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This message was sent by: Jim Keller 

Thought you all might "enjoy" these recent words.
Love and blessings to all.  Jim....

I go deep to align all separation that presents itself- realizing that
all separation is Divinity- only cloaked in veils of separated
garments.  I am more than what is presented to me:  an abomination of
lack and dependence,  of meager scratching for tiny scraps...to be
consumed in this on-going pretense- I have ignominiously defined as
life.  I have reached the end of my rope, the bottom rung of the ladder,
the lowliest level of primeval  ooze.  Can this ooze be the same stuff
that gave rise to the luminous white lotus the Buddha described,  or
this lowly point the Christ embraced in all of us- to ultimately receive
the Kingdom of  Heart and Heaven?  Wonder neither cures nor abates the
incessant pangs of separation, or the constant yearnings for the
Divine.  Time will indeed tell if this path is either a well-trodden,
fruitless passage, or indeed a royal road traversed by both the least
and the best of us:  a road leading to the Heart- a place which is
always expedient to turn from- but a place which is much nobler and
truer to embrace.  Peace and blessings...Jim

                              - - - - - - -

More Words...

Depressed, I am not.  Only impressed by the Divine Hand that emblazes
the Divine Seal upon my Heart.  A Seal that invokes an indisputable sign
and invitation to still go deeper, to uncover to reveal fragmented
separations that lay at and in the Heart of matter and Life itself.
Courage even seems to be a useless tool when faced with a torrential
urge to plumb previously unviewed depths.  The fumblings and meanderings
of a mere me pale in comparison to a greater Force and inward guiding
Hand that promps, nurtures and guides with  infinite love, patience and
wisdom.  Yet I now know that the mere me is not mere nor the genuine
Me;  and is again  Divinity in disguise.  Again, no choice but to go
with the inner promptings and flow to reveal the wonder and magnificence
of Life itself.  Anyway, no chance to turn back...besides I wouldn't
miss this for the world...Indeed, an opportunity to live the joy of
Heaven on Earth...Blessings, Jim.

                            - - - - - - -

                   ~ Posted to TriLite by Carol Hathor ~

 Greetings, I got up in the middle of the night last night, wide awake and
 found this. Went into such an incredible high with this "diamond Pyramid"
 that I lost my balance walking to the bathroom and back. Get ready for a
 rush, even though you may not know what the first five Rays are. (I
 forgot). Here's to your ascension  C.H.


        Ronna Herman channeling ArchAngel Michael: This just in...


 Beloved Masters, allow me to infuse and anchor in each of you the Aurora
 Borealis of cosmic energy of creation that is presently pouring down upon
 your Earth. There has been a warp or an opening in the fabric that
 separates the dimensions, thereby allowing a great infusion of fifth
 dimensional energy to permeate your Earth and all humanity. This has
 never happened before in the history of your Earth. It was activated by
 your intent, your outpouring of pure, unselfish love and devotion for the
 Creator. The power and the synergy that was created by the. great number
 of souls around the world who lifted their hearts and consciousness into
 the higher realms during the Wesak celebration was beyond all imagining:
 Yours, as well as ours. And so, allow me to give you some assistance so
 that you may derive the greatest benefit from this infusion of Christ
 Light.Ę Make no mistake, every person on Earth, at some level, is being
 affected by this miracle.

 Imagine, if you are willing, a perfect diamond-crystal pyramid, point
 facing downward descending from your Divine I AM Presence and penetrating
 your crown chakra. Within this pyramid is, in just the right proportion
 for each of you, the essence of the five higher rays you are now
 incorporating into your being. Allow your conscious mind to be flooded
 with the love, joy, sense of peace and recognition that this energy
 infuses throughout all your brain cells. Picture or sense your conscious
 mind moving to the side, possibly perching on your shoulder, as an
 observer--a silent watcher of the process. We want your conscious mind to
 become accustomed to the sensation and not feel threatened as more and
 more of your Spirit, your Christ mind takes dominion of your brain
 functions.  This is necessary so that there is no conflict as you bring
 in new truths, as you begin to use and access more of your brain's
 capacity. In the past all knowledge or expanded truth had to move through
 the resistance of your linear, analytical mind, most often meeting
 opposition, or being distorted by old rigid concepts and thought-forms.
 The new modality of authentication will be in your heart/soul center.
 Accept as your truth that which feels expansive, loving, enlightening.
 Set aside anything that stirs doubt or feels uncomfortable, if it is your
 truth it will be validated in some way by your Higher Self. In this way
 you will always stay in your own integrity and empowerment.

 Now allow this precious, rare gift to move downward into your
 subconscious mind. See this as a long, dark corridor with many closed
 doors and compartments. Behind these doors are all your fears, phobias,
 obsessions; all the subjective thought-forms you have accepted as your
 reality down through the ages, that have kept you constantly at war with
 your self. See these doors and compartments opening as all the shadows
 and energies lurking there are infused with the transforming energies of
 the five higher rays you are accessing. See all that is not your highest
 truth, all that is keeping you in limitation and illusion dissolving and
 transmuting into pure divine Light substance. The gift we offer you is
 unity and harmony between your subconscious mind, your conscious mind and
 your superconscious mind, or Christ mind so that you will no longer have
 to experience the battle and conflict between your multi-mind structure.
 So that, once again, you will take control and dominion of your
 consciousness from the vantage point of a master, no longer sabotaging
 your efforts, but functioning in perfect harmony with your divine self
 and your divine blueprint.

 We know that you are experiencing much confusion. Many of you are having
 difficulty speaking or expressing--words come out wrong or garbled, you
 hear words spoken by others and you do not understand. You are having a
 difficult time focusing and concentrating, and at times you feel totally
 disoriented. We tell you this too will pass, beloved friends.  You are
 healing your past and the past of your Earthly experience. Picture the
 third dimensional earth slowly disengaging from the fourth dimensional
 reality you are presently experiencing. Gradually, all the negativity,
 imbalances, illusions of that reality will disappear from your world as
 you resonate with higher and higher frequencies. All you will take with
 you is the remembrance of the beauty, the successes and accomplishments,
 the wonder of your past experience in planet Earth. You will forget the
 pain, suffering and anguish. As your Spirit quickens it will wipe out the
 illusion of separation and sense of failure--it knows only perfection.

 You will be the myths of the future generations. They will look back and
 speak with great respect and awe of the brave and beautiful souls who
 saved planet Earth from sure destruction, lifting and transforming it to
 its original beauty and perfection. Make no mistake, you are planting the
 seeds and laying the groundwork for the emergence of a new heaven on

 The event called Wesak, in which there was a great outpouring of Christ
 energy from the Creator upon your earth and humanity, had a very special
 significance this year. It was a time where you all stepped forth, either
 in the physical or etheric body, to be counted or made accountable. What
 have you done with the gifts given you? Are you willing, dedicated and
 brave enough to move forward, to reach out and accept the new level of
 empowerment being offered you? Are you willing to face your greatest
 fears and walk through them, watch as they dissolve into smoke, an
 illusion, after all, never to return? Are you willing to following the
 nudging of Spirit as you step out into uncharted territory--as you allow
 yourself to be vulnerable-to dare to reach out and grasp your dreams and
 bring them to fruition with your thought and love power?

 We have said that many special dispensations are being given to those who
 bravely step to the fore and claim their heritage. As the masses awaken
 and cry out for assistance, solutions, information and encouragement, you
 are needed more than ever, my precious warriors. We are waiting to
 empower you, to gift you with wisdom, abilities and knowledge beyond your
 wildest imaging. You see, your brain has always functioned at 100%
 capacity--does this surprise you?  But you could only access that limited
 portion that resonated to the frequencies of the third dimension.  As you
 balance and integrate the higher frequencies, you will begin to access
 more and more of your brain power that resonates to the fourth, fifth and
 sixth dimensions. You cannot access those portions of your brain until
 you attune to those frequencies.

 That is why it is important that you begin to access your brain,
 conscious and subconscious mind in a new way so you do not go into
 "overload." Too much conflicting information, or accelerated information
 throws your mind and body into fear, making it feel as if it is being
 invaded. This creates all the symptoms you have been experiencing in your
 body. Resistance and fear bring about discomfort and dis-ease.

 In the days ahead, as it is appropriate, we will give you many different
 ways to access and use the energies of these higher rays that are now
 available to you. But we also feel it is appropriate to give you an
 admonishment. As you become more sensitive to the higher vibrational
 energies, it is more important than ever that you monitor your thoughts,
 your speech and that which you allow to filter into your consciousness.
 Your subconscious mind receives direction and is imprinted by repetition,
 rhythm and emotional responses. As you clear your subconscious of all the
 old debris, do not allow any thought-forms to penetrate your
 consciousness that are not self-empowering, loving and enlightening, that
 are not attuned to your new expanded reality. Be aware and vigilant to
 the music you allow to play in the background, the words that constantly
 spew forth from your radio and television, what you read and allow to
 bombard your senses. Many of these are insidious energies of addiction,
 of victimhood, of enslavement, of limitation. More and more beautiful,
 young souls of your world are being indoctrinated and controlled through
 the power of the media, as you helplessly stand by and watch them fall
 into traps in which you are powerless to extricate them. Be vigilant,
 precious ones, take control of your senses and your destiny.

 Your reality will constantly shift and your perception broaden as your
 expanded awareness takes dominion of your brain and physical senses,
 therefore, it is more important than ever that you attune to your
 beautiful body and see it as an extension of Spirit instead of a separate
 entity. Make it a habit in your quiet times to focus on the different
 parts of your body: interact and attune to the many precious parts that
 comprise your physical vessel. Place your consciousness in your feet,
 acknowledge them for their under-standing and support, for grounding you
 and giving you a sense of connectedness to your Mother Earth. Focus on
 your knees and hips, honor them for the wonderful flexibility they
 supply, the mobility and forward motion they give your body. Your sexual
 and reproduction organs deserve love and recognition for the gift of
 creation they afford you as well as the ability to merge and unite with
 another. There is no greater earthly gift you can give yourself or
 another when this interaction comes with honor of self and your partner
 through the purity of love and unity of body, mind and spirit. Move your
 consciousness through your body until you begin to feel the flow of blood
 and life force through your veins, and the beating of your heart as you
 attune to the rhythm of your Mother Earth and the Cosmic Heart. You are
 becoming attuned to the pulsations of creation through the energies of
 your Great Central Sun as you become more sensitive to this refined
 stimuli. Continue the process as you acknowledge and attune to the wonder
 of your physical vessel so that you will become aware of how truly multi-
 faceted you are.  You will form a new relationship with your body, with
 new strength, vitality and mastery.

 The excitement on Earth is building, dear ones, a vision is emerging that
 is beyond your wildest dreams. Reach out and grasp that dream. We are
 waiting for you--just beyond--just ahead.

 We are with you always. I AM Archangel Michael.

 Channeled by Ronna. Herman, a Cosmic Telepath - 6005 Clear Creek Drive -
 Reno, NV 89506 -(702)856-3654 E-mail address: ronnastar@aol.com Write for
 complete list of services - Please copy and share.

 Namaste' Isis Editor/publisher isis-lord-michael@juno.com

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Subject: The Federation Flash, #39; Winter, 1997
   Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 19:27:33 -0500 (EST)
   From: Starbuilders 
     To: "starbldr@gate.net" 

“Exploring the Frontiers of
Miraculous Probability”
Issue #39; Winter 1997

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In this issue:



* Judging Judgments; Thinking About Thoughts; Allowance



Three and a half topics: Extreme Feedback; 23rd Century Technology; The
Toe; Masters

Extreme Feedback

Since the March Update, we've had a stream of comments about IROOT:NOT
(The International Royal Order Of The: Nomads Of Truth). I'd like to share
a few extreme observations.

On the negative side, I've heard that I "borrowed" about 368% of the
IROOT:NOT material from other sources. OK, I can live with that. Actually,
according to the "Friendly Borg Principle," NONE of the material was
"borrowed." The Friendly Borg Principle states *the IROOT:NOTian
Sub-Vector of the Force of Evolution doesn't borrow. It assimilates*. When
something is assimilated by the Sub-Vector, it becomes NEW, transcending
its previous boundaries. Miraculously, that which is assimilated doesn't
lose its in dividuality: *its individuality becomes enhanced*.

A friend made another comment. Paraphrased, she said, "You come across
like you're the center of the universe. You're full of . . . illusions."
Well, she's right! As an ego, I am the center of the universe. Egos are
like that. In my divine aspect, I AM the center of the universe, as well.
However, I attribute these qualities to everyone.

About the illusions part, *whenever anyone speaks (or writes), he or she
is sharing an illusion*. We use symbols - words, letters - to express our
*mental* interpretations of reality. AT BEST, this is a ONCE displaced
description of reality. When you believe that you're speaking The Truth,
you heap on yet another layer of illusion. (The forces of genetics,
religion, astrology, childhood experience, and culture shape our emotional
responses. These responses are the emotional body's interpretation of
reality. They "make sense" to us when we put them into thoughts. ["I'm
angry" or "I feel happy."] Circumstances trigger these programs.)

So, anyway, on the positive side, here's a roughly accurate quotation from
Rado (his spiritual name): "After I received my [IROOT:NOT] membership
card, the energies were very strong and disorienting, as you said they'd
be. Now, things have calmed down. It's like I'm seeing everything from
another dimension."

"Searing" Paradoxes

An important effect of IROOT:NOTic energy is that it *sears paradoxes*.
What does this mean? Paradox Searing is a 23rd Century post-quantum
technology - a vast improvement over the Sub-Nano Biotechnologies of the
early 22nd Century. Searing happens as the Sub-Vector ignites the process
of METAFUSION. This process seals paradoxical gaps of consciousness, which
surprisingly, "cures" the universe (of paradoxitis).

True believers of any movement or religion must "walk the line" so they
can "do it right." IROOT:NOTians, however, *surf the wave* and AREN'T
AFRAID TO FALL OFF while "hanging One." (In every moment, another wave
appears - *for those who can see*.) When we say "hanging One," we're
talking about hanging the *Toe*. The Toe is the IROOT:NOTian quasi-
equivalent of the Tao.

You can learn about the Toe in many ways. One way is to study the Nez
"Cones" - mind-wrenching riddles designed to short circuit your lateral
thinking nodes. Nez Masters (those who study the Toe for 18 hours or less
every day) invented the Cones. Here's an example of one. "What is the
sound of one band napping?"

Nez tells us that, like fingerprints, no two Toes are alike. Yet, the Big
Toe (The-One-That-No-Shoe-Can-Contain) is the driving transneural force
that animates all so-called individual Toes. With your Toe *hanging over
the edge*, you are IN BALANCE with the ur-Tide. Here's what I mean.

The tendency of humanity is to choose a side, stick by it, and defend that
side whenever threatened. "I'm right, and you're wrong." Here's a graphic
example. Imagine the yin/yang symbol. The True Believer stands on the
White (or Black) side and staunchly says, "The White side is true.
Anything over the line is wrong."

Thinking people look at this polarized attitude and wonder, "Hmm . . .
There's got to be a better way." Usually, they choose one of two

First, you have the "nice" solution. You say, "Both White *and* Black
sides are true." With a little practice, you can prove that all "bad"
things are really "good" things in disguise. Soon, however, like a bottle
of Coke without a cap, this Yes-To-Everything solution goes flat. ("OK,
everything is nothing. What's next?")

Becoming disenchanted, some try the opposite, "skeptical" approach: "Both
White and Black are wrong." All "good" things are really "bad." You can
inflate your self image even more by wisely stating "good and bad don't
exist." Although some relish the superficial power of criticism, Both-Side
Bashing can shrivel your heart quickly. Like a coarse blend of sand,
gravel, cement, and water in a tin bucket, the elements of criticism,
disappointment, egotism, and superiority harden into concrete cynicism.
So, where to go? What to do? . . . Ahhh, thank God (or Its absence) for

Here's an IROOT:NOT alternative. IROOT:NOTians take the original polarized
view (of the True Believer) and put in their left hand. Next, they put
both the "nice" and the "skeptical" views together in their right hand.
Arms outstretched, they use them for balance. (Each of these three
attitudes has value.) Then, they hang their Toe across the sine-wave (the
curving line in the yin/yang symbol). By doing so, they allow THE WAVE to

Indifferent yet excited about the outcome, they ride deeper into the
Mystery Curl *The Toe functions as their etheric gyroscope.* It keeps them
moving straight ahead in the right/left direction - spiraling upward. As
the veils lift, they realize that the Toe is their esoteric and hidden
*cure for redundancy*!


You have master musicians, master craftspeople, and masters in most fields
(including crime). You can earn a Masters in college. In Western religion,
Christians don't have masters. They have saints. (Christ's Apostles called
Him "Master." If others claim to be a Master, this might imply that
they're divine as well. ["I am the Truth, the Light, and the Toe."].)

In the East, you have spiritual masters. After achieving a degree of
whatever is important to the particular religion, the person earns the
traditional title of "Master." Some can do magic, some are kind. Some have
dark sides "the size of the universe." Each is human.

In IROOT:NOTics, you must earn the title of "Moster." (Or, you can buy the
Title AT BELOW THE WHOLESALE PRICE!) However, you never even MENTION your
elevated status to anyone (unless you want to). Your silence, of course,
dampens the ego thrill that the title can convey. Have you ever noticed,
though, the subtle "I'm better than you, because I'm so much more
spiritual than you" attitude? Sure you have! Imagine how hard it is to
resist this one-up-personship with the sign of Master - in softly
throbbing purple neon - hung around your ego.

An IROOT:NOTian Moster has surrendered to her Toe. IT leads her, not the
other way around. Her brain or emotions may say "right," but if the Toe
says "left," then left she will go. (Unless she really wants to go right.)
Because of this, Mosters never contradict themselves. When they do,
however, it's because they are using different frames of reference to
describe something. Or, they have simply changed their mind.

Note: Some (even a couple of IROOT:NOTians!) refuse to surrender to
anything - to their Toe, even to the universe. They need to be "in
charge." With this attitude, you take responsibility for your actions.
Because life is an experiment, we honor this path.

In transcendent (yet ultimately immaterial) contrast, some IROOT:NOTians
believe that the universe is a minor aspect of their greater selves.
Surrendering to the Toe opens doors *unreachable* to the "in charge" self.

Nonetheless, a waiting-to-be-saturated "Instant Karma Mix" permeates the
universe. All decisions, wet with intention, saturate this karmic etheric
powder. And you must swallow the resultant drink - in this lifetime! The
good news? Yes, it WILL quench your thirsts! That's why Mosters live each
day as if it was their last. They know that someday THEY WILL BE RIGHT!

No two Mosters are alike. Though they may diametrically oppose each other,
they LIVE THE UNDERSTANDING that they are each *both sides of the same
coin*. This explains why (in an obtuse way) Mosters don't usually care
what others *think* about them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
(Negative thoughts about IROOT:NOTians usually stem from misconceptions
about IROOT:NOT Principles.)

A Moster has integrity (most of the time), can tell the truth with a
straight face, and is forgiving (sooner than later). They live ordinary
lives, *except when they don't.* "Ordinary" and "Extraordinary" is yet
another paradox that IROOT:NOTians surf. They know that when they think
that they are "special," they are not, and when they *are* special, THEY
*are not*. (Shhhhhhhhhhh . . . This non-technique is an IROOT:NOTian form
of invisibility.)

Question Everything - Seek Balance - Stay Open.



Sub-Quantum Shipping; Beyond Flatland; Bipolar Mind Fencing/Meta-Language;
The Expanding Toe; Time Shift/Secret Freedom; Sub-Vector Time Line; Quotes
& Notes


This is not for everyone.


Sub-Quantum Shipping

Most IROOT:NOTian principles and text derive from The Book of Words. This
work was written in the mid-31st Century by the Trans-Temporal Alchemist,
Galsek Nofeld. Pre-subsequent copies of The Book have been published in
earlier centuries, notably the 23rd and 25th. The earliest fragments,
however, exist now in the late 20th Century. What luck!

(As a side note, Nofeld believed that a "group magi" wrote The Book of
Words in the 57th Century and sent it back to him anonymously.)

In theory, transferring information back in time had been possible since
the 25th Century. Using Sub-Quantum Theory, "Uranamuses"  (Artist/
Scientists) predicted that *backward publication* was possible. Within a
few decades, however, theoreticians foresaw a drawback to this system of
communication. It was this: The further back in time that you sent
information, the more information you would lose.

Let me explain. In our era, science is still in its childhood (although
some say old age). It has set the cosmic speed limit to 186,000 mps - the
speed of light. Some scientists speculate that this limit might be broken,
but contend that *information* can not travel faster than light. Their
conclusion, however, doesn't consider the laws of "Sub-Quantum Shipping."
(Because they haven't been discovered yet.)

Sub-Quantum Shipping not only permits faster-than-light travel, but allows
us to send information "down the canals" into the past. In the mid-25th
Century, however, Jenheg Ronard accurately predicted a seemingly
insurmountable limitation of this system. Ronard postulated, "Whenever
you send information down the Sub-Quantum Canals, blocks of information
will *certainly be lost*. The longer the Canal, the greater the loss."
(Ronard's Axiom.)

Later in that century, Zib Nobtip's "Inexplicable Principle" extended
that axiom. It stated, "You will not only lose information when Shipping,
but *it is impossible to know exactly why this is so*." (This explains why
we receive only fragments of distant IROOT:NOT texts.)

By jumping ahead to the 31st Century, we see that Sub-Quantum Shipping
becomes a reality. Uranamuses could now backward publish anything that
they wished. Unknown to them at first, the energy associated with this
technology was intensely radical. It stretched their consciousness.
Uranamuses transformed into Trans-Temporal Alchemists.

Within a few years, the Alchemists nicknamed themselves "Salers." They did
this not because they were selling products or were in it for the money.
(The pay was modest.) Rather, they were in the business of the
trans-temporal "exchange" of ideas. These ideas would "make change" in the
era that the Alchemists had targeted.

One of these changes was the invention of a new religion. "Salernetics"
altered most everyone's notion of karma. The Salernetics' bible, *You Can
Have It All - For A Price*, states, "Everything has a price, whether
you're willing to pay or not."


"Beyond Flatland" (from "The Book of Words")

"You should know that The Big Toe - The-One-That-No-Shoe-Can-Contain - is
the Guiding Life of all so-called individual Toes. It communes with Its
Little Toes through the Force of Evolution and the ur-Tide.

"To experience life beyond Flatland, you must master both cosmic forces.
Mastering the Force of Evolution requires intent, the ur-Tide, surrender.
Succeed, and you will find balance.

"I will share a mystical Truth usually reserved for Reverse Trans-Psychic
Bi-Locality communication. Listen and unlearn. Two temporal directions to
the Source exist. The active Force of Evolution steps forward, the passive
ur-Tide flows backward. Be there now.

"Stay awake, but don't try TOO hard. Your Toe will break virgin ground.
Seeds from beyond Flatland will fall into that ground. The waters of the
ur-Tide will nourish it. Your eyes will widen in wonder as the seeds
sprout. Fear not. You are witnessing the birth of something miraculous.
The New Earth is taking root - *within you*.


Bipolar Mind Fencing; Meta-Language

Pre-chemist alchemists, distant foreshadowers of the Trans-Temporal
Alchemists, didn't intend to turn lead into gold. (Many wouldn't have
objected if they had.) They did, however, disguise their knowledge. They
used an esoteric language. Somewhat ironically, early IROOT:NOTians
("er-NOTians") chose to do the same. I quote from The Book of Words:

"Er-NOTians, take note. Detractors will question your sanity, reverence,
and relevance (or at least your sincerity). They will daunt, 'So, you
think you're special, huh? Huh?' They do not know that *though everyone
drinks the same water, our cups are different*. Remember: They know the
difference between lead and gold.

"Speak in tongues. Avoid unpleasantness. Floss daily."

Er-NOTians used esoteric language not because they feared that Idolaters
would mock or burn them for their unorthodox beliefs. Rather, they
discovered that traditional mind structures *were the swords of Bipolar
Mind Fencing*. And that game - where winning was everything - was boring!

Bipolar Mind Fencing had several fear-tinged rules. One required players
to impress others. ("I'm nice/humble/different/blah. . . .") How horrible!
This behavior, though, was normal for this epoch (a.k.a., the
"Butwhadaboutme?" era). In all fairness, what alternatives did they have?

Bipolar Mind Fencing seduced even the best psyches of the early Movement.
Like a hungry psychic vampire, the dynamics of this game would first
hypnotize its victims. The players would then believe that their IDEAS
were reality. They were seeing, however, only the dance of mental and
emotional shadows. Like a translucent film, illusions veiled reality.

Here's an example. Many believed "governments" existed. They'd have
opinions about them, some passionate. Yet, a government was only a
thought. Like the Emperor's new clothes, no one could see them. Only
buildings and people were there.

Bipolar Mind Fencing could be exciting, entertaining, painful, and
dramatic. To most, it was a life. It would, however, inevitably drain the
player's vital energy. Psychically anemic, they could not climb over the
*walls of their own making*. It kept them effectively imprisoned in

The game remained fashionable well into the 21st Century until Mystery
Surfing replaced it as the Game of Choice. Once you learned how to Mystery
Surf and "Hang One," you'd see reality from another dimension. Some fell
off their boards at the sight! You'd watch humanity enslaving itself,
lashed to the stallions of emotion, passion, ego, and belief. (Some
Fencers argued that they weren't lashed to anything. Emotions and beliefs
WERE humanity, they said - a Flatland fact.)

Q: "You said Fencing was boring. But isn't IROOT:NOTics boring, too?"

A: "Sure, to some. Intrinsically, you can't describe IS-NESS - the real
estate of Everything. Consequently, whatever anyone does is only an
*example*. [We have good and bad examples.] Because each perspective of
reality is unique, even the most exotic pictures of reality will appear
dull to some. The most mundane will sparkle.

"The moral, of course, is that there's no accounting for taste.

"The Neo-Sacred Nez text 'The Eye Wing' crisply affirms this. 'It's a
life. No blame. No judgment.' " (The "Separate Destinies" Octogram.)

Er-NOTians were as happy as a Capricorn in an office supply store whenever
they talked about life, the universe, and other things. They couldn't,
however, share *everything* with the uninitiated. They needed a secret
language. It would allow them to skip - like smooth, flat, smiling stones
- across Lake Banality (located two miles South of Mt. Babel).

Q: "Why couldn't they share *everything* with the uninitiated?"

A: "It just wasn't done."

Actually, they could shout these colorful clusters of symbols in a crowded
mall. They could tattoo them across the back of their shaved heads if they
wished. Some observers would say "cute." Others would frown. Some would
scratch their bellies. Those who *knew their Toe*, however, would
understand. They knew that the most exquisite wisdom comes carefully - but
not intentionally - camouflaged.

Truth transforms into a chameleon whenever It enters Flatland. While
visiting, it does need a hardwood floor on which to crawl. However, it's
the etheric, Mysterious Something that the chameleon emits and *beams
between the cracks* that is important.

"The Mystic Scientist receives what she cannot take, but does not take
what she cannot recieve."  (From "The Eye Wing";  The "Dimensional
Osmosis" Octogram.)


The Expanding Toe

Nez Masters say that the Toe is your grounding mechanism. It leads you
forward, sometimes sideways, at times backward, yet always upwards. They
say that it connects you to your Source.

Only your Toe can detect the Truth. Like astral radar, it protects you
from Twilight Magicians. These master manipulators cannot trick it by
conjuring emotions or thought clusters that *mimic Truth*.

Although each "individual" Toe is *potentially* limitless, in practice,
each is finite. "In practice" means that your Toe is custom fitted. If you
were born male instead female, German instead of Canadian, or 5' 1"
instead of 5' 6", you'd have a different Toe. (Differences indicate and
define limits.) Other factors are at work as well. For example, being born
in the 20th Century - your temporal position - is a limit.

(This understanding has lead IROOT:NOTian Time Line Explorers to conclude
that we receive *simplified versions* of IROOT:NOT texts. To our future
ancestors, we're like Neanderthals trying to understand how a car works.
They have to "dumb down" the information that they send us.)

Nez Masters are experts at reading the Toe. One of the messages they have
divined is that *there is nowhere to go and nothing to do, but we go there
and do it anyway*. (The Second Miraculodynamic Principle.) The Master,
Oben DaDormon, expands on the Principle in his acclaimed pamphlet,
"Falling Up."

"The Second Miraculodynamic Principle doesn't mean that life is without a
purpose. Life could have a meta-purpose. Because our minds can only reason
exclusively, that meta-purpose will always elude us. At best, we catch
glimpses, but even these glimpses are symbolic - not reality."

As if to shed more light, DaDormon left us a "cone" (mystical riddle)
later in the pamphlet.

"Where were you when God said, 'It's OK to ask Me for protection and to be
grateful to Me, *even if I don't exist*. As God, I can do anything.'?"

Like the living kernel inside a grain, the Second Miraculodynamic
Principle contains the Secret Freedom that Nez Masters don't possess.


Time Shift/Secret Freedom

By the mid-21st Century, humanity began sensing the impact of the
Sub-Vector (and other meta-material forces) on reality. The media,
naturally, interpreted these changes from a strictly eco-sociological
perspective. Even as early as the late 20th Century, explorers on the
seeing-edge experienced the first wrinkles in the planet's temporal field.
Some believed that these wrinkles were like contractions signaling the
birth of a planetary ascension. It was easy to misin terpret these
signals. They were new, exciting, and powerful. Surely, something BIG
would soon happen.

As it turned out, the Plan was to shift the temporal field *gradually*.
This allowed the species to acclimate themselves to the new energetic
environment, rather than become extinct.

(Note: Some futuristic texts, especially those dated between 2751-2765 AD,
claimed that Earth *did ascend* in the year 2121 AD. IROOT:NOT scholars
have concluded, however, that Meta-Trans-Temporal Alchemists from a
parallel Earth [that *did ascend* then] inadvertently sent these ascension
texts to us. [They were sending the information down THEIR time line.]

Apparently, the unpredictable currents of the ur-Tide diverted the
messages into our universe. Nobtip's "Inexplicable Principal" had also
predicted this probability. He called it "misdirected mail." The inability
of the Meta-Trans-Temporal Alchemists to control ur-Tide currents
fortified his "Inexplicable Principal" considerably.)

Beginning in the early 20th Century, Sub-Vector energy increasingly seeped
into our dimension. (Albert Einstein, an eminent pre-er-NOTian, was a
powerful channel of this force.) The energy reached critical mass in the
31st Century. Mungks from the IROOT:NOT Secret Freedom Non-School had
been channeling Sub-Vector energy for millenniums. They were the first to
leap. Shedding their Sub-Quantum skin, they climbed from their cocoons,
emerging in the world of Secret Freedom. They were stunned. The radiance
of their wings was brilliant beyond imagination. They jumped and flew
above the world of kaleidoscope lies. Yet, they never forgot that they
were part of the multi-textured tapestry they called The Point.

Secret Freedom is more about HOW you are, rather than about what you DO.
However, you can't DO much of THAT if you AREN'T THIS. The mungks have
handed us a cone to help us understand.

"Your intention is my command. Who are you?"

Many students have asked the mungks why they call this state of being
"Secret Freedom." The mungks would invariably reply, "Well, if we told
you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore."


Sub-Vector Time Line

Data inherent in the Sub-Vector spilled into humanity's conscious
experience. For those who enjoy time lines, we've compiled a list of
Sub-Vector-inspired theories and technological innovations.

* Sub-Nano Biotechnology - Late 22nd Century

The TimeKeepers have stamped information of this era Nontransferable. We
have no official records from that time.

Unofficially, however, we've heard that Sub-Nano technicians discovered
and exploited the mystery of "Follow Through."

Follow Through is a term used in some sports, like bowling. It works like
this. You release the bowling ball, and it's rolling down the lane. You
then twist your hips or make unusual motions with your arms, legs, or
maybe your head. Sometimes, you make primal sounds or chant magic words.
These actions somehow influence the movement of the ball. Sub-Nano
technicians harnessed this "magic" and *changed events in their past*.)

At a later date, Nez Masters combined Follow Through and Sub-Quantum
Shipping. This allowed them *to transcend Ronard's Axiom* in specific
(esoteric) areas! 'Nuff said.

* Post-Quantum Theory - Late 23th Century

Scientists dug into the next quantum layer and called it the
"Post-Quantum" field. At this level, they studied how the astral and
physical planes interacted. What they learned effectively ended science as
we had known it. "Uranamuses" replaced "scientists."

A notable application of this technology was Paradox Searing.

* Sub-Quantum Theory - 25th Century

Uranamuses peeled away the Post-Quantum field and discovered - to their
utter amazement - the Sub-Quantum sea. The laws of this sea were as
mind-boggling to the Uranamuses as the original Quantum field was to 20th
Century physicists. Studies in Sub-Quantum reality produced the first
cohesive Unified Field Theory, dubbed "Living String Dynamics" (LSD).

The creators of this theory were Uranamuse meta-geniouses. LSD had a
breathtaking, multidimensional architecture. It rivaled in subtlely the
most exquisite spiritual mandalas that the Great Religions had ever

Ironically, those who meditated on the LSD mandala had "visions" similar
to those experienced by "acid heads" (psychedelic drug users) of the 20th
Century. There were major differences between the two, however. Meditating
on the LSD mandala presented no risk to one's psychological state.
Neither did it tear the body's protective auric shield, nor did its
visions prove to be hallucinations. Additionally, it was legal.

Sub-Quantum theory presented the possibility of backward publication.
Ronard's Axiom and Nobtip's "Inexplicable Principle" were outgrowths, as

* Trans-Temporal Alchemy - 31st Century

After six millenniums of exposure to Sub-Quantum force fields, a major
leap occurred in the consciousnesses and bodies of Uranamuses. They
*consciously embodied principles and energies of the Sub-Quantum sea* and
mutated into Trans-Temporal Alchemist ("Salers").

An application of this technology is the ability to Ship "information"
(and I use this term loosely) into the past. Before then, the astral
substructure of the Planetary Consciousness did not support this highly
efficient form of transport. (Rumor had it that exceptions to this rule
existed, though no one had ever proved it. We couldn't, however, tell if
it did.)



+ "I know that for the high art of ribaldry there are few things more dull
than the criticism which maintains that a thesis is untrue; and cannot
understand that it's decorative."

Arthur Edward Waite, "Pictorial Key to the Tarot" 1910

+ (Paraphrased): "At the end of the Millennium, Lord Vishnu lies on a
banyan leaf in the form of a baby. He sucks his Toe and thus destroys the

The Tenth Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam (circa 3,000 BC)

+ "Don't take my word for it. See for yourself."

Evin, the Unsavior


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Judging Judgment; Thinking About Thoughts; Allowance

Everyone - at least moral people - knows that it's not right to do it.
Yet, everyone does. The Bible warns about it. "Judge not, lest you be
judged." The New Age has taken this edict seriously. Judging others (and
ourselves) presents a moral dilemma. One ingenious way around this problem
is to give judgment new names. Some have renamed it "discernment" or
"opinion." But does switching tags and changing definitions make a

When you think, you judge - putting people, actions, emotions, and ideas
in categories. The mental body functions like that. The emotional body
works in a similar way. If it experiences something negative, it tosses
the event into the "bad bin." If you're clever, you can shift the paradigm
here, as well. "Oh, I'm not feeling 'bad.' I'm just experiencing energy."
Cool, but that's a judgment, too. You've judged it to be so.

Judgments don't cause suffering; people *acting on judgments* cause
suffering. For example, I can have an opinion. "People who wear tongue
rings have no taste in fashion." Thinking the "bad thought" didn't damage
anyone. Everyone is free to their opinion. However, what if I went around
yanking off their jewelry? That would hurt! I'd be putting my *opinions
into action*.

One group suffers whenever they play the role of the Judge. These are the
sensitive souls who criticize themselves for judging others. Whenever they
think a bad thought, they flinch and immediately try to *change the way
they are thinking*. This useless guilt is harmful. How can you understand
yourself, if you keep running away in shame?

Here's an example. You might think, "Yuck! That person is soooo pushy!"
Immediately, your Inner Judge shouts, "You're judging!" Internally, you
jump. "Yikes! Umm . . . He's pushy, but, ah, it's OK because, ah . . .
he's a Leo [or whatever]." You try to *r ationalize a negative perspective
into a positive one*. Superficially, this sounds like a good plan. In that
moment, though, *you're in denial of your thoughts and feelings*. You are
rejecting your psychological state. When you're in denial like this, the
problem continues to lurk in the background.

You're also blaming yourself for being intolerant. "I should be more
accepting. . . ." Or, "Who am I to judge?" You're a human being. Who else
judges? It never occurs to you that *your assessment of the situation
might be right!* ("Right" means "correct within the limits of whatever
model you are using.") However, it's also possible that you're wrong.

So, you can criticize yourself. You can rearrange your thoughts so they
conform to some ideal. This ideal is usually something that you've
borrowed from a religious or metaphysical system. However, this ideal *is
not you*. It's what you've come to expect of yourself. Playing the role of
Thought Cop *robs you of the opportunity to know yourself more
intimately*. To know yourself deeply, you must first accept your judgments
and that you judge.

Additionally, humans have a tendency to identify with their thoughts. When
you "adjust" your thoughts to a "higher level," you hallucinate and
believe that *you* are at a higher level. You are, instead, momentarily
deluded. The phenomenon of identifying with your thoughts also explains
why you judge, condemn, and penalize yourself whenever a "wrong" thought
pops into your head.  It's all right to judge. Look at your opinions
without fear. Don't beat yourself. You'll begin to understand how you
really feel about things. Hiding yourself behind "correct" models of "how
I should be" keeps you a stranger to yourself.

I'm not, of course, suggesting that you cultivate bad thoughts. That's as
unnatural as trying to have only good ones. (The relativity of "good" and
"bad" further complicates the matter.) Life on earth is a balance (or
imbalance) of positive and negative. The point is to *understand* rather
than to control and manipulate. You'll find that the former is a more
positive and effective catalyst for change than the latter.


It's helpful to have a clear understanding of the role and limits of
thoughts. For instance, to think, "I'm going to drive my car across the
Atlantic Ocean" misses the point. Automobiles are great for cruising the
boulevard, but they make the worst boats.

Thought plays an important role in human existence. At the very least,
life would be meaningless without this measuring tool. You could argue,
though, that the physical and emotional bodies are equally important.
Without the former, you are "dead." Without the later, you're a robot.

You have a mystical aspect, as well. It's like an ocean of creative energy
ecstatically waiting to manifest. The mental body is an interface to this
ocean. It translates certain strands of this energy into thought patterns.
In turn, your brain, an organ of the body, downloads these patterns from
the mental body. The result: You have an idea.

A few kinds of thoughts exist. It's helpful to differentiate them.
"Ordinary" thoughts, those that concern common, local phenomena, aren't
produced at non-local sites. For instance, you hear the telephone ring and
think, "The phone is ringing." God or your guides don't have to tell you
that. The brain can handle it.

Non-ordinary thought, however, can stream from various non-local sources.
Your mystical aspect is one of these non-local sources. Examples of this
include ESP, past-life experience, and mystical revelation. Destructive
non-local "suggestions" - the "voices in my head" kind - can originate
from the dark legions. "You should kill them all. . . ."

Thoughts aren't tangible items. You can't stack them on a table. Rather,
they are a *function* that serves your creature body and your mystical
aspect. The mystical aspect is your creative center - your power source.
The Mind Cult mistakenly believes that thought is this power source, but
it is not. Thought is the brush, not the artist. (The emotional, astral,
and physical bodies are brushes, too.)

An influential philosophy within the Mind Cult is the "Power of Positive
Thinking." Many have elevated this system of thought from theory to
"Truth." This conceptual trap has snared millions and has become so
psychologically ingrained that few question its validity.

In this system, True Believers act as Mind Sentinels constantly on the
alert for undesirable thoughts. To become a Sentinel, you must first paint
the walls of your mind in self-scrutinizing colors. When the paint dries,
you've created a mental buffer zone. The zone, however, doesn't protect
you from negative thoughts. Oh, contrair: It actually amplifies their
power in your head! If you'd just leave them alone, they'd tumble away
like dry, brown leaves in a brisk autumn wind. But, noooooo. . . . You
have to make a big deal out of them. . . .

A thought, however, can have a real impact on others - positively or
negatively - when the emotional body supports it. For instance, if you
think AND FEEL that someone is a thief, this projects. The target's
emotional body can "physically" sense this energy. This only happens,
though, at close distances. You can feel and think lovingly about someone,
but if they're 100 miles away, they won't receive it.

Other forms of projection exist. Sometimes, astral forces can utilize the
raw energy produced by subconscious emotional trauma. This nasty brew can
transmit such unwelcomed feelings as hate, envy, and jealousy. These can
inflict damage, but only at close range. For example, if your father
severely abused you when you were young, you'll probably have a problem
with authority figures. While being abused, you probably made silent deals
or vows, and the Dark Forces took you up on them. "Please protect me!"
"I'll never forgive you for this!" Certain circumstances can trigger these
programs, causing unwarranted psychic attacks. You don't use conscious
thought to release this energy. You can conveniently zap others while you

Conscious at-a-distance effects happen when you invoke astral entities or
perhaps the gods. (For either good or bad purposes.) This is magic. Taken
a step higher, you can invoke fifth-dimensional (and above) beings. This
is miracle work.

Upon analysis, Positive Thinking is the same as "wishful thinking." Many
examples lend credence to this. For example, in the 1960's, almost
everyone loved President John F. Kennedy. Countless admirers bathed him
and his wife in good thoughts and wishes. Yet, one man with an attitude -
acting on a judgment - assassinated the president. (Conversely, many
unpopular presidents weren't killed.)

"Long Live the Queen" - on the lips and in the minds of millions - is
another example. You'd think that the Queen, with all of this positive
psychic support, would live an extraordinarily long life. Historically,
though, queens don't live any longer than other aristocratic women.

Lastly, the ancient Egyptians showered their Pharaohs with the thought,
feeling, and words of "Eternal life!" Did it work? Not in this earthly

You can test the theory of Positive Thinking, and if it works, YOU'LL WIN
BIG. Here's what you do. Buy a lottery ticket, and take a week off work.
Then, spend all of that time thinking, "I will win the lottery. I will win
the lottery." Concentrate; focus as much power into it as possible. (Hey -
it's worth at least a million bucks.) Doing this, you'll have invested
more "positive thought power" in winning than anybody. Will you win?

True Believers imagine that by thinking only positive, happy thoughts,
their lives will improve. They imagine that they will become more loving.
How can you become more loving when you don't love yourself? Where's the
acceptance? The practical result of this discipline is a lifetime of
mental arm wrestling. What's worse, the Power of Positive Thinking is
insidious. As you use this system, you become psychologically addicted to
it. That's a fact! If you try to quit, *you will experience fearful
withdrawal symptoms*. Guaranteed! The hook goes deep.


Allowance leads to understanding. Understanding allows transcendence.
Transcend, and you stand before the gate of mastery. When you pass through
the gate, you grab a board and begin *surfing the mental plane*. As a
surfer, you know what freedom is. You ask, "How are the waves today?" You
don't make them. Ironically, Sentinels patrolling the beach *think that
they do*.  Lastly, you hear, "Judge not, lest you be judged." You
understand that someone will surely judge you *even if you've never judged
anyone in your whole life*.

Live a miraculous life!

+ "Many overlook the humble, seeking instead the glamour of the grand.
Blindly, they pass by treasures and wonder why their lives have become so
poor."  From "The Book of Words"

+ " Better to see than think that you know."

+ "I look into the eyes of others and see life looking out at itself."



                             - - - - - - -

 To Helga, Carol, Gerardus and other special friends: Taking a cue from
 Helga's last post: "...to feed the soul..."  Hmm...

 To provide maybe a welcome port deep in our heart- free of the daily ebb
 and flow of the karmic tide.  To be an inviting host for a special guest
 indeed: our own spirit soul.  And granted, our soul is alive and doing
 quite well-quite apart, it seems, from even the most profound musings.
 Doing quite well- inspite of our wisest conjectures.  The soul goes about
 Itself without any prompts or helping hand from our largely willful
 personality.  And to change, perhaps...willfulness into a sublime

 To prepare and allow again a place in our heart for even a tiny perceived
 flicker of a soul-flame to catch-hold; to ignite a well-oiled wick of soft
 intent:  And a resulting small flame- maybe not so steady at first- but so
 deeply significant- so precious- something at last to call my Own.  A
 small light in my heart to illumine the shadows.  Not the shadows again!
 Ther'e not me, can't be me.  Shadows: separated aspects of lives past
 lived.  And again, soft allowance comes to my aid, as aspects are embraced
 by the alchemical flame.  Slowly, softly, not so bad after
 all...Everything easing, streaming into a brighter, bolder flame...that
 seems somehow, somewhat more steady.

 And my friend, allowance permits this sacred space- allows this special
 altar- deep in my heart.  And the altar is the keeper of my flame- my soul
 burning brightly- going, growing steady...by and for loving Me and by and
 for loving You.  Blessings.  Jim.

 By Jim Keller 

 For more of Jim's writing see:  World of Links

 - = - = - = - = - =- = -

 Language of Light Geometry

 Posted by Carol Hathor

 We are here. We would like to discuss with you the language of light and
 the geometric form and how they dance around you continuously. We would
 like also to tie this into your dream state. We would like to also speak
 about the unseen energy that is around you, that makes up a gridwork of
 your being. If you know a little bit more about it, it [will] allow you to
 create and to bring into your sphere of activity, that which you are

 Much is going on continuously around you that you cannot see. There has
 been an acceleration of what are called avatars-masters, energy beings
 that have infused your system. They are permeating your world, assisting
 the raising of consciousness.

 When we speak that the avatars and masters have permeated the gridwork of
 the world, they bring with them their own tools for teaching. The tools
 that are being utilized on your planet are artifacts that are not of your
 dimension. They are symbolic forms, but, literally, they have a life of
 their own and they make up what is known as the language of light.

 You are implanted with a structure, a geometric form, and that geometric
 form triggers certain information within you. It is a way of receiving
 information and energy that will facilitate your development. It is
 learning without thinking that you have to do it all through books, or
 thinking that you have to do it all through the intellect. It is opening
 to the belief that there is indeed an immense hierarchy. Immense beyond
 your comprehension, that has been working with the dear humanities since
 the very beginning.

 This hierarchy works with love, cherishes who you are, and has been able
 to see through the time mechanisms that are keyed throughout your planet.
 They have been able to read that the consciousness is ready for the
 evolutionary leap.

 The next step in the evolutionary leap as you, yourselves, are all
 mutating, is to literally implant you with a geometric form. You are
 mutating to such an extent that literally it is a process unfolding within
 you that will allow you to move into another realm of experience. Each
 humanity on the planet has the potentiality to move through this mutation.
 Many will stop the process because many do not have the desire to align
 themselves with higher consciousness. When you are aware of a Divine
 Consciousness that seeds your planet, an intellect that is so vast, that
 is loving, that works with you, and when you call to be a portion of [that
 consciousness], that is when you bring to yourself an implanting of the
 geometric form.

 The forms that are implanted come in a variety of shapes. There is the use
 of the geometric form of pyramid structure. Why is the pyramid so
 important? We will tell you that on your planet, and throughout the
 cosmos, the pyramid structure is utilized to represent a great unity of
 consciousness. It is the structure that is most difficult to create in all
 of its many facets, and yet it is a structure of perfection. It is a
 structure of using energy and sending it outward.

 The structure of the sphere will also be used to be implanted inside of
 you. The structure of the spiral. The spiral is very dear to many of you.
 Many of you have sojourned within cultures and societies where the spiral
 was utilized to communicate many ideas. There will be the structure of the
 parallel lines. There will be the structure of the cube. And, of course,
 the structure for those who know of the merkabah vehicle. That is the five
 sided figure.

 QUESTION: Could you talk more about the five sided figure you just

 PLEIADIANS: The five sided figure represents the figure of man. It
 represents man in his most unlimited state. Man totally free. It is man in
 his design without any limitations. It is man being able to fly, which is
 something that a large majority of you do not think you can do. Yet that
 is an implant that comes after a while when one truly commits themselves
 to what was formerly possible.

 The implant, the geometric form, that is going to be implanted inside of
 your being is going to depend first of all on your request for alignment,
 your request and your belief that these entities are working with you and
 that they choose to be available to you if you choose to be available for
 them to work with you. As you begin to unfold and to allow what are called
 miracles, what are called magnificent events to manifest in your life,
 they will begin.

 Many of you will start with the implant of the circle because it
 represents the god-form, the unity, the completeness. Some of you will
 select to have the pyramid structure implanted within you. That will be
 your greatest energy because you have aligned yourself for that structure
 on your planet.

 Some of you have had many many lifetimes with that pyramid. Not
 particularly the pyramid at Giza, the pyramids all over the planet,
 discovered and still undiscovered.

 You think in your world that your geography is known. It is not. There are
 many things that are still undiscovered because they are slipping from one
 reality to another. Deep within jungles there are many pyramids that are
 Iying buried beneath mounds of earth. There are still many wonders to

 Back to this five sided structure. Those of you who are willing to take
 the physical body and believe that there truly are no limitations, and to
 take this body and move yourself off the planet with it while still living
 on the planet, that is the kind of desire it will take to be implanted
 with this merkabah. Some of you have attempted to travel with it. Some of
 you know how it can be used in your being. But when you truly call it to
 yourself and you are willing to get the feeling of what that truly means,
 to be unlimited consciousness that will travel with the body without body,
 that is when that implanting will come. It is not the highest implanting.
 There are no highest or lowest implantings.

 It is implanting that comes when it will best suit your personal
 development at the time. Once you have become implanted, there will be
 now, an unending process of new forms that will come into your being.

 QUESTION: Do we pick our own implant?

 PLEIADIANS: No, you do not choose the form that will be implanted for you.
 But you, yourself, choose the life that you have. You choose what is
 important to you each day. What was important to you two years ago is not
 what is important to you today.

 Two years ago, the way you carried your life would determine what energy
 would be best suited to facilitate your development at that time. It is a
 marriage of energies.

 Once you have become implanted in the beginning, once you align yourself
 with this highest creator, with this consciousness, then a form is placed
 inside of you. It is a geometric light form.

 That form resonates within you. When that form has been placed inside of
 your being, it facilitates a coming of knowledge to yourself. Once that
 energy from that form is assimilated, then you move, because your beliefs
 will change, your alignment will change, you will evolve in your thinking,
 in your being, in your consciousness, and you will be ready to have
 another light form placed inside of you.

 Eventually you will all hold the alphabet of light inside of.your beings.
 This alphabet of light will teach you. How many of you have dreamt of
 geometric forms? That is an indication that the forms are working with
 you. If you wish to know what you have been implanted with, begin to see
 which forms continuously come first or that are larger than the others.
 Some of you will have cylinder shapes, the parallel lines, the spirals,
 the spheres, the cubes, the pyramids, the merkabah. There are many that do
 not even have names.

 The shapes that you will recognize will number a certain amount and then
 afterwards they will take new forms and new shapes that your consciousness
 cannot translate. Eventually, you have heard of what is called the one
 hundred-and-forty-four? [They] represent those that are of the spiritual
 hierarchy that are infused in the gridwork of your planet at this time.

 There has been an entry point as if a great gathering is taking place. You
 will notice as this year progresses, that there will be very very large
 unfoldings of consciousness. What does this have to do with the language
 of light?

 QUESTION: Are the geometric forms sealed into the grid pattern?

 PLEIADIANS: Yes, each one, each master, has its own seal, if you wish to
 use that term, that would represent one portion of the language of light.
 So you have one-hundred-and-forty-four thousand seals of energy that will
 be infused within your being.

 You may think how could we live that long to have all that occur? You will
 start by working with twelve forms, because twelve forms are basically the
 forms that the body will be able to hold. Much later, once the
 transformation has occurred, there will be a movement and there will be an
 infusion of the entire one-hundred-and-forty four-thousand symbolic
 language structures that will pass through your being. That will be an
 unfoldment that cannot even be explained in your lifetime because it is
 something that you cannot consciously make room for.

 QUESTION: How does this tie in with the gridwork that is also expanding
 around the planet?

 PLEIADIANS: Each sacred site on the planet holds a mechanism that measures
 time, and it measures consciousness of those within vicinity of this
 structure. They are there to monitor the consciousness of mankind. When
 you go to one of these sacred sites, knowing that you are aligning
 yourself with it, you trigger something within yourself, and you trigger
 something within the mechanism.

 Who planted these mechanisms? The great biogeneticists that are in charge
 of this experiment on your earth sphere, Terra. They have been nurturing
 you, allowing you to blossom, to grow to your fullest potential before any
 changes are brought to being.

 You must, as a species, be prepared [mentally and physically] to make this
 great change. If those that watched you were not completely careful, and
 if they were operating with anything less than love, and if the dial was
 turned up too quickly, your complete structure of body would not be able
 to handle the leap in dimensional experience. You are not prepared to have
 things sped up so quickly at this time.

 You are all feeling the acceleration of yourselves and you are getting as
 much as you possibly can at this time. If you wish to hold more within
 your being, then we will teach you with the language of light how to do
 it, how to keep your gridwork expanded.

 Your physical vehicles are not in preparation to have you be able to
 realize how many channels you are tuned into simultaneously. That is what
 the preparation is. That is why we play games with you. That is why we
 have you on energy exercises. That is why we ask you to become clear.

 The things we are teaching you are preparing you to see how multi-
 dimensional you are in each moment so that when you are able to tune in to
 the variety of stations that are your self, the variety of experiences,
 you will do it with joy, safety and sanity.

 This is serious business. That is why your planet must be dealt with love.
 That is why the great lords of light, the biogeneticists who have designed
 you and who are now planning your next leap, are working with love,
 gently, slowly, in the dream state, in a state such as this, so that you
 can unfold in an easy fashion without fear of burning out who you are.
 Some of you have burned out in other lifetimes.

 That burning out came from rushing too quickly, from not having the
 consciousness expanded in such a fashion that would allow the great energy
 to come in. Intentions must be of the most highest form in the greatest
 upliftment. What that means is you allow love to come into your being and
 all that you do is moved with love.

 QUESTION: What place do the Native American teachings have?

 PLEIADIANS: The Native Americans were seeded and taught by the star
 entities. They were brought to earth by those from the stars. They were
 seeded civilizations. They were taught how to live. They were taught how
 to harmonize. The Native Americans represent a star-seeded civilization
 which loved the earth, that implanted the earth with great energy.

 The earth is what makes your experience possible. You could not be here if
 it were not for the earth. You do not yet love the earth enough and
 acknowledge it enough.

 By awakening the Native American teachings, you come to the realization
 that the earth is not something simply that you build upon and walk upon
 and drive upon and take for granted. It is a living entity. It has

 It is that you need to tap into the consciousness communication of earth.
 The Native Americans will awaken all that has been stored within you and
 has been taught over and over again, because you all have sojourned within
 those cultures. You will come to remember and come to cherish that which
 allows you to be here.

 You will marry it with your ancient heritage from the stars and unite the
 earth and the cosmos. You will unite it in your physical being and you
 will carry the consciousness of God. Through that you will birth a new
 sphere of being, new man and new earth.

 Native Americans are very tuned in to the variety of species of
 consciousness. The combination of types of man animal man, insect man,
 bird man, all of these forms that have a reality. If you do not see them
 walking down the street, you do not think they exist. They exist in
 parallel realities and worlds all around you.

 This is what you are going to find. This is why we said a long time ago,
 don't think that you are losing your marbles some days. You will be
 perceiving things. They are legitimate. They are real. It is what the
 Native Americans will help you to understand.

 QUESTION: Can I learn to fly?

 PLEIADIANS: Your reality is determined by that which you have subjected
 yourself to. Being that you have all grown up in a basically unknown
 paradigm that does not support getting out of body and does not support
 interdimensional travel, it is not the easiest thing to begin it when you
 are getting the idea within your head.

 If you are desiring to learn how to fly and how to change forms, then you
 get it very clear inside of yourself that that is what you are wanting. It
 is a phase of your development that you intend more than any other to move
 into and you will draw to yourself a teacher.

 When you think of what you want and intend that this is the next step of
 your development, something will come in to teach you. You literally
 create it and bring it into your world.

 The teaching of flying has to do with the alteration of consciousness and
 what you think the physical body can do. When you fly, a portion of your
 consciousness moves into another dimension of experience. You feel
 yourself flying, you see yourself flying, you travel, and then you land in
 a new place, and the body is dematerialized and brought forward with you.

 You are going to find that some of the Native American teachers that are
 going to surface on your planet are going to teach you how to fly. It will
 be an added bonus to your talents in the years ahead.  This truly will be.

 QUESTION: How can we expect to have relationships, either starting or
 continuing, if they are changing on a day-to-day basis, or our perceptions
 are changing, our needs, our wants are constantly changing?

 PLEIADIANS: You are going to have to look very closely inside of yourself
 to see what kind of relationships whether they are intimate relationships,
 or general relationships you are going to feel comfortable adding to your
 life, knowing who you are becoming. How important is it going to be for
 each and every one of you to have your partners doing the same thing? How
 important is support? How much support are you willing to give another? In
 what way will your partners mirror who you are?

 You are also going to move into a new aspect of what it is to be in
 relationship. You are going to see that relationship [does not mean]
 ownership. It is allowing. It is respecting. It is being there for another
 to facilitate their journey. You will re-evaluate what relationships will
 be many times.

 There will be very intensely bonded relationships in the unnamed decade.
 Those couplings that come together in the time of great expansion in this
 nineteen-nineties will be very joyous. There will not be so many shiftings
 around of staying for short periods of time and then going off to someone
 else. There will be a great revelation and recognition of who another
 person is. You will come together in that fashion.

 You will find that many that you were attracted to years ago you would
 never be attracted to now, because you can see. That seeing will become
 more and more clear. You find that those experiments that took away from
 your upliftment, that you were needing to sojourn within, you do not need
 to sojourn within now. You will move with life and love and joy, and you
 will not feel lonely that you are not in a relationship because your life
 will be full.

 When the proper relationship comes, you will recognize it. You will be
 able to see who that person is. You do not have time now for nonsense. You
 are finished with that. You are clear. You are clean, becoming what is
 called a spiritual warrior. You are activating a very high energy within
 yourself, an energy that will bring you more joy and satisfaction than you
 have ever dreamt possible. You are aligning yourself with a purpose and a
 great creative impetus that brings all this to being. Each of you know
 deep inside of yourselves that you are not going to miss out on that
 information for anything. So relax. You will get it all and more.

 We will be speaking with you again. Our advice, if you wish to take it, is
 to build the road that is easy to walk upon and to have an intention of
 uplifting journeys.

 {#} Further information will be found on The HALL of RECORDS Website. {#}
 Our web address is:- http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~asclepus

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 Fri, 14 Nov 1997 21:41:34 -0500 (EST) From: Starbuilders
  To: 1TriLite  Subject: TriLite:
 Future Alchemy (Part 1 of 5) Sender: owner-trilite@UserHome.com Reply-To:

 Future Alchemy: PART 1 Introduction to IROOT:NOTology "The World's Most
 Fun (and Challenging) 'ology' "

 Pulsing like a white-hot star at the heart of IROOT:NOTology is the Prime
 Directive: *Live a Miraculous Life!* The Directive is beautiful, because
 it calls forth the highest potential of every human *without weighing them
 down with details*.

 You can start living a miraculous life NOW. Over time, you'll evolve
 deeper into this lifestyle; living a miraculous life is more of a process
 than a goal.

 Here's a kaleidoscopic window into IROOT:NOTology, presented in kiddychism
 form. As you'll see, IROOT:NOTics allegedly offers colorful internal
 riches that reflect externally and is far reaching in its evolutionary

 Caution: Alchemy at work. Wear appropriate attire. This is not for

 Q: What is IROOT:NOTics?

 A: The International Royal Order Of The: Nomads Of Truth has many facets.

 First, it presents a practical alchemy of the future dedicated to the
 evolution of the species. Second, it helps you live a miraculous life *by
 freeing you from paradoxical disharmonics*. This is possible because it
 links you to a higher dimensional grid that, in turn, is part of a
 specific evolutionary Vector. Third, when taken as a complete (yet work-
 in-progress) disbelief system, IROOT:NOTology works like a Nez "cone"
 (mystical riddle).

 "My heart beats in natural rhythm, marking time. Yet, time is an invention
 of the mind. What is this feeling of illusion?" Sab deLob, Nez Master

 Q: Is IROOT:NOTology the only "ology" dedicated to the evolution of

 A: No, many forces are at work. Like building a house, you need
 carpenters, electricians, masons, and more. On earth today, there are
 exactly 144,000 IROOT:NOTians (approximately). Some are awake, some are
 asleep. Some are "phasing" in and out.

 Q: What is the purpose of IROOT:NOT?

 A: IROOT:NOT has two purposes. One is personal, one is transpersonal. The
 transpersonal purpose is to participate in humanity's evolution. You
 support its leap from Homo sapien to Homo miraculus.

 The personal purpose is useful in its mutability. You say (fill in the
 blanks): "I came from _________. While I'm here, I will ___________. When
 I die, I will ____________." For example: "I came from the future. While
 I'm here, I will live a miraculous life! When I die, I will rejoin my
 'Group Magi.'"

 (A Group Magi is a probable future-earth life form. At present, we have no
 models that accurately describe those beings. At best, it's an ultra-
 intimate, supra-physical union of widely diverse consciousnesses. This
 collective is aligned in purpose[s], and represents entities from
 different "time zones," locales, and dimensions.)

 You can fill in the blanks with anything. Change it whenever appropriate.

 Q: I can say *anything*?

 A: IROOT:NOTians try to stay in their integrity.

 Q: What about the Truth?

 A: The Truth is a living entity. Your mind can never capture it. Once you
 speak, you leave Its domain. You move into the denser realm of fact or
 guess. Once there, someone can always contradict what you say. If their
 logic is intact, they can present another equally valid perspective in
 which your truth is false.

 Most systems claim to posses the Absolute Truth, something that you must
 accept. ("God said so.") What they offer, however, is a peppering of facts
 served over a large portion of guesses.

 Q: At times, IROOT:NOTology sounds like a high, spiritual philosophy. At
 others, it sounds off the wall. What is it?

 A: IROOT:NOTology is about surfing the wave. If an IROOT:NOTian falls, she
 immediately replaces herself.

 Q: Why do you present the "Introduction to IROOT:NOT" *after* several

 A: IROOT:NOT reflects both the linear and non-linear aspects of the
 universe. When you present something in writing, it's easy to be linear -
 logical. Usually you're stuck with that. IROOT:NOT, however, presents
 itself non-linearly. This satisfies the non-linear cravings of sensitives.

 Q: What is the "Friendly Borg Principle"?

 A: IROOT:NOTians can use the Friendly Borg Principle. You can assimilate
 any idea from any other "ology" and use it in YOUR scheme of How It Is.
 Assimilate without guilt. Once assimilated, that idea serves you in a
 higher way within your structure. You can even assimilate the "loose ends"
 of your life. Holy holistic - a macro-Gestalt! (Caution: On present-day
 Earth, copyright, trade mark, and patent laws are still in effect.)

 Most belief systems have become standardized. If you know what someone
 believes in, then you know (within limits) their expectations and
 limitations. Even those with an "unlimited" belief system have limits:
 They don't believe in limits. Using the Friendly Borg Principle, you can
 build a unique position of consciousness. From there, you can hover
 enigmatically above traditional limitations.

 Q: Can non-IROOT:NOTians use the Friendly Borg Principle?

 A: If a True Believer assimilates new and dangerous ideas into her belief
 system, the Guardians of the System may *un-assimilate* HER.
 (Excommunication is an example.)

 Additionally, you can violate the Principle. You do this whenever you take
 an IROOT:NOT idea and translate it into the paradigm of most other

 Q: What happens when you violate the Principle?

 A: When you violate the Principle, you will think that you understand, but
 you will not. You will understand something else. For instance, you could
 take the IROOT:NOT idea of "metascience" (trans-temporal alchemy) and
 think, "Oh, yeah, 'metaphysics'." However, when you translate like this,
 you move into a different conceptual framework. The "metaphysical
 landscape" is much different from the "metascience landscape."

 Q: Is the Friendly Borg Principle just a fancy way to say "copying"?

 A: No, copying requires little imagination.

 Q: Are IROOT:NOTians perfect?

 A: IROOT:NOTians aren't perfect, just forgiven. However, God has never
 condemned *anyone*, anyway. There's nothing to forgive. IROOT:NOTians are
 never "messed up," either. They "experience weirdness," which at some
 level is another form of normal.

 Q: Do IROOT:NOTians suffer?

 A: You bet! Be suspect of any "ology" that promises freedom from
 suffering. (If their claim was a fact, everyone would be doing it.) At
 best, you can shift your position of consciousness and not identify with
 your suffering. IROOT:NOTians are okay even when they're feeling

 Also, you can drop many of your non-miraculous behavioral patterns and
 suffer less.

 Q: What is original sin?

 A: Original sin is something you invent. If you copy, it isn't original.

 Q: What is sin?

 A: Since you can't hurt God, sin is when you hurt yourself. For
 IROOT:NOTians, sin is not living a miraculous life.

 Q: What is the penalty for sin?

 A: The penalty for sin is living a non-miraculous life.

 Q: IROOT:NOTics doesn't come across as serious. How can anyone concerned
 about spiritual growth practice it?

 A: IROOT:NOTics isn't serious; it's light and sincere with a sense of
 humor. *If you can't play at this level, then you can't stay in the game*.
 The serious attitude that lurks beneath most religious dogma stems from
 the fear of a vengeful God or a stingy universe. (Holy Books usually have
 black covers.) In these systems, the Rules are etched in stone. If you
 disobey them, God usually dishes out an outrageous, eternal punishment.

 For many IROOT:NOTians, however, God is innately ecstatic and
 unconditionally loving. "IT" has a spontaneous sense of humor. The Rules
 are lightly finger painted across your Center Brain in wavy, pastel lines
 of suggestion.

 In many ways, a theist's religious attitude matches her vision of how God
 is. For example, serious religious types believe in a serious God.


 - - - - - - -

 Future Alchemy: PART 2

 Q: IROOT:NOT is from the future. Is this "message from the future" for

 A: As real as it gets. However, concerning beliefs, "for real" is always
 speculative (including the beliefs of IROOT:NOTology). Let's have a look
 at some poplar beliefs. Officially, you should take each of the stories
 below literally - not figuratively. Determine for yourself how "for real"
 each is.

 (We're not being cynical - we honor all views. Love and goodness exist in
 people exploring all paths. Mostly, we're presenting what is public
 knowledge. Maybe some stories are true.)

 Christianity: The ancients thought that Heaven existed beyond the "solid
 dome" of the sky. Christ ascended into Heaven in His physical body. To get
 there, He rose skyward and went through a door in the sky dome.

 Also, God created the world at 9:00 P.M. on October 23 in 4004 B.C.

 Hinduism: A little blue boy (who enjoys stealing butter) controls the
 universe. When He's ready to end the universe, He sucks His toe. Praying
 to basil bushes wins His favor.

 Islam: God, speaking through a holy man, can declare a "holy war."

 Judaism: Their leader talked to a mysterious burning bush that claimed to
 be God. The bush gave him a set of moral and religious codes - etched in
 stone. God said that this nomadic tribe was His "Chosen People."

 Buddhism: Life bites. It's better not to be born. ("Life is suffering.
 Balance your karma so you don't reincarnate.")

 Ba'Hai: The world would be a better place if everyone believed what we

 Catholicism: Every week, believers eat the body and drink the blood of
 their Savior.

 New Age: Channeled Brand Name masters tell you How It Is. Channeled aliens
 sell nutritional supplements. Some frequently predict mass UFO landings.
 Thinking happy thoughts can solve the world's problems.

 Unification: Their leader, a South Korean businessperson and arms
 manufacturer, is Jesus Christ. His wife is the Holy Spirit. Communism is
 the anti-Christ.

 $cientology: For $25,000, you can "get clear" of those nasty aliens and
 their bubbles that have imprisoned your soul.

 Vegans: Killing animals for food is wrong. Killing grains and vegetables
 for food is right.

 Science: Science is based on the *belief* that you can know everything by
 using the scientific method. They don't believe in anything.

 Astrology: A planet that's over a billion miles away can disrupt your love
 life. This can happen because the planet forms a bad aspect to a planet in
 your birth chart.

 In addition, you've got people drinking poison and kissing venomous
 snakes. Others flagellate themselves with medieval instruments of torture.
 Some throw sea shells on the ground to predict the future. Many insult,
 hurt, or kill disbelievers *to gain favor with THEIR God*.

 That's a brief summary. Use your Fifth Eye to discern others. Most
 believers accept these stories as fact, because *they believe in them*.
 They equate these profiles of reality with the Truth.

 Q: How can IROOT:NOTians claim to be from the future?

 A: It's easy! All Doctors of IROOT:NOTics know the answer, and the answer
 is . . . a question.

 First, do you believe in channeling? How about walk-ins? Channeling and
 being walked into are similar phenomena. They happen when *an other-
 dimensional entity projects its consciousness into your body*. Do you
 agree with this?

 Second, do you believe that consciousness can travel beyond its timespace
 position? If so, then you can conclude that *an entity in the future can
 project its consciousness back in time*.

 Some IROOT:NOTians have done this. You project your consciousness from the
 future into your current body, walking into yourself. This kind of "walk-
 in" experience differs from others, because the projecting consciousness
 is not someone else; it's you - your future self.

 By being from the future, you have access (by way of the ur-Tide) to
 what's going to happen. IROOT:NOTology calls this "Memory Activation." You
 don't have to believe any of this; like all of IROOT:NOTology, it's a
 probability offering.

 Sometimes science receives information from the future, as well.
 "Superstring Theory" is an example of this phenomenon.

 "String Theory is twenty-first century physics that fell accidentally into
 the twentieth century. . . . No one invented Superstring Theory on
 purpose. . . . By rights, twentieth century physicists shouldn't have had
 the privilege of studying this theory. By rights, Superstring Theory
 shouldn't have been invented until our knowledge of some of the ideas . .
 . prerequisite for Superstring Theory had developed to the point that it
 was possible for us to have the right concept of what it was all about."

 Edward Witten, physicist Interview, "Superstrings."

 Once you dip your Toe in the ur-Tide, you begin to function as a temporal
 vortex. You will know things that, by rights, you shouldn't know.

 Q: How can I tell if I'm from the future?

 A: Look at your hand for a moment, and then ask yourself these questions.
 Does the human body look like a primitive life form? Does today's medical
 system seem barbaric? How about the justice, economic, religious, and
 political systems? Are interpersonal relationships missing something?

 If you've answered Yes to these questions, then it's possible that you're
 from the future. (At least you fit the profile.) How else could you have
 this perspective? "Past lives" can't explain why you see the body as

 You're no stranger; you're from a different "time zone."

 Q: Are all IROOT:NOTians from the future?

 A: IROOT:NOTians are from wherever they want. Some are futuristic, some
 are "et's," others are plain ol' humans. Some are old souls, ascended (or
 descended) masters, and some haven't decided yet.

 Conversely, many people today are from the past. They've never left the
 50's, 60's, 70's, or from wherever they feel comfortable. They continue to
 behave in the headset of that time zone.


 - - - - - - -

 Future Alchemy: Part 3

 Q: All of this sounds new. What about the saying, "There's nothing new
 under the sun?"

 A: Long ago, a young man watched the sun rise and the sun set every day.
 He noted how the seasons rotated and repeated. He saw the women, every
 Monday, take dirty laundry down to the river to wash. This went on, year
 after year. The word "cycles" circled his brain. One day, the man now gray
 and wise, said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

 Upon hearing these words, thinkers throughout the land scratched their
 beards. The less civilized scratched their butts. All, however, nodded in
 agreement that the words were indeed wise. The saying became famous and
 joined the ranks of other gems such as, "As above, so below" and "Just do

 Times have changed. Refrigerators are new. Spacecraft landing on other
 planets is new. Expansive cosmologies hatch frequently. Since the
 Renaissance, "new" happens often, reflecting advancements in human
 understanding. Although some prefer the simpler times (and perhaps rightly
 so), we are on an evolutionary escalator. We cannot turn back. We can
 embody our highest potential now more than ever in history: Live a
 miraculous life!

 Q: Do all Paths lead to God?

 A: If God exists, they sure do. That's why IROOT:NOTology says that
 EVERYONE is Pre-Saved. However, not all paths focus on living a miraculous
 life. Some focus on gaining good karma or reducing bad karma. Some focus
 on saving themselves and others. Other groups elevate suffering, believing
 that it makes you strong. (Maybe it does.)

 Eulogy: "He suffered all of his life and became strong. Then he died."
 (Existentially, all paths end like that.)

 The process works like this. Say you want to be a carpenter. First, you
 become an apprentice. You study and practice until you become proficient.
 Eventually, you become a master carpenter. That's the path, and that's
 where it leads.

 If you choose to "learn lessons," eventually you'll master that. You might
 end up teaching. However, learning and teaching won't make you a master at
 living a miraculous life. You'll be a master student/teacher.

 Q: What if God doesn't exist?

 A: Then it's in your best interest to live a miraculous life anyway.

 Q: How are paradoxes binding?

 A: Just as a planet has magnetic poles, paradoxes have them, too.
 IROOT:NOTology calls this binding force *the Polarized Psychomagnetic
 Field of Disharmonic Attraction*. In layman's terms, it's the "P-Zone." P-
 Zones are fractalesque in nature and exist on the P-Zone Plane (which
 intersects the Mental Plane). Your "buttons" reside there, as in, "He
 really knows how to push my buttons."

 Viewed through the Fifth Eye (and converted into a comprehensible 3-D
 image), the P-Zone is egg shaped. Bands of P-Zone energy flow from the
 North and South poles of the egg. The more intense the issue (paradox),
 the more tightly knit the bands are. When you entangle yourself in these
 high-tension wires, you become tense.

 Q: Why are most "ologies" bound by paradox while IROOT:NOTology is not?

 A: Because IROOT:NOTology isn't an "ology." It's a state of dynamic
 consciousness that has sprouted "ology"-like appendages.

 Q: How does IROOT:NOTics "sear" paradoxes?

 A: Your Toe (Transpsychic Oracle Extraordinaire) is what sears paradoxes.
 HOW it sears them, however, is problematic. The answer is buried deep
 within the esoteric vaults of IROOT:NOT lore. Even the great Nez Masters,
 with their catlike ability to pierce darkness, have trouble navigating
 these vaults. They must squint to gain even a shadowed glimpse of an
 obscure analogy about how the Toe does the deed.

 The *result* of searing, however, is clear: you can now surf the paradox.


 A: They represent the Path, the Perspective, and the Center of the
 IROOT:NOTian, respectively. Here is a brief description of each.

 THE FIFTH WAY is like this:

 Science can prove that light is a wave: It's a fact. I believe. Science
 can prove that light is a particle: It's a fact. I believe. Both facts are
 mutually exclusive; therefore, both are false. It's a fact. I believe.  I
 then move to the Fifth Way.

 Auguste Comte was a "father" of the social sciences. He believed that
 society and individuals pass through three stages of social evolution. The
 first is "Theological Thought" - God's Will moves everything. Second is
 "Metaphysical Thought" - abstract laws of nature are discovered. Third is
 "Positive Thought" - the scientific method.

 The Fifth Way assimilates and homogenizes all three of these stages. This
 homogenized mixture is the wax on IROOT:NOTian's surf boards. Over time,
 however, the wax ages and "ferments" and becomes a new, improved
 substance. (Not available in stores.) When your body absorbs the substance
 through its etheric skin, you transform. YOU BECOME THE FIFTH WAY.

 THE FIFTH EYE sets directly above the P-Zone Plane. It represents the
 Awareness that allows you to live a miraculous life. It transcends the
 mass hallucination.

 Fear is a major obstacle for using the Fifth Eye. Winston Churchill said,
 "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." The Fifth Eye sees this from a
 slightly different angle: "Fear not even fear." Even like this, though,
 you'll still experience fear. Fear can be useful at times. You're just not
 afraid of it, tough though it can be.

 Often, fear has its roots in the unknown. IROOT:NOTians, being Void Divers
 anyway, define fear as *just another experience*. Just because you're
 clueless doesn't mean that you have to be afraid.

 Another source of fear is your assumptions. Often, you guess wrong. The
 situation doesn't turn out as badly as you thought it would. Other times,
 you guess right. You move through these situations, calm and aware.

 Most people see with their human eyes only. They use a variety of Psycho-
 Seeking Filters when checking out the world. These filters narrow and
 define the possibilities of relationship. For example, the Sexual Filter
 scans for possible sexual mates. It filters out those of undesirable age,
 appearance, social status, body type, gender, and more. The Sales Filter
 scans for customers. You can use Filters like the Security, Victim, and
 Acceptance, plus many others.

 "When a person uses the Pickpocket Filter and sees a saint, all he sees
 are pockets."

 THE CENTER BRAIN processes the Vision of the Fifth Eye. MORPHs (Master Of
 Root:notian Paradoxical Harmonics) are those whose Center Brain is at one
 with their Toe. They experience their unique perspective of life from the
 center of the eternally blooming Cosmic Lotus.

 The new species of humanity - Homo miraculus - will embody each of these
 three aspects, 100%.

 Q: You say that IROOT:NOT is "the World's Most Fun [and challenging]
 'ology.'" How is it challenging?

 A: As your consciousness spirals upwards, you face the challenge of
 surfing new waves of paradox. This process is eternal, so the challenge
 will always be there. Once you've mastered Surfing the Earth Plane, life
 becomes VERY interesting.

 Q: As you spiral upwards, what happens if you move to a position of power?
 Isn't power a trap?

 A: Power is a trap only when you believe it is more real than your

 Q: Does IROOT:NOTics really work?

 A: IROOT:NOTics works for IROOT:NOTians. For others, its usefulness will

 Q: Why do you call IROOT:NOT "quasi-esoteric?"

 A: When you gain esoteric information, you think that you know something
 secret, and now you're "special." Well, maybe you do, and maybe you are.
 But why become conceited? You can become so smart that you lose touch.
 "Quasi-esoteric" information keeps your ego in check. It keeps you from
 becoming arrogant. Here are examples of IROOT:NOT quasi-esotericism.

 (1) The name IROOT:NOT is symbolic. It means that you don't have roots in
 any particular belief system - including IROOT:NOTology. (I-ROOT-NOT - get
 it?) True Believers need their roots lodged in a solid belief system,
 because they're insecure without one. Yet, "solid belief system" is an
 oxymoron. IROOT:NOTians, however, are Void Divers. Like the surrendered
 Fool, they leap - sometimes reluctantly - from one probability to the
 next. They explore, then leap again. (Actually, their Toe lovingly nudges
 them off the cliff.) Stable change fulfills them.

 (2) A secret: Void Divers *fall upwards*.

 (3) For IROOT:NOTians, the universe is unknowable and ever changing, yet
 somewhat knowable and somewhat unchanging.

 (4) Here's a secret method that enables you to peek over the veils of the
 quasi-esoteric universe. Everyone wants to believe in something. Perhaps
 it's a human need. In many ways, you can find comfort in deceiving
 yourself. Rationalizing comes easily. One day, as you take more notice,
 you'll redefine what's in your head. What was once "reality" becomes

 True esoteric knowledge is like this: You can yell it in the streets, but
 few will hear (including those who know everything).

 Q: How can you be happy when your belief system isn't rooted in anything?

 A: First, IROOT:NOTians have a tendency to be happy *without any reason to
 be so*.

 Second, IROOT:NOTology is a disbelief system rooted in something. That
 "something," however, is indefinable. (So why bother?) Some post-ancient
 cultures knew about this mysterious "something." One example is the
 Hagglerites who inhabited the Greater Dyzcount Valley region. They wrote:

 ". . . And the [demi-gods] called the Un-nameable [IT(s)] 'M.O.V.U.S.
 Q.U.O.F.E.' on the Third Day. On the Tenth Day, [the Oracle] wagged her
 tongue, sending the [Holy Name] to the Four Corners. The meaning, though,
 became more clear with each receding echo [of the Name] as it [bounced]
 off the Four Walls. After the wind had [taken apart] the sound and only
 silence remained, the prophets then understood ITs most true meaningwithin
 the stillness of the Void [as it] caressed their ears. Yet, their smiles
 were not of [ultimate] understanding, but of content, knowing that the
 [Secret] was . . ."

 (Unfortunately, moths ate the remainder of this scroll in the late 12th


 - - - - - - -

 Future Alchemy: Part 4

 Q: What are the Miraculodynamic Principles?

 A: The Miraculodynamic Principles are useful.

 The First Miraculodynamic Axiom: "There is nowhere to go and nothing to
 do, but we go there and do it anyway."

 The Second Miraculodynamic Axiom: "Happiness and kindness are more
 important than beliefs."

 The Third Miraculodynamic Axiom: "When you die, you stop hallucinating and
 remember that you are the One - or you don't."

 The Fourth Miraculodynamic Axiom: "Life is a gift. Enjoy and be kind as
 much as you can in every moment."

 Q: Is IROOT:NOTology consistent?

 A: IROOT:NOTology is consistent in its inconsistencies, in its dedication
 to humanity's evolution, and in its focus on living a miraculous life.
 Traditional consistency exists in properly prepared gravies, but not in
 living a miraculous life (except when it does). The more you demand
 consistency, the more you empower that P-Zone. It's a trap designed to
 squash your enjoyment!

 Beat and defeat redundancy! Live a miraculous life!

 Q: Can you say the same about inconsistency?

 A: No, you won't find inconsistencies in properly prepared gravies.

 Q: Is there an order to IROOT:NOT?

 A: Yes, in the name: "The International Royal ORDER. . . ." However,
 unlike True Believerism, the order is very loose. You move fluidly into
 higher patterns, becoming more efficient at living a miraculous life. The
 Nez Master, Jofreklan, comments:

 "The morning sun transforms the dew. I move quietly within myself. Who
 once was is not."

 Q: People say that they change after they receive their IROOT:NOT
 Membership Card. How is this possible, just by having a card?

 A: Once you receive your Card, it's a matter of putting it on your

 Q: Is there any proof of that?

 A: The proof is in the putting.

 Q: What about IROOT:NOT Courses and Titles?

 A: Titles open windows of transpsychic opportunity and enhance fruition.
 For instance, having the Title of "Nez Master" puts you in line - aims you
 in the direction - of the Nez Master within. Like a magnifying glass, it
 focuses on and enlarges an area of consciousness. Having the Title itself,
 however, doesn't make you a total Nez Master. For example, in karate, you
 start as a "white belt." You work through, say, seven more belts, until
 you've earned a "black belt." To become a "black belt" Nez Master, you
 must work through 777 "belts." However, you can only make it to the 776th
 belt in this life. You receive the 777th belt when you leave your body.

 Courses nudge you through luminous doors. For instance, the "Doctor of
 IROOT:NOTics" Course instructs you how to use information from the future.
 You can save time and resources by seeing the result of a project *without
 having to go through the process*. Incredibly, you can *have the
 experience without having to do it*! As a bonus, you can write the title
 "D.I." after your name.

 Q: How about IROOT:NOT gifts and accessories, like "Fear Removal Powder"?

 A: Alchemy is like that. To the uninitiated, all offerings look similar.
 Actually, some paths are (apparently) dead ends. Others are littered with
 dead herrings (that rise and sing after you've walked by them). Some hold

 Q: Is IROOT:NOT for everyone?

 A: No, it's not for beginners (unless you're ready). You must have roots
 before you can I-ROOT-NOT. Additionally, "newbies" are usually very
 serious in their search for the Truth. IROOT:NOTics can appear too
 lightweight for them.

 It's not for True Believers either, except those IROOT:NOTians still
 exploring the internal structure of certain P-Zones. True Believers need
 the tension of P-Zones to feel as if they're doing something important.
 IROOT:NOTians prefer to Surf the Earth Plane.

 Q: How do IROOT:NOTians relate to non-IROOT:NOTians?

 A: However they please. . . . Also, their Center Brain remembers "the One

 Q: What is the One Universal?

 A: The One Universal is when you look at someone and think, "She is alive.
 One day, she will die."

 Q: What happens after you die?

 A: It doesn't matter.

 Q: Is everything a miracle?

 A: Creation is the only miracle. Everything else is either science, trans-
 temporal alchemy (metascience), or imagination.

 Q: How can you live a miraculous life?

 A: One way is to love, serve, nurture, and be grateful for everything in
 your life. Love your job, love your partner, love your family, and love
 your home. When you love something, you bring out its best.

 Forgive your enemies. Enjoy the textures of your life. Appreciate little
 events. Love your pillow, bed, tooth brush, food, memories, dreams, hair,
 creed, country, gender, race, species, planet, God, astrological sign,
 shortcomings - everything. If you don't love it, *replace it*. You don't
 need to replace irreplaceable items, like your astrological sign. In these
 cases, it's *your perspective that needs adjusting*.

 Don't downplay or deny your senses - those delicate lenses that let you
 experience life. Don't morally stamp the "flesh" with derogatory labels
 like "lower," or "sinful." Sensual experience makes up most of your life!
 You can't think, imagine, dream, or believe in almost *anything* that
 doesn't correlate to an image or texture that the senses have recorded.
 (The Toe is a notable exception.) This includes abstracts and invisibles,
 such as mathematics, astral phenomena, and Visions of God. Appreciate your

 Here's another technique for moving deeper into a miraculous life. Use it
 every day. Ask:

 "How does this experience contribute to living a miraculous life?" If it
 contributes, then accent the experience. If not, then ignore it.

 Also, delight in your consciousness.

 Experiment with the Miraculodynamic Axioms.

 "If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as
 work." William Shakespeare

 Q: What if I experience something that doesn't contribute to living a
 miraculous life, but ignoring it doesn't contribute, either?

 A: Consult your Toe.

 Q: What is my Toe?

 A: Your Toe is your personal, unknowable aspect.

 Q: How do I ask my Toe something?

 A: You say, "Toe, I want to ask you something." Then, you ask.

 Q: What happens if I follow my Toe?

 A: You are in the hands of your Toe.

 Q: Why should I love my shortcomings?

 A: Many fight their shortcomings. They fight themselves. They fight anyone
 who they imagine embodies the enemy P-Zone.

 "Holistic" means whole. Next time, watch yourself putting on your
 (psychological) fighting gear. Love is awareness. Your awareness is a
 prism of Light. Light transforms whatever it touches.

 Q: All of this is pretty radical.

 A: IROOT:NOTics *is* radical. Living a miraculous life *is* radical.
 Creation *is* radical. And the Two Universal says that *you are one with

 Q: You've mentioned the One Universal and Two Universal. How many
 Universals are there?

 A: There is only ONE. The "One," "Two," "Three," etc., Universals are
 subsets of THE ONE UNIVERSAL.


 A: THE ONE UNIVERSAL is anything.


 - - - - - - -

 Future Alchemy: Part 5

 Q: What if my friends think I'm weird for being an IROOT:NOTian?

 A: First, IROOT:NOT isn't about what other people think. If they don't
 support your desire to live a miraculous life, then maybe it's time to
 find new friends! Besides, look at THEIR beliefs. They're at least as
 weird as yours. The only difference is that their hallucination is more
 popular than yours. (If theirs was less popular, they'd probably leave you
 alone.) If they understood that everyone is hallucinating, they'd be more
 accepting and compassionate, or at least more tolerant.

 Sometimes, humans enjoy keeping each other down. When someone tries to
 insult you because of your belief, you can say, "You don't approve of my
 lifestyle? Thanks for your opinion. In my mind, though, I'm doing
 something positive."

 Second, on a more grand scale, you want to help humanity evolve. In this
 project, it's not about your friends. It's not even about you. It's about
 the Big Whatever.

 BE POSITIVELY PROUD TO BE AN IROOT:NOTian! Say it loud! This automatically
 puts you in the direction of living a miraculous life.

 As a bonus, Card carrying members can treat themselves (and others) to
 this: Over time, you become a *living transmitter of Miraculous Life

 Please note, however, that you can't control this energy. You can't
 consciously send (or sell) it to others or deny it to them. This safeguard
 prevents misuse and misdirection by the ego, good intentioned though it
 might be. (You can assimilate personal power techniques from other
 "ologies" if that interests you.)

 Q: What is "Miraculous Life Energy"?

 A: Miraculous Life Energy is composed of "ziggle beams." Like light, Z-
 Beams have the properties of both wave and particle. It differs from light
 because it has the added ingredient of Void Rays. (Void Rays negatively
 charged anti-unti particles that originate from beyond our universe. Their
 attractive effect is the same as a perfect vacuum.) Z-Beams are as elusive
 (though more real) than the mythical "gravity waves" of 20th century

 Miraculous Life Energy is saturated with Intent. It flows from a specific
 evolutionary Vector. When you radiate Miraculous Life Energy, the heavy
 protective walls that keep you from feeling alive begin to fall away. You
 don't need to lug those shields around anymore. Less burden is good!

 With Miraculous Life Energy steadily streaming through your systems, you
 can expect surprises. Use your link with Intent to shape the form of these
 surprises. Here's a template that works: "Send me __________ surprises."
 Fill in the blank with whatever adjectives you desire, like "joyous,"
 "exciting," "evolutionarily elevating," "financially rewarding," or any
 combination. (The Course "Illusion Management" teaches *Mayketso*, a
 method to invoke and use Intent easily and effectively. Intent gives shape
 and direction to Truth.)

 Miraculous Life Energy also supports a new way to age. Instead of becoming
 older on each birthday, become lighter. Make it so.

 Only now is this welcomed energy welling up as a possibility in the human
 imagination, but it's still not available in stores.

 Q: Why does IROOT:NOTology offer these benefits?

 A: All "ologies" offer benefits. Many systems promise salvation, some
 offer freedom, others entice with enlightenment. Ask, "What do I want from
 an 'ology'?"

 Q: How can a "closet IROOT:NOTian" become an Activated Card carrying

 A: It's easy! Send your request and $1 to the address below. (Be sure to
 include $15 s&h.) Do it now, or do it later. (But if the world ends, it's
 too late.) When your Card arrives, place it on your forehead.

 Also, you can order a FREE bound copy of "The Complete Transcriptions of
 IROOT:NOTology" (a work-in-progress). Please include $5 s&h with your

 IROOT:NOT classes are held weekly in Hollywood, Florida. Call for times
 and directions.

 Q: What if I don't believe in all of this?

 A: Then you might be an IROOT:NOTian.

 A Miraculous Life to All!

 As Light, We Are One!

 Evin, D.I., MORPH The Unsavior

 We do our best; Spirit does the rest!

 IROOT:NOT Head Center PO Box 220964 Hollywood, FL 33022-0964 USA

 Phone: (954) 927-7900 Fax:   (954) 927-7659

 http://www.lightwork.dk/Starbuilders e-mail: starbldr@gate.net Reverse
 Transpsychic Bilocality code: Bx-10596-3jnvc-893kmdpo0x-.

 Everything is as it should be.

 Question Everything - Seek Balance - Stay Open

 "I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful,
 considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I
 say and do,

 and to

 respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make
 the world a better place. . . ."

 *The Girl Scout Law*

 Live a Miraculous Life!

 Live a Miraculous Life!

 Live a Miraculous Life!

 Live a Miraculous Life!

 Live a Miraculous Life!

 Live a Miraculous Life!

 Live a Miraculous Life!

 Live a Miraculous Life!

 The Beginning???

 Be Aware-ness

 Eat IROOT:NOTics; be cured.

 The End


 = = = = = = = = = = = =

 My 7 short answers to 7 really big questions we all have pondered. (+1) by
 James Clark Enjoy.

 1. How and why was the world created?

 Science claims that it can tell us how the world was created, and religion
 supposedly tells us why.  Somewhere between the mirage-like division of
 matter and spirit lies the truth of our existence.  In terms of matter our
 world is an expanding energy field for growth and diversity.  In terms of
 spiritual values, it is an experiment in the possibilities of love.  All
 existence is an experiment in love.  The light of the divine presence
 explores every possible potential for completeness.  The brilliant light
 of awareness flows through every branch of this radiant multi-dimensional
 manifold – the "tree of life". Our earth is a living spaceship, a Gaia
 mother port that holds our memory and lessons in form, serving as the
 physical vehicle of our growth and expression.

 In the manifold of experience I see many wheels with worlds like spokes.
 Wheels within wheels within wheels constantly recreate life. Between the
 wheels living waves of experience exchange streaming pulses of energy that
 drive them into constant metamorphosis.  The spokes create patterns and a
 stable sense of wholeness – all at higher dimensions, without disturbing
 the structure of our accepted reality. We don’t perceive it, but we can if
 we choose.  Many people are beginning to accept and identify with these
 ancient memories embedded deep in the soul.

 2. How and why are we created?

 It’s easy to see that many energies contribute to create us.  We are all
 individual aspects of the divine presence. We depend on life itself for
 our moment-to-moment existence.  The air we breath, the water we drink,
 and the ground we stand on, are all miracles of the presence.  We are
 completely surrounded by the incredible miracle of life, but we don’t seem
 to realize how amazing it is!  The ego protects us from seeing this
 awesome truth until we are ready for it.

 Our sense of self is wrapped up in ego projections. We believe we can
 control the outer "real" world, and hide our motives and values.  The ego
 believes in separate, responsible, autonomous individuals.  The ego takes
 the credit, and becomes the victim of nature’s instinctual flow towards
 completeness. When we forget to acknowledge the reality of the divine
 presence, we lose our awareness of this truth.  It hardens our
 consciousness, and we lose our connection to spiritual reality – we
 actually forget who we are.  Driven by the projected "future" and holding
 to the memory of the "past", our physical world appears inert because we
 neglect the presence and it’s power.  When we remember it again, reality
 appears fluid and whole.  We are created as stewards, keepers of our
 portion of reality.  We hold our definition of reality in form, and honor
 that definition with our lives.

 3. What is the central purpose of our life?

 We are always exploring the personality of the divine presence by living
 out the possibilities of being.  Our job is to reflect the reality of that
 presence in our actions, extending the possibilities for life in every
 dimension.  We are models of individual experience.  Life’s drama reflects
 our awareness of this truth, or the lack of it.  As we grow to honor the
 depth of the lesson, we sense the purpose in all life.  It re-connects us
 in outer form, overriding the ego’s projected fear of isolation.  We can
 always teach each other by demonstration and example, extending our values
 through action.  Acts of love extend the possibilities by reflecting the
 divine nature within us.  They demonstrate our relationship to the
 presence and bring focus to our identity.  That action creates a deepened
 awareness of purpose that leads to a revelation of divinity in the
 individual.  Each person, in fact everything, is on a mission to discover
 and fulfil the unique position that is the focus of their life.  It is the
 energy they represent, and the truth they hold.

 4. How are we best to achieve that purpose?

 There are no victims in an enlightened world, only lessons. We can choose
 to be aware of the lessons, and be responsible for our actions.  We can be
 accountable for our personal reality, and always speak the highest truth.
 Our lessons go into unconscious denial because they are so painful.  We
 always have the opportunity to see our lessons as meaningful, and choose
 to grow from them.  That’s essentially what spiritual growth is.  Each
 time we find a truth that was hidden from us, we expand into a new
 dimension of understanding by accepting new forms love.  It can be both
 personal and impersonal, based on the individual, yet eternal and timeless
 in value.  It is a profoundly deep lesson. Rather than learning a new
 skill, it often means changing the boundary between that inner and outer
 world – the objective and the subjective.

 The world will change very quickly if people decide to be completely
 honest with themselves and choose to speak openly about values.
 Unfortunately, some will have to replace "political correctness" and
 "television" to focus on real personal growth and awareness.  The only way
 to achieve enlightenment is through commitment to inner growth. It’s
 amazing simple.  Most people think in terms of schemes, and fail to face
 basic truths.  For instance, the diet-fad industry is built on using
 people already in denial.  Fads are easy because they change quickly, and
 always promise something new.  Nothing I am saying here is new.  Most of
 the advertising industry is based around "capturing" a portion of your
 awareness and life energy.  When people start to care about how they are
 constantly allowing themselves to be used that way, things will change.
 They will want that energy back again.

 5. Are we able to communicate and receive guidance from the creative

 I believe that we are constantly living in a sea of guidance.  All life is
 a symbol that speaks the language of the soul.  As we become aware of the
 lesson it contains we can be thankful for it.  The guidance then becomes
 powerfully clear!  The deepest guidance is communicated directly when the
 field of awareness expands into higher dimensions.  The individual can
 know with certainty that guidance and communication is constant and
 continual. This lesson slips through our consciousness until we become
 aware of the value in it.  When we grasp the purpose, the light within us
 expands and we know it for sure.

 When I look into the world with the eyes of spirit, I see this question in
 reverse.  Everyone is constantly receiving the very highest guidance.
 Most are unwilling to accept it because of where they are in their lesson.
 Spiritual growth draws us closer to that lesson by constantly mirroring
 that denial in our world.  The guidance appears when we choose to see it
 and accept it.

 6. Does that creative source use agents to communicate and guide us?

 The projected nature of our awareness makes it appear to be so.  The body
 is an agent of form.  Emotion is an agent of feeling.  Mind is an agent of
 idea.  Spirit is an agent of value.  The ego may claim to possess all of
 them!  Still, these dimensions of freedom communicate their aspects of
 reality to us.  We are guided towards complete freedom by aligning our
 perception of how these work together.  It happens continuously, but we
 simply choose to believe the projections over our inner reality.  As long
 as that remains the case, angels, aliens, and androids will be preferred
 over the direct awareness of the inner light.  When the light is on,
 everything will communicate it’s truth to us.

 I think it is correct to say that the creative source uses our beliefs as
 a mirror to communicate and guide us.  How we see these agents depends on
 how we identify ourselves with the reflections.  The closer we come to the
 source, the more we see the personal viewpoint that colors our
 perspective.  Some people identify fully with the projections and want
 fleets of angels, aliens, and androids to save them.  These things
 manifest because the soul is mythical by nature – it exists by projecting
 a living story about values.

 7. What happens to us when we die?

 We release our vehicles of expression when we die.  Depending on how we
 are attached to them, we may experience a number of different things. Most
 of us attach our feelings to form, and when those forms pass on we feel a
 loss of identity.  Some will have a sense of completion, and will feel
 released from ties that no longer concern them.  These are essentially the
 same lessons we receive each day.  If we want the blessings in our
 lessons, the blessings will always be ours.  Nothing can change that

 The portion of our personality that is eternal, remains forever uncreated.
 When the ego gives up control, and stops projecting new images, the outer
 sheath is released.  The fear of death instantly disappears.  It belongs
 to the ego and vanishes with it.  The only remaining apprehension is from
 the intensity of the light – absolutely nothing is hidden from the truth.
 It can be a shocking experience.  The individual spirit is essentially
 free to travel in the manifolds of light.  The light is everything you
 have ever imagined yourself to be. You are limited only by your acceptance
 of the truth.

 8. Do you have an agenda?  What would that mission be?

 I believe that we are living in a very special time in history.  There are
 windows of spirit that open to allow us a clear understanding of what we
 are.  These gates of awareness constellate like the stars, creating
 patterns we can feel and understand with the heart.  We are entering into
 an epiphane of the soul, and the magi within us can read these lights if
 we choose to follow the eternal star that guides us home.  It is
 everywhere around us – from the east to the west.

 Over the next few years many people will choose to accept the inner light,
 bringing it ever closer to physical manifestation in a variety of forms.
 As we approach this release of critical-mass, the old portals of light
 will reappear and verify the ancient stories of the eternal flame held by
 the spiritual initiates who say... You have never left the Sacred Temple.
 This is your test of honoring eternal truth.  Are you up to it?

 James Clark          Theion@worldnet.att.net

 - = - = - = - = - = - = -

 By Sam Earle

 It occurs to me now that God is simply the Master Mathematician, an
 observation I am sure has been made before, probably by a mathematician,
 which I am not, nor am I all that well educated or well read - just enough
 of each to get me in trouble, I suspect. That aside, the little reading
 and study I have done leads me inescapably to a seemingly clear concept of
 the universe and therefore of what we call God, Infinite Intelligence, The
 Infinite Light, the Universal Mind, or whatever you call it. While it is
 clear to me, I am not convinced I can make it clear to others, but I'll do
 my best.

 I have learned from physicists that there are really only two basic forces
 in the universe, which combine to create all matter and all activity.
 Those two forces are energy and information. The smallest subatomic
 particles, they say, are not material things at all but merely "impulses
 of energy and information," to quote Dr. Deepak Choprah, who is not a
 physicist but has studied the field. What the physicists say is that these
 so-called particles cannot be detected as matter but can only be observed
 in the past tense, by the trails they leave behind. They are, essentially,
 little complexes of interlocking electrical charges which appear to flick
 in and out of existence based on whether the observer is focusing
 attention on them or not. Their speed can be known, but not at the same
 time their position is known, and vice versa. The only difference between
 any two elements of matter is not what they are made of but how their
 common components are arranged. This remains true at the atomic level and
 at the molecular level, and my experience tells me it continues at every
 level you can imagine: Genetic, emotional, mental, social, political,
 astronomical, spiritual, and so on.

 So what is the information that binds these bits of energy together and
 allows them to take on the aspect of any form of matter or any form of
 energy? It has to be mathematical. Each bit of energy must have a
 position, a value, a speed perhaps, and other qualities -all of which can
 be expressed mathematically, and which in fact were discovered and
 measured mathematically. The verbal descriptions of these mathematical
 values are bizarre, confusing and mysterious to us non-mathematicians, but
 the math would be more so.

 Now, I have also learned and have come to accept that there are two
 fundamental states of being in the universe: Absolute and relative. That
 which we call God, or whatever, is the absolute, the eternal, unchanging,
 omnipresent. That which we experience as material reality is the relative,
 where everything has an opposite, everything is what it is only in
 relation to something else, and in relation to a second "something else"
 the original thing is again different. Polarity is the hallmark of the
 relative universe. Of course, it is born of the singular polarity of the
 Absolute and the Relative, between which the difference is that within the
 absolute universe there is no polarity, therefore no change, no activity,
 only completeness; while within the relative universe there is all this
 activity resulting from the infinite interaction of opposites.

 Ernest Holmes, in "The Science of Mind," refers to this absolute universe
 as "law," and this word has special significance to me, because it
 suggests to me that the universal, infinite and absolute intelligence that
 organizes all that exists is simply mathematical law. To view it more
 metaphysically, God's mind is infinite and complete, therefore God does
 not engage in thinking activity. The thinking is already done, has always
 been already done, and its result, instantly and eternally, is
 mathematical law in all of its infinite variations, implications and

 Here, in the relative universe - which is merely all the energy that has
 always existed and always will exist being constantly combined and
 recombined into all of its possibilities by means of mathematical law -
 time is merely our mind's way of counting, or listing, all of the
 manifested possibilities we are able to observe or experience within the
 particular framework of this human life.

 Now I want to take this concept of absolute versus relative back down
 below the subatomic level, down to ground zero, as it were. If the macro
 view of the universe can be described as an absolute component and a
 relative component, then the sub-micro view should be the same, and that
 would be binary mathematics: one or zero, on or off. This is the mind of
 God, an infinite array of every possible binary number. So the universe in
 actuality is a computer, an infinite computer with every possible
 calculation already done and eternally locked in place in Read Only
 Memory, or ROM, as today's computer techs call it. Add energy to that and
 you create a relative universe where each and every calculation that
 exists in ROM can be re-played in Random Access Memory, or RAM. And
 because this infinite, virtual computer is capable of absolutely anything,
 we can point to things like our own individual minds as data storage. We
 live inside a three-dimensional monitor, or it exists within us, so we
 experience all of these replayed binary calculations as reality.

 When we pray, when we work, when we create new forms of matter and new
 forms of energy, we are simply applying energy to a particular location in
 universal ROM and replaying a formula that has always existed in order to
 manifest a particular version of reality at this moment, which we then
 duly record in our memories and go on to the next manifestation in this
 moment. And it is always this moment; there is no other.

 And it occurs to me at this moment that perhaps our concept of life and
 death is just like backing up all the data on your hard drive to the
 network hub and reformatting the hard drive. Bang. Blank slate. Meanwhile,
 your identity, which is merely a construct of all your memories, is safely
 stored on another medium, and will be called up and replayed in all of its
 infinite variations an infinite number of times, all in this moment. A
 highly spiritual book, "A Course in Miracles," calls it The Holy Instant.

 Obviously, it is difficult, even for me as I put these ideas into words,
 to take our limited concept of our limited computers and stretch it far
 enough to envelope the notion of an unlimited computer. That's where the
 human mind fails, as it must. We cannot truly grasp the entirety of the
 concept of infinity with a finite mind, any more than a virus can form a
 concept of the human body when its universe is limited to things the size
 of cells and molecules.

 You don't have to look far to see the math in life. Look at DNA. It is
 nothing more than an enormously complex mathematical equation, an equation
 in which the alteration of the tiniest component creates profound changes
 in the result. The same is true in organic chemistry, whose practitioners
 play with things called polymers. Polymers are substances that can be
 concocted by simply recombining the basic elements of organic matter,
 chiefly oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, into new patterns.

 It was polymers, in fact, that sparked my mind into writing this thought
 out. My 6-year-old son, Andy, and I were playing with a thing called
 "Goo," which he had bought at a toy store. Goo's claim to fame is that it
 can turn water into a solid in a few seconds. Reading the instructions, I
 discovered that what we were playing with was a polymer called sodium
 polyacrylate. It is used in disposable diapers to grab the moisture and
 keep it from leaking out all over Dad's lap, and to keep it away from the
 baby's skin. This stuff absorbs up to 600 times its weight in water and
 becomes a gel, its relative solidity depending on how much water is added.
 Fascinating stuff. Then I read in the instructions that another highly
 common substance is also a polymer: Protein. That's us. We're polymer
 creatures. Put the right polymers together in the right combination (the
 instructions are in the DNA), and you have a human being, or a tree, or a
 plastic ashtray, or a surfboard. Energy and information.

 This is why, by the way, we are able to - in fact we have no choice but to
 - create our reality in every moment, and this law of existence can be
 used by those who put enough energy into it to change their reality. The
 reason this seems so easy to say and so difficult to accomplish is because
 the information that actually goes into our moment-to-moment creation of
 reality is found in our deepest, most fundamental memories -our core
 beliefs. So long as we believe, at our core level (which is in permanent
 storage and is therefore subconscious until we order it retrieved into
 consciousness - ROM into RAM), that the world will be today as it was
 yesterday, it is. Given absolute belief (sorry for the redundancy), or
 faith in other words, the material world actually does become precisely
 the way we believe it to be.

 And I guess the point to all this, or at least one possible point, is that
 the scientific mind and the spiritual mind are really studying the same
 thing, and that there is no real disagreement between science and
 religion, providing that both the scientist and the theologian are
 focusing purely on the nature of the universe and not on moral, political
 and economic game plans.

 So nobody's wrong, everybody's right, the universe is in perfect tune, and
 you can have anything you want. Just be sure to order from the right menu,
 and be prepared to eat whatever you order. Oh, and speak very clearly. The
 waiter reads your mind and takes you absolutely literally, asking no
 questions and offering no advice, whether you order the Strawberry
 Surprise, or the Flaming Death.

 Bon appetit.

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *