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I do not understand all that is in this article - but then - there was 
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Meanwhile: here it is for Others!


Joyce Murphy writes in: Let's Talk Montauk that the Montauk group became 
interested in programming children and then assimilating them back into 
society as "sleepers". This was done by a combination of Nazis, US factions 
and aliens who worked with them.  When the secret goverment wanted to 
activate the sleeper agents, they were answerable on both a 
psychotronic/hypnotic basis or verbal command. They became highly trained 
assassins, assignment couriers travelling backward and forward in time via 
the Montauk Chair and taking their physical body with them as they walk 
through time portals to carry out assigments.

One of the primary purposes of all is to destroy what comes through 
dimensional portals throughout the planet. Wherever dimensional portals seem 
to exist so do Navy Seals. US has access or control of the 4 prime earth 
gravity focus points on the planet. These are Pine Gap, Easter Island, San 
Diego and Brookhaven. Angela Kahealani also claims that: "U.S. and its 
partner the U.K. control at least 7 of the 8 vertices of the dual 
tetrahedron of earth, and many of the secondary points on the grid at the 
half-way points".  B. Alan Walton wrote: There are supposed to be Grays, 
Reptiloids and Dracos in the lower levels of Pine Gap just as there are at 
Dulce. Both are tri-gate bases, that is they each have star-gates, 
quantum-gates, AND earth-gates [shuttle terminals].

The Antarcticans have allegedly been infiltrated by reptilian shape-shifters 
and are working within the hollow interior of the moon as well. The moon is 
alleged to be an ancient artificial construction. Scientists have found that 
the moon "rings" like a bell for several days when a meteor strikes it. It 
was supposed to be the sphere that the luciferians [or the "pan" people like 
the satyrs of legend, part angel, part humanoid, and part animal] used to 
escape the war in heaven. Sort of a refugee ship that the rebels used to 
make it to earth, where they hoped to make their last stand. WITHIN the moon 
and the earth, against the angelic forces of light".

Men with Hill UK listening station is exactly opposite Pine Pap coincidently, 
and like Pine Gap is free from electromagnetic interference, which is 
necessary to manifest computerised time portals to Mars created by radio 
waves. Pine Gap is said to be able to be used as a portal to Mars. The NW 
Cape transmitter in Western Australia is exactly opposite the middle of the 
Bermuda Triangle. The book Anti-Gravity and the World Grid edited by David 
Hatcher Childress, has many maps on dimensional portals and on page 79 there 
is a map of 'earth gravity focus points'.

There are vortex points all over the globe including Lop Dor, China which we 
will get back to shortly as it is connected to Pine Gap military base and is 
marked by James Hurtak as a place where the ET 'Masters of Wisdom', as 
termed by Theosophy will arrive on this planet along with Pine Gap, both 
being dimensional doorways. The map shows the vortex areas and one is at 
South Africa, where there is another CIA run base connected to Pine Gap.

In the Australasian UFOlogist Vol 3 #3 there is an article by Graham Stewart 
called Harmonics of Wycliffe Well and the Devil's Marbles area. In he writes 
about evidence that there is a major covert scientific operation to create 
space/time portals in Australia. Harmonic positions in a triangulate shape 
are linked from the Devil's Marbles area in Northern territory to the Pine 
Gap facilty and again the Parkes Radio Telescope. Strange lights appeared 
stationary in the sky for several weeks in 1994, that moved in a highly 
erratic manner before darting off at phenomenal speeds.

Phones, faxes, EFTPOS machines had trouble functioning when these objects 
appeared. He wrote that it may be possible to physically observe a type of 
"shimmer" effect at certain times during the Earth's orbital motion around 
the sun. The matter/anti-matter harmonic for Devil's Marbles is directly 
associated with matter transfer and time displacement. Graham writes that at 
the Devil's Marbles position, where the wave of sightings were, all the 
harmonics values together could produce an Interdimential Portal or 
Time/Matter shift. Are UFOs entering earth through these time portals? He 
also wrote another article in the Australasian UFOLogist Vol 4 #2 about a 
possible time portal in South of Cooktown, Black Mountain, Queensland, where 
unexplained phenomena, human disappearances, eerie sounds and UFO activity 

Harmonics put it in sympathetic resonance with the energy grid as a whole. A 
particular harmonic at that position could alter the vibrational rate of the 
matter/energy field as the sun's position changes due to the earth's orbital 
position. Light may be like the aurora borealis. More information here.

Bruce Cathie in his book Harmonic 33 wrote that UFO sightings occur in a 
regular grid pattern of 30 nautical miles apart or 54.46 km and that they are 
rebuilding a world grid system from which they can draw motive power. They 
are possibly also using the grid for navigational purposes.

He worked out that The grid pattern consisted of lines spaced at 
thirty-minute intervals orientated just on six degrees displacement from 
true north. Eventually, two similar grids were found to be interlocked with 
each other, creating rather a complex pattern which could be further reduced 
to lines with a spacing of seven-and-one-half minutes. He formulated a 
series of harmonic unified equations which indicated that the whole of 
physical reality was in fact manifested by a complex pattern of interlocking 
wave-forms. He found that the harmonic values could be applied to all 
branches of scientific research and atomic theory.

360 is the frequency number of the universe. The lines of magnetic force 
that make up the global grid are always 30 arc-minutes apart. Every half deg 
is a potential trackline for a total of 72 deg lat and long. The study of 
the various patterns of gridlines in relationship is called harmonics. 

Cathie in order to invent a system changed the day into 27 grid hours, 
instead of 24 hrs. This makes 97,000 grid seconds. Harmonics divides these 
seconds up into different numbers which express a different vibration. We 
can have harmonic time and the speed of light or sound can be calculated by 
this method using hyperdimensional physics.

Deliberately place nuclear blasts on sensitive points, along with activity 
at ancient sites and the placing of the world's power stations on calculated 
key gridline areas affect "our reality" as it appears in matter. Cathie 
connected this grid and the energy it produces with the 'unified theory of 
physics'. Uniting gravity and electromagnetism can produce UFO propulsion 
systems. The CIA approached Cathie wanting to know more and offered him a 
job. English intelligence also turned up and told him they could get into 
15 dimensions. He said that at certain universities selected students are 
secretly taught harmonics. An extensive hyperdimensional physics program is 
also taught at Heidelberg University in Germany.

The energy network formed by the grid was already known to a powerful group 
of international interests and scientists. It had many military 
applications, and political advantage could be gained by those with 
knowledge on how to manipulate the consciousness of all. A small group with 
this knowledge could take over control of the world. It is known that both 
the Sinclairs hierarchy based in Scotland and the Nazis at Montauk are 
manipulating the world gridlines. Cathie discovered by application of grid 
mathematics that an atomic bomb is a device based on the geometrics of space 
and time.

To be successfully detonated, the bomb MUST be geometrically constructed, 
placed on, under, or over a geometric position in relation to the Earth's 
surface, and activated at a SPECIFIC TIME in relation to the geometrics of 
the solar system. Cathie found that it was possible to precalculate the 
time of various bomb tests, and the locations where it was possible to 
explode a bomb. The mathematical complexities of unlocking the geometric 
structure of the unstable material constituting a bomb creates a sudden 
release of energy. Only certain geometric locations and times can be used 
for nuclear blasts.

Harmonic mathematics of the grid can be applied using laser research and 
military application is important. Crop circles created by satellites from 
Brookhaven National Labs can affect this too. However earth's natural energy 
frequencies can become distorted creating time rifts and dimensional 
doorways. Graham Stewart writes that during 1912- 1918, the geographic North 
Pole was in the center of Earth's Axis but from 1962-1969, this axis has 
been moving further and further from what was considered the true center. He 
says that the wobble at the North Pole is growing and that the Earth may be 
ready to do a flip, with the heavy ice sheets at the Poles ending up around 
the Equator. This would be very convenient for the Nazis at their home in 

David Wilcock writes that: our consciousness is the projector. The conscious 
"I am" part of our individuality passes from one pulse of physical matter to 
the next within our physical body, giving the illusion of constant reality 
and the passing of time. He writes that we have a twin stream of 
consciousness on the antimatter side of the cycle that creates a mirror 
image of our own individual personality. If the frequency of pulse 
manifeststions is altered even fractually, our awareness of reality here 
will shift from one spacial point to another.

He says that we are constituted of wave forms which resonate within a range 
of frequencies which control the physical processes of our limited world. 
Any alteration of these frequencies would cause our consciousness to move 
into the anti-matter twin. We would shift or "ascend' from this reality into 
one comprised of anti-matter. One would have to change the radius of spiral 
motion of the wave form of the matter and anti-matter pulse. David Wilcock 
on The Cathie Grid.

Bruce Cathie sums it up by saying that if matter and anti matter are both 
formed by the same harmonically locked waves spiralling through space, in 
alternate pulses of positive or negative charge, then time would not be 
reversed during the negative part of the cycle. Both the positive and 
negative pulses, because they occur alternately, would form 2 similar 
interlocked time continuums flowing in the same direction. By altering the 
pulse rate of matter manifestation, time is also increased or decreased. It 
is said that anti matter duplicates matter in mirror like reversal and 
possibly time itself is reversed. In gravity distortion areas, gravity and 
light waves are warped.

The effects pass through a 90 day cycle in an oval shaped area. Toyne 
Newton in the Demonic Connection writing about Guy Underwood's observations 
says that the ley line or gridline energy (coils of serpent power) runs in a 
wave motion, forming a network on the face of the earth and that it effects 
the growth and germination of trees and plants. It is perceived and used by 
animals. Stone circles have a particularly strong magnetism and the lines of 
magnetic current pass from power point to power point. Ancient engineering 
knew about these lines of current in order to build standing stones in areas 
in which it is harnessed. The direction of its flow varies with the phases 
of the moon.

In the book Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, Richard Leviton in his chapter 
Ley Lines and the Meaning of Adam mentions that the Master Grid Engineers 
were and remain Knights of the Holy Grail. He talks about the human/grid 
interface and how it is expressed as consciousness technology. He calls it 
'spiritual engineering' and relates it to the Second Coming of Christ. A 
change in the polarity of the electric current flowing through the Grid 
communicator at Avebury introduces a new Light/Life/Consciousness spectrum 
for earth, a literal upgrading of ourselves by electrocuting matter and 
transfiguration into the 4th Dimension.

He claims that nearly 2000 energy centres or time portals 1/4 to 1 mile in 
diameter exist as centres of light around the world linked by interwoven 
gold and silver lines, which emanate like cords from their crowns. These 
are all joined together at master energy centers. He names earth's 
planetary chakras, which would be the master energy emanating centres around 
the globes as situated here: crown - Mt Cook; NZ, brow - Lop Dor Mongolia; 
throat - the pyramid Egypt; heart - (inner) Avebury, (outer) Glastonbury 
England; solar plexus Ayer's Rock central Australia (not far from Pine Gap); 
sacral Machu Picchu Peru and root Mt Shasta California. Straight running 
lines are of 2 forms - one averaging 5-30 miles connect one portal to 
another and another kind make an angular light matrix around the planet.

Each portal has the capacity to affiliate up to 48 smaller energy centres 
through a series of spiralling lines. He says potentially there are 83,808 
energy centres around the world. Leviton claims the same agencies, whom he 
calls "the Elohim" - Adam's parents and 'God's' agents who originally 
engineered and installed the grid network system in accordance with Hermes' 
Principles have come back to reactivate it to maintain the health of both 
human and gaia. He claims that there are many gridlines above the earth with 
the final one being 2 miles above.

He writes that the 'Solar Logos'(a Theosophical term meaning the god who 
gives the sun sentience) is a component of the Galactic Logos (the god of 
the galaxy). This force enters the earth through the primary energy centre 
of the earth at Avebury and is then distributed throughout the globe as 
gaia's emotional life blood. He says we stand on the threshold of 
transcendence, of attaining in consciousness that 4th dimensional quality 
called anti-gravity. There is a stellar grid too where stars are connected 
called the crystal grid.

Here restrictions can be transcended and human consciousness can depart the 
solar system, soaring off in a burst of light into the 4th and 5th 
dimensions, free from gravity. Gravity is described as only the weight of 
mind/body/emotions bounded by the linear time/space fishnet of the grid. So 
anti-gravity technology is basically a consciousness technology, to enable a 
transcending mastery of the grid. He says unilaterlaly, instantaneously, 
synchronously we will be raised out of gravity trap we're all stuck in into 
the realm of anti-gravity where we'll advance further.

A change in the polarity of the electric current through the magnetic field 
motors at Avebury means we will rise into the next dimension to the realm of 
the gods, and then comprehend our true status in the solar paradigm. We'll 
be dead too! But we don't want that bad old gravity do we? It's such a 
hindrance to our ongoing evolution of consciousness!

Leviton claims the soul of the planet is at the Gobi/Lop Dor deserts of 
Mongolia/N China. It is situated in a quasi-physical, quasi-etheric 
interdimensional realm, but can be entered physically occasionally by human 
adepts through various geomantic doorways around the earth. At that level 
that encounter the Planetary Logos called Sanat Kumara (A theosophical 
term) who presides over earth's inner life. This Sanat Kumara supposedly 
imparts spiritual qualities through the grid matrix. This entity under 
guidance from the so called 'Elohim' can give adepts a 'transfigurarion of 
consciousness' from the human plane to one of angelic resonance, presumably 
they 'ascend' into the next dimension.

He writes that the estimated figures of these geomantic tools for 
consciousness technology once employed by the ancient geomancers of gaia 
are: 1000 stone chambers, at least 30,000 barrows, 900 stone circles, 300 
hillforts and countless thousands of single standing stones. He says that 
they are the interface between the earth's indigenous magnetic field and the 
cord coming out from the main electromagnetic grid which re-arranges and 
harnesses the magnetized earth field. Various lines reach from the magnetic 
south pole below Australia to the magnetic north pole in Northern Canada but 
the varying strengths of lines of magnetic force flowing in one direction 
operating as an electric current, then deviate enroute sometimes detouring 
horizontally in some places to meet up with the magnetic north.

Resembling wavy lines en route. He further elaborates that a grid engineer 
can change the specific radio band of this magnetic flow from the solar 
radio station - he has the potential for freeing the inherent energy of this 
magnetic field from bondage. He claims that if the direction of the electric 
current passing from pole to pole is changed to flow in another direction by 
a motor, the magnetic field will reverse itself. The primary electric 
current can be changed to a direct-current or alternating-current. So the 
magnetic force running from one pole to another can be stopped and made to 
go any direction or even changed in expression to make a pole reversal as 
these so called "Elohim" desire.

He says possible geomagnetic field and pole reversal even the Second Coming 
of Christ are all within the function of these motors which are placed on 
the planet. Leviton leaves us with a chilling prophecy: Gaia's inner heart 
at Avebury is scheduled for imminemt reactivation. The grid under structural 
reassesment is also about to be "switched back on" full power, but at a 
HIGHER vibratory rate. Anti-gravity will happen. The ancient gravitation 
field holding us down will be transcended to a transfigured Light body high 
above gaia. The Elohim etc will return.

Bruce Cathie said that the gridlines are constructed to transmit 
gravitational frequencies, which are slightly higher than normal gravity at 
the earth's surface. The grid aerials which he has discovered the planetary 
controllers have put around the planet, may have been placed so that the 
transmitted waves are vertical. Gravity is grossly distorted within the 
confines of a vortex area. In Santa Cruz California and Oregon vortex 
areas light gives strangely distorted visual effects and weights will not 
hang vertically. A person can even walk up a wall. There are said to be 6 of 
these gravity distortion areas.

He suggests that aerials could have been placed at far as 36 nautical miles 
underground. If so then a small displacement would cause gravity distortion 
which would be oval in shape. The anomalies pass through a 90 day cycle. He 
concludes that the world grid is harmoniously attuned to the great-year 
cycle of 25,815 years (the amount of time it takes for the earth to be 
pointing to the pole star by precession of the equinoxes). He divided the 
number of days in a great-year as found from grid values, by the number of 
days in one cycle of the gravity anomalies.  He found it possible that the 
geometric cycle traced through space every 90 days does have a connection 
with variations in the gravity effect using harmonics.

Many things tie in with Nazi scientific activity after the war and we find 
that Nazis are linked with: Developing Russian anti-grav saucers; starting 
the CIA; working at Montauk on time travel; working at Area 51 on back 
engineering crashed UFO's and Werner Von Braun the former Nazi rocket 
scientists developing the NASA space program. They are still in Antarctica 
and now number 2 million according to Branton.  As Pine Gap is run by the 
CIA, a Nazi organization and it is connected by a time portal to Area 51 
and to the Antarctica base, let's look more closely at what technology is 
available to do what.

It has been written that Brookhaven National Laboratories in Long Island, 
New York was also run by former Philadelphia Experiment technician Dr John 
von Neuman in the book by Peter Moon - The Montauk Project. Brookhaven has 
been said to be responsible for creating crop circles by satellite. Some say 
masers are used on satellites. Could it be that they are rerouting the 
timelines holding the present 'reality' together by altering the flow of 
time that the grid/leylines uses to hold this present reality together?
The energy of the gridlines flows from one vortex to another around the 
planet. It is said that many timelines converge at Montauk in New York. 

Could they be changing the reality we are presently expressing to one where 
the Nazis won the war?  Al Bielek says that many time lines are available, 
containing different scenarios. The German Dr von Neumann according to Al 
Bielek, along with 3 scientists from the future, changed the present 
timeline in 1963 to avoid a midpoint collision of the forward and backward 
ripples of time that occurred from the time rift opening at both 1943 and 

These would have smashed together and done a lot of damage to this world, 
had not technology taken us off this 'destiny'.  Is something planned again 
for 2,003, where time can be manipulated again apparently every 20 years? 
Looking at may different seemingly unconnected areas we find a common goal 
of world domination of the consciousness of mankind, flowing through the 
gridlines, by mind control technology and occult ceremonies, where different 
forces are brought into the consciousness of all.

The preparations for an impending disaster and evidence of a fleet of 
invading hostile reptoids arriving to claim back this planet as their own 
has been found in other literature and will be covered further on. There 
are a series of articles on Steve Branton says: Then there are the 
allegations of the existance of NEMESIS, a huge frozen planet about the size 
of Jupiter which actually was a potential star which did not have quite 
enough mass to ignite. The Dracos have supposedly been using Nemesis for 
centuries, as a cryogenic freezing zone to store away reptilian warriors in 
suspended animation for future use.

It is actually the closest neighbor to our system, and out in the direction 
of Orion. However it can only be detected by secret government IRIS 
[infra-red] satellites because the planet is only slightly above the 
absolute zero temperature of space. It has supposedly been seen coming 
towards us at a slow rate, indicating that is may be a binary companion to 
our own star Sol. Nearly ALL of the asteroids that have been detected in our 
solar system as having carried out course-changes and suspected as having 
been used as operational bases for alien abduction scenarios, NEARLY ALL OF 
THESE according to the late Phil Schnieder [aka "Creston"] originate from 
Nemesis... which seems to be jointly used by the reptilian forces of Alpha 
Draconis, Rigel Orion, and Sirius-B.

It has been said that Pine gap is a UFO guidance system because UFOs have 
been seen flying in a straight line to or from the facility.

11 STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL According to Branton the deepest levels of the US 
government has an on-going 'covert space program' utilizing advanced 
aerospace and propulsion technologies. The clandestine and illegal funding 
for this has been kept secret with deadly force. He says George Andrews 
suspects that 'Starfleet International' consists of human-military personnel 
only, while the 'United Federated Planets' may somehow tie-in with the 
non-human entities' such as the 'Serpent Race' or the 'Greys'.  UFP may 
involve interaction with the 'Federated' human cultures. There may be 
evidence that certain 'Constituted Government' officials (who are loyal to 
the American-Constitutional 'Republic') have secret 'alliances' with the 
'Nordics'; whereas the 'Secret Government' collaborators who are loyal to 
the Bavarian-Roman 'Empire' tend to collaborate with the saurian Grays.

In Chapter 11 of the book Secrets of the Mojave by Branton and also in 
Cosmic Patrot Files by Commander X it is written that in 1990 researcher Val 
Valerian (ex US Military Intelligence) released a document with a list of 
several military personnel, who are in a covert space program called 
"Starfleet International" and "United Federated Planets". These astronauts 
constantly travel back and forth through space from ultra secret bases on or 
below the earth, moon or Mars. UFO researcher George Andrews forwarded 
information to Val Valerian that a friend in a large city had woken about 
3 am with an irrational urge to go to an all night photostat place.

A Navy officer was just leaving and threw some papers in the trash, which 
she retrieved. On them was a list of 46 names of an interplanetary crew, 
which included females. Some names were repeated throughout e.g. Ferguson, 
Caskey, Taylor, Burrall, Stevens and Miller. 11 names were traced to the US 
military. More than half the 46 names were listed on the clan Sinclair data 
base at This data base of 'Grail family' 
names includes McDonald, Stewart, Stuart, Cameron, Campbell, Bruce and other 
Scottish clans.

A book written by a German American, Reinhold Schmidt, claims that the 
author was taken up in a UFO on several occasions. The crew spoke German and 
he was taken to the South Pole. The Americans forced him into silence.  The 
UFO matched at least 2 German designs. The crew leader claimed he was from 
Saturn. It could be that Germans along with the Nordic nations are 
descendents of Nordic ETs, as contactees have said that Pleiadians have 
confirmed this. There was also a story of a German woman who was getting 
abducted and the ETs spoke German, and they claimed that they had a space 
station outside our solar system and were the German gods as mentioned in 
German legends.

Hitler, Haushoffer and Hess were all interested in the ancient myteries of 
the Nordic world. Blond blue eyed giants are spoken of in Nordic, Incan, 
Aztec and North American legends. Perhaps the Germans did originate from 
Agartha as the Nazis believed and before that from another planetary system. 
The Nordic Pleiadians are said to be blood type A- and apparently Hitler was 
attempting to eliminate all blood types except type A which is genetically 

According to the book The Messianic Legacy, Heinrich Himmler spoke of 
geomancy 'earth magic' and leylines and fancied Wewelsburg as an occult 
power centre like Stonehenge. It was described as the midpoint of the world. 
Articles in the Nazi associated research bureau were on these subjects. 
Runic inscriptions were on the uniform emblems - 2 jagged lightning flashes 
of the storm god Thor (or Donar/Odin/Wotan). Festivals of the Sun, of the 
year, of growth, of harvest and solstices were celebrated to revive ancient 
German paganism. They made a 20th century version of the old Sol Invictus 

The swastika was known as the Hammer of Thor and to symbolise the ruler of 
the winds and rain. The Demonic Connection by Toyne Newton says the swastika 
is associated with the Celts, Buddhism and Japanese. As many as 1000 
Tibetans in Nazi uniform were found as ritual suicides in Berlin, April 
1945. Hitler was searching for occult power and its connection with the 
underground lost world of Agarti in central Asia. The left hand swastika as 
chosen by Hitler, was associated with Kali of India and the sun of the 
underground in its nightly course west to east. Karl Haushofer, the Nazi 
general believed the German people originated in central Asia and went to 
Japan and became initiated into a secret Buddhist society.

He said it was the destiny of the German people to rule Europe and Asia, the 
homeland of the Aryans. He learned of a race of supermen beneath the 
Himalayas, Agarthi, with its capital Shamballa. He'd read Lord Bulwer 
Lytton's book Vril and the Coming Race. (Approx mid 19 cent) The people of 
Agharti had used vril power to become supermen and to control nature. 
Haushofer hoped to reawaken slumbering superhuman powers with vrilpower. 
They brought back Tibetan lamas with high occult powers.

Trevor Ravenscroft in the Spear of Destiny wrote that Agharti was regarded 
as a 'Luciferic' headquarters, concerned with astral projection and thought 
control. Nazi emissaries made contact with their governing orders, but only 
the Luciferic party of Tibetans were willing to support Nazism, along with 7 
members of the Green Dragon Soc of Japan. These were employed to teach 
occultism to the Nazi elite. A cone of searchlights were placed over Hitler 
and the masses, making emotion travel upwards to be directed to Hitler and 
then directed back to the crowd.

This is called a 'cone of power' by witches. In the book The Lost World of 
Agharti - The Mystery of Vril Power by Alac Maclellan, there is a map of a 
huge worldwide underground tunnel that stretches from Tibet, Mongolia, 
Alaska, Vancouver, Mid West USA, Mexico, Equador, Brazil, the Atlantic where 
Atlantis was, to Ghana, Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and back to Tibet and 
called the Agharti tunnel system.

Satellites, planes and the space shuttle can do remote sensing using radar 
imaging, radio waves, infrared and thermal infrared to see underground. It 
is believed HAARP does this too. Multispectral scanners are also used and 
even ice is penetrated. A tethered blimp attached to a jeep will also allow 
underground viewing. One can probably guess that this is a reason, the 
insects, frogs and birds are becoming extinct as X Rays do cause cancer. It 
has been used in Antarctica, Greenland, Mt Ararat, Eastern Sahara, Egypt, 
Guatamala tunnels and for Mayan causeways. Microwave radar has been used to 
penetrate Saharan sand.

It can use 500 MHz. NASA (started by Nazi scientists) uses this radar. Paul 
White wrote the declassification of ground penetrating radar has revealed a 
complex and labyrinthine underground system in various parts of the world. 
Dr James Hurtak was involved in using this to find a 15,000 year old 
subterrannean complex under the pyramid at Giza, a legacy of Atlantis. It's 
rumored he encountered "Thoth" down there. There were massive chambers the 
size of our largest cathedrals. Paul White writes that hi-tech Flood 
survivors of the previous civilization arose "after the dust settled" to 
become the gods of ancient Sumer, Egypt and India. Tunnels under the Mayan 
pyramids extend 800 km across the country.

Alec Maclellan wrote that Hitler said the amazing force of Vril power, the 
people of Agharti used in possession would make certain his dream of a 
Thousand Year Reich. German scientist and soldiers were sent on one 
fruitless search after another in search of the lost world. What is Vril 
power? Bulwer Lytton wrote it is electricity, except that it comprehends in 
its manifold branches other forces of nature, such as magnetism and 
galvanism. The Aghartians can influence the weather through Vril conductors 
and exercise influence over minds and bodies, animal and vegetable. It can 
be used for expanding the consciousness of the mind and destroy like a 
flash of lightning.

Again it can replenish, invigorate life, heal and preserve. The underground 
people used it to re-establish the due equilibrium of the natural power of 
the body to cure itself. It can also cut through solid rock from a rod and 
be destructive against enemies. Vril was seen as an enormous reservoir of 
universal power, some parts of which can be concentrated in the human body. 
Helena Blavatsky claimed that Vril was used by the Atlanteans and Indians, 
which may explain why cities in India were reduced to ashes by the ancients 
in their flying machines from ancient Indian texts. One wonders if particle 
beam weapons compare, with more power than a hydrogen bomb can generate.

'One who knows' writes that in 1970 the Russians destroyed a UFO base on the 
China/Soviet/Mongolian frontier with ground to air missiles. There were 
hundreds of UFOs. They had destroyed a secret UFO base of immense 
proportions consisting of many miles of subterranean tunnels and dozens of 
pyramid like structures in the northern area of Mongolia. A supersonic 
Soviet jet bomber had previously disappeared and almost 200 planes were 
searching. However they were confronted by 25 huge UFOs so high up they 
couldn't get near them.

Admiral Byrd's diary of when he want to Antarctica in 1946? tells of an 
entrance to the hollow earth at the poles. It has also been said that Byrd's 
plane was landed artificially and that he was greeted by an ET who spoke 
German and that he came from the "Aryanni".  If the earth is hollow, perhaps 
it leads to Agartha. One wonders if after the Nazis built their flying 
disks they went to Agartha to find the 'King of the World' as they had 
already tried to go by foot previously. Perhaps the Tibetan Initiates could 
go through a dimensional doorway to reach this Sanat Kumara as written by 
Richard Leviton.

Dr. Jean Francois Gille says that there is a rumor that a representative of 
the grays is found in each of the underground US bases in the southern 
Hemisphere. Branton also writes that according to John Lear, William Cooper, 
and others that the U.S. government may have made a 'pact' with a predatory 
non-human race as early as 1933. They later learned to their horror it was 
extremely malevolent in nature and were merely using the 'treaties' as a 
means to buy time while they methodically establish certain controls upon 
the human race, with the ultimate goal of an absolute domination.

They are of a neo-saurian nature ie reptoid. Certain bi-ped-hominoid 
mutations originating from earth developed a form of intellect equal to the 
human but some left the planet thousands of years ago in Atlantean times and 
are now claiming earth back. DNA from them proves an earth saurian origin. 
There are also human/reptoid hybrids. They have greyish-green skin and 
three-digit clawed fingers with a partially-opposable 'thumb' Branton says 
also that it is also alleged by certain deep-level intelligence agents that 
the Illuminati, or the 'Cult of the Serpent', is willfully working 
hand-in-claw with this infernal race which has promised them part of the 
action once the 'New World Order' is established. The Illuminati is 
allegedly in it for the power and 'technology' which this non-human race is 
supposed to give them in exchange for their cooperation.

Branton writes that according to John Lear and others, many of the deep 
underground bases like Dulce, New Mexico and Pine Gap, are actually 'joint' 
areas where the technology exchanges have been carried out, as well as 
battles between the humans and 'grays' sparked by disagreements. Is the 
Illuminati's plan for world domination backed by an 'alien' vanguard? There 
is an apparent connection between the Illuminati's 'Club of Rome' and the 
'Grays'. There is much evidence that the 'Club of Rome' has 'sold out' the 
human race to such alien powers in exchange for certain promises, and that 
this sold-out power group is carrying out an agenda of MASS GENOCIDE against 
the human race as a whole, in obedience to their draconian (reptilian) 

Dr Gille writes there are a group of about a hundred people well-placed in 
high finance, politics, the judiciary branch and big business called the 
'Club of ROME' pledged to a consortium which controls all international 
finance. The ones who want to set up a world government are about 15 
families. They have infiltrated the top levels of the main religious 
establishments, making them virtually powerless. Even Pat Roberson, coming 
from one of these lines is said to be promoting Merovingian agendas.

According to an article on the net about 
the royal bloodlines (whom some believe are the supposed offspring of Jesus 
and Mary Magdelene called Merovingians) there are at least a dozen families 
in Britain and Europe today who are of this "Merovingian" lineage. This 
includes the Stewarts. The Stewarts and McDonalds are said to be a "Satanic' 
bloodline. Others say these bloodlines contain both the blood of Jesus and 
the devil/reptilians and yet others say they originate from Atlantis or of 
King David. Some say these royal Merovingians have a gene to shapeshift, and 
have been witnessed by multitudes of people now to transform into reptilian 
form during ritual bloodletting ceremonies.

These families are powerful in many secret societies, including The 
Rosicrucians (AMORC), Freemasonry and the Grand Master of both the Knights 
of St John and Knights of Malta must originate from the Stewart dynasty. The 
book Dope Inc. by Lyndon La Rouche says that the British PM must be a 
descendent of Robert the Bruce. It's also been said one Irish PM, O'Neill 
was actually heir to the throne of Ireland. It's mandatory for any western 
leader now to have royal blood. The royal name Stewart appears constantly in 
the Club of Rome, Council of Foreign Relations and various impending one 
world global religious organizations and world unity organizations. Prince 
Michael Stewart, head of the European Council of Princes is involved with 
helping organize the new European gaia religion - one universal belief for 

In Bloodline of the Holy Grail by L Gardner it says that the Stewarts are 
the protectors of the Stone of Destiny, called Jacobs Pillow. It was said to 
have arrived in Ireland during the Babylonian captivity, taken by King 
Zedekiah's daughter who arrived there, with the prophet Jeremiah. She 
married the High King of Ireland. The stone was last reported arriving in 
Dalriada in Argyll when the brother of the Irish King moved there to start 
the Scottish Kings.

It has also been reported that the 'real' Ark of the Covernent was in 
Scotland but has now been taken to America. Though other Arks are also 
claimed to be the genuine one. The Stone of Destiny is necessary to be the 
cornerstone of the rebuilt Solomon's Temple. Now in prefab form, able to be 
built in a week and paid for by Merovingian Lord Rothschild, Queen 
Elizabeth's advisor. So this stone and the Ark of the Covernant are 
essentials to herald the long awaited Jewish Messiah, when he arrives in 

All European royals are descendents of King David now according to 
geneologists and many of these family lines comprise the Black Nobility of 
the Bilderberger Group. These Bilderbergers are said to own Pine Gap and the 
interstellar space fleet and interact with the alien group calling 
themselves The Council of Nine. The CIA also channelled information from 
these aliens through the contacts of CIA scientist Andrija Puharich, who was 
involved with many others in interacting with these ETs and they claim to be 
'the' hierarchy who run the universe and are portrayed in Genesis.

The Bilderberger Group make the rules to run the planet amongst themselves. 
Various sources say it is 13 main families and include 75 families with 
lesser influence. They are generally Freemason or Knights of Malta, 
including middle eastern leaders. As the main power brokers of the world are 
from King David (of the tribe of Judah and in league with powerful Jews 
e.g. Lord Rothschild) the coming of the 'awaited' Messiah would be of great 
interest, especially if they are have not accepted Jesus as Messiah.

Freemasons at the 33rd degree are told Lucifer is superior to Jesus, 
according to former Initiates of this degree. There is evidence that the 
Freemasons and various pagan societies are using the Kaballa to release the 
'right' energies to hasten the return of the expected "Messiah, determining 
scientifically the right vibrational frequencies and magnetic field levels 
around the planet to create the perfect conditions for him to arrive, having 
been told by the Council of Nine what transmitters are necessary to put 
around the planet, and what gridlines must be activated where, to ensure the 
timelines match that which supposedly puts our 'reality' to the frequency of 
this entity.

However this interpretation of the promised Messiah has been distorted by 
Theosophy. What these leaders of the secret societies are promoting in their 
Illuminati controlled Committee of 300 newage outlets is that the name 
"Christ" is an office and just a title of a World Teacher for the Age. The 
"Messiah/Christ" expected by these secret societies and eastern religions 
(entwined with Freemasonry and UN) will herald in the Aquarian Age and the 
6th Aryan race - the next Root Race that supposedly has the stature of 
supermen and psychic powers. Much of the expectation is to start a golden 
age where only the 'chosen race' remains in a regenerated world, with 
inferior races eliminated is disseminated by the groups following Alice 
Bailey, originally of the Theosophical Society.

The Nazis were followers of Theosophical Society teachings, especially where 
it says that the Aryan race came from Agartha, and were previously pioneers 
from Atlantis. The Council of Nine ET information is channelled and promoted 
by the followers of Alice Bailey and also Benjamin Creme, who promotes the 
entity, (supposedly from Sirius according to one source), as holding the 
"Office of Christ" for the Aquarian Age.

Dr Richard Boylan was told by one of the highest levels of informants in the 
US National Security Network called "Z" that the Bilderberg Council, 
comprised of Europen royalty, Heads of Govts., and multinational 
corporations are interacting with the Council of Nine, a groups of ET 
representatives from a council of co-ordination for many extraterrestrial 
super civilizations in contact with earth. Again Dr James Hurtak, who once 
worked for Dr Andrija Puharich, speaks of the Council of Nine in his book 
The Keys of Enoch and the plans they have made for the technological future 
of the human race, after the 'fallen' races have been killed off. What 
remains are the Christic people/Adamic Seed or Chosen Ones of the 12 Tribes 
of Israel.

In 1973 Hurtak was praying and a great being appeared calling himself Enoch, 
and he asked him if he was ready to go into 'the Father's midst'. A great 
field of light was placed upon his body and he sped upwards to the stars and 
heaven to Arcturus, the major programming centre of the galactic council 
serving "the Father' on this side of the galaxy- which is under the 
direction of the Council of Nine, the governing body of the local universe.
"Enoch" took him up to heaven to meet the "Ancient of Days" face to face. He 
had flowing white hair and a face of overwhelming love and joy. No doubt 
this entity was very pleased to locate someone with scientific ability to 
arrange a technological takeover of the planet, by activating the gridlines 
controlling the consciousness/reality of all, to the exact specifications of 
the ET scientists. The timelines of this planet are changed by activating 
specific gridlines, depending on which route they take.

They converge at various places including Montauk, the Pyramid and various 
power points, flowing in and out of vortexes and back out through the 
universe. Hurtak was praised to death and told not to let his seed marry 
with the fallen spiritual races of earth and 'the time was at hand' for the 
"Externalization of the Heirarchy". ( An Alice Bailey term), so "his kingdom 
will come on earth as it is in heaven".

This Ancient of Days, as it were, obviously not too fussy about truth, said 
ALL religions/spiritual traditions had to unite for this. Hurtak then 
claimed to have been Jacob. He claims 'The Office of the Christ" was 
established to overcome the creations of the 'Ur" which fell out of the 
Father's grace through a glorious Prince of Light - Lucifer - the Ur , whose 
creation extended itself to the regions of the outer universe. The glossary 
says that the "Priesthood of Ur" will dematerialize/transform the sciences 
at the end of the present time cycle. He claims there are 12 'Ur" centres 
throughout the earth using electro-medicine.

As the Freemasons are said to be in touch with the same aliens from Sirius 
as the Theosophists, there may be a connection, especially if the Freemasons 
follow Lucifer at the 33rd degree initiation. (Are they too going through 
timeportals/dimensional doorways in their initiations to meet the King of 
the World at Agartha? They would be wanting to meet Lucifer no doubt, if he 
is top dog in Freemasonry) Hurtak gave a very detailed explanation in his 
book about how the universe operates and the preparation for the arrival en 
masse of the "Brotherhood of Light". He very disturbingly forgot to mention 
any female ever existed. The book has badly drawn pictures of slightly 
effeminate men with vacant looks in their faces.

Hurtak claims that Jesus is said to have demonstrated the 'Collective 
Messiahship".  The 'Christ Overself' is the spiritual Garment of Light, one 
puts on the behold the mysteries of God's kingdom. We could dismiss this as 
another channeled book, which has smatterings of the other esoteric works 
available in 1973 e.g. The Urantia Book, Theosophy and Alice Bailey, but 
when the Dali Lama calls it the book of the century and writes similar type 
stuff in his book we have to ask if the Illuminati/Merovingian religious 
bigwigs are actually following these technological plans to enact the 
"Second Coming".

There is evidence that the Illuminati are following the plan for the 
'Externalization of the Heirarchy', by technologically creating time portals 
where they will arrive to take over the planet, from reversing matter and 
anti-matter, and the creation of timerifts by burning through the physical 
world with nuclear bombs and HAARP's high frequency radio waves. Hurtak 
claims his trip up to heaven was a Kabbalistic type of higher consciousness 
experience. There is much evidence that the 
Illuminati/Freemasons/Theosophists are using the Kaballa to bring about the 
patterns of development they require for the stages of consciousness induced 
to herald and accept the Messiah. Pine Gap is one such example of a 
dimensional doorway, where communication with ETs does take place as 
mentioned in the Fortress Australia articles.

In summary Hurtak's Keys of Enoch ( outlines how and 
where the 'Great White Brotherhood' will 'Externalize' and appear as our 
'Masters'. 12 specially created artificial time portals have been created by 
aliens and human hyperdimensional physicists to enable the chosen few to 
escape the wrath coming to earth which will kill the masses, which will be 
according to him solar flares and diseases. The chosen ones will escape 
through the time portals and then act as 'planetary adams' to repopulate 
other planets.

12 time warp areas have been created as a twin force of matter and 
anti-matter, creating a mirror like image there to alter our physical 
reality. One of the time warp areas on Hurtak's map is central Australia. It 
is not known if he means Ayer's Rock or Pine Gap though. Though as he has 
Lop Nor in N China and it has a base connected to a Pine Gap it's possibly 
there. The others are Britain, Egypt or Israel , Mexico/Central America, 2 
in Sth America, Turkey, Tibet/N.China, Russia by the Arctic and 3 in Nth 

The map was too badly drawn to pinpoint exact places. Hurtak writes the 
higher intelligences will return to the Takla Makan basin (Tibet), The 
Ural-Caspian Sea, the basin of the Sahara, the Kahalari basin, the Dead Sea 
basin, withing the pyramidal area of the Bermuda Triangle, the ocean area 
near Mazatlan and the Salt Lake basin area. He claims that Melchizadek (a 
favourite priesthood for new age channelers and Mormon initiates) has 
reigned at Stonehenge and Woodhenge.

He also claims 12 other energy grids for 'spacetime transcription' and 
'protocommunication' established by the conversion of each tribe of Israel 
are the areas of Lop Nor (N China), the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, 
Hawaii, Vancouver Island, from Pueblo Colorado to the Mescalero reservation 
in New Mexico, from Lexington Kentucky to Tennessee, Nova Scotia connecting 
with the bermuda Islands, the Azores, Lourdes in France and these are all 
connected by gridlines to the pyramids of Egypt. It has been said that 
Hurtak was under the pyramid talking to one of the Egyptian 'gods' using 

'Enoch' explained how the Great White Brotherhood govern the 'people of God' 
in the 12 time warp places which allow the magnetic fields in the meridians 
of the earth to be activated. These ETs activate the earth's magnetic 
spectrum and electromagnetic fields. The new crystalline field of Light 
Codes will establish itself over the remnant seed who still remain in the 
flesh, (presumably after the world is zapped when HAARP and all the 
strategically placed transmitters are turned full blast) but if dead NO 
PROBLEM, one can still resurrect! They'll experience the changing of the 
magnetic patterns of incarnation and recreation. Perhaps the Applewhite 
flock were trial run?

The 'chosen ones' will be gathered into the magnetic fields for 
'deliverance'. Here the Merkabah spiritual body will be loosed in the 12 
geophysical time warps, to spiral directly with the earth into another 
orbital frequency. He also claims the Bible is just a rehash of older texts. 
'God's' alien scientists gave him all the technical data to 'ascend' using 
bilocation - a remodulation into the same physical form. Teleportation can 
be done at Montauk with technology anyway. Apparently after people 
dematerialised and materialised after the Philadelphia Experiment, they 
managed to duplicate this using portable briefcase sized dematerialization 
machines. They could disppear and park in another universe as they wished.

Hurtak goes on to say that the Council of Nine is in control of this "human 
experiment"!  It has been said that God does not play dice, but Hurtak and 
Pleidians, that people have channeled, have stated that the hoped for 
'ascension' is actually an experiment. One wonders if they have done this 
before on other planets, but there are people who believe that they are 
going into the next dimension because it is the end of the age and the 
Mayan calendar says this is the end of the physical world.

It has been written in various places that we will be relieved of the Fall 
of Man syndrome, where we fell into the physical world through some errors 
in Atlantean times and came off the right timeline, but this ascension will 
put us back where we belong as divine spiritual beings and with 
technological help we can get the 'right' timeline back again and all will 
be perfect again. Famous last words!  Hurtak claims that biosatellite energy 
will come down into the earth's field and synchronise with the 12 time warps 
throughout the planet.

Let's hope the Russian jumbo cosmospheres arrive to spoil the Master's of 
Wisdom's appearance plan with their particle beam weapons! The 'chosen ones' 
who understand the visitations of Higher Intelligence will be moved into 
these safe areas and 'delivered' through an 'Arc of Light' thrown upon the 
face of the earth and through to the space/time continuum. Presumably Pine 
Gap will be one of these place with the Bilderbergers there awaiting their 
beloved Council of Nine.

Hurtak claims that time gates can be measured with high precision. These 
conscious grids can be modulated and they control the realities of the 3rd 
and 4th dimensions. The Brotherhood can reprogram and educate the 
consciousness of man through the pineal area of the 3rd eye using gravity 
and light waves. It's true that sunlight influences the pineal gland and our 
consciousness, so they may be able to simulate this. He say 'we' have to 
create a spacial network for spacial provisions, so time locks in the mind 
are thrown open. We have to break through the mechanistic functions of the 
visual world and see the material world as HOUSING only.

(Has Hurtak been having magic mushrooms? - his former employer Andrija 
Puharich, who worked for the CIA wrote a book on magic mushrooms, in the 
70's in his eternal quest to raise the consciousness artificially. He also 
pioneered radio wave mind control and had mediums channeling info for him 
from the Council of Nine.  Hurtak says we must see the reality behind the 
illusions with our expanding minds. The cycles of natural phenomena become 
faster or slower as we extend our minds into non physical realms and it will 
be impossible to observe with our unaided senses. Our minds will connect 
with the projected imagery of the messages and guides observing and 
calculating our spiritual evolution.

Would this perhaps be NASA's Blue Beam holographic image of the Messiah sent 
by satellite? Complete with HAARP voice of 'God' able to use the language of 
any country it beams into. So in receiving the projected imagery from the 
Brothers of Light, we can turn from the affairs of the world and arouse 
feelings of joy, because of our salvation over the material body of form. 

The Maitreya newsletters of Benjamin Creme have been saying do not be afraid 
of death, when the Day of Declaration comes when the Externalization of the 
Heirarchy and the ET holding the Office of Christ - Maitreya occurs because 
it is wonderful awakening into another realm of light etc. Then presumably 
our physical bodies and the whole physical world isn't valued as much as the 
next world?  Looks like they are all in this together.

Benjamin Creme says that the Masters of Wisdom/Brotherhood of Light during 
the Externalization process, (as described in the Alice Bailey teachings) 
will stun us electromagnetically to be pacified when they appear en masse in 
the sky!  'The Christ' will then appear, though he's been saying that for 20 
years. Creme also promotes the Council of Nine.  He does mention holographic 
images in the sky, as does the Council of Nine in earlier writings. Though 
20 years ago it was 'The Christ will appear on everyone's TVs simultaneously".

He's graduated to holograms in the sky now, thanks to satellites. The 
Maitreya entity holding the 'Office of Christ' will assume the role of World 
Teacher and bring peace, unity and a wonderful surveillance system according 
to Creme that displaces the need for law enforcement.

Would this be the implant Mark of the Beast? Now may be a good time to join 
any friendly reptoids in the underground bases, until this blows over. This 
could be why HAARP is sending electromagnetic waves to change the secretions 
in our pineal glands, to daze us into an altered state and to go headfirst 
mentally.  We are supposed to feel good about losing our grip on the 
'worthless' material world? One wonders if the chemtrails have anything to 
do with this, they've been said to be altering our DNA, activating the junk 
DNA to raise the body's vibratory rate. There are plenty of viruses in the 
chemtrails including race specific biological warface and AIDS. It has been 
said that Aryans won't die from having AIDS only other races.

Will the entity holding the 'Office of the Christ' be using the gridlines to 
send his energy into everyone's consciousness, like Hitler built a cone of 
power to take over people's minds? This when the world's gridlines are reset 
to change our reality/timeline and operating fully. He would need to do this 
to keep the 'new reality' in place. Certainly if Lucifer's scientists have 
been operating their technology on the outer parts of the universe, they may 
know a thing or two about changing time lines and getting everyone's 
brainwaves in 'sync' to respond to a predetermined cycle.

The microwave phone towers and GWEN towers already do this to set people's 
brain rhythms artificially high. Nuclear and power stations are 
strategically positioned on gridlines, perhaps to change our reality to make 
us in a dazed enough state to accept the so called Messiah. Certainly some 
of the Sinclair and Stewart clan Grail family members are keen to herald the 
"Messiah" (for the Age of course!) after all they are the royally self - 
appointed welcoming committee for the alien host using deceptive Biblical 
names. However the Nazi's did have in mind the King of the World Underground 
at Agartha so there may some opposition.

The book Pyramids of Montauk by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon describes 
Montauk as a conduit or gateway to the vortex of creation itself. There 
appears to be 2 factions at work trying to manipulate the gridlines to being 
about a desired timeline or state of reality to change our future existence. 
We have the Nazis at Montauk, whom William Buehler claims are an abominable 
prime example of how not to mechanically activate the timelines that unite 
at Montauk, for all the wrong reasons.

Instead he says that they must be actived only for spiritual reasons by 
highly motivated people, namely the Sinclair (Templar/Freemason)clan 
scientists - Knights of the Grail which would result in the implementing of 
Universal Accord to reinact the old Atlantean timeline continuum, across the 
Fallen present timeline and back to home port by reactivating the Atlantean 
gridline matrix which is the 'proper'one. Once all the links are activated 
from strategic places this state of reality, which occurs when certain 
energies flow through the consciousness of mankind will open time gates of 
unusual power and intensity supporting the second coming of the 'Christ'.

According to William - Lucifer's fall and the Montauk abominations generated 
a primary time implosion that had a ripple effect with lessor time 
implosions mostly generated by the Montauk Project's terrible abominations. 
They will fix this and the return back the right time frame, by activating 
all the right places on the gridline they call the Ranna Time Wave and then 
the one holding the "Office" of the "Christ" for this 'Age' will manifest. 
They are shooting for a target figure of 40% human transition/ascension 
minimum. This 40% will be sent into the new time continuum, having a unique 
opportunity for a major evolutionary jump and the other 60% back to a near 
basic starting point.

Stan Deyo also says that Pine Gap may be an electric power broadcast 
facility. The Australian Department of Transport lists Pine Gap as a 
restricted area for space research with a no fly zone of 5 nautical miles 
radius. In 1899 Dr Nikola Tesla invented a process of sending wireless 
currents through the globe, by transmitting energy in the form of standing 
waves in the earth's crust and upper atmosphere. He could transmit almost 
unlimited amounts of energy to any place on the globe. Stan continues saying 
that US has a very low-frequency transmitter at the South Pole which is 
similar to Tesla's process, except that it can be tuned to a fequency of 7 
Hz. Super harmonics of this frequency have been used by both the U.S. Navy 
in Northwest Cape in Australia and at Pine Gap.

The Northwest cape transmitter's antipode is in the middle of the Bermuda 
Triangle and Pine Gap's antipode is very near the Tropic of Capricorn in the 
centre of the Atlantic Ocean's great dividing range. Tesla's observation was 
that sending a ball of electric fluid around the planet results in splash 
rings meeting at the antipode of the initial thrust, then istead of meeting 
head on, they produce a wavefront which spirals back to the source like a 
spinning smoke ring of energy. Stan says this returning wavefront only 
partially interacts with the next oncoming wave from the source. Certainly 
if one wanted to activate particular gridlines they would need to put 
transmitters at strategic locations to make sure the energy met and ran in 
the direction they wanted. Omega Towers.

Keith Basterfield wrote that (possibly 1988) in Adelaide a man reported that 
he was in 2 way communications with aliens via an implant in his ear. He 
revealed that he'd undergone 2 apparent out-of-body experiences where he was 
sucked out of his body, while he was onboard a UFO. Bill Chalker also writes 
that in 1992 a woman called him to say that her 22 year old husband 
"Greg" had seen 2 strange looking men standing in her NSW front yard about 
8.45 pm. They were wearing long dark coats like rain coats. They suddenly 
disappeared. They were 'Men in Black' and watching him. At age 5 he had MIB 
imaginary friends, who looked like friendly normal human beings.

They appeared eg in his room at night, in the park to play or at a pool. 
Later in the late 70's they gave Greg something like a hand held computer 
device, that showed moving coloured scenes, like a TV. When he was about 12 
he started having the experience of finding himself in a strange room, 
on board a craft a number of times. Normal looking humans escorted him, yet 
he didn't know how he got there or returned home. Then things changed MIB 
would approach him and ask him to come somewhere and he would be driven to a 
bush setting and enter a craft on the ground. He would be taken on rides and 
shown things.

At about 14 he sensed little aliens on board, apart from humans. It seemed 
he was being groomed for some sort of 'service'.  The craft then started 
going to secret bases. He'd had their trust but realised he'd made a mistake 
and wanted out. He became aware of others participating in these 'cultivated 
relationships'.  He claims abductions were going on at secret bases and 
people being subjected to cruel procedures in the bases. The beings were 
ultimately cruel and ruthless. He began to fear for his own safety and he 
thought he was being evolved into a "men in black" type role.

Greg's first visit to Pine Gap underground facility onboard a UFO showed 
what was ahead as an image on a computer screen, not through windows. The 
screems would automatically switch off and a thing took over and guided them 
through the actual opening. It was a big opening that split into 2 pieces 
which slid open. Like travelling through a tube for about 15 to 30 seconds 
before coming to the base itself. The actual complex had ships there almost 
the height of telegraph poles. The roofing system was much higher. At the 
base there were men working on repairs, laboratories, glass houses, food 
storage areas and other facilities.

The MIB presence stepped up. On Christmas day in 1992 Greg and his wife saw 
3 men in the adjacent paddock. They disappeared suddenly. On Dec 28 Greg had 
gone into the backyard and as he returned his wife saw what seemed to be a 
flash and explosion which knocked Greg off his feet and left behind a 
burning hole. He thought they were intimidating him into compliance and 
submission. Greg intended not to continue with the alien liason relationship, 
but Bill has not heard from them since 1993. There was no evidence to prove 
this, only Greg's word.

Australia is now doing preparatory military exercises called Tandem Thrust 
for an emergency threat in league with neighboring countries. This involves 
planning for MAJOR disastor which involves martial law, by a seeming threat 
from outer space. 27,000 US and Australian troops have done joint military 
exercises in 2001.

William Hamilton says a cover-up was initiated soon after the Roswell NM UFO 
crash and it became a matter of national security to find out who the aliens 
were, why they were here and how their technology worked. It involved secret 
organizations within the US government, MJ-12, PI-40, MAJI, Delta, the Jason 
Scholars, Naval Intelligence, Air Force Office of Special Investigation, the 
Defense Investigative Service, the CIA, NSA and more. It also involved think 
tanks such as RAND, the Ford Foundation, the Aspen Institute, & Brookings 
Institute and corporations such as Bechtel, GE, ITT, Amoco, Northrup, 
Lockheed and many others.

It involved secret societies, the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, 
etc. The whole of this conspiracy forms an INTERLOCKING NEXUS. The goal is 
said to be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT dictatorship. Branton writes that according 
to some, is that perhaps SOME groups within the secret government have 
allegedly - in the face of 'superior alien technology' - 'surrendered' to a 
malevolent alien race and have become their 'agents' on earth.

SCOTTISH RITE AND SIRIUS Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle 
for Planet Earth by Branton ISBN: 1892062127
Branton writes that the 33rd (Illuminized) degree of Scottish Rite Masonry 
has its headquarters within this "Temple" allegedly built over ancient 
tunnels that tied-in with the SIRIUS empire. Sirius has been identified with 
the "Men In Black" allegedly allied with certain Masonic-Wiccan groups, 
largely controlled by the Reptilians. Val Valerian ( 
comments: (synopsis) the Hubble is being used for surveillance of deep space 
in terms of detecting approaching alien species.

Far out in space, in the general direction of Sirius, a monstrous cloud of 
vessels is moving through space. All information has been subjected to 
computer analysis. The indications are that this is a space flotilla that 
will intercept Earth shortly after the turn of the century. (Sirius, being 
8.7 light years distant from earth. This flotilla would be traveling just 
under the speed of light - Branton) They are up to 500 miles long, assumed 
to be military in nature, and therefore likely hostile.

If this space fleet from Sirius does in fact have some connection with the 
pact between the "Men In Black" and the "Serpent Race", then there may be a 
connection between this invasion force and MIB - Reptilians working here on 
earth, especially in the underground bases, whose job might be to sabotage 
things on our end so that resistance will be minimal when the fleet finally 
arrives. The Dulce, New Mexico Base may be the headquarters of this type of 
"serpent cult" activity.

..include ..ALPHA DRACONIS (an alleged major "Reptoid" stronghold); 
EPSILON BOOTES (another alleged Sauroid- Reptoid center of activity).. 
and ZETA 1 - ZETA 2 RETICULI ...
an alleged Reptoid-Saurian Gray center or convergence with some "possible" 
human-MIB or synthetic "MIB" activity)... within MOUNT ARCHULETA ... New 
Mexico (deep levels of which are allegedly utilized by several different 
types of Sauroid Reptilians..etc ).. and ...PINE GAP ..(which holds a base 
similar to the one at Dulce, New Mexico, with deep-level control by 
saurian-gray and other Reptoid beings, as well as implanted-controlled human 
worker-slaves tied-in with the Illuminati's "Club Of Rome".).

..... another apparent convergence of deep subterranean Reptilian activity 
seems to be.. the 4-corners states, Nevada and southern 
California.....Reptilian and 'joint' laboratories largely controlled by 
saurian infiltrators-invaders such as the saurian grays, chameleons, 
naga-reptoids or lizards... This area seems to be the major area in the 
world for human - sauroid conflicts, human and animal mutilations, serpent 
cult activity and genetic experimentation involving so-called "hybrids" - 
some with human soul-matrix's--"humans"--and some without human 

There are three more "areas" (of) convergences of "joint" human - saurian 
INTERACTION, or "Serpent Cult" activity involving human and reptilian "cult 
members"... The Club of ROME - Illuminati - Knights of Malta and the 
human-reptilian bases they jointly control, such as the 'joint' base beneath 
Pine Gap... the Babylonian or Jesuit-Masonic serpent cult, or "Club Of 
Rome"/"Illuminati", is largely based in Rome and apparently has present 
associations with "joint" human-reptilian serpent cults beyond and beneath 
the earth, namely connections with the "MIB" cult within the "NOD" complex 
beneath Washington D.C. and the "Sirius" colony.

This excerpt was from File no 4 of the CRIM RAM files by Branton. CRIM RAM/ COS CON FILES 
avail zip

ISBN 1-892062-00-3 Evil Agenda of the Secret Government - Exposing Project 
Paperclip and the Underground UFO Bases of Hitler's Elite Scientific Corps 
by Tim Swartz and in Secret Black Projects of the NWO: Anti-Gravity UFOs, 
Black Helicopters and Mysterious Flying Triangles ISBN 0-938294-80-6 by Tim 
Swartz available at Global Communications, Box 753, New Bunswick, NJ 08903 
Secrets of the Mojave by Branton ISBN 1-881808-44-0