!   Genetic Changes   !

Teachings from people of the Pleiades
transmitted through
Barbara Marciniak while in a trance state.

Good evening!

We are here.  It is our pleasure to be in your reality once again, especially in this most auspicious setting...  We are pleased.  We understand that those of you who are of light frequencies have drawn us here. Congratulate yourselves on your cleverness.  It is not easy to get our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) to travel around and go places, she has a mind of her own.  And that is as it should be, and as it is, and as it will be.  Understand that all of you need to have minds of your own, and come into contact and into charge of your own life.  So, we are excited to be here.

We are, of course, the Pleiadians, and we are broadcasting live from Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California, among the auspicious hallways of the renowned intellectuals and soon to be renowned cosmic travelers of this, your planet, Earth.

So, we would like to speak to you about a variety of subjects this evening...  "Genetic Encoding"...  Is that the title that has been given to us?  Well, we will expand upon it.  We would like to talk to you about the harmonics of frequency modulation and the human DNA.  Sounds boring as can be, does it not?  But we guarantee that we will give you an exciting time tonight, absolutely, positively!

It will be up to you to demonstrate how clever you are...  How much you perceive...  Those of you who are familiar with our work understand that we are not the encyclopedia of the Universe, though we can pride ourselves that we can be upon occasion.  When one has an encyclopedia in front of oneself all of the time, one simply begins to regurgitate what someone else has called truth.  Yes?  And you have all been, some of you, impeccable regurgitators, with letters, etc, after your name.  Yes?  You have valued that regurgitation, as it would be.  We would like you to begin to use other sources of information, to begin to access the human creation, and to unfold it through a variety of new methodologies.

Frequency modulation and the human DNA...  It is a grand story.  This is part one of a two part session.  We are going to speak to you to set the tone, to set the history –– a little bit –– of your planet.  And then we will see what questions you will have to further comprehend the story...

Mankind is an experiment.  Mankind has been designed.  So has just about everything else that exists within Creation.  Prime Creator -- we will use that term -- began the whole shebang a long time ago, in this that you call your local universe, for an experiment, for greater, what would be called from your terms, self exploration, self gratification, self expression.  Prime Creator, as it would be, brought energies and essences to life, extensions of itself in this that you call your local universe, endowing extensions of itself the same gifts that it had.  Prime Creator in your local universe gave willingly and freely of its capabilities.  Now there are many other universes, many other ways of designing universes.  This one is designed as a free will zone.  All would be allowed.  All things.

And so, these extensions of the Prime Creator went out, and began to experiment with the Prime Creator's energy as it existed within themselves.  And of course they took to task what the Prime Creator said.  The Prime Creator said, "Go out and create, and bring all things back to me."  Quite a simple assignment, is it not?  "Go out and create, and bring all things back to me."  In other words, "l am going to gift you of myself, you go out and gift of yourselves freely, so that all that you create in this universe can understand its essence, my identity."   We are anthrophilosophizing our Prime Creator a little bit here...

Now, these energies -- we will call them gods, creator gods -- went out, and began to create their own hierarchy.  And each succeeding hierarchy created another hierarchy, to endow, to assist in the development of this, your local universe.  Eventually, in one of the galactic systems, the plan came together to create the place that is called Earth, designed originally to be an intergalactic exchange center for information.  Ahh, an incredible plan, a beautiful place, located on the fringes of one of the galactic systems, ideally to be reached from one galaxy to another, existing close to many what would be called way portals, the highways that exist for energies to travel throughout what you call your space zone.

So, the original plan was brought about, and let us say that there was impeccable scurrying and shuffling, all kinds of things, to bring about individual representatives of all of the galaxies, so that they could have their representatives here upon this planet.  Now some of these creator gods, as their jobs were defined to be, were what would be called master geneticists, able to take some of this stuff... the creator gods were able through their hierarchies to bring about and discover and to tie these molecules together, encoded molecules of identity, of frequency, of electrical charges, to create life.  And so many sentient civilizations, many, many, many, gave of their DNA, willingly, to have a representative of their coding, their DNA, on this planet.  And the master geneticists set to work, and they designed what would be called varieties of species, some human, some different than human, some what you call animals, all by playing with the varieties of DNA that the sentient civilizations contributed to make this exchange center of information, this light center.

When we speak of light, we speak of information.  Those of you who have had experiences where you allowed light to come into your physical body, unflaggingly know that once you expose yourself to light, you begin to increase the amount of information.  Your perceptions, everything about yourself, begin to change...  You begin to awaken.  The darkness of the veil is removed.  So when we speak of light, we speak of the return of information, the intending of bringing a great amount of information to this planet, whose frequency has been drastically controlled, but that comes later in the story.

So, the plan of the Earth was a grand one...  And as these creator gods did not exist in time as you know it, let us say that a few hundred thousand years, a few million years, in their terms, were nothing.  And different energies were brought to existence.  There have been species of man, yes, just like you, man looking like you, whose DNA were intact at one time, who developed very highly evolved civilizations.  This, of course, was a long time ago... We are speaking prior to 500,000 years ago upon your planet.  We are not speaking of civilizations that you call Lemuria, or the civilizations that you call Atlantis... That is what we call modern man.  We are talking about civilizations that are ancient, civilizations that, to give you a little scoop, for those of you who like a scoop...  Let us say that they are buried under some of the ice caps under what is called your far, far southern continent, Antarctica.  But that we will save for another evening's discussion.

So, this project, as it would be called, Earth, was fought over.  It looked enticing.  It looked to be something of desirability of ownership by others, and so during Earth's early history there were wars in your space for ownership of this, your planet.  Had you ever wondered who owns Earth?  Prime hunk of real estate?  You think that it is ownerless in space?  Ahh, you have something to learn about space territories.  So there were changes, as it would be, of administration.  And the original planners, who by the way, we will say the original planners of your universe, of course, were of the family of light.  They designed an information center, they designed a place where galaxies would contribute the information.  The Earth was to be a library, do you understand, a cosmic library, a place of incredible beauty, a place of experimenting how information could be stored through frequencies, through the genetic process.

So, the skirmishes took place.  Different zones of the Earth became, let us say, lost, to certain original owners, and the Earth became a place of duality.  It became a place of course in this free-will universe, where others, who had the right to do whatever they wanted, because it is free-will, came in and took over.  We call it raiding your Earth.  They did like corporate raiding on Wall Street.  Do you understand?  They raided the Earth.  The raid that you are now to be concerned about is a raid that occurred approximately 300,000 years ago, what historically speaking you would call, from a Biblical point of view, certainly from most of your esteemed scientifics, the beginning of human civilization.  But it was only the beginning of the later phase, as we said, what we call modern man.

The interesting thing about the skirmish that occurred about 300,000 years ago, is that a certain group of entities came, and they fought in space -- as of course many others have fought in space for this Earth principality, this territory, this prime hunk of real estate -- and they won.  They beat out light.  It gives you a new idea of light, doesn’t it?  So it became their territory.  There was great radioactivity, nuclear action, much of the Earth was rent asunder.  And the original species, the Adam man as it would later be called, was in great destruction...  Scattered...

So, those new gods, those new creator gods, were also master geneticists.  They understood the process.  They understood how to create life.  They wanted this territory for their own reasons.  Let us give you another hint about why territories are created, and why territories are held.

There is consciousness in all things.  This your scientifics will one day step off of their ladders and begin to realize.  And then you will begin to really own the planet yourselves.  There is consciousness within all things.  Consciousness communicates continuously.  Consciousness vibrates, or can be led to vibrate, at certain, what would be called electromagnetic frequencies.  Electromagnetic frequencies are very interesting.  They tend to act in a variety of ways.  One of the ways that we are going to be concerned about in speaking with you this evening is that electromagnetic energies of consciousness can act as 'food'.  Feel that concept out...  It can act as food.  So, that means that just like apples can be prepared and eaten and ingested, in a variety of ways, perhaps consciousness could be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways.  Do you understand?

So, some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life, and put consciousness into things through varying the frequencies, through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness, they could feed themselves.  They could keep themselves in existence.  They began to figure out that this is how the Prime Creator nourished itself.  It sends out others to create a food source for itself.

Now, the new owners of your planet, this principality in space out on the fringes of your galactic system, had a different appetite, different preferences than the former owners.  They nourished themselves off of fear.  They nourished themselves off of chaos, though fear was their primary food source.  In some ways, it fed them, it stimulated them, it kept them in power.  Understand?  So 300,000 years ago, these creator gods that your Bible speaks of, that the Babylonian tablets speak of, that texts all over the world, in actuality, speak of, they came, and they rearranged what would be called the native species man.  And they rearranged what would be called your DNA, in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band.  This has been going on for a long time now.

What part do you play in it?  Why are you here?  Why are you created here in this story?  For some of you, this is just like a dream.  We are reminding you of what you know inside of yourselves.  We have come onto your planet to trigger your memory banks.  We have come onto your planet to inspire the human race through the family of light, to begin to create their own reality.  We, as Pleiadians, create our experience.  We come back through what is called time in your terms, into what would be called perhaps, our past, into a vestige of representatives of light, in order to share a frequency with you, a frequency that each one of you has agreed to carry on this planet, to change the DNA of the rearranged human race.  This is a big story...  It could make headlines, you know.

Now, of course, the original planners were not about to lose the territory -- did you think they were going to give up so easily?  Of course they exist in a different time sector than you.  So, the new owners came and worked in their laboratory, and created workers, created versions of humans with a different DNA, the two-stranded double-helix DNA.  They took the original DNA of the human species, and they disassembled it.  Yes, isn't that clever?  They disassembled the original DNA.  And they left it, of course, within the human cell.  They simply split it apart.

Within the human cells are what we call light encoded filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy that carry information.  And when those gossamer threads are working together, like a cable, fiber optics as it would be, they form the helix, the helix of your DNA.  Of course when you were rearranged, you were left with two helix, the double helix, half lit.  In other words, anything that was unnecessary, that would keep you informed, was unplugged.  And so you were left with a double helix that would keep you in what would be called certain controllable, operable frequencies.  And you were set, of course, on your free-will zone... You, we are speaking of the humans, not necessarily those of you in this room, of course... You are the family of light, which is more than human, much more than human.  We will get to that in a bit.

And so, let us say that something like an electrical fence, a frequency fence, was put around the planet.  Some of you have seen what your technological scientifics have created, an electrical fence that you can keep animals with in?  So it is that the electrical fence was put around your planet, as a control as to how much the frequencies of the humans could be modulated and changed.  So, as the story goes, this frequency was set around the planet, and it was made very difficult for frequencies of light, frequencies of information to penetrate.  And, when these light frequencies were able to penetrate the frequency control, who was there to receive them?  The DNA was unplugged.  The light encoded filaments were no longer organized.  And so the creative cosmic rays that bring life did not have something to plug into and to hold onto.

Now there were many noble experiments.  And of course the original planners began to call on what would be the family of light, to go to infiltrate the project to begin to incarnate, to begin one-by-one to bring light information into the place it was lost.  And so the family of light began its work here, coming into a system that was devoid of light, devoid of information, and allowing through what would be called the redefining of the laws of man to let these creative cosmic rays pierce the body, individual by individual, and then group by group.  In very small numbers throughout these eons were these frequencies of information brought onto your planet.  In times, great battles were fought, wars were fought, information was always looking to be expressed.  The original planners knew that, cosmically speaking, this was a lesson for them, in allowing and understanding the creator gods who took their project.

And so they set about to create their own version of a plan, at a time when the frequency of the Earth would be altered, a time when the owners would perish if they could not change their frequency.  Their food source would be taken away, food source of fear, food source of anxiety, chaos, hunger, despondency.  Get the picture?

Guess who is removing the food source?  You are!  As members of the family of light, you are renegades.  You are system busters.  You love to go in and cause trouble.  You are famous, your branch of the family of light...  Your division, you are famous for going into systems of reality and altering the frequency bringing always information.  It is not your task, as members of the family of light, to proselytize.  You simply, as members of the family of light, go into systems, and you act as a receptacle, and you receive the creative cosmic rays into your body, the bodies that you occupy as humans, because you are in disguise as humans, and you begin to allow a process to take place.  Because you are codified, and your memory begins to rise and you begin to respond to the plan that you came here to participate within, to alter the frequencies, to hold, to keep, to maintain a certain frequency, and then to live it, and as you live it, you affect everyone, every place that you go.  This is what you are doing now.

There are many who understand their assignment. There are many whose memories are beginning to rise. We will explain in a few minutes how those memories begin to arise.

The plan to change the frequency modulation of the human species has to do with the rebuilding of what would be called your DNA, the rebuilding of the light-encoded filaments.  There is a plan that is gigantic at this time.  That you, as members of the family of light, are operating in many, many places.  In other words, you are not just on assignment on Earth.  You are multidimensional, and you have many other versions of yourself where you are busting systems.  Paradigm breakers as it would be.  So it will be part of your assignment to make contact with these selves, and to understand how other versions of your selves are handling their dilemmas, how they are busting their systems.  Because you see, there are certain gods, as you would call them gods, who are behind this process, what would be called a universal process.

Right now, it looks like it is a very local, Earthly process...  It is much more involved then all of that.  The Earth is assisting, in its own way, the evolution of the Universe.  The Earth is where things are happening at this time, it is the destined point of frequency modulation, and the human DNA is the recipient and the beginning of this whole process that is going to affect many, many, many worlds.  So, as members of the family of light, you agreed to come onto the Earth many times, in many guises, and many different time frames as it would be, to learn the ropes, to figure out the territory, as it would be, to become trained to experience Earth and to prepare yourself for the time when the frequency alteration would be designed into the plan, and where you would all be called to incarnate in large numbers, and to bring the plan into action.

This is the plan that is in operation, as we can most neutrally explain it to you, on your planet at this time.  This is why the family of light, everywhere, is beginning to unite.  One thing you must all realize: you must focus on what you have in common, not what you do not have in common.  As members of the family of light, you bring information to the planet neutrally to stimulate your own growth.  You need to do this.

The specifics of the plan have to do with an evolving DNA, a DNA that will evolve from two helix to twelve helix.  These twelve helix will correspond to what would be called energy centers, chakras, vortices, whatever clever name you wish to attach to them, inside and outside of your body.  There are millions of you at this time on the planet on assignment, who have agreed to do this.  Handfuls of you are becoming impeccable.  The handfuls are affecting the others, and soon you will begin to have great clarity as to who you are, and what your assignment is.

The chakra centers inside the body are seven, seven basic ones as they have been understood on your planet for a while, although they are simply, let us say, representatives, token representatives of certain areas...  There are many, many energy centers in the body.  In order not to blow the experiment, so to speak, and to have the frequencies of humans blow their minds to bits, as it would be, great care was taken to bring certain rays, and to temper them, so that humans could evolve quickly with the changes of knowledge, identity, and information.  The third helix, when it was evolved in the human, brought about the recognition of feeling, and brought back to the planet the use of the third chakra center.  The first two helix, or double helix, are involved with your first two chakra centers, survival and sexuality.  And if you look around the planet, you will see that the large majority of those on the planet are cycling through those two centers for eons, over, and over, and over again.  The third helix, as the light-encoded filaments begin to bundle, open the potentiality for this (solar plexus) area of your body, the feeling center, where you can begin to perceive information...  Where you can begin to perceive reality...  Where you can begin to feel connected to your environment, your Earth.

The three helix, once they were taken in certain human bodies, in time, would evolve to three more.  They would correspond to the fourth, chakra of the heart, the fifth, the throat, and the sixth, the third eye.  They would begin to move the experience of man upward, beyond the same old junk, into something grander, into something compassionate and loving and feeling expressive in new vision, to really be able to experience and not just say it.

Then, the next three connect to the crown, which when open, allows the frequency of light to enter, to rearrange the body, to connect man with his spirit self.  It is the doorway, the gateway between the physical and non-physical.  The seventh, the eight, and the ninth...  The eight is an information center located outside of the human body, for some people a few inches, a few feet, for some, many feet, maybe even many miles, depending on how far one is able to push one's information gathering center.  The ninth chakra, of course, is a chakra center that exists outside the atmosphere of your planet.  So, it is a planetary chakra.  It gets you in touch with the energies of your planet, and the areas in space just outside your planet.

The final three helix, which have not been implemented in most humans on a general frequency basis...  We can tell you that the story of the helix involved the evolution of the solstices and equinoxes throughout this year, and the final three of the twelve, for those who are able to handle this mutation of energy, will come about in the month of December, in a period of 33 day energy acceleration (December 1st through January 2nd), where these rays will begin to further rearrange those who have been already rearranged.

Now the final three chakras...  What are they going to do?  They are going to connect you with your 10th, 11th and 12th centers.  You are going to begin to accept, in great volume, off-planet information.  And off-planet realities are going to begin to really show their faces.  They are going to begin to be acknowledged.  Because that is what is necessary.  The final three...  The 10th is a solar chakra.  It exists within your solar system, feeding you information.  The 11th is a galactic, and the 12th is a universal, out in the auspices of your universe.

Once you, as members of the family of light, are able to take this mutation into your body, and are able to integrate various centers of information, what will happen to you?  You will go beyond your personal dramas.  Many of you are already beyond your personal dramas... The nitpicking, the aggravation of everyday life.  You relate to it, yes, so that you can understand how humans contract themselves.  It is not for you to become entrenched in these dramas.  It is for you to understand that you create your experience, to become a conscious creator.  And more than that, to become a conscious rememberer of who you are.  So as the 10th, 11th, and 12th chakra begin to open themselves, many off-planet energies will begin appearing in your lives, and appearing on your planet, as more, and more, and more of you hold this frequency.  As you hold this frequency, you bring information onto the planet.  You bring information that will astound and shock most of the world.  This process will grow and change over what we call about a 20-year period.

Already many things in certain portions of your world are coming out, and in others they are still in the stone age.  There will be a merging of identities, there will be a merging of cultures, there will be an infusion of many new world orders.  There will be much chaos and much confusion.  As members of the family of light, you are to observe it, you are to understand that here is an evolutionary process taking place, frequency modulation, and that those who can handle the changed frequency by all means will evolve.  And those who cannot handle the frequency modulation, by all means still create their reality, and they are never ever, ever, ever victims.  The planet is jam-packed with humanities at this time.  Those who are here knew darn well what was going to occur in this place, they wanted to be in the vicinity of great change.  So that, in a nutshell, is the plan.  It is a good plan, is it not?

We have done our best to give you a summary of what has been going on, what you have been battling against, around, and for.  And now we would like to turn it over to you to have questions.

We understand that all of you would like to speak to us, or many of you, so intend in your mind what you would like us to speak about, and sometimes through someone else's question we can weave in your answer as well.  We are very good at reading the energies of those humans that we come into contact with, and it is our intention to assist you, as best we can, as you are here on assignment.  It is our intention to bring you a sense of upliftment, a sense of understanding that there is a divine plan in operation.  And we would like to remind you that all you need to do is become clear about what it is that you are wanting, and you can move onto the highways of the divine plan, and begin to operate with impeccability, operate with ease.  We will discuss some of the methodologies if this is what you are interested in.  So let us turn it over to you.

Question: I have had personal experiences with beings who seem to live off of disharmonious emotional energy.  It seems like those beings will almost have to make a decision, that if that food source is cut off, they are destined to...

Starve!  And guess what, they don't want to starve.  And guess what, they are coming back here.  They are here, because they understand that there is system busting going on.  So they are here to create greater havoc and fear, to fight once again for this territory.  Do you understand this?  Their food source is very important to them.

Question: Then, what is going on in the Middle East would be an excellent way to provoke a lot of food...

Yes.  Very good.  Also, since you have mentioned the Middle East, let us give you a little tip on the Middle East.  As we said to you in our story, the area of what would be called Mesopotamia was where the story was launched, where these creator gods made their home base some 300,000 years ago.  Understand now, that there are portals, or what would be called energy chutes, where one must enter onto planetary existences.  There is a gigantic portal in the Middle East, a pathway of entry onto your planet, that certain creator gods have owned and occupied for 300,000 years.  There have been raids, there have been fights, there have been all kinds of things over this portal.  Through this portal, the frequency of mankind can be controlled.  It is not the only portal, there are many other portals, although this is the prime portal that is being fought over at this time.  Those creator gods who were here 300,000 years ago are returning.  They are still in existence.  They do not live, operate, or exist under the same laws that you do.  In other words, 300,000 years is not too long to live for them, do you understand this?  That is your time sector, not theirs.  They travel through what would be called space.  They are very interesting creatures.  They have helped develop your civilization.  They have helped destroy your civilization.  Even amongst themselves they argue and fight.  Believe it or not, creator gods do this.  Now, back to the question...  They are losing control of the planet, so they go back to their prime portal, and they create fear and chaos in their portal area, because that is their nest.  Their nest is not above ground, their nest is underneath the ground.

Question: Then this ties in with the Greys and the Dracos?

It is all part of what would be called a hierarchy.  Many of those within the hierarchy do not understand how things operate within the ranks, just as those within the United States military service do not always understand the military hierarchy.  It is very compartmentalized.  That is a way of maintaining control: compartmentalize the power.

Question: For us who are of the light, is there something that we can do consciously to help starve these...?

Yes...  Maintain your frequency.  Absolutely.  The way you can best operate at this time is to be a keeper of your own frequency and not going around saving everyone else.  Doing everything in your power to keep yourself consistently aware, consistently in understanding of what is going on, and consistent with the frequency of light which brings you information, and a frequency of love, which is the frequency of creation.

You see, what is happening now, as the food source is being taken away, and the frequency barrier is being pierced... Earth's gridwork is being released.  Earth, in actuality, is going through an initiation.  Earth cares about all of its inhabitants.  And Earth is evolving as its inhabitants are evolving into an existence where greater possibilities are everyday occurrences...  Where miracles can become the way of life, because they exist within the frequency that becomes available.  Each of you assist in making that frequency alive on this planet by living your lives according to your light, according to what you know.  This work is a work of individual nature.  Yes, you work in groups, and you have certain leaders.  But you must, as individuals, evolve yourselves.  For as you evolve yourselves, and as you are led by your light to live a certain way, what occurs is that you begin to change society.

Question: Who exactly are those beings who think they are the owners?

They are space beings.  They have what would be called their own home in space.  They are evolving.  They are creator gods.  They can create life, although in some terms there are those who would kick them out of the creator god club, because they feel that they do not value the life that they create.  Yet in Prime Creator's universe here, all things are love.  Because as all things are love, many, many lessons are learned.  So, these beings are space beings who came here, whose stories are in the ancient manuscripts; they won the fight.  They came here because they wanted this place for their own reasons...  For many reasons.

They were miners.  For one thing, they wanted to explore inside of the Earth, and what was inside of the Earth.  One of the things that is very interesting about your education upon your planet is that all of the advancement and understanding of what is going on in your Earth is not made public in the university systems.  It is very a secret science, the inner Earth science, one that is rather shocking.  These beings have great machinery and they have built, or added onto existing tunnel systems.  They are great tunnelers.  They have built many, many systems underneath the surface of your Earth.  These beings like to work behind the scenes.  They would not be humanoid in your terms.  They would be designed of a different collection of molecules.  Some of them can be labeled reptilian in nature, that is why they are nicknamed the lizzies.  We believe that if you look around your society at this time, you will recognize...  Some of your television shows, certainly from the toys that your children play with...  Their return, their re-emergence into your society.  There is quite a subtle program out to introduce you to your reptilian ancestors.

So, they came to take this planet for whatever reasons.  They wanted to control the frequencies to have a food source, to mine the interior, to set up a control base inside the interior, and then they set other beings to play with the Earth, to create patterns of thought, by inserting holograms onto your planet, to influence an entire generation to change the course of their beliefs through events.  They have been behind most of the major religions, or the distortions of the major religions.  They are very interesting characters.

Question: Are they losing control?

Let us say this...  They do not think that they are losing control.  Do you understand?  Because light is underestimated on this planet, absolutely.  The nature of the drama of your planet is quite interesting.  Whenever there is a frequency modulation of an existing system, in other words, whenever an existing system is about to change, and the idea or the concepts that the system exists within is about to evolve itself into the bigger picture, where the inhabitants are about to grow up, as it would be, there is a certain magnetism that moves out from the system.  That magnetism draws every energy that was ever involved with the system back to the system, so that every energy can be part of the evolution, or the process.  So these creatures, these creator gods of ancient times, are drawn back here at this time because of the plan.  They must participate.  They must understand that their frequencies are going to be changed.  They are resisting it, just like many humans are resisting, and yet, they create their own reality.  And let us say, these beings, these creator gods of your last 300,000 years, they have forgotten who created them!  They have forgotten their gods.  Now, as members of the family of light, you are not to judge.  Your task is comprehension, and your task is pulling comprehension onto the planet...  Creating a stability of energy and a power to create, simply by understanding.

Question: Do they know that we are here too, and that we are already winning the war on another level?

Yes, but they underestimate you, though, even in their own brilliance.  Even in their own brilliance they have areas that would be called blind spots.  Do you understand?  They are so enamored of power that they fight amongst themselves.

Question: But since they know that we are here, wouldn't they want to try to take away our power?  Or are they afraid of us?  Or would they want to fight us?

Look at your society, what does your society do?  Does it strive to empower you, or to take your power away?

Questioner: Take it away.

And so what would you say the answer to your question is?  Knowing that these entities infiltrate governmental, religious institutions, and educational systems?

Well, the United States is in for a big roller coaster ride.  You have the potentiality to have the suspension of your constitution, to lose many of the rights.  Why?  Because the humans are entirely too complacent.  It is not the family of light that is so complacent.  You are systems busters.  It is the rest of the population that is complacent.  That wants to sit back.  That is disempowered by frequency control, through television and radio.  Through all of the things that are designed to create static around the existing DNA.

Question: Yes, but I was talking about us light beings...

Let us say to you, you create your reality.  No lizard creates your reality.  Do you understand?

Question:  Yes, I understand.  But all in all, wouldn't they want to...  They wouldn't want us to be here if they know that we are powerful.  I have no fear of them.  I feel like we are so much stronger.  But don't they know that in a way too?

Let us say this to you...  As you are representatives of the family of light within the human population, within the human drama, there are versions of the family of light within the reptilian drama.  All things must evolve!  Remember the Prime Creator?  The original decree?  "Go out and create and bring them back to me."  Prime Creator is within all things.  And so, as you choose to evolve in terms of this human drama, and evolve as human, there are versions of yourselves that are in the reptilian drama, busting the system open from that end.  Within the drama of the Greys, within all of the dramas of all of the humans, of all of the players of this time, because everyone must go through frequency change, because the old frequency is not going to last.  It is already not here.  That is why everything is beginning to crumble and fall apart on your planet.  That is why there is no stability, because a new order will arise after a period of time.

As members of the family of light, you bring about this chaos, to bring new order.  Do you understand?  And if your vibration is fear, it doesn't matter whether it is public fear or private fear or closet fear, if you are going to vibrate in fear, number one: you had best not pretend that you are not doing it.  If you find that you have fear, the first thing that you do is acknowledge that.  "This frightens my wits out of me".  "l am frightened of this".  Then you can begin to work with it.  Because as energy becomes so magnified, intensified as it would be, you will begin, especially as you are working with the evolved DNA, and you have an evolved system, you will create with great rapidity whatever it is that you put your emotional charge into.

Question:  I feel that rather than just I create my reality, I am my reality.  So that everything out there is an aspect of me.  So when you speak about the lizzies, does that possibly give me a message that I haven't totally integrated my reptilian brain?


And in addition, there are several of us here who are involved in a process in which we perceive our bodies, not as bodies doing movement, but as being movement.  And as we work with this process in a sense deprivation environment, and see what impulses come up, quite often deep inner experiences open up what you might call the implicate order, as yet unmanifested possibilities.  Are the helix that you are talking about?

These are what would be called the information on the light-encoded filaments.  Remember the light-encoded filaments are like fibers, and they have this history of your universe in them, all in your body.  As you begin to evolve yourself, and as you begin to leave your dramas at the door and as you begin to simply allow information to connect from outside you...  You know, you all must get quiet every day.  If you are not getting quiet every day and moving into meditation/communication, you will only get so much.  You must do that and get into the practice of receiving it.  Then you will begin to accept the story of yourself, and the story of your existence, and the story of your universe.  Now, as members of the family of light, what you are going to show the planet, is that you are not separated from anything, that you are all one.  You are all part of the essence of the Creator.

Now on your planet, of course, different powerful humans and different races of humans are all acting in separation.  And you had a president at one time, clever man by the name of Mr. Reagan, and he said something about, well, perhaps mankind would unite if we had a common enemy some place.  That is paraphrased from a speech back in 1988, if we recall correctly.  Let us say that the story is bigger than that.  It is not for mankind to unite against something else.  It is for all of Creation to unite and to work in cooperation, for all of Creation.  And for this place that is called Earth to once again move back to its original plan: an intergalactic exchange center of information of incredible harmony and frequency.

Question:  I have heard you say on tapes from other sessions that one should go to sacred sites, like the pyramids and Peru.  Is it necessary, when you do this inner work, to actually go to these sites?  Or can you let this unfold from within you, rather than having it triggered from without?

Let us say this to you...  No, it is not necessary to go.  In other words, if you never go to a sacred site and always spend your time in your backyard, you are not going to necessarily miss out.  Intent, the ability to clearly map out what it is that you wish to experience, the intent to open your memory banks, to activate memory and the exposure to the frequency of others who have been to these places, is all that you need to experience.  In other words, enough humans have gone to the places where data is encoded in stone.  The story of your planet and that stone frequency, that is a frequency of information that is not recognized, at least officially, on your planet.  And the body, when it moves into a receptive state, can receive the information of this type.  That is why many times humans have very interesting reaction to places that they visit.  They are feeling the frequency of the history of the site.

Also, they are feeling the energy, the knowledge that was stored in the stones of the sites.  All of the stones of those sites are usually granite, and there are crystalline structures within the granite.  Some of them, of course, are limestone, to keep them from eroding from water.  The story is built into the stone, the stone itself.  It is tempered, it is fed, with devices that make sound.  It used to be that humans understood the role of keeper of frequency.  If you go to Egypt and you look at the glyphs of the walls, you will see a human being sitting in their strange positions, where they are half one way and half another, and their hands will be over their heads.  In between their hands is a zig zag of what would be called lightening.  That is a keeper of frequency.  It meant that the individual was capable of honing into and broadcasting a certain frequency, and implanting some structures with knowledge through frequency, and not just through the written form.  So when one goes to those places, one encounters this.

An interesting thing is that there is a multitude of sacred sites that are still below the surface, or still waiting for a dimensional merge to take place.  In the United States there have been many, many ancient civilizations who have participated here, many who left their remnant and these remnants have been covered and buried over quite cleverly, quite purposely, and they will begin to break surface in that ensuing 20 years.  Many new discoveries will be brought about, more so than in any other time period of what you call your recorded history.  Many have already been uncovered, particularly in the land of Egypt this last year, because many have gone to break the energy, and yet this has been kept secret, has it not?  In Peru was another place, there a tunnel system went under the Earth, and a very ancient civilization was introduced by the bird people in the area of Lake Titicaca, by far older than the Mesopotamian sites, buried of course under many layers.

Your planet is an exceptionally interesting place.  If only those who are receiving information would have greater freedom to disseminate it, everyone's attitude would change, because they would find that Earth was truly a place to love, not a place to simply survive.

Question:  Who controls our DNA?  From what I have heard, there seem to be different intelligences pulling the strings on our DNA.  What I would like...  I would like to control my own DNA.

Let us say, you are the one who controls it once you wake up to that knowledge.  You see, the whole planet has been controlled in such a way that you have been taught and trained from the time that you first popped out onto this planet that you are not in control of your reality, that everything is circumstantial, that everything depends on something that you have no say in.  Wrong!  You have complete control over everything.  Until you discover that, and until you believe it, you are subjected to whatever anyone else wishes to do to you in this free-will zone.  And in your innocence, you have been exposed to things that have allowed your DNA, your intelligence, and many other things to be controlled.

Question:  You said that the frequency that we have been operating on is disappearing, or has disappeared?

It has been pierced at this time.  In other words, think of the frequency that has limited the human experiment as like a radio station.  The human experiment has had one radio station that has been effecting it for 300,000 years, the same old tunes!  How do you like that?  But the human experiment was unable to turn the dial to hear a different band, do you understand?  The same frequency was broadcast.  This creates what would be called a quarantine, a sealing of your planet, sealing it off.

The creative cosmic rays set by the Prime Creator and the original designers pierce through this frequency seal, and they bombard the Earth.  However, they must have someone to receive them.  Without a receptacle of these creative cosmic rays, they would create chaos, havoc, confusion.  And so, you, as the members of the family of light, come onto this system to receive the rays of knowledge, and to disseminate the knowledge, and the new lifestyle, and the new frequency to the rest of the population, to alter, literally, the entire planet, and the way this paradigm is approached.

Question:  Couldn't one go to the 10th, 11th and 12th chakras to get this information?

It will evolve within you, when you are ready.  Particularly when you have finished with the ups and downs of emotional life.  You see, emotion is the key to all of this.  You need, as human beings, the emotion to connect you with your spiritual self.  Emotion is essential to understanding spirituality.  Emotion generates feeling.  Feeling is the third center of the body, where the energy stopped.

In women, the feeling center stayed intact because women brought birth onto the planet.  So, they were connected with feeling through life.  Do you understand?  Males became very disassociated with life, so much so that in most societies, men were not present, they were disassociated from the process of life.  They were not present for the birth, for the delivery of life.  So, it became very easy for them to make war because they were not involved directly in the life process.  Women, of course, have a much more difficult time participating in war because they are so involved in the feeling center and the birthing process, even though it has been tremendously shut down in the entire species.

When one begins to clear through understanding -- issues of survival, money, food, shelter -- when you understand that you are provided for, simply by knowing it, you are provided for.  When you begin to understand the frequency of sexuality, and the distortions of sexuality that have been presented to you on this planet -- when you begin to work through these things, through the dramas of your lovers, your husbands, your children, your family -- when you begin to see everything as the divine plan, you will begin to access the information of all of the evolved helix, and all of the evolving energy centers.  The story will become opened to you, because you intend it.  You will decree it.  You will pull it into yourself.  Do you understand this?

Question:  In reference to the lizzies, you said, sort of in passing, that they created holograms?

Ahh, someone listened here.  You are clever.  We love it when we throw something out and someone picks up upon it.  What kind of holograms have they created?

Exactly.  Could you expand upon that?  My understanding is that everything is a hologram...  Is this all a distortion?  And then the second part of my question is that in the Bill Cooper information, he states that the government officials were shown a hologram of the crucifixion of the Christ.  Now was that just a fabrication?

Allright.  Let us give you a little background here, and then you decide for yourself.  One of the things that we like to teach you all is for you to decide.  We give you information, and you decide what to do with it.  You are in charge of your life.  We are not.

During the last century, your planet has become very clever with its technologies, yes?  Ever wonder where those technologies came from?  Well, let us say there was many gifts and many influences that came from off your planet, that have been hushed up.  Some information was, of course, brought down to your planet in many different ways, and the technologies brought about changes in lifestyles.

One of the changes in lifestyles would be your cinemas.  And a whole new way of influencing thought was brought to the planet by the industry that is called film, yes?  Some of it has been for entertainment, some of it has been for education, and some of it has been purely for brainwashing.  Do you understand?  It is for you to decide what is what.

Now, being that you are a controlled society, frequency controlled, your ability to create technologies is somewhat limited.  In a society that is less controlled, that has greater outreach or greater travel capabilities through space and interchange between one system and another, technological advances are quite astounding.  And just as you have an industry upon your planet called the movie industry, there are those who are clever in space, in the cosmos, and they have what you could call the holographic industry.  And they make holographic inserts.  They make dramas that look just like they are real.  And they insert them, through portals, onto your reality.  Now, you can understand that since these space beings have been around for so long, hundreds of thousands of years, and mankind's frequencies has been controlled, it is quite easy to hoodwink mankind.  Yes?  Quite easy indeed.

We talked about the portal in the Middle East as being a dimensional doorway, an entryway onto your planet, a way for certain energies to find civilization.

Let us clarify something here.  When you leave a planetary sphere, and go out into space, once you traverse certain belts of consciousness, you must find the proper portal to come back onto that planet in the precise time period, or corridor of time that you are looking for, especially if you are looking for the one that you left from.  Your scientifics have discovered this in some of their shots into space.  Without the help of off-planet beings, your space program never would have gotten anywhere, because you must find the portal to come back.  There are different portals in different places.  There have been beings that have been lost in space, because they could not find the portal.  It is the same thing when you go to a planet.  If you do not find the portal, and go through the portal that would allow you to have a dimensional merge into their corridor of time, you may enter a very desolate, barren place that looks as if nothing exists there.  Do you understand?  This is how systems are kept locked, how they are kept intact, how they are prevented from being raided and taken over.  Does this all make sense to you?

Now, you have portals in the Southern continent, portals in the North American continent, you have portals, of course, over Asia, China, and the huge portal that we are presently discussing is the portal in the Middle East...  It is gigantic.  Many holographic inserts, dramas, were inserted through that portal to effect the minds, to effect the beliefs of the population.  Be aware, being that this portal is in the midst of crisis, and that it is being fought over, that it is prime for holographic inserts.  It is prime for a belief system to alter this chaotic world, to enter and to get everyone to move in a different direction.  Be aware of your feeling centers when these kind of events begin to occur on your planet.

Question:  Could you give us an example, then, of something that has occurred in the Middle East that has been a holographic insert?

Allright...  The crucifixion of the Christ.

Question:  It never really happened?

It did not happen in that way...  In other words it had a parallel reality, and that is not the reality that the Christed one came into play, the drama that was played out and passed on historically to you.  That is an example of a holographic insert.  In other words, a version of this entity's life was molded and designed into a holographic entertainment movie, and inserted and played out as if it were real.

Now, do you begin to understand why you have come here to bust the system?  Do you understand how complex frequency control is?  Do you understand how fine and thin reality is?  Do you understand how available reality control is to the human species if they would begin to harmonize with one another?  And if they would begin to act as if they were all provided for, and to believe it?  To create through their minds?

What we want, more that anything else, is to see you, as the members of the family of light, to succeed in liberating the humans.

Question:  I would like to know what particular holograms those of you of the Pleiades have been providing us?

You are very clever!

Questioner:  Well, everyone plays this game, I assume!

Of course!  Yes, of course.  Because, remember, it is a free-will zone.  If you can remember that you exist in a free-will zone -- we will get to your question in a moment -- if you can remember that you exist in a free-will zone, you can relax.  Nothing is going to happen to you, because you are in charge.  As soon as you do not live that, and do not believe it, then you move out of charge.

Now, you want to know what, in our cleverness, what we have been up to.  Well, we were involved in giving our DNA -- not we, but our ancestors -- were involved in giving information -- DNA -- to the original planners.  We have been greatly affected by the frequency control that has been taken over on the Earth for the past 300,000 years, we have been greatly affected.  Whole sectors of the galaxies are under stress and strain at this time, because there seemingly is a war of opposition...  Polarities...  What we call the white t-shirts and the dark t-shirts, good guys and the bad guys, the forces of light bringing information, and forces of darkness withholding information, withholding the story.  That is all that the forces of darkness are...  They don't tell the truth.

All of this brings about a change of frequency, a need to evolve, a need to grow.  During the last 300,000 years, we have, as Pleiadians...  Certainly not our group, we are a new experiment...  Certainly, our ancestors have been up to their shenanigans on your planet, bringing a history and a memory to different cultures to different groups.  We are associated with energies within the creative process that comes from a family of bird creatures.  If you study ancient history upon your planet, you will understand, that just as the lizzies have been part of your history, the bird creatures, the bird men, the bird gods, have been a part of your history as well.  We have been representing, supporting, and guiding the evolution of the bird consciousness on this planet in many different places.  And so our inserts, as it would be, are designed around their dramas.  Do you understand?

Question:  You are saying that your own holograms bring in the symbol of the bird as a light-bearer?

Well, if you look into your cultures that had some vestige of understanding the Earth, even though they only had two helix, there were those who came from space, and who worked in many different ways with the different cultures, and used the energies of the Birds, the winged creatures.  You can look at your Southern continent, South America, you can look in your Native American continent in North America.  You can look at the drawings on the walls in Egypt.  You can go all over and see the signs of birds and the signs of reptiles.  To make the story older, we will say to you that at one time the Birds and the Reptiles even worked together.

And then the Reptiles fought the Birds.  The story is much bigger than just Reptiles and Birds, but at this point in your ability to comprehend information, we speak in the easiest way that you can get it.  As soon as the picture gets bigger, and as you comprehend it, you make the story larger, because you remember the history.

Question:  I am not clear from what you are saying whether those were actual visitations or whether they were holographic inserts?

Let us say that sometimes they were holographic experiences, when they sought to influence a large group, in other words especially a viewing in the sky ...

Question:  So in other words, a UFO could well be holographic?

Very well.  And yet teachers would come down and work, in what would be called a physical body, sometimes.  And sometimes there would be simultaneous holographic inserts of one individual designed in many different fashions, simultaneously in many different cultures at one time.  That is why some of your gods are parallel from one corner of your world to another, where there was no contact.

So, it has been complicated, what has been going on here.  Some of you have studied what would be called your UFO scientifics.  They love to fight and pick at each other.  They love to discredit and argue and create chaos and confusion.  Some of them have begun to figure out that this UFO thing is more like a phenomena.  You see, part of the problem of the UFO scientifics is that they cannot remove themselves from this paradigm.  They must define everything according to their own experience, rather than looking to parallel or different complete experiments, and then learning to plug into them to see what they are, different laws.

So, for example, many of the sightings that are presently being seen in Yugoslavia, are holographic inserts as well.  Do you understand what a holographic insert is now?

Question: The children of Fatima?

Yes, a holographic insert.

Question:  Who is sending them?

Well, that is the question, who is sending them?

Question:  So basically it for us to determine who is sending them?

Yes!  You see, it is not our task to say to you, "this is good, this is bad, don't go here, don't do this", etc.  Although we do say to you, one of our big don'ts, is don't watch television.  If you wish to evolve, you do not even want to own one, you do not want to even have the appliance in the house.  Do you understand?  And if you have it, unplug it, because it will jam your frequencies over, and over, and over again.  So, that is a don't.  And that is a hint.  We are saying to you that if you do this, you can move along much more quickly.

So, what we say to you, we give you the story, or we give you portions of the story so that you can figure out the rest, and then we teach you the methodologies of how to deal with what your reality is.  And then we set you free to do it.  Do you understand?  We encourage you to go do it on your own, to come up with your own plan.

The best way to determine anything is to check the feeling center and see how you feel about it.  Your feeling center will always answer you with clarity, if you begin to look there.  The difficulty can be how to quiet the portion of the mind that likes to be in charge to make decisions, and to allow the feeling center to be the area where decisions and perceptions are made.  Because, you cannot go wrong from there, if, of course, you understand these feeling centers.  If you are all paranoid, and if you have many defenses, then your feeling center will not work for you.  It will get you into more trouble than it will do good.

Question:  As I see it, part of our individual laboratories have to do with our relationships with the family that we have created in this dimension, and it has to do with cleaning the emotional centers, so that as a radar screen, it is accurate.

Yes, because it can be impeccable.  Let us say something here.  The mental body and the physical body are very linked.  The emotional body is linked with the spiritual body. The spiritual body is, of course, the body that exists beyond the physical limitation, nonphysical.  So, you need the emotions to comprehend the non-physical.  That is why emotions have been so controlled upon this planet.  You have been allowed very little room emotionally.  You have been encouraged emotionally to feel powerless or frightened.  lf your planet would begin to encourage every member to begin to feel safe, to feel provided for from the time that they were born, and if your planet was to honor each member as it was born as well, that every time a child entered onto the planet, it was well -- well through power of mind and conscious intention to create in the harmonics of peace -- it would be an absolutely incredible place.  It wouldn't take long.  All it would need would be a re-education of the value of the human being.

Question:  We are in the process of re-educating ourselves.  We also need to re-educate our children...

Now let us say this about the children...  Many of them came in with their memory banks more intact, their DNA more evolved than yours.  We say that they came with their codings fired.  The others had to fire their codings.  In other words, the code is in the DNA.  And as family of light, you had to actively do something to develop that knowledge, to bring that knowledge, that code forward, and to begin to live it.  Now, those of you who have been active for 20, 25, 30, 50 years, some of you, you can look now and see someone make progress in an afternoon.  It is because you have altered the frequency and made it available and everything happens much, much, faster.  It cannot happen too fast, otherwise it would destroy the human.  The frequency would be too much for them.  The nervous system must evolve as the DNA evolves, to handle the electrical current as it is transmitted throughout the body.

The children know many, many, many things.  As we like to remind our audiences, you were all very clever when you were children, and you certainly did not tell your parents everything that was going on with you.  Don't expect the same.  Be aware.  Many of the things that you would worry about and fuss about, your children will not tell you.  Be aware that many of you will understand that ten years from now.  There will be an incredible rise of power amongst children.  Many of them will seem as if they are mere babes to you.  As they learn to gather, and as they learn to harmonize their frequency, and alter vast sections of your planet by peacefully making harmonics, through sounds and through silent sounds of group mind...  Many of these children are fully capable of telepathic communication.  So let your children go.  Trust them.  You must learn to trust yourselves.  You must learn to stop being suspicious.  You must learn to trust the integrity of who you are and to trust that you are part of the divine plan, that you are guided.

Question:  As we hurl into the fourth dimension, this transition, are we going to be leaving behind the logical mind?  And in so doing, will we become more receptive to the Christ energies to integrate within our beings?

The Christ energies are simply light frequencies.  It is one example of what would be called a liberator of frequencies.  And yes, those frequencies will become prevalent, to move into dimensional merges.  For some, they will be dimensional merges, for others they will be dimensional collisions.  What is the difference?   What do you think?

Questioner:  One's perspective...  One's attitude.

Yes, very good.  Also how much frequency one holds...  How much light one holds.  See, when light is brought into the body, it fires your light-encoded filaments, and helps re-bundle the DNA.  There is a frequency change.  Frequency is what you know...  Frequency is your identity.

There have been periods when many different dimensions existed upon your planet at the same time, when that was much more common.  In the last 1,000 years, there has been a receding of many different dimensions, as great chaos and further darkness came over the population.  Now these dimensions, these other realities, these places where the laws of existence are a bit different, are returning.  You help them return.  You pull the dimensions onto your planet and make what is called a dimensional merge.

Sometimes you move into these dimensions, and you do not recognize that you are in them.  You are in an altered state, particularly when you go to what would be called a sacred site on your planet.  You move into a different dimensional frequency, everything changes, you feel uplifted, you feel full of energy, or you feel sick to your stomach.  Something goes on.  You move into an altered state.  And yet, since you are in it, you do not always know that you are in it.  That is the beginning of dimensional merges.  When you return home, or you physically relocate yourself, you look back and say, "Wow, that was incredible, what happened there?"  It is the beginning of the feeling of experiencing different dimensions.

Dimensional collisions are another story.  For those who are gripped with fear, within the human population, whose purpose was to be on the planet at this time to experience the changes, for those who, even though they came here to experience the changes, they refuse to change, they will experience these dimensions as collisions.  Because they will not be able to merge with them.  They will be like a solid wall of cement, kicking another solid wall of cement.  And so what will occur on this planet for many, is there will be a great discomfort, and this already is occurring on a very small scale, a discomfort in the nervous system.  And there will be disease of the nervous system simply because of the refusal to evolve.  Refusal to change one's stand of oneself and one's reality.  And all of you who are working with humans, in all of your capacities, whether you are medical, or body workers, or teaching, or music, or whatever, understand that this is the human dilemma, the need to shift the definition of self and reality.

Question:  What I am perceiving, is it illusory, is it delusional?  I sense that I am looking at the inanimate, hollow, robotic, synthetic humans, and I puzzle.  Am I seeing a reflection of myself, or am I really seeing...?  It makes me back off, because I observe these people for being imposters.

Let us say that what has happened, and this is not uncommon at all -- it is good that you have brought this up, it is good that the questions that are spoken to us from one end of the country to the other are the same, it shows that you are simultaneously evolving.  What has happened is that you are no longer asleep.  You have disassociated yourself from the controlled population, because of the blueprint inside of you, because you came here to disassociate.  You came here to be a part of it in order to understand the human dilemma, but then you came to wake up, to receive all of the information, to be a receptacle for the creative cosmic rays, and allow this process to change you.  What has happened now is that quite subtly, moment by moment, you have changed so much that everything begins to look different to you.  And you begin to see through the illusion.  You begin to see through the control of frequency on this planet.

Most humans, particularly in the United States, subject themselves to either television or radio.  These are the two methodologies that were instituted almost 50 years ago for the sole purpose of controlling human frequency.  It has been a very successful marketing plan very, very successful.

Question:  Does this involve computers also, because I love computers, and I work with them every day...

Let us say this to you.  It is not that technology is bad.  There is nothing wrong with technology.  But it is how technology has been used upon your planet.  Check your feelings.  Check your clarity.

It is very easy for you, as humans, to convince yourselves that you are just fine.  Our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) was saying to her friend on the way over that when she goes into New York City, and when she goes into Washington DC, the humans there don't think anything is wrong.  They don't want to hear it when we say to them, "This is not a healthy environment, you are being synchotronically blasted, it is a good time for you to leave".  They say "No we are not, we are just fine".  They are in extreme denial over how clear they can be.

If you want to get clear, if you want to understand yourself and your Universe, go spend a week or two free from electricity, in a place of nature, where you are nurtured, and you are having a good time.  Where there is no stress for you from anything.  Then you begin to see what you can accept for yourself.  In the mean time, go and sit and hug a tree.  Sit in a park.  Get close to Nature, and begin to see the ability to transmit, how it comes through when you are next to Nature, versus how it comes through when you are next to a controlled technology.

Question:  But there is no way that we can escape the use of computers, and this is true more and more.  I work for a small company, and we work on computers using a word processor and we develop illustrations on computers.

It is a fine technology.  And one day it will be a loving technology, not a manipulative technology.  See, it is made available to the public.  The public uses it in innocence, not understanding the great manipulation that was and is behind it.

Question:  But if manipulation creates karma -- cause and effect -- don't the manipulators realize that they are doing the manipulation to themselves?  That everything they send out into the Universe is going to come back to them?

No, of course they do not.  They have not figured that out yet.  They are beginning to now, especially your honorable President Bush, he is beginning to realize that all he has set into effect is beginning to turn around at him.

Question:  But some of those beings -- the creator gods -- are very intelligent beings.  Don't they realize the obvious?

Let us say this.  On your planet, it is assumed that because someone is intelligent, they are spiritually aware.  Absolutely a falsehood!  In other words, one can be brilliant, one can learn to transcend human laws, and one can still not operate with the frequency of love.  You see, the light frequency brings information.  The love frequency brings creation, and the respect and connection to all of Creation.  The love frequency by itself can be very crippling -- if you think that the frequency is outside of yourself, you can do what has been done on this planet over and over again:  worship someone that is promoting the love frequency as if they were a saint.

The ideal is to carry the light frequency of information, to become informed, and couple it with the love frequency that will allow one to feel a part of all Creation, and to not judge it and to not be frightened by it, to simply see the divinity of it, the perfection of it, as it evolves to teach every included consciousness about itself.

Question:  Why is it that when we live in certain places on the physical planet, that we feel in touch with certain magic in our lives, and why in other places we don't?

Let us say this to you.  Just as we said that there are portals, major portals where civilizations, intelligences, enter your planet to make an effect upon it, there are different portals that have been built by those who carry light frequencies.  And some of those portals allow a tremendous amount of uplifting energy to come through.  And once you live in a place like that, you become so used to the energy that when you are moved from it, you notice the difference.

Now in this area of the world that you are living, Northern California -- California has agreed to carry a certain frequency of change for the planet.  Do you understand?  California can be epitomized as another planet on the planet Earth.  (laughter)  This is its purpose.  There is no place on the planet like California.  It has a certain frequency, a frequency of creativity.  It is giving its creativity in a free-will way.  California has more creativity and more free-will than any other place.  However, within that free will, and within that creativity, is not always light.  And so there is a stress, and a pulling, and a pushing of control for many things in this area of creativity.  In other words, you have many power mongers, and many light bearers living here at the same time.  When you enter this place, and especially if you enter an area that has been flooded with light, you begin to feel that change, to feel the difference in what has been made available to you.

Then you can go to a place like Washington DC and stay there for a weekend, and notice the frequency there.  As you become more sensitive, you notice how different everything is everywhere.  And you will find that you will be led to places to broadcast your frequency, not to rent a megaphone and stand on the street corner, but to simply live who you are, to go into the malls, to go into the shopping centers, to go into the movie theaters, to walk the streets, and to make available your electromagnetic frequency, because it is.

Question:  There is a book that I read recently called The Return of the Bird Tribes, by Ken Carey, and this book gave me the same feeling as the first time I heard one of your tapes.

Other people have said the same thing.

Question: (Con't):  It is nothing that I can articulate beyond saying that it stirred a sense of memory.

Let us say that you are right on track.

Question (Con't):  ... In hearing you speak, this is the first time that I have ever heard the Pleiadians referred to as the bird people, and it is amazing the connections that have been made for me.

Let us say that we are not necessarily the bird people, though we work with those who are of the creator god rank of bird people.  We have many friends, many colleagues.  Many who exist in space have become quite interested in our project, and our effectiveness on your planet, so we have a large contingency of PIeiadians plus energies that are available to work with us and many others.

Question:  I feel a relationship to the bird people, and the concept of the angels...

Yes, they are associated, absolutely.  Now there is a question as to who some of those angels are.  You must understand that in the terms of your Bible, some of these that were called angels were called angel because, if you understand the derivatives of words, and that breaking down of words in different language, the word angel refers to one who was able to move in the heaven.  And let us say to you, with clarity, that many of those were called angels because they could move through the heavens, not because they were what you would call angelic beings.  Get clear on your definitions.  And get clear of how you have been hoodwinked with terms and how you have conceptions of ideas where you define a whole existence of yourself based on a word like angel.

In actuality, many of the reptilians, as they came to mate with their own creation, were space beings.  They were not the angels that we believe you were referring to in connection with the Bird Tribes.  There have been beings who have been quite literally half bird and half human.  Look at the god Horus, from Egypt...  The Earth history is fascinating!

Question:  You were talking about radio frequency and TV frequency, about the negativity, that certain negative frequencies can be transmitted to us...  But it comes to mind that it is also a medium through which positive energies can be transmitted?

Just like computers can be used in a positive manner, it depends on how it is used.  It depends the intent that is behind it.  We are saying that for quite a few years, the intent behind your television was to create a nation of automatons, to create a nation of humans addicted to the frequency that was broadcast to them, so that even if they didn't like what they were seeing, they would still stay there, that it would immobilize you and keep you from thinking.

Question (Con't):  But if the positive forces are starting to use it as a medium...?

Let us say this to you.  It is one of those paradoxes where on one hand liberating information is broadcast through a disruptive frequency.  So there you are...  You are watching television, and some television show is telling you all about how uplifted and how unlimited you can be, while subliminally you are being hit with a frequency that keeps you from original thinking, that keeps you immobilized, that keeps you in a survive/arrive/be on time/be silent/go to work society.  We are seeing very little good in the frequency of television.  We recommend that you do not expose yourself to it.

As a matter of fact, if you really wish to evolve, we are serious, do not read your newspapers, do not listen to the radio, and do not watch television.  lf you are able to be media-free for periods of time, and you disengage yourself from the frequency of chaos, and anxiety, and stress, and hustle-bustle, and temptations of all kinds that you don't need, you begin to get clear.  You begin to listen to what is going on inside of yourself.  You begin to be able to live of the world, and not necessarily be lost in it.  You will become clear.  We cannot re-emphasize this enough!

Everyone wants to argue with us for their last stand, "how about this", or "let us watch this one program"...  Argue for all of the television you want, but we are saying that as you travel around the world, and you go into third-world countries where they do not have bathroom facilities, where they do not have running water, where they do not have stoves and refrigerators, they have television.  We ask you, what is behind it?

Of course, if you were in a society that really cared about its members, they wouldn't give you television.  If you were in a society that really valued its members, everything would be given to you in a way that would bring you wholeness, not craziness.  Television also promotes inactivity, it promotes a sedentary life, it promotes an obese life.  Look around you.  Wake up, humans!

Question:  I have a question regarding subliminals and compact discs, and I am not referring to rock music.  I have a large collection of mostly classical and new age music, and I used to love to listen to them.  But during the past couple of years, I find increasingly that music aggravates me, not all of the classical and new age music, but certain ones.  Are they putting programming in...?

There is sometimes stuff that is being layered in, unfortunately.  Our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) has gotten herself into the situation where she can listen to very few things.

Back to the television idea, we will say that even when the television is not on, in many instances it is set up to create a distracting frequency, to broadcast something.  Your microwave ovens are used in ways that you have not figured out yet either.  Be aware.  If you do not feel good about something, if it creates a static and nervousness within you, stop it.  Remove yourself from it.

What happens is that as you change, you become more finely tuned.  You become a more sensitive instrument.  Do you understand?  And so it shows you that before, what was around you...  You were so dense that it would hit you and effect you and keep you in a more lowly vibration, and you were not even aware of it.  Now as you become clear, as you change your diet, especially as you drink more purified water, because water acts as a conductor of electricity in the body, also as a purifier...  Everything begins to alter.  Everything is sped up, time is collapsing.  Cosmic rays are bringing a great energy onto the planet, and the DNA is evolving.  So, all of you are going to experience great sensitivities.  You will find that the food that you loved one or two years ago, you don't like them any more, because you are so sensitive to the frequencies that go into the food, that you cannot eat them.

Ohh, you will find this tremendously so...  Our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) sometimes wanders around without any idea what she wants to eat, because nothing looks good to her.  That is very common, that is part of the process.  What you could just grab and eat before, you cannot do it anymore because you are so sensitive, particularly to animals, the vibration, the fear that is in the animals that come out in food.

That is one of the largest ways of affecting the human population.  It is diabolical.  We will say that again, it is a diabolical way of affecting the human population by feeding the humans animals who are in fear and anxiety as they are killed.  There is nothing wrong with eating animal flesh.  The animals were designed here to be companions for you, and if necessary, part of your nurturing and your survival.  To work with the animal, to ingest the animal, was actually an honor, to become one with it.  It is the fact that you are so separated from life and from consciousness that you act as if the conscious life that is not treated well when it is killed, that you can ingest it and nothing will be lost.  No!

So, expect many things to change.  You say, "well goodness, my life is going to change so much".  Yes, drastically!  More so, if you think you have gone through changes in the '80s, this is the unnamed decade: the decade of the '90s, it will be so fantastic, there will be no way to define it.  We are excited about it!

Question:  I am involved with music that I am told has soul-group encoded data transmission systems, and also I receive many space signals from, I was told, the Pleiades, through my system.  I am surrounded by electronics and computers.  I am now about to enter the film industry, and it promises to incorporate all of this information into frequencies...

Let us say something.  With all of this electricity and all of the electronics that are around you -- you love it and that is good, and you are doing a good job of what it is that you do -- but let us say to you, be certain, in order to always stay in charge of your life, to always feel that you create it, and that you are not lost in the hubbub of creating it, get away from those electronics quite frequently.  Seriously!  We are reading your vibration.  Keep yourself free from those electronics quite frequently, so that you can have the harmonics of nature, and then you can go and use the electronics to the highest of your ability.

Now, as you move into the film industry, what you can do, and what any of you can do who are operating in film, as who work on and around these things, is that you can transmit electronically on film the essence of frequency.  Do you understand?  You can transmit your frequency, what you know, in other words, onto a film, and then that film can transmit your essence and your essence is your frequency.  This is what is beginning to show up in some of what would be called the modern film.  And there is a polarity at the same time, where other frequencies are showing up on film as well.

One of the best films out, you may not necessarily agree with us on this, but one of the best films out in the past few months, to show you how complicated your identities are, is Total Recall.  Get past the violence and understand that there is an incredibly coded story within that movie, a story that is seemingly about one thing, but in actuality it is about you forgetting your identity, and then remembering who you are.  Anything else?

Question (Con't):  The opportunity to take this kind of information and put it on film is so vast...  It represents an opportunity to transmit it on a mass level.

Yes, absolutely.  Let us say that after January 2, 1991, which is the end of the next energy acceleration, December 1st through January 2nd, after that, pardon the expression, but all hell is going to break loose upon your plane, because a number of people will have the 12 helix, and there is going to be a rapid change of events.  In other words, those who are wanting to bring this broadcasting frequency to a greater amplification will all of a sudden find events synchronistically opening for them in ways that they could never perceive.

Now for all of you, we recommend that in whatever endeavor you are being led to participate in, that it is part of your own blueprint and your own plan, so that you can evolve, and by you evolving, you affect the evolution of your planet.  Everything that you do, everything that you do is for your evolution, and as you learn, and as you come into comprehension of who humans are, and what this place is, you begin to open new pathways for the others.  You will find, all of you who are ready to open and to step forward, events that you never could have imagined will somehow be put together before you.  Things that are beyond your comprehension, setups we like to call them, opportunities that you never thought of, and yet, by doing it, you create dozens more of opportunities.  This is when you know that you are living your life, and that you are living your life with courage.

Let us say that there is a good possibility that light-carriers will come into question in the next few years...  Understand that this is part of the plan.

All of you must make a clear intent as to how you would like your reality to be designed.  This does not mean that you are not flexible, it means that you operate with clarity, and you say, "Well, to my guides and spirits and all of those who are assisting me in my evolutionary journey on this Earth, it is my intention that I am successful, it is my intention that I am safe always in all the things that I do, it is my intention that I receive love, and that I give love out in all the things that I do. It is my intention that I have a darn good time, that I am provided for with prosperity according to my needs. It is my intention that I do not become over enamored with the material world."

Question:  Earlier, you mentioned the stress and strain connected with the creativity in California.  Is that stress and strain also expressed in the Earth?

Yes.  As we said to you, California is like no place else.  And your area here is honeycombed with geomagnetic faults, potential shiftings of the Earth's consciousness, yes?  Remember now, the Earth is a viable entity.  When the creators formed the Earth, there were energies that said, "Yes, we will be the Earth. We will take that role and we will become the planet."  So, there are energies who are quite sentient who make up your Earth, and as you begin to work with those energies and communicate with them, you begin to become the bridge, the sacred bridge between earth and sky, the conduit through which this energy must flow for change.

Question:  I have been talking to the Earth as a being.  And when we get our own feeling centers cleared up, would that then enable the Earth to move more gently than in a cataclysmic kind of way?  Is that a reflection of our stress and strain and polarities?

Yes, in other words, the Earth's teachings or lessons at this time have to do with many things.  First of all, as someone was asking earlier about the coming of fourth dimension...  As frequencies change, everything around changes.  When the frequencies change, it is like you move from your house, you don't live in the same environment any longer, the whole environment changes.  Now these changes are designed to uplift everyone's life.  They are designed to bring everyone to a greater place of ease of comprehension of experience.  They are designed to disengage the human from the paradigm that has defined your world as solid, that has defined your world in very limited terms.

As humans -- on their own -- begin to place number one in their lives the priority of quality of life, by honoring the quality of the Earth's life, there will be very little Earth changes upon this planet.  However, many humans, particularly in your Western world, your Western experiment, are concerned with a very different quality of life...  How much electronics they own...  How many clothes are in the closet...  How many cars are in the garage...  And they are not at all connected to the affect of all of that material manufacturing on the sentient being that is, let us say, your parent.  And so, if humans do not change, if they do not make the shift, the shift in values that begins to value this place, that without this place, without the Earth, we could not be here, then the Earth, in its love for its own initiation, its own reaching for a higher frequency, will bring about the cleansing that will re-balance the Earth itself once again.

There is potential now, and we have said this many times, there is the potential that many, million people will leave the plane in an afternoon.  Maybe then everyone will begin to wake up as to what is going on.

You see, you have been having hints.  You had been having events all along here stimulating you...  Encouraging you...  Bringing you to the realization that there must be global change.  And yes, there are grassroots movements and those grassroots movements are going to grow phenomenally.  It all depends on how willing everyone is to change.  What is your responsibility in it?  Your responsibility is how willing are you, each one of you, how willing are each one of you to change?  Not to just talk about it, the time has come to do it.  And as you commit to change, as you begin to do it in your own life, you automatically make it available to the entire planet.

Question:  A question regarding underground hydrogen explosions...  The information that I have been privileged to channel continues to say, "Don't do this, don't do this!"  Yet, President Bush is insisting we continue to do it.  We are planning now that in January we get everyone involved in saying "No" to this.  We cannot have any more of it, we will not tolerate it.  Do you have any further suggestions as to what we can do that we are not presently doing?

You see, more people need to wake up.  The way that more people are going to wake up is when they realize the ramifications...  Not in the next city...  When they realize the ramifications in their own backyard.

Let us say that is why the quality of the food supply, that is why the pending lack of availability of stable economics, and the pending chaos, is going to bring about a much greater commitment to all of these actions.  Do you understand?  Because you see, many humans do not want to put themselves on the line because they are afraid of getting into trouble.  "And so, well, I will just keep my job and my security, and what the heck...?"  And one of the most incredible things that can be noticed in any society is, take away everyone's security, and courage begins to blossom like a freshly planted garden because they have nothing to lose.  And humans begin to stand up.

Never feel that your efforts are in vain.  Also, do not break your back over causes.  Use the power of your mind to clearly intend what it is that you wish.  Ask for assistance from the non-physical realms.  Visualize the outcome that you would like to have.  Understand that you create your reality, that every other person creates their reality, and that everyone has the opportunity to wake up at any time.  When you approach anything, approach it from the bigger picture.

Yes, those detonations under your Earth and in space are definitely creating a certain lack of stability on your planet.  The stability is teetertottering at this time.  And yet, we will say to you, every moment more and more humans wake up.  Let us say this to you, not to upset you or to discourage you...  You are somewhat utopian in nature, do you understand this?  It is a good way to be.  We have no fault with it.  We are simply saying that you have memories, that are very fresh and very close to the forefront of your mind, of places where you had lived that are quite ideal.  And you have a need and an urge to want to pull that ideal unto the planet, and to practice this idealism, to make this idealism a way of life.  You do it for yourself, and you trust that as you do it for yourself, others will follow suit.  Allright?  And when you don't see it happening on a global scale, it doesn't mean it is not happening in your own life...

When enough people all create their own reality and consciously create it, you will create a new plane.  There will be literally a splitting of worlds.  This splitting will more than likely not occur for more than 20 years.  In the meantime, your world will more than likely be ravaged by war quite a few times, and you will have some very puzzling and very confusing space dramas begin to take place.  You will have some space cousins who are needing to figure out, quite publicly, who they are.

Question:  I would like to thank you so much for your generosity of spirit in coming and being with us...

Let us say something to you...  We are not without our purpose.  Let us explain something to you.  We come from your future.  And in certain instances, we can say that we have our hands full.  We have come back in what would be called a section of our time, to a place that we call a kernel, a seed, in order to affect change.  We will tell you that 9 months after the Harmonic Convergence, when our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) made an intention that was quite clear as to what she wanted, we were born, to our great purpose and enjoyment.  We need you, just as you need us, in order for us to understand what is going on in our world presently.  We need you so that we can evolve. And so that you, as members of the family of light, can institute, implement, insert, a grand new probability on the chain of realities that will implode in the next 20 years from this sector of existence, that so vastly affects us, where we are in your future.  So, we thank you for showing up and participating, and for recognizing who you are.

Question:  I have a question having to do with light-bearers, and having to do with the fulfillment of the plan of the Earth.  I am sure you are probably aware of a being incarnated on Earth who identifies himself as Maitreya.  The press release, and the introduction by Ben Creme, says that this Maitreya is indeed a world teacher, and is the Christ, returning to Earth.  On one hand, I have an incredible attraction to want to be with him in order to bring more light to the planet, and yet there is a part of me that is very aware of what you said about measuring the feeling I experience in the solar plexus, as a connection to the higher spiritual life.  And I find, in my being with him, that there seems to be a dichotomy between what you are saying about the feeling power, and the mental polarization focused at the third eye.  It is confusing for me, can you help me?  Is he a great light-bearer, this Maitreya?

We would rather leave that for you to discover.  We can say to you this, if this will assist you...  You have noticed something.  When you are clever enough to notice something, do not ignore it.

We will also say this to you, that as far as we can tell, what we can see is there is no, "the Christ".  It is a collection, a collective, a committee of energy representing impeccable information.  And as we have seen it, that energy is on, and around your planet in many different shapes and guises, in some instances knowing itself, in other instances, not knowing itself at all.  You have been handed a story about the Christed One that is rather limiting.  We do not want to do any Christ-bashing because any bashing that we would do would be a bashing of information that is incorrect, rather than bashing of the office, or the energy.

Use your sense of discernment.  You will find that there will be many new emerging world orders.  We recently did a session called "Chaos and Emerging World Orders".  Chaos brings about change.  When you are baking a cake, and you take all of the separate ingredients and throw them together in a bowl, it looks like a mess, does it not?  It looks like you took the flour that was so complete, and the eggs that were whole, and the oil, and the sugar, and you ruined them.  Minced them all up and made chaos.  Except you knew the next step, you trusted that if you followed the recipe and put this mess, this chaos of ingredients that were all quite separate, and whole, and integral, and put it into the oven, you would come up with something fantastic.  The heat was the catalyst, do you understand?  So, let us say that the energies of the Christed One are going to be mixed and blended with one another, and with many other things, and allow an invisible catalyst to bake it and bring it into something that is presently unrecognizable, even those things that you do not have a good feeling about, even if they are in the name of Christ.

Question:  What about the ocean pollution, and the whales and dolphins stranding themselves?  They have a higher intelligence -- are they trying to help out?

They are members of the family of light.  They are carrying a frequency.  The dolphins and whales have for eons carried a frequency from some of your ancient civilizations.  The dolphins of those from Atlantis, what you call your Atlantean culture, were coded before the demise of Atlantis.  They were given much information.  The dolphins are presently transmitting that information to the human species, and they are also giving you a message that is saying that their quality of life is in question, and if their quality of life is in question, so is yours.  They are a mirror for you at this time.

Question:  So, the strandings are almost like suicide in order to give us a message?

They are for a message, of course.  These animals are not foolish.  You think an animal does not know when it is going to die?  You think an animal wonders when its death is going to come, that they buy a funeral plot and wait for it?  Animals know when they are going to die.  They are incredibly clever.  One of the major misnomers of your scientifics is that man is the most evolved on your planet...  Everything is evolved.  There is intelligence within the cricket who chirps in your bedroom...  There is intelligence in all things.  There is a harmony and synchronicity in all things.

And one thing about the animals...  They know that they just change form when they die.  They know this, they don't watch television!  (laughter)  They trust themselves, do you understand?

The ones who watch television, of course do not trust themselves.  They are your household pets.  So, they mirror for you all of your fears, all of your joys, all of your everything.

The animals of nature, they are in tune with the planet.  Many of them know that there is a new world forming, and so, many of the species that are moving into extinction are in actuality moving through dimensional frequencies, and are moving onto what would be called the new Earth, as the old Earth, let us say, is dying.

Question:  All this pollution, is that irreversible?  All of the nuclear waste, and all the toxic stuff, pesticides...

Are you asking us to say it is hopeless?  Of course not.  There are of course technologies that could clean this place up like Mr. Clean if that was to be the plan.  However, with the responsibility as it is with the present species, there would be no point, because the present species must learn to honor their nest.  All of you must learn to honor your bodies, because without the body, you would not be here, and without the Earth you would not be here.  The body is the greatest gift, it is the most valuable thing you own, along with the Earth.  And in the ideal, there would be a sacredness, and honoring, and cherishing, and love of the Earth and of your physical being.  And when you live your life this way, it shows.  Let beauty begin to resonate in your home, in your property, in the land that you are associated with, and the land of your body as well.

Question:  Do we damage the Earth with mining, like all of the crystals and things that we pull out?  Is there a reason why they are there in the formations they are in?

The Earth is more resilient than you would imagine...  The Earth is not hurt by your removal of crystals and stones.  The Earth is here to feed you.  The Earth is here to sustain you.  The animals are here to work in cooperation with you.  Done with love, anything done with love, has the force of the Creator behind it.  And done with love, there would be no hurt and no harm.  And if you need a context, or if you need a codicil for your behavior as to what you make decisions on, ask yourself, "Am I operating with my highest integrity here?  And, am I operating with love?  Is love my intention for all of those people that I encounter and for all the things that I do?"  No matter what your profession is.

Everyone must learn to love the Earth.  Everything can be used of the Earth, if the Earth is loved and honored in the process.  It may be difficult to imagine a gang of oil construction workers, before they set the bit into the ground, to stand and hold hands and ask for guidance, to ask for permission to penetrate the Earth.  (laughter)  And yet, if this were done, things would be much more incredible.

You laugh now because it is deemed foolishness to communicate to something that does not talk back...  Let us say that if all industry, and if all educators, and if all people first stopped and asked for the highest integrity, and a great love for all involved and there be no harm to any humans, and no harm to any of the Earth -- that plan for a high civilization would be absolutely phenomenally received.  And this is beginning to come.  Absolutely.  People are getting this kind of information at this time.

Question:  Going back to the chakras...  There are 12 chakras?  Regarding the new ones like the universal chakra, do they relate somehow to our physical body too?

They are your information centers that your physical body connects to by ray, by frequency, to receive broadcasts, to receive information.  These chakras are intelligence centers that each human can access.  You can connect with them collectively, you can do it individually.  It is a way for the humans to expand their intelligence, by plugging into intelligence that comes from outside of the body, rather than thinking that one must have intelligence from inside the body, and be taught from outside.

Question:  The first 7 chakras are related to certain centers, or locations, within our body.  Do the other ones?

The other ones will connect you to what we call the multidimensional self.  You see, collectively as you exist, you certainly don't exist just in one form, in one place...  You are multidimensional.  As members of the family of light, you are exceedingly multidimensional.  You are system busters.  You are in many different systems, in many different shapes and guises.  Many of the humans who are on the planet, and who are part of the "native stock", may not have the varieties that some others have.  That is why they are so shut down, because they have not had the experiences of many different incarnations.  For many of them, their incarnations are human, or a slight variation of human.

When you begin to access information from off the planet, you will begin to make sense of your other-than-human identities, and those other-than-human identities will begin to contact you.  You may look in the mirror, and you may see one for a flash of a millisecond, a very foreign face looking back.  Sometimes, when you are clever, you can see the shows we put on.  Sometimes we like to take the energies of our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) and have many different shapes and energies, if you would look very closely sometimes.  This is the dimensional shift, the dimensional changes.  The optic nerve in the eyes also is evolving.  The optic nerve is changing along with everything else.

Question:  Could you speak of the role of bones?  You said something about the relationship of bones to stones...

We said that information is stored in bones, just as information is stored in stone, by sound, by frequency.  That is why we have been recommending for quite a long time now to get bodywork...  Bodywork, bodywork, bodywork!  Yay for the bodyworkers!

We will give you an aside on the bodyworkers...  They are trained in something, in what they have no idea of what they are doing.  lf some of your world management team knew what the bodyworkers would eventually be doing, bodyworking would be banned!  Absolutely!  Bodyworkers are going to become frequency translators...  And what you do, you assist in clearing the physical body, and in raising up the intelligence of the light-encoded filaments.  And the frequencies in the bone are going to work with the light-encoded filaments.

The skeleton is your structure, the form.  It is not so hard in form as is thought.  The bone is quite porous, and the same sound that is stored in stone has been stored in the human bone.  And when the physical body is worked upon through all kinds of energy work, this assists the body in recognizing its identity.  And as its identity begins to come forward, the human drama is cleared, it is more deeply understood, and one is not lost in it.  One becomes proud of one's participation in it, rather than feeling victimized by it.

This information in the bone begins to set up a resonance with the light-encoded filaments that make up the evolving DNA, and then all of a sudden, the human body widens to a greater attunement.  Bodyworkers, in the next two years, are going to find that they have outgrown their bodyworking instructors.  We predict that there will be many conferences of bodyworkers where many new disciplines of an old discipline will be birthed.  New ideas, new ways of using frequencies to alter and restructure the body, and activate memory.  The cranial area is particularly important.  And in order to integrate the reptilian self, the lower area of the skull is important.

Question:  I have a question about bodywork...  Are there any particular stones or things, like something that you can have on your body when you are doing bodywork, to help protect you from taking on someone else's energies?

Well, first of all, the best thing you can rely on to not take on someone else's energies is your clarity, and your willingness to not fix everyone.

We come in here, and we don't take on your energy...  It is yours.  We share energies.  If you can transform yourself, more power to you, but we are not here to make certain that each one of you transforms yourself or to fix yourself.  We are here as conduits of energy.  This is the agreement our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) has set up, "You can use my body, and you can use my voice, I will allow myself to become a conduit for another aspect of myself, and I will share my time on this planet with you."

You become a conduit for energy as you work on someone's body, to share the energy that is available to you, and to make it available to them so that they can do with it as they would, as you learn how to play with it, and orchestrate it, and make a tune of it.

Now, obsidian, of course is quite handy.  But we don't like you humans to get over-reliant on tools.  Understand?  Because then you think that it is in the tool, rather than within yourself.  And then you become victimized, and you say, "Well, it didn't work".

You be clear about who you are, and you use the properties of certain energies to keep yourself in balance.  For bodyworkers, we would say obsidian for keeping off someone else's vibrations, for keeping yours connected with your psychic centers open.

Question:  You mentioned that the lightworkers may come under...  I forget the word you used...

Scrutiny.  We didn't say scrutiny before, but that is the word.  And you are already getting some of this in your California, are you not?  Where psychics are being penalized and having to pay certain amounts of money to perform.  That is happening in many places.  It is happening in Atlanta, in the Washington DC area, in the Boston area, where your free-for-all therapies that are not regulated according to officialdom are going to come under license, and fines, and penalties and many other things, as fear grips those who are losing control.  All you need do is recognize it.  And all you need do is say "Listen, do I fear that these other people are fearing that they are losing control, so that they are going to penalize me?  No, I am safe, I am clean, I am pure, and that is not my drama, I am not available to play a part in that one."  You decide what dramas you are going to be in.  And you will find incredible dramas operating in front of you, going by you as if you are invisible, because you are no available for a bit part, or a leading role in it.  You decide what academy award you want to run for.  Do you understand?

Question:  I have a question for those of us who spend many, many hours surrounded by electronics...  Is there anything we can put in the area where we work?

There are many crystalline structures that are able to transmit a tremendous amount of energy.  Our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) has many friends who work in such environments, some of who have come to us, and we have recommended, number one, a very clear intention every day of what your purpose is and what you want, and what kind of frequencies you are available to experience.

We see electronics, as electronics, and as the current presently runs through your system, it is a current that is not compatible with the human current that is in the body.  Humans are electrical and these various appliances run on electricity.  The entire electrical system is not in harmony with the physical body.  Your Mr. Tesla came up with an electrical system that was much more harmonious with the human body, but it was not implemented.

So, in order for you to make accelerated progress, you must learn to move outside of this electronic showering that you constantly put yourself in.  Go into Nature, and particularly to sit quietly in Nature, to sit by a brook, by a pool of water, to put your back up against a tree to get very silent, very still, and to feel the energy of the Earth.  And when you are doing this, pull a pillar of light inside the body.  We recommend that all of you use the pillar of light, to enter through the crown of your head, and let it wash you over.  And while you are doing this, you let it come out of the solar plexus, and create a shield, a bubble of light, around yourself, so that anything that comes at you, comes and hits the bubble, and not the physical body.

We recommend that you be very clear about your life, and what your life is available for.  A long time ago, we said that it would be very good for you to say, "In joy and safety and harmony, I step into the unknown."  Those are the conditions under which you will move into the unknown.  When you say this, this decrees your experience.  It lets the energy that collects around you know what your conditions are.

By moving in Nature, you remove yourself from this energy of electronics that is a distracting energy, and you come into a clear energy.  And then, you learn to recognize both spaces, you learn to operate within them.  We also recommend that while you are around electronics, you drink plenty of water...  Water, water, water, purified water!

Learn to live without limitation.  In other words, all of you sometimes think, "Ohh, I can only get that this way.  How am I going to do those things?"  Get clear about what you want!  You want sovereignty, you want clarity, you want energy, you want upliftment, you want rejuvenation, you want to alter and evolve yourself, and then you have your day-to-day things that you would like to add to that.  Don't add that to your day-to-day things.  Understand?  Add your day-to-day things to that, so that your day-to-day things work around that.  And then intend for the impossible to begin to happen, and then sit back and watch...  You will be astounded!

Question:  I am curious about the phenomenon of the [crop] circles in the fields in England...

We will speak briefly about that...  How many of you have heard us talk about the language of light geometry?  Intelligence, of course, is beyond the spoken word, and beyond the written word -- it is frequency.  It sometimes comes in shapes, the shape of geometry.  Your ancient Pythagoras had a beginning grasp upon this, and his geometry was not understood by others.  Geometry is an evolved intelligence, a collection of experience that can communicate huge amounts of information.  These shapes that are all over the planet are put on the planet by sound.  Sound above the human frequency, or below the human frequency, it varies, were used to implement these language shapes, which many times in the beginning are circles.  They will evolve to triangles, they will evolve to lines, and they will evolve to many, many things.

They have been most prevalent in England, and throughout Europe, they are in the Soviet Union, they are in southern continent, they are even in the United States, although they are doing a darn good job to pretend that they are not there.  We understand that some of your news broadcasters are planning upcoming shows about those lines, and we will see how much they pretend they don't know about them.  It is going to be interesting!

So, these geometric shapes are like hieroglyphs.  The hieroglyphs, or the pictographs, that are on your planet carved in stone particularly in Egypt, but all over the planet, they are what would be called a generation of intelligence.  In other words, if one were to read the hieroglyphs based on the Rosetta Stone, the hieroglyphs would say one thing.  If one were able to remember the secret language of the priests, the hieroglyphs would say another different story.  And if one were able to understand the language of the gods, the creator gods, they would say something entirely different.  These circles and these shapes that are being put on your planet are being put there to assist you in holding your frequency, in managing it and having the courage to live your light frequency.  They make it available in a very subtle way that no one can figure out yet.  These shapes are all connected to one another.  If they were all written out on some farmer's field, something would happen with them immediately.  They are spaced from one continent to another, and they make a frequency band around the planet that will help activate the Earth's gridwork, and will allow you not to feel so weird with what it is that you know, and to feel more comfortable with the changes in frequency as they occur.

That is just a little bit of what they do.  Do you understand?  They are quite interesting.  They are designed and constructed, many of them, by what you would call your ascended masters.  There is also a joke behind them too.  You must understand that some beings, as they become very evolved, have a tremendous sense of humor, and they see the humor in all things!  Evolved beings understand that there is no end.

We would like to remind you that you are members of the family of light, something that you will grow in awareness of in the next few years.  You see, part of the evolution of man, the planned evolution of man, the planned rearrangement of the human DNA, is for each one to begin to open a memory bank, and remember who they are.  In different dimensions of reality, there are of course different experiences and different laws.  In what you call 3D, where you have been locked as a human race, human species, for so long, there is a limitation of what one can experience.  The third dimension is designed to focus on seemingly now, one existing reality at a time.  It is designed this way according to frequency and nerve pulsation, and the rate that frequencies adjust the nerve pulsations within the body.

You are mechanically, biogenetically tuned, designed.  New versions of yourselves have been in the works for a while.  When we say new versions of yourselves, we speak to you who are in this room, more so, we speak to the human race.  You who are in this room, we will remind you, are much more than human.  As members of the family of light, characteristically now, you are supreme achievers in the multidimensional realm.  One applies for position in the multidimensional realm as member of the family of light.  We will go into that more, depending on what questions you ask.

As members of the family of light you have incarnated on this planet to prepare yourselves to do your work...  What is your work?  Your work is quite simple.  As members of the family of light, you carry light frequency into systems that are in limitation of light frequency.  And light is information.  We do not want it to sound like it is cold, computer data information.  It is information that is transmitted biologically through an electromagnetic send-out of consciousness.  This is what you are experts in.  If you were to have a business card printed up for yourselves when you are in full memory of your identity, they would say something like, "Renegade Member of Family of Light -- Systems Buster -- available for altering systems of consciousness within the free-will Universe -- On Call".

You go for it!  This is what you do.  We are simply saying that this is an aspect of your identity that you have in common.  You are here in millions at this time.  You are here, primarily, to remember, to remember who you are and to operate multidimensionally within the system, and to teach the humans, the natives to this place, that have been under frequency control for a long, long time -- to teach them a new system.  You are, we like to say to you, disguised as humans.  And as soon as you begin to realize that, you will extricate yourself from the human drama, from the human dilemma of frequency control.

Frequency control was instituted 300,000 years ago by a raiding group of creator gods who were master geneticists...  They rearranged the DNA.  Why did they rearrange the DNA?  They wanted to control the native species.  And the native species was, at the time, somewhat clever.  They had a very evolved system of receiving information, and could directly receive from space contacts onto the planet.  And, they had many different ways of distributing knowledge as it was received.

You have a very interesting way of distributing knowledge on your planet at this time.  It is based on technology, on something outside of yourself.  It used to be, a long, long time ago, that there was communication on this planet through contact with one another, not by technology outside of themselves, but by the use of internal mechanisms.

So, when these creator gods took over this planet, as they had raided and taken over many systems, they took some of the remnants of human consciousness and rearranged the DNA.  This is where the story of your Bible, the story of your language system, ancient history begins.  This is the availability of your story up until now.  Most humans cannot grasp that their history goes back more than a few thousand years.  You must learn to teach the planet that it has a history of millions of years.  First, you will uncover and integrate for yourself and for the planet the history of your planet for the past 300,000 years, so that you can expand the picture of the human dilemma.

So, these master geneticists rearranged the human DNA.  Just as if the human DNA was an incredible library, an incredible vast library, they came into the library and pulled all of the books off of the shelves.  And they took the card catalogs and rent them asunder, so that there was no way to reference the great knowledge that was inside the DNA.  Get the picture?  The books, the knowledge, could be equated to what we call light-encoded filaments.

In your current technology, light-encoded filaments are being created outside of your body in symbolic representation of transmission of intelligence, through what is called fiber optics.  Man creates outside of himself what he must learn is inside of himself.  It is part of the mystery of light.

So, as this great library was put into chaos, there was just a little bit of data left that would keep the species controllable, operable, manageable, and yet keep the human functioning on its own, performing tasks, and stimulating the human as a lifeform, a form of consciousness to produce a certain frequency, fear.  And this fear has been promoted for the past 300,000 years on your planet as a controlled substance in every version that one can think of.

Because, when the human resonates electromagnetically, and broadcasts the frequency of fear, it acts as a transmission of consciousness to be received.  They broadcast fear...  Where does that fear go?  Where do your thoughts go?  Where do your emotions go?  Well, collectively, consciousness forms food.  So, collectively, consciousness produces the same food, fear...  Someone is eating it.  Someone is being nourished by it.  As perverted as it may seem to you, that is what has been going on here.  The creator gods have been orchestrating frequency control and limiting the ways of expression that the human creation could achieve.

As system busters, you come in to eradicate the food source, to change the food source, to bring information and light, and to bring comprehension that there is potential for change, and to bring a food source that works in cooperation and resonates with light.  That is what you are about.  That is what your responsibility is to achieve.

So, we understand that some of you are very puzzled as to how to do this.  How to bring about impeccability in your own life.  One of the primary things we would ask each of you to do is that, from this moment forward, do not base any of your future experiences on your past.  You all love to drag the past as an excuse as to what might happen in the future.  You are famous for it.  So, you must act as if you are newly beamed down, innocent as a babe, and to step forward into the circumstances of your daily life.  And as you step forward each day, as you awake in the morning state, with clarity about what it is that you intend to experience for the day.  If you are not doing it, and if you are not cultivating the habit of doing it, then you had best get going!   It is the way that reality is designed.

The big secret, if it is a big secret, that has been kept from the human species is that thought creates experience.  Thought creates reality.  All reality is created by thought, it is all a subjective experience.  And electromagnetically, you are controlled in such a way as to create an experience within a certain spectrum of reality.

You, who are members of the family of light, are well traveled, you are well attuned to the possibility of bringing new frequencies in.  You have come here to hold new frequencies that are beamed to you from space, that are setting into motion a new pattern inside your bodies.  And so, as you begin to know that this is what your purpose is, begin to consciously design your purpose.  Begin to get clear about what it is that you want, and begin to experience it no matter what area it is in.  This is an absolute.

Question:  I have heard you refer to silent sound...  I wonder if you would expand on that, and would that be related to the frequencies of thought?

We spoke about silent sound in reference to the children.  We said that in the next ten years or so the children that are presently being born onto the planet, or that have been born in the last 4 to 5 years, will, as very young people seemingly to you, leave home and gather together in group collectives, and they will make silent sound around the planet.

They will have incredible results.  As we see it, one of the things that you do not realize is yet ahead, is what could be called an army of resistance...  Frequency resistance.  It will be just like the French Resistance, do you remember?  Children are going to be able to collectively make frequencies by, let us say, silently communicating telepathically with one another, and harmonizing silently, and sometimes with audio output, to alter events.  You see, sound can be directed and utilized to rearrange molecular structures.  It can be used with great benevolence...  It can also be used with great destructive force...

The children that are coming onto your planet at this time are what we have called incarnations of the masters of love.  Who are the masters of love?  We said to you that light is a frequency.  You are members of the family of light and as we say, that is something to be proud of.  The children, many of them who are coming in, are masters of love.  They have mastered the love frequency.  Now understand creativity, understand that the creative process values life and consciousness in all things.  And these children, who understand this, will bring a stabilization when the time is right.  They have the potential to do it.  This is what we refer to as silent sound.  Do you understand?

Question:  I was thinking about the potentiality of sexuality for light and wondering if during orgasm, for instance, do we go out in a sense to an 8th or 9th chakra system, and then return very quickly?  Isn't there a potentiality for sexuality that we as humans have only touched upon?

Allright.  It is almost as though we set you up for this one.  At times we do, you know...  We are very clear about creating our reality!

Now, we love to talk about sexuality, because this is something that is so mysterious upon your planet, the frequency availability through sexuality.  You have been misled painstakingly so about your control, and your experience of sexuality.  One of the largest offenders, if we could pass judgment on this, would be the modern patriarchal club that has been going on for the past 2,000 years, called the Catholic Church.  Some of the knowledge within certain mystery schools held in secrecy, within the higher ranks of attainment, the potential uses of sexuality.

You are electromagnetic creatures.  When you come together physically with another human creature, you bond your electromagnetic frequencies together.  When frequencies are attuned and joined by a love frequency, incredible things can occur.

In order to create confusion and fear around this potential frequency of attainment, in modern times it was decreed that sexuality should be practiced only to bring about life.  It was also decreed, to put a greater fear surrounding sexuality for many, that the human had no control over how and when they could conceive a child.  That is not true.  You simply bought it, believed it, and began to perform in that way.  Women were, let us say, controlled.

Thousands of years ago, when society had more of a matriarchal bent in certain areas of the planet, the goddess energy was coming through and working with certain individuals.  The female understood her power.  She understood her intuition, she understood her feeling center.  She understood her connection and the desire to create life.  She also understood that she never had to conceive a child if it was not within her intention to do so.

In order for a patriarchal society to come full circle, to prepare the Earth for this shift in consciousness, the female needed to take a back seat.  So, the female's power, and the female's energy, and the female's understanding of sexuality was suppressed.  And in modern times, as we said, in the past 2,000 years, it came down upon the planet that there was no control over when one could have a child, that sexuality was bad and disgusting, and that it was only to be performed within the rights of marriages, etcetera, etcetera, all of which was a marketing program.  One of the present day marketing program to create an even greater fear of sexuality and its expression, is what you would call the AIDS that is running around on your planet, herpes, and all of these other things.  You read about these things in your newspapers, and you become frightened of your own expression.  You become frightened of your own intuition.  You become frightened of your own joy.  Do you understand?

And when, way back when the DNA was rearranged within the human body, one of the things that could not be taken out, could not be removed, because if it were removed, then the humans could not procreate, was the frequency of sexual attainment.  And so for a long time, the way many reached the higher realms, and were able to climb the ladders of themselves, and reach into these off-planet frequencies, was by electromagnetically bonding through love, and creating like a rocket ship to simply propel them out into other systems of reality.  This has been one of the best kept secrets upon your planet.

Many that we have spoken to have said that they have had absolutely profound experiences within their sexuality.  We are not talking about just heterosexuality.  We are talking about two humans coming together, by physically joining themselves in whatever ways are appropriate for them to join, to create love because they are sharing love.  When one scatters one's seeds, and one is operating in the sexual expression without love, that is when you create grave difficulty for yourself.  It is not to say that you ought to have one partner for your life, and one partner only, but it is to say that you are best functioning in a relationship where you have deep expression of love feeling for the other person, that you work through that expression with the highest of integrity that is possible.  When integrity and love are missing from a co-joining of human bodies, that is when the human begins to not think well of its experience and this can create all kinds of damaging result within the physical body.  Do you understand this?

Question:  I have a question about death...  On our planet there is a great deal of fear.  Is that part of the tactics of the beings that are controlling us?

Excellent.  There is tremendous misunderstanding about transition upon your planet.  Let us say this...  Because consciousness creates a frequency, your emotion, how you feel, are broadcast, everywhere.  Whether you think you do this or not, you do it.  Consciousness is food, and consciousness is in all things.  When you, as a conscious entity, can be enticed, programmed, hoodwinked, to create a broadcast within a certain frequency band, and you can sustain that broadcast...  In other words, if someone were to kill you, and keep you in fear for a few moments, oh big deal!  So, you let out this frequency of fear for a few moments...  How long are you good for a food source?  Do you understand?

Do you understand that if you fear death for your whole life, you are a juicy morsel?  Do you understand that if you fear death, and you take that experience with you, you are a juicy morsel beyond, because you are still consciousness?  And that you become trapped in the frequency thereafter?  Do you understand in how many ways that even societies that are seemingly altruistic have created an element of fear and chaos just around existence?  Around the whole idea of dying and leaving this planet?

So, people need to be taught how to die.  They need to learn how to die consciously.  They need to learn how to let go.  They need to learn that just as their entry onto these planes is significant, that it is an indication of their astrological blueprint, part of their plan that brings them into existence, that also their point of death, their point of departure, makes an incredible statement about one's achievements, one's beliefs, and what one carries with one.

When people die, they experience at first what they expect to experience.  And for some, it is very, very difficult, because they have been led to believe that it is going to be very difficult when they die.  And let us say that one of the professions that is going to become an absolutely incredible profession upon this planet is, let us say, a transition assistance, transition assistant in other words, you are going to assist people to make a clear transition from this system into another.  And you will be able literally not just to talk them over to make it easier for them, but to actually accompany them.

This was done in many ancient cultures.  This was quite prevalent in different aspects of the Egyptian culture where one would go with someone who was on the verge of departing, and assist them to leave behind any anxieties, and assist them to recognize the new manifestation their consciousness was creating, as they left one reality and moved into another.

Question:  I have been wondering lately about the concept of suicide...  It seems that there has been a lot of guilt put on people, that it is wrong to do this.  And I have started wondering lately if it is really wrong?  Does it just mean that you want to leave?

The way that can be, from our point of view, interpreted as wrong would be that the thing that all of the humans must begin to have in common, as a common value, as a common law, is that life is valued, all life is valued.

And if one wishes to terminate one's existence here, one can will oneself out of the system.  One can simply shut down the process.  You are taught that you have no control over it, so there is a violence that comes about in the taking of one's own life, a hopelessness.  Most humans that commit suicide do so because they have never been nurtured into the idea of their own power.  They have been led to believe, time after time, that there is nothing they can do about the circumstances of their life.  For that is what your world teaches you.  That you are impotent.  You are not in charge of your life.  So, that withholding of a tremendous truth creates the availability of the suicidal frequency.

It is wrong to annihilate life in a violent way.  You are responsible for the life that you occupy.  It is your responsibility to use it, to do a good job of it, and when you are finished with it, bring it to a close by willing it to a close.

In many societies in ancient times, when someone was finished, they would lie down to die.  The grandmothers, the grandfathers knew, they picked the time according to the seasons and the moon.  Do you understand?  They understood the cosmic laws, they understood the laws of the Earth.  Many of you have been tied into those systems of education during the past 300,000 years.  You are trained.

You are trained in many different ways.  It is all inside of you.  It is your task to remember your training.  This is not the lifetime when you are going to be taught new information.  This is the lifetime when you are going to remember what you already know.  And that is all we are here to do, to remind you of it.

Question:  This is an interesting subject, the idea of being hoodwinked by intelligences that are supposedly greater than ours...

Let us say something...  You have been led to believe on this planet, and this is a hoodwink, that if intelligence is greater than you, then it must be gooder.  They don't compute.

The hierarchy is so gigantic.  You were taught that Yahweh was the end of the hierarchy, the supreme being.  No way!  The supreme being, Prime Creator, is in all things.  It does not come down onto a planet.  Do you understand?  Its energy is so vast it orchestrates the entire existence, and it creates energies to go out and do as they would to learn.

Question (Con't):  Also, my question has to do with cause and effect.  Where is the victory for those who are doing the controlling?  Sooner or later it is going to come back to them, call it karma, call it cause and effect...  There is no victory for anyone?

There is experience.  Remember, we said that this local universe that you are cycling through is a free-will zone.  It means that the theme that is prevalent in this sector of existence, this, your local universe...  That all things are allowed.  That is Prime Creator's experiment in this chunk of existence.  All things are allowed.  When all things are allowed, there is a learning process that is discovered and understood within this.

We are not saying that it is good or bad.  Prime Creator is gathering experience.  And as consciousness is endowed with free will, this universe is an experiment in obscuring, and participating in, how far consciousness will go with its free will before it realizes it is annihilating itself.  And Prime Creator, in its generosity, allows this to exist for Prime Creator's own reasons, because each universal system is layered and intricately connected, like a hornet's nest, to other universal systems.  It is very, very vast, that which is called Creation.

Question:  I have a question about commitment, and about what you mean by impeccability?

Let us say this to you...  In a short period of time, there is going to be a great need, a great realization, of who is a keeper of frequency, and who is just shouting B.S.  Because, the keepers of frequency are going to be called upon to create a certain stability upon this planet.  And the keepers of frequency know 100% of the time that they create their reality, and that they do it 100% of the time.  And they learn how to defy the laws of man by the conscious direction of their awareness and their energy.  That is the depth of impeccability and the depth of commitment that we are speaking of.  We are not here just to bandy words, or just to get you to feel good about yourself.  We are here to remind you of who you are, and what you have agreed to do.  What you have come here to achieve, here on this planet.  We are here to be your cousins, as cheerleaders to encourage you to remember, to give some guidance and assistance, so that you can discover for yourself the miracle that awaits inside the human body.

Question:  I have a question related to the family of light...  There seem to be beings who have come to this planet from other systems, who are incarnated on the planet, and who are of more elevated consciousness than the natives of the planet, and yet who still do not feel like members of the family of light.  Is this so, and if it is so, how do they relate to the overall plan?

There exists what we call kingdoms of consciousness.  Those are fancy words for a concept that we would like you to grasp.  Within kingdoms of consciousness, there is a likeness of energy.  There are many kinds of kingdoms of consciousness...  The family of light comes from a particular kingdom of consciousness.

We would also have you understand that when consciousness learns the laws of creation, the laws of manipulation and management of reality, when one becomes slick at this, it is quite easy to manifest into any form one chooses.  In the ideal, for those of you who have activated your shamanistic and native cultural memories, you well know that part of the teachings of these native cultures were to go into these various realities, and to change form.  The shamans in certain cultures were reveled for this.  They carried genetic coding, and there were very few on the planet, in relation to the entire population.  They held the magic and mystery, and kept it alive.  They were able to move in the form of animals, in the form of various shapes and guises.  It was quite a profound science, indeed.

As the science exists on the planet, of course it exists off of the planet.  As we said, your planet Earth is what is called a happening place to be, a hot spot.  It is coded to start its own revolution, not necessarily just a revolution in the United States to change lifestyle, it is a dimensional shift that it going to alter all of the space around Earth.  As we said earlier, you are located in many other systems doing the same thing simultaneously.

Many extraterrestrials who are curious about life, curious about life forms, know how to rearrange their molecular structure, and come onto a planet in disguise as a human.  Understand?

And so, what occurs very often, particularly in times of tumultuous change, where dimensions have the potential to merge and collide -- as of course you are setting up here for the planet -- there is a great gathering of energies to come to participate in the big show.

The big show happens on many levels, it does not just happen in 3D.  You start a chain reaction that moves through all of the dimensions of existence, all of consciousness.  And so, some will beam themselves down here in disguise as human, or incarnate, pick up an opportunity to get a ticket into this reality, to be here for the event.  Perhaps some of those you sense as not native to the planet, and yet not here as systems busters, are here to observe, to participate, to understand, so that they can take the information back to their own systems that are always evolving.

So, there are intelligent creatures who are able to manifest as humans and to play the role out to perfection.  Sometimes their memories are intact, and sometimes they have the veil down.  It is not always easy to come in with full conscious memory of who one is someplace else, because of the frequency control, of course.  Anything else?

Question:  The masters of love who are coming in as children, are they part of the family of light, or are they from a different kingdom of consciousness?

The family of light and the family of love have worked in cooperation with each other for quite some time.  These masters of love are expert in using creative forces to enhance life, and not to destroy it.  They come as teachers to show the way.  How to value the lifeform.  And so they come, as light prepares the way for them.  Light prepares the way for the creative forces that unify everything into an existence, a glue, as it would be, of love.  That is why you have your phrases, "Light and Love".  Yet, we will say to you that the meaning of light, and the meaning of love is going to evolve incredibly in the next decade.  And you will have a much greater understanding of what these frequencies are.

Question:  You have made reference in other sessions to the possibility of an economic recession...  Would you share more about that?

Well, there has been an over-involvement in the material world, with a greed and need for solid form and a complete lack of understanding of the non-physical world that exists all around you.  So, we can say to you that your corporations are headed for some major rearrangements, to put it mildly.

You see, consciousness must change.  This is part of the divine plan.  This opportunity, this whole set-up is not going to be missed.  And so, you are going to experience a very great depression as we see it, a very, very great depression.  And you are in the beginning stages of denial of it, as your governmentals would like to believe.  Your honorable President, Mr. Bush [Senior], said that the economists are all panicking, that you are not in a recession.  The newspapers, or course, are full of economic data, the retail sales are down and the escalation of a war that costs you a few billion dollars each month to keep your troops sitting in a place that you wonder why they are there.  So, denial is the first stage of this.

Throughout this time of depression, as we see it, it could last throughout the entire decade, there will be a restructuring of your values.  There will be a re-prioritizing of what comes first in one's life, and there will be people who will stand up, once they have lost everything, who had never thought of standing up when they owned everything, and people will awaken to the incredible potential of themselves.  And so, because everyone is so frightened of giving up the system, they are going to be forced into giving up the system.  The system is corrupt, and the system does not work.  The system does not honor life.  And it does not honor your Earth.  That is the bottom line.

And so if something does not honor life, and if it does not honor the Earth, you can darn well bet it is going to fall, and it is going to fall big time.

Question:  I am interested in the scenarios we can anticipate personally...  What can we expect from the real world that is out there, in terms of the crumbling of society, of the exposure to some of these political figures, such as Bush and Kissinger, the whole political spectrum?

First of all, as you leave here this evening, you can declare with clarity on your way home what it is that you wish to experience, your version of it.  Do you understand?  In other words, don't you buy into the idea that you can do nothing about what is happening.  Just because we say to you that your system is going to collapse, it does not mean that it has to personally collapse in your own life.  That is an absolutely, an incredible absolutely!

The second thing...  What can you expect to find as some of these entities teach themselves?  What you will find is that everyone's output is going to catch up with themselves.  And so that what one creates, one must learn to accept the responsibility about it.  So these entities, these energies, who have been pawns, and who have been manipulated to control humans, will find that they have some interesting lessons and ramifications to experience.

Question:  Along these same lines, would you touch upon the difference between the robotics (robotoids), and the synthetics (humanoids)?  Would you dare to speculate on that?

Well, those are not our terms.  You are asking us to define someone else's terms.  Do you understand?

Question (Con't):  No, I am asking you if you would, do any of those terms apply to any of the political figures in office right now?

Ohh, everyone keeps asking us the same question...  We will say to you, absolutely!  Positively!

You must understand that genetic manipulation has been a profession for millions of years.  Genetic mastery, and the creation of life, is a very esteemed profession.  There are those who practice this with upliftment, and there are those who practice it with a heinous revenge.

Let us say that there are energies on your plane who are enamored of power and greed.  We would call them the world management team.  They tend to run many of your systems, your monetary systems, your governmental systems, your military systems, your educational systems, your medical systems.  They tend to be the guys behind the scenes who set the laws and the rules.  They are very enamored of their self importance.  They do not have feeling centers that are open.  They are involved with energies who understand genetic manipulation.  Genetic manipulation has been introduced in laboratories on your planet in great secrecy, and human life has been duplicated for quite some time.  The science of robotics is the ability to create a lifelike form, that is in actuality a duplication of a real life form.

There are also energies that take existing life forms, and rearrange certain brain cells with electromagnetic impulses in the body so that the body can begin to perform according to program.  Some of this is done by the insertion of certain drugs quite consistently into the system.  So, the question as to whether certain political figures are really real or not, is a very appropriate question.  Because, the guys behind the scenes who are bringing this technology onto your Earth, have taught some of your Earth scientists how to make life.

Now, how prevalent this is at present, we are no at liberty to say.  We cannot jeopardize our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak), and we don't want to jeopardize any of you with information that is not appropriate for you to have at this time.  Simply learn to use your intuition to watch.  And if someone is transformed, or looks very different over a short period of time, watch in your newspapers for the entry of political figures in and out of certain hospital institutions.  Need we say more?

Question:  I have a question related to that...  Is this also referring to the Zeta Reticula, who are here supposedly doing their research?

Those entities that you call Zeta Reticula are, let us say they need you at this time for many reasons.  And you need them.  They have had their DNA rearranged as well.  Their DNA has been rearranged by the same creator gods who rearranged your DNA.

And let us say that everyone is coming back here at this time for the opportunity to stand on their own integrity.  And everyone is beginning to learn about their own power.  Now these energies that you call Zeta Reticula, they have lost, through genetic manipulation, their ability to relate to their emotional self.  They have no emotion, no feelings, as you understand them.  We said previously that the mental body and the physical body are very linked.  The spiritual body and the emotional body are linked.  You need the emotion in this system of reality to access your multidimensional selves.  Your feeling indicates to you what is going on, not the intellect.

So, these have come here to crossbreed with you, to mix with you, and to mingle with you, and to learn from you, so that they can add feeling back into their dying species.

Question (Cont.):  It is a benevolent process they are involved in?

Some of them are benevolent.  Some of them somewhat harsh, even in violation.  In the same way that you cannot at this point represent all the humans on your planet, you cannot expect a few extraterrestrials to act as an entire group.  There are many, many different ones with many, many different agendas at this time, even within the Zeta Reticuli.  There are those who carry light, and those who incarnate as light-bearers in all systems.  The systems of the reptiles, the systems of the birds, and the systems of the Zeta Reticuli.  Do you understand?

Question:  I have a question about the creator gods.  So, there was the lizard race, but what about other factions who also came here to genetically alter the beings that were here?  The ones from Lyra, from Sirius?

There were many others...  There were many, many others.  You are going to find out about many of these others.  Many of them had human form.

Presently, your greatest state of unrest, or discomfort, comes from those of a reptilian type of existence, because they seem the most foreign to you.  And they will be the biggest shock to the humans, to discover that is who the humans have been worshiping as Jehovah and Yahweh throughout the Bible, and that these were your patriarchs within the Bible, as they merged with reptilian and native man, and created the patriarchal system.  Oh yes...  You will find it out, and it will be quite distressing for many religious leaders when they find out that story!

Question:  In some of your past sessions, you have spoken highly of J. J. Hurtak, and his book, "The Keys of Enoch".  Would you please elaborate on his interpretation, and his almost reverence for Yahweh?

The energies that you speak of, The Keys of Enoch, are but one piece of the pie.  We have always maintained that they are one piece of the pie.  We have always maintained that we do not agree with what is being said there, but we have also maintained that the material is presented in such a way as to awaken an individual, not to make a disciple of an individual, a blind follower.  It is designed to expand the picture of the individual, so they can begin to perceive reality in a much grander fashion.

What is missing, from our point of view, missing from the text, is that the gods are not necessarily in human form.  That is what is not understood.  Why?  Because that is his picture.  The book is based on his genuine experience based upon his belief system and what he created.  But we share with you our version, based on our experience of reality.  What someone else comes through and channels is based on their experience.  Your job is to find the thread of truth between what is being said to you, and then discovering for yourself your own truth.

And so, when we are asked about particular individuals, and there are many that we have spoken of, many of the different energies upon the planet, we say yes, study it, and understand it.  That particular book is designed to awaken many.  It is not designed to be a new Bible.  At least in our opinion it is not designed to be a new Bible.

We will simply say this to you, that no matter what story we tell you today, we guarantee you that a year from now we will tell you a different story.  Because a year from now, you will be able to comprehend things in a grander fashion, and so the story will constantly evolve.  And your job is to find inside of the story your identity, and what you know, not what you want to believe, or what you have been told...  Your opportunity is to plug into what you know.

Let us say that everyone is in for a big surprise, even this man (J. J. Hurtak) that you speak of, who is a man who resonates with his own integrity.  Absolutely.  And yet, he resonates within a certain belief system.  And even he is discovering and it is going to be very difficult for him to discover this, that some of those that he had thought were in the semblance of man, have not been so.  Even he has said that the lower forms will show themselves before the higher hierarchy.  And let us say that in his desire to serve and his desire to know, that he has been a part of a holographic drama that is going to prove to be very interesting.  That is all that we are permitted to speak of at this time, because it is an individual's experience, and he must express himself.  Do you understand this?

Trust yourself, and trust what is taking place.  We have said from the beginning that extraterrestrials, off-planetary beings have been behind every major shift in consciousness.  They have been behind diseases on your planet, your Black Plague was instituted by extraterrestrials, your AIDS.  They were behind the installation of certain religions.  They have been behind many, many things.

There is a good book out on the market, our vehicle (Barbara Marciniak) read it this summer.  It will give you some very interesting insights if you are able to pull from it.  It is called, "The Gods of Eden".  It is a very interesting book to read, even though it is very rigorous, because it will show you the infiltration of energies throughout the various systems of thought.

Let us say that there are a dozen more books being put together at this time by various different people, that are going to bring further shocking information to your planet.  There is one that has just been released called "Flying Serpents and Dragons", we highly recommend that you read it.  It is about mankind's reptilian past.  It is a re-translation of ancient manuscripts, from a very interesting point of view.  If you want to read something shocking, and something that we have been speaking of for quite some time, that delineates it in great detail, that book will do it for you!

Question:  You mentioned the world management team, in conjunction with the term heinous revenge...  Is the world management team commensurate with the Trilateral Commission, the international banking community?

Yes, they are all good colleagues!

Question (Con't):  So, here is the planet basically controlled by this small group of beings who are enamored with their own self importance?

And male in frequency at least 95%!

Question (Con't):  Closed in their feeling centers?

No feeling center open, first and second chakra in tremendous activity!

Question (Con't):  Directing who wins the elections, what kind of wars?

Orchestrating and owning everything!

Question (Con't):  Also, is this commensurate with the 666 coding and the mark of the beast, which is the 666 that one day tries to do away with money, and put us all on a system where they get a mark on us, so that this is another way that they can control us?

Well, let us say, without going into it in great detail, we have spoken of this many times.  What we can say to you is that what was revealed in what you call the Revelations of St. John, was that one having the opportunity of being transported in time, and shown literally future vision, a hologram, of potential scenarios of what could occur.  They took a very simple man, one whose experience was not of technological world, and gave him the opportunity to describe these things...  Much of this is misunderstood.

As far as your being controlled by the number of the beast, to a certain extent you are controlled by your debt, or your attachment, necessary attachment, or you would leave it to the material world.  And you can be taken advantage of tremendously in this way, yes.  There have been plans for quite some time to set up a casteless society.  There have been plans for quite some time to institute a new form of money, new circulation of currency.  There have been all kinds of things that are based on technology, without love, controlling the population.

Let us say to you, that the masters of love, by their intention, can break down any electrical system that they choose.  They will first begin to demonstrate this, much to their parents aggravation, by breaking down electrical things in the home.  This is when you can be certain that you have one of these masters of love in your family!  When the electrical systems begin to go haywire, or they begin to stop and not work, it will be the beginning of reaching out with the use of that kind of energy.  So, the divine plan operates even within the beasts.  The divine plan operates even within the world management team, because the world management team is here to push a complacent society into action, because everyone got too cushy with the material world.

Question:  I have a question about children again...  You talked about these masters of love being at this point 5 years of age or under, what about the children that are...?

We do not like to be pinpointed on this, because the age makes no difference.  There are masters of love who are 25, 22, 19, 55 years old.  Do you understand this?  We are simply saying that as a collective, that they are in a certain age grouping most of them 5 and under.

Question:  Getting back to your comments about the quality of life, and the importance of it...  I know that you have stated in earlier sessions, and I intuitively feel, the decline of the quality of life, especially in the cities.  I would like your comments on particular signposts and things we might watch for in terms of timing, when we may choose to find that it is time to leave the cities and move into more rural regions?

Well, you are not going to like what we are going to say, no one ever does, especially when we talk about when it is time for you to move...  When frequencies are such that it is too hectic.  When you are finding that you are not enjoying going out into the hustle-bustle of your day-to-day world.  When the products and services of your day-to-day world come into question, in other words, when it becomes more difficult to get things than it used to be.  When your air supply is polluted.  When your water supply is polluted, or when there is a lack of it.  When the qualities that would allow you to lead a life where you are provided for is taken away from you.  Then, it is a signal that it is time for you to go seek out someplace else.  Do you understand?

Question (Con't):  Yes, but I am not clear about why you said that we would not like that answer?

Because, is not your air and your water supply in severe question at this time?  And so can you not understand that this is the time for you to begin to move out?

Many do not like to hear it.  They want to hear it is later.  We go into New York City, and they don't like it when we tell them for their own sanity they must move out, that they must express themselves with Nature.  In this part of the world, at least you have Nature around you.  Any place where Nature is no longer available, then it will not sustain life much longer.  Because without Nature, certain energies cannot be transmitted to you.

It is time for us to move to closing here...  We would like to do an energy exercise to conclude with.  But we would like to say a few words before we do an exercise.

It has been our pleasure speaking with you.  We trust that you gathered for yourselves what you have found most useful.  We trust that you understand that you create reality.  That you have created the experiences of the last two evenings, and that you can continue to create, to inform yourselves any time you choose, by simply desiring it, commanding it, and letting it evolve.

It is our intention that by working with you, we offer you a reminder of who you are, a reminder so that you can find the greatest source of your own inspiration: yourself.  If we could assign a career, if we could give you a way of being, we would ask each of you to become an inspiration.  When you are able to live in this capacity, to be truly an inspiration to all of those who encounter you, you will be living your life, and that is quite profound.

We thank you for the pleasure of coming here.  We will return at some point to further assist you in this ongoing adventure of life.