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? Is all the hype about the Internet a technique to divert us from the real thing ?
? Are we moving into the Fourth/Fifth Dimension of our creative endeavor ?
? If the force of the universe is Love why are so many people suffering ?
? Are we created by some God or did we do the creating ourselves ?
? Why are so many people suffering because of religious wars ?
? How long is it going to take before things improve ?

? Is the nature of our ordinary life like a dream ?
? Who or what is this force people call God ?
? What is wrong with the world nowadays ?
? What is conscious self-development ?
? What is the Christ Consciousness ?

? What is the purpose of Life ?

? What are these UFOs all about ?
? Is physical reality the only real reality ?
? Why are some people wiser than others ?
? Is reincarnation a belief or an actual reality ?
? Do we indeed live before birth and after death ?

? Are all human beings hypnotized and do not know it ?
? Why are some people mature and others are like children ?
? What is Time really and what is Space... and who creates them ?
? Is physical reality an artificial environment and if so... why is this so ?
? What is the purpose of Religions and is the Bible the answer to our needs ?
? Has the race of mankind been dominated by negative forces for ages and ages ?
? Is it true that Life is meaningless and that we must make Life meaningful somehow ?

Many questions and other propositions are answered in the many Works of Gerardus.
His work is shared on his Website and you are welcome to capture it and share it your way.

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