! Neat Narrow Notes !

In this space...
I'm supposed to say something wise.
If not wiser...

Well... let's see...

Before the world existed it was just an idea
so was the Brooklyn Bridge.
The trouble with the Bridge was...
that we had to create the World first.

(Some idea that was)

I'm supposed to say something wise again.
Be prepared...

There is a Seeker born every minute.
Because of its Conditioning
every Seeker becomes a Sucker.

People expect me to say something wise
all the time...

Reincarnation is traveling
Thought to Thought.

However, to be born is dangerous
You cannot buy Insurance.

Here's an easy one...

God and Man
Creations and Reflections of each other.

One Light
projecting Self-Images with different Colors.

People expect too much from wise guys.
Watch this one...

Life is an everlasting affair with yourSelf.
(That was easy)

People expect me to say something wise
any time and every time.
Are you ready...?

The Realization of Self
the Discovery of the Self in All
AnywhereIAm - I Am the I Am - IAmAnywhere

This means that...
I Am the Who or What I Am

... AHA ...

This means:
I Am the Self and always meet the Self I Am.

! ... WOW ... !

It is a very rare man...
who is wiser
than a million people in a million years.

The trouble is...
how would we ever find out about him.

... Try a Search Engine ...

Thought of a good one...

People used to call for help on God.
Nowadays they call for help on the Internet.

They are coming closer and closer.

Pretty soon they will know
the Real Helper lives within.

Could this be God in the first place?

Student to Teacher:
What do you think it is Teacher?

I do not think... I know!

Teacher to Student:
What do you think it is Student?

Student's response:
I do not think... I know either!
Laughs all around...

The following is neither wise nor unwise...

Life is a Celebration
The Creator living as the Created.

...it's perfect Truth!

Here's one to never forget...
The Universe is your Home and your Work
! You are the Boss !

Darn good question here...
If all atoms and cells in our body change
every seven years...
what is it that hangs onto
old ideas and habitual thoughts
for decades and decades
if not for lifetimes?

And why...?

Well, whatever these Neat Narrow Notes are
they certainly are not very long!
Maybe they are meant for short memories?

On the other hand...
they are supposed to be read upsite down...
or backwards...


...esrow ro
...suolucidir yletulosba ton fi
esiwnu yrev si siht llA

! setoN worraN taeN !

? How did I ever get out of this one ?
( Not even God knows )