... Book Margin Notes ...

One cannot arrive at certainty by thought alone.
Mind or thoughts make a conundrum of just about anything.
Perfect intuition is the Answer.

All things and happenings are appearances that pass.
We need to give proper attention to these appearances.
They are the reflections of the creator we are.

! Life is a Dream !
As long as we are dreaming the dream needs our attention.
Proper attention is a stepping stone to awakening?

Thought and sensations are at the level of Mind.
The awareness we are - is far beyond that Level.

The body is similar to a reflection in a mirror - illusionary.
The only absolute is What We Are - Presence or Unborn Awareness.
... I call it my Inner Smile ...

Its nature is witnessing or observing.
This nature is not thinking or some other passing mind-thing.
Enlightenment is the recognition of our true Nature!

A belief is a mental thing.
It is the repetition of specific thoughts.
Spontaneous knowing is from the Heart.

Life is a Play that plays itself.
Its infinite varieties are the products of Mind.
To accept what they are is a necessary step toward awakening.

If you would like to meet an enlightened being.
Look into the mirror.
Its body is illusionary - its soulness is not.
Its soul has a human experience.

The being you think you are is an illusion.
It is a figment in a dream we call life.
In this life all things are illusions.
The only absolute is awareness.
It's what we actually are - it's the only everlasting.

We are the only real or absolute.
Existing or living life is a self-created illusion.
It takes place in a few cubic centimeters of our brain.
Awareness is our true Nature.
Creation is an illusion of infinite proportions.
All of it is created by mind and its thoughts.
? WHY ?
Infinity creates its own diversities or dreams.

We are the creator thinking that we are creation.
We are the father thinking that we are the son.
We are the Dreamer and Dream.

Let's look at creation
... Any Place ... Any Time ...
We are looking at our dream.
The dreamer is the awareness we are.
Creation changes infinitely.
We as awareness do not.
We are infinite awareness.
... Unchanging ...

The thoughts you have are awareness having them.
Not you the separate self.
There is no separate self.
There is only the belief there is one.
Beliefs are accumulated thoughts.
Beliefs are only beliefs.
! All Useless !

Life does not have any opinions.

Once you are awake
others are
fictional characters talking in their sleep.

More to Come
... Maybe ...

Every split second contains an infinite amount of Miracles.
All are stacked up in the moment of Nowness.

More to Come
... Maybe ...

More to Come
... Maybe ...

More to Come
... Maybe ...