The Lightwork-l Book List...

   The list was compiled by the Members of lightwork-l in 1995. We decided
   that each of us should pick three of our favorites books and put them
   on this list.  The data was collected by Gerardus who made the final
   list...  Pleasant reading!

                These Book Lists ares more than 12 years old.   
                    They are not kept up to date anymore.

                    * * *  LightWork-L Book List * * *

   Books were chosen by the members of LightWork-L during June/July 1995

                         Books are in Random Order

   01) The Star Seed Transmissions              - Ken Carey

   02) The Keys of Enoch                        - JJ Hurtak

   03) Joy Riding the Universe         (can't remember the author)

   04) Grandmothers of Light                    - Paula Gunn Allen
       * Native America Woman's Spirituality and Oral traditions *

   05) Shamanic Healing                         - Marie-Lu Lorler
       * Healing techniques through the Medicine Wheel *

   06) Earth -
       Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library     - Barbara Marcinack

   07) The Holographic Universe                 - Michael Talbot
       * The concept of the Universe as Hologram/Science/Reality *

   08) Seth Speaks                              - Jane Roberts
       * The Eternal Validity of the Soul *

   09) New Cells, New Bodies, NEW LIFE          - Virginia Essene
       * Incredible Data about Humanity and our Future *

   10) Bringers of the Dawn                     - Barbara Marciniak.
       * Great reality jolt/Pleiadian channeled material *

   11) Nothing in This Book is True,
       But It's the Way Things Really Are       - Bob Frissell.
       * Sacred geometry/merkabah meditation explained *

   12) Preparing for Contact:                   - Lyssa Roya
       A Metamorphosis of Consciousness         - Keith Priest
       * Pleiadian channel/recognizing contacts/energy frequency *

   13) Sons of God                              - Christine Mercie

   14) Physical Immortality                     - Leonard Orr

   15) Ye Are Gods                              - Annalee Skarin

   16) The Medium, the Mystic, the Physicist    - Lawrence Le Shan

   17) Hyperspace                               - Michio Kaku

   18) Unveiled Mysteries                       - Godfrey Ray King
       * Story with Saint Germain as a character *

   19) Illusions,                               - Richard Bach
       * The Adventures of a Reluctant Messia *

   20) Initiation                               - Elizabet Hatch
       * Story of a woman remembering a past life as priestess *

   21) Many Lives Many Masters                  - Dr. Brian L. Weiss

   22) Tibetan Book of Living and Dying         - Sogyal Rinpoche

   23) Dancing in the Light                     - Shirley Maclaine

   24) Mutant Message from Down Under           - Marlo Morgan

   25) Siddhartha                               - Herman Hesse

   26) The Tracker                              - Tom Brown, Jr.

   27) Tiger's Fang                             - Paul Twitchell

   28) The Path to Purity,            - Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga
                                      - Translated by Pe Maung Tin

   29) Thought Forms                  - C.W.Leadbeater & Annie Bessant

   30) ET 101                                   - Mission Control

   31) The Awakening                  - Extraterrestrial Earth Mission

   32) The Prysm of Lyra                        - Royal Priest

   33) Care of the Soul                         - Thomas Moore
       * Keen, warm and heartfelt insights into self/life *

   34) The Flame of Attention                   - Jiddu Krishnamurti
       * Attentiveness as a precursor of personal transformation *

   35) Bashar: Blueprint for Change             - Darryl Anka
       * Personal abc's in transformation *

   36) Peter Pan                                - J.M. Barrie

   37) Gooberz                                  - Linda Goodman

   38) Autobiography of a Yogi                  - Paramahansa Yogananda

   39) Ask Your Angels      - Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, Andrew Ramer

   40) Opening to Channel:                      - Sanaya Roman
       How to Connect with Your Guide           - Duane Packer

   41) Hands of Light:                          - Barbara Ann Brennan
       A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

   42) Journeys Out of the Body                 - Robert Monroe
       * A good primer on astral travel *

   43) Beyond Prophecies and Predictions        - Moira Timms
       * A comprehensive overview of Earth changes *

   44) Agartha                                  - Merideth Lady Young
       * About becoming a channel, and some satisfying meditations *

   45) The Book of Mirdad                       - Mikha'il Nu`aymah

   46) Island                                   - Aldous Huxley

   47) Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming    - Stephen LaBerge,
                                                - Howard Rheingold.

   48) The Law of One, Vol I - IV               - Don Elkins
                                                - Carla Rueckert
                                                - James McCarty
       * Channeling from a 6th density societal memory complex *

   49) Medicine Woman                           - Lynn Andrews

   50) The Art of Dreaming                      - Carlos Castaneda

   51) The Eagle's Gift                         - Carlos Castaneda

   52) The Prophet                              - Kalil Gibran

   53) Johnathon Livingston Seagull             - Richard Bach

   54) The Bible                                - The Human Race

   55) More Than Sparrows                       - Mary Welch
       * How God supplies our needs, an antidote to worry *

   56) Darkness Visible                         - William Golding.
       * About how things aren't what they seem to be *

   57) Lord of the Rings                        - J.R.R. Tolkein
       * British mythology/modern symbolic history of Middle Earth*

   58) Kryon: The End Times                     - Lee Carroll

   59) Queen of the Sun:  A Modern Revelation   - E.J. Michael

   60) The Celestine Prophesy                   - James Redfield

   61) Living with Joy                          - Sanaya Roman
       * Channelled by Orin *

   62) I Come as a Brother                      - Bartholomew
       * Channelled, very loving *

   63) Crystal Stair and Inner Door             - Eric Klein
       * Channeled by Ascended Masters about Ascension *

   64) Science, Order, and Creativity           - David Bohm
       * New Look at the Roots of Creativity *  - F. David Peat

   65) Far Journeys                             - Robert Monroe
       * Further adventures in the OBE state *

   66) Tao to Earth                             - Jose Stevens
       * Michael's Guide to Relationships and Growth *

   67) Earth to Tao                             - Jose Stevens
       * Michael's Guide to Healing and Spiritual Awakening *

   68) Searching for Light                      - Carol Heideman
       * Michael's Information for a Time of Change *

   69) The Greatest Miracle in the World        - Og Mandino
       * Contains the God Memorandum. Great inspirational story *

   70) Dossier on the Ascension          - Serapis Bey (Summit U.)

   71) The Return of the Dove:                  - Diadra
       * Empowerment to Ascension Is Written in Your Heart *

   72) Discover the Power Within You            - Eric Butterworth

   73) Twelve Powers of Man                     - Charles Fillmore

   74) Way of the peaceful warrior              - Dan Millman

   75) Urban Shaman                             - Serge King

   76) Tao of Pooh                              - Benjamin Hoff

   77) MAP, The Co-Creative White Brotherhood
       Medical Assistance Program          - Machaelle Small Wright

   78) Behaving
       As If The God In All Life Mattered  - Machaelle Small Wright

   79) Awakening to Zero Point
       The Collective Initiation                - Gregg Braden

   80) The Nature of Personal Reality           - Jane Roberts
       * A Seth Book *

   81) Unknown Reality                          - Jane Roberts
       * A Seth Book *

   82) Bridge across Forever                    - Richard Bach

   83) Drawing The Light From Within            - Judith Cornell
       * Fun to read, even if you don't think you're an artist *

   84) On Wings of Light         - Joan Borysenko & Joan Drescher
       *Meditations for Awakening to the Source *

   85) Voyage to Paradise        - Thomas McKnight & Annie Gottlieb.

   86) Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment  - Jane Roberts

   87) Embraced by the Light                    - Betty Eddie

   88) Saved by the Light                       - Dannion Brinkley

   89) Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner - Scott Cunningham

   90) Seat of the soul                         - Gary Zukav

   91) Dancing Wu Li Masters                    - Gary Zukav
       * Scientific view and explanation of the universe *

   92) Earth Sea Trilogy                        - Ursula Le Guin

   93) Patterns of the Whole:
       Healing and Quartz Crystals              - John Rea

   94) Emmanuelle I & II                        - Pat Rodegast

   95) The Method of the Siddhas                - Bubba/Da Free John
       * The West finally has a genuine Spiritual Master - Alan Watts *

   96) The Seven Mysteries of Life              - Guy Murchie
       * An Exploration in Science and Philosophy *

   97) Affirmations                             - Stuart Wilde

   98) A Cosmic Book                            - Itzhak Bentov
       On the Mechanics of Creation             - Mirtila

   99) Stalking the Wild Pendulum               - Itzhak Bentov
       On the mechanics of Consciousness
       * Profoundly Inspiring and Dazzling the Imagination - Gerardus *


   The following are the books in my possession at the moment and all of
   them have been read. (At least partially)  I used to own maybe 5 or 6
   hundred books but at one time I sold them all for 1/3 of the cover
   price.  At that time we moved into our motor home and to leave the books
   stored in some basement did not seem a good idea.  By selling all my
   books - others were able to have a bargain and read them...


                ( The following list is far from Complete )

    AUTHOR                        TITLE

    Adams, Rex                    Miracle Medicine Foods

    Asimov, Isaac                 The Foundation Trilogy; The
                                  Stars, Like Dust; The Naked Sun;
                                  I Robot

    Bach, Richard                 Illusions

    Barclay, David &              UFOs The Final Answer
    Therese M.

    Barnett, Lincoln              The Universe & Dr. Einstein

    Bentov, Itzhak                A Cosmic Book: On The Mechanics of
                                  Stalking The Wild Pendulum: The
                                  Mechanics of Consciousness

    Bohm, David &                 Science, Order, and Creativity
    F. David Peat

    Bowen, Sandra                 Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls
    F.R.Nocerino                  Revealed
    Joshua Shapiro

    Briggs, John P.               Looking Glass Universe
    & F. David Peat

    Brother Philip                Secret of the Andes

    Brown, Sarah                  Healthy Living Cookbook

    Bucke, Richard M.             Cosmic Consciousness A Study in
                                  The Evolution of The Human Mind

    Bunker, Dusty &               Birthday Numerology aj
    Victoria Knowles

    Campbell, Florence            Your Days Are Numbered

    Capra, Fritjof                The Tao of Physics
                                  Uncommon Wisdom

    Carey, Ken                    Starseed, The Third Millennium

    Castaneda, Carlos             A Separate Reality
                                  Journey to Ixtlan
                                  The Art of Dreaming
                                  The Fire From Within
                                  The Power of Silence
                                  The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui
                                  Way of Knowledge

    Cerminara, Gina               Many Mansions

    Cheney, Margaret              Tesla: A Man Out of Time

    Clark, Randolph               The Book of Health
    & Russell Cumley

    Consumer Guide                Used Cars 1992
                                  Rating the Movies

    Copeland, Lewis & Faye        10,000 Jokes Toasts & Stories

    Dass, Ram & Steven            Grist For The Mill
    Levine                        The Only Dance There Is

    DeRohan, Ceanne               Right Use of Will
                                  Healing & Evolving the Emotional Body

    Diamond, Harvey & Marilyn     Fit For Life - Fit For Life ll aj

    Di Pietro, Sylvia             Live Your Life By The Numbers

    Dreher, Diane                 The Tao of Inner Peace

    Dyer, Wayne                   Gifts From Eykis

    Eichenlaub, John E.           The Marriage Art

    Elkins, Don                   The RA Material
    Rueckert, Carla L.            The Law of One 11
    McCarty, James A.             The Law of One 111
                                  The Law of One 1V

    Elkins,Don &                  Secrets of The UFO
    Carla Rueckert

    Essene, Virginia              New Cells, New Bodies, NEW LIFE!
                                  New Teachings for an Awakening
                                  Secret Truths

    Essene, Virginia              You Are Becoming A Galactic Human
    & Sheldon Nidle

    Evans, Hilary                 Alternate States of Consciousness

    Forward, Robert L.            Future Magic

    Foster, Jean K.               The God-Mind Connection

    Fowler, Raymond               The Watchers

    Free John, Bubba              The Method of The Siddhas
                                  Love of The Two-Armed Form

    Free John, Da                 Easy Death
                                  The Fire Gospel
                                  The God in Every Body Book
                                  The Liberator (Eleutherios)

    Freeman, Gloria M.            To Whom It May Concern

    Funk & Wagnall                Hammond World Atlas aj
                                  Standard Desk Dictionary aj

    Gibran, Kahlil                Mirrors of The Soul
                                  The Prophet

    Glebe, Heather J.             All Things Considered

    Goldschnieder, Gary           The Secret Language of Birthdays
    Elffers, Joost

    Gregg, Susan                  Dance of Power  A Shamanic Journey

    Gribbin, John                 In Search of The Big Bang

    Griscom, Chris                Ecstasy is A New Frequency

    Golas, Thaddeus               The Lazy Man's Guide to

    Goldsmith, Donald             Nemesis

    Good, Timothy                 Alien Liaison The Ultimate Secret

    Goodavage, Joseph F.          Write Your Own Horoscope

    Goodman, Linda                Linda Goodman's Star Signs

    Grover, Linda                 August Celebration

    Gyatso, Tenzin                Path To Bliss

    Hanh, Thich Nhat              Living Buddha, Living Christ

    Harary, Keith                 Lucid Dreams in 30 Days
    & Pamela Weintraub

    Harbinson, W.A.               Genesis

    Harwood, Les                  The Esoteric Self

    Hausman, Patricia &           Healing Foods  aj
    Judith B. Hurley

    Hay, Louise L.                Heal Your Body

    Hesse, Hermann                Siddhartha

    Hicks, Jerry &                A New Beginning 1

    Holmes, Ernest                The Science of Mind

    Homer                         The Odyssey

    Hope, Murry                   The Lion People

    Hopkins, Budd                 Intruders
                                  Missing Time

    Howard, Vernon                The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power

    Kaku, Michio                  Beyond Einstein - The Cosmic Quest
    & Jennifer Trainer            For The Theory of The Universe

    Karp, Reba Ann                Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing

    Kassorla, Irene               Nice Girls Do

    Kelder, Peter                 Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

    Kenton, Leslie &              Raw Energy

    Kittler, Glenn D.             Edgar Cayce on The Dead Sea Scrolls

    Kloss, Jethro                 Back to Eden

    Knight, J.Z.                  Ramtha Intensive  Change
                                  Ramtha Intensive  Soulmates

    Krishnamurti                  Think On These Things

    Kun, T.                       Project Mind

    Landsburg, Alan               The Outer Space Connection
    & Sally

    Lappe, Frances M.             Diet For a Small Planet aj
    MacLaine, Shirley             Out on a Limb
                                  Dancing in the Light
                                  Dance While You Can
                                  Going Within
                                  It's All in The Playing
                                  My Lucky Stars

    Mahesh, Maharishi             Science of Being & Art of Living

    Mahr, Douglas J.              Ramtha Voyage to The New World

    Marciniak, Barbara            Earth
                                  Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

    Matchett, Doris               The Sky Is not The Limit
                                  Portrait of a Woman

    Millman, Dan                  No Ordinary Moments  A Peaceful
                                  Warrior's Guide to Daily Life

                                  The Life You Were Born to Live  aj

    Ming-Dao, Deng                365 Tao  Daily Meditations

    Montgomery, Ruth              Aliens Among Us
                                  A World Beyond

    Morgan, Marlo                 Mutant Message Down Under

    Murchie, Guy                  The Seven Mysteries of Life

    Murphet, Howard               Sai Baba Avatar

    Nearing, Helen                Simple Food For The Good Life aj

    Newton, Michael               Journey of Souls

    Norman, Ernest L              The Voice of Venus

    Norman, Ruth                  Preview For The Spacefleet
                                  Landing on Earth in 2001 A.D.

    Palmquist,Stephen             The Tree of Philosophy

    Panchadasi,Swami              The Human Aura
                                  The Astral World

    Peat, F. David                Synchronicity The Bridge Between
                                  Matter & Mind

    Percival, Harold W.           Man and Woman and Child
                                  Democracy is Self-Government
                                  Thinking and Destiny

    Peter, Laurence               Peter's Quotations Ideas of Our

    Pond, David & Lucy            The Metaphysical Handbook

    Pope, Joya                    Upcoming Changes The Next 20 Years

    Prevention                    The Doctors Book of Home Remedies

    Price, John R.                The Super Beings

    Probert, Mark                 The Magic Bag

    Prophet, Mark L.              The Soulless One  Cloning a
                                  Counterfeit Creation

    Pursel, Jach                  Lazaris  The Sacred Journey:
                                  You & Your High Self

    Puryear, Herbert B.           Edgar Cayce  Sex & the Spiritual

    Rajneesh, Bhagwan             The Great Challenge
                                  The Mustard Seed
                                  Hammer on The Rock
                                  Words Like Fire
                                  The Book of The Secrets 3
                                  Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy
                                  The Grass Grows By Itself
                                  The Orange Book  The Meditation
                                  Tantra Spirituality & Sex

    Rampa, Lobsang                You-Forever

    Reader's Digest               Success With House Plants
                                  North American Wildlife  aj

    Redfield, James               The Celestine Prophecy

    Regush, Nicholas              The Human Aura

    Roberts, Jane                 The Nature of Personal Reality
                                  Adventures in Consciousness
                                  The Nature of The Psyche
                                  The Individual and The Nature of
                                  Mass Events
                                  Seth Speaks
                                  The Unknown Reality 11 part 1

    Roger-John                    Life 101
    & Peter McWilliams

    Rombauer, Irma, S.            Joy of Cooking
    Marion Rombauer Becker

    Ryerson, Kevin                Spirit Communication The Soul's
    and Stephanie Harolde         Path

    Satprem                       Sri Aurobindo  or The Adventure
                                  of Consciousness

    Schucman, Helen               The Course of Miracles
    & William Thetford

    Schultz, Susan                Reach Out for Your Dreams

    Shakespeare                   Plays, Poems and Sonnets

    Sitchin, Zacharia             The 12th Planet

    Stearn, Jess                  Yoga, Youth & Reincarnation

    Steiger, Brad                 Gods of Aquarius

    Steinbeck, John               Cannery Row

    Story, Ronald D.              The Encyclopedia of UFOS

    Strieber,Whitley              Communion

    Sunrise                       Tofu Cookbook

    Sutphen, Dick                 Past Lives Future Loves

    Szilagyi, Mike                How To Save Our Country  A Non -
                                  partisan Vision for Change

    Talbot, Michael               Mysticism & The New Physics
                                  Your Past Lives
                                  Beyond The Quantum
                                  The Holographic Universe

    Thomas, Lewis                 The Medusa and The Snail

    Tros, Gerardus E.             Be Still...For I am You & Speak
                                  Gossip of God

    Walsch, Neale Donald          Conversations with God
                                  - an uncommon dialogue -

    Watts, Alan W.                The Spirit of Zen

    Waugh, Evelyn                 Brideshead Revisited

    Webster                       Crossword Puzzle Dictionary  aj
                                  New Webster's Expanded Dictionary aj

    White, Stewart E.             The Unobstructed Universe

    Wiebe, J.D. Robert            I Need To Touch You Love Letters

    Wilde, Stuart                 Affirmations

    Williams, Paul                Das Energi

    Wilson, Don                   Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon

    Wosien, Maria G.              Babaji - Message from The Himalaya

    Valentin, Ann                 Descent of The Dove
    & Virginia Essene

    Vande Kieft, K                Innersource Channeling Your
                                  Unlimited Self

    Van de Wetering, J.           A Glimpse of Nothingness

    Vano, Gerald, L.              The Coming Merger of Science
                                  and Religion

    Yarbro, Chelsea               Messages from Michael
                                  More Messages from Michael
                                  Michael's People

    Young, Meredith L.            Agartha

    Zohar, Danah                  The Quantum Self

    Zukav, Gary                   The Dancing Wu Li Masters