of Man...
                                               to learn.

                 In the beginning...
                          we learn but slow.

                      But later...
                           we learn faster.

                          And finally we comprehend
                      that all Human Beings are Spirits.

                              Spirits in Learning.

                 The Earth is our Playground...
                               the Field of Action
                    upon which we Play in Pleasure
                                 and struggle in Strife.

                 The World...
                     our Playground...
                          is a Creation...
                              by Spirits... for Spirits.
                           And called...
                                 the World of Man.

                 The World of Man...
                                 this Earth...
                                            is but Dust.

                      a Form of Consciousness.
                               For ALL is Consciousness.

                             is Energy that is aware.

                           Aware of itself... as itself.


                            LIKE IT SHOULD BE

              The Inner Vitality of the Universe...
                                               is Jubilant.

                  For All That Is...
                              is a cheering...
                              Participant and Partner.

              The Partner...
                      that in its Dreams created...
                                   Consciousness in Action.

              Consciousness in Action
                              towards Perfection.

                          And the Difference...
                  between the Actual State of Creation
                       and the State of Perfection
                               Its Desire.

              And within this Desire...
                                    dwells Man
                            struggling with his own Desire.

              And until...
                  the Desire of All That Is
                         is fulfilled
                  by the right Wishes of Man...

                  The Inner Vitality
                             of the Universe...
                             will be striving...
                                        towards Perfection.

              And this will be Forever...

                                         Like it should be.


                               IN DARKNESS

              Engraved within...
                        the Patterns of your Soul
                                   are the Blueprints
                                   of your Earthly Journeys.

                  And your Journeys on Earth
                     are not Battles to be Fought
                               or Wars
                               that are lost by winning.

              But your Journeys on Earth
                     are Experiments in the Physical
                                         in Time's Duration.

                     in which you are to Learn and Grow.

                  It is the Curriculum of Life
                                      to be Mastered
                                 as a Member of Mankind.

              It is the Conquering of Yourself
                        to be Won Triumphantly
                                in the Duration of Time
                                to find your Place in Space.

              To find...
                  that the Patterns of your Soul
                       are the Lines engraved in Colour
                              of the God You Are
                                            and do not know.

              Your Journeys are...
                  the Blueprints of your Thoughts
                                 to be recognized
                         within the Lives you live on Earth.

              To finally see the Light...
                  the Light You Are in Greatness...
                        but forgot you were
                                      for traveling
                                                in Darkness.



                Our Feelings touch...
                             on Sacred Ground
                        Beyond our Words...
                                        beyond our Sound.

                And None of us...
                               can yet explain
                        The Blessings found...
                                       in Bliss and Gain.

                For on this World...
                               this Plane of Illusion
                        We struggle but...
                                      in plain Confusion.

                Yet in our Silent Togetherness
                     we dance and dance in Consciousness.

                For Time to come...
                      for Time to last...
                               until our Future...
                                        becomes our Past.


                             THE WAY OF WAYS

                I gave you Friends in animal form
                         But you but act below their norm

                I gave you Land and Sea and Sky
                           but you but plunder for your I

                I gave you Body... Mind and Soul
                        But you but see your Worldly Role

                I gave you Gifts to Share among
                       But you but give your Lying Tongue

                I gave you Life to last through Time
                      but you but exist in Dirt and Slime

                I gave you Light in Spirit Form
                     But you but respond with Daily Scorn

                I gave you Being in Rhythmic Dance
                      But you but move for Money's Glance

                I gave you Space in Consciousness
                         But you but think in Selfishness

                I gave you ME to shape and grow
                        But you but laugh and do not know

                But in the Silence of my Days
                       You will yet learn the Way of Ways.


                          IN SPIRIT UNAWARENESS

                When I think of Him...
                                    I cry.
                     For although he is Beautiful...
                                  his Mind is fast asleep.

                         in a self-hypnotic-state
                                      of Unawareness.

                Neither to be awakened by Living
                              nor to be awakened by Death.

                   For his Delusion is self-created
                                             and solid.

                Solid with the Illusions of his Shell
                                he calls his Body
                          the Temple of his Consciousness.

                While his Consciousness
                                is really what he is.
                    Expressed in Dreams of Living
                          and the Illusions of his Deaths.

                But like Light follows Darkness
                                     he will awaken soon.

                    To liberate himself
                        from dreaming and from dying.

                For my Brother Man
                          in Super-Consciousness
                   will scale the Depth of his Delusions.

                   Into which he fell...
                                     and moves
                               in Spirit Unawareness.


                             WITHOUT REPEAT

                For many People...
                    the Future is but Yesterday.
                For they repeat Yesterday...
                                      Today and Tomorrow.

                They slowly grow older...
                          but not always wiser.
                    And while repeating...
                          they think they Live and Learn.

                But the Few... who think...
                                    will learn...
                    that many People...
                          repeat Lifetime after Lifetime.

                    In different bodies...
                                in different times.
                            Yet they are...
                                      the same Repeaters.

                And the Few... who think...
                            that each Day is anew.
                      For None is the same... since ever.

                And he...
                     who answers the question...
                          - what's new -
                                   with nothing...
                           has been repeating since ever.

                For ALL is NEW.
                            And always... without Repeat.


                         I BUT FEEL MY SMALLNESS

                It is not in the manner...
                                 of my Writing
                    Neither is it in the Stillness...
                                              of my Style
                It is not in the Selection...
                                       of my Phrases
                    And neither is it...
                               in the Quality of my Words.

                It is not in the Loudness...
                                 of the Thunder
                    Neither is it in the Darkness...
                                             of the Night
                It is not in the Quickness...
                                 of the Lightning
                    And neither is it...
                            in the Twinkling of the Stars.

                It is not in the Rumbling...
                                 of the Earthquakes
                    Neither is it in the Blueness
                                                 of the Sky
                It is not in the Deepness...
                                     of the Ocean
                    And neither is it...
                                in the Beauty of the Land.

                But All Of It...
                    is within the Inner of my Being
                           connecting my Consciousness
                                        to the God within.

                The God within...
                     that speaks in Silent Syllables
                                               of Silence.
                     And reveals...
                             The All Of It
                             within the Reality I am.

                In Such a Sense of Greatness...
                             that I but feel my Smallness.


                            THE REALITY I AM

            The way I am now...
                       is the way you will be...
                  similar but different...
                                 in times that will yet come.

            And the way I am now...
                           is on the Earth...
                                         but so little of it.

                   I have fought the Material
                                  and have let it go.
                   I have fought the Direction
                                   and it came to me.

            While the Fight...
                     between the ME
                              I will yet be
                          and the me I still am
                                is the Fight between
                                               God and Flesh.

            To be conquered...
                          by the I...
                     in times that will yet come.
                                         For that is...
                                                the way I am.

            And the Way I will be
                   in times that will yet come
                                     is of an Essence
                                 that is beyond the Earth
                                   beyond what I am now.
                               In the Plane on Consciousness.

            The Plane that will strenghten me
                          toward the Unlimited Regions
                                           of Open-Endedness.

                     That knows no Limits... but ME.

            That is the Way I am...
                 A Soul... dividing Flesh from Consciousness.

                       To find...
                               the REALITY I AM.


                          IN DISCONTENT DIVINE

                the Silent Sufferer...
                suffering from this Discontent Divine
                                  that my Soul is Jubilant.

                by the Struggles and the Strife
                      of living in Discontent Divine
                               of its Puppets
                            of which I am but one
                             my Soul is touching
                          the very Beingness of God
                                              in Happiness.

             And climbing...
                     forever higher and higher...
                        upon the Laurels of my Pain
                        and the Efforts of my Partners
                                   who are but me for time.

             For this Jubilant Soul in Happiness
                            we suffer but in Pleasure
                       the Lives and Living
                                  in this Hell called Earth.

             This Earth...
                     the very Plane of Man...
                              the Silent Sufferer...
                                      in Discontent Divine.


                           IMMORTALITY DIVINE

             To live dangerously...
                         to live by the Courage
                                    of Inner Persuasion
             To live without Fright
                         to live Recklessly
                                   by Inner Spirituality...

                       - That is The Way To Live -

             But to live normal
                  to live like the many others
                        is but to live like others
                            in a useless repeating Fashion.

             To live...
                  without ever knowing...
                              the Reality of Being
             To live...
                  without ever knowing the Spirit
                                    because of Flesh
                                 is but Dreariness...

             But to live dangerously...
                  and frightless upon the Path of Reality
                     with Spiritual Confidence
                           and complete Conviction
                                of being what you are
                                    Part of God...
                                           and Deathless...

                       - That Is The Way To Live -

             For conforming...
                  is dying repeatedly.

                  While the dangerously frightless Life
                                   of the Single Spirit
                               will find Liberty...
                          in Ultimate Freedom...
                                    and Immortality Divine.


                        WITHIN THE SAMENESS OF US

               At one Time... in the Future far
                                         I will understand.

               For within me...
                    born out of the Desire to Know
                                  is the Dynamic Force
                                            called Purpose.

                    And the Understanding I seek...
                                         will be Mine.
               For the Life I am...
                              is Continuous.
                    In different Forms...
                          on different Levels
                               within Space-Time...
                                          and without.
                                             But always ME.

               For the Space-Time... I live in now
                           is but Consciousness in Mode
                                but of an Essence...
                                             the same as I.

               While the Movements I am
                    within Space-Time and without
                          are but the Days and Nights
                                      of the Eternity I am.

               In alternate States of Consciousness
                                            and Continuity.

               And at one time...
                    is the Future far...
                               I will understand.

                    And look back...
                         upon the Modes of Consciousness
                               of Space-Time and I
                                          and know
                                      that we were ONE
                                within the Essence of Mind.

               But lost each other...
                    in but a Moment of Separation...
                                 within the Sameness of Us.


                      IN THE CLOSENESS OF ONE MIND

             At Night...
                  when I look into Mind...
                                 I find the Stars.

             The Markers...
                  of the Expanding Universal Mind
                                           of Immensity.
                          And the Immensity of Me.
                                             For ALL is ONE.

             For Space...
                  is but Thoughts of Mind
                                   filled with Stars
                            to show the Endlessness of Mind.

                               Born from Thoughts...
                                     of the Eternal ALL.

             Sharing Thought for Thought
                                         with Me
                               in the Closeness of one Mind.

             While the Eternal ALL
                                 and I
                         expand in Consciousness
                   by the Thoughts...
                         of Stars expanding.
                                To mark our Space
                                       with Endless Markers.

             For Space... Time... Stars...
                                        and I
                                 and the Eternal ALL
                      are but Thoughts in Mind
                                      of All That Is
                                 in Unison of Consciousness.

             And nothing ever will be lost...
                  for All is Present...
                          within the Mind of Minds.

                   Sharing Thought for Thought
                                           with Me
                               in the Closeness of one Mind.


                                THAT'S ME

                    How come I knew...
                         and didn't know...
                                The Path is me...
                                              by me.

                    How come I knew..
                         and didn't know
                                The Path is me...
                                         through me.

                    How come I knew...
                         and didn't know
                                 The Path is me...
                                               as me.

                It is because...
                   in all the Lives that past
                             I've grown the Light at last.

                And by the Lives...
                             in ages free
                                 I've grown the God...
                                                that's ME.


                             AS GOD AND MAN

               Yes... I will split this Earth
                                 and its so stinging pull
               For I have seen the Truth of Life
                                 and know the bloody Fool
               That in Insanity by Spells
                                of Skin and Bones and Mud
               Is but the dullest of Desires
                               and the pleasures of a Dud.

               For I.... the SELF
                       forever am in Presence
                                beyond this seeming Place
                     And do not have existence...
                                         in only...
                                           Time and Space.

               But forever am in Presence
                              of All That Is I am
                     To live and be...
                               as Time and Space
                                   and both...
                                           as God and Man.


                             NOT REALLY REAL

               I am healthy... I am good
                           and I behave just like I Should

               I am the Creator of Life to be
                     in Modes of Mind from Light that's Me

               For by my Thoughts from deep within
                      I create the Self... the Mental Twin

               So in my Forms in Space and Time
                            I am both Self and God Sublime

               And not one Force that is to be
                         can ever change the God that's Me

               For my Eternal Living Light
                      directs my Being... directs my Sight

               Upon the Path that's yet unknown
                               to be sojourned by me Alone

               In carrying forth this Matter Cross
                             that I create by Mental Dross

               Until the time this Conscious me
                        surrenders to the Twin that's Free

               To find that I the Self and All
                          are Cosmic Light beyond Enthrall

               While all my Forms in Beingness
                       were but the Modes of Consciousness

               They're States of Mind that so appeal
                     but Dreams of Life... not really Real.


                             THE COSMIC MIND

          When I have found...
               the Delight of Being
                         to be my Total Self.

               The Depth of my Dream
                         will be touching
                               the Inner Worth of my Soul

          I will be free then
                    of the Confinement of my Body
                         and rise to the Level of Consciousness
               marked by the experiences
                        of the God I am within the Cosmic Mind.

                         And the Markings...
                               will be in Richness and Splendor
                                       of Understanding.

          Then I will know
               that the Self I experienced
                         is ALL that ever was.

               While the Experiences
                         were but the Illusions
                                          of my Mind.

          Depicting the Limitations of my Awareness.
               The Limitations of the Self
                             in training to become...
                                                 the God I am.

          The God that was hiding
                   beyond Eternity in Time
                                I fashioned to be.
                                    Because of my Limitations.

          The Limitations that I will conquer
                              to become the ALL that ever was.

                      The ALL...
                              that's me...
                                   the Cosmic Mind.


                          WHERE LEAST EXPECTED

            I know a better place...
                              than Earth.

                      And it is there...
                                where least expected.

                      For it is but hidden beyond
                                 the Focus of the Physical
                              within a State of Mind
                                      in which I am and feel.

               And within an Instant of Time
                                     I could be there
                                 if I but knew the Mind I am.

            But to really know the Mind I am
                          I need to know the God I am.
                   The God that is lost...
                               within its Creation of Matter.

                   And I but measure...
                             in Dimensions of Size
                                      by my Conscious Mind
                             in seemingly Separateness
                                           of Time and Space.

            While both Time and Space
                        are Aspects of the Cosmic Mind.
                   The Mind focussed in Realities
                            in which I am not present as yet.

                   But know to be there...
                                where least expected.


                            AND NOT THE FLESH

          I... the Idiot
                    who does not know
                            am but a Shock...
                                  and Mental Blow
                    to Minds that think
                            that they alone
                    are Knowers of their World
                                     that's sown
                        the Evil and the Pestilence
                                  combined in War and Violence.

          For I do say... and say again
               that I create since Time... since when
                     the World in which I live and die...
                               and am the one
                                      who does not cry...
                let's fight and kill this Enemy
                     and show them Right and Scenery
                          of Life that we in Pain
                                have wrought
                                   by Deeds and Stain
                          by taking Land and silly Mud
                                      to bury but our Body-Dud.

          To find that at our next return
                a Body waits that must yet learn
                      that Violence for whatever cause
                            provides but Tears without a Pause.

          For even in what's Self-Defence
                            one may not kill at Soul's Expense.

          For the Lasting Mind of Consciousness
                      is the ONE that counts and not the Flesh.


                         THE GOD FEMALE SUBLIME

            Sometimes I find you Delightful
                       and sometimes I think you are not
            Sometimes I think you're Graceful
                              while often you are but a Plot.

            In the Daytime I think you are sexy
                       and at Night I find you insane
            In the Evening I see you as Beautiful
                    while in the Morning... you're too plain.

            And sometimes I think you're Elegant
                   for your Movements are Neatness in line
            While often I find you too Adamant
                          yet your yielding is purely Divine.

            But at all times... you are the Enticing
                          like a Promise elusive in Time
            Creating Rhythm too lively for soothing
                          by being... the God Female Sublime.


                        IN THE SILENCE OF KNOWING

         I do not want you to Love...
                        I do not want you to Cry
                                   I but want you to Understand.

         For Understanding is the 'essence' of Living.
                   While Living is to Love and Cry...
                                but neither is to be done alone.

                   And that my Dearest...
                            is what Life is all about.

          Life is a Struggle.
                   A Struggle between Pleasure and Sadness
                           between Love and Denial
                                between what is
                                             and what cannot be.

          But through the Loving and the Crying...
                                           called Living
                                      we grow and become Mature.

          And Maturity can only be attained by Experience
                  the Experience of being together... and alone.

                  With the Pleasures of Loving...
                         and the Sadness of Separation.

          All we do is Experience.
                    While all Experience is Growing to Maturity.

                  To finally become Strong...
                                    and Fearless
                                 by the Life we live.

                  And by the times we meet
                                      in the Silence of Knowing.

            So... in the Days ahead...
                     we live... we love... we cry...
                                          together and alone...
                         to mature and become... Beautiful People.

            Strong and Fearless...
                      through experiencing ourselves...
                                                  in being...
                                             The Beautiful We Are.

            By Loving...
                with the Inner Smile of Understanding.
                  Like Flowers and Trees united in Nature...
                    by togetherness and in the Silence of Knowing.


                             OUR BREAD AND WINE

              In the Eons and Eons of Man in need
                        his Eyes and Thoughts went up to plead.
              Knowing not... that HE... by his Total Self
                     was the GOD and CREATOR... yes HE himself.

              So in all the Eons he moaned the Sky
                           the Truth of Man just passed him by.
              For in all his Acts... for food and drink
                       he called on Darkness and did not think.

              And in his Delusion of different skin
                           he did not see their Godness within.
              While in his Pain of War and Might
                      his Selfness but bled... his Godly Light.

              But in this Aquarian New Age Design
                           Man's Mind and Planets are to align.
              And he will know... that his Self... so odd
                          is the very Creator and the only God.

              For Man... this Creature of Eons old
                         is the true Designer and Builder bold.
              For his Worlds and Stars are made in Mind
                     by his hidden Thoughts... the silent kind.

              Flowing forth forever... from his Mental Twin
                     from this Human God... the Creator within.

              But now... that Man has found his Source
                         his Inner God will direct his Course.
              Embracing Brothers from Time and Space
                              for Consciousness is of ONE Race.
              And through our Cosmic Mind Divine
                       we move... and share our Bread and Wine.


                             AND DON'T KNOW WHY

              We do not really want our Loving
                    and should but be as Friend to Friend
              For all the Sadness we slowly gather
                                will be too Painful in the End.

              But yet our daring Love in hunger
                        creating Thoughts we cannot still
              Is far too far from neutral Feelings
                                 to be denied in spite of Will.

              And in the times we meet in Silence
                      hiding the Words beyond our Thought
              We but live in little moments
                             that our togetherness has wrought.

              For the so lovely State of Loving
                        and the Pleasure we both do share
              Cannot deny the State of Knowing
                             that both of us should never care.

              Yet... in the Touching of our Being
                      we softly tremble... so deep inside
              To touch again.. with Silent Knowing
                            the Feelings both of us can't hide.

              While the Advice from Inner Sources
                      keep steady telling us to Self-Deny
              Yet... we obey the Secret Voices
                       that Lovers love.... and don't know why.


                          HIS TASTE AND DAILY CREED

               If I could 'poet' at lightning speed
                        it would be useless and without need
                        for the reader's eye cannot exceed
                        what his mind could grasp in greed.

               But even adopting to the Human Breed
                        with the steady pace of a centipede
                        is still too fast to get him keyed
                        for poet's thoughts he doesn't need.

               For in all the lines that I do feed
                        he sees but words and not the heed.
                        And all he swallows... indeed... indeed
                        is worldly weed and not the seed.

               I wonder if I would succeed
                        if I wrote poems of sex and greed
                        with boobs galore and super-steed
                        to suit his taste and daily creed?


                              AND TO NEVER DIE

             The Teacher of Man... the Greatest of All
                     started his Glory when born in a Stall
             And when he was little... his Wisdom Divine
                     silenced the Learned of Temple and Shrine
             With Words of Mansions and Paradise Earth
                     of Truth Eternal... within Man from Birth
             Engraved in Silence... hidden in Soul
                     to be followed by living... making us Whole
             For the Truth of his Words... older than Time
                     is the Secret of Life... by Spirit Sublime.

             For the Knowing of Ages... through living Life
                     is stored in Soul by the Struggle and Strife
             That we daily encounter on the Path of Ascend
                     to follow the way of the Master and Friend.

             For he who came... to show us his Way
                     was teaching us Man... by Love-Portray.
             And we who follow the Path of the Cross
                     do need his Guidance to gain our Loss
             In the Valley of Self... on the Ridges of I
                     to join him in Time... and to never die.



             Since I know...
                   that there is nothing I can learn
                               from what there is outside of me.

                         I dwell inside...
                                    and learn ALL.

                   For in the Silence...
                          of my Inner Being
                                  I find the Light
                                            that's living.

                         Life itself... by Knowing.

             While ALL that I ever get to know...
                                   is nothing more
                                      and nothing less
                                                  than ME.

                                                     THE KNOWER.

             And while I the KNOWER live Life
                                in whatever Form or Being
                          in whatever Plane or Level
                                                I am That
                                                    what I know.

                          Nothing MORE...
                                      nothing LESS.



                               IN SELFISH NEED

           I write and write...
                          and who does care?
                                 Another Writer... here or there?

           A Writer who does not really need...
                                    the Thoughts I feel and need.

           For he himself...
                  in tip top shape
                         knows that writers can't escape...
                  the Silent Thoughts that tumble down
                                to be dressed up in Suit or Gown.

           For the one who writes...
                             is in the know...
                  that tumbling Thoughts are pure as Snow
                  and softly fall... from who knows where
                              to be expressed by Words that Care.

                  So this is....
                       why just him and I
                              but write and write...
                                       and don't know why.

           For the Masses never touch a Poem or Book
                                    or neither even care to look.

           For Words to them are all the same
                           beyond their Mind... beyond their Aim.

                  And all they do with eager Greed
                             is be a Body in selfish Need.


                                AND OURSELVES

                  I my Friends...
                         I'm only here to learn.
                  And what is Valuable to me...
                            indeed might be Useless to you.

                  But it is wrong to think...
                         that somebody knows it all
                             and somebody else is ignorant.

                      For All of Us are here to learn.

             While None of Us will ever learn anything
                      when we keep rejecting each other
                                 because we have different views.

             For to keep rejecting each other
                          denies us the opportunity
                                        to learn from each other.

             And the Learning we have to do...
                                  is... to learn from each other.

                  For 'that' is...
                          the only thing there is to learn.

                  While All of Us...
                                 at all times...
                           are the Student and the Teacher.

                  Hiding within ourselves...
                                         to find the Truth.

             Waiting to be found...
                  by teaching and learning from each other.
                                                   And Ourselves.


                           FROM WHERE I SHARE

               Whether I am one of the many...
                       or whether I am the 'top' of a few
               It would not matter the least of all
                        if I could not share the ONE I am.

               For it is the 'sharing'...
                             of the ONE I am
                       that determines
                             whether I belong to...
                                             the many...
                                             the few...
                                             or the 'top'.

               For only when I share...
                                do I know that I am there.

                       And do not ask...
                                from where I share.


                            DIVINITY IN PEACE

           It is not...
                 that the Part that is God
                        and the Part that isn't
                               do not want to cease to Struggle.

           It is just...
                 that the Part that is
                      and the Part that isn't God
                                  cannot surrender to...
                                     the Completeness of Peace.

           For the 'two' Parts are still two.
                       But the God-Part...
                              is blending more and more...
                                      within the Oneness of Me.

           And by the Flowing Together
                      of the slowly indistinguishable Parts
                              will be my Becoming.

           And Godness is Sameness...
                      within the Oneness of Beingness
                                       within 'that' what I am.

           Beyond Time and Space.
                      Beyond knowing where and when.
                      But all within the Moment of Nowness
                                           within the God I am.

                    Portraying... Divinity in Peace.


                             CUTE AND SMALL

             I am Love...
                    and I do give it
                            to the Greatest of them all.

             I am Love...
                    and I do share it
                          with the Children Cute and Small.

             For in our World...
                    so full of smugness
                        In our World...
                                  so quite insane

             I come and go...
                    in Silent Goodness
                            and hug the Sick...
                                  to be Humane.

             And all the cuddling...
                   and all the hugging
                               I give in Love...
                                           to them in need.

             I make them grow...
                     in Self and Loving...
                                 the Total Man...
                                           the Human Breed.

           For I am Love...
                      and I do give it
                               to the Greatest of them all.

           For I am Love...
                      and I do share it...
                              with the Children...
                                            Cute and Small.


                       WITH THE SILENCE OF KNOWING

         The World of Books...
                     and the World of Words...
                                      you might know...
                                 will never bring you Peace.

         For Peace...
               is born within.

                      Deep within the Self...
                                     by Struggle...
                                          that is conquered
                            by winning the War Within.

         So in the Days ahead...
               and in the Chaos yet to come
                     please remember my Friend...
                              that you are not the World
                              and that the World is not you.

         You only live here upon this World
                        to find the Peace Within...
                                     by Thoughts of Peace
                                         for Yourself
                                   and for your Brother Man.

         So... go then... in Love and Peace...
                                with the Silence of Knowing.


                        THE FEELINGS OF THE HEART

         If you can understand me with your Heart...
                             for sure it is to blow your Mind.

              And if you follow me in Mind...
                          your Heart will hurt and die.

         So do not listen with your Mind.
                            But hear my Words with your Heart.

         For listening is but Mind-Stuff and Division...
                               while hearing is Heart-Stuff...
                                        and Oneness.

         So find the Reflection of yourself within
                      through the encounter of your Heart
                             that's hearing the Words I Speak
                                         to the you...
                                              you are...
                                         about the you within.

         Hear them with the Feelings of the Heart
                                about the Experiences of Life.

         And never listen to the Pictures of Mind...
                          depicting the Shifting of Divisions.

         For Heart is Spirit.... feeling.
               And Mind is but Mind is but Mind.
                        Useless in producing Feelings...
                                    the Feelings of the Heart.


                           MENTALITY IN SEARCH

                a word so very few understand
                         For most of us are looking for it.

                Most of us want Happiness.
                    And He... who is looking for it
                                       will never find it.
                                     For he is too busy looking.

          And as long as you are busy looking...
                           Happiness is impossible to find.

                    For it always is...
                           where you just did not look yet.
                    And instantly moves to where you just looked.

          So quit looking...
                    and you will experience it.
                          For Happiness is... Peace of Mind.

                And Peace of Mind...
                               is not just a substitute.
                            Peace of Mind is the REAL thing.

         Peace of Mind is REST.
                And looking for Happiness is wanting.
                                        Wants are Desires.
                                          The Opposites of Peace.

         To look for Happiness...
                     is a thing of the Mind.
               And Minds only fulfill themselves...
                      with the Fulfillments of the same Nature...

                                 Mentality in Search.


                           TO FIND YOUR TRUTH

        To be born...
              is to enter your own Dream.
                                You are the Dreamer.
                         Your Dream then is your Creation.

        For You... in manners you are not aware of...
                           are... the God and Creator...
                                          of your own Being...
                                                and your own Life.

        Your Parents are but the Channels...
                            of your Physical Becoming.

                   And you... coming into your Body are the Entity
                         that enters Physical Reality to learn.
                              To learn about YOU.
                                     To learn about LIFE.

        You are the Creator of the Life you are...
                             and of the Life you are living.

               You are... the Dreamer and the Creator...
                         that creates your Life...
                                 that creates your Being...
                                     that creates the God you are.

        And unless your Parents tell you
                             the same as the above...
                        do not believe what you are told.

               For the Channels...
                    that brought you in the Body...
                                            are but your Channels.
                                  And not necessarily...
                                                your Teachers.

               You are the Teacher.
                         You are the Pupil.
                            You are the One... to find Your Truth.


                     THE CENTRE OF REST IN I-AMNESS

        I am Motion...
                  standing still.

                   For Peace of Mind...
                           has commanded Stillness to Motion.

                   And the 'Standing Still' I am...
                                            is Motion itself.

        For I am ALL.
               For I am....
                    the Life of the Universe...
                          in complete Rest and Solitude.

                               As if frozen in Peace

        Peace of Ages...
            that never were...
                 but in Minds of Motion.
                      In the Stillness of Knowing Silence.

        I am Motion...
                  standing still.

                          For Peace of Mind
                                has commanded Stillness
                                                   to Motion.

            And in the Midst of Insanity...
                    I am The Center of Rest in I-amness.


                                ALL IS ME

               In the Innermost Core of my Being...
                                                I AM ALONE.

               But yet I share with you
                            - The Totality of Man -
                                               I am Within.

                   And when I speak to you...
                              I speak to you for Many.

               For in the Aloneness of my Being...
                                             - I AM ALL -
                                            that ever were.

               And within the Restfulness of Purity
                         amidst the Beauty of Aloneness
                              I am fulfilled to Completion.

               For in the Shrine...
                               where I...
                               and my Aloneness meet...
                                                 ALL is ME.



               How can I...
                          awaken Thee?
                                     There is no way.

               And by trying...
                     I would prove to be...
                                 The Perfect Sleeper.

               So forgive me...
                     for being ME...
                              in your Dream.

               And when you will find the need...
                                to not forgive me anymore...

                                 You will be...
                                          like I am...


                        A MASSIVE BATTERED CHILD

            The Eons and Eons...
                          that have seen Man
                    Have seen and know...
                                    a Planless Clan.

                    each One of Them in turn
                          has all the Plans for his Sojourn.

            But coming in the Land of Flesh...
                          all the Plans he has in Mind
                                 are of a self and ego kind.

            That's why...
                    the Race of Man runs wild
                                   a massive battered Child.


                                SO WHAT?

    I am here... because I like to be here.
                I am here... because of ME.  I like it here.
    I am here... because I love myself.
                  And since I love myself... I can love You.

    And I do.  For All of You are my Friends.
        And you are not my Friends just because  you are listening.
               You are my Friends because within you...
                           I find the Parts that are missing in ME.

          You complete ME.
                 Without you... I am only ME.
                                With You... I am All of You.
                                With You... I am You and ME.

          When you listen to me...
               you will hear things...
                         you have never heard before.

                                      They are all True.
                                                 True to ME.

          And what you think about them...
                                  I do not care about.
                        But please be not insulted...
                                             by what you hear.
                                       For it is only ME saying it.

    Things are not True...
            because I say them.
                    Things are True...
                            because you find them to be True.
                                                   Sooner or Later.
                                           And if not...
                                                    SO WHAT?


                             A PERFECT BEING

         Life... your Life and mine...
                           is the Process...
                   whereby you and I raise each other...
                                                and ourselves...
                               to an ever becoming...
                                             State of Greatness.

               This Process...
                       is of an Eternal Duration.
                                  And it will never be finished.

         The State of Greatness...
                       to be reached by you and I...
               is entirely and completely up to you and I.
                                 And our Potential is Unlimited.

         How much Unlimited means...
                          I do not really know.

                For I have only an inkling of its meaning...
                                             and its importance.

                This inkling tells me...
                                     that I...
                          by my own efforts eventually...
                                                   will be...

                                                A PERFECT BEING.


                           THIS ACTION IS GOD

              And People say...
                     that God in his Wisdom
                                       shared ALL
                                 there was to be shared.

         And the Shares...
                 that God passed along...
                           are counted by the Fools.
                                     But the Wise never bother.

         For he...
               who is worth his Share...
                       that Shares grow by using them
                                      and diminish by counting.

         And I say...
              that he who shares his Shares...
                           is the Wisest of Them All.

                               For he approaches God in Wisdom.

         He who approaches God in Wisdom
               is the only one who is counted by Wisdom itself.

                Wisdom itself...
                    can neither be counted or estimated.
                         For its Quantity...
                                 contains all Qualities.

                     Gathered together...
                                  in but ONE Action.

                         This Action... is God.


                        THE PATH BEHIND IS EQUAL

         People ask... why do you write...
                        and I answer... why shouldn't I.
         And then they say...
                                   yes... but if you follow Jesus
                         you should not have to write.
                                  For Jesus never wrote a word.

               And then my dear Friends...
                                I come loose...
                                     and let them have it.

               For I am not following Jesus.
                                I cannot follow him.
                                         For he is Jesus.
                                             And I am Gerardus.

         I am not him.
              I cannot follow him.
                      For his Path is useless to me.
                                            Absolutely useless.

         Oh yes...
              my Goal is the same.  Sure.
                     But our Ways are different.
                                      His path is his.
                                           My Path is mine.

         And although I do not follow...
                             I go where he went.
              While as soon as I find my Goal...
                             I have covered his Footsteps.
              Yet none of his Footsteps show ahead.
                                  But the Path behind is equal.


                          YOU ARE THE REALITY

         Each Life is a Dream.
                   And all Dreams are Real.
              Each Life I dream...
                        makes me the Dreamer...
                                  a more perfect Dreamer.
                                                 By dreaming.

         For all the Lessons I encounter
                as the Dreamer in all my Dreams
                                        provide for me...
                               the experience needed...
                                        to awaken to REALITY.

                The REALITY of AWAKENING...
                                 to the Creator I am.

                        The Creator of Dreams...
                                          called Life.
                                     And 'ALL' that is in IT.

         All things that make up my Dreams
                            - my Lives in the Physical -
                 are of a Nature of Realness...
                       that is accepted as Real by my Senses.

         But all things are...
                 my own manifested Consciousness.
             And not anything in the Physical Reality...
                                              is really REAL.

                     Yet... ALL my Dreams are Real.

         And ALL things that appear in my Dreams are real.
                    But only within the Reality of my Dreams.

              The whole thing is quite confusing...
                                and why shouldn't it be?

        Finally coming down to the fine point of it all...
                    not ANYTHING is really REAL...
                                              but YOU.

                                        YOU ARE THE REALITY .


                            FOR BOTH ARE BOTH

          Being a Friend...
                is being both You and the Friend.
                                      Without any Division...
                               without any Difference.

          Being a Friend...
                     is being Both.
                          By feeling Pleasure double...
                                          and Pain only half.

               Being a Friend also is...
                      not knowing whose Friend is whose.

               For Both are halves of one Whole.
                            And the Whole...
                                  does not know...
                                             who is who.

               There is no Difference...
                        nor Division between Friends.

                                           For Both are Both.


                               I REALLY AM

           this Tower of Strength...
                       have erected myself...
                                upon a Foundation of Weakness.

         And all the Smiles I project...
                 are born from a Pool of Questions.
                            Hiding the Faces full of Tears
                                          I pretend not to be.

         And all the Faces...
                 being all the me's I project
                                   never tell any man
                                          of the Child inside.

         For beyond this Tower of Light
                             is the Source of Darkness.
                   Displaying the Will to Live
                                    by hiding the Will to Die.

         And in this Show of pretended Wisdom...
                         hiding behind the Light I am not
                                 the Masks I wear...
                               do not really conceal...
                                            the Trueness I am.

                 this Tower of Strength...
                              topple toward Despair
                        in ignorance...
                                   of the REALITY...
                                              I really am.


                               CALLED YOU

               What is Life?
                         What is God?
                                  What is Consciousness?

                     And who is it...
                               that wants to know?

               Please remember...
                    that the answer is hidden
                                       beyond Infinity.
                               And never will be understood.

                       The answer is beyond reach.

               Which is Beautiful and Just.

                    For the not finding of the answer
                             is the Solution to the Problem.

          For Life...
                      and Consciousness
                                are realities
                                      that are Nameless...
                                                  and the Same.

          These realities...
                  in Totality in Eternal Time...
                                    form the Creation...
                                                    called YOU.


                             KNOWING MYSELF

         How Beautiful Life is...
                       I do not know.
                                For there is so little...
                                                      I know.

         But whatever it is...
                  I know about Life...
                           fills me with Awe and Inspiration.

         And every time...
                  I learn more about Life...
                        I become more and more aware...
                                               of its Beauty.

         Just imagine...
             what Life really will be like...
                          when I know how to practice...
                                                 what I know.

         And then...             imagine again...
                  what Life will be like...
                       when I practice what I know...
                                          without knowing it.

         Then I will be...
                    what I should be.

               A Being...
                    that cannot be any other way...
                                           but Itself.

                                     Knowing ALL...
                                             Knowing Myself.


                              I'M USED TO IT

         The Task I have is difficult...
                for the possibility to succeed is very small.
                        And the difficulty encountered...
                                               is very great.

         Why don't you help me to achieve a small part of it?
                By being open-minded...
                        and by listening with your Heart.

         For to tell you...
                  the Truth I know...
                            and make it understood...
                  is a Task as great as the Duration of Time.

                  But worth doing for me...
                             for there is nothing else to do.

         But without your help...
                     I cannot achieve anything.

                     For You have to do the Understanding
                                     While I but utter words.

         So listen.
               Listen to me...
                     with patience of Heart.

                     For to know some of my Truth...
                                          is to your Benefit.

               And if you don't like it...
                                 pass it back to me.
                                              I'm used to it.


                                I PROVIDE

               My Pen is the Link...
                         between the Minds I am.
               And when it writes...
                         I am the one who is reading.

          And whoever wants to speak...
                            appears on the Paper I provide.
          Up to now... many have spoken...
                                    and much has been said.

               Yet... in all the Ages of Living...
                        Words will never cover the lot.

               For it is the Feeling...
                              of the Hearts I am...
                        that unites and becomes...
                                    the Love behind my Pen.

          The Love behind my Pen...
                    expressing the Thoughts I receive...
               from the Hearts in Love that write...
                          in Silent Communion of Oneness...
                    flowing forth...
                              from the Link I am...
                                          through my Pen...
                                     on the Paper...
                                                 I provide.


                            I TRIED TO SHARE

         With the Smugness of Mind
              and with the Contentment of Soul
                    she enjoys the Pleasures of the Body...
                                                 in being Total.

         Living her Life
              by the Splendor of her Thoughts
                                 that form her Prison
                        with Walls of Tranquillity...
                                      and Windows without a Sky.

         While yet...
              in the most Lovely Serenity
                   she's happy in her Universe of Light...
                        owning the Peace of her Mind
                                to make her what she is...
                                              A Pearl of Heaven.

         A Pearl of Heaven... in love...
                     and yet not completely loving...
                she enjoys and endures her World of Lovers
                                that wander and are amazed by...
                           her Beauty in being...
                                      the God she is.

         And all this...
                while I know...
                       that in the Days yet to come...
                                    she will Bloom in Knowing...
                             the Love for the World
                                               I tried to share.


                            IT'S AWFUL SHORT

        While you are reading this...
                   the first half of Eternity just passed by.
              And the second half...
                   will be spent in the Eternal Now.
                                   It's called... the Future.

        At this very moment then...
              the past and the Future...
                                  are kept apart...
                            by the Eternal Now...
                         in order for you to utilize...
                                   the Moment of the Present.

                           Please use it well.

         For if you do not live in the Present
             by spending your Time in the Past or Future
                                  you are missing...
                                           ALL THREE OF THEM.

         For the Past and the Future...
                   are Thoughts in the Eternal Now.

             And only should be thought about...
                    when you have no living to do...
                               in the Present Instant...
                                                  of Nowness.

         Think about it... before it is too late.
                   Now is the Time... to think about Nowness.

              So use the Time...
                       between the Past and the Future.

                            It's awful short.


                           KNOWER OF THE PAST

           I am a Student of the Future...
                           and a Knower of the Past
           While in this Body... that is living...
                               is invested... the ME to last.

           And within the Nature of my Being...
                                and the Life I represent
           Is the Secret of my Greatness...
                              formed by Time... I did ascend.

           While in the Eons of the Future
                          in which I study the One that's Me
           My Greatness will surmount more Greatness
                             for that's the Way I can but be.

           To finally find the God that's hidden
                         beyond a Greatness vaster than vast
           By being a Student of the Future...
                                    and a Knower of the Past.


                                RIGHT NOW

            In the Lives I have been living
                   I have seen Tears and many Smiles
            And all of them... in pure abundance
                                 lasted but for tiny Whiles.

            While the only thing of pure Duration
                      and guaranteed for Life to last
            Is the Smile that's found in living
                             in neither Future nor the Past.

            So live and smile in full Endeavour
                   with the Knowledge and Wisdom how
            To but enjoy your Smile forever
                          by being You... yes You...
                                                  RIGHT NOW.


                       YOU LIVE IN IT... YOURSELF

           The God that you created...
                            is not the God that created you.
                 What or Who then...
                                is your Creator?

                        And the answer is... YOU.

           Yes... YOU are your own Creator.

                        You are a God and Creator...
                                              in the Making.

                      You are a Becoming Greatness.

           For all you do... in this Life...
                               and in any other...
               adds to your Experience and Knowledge...
                           to eventually bloom into Godness.

        All your Lives...
             and all the Attitudes towards your lives and living
                      accumulates to make up...
                               the Maker of You... You are.

        You are your own Maker.
                   You are your own Creator.

                And your Soul...
                         the Individual Consciousness you are
                                   is the Creator...
                                         and Maintainer...
                                         of the Body you live in.

        Your Body ... is the Instrument...
                          you experience as your Creation.

                                      YOU LIVE IN IT... YOURSELF.


                           THE ONLY NECESSITY

         When a Person...
              finally becomes of any use to himself...
                   he has discovered...
                        that he was only...
                                       half a Person.
                                          The Rational Half.

         And the half he does not know...
                              is the Intuitive Half.

             After knowing this...
                         he can slowly become ONE WHOLE.

                The Rational Half is Mind.
                         The Intuitive Half is Heart.

                   The First is Thinking.
                             The Second is Feeling.

                       Both together...
                                 form Awareness.

             By practice...
                any Person can learn to add
                              these two dimensions together.

                And can become...
                           Total Awareness or Godness.

                    To do this...
                              is The Only Necessity.


                            THE KEY TO LIVING

         Everyone we know...
                   is looking for the Key.
             The Key to Peacefulness
                       and the Awareness in Knowing
                                    the Christ Consciousness.

         Most of the People we know...
                   are looking for this Key
                                  outside of themselves.

                           Somehow there is more light there.

         The Key however...
                        is inside.
                                  And always was.

         So forget...
              about the outside clues.
                             Look for the inside ones.

         And then slowly...
              you will find the Peacefulness...
                                 of the Christ Consciousness.

              Which means...
                   to Love the World...
                         to Love Yourself.

                         And to know...
                                    what you are.

                                    This is...
                                           the Key to Living.


                       KNOWING GOD... KNOWING YOU

              To make something simple...
                           is the way of the Ego.

              To make something difficult...
                                is the way of the Heart.

              To manage both the Ego...
                                     and the Heart
                                is the Task of the Soul.

         To know why all three are needed
                                and make you a Human Being
                          is Godness in Practice...
                                              or Divine Wisdom.

         The Ego is the Conscious Mind of Self.
             The Heart is the Intuitive Higher Self.
                              The Soul is the Director of Both.

             Godness is the Impetus of Thought...
                                           that knows how.

         Understanding is...
                  what you are all about.
                       When you understand... you are Balanced.

                 Then... neither Questions...
                                  nor Answers are needed.

                 To be Balanced means...
                      having found the Peace of Selfhood.

                    It means...
                          Knowing God... Knowing You.


                        IT'S DIFFERENT THAN MINE

         My Poems reflect what is.
                   But do not get caught by your Emotions.

               Your Emotions are not you.
                       Emotions are things you have.
                                     Like eggs for breakfast.

         To write without Emotions...
                             is impossible.
                    And to read or hear my Poems...
                             without becoming involved...
                                          is also impossible.

         Please understand...
             that all you feel...
                     sense or emote from and by...
                                 is but a State of Mind.
                                                   Your Mind.

         For you are the Creator...
                   of ALL that exists for you.

         So enjoy... feel... and 'be'...
                   the Emotions behind my Words.
                                But do not become them.

             What I write about...
                      is.... what is to me.

                            What is to You...
                                     I do not know.

             You are the Creator... and the Controller...
                                            of Your Universe.

                        It's different than Mine.


                        YOU ARE GOD..... IN PLAY

                   is... what is needed.
                                  By All of Us.

               It's needed...
                         to tangle Life...
                   and learn to control ourselves.

         We have to learn this...
               while we are on Earth.
                              It's difficult.

                              For it means...
                                   to create a God...
                                         by training an animal.

        It takes Time.
               It takes Experience.
                       It takes Endurance.
                                 It takes Detachment.

               All these are learned...
                       in all the Lives we live on Earth.

                       The Trick is...
                              to become a Witness...
                                       to the SELF in the Body.

               The SELF is God.

                       God's Play... is OUR LIFE.

               God is Super-Confidence...
                              and you are God... in Play.


                          WITH THOUGHTS OF YOU

      My Love... is my Mirror.
             My Mirror... is my Love.

             And with you my Love...
                      with you my Mirror...
                                I like to share a Thought or two.

             Just for the Sake of Comfort...
                   and to help me find the Rambling I am.

      For all the Calmness... you are my Mirror...
             and the patient Reflection you are to me...
                                              gives me rest...
                                                   and Clearness.

      For within the Thoughts I am...
                 my Mind wanders... where no Mind ever goes.

             For in the Hours of Searching...
                         within the Scrambling I am...
                              I cannot find the Self I should be.

             All I see... is Loveliness...
                       with an Image that is your Smile.

       And your Smile...
             tells me to yield... to loving...
                       the Love I cannot have for knowing...
                                                that I am Strong.

      Yet I am but Weakness...
             for wandering in Dreams of Mind...
                             and Thoughts I entertain.

            Thoughts that are so lively within me...
                             to bring me down to Tears...
                                                 and Sadness.

               For being so alone... with Thoughts of You.


                          OF BEAUTY AND SPLENDOR

         In all the Universes... I have lived
                     I missed the Love of Splendor...
                                               within my Soul.

         And in all the Worlds... I was Flesh
                     I turned from Music... I thought strange.

         But in this Dust of Dust... in being me
                     upon this Earth...
                          so full of Sparkling Pearls
             I can no longer close my Being...
                                to the so tearing Love...
                                        of Pearls in Splendor.

         And with the Soul...
                   that enlightens me in being...
               I will embrace this very Sparkling Pearl.

         To the Enticement of the Universe of Gods
                                     and the very Life...
                                            that is within me.

         So that the Strangeness... that is but Thought
                     will surrender to the Discovery
                of the Music that is enhancing the Flesh I am.

                To deliver me to Pleasure...
                                       of being me...
                              in Loving Pearls...
                                       of Beauty and Splendor.


                            BETRAYED BY GAPS

         Beyond the very Words...
                   that are but Signs of Language...
                             I hide the deepest Feelings.

               While the Gaps between the Words...
                             betray me... time and time again.

         And whatever I do...
                    to negate the Feelings I am...
                            I cannot stop them from appearing.

         For in the Silence of the Soul I am
                       I cannot hide the Light I share...
             with the Universe that has made me...
                                 the Writer of the Sense I am.

             Shining the Light of 'All That Is'
                         upon the Page of Ages in being.

             And for the Time... I am a Writer now
                 I have been a Reader for Eons and Eons.

         Witnessing the Universe fashioning its Pupil
               into a Being willing to learn its Lessons...
                         in the Art of being...
                               the Feeling beyond Words...
                                             betrayed by Gaps.


                            AND HANDS SO FREE

        In the Silence of my Thoughts...
                           I read your Letter... again.

                    And I know...
                           that I have touched you...
                                          than you knew you were.

        And then slowly... my Thoughts move me...
                    to where we shared the last Moments...
                                                     of being us.

                    I remember the Hands we felt.
                         The Hands that moved so freely...
                                                for they were us.

        And in the Depth of our Being...
                 we in Agony felt the Beauty of our Soul in Pain.

                    The Pain...
                          we call Love.
                                Love that cannot be.

             We enjoyed it...
                   with the Pleasures of Agony...
                               for Separation was upon us.

        We loved each other...
                        for what we were... and are...
                                        and that is why...
                                             we are still loving.
             For we know so well...
                       the Sufferings of each other...
                                 by the Togetherness of Us.

                       In Pain of Loving...
                                  and Hands so Free.


                              SO DESPERATELY

         Do not be jealous...
                   for I love the World.

               And the Reflection of my loving the World
                        is focussed through the Mirror you are.

               While the Light surrounding your Being
                              is the Source of my Existence...
                     and the Cause of my loving the World.

         And all the Stars at Night whisper
                of all the hidden Powers of all the Gods...
                                I do not care about...
                                                for I have You.

                     The Lens by which I am...
                               the Lover of the World...
                                              in Loving You.

         And the Night you told me...
                     that I could not love you...
               I slowly cried...
                        for you lied to me.

                                 Because I already did.
                                                So Desperately.


                             FREEDOM IS TRUTH

            The most Beautiful Promise...
                     from the very Depth of Existence...
                        that One will live forever.

                            And Living...
                                     is Loving.

                     And if Love is not there...
                            Life is a compromise with Death.

            Do not think about this lightly...
                            For it is... The Truth of Being.

                   Living is Loving.
                           Loving is Freedom.
                                      Freedom is Truth.


                               AND LOVE ME

         Why do I write Poems?
                     Because I like it...
                                    I feel like it.

               So by writing...
                         I do what I feel like.

                   To do what you feel like...
                                   is good for you.

         Actually I do not really write.
                            My Guides and Helpers do.
                                                  I only type.

               Beyond and above me...
                      are the People that teach me.

               They are the Inspiration.
                         I am the 'doer' of things.
                                            Like typing Poems.

         I put into Physical Reality...
                     the Thoughts and Ideas
                                 of many good feeling Spirits.

                 I do not really know them.

                          But they sure know me.

                                             AND LOVE ME.


                          COME BACK AND LOVE ME

         It is impossible to forget...
                     a Soul that vibrates...
                              with a Frequency that modulates...
                        your own Soul to Beauty...
                                           and Splendidness.

         For forever...
                   you will miss
                             - the Beautiful Music -
                        that was created
                                    by being in Harmony.

         And continually...
                   you will long for
                             - the Fulfillment of Being -
                        that was within the Melody
                                              of being together.

         And when such a Soul is met...
                   a River of Tears cannot wash away...
                                         the Pain of Separation.

               For a Sparkle of Togetherness
                               builds Rainbows of Beauty
                    against rumbling Skies...
                                         of Thunder.

                    Oh Soul and Face...
                               come back and Love ME.


                                 MY VIEW

               God is my Father
                         Nature is my Mother
               The Universe is my Way
                         Eternity is my Kingdom
               Immortality is my Life
                         The Mind is my House
               Truth is my Worship
                         Love is my Law

                              Form is my Manifestation
                                        Conscience is my Guide
                              Peace is my Shelter
                                        Experience is my School
                              Obstacle is my Lesson
                                        Difficulty is my Stimulant
                              Joy is my Hymn
                                        Pain is my Warning
                              Work is my Blessing
                                        Light is my Realization.

         Friend is my Companion
                   Adversity is my Instructor
         Neighbour is my Brother
                   Struggle is my Opportunity

             Future Time is my Promise
                       Equilibrium is my Attitude
                 Order is my Path
                           Beauty is my Ideal

                                And Perfection is my Destiny.

           By Dr. Tolentino.


                              LISTEN OFTEN

         Do not think...
                   for one Moment...
               that there is any Force... but Yourself...
                          that determines...
                                        for you...
                                   what you should do...
                                               and shouldn't do.

              Yes YOU alone...
                        are the Force...
                              that determines you.

         YOU are the CREATOR...
                        of YOUR LIFE.

                 And to become FREE...
                                  is your AIM.

         While Freedom...
                   and Guiltlessness...
                             is the Approach to Perfection.

               Your Opinion is your Path.
                         Your Opinion is the Law for YOU.
                                   Your Opinion...
                                            is the Voice Within.
                                               Listen Often.


                                 YOU ARE

         What Life is to you...
                        is what Life is to you.

         And what Life is to me...
                        is what Life is to me.

               And if Life to you is...
                                 smelling Flowers
                                        By all means smell them.

                   Your Life...
                       is an entirely independent Creation...
                                                         by YOU.

         Your Life...
              is YOUR Creation...
                        created by YOUR Thinking.
                   And if YOU don't think much...
                                   your Life will be a scramble.

         Your Life...
              is the Expression and Wishes...
                                       in Thought
                           that YOU project...
                                 from the Creator's Mind...
                                                        YOU ARE.


                         I HAVE TOUCHED HER SOUL

        She is the Beauty of Marble in Movement
                                      - Sculptured in Soul -
                       and graciously she carries...
                                               her Form.

               And the Delicate Intricacies
                                   of her Feeling Sense
                       are enlightening my Mind...
                                              to Wisdom.

               Her Touch quickens my Heart
                   and her Voice vibrates with Tenderness of Ages.

                       Ages witnessed by Love
                                  and the Equilibrium of Being.

         Her Eyes are the misty Pearls of Heaven.

                        Worthiness of Self...
                             to the World she creates.

                   - She is in Love... and knows it -

               For with the Silences...
                           between my Words...
                                   I have touched her Soul.


                            AND HEART UNITES

           I am the man...
                  who since Time began
                              lived and worked
                                     for the Race of Man.

                  To teach and guide...
                            and do his Share
                                      for the World of Man
                                               that is his Care.

           And in the Time...
                      that is yet to come
                when the Future seems so dim and glum
                                 he's the one to speak and tell.

                For he's the one...
                          who knows so well...
                               that Soul is Life...
                                    and Flesh but Shell...
                          that Heart is Heaven...
                                    and Mind is Hell.

                     For Mind divides...
                                    and Heart unites.


                      THE UNIVERSE AND THE DEWDROP

         From the very Source of Existence
                                       I have come.

         From the very Beginning of Time
                                       I was.

                   And from the very Light of God
                                                 I am.

             And when the Greatness I am...
                                     - knows -
                            the very Source of Existence...
                             the very Beginning of Time...
                              by the very Light of God...

                                       I will live in Splendor.

         And until then...
              the Silent Search...
                   and the Divine Discovery...
                                   of the 'ME' I am...
                                 will keep me in Ecstacy.

               To finally lead me...
                              to "All That Is"...
                                   the Source and the Becoming.

                     Then I will have found...
                                the ONE I am... and always was.

                                      The Universe...
                                               and the Dewdrop.


                           WITHIN THE ME I AM

         There is a Depth within me
                  that never will be filled
                                       by Someone
                                           that is but Surface.

         And although the Surface bends
                                       and folds itself
                                                 around me...
                                              I am still Empty.

         For no Surface ever will fill Depth
                      to complete the Promise of Being...
                                          to be ONE in Oneness.

               For Surfaces but straddle Depth
                     and never can sense the Deepness
                                       of the Emptiness Within.

               While Depth absorbs within itself
                          many Surfaces
                                that are but lost Within
                                     the Spaceness of the Deep.

               The Spaceness of the Deep
                           that shows no Shallowness
                                             for Surfaces
                                       to Self-Reflect in ever.

         There is thus a Gap in Dimensions
                   that only Time can fill with Space
                         and no Soul can fill with Willingness.

         And how lonely I thus am
                 until I find the Toucher of the Depth...
                                            within the me I am.



         And although I am Brilliant...
                       I could never be so...
                           if my Love would not reflect
                                   the very Light I am
                                 by being my Perfect Reflection
                                         in Brilliance.

               For through My Reflection
                                   do I know
                                       The ME I am.

               It has brought out...
                                from within ME
                                      the Very Light I am.

         My Love and I...
               Two Thoughts in the Mind of the Creator.

                                       The Creator we are.

                      By being each other's Mind
                                     within the Isness of Love.

               The Isness of Love...
                       that never measures Time.

                                   For it is Time itself.

                       By Sharing Love Forever...
                                within the Brilliance...
                                                 of our being.


                          IN BEING LIFE ITSELF

         I have loved Bodies
                        with Body.

                  I have loved Minds
                                with Mind.

               And in the Passions of Loving
                                 and all that's in between
                           I have touched the Well of Pleasure
                        to the Depth of Disappearance very often.

               But I had never touched...
                              the Subtleness of Soul.

               And now that I have been
                          the Delicate and Elusive
                                     Fragrance of Life itself
                     I will leave to the World
                          the Poisons of the Passions...
                                  the Bodies and the Minds...
                                           and ALL
                                      that's in between.

         For I will but be touching...
                               SOUL with SOUL...
                                            in being LIFE itself.


                          IGNORANCE IS DARKNESS

         How can a Buddha be...
              and how can a Jesus become 'The Christ'...
                                    without a Gerardus growing?

               For the One cannot be...
                              without the Other.

               And that is why
                      in Time to come
                              I will be...
                                    The Buddha...
                                          The Christ...
                                               and 'all'...
                                          They represent to ME.

         For 'The Light' within Me
                             has awakened
                                    my Soul to Godness.

                     In all the Splendor...
                                  of the Selfhood I am.

               And to you...
                    maybe new to all this Godness
                         your newness might make you skeptical.

         By all means...
              be what you are.
                      Be Skeptical.
                             Be Undecided.
                                    But don't be Afraid.

         To be Afraid...
                 is walking on a Path in Ignorance.

                                         Ignorance is Darkness.



         I have come to your Prison
                        to unlock the Gate.
                 And tear down the Walls
                             that you have built...
                                        by the Thoughts you are.

         And although your Prison is safe and easy
                    I will have to bring you out and expose you.
              Expose you to the Life you are...
                                  within your Walls
                           of such a limited Confinement.

         For in the Eternity that you are but a Second
                   the Time has come to be that Second in Total.
               And there is no Force that can stop me.
                          For it is your Force that has told me
                    to liberate the Beauty that is within.
                              Within the you...
                                     you do not know.

         And the unlocking of the Gate of your Prison
                             is the Opening of the Mind you are.
              To Beautify your Soul in Waiting...
                             for the Light of the God...
                      you always were...
                                but did not know.

         So listen to the Sounds that are my Words.
                 For they are spoken by the Force that is yours.
                        And dwells in the Depth...
                                  of your Godly Being.
         For it is this Force that has told me...
                           to awaken the Beauty within.
               For it is ready to receive...
                            the Splendor of the Gods...
                    residing within the Mind... you do not know.

         And with closed eyes I guide you
              through the Pathways of the Mind you are
                            in Search for the Honey of the Gods
                                   that dwell within you.
                                And you but know as Strangers.

         And while Eternities became the Past
                      you slept among the Pimps of Darkness
                               enticing you to the Life you are.

                  Leading you to the Thoughts of Peace.

         While Peace itself was missing its Peacefulness...
                                          of being You at Peace.

         That is why I have come...
                    to bring the Cosmic Honey.
            Not to entice you to the Taste of Sweetness...
                             of the Darkness within...
                     but to bring out the Colours of Life...
                                          you are in Brilliance.

                        And you have never known.
               But yet are the Very Splendor of Yourself.

         So let me speak of Pathways...
                    hidden within the very Mind you are.
              And let me speak of the Gods...
                                 that you but know as Strangers.

              But know you...
                      as One of Them in Godness...
                                         and in Brilliance.

            in the Evening of the Race of Man in Darkness...
                                              I have come to be.

                    To bring some Light to guide you.

            And although the Time of Learning is but short
                      some Sounds will find the Home of Hearing.

                         To be understood for what they are.
                                   Truth itself.

           In undiluted Form...
                       and inconceivable Beauty.
                For they are spoken by the Gods themselves.

                    Speaking through but me... their Instrument.

           And yet the Light and Knowledge I have to share...
                                is the same...
                   as the Truth that is within the Gods you are.

               It is but that the Gods you are...
                                        are fast asleep.

                             But ready to awaken...
                                           by the Light
                                     that is within the me I am.

           And not to blind you...
                      is the Task I have to bear.
                               For the Light I try to share...
                      is difficult for you...
                                    to accept or to acknowledge.

           For you are shaded by the Ages of Darkness
                                        within the Mind you are.

                          By being Man the Physical too long.

         So on the Evening of the Race of Man in Darkness...
                   just open up your Heart...
                            and listen with your Soul...
                                            so ready to receive.

         And although I speak of Gods...
                      I can but show you the God I am.

               And although I speak of Light...
                         I can but show you the Light that's Me.

         But even...
              even if I could show you
                               the Abundance
                         and the Multitude of Gods
                                         that are my Peers.

              You would not see them...
                             because of Darkness.

                      The Darkness...
                            in which you grope for Light.
                                     The Light...
                                               You are Yourself.

         For in the Eons and Eons of being Man
                         you cannot find Yourself for Gods.

             The Gods...
                  that are the Concoctions of your Mind...
                                          and all their Heavens.

               While the True God...
                         - the God You are Within -
                                     is the God you do not know.

         For the Gods I speak of...
                             and the Light...
                   the Light you can't but see for Darkness...
                                  are the very Beings...
                                                     YOU ARE.

         For 'All That Is' is Consciousness.
                                The Consciousness of Man.

                    The Consciousness of the Creator.
                                                  The Man...
                                              Man does not know.

         And when you are listening...
                        to the Words I speak...
                              It is not really I who speak.

                      But the very Gods you are...
                                       and do not know.

         For within the One you are
                        lives the Greatness of your Soul
                                                     in Silence.


         Waiting until you cease your Scheming...
                                    and cease the Noise you are.

            For by all the Thinking and the Talking...
                you have lost the 'You' in 'You'
                       that lives within your very Soul.
                                                The God you are.

         But yet.
               There is still Time.
                         For Time is but your Thinking.

               So cease your Mind.
                          Your Mind of Earth.
                    And listen to your Mind of Self.
                                           It's waiting...
                                               and always ready.

         For the 'You' in 'You'...
                   is the Soul you are.

                   The God to be...
                           by listening to the Sound
                                                 I utter.

                   Through the Instrument...
                                          that's YOU.


                         TO FIND THE ME IN TOTAL

         Yes... all the Beauty...
                   of all the Flowers...
                           of all the Fields
                                  in all the Worlds
                   cannot possibly be equal
                           to the Beauty I feel
                                    when I am in your Presence.

         For my Soul is lifted
              to a Level of Elation
                      my Mind has never known.

               And because of your Loveliness...
                         I become enchanted to the Delight
                    of the Feelings you project to be Yourself.

         And then I know...
                that I know it.

                      I am in Love again.
                                    And suffering.

         Why couldn't I just be
                        - what I am -
                              just by myself?

                                    In Peace within...
                                            by simply being Me.

         But then I know.

              Being Me... is being Total.

                   Which means to share the Soul I am
                             with the Loveliness of Lovers.
                       In whom I recognize myself...
                                       to find the Me in Total.


                          WHILE I WAS NOT THERE

    Oh yes... many a night we are alone now.
         The Children have grown tall and beautiful.

               And somehow the opposite polarity
                    is more attractive than their Parents.

         We understand... and yet we often wonder.
                              Is this then what Life is all about?

    Is this then... what we will meet in the future
              to sit here... and neither be with the Children
         and neither be without them for very long.

         While the Children seem to know and proclaim to know
                    what Life is all about... and seem to live it.

    What has happened to the time... I knew so well?
                                        Where is it gone?

      Where are the days when the Children were hurt and cried.

                  Where is the soothing thought...
                         that made them feel... the me I was?

    What then has changed?
             What happened to the Pair we were?
                            And why isn't it anymore...
                                          just the way I liked it?

         Am I then growing old?
              Am I then holding hands with Time itself?

                   Am I then thinking... that I can hold...
                                                what is not there?

    And why didn't Life tell me...
                       that it would leave?

         And why do I but so sadly remember...
                            the Times of Happiness...
                                              that were lived...
                                            while I was not there?


                         ACCEPTANCE IS BUT GRIEF

         To stick to Rules...
                       is the Joy of Fools.

               And the Habit-Mind but meets a Grind.

                    While Religions and Traditions...
                                             and the Habit-Lot
                       create for Man a Dead-End-Plot.

         And never by being...
                        a following-goof
               will Man find ever...
                           of his Godness proof.

         But to become Divine and a Perfect Whole
                         is to accept the World with Loving Soul.

              And see the Children that need the Rules
                          as younger yous and not as Fools.

         For Men and Women of every Race
                            come here to learn of Time and Space.

         And to finally find the Total Thought
                  and be a God... is by Pain but bought.

         The Pain of being the Individual You
                        in Search and Pursuit of the Cosmic Clue.

                     The Clue to Know
                           that Belief is but Belief.

                And that 'KNOWING' is GOD...
                            while Acceptance is but Grief.


                             THE HOW AND WHY

         The Multitudes of Man I see...
                        there is no Way to Tell.

               There is no Way to Show or Teach...
                                   the Truth I know so well.

         For written in this Heart of Mine
                   in simple Words...
                             yes Line for Line
                                   is the KNOWLEDGE
                       so Few do Know
                              that this whole Earth
                                            is but for Show.

                    And to perceive beyond this Clay
                          will vanish Pain and Man's Dismay.

         For on the Planes where I do dwell
              there is no Earth... there is no Hell.

                   There is but ME...
                              the God I am...
                                        and purely do excel.

         While the Multitudes...
                        but live and live...
                                 to but re-live...
                              another Life...
                           another Try.

                                 And Few do know...
                                            the How and Why.


                             A WORLD OF GLASS

         The Thoughts that are Me
                   tingle from my Deepest Mirror
                                        and reflect
                                 my Image and my Selfness.

               And in the Depth...
                         behind the Misty Eyes...
                                   I see the Beauty...
                                          of the Truth that is.

               Where have I seen that Face before?
                         Where have I felt those Feelings?

                                   Please tell me...
                                              who I see in you?

                             Please tell me...
                                 who am I... that's asking?

         And my Deepest Mirror then
                 slowly forms the Reflection of my Being
            while the Tenderness of Love that is...
                 smiles to me and makes my Reflection Realness.

         The Reflection from the Looking Glass...
                           that is my Deepest Mirror
                                            is the Being
                                                I know so well.

                   It is the Godness of the Self I am.

          The One I could not find...
                          for looking... into a World of Glass.


                         FROM THE YOU... YOU ARE

         The Brilliance... I see within myself...
                   is of a Greatness...
                                - equal -
                         to the Realization of it.

             For the Realization of 'what' I am...
                                        and 'how' great...
                             is born from...
                     The Awareness of my Brilliance.

         This means...
               that whatever I 'know' I am...
                                          I AM.

                For at all times...
                            I am my Awareness
                                    and the Realization of it.

         And you my Love...
                   could not possibly reflect
                                       - My Brilliance -
                                   if it was not...
                            within the Spectrum of Your Being.

                   In full Colour...
                       in the Fulness of my Reality.

         So.   If my Brilliance is within You...
                                          You are Me and More.

             And it is this Moreness than me...
                            - I want to experience -
                                   from the You... YOU ARE.


                     WITHIN THE SPLENDOR OF MY BEING

         Among the Pictures of my Mind...
                                     is the Scene
                               The Meeting of the Gods.

               And when They meet...
                                They Tremble.

                     For All of Them see...
                                     The Beauty of the Other.

         And All of Them are most aware...
                             The Immensity of Themselves.

               During the Meeting of the Gods...
                                       Worlds of Beauty
                                 within Universes of Splendor
                                  are discussed and created.

                 And I...
                     I am ALL of These...
                        within the Splendor of my Being.


                            A BEING BEAUTIFUL

         With a Zest for Life...
                      like Life itself
                               she moves in Smiles of Being.

         Hiding her Questions...
                  beneath the Rim of Showing
                                 and in perfect Balance
                             with the Playful Extravagance
                                 of her Splendid Self.

         Caring for the Life that's hers...
                       she makes her Life by caring.

                  For by her Self-Alone...
                                    in being two
                           she creates the Sphere for Three.

         An Endeavour...
                   greater than the Duty of Self.

                And only possible by the Impetus of Love.

                    Constituting Beauty in Beingness.

             So Attractive and Self-Sufficient...
                                       that she is Splendor.

         While in the Deepness of her Soul...
                     she knows
                         that her Aloneness...
                                  is the Essence of Godness.

                  Making her...
                           to them that see...
                                - A Being Beautiful -

               Lovable to All...
                        and touching the Allness...
                                               within Me.


                              TOTALLY ALONE

         To know...
               that you are on The Path
                             makes the Journey easy.

               To not know...
                     but think you know
                          makes the Path a selfmade Road...
                                     by the Guidance of Others.

                     Your Path however...
                             cannot be shown by Others.

         And how does One know...
                   to be on the Right Path?
                                       Your Path.

                           One Knows...
                                One knows that One Knows.

         To be on a Path...
                   a self-made Road...
                             by the Guidance of others...
                                 is but Illusioned Progression.

            For sooner or later...
                   you will find the Guidance of others
                                  misleading and disappointing.

         YOUR PATH...
              is by the Direction of Self.
                                                 Totally Alone.


                            WITHOUT ITS BEAT

         When I tore out my Heart
                          to find my Soul
                                   I lost my Mind.

         And I... Mindless...
                         was alone...
                               to tackle Self.

                    From the Bottom up...
                               and from Upness down.

         And smilingly...
                   the Thundering World
                                  knew by Ignorance
                                          the 'hows' and 'whys'.

               While I...
                     the Mindless could not see...
                                           for knowing.

         Relieved from Burdens...
               but loaded with Pain in Freedom
                         I listened to the Fighting Me...
                                   - A Soul projecting Silence -

               And nothing...
                   not even the Book of Secrets
                                    contained the Knowledge
                          to find my Mind...
                                     to steer my Soul...
                             without its Beat.


                           FROM GLORY TO GLORY

         People ask me...
              now that you know 'what' you are...
                         how does the World look to you?
                              And how do you see other People?

         And I answer...
               well... the World...
                   and all the things I used to care about
                          I do not care about anymore.

                                    They are of no Importance.

               And when I look at People...
                               I say to myself...
                        what is it you are trying to do.

                                What does it really amount to?

         And the answer is that it amounts to nothing...
                                           Absolutely nothing.

               The point is... they don't know that.

                         Eventually though...
                                 they will know what I know.

         Which is...
               that YOU... the Real YOU...
                              is the only ONE that counts.

              The Real YOU... the Greatness in Awareness...
                     that you amount to... and are.

              The Real YOU... that lives Life after Life...
                  and knows that the World is a School.

                From which you eventually will promote...
                          to become a Teacher.

            A Teacher of Man...
                      to bring them... from Glory to Glory.


                       BY SHARING THE GOD YOU ARE

         The Greatest Gift...
                           my Love...
                 to feel Yourself in Others.

         And the Words we shared...
                              my Love...
                        made me feel...
                              the Me in You.
                        While You...
                              were within me completely.

             all the Words we spoke
                  were but the Tokens of our Thoughts.

             But the Feelings we shared...
                               were 'Our Very Selves' within.

             United in the Sharing of Beauty...
                                     of our very Soul itself.

         Thank you...
                for letting me be...
                           the very One... I am.

                           A Man in Pleasure...
                                  by sharing the God you are.


                        A HAPPY ENDING IN ETERNITY

         The State of Mind you create...
                                  is Your Reality.

                       It could be Beautiful...
                                  it could be ugly as Hell.

                          Whatever it is...
                                   it is Your Creation.

         In a similar Fashion...
                        are you the Creator...
                                       of Your Life.

               Your Life...
                     is the Creation of Your Soul...
                                        and You are your Soul.

         Many People...
              are the Instrument of a somewhat younger Soul.

                      Their Life is a shaky affair.

                                      They suffer a lot.

         By the Suffering of the Body...
               and the Experiences the Soul encounters...
                                              the Soul learns.

               Slowly but surely... Life after Life...
                             the Soul learns to become Mature.

         All in all.....
               the Story of the Human Soul...
                               has a Happy Ending in Eternity.


                        THE FEELINGS YOU CREATED

         LIFE my Love...
               is not whether you can get along
                                       with other People.

                  But whether you can get along...
                                       with yourself.

               And to make this happen...
                                      my Love...
                              you first of all forgive.

               Forgive all Others...
                     for 'whatever' you think
                                    they did wrong...
                                          that caused you Pain.

         And then my Beloved...
                        You Forgive Yourself.

               And when you feel...
                           the Crying within you...
                                             You are Free.

         Free to be You.

                  The You...
                       You always were.

                              But were hiding behind...
                                       the Feelings you created.


                                 IN LOVE

         Now that I am...
               what I am...
                          the Love for the World of Man
                                             is more and more.
               And Life becomes but Loving.

                     And when I am with you...
                                     my Closeness
                         the very Love for ALL
                                flows through the You I share.

         Never in the Memories of Living
                                  have I felt
                                       such Peacefulness
                       within the Silent Love
                                      that lives
                       between the You and Me
                                      In Being Us.

               Let the Focus of Our Loving...
                       be the Centre of the World of Man
                                                      in Love.


                            FROM TEN TO NINE

         I come at Nine
                   and leave at Ten
               And in between
                         we have our 'when'.

         While none of us
                      knows yet to say
               Let's take the Time
                         and have our WAY.

                             Yet in the Silence
                                           of our Soul
                                 We are not 'two'
                                         but 'one' and Whole.

                             But in the Meeting
                                       of two Gods
                                 Both of Them
                                           just feel at odds.

         For to make True
                   our longing Wish
               Our very Patience
                           is our Bliss.

               So in this Hour of being us
                             we build and build but Stimulus.

         To fully grow our Love Divine
                      To make our waiting 'when'...
                                            from Ten to Nine.


                             THE GOD IN MAN

              is tinged with the Pain of Pleasure.

                   While the very Pain
                               we try to avoid
                                            is equal
                                         to the Godness
                                    we miss within Ourselves.

         And within the Loving we share
                       is the Colour of the Suffering we are.

                        While our Love
                              and the Lack of it
                                      grows the God
                              by lacking less through Loving.

         And the Colour within our Loving
                                    is equal
                          to the Sadness of being Man
                     searching for the Wholeness of his Soul.

             Never to be found
                   within the Pain of Loving.

                           But within the Divineness...
                                     of Loving more and more.

         For the Wholeness of Soul
                              we do seek
                   is found beyond the Love of Man
                                in being Gods in Loving
                                              the God in Man.


                              I KNOW SO WELL

               For the so Special Way...
                                    I love you...
                                            I but suffer.

         For the Unsureness...
                         I endure
                         on your Love
                                that's hidden
                         beyond the Face that shows.

                         Beyond the Hands that touch.

                                  Beyond the Soul so Careful.

         And never...
              oh never please...
                        just let me be...
                                  what I am...
                                          for Show.

                                  For suffering...
                                              I know so well.


                              I BEAR WITHIN

         Yes... I have come to show...
                           I have come to teach...
                     that Loving...
                           is the opposite...
                                       of Suffering.
         While the Love...
                 I feel for you
                       is the Love for the World
                                            oozing itself
                                         from the Heart I am.

         Feeling the Tears...
                 from the Eyes of Children...
                             I call my Brother Man.

           While you...
                 the very you
                          you are
                              are but the Recipient
                                               of the Love
                                        I dare to show.

         In Words...
                 in Shadows of my Thoughts
                                     and Feelings
                                               I bear within.


                                A TEARING

         And when...
               I have moved you to Tears...
                           you are but sharing mine.

               The Tears...
                    that come from the Heart of Sadness.
                             But are born...
                                   from the Womb of Pleasure.

               By the Touch of Love
                              you care to be
                                       within the me
                                                   I am
                                               in moving you.

         While in the Sameness of our Souls...
                  we do not free
                          the Oneness
                                   so very needed.

                                And we know is there...
                                                   a tearing.


                               I SO DESIRE

         With the Ease of Gods...
                           I Love You.

                  And with the Cunningness of Devils...
                                                    I scheme.

         Scheme to be your Lover
                          and yet be free.

                          To be the One I am
                                       in Freedom.
                                Without the Choice of Loving.
                                   Without the Pain I am.

         And as sure as I love your Beauty...
                                  within the Me I am
                         I suffer Sadness...
                                   for the You that I am not.

                 While what I am
                               and am not
                          tears at the Freedom
                                    I search to find.

         In Choicelessness.
                        Yet Loving You...
                                  Yet leaving You be.
                                                  In Freedom.

                       The very Freedom...
                                      I so desire.


                            NOT KNOWN AS YET

             Within the Me I am...
                     within the Life I know
                                     I am but Tears.

             Tears for the Brilliance I am...
                          and Tears for the Me that's missing.

                   While through the Love I know
                                     I find my Path to Living.

             By knowing what I am in You
                         By knowing You in Me so deeply.

             The Understanding and Sameness
                                        I see in You
                                  is the Acceptance of Myself.

                   By Tears of knowing Love.

                              By Tears of knowing Life.

             To be lived
                   in the Sharing
                              of One Another
                        in the Silence of being Us.

                   With the Pleasure of feeling
                                       Each Other
                             in the Peacefulness of Stillness.

             With Tears that smile.

                             With Tears that hunger
                                                for Tears
                                             not known as yet.


                            CALLED... WISDOM

             who has known Love so little...
                                  must then be Wisdom.

                                  To still yet be...
                                             the Way You are.

             While in the Deepness of your Being...
                           you knew...
                              the Way You were...
                                          but could not give.

                           For Giving needs Acceptance.

             And to accept what's given...
                        needs the Depth of the Giver.

         But YOU...
              who has known Love so little
                                     - will bloom -
                              when your Gift
                                      is received
                              to the Measure
                                      of the Soul that gives.

         While the Pleasure...
                       of Giving and Receiving
                                 is the same and equal
                        to Knowing Self in Others
                                            called... Wisdom.


                          WITH HANDS THAT LOVE

         To sit on the Floor so Cozily
              resting my Hands in your Lap...
                   while being touched by Loving Hands...
                                                     is Being.

         And nothing in the World
                   can be more Pleasant or Better.

              For to feel at Peace...
                        to feel the Unity of Two...
                                            is Godness.
                                      And this you give to me.

                        The Feeling of just Being...
                                            Being God...
                                                     in Being.

         While when your Hands...
                   so lovingly touch my Face
              your Caresses... project my Godness
                                         into Divine Pleasure.

                   By being touched...
                                with Hands that Love.


                               IT'S HEAVEN

               To be in Love...
                     and therefore Headless
                                    is Beautiful...
                                             and Crazy.

               While to be Crazy
                         is the most satisfying
                                   State of Mind to be in.

                     For Craziness is Heaven...
                             and Heaven is Craziness.

               While being Headless...
                              to feel with the Heart.

                     And that is the Way to Be.

                              For Feeling...
                                         Thinking anytime.

               And to Feel...
                         is TO BE.

                               While to Think...
                                             is to Scheme.

               So lose your Head...
                         and be a Feeling Heart.

                                          And Crazy.

                                              It's Heaven.


                           TO THE GOD YOU ARE

           Oh yes my Love...
                to Realize what you are...
                                 and 'that' you are...
                                          a Being Beautiful...
                                 actualizes You as such.

                For you are...
                     Splendid in Uniqueness
                          Magnificent in Beauty
                               and Marvelous in Divinity.

                     And YOU...
                          yes YOU alone
                               are the Maker of YOU.

           By the Thoughts you entertain...
                     and by the Realization of your Greatness.

                  For the Realization of 'what' you are
                             - determines -
                        your Greatness in Being.

           While your Opinion...
                        yes your Opinion alone...
                                       is the one that counts.

                And none other...
                          is worth one iota...
                                      to the God you are.


                             WITH BLUENESS ME

             In the Background...
                          of being Silent
                   Is the Music...
                               of Pleasant You.

             With the Sounds and Sights...
                                    of Love and Living
                         Teasing Mind...
                               of Stillness Blue.

                   Reminding Sense and Inner Feeling
                            of the Hands that move and do.

                        Of the Lovely Soft Caresses
                                  I will feel when time is due.

             But to wait and think...
                       is too damn tearing
                                on the Mind...
                                         that dares the Daring.

                 So I kill...
                      my Thoughts so Free...
                                  and be alone...
                                         with Blueness Me.


                        IN ADORATION OF YOUR BEING

           To find the Lady...
                  to find the Woman...
                         to find the Mother...
                                       of the Universe...
                                              is my Endeavour.

           And because of my Seeking...
                       and all my Searching...
                                 I have seen her Face.

                                Watching her very Child.

                          Bewildered in his Search...
                                    confused by his so Trying.

               So please...
                      dear Goddess...
                              make your Face but smile.

               So that I can cease my Search...
                         by the Charm of your Lips
                              that speak to the Universe
                         of which I am a Child...
                                   in Adoration of your Being.

                              YOU ARE TO ME

           I do not want the Lady
                    I do not want the Woman
                            I do not want the Mother
                                             but I want YOU.

                    For YOU are All of Them
                               united in One Being.

         Wondering what to do
                   and wondering what to leave out.

                   For the Puzzle you are...
                                       is puzzling.

                         To do or don't...
                                  to leave or love
                                             just but smile.

         But whatever it is my Love...
                                  it is alright.

                     For I do love You...
                               and understand...
                                         the Puzzle you are.

               To Yourself...
                     and to all the Feelings...
                                        YOU are to ME.


                             AS GODS BUT KNOW

          The Completeness to be found
                         in the Beauty of Souls
                                 I have found in You.

                         Vanishing the Man I was...
                                             to become a God.

          For by the Sharing of your Beauty
                      the God in hiding became the Love I am.

                       Projecting Love to You...
                                           in Freedom.

             Freedom to Love...
                     Freedom to Leave
                               the Me I am.

          For I will be...
               but Me in Godness...
                       and completed in Completeness.

                 With the Pureness... of the Love of Gods.

                      So be in Freedom...
                                     the You
                                            to Be.

                      In loving...
                            or in leaving...
                                     the God I am.

          And find Yourself in Freedom...
                    sustained by the Pureness of Love...
                                            as Gods but know.


                           BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU

             The Love and Closeness...
                                 I do know...
                        receives my Love with Coolness.

             Like a Rose without its Colour.
                        Like a Day without its Light.

                               Like a Man without his Godness.

            And yet I keep on Loving.

                        For She is Me inside
                                  and does not know.

                        Why... oh why...
                                  my Closeness?

                        And what have I done wrong...
                                         by Loving You...
                                             to be unanswered?

                never Love Me...
                          just to please.

                                 Never Love Me...
                                          because You are You.


                                LOVING YOU

             But who then am I?
                        I... who have known Love so little.

             Who then am I...
                       to tell you...
                             that I Love you?

             While the more I admit
                            that I Love you
                  the less completed I am in Selfness.

                                       The less I am a God.

             And that
                   is the Sadness within Me.

                   To be in Love with You...
                                      and Love You
                              while knowing Love so little.

             But yet...
                 it is what I need to be...
                               to be the Me I am.

                                        A Lover...
                                                Loving You.


                            THAT MAKES ME GOD

           When One is but Distraction...
                                           my Dear...
                                           is the Distraction

           While 'sex' is the attempting Fulfillment
                                             of being God
                                             but for a moment.

         But what can One do...
                  when One is but distracted...
                              by the Distraction One is?

                                         A Sexual Being.

                                   Uncompleted within Oneself.

         Searching for...
                   what One is not.

                           To really never find
                                   but for a Second
                                         in Trance of Godness.

         Oh why am I...
                  this so Longing Distraction...
                                      for the Touch of You
                            that makes Me God
                                      but for a Second?

                 Oh why am I...
                       so longing for the Touch...
                                            that makes Me God?


                              IN BEING LOVE

         To live in Choicelessness
               to live without the Love I need
               to live without the Love I need to give...
                                                   is Godness.

            To live in Choicelessness...
                       would be living without Pain
                       would be living without Suffering.

               And to be 'that' way...
                                is to be completed.

                       Completed to a Totality
                                      that is LOVE...
                                             LOVE itself.

            And I would be IT.

                             A GOD...
                             sufficient unto Itself...
                                                in Being LOVE.


                                NOT LESS

               The Rose...
                     the Rose betrayed my Meaning.

                                 Its Colours turning pale.

                     For in my Hand...
                           I stood there.

                                There was too much Detail.

               But yet...
                     she thought it Thoughtful.

                                    To bring a Rose...
                                                  so pale.

                     And slyly she admitted...
                                      it is the First.

                             But yet...
                                  to no avail.

               I felt Pain and Terror...
                         to know her Life that past.

               While awkwardly and clumsy
                         I had shown my Love at last.

                         And in this Man...
                                 this Feeling Mess...
                         to know all this...
                                   I love her more...

                                                 Not Less.


                          TO FIND THE TOTAL ME

            I am this Hunk of Energy.
                         But Sex she finds Taboo.

                     I am this Bulk of Power.
                                         And Sex...
                                                   but Who?

            For if the Love I love...
                                 is Coolness
                             towards the Total Me.

                     Where is the Darling Darling...
                                    the Woman I should see?

                           To be the Earth to Me.

            Am I then God already?

                  Or just a bloody Saint?

                            While the Love I love
                                          is Coolness
                                    and Sex to her I ain't.

            Where do I lay for Comfort...
                       where do I turn to plea...
                            where is the Earth so needed...
                       to find the Total Me?


                       WITHIN THE MULTITUDE SHE IS

          What she is not...
                         I know not.
                         And what she is...
                                         I know.

                         I know she is a Lady.
                               I know she is a Woman.
                         And I know she is a Mother of Man.

                     And all 'three' of them in ONE.

                     Being the most Beautiful Trio
                                           that is Single.
                                        And I have ever known.

          A Splendid Person...
                         and Beautiful and Warm.

                                          A God in Human Form.

                         But what she is not...
                                       I know not.

                            And 'that' is what I want to know.

          For she is...
              or is not...
                  a Lover... of this man...
                       so ignorant of her Totality in Being...
                            within the Multitude she is.


                          TO THE BEAUTY I DO SEE

             Bless you Love
                       in your Endeavour...
                                       to be
                                   Your Way to be.

             Bless you... in the YOU so trying...
                                        of the YOU...
                                               I see in Me.

             Bless you Love...
                       for being Beautiful.
                 And bless you...
                           for all the things I see.

                 For in all the things
                           that you do total...
                     and are the Maker and Possessor of
                             I see your Beauty
                                    and Warmth in Loving...
                     the World you are and see...
                                              including Me.

             And if you were...
                       but 'one' bit different...
                 I could not possibly be... the Me
                                             in Loving
                         all the Things you Total...
                                    to the Beauty I do see.


                          IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH

           I love...
                our being together...
                      within the Unity of our Souls.

           I love...
                our being together...
                      with the Sharing of our Minds.

           But I desire...
                      The Embracing Coupling...
                             of the Parts that are the Earth.

               For the Total of our Totality
                            can only be completed
                      by the Unification
                               of our Total Beingness as Man.

                           In being the Gods we are.

           By being Each Other...
                  to Each Other completely.

               By being Soul... Mind... and Body
                          in the Unifying Trinity of Oneness.

               For the Unity of Souls...
                    and the Sharing of Minds
                                         can never...
                                  make us Total as Man.

                           Or make us feel...
                                  the Universe we are.

               The Universe...
                        or God in Total...
                               as the Creator of Love...
                                   In Heaven... and on Earth.


                          BECAUSE WE ARE BUT MAN

         In the Closeness that is...
              by the Sameness of the Souls we are...
                                       I cannot move for being.

               For I am Rest in Peacefulness.

                         And completed in Divineness
                                               of being Me
                                        by knowing You.

               In an Understanding...
                   and Feeling... of what You feel for Me
                                            of Me... and in Me.

               I am Motion.

                    Motion of Mind in Terror.
                              Motion of Feeling in Pain.

         For the Closeness we are in Soulness
                 is translated into Distance of Time and Space.
                             Because we are but Man.

         And while our Souls unite in Oneness
                 feeling the Miles of Space as Godness
                                           we are but Distance.

                 Removed by Time and Terror
                         and by the Pain of being Us.

                 Souls in Oneness...
                         feeling Godness.

                         Lovers in Aloneness...
                                       feeling Pain.

                                  Because we are but Man.


                              AND I IN YOU

         If You love Me...
                   You are lost where You are.

               While if You would be here...
                               You would be there too often.

                     So stay...
                          and suffer the Pain I am.

         For being You...
                   is being Me...
                             while being neither.

                 Searching for the Peace of Mind...
                                               I am for You.

                 Lost within the Thoughts You are...
                                                of being Me.

         And the Thoughts in Words we are...
                                        tell Me...
                that to say anything is nothing...
                           while to say nothing is All.

                                            But yet I speak.

                For this 'Nothing'
                            that is 'All'
                                     is Silence... is Death.

                And equal to being Me...
                      without the Life You are...
                                               in Me.

                                            And I in You.


                         OR SLOWLY... SLOWLY DIE

         A fleeting Kiss...
                   too light in touch
                             is all we shared between.

                A Hand we held...
                       A Glance in Dance...
                              A Loving Pure and Preen.

         But the Effect....

                   The things we knew...
                             are Memory too Clear.

                For the 'knowing' of the One in Two...
                                   gave us the Godness Sphere.

         A Love in Substance...
                        so Pure Divine...
                              to never match an Eye.

                For it was feeling Self in Self...
                                         of neither You nor I.

         It was the Sense of Soul to Soul...
                            formed by the Eons past.

                To smile in Inner Beingness...
                               for Ages yet to last.

                While Time and Space
                              will pass on by...
                      to make us hunger...
                                for this Love...
                                      or slowly... slowly Die.


                      THROUGH LISTENING WITH HEART

          My Poems...
              are my Children...
                        all Beautiful and Mine.

          But they are not my Mind in Words...
                            but my Heart in Feelings.

               For from the Heart I am
                    flows the Stream of Feelings...
                                   expressing the Inner Being.

                            The Feelings that are the Me I am.

               In Depth of Love...
                    The Goodness in Giving...
                              The Soul I am in Solitude.

          While the Words that are Mine
                    are but the Medium I use
                          to show the Feelings of the Heart...
                              and the Sincerity of Soul.

          So Listen...
              Listen with Your Heart.

                        For to Minds I cannot speak...
                                           neither in Words...
                                       nor in Feelings.

          Yes Listen with Your Heart.
                            For the Heart is YOU.

                The Feeler of Feelings...
                            the Life You are.

                By Feelings that have become YOU...
                                 through listening with Heart.

                         TO LEARN THE LIMITS OF

         Oh yes...
               the Children.
                        How I do love them.

               I love them with Feelings
                    I can't express in Words.

               For they are Tenderness in Loving Sense
                               and Love... oh yes... so Tender.

         Oh... how I love the Children.
                       For they are me and much more.

               They are... the Future Parents of Ourselves.

                    The Future Souls that teach us
                                               of Godness
                                           in Time yet to come.

              the Wisdom I see in their Eyes...
                   put me to shame...
                      and rush me back to learning.

               For the Souls that are hidden...
                    behind the Smiles they are in Wisdom...
                         tell me that they know Me.

               They cannot make Me understand...
                 because of the Ignorance I am and feel within.

         Oh... how I love the Children
                   and their Souls that know and dwell
               upon Planes beyond this Earth...
                                   of which I try...
                                        to learn the Limits of.


                        BECAUSE OF YOUR NEARNESS

         I miss and need...
                   - the Peace I am -
                               in the Nearness of You.

         For then...
                the Sphere we are...
                              feeds me
                              the Tranquility so sadly needed
                              to survive
                              the Inner Storm I am...

         So please receive me
                        and let me be
                                 the Storm at rest.

                 Within the Peacefulness we are
                                              because of You.

         Yes... please receive me
              and let me enjoy the Pleasure
                          from the Source of Serenity...
                                                     You are.

         Listening to a Storm in Stillness.

                Listening to the Words and Feelings...
                                   of the Thoughts and Heart
                         of the One so needing You.

                To be...
                     - the Peace I am -
                                because of Your Nearness.


                         OF ME AND MY ALONENESS

          The Silence...
                   between Me and my Aloneness...
                                             is deafening.

          For the Sound of Stillness
                 is torn by Terror gone insane
                       killing Me with the Thoughts I am alone.

          So my Love...
              by the Source of Peace...
                        You are to Me... by being You.

                  And soothe my Mind...
                               with Music of your Pleasantness.

          For your Voice...
              your Vibration of Selfness...
                        your Movements of Gracefulness
                   bring Serenity to the Soul I am in Terror...
                         and tranquilize the Self I am.

          But too rare...
              too very seldom
                   am I at Rest enough to call
                               and be the One I should be.

                        Admitting my Helplessness...
                                           in needing You.

          To be the Music...
               playing my Soul to Peace.

                        It should be... without You.
                                             In being Me alone.

               Without the Terror...
                           without the Pain...
                                   of Me and my Aloneness.


                             I DID NOT KNOW

         How Beautiful You are...
                   how much I love You...
                            I cannot ever tell or show.

               For the Feelings my Dear...
                    the Feelings You are within Me...
                                              are Speechless.

         Neither Words... not Tears...
               are sufficient to show...
                     the Feelings I am in Loving You.

         While all the Words...
                   and all my Poems...
                             are but Smiles on Surface...
                                  of the Self I am...
                                                 in Deepness.

         For You...
              You've touched in Me... the Depth of Being.
              You've touched in Me... the God in Man.
              You've touched in Me... the Life I am...
                                      and did not know I was.

         Please be and stay...
                   the Way You Are in Living.

         Please be and stay...
                   the Way You Are in Loving.

                   Be and Stay...
                         the Beauty of the Life in Me...
                                              I did not know.


                          SO MARVELOUS TO FEEL

         Oh yes...
              my Love...
                  come to me and embrace me.

              Come to me and share your Energies...
                               and the Vivaciousness you are.

              Come and share the Energies of Loving Fire.

              Come and share...
                         the Energies of being You...
                                               so splendidly.

            shower me...
                with the Marvelous Feelings
                                  of the You I need
                            to find my Life worth living.

         And I will share with you...
                               the Calmness
                       of the me I am in loving you.

               The Calmness of the Self at Rest
                    by being near... to share Ourselves
                                         in Unison of Loving.

         The Loving... that neither You nor I
                                  have ever known in Sharing.

             A Sharing of Bubbling Rest in Loving...
                               of Vivaciousness and Calmness.

                          So Marvelous to Feel.


                           LOVING CONSCIOUSLY

         Within our Loving Consciously...
                  within the Love we know...
                                        that is Us...
                                               by knowing Us...
                                   I am at Rest in Peace.

         For I know
                that You know Me
                         by knowing You
                                 through loving Me.

         While the Honesty we are...
                               moves within Us...
                         and is Ourselves in Freedom...
                                    by our so Conscious Loving.

         Unequalled in the Life we knew.

                Unequalled in the Love we are.

                              To Each Other...
                                        for Each Other...

         In Peace of Knowing Us
                to be the Self in Loving
                                we are and share.

                In the Serenity of our Closeness
                                        in being Lovers.

                                            Loving Consciously.


                             THE DREAM I AM

         By knowing the Suffering I am...
                              I know my Loving.

               While the Suffering I endure...
                                      is knowing not...
                                                 her Pain.

               Oh how...
                      how can I but know her Pain.
                                So that I know her Loving.

         How can I but lessen...
                        and get to know
                 the Pain and Suffering we endure
                           and make our Loving bloom
                        to Fullness in Perfect Pleasure...
                                                 without Pain.

         I can but dream...
                   the Silent Dream...
                                  in unawareness...
                                              of her dreaming.

                             The Dream I am.


                            DISTURB YOUR PLAN

               Yes... I know.
                           For I know me.
                                       Thus knowing You.

         And what You want...
                  is really there.

                               But You still look...
                                         but don't know where.

         For your Mind...
                   that's but dividing...
                               is not the Source...
                                             for your abiding.

               But to Learn in Time
                        to hear your heart...
                                    is the Secret...
                                               and Truest Art.

         For Minds are Tools...
                        and have no Clue.

               And but misguide...
                              the God in You.

               So Search and Seek your Heart's Advice...
                   It knows your Taste... It knows your Spice.

               For Hearts are God...
                          and Minds but Man.

                                  So let no Mind...
                                            disturb your Plan.


                              BECAUSE OF IT

         Oh yes... Oh yes
                         my Love.

               Come and sit on the Floor.

                    Come and sit where you always sit
                            and feel the Peacefulness of Being.

         Oh yes my Love...
                    come and sit right close to me
                                    and feel the Feelings I am.

               And then slowly...
                       take my Hand
                             and kiss it.

               Kiss it with the Feelings...
                                      you do feel.

               Kiss it with the Sphere...
                                 of Peace you feel...
                                            because of us.

         For the Sense of Living...
              and the Nature of Being
                                     my Love
                          - is to be the Peace Within -

              The Peace within the Self...
                                       you are...
                                            through me.

         And slowly then...
                    lean back...
                    and feel the Universe of Love
                                within the Beauty you are.

                                                 Because of it.


                      BUT EXPRESSED SO DIFFERENTLY

         Oh yes... my Love...
                 - about Love and Lust -
                             the Two Opposites Forever.

               Yet Love and Lust are One.
                         But expressed in different Dualities.

         To Love...
               is seeing Lovingly.
                        By making You 'The Love'...
                                  and I the Instrument...
                                                    of Loving.

         To Lust...
               is seeing an Object...
                         to satisfy Desires...
                                   is using the Object...
                                            as the Instrument.

         And also...
               seeing a Person Lovingly...
                         is making that Person Beauty.

                   While seeing Beauty lustfully...
                               is making Beauty but an Object.

         And like You are...
                        LOVE for the Children
               so am I in Sameness and Nature for You.

                                 But expressed so differently.


                         IN THE DARKNESS OF MIND

         Yes my Love...
               to be Centered in the Heart...
                      is to be Centered in God's Dimension.

                                            Centered in Living.

               While being Centered in the Mind...
                                       is but Existence.

         Existence by Scheming...
                           and Divisions.

                           Existence by Figuring...
                                              and Calculations.

         To become Centered in the Heart
              is attained by Loving...
                   by Loving and Loving more.

                        With a Loving Attitude...
                                            towards ALL.

                              And a Loving Attitude is Feeling.

               Feeling Feelings.
                        Which no Mind can do.

         And the LOVE you are...
                             my Love...
                   just make it more and more.

                           You will find yourself...
                                            in God's Dimension.

              The Dimension...
                    so unknown to the World of Man...
                                   in the Darkness of Mind.


                             AND THE CREATOR

         YOU... my Love
              the Individual Consciousness you are
                           are living
                   within the Universal Mind
                                         called God.

         But in Actuality...
                        God is LIVING within YOU.

               To understand this...
                         to comprehend this...
                    and doing something about it...
                                              is YOUR Task.

                                    The Task of...
                                            Living Your Life.

               And Life...
                     is a - do it yourself job -
                                      for You are the Doer.

         The Doer in the Aloneness...
               of the Stupendous Greatness...
                                    of the Universe.

                               The Universe that is God.

                                           Living Within You.

              Living within the Individual Consciousness...
                                You Are.

                      Containing... 'All That Is'.

                    For You Are God.

                                    And The Creator.


                         NOR SENSE... NOR SEASON

           I have been writing... and writing
                                    and I am tired.

               Yet my Tiredness...
                          does not make me sleep or rest.

               For in the Deepness of my Being
                    so very... very Deep...
                           are the Feelings of Care...
                                        the Feelings of Love.

               While you but sleep...
                           in Peacefulness...
                                      knowing nothing hereof.

           What can I do...
                   but write and write...
                            of Feelings and Feelings...
                                              I cannot fight.

               For Love is Love...
                   and needs no Reason...
                            and neither Time...
                                 nor Sense... nor Season.


                              FOR ONE IS GOD

          That's what it is...
                         my Love...
                              - Helplessness -
                         Yes... Helplessness is Love.

          For loving Someone
                         is feeling Helpless
                                           because of Loving.

                   While Hate is the other Pole.

          For when Hate is there...
                        there is always something one can do.

          But Love...
              Love is Total Helplessness.
                          And this is the Pain of Love.

                                 The more Love...
                                       the more Pain.

          So by the Pain one is...
                   one knows one's Love.

                            Thus knowing the Lack of Godness.

               For being Man means...
                              to need Love...
                              as well as need to give Love.

               While being Love...
                        is neither needing Love
                               nor needing to give Love.

                                              For One is God.


                        FOR BEING MAN IN DARKNESS

         To give to Man
                    a Tear of Brilliance
                                     of the Source I am.

               And to give to Man
                        a Glimpse of Godness
                                        of the Gods they are.

                        Where do I turn for help?
                      Where do I look for Guidance?

         And how do I find the Way...
                               to show them
                         the very Selves they are...
                                   within the Brilliance
                                            of their Godness?

         I can but write and write
                        in Words and Words
                                 to the Eye of Man.

                                              My Brother...
                                              My Brother God.

              For Man IS God.

                    But blind...
                               for being Man in Darkness.


                         IS THEN THE LONGING ALL

         And I but cry...
                   because of Happiness.

               For the Tears welling up...
                         from the Corners of my Eyes...
                                        are Smiles of Loving.

         While yet my Happiness
                   is mingled with Pain.

                             For the Love I am
                                  for you
                           is so Alone in Loving.

         And why... oh why...
                    do I so love alone?
                Where is Love's other Half...
                          where is the Half that's loving me?

                In my Crying Happiness
                            I am less than nothing...
                                           by being but Half.

               I am a Flute... without the Openings.

                      I am the Snow... without the Whiteness.

                            I am a God... without Godness.

                          For I am a Man without Masculinity.

         Is that then...
                 why I cry?

                          Is that then...
                              why I cry the Smiles of Loving?

                                 Is then the Longing all?


                              IN KNOWING ME

         "I feel that I am...
                   what I should be for you...
                                       at the Moment"

             Yes... these Words my Love
                                 are the Betrayal...
                                            of your Feelings.

         Hiding the Real You...
                       behind a Veil
                woven by Thoughts and Feelings
                                  that are You so Splendidly.

                The You and the Love within.

                       The Love within...
                                  You do not know...
                                           but feel is there.

         And so do I.

                  For I have seen you walk.
                            I have seen you move.

             And I have seen you pause...
                       between the Movements
                                       of your Feelings.

             And I have felt your Touch
                                 with the Love
                                          that tells me.

                    Yes my Love...
                               You Are In Love.

         You are in Love...
              but cannot tell for knowing
                                    all the Love You Are.

              In Hiding behind the Feelings
                                        you create
                                               in knowing me.


                        WITH LETTERS OF LOVE....

        In my Poems my Love... I have emptied my Heart.

             And the Gaps between my Words...
                            are the Tears of my Crying.

             Composing the Vibrations of my Feelings...
                      singing and speaking from the Self I am.

             Expressing the Wishes and Dreams...
                                        I dream in loving you.

        I know that I have touched you...
                        deeper than the Depth...
                               of the Woman you knew you were.

              So profound...
                  that whatever might happen my Love
                       you never... ever... will forget
                  the Music of the Soul
                              that reached for the God within.

               Showing you the Beauty you are...
                            and the Harmony between two Souls.

         And the Honesty of my Endeavour...
              from the Soul within me...
                       is found within the Colour of my Style.

                   Simple... yet Subtle...
                              Touching... yet Tearing.

                   For the Man I am my Love...
                       is a Man in Love... loving you.

              Evolved to express the Love he is...
                               from the Godness he is...
                                          yet being but a Man.

         So please my Love...
                        help the Soul I am... so trying...
              in being the Heart you are...
                        so deeply touched within...
                                           by a Soul...
                                      with Letters of Love....


                              MAN AND WOMAN

         The Soul I am...
                   is searching for its Completeness.

               For the Being I am...
                              is but Half.

                                   Lacking Godness.
                                            Lacking You.

         And to find the Half...
                         that's missing
               I need the Smiles of Pleasantness
                    shared within the Music of Closeness
                         through the Loving I feel
                                   in the Warmth of Soul
                         of the Woman I know
                                    and knows me
                                          in Lacking Godness.

         While what is lacking within me
                        is the Need to Share
                                       - what I am -
                                with the Lacking Half I seek.

               To complete Each Other
                     into the Ecstasies of Beingness
                             of Godness Completed in Harmony.

               Within the Universe we are...
                    and create by being the Shares...
                            we need to find
                                       in sharing...
                                               MAN AND WOMAN.


                            JUST LOST CONTROL

         She changes Love...
                      in Torturing Pain.

                 For her Tinge in Coolness...
                                     has gone Insane.

            She has no Time for Love to be...
                      in being the Sharpest Knife...
                 cutting and cutting...
                                 my very Life.

         She is no Mother...
                 neither Woman... nor Girl...
                           for she rejects the finest Pearl.

                 A Pearl in Poetry...
                           to the World unknown.

                           How could she be Human...
                                              or even Clone?

         For who could be...
                 but just a Friend
                           to the Poet's Poet...
                                     in full Ascent?

            Well... I'll be damned...
                           for I know so well.

                                  She but pretends...
                                         and lies like Hell.

            For in the Deepness
                        of her very Soul
                               the God that is...
                                          just lost Control.


                              A GOD ASLEEP

         With the Wisdom of Ages
                   hidden behind Smiling Eyes...
                                            SHE IS.

                   Ignorant of her true Worthiness.
                              Knowing not her Value in Being.

         Sunshine reflecting from her Face...
                                        tells me...
                  that she is Beautiful...
                         in Inner Beingness and Soul.

                                             I stop and talk.

         Yes... I have known her before.

                         Some many million Moons ago...
                                         when we were Lovers.

                 Knowing Love of Bodies...
                                    Love of Minds
                           and the Love of Souls in Deepness.

              now... in being but Wise in Girlhood...
                                              I surprise her.

               In touching her Inner Self...
                                   by Words of Godness
                   unknown to her Conscious Mind.

               She knows them by Heart...
                       but by Mind... she rejects them.

         Slowly though...
             she will remember...
                  in the Weeks and Years to come...
                                  the Very Self she is.

                                                A God Asleep.


                          I HAVE TO FINISH HERE

         I am in this World...
                          so strangely.

                     For I am...
                          and am not...
                                  really on it.

                                     And certainly not of it.

         And yet there...
                 where I really belong...
                           I don't find myself.

                                     For I am here
                                          upon a World
                                            that is not mine.

         Where is it then...
                      that I belong?

               So often I feel
                          this World but to be
                                   a Place where I go...
                                                   and dream.

               Dream that I am dreaming
                          of Worlds and Universes
                                             where I am from.

               And dream...
                    that it is there...
                                I really belong.

                       And am in full Awareness...
                                              of Dreams...
                                         I have to finish here.


                             WHAT LOVE REALLY IS

           Tell me then...
                       what is Love?

                 The Love I feel for Women...
                               the Love I feel for Men.

           LOVE... my Child...
                 Love is the Quality... one feels...
                                                 called Godness.

             So difficult to be found within the other Gender.

              Some of it is there but most of it is missing.

           While in the Search for Love within Partners
                 and within the Love we do find...
                      we more and more wonder...
                                         where it went
                                 or whether it was there at all.

           For Godness... we do not find...
                     to Satisfaction within One Another.

                 For the Love to be found is Total Godness.

                         Which is within the Self...
                                     so searching outside of it.

                 This is the Love...
                         that will only be encountered...
                                                  by loving God.

                 Living in Total within the Soul...
                                          the God Within.

           And the God Within...
                     is the Self within ALL Others...
                                 and ALL Others within the Self.

           While the more and more we love...
                                   the God within ALL...
                        the more and more we discover...
                                            WHAT LOVE REALLY IS.


                                WHICH IS LOVE

           In loving One's Self...
                     One loves the World...
                               and the World of Man.

                 For the Love for ALL...
                                is the Love of Self.

                                               For One is ALL.

           And the Love of One's Self
                         is the Summation
                                of the Feelings One is.

                 Developed by the Attitude adopted...
                                 by living Lives as Man...
                              and the Experiences encountered.

           Each Human Being...
                     is a Soul in Flesh.

                                 A Soul in Hiding.

                     And ready to return...
                                 when finished Loving...
                                                  All That Is.

           All the Living and Loving
                  is culminated within the Wisdom of the Soul.

                  And is equal to Godness...
                        in Individuality and Selfness...
                                                     in Being.

                    Constituting Knowing Oneness Within.

                                                Which is LOVE.


                               AND GOD ITSELF

           Oh yes... my Friends...
                            to get to know...
                       what we do not know as yet...
                                               is possible.

                 You have to agonize the Inner Mind.

                      You have to contact the Mental Being...
                                                       the Soul.

                      And if it is good for you...
                                    to know
                             what you don't know as yet...
                                    your Soul will let you know.

           Your Soul knows more than you do.

                 For it is an Aspect of the ALL Knower...
                                             The Universal Mind.

           To agonize the Inner Mind...
                 is the awakening of the Self
                                to the Wisdom of the Soul.

           All of us have to be awakened...
                  for we are fast asleep in the World of Matter.

                         We have to dehypnotize ourselves
                               to the Inner Reality
                                               of Our True Self.

                               This is the Task of Man.

           Once we are awakened...
                 we become the Beauty
                      of the Universe of Consciousness.

                                          The Universal Mind.

                                Which is OUR Mind.

                                              And God Itself.


                             BY WHAT I AM NOT YET

           The Space-Being I am
                             is confused.

                         For the Space Within...
                                          is rambling
                                     the Raider enclosing it.

                 Yet there is nothing to fight...
                                          but Nothingness.

                       The empty Nothingness
                                for what is not there as yet.

           What is it... I fight...
                       that is not there?

                               Is it the Me
                                         I am not?
                               Is it the Me
                                         I will yet be?

                 Whatever it is...
                          it is untouchable by Hands or Mind.
                              But it is there by Feeling.

           Subtle in Substance of Feeling.

                     Solid in Substance of Ignorance.

                 It is...
                      being a Space-Being...
                            full of Empty Space Within...
                                                 and seeking.

                    and to be filled... by what I am not yet.


                              WITHIN ONE WHOLE

            In this Galaxy we know as Milky
                            the Race of Man is Young and Cute
            And in the Growing we encounter
                         we fumble struggling in Self-Dispute
            While Man to Man in the Plane of Separation
                       All in All are really Oneness-Absolute
            Which cannot be found in Weapons
                            but in the Harmony of Self-Salute.

            But to learn of Life by Living-Lessons
                              is a Process of a Billion Moons
            To be experienced in bitter Dosage
                             by the Taste of Self-Made Spoons
            For as of yet at this very Present
                               too many Man are still Baboons
            But steady climbing and a Soaring
                          to Heights-Unknown in God's Cocoons.

            And with the Multitude of Beings
                                  in our Galaxy the Milky Way
            We ALL in ALL are Cosmic-Sameness
                             and Souls encaptured in but Clay.

                  While Each of All... in Fragment-Soul
                        is ONE in TOTAL...
                                   within ONE WHOLE.


                               OF 'ALL THAT IS'

            To be aware of what Humanness entails...
                                         is to be One of Them.

                     While all the Rest...
                                    is but MAN.

                To Be Human is to Live it.
                                         And Love it.

            To be Human is to Understand and Know...
                     Your Destiny
                               Your Goal
                     Your Multi-Dimensionality
                                         Your Unlimitedness
                          Your Soulness within God
                     Your Totality...
                               as a Cosmic Being.

            To understand this
                 in full awareness of knowing
                                         is to be Human.

                 You realize then
                      that the Soul you are
                           is the Force that Lives...
                                         Steers and Directs
                                   your Physical Form.

            And eventually... the Total You
                     will be united with the Entity
                                         you are an Aspect of.

                     Within all the Splendor...
                                        of ALL THAT IS.


                               BY NOT THINKING

             What Man really is...
                        He does not know.

                 What Man really is...
                                is hidden deep within.

                 And since he does not know his Inner Self
                           he is held back...
                                  to what he but is.

                                             A Struggling Man.

                 Man's Ignorance...
                       and his Conditioned Mind...
                                   is holding him back.

             To let go...
                  of his Conditioned Mind he fears.

                                    He fears it like Death.

                While Death...
                     is the Impossible Concept.

                                          For Death is Not.

                               There is only Life.
                                     There is only Godness.

             For Man to let go of his Fears
                     will take many and many Years of Courage.

                The Instillment of Fear...
                          is Ages and Ages old.
                                        And Hell itself.

                The Hell...
                    Man created himself.

                          By being Conditioned...
                                     to the Limit he is.

                                              By not thinking.


                         NO EARTH WILL EVER KNOW

         At one time...
                between Naughtiness and Daring...
                                       I touched her Breast.
                        Feeling the Pulse of Life.

                And then I knew...
                              that she was...
                        the Queen of the Universe.

         Quickly then her Thoughts told me
                          that the Daring was too much
                     for the Naughtiness was lost in Daring.

                Slowly then...
                     the Feelings of True Love...
                                          diverted me
                                    to the Pure Love we are.

                       Without Daring...
                            so apparently redundant.

         For Love...
              True Love...
                   transcends the Naughtiness in Daring
                             far beyond this Plane of Earth.

              Where Bodies do not dwell.
                             And only Love exists.

                   By being Pure and Beautiful...
                              and of the Essence of Soul
                       with all its Godness and Love.

                                    No Earth will ever know.


                               THE POET IS

         A Poet is a Person...
                   who is Multi-People.

                   For all his Poems...
                           are different Aspects...
                                      of Separate Beings.

                   And no Poet will ever know...
                              all the People the Poet is.

              For some live in Heaven
                       some live on Earth
                                   And some live in Hell.

         A Poet...
              is neither Male... nor Female.

                        But a Soul...
                             in Communion with God.

              Listening to the Feelings of Godness...
                                    to be expressed in Words.

                     Words of Hell...
                           Words of Earth...
                                 And words of Heaven.

         But in Heaven...
                   a Poet is so very seldom.

              For a Poet is but a Human Being...
                             living in too many Places...
                   and most of the time...
                             too full of Words...
                   that have lost the Feelings of Godness.

                         And therefore...
                               never reach the Paper...
                                                 the Poet is.


                             OR LEAVE ALONE

         Oh yes... my Love.
                   All your Life...
                        you have been loving Poetry.

               As a Child...
                    As a Girl...
                         As a Lady...
                              And as a Mother.

               For the Feelings hiding behind the Words
                    create within you
                         the Sense of Beauty you are...
                              feeling the Words as Feelings.

          And then...
                  my Love...
              at the Apex of your Becoming Love itself...
                   this somewhat awkward Poet enters your Life.

                     Releasing the Poetry of Poets
                               touching the Depth of Being
                           within the You...
                                      who knows.

         The You...
               who knows...
                     the Beauty...
                           of the Feelings...
                                        You Are...
                                              dressed in Words.

         This Poet... for You...
                            to either choose to Love...
                                                or Leave Alone.


                                LOVING YOU

           To be in Love with You...
                              and Love You
                         is a Gift from Heaven.

               Perplexing in Beauty...
                    Silencing in Greatness...
                         And lifting Me to Ecstacy.

           But yet...
               Words are but Words.

                    And Words are totally insufficient
                          to express...
                               the Feelings You create...
                                                   within me.

               Feelings that burst with Delight
                         for being my Love and Light...
                                           in the Heart I am.

           To Me...
               You are a God.

                   Enlightening me...
                             to Loving Unconditionally.

                                    Without Reason...
                                               without Sense.

           For I am lost...
                   and no more.

               For being You in Me...

                 Vanishing the Me
                          within the Love I am... LOVING YOU.


                             FOR I LOVE YOU

         Sometimes... my Love...
                   when I am writing...
                             I pretend to be your Shadow.

               And from the Shade I am...
                      I admire the Light you are...
                                  from the Darkness I am.

               And in my Dream...
                              I glow
                                  for you are Life to me.
                         Creating the Shadow...
                                          I but am.

         But yet I say...
                   never love me...
                             because I love you.
             Only love me...
                  because YOU LOVE ME.

                               For You Are Free.

             Free to Love
                  Free to Leave.
                       To be You in Freedom.

                                Freedom of Loving
                                         or Leaving Me.

                                          For I love You.


                          YOUR PEARL OF LOVING

         Oh yes... I love You.
              I love you as much...
                   as that you allow me to love You.

              For I cannot love you anymmore
                   as that you can receive in loving.

                                             But it is enough.

         For but knowing you
                   and knowing what you are
                                   is enlightening...
                                               to the me I am.

                   Loving... what you accept.
                            In Honesty... so Lovingly.

         While yet...
              loving you
                  is like loving a Whirlwind.

               Never being sure...
                         how and why...
                   I am going to be touched...
                        by the Reflections you project
                                   from the Love I am for you.

         But Oh...
               this Loving Whirlwind
                    takes me to Heights Unknown.

               To the Planes of Delight in Being...
                       caught-up within it.

                                Trying to find...
                                         Your Pearl of Loving.


                          THE MIGHTY YOU WITHIN

         Hey You...
              Yes You... learning Man.

                       Never pray to a God...
                                      outside of You.

               But pray...
                    and address your Prayer...
                                 to the God within.

                                       The Soul that is You.

         For this is Your Source.
                   This is the Cause of Your Being.

                                          This is your Life.

               Recognize the YOU within YOU...
                                 the Soul You Are.

                     This is the Source...
                                  that cares.
                                       The God Within.

         While ALL Gods outside of You
               are like a Mountain to an Ant.
                                     Crushing You...
                                          as easily as Doom.

         But the Force Within
                        knows You...
                            and cares for You.

                For THAT is Your Creator.

                                    The Mighty You Within.


                        THAT SENSED HER FRAGRANCE

         In the Life I have lived...
                        there was but one Flower...
                                             I remember.

               She was Blond...
                         and so Vivacious.

                               Blue-Green Eyes...
                                     and Poetry in Movement.

               She never really loved me.

                              But... oh did I love her.

                                  So Secretly...
                                       and Hurtful.

         What else could I but do...
                      but try to forget...
                            and try to forget forever.
                                       But really never did.

         Oh yes...
               in the Life I have lived
                         there was but one Flower.

                    So Sweet she was.
                             So Colourful...
                                      and so Lovely.

                                  Never to forget.
                             Never to really die within.

         She was Life itself.

                   To never die within the Heart...
                                  that sensed her Fragrance.


                             BY THE POEM I AM

         If my Poems are so Beautiful...
                              why am I so alone?

               If my Poems touch you within...
                                   where is then your Touch?

         If my Poems then...
               are really so Beautiful
                              and touch you...
                                   and any Other...
                        why am I then an Island untouched...
                             but for an Ocean of Tears?

             if my Poems so touch you within...
                           why am I then without your Touch?

             And if I really touch your Soul...
                                         with Words...
                                 why do I hear then...
                                                but Silence?

               Is then the Ocean of Tears
                                    the Distance
                          between your Soul and touching me?

         Are my Poems then... too Beautiful...
                         and fade away by touching?

               Or is it...
                   that you are but Silent...
                         for being touched too deeply...
                                           by the Poem I am?


                         THAT'S WHY I LOVE THEM

         Knowing that I am Immortal...
                   living Life as it is...
                             and loving the World...
                        what rolls out of Space for me?

                                                  Two Women.

         Both I have known before... many times.
                   Lived with...
                        slept with...
                              and maybe I even married them.

         But this time...
                   both of them are busy.

                   The One is married...
                             and the Other has two Children.

         They are so damned occupied...
                        that even I can understand it.

         At least...
             that's what I tell myself... but don't believe.

         What's the matter with these Creatures?

                  Don't they know that once you know them...
                           you know them forever?

                        Has their Memory gone blank?

                  Was the Impression that light?
                                Am I a Lover... who's lousy?

         Well... I don't know...
             Women always will be Women I suppose.

                            That's probably why I love them.


                            AND SO IS KNOWING

         In Knowing what IS.
                      Belief I know to be useless.
         Most People however believe.
                     They believe almost anything.

         They believe in Saviours...
                   And of all things they believe in Churches.
         The fancier the Religion...
                the more they believe and the holier they are.

         And some people believe in a Revelation.

            They believe...
                that at some day the Truth will fall...
                                           right in their Lap.

            Imagine... what  Belief can do...
                             it stops thinking perfectly.

            Some people even believe that they are special.

            So special that they are chosen
                        and some of them are holier than Thou.

         All Believers however... in some future Time...
                          will KNOW that Belief is but Belief.

         In the mean time...
             they keep going and coming to the Earth
                 like the Leaves on a Tree in Spring and Fall.

                     Endlessly... until they KNOW...
                                             KNOW WHAT IS.

         Slowly but surely...
             their Trips will teach them.

                                       And for now...
                                              no Harm is done.

                 For all Trips are FREE.

                                    And so is KNOWING.



           Too much attracted
                   to a Material World
                             that is not Real
                                       she still has Depth.

               And of a kind I know...
                         for I was there... once.

           Because of the many Journeys
                                  I have made
                   forwards and backwards
                                  I know where she is.

                                           And she is Safe.

           For in Time to Come...
               she will find herself...
                      within the Depth of the Being...
                                                    she is.

           She will find herself
                        without the Earth
               and all its Troubles and all its woes.

                   For already she is touching
                                  the Rim of Bliss...
                                              and reaching.

             And from where I am...
                            I can see...
                       that the Earth in her...
                                         is fading.

                To never be again...
                    once she has found the Place
                         from where I'm watching her...


                          AND KNOW WHAT'S RIGHT

         To poet... close your Mind and write...
                      letting through the Higher Light.
         For the Words that shine on through
                      will find the Paper without you.

         Just be the Instrument and but receive
                      the Wisdom you would not dare conceive
                      when dwelling on this Plane of Earth
                      for that is but of Human Birth.

         And do not be at all surprised
                          for you will be quite well advised.
         For the Knowledge from Planes Divine
                          is far Superior than yours or mine.

         Yes... to 'poet'... just close your Mind
                       the Words that come are Wise and Kind.

             Speaking of Dimensions far
                         beyond our Earth and Solar Star
             Telling us of Worlds Unknown
                        without the Human Pain and Groan.

         For from these Worlds... we do not know
                      flow many Words with Brilliant Glow.
         And tell us what is yet to learn
                      from them that left this Earth Sojourn.

                 So open-up by closing tight
                                  the Human Mind...
                                  and know what's Right.


                           FOR THE GOD TO FIND

         Behind some Glass and other Stuff...
                                       are Eyes...
                                so Wise...
                                       and Deep enough...
                                to know that within
                                       the Flesh that is
                                 a Being lives in Total Bliss.

         A Being directing...
                   Curves and Form
                          with Nature's Grace.

                   With Open Mind...
                             and Sure of Face.

               A Being...
                    that finds the World
                              of Man and Kind
                         of a Conditioned...
                                       and Silly Mind.

               A Being in a Female Form
                    that will question the Soul in time...

                                     Who is this Me...
                                             this God Sublime?

         But the Answer...
                   is already there...
                             to be found Inside...
                                       for that is where.

               For the Inner of the Human Mind...
                                provides the Answer...
                                          for the God to find.


                          WITHIN YOUR OWN MIND

         To love Someone...
                   is to project Your Inner Feelings
                                       upon the other Person.

               The other Person however...
                    does not have to know about it.

                         It is YOU...
                              who is doing it.
                                        Not the other Person.

         Loving Someone then...
                             is done...
                entirely and completely by YOU.

                       The Trick is...
                             not to get lost...
                                    within your own Feelings.

               These Feelings are born...
                    from YOUR State of Mind.

                               Yours and Yours only.

         In other Lives...
               you possibly loved Someone else.
                                     With the same Mind.

               For it is the Mind or Soul...
                          that is reborn again and again.

                                      Was that Love for Real?

              Minds are but Minds.

              So... don't get lost... too far...
                                        within Your Own Mind.


                     WHATEVER IT IS... YOU FEEL LIKE

         You touch them...
                   and they smile.

               You squeeze them
                         and they squeal.

                     You hit them...
                               and they cry.

                           You love them...
                                     and they faint.

               But whatever you do
                              - do it -
                       for it makes them alive.

                                And never do nothing.
                            For that makes them die slowly.

         For Life is Action...
              and never mind what kind.

                                   Just do it.

         And the Advice to Women...
                        - just have it done -
                    as often as you feel like it.

                                    Whatever it is...
                                             you feel like.


                            JUST BY HER SMILE

         She is the Music to my Soul
                   The Harmony to by Being
                             and the Rhythm to my Life.

               And all this...
                     when she but only smiles.

                           And when I am with her...
                                      Life is so simple.
               For nothing is important...
                                but to keep her smiling.

               And that is easiness itself.
                    For all I do...
                         is hold but her Hand.
                    Tell her that I love her...
                         and wink my Eye to Love itself.

         Oh... how I love to wink my Eye...
                                  and hold her Hand.

         For the Feelings...
                     she creates within me...
             are the Love of the Universe in Greatness...
                     and the Beauty of all Flowers...
                                             in but one Face.

         The Face of my Beloved.
                  The Rhythm of my Life.

                          The Harmony of my Being
                                      And the Music of my Soul.

                    Just by her Smile.
                             Just by her Smile.
                                       Just by her Smile.


                               FOR EACH OTHER

           For You...
                to hear me say...
                          I love the World
                               and all that is in it...
                     and that I could love...
                               a thousand Women...
                                               is unfair.

                 For it confuses You.
                          And You are right.
                                     It is confusing.

           But whether or not...
                    it is confusing to you...
                                         I still do.

               Remember though my Love...
                    the Love I am...
                              and have...
                                    for 'All That Is'...
                              is focussed through You...
                                      and towards You...
                                      from me...
                                           when I am with You.

           So let me be with You for now...
                                        whenever and wherever.

                So that we may find the Love we are...
                                   focussed by
                                            for Each Other.


                         FROM THE SEED... THAT'S ME.

                 Total Confidence
                                of what I am...
                           makes Me the Lion...
                                           and the Lamb.

           While the God I am to be
                      is grown from Seed that is but Me.

           The Me...
                who creates by Effort and Will
                     The Greatness that is...
                                    by being still.

                         By listening...
                              to the Voice of Soul
                                    that fashions Parts...
                                               into One Whole.

                And by Confidence of Knowing
                               that within each Life
                               I can only grow
                               and create this Me
                                            by meeting Strife.

           To slowly grow...
                     to slowly be...
                               A God in Greatness
                                         from the Seed...
                                                    that's Me.


                              EACH TIME AROUND

           The Relationship with a Partner
                                         my Love...
                                              is Life.

                                        Your Life... my Life.

           And naturally we want our Lives
                               to be Beautiful
                                         and Rewarding.

                 But the Beauty of Life
                        depends on how rewarding it is
                                                to the Other.

           For Life is...
                 and should be lived...
                                for the Other.

                          In Love and Understanding.

                      Yet we have to be Ourselves...
                 For to live a Life...
                             without being Ourselves...
                                                  is useless.

           And Life... my Love...
                        for You and I...
                                 will be Alright.

                                 But not Perfect...
                       and that is exactly what it should be.

           For the Imperfections...
                   and the Recognition of them...
                   will make us learn to become more Perfect.

                              Each Time Around.


                               SO COME AND BE

                 Life without Love
                                is Torture.

                           And Life without my Love
                                      is the Pain of Hell.

                       So come and be...
                                 and love me.
                       So come and be...
                                 and let's do...
                                     what we know so well.

                 Let's love and be together
                           let's love and just be One.

                 Let's fill the Deepness of our Soul
                          with Loving that makes us Whole.

                      So come and be my Love...
                                     So Come And Be.


                        ALL OF US... WILL BE IN TIME

                 is the forever searching for Totality.

                 Totality is the Feeling of being Total...
                                            of being Fulfilled.

                 The Fulfillment reached
                         is equal to the Understanding
                                               of Satisfaction
                            of the One being fulfilled.

                 All Beings equal to Man will find...
                                    that each Fulfillment...
                               lasts but only for a tiny while.

                        A Moment...
                             a Day... a Year...
                                    or maybe a Lifetime.

            To be Total...
                 to be completely fulfilled... for Man...
                                               is not possible.
                 If this was so...
                      One would have reached Perfection.

                            Perfection for Man is not possible.

            Only by participating... completely...
                    within the Totality of what God is...
                                                 is Perfection.

                To do this...
                     One has to become more than Man.

                One has to disappear in God... as God.
                                  ALL of US... will be in Time.


                             TO WHAT IT IS TODAY

             If ever in your Life
                           You fall in Love
                                       and hesitate
                                           because of Mind...
                                       forget it.

                   For if You love with Doubts...
                                       it ain't right.

                        I'll overlook that
                        oh well... nobody is perfect...
                                                   forget it.
                                        Completely forget it.

             For Love...
                  True Love...
                       Love that will last and last...
                               does not know any Compromises.

              And with this kind of Love...
                   You'll feel and know...
                           that your Loving Yesterday
                           was nothing...
                                compared to what it is Today.


                           WHILE CHOOSING NEITHER

             Please Soul...
                     let me be
                           - that -
                                what I must be.

                 And let no Duality of Loving
                                     split me in two.
                 For already I am divided
                                between the ME and the not ME.

                       By lacking in Totality...
                                    within the Selfhood...
                                                of my Godness.

             Please Soul...
                     help me to love...
                                    yes ALL.

                     And give me the Sense to choose...
                                                 but One.

                     And let that One be ME...
                                    in Totality of Being.

                     Being Love in Total.
                                       Being Love to ALL.

                           While choosing neither.


                          WITHIN THE TOTALITY I AM

              Sometimes I read what I have written in the Past.

                 Some of it is Good.
                                  And some of it is Better.

                 The Rest is just...
                            what I have written in the Past.

                 By reading what I've written in the Past...
                       I get to know...
                           what I was like in the Past.

                           I find...
                                 that it was me.
                                            But Younger.

                 My writing then was Good.

                           But some of it...
                                    is silly to me now.

                           In other words...
                                          I have grown.

                 And some of it...
                           I have outgrown completely.

                 So what I write today
                       I will read in the Future
                                         and say...
                                         I'm on my Way...
                                                 I'm on my Way.

                 And for today... I write.

                            The Self I am
                                  becomes more and more
                                             the Self I am not.

                 To disappear... within the Totality I am.



         In Knowing...
              the little I but Know
                        of ALL there is to Know...
                             I can but teach...
                                       my Brother Man...
                                                    by Loving.

            By loving Man... by loving the World...
                                      by loving 'All That Is'.

         For by the Loving I am...
              I teach Man... I teach the Universe...
                                    and I teach 'All That Is'.

         For the little I but Know...
                         - Expressed in Words -
                                   will never reach...
                                               my Brother Man.

                     For they are Mind...
                                  denying Heart.

         And Mind but analyzes and schemes...
                                while Heart unites in Oneness.

                        The Oneness that is God.

                  The Oneness I feel to be...
                          within the little I but Know...
                                                     and Feel.

             within the little I but Know and Feel...
                               I am the Universe in being...


                              AND WHAT ISN'T

         Why does an Infant...
                          play with a rubber Duck?
                  Why doesn't it grab a violin and play it?

             Because as you know...
                      the Infant still has to grow.
                                            To grow up.

         For the same Reason...
                     not all People do what you do
                                              or what I do.

               For many of them are still...
                            in the Growing-Up-Stage.

                   Not as Human Beings.
                                  But as a Soul.

         For each Life as a Human Being
                       is but a Stage for the Soul.

                   And for a Soul to grow-up
                                   takes many Lives.
                                               Many indeed.

         Growing-up... is mostly a Stage of Believing...
                  and to be grown-up is a Stage of Knowing.

                       Knowing what is...
                                   and what isn't.


                           SOUNDS LIKE FANTASY

          Whether you believe or accept
                              what you read or hear
                    I couldn't care less.

                             For I do not require
                                       Belief or Acceptance.

          And to recognize TRUTH
                    depends on YOUR Understanding.

                                                Not on Mine.

                So do with MY TRUTH...
                             whatever you like.

          But please remember...
                       that anything you read or hear
                   might well be worth thinking about a lot.

          And who knows...
                    eventually you might laugh
                            at your own foolishness
                                  for believing in Nonsense.

                            Maybe even Mine.

          But at all times...
                        be open-minded.

            And oh yes...
                    TRUTH is something...
              very few People recognize the first time
                                      they read or hear it.

                 For most of it... sounds like fantasy.


                           BY LOVE THAT'S FREE

           Love... my Love...
                   is like an Entrapment to Life.
                                          Life in Freedom.

           For to be Loving...
                   to be Loving the Love of your Life
               is to abandon almost...
                          the Freedom of Living...
                                          Life in Freedom.

           For sometimes...
                     very surreptitiously
                               the Freedom that was
                                          will become Slavery.

                     Slavery to Each Other...
                                    by Each Other.

           While yet...
                both Partners could be delighted.

                     But also burdened.
                          Burdened by the Attachment.

                                  The Attachment of Belonging.

           And Freedom my Love...
                     as you know... is Freedom.

           So Love...
               personal Love could be the Opposite to Freedom.

                   But the only Love that is possible...
                             and yet be Free...
                                          is sharing.

                Sharing Each Other Freely...
                                 without Attachment.

                                          By Love that's Free.


                          WE KNOW SO LITTLE OF

         To be with You... my Love...
                   is living beyond Time... beyond Space.

            Time and Space are but Realities of the Physical.

         But being with You...
                   is the Transcendence of this Reality
                                                 as we know it.

                    A Reality that is but Temporary.

                    A Reality...
                         that is but a small Part
                                           or Expression
                                         of our very Selves.

         For You and I...
                     and all Life...
            is in actuality a Mental Phenomena.

                         An Activity of Mind.
                                 An Aspect of Consciousness.

         And the very Selves we are...
                      are Multi-Dimensional Beings...
               and are but partly expressed in the Physical.

         The Greatness of our Totality...
                     is what we feel when we are together
               in the 'being' we experience...
                             when we share Time and Space.

         And transcending this Time and Space
                         is the Embrace of our Soul.

                Our Soul... expressed in the Physical
                                             the You and I...
                                          we know so little of.


                        THAT IS THE YOU... THAT IS

         Cry... yes Cry my Love... yes Cry
                        until your Soul is Clean.

                Yes Cry and Cry
                        for all that's been.

                                 Cry and Cry...
                                      the Sadness wry
                                 Until you slowly...
                                            don't know why.

         And Laughter then
                     will fill the Source
               with Pleasure
                          and the Living Force.

               To find the Love... that You deserve
                                     to go but Forwards...
                                               without Reserve.

         To find that from the Source...
                                  - That Is -
                     your Life and Living is but Bliss.

             For the Wisdom in Living
                          that You did gain...
                                         by Pain
                                     will blossom you...
                                              without restrain.

             To bloom in Splendor
                     and Loving Bliss.

                             For Deep Inside
                                   that is the You...
                                                   That Is.


                        A GREATER GOD IN GODNESS

         The Feelings of caring...
                   caring for the One I love
                                and feel within me.

                          How Splendid these Feelings are...
                                       how satisfying to my Soul.

         It creates within...
                    within the Being I am...
                             a Sense of Worthiness.

                          A Sense of Goodness of being.
                                   Of being Alive through Loving.

         A Need... that is so Human.
                   Human to the Core of Humanness.

                   A Need to be fulfilled
                                   and to be transcended...
                             in order to become a God in Godness.

               For to become a God
                    and to become more and more in Godness
                            first I have to become totally Human.

         In Loving...
              and by being Loved...
                        to my Soul's Satisfaction.

                                     In being Human Love...
                                                   more and more.

                  And only then...
                             can I become...
                             a Greater God in Godness.


                           BY YOU... THE LIVING

         Life is...
              the smelling of a Flower.
                        The Grinding of Teeth.
                                  The Agony of Death.
                              And the Pleasures of Living.

         It also is...
              the Elation of being in Love...
                   and the Sorrow of losing Lovers.

         And it is...
                 the Splendidness of Sunshine.
                                     The Terror of a Storm.
                 The Drowning of Life
                           and the Catching of a Fish.
                 The Dancing of a Butterfly
                           and the Thud of a Drunk
                                       collapsing on the Floor.

         Life is...
              the Enlightenment of the Mind.
                             The Wonderment of Living.
               The Hotness of the Desert
                         and the Coolness of Mist.
               The Surrendering in Loving
                                the Anger of a Hate
                           and the Tenderness of a Child.

         It is the Openness of Thinking.

                The Closeness of Worry...
                       and the Freedom to enjoy or deny
                             the Nature of Life...
                                               by You...
                                                    The Living.


                              AND IN CRYING

         Sometimes I Cry....

               And sometimes I Cry more...
                                 than other times.

                                            Yet I am Happy.

                     For I have You
                               to love Me
                       And I have You
                                  to love.

         So Life...
              or whatever it is...
                             I'm doing...
                                    is good to Me.

                     For most of the time...
                                       I just AM.

                           I just AM...
                                 being Busy being.

                                                  Being Me.

                     In Loving...
                             in being Loved.

                                       And in Crying.


                        WHAT YOU BELIEVE IT TO BE

         TRUTH is... 'what is'...
                   so 'what is' to You...
                                     is Your TRUTH.

                   And 'what is' to Me...
                                       is My TRUTH.

               Since 'what is' to You...
                             could be different
                     than 'what is' to Me
                                    Your TRUTH and My TRUTH
                           could be different...
                                        in Nature and Degree.

         Remember though...
                   to believe 'what is'
                              might not exist at all.

                    And therefore might not be TRUTH.

         Believing that something exists or is...
                            is what Children do all the time.

                But Knowing 'what is'...
                              very few Adults do...
                                          and only sometimes.

         ALL in ALL...
                   TRUTH is an Individual Thing.

                          For Life is...
                                   what You believe it to be.


                         THE BIRTH OF GREATNESS

         Dear Friend.
              To be what your Friends are...
                            is being but one of them.

                    But to be 'YOU'
                            in being what you are...
                                              is being YOU.

         And to be YOU
                   is transcending the Mediocrity...
                                              of the Crowd.

         And anybody who accepts You
                           for what You are
                  is a Friend who knows
                                what being a Friend is.

                   For True Friendship...
                         is the Acceptance...
                               of what You are...
                                      in being YOU.

         While the Approval of the Crowd...
              is the Acceptance of your Mediocrity.

                  To Accept yourself...
                      and to 'see' Greatness...
                                      in being YOU...
                                              is Greatness.

          No Greatness in lndividuality...
                    is part of the Mediocrity of the Crowd.

                                So DARE.
                For DARING... is the Birth of Greatness.


                           THEY ARE LOST GODS

         Man is a Learning God.
                  And Gods do not Sin.

                           But Man being Man...
                                   sometimes misses the Mark.

               Man is a God in Learning.
                          And learning means...
                                 making mistakes unknowingly.

         Planet Earth is the School for Man.

             And Man returns and returns until he knows...
                   that he is a God in Learning.

                      The process is called... Reincarnation.

         Most People learn very little each Lifetime.

               But sooner or later... they will learn it all.

                   It is called... Becoming Aware.
                                         Or Waking up.

         Man is his own Creator...
              by means of the Soul he is...
                           and the Processes of Thought...
                                               he entertains.

               Man is the Creator of his own Body.
                           All Gods in Learning are Creators.

         Man lives in his own Creation...
                        IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE IT.


         The Attitude towards his experiences...
                        is what forms his Character...
                               and the Nature of his Godness.

         Most Gods in Learning...
                     are lost in their own Creation.

                                          They are lost Gods.


                          TO FIND THE LIFE I AM

         From the Refinement of Creation...
                   From the Integrity of Wisdom...
                             And from the Deepness of Space...

                             Are Sculptured...
                                        the Lines of her Face.

         Harbouring Eyes like Stars...
                   that wink and twinkle.

                                  Projecting Love to All
                             that can but see the Soul Within.

         Yes... her Face.
                   Like a Landscape of Love...
                             with softly shining Smiles.

                   Yet... Stern and Strong...
                                   with equal Sense in Wonder.

         Yes.. her Face.
                  The Face I kiss.

                        Hold in my Hands...
                                     and kiss again.

                        Yet... I will never know...
                                     Who it really is...
                                               I see and kiss.

         For she reflects...
                   the Refinement of Creation...
                             the Integrity of Wisdom...
                         And the Deepness of Space Unknown.

                 Smilingly sculptured by Time and Love.

                         And I softly dare in Loving...
                                        to find the Life I am.



         Gracefully she moves
                   within the Neatness of her Form
                              Knowing not she is Beautiful.

               For hidden beyond her Awareness
                            is the Smoothness of her Style.

                 Projecting Softness in Beauty and Charm.

                 Enticing whoever she touches
                            with the Smile of her Living.

                    Showing Poise that radiates Peace.

         A Peace of Sadness that has past.
                Replaced by the Knowledge of Life.
                              Through Living and through Dying.

         She creates a hidden Deepness
                    beyond the Clarity of her Smiles
                                 of Goodness and Deeds of Love.

              Valuable to All...
                         that can but see...
                                 the Quality of her Soul.

         She is the Vitality of Life itself
                   through living Lives that past
                           and by her Life that is the Present.

         She is an Honour to Love.

                 A Pleasure to know...
                              and a Treasure to admire.

                 So obvious to them that see...
                                        the God she is.

             Yet some of it...
                    stays hidden... beyond herself...


                       BY KNOWING OF... 'WHAT IS'

         The Sharpest Needle
                   that's driven
                             in Wisdom Divine
                   by a Brother of You
                        by a Brother of Mine
                               is the Needle of a Man
                                            of Loving Care
                                    the Needle of a Man
                                                  just there.

               where he should be
                           to cure and heal
                                   the Pain of Man
                                          with Love and Seal.

         To help to lift
                     our Human Life
              to help to lighten
                         our Human Strife
                                 in this so beautiful
                                         yet suffering Earth.

               Yes... he is my Brother
                                   by Light...
                                         by Birth.

         For 'All of Us' of the Human Kind
                          are ONE of Soul and Mind.

               United within the Eternal Bliss
                                by Knowing of... 'what is'.


                      BEINGS IN BEING 'ALL AND ONE'

         With Pleasure and Anticipation
                                  do I await
                           the Meeting
                                 of the Closeness
                                                I am.

            For when I meet
                         what I am
                              I am Me.

         No other Time
                   and no other Place
                                  can I be
                                        what I am
                                as what I am
                           within the Closeness of Us.

              While right Now...
                           I suffer Time
                                     being Space Unfulfilled.

              But at the Meeting
                        of the Closeness I am
                                    there is no Time
                                           there is no Space.

              For we are 'All'...
                         within Ourselves...
                               Beings in being 'All and One'.


                           IN FEELINGS DIVINE

         When 'Closeness' becomes so close
                                  that it is not.

                                         It is 'Oneness'.

               And 'Oneness' is a Feeling
                              so intimately Good
                         that it stultifies the Mind
                                     for it is just Feeling.

               A Feeling of Bliss.
                    A Feeling of Gracefulness.

                              And of a Nature
                                    in Quality and Quantity.

                                          It just IS.

         Some People call it 'Life'.

                    Some call it 'Love'.

                              And others call it 'Being'.

               Very few experience it.

                         And the Ones that do
                                        do not know
                                            what to call it.

               For it is 'Nameless'...
                    and the same as 'Godness'.

                    A Nature of being...
                                  in Feelings Divine.


                            GOD AS YOU ALIVE

         To know something...
              and not do anything about it
                   makes You and the Knowledge useless.

               While to do 'anything'
                         about something You know
                                   is Wisdom in Action.

                     And Wisdom in Action
                                    is Godness...
                                         is You living Life.

               And when You live Life
                         without living Your Life...
                                            is Divine Habit.

         Divine Habit creates the Feeling of Goodness...
                  by experiencing Godness within.

                                       It's called... BEING.

         And the ultimate of BEING
              is doing nothing for Yourself...
                               but doing ALL for Others.

                                     And feel good about it.

         And that is called...
               the Feeling of Life going through You
                                             without Effort.

         To know nothing about anything...
                                  but do it ALL...
                                            is Life itself.

               Which is the same as...
                         God experiencing You...
                                   without You knowing it.

                              It's called... God as You Alive.


                            AND EQUAL TO ALL
         To reach the Level of Understanding
                   that Nobody is Crazier than You
                            is attaining the Ultimate in Sanity.

         To reach this Level of Sanity
                   does not mean that One could not be lost
                                  within the Limits of Insanity.

         Sanity and Insanity are definitions
                     that are overlapping each other completely.

         Sanity and Insanity together form Weirdness.
                             Which is the opposite of Normality.

         Normality is not to be identified
              for Nobody knows what it actually is.
                          So... Who is Normal... and Who is not?

         It is suspected that Normality is acting
                                    according to the Self
                              without asking a No-Self or Other.

         What a Self is... not even a No-Self knows.

            To be a Self is being able to identify a No-Self.
                                        Which Nobody ever could.

         A No-Self then... does not exist.

              And a Self does not know it is One...
                               for it cannot identify a No-Self.

         All Selves and No-Selves...
              therefore must be One and the Same.

                      So Nobody is Crazier or more Normal
                                              than Anybody else.

         Which means...
              that Everybody is just Right.

                          And Perfect the Way he is.

                                               And Equal to All.


                              TO BE MYSELF

         And the Time will come
                        that You will have grown
                  and look at Me...
                            and Master.

               And You will be looking
                              at a little Boy
                                    that once was a Man
                                        You knew to be Great.

         And when that time comes...
                             do not forget
                             that I have tried
                                       to be the Man You saw.

                      And just not quite succeeded.

               But don't You pity me.
                    Don't feel the least bit of Sorrow.

               For You are the One who's grown
                                and I was but the Fool.

         For being Me...
                  is Fooling.

                        For being Me...
                                  is being Me.

                  With a Speed that makes Me feel
                                            at ease
                                            to be Myself.


                      IN BEING HATE THROUGH LOVING

         The Forbidden Fruit.

                   Yes... that's what You are.

               The Extreme in Temptation...
                              the Ultimate in Having.

                       And yet... when I would...
               I would spit You out...
                             like Garbage.

               Yes... I would spit You out like Poison...
                                  killing Body... Mind...
                                                     and Soul.

         But yet.
             Yet I keep on looking
                      Keep longing for this Fruit...
                                      I like to share and eat.

         And why the Hell
                   don't You show yourself more often?

             So that I could choose
                                 my Death
                         by Suffering in Pleasure
                                             of being Me
                                             experiencing You.

         Yes... You and I...
              in the Solitude of being Us... alone.

               Among the Tortures and Treasures I so need
                            and would despise
                  for finding Us too close in being Us.

                                       In being Hate...
                                               through Loving.


                         BY INTUITION... AND TIME

         As no Animal can judge...
                         a Self-Conscious Man...
                 no Self-Conscious Man...
                              can judge a Man with Feeling.

           While no Man with Feeling
                              can judge or know
                      a Man with Cosmic Consciousness.

             In Future Time...
                       ALL BEINGS will be the Same.

                                             Life Immortal.

                For 'ALL' are made
                          of the same Essence.


            All Beings...
            and Man first of all... a God in Hiding
                                         will find himself.

                          By Intuition...
                                     and Time.


                             SO SELDOM KNOWN

         To know 'how to Love'...
                   to know the Feeling of it...
                                       is only yours
                               when you are meeting Coolness.

         For the Coolness that is met...
                          lets the Fire be...
                                 to burn itself in Stillness.

               The Stillness of the Soul.
                          In Silence of the Heart that feels.

         For to be met with Fire...
                   being the Fire of Love
              kills the Duality that should be.

                      The Duality that sustains
                         the Feeling of all Feelings
                                               To be in Love.

         And as soon as this Duality disappears
                            the 'Knowing how to Love'
                                 becomes Loving...
                                          the Self in Others.

             Blending Soul with Soul
                          with attracting Polarities
                               the Power of Love.

                                             So Seldom Known.



           By understanding my Smallness
                             I feel my Greatness.

                   And the Greatness I feel
                                       makes me Humble.

           Yet in my Humbleness
                             I know
                                   that I am...
                                        'All There Is'.

                    For I am "ALL"... by KNOWING ME.

           This Knowing is born Within...
                               by understanding my Smallness.

                  To know my Greatness...
                             will take an Infinity...
                                               of Humbleness.

               But Time...
                    is on my Side.

                           And that is my Potential...


                         LET'S LOVE ANOTHER TIME

         I love to feel
                   your Body love.
              And love to feel you high.

                     I love to feel...
                               you loving me.
                          And love to feel you cry.

         Yes... loving you...
                      is feeling good.

                                 It's touching Life-Sublime.

            Yes Loving you...
                      is being God...
                                alive in Cosmic Rhyme.

            So let us be...
                      and be... and be...
                              let's love another time.


                             AND CANNOT MISS

           To write a Masterpiece.
                               But How?

                To find the Words.
                                  Yes how?

                     Where are the Words...
                                    that hit... and hit?
                     Where is it that I look... for Wit?

           Where is the Sense...
                     to make them feel...
                                 the Feelings...
                                          my Words appeal?

           For All are living
                     with Matter-Mind
                              and slug... and slug
                                        their Daily Grind.

               With Faces...
                    that neither laugh... nor Smile.

               With Minds
                       that never think... in Style.

               There is no Thought about their Life...
                                and neither about What Is.

                     Yet... they are God...
                                    and cannot miss.


                           AND FREE... AND FREE

           How many Stars?
                   How many Loves?
                             How many Lives?
                      How many Dreams I'm dreaming?

                   Endless and Endless
                        in Time yet to come.
                                 Endless and Endless
                                        in Time that past.

           And the Number of Planets
                  upon which I will yet live...
                           are the Number of Stars...
                                            I will yet be.

                  For I am Life...
                         Yes... I am Life forever.

           And the Galaxies I do not know
                          are the Gardens of my Existence.

                     To find the Life
                                 that I know not.

                     To be the Mind
                                 that is the Lot.

               For within the Being...
                           that is the Me...
                                I'm 'All That Is'...
                                           without Degree.

            For I am Mind... yes I am Me.

                       A God in kind... and Free and Free.


                              IT FEELS GOOD

               Yes what is LOVE?

                         LOVE is the Good Feeling
                                       you have inside
                                and want to give to the Other.

                     And in LOVE...
                          the Other is trying
                               to give you the same thing.

               That's why it multiplies...
                                   and multiplies.

                               It's a Beautiful Feeling.

                   it is a Feeling of Helplessness.

                                 That's what LOVE is...

                    It's Beautiful...
                           like all Good Feelings.

                                      Enjoy it Often.

                                                It feels GOOD.


                              ALL THAT WAS

         When the Love that 'is' my Love
                      becomes the Love that 'was'...
                                            please do not cry.

               Just softly remember
                         the Moments of Nowness
                     we shared and loved
                               for what they were.

               Knowing that each day
                           we shared and loved
                                           to the Fullness
                                        of the Beings we were.

         For 'all that is' my Love
                    some day will pass
                            to become 'all that was'.

               To make us what we are then...
                              enriched by knowing
                          the Sharing and the Loving
                                               of Beings
                                           true to Each Other.

         Beings that shared and loved
                        with the Wisdom and Knowing
                that 'what is' will pass to become 'what was'.

         For Life is Change.
                To make us grow into Beings
                           knowing the Nowness of Time
                     with the Awareness
                                   that 'all that is'
                             will pass into... 'all that was'.


                             AND YOU ARE IT

         The Future is...
                     Moments of Nowness
                               laced into the Memory of being.

               While Life in each Moment
                      is the Result of Attitudes
                                     based upon the Past.

         To live Life to the fullest
                              in all Moments
                    is to know the above
                              without remembering.

                                            Which is 'being'.

         And Wisdom is the Sum
                        of all 'being '
                              without Thought.

                              To know Nothing
                                        is to be ALL.

                      To be ALL...
                            is Life itself.

                                    And You Are It.


                           GERARDUS WAS RIGHT

              In Time to come the Female Form
                           will be beyond the Human Norm

              For all of them in slick disguise
                          are Gods alive and mighty wise

              And will create by Mind Control
                          a Female Form Divine and Whole

              To slyly and with Silent Plea
                          seduce a Mate... a God like Me.

              And then this Pair will truly mate
                              in Rhythms of a Godly Rate

              To bring on forth by Pure Delight
                              a Being of the Godly Light

                 A God and Creator with Perfect Might

              Who will tell you... you see...
                                      Gerardus was right.


                           BEING GODS IN MIND

          From the Rainbows
                   within my Dream
                             I form and fashion
                                       her Lovely Name.

               And then from the Colours
                      and from the Rays of Light
                                           I sculpture
                                                   her Face.

          Slowly then
              from the Feelings that are me
                               I project the Words...
                                                 I love You.

          And Brilliantly across the Sky
                             I paint the Life we are.

                             A Life...
                                  of Love and Understanding.

              A Life...
                    in which we find
                              - the Goodness -
                           within the Simplicity
                                             of Loving.

              A Life...
                    of Freedom and Learning.

                         Learning Life...
                              by living Life in Matter.

                                          Gods in Mind.


                             I AM YOUR CLOUT

               To find the Soul I am
                        I write but Words.

               For beyond the Words
                              that's where I am.

                          with a Nip of Nag.
                          with a lil' of Laughter.

                                    with a Sob of Sadness.
                                      with a Dash of Dare.

                          with a Sense of Self.
                          with a Gift of Grace.

                                      But always ME.
                                            The Soul I am.

              Forever hiding...
                   so quite absurd.
              Forever there...
                         in Stillness heard.

                         To pop on out...
                              to yell and shout...
                                     I AM YOUR SOUL...
                                          I AM YOUR CLOUT.


                            AND SECRET DEEDS

            She cannot help
                   to be but Loving.

                   For she is Love
                       and quite Mature.

                   Self-Aware in being Spirit
                           Self-Aware in being Pure.

            She's Peace of Mind
                   but yet still searching
                             beyond the Sureness
                                       that but shows...
                   a Lovely Lady born for Living
                        within the Love she's gladly giving
                             to the World...
                                  and all who needs
                                          her Healing Smile
                                      and Secret Deeds.


                           TO THE GOOD OF ALL

         Some Kings and Queens
                         my Dear
                   are absolutely crazy...
                                  about each other.

            they would never admit this...
                                     to themselves.

            But to each other
                 by all the subtle movements
                                     and 'clicking'
                                they betray themselves.

         They know that they are Liars...
                               to themselves
                          and Lovers to each other.

            They sort of like it that way.

                 And what else could they but do?

                      They suffer in Thoughts of Pleasure.

         And some Kings and Queens
                      think about the Feasts they could have.

                      But Feasts however...
                                      mostly end up in Chaos.

                               Mainly their Own.

         Thus to You my Queen
                 I say in perfect Silence...
                                         I Love You.

                 And may the King...
                               be saved by Redheads.

                       To prevent him... from creating Chaos.

                                To the Good of All.


                                CALLED NOW

         Too many People
               are but concerned with the FUTURE.
                                 And reminisce about the PAST.

                    While they forget...
                                 to live right NOW.

         And living right NOW...
                   is not projecting into the Future...
                                 or looking back to Yesterday.

         For Living NOW is...
                   to take the time...
                             to look at a Flower
                                     growing amidst the Weeds.

                   And to imagine then...
                             that YOU are that Flower.

         For YOU...
              like that Flower...
                    are growing amidst the Weeds of the World.

                  the Worldly Weeds...
                        are your Brothers readying themselves
                               to become a Flower...
                                          like yourself.

                  For all Weeds...
                          will be Flowers...
                                     in Heaven's Time...
                                                   called NOW.


                              CALLED POEMS

         This Man
              This Poet
                   This Centre of the Universe
                                    is but like Dust
                                           compared to Stars.

         But yet...
              the Stars in all their Brilliance
                                           do not know
                                                  that He Is.

                     And compares himself
                               to them in Greatness...
                                           and in Difference.

                          They are but Matter.
                                      But He is Mind.

         And forever.
              Stars always will be Matter...
                                   in whatever Form.

                         But the Poet...
                                  always will be...
                                              Pure Mind.

               Alive in Forms of Stardust
                          to star in Forms Alive.

                              In Letters of but Dust...
                                                called POEMS.


                         TO BE OF FULL AWARENESS

         Life and the Eternity of it
                    is hard to take sometimes.

              But most of the Time...
                                I feel Grand
                    because of the Eternity of Life I am.

         For Day after Day of Living
                        makes me more Aware
                                   of the Beauty I am
                                            in Consciousness.

                        Consciousness becoming Aware.
                                         Becoming more Awake.

                              Each Day... Day by Day.
         And just imagine...
                   the Awareness I will attain
             when I am awake enough
                            to find myself
                                   without the Periods
                                   of 'hard to take' moments.

                   Then I will be Awareness...
                                  without Thinking.

         For it is my Thinking...
                   that keeps me asleep.

                            For it is my Awakeness
                                        that is my Awareness.

                   It's being without Mind...
                              to be of Full Awareness.


                             COMMON GODNESS

              and the intellectual juggling of them
                                 very seldom produces Wisdom.

                       The juggling of Intellectuals
                                                 excludes it.

         For Intellectualism...
                   and the Mediums used
                               only produce
                                        profound Thinking.

              Thinking however
                   is but a Product of the Conscious Mind.

              And the Conscious Mind
                   is the Product of a linguistic arrangement
                       of Words and combinations of them.

         Words then...
              will never solve anything.

                   And neither will Intellectualism.

                         Wisdom... on the other hand
                                              will solve all.

         For Wisdom...
              is the Meaning of Experience behind Words...

              It's called...
                        Action through Knowing...
                                           or Common Godness.


                           OF THE LIFE YOU ARE

           Life is the Eternal Search for Truth.

                                         But most People
                                    do not know
                                         that they are looking.

                 The few that know however
                         know that finding the Truth
                                 is finding it without looking.

                 The Time available
                         in which to find Truth
                                          is equal to
                                   the Infinity of Life itself.

           While Life...
                 and the Truth of it...
                      is a continual 'Separation in Love'
                                   from the World and its Ways.

                 In order to 'Join in Love'
                        the Flow of the Universe
                               and its Divine Guidance.

           In Time...
                all People will do this.

                           To learn to 'flow'
                                  takes an Infinity minus Time.

           The Search for Truth
                is the Meaning of Life Eternal.

                To be found without looking...
                          within the Universe Within...
                                           of the Life You Are.


                              AND SUCCEEDED

         Whatever the Masses believe to be so...
                                         is just the Opposite.

                     The Masses then...
                                 are always wrong.

         Your Task then is...
                   not to belong to the Masses.

                               Which means...
                                      be an Individual...
                                                    and Alone.

                And once you get used to it...
                                        it's Beautiful.

                        The only Way to BE.

         You will discover then
               that the 'One-God-Concept' of the Masses
                                             is totally false.

               The Masses and Masses of People
                   are in actuality billions and billions
                          of Unique and Individual God-Beings.

               Each and everyone of them...
                                  is a God on their Own.

         There is then...
                   not just ONE God.

                   But billions and billions of Them.

                              Search for the God YOU are.

                              Many did before...
                                           and succeeded.


                        LIKE THE AIR YOU BREATHE

           God is Light...
               and the more you shine... the more you are God.

           God is Love...
                and the more you love... the more you are God.

           God is Feeling...
                and the more you feel... the more you are God.

           God is Knowing...
                and the more you know... the more you are God.

           God is Patience...
             and the more you have it... the more you are God.

           God is Awareness...
                   and the more you are aware...
                                         the more you are God.

           God is Understanding...
                and the more you understand...
                                         the more you are God.

           God is Consciousness...
                and the more you are conscious...
                                         the more you are God.

           God is Taste... Eyes... and Sense...
                and the more you use these...
                                   the more you recognize God.

           God is ALL.
                Including Silence.

                         For God never Speaks.
                                      God is the Sound Within.

               God just IS.     Like the Air you breathe.


                              FOR WHAT I AM

          I am the Earth.
                    And bear the Life that forms your Body.

              I am your Host.
                         And I am a Living Entity like You.

                   But You as my Guests...
                                  are sickening ME.

          For You have stolen and sold ME.
               You have befouled and polluted ME.
                      You have scorched and burnt ME.
                          You have layed ME bare...
                                              and raped ME.

          You are suffocating ME...
              with your Stench of Money.
                           And You are killing ME...
                                   with the Fruits of Hate.

               You have ripped ME open and bombarded ME...
                            and all for what?

          Yet I steadily turn...
             keep my Face to the Light and do not worry.
                                             For I will be.

               While You will suffer the Pain You are.

               For I know how to rid myself...
                                of Bugs that bother ME.

          For in the days to come...
                     I will rumble and shake...
                                    I will rattle and spit.

          And finally...
             I will twist my Poles to wash You away...
                                       while I take a bath.

          To prepare myself anew and again...
                            to give Sustenance...
                  to the New Flowers
                            that know and respect ME...
                       as One of them... and for What I Am.


                      TO THE FEELINGS OF THE HEART

           To lose a Friend... is partly dying
                      While losing a Hand... is living more.

           And if I ever had the Choice
                                  of choosing
                          I would rather lose my Head
                                         than lose a Friend.

               For within each Person
                    that once was part of me
                              I see a Life of Living
                                           drifting away
                                        as if it was my own.

               For in all I touch
                     I touch but myself.

                     And when I do lose a Friend
                                        I do not know
                                        who is the One lost.

           And yet...
                the Friendship
                    was but a Feeling of Goodness
                                         hidden beyond
                                    some Words and Chuckles.

              Yet never Words nor Chuckles
                                 could truly hide
                           the Feelings that were there.

              For Words and Chuckles
                      are but the Products of Mind.

                      And nothing...
                               to the Feelings of the Heart.


                        AND SUNSHINE BUT A FRIEND

           And when it rains
                       people still go to work.
                  Huddled in Coats...
                            and Umbrellas that do not cover.

                  Their Smiles are wet.
                            Glasses full of Rain.
                  And Hands soaking...
                            from holding Coats
                            that blow away by Wind...
                                                that's Rain.

                  Nearly everyone stays inside...
                            and talks about the Rain...
                                and the Weekend even wetter.

           The Air is soaked with Moisture...
                  like Tears that are invisible...
                                   from crying far too long.

           Clouds speed across the Sky...
                              dark and gloomy...
                    creating Patches of Light...
                              there where the Sun should be.

           Not even the Birds are out.
                     And the Beetles keep crying.
                                  For Rain to them is Flood.

           All is Sad... for Light is missing.
               While the Darkness makes the Mushrooms happy.

           And the Grass but smiles...
                     with Greenness that is pure.
                                     For Rain is Life to it.

                       And Sunshine but a Friend.


                       WITHIN THE GREATNESS I AM

           THAT what is beyond Me
                      I cannot ever call God.

                      For what is beyond Me...
                                      I do not know...
                                To name 'IT' would be silly.

              But THAT what is within ME
                          I can name God anytime.
                   For THAT is what I know.
                             And know to be Me...
                                       the God I know.

           For THAT is what I am.
                             A God.
                 Personified in Individual Form.

           While THAT what I do not know as yet...
                      is the Greatness of the God I am.
                                   It is my Unconsciousness.

               The Greatness of the Greatness
                                  of the God I am...
                            I will become acquainted with
                                  - by knowing me -
                                   that what I am.

           And the Time for Me
                          to Know ME
               is of no importance whatsoever.

                              For I am Time itself.
                                  Within THE GREATNESS I AM.



            The SELF I am...
                     becomes more and more aware
                                   of the SELF I am not yet.

               The SELF I am not yet...
                                   is the Unconscious ME.

                     And to become Conscious
                                of my Unconsciousness
                                                 is my Life.

            My Unconsciousness however
                               is as much ME
                                   as that what I am.

             For if IT was not
                   - and therefore outside of ME -
                           I could never become aware of it.

         The SELF I am then...
                  and the NOT-SELF I am
                                  is ME in Total.

               the SELF I am
                     will completely join and commune
                                     with the NOT-SELF I am.

                         I will be...
                               The Nameless All.



                           OF SPACE AND TIME

         To touch Someone
                             the Soul within
                     is feeling light by sensing Light.

                                              Through Knowing.

               For to sense the Sphere of Light
                                            that IS
                                      ONE feels the God
                                               that's growing.

         To vibrate by the Light within
              that's shown through Eyes a shining
                    is knowing that the Touch was right
                                 and in Soulness us combining.

         For in this Universe
                  so Endless Grand in Scheme...
                              there is but ONE in Multi-Theme.

                  Personified in Form Sublime
                                      as Man the God
                                            of Space and Time.


                         EXTENDED IN BUT WORDS

       What I create by writing...
                      is not really my Creation.

                 For I only write the Words
                           to convey the Meaning
                               that was revealed to me
                                    from the Planes I do not know.

       Yet the Meaning
                 and its Origin
             are the 'me' that writes.
                       For if it was not me
                                I would not be aware of it.

             So... WHAT am I?

                 I am the Writer
                       in the Plane of Symbols.
                 Conveying Meaning to the Plane of Earth.
                           Into which I extended...
                                    by means of Flesh that writes.

       And what You are reading
                      is read by Flesh of Earth.
                 To make You aware
                                of the Planes
                      on which You and I are present
                                  to feel the Meaning of my Words.

       While 'that' what it is...
                      that makes You understand
                                       is neither Flesh nor Earth.

          But Consciousness we share in Communion
                                        via the Plane of Earth.

               To feel the Plane of Meaning
                                   extended in but Words.


                                 I AM

           There is nothing
                   that I will be in the Future
                                   that I am not already.

               And the ME I am
                         is a God that grows.
                     From Greatness to Greatness.

               Yet... WHAT I am NOW...
                                is THAT
                                   what I always will be.

           To recognize however... the ME I am
                          will take an Infinity of Nownesses.

               And within the Nownesses of my Godness
                    the Experiences I encounter
                                       will determine
                                    what is unkown to ME
                                          about ME.

           For like the Earth brings forth its Flowers
                         so will I bring forth my Brilliance.

           Because the unfolding of my Selfhood in Splendor
                   is within the Seed of Godness...
                                                        I AM.


                             FOR I AM BOTH

           Sometimes... I feel that the Universe
                                            outside of me
                                                  is perfect.

                  But that the Universe
                                      inside of me
                                            has collapsed.

                      I think...
                           it is called Depression.

           But somehow...
               I sense that all this is needed
                                      in order to grow.
                                  To grow through and beyond.

           And when I grow beyond all this
                I will be able to see the Splendor of it all.
           And find that I am neither...
                                inside nor outside
                                               but all of it.

           But for awhile sometimes...
                     it seems as if the inside...
                                         is too small
                                             for the outside.

           Yet I know...
                   that the inside and the outside...
                                                 are equal.

                   For the Inside I am
                              feels and creates
                         whatever Outside there Is.

                                       For I am BOTH.

                               A MIRACLE

              and ALL it is...
                         is a MIRACLE.

                                   And so is everything else.

              It urges me...
                    to look for the Magician...
                                   of all these Miracles.

          My attempts to look for the Magician though
                        - hamper me -
                in finding that what I must.

                           For that...
                                what I am looking for...
                      is doing the Looking.

          Sooner or later however...
                      I will find that I am IT.

               First of all...
                      nobody should be home
                                 in the House I live
                                               and look from.

               For as long as I am there
                          I cannot find myself
                                         for looking.

                     And neither closed...
                                    nor open Eyes
                                         help or hamper
                                    to find that what I must.

          And in the mean time...
                      all I can do... is but be... A MIRACLE.


                        THE PERFECT INSTRUCTOR

         He who teaches Mankind...
                             or tries to
                                      does so
                                to boost his own Ego.

               For really...
                    what is there to be taught

                             For LIFE...
                                  the Life Man lives
                                            is the Instructor.

         For each Man living
                              to the Teachings
                                    from which ALL will learn.

                 Each in his own Way...
                                 at his own Speed.

         And all Ways are right.
                 While Speed is but a Moment of Time
                                       irrelevant to Infinity.

            What is there to be done?
                              And the Answer is...
                                           Absolutely Nothing.

             For each Man...
                  is to live his Life in Freedom.
                             To be taught by Life itself.

                                       The Perfect Instructor.


                           TO LOVE AND PURR

             She's a Miracle...
                     in the Physical.
                          Stuff I need to kiss.

                     But she's a Cat...
                                     I cannot purr.
                              For I'm the Love that's miss.

             So I but write...
                      to dim my Light...
                              Inspired right... and Bright.

               About the Cat
                     I love to purr
                           as part of daily slurr.

               But never will...
                           for she feels ill...
                                 and yells for Hubby still.

             So here am I...
                   an Open Sky...
                       while she is his... and shy.

             What can I do...
                  with Cats like this...
                             but take a Drink
                                          and wish
                  that other Cats...
                              in daily slurr
                                           need me
                                       to Love and Purr.


                          JUST LIVE YOUR SONG

         Joviality with a Tinge of Daring
                combined with Smiles and plenty Sharing...
            she is a God in Life of Pleasure
                      a Woman in Search for Love and Treasure.

               Treasure that's found...
                     within the Life she's living.

                           For within her Being...
                                        she's Love and Giving.

         Yet in the Evening...
                   of Future's Dawn
               she'll ponder and wonder...
                         whether she's God or Pawn.

               But only by Living
                       and Experience's Clue
                                can she find the Answer
                                                of Who is Who.

               my Love... my Soul...
                              do never wonder
                                        what's right
                                             what's wrong...
                              just live your Life...
                                          just live your Song.


                              IN SILENCE

           When I was a Child...
                     I lived like a Child.

                Believing all the Stories I was told.

           But when I grew up
                          I lost my Naivety.
                   And slowly I conquered my Fear of God.

                And understood...
                        the Greatness of the Universe.
                      By getting to know
                                the Force I am.
                            Finally thus...
                                       I found myself.

           For by growing up
               I put away all the things of the Children
                                             and became a Man.

           A Man searching for the Truth
                            behind all the Stories I was told.

                And doing so...
                       the Universe became my Creation.
                   For I became a God...
                                 awakened to Itself.

                   In full understanding
                                       of 'that'
                                   what I awakened to.

                     A God...
                            within a Man
                                       in Silence.


                            FOR THEY ARE ME

         When I read... or listen to my Poems...
                                             I cry.

              And the many Tears misting my Eyes
                               are the Sadness of Man...
                                          living in Ignorance.

              And all the writing
                             that is born
                    within the Mirrors of my Soul
                        cannot cure their Pain in Sorrow
                                               of knowing not.

         Knowing not...
              that they are the Ones to grow
                                 from Man to Human
                             and from Human to Godness.

              While all of them
                        are but listening
                              to the Voice of Blindness
                                            leading the Blind.

         Yes... my Tears
              streaming from my Face.
                   If they could wash away
                                    the Darkness of Man...
                   All would be Gods
                        within the Brilliance of Love
                                            and Understanding.

              But Tears are not enough
                          and neither are but Words.
                     Yet I will keep trying...
                                        for they are ME.


                           YOU ARE THE CLUE

         Now that the Signs are there
                             for trembling
                     now that the Signs are there
                                             for shock
                           you have come to see and listen
                                       to a very wise old Cock.

         And what you hear is new and daring
                          very strange and even weird.
                 It's even MAD and most AMAZING
                                     to a Mind that is afeared.

                    For what you hear
                          is TRUTH ablazing
                                    from a Man
                              that's worn and geared.

         But what he says
                     and what you're hearing
                                   is as old as Time and Space.

               For this Physical Dimension
                            is the Creation of YOUR Race.

               And no God
                     or Mighty Being
                               does exist outside of YOU.

               For YOU are ALL.
                    For Once and Ever.
                               YOU are ALL.
                                        YOU are the CLUE.


                         THE DIVINE EXPRESSOR

         You keep identifying yourself
                              as a separate...
                                   and independent Being.
                         As if you are...
                                   a Force all by itself.

         You are however...
               only a separate and independent Being
                       as an Expression of the Totality.
                                      The Totality called God.

               But as long as you
                    keep identifying yourself
                         only with the Expression you are
                               you can never be
                                           or feel
                                          what you really are.

         For You Are...
                     the Total Force.
                                   God Itself.
                     Which expresses Itself
                                         as YOU.
                                             Being IT.

               To lose the Identity
                         as a Force all by itself
                              is to feel...
                                 what you really are.

                                         The Divine Expressor.


                         BY LIVING THE FEELING

         No Poet ever...
                   will catch up
                            to the Beauty of Life.

               And the fact
                    that they keep trying...
                                        proves it.
                    And eventually...
                         they will tell you
                              that the Subtlety of Words
                will never be enough to express
                                   what can't be said anyway.

         For Beauty...
              as well as Life
                        is Immeasurable in Words.
                    While Thoughts do barely touch it.

                    And whoever
                         tries to experience
                         what Beauty or Life is
                         by reading or hearing about it
                                                will miss it.

               For seeing it...
                         or hearing it
                               is done
                               by doing neither.

               For Life is a FEELING.

                      A FEELING to be EXPERIENCED.

                                    By Living the Feeling.


                           FOREVER CHANGING

         God is... beyond...
                        All That Is.
                   Even beyond Humbleness.
                        For God is perfect Silence.
                                        To never Speak a Word.

         Yet... God is all the Blasted Noise...
                                        in the Universe.

               For God is... All That Is.
                               Including... Screaming.

               As a matter of fact...
                         God ALONE is.
                            For All That Is... is God.

         God is EVERYTHING.
              For Everything is an Expression of God.
                   And all things... that are Physical
                        are but the Shadows of God's Being.
                                   Visible to Living Darkness.

         While the Light Itself
               forever stays beyond the things that are.
                                                Including Man.

               Yet... this very Man
                      is the very God that is.
                                      Looking at Itself.

               For this very God never shows Itself...
                                              as Itself.

               But always as some Other.
                                   Knowing not...
                                          that IT is IT.

               The very God that is... Forever Changing.


                           OF 'ON' AND 'OFF'

           God you know...
                   God never suffers.
                                  For God is...
                                            what We are not.

               While as soon as God becomes Us...
                              We do the Suffering...
                                    by trying to become God.

               God never is in Bliss either.
                                 For God IS Bliss.

               Bliss in Divine Ignorance.
                        In Perfect Understanding.
                                      And beyond all Wisdom.

                                            And ALIVE.

           Alive by means of Us.
                   Yes us... trying to transcend...
                                           what We are...
                                                and are not.

                   God... and therefore We...
                                           are LIGHT.

                   Light... in Eternal Vibration...
                               of Light and Darkness.

                   For the One...
                         cannot be without the Other.

                   Making Us God.
                            In Stages...
                                   of 'ON' and 'OFF'.


                        BEYOND ALL THAT ARISES

         The Truth is within...
                          and without.
                    It is therefore anywhere.

               Which is nowhere... and everywhere.

                              And so are We.
                                   We are The Truth.
                                        We just don't know it.

         While that...
                what seems to be true to Us
                        in this World... or any other...
                                is but a Dream or an Illusion.

               However factual our Dream may be...
                                             or appears
                                       it is not Truth at all.

         For when we eventually awaken
                              to the Truth or to God
                  it will be like an Awakening
                               as from a Dream while sleeping.

         And however factual...
                     our sleeping Dream was...
                                  we know it was not for real.

               And so is our Life.
                        A Dream... an Illusion.

         A condition of the 'I'.
                 An illusionary State... while living.
                                Something we accept as a Fact.

         But Truth or God...
                      is beyond ALL conditions.
                                       Beyond all that Arises.


                               THEY ARE

               I am not a Man...
                         pretending to be God.

                     But I am God...
                               pretending to be a Man.

          And the more and more
                         I get to know
               the more and more
                    I know this to be so.

                            For into this World
                                  this Plane of Separation
                      into which I entered at Birth
                                       I am 'The Action'
                                                 I am as God.

                      And not the Actor...
                             trying to get to know...
                                                'The Action'.

          But for a long time... I tried.
               Now I know however
                         that my Pretentiousness
                                        of being but a Man
                                   shines forth
                              from 'The Action' I am.

               For the Games in Eternity I play
                               are the Forms of my Nature
                               with Infinite Eyes
                                       looking at each other.

                    Trying to find...
                               'The Action'...
                                          THEY ARE.


          In the midst of all Confusion...
                  between all the things gone wrong... I sit.

                        Perfectly happy and smiling.
                               Contemplating on what's right.

          Which means...
                that I'm in Heaven.
                        And completely off this World.

               While to be on this World means
                          finding things gone wrong
                                        baffled by Confusion.

                For these are the things of the World.

          The World is a Place of Learning.
                And in order to learn
                         things have to be wrong.
                                     Things have to be messy.

               If this wasn't so...
                    how could we possibly learn anything?

                         How could we possibly grow?

          We could never become more Perfect...
                                  in a World that already is.

                Don't you want to become more Perfect?

                Don't you want to grow...
                               and become more Mature?

         Well... whatever you do or don't...
                                   you're here anyway...


                          DIVINE TOTAL GRACE

         The more I am this Ego...
                     the more I am this Me I know.
               The more I contract myself into this Entity
                              that thinks to be...
                                      independent and separate.

                                 The more I fool myself.

         For I am not an Ego.
                 And neither am I just Me...
                 nor an Entity that's separate and independent.

                            I am Divine Total Grace.

                 The God-Force of the Universe.
                         Manifested in the Being I am...
                                    and do not know completely.

         A Being contracted...
                        in Selfness and Suffering.
                                      Looking for the God I am.

         That's why I try to diffuse myself.
               To absolve myself from myself and expand...
                           to loosen the I-ness in contraction.

         For the Consciousness I think I am in Selfhood
                   is but limited in Smallness...
                                    to the I-ness I think I am.

         But if I could vaporize myself... as myself
              into the Divine Totality of Being
                        the separate I would vanish completely.

         And then...
         the searching and suffering I-ness in contraction
                   would find Peacefulness
                            in the Being of Divine Total Grace.


                              REAL LIFE

       Life is a Game.
                 And it is played by Gods.
                           But few People know that.

       Most People think that the Universe is split in two...
             and that the two Teams are playing for and with Man.

                     The Teams are supposed to be...
                                           Gods and Devils.

       Many People have admitted to themselves
                        that they are the 'part' or 'item'
                                      the Teams play for or with.
               They consider themselves to be the 'ball'.
                               Yet they struggle to win the Game.

                    Naturally they are the Losers.

               For they are being stepped on continuously
                          by their own Mind.
                                         They call it SIN.

       In actuality...
              things are quite different.
                        Life however is still the Game...
                                   and Gods still do the Playing.

       The Gods that play... are Man themselves.
                           For 'We as God' but pretend to be Man.

       Some Gods are very good Pretenders...
              and have forgotten completely what they really are.

                     Their Forgetfulness...
                           makes Life a Real Game.

       Very... very few People know that they are God.
                                    It's supposed to be that way.

                   It makes Life the Game... it is.

                                               REAL LIFE.


                          THE ONE WHO IS LIFE

         I am standing here...
                   looking at my Friends...
                             but I am seeing Myself.

                   And my Friends...
                             listening to Me...
                                          hear but themselves.

                                 With Ears that are mine.

         For in all we see and understand
                   we see and understand nothing else...
                                                but Ourselves.

                      The ONE and ONLY... WHO IS.

                            For God alone IS.
                                            Being US...
                                     in the Process of Living.

                      Being lived by Life.
                                  Being lived by God.

         For we and the Life we live
                       are but the Dreamers
                                  and the Dream
                                       we are in God.

               It is God who lives Us.
                        While we but react and think
                                        that we do the Living.

               Our 'reaction' and 'thinking'...
                           is but a Contraction...
                                of what we really are.

         This Contraction arises...
                        out of Godness... the ONE who is LIFE.


                        THE ULTIMATE SURRENDER

         Life is the Teacher of Truth.

                   But Truth is deeper than Life.
                                  And deeper than any Teacher.

                   For Truth is the Eternal Primal State...
                            out of which All Life...
                                       and All Teachers arise.

         For Truth is God.
                   The Eternal Divine Primal State...
                                      out of which...
                                             ALL THINGS ARISE.

         The Universe...
                   and All That Is...
                        and all we know about it
                   is but One Possibility that arose
                                     out of this Primal State.

         While ALL Beings that are Self-Aware
                   are but arisen Conditions or Egos
                                       contracted in Selfness.

         To dissolve this 'Contraction in Selfness'
                     into God or Truth
                           is equal to
                           penetrating the Illusion of Egoism.

               It's the Sacrifice...
                             of our Selfness in God.

                              It is... The Ultimate Surrender.


                           WE THINK WE LIVE

         Whatever is perceived...
                   is perceived from without... within.

                   This creates the Illusion
                              that the Perceiver lives within.

                   What does the Perceiving however
                         neither lives within or without.
                                    For LIFE is the Perceiver.

         And Life... is...
                   the All Pervading Force called God.

         The Illusion that things from without
                                  are perceived within
                            creates the idea of an Inner Self.

         This assumed Inner Self
                  is but an assumed entity or ego
                            that illusions itself to be
                            an Independent and Separate Being.

         It is but an Illusion of 'Separateness in Egoism'
                         that deludes itself...
                  in finding itself alive and thinks...
                                             to do the Living.

           What deludes itself is the Conscious Mind of Man.

         For the Conscious Mind of Man...
                is the 'Contraction in Selfness' in God...
                        trying to find itself...
                                     either within or without.

                         Which is Impossible.

                           For God ALONE is.

                While we are but Dreamers...
                           of the Lives we think we live.


                                OR GOD

         Positive cannot be without Negative...
                            and Left cannot be without Right.

             Light cannot be without Darkness
                           and God cannot be without Man.

             For Man creates God...
                        Yet... God is the Creator of Man.

                  God is because of Man...
                        and Man is because of God.

                  And neither can God
                              reflect upon itself
                         than Man can reflect upon Man
                                                 without God.

               For the One is the Other.
                               In different Forms.
                         In different Natures of Duality.

               Like Infinity and Nothingness.
                            Like Forever and Never.
               Like Left and Right.
                            Like Man and God...
                                          or God and Man.

         God is similar to...
                      the colour 'white'...
                            dependent upon all other Colours.

         Man is like any colour...
                 and thus missing all others...
                                  in order to be 'white'
                                                      or God.



         I am an Instrument...
                 that's lived by an Eternal Force.

             The Way this Force lives me however
                 is determined by the Way I prepare...
                                         the Instrument I am.

                 And by listening
                              to the Tune I play
                        I learn to harmonize the Sound.

             The Force...
                 is unlimited in Strength...
                          but the Music I produce...
                                                is but light.

         The repeat of the many Melodies of Life
                 has taught me the Secrets of the Instrument.

                 And by not playing at all myself
                          the single Instrument I am
                               plays Symphonies
                                      in synchronism
                               with the Music of the Spheres.

                 In Rhythm...
                      equal to the Breath of God.



                        TO THE AMAZEMENT OF ALL

         The Earth...
               the Planets...
                     the Sun... the Stars...
                           and all the many Galaxies...
                                    make up a Divine Machine.

                                 For All of It...
                                        produces Gods.

         And the Earth...
                   being Part of the Total...
                                   produces its Share.

                        For it produced...
                                 a Krishna
                                     a Buddha
                                         a Christ...
                                 And many Others yet to come.

                                       Like YOU and I.

         For You and I
                are in the Process of Evolution.
                     And we are somewhere
                                between Man and God.
                                                And climbing.

         This Universe...
                   this Divine Machine...
                             never makes Mistakes.
                                    For it is as sure as God.

                And 'dead-on' every time
                               to the Amazement of All.


                          GOD....ALWAYS WINS

         Most People and their Ego
                        are like a Football...
                                       full of Air.
               And the more they get to know
                          the more their Ego becomes inflated.

                    they are but a Football...
                         and kicked around a lot.

                                For all of them...
                                     are being played by Life.

         Whatever these People get to know however
                               and gloat in... is of no Value.

               For ALL Knowing
                    is done by God.
                         The Knower of 'All There Is to Know'.

         And unless People 'see' themselves...
                   as the Learning Medium for God...
                                they have learned very little.

                              At the most
                   they will have learned to dampen
                  the kicks of Life by keeping Score.

         But never will they find satisfaction...
                                      with the Game God plays.

                For Life...
                     is a Scoreless Game for them.

                               Yet... God... always wins.


                            YOUR EXPERIMENT

          Since Man is Life...
                    and Life is God...
                             and since we as Life
                                    and as God exist
                    and do exist in a Universe
                             where Time is Unlimited
                    the only thing we as God
                                          can do
                                is to experiment and/or play.

                        And experiment we DID.

          For the Experiment...
              or the Experience we are subjected to
                   is the Daring Gigantic Play of Life.

                         Taken part in by YOU.
                                        And witnessed by ALL.

          For YOU as Life... are Action.
                                Action is Motion.

                         Motion is Vibration.
                                Vibration is Life.
                                           Life is God.
                                                  God is Man.

          Our Experiment or God's Experiment...
                                    is... to have become Man.

          To grow back to God...
                     is to recognize that YOU really are God.

              The Accomplishment of this...
                    is the Conclusion of the Experiment.

                           YOUR EXPERIMENT.


                          BECAUSE OF FLEEING

         LIFE... the way you see it...
              and LIFE... the way you live it...
                                     is an Experience.
                                             Your Experience.

         Your Experience however
              is but a very limited Experience.
                              For you only... live Your Life.

              And although you live many Lives
                          in all kinds of bodies
                      in all kinds of Circumstances
                     and in seemingly different times
                                  all your Lives
                             and all your Experiences
                          are but limited and restricted
                                        in and by themselves.

         For not one Person
             can live Life as the Total...
                    or as the All Pervading Force... Life is.

             You then in whatever Life...
                    - Condition or Experience -
             are but a 'Contraction of Selfness' or Ego
                                            and very limited.

         You are but a Spark of the Eternal Fire.
             You are but a Flicker of the Total Light.
                    You are but a 'Dream of Selfness' in God.

         All your Lives and Experiences then
                are but temporary 'fractions of being'
                                            within the Total.

         While all 'fractions' in and by themselves
             are but 'Selves in Flight' away from the Source.

         You are then...
               a 'Prisoner in God' fleeing.
                    The more you flee...
                          the more you become...
                                 a 'Contraction in Selfness'.

               The more you become 'entrapped'...
                        within the Self... you think you are.

                       Limited in Mind and Ego...
                                 that is but a 'Dying Spark'.

         For all your Lives...
             all your Experiences in Time and Space
                     are the Phenomena of Life in Play...
                                             the Play of God.

         While all your 'fractions of being'
             in search of the One you really are
                 can only be found... by ceasing to be
                      a 'Self in Pursuit of Self'
                             by surrendering
                 to The Eternal Fire... the Eye of God.

         To find...
               that what you surrendered to
                                 was nothing else
                                        but YOU the AWAKENED.

         For LIFE... the Life you're Living...
                                      is but a Dream.

              A 'Dream in Selfness'...
                       or a 'Prisoner in God'...
                                      because of Fleeing.



         I am God... and dream.
                   My Dream is so Powerful
                             that whatever I dream
                                         becomes Reality.

                                  In many Dimensions.

         One of my Dreams
                   creates Time and Space.
                             The Dimension of Man the Physical.

                     They live the Dream I dream...
                                               and am.

         I am God... and dream.

                         But I do not know it.

              For I only become aware of my Dream
                                   when I have become
                                              Man the Physical.

                         And most of Them
                                    do not know
                                    that they are ME...

         I am 'The Eternal Dreamer'
                              dreaming all Dreams.
                                       And I will never awaken.

               But Man the Physical
                        will awaken in ME
                                     and to ME.

                                         For I am Them.


                          FOR THEM THAT FEEL

         I am God.
              And my Hobby is Life.
                       In the Life I am... and play...
                                           I but amuse myself.

                            For I am the Eternal Amuser.

              I am the Entertainer.
                       For the Universe is my Circus.
                                Full of Clowns and Performers.
                           Full of Glare and Light.

                                      ALL are my People.

         They play 'world'...
              In Time and Space...
                       with all that is ME.
                                   The Games they play
                                               are my Hobbies.

               My Rules are 'Conscious Evolution'.
                                       Goodness is my Referee.
                              And Happiness is my Goal.

         No Player really knows ME.
                    Yet they are the Same.

               Most use Eternities to play my Game.
                            Few use but Time to find my Rules.

         I am lost in Infinity
                    for Them that play.
                            But found in the Present
                                           for Them that Feel.


                       I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE

         There is no other God... but Man.

                            Most People however...
                                             do not know this.

         Unfortunately they believe...
                                   look up to...
                                        and expect...
                                  Miracles and Salvation
                             from a God they idolize and fear.

         And fortunately...
                   this God is but the Concoction
                                          of their Mind.
                                     It is but a Thought-Form.

               The only Force that IS...
                          is the Force out of Which
                                              all Worlds
                                         and all Things arise.

               The Worlds of Man
                     and all Things that are Physical
                     the Physical Dream of this Force.
                                     All Things Invisible
                                are other Forms of this Force.

         To Consciously Evolve in this Dream
                 and to discover the Truth about it...
                              is experiencing that God IS Man.

             One also understands then...
                            what was meant by...
                                     I and the Father are One.


                             LIKE JESUS IS

         Bodies... my Friend...
                are nothing but Machines...
                                    for Gods to live in.

                And the God you are
                     certainly lives in a beautiful Body.

         However... my God in Question...
                you are not just yet... a God as yet.

                   But if it wasn't for you... yourself...
                                                  you would be.

                   For it is You... yourself...
                                      who deludes You.

         To become...
                or rather realize
                           that you are a Living God
                    is something You... yourself... have to do.

         To realize what You are
                or to finally get to know yourself
                                is your Task on this Earth.

                For the Earth is a School.
                            A School for Souls to learn
                                                  and grow.
                                               Life after Life.

         Eventually then...
                You will be able to say...
                               I am the Son of God...
                                       and One with the Father.

            You will be then... A Christ.   LIKE JESUS IS.


                        ALL IS 'FOR' THE OTHER

          Being against God...
                      is like being against the Weather.

               Yet being for God...
                         is not just the Opposite.

                     For in order to be for something
                           you have to be sure...
                                          what it is...
                                                 you are for.

          And what God is all about
                     very... very few People know.
               Although many talk about...
                                 what they 'think' they know.

             something seems to be against God.
                  But whether it is or not however...
                       depends entirely upon the Person
                             trying to determine
                                      the 'for' or 'against'.

          In actuality...
                   not ONE THING...
                             is ever against God.

                   For 'All of Us'...
                              are within God.
                                      So God is 'All of Us'.

          And God is not against itself.
                        For one Eye is not against the other.

                   Or your Heart against your Body.

                        All is 'for' the Other.


                           THE MIRACLE I AM

         Every time I write
                        I create a Miracle.

                  Perplexing in Beauty
                            and silencing the Mind.

                        For I am a Miracle.

         For what I am...
              is the Infinite and Eternal Force
                                       called God
                                           living through me.

                        For God is doing the Living...
                                             and the Writing.

         For all the Words I write
                    are the Thoughts I feel
                              translated into Symbols.

                                  Conveying the Miracle I am.

               The Living God
                     in the Form of Man.

                     God in Words.
                             For You to read.
                     For You to feel.
                                  The Miracle I am.


                             TO SEE MYSELF

         I am the Force called God.
                   And I have no Rivals.
                             For I am all Rivals.

                       is in Competition with ME.
                                           For I am ALL.
                                  Seemingly divided...
                                                among Myself.

                       But actually...
                                  united Within ME.
                                             But Few do know.

         And although Many of You
                   do not seem to be with ME...
                              Nobody is against ME.

                              For to be against ME...
                                               is IMPOSSIBLE.

                                       For I am ALL.

               And how can the Moon...
                              be against the Sun?
                     Or how can an Eye...
                                  be against its Sight?

         I am the All Pervading Force...
                        that flows through You.

                  Heals You... and Maintains You...
                               and makes You grow towards ME.

                     For I live in You...
                                    to see MYSELF.


                            YET... GOD I AM

           I am God...
                the eternal Giver.
                          And bring to You
                                     what You are.

                For You to use...
                      For You to develop...
                              and to return...
                                           what I AM.


           And do not try to hide
                        behind the Mind
                                  that's You.

                                  In seeking...
                                       where I am not.

               Just love...
                    that what I bring You.
                                  In all the Worlds
                                            and Forms I am.

               Just love...
                    that what I bring You.
                                  In all the Time
                                            and Space I am.

               Just love...
                    that what I bring You.

                                  For I am YOU...
                                           Yet... God I AM.


                          WITHIN GOD'S SPHERE

         To attain Sublime Indifference
                           or Divine Detachment
                                from the World of Man
                                      is seeing
                                          The Sphere of God.

                      And until you have learned
                                          some of this
                                      you will be suffering.

         Thus the more you see... The Sphere of God
                             the more your Life is Pleasure.

         Sublime Indifference or Divine Detachment
                    from the World of Man
                    is not just Coolness or Retraction
                                     from Man and his World.

         It is precisely the very living with Man
                    yet being the very you unaffected
                         that projects you into
                                          The Sphere of God.

         Yet the World of Man is but the World of Man.
                                    A talking animal show.
                                    A noise that's nonsense.

         To know however...
              that once you were but noise yourself...
                  is knowing that Man is YOU... but younger.

         And also remember...
                  ALL of US... are the Music...
                                        Within God's Sphere.


                           GOD THE INVISIBLE

         The Physical Universe...
                   all the Galaxies and Stars...
                             the Sun and her Planets...
                       and all we see in Nature...
                                         The Garment of God.

               And the Spirit of God... is
                                what lives within it.
                                             It's Invisible.

         And like a Fragrance...
                        is the Creation of a Flower...
               so is... The Garment of God...
                                  the Creation of God.
                                              The Invisible.

         God... The Invisible...
               manifested in a Physical Reality
                          in which we think we live
                                          and are Ourselves.

               We are however... Sustained and Pervaded
                          by The Spirit of God.
                                      The Invisible Essence.

         And in time...
              All of Us will realize
                  that the Universal Dust
                       out of which we arose
                                 is but The Cloak
                                             of THAT
                                               what is REAL.

                                      God The Invisible.


                        ABOUT THE ME... DIVIDED

         Within the One I am...
                   is a Part of Me...
                             that is already Home.
                   And the Rest of Me...
                         the Part that is still here...
                                               is struggling.

                   This is the Part of Me...
                                  that is Homesick.

                        for where I partly am
                                     and cannot be
                                         for being here
                                                      but Me.

         I am then seemingly divided.
                  Divided between thinking and feeling.

                  Divided between 'that' what I am here
                                and 'that' what I am at Home.

         Yet I know...
              that I should be where I am.
                            For that's where I am.

                  between the One I am here
                                 and the Part of Me
                                        that is already Home.

         While the Part of Me...
                  that is already Home... is Me the Total.

                  Me the Total...
                      without the Dream that writes
                                            about the Me



         Open Eyed... and open Minded...
                             she is a Soul...
                                  that shines in Dust.

               Quite alert...
                         and somewhat driven
                                    she always thinks...
                                             she must and must.

         With Confidence and 'Super-Sport'
                         she floats through Life
                                   that seems too short.

               And in Ages of Years that past
                        she was a Form of different Cast.
               She was herself... in Life and Lustre...
                            a Lovely Maiden... or Broncobuster.

               Yes... she was there.
                            And so was I...
                                          on Tea or Rye.

         For Life 'Dear Eyes'... is lived in Mind
                    while Form or Shape is but its Grind.
               And the Lessons of this Earth's Domain
                            are Self-Designed to bring us Gain.

         To finally flee from Dust and Man
                           to God and Planes... we cannot scan.

             Where we will meet... with Eyes Divine...
                    to find that yours... are really mine.


                       THAT LIVES THE MAN WITHIN

       Everybody on Earth... is on a different Trip.
                  Yet... everybody is looking for the same thing.
          And until we find it... we act like deluded Fools.

       We are deluded by the Earth... and by the Man within
                                    that 'thinks ' to be himself.

       Many and many times... we have made this Trip.
                           In different Forms and to many Places.

                Whatever we do... and wherever we go...
                     it all leads to nothing else
               but the Re-enforcement of the Man within.
                                       The Man that is not there.

       Yet... again and again this Man arises.
                     With new Thoughts... and new Ideas...
                                                 to search again.

               All Thoughts and Ideas however...
                         are but arbitrary Illusions...
                                 of the 'Illusionary Man' within.

               And no Illusion ever will be 'The Real'.

                          And until we find 'The Real'...
                                                   we suffer
                                                and call it Life.

       But eventually we will understand
                                  that each Trip
                         was but an 'Act of Self-Defense'
                     to affirm the Dreamer and his Illusions.

               An 'Act of Self-Defense'...
                              to be surrendered to 'The Real'.
                      The All Pervading Force...
                                       that lives the Man within.


                            WITHOUT A DOUBT

         Silently she comes
                   while I dream and write.
                                   And she lets me.
                                         Touching me invisibly.

                   She is herself...
                             breathing me.

                   By being me...
                             in writing...
                                      she waits.

         And in my Dream I feel her Presence shining.
                   I feel embraced
                        by a Sphere of Light
                               as from a million Candles.
                                           Like a Glow of Love.

               She surrounds the Thoughts I dream
                                             and write.

         And I but dream and write
                the Lines of Words a'tumbling.
                         She then slowly reads my Dream...
                                                    and dreams.

               Knowing that all is well.
                         For Love is Present...
                                  without a Word...
                                         without a Doubt.



         I am a Great Talker.
                   However... I do not know anything.
                                    I only know
                                    something about something.

         And all in all...
                  even that does not amount
                                        to very much.

                         But if you want to talk...
                                        well... I am game.

               I mainly talk...
                      about Subjects other People...
                                         are very quiet about.

                         The Subject is LIFE.

         And although I have lived many Lives
                    I cannot consciously remember One of them.
                           Yet... I am all of them NOW.

               And in the Nowness I live
                   I do not know  'who' or 'what' I really am.

                   But one thing is for sure.
                             Whatever it is I am...
                                          is being lived.

               Being lived...
                        and acted upon to make me 'The One'
                                                      that IS.

                     God living.
                          In Me and through Me.




         Only when your work
                   has become play
                             will you be happy.

              But as long as your work
                                    is work
                        you will need Time and Money
                                      to get away from it all.

                             And do...
                                 what you call play.

              To do this however...
                            you need to work.

         But somehow work has become so time consuming
                       that there is little time left to play.

              So most of the time...
                         you just grumble along
                                      to do your work
                                             in order to play.

         Life however is too short
              to spend your time grumbling about work.

              So... why don't you change your work
                                            into play
                                                 and be happy.

         To do this...
              you only have to change your attitude.
                               And that is all that is needed.

              For your attitude
                            makes you the player at work.



                            MAKES ME FORGET

                That... what I am... I am Alone.
                                           In Aloneness.

         Yet... in that what I am...
                            I am All Others.

                            But in my Aloneness...
                                            I do not know that.

         For only when I have found
                            that I am not alone
                                     I will know that I am All.

               To do this however...
                   will take me many Periods of Aloneness...
                                    in being just me the Loner.

               Sooner or later though
                         within that what I am
                                   I will find the Total.

               While now... the total I am
                         is but dreaming that I am alone.

         For in all my Dreams...
                        I create the Illusions of my Aloneness.

                 The Illusions I suffer...
                                  in the Lives I live.

         For that what I really am...
                             beyond my Dreams...
                                            is THAT
                                       what I am all along.

                But being Man for a while...
                                       makes me forget.


                        THEN THERE IS ONLY VIEW

         To disagree with Someone else
                     is like a Tree disagreeing with the Earth.

                     To not see the other Point of View
                          is limiting yourself but to yourself.

         Never though...
              just agree to please the Other.
                   Just admit that you are too small
                                to 'see' the Other's Viewpoint.

         For neither you... nor the Other...
                        is either Right or Wrong.
                                    There is no Right or Wrong.

         It is just that many of us are looking
                                from our Own Spot of Smallness.

             We see Differences...
                              because of our Limitations.

             But in actuality All of Us... are the Other.

         To 'see' that this is so...
                     just open up your Mind...
                          to the Feeling Being you are.
                                Just open up your Feeling Mind.

          Many People are looking from the Angle of Selfness.
                  The smallest Angle in the Universe.
              From which nothing can be seen...
                      but the Smallness of a Closed-Mind.

         Once you know...
                that Each of Us  are  All of Us...
                        all Disagreements and Angles disappear.

                        Then there is only VIEW.


                           OF WHY... OH WHY

            oh my Janet...
                     so Subtle and Deep
                          with Tears of Treasure softly asleep
                                       I see hidden
                                   in the Janet I know
                                             a Soul in slumber
                                       of Brilliant Glow.

         Please do awaken
                to the Soul you are
                        and shine as the Truth
                                     I see from afar.

         For Deep in your Being
                   the Being I know from within
                                is hidden the Pleasure
                                           of God and its Kin.

               And once in Ages
                   that are gone since when
                               we loved and loved
                                      for we were then.

         For I silently remember
                    our saddening Goodbye
                         and our wondering Questions...
                                             of why... oh why.


                             IN GOD'S EYE

         Golden Hearted
                     Good and True
                               Oozing Love.

                                       That's you... yes you.

               Living Life
                    is self-surrender
                                being you
                                    with softness tender
                         bringing Joy
                                with Words and Glance
                                           taking Spirits
                                                 for a Dance.

         Where did I see
                       these Eyes so True...
               where did I meet the God that's you?

                       Where have I been
                                    to know your Soul
                             to recognize that you are Whole?

               Where will I go
                       to find again...
                                what will I do
                                        and when... and when?

                           You are a Pleasure...
                                           in God's Eye!


                            THE WAY YOU ARE

                   and Bubbling Life.

                               you count
                                    at least for Five.

                   And way beyond
                           the Smiles I see
                                   you know the Depth
                                           that sets you free.

         So be yourself
                 in the 'here and now'.

                     For you do know
                                the 'why and how'.

                     And never...
                               in time of strife...
                                         you are...
                                             the Gift of Life.

         So bring to Man
                your pleasant Gleam.
                           For All of Us...
                                   are but One Team.

                Please shine forth
                        my Brilliant Star...
                               with Light and Warmth
                                             the Way You Are.


                      GOD EMBODIED... CALLED MAN

            Each Human Being
                   is the Embodiment
                             of God on Earth.

                   So the Life you live...
                             you live as God on Earth.

                                                  So BE God.

                   BE what you are...
                            to the Fullest.
                                       At all times.

            Never look back...
                         don't look ahead...
                                    but BE what you are NOW.

            For the Moment of Nowness
                       is the TIME and TEACHER of your Life.

               Telling you
                    that there is
                         neither a Specific...
                              nor a Common Way...
                                   to BE what you are.

            Just BE what you are... your Way.
                                    And live Life...
                                            as God Embodied.

                       For that's what you are.

                         God Embodied...
                                   called Man.


                      AND BURDEN ME WITH FULLNESS

         Sometimes... when I think of You
                                         I cry
                                  because of Happiness.

              For I feel then
                        that there is no Separation
                                          between You and I.

              And neither is there a Separation
                                   between You and I
                                           the World of Man.

         In these Moments...
                     I feel to be ME
                               to the Fullest.

         And yet I know...
                    that I am not 'empty' enough
                         to receive the Fullness of God
                                             to the Fullest.
         But for NOW
              I am pervaded by the Feeling of Fullness
                                         to the Limit I may.

              And All I am... and am not
                             beyond that what I feel within.

              And All this happens...
                       because I think of You...
                                         The Love I am.

              Thus my Love...
                       please stay forever...
                                and burden Me with Fullness.


                          AND MAKES US WHOLE

          Beyond the Words I cannot find
                   I see her Face so Soft and Kind.

               I feel her Sphere... her Touch of Living
                       I sense her Soul... her Gift of Giving.

          I see her Being
                   in God Divine.

                                    I see her Life
                                              by knowing mine.

               While Deeper yet
                         than Words or Mind

                     I see the SELF...
                                that's her in Kind.

                           The SELF that lives
                                          in Man Alone.
                           The SELF that is
                                        by Man unknown.

          But yet is felt...
                   beyond our Sense.

                               Forever there without Pretense.

                         Forever there in Heart and Soul.

                   The LOVE that IS...
                                  and makes US Whole.


                               I AM BUT ME

          What I am...
                    is 'that'
                             what I am aware of as ME.

                    My Awareness however is limited...
                                                 and so am I.

                         In actuality however...
                                      I AM UNLIMITED.

          But the Ideas I have...
                        about myself...
                 or the selfness I seem to be
                                        to myself
                                        is in actuality
                                              what limits me.

          To become...
               what I really am...
                         I must lose my selfness.

                         How to do that...
                                is what I am learning...
                                      by being me...
                                                 the limited.

          When I finally have learned completely...
               that my selfness is useless to me...
                       I will be ready to accept...
                                            what I really am.


                        But for now...
                                   I am but me.


                              WITH ME ALONE

         Sometimes... I am so full of good Feelings
                                     that I try to share them.

               The Sharing I'm trying to do
                                  gets me into odd situations.

                        For what I want to share
                                       are my Thoughts.

               But when I speak...
                   people look at me as if I'm crazy.
                           they regard me with tolerance.

                                   The tolerance of endurance.

           Many people just feel ill at ease by what I say.

         For what I say...
                   is not within their Thinking Range.

                   My Thinking Range...
                                 they regard as crazy.

                   What I say touches them
                              within the Range of the Unknown.

                              The Range of Godness.
                                          And to them...
                                                  God is Fear.

         Sooner or later
              they will find the Range of Godness
                         to be... the Range of Feelings.
                                                    Like I do.

         In the mean time...
                  I share the Fullness of Me... with Me alone.


                            IS SERVING GOD

    What the usual man calls 'Luck'... the holy man calls 'Grace'.
              And while the usual man 'thinks'
                              that he lives his own Life
                     the holy man 'knows' that he is lived by God.

    Both the usual man with his 'Luck'...
                 and the holy man with his 'Grace'...
                                   are Aspects of The Play of God.

    The usual man and the holy man are 'actions' of God
         and both 'actions' are equally valid in this Cosmic-Play.

    Since God is The Perfect-Divine-Radiant-Force
              within all Space-Time-Matter-Worlds
              and within the Universe of Consciousness
                     the Universe is exactly as it should be.
                                                     At all times.

    Life... in whatever Matter-Form or Spiritual-State
                          is a Modification of this Radiant-Force.
    To Know this is to realize the Insignificance
                                          of Individual Existence.

    But yet....
        Individual Existence in whatever Form or State
              is essential to make up the Universe as it is.
                       All Beings in Total  form  The play of God.

    The Play of God then... is the action of all Beings
                that are manifested
                in forever higher Degrees of Awareness
                      and live Life as God in an Individual State.

    To live Life in an Individual State as a Modification of God
                  in service of the Universe...
                           by either 'Luck' or 'Grace'...
                                                   is serving God.


                           THE MIRACLE I AM

          The Whole Universe...
                         High and Low...
                                Far and Near...
                         in Greatness and in Smallness
                                                  is a MIRACLE.

          And I... I am the One...
                  to witness this Miracle.

                        And if it was not for ME
                                 there would be Nobody.

                                        There would be Nothing.

               For since I am.
                      The Miracle IS.

                                Everybody IS.
                       And All that is not Everybody.

          While ALL THAT IS...
                                   the Magnificent Cosmos.
                                             Known and Unknown.
          Containing in Splendor
                     All Planes... All Space-Time-Worlds
                             and All Beings... Great and Small.

               Arising out of...
                           'THE DIVINE MAGICIAN'
                                          People call God.

          As it was... as it is...
                     and as it will be...
                                     forever and ever.

                              To be witnessed by...
                                              The Miracle I Am.


                       GREATER THAN YOUR GODNESS

         Everybody is an Instrument
                      of The Infinite Force...
                                          called God.

                 This Infinite Force...
                             is the ONE and ONLY
                                         that lives us
                                              and pervades us.

                              Yet always...
                                     IT is itself.

         And the Fact that you or I
                 pretend to be somebody...
                               is just as crazy
                         as that you or I pretend to be
                                             Abraham or Moses.
                            For none of us is anybody.

         All of us are The Infinite Force...
                           that lives us and pervades us.

                 And anybody who thinks to be
                                          - somebody -
                                   is conditioned and deluded
                                       by his own thoughts.

         To come to the above realization
                 is the result of seeing through...
                            the Illusion of Personal Identity.

            For All of Us are...
                      The ONE and ONLY Infinite Force
                                                   called God.

            And if you think differently...
                      your personal Identity or Ego...
                                 is greater than your Godness.


                            WHAT GOD IS NOT

         God is not something you can think about.
                For God is 'that'... what enables you to think.

               God then is the Force...
                         out of which all Thoughts are made of.

         God then... is the Force or Essence
                   that existed prior to ALL Thoughts or Ideas.

                   God is something...
                                  you can never think of.

                   For as soon as you think...
                            you have modified or altered...
                                   what God is...
                                             into an Idea.
                                                     Your Idea.
         God then is the Unknowable.
                 God is the Unknowable-Divine-Force.
                         And All That Exists...
                                has arisen out of THAT
                                                   what God is.

         God then is the Source...
                           of All That Exists.
                   And All That Exists...
                           is a Modification or Product of God.
      All Modifications or Products of God
                 are Manifestations of God by means of Thought.

                 For ALL Manifestations of God
                                     have come about
                               by the Processes of Thought
                                     that work upon...
                                                   what God is.

                      And are... WHAT GOD IS NOT.


                           FOR GOD IS CHANGE

         In many Poems...
                   and in many of my other creations
                                 that are produced by me...
               I have stated many times...
                                      that YOU are GOD.
                                        that I am GOD.

               This naturally is utter Nonsense...
                                            For NOBODY is GOD.

               For any 'one' particular Being...
                                          to be God
                        is the ONE and ONLY Impossibility
                                               in the Universe.

         God is a Force... by whatever name...
                   out of which... ALL has arisen.

                   And not any ONE Thing or Being
                          is this Force in and by itself
                                                   in Totality.

         Yet... You or I however...
                       or ANYTHING else...
                            are as close to God
                       or could be identified as such
                                       as that we ever will be.

                Regardless of the State of Being...
                                              we are in.

         For whatever exists... is... at whatever state...
                   the Form of God...
                             in the state it is in.

                   Neither close... nor far.

                              But always changing.

                                             For God IS Change.


                              AND KNOW IT

         Mankind in all Forms... from all Galaxies...
              all Animals... Trees... Flowers... and Plants...
                     in all States of Being...
                            in the Total Creation...
                                    are the 'action'...
                                             of The Play of God.
         God is...
             the 'Infinite-Vibratory-Divine-Energy'...
                   that permeates and pervades Creation...
                       with an Unconscious Creative Feeling...
               that becomes 'Consciously Aware'...
                       in the created Individual Forms...
                                        as 'that' Consciousness.
                                             Whatever it is.

         God then...
            is the All Pervading Unconscious Creative Energy
                    that becomes 'aware' of itself...
                                                as itself
                                           within ITS Creations.

         The Human Being...
            is 'one' of these Creations.

            While all Experiences of this Human Being
                         help to awaken...
                                   the Human Consciousness
                         during its Living...
                                       prior to Total Awakening.

         Each Human Being...
                will eventually find itself...
                       on the Road to Becoming...
                                             a Greatness...
                                        as a God Individualized.

                                               And KNOW it.


                           COULD EVER START

         Am I... the Battlefield of Devils?
              Am I... the Sinning-Ground of Evil-Beasts?

                   Am I... the Producer...
                                     of Slime...
                                           for Satan's Feasts?

         Or am I God...
                   in Glorious Power?

         Am I a God...
                   embodied in but Human Flesh.
                        To pure awaken
                             to my Greatness
                        by living Life
                                  in Humanness?

         Yes... I am God...
                   in Soul and Spirit.

                             Yes... I am God
                                       in Mind and Heart.

               To tell the World
                         in Blinded Bondage
                    that God and Man
                              are but ONE Part.

                         And not one Devil
                                   or its Evil
                                        was ever there
                                             could ever start.


                             TO LOVE AND LOVE

          In the Eons and Eons... that I have been
                        I was fat and round... and seldom lean.

          I was dense and dumb... and often green
                    I was tall and short... and sometimes mean.

          I was Man and Wife... with fun and strife
                              I was Brother and Sister...
                                      with a Dame and a Mister.

               And often I was just prissy and pure
                        While many a time I was full of Manure.

               But whatever I was...
                              either Girl or Boy
                        I experienced Life...
                                      with Pain and Joy.

          And now that I have seen
                  the World and the Clean
                                   I work and work
                                         to surmount the Scene.

          To try and try
                   to leave the "I"
              To fly and fly
                        beyond the Sky.

                                 To soar above
                                        the World I love
                                 To soar above
                                              TO LOVE AND LOVE.


                                A LOVER

         Perfection is as simple
                   as a Smile upon your Face.

                                  the Heart that loves you.

                 And knows
                      that all smiles
                           come from the Light you are.

             Shining forth
                      from your Eyes
                                that look upon
                                          your Lover.

                 Trying to be himself.

                           And as Happy...
                                   as the Light...
                                          within your Eyes.

             The Light that reflects...
                                 what you are.

                              A God in Love...
                                        and loving...

                                                   A Lover.


                              YOU ARE GOD

               To find God...
                         is Impossible.

                     For how can you find...
                                    you already are.

          But to BE God... and KNOW it...
                                 there is but one thing to do.

                     Which is...
                             to Awaken
                                  to your own Godness.

          To awaken to your own Godness...
                   is but a matter of Time and Living.

               And Living...
                    is doing what you feel like.

               Doing what you feel like...
                                    is going...
                           with the Flow of the Universe.

                                          Which is you anyway.

          And to live and do
                 what you don't feel like...
                               is going against your own Flow.

                   Which retards and delays...
                               your own Enlightenment.
                   Which is...
                        the Knowing of the Fact
                                          YOU ARE GOD.


                            LET ALONE YOU

         Since the Universe is in perfect Balance
                                           at all times
                                     it is impossible for you
                                      to do something wrong.

               For if you could do wrong
                    the Universe would do wrong.
                                   And that is Impossible.

             Whatever you do...
                    you do exactly what you should do.

                              For if you didn't...
                                   the Universe is wacky.
                                            And that ain't so.

         The point is... that it is perfectly normal
                       to make mistakes while you're learning.

                 For that's the reason
                          why you live here.
                                 As part of the Universe...
                                               as part of God.

         However... in and by itself...
                       whatever you do sometimes
                                          might be wrong.

                 But to think that you do wrong...
                                            is Nonsense.

             Whatever you do
                     you do it Right.
                             The Universe is never Wrong.

                                                Let alone You.


                            LIKE JESUS DID

          Since you have been told
                          again and again
                                that you are a Sinner
                                         you think you are one.

          And in order to be forgiven
                you go and ask the ones who told you.
                        On top of all this
                                 you go... and sin again.

                And every time...
                       you feel sorry for yourself
                                             and never improve.

          In the long run...
                you get used to being a Sinner.
                            And even might go to Hell...
                                              Wherever that is.

          Religions... my dear Lover...
                          are The Anti-Christ.

                                    Religions condition People.

               Religions make People believe or think
                                   that they are Sinners.

               And that is about as Negative...
                                          as you can get.

          Please KNOW...
               that you are a Learning Entity or Soul
                                   living in a Human Body
                              to experience the Plane of Earth.

               You are here to experience...
                             your own Creation...
                                    as part of Creation.

          The Purpose is...
               to awaken to your own Christhood...
                                                like Jesus did.


                        TO COME YET ONCE MY WAY

          Dark Eyed...
                 in Glowing Beauty...
                                 of Youth...
                                       and smiling Face...
                 I come and see...
                         and silently wonder...
                                  I see the Miracle of Space.

          For Women...
                in all their Splendor
                      I watch and stand in Awe.

                      To slowly wander homeward...
                                           not knowing...
                                                  what I saw.

          While in my Mind
                     I question
               my age and silent pain...
                              for all my Smiles
                                           and Glances
                                      are absolutely in vain.

               For through the years...
                                   of living
                            I grew but old and grey.

               To sit and wait
                            for Miracles
                                     to come yet once my way.


                         THE SHOW OF NONSENSE

         When I have lived this Life
                 and know that the Answer I am...
                                     is still within me
                               I'll die in peace... and smiling.

         For the next time I'll be with you
              I'll know that some Book... some Teacher...
                                  or some Lover... will tell me
                        that the Answer is still there.
                            Slightly less covered...
                                  and more open...
                                       to the God I am.

         I will see again then
                 the utter uselessness of Ego
                                   and the World of Man.

                         I'll continue on my Path Within Myself
                                    and deeper still.

                 To find the Secret of my Living.
                                  To lose the self I think I am.

         For by every Life...
                and by every Experience
                           I will be enriched...
                                     with Insight and Grace
                                  of the God I am
                                             discovering itself.

         By Living Life
                 among Man and his World.

                           The  'merry-go-round' of Egos.
                                            The Stage of Selves.

                                    The Show of Nonsense.


                           TO BE IN FEELING

          When a Poet... poets...
                 he touches the Vastness of his Being.
                                 The Vastness of his God within.
                      He dwells then...
                           within the Heart of Heaven.

                 The Heart that is beyond Time...
                                           beyond Space.
                      And reveals the Sacredness of the God
                                               he does not know.

          This is the Sphere...
                       to the ordinary man...
                                       hidden within the masses.

               Yet... the Poet's Dimension
                       is not even known to the Poet.
                              Who neither is himself...
                                              nor his Greatness.

          And what the Poet writes...
                    is the Universe in Words...
                                   that few but read
                              and fewer yet do understand.
                                         That's why he is alone.

               Alone with his Greatness...
                    the Vibration of the Heart of God.
                       The heart he feels... and is
                               writes about...
                                     but never can explain ever.

               The Heart that is God's Alone.
                                Yet Free to All...
                                         to be in Feeling.


                          BUT FOR THE LISTENING

         I sing out into the Universe...
                             the Language of the Spheres.
                Many have done so in the Past...
                     many do now... and many will in the Future.

         The Language of these Songs
                          is not bound by Time and Space.
                  But is of the Here and Now.
                        And yet it is the same as it always was.

               It is just... that I sing now...
                                           My Song
                                    with Words and Melody
                                 according to the Tune I am.

                     Like others did...
                            at their Time of Singing.

         And also... my Song is nothing new.
               For many have chanted the same Lyrics.

                             But so few...
                                 so very few...
                                       have understood
                              the Poetry that passed their Ears.

         That's why again and again...
                          the Singers ring out the same old Cry.

              In the Hope
                   that the Heart of Man
                             is finally in Rhythm
                         with the Music of the Spheres
                                      and the Heart of God.

              The Heart of God... the Heart of Life...
                          that always beats...
                                     but for the Listening.


                            LIKE YOU AND I

         As much as each Letter
                        belongs to each Word
              and as much as each Word
                        belongs to each Poem
                                   to make it a Song...
                        so do You and I
                             belong to the Universe
                                      to make it a Celebration.

              A Celebration of Eternal Duration.
                             With Laughter and Tears.

              Like a Play...
                    with Plays within Plays.
                                    Written by Wisdom
                                             and played by Man.

                    In which all Mankind
                             is but one Action.
                                        And Poetry Alive.

              With lilting Laughter...
                       and Tears that are Real.
              With Lines...
                       of neither Rhyme... nor Reason.

                               With Words that belong...
                                                like You and I.


                         BEING US... BEING GOD

         God is like Air... God is like Wind...
             God is like a Summer Breeze...
                          God is like a Storm... and Lightning.

         God is like Anything...
             and at the same time... God is Everything.
                                           God is All There Is.

         God is YOU... God is ME... GOD is Man.
                       And YOU... and ME... and Man... are God.

                God is Consciousness.
                     YOU are Consciousness.
                          Consciousness is All There Is.

         Consciousness creates.
                Consciousness created... something...
                               that is equal to Consciousness.

                         Man calls it Matter.

         Matter is trapped Consciousness.
              Matter is Consciousness of a slower Vibration.
                    When Matter awakens to itself
                        it recognizes that it is Consciousness.

         Consciousness is Energy...
              that is aware of itself... as itself...
                                      and knows it's Potential.

         In order for Consciousness in the Form of Matter
              to become free Consciousness again
                   it lives within the Planes of Matter...
                              it lives within its own Creation.

              It lives within YOU.
                   It lives within ME.
                        It lives within Man.

                                     Being US... being God.


                          YOU WERE ONCE MINE

           So Confident and Super-Fast...
                        that's how I know you...
                                       from the Past.

               For in the Times
                         that have gone by
                               we were great Lovers
                                             just You and I.

               With Movements Sweet
                              and light as Air
                         we were a Laughing...
                                        Loving Pair.

                     And lived our Life
                             with Light Divine
                                  our Hearts held high
                                         our Souls in shine.

           And now...
              that we find again
                        our Souls in Flesh...
                   I'm just too old...
                             and you're still fresh.

                        But live on...
                                  my Child Divine...
                             and please forget...
                                         You were once Mine.


                       WHAT BLINDNESS I STILL AM

         I've heard the Wind raging at Night
                        and the Sea hammering the rocky Shore.

         I've felt the Rain soaking me to the Bone
                and the Cold of Winter freezing me to shivers.

                     And in the Heat of Summer...
               the Lightning of the Storms do blind me.

         What is ALL this... I see and feel?
               What is this Power... Man calls Nature?

                   For ALL I see... and ALL I feel
                            happens in the Consciousness I am.

         Or could it be... that the Consciousness...
                              I think I am... really is God's?

               Or that I...
                    - being a Witness -
                                  am aware of it...
                                  I am the same Consciousness?

         Could it be...
                   that what I witness
                             is the Power of my Godness
                                           and do not know it?

                   Could it be...
                          that THAT Greatness
                                     is present within me
                                 to witness its own Greatness?

         What Greatness I must be...
                   What Greatness I do witness...
                                    What Blindness I still am.


                           OR SIMPLY... GOD.

           Because of all my Journeys
                    in which I lived and struggled
                                      I finally found my Path.

               Not that my Path
                    is Clear and Self-revealing
                                            far from it.
                                          But it is a Path.

                    A Path
                         which I know
                                 will lead me
                                        to The Light.

               To The Light
                    I am from and will return.
                                  Because I am the Same.

               The same Light
                         that is in all Others.
                                       Known or Unknown.

           What I will meet upon my Path...
                                 I do not know.

                      whatever it is...
                             I will surmount it.

                                           For I am The Light.

           The Light of Consciousness.
               The Light of the Infinite Soul...
                                   called... The Buddhi
                                             The Christ
                                             or simply... GOD.


                         THE WRITING IS BUT ME

         I do no Miracles...
                     I just write... and write.

               And also...
                     I do not even shine.
                                    I just live and live.

                     And while I'm living...
                                    I notice...
                                         I experience...
                                                  And I feel.

               I feel...
                     that what I do...
                                 is The Miracle.

                     For how could I...
                                  do anything
                          if it was not
                                  for The Miracle I am.

                                       Being Me...

         And to You...
                to You who read my Writing
                                         I say
                                   please forgive me
                              forgive me
                                 for the Writing I do
                                     and the Mistakes I make.

         For what I hear and feel is Perfect...
                   but put in Words... the Writing is but me.


                              A CLUE FOR YOU

         To write a Poem... I would not dare
                             for I am a Spook... and very rare.
         Yet I can think... and feel... and cry...
                          and sometimes write... but often lie.

         For Truth my Friend... I have not found
                         for me it seemed... just too profound.
         But I know now... without a Doubt
                             that where You are... it is about.

         Just look around... with open Eye
                         and search for Truth in Earth and Sky.
         For while You're there... You're bound to find
                         the Truth I missed... and left behind.

             And while I sleep and dream of Earth
                       I wait and wait... for newest Birth.
             For the time before... I missed by far
                             by playing... but an Ego-Star.

         Thinking that this Body-Me...
                              was all there ever just could be.
         While in Reality my Friend...
                            I am pure God... from Start to End.

         And when I come to Earth again...
                   for Truth I'll look... right there and then.
         For right now... I'm too darn spooky...
                       because on Earth... I just played hooky.

             But the next time... I am in Flesh
                            I must correct this sorry mess.
             And just in case...
                          this Poem is True...
                          let it then be... a clue for you.


                               CANNOT STEER

         I am the Garment of my Soul
                   to be discarded of my Role
                             within the Twinkling of an Eye
                        when IT ascends to Higher Sky.

         Thus I...
               as Earth and Garment-Tool
                      am nothing but a bloody Fool.

               For I still think...
                             and feel...
                                    and cry...
                                        that I am I...
                                                that I am I.

              if it wasn't...
                   for my Pain and Vain...
                           my Soul would never...
                                          Gain or Reign.

              That's why...
                   I try and try
                          to let my I-ness die and die.

                   For as long as I
                          dwell still right here
                                     my Soul as Pilot
                                               cannot steer.


                   EAT FROM THE TREE... CALLED LOVE

         A Buddhist will never be... A Buddha.
                    And a Christian will never be... A Christ.

              Yet many strive to become
                                - that what they must -
                           by following some kind of religion.

              Nobody will ever make it by following.
                      For a Buddha or a Christ...
                                  is an Initiator and a Rebel.

         To develop the guts...
              to become an Initiator or a Rebel
                             takes the Confidence of a God
                           and the Individuality of a Creator.

              And none of these Characteristics
                                   are developed by following.

                   The only way to become ONE...
                                      is to be Yourself.

         To be yourself...
              is to live in the Moment of Nowness
                                          as a New Person
                                       in a World that is old.

              So be like an Adam or Eve
                         and eat from All Trees
                                    to your Satisfaction.

               But most of All...
                        Eat from the Tree... called Love.


                       BY DYING TO OUR SELFNESS

         The Movements of the Body...
               and the Thoughts of the Mind...
                         are only temporary Commotions.

                                            And useless to Man.

               They are like Nonsense...
                                to a Book...
                                     that contains it.

                                        Not even worth a Laugh.

         For the Movements of the Body
                       and the Thoughts of the Mind
               are but 'outer' phenomena
                                of the Consciousness
                                             that creates them.

         To find this Consciousness
               we have to go deeper than Movements
                                      deeper than Thoughts.
                                  Beyond all 'outer' phenomena.

               There where we cannot reach
                          is the Consciousness... We Are.

               Hidden beyond the 'outer'...
                     producing what we experience
                            in Movements and in Thoughts.

               Hidden beyond the 'outer'
                          is the Consciousness
                                       of the God We Are.

                  And we can only find...
                           by Dying to our Selfness.


                           AND MISS HIS WILL

         Slumbering within
                   Man and Soul
              sleeps the God
                        to grow One Whole
                   from the Burden
                              that Man but is
                        to fashion Glory and pure Bliss.

         While Bodies... Forms...
                   and a thousand Faces
              are lost in Time
                        by a Thousand Races.

                   While Lands and Seas
                             change Place and Sky
                        While Life and Death
                                       just pass on by.

               And not one Child
                         - how far on out -
                                   this Growing God
                                           will leave in Doubt.

               For not one man...
                         - how lonesome still -
                                      is left alone...
                                             and miss His Will.


                                MY WAY

          Nobody but God
                   looks out of my Eyes.
              Nobody but God
                        thinks my Thoughts.
                   Nobody but God
                                loves my Lovers.

          Thus the 'I'...
              I feel I am
                    is an Illusion
                          that stands in my way...
                               of being God the Looker
                                        God the Thinker
                                              God the Lover.

          But since God
              is busy being 'All That Is'...
                             I took the Liberty...
                                          to write all this.

              For as far as I know
                    if I would leave it up to God
                            nothing ever would get done.

              I realize...
                   that I really cannot do anything.

                                    For God does it ALL.

                                                     MY WAY.


                            WHAT DO YOU THINK?

               is God's wildest Dream.

                          The Flowers... the Loveliest.

                                  And the Animals...
                                            the most Fantastic.

                The Plants and the Trees
                     are the most Beautiful Dream.

                          And the Earth... the Sky...
                               and the Clouds...
                                    form the Scenery...
                                        for the Actions of Man.
                               Playing in the Grass.

         All in all...
              God's Dream...
                     is like a Disney Land come true.

               And Man...
                      because of his Superior Awareness
                           is the only Creature
                                able to appreciate it
                                                for what it is.
                                     Realness in Splendor.

         Somehow however...
                Man thinks that God's Dream is wrong
                          and ruins it by trying to correct it.

         Now... either God's Dream is right
                                    and Man is wrong...
                                                 or visa versa.

                          What Do You Think?


                              SINCE EVER

         At first...
              when I was only a Rock... all I did was 'rocking'.
         Later I became a Plant...
                     and all I did was 'planting'.

                     Then I became a Flower...
                                  and all I did was 'flowering'.
                     Eventually... I became an Ant...
                                     and all I did was 'anting'.

              And later somehow...
                         I was a Dog
                              and a Horse
                                  and a Whale.
                          And then I became a Dolphin.

         And at that time...
              I did a lot of 'doggone-horsing-around'
                       and had a 'whale' of a time 'dolphining'.

         Finally I became Man...
                 and all I did was 'manning'... and 'womanning'.

            Right now I am a Human Being... and think a lot.

            Sometimes I think so much...
                             that I want to be a Rock again.

         But lately...
                 I forget all about thinking.
                                For my Intuition is 'intuiting'.

         And my Intuition tells me...
                        that sooner or later... I will be a God.

                 And I also know...
                       that I was God all along.

                                            Since Ever.


                        FOR I AM... ALL OF THEM

             What's your name?
                         I have no name... I am nameless.

             Where do you live?
                          I live allover... and no-place.

             Where were you born?
                        I was never born... I always was.

             What is your age?
                           I have no age... I am ageless.

             What is your religion?
                     I have no religion... I am religion.

             Are you biased in any way?
                        No... I am indifferently neutral.

             Do you dwell in space?
                          No... not really... I am space.

             Do you keep track of time?
                              Certainly not... I am time.

             Do many people know you?
                 Very few know me but many think they do.

             Do you love anyone in particular?
                     I only love myself... for I am love.

                  Did anyone create you?
                            No... I enable creation.

             What do most people call you?
                            I listen to all names
                      and therefore I am nameless or God.

        If you are 'space'... 'time'... 'love'... and 'God'...
                                          what do you really do?

            I am Life.    And I am alive in All Universes.

            The Physical Universe you live in...
                                 is one of my Playgrounds.

                I play 'hide and seek'.
                          And sometimes I am 'people'.

                    Most people however...
                                   do not know me.

                    But I know All of them.
                          For I Am... All of Them.


                             FOR I AM ALL

           I study God...
                   I study Life...
                             I study Me...
                         I find no difference...
                                      between the Three.

                   So I am IT...
                          and Be... and Be.

                       So I am Love...
                                 that sets Me Free.

           For in this Universe
                        that I create
                                 I am the Small
                                        I am the Great.

           And neither in my Time or Space
                      nor in my Blessed Spirit Race
                                     - is there a Soul -
                              either Great or Small
                                              that is not Me.

                             For I am All.


                            WE KNEW SO WELL

              like a 'Sphere of Goodness'...
                           she makes my Glance a Silent Stare.

              And I but dream to never leave...
                                  and keep on looking...
                            into these Eyes I see right there.

         And I but wish...
              in my dreamy thinking...
                               I but wish...
                         with Thoughts that dwell...
                     within the Space I call my Being...
                           within the Space... I call my Hell.

         For how can I love... this Soul so tender
                         how can I love... this Soul so swell?

         So many Lives have past in ages...
                       as many Eons went on by...
                  and still I love
                       these Eyes so softly...
                              and still I love...
                              these Eyes that tell...
                       of Simple Love in Pure Surrender...
                              of Love and Living...
                                              we knew so well.


                              YOU'LL DO WELL

         To realize... that there is only God...
                                       makes me shiver.

               For that means...
                       that You and I are nothing...
                                              nothing but God.

               For anything more than God...
                                 does not exist.
                                           That is impossible.

               So... whatever You and I are...
                         You and I are... what we are.

         To realize this...
              to realize this to the fullest
                    is the only thing to be done.
                                      By You... by Me...
                                                 by Everybody.

         This Task... this tremendous Task...
                              is... what makes me shiver.

               Yet... there is nothing to it.
                                     For God is doing it.

         While You and I... and Everybody...
                        are but the 'shivering-means'...
                                     through which it is done.

                                             By God.
                                      For God does it all.

         To not worry about it...
              or to not even be concerned about it...
                                             that is Our Task.

                 Laugh about it... and You'll do well.


                             FOR I AM YOU

         I am the Tree
                I am the Grass

                                 I am the Kettle
                                           I am the Fire

                   I am the Cricket
                             I am the Wood

                                           I am the Stars
                                                   I am the Sky

               I am the Heart
                      I am the Soul

                                     I am the Sun
                                            I am the Moon

         I am your Father
                I am your Mother

                             I am the Flower
                                       I am the Thorn

               I am Time
                    I am Space
                         I am Eternity
                              I am Infinity

         I am the God that IS...
                        I am The ALL.

                               I am the One who's reading this.

                                        For I am You.


                            BECAUSE OF YOU

         Before You were... I was.
               But I did not know it.

               And now that You are...
                              I have come to know.

                    But many of You...
                              do not recognize Me.

                              Although I am ALL of You.

         Before I became You...
                   there was Nobody to sense Me.

                             But now that I am You so Splendidly
                                      I know who I am.

         Before You were... I was.
                   But I did not know it.

                   And now that You have become Me...
                                     it is You who recognizes Me.

              For I am the Flower within You...
                                          opening up
                                     to the Fragrance I am.

         I am the Sky...
                   reflecting within...
                                  the Dewdrop I am.

               I am the Wondering within You...
                           to marvel at the Sight...
                                of my Greatness within Smallness.

         I am the Sky in the Dewdrop...
              I am the Birds You see... in Me.

                         I am the One who wonders...
                                       and knows who I am...
                                                  because of You.



         Man is a Godseed.

                     Sown upon the Earth...
                                    by the Sower.

               And as a Spirit in Flesh
                              the Soul of Man
                                   grows and evolves
                                       in the Worlds of Matter.

               And by repeat and repeat
                         in the Forms of Flesh
                                   his Godness eventually
                               will take Flight...
                                           Above and Beyond it.

         To soar within the 'Universe of Consciousness'
                    and sprinkle Godseeds...
                             of his own Imagination
                                    within the Worlds of Birth.

               But before...
                    the Soul of Man will know
                                 that it is the Sower...
                          it will suffer the Pain of Ignorance.

               As it was...
                      As it is...
                              And as it will be.



                           YOU ARE THE ALL

         Imagine... that You are Space.
            Imagine... that You are unlimited infinite Space.

                  Everything that is happening then...
                                    and all that exists...
                                       is happening within You.

         You are then...
                   'All' that is happening...
                                    and 'All' that exists.

         But for You... now...
            to see what is happening from one Viewpoint
                         You have slipped into but one Body.

                                            That Body is Yours.

            You are 'All' then...
                       and look out from this one Body.
                                           And what do You see?

                 You see 'All' that is You...
                                   from Your Viewpoint.

         Since You however...
              have 'slipped' into this one Body...
                                      You can 'slip' out of it.

               The Trouble however is...
                    that your Attention is focussed
                           upon and from the Point that is You.

         To unfocus your Attention... and be 'All' again
                                   is but a matter of learning.

              And that is what You are doing...
                                      being here on Earth.

              For You Are... Space.
                        You are the Universe.
                                      You are the ' ALL'.


                            WE ARE THIS ONE

         I am a Son...
               of the only Father.

               While the Mother in Me...
                              makes Me his Daughter.

                   So All that is in Me...
                              is of the Father...
                                        and the Mother.

                               Making Me... a Wholesome Child.

               A Child of the Universe...
                       searching for who I really am.

         But since I am...                   I will find who I am.

                   For the Time...
                           that is given Me...
                                      is Life Eternal.

                                                 So I am Life.

                   The Life...
                        that is equal to the Father
                                            and to the Mother.

          For both the Father and the Mother...
                                are 'THE ONE' of the Universe.

                    THE ONE of the Universe...
                                        Nobody knows.

                                Yet All of US know...
                                              We are this One.


                                YOU ARE

         All things...
              have their good side...
                             and their bad side.

                                             But not You.

                    For you have only round sides.

                    Neither good...
                          and neither bad.
                                      But Perfect.

         And although...
              I really do not know...
                      all your Curves and Angles...
                                           I know your Inside.

              Which is Smoothness...
                               and Love.

                   And whatever you are...
                                    on the Outside...
                                         I do not really care.

         For the Radiance you are
                          from Within
                               - shines through -
                      from the Heart of God...
                                           You Are.


                        KNOWING ONE IS SILENCE

         The World is Noise...
                        and I am Silence.
               Noise however does not disturb me...
                                        for I never listen.

                        And since I do not listen...
                                              I do not hear it.

         This is done...
                   by knowing that Noise and Silence...
                                        are part of each other.

                        For the one...
                             cannot be without the other.

               So Noise is my Partner...
                                   for I am Silence.

                        To mix the two...
                                   is Confusion.
                                          It creates Denseness.

         Denseness is... being affected by Noise
                               not knowing that one is Silence.

              As long as one does not know this...
                                    one is part of Noise.

         To be part of Noise... is not obvious.
                                For it disturbs the Inner Mind.

              The Inner Mind will be restless...
                       until it finds the Silence it is.

                    This is done by being Silent.

                                   Knowing One is Silence.


                             IN WHAT I AM

         In the Morning...
                 I look towards the Sun...
                            and stretch my Arms up high.
                 Then I stand on my tippy-toes
                       and the God that lives without
                              greets me and comes within.
                 And the God that lives within...
                                             greets its Equal.

         Both Gods then unite...
                     within the Reality of my Being.
                                     And I am their Communion.

         And then I know...
                 that 'all' that is without
                     and 'all' that is within
                          in actuality takes place
                                within the Consciousness I am.

                 The Consciousness I am
                            The Gate of the Universe
                                             slightly ajar
                                         for I am still Human.

         But being Human means...
                      being unlimited.

                 For the Gods...
                      that live within and without...
                                            are alive
                                                 in what I am.


                               IN PEACE

           To assist any ONE...
                      - whoever it is -
                                that ONE is YOU.

                   to help someone...
                              don't make them stumble.

                   And to heal someone...
                                 don't make them hurt.

                   And to make someone Whole...
                                don't tear them apart.

           In order for any ONE to grow...
                                and thus for YOU...
                        we need Time and Space...
                                         to ourselves...
                                                    in Peace.


                            A HELL FOR MAN

         The Earth...
               is a Toy for Spirits.

               And when they come to play
                             they take on Bodies...
                                          like yours and mine.

               But as soon as they arrive
                             they are being taught...
                                    what Man thinks about Man.

                     Which is...
                          that the World
                               is a Place for Egos...
                                               for Work...
                                            and for Suffering.

         For Man thinks...
              that the Earth is a Place...
                               of Man against Man.

              Playing... he knows as War.
                         And Fun... he knows as being deluded.

         And only after many and many attempts...
                                in taking on Bodies...
                      all Spirits become aware...
                          of the Greatness of Man in Godness.

               While the Ignorance of Man...
                    and the Inability of Man...
                         to recognize themselves...
                         changes the Toy for Spirits...
                                               a Hell for Man.


                            THE FALL OF MAN

         The Atom... and the Universe... as they exist...
                       exist by the relationships of their parts.
         Each part of the Universe exists...
               because of its relationships with each other part.

               Relationships are...
                     the 'Dynamic Actions of Cosmic Energy'.
               Cosmic Energy is the 'inter-relation'...
                       of each part... with each other part.

         Each part... is ...
                 the relationships it has with every other part.

                           Each part then...
                  does not exist in and by itself...
             but only exists because of its relationships.

         In case... a part... or Human Being... thinks it exists
                           in and by itself...
                  this Human Being measures unto itself
                      an independent State of Being
            separate from the Actions of the Universe as a Whole.

         This means that...
              as long as you exist... or try to exist...
                      as an individual or Ego...
                         you are 'out of tune' with the Universe.

              This is what we experience...
                        by living as an Individual or Ego.

         For our State of Being or State of Mind separates us
                      from our True Relationship with all things.

         This means that we are out of Harmony...
              with the Reality or Truth of the Universal Oneness.

          We experience this State in our existence
               as 'individuality'... being THAT Individual.
                                        It is... The Fall of Man.


                            SENSE OF BEING

         In and by itself...
                   or in complete isolation...
                             not one thing can be defined.

               In and by itself...
                           - any thing -
                                    is nothing.

               We can only define things...
                       by the relationships they have...
                                              with other things.

         This is also true for People.

               People are only People
                   because of the relationships they have
                                with other People and/or things.

         People only exist then...
                        because of their 'relationships'.
               The only things existing then...
                          are 'relationships' of a certain kind.

         Since Time and Space...
                       are but aspects of our Conscious Mind
                                 - relationships -
                    do not really exist in either Time or Space.

                      are a mental or spiritual phenomena.

         The more relationships we have with other People
             as well as with other things
                   and the more Beautiful they are
                          the more Beautiful our Existence
                                              or Sense of Being.


                    YOU ARE GOD ASLEEP... DREAMING

         Life is a Play.
               The Play of God.
                           Played by Man.
                                    Man is Insane.

               Life is...
                    Nonsense and Meaningless.
                           Until you discover this...
                                         you are still asleep.

               The more you are asleep...
                           the more you think
                                      that Life is Purposeful.

               Life's only Purpose is...
                                - to awaken -
                           to what Life really is.

         Life is a Miracle.   Yet... it is Nonsense.
                           Life is the Miracle of God at Play.

                 Man is the Miracle and the Player.
                           Man is Insane.

         Man's Insanity is caused by Ignorance and Fear.
                         Man is ignorant of what he really is.

                  Man fears... because he exists.

                                           Man IS God.
                                     Man's Plays are Nonsense.

         All this Nonsense however...
              is unnecessary but unavoidable...
                                       in order to awaken.

               Life... or rather each Lifetime...
                                          is a Dream.
                                      You are the Dreamer.
                                   You are God asleep...


                         BORN OUT OF NONSENSE

         The older I grow in Soulness...
                    the more and more People I understand

                            And the less People understand me.

              when there is only one Person left...
                                      who understands me...
                             that Person will be ME.

         It will be sufficient...
                   and exactly as it should be.

               For then I will live and be...
                                the Universe of Understanding.

                         And of a Greatness...
                                   that includes...
                                             the World of Man.

               To understand...
                         the World of Man...
                         is 'being' the World of Man.

                            I will not be 'of' it.

               At that Point of Understanding...
                                      I will know...
                                 the World for what it is.
                                                Pure Nonsense.

               Then I will embrace...
                             the Love I am...
                             within the World of Nonsense
                             that brings forth
                                         born out of Nonsense.


                            THE OPPORTUNITY

         The Body...
              is the Mask of the Soul.

                   The Soul talks in it...
                        the Soul cries in it...
                             the Soul has sex in it.

         Most Souls have become so used to the Body
                             that they think they are the Body.

                   The Soul is a Fool...
                               until it wakes up.

               Just before the Soul wakes up...
                                    the Body it lives in...
                                is torn to pieces by Confusion.

         By and through this Confusion...
              the Body sees itself as the Mask and Skin...
                                  containing a God in Learning.

              From there on in...
                         the Days of Darkness...
                                       Lives of Light.

                     And Time is welcomed...
                               as the Opportunity.


                         IT WILL JUST HANG OUT

         Every Human Being suffers from inferiority.
              Inferiority is a State of Mind...
                        that compels you to make sure...
                                  your ass in not hanging out.

         Children however are above inferiority.
              But as soon as they become self-conscious...
                            the feeling of inferiority starts.

         To get rid of inferiority...
              you have to become a Child again.

              For Adults to become a Child again...
                         can only be done...
                                 by becoming Enlightened.

              To become Enlightened means...
                  attaining the State of Christ-Consciousness.

             Another Method is to become just plain drunk.

             To become just plain drunk...
                                   is what most People do.

             Drunk with Wine... drunk with Beer.
                 Drunk with Drugs... drunk with Work.
                                   Or drunk with Ambition.

         All these however are but temporary measures.
                                              And Substitutes.

             The feeling of inferiority...
                         is enhanced by all Substitutes.
                   And the more they are used...
                                  the more your ass hangs out.

         Oh yes... Respectability also is a Substitute.
                                     It's very subtle however.
                                           And covered up.

         But after all... ass  is  ass.
                     Sooner or later... it will just hang out.


                           TO SAVE YOUR FACE

           Knowledge does not come in Measurements.
                                    It only comes in Quality.

              It is not how much you know.
                                    But 'what' you know.

           The most important thing to know is...
                                     'who' or 'what' you are.

                        You are not your Name.
                        You are not your Face.
                        You are not your Body.

                      The Soul You Are...
                                 is the Real You.

                  Your Soul is...
                            God in the Form that's You.

                      You are God then...
                                        Your Way.

                          You are God...
                                 with a Personal Slant.

                  To get rid of this 'slant'...
                            is your Task on this Earth.
                  It's the Reason...
                               for being where you are.

                  Your Soul... Your God...
                                       is the Real You.

           Is there any realness of the Real You...
                                             shining through?

                   Or do you still live...
                                  to save your Face?


                          WITHIN THEIR HEART

         God was born...

              Yes indeed...
                   God was born unconsciously...
                                   in his own Creation.

         Time and time again...
                   God had to return again and again...
                         in order to recognize...
                                        and realize...
                                             that this was so.

         And when God finally...
               was absolutely sure...
                             he wrote this Poem...
                                         to tell his Brothers.

               Very few but listened...
                             and many thought...
                                       that God was crazy.

               But lately...
                    a few of them...
                        have recognized and realized...
                             that indeed...
                                  they were told...
                                                The Truth.

               For they have heard...
                         the Echo of God's Voice...
                                       within their Heart.


                          AND WHY DO I CHOOSE

         And then I tell my Friends...
                          You fell in Love?
                                        So what?
                                            Who cares?

        Fall out of it... for Love is but a State of Mind.
                      It's pure Illusion...
                                      think yourself out of it.

               Yes... that's what I tell them.
                                Think yourself out of it.

         And then you know... it's my turn.
                            My turn to fall in Love... and how.

               What agonizing suffering.
                            Day and Night...
                                 She's on my Mind...
                                          never leaving.

         It's not even a State of Mind...
                        it's a State of Being... Being in Love.

                Beautiful?   ...Yes...
                                      But what suffering.

                  Some State of Mind.
                                      A Mind in Terror.

                  A Mind suffering the Lack of Godness.

                    A Mind suffering itself.

                       It's Hell...
                                 Hell by Choice.

                          And why do I choose?


                             AND I KNOW IT

              I am Man.
                    I am Man and know...
                         that Man is a lost God.

              I am a Man...
                    and a lost God...
                         who is not really lost...
                                     but just not awakened.

              And when I awaken...
                    to the Eternal Light...
                             the Christ Within...
                                 I will have awakened...
                                         to the Light I am.

              My Body is the Temple...
                    of the Living God Within.
                                   The Christ Within.

               I am what I am.
                         A God in Hiding.
                                   Greatness beyond Limits.

                            And I know it.


   (Not recorded on tape.)

                               AS GOD ALIVE

       When You land on Earth... You are given a Doll.
           Sometimes You get a Barby... and sometimes a Ken.

                  Very seldom do You get a Doll that is in between.

                         To raise this Doll is your Project.

                    The Doll You get has certain Characteristics.

      These Characteristics depend on...
                the nature of the Channels your Doll comes through.

                           Your Doll has Free Will.

       Raising this Doll is such a fascinating Task...
                  that all your Attention is needed to do it right.

       After a while... You forget who You are...
                                 and You think... You are the Doll.

       Like many Dolls... your Doll is engaged
                             in the World of Dolls... and likes it.

       Your Doll grows up and becomes a Doll of the World.
                                          It becomes 'one' with it.

       Most of your Doll's time is spent...
                    making Money... dressing up...
                                  and looking at other Dolls.

             Sometimes it plays with Computer Toys...
                                and other fascinating things.

       In the mean time your Doll becomes
                    completely 'conditioned' by the World of Dolls.

       In order to make Money to live...
               your Doll is put to work and pretends to be a Slave.

               While at work... your Doll meets other Dolls
                    who also pretend to be but Slaves.

             Pretty soon all Dolls think to be Slaves indeed.

       All Slaves complain about their System of Slavery
                  and start to compare their System of Slavery
                     with the System of Slavery in other Countries.

       They come to the Conclusion...
                     that their System of Slavery is better...
               and they start to push their System...
                                    upon Slaves in other Countries.

       They do this...
          by means of the most diplomatic Slaves they can muster
                  and back them up with gadgets and gismos...
                                               of an atomic nature.

       Pretty soon all Slaves the World over...
          completely forget about the 'Doll-Raising-Project'...
                                          and evern scorn the Idea.

              They would rather fight other Slaves...
                                 than raise their own Doll.

       These Fights are very serious and most Slaves are killed.
              All Slaves however do not care one bit...
                              for all Slaves are but Slaves anyway.

       All they really wanted to prove is...
              that their System of Slavery was better...
                                and that it produces better Slaves.

       During these Battles all Toys are destroyed...
            and all pleasurable things become 'hot' with radiation.

       They could not care less however...
            for their 'conditioning' is perfect for it is based
                        upon their belief in God...
                                                  Who told them so.


           Are You a Slave...?   Are You a Doll...?
                   Or are You a Living Soul... as God Alive...?


                       THE GREATNESS OF YOUR BEING

           The Greatest Human Being on Earth...
                                            is YOU.

               As a matter of fact...
                    YOU are the Greatest Human Being...
                                           in the Universe.

               And all YOU have to do...
                         is come to the REALIZATION  of it.

               For to realize...
                         what YOU are...
                                   can only be done...
                                                    by YOU.

               Nobody else...
                    in whatever Plane of Being...
                         can REALIZE...
                             what YOU are all about.

           The Greatness of Your Being...
                                  is in hiding...
                             behind the Realization...
                                      of how Great YOU Are.

               YOU are the only God...
                             to realize YOUR Greatness.

           The Realization of Your Greatness...
                 determines... The Greatness of Your Being.


                              GOD AT WORK

                   is God at Work.

               When You are imagining...
                         You are the only One...
                                 knowing what God does.

          Your Imagination...
                   is God at work...
                             through You.

                   You however...
                             are the One working.
                                             Being God.

          To learn to use your Imagination...
                             is to learn to become God...
                                               more and more.

               Use it often...
                         for Practice makes Perfect.

          The Force that enables You...
                              to imagine...
                                     is the Force called God.

          The Force...
               in and by itself...
                          is the Miracle...
                                    that lets You...
                                             be what You are.

                                        God at Work.


                           BY GOD'S EMBRACE

            Another Face...
                      another Place...
                               another Race...
                      for me to learn...
                               that I am God...
                                       that I am Grace.

            And every time...
                      I come around...
                 I look aghast...
                           I look astound.

                      For every time...
                           I come through Birth...
                                I enter by...
                                     the Door called Earth.

            To finally...
                 by my Path and Pace...
                             become a Christ...
                                      through Love-Embrace.

                 To say at last...
                          I am no Face...
                                I am no Place...
                                          I am no Race.

                  For I am Time...
                              for I am Space...
                          for I am Love...
                                      by God's Embrace.


                         TO FIND THE TRUTH WE ARE

           I am a Space-Being.
                      And I appear in the Skin of Man.
                 Sometimes I am Male...
                            and sometimes I am Female.

           I have been on Earth many times.
                      Yet... every time I come here...
                                      the Place is different.

                      Things keep changing around...
                                 yet all things are the same.

           Man still fights his Brothers...
                                because he fears them.

                  He still believes in Saviours.
                              Churches are abundant...
                                     but Peace I cannot find.

           My Brother Space-Beings...
                            that they are but Man.

                  They fear their Gods...
                          and pray to be delivered...
                                                   from Evil.

           I love them all.
                      But few of them know...
                              that they are like me.

                              A Guest of the Universe...
                                    to find the Truth we are.


                       THE POWER BEHIND THOUGHT

       The Free... Undetermined... and Unpredictable...
          Nature of the Universe and the Vital Essence of Life
                 the Freedom for ALL Possibilities to be possible.

       This Freedom is inherent in the Manifestation
                       of the Physical Universe and its Realities.

                  Without it the Physical Universe...
                              would be a 'rigid' framework...
                                          and impossible to exist.

       The Possibility then...
              of ALL things to be possible...
                   means... that NOTHING is Impossible.

                   The Physical Universe...
                             is a Manifestation of...
                                    the Universe of Consciousness.

      The Universe of Consciousness...
                  is the Universe of Mind or Thought.

                                        ALL Thoughts are possible.

       Therefore then...
                   whatever can be thought of...
                        can be manifested...
                                     in the Physical Universe.

                                   Or any other Place or No-Place.

                    For THOUGHT...
                              creates ALL Realities.

                    God is...
                           The Power Behind Thought.


                         TO CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION

         The Light...
             out of which All is born...
                                  is not some Deity.

         The Light... out of which ALL arises...
                                          will never die.
                                       For IT was never born.

         But the God of the Churches...
             the God that is born within the Minds of Man...
                                              that God is dying.

             For this is the God...
                         created by the Thoughts of Man.
                   This is the God Man fears...
                                         worries about...
                                                and looks up to.

                   This is the Deity...
                               that is useless to Man.

         But The Light...
                   out of which ALL is born...
                                is The Light that is within You.
                       As well as... within your Brother.

               Honour The Light              ...
                    that is within You...
                              and within your Brother.

                                       For it is the same Light.

         For the God you thought you knew...
                        has brought us to where we are.

                                       To Chaos and Destruction.


                        THE GOD... THAT IS LOST

              are Gods.

                   And Gods are perfectly capable...
                                       of looking after Gods.

                   But we as Man...
                          are we as Man capable...
                                        of looking after Man.

         Do we as Man...
              care more about Gods...
                             than about our Brothers?

                     Do we put Gods...
                          before our Brother?

              are Gods.
                   They are all of One kind.

         But Man...
              Our Brother Man.
                   He needs ALL the care we have.
                       He is the One...
                            who needs Love and Understanding.

               Let's forget about Gods.
                         But think about...
                                   our Brother Man.

                                         The God...
                                                that is lost.


                         BUT "I"... I AM REAL

         Within my Being...
                   all Moments are stored to recall.

               But yet...
                    when I think of my Yesterdays...
                         I find...
                              that most of my Life...
                                           I cannot remember.

         Where was I then...
                   when it all happened?
                             Where are my Thoughts...
                                             that make up me?

                   Have then the Days...
                             joined the Nights...
                                      and All is but a Dream?

                      And 'what' is it then...
                                     that might be Real?

               But slowly then...
                    a persistent Voice from within...
                              tells me...
                                  That I am Real.
                                       I am the Reality.

                     And you know...?
                               The Voice is Right.

                                       The Voice is Me...

                           All else is but Illusion.

                                        But "I"... I am Real.


                           THE LIGHT MAN IS

         God is an 'unconscious' Creator.
                        Conscious Man... is God's Creation.
                 The 'unconscious' Creator God is...
                                        becomes Conscious Man.

                        Man however thinks...
                                 that he is but a Man.

                 Man thinks...
                    that he is some kind of Creature...
                        created by some Greatness...
                                    that is 'conscious'...
                                          and knows about Man.

         God is the Force...
              that is beyond... 'being conscious'...
                                    beyond... 'awareness'.

              God only becomes 'conscious'...
                              within its Creations.
                                       Man is one of them.

         When this Man-Creature...
              becomes 'conscious' of what he really is...
                                              he is astounded.

              When Man becomes aware...
                      of his True Greatness...
                                the Blind-God he is...
                                          sees The Light.

                           THE LIGHT MAN IS.


                          THE ETERNAL SOURCE

         Tell me...
             what is the difference between a Computer...
                                             and a Human Being?

            A Computer is a Man-made thing and made by Mind
                  and a Human Being is the Expression...
                         of Consciousness... The Primal Source.

                  Mind... as well as Body...
                        are Expressions of Consciousness.

                        Mind... as well as Body...
                                     are Aspects of Life.

                         is beyond and above 'All That Exists'.

                   Consciousness  IS  Life.
                                      Life is God.
                                              God is You.
                                         You are Consciousness.

             Consciousness creates Human Beings...
                      and Human Beings create Computers...
                                   with Mind and Body as Tools.

             Consciousness or Life IS.
                   Mind and Body are its temporary Expressions.

                   And these 'two'...
                             can create anything desired.

             Consciousness... is the Essence of Creation.

                     It is... The Eternal Source.


                             A SON OF GOD

              Life in the Physical... is but a fad.
                              It is something... to out-grow.

              To out-grow Physical Life though...
                               takes many and many Lifetimes.

              And to out-grow Physical Life...
                                  is what you are working on.
              Yes indeed...
                        to out-grow Physical Life...
                                 is what you are doing...
                                                   right now.

         Most People are trying to out-grow Death.
                                  And all of them are Losers.

               For Death is impossible.
                    You can never out-grow it.
                              There is no such thing.

         For Life... Life is continuous.
              And only some stages are lived in the Physical.
                   This is what Human Life...
                                        is all about.

         And to come to know this...
                         is the first step in out-growing it.

              Many and many steps and stages...
                              are beyond Physical Life.

                  One of them...
                         is to be a Buddha...
                                        or a Christ.

                  Which means...
                              to be... A Son of God.


                           GOD ITSELF AS YOU

         By looking for the God in others...
                   you will find the One within yourself.

               For the Godness you'll find in others...
                              is 'that' what you are already.

               Since it is impossible to recognize...
                                 'that' what you are not yet.

                    what you are...
                            is always looking...
                                    for what you are not yet.

               And if this was not so...
                          you would never have become...
                                                what you are.

         Actually though...
                      - you as such -
                                never really become anything.

             For you are everything already.
                                    It is just...
                            that you are not aware of it.

         Your so called 'becoming' then...
                              in actuality is an 'awakening'.

               An 'awakening' to...
                       - what you already are -
                                but never knew you were.

               It is the 'awakening' to Yourself...
                                            by Yourself.

         Sooner or later...
                    you will find yourself to be...
                                           God itself as You.


                           BUT THEY ARE GOD

         When I look at People...
                    I can see their Godness within.
              And the closer I look... the more God I see.
                                         The more I see myself.

         Few People see the same thing I do.
                             And most of them see but Man.
              The few that see the same thing I do...
                         I do not have to be Friends with.
              For they already are Friends in sameness...
                                         within the God we are.

         The many People that see but Man...
                     I treat with Care and Respect.
              They are the Ones that need a Word here or there.
                     To make them find their Godness.
                           Which is something only they can do.

         The Ones that have found it already...
                          nurse it to Greatness and Worthiness.
              They look for the God in Others...
                                  and appreciate what they see.

         I can even see Godness in Animals and Flowers.
              I can also see it in Buildings and Sidewalks
                                            for All IS Godness.

         Within All People I find Godness.
              But some of them
                          also have a lot of Sanctimoniousness.
              Which is the Pretentiousness of the Ego.
                    For them I feel Compassion...
                               since nobody can help them.

              They are conditioned...
                   by religious-nonsense and still asleep.

                        But they are God anyway.


                         AND SOMETIMES HARMFUL

         Do you think that it is possible...
                             to teach Poetry to Monkeys?
                   neither is it possible to teach God to Man.

         What is teaching God to Man?
                     Teaching God to Man is...
                           teaching Man Spiritual Value.
                     Teaching Man what he is really all about.

              teaching Man what he is all about...
                                       cannot be taught.
                  For what has to be taught...
                                     is a State of Being.
                                   The State of Being Whole.

         And Wholeness or knowing what is of real Value
              is not something that can be learned...
                                            by being taught.

              For it is impossible to become Whole.
                 Being Whole...
                    is something you are or are not.
                             It unfolds from the Inside out.

                             It is The Inner You...
                                         recognizing itself.

         And whatever it is...
                   that is being taught by Churches...
                                           is not Wholeness.

                At the most what is being taught is...
                       an emotional social habit.

                       And some of it is harmful.



         In the whole Universe...
                        there is but One Mind.

                                This One Mind... is Your Mind.

         Since You however...
              are more than ninety-nine percent unconscious
                  You accept your scope of consciousness
                        as the Totality of your Mind.

         To do this is very Human.
                   Most People do the same thing.

         The fact however that most People do this
              and accept this Limitation
                    does not prove that indeed their Mind
                              is as limited as it seems to be.

         For You... to become fully conscious...
              of the Totality of your Mind...
                        You must first of all believe
                                  that your Mind is Unlimited.

              For in order for things to come true...
                         You first of all have to believe
                    that is is possible for them to come true.

         To say...
             "I believe it... when I see it"...
                   is the most 'closed-minded' attitude...
                                    You could possibly accept.

             For believing  or  believing in it...
                    is the Foundation of a Universal Law.

         This Belief or Imagination...
                        is absolutely necessary...
                                for things to come true.
                           Your Imagination... is the Creator.


                          THE LIGHT THEY ARE

          To be afraid of God...
               is like being afraid of your own Shadow.
                                                  Quite silly.

               Both God and your Shadow are Real.
                    The One is Light...
                              and the other is Darkness.

                              And both of them are You.

          For you are 'Light'...
                   as well as 'Shadow'.

                   And to be afraid of either...
                                  is being afraid of yourself.

                  this is what many People are...
                                      afraid of Themselves.

             For they shun God...
                            and they shun their Darkness.
                                              Their Ignorance.

             Lifetime after Lifetime...
                  they reject... or avoid...
                        finding out what they really are.

          In the mean time...
                they keep themselves busy...
                                with trying to become Someone.

          But whoever they eventually become...
                they will still have this silent sense...
                                          of being incomplete.

          Until they finally face their Inner-Selfness...
                that secretly longs for... The Light They Are.


                            A LITTLE BETTER

         Most People you will ever meet are old Friends.
              Whoever it is you meet...
                               you have met them before.
                   In other times... other places...
                                             with other faces.

         And although you might think...
                   that you have never lived before
              and that you have never met all these People
                                          that just is not so.

         For you... and all these other People...
              have been on this Earth or other Planets...
                                   many and many times before.

              The fact however...
                    that you do not remember this...
                                     is a fortunate thing.

         For who would possibly want to remember...
               all the nasty things you did...
                                         or didn't do?
                                 It would be most unfortunate.

         For every Life you live...
                   the same as for every day anew...
                                       you need a fresh start.

         Not only do you need
                   a fresh start every Lifetime anew
                   but you also need to forget...
                   all the stupid little things you did wrong.

                       In this Life or any other Life.

         While by all the mistakes you have made...
                either in this journey or any other...
                    you have learned what you know now...
                                              a little better.


                     THE DIVINE INCARNATION OF GOD

       Life in the Physical Reality as a Human Being...
                                      is the Dream of your Soul.
       You then...
            as the physical body and conscious mind
                     are the Physical Reality of this Dream.

            Your Soul's Dream then has become real...
                     and is manifested as 'you'...
                             in the Plane of Time and Space.

       The Plane of Time and Space...
                   is a reality system or Realm of Being...
               that in and by itself is real...
                         but is a 'projection' from...
                                a Higher Reality Realm of Being.

                                The Realm of the Soul or God.

       From the point of view of the Higher Reality Realm...
              the Physical Reality is a lower vibration...
                               within the Cosmic Light Spectrum.

       This lower vibration within the Cosmic Spectrum
          is the Plane of Separation in which the Soul-Dream
          is projected... and in which the activity takes place.

       The Higher-Self... Soul-Self... or Christ-Self...
                      is the Higher Reality System Personalized.

       When a physical vehicle or Body-Mind-Form...
                    has prepared itself sufficiently...
                                      after many Lifetimes
           the Higher-Self enters the Body-Mind-Form...
                      that lives in the Plane of Time and Space.

       The Greatness in Being of a Christ or Buddha
                  cannot be compared to an ordinary Human Being.

             A Christ is... The Divine Incarnation of God.


                       THE NATURE OF MAN IS GOD

        The Nature of God is Love.
           The Nature of Love is Compassion.
              The Nature of Compassion is Understanding.
                 The Nature of Understanding is Knowing.
                    The Nature of Knowing is Intuition.
                       The Nature of Intuition is Feeling.
                          The Nature of Feeling is Soul.
                             The Nature of Soul is Man.

                                        The Nature of Man is God.

                             The Nature of God is Love.
                          The Nature of Love is Compassion.
                       The Nature of Compassion is Understanding.
                    The Nature of Understanding is Knowing.
                 The Nature of Knowing is Intuition.
              The Nature of Intuition is Feeling.
           The Nature of Feeling is Soul.
        The Nature of Soul is Man.

                      The Nature of Man is God.

        The Nature of God is Love.
           The Nature of Love is Compassion.
              The Nature of Compassion is Understanding.
                 The Nature of Understanding is Knowing.
                    The Nature of Knowing is Intuition.
                       The Nature of Intuition is Feeling.
                          The Nature of Feeling is Soul.
                             The Nature of Soul is Man.

                                         The Nature of Man is God.


                             MORE OR LESS

         Before you come to the State of Knowing
                                       who or what you are
                   you think that Enlightenment...
                                          is for somebody else.

         But once you know who or what you are...
              you know that Enlightenment is for YOU.
                                            AND Everybody else.

              For Enlightenment is Automatic.
                                It is THE Process of Life.

              And working for it...
                   is just about as impossible
                                    as working against it.

                   For the more you want it...
                                     the more you miss it.

         While the One...
              who neither cares nor dares...
                         neither suspects nor knows
                                   grows towards it full speed.

              Just in case you happen to know
                                  who or what you are...
                                            relax man... relax.

              For the more you want it...
                      the further you push yourself away.

         And besides...
              What would you do different after knowing it?
                   While by what you did before...
                                       you became what you are.

              By all the Mistakes you ever made...
                             you became what you are now.

                                  More or Less.


                          IN THE FORM OF MAN

                            ABOUT MAN AND GOD?

      First of all...
                 Man and God...
                        are the same 'thing'
                                       Or 'phenomenon'.

                 God is not only Man.
                           God is also all 'other'.
                                             God is all there is.

                  since God is Man
                            and Man is God...
                  Man OR God is the Universe in Total.

             ALL that exists then...
                       is a 'form' of Man or God.

                       Some 'forms' are physical.
                                  Other 'forms' are non-physical.

      The physical forms make up the Physical Universe
                                  and the non-physical forms
                               make up the Non-Physical Universe.

      Within the Physical
                    and Non-Physical Planes of the Universe
            lives all 'Life' that makes up the Universe in Total.

            In the Universe...
                    there is only 'LIFE'.

                          There is no 'Death' of 'Non-Life'.

              Man then... or God...
                 appears and makes up the Universe in Total.

                 The Universe in Total...
                                  contains only Life.
                            For 'dead-stuff' does not exist.

      The diversity of Life is unlimited and unrestricted.
                     While nothing in our Universe is impossible.

           The diversity of Life
                     appears in all kinds of forms
                            and is either animated or inanimated.
                     The boundaries between these two forms
                                           are indistinguishable.

      One of these forms of Life... is the Human Being.
                            While many other forms of Life
                      are to be found on other planets or planes.

      Forms of Man then... or forms of God...
             appear on all kinds of planets or planes...
                  while the variety very well could be unlimited.

      The Stages of development of the different forms
                          that live all over the Universe
                  are on different levels or stages of awareness.

      The Human Being as such...
                       is in the beginning stages of development.

          Other forms of Life in the Universe
               are much further advanced than the Human kind.

               The Human is a 'baby' in the Universe of Life.

      The Human Baby...
              is being looked after by the more advanced members.

              And whenever it is necessary
                      our older Brothers intervene
                            with the affairs of our planet.

              They seem to fly around in UFO'S.
                                   They study our progress.

      Most of the time they leave us alone however
                   for the learning that is to be done by us
                has to be done at our own speed and capabilities.

                They could be called our Guardians.
                             The Moon is their observatory.
                                         As well as other places.

      The Human Being then...
               is a certain species of Man or Mankind...
                          and is the Human Representative of God.

               For 'that' what lives within us
                                  is the Universe of Life or God.

      As this Life then...
                or as this Godness...
                          we are God in Human form.

                No form of whatever kind however...
                          is more God than any other kind.

      Some of the species of Man are only Baby-Gods.
                           While others are much older and wiser.

      In order for the Human Being to evolve and develop
              the Solar System and its planets were created
                    to function as our dwelling place and school.

      For the planet Earth...
              is nothing but a Cosmic-School for the Human Being.

             The Custodians of this school
                     have the responsibility to guide it.

             This guidance is done...
                 with as little interference as possible.

             For we as Human Beings are to be responsible
                            for our own progress and development.

             We are the Creator...
                           of our own becoming Greatness as such.

      Naturally while we are in this process of growth
        we make all kinds of mistakes and misinterpretations
         with regard to our origin and who or what we really are.

      Our mistakes and misinterpretations...
                       cause us a tremendous amount of suffering.

           Our Cosmic-School is more like a Hell...
                                         than a true school.

                  All this suffering...
                                 is caused by ignorance.

      Slowly but surely though
                more and more Human Beings become familiar
          with the Divine Purpose of our endeavour on our planet.

          Which is...
               the awakening of the Human...
                            to the Greatness of being God.

               This awakening process however...
                  is an individual and independent affair.

               While truly and surely...
                          nobody can awaken somebody else.

      The awakening of the individual comes about
             be means of the individual Soul-Knowledge
                    that is attained by living and learning
                              the lessons of Cosmic-School-Earth.

      These lessons are participated in...
                        by living in a Human Body on Earth...
                 and by living in an 'Astral-Body' off the Earth.

      Many and many trips back and forth...
            eventually teach the Consciousness of the Human
                    the 'in and outs' of living as a Human Being.

      This semi-traveling of the Human Consciousness
               is in actuality a 'dream' of the Human Soul
                 that assumes to be on Earth at one time
                                    and off the Earth at another.

               In actuality the Consciousness
                     does not travel any place whatsoever
                          since it lives or is always
                                           beyond Time and Space.

      The Human Soul or Consciousness then...
               is the 'entity' that is being directed
                             towards the Stages of Enlightenment.

      The Human Body as such...
               is the Instrument or Vehicle
                    that is being used by the Consciousness
                       as the means and medium for living
                              within the physical plane of Earth.

      This living on Earth...
                      or other places
          is somewhat difficult for the Consciousness
                      since as a Consciousness...
                                  it is in a strange environment.

        Since the Consciousness is of a different nature really
                            it finds itself
              completely out of place within the physical.

      The feeling of strangeness tends to
               create within the Human Being the feeling of fear.

      This fear expresses itself in an insane behaviour
                            that is witnessed all over the world.

      It tends to make the Human collect...
                              either property or power
                  that presumably eliminate the feelings of fear.

      In general the Human Being as such
              has the tendency to behave like an ass
                      and shows very little understanding
                                with regard to his own Greatness.

      This is a typical characteristic of a 'Baby-Being'
               that is unaware of its true and just value as God.

      The Human Consciousness then...
                   living within a Human Body
                       slowly but surely
           by means of the reincarnational processes
          becomes wiser and wiser and will eventually
              see itself as the God-Representative in Human Form.

               This however takes a considerable amount of time.

      Time however is the cheapest commodity there is.
                  For we as God... are Time.
                               We as God... are Space.
                                      We as God are the Universe.

      While the Universe as such...
                is the 'Place of Relationship'
                             that we share with all other Beings.

      The Universe then...
             - and all There Is Within It -
                     is a 'God-Family-Home' of infinite size
                            in which only God-Beings...
                                        have their Way of Living.

      For species of Mankind however
               that are yet in a 'Baby-Stage' of growth
            there are places and spots within this Universe...
       that are specifically suited for the attainment of Wisdom.

      The Earth is one of these places
                 and whatever the Human Beings do upon Earth
                   it is far enough away from other places
              so that the Human Commotion does not bother others.

      Once however the Human Being starts to go into Space
            and acquires the possibility
                           to blow the Earth to pieces
                 it naturally becomes of a concern to our Guides.

      This was evident by the 'flap' of UFOs
                       since the first atomic explosions.
                                     Our Guardians are concerned.

      They are as concerned as the City-Fathers would be
             when the City-Hoodlums are threatening
                                            to blow up City-Hall.

      All Cosmic Affairs are in good hands however
             since the whole Universal Wisdom is available
                             to the Guardians that look after us.

             For All of Us are in perfect connection
                   with each other by means of ...
                                       the ONE Mind we are.

      The Human Mind however... as such...
                    is not yet capable of this kind of intuition.

      The kind of intuition that is meant here...
        is the intuition that is the Total Expanded Awareness
                     that is common to all...
                              Enlightened Beings of the Universe.

      For basically Enlightenment means...
           - Knowing that there is nothing to Know -
                                yet being aware of 'All That Is'.

             It means being totally Awake...
                           and being ONE with the Father.

             The individual Consciousness
                 or Soul-Knowledge or Ego-Being
                     has vanished by surrendering to
                                 the Mind of the Universe...
                                              or the Mind of God.

     This is the Stage of Being
                 in which all fear has been transcended
                              and manifests itself in Being Love.

      This is the Stage...
                 in which One is totally 'Awake'...
            and all lifetimes as a Human Being are known
                         as a dream of living in physical bodies.

      It means to have Conscious Command and Control
           to inter-connect with any other Being's Consciousness.

      Individuals of this Caliber in Greatness
                    have perfect intuitive-connection
                with any other Individual in the Universe
                                   of equal Caliber in Greatness.

      These Great Consciousnesses... also have...
               direct connection in Mind with all Beings
                       that are still dwelling
                                    within the Physical Universe.

      The Beings living there however...
             are not necessarily aware of this connection.
                  For they...
                        are not yet sensitive enough...
                                 to feel the inter-connectedness.

      The Human Being then...
                 is part of the Race of Man...
                               or the Race of Gods
                   that is present all over the Universe of Life.

      While the Creation of Planets
               that are suitable for Life to sustain itself
                     is the Creation of...
                             our Older Brothers in Consciousness.

               So that lesser developed Beings...
                    are given the opportunity of learning
                             to eventually become
                                        like our Brothers in God.

      Each Human Being then...
             eventually and in a semi-automatic way
                      becomes as Great as
                           the Great Consciousnesses
                                       within the Universal Mind.

             To become this Great however...
                     requires Conscious-Self-Development.

             It means getting rid of...
                           the Ego-Mind  or  I-ness
                  that is so familiar to us as a Human Being.

      This is the task every Human Being is working on...
                                      whether it is known or not.

      While each Human Being
                       is the 'Seed' of his own Godness.

              For ALL that we will ever be...
                                   is already within us.

                              GOD ITSELF.

                          IN THE FORM OF MAN.


                        THE ONE THING CALLED LIFE

    In the total Universe there is but ONE thing... Consciousness.
         This Consciousness is an Eternal Enigma...
              of Perpetual Paradox... for it appears to be...
                                     Man and God at the same time.

              Consciousness... has two poles...
                          these poles are Man and God.

    Man and God are inseparable... and are creating each other.
          For the One cannot be without the Other.
                          Both of them form a Unit... that is ONE.

              Man and God then exist because of each Other.

    When God becomes Man...
          for most people God seems to disappear.
                             And when Man becomes God...
                                  Man disappears into what God is.

    A man who becomes God...
                    knows that he is a God-Man-Individual...
           that had to become Man in order to know that he is God.

                       While God in and by itself
            can never know itself without becoming Man first.

              Consciousness then...
                            being Man  and  God...
                 can only become aware of itself as Godness
                                              by means of Mankind.

        While Mankind can only become aware of itself...
                         by means of Consciousness or Godness.

    So... in the Universe...
          God  and  Man  or 'being'  and  'awareness'
                        are the 'Yin' and 'Yang' of Consciousness.

               Consciousness... the Perpetual Paradox...

                      The ONE Thing called Life.


                             OUR CREATION

         People say...
             that God is God.
                   And that God is invisible.

                   But I say...
                        that God is White...
                                       and Black.

                              And God is Brown...
                                             and Yellow.
                                         For God is Everybody.

               And I also say
                  that God is Handsome... and Muscular.

                      While also... God is Female and Shapely.
                            And many Gods are Beautiful.

         Also God is Hard and Cold...
                   and full of Cunningness.
              And sometimes even called a Bastard.

                         For God is Everybody.
                                  And Everybody is God.

         So... All Gods are fascinating...
                                  and intriguing.
                      While all Gods make up the World of Man.

                           For ALL of US are Gods in Flesh.

               For Man IS God.
                   Personified in whatever we are.
                             We are God in the Physical...

                   Living upon a World...
                                  that is God too.
                                               For ALL is God.

         And God the Physical...
                   being Mankind
                   has incarnated into the Physical Worlds
                   as different Individuals in order to learn.

            To learn about...
                   God's own Home-Ground...
                              the Physical Creation of God.

         And while some Gods have blue eyes...
                           other Gods have brown ones.
             And some eyes are slanted...
                             while others are partly closed.

         That's why some Gods have learned more than others.
              And many Gods are but beginners...
                       fighting the Devil... called Ignorance.

         And other Gods again...
              fight wars of righteousness...
                    with the blessings of the ones that preach.

         And last of all...
               there are even Gods that are better than others.

               And these Gods imagine...
                           that all other Gods are Sinners.

                                 To be punished forever.

                                                 WHAT NONSENSE.

         For we as Gods...
               are the Creators of the Sun and Stars...
                                          and all the Galaxies.

               And we live on a Planet called Earth...
                                     to be in the Physical.

         We live in a Matter World we created unconsciously.
                 To learn about it consciously.

                               To learn about... OUR CREATION.


                           THE LIGHT WITHIN

         "I"... yes "I"...
                    "I" am the Almighty God...
                                  and "I" play Universe.

               Playing Universe means...
                      playing 'hide and seek' forever and ever.

                     For in 'ALL THAT IS'...
                                    "I" am hidden.
                                               For You to find.

         'ALL THAT IS'...
                      is ME...
                           in forever changing Forms.
                                            But few do know it.

                The few that know it
                               and know ME
                            know ME as they are.
                                            Being ME.

                And the part they play
                           - as ME and for ME -
                      is known to them as their part.

         During the act they play
               they come on stage...
                      disguised in everything else...
                                                 but ME.
                                           Time and Time again.
         For the 'real' player...
                              - ME -
                     does not come onto stage...
                                             like ME.
                                  It would be a dead give-away.

         So in the play of 'hide and seek'...
                  "I" am disguised in ALL that You see...
                                            and change forever.

         Since the Blind are leading the Blind...
                 all people are told that the play is for real.

                      Very few find out that it is not.

                      All players however are ME...
                                         acting not ME.
                                              Except for a few.

         If all players knew...
                  that they were ME...
                            the play would be a 'flop'.
            The way it works now...
                            the play is 'Real as Life'.

                     For most actors think they are themselves.

         The play is an Eternal-Life-Suspense-Drama.
                   To find out that they are ME... is the Game.

         This however does not happen too soon...
                      for "I" am hidden deep within...
                                        to be found by feeling.

             Yet it is impossible...
                                to touch...
                                      what "I" am.

         When the Curtains close...
                    all actors have a good laugh at themselves.

              Before this however...
                             most of them cry in Darkness.

                     For "I" am The Light Within.


                      THE MYSTERY AND THE MIRACLE

         God is ...
              the Dynamic Force...
                             that moves every Atom.

         God is...
              the Intuitive Force...
                             that lives within all Life.

                   God is...
                        The Instinct of the Universe.

                        God is...
                           - THAT - what is lost within Man.

               God is... Man.    But God does not know it.
               Man is... God.    Man does not know that either.

         For Man to Know... that he is God...
                         is the Cosmic-Experience of God... as Man.

               God is...
                    the 'unconsciousness' of Man.

                              Man is...
                                   the 'consciousness' of God.

         The Universe is the Home of Man.
                        The Home of Man... is Man's Creation.
                                            By means of his Godness.

               God is 'being'.

                        Man is 'awareness'.

                     God as Man... and Man as God...
                                     THE MYSTERY AND THE MIRACLE.


                          MAN IS GOD'S EQUAL.

             To many People...
                         God is 'other' than Man.
                    And to a Few...
                             God is the 'Other Side' of Man.

         Since each man however...
            is aware of being an 'Individual Being'...
                he assumes that there is  - something -
                               that is 'other' than himself
                          or that God is the 'Other Side' of him.

         The I-ness of Man however is an Illusion.
                             It's a Self-Imposed-Delusion.
                   It's a State of Mind...
                            accepted or adopted out of Ignorance.
                                   For there is only God.

               Man then... is both.
                        Man is... God and Man.

               To know about this...
                        is knowing that God appears as Man
                              in multi-billion Forms
                                        all over the Universe.

               Enlightenment is...
                         experiencing God as Man.

                     Since God is...
                               the Miracle of Miracles...
                                              Man is God's Equal.


                        IN THE LIGHT I PROJECT

         The Mountain I am on...
                         is not of this World.
                  It's full of Pitfalls and Darkness.

         There are no other Climbers...
                            no Footsteps... no Path.
                        For this is a Private Mountain.

             I'm supposed to climb it...
                            but nobody told me so.
                     I've never seen this Mountain before
                                   for most of it is within me.

         Where the Top is... I do not know.
                     But once I reach it...
                            I will have found myself.

                            What I will be like...
                                       is reflected in my Path.

         The Darkness on this Mountain...
                      seems stronger than the Soul I am.
                And sometimes I don't even know...
                                  whether I'm going up or down.

         Not even God can help me...
                for THAT... is what I have to find.
                      That's why I'm lonely and longing...
                             for the Eternal Mirror on the Top.

                The Mirror will show me...
                                    the God I am
                                in the Light I project.


                             THE LIMITED.

         Your very Thought...
                   that YOU are YOU...
                            creates your YOU-NESS.

                   And this very Thought...
                                keeps you what you are...

         But as soon as you learn...
              to 'share' your Consciousness...
                      with the rest of the Universe...
                             you will know...
                                           and feel...
                                    that you ARE the Universe.

         You will feel as the Universe.
                        You will BE it in Feeling.

                        But whether you are able...
                                to feel it now or not...
                                     you are the Total anyway.

              But as long as you cling...
                        to your Selfness in Thought'...
                             you will but be you
                                             The Limited.


                          YOUR TRUE AWARENESS

         Life... is a Process.
                  Life... is the Process of 'Forever Growing'.

                       Without Beginning...
                                     without End.

         The Process of Growing...
                       is the Process of Growing in Awareness.
         And to become Aware...
              to become Aware of what Life really is...
                           is the 'Recognition of being Life'.

         This Recognition...
                      is the Transcendence of Unconsciousness.

                 The Transcendence of Unconsciousness
                       in the Physical Creation.

         That's why you are a Physical Being.
                  A Physical Being subjected to Time.
                                         The Time of Duration.

         By living Physical Lives...
              you will slowly grow and become aware...
                    of the Universal Nowness and Eternal Life.

              The Eternal Life...
                    of Growing towards the God you are.

                                          Your True Awareness.


                             THE ONE I AM

         Some future 'self' of my Soul...
                                will be the Christ.

                                       But only because of Me.

               Because of Me...
                      and the many Others...
                             that are Me in Soulness.

         So... what am I?

             I am Part of the Christ...
                  as much as that the Christ
                                that's still within Me...
                                              is a Part of Me.

              in the Universe of Consciousness
                   no Parts or Portions are possible.

                                               For All is One.

                    So... Who am I?
                          Who is the Christ?
                                        Who is God?

                    All of these...
                                      The One I AM.


                           LIKE IT SHOULD BE

         To have found 'The Truth'...
                         that you are standing still.
                                                Being blinded.

                   For Truth is Unlimited...
                                     and Unending.

         To have found 'The Truth' means...
                   that the Limited Container you are...
                                                    is filled.

         Maybe you are filled to the Brim...
                       but since you are 'Infinite'...
               you have but found the Limit of you... for now.

            as well as Truth...
                 are Infinite Concepts.
                              And so are You.
                                    For You are the Same.

             to think that you have found  'The Truth'...
                       is but Self-Delusion
                               within the Vanity of Ignorance.

                 Truth... or Life... or God...
                                       are Unknowable.

                          Like it should be.


                          LIVING LIFE AS MAN

         The Mind of the Masses...
                   projects their God outwards...
                                   way up into the Universe.

               As soon as it is out there...
                       they pray to it in order to be saved.

                       Little do they know...
                                that the real God...
                                           is the Projector.

         For God...
              the One that is... and lives...
                              has projected Itself...
                                    into a Being called Man.

         Man however...
              in his ignorance...
                       has forgotten Who and What...
                                               He really is.

         The Reason for being on this Earth...
                                       for every Man...
                                 is to remember his Godness.

              Because no other Being but God...
                                  is living Life as Man.


                            ETERNAL BOREDOM

         God is plenty weird.
              For God as People appears allover.

                           Yet very few People know...
                                            that they are God.

         People however...
                   are even more weird than God.
             For they are the ones...
                   that invent all kinds of other Gods...
                        instead of recognizing...
                                             the One they are.

             Besides all this...
                             People think...
                 that Life is supposed to make sense.
                                        It really doesn't.

         For Life is Chaos.
                   Life is Madness.
                             Life is Nonsense.
                                    Life is God alive... Wild.

         As long as People 'think'...
                that Life is what they 'think' it is...
                                they have no Feeling for Life.

         For Life is a Creative Feeling.
              Life is God as People doing what God wants...

              If God had any Purpose...
                        - of whatever kind -
                                   Life would be...
                                         Eternal Boredom.


                            ULTIMATE WISDOM

         There is no Limit to Wisdom...
                        and the Understanding of it.
                   But Ignorance...
                            is beyond Comprehension.

         Ultimate Wisdom... is Total Consciousness.
                   True Ignorance... is Total Unconsciousness.

                   Most People...
                          are somewhere in between.

         If you are...
             where most People are...
                             you belong to the Masses.
                                      The Masses are Ignorant.

         Ignorance however... is Curable.
             All you have to do...
                          is go with the Flow.
                                     The Flow of the Universe.

         To go with the Flow of the Universe...
                             is doing what you feel like.

             To do however...
                  what is to the detriment of Others
                                              is Ignorance.

             To do something...
                  to the advantage of yourself and Others
                                                    is Wisdom.

         The Purest Wisdom is...
                        to 'be' what you are.

             By 'being' what you are...
                        you'll become what you must.

                                              Ultimate Wisdom.


                           TO SAVE THE WORLD

         I am God...               in Human Form.

                      God in Human Form...
                            is the best I can be for now.

         Since I am...
                 what I am...
                        I am like God.

                              For I cannot speak...
                                            of what I am.
                              Nobody understands...
                                         a word of what I say.

             Yet Everybody hears me...
                                  sees me...
                             and knows that I am.

                       But like God...
                             I might as well be Silence.

         For most of my Brother-Gods
                         are busy being Man... creating Chaos.

             While many of them are praying...
                                for God to arrive...
                                            in order...
                                         to save the World.


                       THE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS

        God - Universe - Divine Force - Totality - All in All -
             Reality - Wholeness - Understanding - Love...
                     The Infinite Light or TIL...
                           and Me or You...
                     are Words for the same thing.

                            All Unknowable.
                    For all are but Names or Words.

              But to 'feel'...
                     what these Words represent...
                                           is done by You.

              You are the Feeling....
                          You are the One...
                                     behind these Symbols.

              Awaken to the Meaning...
                           behind these Words and Symbols.

              For to awaken to the Meaning...
                                      of these Words...
                           is to awaken...
                                    to the Meaning of You.

                 For You are...
                       the only Meaning in the Universe.

                       You are...
                           THE CONSCIOUSNESS
                                         that is.


                        THE ETERNAL LIFE-FORCE

         Death... or the Appearance of it...
                        has nothing to do with you.
                                            For You are Life.

             Your Ego however...
                        or your Body-Mind...
                                      must die.
                              In order for You to live.

                        For You are God.
                                You are the Life-Force.

         And your 'Godness'...
              or the 'Life-Force' you are...
                           is not just some Ego...
                                          or Soul... or Mind.

              You are Life.
                      You are the Force of the Universe.

         Your 'thinking' however...
            - or whatever you 'think you know' -
                                        must vanish...
                                           in order to be IT.

         Yet in order to be IT...
                  you must be what you are for now.

         And whether you agree or disagree...
                  - or whatever else you might do -
                          Life as it is... is what it is.

         And no Mind... or Soul... or Ego...
             or any other Self-Imposed-Illusion...
                                       can exist forever...
                                      The Eternal Life-Force.


                       THE ONE THING CALLED GOD

        Each Cell of your Body is a living Entity.
                 A living Entity with its own Consciousness.
             A Consciousness... perfect in its own way.
                                While each Cell... is God alive.

        Every second... thousands of these Cells die...
                    new ones are reborn...
                                    and you do not feel a thing.

            Your Body is the Miracle Universe you live in.

        Suppose now that each Cell is a living Human Being
                       and that you are... the Force called God.

        Well... the Total Universe is like your Body...
                 for the billions of Stars...
                       Human Beings... Animals... Trees...
                            Flowers... Thoughts and Ideas...
                                  are the Cells of the Universe.

           The Cells that die and are reborn...
                            form together The Universe Alive.

           In which you live and perform...
                sustained by the Godness of your Body...
                                   the Universe in Miniature.

       While the Consciousness of the Cell...
              the Consciousness of the Human Body...
                   and the Consciousness of the Universe...
                                     are the same Consciousness.

                        The One Thing called God.


                           THE VERY GOD THAT IS

         God is not 'something'...
                    that can be found by seeking.

               God is Life... Life is God.
                        God is Man... Man is God.

                    God... Life... or Man...
                               is... One and the Same Miracle.

         The Miracle... God... Life... or Man...
               cannot be found by Seeking or by Knowing.
                                   It can only be experienced.

         By experiencing God... Life... or Man...
               one will eventually realize...
                                      that one is IT.
                                             One is All of IT.

         By Seeking God one will miss Life...
                                 in the Form of Man.
                       One will miss the Miracle of Existence.

             Besides... how can one possibly Seek...
                                      what one is already?

             The Love for God...
                         the Love for Life...
                               is the Love for and of Man.

         To learn to love God...
            to learn to love Life...
                 or to learn to love Man... is...
                      to grow in being... 'All That Is'...
                                   within the You-ness of You.

                                       The Very God that IS.


                            TO KNOW OURSELVES

         The Question...
                - does God exist -
                          is asked by Someone...
                                       who is too dense...
                                    to understand the Answer.

             For the Answer...
                  is all around him... as well as within.

             To help such a One...
                         - at this very Instant -
                                   is next to impossible.

             But in Time to come...
                       - in Lives to be lived -
                    this very Question will vanish...
                         from the Mind of God...
                                         that was asking.

         For All of Us...
               - high or low... great or small -
                     will find all Questions answered...
                             by the God we are...
                                             in Time to come.

         It is just...
              that All of Us are seemingly divided...
                       within the Mind we Are...
                                   because of Time and Space.

         While the Matter of our Body...
                  as well as Time and Space...
                       are the Creations we experience...
                             as our Mind in Action...
                                               in order...
                                           To Know Ourselves.


                          THAT'S REALLY YOURS

         Is a Flower more Beautiful...
                    because People admire it?

             Is a Rainbow more Splendid...
                            because People see it?

                   Is the Universe more Infinite...
                            because we count the Stars?

                           Is God more Powerful...
                                because we feel our Smallness?

         So why is it then...
                       that you are affected...
                                    by the Thoughts of Others?

              Are you less than the Flower?
                          Are you less than the Rainbow?

              Are you less than Infinity?
                                  Are you less than God?

         Could it be...
              that the Being you really are...
                                     is God...
                               while you think to be...
                        A Shaky Thought in the Form of an Ego?

               Are you affected...
                           because of the fact...
                                     that you can think?

         Could it be...
              that you really are...
                   'God the Thinker in the Form of Man'...
                        living in God's Creation...
                                         that 's really Yours?


                          LONGING TO BE LOVE

         There is but One Universal Law.
                                  This Law is Love.

                    The Law of Love is...
                                  To Love Yourself.

             In order to love yourself...
                                  you have to love others.

         By trying to fulfill the Law of Love...
                       you come to the Conclusion...
                                       that All others...
                                                are really You.

         In the Universe there is but One Being.
                                       This Being is God.

               God is not a Being in a single Form.
                                              God is All Forms.

               God is a Permeating Force or Essence.
                                   The Force or Essence of Love.

         Love is All There Is.
                    Love is the Law...
                          the One Universal Law.
                                            Love is You...
                                                   You are Love.

         To become aware that you are Love...
                   is the Beginning of the Fulfillment...
                                            of the Law of Love.
               Until you feel...
                          that this is so...
                                    you will be Longing.

                          Longing to be Love.


                                ALL ME

         Since I am God...
              and know that I know it...
                   I mostly sit in my Chair...
                        and watch my World pass on by.

                   My World is my Creation...
                                   it is the Result of my Mind.

         All kinds of People live in my World.
                 All of them are Me... but very few do know it.

                 Most of them think...
                           that I am the 'Chief-Spirit'...
                      and that all others are under my Command.
                                  All this is Nonsense.

         I am the 'Chief-Spirit' all right...
                                  but I am the only One...
                   and I live within all that moves...
                                          and all that doesn't.

         I am the only Energy in the Universe...
                           and in whatever I move...
                                 I am aware of it as such.

                           I move in every Atom...
                                     I move in All that exists.

         Animals are acting out exactly what I am...
               but People attempt to do their own thing...
                        until they find out...
                                         that they are Me.

         Then... they just sit and smile...
                   and see their World pass on by...
                                     in all the Forms they are.

                                               ALL ME.


                       THE NAME OF GOD... IS MAN

        Every Human Birth is an Incarnation of God.
                                               Again and Again.
             After every Birth however...
                  this 'Greatness' is being conditioned...
                                    by the Nonsense of Mankind.

        Since this Nonsense has been imprinted...
                upon the Mind or Soul of the Newborn...
                      during all previous lives...
             it takes Perseverance and Intuitive Knowing...
                         in order to outgrow...
                                       the Nonsense of Mankind.

        To think that there is something higher than You...
                        is but a thought-form of a deluded Ego.

                Feelings of Inferiority and Ignorance...
                                   cause this kind of thinking.

        The only thing to realize is...
                that the Nameless-All is as much You...
                                      as that IT is all Others.

            To realize this Truth... is being IT.
                    How to realize this... cannot be taught.

           It is a matter of transcending the Being you are.

        It is an Explosion of Consciousness...
                   that promotes you to the State of being ALL.

        All Human Beings will eventually transcend...
                          their Ego-Oriented-Personality...
              and will attain the State of Knowing...
                                   their True Greatness in God.

                       To realize this Truth...
                             is knowing...
                    that the Name of God... is Man.



         Other Flowers will grow...
               other Birds will sing...
                    other Children will dance...
                         and other Faces will cry...

               Other Eyes will see...
                    other Hearts will beat...
                         other Races will appear...
                              and other Worlds will suffer...

                    Other Stars will shine...
                         other Planets will evolve...
                              other Thoughts will arise...
                                 and other Words will explain.

               Other Universes will be...
                           and other Gods will reign.

         But forever...
              forever will be... The Essense of Life.

                           Forever will be...
                                  The One That Is All.

                 And every Second of Eternity...
                                    you will be there.

                 For you are...
                       The Unchanging and the Forever.


                     WITHIN THE MULTITUDE OF MIND

         When you die...
              and awaken in the 'Multitude of Mind'...
                                        you will be confused.

              For the 'Language of Mind'...
                        is the 'Sensitivity of Feeling'
                   And to learn this Language...
                              takes many Lessons in Dreaming.

         Many People however...
              ...and mostly the ones you knew before...
                                   will be there to help you.

              And before you know it...
                              you'll be telling them...
                         the latest News and Gossip of Earth.

              It's not that they don't know it...
                  but it is just that they let you talk...
                                        to make you feel good.

         By and by...
              you'll be listening to the People you knew...
                        and the News you hear...
                             is what you always were...
                                                   but forgot.

         And then...
             before you become completely aware...
             what this 'Multitude of Mind' is all about...
                            you'll be back on Earth...
                            to learn about it... the hard way.

         To learn the hard way... is the only way to learn.
             For these are the Rules of the Game.
                 Rules of the Game of Gods...
                            that live in Space-Suits...
                                                called Bodies.

         These Gods live on Earth...
                   in order to find out...
                             who made the Rules...
                   what the Game is all about...
                             and who created this Daring Play.

         Eventually you'll discover...
                   that you never ever died at all.
                                     You just thought you did.

                   For you are...
                             The Maker of the Game.

         You won't know this however...
             until you have experienced all your Dreams...
                               within the 'Multitude of Mind'.



         These Gods on Earth...
                   - this Race of Man -
                             is on a Journey of Self-Discovery.

               This Discovery reveals...
                     that what is searching...
                                            is THAT...
                                     what has to be discovered.

                     In other words...
                           We are finding Ourselves.

         All this Activity takes place...
               within the Reality of our own Creation.

               Creation is the Multiple Manifestation...
                               of the One Consciousness we are.

         This Race of Man...
               is a Race of Gods...
                       journeying within...
                               their own Consciousness
                                        and its Manifestations.

         We dream and create...
              the many Dreams we are...
                   that become reality in multiple Forms...
                              and are part of the Truth we are.

         The Truth we are...
              is the One Consciousness that appears
                    as the Multiplicity of the Universe
                                             and as Itself


                             SINCE EVER WHEN

         Oh yes... You are...
                   the Joyfulness of Being...
                              the Smile of God and Sky...
                   the Glance of Gold and Laughter...
                                  for Reasons... who knows why.

              Please stay this way forever
                                  and live to full extent.
                        For Life is Love and Laughter...
                                        without a Clue or Rent.

                   While in the Soul and Being
                             that lives in You... the Form...
                        there is a Spark of Godness...
                                     of Peace and silent Storm.

               And never ever...
                        is there a Chance...
                              that Life will be...
                                        without its Dance.

               For You will be...
                        yes Now... and Then...
                                 the Smile of God...
                                          since ever when.


                           BUT ALL PROGRESS

         The Children of the World and Sky
                   are here to stay and never die.

              For every One...
                          - the Young and Old -
                   are Life itself... in Love and Gold.

              They're born of Matter... in Time and Space
                           and All of Them... are but One Race.

                    They live and grow in Consciousness.

                                     Few go on Home....
                                              But All progress.


                           IN PERFECT POISE

             The Universe...
                    beyond Time and Space...
                            is a Great... and Crazy Place.

         For the many Minds...
             that live there... beyond Time and Space...
                       are People scrambled...
                                         by the Lack of Grace.

         There they live... in this Place so Weird.
                    The World of the Dead... so deadly feared.

         And every time we come from there...
              we keep on asking...
                         where... oh where...
                         do I then put my Soul at rest...
                              for this here World...
                                               I can't digest?

               Where do I find... the One I am...
                         to flee this World ad Nauseam?

               Where do I go... to find my Soul...
                             where do I go... to be One Whole?

         While it is all so simple...
                             and perfectly true.

                             For the Whole you are...
                                              is found in You.

                 By being Silent... amidst the Noise.

                     To find your Soul...
                                 in Perfect Poise.


                           THE WORDS OF GOD

         My Poems... yes my Poems...
              my Poems are the most beautiful
                                   in the Universe... I know.

              The Universe I know however...
                          is like a 'Speck of Dust'...
                                        compared to Infinity.

              Since I am... what I am...
                          I will write and write.
                     The more I write...
                             the greater my Universe becomes.

              The greater my Universe...
                          the more I can sculpture...
                      the Beauty of the Universe I know.
                                    The 'Speck of Dust' I am.

         To slowly impinge upon...
                      the Universe I miss...
                             and the Beauty I'm not aware of.

              And like the Sun is more...
                          than the Creator of Shadows.
                      So am I more than the Creator of Poems.

         Since God however is 'All There Is'...
                        God is the 'Speck of Dust' I am...
                                      that forms my Universe.

         The 'Speck of Dust' that writes...
                         in Words that are God...
                                            the Words of God.


                       THE CREATOR OF THIS POEM

              I rest upon the waves and roar
                          I am the hush upon each shore.

              I steer and light the silent moon
                           I am the sound of every tune.

              I twinkle stars in darkened sky
                          I am the silence of each sigh.

              I tune the music of each bird
                           I am the melody that's heard.

              I call the dawn to kill the night
                        I am the dew and blinding Light.

              I kiss and cuddle man and wife
                        I am the force behind each life.

              I drum the beat in every heart
                         I am the rhythm from the start.

              I paint the grass and brilliant sky
                            I am the answer to each why.

              I flood the world of man and kill
                       I am the screaming and the still.

              I shake the earth in mountains high
                           I am the crust and never die.

              I spin the galaxies galore
                                  I am after and before.

              I sculpture man and every clone
                           I am his life and live alone.

              I fill my sphere with time and space
                           I am the heart of every race.

              I wait in silence with secret clue
                         I am the one in you... and you.

              I am the One behind each OOOHHMM.
                          I am the Creator of this Poem.


                     AS YOU ARE... SO IS YOUR GOD

         I do not stand here...
                   in order to save the world.

               Neither do I stand here... to save you.
                              I stand here... to save myself.

               By saving myself...
                      I understand better... I am more aware.

               Only when I am more aware...
                   can I do something to make you more aware.

        For you to become more aware however...
                     you have to do the understanding.
                                     I cannot do that for you.

        So... within this Environment...
                       and by this Opportunity...
                              Listen... Hear... and Understand.

                        *  *  *  *  *  *  *

        We all... live in Mind.
               We all... live in Consciousness.
                                          Cosmic Consciousness.

               There is only one State of Consciousness.

        But there are...
                many States of Awareness of this Consciousness.

           Each of us...
                live within this one State of Consciousness.

           We are this Consciousness.
                       Each with our own level of Awareness.

        To raise your level of Awareness...
                           listen to the Consciousness you are.

           The One Consciousness you are...
                          is the silent Voice of your Heart.

           Listen to your Heart...
                  by knowing that you are...
                             the One and Only Consciousness.

           Listen to it... by being still...
                  and become more and more aware...
                                   of the Greatness You Are.

           The Greatness You Are...
                      is the God You Are.
                               As You Are... so is your God.


                  MAN DOES IT ALL...  BY MEANS OF GOD

         God never smiles...
              God never laughs...
                   God never cries...
                        God never kills...
                             God never scorns...
                                  God never demands...
                                       God never forgets...
                                            God never sleeps...
                                                 God never prays...
                                            God never saves...
                                       God never fears...
                                  God never denies...
                             God never fights...
                        God never annoys...
                   God never swears...
              God never appears...
                   God never disappears...
                        God never approves...
                             God never opposes...
                                  God never yields...
                                       God never protests...
                                            God never moves...
                                       God never fails...
                                  God never dies...
                             God never farts...
                                  God never does Anything!

                  MAN DOES IT ALL... BY MEANS OF GOD


                          IN THE HEART OF MAN

         In the Dream I'm dreaming...
             I gently awake... but for a moment...
                            and the Reality beyond my Dream...
                                     was very Clear.

         It showed me...
             the Everlasting Flower in the Heart of Man.

         Its Colours were dazzling Brilliance.
             Its Splendor was reflected in all Worlds.
                     Its million Petals were the Ideas of God.

                And its Fragrance spoke to me...
                                 with the Voice of Love.

         I heard the Sound of Silence...
             telling me that the Dreams of Man...
                   are the Dreams of Gods in Ignorance.

                        Dreaming Dreams...
                                  they know as Life.

             I dreamed again... but I knew...
                      that the Everlasting Flower...
                   was God in its Glory having Dreams...
                                          in the Heart of Man.



         What God is... nobody knows...
                           and nobody ever will.

                 Yet... All of Us are God.
                           God in the Form of Souls...
                                  ignorant of our true Nature.

         Until we return to God...
                 we will have questions...
                        of WHO or WHAT God is...
                              and when we will return.
                                 Yet... All of Us are God Now.

         God... and its Creation... are One.
                  So... we are God.
                            We are Creation.
                                       We are The Created.

                 as long as we are The Created...
                           we are ignorant of God as Such.

            And when we have returned to God...
                           we are ignorant of The Created.

                                       Yet... the Two are One.

            Since the Two are One...
                       IT cannot know its Twoness.

            Creation is God asleep...
                      and ignorant of its Creator.

            While God as the Creator...
                                   does not know its Creation.

                   Man however...
                         in whatever State...
                                        Man is God.




         The World of Man moves...
                        in Ritualized Ignorance.

               And he... who wonders about it...
                                           is declared insane.

               The real Insane however...
                              are the Masses of Mankind.

               These Masses are not able...
                                  to evaluate themselves.

                                      For they have no Values.

             out of this Valueless Mass...
                             Greatness slowly arises.

                             This Greatness is...
                                     the Awakening Individual.

         Only the Awakening Individual...
                         is able to evaluate the World of Man.

              The Value they arrive at...
                             depends upon their Awakeness.

         The True Great...
              know the Real Value...
                             of the World of Man.

              They know...
                      that they are its Products...
                                    and are... Invaluable.


                         FOR ALL WHO ARE YOU

         Within your Face...
                       I see...
                            the Beauty of Sadness
                                       the Laughter of Life
                                    and the Wisdom of Patience.

               Your Eyes...
                            the Deepness of Heart
                                       the Openness of Mind
                                    and the Worthiness of Soul.

               All depicting...
                       your Life Eternal...
                            the Journey of Discovery...
                                             of the You in You.

                                  This God Asleep...

         And for Now...
              please dream and dream...
                       until your Awakening...
                                 is Crystal Clear...
                              within the Love you are...
                                           for All who are You.


!  My Last Poems  !

My First Poems           My Later Poems           My Last Poems


                  I knew you would go to the last file...

                      I am still working on this file
        For now it contains a few loose thought from here or there.

           Once in a while I add a little poem to my collection
              and somewhere I have a lot more... some place.

                   They belong to the first poems I wrote
              and sooner or later I will put them on the Net!

              I did and they are called: My Earlier Poems!

                      Light... Love... and Laughter!

                             *!* Gerardus *!*

    The universe, in my view, is an undetermined and undifferentiated
    as well as an unlimited amount of different levels of Energies or
    Essences. From this, we create Ourselves and our Levels of Being!
    This means, that all of us can have different thoughts, ideas and
    understandings of this fascinating Essence and all be right!  For
    we all create our own participartory-reality within this infinite
    scheme of realities and/or possibilities...
                                                   *!* Gerardus

                            ALL OF IT IS THERE

                  God does not live among the religious
                         the rich or the writers
                                 any more
                          than among the beggars
                               the thieves
                         the poor and the silent.

                              For all of us
                          off and on this planet
                       are this very God in Action
                      creating Worlds within Worlds
                           by our very thoughts
                         to the amazement of all.

                        We are this very wholeness
                          nobody will ever know
                       until we are able to witness
                          the very glance within
                 made without the slightest touch or word
                    revealing that all of it is there.



                 Within the Glimmer of our Hearts

          Life is the Enjoyment of the Moment
                and all Moments are infinitely arranged
                along the Shores of Eternity
                    upon which we walk and wonder
                           about some kind of Greatness
                                             we do not know.

          While all along this very Greatness
                           is leaving its footsteps
                           upon the smiles of our lips
                                  and within the glimmer
                                              of our Hearts.


               ... I Am The Infinite Beam of Light ...

     I am dreaming and my dream
                           has projected a watching awareness 
                     that floats within an infinite beam of light...

     This light is the entire universe 
                   for it is an infinite scenery moving along 
             at every moment the infinite lightscape is different... 

     At this very moment I observe 
                       the solar system, the earth and the moon
                    I see a house and I see Gerardus writing this...  

     The lightscape changes and he disappears 
             yet he is there somewhere writing words and words
         for his imagination is an infinite aspect of the scenery...

     Another infinite kaleidoscope moves
                 into my view and I am watching all the aspects 
              of this infinite light cycling and being themselves...

     Forever I am this observing awareness
                   floating within this infinite beam of light 
               and all beings and things slowly reveal themselves...  

     I study them and expand my watching awareness 
            I can be any one being or any thing in this scenery
          in a instant I know...  I Am The Infinite Beam of Light...

                 I AM TIL - I AM GERARDUS - I AM TIL


                           The All As You

          You see my Friend
              you are not some tiny human being
                          sitting on some world some place.

          You are the very Universe
              focused from within a tiny human mind
                    but in no way are you the tiny Thinker.

          Life is not as simple
               as just being a tiny human being
                   pondering that you are something
                                          just by yourself.

          You are the infinite Universe
                        looking at yourself 
                        by means of a tiny lens 
                        that you have created for yourself.

         For you knew that as yourself in Total
                      you could not possibly behold 
                                         the Total You Are.

         The trick was to divide yourself
                  and be all Divisions equally
                             and focus from but one Aspect.

         You did this in order
                to confuse and entertain yourself
                         for the Purpose of Self-Discovery.

         This Discovery my Friend is your Celebration
             containing the infinite Significance
                                   of being The All As You!



                              The Soul We Are

         This sleeping Soul... 
              this Soul of Humanity that lives within us 
                    is sleeping and dreaming within us and through us.  

         In its unconsciousness or dream 
              this Soul does not know 
                    what it is doing or what it is creating. 

                                            For its Dream is Creation.  

         Many a time its dream is a terrible nightmare 
                         and Humanity is suffering because of it. 

                      Slowly though... this Dreaming Soul will awaken.

         The fact is... that this Soul or Dreamer 
                  can only awaken because of its dream 
                           by the experiences it has through Humanity. 

         As a matter of fact...
                  the awakening of this Dreamer is guaranteed 
                        for the severity of the nightmare warrants it.

         In some of us... 
                  this Dreamer is more awake than in others 
                             and all they can do is stand by and wait. 

         Wait until the Dreamer awakens in all of us 
                  and only then can we make conscious changes 
                                                and end our nightmare.  

         So in many of us... this Giant Dreamer 
                     needs more time to sleep and dream.
                                  While in others it seems to be awake. 

         This is why some know... 
                     that what is happening in the world 
                                   is needed to awaken the Soul We Are.


                              What I Am

                 The most amazing thing to me 
                             that I am the ALL
                             but am aware as a human being.

                 Sitting under my tree
                             upon a world 
                             within a universe
                             of which I am the Creator.

                 Only because 
                             I am The Creator
                             and became human 
                             can I know Who or What I am.


                          God is what we Are 
                         Life is what we Are 
                         Love is what we Are 
                         Truth is what we Are 

                         Light is what we Are 
                        Wisdom is what we Are 
                        Reality is what we are
                     We Are all Things infinitely 

                 To know that this is so is done alone.


                  Truth does not live in the details 
               Nor in the fine print of the philosophers 
                 Neither does it sit between the words 
                  Or slyly hides behind the syllables.

                   It is also not dispersed by people 
               Nor does it just live among them in Poems
                   Truth is Life... and Life is Truth 
                  Truth is the One who is reading This.

                     All that needs to be realized 
                     That you are fooling yourself.
                  Because what you see and do not see 
                 Are your own expressions or creations.

                  Become conscious of your ignorance 
                   By listening to the One You Are.
                     Whispering signs and symbols 
                 The ordinary man denies or overlooks.




Oh... my beating Heart of Truth 
in the Light of your Honesty 
you have exposed her... 
and she was found wanting.

Standing there... scheming... 
upon an Island of phoney Smiles 
surrounded by an Ocean of Lies 
of her own making.

And I... the Infinite One... 
knew all along... 
since I have already forgiven her 
for playing the Role she has chosen.

Grinning she searched... 
into the Darkness of her Mind 
and created another Mirror 
waiting to be used... 

The Mirror slowly and carefully spoke 
with a different Voice 
and from a different Direction.
Piling layers of Separation 
upon Separation that formed her Doom.

My Infinite Heart quivered in Sadness 
but I... the Infinite One... 
must serve the Will of Self.

When the new Voice spoke... 
the Mirror of Self split into half 
showing the Monkey behind it.

It had hollow Eyes 
and spat Words of Deceit.

Finally my Child discovered... 
that she'd played the End of her Game 
and the River of Tears 
began its Journey 
and choked her Mind in Agony.

Therefore I... the Infinite One... 
say to her...

May the Light you are... 
my Lover of Self... 
clear the Image of Self into fading 
before the God You Truly Are 
in all its Honesty and Greatness.

Love to you mon Ami... 
Until we meet Soul to Soul.

November 22/98