We are not what we eat, we are not our name, we are not our body, we are not our thoughts, we are not our mind, we are not what happens to us and we are not the environment in which we live.  Question:  Who or What Are We?  We are Awareness!  We are Universal Awareness and we create all things and happenings in order to learn what we are all about. We are this Awareness entertaining itself! We live infinitely all throughout our Creation.  We are The One that is All! There are no others.  We are Creation and all things, thoughts and happenings are the activities of our Awareness. We are this Awareness.  This means relax - you cannot die! Meanwhile, ask yourself this...

?   ?     What is Enlightenment     ?   ?

      ! ... Enlightenment is not found in Words ... Enlightenment is an Understanding ... !

This Understanding, Wisdom or Awareness increase every time we are born Again.

If you answer the following three questions in the Affirmative
.. You are almost Enlightened ..

? Do You Exist ?
? Do You Have Awareness ?
? Are You Aware That You Are Aware ?

... The Awareness You Have   - is -   The Universal Awareness ...
( Unborn Awareness - There is no Other )    

Being almost Enlightened is not a big Deal.

The big deal is Staying in the Present - the Present of the Moment of Nowness.
This is hard to do and needs to be learned.

Once you master this the you you think you are has vanished.
( Please take all this with a lot of salt - I know next to nothing about Anything )

... Welcome To ...

.. ... THEN ... ..
... By all means read This ...

Once you know that you Are
Unborn Awareness
That the entire Creation is an appearance in Consciousness
You know that there actually are no individual human Beings.

?   So who is there to become Enlightened   ?

... Enlightenment dear Soul is a most delightful new age Hoax ...

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