~ Cosmic Cookies and their Love Notes ~
CosmicCookieCafe Members and TriLite's Members Thank Yous

Hi Gerardus,
Can you tell me how to unsubscribe from the Trilite email list? I need the address and commands.
BTW - I enjoy your cosmic cookie everyday ....*big thanks*
Bright Blessings - Lisa (andean@lexicom.ab.ca )   Wed, 17 Sep 1997

I was subscribed to your CCC-L mailing list then unsubscribed and now I want to subscribe again and I can't find anywere on your web page the address to subscribe. It's a really great list, I love your poetry, I believe in totality what you write about, so could you please let me know what the address to subscribe again is? I find the messages inspiring every day when I read them.

Thanks, seems I'm now subscribed. This time I saved the info so hopefully I can find it if I need it again. I wanted to tell you that I have your poem #06119-1980 "You Did Right" hanging on my refrigerator. When I first read it it made my cry all day. It's so beautiful. It still makes me cry. Thanks for all the inspiration.
Betty Opramolla ( bettyo@capital.net )   Sat, 30 Aug 1997

The CosmicCookieCafe is one year old today.
Happy Birthday to us!! And thanks, Gerardus, for all the time you take to extend your joy and light to the rest of us. Here's wishing you and your's a joyous holiday season as we celebrate our Godness.   Love & Light - Jerry Littrell ( jerrylit@airmail.net )   Mon. Dec 01 1997

Gerardus - Happy one year birthday today!
Your daily offerings delight the palette, broaden the mind and warm the heart. Truly food for thought and fare for the heart. Although never sentimental, but always sacramental, your wide assortment Energizes, Enlivens and Enlightens. A sacred recipe no doubt. Hmm, yum. Blessings.
Jim Keller ( jkell@earthlink.net )   Mon, 01 Dec 1997

Lieve Gerardus,
Happy birthday to the CosmicCookieCafe and to the barkeeper (is barkeeper an english word in Dutch it would be "barman") Just a question, these gods in disquise, masters, angels only teach when asked? How do they market themselfes, in order to attain their desire, to teach?
Liefs, Annelie ( boogerd@nat.vu.nl )   Mon, 01 Dec 1997

and keep 'em coming. I love your cookies!
Diana Makes ( positive@pobox.com )   Mon, 01 Dec 1997

The CosmicCookieCafe is one year old today.
Very sincere greetings on the Cafe's birthday, yesterday. Thankyou for the wisdom and light each day. Love & Ligbt from the Island Continent, and me.
Malcolm ( beyond@senet.com.au )   Tue, 02 Dec 1997

Dear Gerardus,
Please add Wendy Aielli to your cookie distribution list.: wpc2m@server1.mail.virginia.edu
Thanks so much for your efforts,
Kirk Crady ( kcrady@NRAO.EDU )   Tue, 02 Dec 1997

Especially enjoyed the cookie today! Contained some choice nuggets. It's my birthday tomorrow (12-10) Can I get a special treat? Please, please, please? Not that I'm needy or anything...
Blessings, Jim. ( jkell@earthlink.net )   Tue, 09 Dec 1997

Hi Gerardus,
I hope you did not forget how to bake a cosmic cookie birtday pie; in case you lost the recepy, it follows below.

12 cosmic cookies
1 lb cosmic cookie dough
0.5 lb cosmic cream
1 ounce wisdom nuts
1 ounce raisins, soaked in spirit

Put the 12 cosmic cookies on the bottom of the cake tin, mix the dough, cosmic cream, nuts and raisins to a smooth mass. Lay it on the cookies in the tin. Bake in the cosmic oven for 1 hour at 160 degrees Celcius, (please calculate yourself to Fahrenheit!)

0.5 lb homemade cosmic marzipan (NOT that prefixed stuf from soi beans!) cosmic flowers as many cosmic candles as years Jim has lived cosmic toping ink in Jim's favourite colour to write a special wish. Role the marzipan until it is thin and has a big surface, wrap the cake in the marzipan. Carefully write the birhtday wish and decorate with the cosmic flowers and the candles. Light the candles and serve with coffee and tea, on special occasions you can serve this one with icecream as well. Wish you happy baking!
See you all at the party tonight!
Annelie ( boogerd@nat.vu.nl )   Wed, 10 Dec 1997

* Be like flowers, they open and close when they need to *

Excellent piece of philosophy!
Thanks a lot for all your wonderful "cookies"! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Very Special and Happy New Year! May 1998 bring you Joy, Peace, Health, Happiness and Enlightenment, and take us all a step closer to the Dawn of the Golden Age !!!

P.S.: If memory serves me well, you are Dutch, aren't you? So... Vrol˙k Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig en Voorspoedig Nieuwjaar.
Donald ( dg@sympatico.ca )   Fri, 12 Dec 1997

Halo Gerardus and Ellen,
I want to thank you, Gerardus, for your generous words of welcome when I first signed on to the list. I have had several people contact me; it saved my Christmas!! Thanks!! Your list is amazing in the number of enlightened people that are magnetized to it. I am awed.

Ellen, I hear you're quite accomplished in numerology and herbology. I was wondering if you would like to trade a session for doing a numerology reading on me. I know Christmas is upon us, so if it's not a good time, that's fine. If you agree, I will go ahead and do a session on you and you can do the reading after Christmas or whenever you get time.

Gerardus, your "cosmic cookies" are a disguise for cosmic GEMS and DIAMONDS. Awesome to think how many people you have helped by bestowing your wisdom. Thank you for being you.
Much Merriment to you both this Christmas,

Carol Hathor ( Fri, 12 Dec 1997 )   popcorn@theofficenet.com

CosmicCookieCafe 971216
Here Here! For today's Cosmic Cookie!
On Self-Knowledge, Self-Reliance, Sovereignty unto self!
Jim Keller ( jkell@earthlink.net )   Tue, 16 Dec 1997

Dear Gerardus,
A belated Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you! And thanks for the gifts you give us each day of the year in the form of your inspired and inspiring cosmic cookies. Your sincere and exuberant expression of Self blesses us all.
Love, Artful Ann ( ArtfulAnn@aol.com )   Sat, 27 Dec 1997

Hello Gerardus,
I suspect there are not 10,000 more guests because they are not aware. Some of the more recent cookies have been exactly what I needed to hear and have been inspirational, i.e keeping me focused during a rather unsettled time. I am grateful that you have the time, wisdom and guidance to send them out every day. I especially love to share them with friends who are at a level to understand them and grow thru them. Keep up the good work!!
J. B JONES ( J.B.Jones@usa.dupont.com )   Tue, 06 Jan 1998

Hi Gerardus,
Geez, I love your cookies ... they are SO DELICIOUS! How? But you know what, I get two of them everyday because somehow I subscribed twice under two different emails that go to the same mailbox. They are a little too fattening to get two of them each day! Can you please check your records for me and see which two of these addresses are on your list:
diana@sna.com (I think this is the culprit)
Thanks so much for your help -- this will really help clean up my mailbox!

Gerardus here:
This is the only address on my list --- ( positive@pobox.com ) --- of the three addresses you mention above. I have no idea how you can get two cookies per day. On the other hand - maybe you need them - Hahha hhahah!   You can go " who " to CCC-L-Request@UserHome.com and find out yourself what addresses are on the list.
Greetings with Love - Gerardus

Wed, 07 Jan 1998   From: Subject: Re: Favor, please
THANK YOU!! I checked your "who" list and the diana@efficiencyexperts.com is also me!! THAT'S the one we need to delete!! Can you please do that for me? Geez, I'm glad I found another subscription for me ... I was beginning to think that maybe I DO really need two cookies everyday!! (and I probably STILL do!) Thanks for your help!
Diana Brock Makes ( positive@pobox.com )   Wed, 07 Jan 1998

Gerardus, You wrote:
Time and or Space will be transcended by many of us. How can I know if I will be one of the ones who will transcend? What steps can I take to assure that I will? By the way... I just love your Cosmic Cookies. I look forward to my daily serving with much anticipation! Thank you for sharing, and for prying open this little mind a little more each day. :) Thank you.
Julia ( invest1@bellatlantic.net )   Thu, 08 Jan 1998

Gerardus here:
I do not remember what my answer was. Most likely I wrote: remember your Cookies and the details will fall into place the way the Cookie crumbles...

Dear Gerardus,
I'm writing to let you know how much I've enjoyed the Cookies I've received over the past few months. A very good friend of mine introduced me to your world and I now look forward to your messages everyday. It's funny how much you remind me of my friend, Kirk. He is such an insightful person and a great writer, I have often thought he could do one of these types of things himself. When two people remind me so much of each other, I often wonder how that could be if they are not linked genetically. Do you have any idea why that might be? Is it just that they may have been brothers in a former life or brothers in a simultaneous life? I guess we are all spiritual brothers and sisters in a sense, but what about those who have amazingly similar characteristics, other than just being astrologically similar? Thanks for your help with my question


Dear Gerardus,
Thanks very much for answering my questions. It's been hard for me to get time to write back. All of the answers you gave make perfect sense, not that I was ever doubtful. Secondly, I wanted to say that perhaps it was appropriate after all to wait and write because this weekend's Cookies were absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed them with a passion. I guess you could say I "pretended" that they were written just for me. Even though I don't know you personally, there is great depth in your writing that has touched me immensely. Thanks for giving so much of yourself. Sincerely,
Wendy Aielli ( wpc2m@server1.mail.virginia.edu )   Thu, 8 Jan 1998

No Subject...
Your cookies are so much my truth as I see what IS and what isn't. They encompass, now, all that which I have tried to express. I am sending you no more alternate cookies. I will just happily reflect the expression of me in you. Thank you for being there and for communicating. With the love of shared viewpoint.
Muriel ( muriel@senet.com.au )   Wed, 22 Jan 1997

To Gerardus,
Gerardus would you please place me back on your Cosmic Cookie List at my new EMail address JeffreyElliott27@email.msn.com and also your TriLite List. Your Cookies are one of the wonders of each new day and I thank you.
Jeffrey Elliott ( jeffreyelliott27@email.msn.com )   Tue, 3 Mar 1998

The Gift of Receiving
I would be delighted to receive a cookie a day. Your wisdom shines through all your words. I only just saw the cookie gift as I have been sick with the flu and neglected my mailbox (:((corry
corry ( marganon@mail.on.rogers.wave.ca )   Tue, 10 Mar 1998

Dear Gerardus,
Hello - I enjoy your cookies but I had thought you were sending them to the list so i did not write to you - but please include me on the list *Smile*. Love,Light and Laughter
Anna/Brad Hall ( abhall@ora.auracom.com )  Tue, 10 Mar 1998

I'll play....
Please put me on your list for a cookie a day, Gerardus! I too resonate with the giving and receiving stuff, I particularly liked the comment re not denying others the joy of giving. Thanks with a smile,
Teresa ( Teresa.Tanner@digital.com )   Tue, 10 Mar 1998

Dear Gerardus,
Please change my address from: jrrussom@ix.netcom.com - to: John@Russom.com
I don't want to miss one of your nourishing cookies! Please add a cookie twin to your list at: Caroline@Russom.com -- My wife also enjoys your cookies with a little tea! I sometimes forward them to her, but they can get a little stale during cyberspace transport....
All Lightness and Well Being,
John R. Russom ( John@Russom.com )   Tue, 10 Mar 1998

... Gerardus here ...
I found this file on my HD and I could not remember that I made it or When.
It must have been in 1997 or there abouts.
! ... Nice surprise ... !