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~ One Hundred Selected Poems ~

Gerardus Everardus Tros

Foreword by Gerardus...
The poems in this presentation have been arranged in the order they have been written. The depth and nature of the poems therefore indicate the changes I experienced during the time they were produced. I wrote more than seven-hundred-and-forty poems, but only one hundred are presented here. The quality of the first poems and the later ones, differ in depth and conviction and in a way all my poems are my children. Therefore, it is hard to tell which ones I love more than others.

Many of the poems practically wrote themselves. All I had to do was be still long enough for them to come through.   At that time I was totally amazed where they all came from. Often I thought that I had become that good all of a sudden. This naturally was not so, for all I did was function as a channel for the Soul I really am. I hope that many of my poems speak to the Soul you really are - and if so - they really come from you!

The poems in all their simplicity and profoundness form a course in metaphysics just by themselves. It is possible therefore to go through them one by one, and learn more than by reading a stack of books. The poems in this presentation are aspects of my Higher Self and with great pleasure do I dedicate them to:

- The World of Man and his infinite Endeavors -

Only because of the overwhelming performance of my Benefactors have my poems been realized.   Humbly I acknowledge the changes and growth that took place in this lifetime, in which I wrote so many poems and other works...

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Enjoy... Soul... Enjoy...