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David Icke

As the consciousness level of your planet raises itself, those of you light workers who are working to raise your consciousness, you will be able to hold more and more refined vibrations, and so we will be able to use you as a catalyst to be able to feed in more and more energies...

No Time, no place.
I had long understood that our "real" world was only an illusion generated from our minds, but in January 2003 and the months that followed I was to 'see' this for myself in a way that taught me so much more about the 'Matrix' through which the human family is held in "disconnected" servitude.

I was invited to speak at a gathering of people at a location in the Amazon rain forest about an hourīs drive or so from Manaus in northern Brazil. The event, over ten days, would offer the participants the opportunity to experience the 'psychoactive' effects of a plant called ayahuasca, which has been used by South American shamans for hundreds of years (at least) to take people into other states of consciousness beyond the five sense realm.

Ayahuasca is known as the "teacher plant" because it allows people to experience these unseen realms where so much can be learned about self, life and reality. It is also dubbed the "plant of the gods", no doubt because it can allow you to see those dimensions where the "gods" of myth reside. In fact, it was the number of times that participants at these events had seen reptilian entities and imagery in their altered states of awareness that led the organizers to invite me.

Ayahuasca is much used in religious ceremonies and rituals in parts of Brazil and it is quite legal in such circumstances. Around the "Western World" it is largely illegal to own or take the brew, as it is with potions in general that can transport our conscious awareness beyond the five senses. I wonder why?? I jumped at the chance to accept the Amazon offer, although I had some reservations at one point when I learned of the possible physical effects of vomiting and shitting with a vengeance.

Once I was assured that the participants would be made aware of this before they proceeded, I agreed to be there. I knew this was the dimensional door I was looking for to take the next step in my journey I had reached the age of 50 without consuming a single drug or potion that was labelled "psychoactive"; no magic mushrooms, no nothing. But I could go no further in my understanding without taking my conscious awareness to places beyond the veil.

I also learned that even those who were regular experiencers of mushrooms and other such reality changers were aware that ayahuasca was immensely powerful. "You have never taken anything and you are starting with that?" I was asked. Ayahuasca contains many powerful hallucinogenic properties including Dimethyltryptamine or DMT, a naturally occurring component of the metabolism of mammals and plants. DMT is known by some as the "spirit molecule".

In January 2003 1 arrived in the Amazon with my wife, Pamela. In the two weeks before, as we had travelled the Native American lands of northern Arizona, I had been hearing a clear "voice" (thought transference or telepathy) in quiet moments communicating information that proved to be remarkably accurate. Some of the detailed messages I was given seemed blatantly at odds with the way events were looking, but the circumstances changed and the "voice" was confirmed to be correct........

The "One".
I was soon to understand why I was doing this first session by myself because I started to speak out loud and that would not have been possible with everyone else in the room having their own experiences. I remember most of the words and all of the themes quite clearly. As I lay on my back looking up at the pitch darkness, my arms stretched out, much as they did in a standing position on the mound in Peru. Out of my mouth, in a very different voice to "David Icke", came the words, slowly and powerfully, "I am love".

I then began to repeat "I am everything and everything is me, I am infinite possibility." With that I felt a fantastic energy pour from my heart chakra and fill the room. A strip light on the ceiling began to flicker on and off. After a few minutes, three of the lights came on full power. I looked across and thought, "Why has Zoe turned the lights on?" But he hadn't. The lights were all switched off and they had come on by themselves without electricity. Then the equipment playing music switched off and came back on again after ten seconds or so.

Weird stuff on the face of it, but I could understand why an energy of the power I was experiencing could effect the electrical circuitry. I clearly felt an energy coming out of my heart chakra and arching from there to my head. The words I was speaking came through this source. I even called Zoe over to ask if this was what usually happened. He said everyone was different.

I began to speak fluently in my altered state. It wasn't that I had thoughts and then articulated them in speech. The words just came from my mouth and that is the first I knew of them. I will summarise what they said and what came to me even more powerfully in another form the following night. In the following two chapters I will detail some of the gathering wealth of evidence among open minded scientists to support what I was told.

Some of the information can't be yet verified "scientifically" and you will have to use your intuition to decide what you make of it. But much of it can. I was told in my altered states that all that exists is one infinite consciousness, which was referred to as "The Infinite", "Oneness" and the "One". In our manipulated, illusory, reality we had become detached from the One (in our minds, though not in fact) and therefore we viewed everything in terms of division and duality instead of seeing that all is connected. All is the same Infinite Oneness. This illusory sense of disconnection is the mind prison I call the Matrix.

The time loop.
My words in the first ayahuasca session said that the five sense "world" that we daily experience is a "time loop" that goes around and around basically repeating the same sequence in theme if not detail. What we call the "future" eventually becomes the "Past" and spins around to repeat the "present" over and over. That old Jimmy Ruffin song "I've Passed This Way Before" should be the anthem of the planet, it would seem. The lyrics say

Life lends a crushing blow.
And once again a heart is broken
And as history repeats itself
These few words are sadly spoken

I've passed this way before
And I've felt this pain before
A hurt that took so long to end
Has found my poor heart again.

This is basically what happens in the Time Loop. The same experiences keep repeating.

The cover picture of this book was produced by an artist friend, Neil Hague, from a design and information I gave to him that symbolised what I learned in the ayahuasca sessions. I would emphasise that the picture is only symbolic because I was told that the Matrix is a vortex, like a whirlpool in a river, with the Time Loop our five sense reality in the densest part of the spiral.

Think of the Matrix as a whirlpool and the Infinite Oneness as the river. The Matrix is still the "river", the Infinite One, but, like a whirlpool or eddy, it is operating in its own little world to its own agenda. What has happened, I was told in my altered states, is that the Matrix has forgotten it is the Infinite, the whirlpool has forgotten it is the river. Vortices can be remarkably stable if the circumstances don't change too drastically.

Observe a whirlpool in a river and so long as the flow of water continues in a certain direction and speed the vortex will hold indefinitely. In the same way, the Matrix/Time Loop is going around and around in a perpetuating spiral or cycle that has become a prison for the consciousness trapped by its seductions and illusions. The imprisoned consciousness, too, has forgotten it is Infinite Oneness.

Conversations with the "One".
On the first night I spoke the words out loud and on the second I heard a powerful female voice as clear as can be that added much more detail. This is what I was told over those two nights in altered states lasting a total of some six to seven hours. I will refer to the communicator as "the voice". The Time Loop is encased within a Matrix of "non physical levels" that have also lost contact with Infinite Oneness.

These "non physical" dimensions of the Matrix are symbolised in the cover illustration by the ball of netting that encompasses the Time Loop. The "non-physical" levels are the dimensions to which most "human" consciousness returns after a "life" in the five sense realm at the moment we call "death". It is free of the physical body, but it is still caught in the Matrix. I will come back to this later. The very fact that we believe in time is confirmation of the illusion that we take to be "real". Time does not exist, except in our minds. What we call "time" is the illusion of passing through something.

But if we are already everything, how can we pass or travel through ourselves? So how can there be "time"? If we symbolise the human body as the Infinite, how can your body travel through your body? It is already the whole body to start with and how can it travel through itself? When everything is One, there can be no "time" - only all things existing and expressing in the infinite NOW. "Past" and "future" are illusions designed to entrap us in disconnection. They are different realities happening at the same moment, in the same infinite NOW. The apparent sequence of one era following another in passing "time" is an illusion of the Time Loop.

Subconscious mind had become imprisoned by fear, the voice said, and this had caused the illusion of disconnection from the Infinite or Infinite Love, the only "is" that we all are. This had reached such proportions that these lower levels of subconscious mind had developed a deep and deepening fear of the unknown that lay beyond its "disconnected" awareness. It had forgotten that it is Infinite Love and that what lay outside of its apparent boundaries was also Infinite Love.

To ease its fear of the unknown, subconscious mind had created a collective thought projection, a sort of three D "movie", that I refer to as the Matrix. How this is done, collectively and individually, I will discuss when I get to the scientific research into the nature of reality and how we create it. The Matrix is a self contained system that has lost contact with the Infinite that exists beyond its illusory reality. In fact, it is the Infinite; everything is and can only be. But it has simply forgotten. The voice said that the key level of the Matrix is the repeating time loop that we know as the five sense world.

This is the "power station" that feeds the whole system. The loop was created to provide familiarity that eased the fear of the unknown and was a very much more pleasant experience at first than it is in our reality. When people are in fear, the voice went on, they find comfort in the familiar and predictable and this had happened on a collective level of subconscious mind. It was a way for consciousness to whistle in the dark, giving itself comfort in the familiar. What is humanity's biggest fear in our daily experience? Fear of the unknown. Subconscious mind created a dream world that was to become a nightmare.

Seven months after this experience in Brazil, I came across an ancient Hindu myth. It said human consciousness had begun as a ripple that decided to leave the ocean of consciousness the "timeless, spaceless and eternal". When it awakened to itself in this "disconnected" state, the myth said, it forgot that it was part of the infinite ocean and felt isolated and separated. This is basically what the voice told me had happened. Wilson Bryan Key described the human attitude to the unknown very well in The Age of Manipulation:

"Humans detest uncertainty. Uncertainties produce anxieties. To reduce anxiety, if no factual structure is readily available, humans will simply invent one or accept a ready to wear media reality structure ... these perceptions, of course, are fictional constructs".

The voice said that this emotional state had led collectively to the creation of the illusion the Matrix that humans believe to be real.

The Frankenstein Matrix.
At this point the Matrix and its five sense Time Loop were still only a collective mind projection of the type now being identified by the more enlightened expressions of science. This projection was dependent for its survival on subconscious mind continuing to hold that reality, much like a movie projector beaming on a screen. Once the projector is turned off (in this case the sense of reality changes) the movie disappears, too, and another is created to reflect the new sense of what is real.

How this is done can be explained very simply and I will do that in the next chapter. However, the thought projection itself took on a "life" of its own when it gained access to an energy source independent of that which was projecting it. This energy source, the voice went on, was fear. The Matrix, the projected reality of subconscious mind, absorbed the energy of fear generated particularly within the "five sense" Time Loop and took on a life and agenda of its own. That agenda was to generate as much fear as possible to empower itself even further. The Matrix became a Frankenstein.

The created or projected thought field had accessed an energy source to become a creator and projector of its own illusory reality. As these words were being spoken, I was shown scenes from the Disney cartoon movie, Tire Sorcerer's Apprentice, in which the sorcerer had created an entity to do all the jobs he didn't want to do, but then the entity had taken over events and become the sorcerer's controller. Subconscious mind created the Matrix/Time Loop as a predictable, familiar "world", but it had lost control. Both subconscious and conscious "five sense" mind were subject to the manipulation of this now self aware "entity" that the Matrix had become. "Humanity is controlled by deception?" the voice said.

"No, humanity is controlled by self deception." The subconscious had created the prison from its disconnected state of self deception and now it and the conscious mind were sitting in a cell of their own making, with the "cell" dictating events. The reason why the Matrix projection needs the energy of fear to empower itself is because it is fear, self aware fear, the voice said. It had been created originally by the fear of subconscious mind, and, as projected fear, this is the only energy source the Matrix entity could access and absorb. The more fear its manipulations generate through wars, conflict, stress, guilt and aggression etc., the greater its power to increase this cycle of fear production.

Reptilian programs.
The ultimate manipulator of the Matrix and its five sense Time Loop, the voice said, was the very fabric of the Matrix itself and its power source was the consciousness trapped within its vibrational walls. The Matrix was a self ware entity that was knowingly manipulating to ensure its own survival by generating the events necessary to produce the fear that empowered it.

Humans are/were indeed "batteries" or power stations for the Matrix and we are/were providing the power to maintain our own prison. The Reptilians did "exist", said the voice, but they were holographic thought-projections of the Matrix, very much like the agents or "sentient programs", that manipulate things in the Matrix movies.

They could either operate as a reptilian projection or hide behind an apparently "human" form, just as the sentient programs morph in and out of different human forms in the movies. Either way, the Reptilians and other projected agents of the Matrix were not "real" in consciousness terms; they were projections, thought fields or highly sophisticated software programs.

The existence of such thought projected holographic phenomena is now supported by scientific research and experiment, as we shall see. Holograms are projections of energy or "light" that appear to the observer to be a three dimensional form, but in fact they are a series of codes and wave patterns that only take on the illusion of 3D when a laser is shone upon them. Or in the case of the holographic projections in the Matrix, when they are observed into illusory reality by the human mind. In the next chapter I will explain how this works. It is so simple.

As I was told with great clarity in my second ayahuasca experience, the whole of five sense reality is a holographic illusion that only exists in a "solid" form because the human mind/brain makes it appear that way. The "3D" world of landscape, seas, buildings and human bodies, only exists in that form when we look at it! Otherwise it is a mass of vibrational fields and codes. In the movies, the Matrix is depicted from the outside as a series of green numbers and codes, while inside it is experienced as the sort of world we think we live in, with mountains, streets, cars, people and so on. That is a good analogy. I know this all sounds fantastic at first hearing, but these themes are now being confirmed at the cutting edge of scientific research.

The voice said that when the Reptilians absorbed human fear they were absorbing it for the Matrix itself because they are projections of the Matrix. But they were not aware of this. Indeed, the Reptilians, other "demonic entities", and the Illuminati hierarchy were not aware of who their ultimate master really was, but it is the Matrix itself. The manipulators were also being manipulated. The Reptilian "sentient programs" did not have human emotions, the voice said, because they were just that, "sentient programs", and are not conscious in the way humans are conscious. "If you programmed a computer to kill children, would that computer have any emotional problems with that?" the voice asked.

No, it would just follow the programming because computers do not have emotion. They do what they are programmed to do. It was the same with the Illuminati and the "Reptilians" they were, in effect, like highly sophisticated computer software. They were like digital people implanted in the movies alongside human actors. They appear to be the same, but they are not. Unemotional computers can process information faster and more efficiently than human conscious minds in a disconnected state, and, in the same way, the sentient program projections of the Matrix have been able to out fox and out think humans.

But this can only continue until humanity remembers who it really is and where it really comes from, and reconnects with its true and infinite self. Then the projected holographic manipulators will have intelligence akin to counting beads compared with human potential and, as I was told, that moment is fast approaching. This is what happened symbolically to the Neo character in the first Matrix movie when he awakened to the illusion of life and death and the dream world he had been living in. Once he reached that point of reconnected awareness, the agents, the sentient programs, all powerful until then, were suddenly no problem to overcome.

Love does not abandon.
The voice said that the Matrix, and particularly the five sense Time Loop, had become so vibrationally dense, and the imprisoned consciousness so lost in the illusion, that the Infinite One was intervening in the "game". Control of the Matrix and the Time Loop were in the process of being dismantled so that entrapped consciousness could return "home" to conscious reconnection with the Infinite. I heard many times in my altered, but self aware state "Love does not abandon." There were no chosen ones whom "God" had selected.

There was no "God" as humans perceived it, only the infinity or "Oneness" of existence. "All would be gathered in", the voice said, "and no sheep would be left in the field alone." The Infinite was the balance of all things, while the Matrix was calculated and manipulated imbalance, in which Oneness had been divided into polarities and dualities of "light" and "dark", "good" and "bad", male and female and all the rest. These polarised states of duality not only offered the massive potential for fear and conflict, they also ensured that such imbalance and division would disconnect mind from a sense of balance and Oneness the Infinite. Without such division and polarised reality there could be no Matrix.

The process of removing the Matrix control was well advanced, the voice said. Expressions of the Infinite had entered the Matrix and especially its densest level, the Time Loop, to anchor the energy that would break up the fear vibration that held it together. These expressions of the Infinite taking human form had not been aware of their role for most of their "physical" lives and many were still not. This was because they had to experience the emotional and mental states that held humanity in disconnected servitude and in doing so attune themselves to the low vibrational frequencies of these states of being.

When this was done the Infinite could feed its energy of Oneness and balance through such "people" and transform those mental and emotional frequencies on which the Matrix and the Time Loop depend. This is represented in the cover of the book by the hole in the Time Loop/Matrix. After the first session of ayahuasca in which these matters were addressed, I recalled a communication I had been given through a psychic in 1990 that said:

"I feel you are sensing now the energies coming in, the energies surrounding your planet. This is causing many of you to ask questions. It is causing many of you to re-evaluate completely your way of life, where you feel you wish to go, what you want to do. It is causing tremendous upheavals. Some of these upheavals are very confusing, very distressing, very disturbing. Some people in partnerships are finding they can no longer continue in those partnerships because their partners cannot tune into what they are tuning into. It is causing a great deal of disturbance ...

"... As the consciousness level of your planet raises itself, those of you light workers who are working to raise your consciousness, you will be able to hold more and more refined vibrations, and so we will be able to use you as a catalyst to be able to feed in more and more energies."

This was a more basic version of what I learned in these ayahuasca experiences. Valerie Hunt, professor of kinesiology at the University of California in Los Angeles, has developed the use of technology to measure the human energy field and this has confirmed that a person's state of mind affects their vibrational speed or frequency. Those focussed only on five sense reality are the lowest and the more people are using their higher senses - the higher the frequency of their energy field. This is the reason for the phrase ... "As the consciousness level of your planet raises itself, those of you light workers who are working to raise your consciousness, you will be able to hold more and more refined vibrations."

Or, as the voice told me, the more the Infinite expressed itself in the Matrix through its incarnate aspects, the more people would begin to feel its manifestation and be transformed by its harmony and balance to awaken and remember who and what they really are. The veil of ignorance would lift from their vibrational "eyes" and they would remember they were all that exists - the One. This is the transformation of the "Truth Vibrations" that I was told about when my mind was first blown in 1990. As I have travelled the world since then, I have seen how this phenomenon has become so apparent and continues to gather pace by the day, I was told that the transformation of entrapped consciousness, from the Illusion of disconnected limitation to reconnected infinity, is now happening.

The voice emphasised that this was not a "maybe" and that we were seeing the last desperate death throes of Matrix control. "Do you think the Infinite is going to have problem with George Bush?" it said, laughing. This did not mean that we just had to sit around and wait for all this to happen. We were the Infinite and we all had roles to play in the transformation of this reality. The Infinite was expressing itself at Eleven Levels of the Matrix as those in conscious awareness exposed its illusions. I was told that the most important level of the Matrix that had to be transformed was the "five sense" Time Loop.

This was the densest level and it acted as an "anchor", or like a light that captivates the moths, and it provided most of the "fear energy" that sustained the Matrix entity. The transformation was being brought about by infusing Infinite Oneness into the vibrational concrete, and free the "freeze vibration" I was told about in 1990. This was why people were changing and this would continue and increase apace until we were experiencing a very different reality to the one we currently "see".

Words were only necessary to keep the five sense "mind" occupied while the energy infusions did their work, the voice told me. I was shown a scene of myself standing on a stage in a theatre. I was saying nothing and the audience were looking at each other in bewilderment. The voice said, laughing "You only speak words because if you did not, the audience would be sitting there asking "when is he going to start?" not knowing that you already had!" Unseen energy was the real transformer, not human language. That was only to keep the five sense mind happy. More and more people are waking up and this is why a vibrational change is unfolding ever more quickly.

The voice said the reason there was such an effort underway to imprison humanity even further in the fast emerging global fascist state or New World Order was a desperate attempt to hold the game together and stop the awakening people especially through the microchips that are designed to artificially suppress the quickening vibrations of awakening humanity. What the manipulators did not realise, I was told, is what they are dealing with. They are ignorant of the true background to the "game" in which they, too, are pawns. The voice said.

"This transformation is not a maybe, it is not something that might happen or we hope will happen if things go according to "plan". It is happening now and the power and speed of the change will become ever more profound and obvious. What you are seeing is the last desperate attempt of the "Matrix" to stop the inevitable, that's all. The transformation from prison to paradise is a done deal."

Remember who you are.
These words were thought fields decoded by my mind and so the language is something like I would use in my own speech. An Italian or an Egyptian would decode them in their language, as I explained earlier. On the second night I took an increased dose of ayahuasca and at first the feeling of screaming and nausea returned. This time I was with the rest of the group, and as I began to enter an altered state, I asked Zoe if he would come with me back to my room to avoid disrupting the others.

There I was, screaming out more frustration and heaving without being sick. I stood out on the balcony looking out at the trees, heaving into the darkness. From out of nowhere I said to my nauseous body "I love you" and with that the nausea left me and the need to scream in frustration lifted from me also. It sounds cheesy, but that is what happened. I felt calm and at peace again and went back to the round house to rejoin the others. The most profound night of my life was about to begin.

As I lay down with my eyes closed, I began to see the swirling colours and images again and for a time they had a very Chinese feel about them. Then I began to hear a voice as clear as can be. Not some distant "what did it say?" type of voice, but a loud and powerful one, more so than anything I had experienced. It was female and spoke with great dignity, assurance and clarity. "David", it said, "We are going to take you to where you come from, so you can remember who you are." With that I was taken to a realm of indescribable bliss. There was no "time" and there was no "Place".

Everything just was. I had no body, I was only consciousness, and I was everything. There were no divisions, no polarities, no black and white, no us and them. I was infinite, but I was also completely self aware, as an "individual" with my own point of observation within the whole. This is what we all are and if only people could experience the bliss of Oneness, the world of the five senses would be transformed in an instant. The energy was not vibrating as it does in the Matrix. I experienced it as either stillness or as the waves of an ocean moving in slow motion and in perfect harmony. "This is the Infinite, David", the voice said, "This is where you come from and this is where you shall return." The following words then began to repeat over and over in my mind:

"Infinite Love is the only truth - everything else is illusion;

Infinite Love is the only truth - everything else is illusion;

Infinite Love is the only truth - everything else is illusion."

At one point I began to form a question in my mind. I was going to say "You really mean everything?" But before the thought could form, the voice interrupted "Infinite Love is the only truth everything else is illusion; no buts, no exceptions, that's it." This word "love" has connotations in which it is often perceived as weak or naive I hear people say, "You need more than love, mate." But let me define what is meant by love in the context of Infinite Love. It is the balance of all. Infinite Oneness is the only truth, everything else is illusion would be another way of saying it.

Therefore, Infinite "Love" is also Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Everything. I was told how humanity had been manipulated to identify itself with illusory "personalities" and not as the Infinite that we are. This had trapped people in the illusions of a disconnected state. The voice would return to this theme, as it communicated with me constantly through the hours that night. "Why do you think you needed to scream and try to throw up?" I was asked. "Do you feel any frustration or anger in this place?" No, I did not. "Do you have any worries or fear or guilt where you are now?"

No, I didn't, there was only harmony peace, love and bliss. "Frustration, anger, fear, guilt and pain are only illusions, figments of disconnected mind", the voice said. "They don't exist except in your imagination." It went on "Do you think the Infinite you are now experiencing needs to throw up?" No. "Do you think the Infinite ever gets ill?" No. Of course not, these states are only illusions of the conditioned mind." Later in the night I began to feel a little nauseous again and immediately the voice said:

"Where is your nausea coming from?
Do you think the Infinite is feeling nauseous now? So you must be identifying with your body. It's an illusion, David, your body is an Illusion, and so must be the nausea you think you are feeling in your body. If your body does not exist how can nausea or pain? These are illusions and they only exist in the minds of those caught in the Matrix."

Time to confuse.
"With that, the nausea left me, never to return. The voice told me more about the Matrix and the Time Loop. It said that the illusion of "time" was necessary to maintain imprisoned consciousness in a disconnected state. While people related to the movement of "time", they could not relate to the Infinite One that was "no time". The Matrix entity, "self aware fear", had created an illusion of time to trap its prey, its prisoners, in a state of disconnection in which they would forget who they were.

I was told that while the five sense Time Loop created the illusion of "time" moving "forward" most powerfully within the Matrix, the other "non physical" levels also had versions of this. The voice said that human psychics and mediums may make contact with entities that say their realms do not have "time", as we know it, and those who have had so called "out of body" and "near, death experiences", may say that in their out of body slate there was no "time". But the very vibrational nature of the Matrix was different to the truly "no time" state of the Infinite and in a sense manipulated "time" was prevalent throughout the Matrix.

I got the impression that the detail of what was meant here was beyond the ability of human language to express. The out of body experiencers often spoke of being in a place of "no time" because what they were feeling was such a different version of "time" to that of the Time Loop. It appeared that they were experiencing no time" when it was a different version of "time". The Time Loop produced the most fear to sustain the Matrix because the five sense reality most fundamentally identified with time and the movement from "past" to "future". Those experiencing the Time Loop were the most thoroughly disconnected from their no time self, the Infinite. Everything in the Time Loop was geared to indoctrinating the "time" illusion.

"Do you think the Infinite gets old?" asked the voice. "Human minds are programmed to believe that their bodies age and so they do and this strengthens the illusion more than anything of passing from past to future." Nothing aged in truth because there was no time, no past and no future. Only illusion draws a pension, it said. DNA also carried the programming of aging that the mind accepts as its reality, but DNA was also an illusion. "Do you think the Infinite has DNA or worries about its cancer gene? Illusion!" At one stage during the night I saw the Moon appearing above the clouds and the voice said:

"Ah the Moon, the Moon, how the poets wax lyrical about the Moon, the Moon. Illuuusion! The Moon is a holographic projection to give the illusion of the movement from past to future, the passage of "time". That is what it is there for, to capture the mind in the time illusion. Do you think the Infinite needs the Sun to survive? Do you see a Sun in this place you are now? You are the Infinite so why do you need the Sun to sustain you? You are the Infinite and all is the Infinite. Why do you feel heat from the rays of the Sun? Because that is what the Matrix mind and body is programmed and conditioned to feel and so it does. It is all illusion. The Sun and Moon are projected holograms to provide the illusion of night and day the movement of time".

I was told that what we call the universe is a holographic illusion akin to looking up at the "sky" projected on the ceiling of a planetarium. The only difference was that in the "universe" the projections appeared to be in 3D because they were holograms. The "universe" was a figment of our conditioned imagination, the voice said, and it was only part of our reality because we believed it was. The universe was also far smaller than people perceived. "Look at the sky in a planetarium and it seems so vast, yet it only goes as high as the ceiling."

Then the voice said "Do you think that's the Earth you're lying on now? Mmmm. Illuuusion!" As with everything in the Time Loop and throughout the Matrix, the Earth was a holographic projection and so was its illusory "surface". "You are lying on the Earth now only because you think you are", the voice said. If you are new to all this and think how unbelievable and fantastic it is, you are going to be amazed how much scientific evidence is now coming to light to confirm that this is correct. "Remember always", said the voice, "Infinite Love is the only truth, everything else is illusion."

It went on: if it vibrates, it is illusion!

The Infinite does not vibrate; it is the harmony and Oneness of all. Only illusion vibrates that which is created by the imagination and delusion of mind."

Laws of Illusion.
I was told that the "laws" of physics were also illusions. "There are no laws of physics", said the voice. "The scientists create illusory "laws" to measure an illusory universe." There were no "laws" of any kind because everything just is. "Do you think the Infinite needs "laws" through which to express itself?" The laws of physics and mathematics and all the others that "govern" the physical and non physical worlds were the creations of misguided mind. If the scientists believe in such "laws" that will be their experience. Not because the laws exist, but because the scientists, and through them the people in general, believe them to exist and so they appear to.

But this continues only until someone comes along and changes the belief, the collective reality, and then such "laws" cease to apply. It has been shown again and again that the beliefs of the scientists performing an experiment will affect the outcome of the experiment. The nearest thing there is to a "law", is, this what you believe, this is what you will see and experience. The voice explained how what we perceive to be a "solid" world only exists because we believe it does. This "world" is not "out there", it is "in here" in our minds. Scientific experiments have shown that we do not see up to 50%, and more, of what comes "through" our eyes because it is filtered out by the temporal lobes of the brain on the basis of our conditioned belief before it gets to the visual cortex, the point at which we actually "see".

It is our brain that sees, not our eyes. The eyes only provide information and it is the mind that decides what to make of it. So whatever our mind/brain is conditioned to see or not see, it will. When we think we are in a "conscious" state going about our lives, we are, in fact, experiencing a dream every bit as much as those we experience in our sleep. It's just a different dream.

Other levels of me, might well be saying to each other, right now, that they have just had this strange dream in which they were sitting at a computer writing something about drinking a plant and living in a Time Loop! What we think we "see" is just a dream. Infinite Love is the only truth - everything else is illusion. The Illuminati (i.e. ultimately the Matrix entity) use this understanding of the mind to manipulate our sense of reality and maintain the population in ongoing control. They tell people what they should see and so they do. This is the fundamental role of the "norms" (official "truths") I have spoken and written about so widely. It is also why the authorities are desperate to remove or discredit those who challenge the norms, because in doing so, they offer another vision of possibility that allows people to "see" a different reality.

I ain't got no body.
Our bodies are holographic illusions that do not really exist in the way that we think we see and experience them, the voice said. We only have to eat and drink, because we and our bodies are programmed (through conditioning and the DNA) and believe that we do need to eat. We only have to breathe for the same reason. Yes, if we stopped breathing we would "die", but this was not because we have to die. It only happened because our conditioned minds and bodies believe that will be the outcome and so that is what they create. "Do you think the Infinite sits down to dinner?" the voice said, "Do you think the Infinite has to breathe or it will die?" So why, the voice asked, do those" in the Time Loop? Answer: because they identify who they are and their sense of possibility with being a physical "personality" subordinate to illusory "laws" and not with being what they really are - The Infinite One.

The voice offered an example of the chasm between perceived reality and finite self

"Why do you need to fly around in aircraft? You are point A and you are point B and you are everything in between. Why then do you need to use an aircraft to fly through yourself?"

"Law of the Wild" illuuuusion!
The "laws" of nature were also illusions, said the voice. "Why do people have such a problem understanding why a "loving God" would create "laws" of nature, laws of the wild, in which everything was based on killing and survival?" There appeared to be such a contradiction between "Divine love" and the carnage and fear written into the very fabric of "nature". But there was no contradiction, the voice said, because the "laws of nature" were the creation of the Matrix, not the Infinite. "Do you think the Infinite, where you are now, would wish to see anything suffer and live in fear - never mind create a structure in which this happened as a matter of course?"

Nature was another holographic projection that was only "real" because we were conditioned to believe it was. The "laws" of the natural world reflected the state of being of its creator, the Matrix entity; a state of fear and desperation to survive. There were, the voice said, some apparently beautiful expressions of nature on "Planet Earth" and so long as we realised they were illusions they could be enjoyed. But we should be careful not to become mesmerised by what we see on Earth or we would become like a moth hypnotised by a light, trapped by illusions that held us in a disconnected state. The message was enjoy what you see, but remember that what you "see" is merely what you think you see. An illusion can only control you when you think it is real.

The new age Matrix.
If you are interested in "New Age" thought or some of the Eastern religions and philosophies the next bit might be a bit of a surprise. The voice explained to me that the vast majority of "incarnate" consciousness that left the "physical" body at what we call "death - did not consciously reconnect with the Infinite. Instead it moved to other "non physical" dimensions of the Matrix. Consciousness may have withdrawn from the Time Loop, but it was still in the flytrap, albeit a less dense expression of it. Reincarnation was the cycle of consciousness moving in and out of the Time Loop from other levels of the Matrix.

The concept of reincarnation is another creation of the Matrix entity to hold consciousness in a cycle of servitude while believing it is "evolving" through experience in line with the New Age belief. "Do you think the Infinite has to reincarnate?" the voice said. "Consciousness in the Matrix is also the Infinite, so why does that have to reincarnate?" It doesn't, it just believes that it does. As with the saying "death is no cure for ignorance", so this is why consciousness in other levels of the Matrix was also trapped by illusions.

When consciousness withdrew from the "physical" body it did not become immediately re-enlightened. That depended on its reality. In the five sense realm, what we think we should see, is what we appear to see and experience. This, the voice explained, is what also happened in other frequencies of the Matrix. If consciousness left the body believing totally that it was going to the heaven of Jesus and the Christian version of God, this would be its experience; that is what it would "see" because that is what it believed it would see.

It was the same with the other religious beliefs, so the Matrix maintains a Christian "heaven", Islamic "heaven", Hindu "heaven" and Jewish "heaven", etc. But these were nothing more than figments of expectation. Only that which was free of conditioned belief was able to transcend the vibratory illusions of the Matrix and become consciously one with the Infinite. Belief was the prison, and other levels of the Matrix were different levels of illusion. This meant that the overwhelming majority of information "channelled" through psychics in the Time Loop was from consciousness still caught in the Matrix. This might know more than those in the Time Loop density, but it was still in the web of illusion.

I was shown a picture of people symbolically dropping from the sky onto a footpath across a field. The voice said that because consciousness in the Matrix was caught in a cycle of moving in and out of the Time Loop through "reincarnation", they were not only conditioned by the beliefs of one "physical" lifetime. They were conditioned by endless experiences in the Time Loop and between these "physical" excursions they were in another form of illusory state. So they were already conditioned even as they returned to the Time Loop reality for still more conditioning.

This was why humanity dropped into the conditioned, servile state so easily. They had been there many times before. As these words were being spoken, I saw the footpath being worn away by the trampling feet going over the same ground until the path looked like a sort of record groove. It went ever deeper and the figures walking the path went down and down into the dark "groove" until they disappeared. "is it any wonder that humans, look up for their God?" the voice said. "It is the only place where they can see any light!"

The voice told me how "New Age" thought and some philosophies of the East and native peoples were more enlightened than those of the purely Time Loop religions and sciences of mainstream society. The "New Age" reality understood that the "physical" realm was only one dimension of existence and there were many more beyond the vibrational walls of human senses. That was good, but what was not understood is that these other vibrating dimensions were still levels of the Matrix. They provided the constant "supply" of consciousness to inhabit the Time Loop and generate the fear necessary to keep the Matrix "alive".

New Age beliefs in a "Great White Brotherhood" or an "Ashtar Command" communicating with their chosen people were manipulations of the Time Loop from other levels of the Matrix. In fact, some were even communications from within the Time Loop planted in the minds of the "psychic" by mind control and forms of technological "telepathy". When psychics, like those in stage shows and television, were communicating with the deceased relatives of the audience, they were contacting levels of the Matrix very close to the Time Loop reality. Their other frequency communicators may realise that there are other "worlds" beyond the "physical", but they were still in the realms of Matrix delusion.

They communicated about going to "Halls of Learning" in their non physical world and how the Earth was a spiritual "university" where people came to learn some tough lessons and work out their "karma". This was illusion, the voice said, total illuuuuusion! "Do you think the Infinite has to go to school to learn anything when it knows everything there is to know?" the voice said. As for "karma", the idea that you experience what you have made others experience, the voice asked "Why should the Infinite have to experience what it has made itself experience?" The idea of karma was a Matrix manipulation to indoctrinate beliefs in the passage of "time", it's my karma from a past life, or I am building karma for the future and to maintain people in a state of guilt and self-loathing. "Infinite Love does not judge itself or loathe itself - these are illusions of disconnection."

What sign are you? Er, all of them.
The voice then turned to astrology. Yes, it said, astrology appeared to "work" in the sense that certain types of "personality" and traits could be predicted by the illusory "time" and "place" of a person's birth in the "year" (a classic illusion of the Time Loop). But why was this? Astrology "read" the vibrational fields of the Time Loop and while it could do this effectively in skilled hands, it was still a Matrix illusion that was based on division, not Oneness.

Astrology, said the voice, was a creation of the Matrix to manipulate people to identify still more powerfully with their illusory "personality". I am a Taurus, a Leo a Capricorn or whatever. It emphasised the idea of division, of parts, not the whole. "Do you think the Infinite has its astrology read?" asked the voice. "Do you think it consults a psychic about its "future" or visits a tarot card reader?" These were all identifications with the "physical" personality and such "forward" predictions were peering down the Time Loop, that's all.

Psychics were extremely useful in showing people that "death" is an illusion, and the best of them, those connecting with the Infinite beyond the Matrix could bring profound and mind freeing information into the Time Loop, it said. But if people believed what the psychic or tarot reader said would happen, they could make it happen. What people believed was what they "saw" and experienced.

In fact, we all have the power to create whatever reality we choose. As I was hearing these words, I was shown a symbolic scene of the Infinite sitting at a table when someone brought the morning paper. The Infinite turned to the list of birth signs on the astrology page and said "Oh my goodness, this will take me all morning because I am all of them." Since that time I have refused to identify with my "astrology" and instead have identified only with being all that is. If I don't identify with being a "Taurus" or "Aries" or "David Icke" I begin to release myself from such influences and limitations.

The New Age and mainstream religions have a belief in the existence of "light" and "dark". But there was no "light" or "dark", the voice said. These were illusions. The belief that light was needed to balance the darkness was utterly misguided and a belief in the existence of "light" was as divisive as a belief in the existence of "dark". To believe in the "light" means you must also believe in the "dark" and so belief in the "light" also creates the illusion of its perceived polarity, dark. Once more these were figments of disconnected mind.

Light and dark were illusions of the Matrix designed to cause division, conflict and fear. The Infinite was not light any more than it was dark. It was the balance of all things. It is not "good" nor "bad", "light" nor "dark", black nor white, male nor female, it just is, the Oneness of all.

Neither were there any "demons", the voice said. These were projections from the mind of the Matrix and the creation of human minds that accepted their existence. "Demons only manifest in minds that believe in them." If Infinite Love was the only truth and everything else was illusion, how could demons be anything, but illusions?

They were holograms projected from the imagination of frightened and manipulated minds. The idea that the "light" must "fight" the "dark" and the demons - only reinforced the belief in their perceived existence. There was no need to "fight" anything and those who did so were only giving what they fight more power by confirming it was "real". If people didn't like their life experience they should perceive another reality and the manifestations of the present one would disappear. You don't like your dream? Then dream something else.

"Why ask when you know?
The voice emphasised that to free ourselves from the illusions of the Matrix we had to identify with being the Infinite and not a fragment of mind stuffed inside a body. There was no David Icke, only Infinite consciousness. If we relate to being the Infinite and not some hologram dreamed into imaginary "existence", the Matrix will no longer control us. Stop asking questions, the voice said, and start knowing the answers.

It didn't mean rhetorical questions to illustrate a point, but those that come from the belief that we don't know something. "You are the Infinite so you know everything; do you think the Infinite asks questions when it knows all there is to know?" Whenever we identified with limitation, ignorance and our illusory personality we were disconnecting from the Infinite that knows all and is all. When we ask questions we are accepting that we don't know the answer.

Would the Infinite do that? Stop asking the question and you will know the answer, the voice said, and, modifying a line from the first Matrix movie, it added "It's not the question that drives you mad, it is asking it." The psychiatrist, R.D. Laing, once said "If I do not know I know, I think I do not know." People so lack confidence in themselves, that they look to others to tell them what to think, but if they could free their minds of such doubt and limitation, they would simply "know". Don't think it, know it. Don't ask it, know it.

Dreaming our lives away.
Since Brazil, I have understood more about the nature of our dream world reality. I walked along a beach on one occasion in an altered state on a beautiful sunny day thanks to "magic mushrooms". It is the only other time I have taken anything to access an altered reality. The voice said to me "Look around you, does it not seem like a dream? Does it not feel like a dream that you have in sleep?" It certainly did and later the "memory" of the experience was extremely dream like.

Did it happen? Was it really all a dream? It was like walking through a painting, a reality "bubble", and laughter came far easier than it does in the purely five sense state. What I found interesting was the way that "this world" phenomena could bring me out of the altered state in an instant. I was walking along enjoying my expanded reality when I saw a police car and began to think of the authoritarian system. Immediately I was out of my altered state and back "here". Later I began to think about something relating to fear and the same happened. Whenever I checked the "time" on my watch I was kicked out of the altered state as I related to the reality of the Time Loop.

This allowed me to understand more of how the Time Loop/Matrix holds us in a manipulated reality and why the system is structured as it is. Interest in psychoactive substances exploded in the sixties with the use of drugs like LSD, but they largely became an escape from this reality rather than a bridge to a new one. I don't want to escape this reality, I want to change it, and experiencing altered states can help us to understand the game we are dealing with. Those who have studied the effects of drugs like LSD from this perspective have certainly learned a great deal more about reality than they would otherwise have done.

One is Stanislav Grof, the author of The Holotropic Mind," and a former professor at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. He was a founder of the International Transpersonal Association and has developed a means of taking people into altered states called Holotropic Breathwork. Grof was a convinced materialist and atheist until he began studying the effects of LSD in the 1950s as he sought to establish if there were any medical benefits.

He was to continue his research for decades to come. In his first experience on LSD, he had what he called "an extraordinary encounter with my subconscious". He realised immediately that the unyielding "truth" of the scientific establishment, taught as fact in the schools and universities, was a fantasy

"Traditional science holds the belief that organic matter and life grew from the chemical ooze of the primeval ocean solely through the random interactions of atoms and molecules. Similarly, it is argued that matter was organized into living cells, and cells into complex multicellular organisms with central nervous systems, solely by accident and "natural selection". And somehow, along with these explanations, the assumptions that consciousness is a by product of material processes occurring in the brain has become one of the most important metaphysical tenets of the Western worldview.

"As modern science discovers the profound interactions between creative intelligence and all levels of reality, this simplistic image of the universe becomes increasingly untenable. The probability that human consciousness and our infinitely complex universe could have come into existence through random interactions of inert matter has aptly been compared to that of a tornado blowing through a junkyard and accidentally assembling a 747 jumbo jet."

Itzhak Bentov calls this mindset the " giraffe syndrome" in his book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum. The term is inspired by the story of a man who sees a giraffe for the first time with its enormous height, neck and legs. It is such a challenge to his reality that he dismisses it as impossible and rejects the idea that such an animal could exist. Stanislav Grof conducted some 4,000 LSD sessions and 20,000 with his Holotropic Breathwork, which involves a combination of breathing techniques, sound, bodywork and artistic expression.

This has, Grof says, an "extraordinary potential for opening the way for exploring the entire spectrum of the inner world." What fascinated him were the remarkable states of consciousness his subjects and clients have been able to access. They have experienced what it is like to be animals and plants, and they have described intricate details of their genetics and behaviour that later proved to be 100% correct. They have even experienced being an atom or a blood cell, seeing inside the Sun, and what it was like for them in the womb and the birth canal.

Others have said they became the consciousness of the whole cosmos and I know exactly what that is like myself. How was this possible? Because we are the cosmos, we are every cell and atom, and there is no "past" or "future". The five sense prison the Time Loop disconnects us from the understanding that we are all One. Indeed this perception of division is the prison.

In these altered states beyond the five senses we can regain our conscious connection to the Infinite and experience any expression of the Infinite, and be anything in all existence. Look at the ocean. We give it different names like the Pacific or the Indian, as we give ourselves names like Bill Jones or David Icke. But these "different" oceans are the same water, as we are the same consciousness. So where is the ocean? Is it crashing on the coast of India? Is it lapping on a beach in Jamaica? Is it the Roaring Forties or the South China Sea? It is all of them and so it can experience all of them. We are the infinite consciousness that is everything. Where are we? Are we the tree in the garden? Are we the forest down the road? Are we the Sun or the sky? Are we the reflection we see in the mirror or the raindrops on our face?

We are all of them because we are an expression of the seamless One and we can experience any aspect of the seamless One that we are. We have been manipulated to believe we are isolated "individual" droplets when we are the ocean. We are not even part of the ocean, we are the ocean. When you place a droplet back in the water, where does the droplet end and the ocean start? There is no division, the droplet becomes the ocean. This knowledge has been communicated by the enlightened throughout human existence, but official science has denied its validity.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, said that human beings were like people sitting in a cave always facing a wall. The universe was the shadows projected onto the wall, illusions that the people mistake for reality. The only reality or truth was the light consciousness that made the shadows possible. The ancient Vedic works of India make the same point. The eighth century Hindu mystic, Shankara, said "This entire universe of which we speak and think is nothing but Brahman [infinite consciousness]. Brahman dwells beyond the range of Maya [illusion]. There is nothing else."

I had known this since my transformation began in Peru, but in the Amazon I experienced it like never before. People often say that the more they know, the more they realise there is to know. But once you reach the threshold of understanding, the opposite is the case. The more you know, the less you need to know, because it is all so simple Infinite Love is the only truth - everything else is illusion.

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