... What you Need to Know ...

... Questions and Statements ...

The following is meant to help people
who are confused about the world and the life they are living.

If this article makes you more confused than ever
it means that you have received precisely what you need
in order for Clarity to arrive soon and raise your level of Awareness.

... If you don't know - who or what you are - you are Asleep ...

... This means your soul is Asleep ...
... The human soul is awakened by the experiences on planet Earth ...

Point #00
Your Human Life is a Dream in which you dream to be Awake!

Point #01
You are not a victim
You are not your ego
You are not your face
You are not your mind
You are not your body
You are not your name
You are not your hairdo
You are not an accident
You are not what you do
You are not your address
You are not what you eat
You are not your diseases
You are not your make-up
You are not a child of God
You are not your thoughts
You are not a human being
You are not what you wear
You are not what you have
You are not what you drive
You are not your profession
You are not your possessions
You are not what you look like
You are not any country's citizen
You are not who you think you are
You are not what others think you are
You are not your Social Insurance Number
Who or what you actually are is stated within these four pages!

Point #02
Ask yourself:
Why are my parents my parents?
Who assigned these parents to me?
Why was I born "where" I was born?
Who decided that I should be born in Amsterdam or New York or wherever?
Before we are able to understand our human life we must have the answers to these questions...

Point #03
Human Life has seven levels:
1) The level of Survival
2) The level of Security
3) The level of Self Esteem
4) The level of Love/Understanding
5) The level of Self-Expression and Service
6) The level of Intellectual fulfillment and Service
7) The level of Universal Spiritual fulfillment and Service

Point #04
Most people have been told that Life is a matter of luck. This is not so! Do you think that the planets orbit around the sun by means of luck? Neither is your Life a matter of luck. Life is the result of thought. So is your life! To improve upon your life you must think and work on yourself in order to attain higher levels of awareness. Unless you do this you will be coming back to this earth forever...

Point #05
Human beings are born into a world that has many different levels of awareness. We are born into one of these levels according to the level of awareness we had reached before we landed on planet Earth. How many times were we born human before and on what planets... and why? Once we are on earth we need to learn to transcend the conditions and the environment we are subjected to. Life is a slow uphill climb towards an awareness level that lies beyond physical environments. Life in matter is only a beginning...

Point #06
Usually parents are not as smart or as wise as their children. This is why the world of mankind slowly progresses toward better living conditions. Do not judge your parents for being what they are. One day you might be a parent with wiser children...

Point #07
Many children are raised by immature parents. Many parents drink and do dope! When their children enter their teenage years, their life becomes very confusing to them. They are still dependent on their parents but do not want to obey and follow the guidance of the mentally immature. Usually these children become rambunctious, dissatisfied with life and in general find themselves lost. This needs to be understood and overcome. No one is a victim...

Point #08
Children of mentally immature parents usually meet relatives of their parents of which some seem to have attained a more mature mental level. Immediately they compare these relatives with their parents and their parents come out second or third. This is a tragic experience that needs to be understood. We cannot compare our parents to ourselves or to others. We are all different Spiritual Beings born at different places and are raised by a variety of different parents in order to have many different experiences in order to become more aware...

Point #09
Many teenagers are not capable of supporting themselves. Most of them feel lost and defiant towards the conditions they are raised under and the circumstances and environment they must content with. All this needs to be understood - not rejected! Please read this again: understood - not rejected! Improvements to our life must come from us. Not from our parents of from others. They do not live our life - we do! Life is an infinite affair with ourselves within a self-created reality. Life is about learning...

Point #10
The level of maturity we reach in each lifetimes is directly dependent on ourselves. Other people are able to guide us, but not necessarily is their guidance easily accepted because it might be foreign to us. We are usually brainwashed by the habits and nonsense of our parents. Slowly but surely we must transcend the lifestyles of the mentally immature...

Point #11
Most often we are born into the same circumstances or level of human life as the one we were living in the last time. This means that in each lifetimes we have an opportunity to learn and transcend the conditions we were born into. We repeat this until we do not have to come back for another human birth. The Purpose of Life is to become more and more spiritually aware to eventually attain full-awareness. Full awareness means reaching the Christ or Buddha Consciousness...

Point #12
Life is an infinite lesson because we live an undetermined amount of lifetimes until we have transcended all human conditions. There is but one thing to remember - whatever happens to us is our own doing. Life is neutral and life is fair! The mistakes we make in this lifetimes become the stumbling blocks of our next lifetime. These stumbling blocks slowly change into stepping stones. We must begin to rely on our inner knowing...

Point #13
Nowadays, most if not all children are raised by TV. This is not the best type of education they could possibly receive. This type of education does not contain what they need to learn and progress spiritually! In addition - actual life is not the same as what is seen on TV.  Life itself therefore seems to betray them. Television is the brainwasher of humanity...

Point #14
Most people in the world do not know that their thoughts create their life. This knowledge is not taught to them in the schools they attend. This is left out on purpose because Governments and Religions like to keep their followers dumb. It helps them to control the masses of humanity living in ignorance...

Point #15
Eating disorders are created by the people who have them. They do not fall out of the sky! For reasons they have long forgotten they adopted an eating habit that is detrimental to their health and especially to their thinking. This means that they think or project themselves into the conditions they are in. This needs to be understood and transcended. If we do not transcend this we will face the same conditions the next time around...

Point #16
Health is not acquired by taken pills or medication. Health is the result of our thoughts! People think themselves sick and once they are sick they allow themselves to become victims of their doctors and the advertisers on TV.  Big business makes money off people's ignorance...

Point #17
Politics, Religions and the Banking Institutions are not established to be of direct assistance to people. They have been established to take advantage of them. These institutions are misleading people and all three of them are part and parcel of the Big Lie the masses are subjected to. This subjection needs to be transcended in order to become self-sufficient in life. Life is about self-responsibility! Life is not about becoming followers of Worldly Social Systems that are deceiving. We must "see through" all the lies that have brainwashed us. Once we have done this - we become an observer and a knower...

Point #18
You must get used to the idea that your life is a dream in which you dream that you are awake! This means that you are asleep and do everything in your sleep in which you dream. Who is the Dreamer? You are the Dreamer! It is your Dream - it is your Life. By accepting the conditions in your life or "What Is", your soul will slowly awaken, lifetime by lifetime...

Point #19
Investigate Life on your own! Do not follow religions - religions are for the mentally immature. All religions are man-made and false. They are created in order to control people. Do you think that God or TIL - The Infinite Light - needs a religion? Well - that is the Force You Are...!

Point #20
Who or what actually is the Universe or Creation?  Creation or the Universe is a Universal Organization of Creative Energies or Co-Creators! There is no CEO on Top of this Organization! You must decide what the purpose of your life is. You are the Boss... You are the Law... You are the Creator in Human Form and must do what you "feel" like. Your life is an expressing of your Thoughts and Feelings. Once you know "Who You Are" all religions have become redundant. For more see this...

Point #21
- Who or What Are You?
- You are The Infinite Light in Human Form.
- This means - that you are The Infinite Light "dreaming" that you are a human being...

Point #22
Here's another important point! Very few people have ever thought about this. Here it is - the Universe or Life works differently than human reasoning. For example: the universe does not negate or nullify 'What Already Exist'.  Therefore, praying for things to change or sending Light and Love to the trouble spots of the world or to other people has very little to no effect! The universe does not work that way. How can we know what others need? There is a very fine line of interference somewhere...

... We Must Remember This ...

The universe does not negate or nullify what is.
It only affirms or produces what we have on our Mind.
Our Mind, our Thoughts and our imagination are the Universal Creator in Action.

Protesting against a war with frustration and anger on our mind
does not eliminate that war or make it go away.
The universe will re-enforce our frustration and anger.

If we want peace - we need to be peaceful.
! This means we need to become a peaceful Observer !

... What God is to Creation is what Electricity is to our Appliances ...
... The Universe runs on God and God runs the Universe ...
... God is The Infinite Force within You ...
... You Are That Force ...

My Blessings and Love
The Infinite Light You Are.