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Galactic & Planetary Change

Gold Ring Opens

... Watch and Listen ...

The call comes sooner than later. It comes BEFORE 2012. It comes for some now. It comes for others soon after. All are called and all see but some hear and some see. Planetary Alignments are in motion that set the stage for transformation.

In 2008 you will be awakened!

In 2009 you will be transformed!

In 2010 you will be transcendent!

In 2011 you will become enlightened!

In 2012 it will be over!

The Next Great Game of the Wayshowers is found within your heart and up into your soul. The Galaxy calls and you understand you have been always wanting and always seeking. The most ancient game of enlightenment moves into a higher stage. Feel the power of the soul sing into your heart and change you. Feel the nameless source call you to awaken.

Your life is a great blessing and now you find you are the truth, the light and the way. Sing forth your truth that is the highest light and the pathway into joy and peace. You are given this now for it is here. Ask and it is given. The darkness is only seen by looking away from the light and seeing the shadow you cast. The shadow is cast with fear. Look into the light for there is love.

This world has changed and is being brought into the expression of a new version of reality. Be thankful and grateful that you are now in a new state of reality. You sense that time has changed and it has. You sense that you mind is feeling the coming changes into new realities and you are. There are many things that you wonder and in each one you create a new world.

Time has always been a method to manage creation. Time and creation are synonymous. They exist in coordination. Illusion as you have known it happens so you may see the images into a perspective that is the reflection of the real. Let us speak without any interference from your mind and listen without being the interpreter. The eons of your world have covered millions of centuries where there has been and are the ET races who have become who you are. You are from the stars. All of you and each life here is from the stars. You are connected to the universe at its very beginnings.

Becoming galactic citizens is the first step in awakening. Allow the world to be what it is a home where you live and where you see things that are to make you happy and give you comfort like a home should. The correspondences are all connective so you are able to make relationships work. The people in your life are those who you know deeply and have had connections with on many other levels for many, many lifetimes.

Everything that you know is coming into a completion mode as the ending of time happens. You do not have to speak anymore. Let us speak for you and let it happen with the flow. There is something that you do not understand and it has to do with timing. The dates that you are expecting to be of importance are not. The 2012 date is real and also the 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The times of planetary change are now. You will be given instructions that will help to raise your vibrations in order to awaken and understand. This will not be easy as there is an opposing force that desires power in blind hope to control destiny. Their attempts will fail and the earth and the galaxy will prevail.

In the NEXT THREE years as you are awakened by the power of the galaxy you will know that the time is now. The new technologies are here to be used as conscious assisting living intelligences. Consciousness is both biological and technological. Reach within and up to find your soul and follow the feelings that guide you to the spiritual dimensions. The mental and the emotional form a dissonant frequency as one operates through the right and the other the left brain. This is being changed through the sounding forth of new energies.

... Listen ...
It is the sound of creation that awakens you.

... It is time to awaken ...