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Here are some of my posts to a list I was on in 1994. The list's name was the Mochin List. The list owner published many of my post on the internet. That's where I found them.
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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Here follow some the posts I wrote to several lists. Mainly to lightwork-l / Meaning List / TriLite and some other lists. ... Have fun and Enjoy ... ! WOW - All I can say is that I sure wrote a lot of posts - WOW ! = = = = = = = From: gerardus Subject: Re: Mass Landings/Ascension X-To: "Light Workers List" To: "Light Workers List" Federico here: The whole idea behind ascention as a concept is to live up to it, to make oneself better in the lives we live today so that when it happens, we all have the 'required' level to fulfill this process. Should this not happen as we anticipate it to be, we should not feel dissapointment as we should have had, in years of living up to improve ourselves, become better human beings by any standars. In any case the whole idea of the mass landing seems to be an atypical scenario for the natural evolution of events, but it's being carried away as a sort of emergency alternative I feel it should be even better if we could by-pass this sort of 'emergency' by natural means rather than by using external help. Federico. Gerardus here: Very well put Federico! I have had many surprises in my life. One was that "I" (just imagen - ME??) started to write poetry to beat the best. ( Well, in my opinion) and surprises are the forerunners of Miracles. I for one, do not know what really is going to happen. One thing is for sure though - we all get what we deserve. The future is the result of our lives possible over the last 40 to 100,000 years. If it's not in the bag now, I'm afraid that we cannot catch up up in "overtime" living! Easy does it! Relax man. Pick me up Scotty... I'm ready! - Gerardus Januari 1995 = = = = = = Hi F-L... With great interest I read this article. I feel/intuit that this "Great Light - Torben" is Right! The body is a mixture of energies and their polarities, and no doubt a flow of these energies is hampered by the stagnation of Non-Feeling must be fatal in the end. Life is Feeling Itself! A Human Being basically is a "Feeling Being" that has been taught to think consciously. This 'conscious thinking' in many cases interferes with the flow of energies and voila - Trouble! That's why with rest at night and rest in general the Feeling Being is able to heal the body. That's also why recreation or doing something else is so healthy. And unless work has become our happiness, people will get sick and kick the bucket a lot! Too much work then will be better for us than too little - for as work is happiness we cannot help but burst out laughing every minute or so. Good show! Please work and enjoy yourself - you All! Thank you F-L for posting this almighty important and thought provoking essay. Greetings and as always - Gerardus February 1995 = = = = = = = Gerardus here: The Baker and the Human Cookies... At one time there was a baker who knew how to make all kinds of different cookies. The only way to make these cookies 'real' and 'interesting' however, it required that the baker became the dough of the cookies. On the other hand - one advantage was - that all cookies became 'alive'. Sooner or later these cookies grew up and became human beings. They started to see that all human beings were different as well as that they had different colors. In the mean time, they have been 'alive' in different cookie plays for billions of years. Up to this very day - there are but a few cookie human beings, who remember who or what they really are and where they came from. When they tell their story - they are laughed at - because the other human beings see no fun in being the invisible baker equally... They rather play this silly game of calling each other black, white or orange, or any other color in between. They also like to shove each other around a lot and crumble each other to pieces! It gives the winning beings a certain glow. They will keep doing this until they understand that all human beings are equal and that all of them are the invisible baker in the first place... End of story - Gerardus February 1996 = = = = = = = Hello All... The self-sufficiency I feel to be of importance, IS, the self-sufficiency in the mental regions of life or existence. To be self-sufficient in thought or even in reverence possibly - that is my quest. Naturally, as physical beings, we live on "Cosmic Welfare" from day one. The air we breathe - the milk we drink - the place we live... But do we really? We need to see this entire matter of life in the physical as an extension of ourselves as the Creators of it. This might be hard to do for many, since the intuitive truth has not come through. (The Age of Understanding is upon us) Existence - Life - Consciousness - Matter is a continuum containing many other continuums like time and space as well as the continuum embracing animate life and so called inanimate life. There really is no known boarder! So, there is basically no difference between a rock and a man except for a few nerves and an awareness system. The secret of both is in their very atomic existence itself. The power that 'moves' their atoms and subatomic wavicles to make them what they are - existence in a physical manifestation. This Power for both is the same - only functioning differently! This I find the Miracle - the Celebration! Not the fact that either we, or others, are the Creators of them. We, as the Creative Force so to speak, have always existed! While our "show piece" (that what we are as human beings) is a forever changing adventure as well as an infinite revelation for whoever goes to the limit of the search. Search and you will find - knock and the door will we opened! Knowing that, we realize that All depend on All. Life on Earth is like an endless mystical symphony of which the "orchestra we are" is but the "show-piece". While all the repair shops, maintenance people, directors and composers, including the creators of this orchestra stay in the background. Yet - they are present somewhere, but only for the ones who know they are there. Some people might believe they exist, however believing is a risky business. All could be folly! Knowing is the task... In the mean time these creators/benefactors/helpers are as much part of the "Show Piece" whenever they individually voluntarily appear as teachers or philosophers disguised as Kant, Socrates, Spinoza, the Jesusses, the Buddhas, the Lao-tzus, including the amateur philosophers on wisdom-l. When all the hoopla has been experienced and the game is over, all the pieces/energies disappear in the same invisible box again. While this box in nothing else but an extension of the Spectrum of Existence that happens to be beyond our vision at this time. For all is One. The entire manifestation/creation in the physical is like an 'audience' that appears but for one session - fifty billion years long. Compared to infinity this is nothing to speak of. Next time around we are the creators, the repair crew, or the so called "invisibles". While in the mean time, all these self-declared self-sufficient people on some earth dabble on and have their thoughts of discovery. Sooner or later they are bound to find out - for NO secrets are possible in but One Mind. This One Mind is the ultimate interdependent Miracle upon which all of its inhabitants depend from day one. In whatever planes, nooks or crannies they either create or re-visit... You got me going again - Gerardus February 1996 = = = = = = = To All... Worlds within Worlds... Question: Can two things occupy the same space? Answer: What space?? Yet... I feel that that has been happening since ever! All realities are virtual realities and are only real when viewed or experienced through a certain lens or body (like the human body). IOW: all realities are right where we are now. Neatly separated, like inter-mingling colored smoke, by different frequencies and/or patterns of vibration. Worlds within worlds... I see the entire universe as mind in which the physical universe is an exception. Which is mind slowed down or trapped light posing as physical stuff. Not any more real or unreal than anything else. The only thing real is the Observer. The Observer sees, experiences or participates in all these realities according to its level of awareness. Expand this awareness and it sees, experiences or participates in all! This Observer or these Observers therefore, exist as all existing 'energies' or 'entities' seeing or experiencing themselves and others according to the level of their awareness. They see nothing but other Observers in different forms or manifestations of themselves. All is One - One is All. To become a Human Being is like having a 'break' in a very strange land - the Physical Reality - where things seem to be separate... Light... Love... and Laughter! *!* Gerardus. Feb 1996 = = = = = = = At 0539 PM 96/2/20 -0500, you wrote >Hello Gerardus > >In your opinion, are you and I, and everyone else that is 'aware' of >their existence, individual observers experiencing the same reality, >or am I the only 'true' observer in my existence, and everyone else >is a manifestation of me. > S-M Hello S-M... Short answer: You and I and all are all true observers! Yet, You and I and all are really the only one who observes - we just do it from different viewpoints. Long answer: Your question is a very meaningful one - especially for a Meaning list. First of all - there is no objective reality out there or anywhere. (Except the Ultimate Reality which we are in some form or another - which are all forms of the One Observer) What we all encounter 'out there' is a collective created effort/reality that changes. Superimposed upon this collective effort, or within it, are our personal realities. These then can be very close to what the collective assumed reality is. It depends on how creative one is. Some people - like the Buddhas and the Jesusses can create a completely different reality - like silencing a storm of multiply fishes and bread. These are not miracles but the manipulations of personal realities and the creation thereof. Only Great Masters can do this and a "Son of God" like Jesus can handle this like pie - easy like. Buddha probably could do it - but what's the use? One does not do this lightly! We all are here to learn to become as great as the two I mentioned. Life and/or Earth is the school or lesson(s). Now depending on how and what you understand the last word in your question to mean ( me ) determines the verification or truth of your manifestation statement There ultimately is only one force. You Me It God The Force TIL or what have you. So if you speak for the Force - your 'everyone' is a manifestation of you - including you! However, I do not think you meant it that way. So, everyone is a manifestation of the "Infinite US" or the Creator - while the you and I on Earth are wondering who creates or manifests who or what. We all are creating all things together, by means of the One Force that lives in all of us and is all of us. Is this understood? We all create - we all are the Creator in personal form - and we all are on a path of learning how to become aware of who or what we really are and act like it. Then - even a Great Masters has Masters. I do not think that we could visualize the amount of higher beings there really (and we also are). It is just that we at this moment are not aware as them. Because we have chosen to be little 'snotnoses' in a physical reality in order to learn about what we can create and how deep we can get lost in this Creation. To re-member is what all of us are striving for - even the ones not recognizing that they even want to re-member. They can't help but come closer for they are hanging in the 'wake' of the forerunners. The Great Ones... The unwiling ones so to speak, will awaken anyway - but not necessarily this time around. They might have to go another 26000 years or so. Good question! However - my answers are but my answers. There are other ways of looking at things. There are many realities and Truths... all right! *!* Gerardus. Feb 1996 = = = = = = = >Hi Gerardus, you wrote >I see the entire universe as mind in which the physical universe is an >exception. Which is mind slowed down or trapped light posing as physical >stuff. Not any more real or unreal than anything else. The only thing real >is the Observer. > >Very interesting construct of reality. What influences have been important >in your synthesis of this reality? > >L-L Hi L-L... It's difficult to tell what precisely brought me to these conclusions. They are only a 'model' and I add to it as I go along. I'm a model builder! It's a personal Construct in Mind. Many, many years ago, I saw the universe in a similar way as we see an ocean. The ocean contains everything that's in it and in a way the so called solid fishes for example, are "nodes" of the ocean. A thickening or a specific vibration of oceanic essence... a lump of sea water... moving! Then - I saw the universe as an energy of neutrality with "nodes" of energy in it that made up all the things, including human beings and the Gods that created them. These "nodes" are specific vibrations of the universal essence and the type of vibration is so loose or misty that any other vibration can pass right through another or visit. It then can experience what this funny node really is or does. As you know; some write - others read. The universe then is an energy that vibrates with different frequencies and the energy-constructs pose as the 'things' in it. Since the energy is consciousness or awareness in different forms, we all are certain forms of this awareness and 'float' along from one specific creation to the next in order to find out what our neighbors are like. Once we find out and think/feel/intuit about it - we experience that they are us but differently. The physical Universe (or the many of it) are specific 'envelops' of virtual realities that are kept apart by vibration-constructs we call time-locks. They are like mental blindfolds. All these physical things within the physical universe are an illusion - for you have to put on a special suit in order to experience them. This suit naturally is the Human Body - which through the ages and ages has become more and more complex. We are like living Computers and visit! Our DNA is the main Chip! Our power supply is a full stomach... In actuality Time does not exist for we create it whenever we find the need for it. Time and Space are a very sophisticated "tape" which is played by the Time Lords and they let us play in their Garden of Time and Space picking the Fruit of Knowledge while Boys look at Girls and ponder a lot. At the same time however, other aspects of ourselves are the Time Lords laughing their heads off by the way I try to explain all this in words which are supposed to make sense to other creatures of the same kind - the Jolly Jokers of Time and Space in blind confusion, that can only be cured when they start to build mental models based on illusionary separateness and fancy thoughts reflecting the actuality of Oneness - lost in Cosmic Disney Land. To learn more about ourselves is done the fastest by trying to help others for in actuality there are no others. There's only us... and snail mail. Whispy Energy - Gerardus Feb 1996 = = = = = = = P-L here: >Many of my friends tell me to follow my heart, gut and higher-self and that >it will lead me in the right direction. > >Well my heart is telling me: >What Metatron says regarding our ascension is the closest to the truth. >That Sitchin makes very potent and plausible arguments for our genesis. >That Spirit of Truth posts are way too fatalistic and fixed to be true. >Just my thoughts > >Namaste >P-L About missing something: No you're not Paul. You got it! However, all of us have a different version of the truth - I like it that way. And also, I feel that this is supposed to be the way it should be, in a free and diverse universe... ======================== Wednesday's thought: Presently I feel... That the universe is something that happens to me. I am a witness and by witnessing I learn. When I have learned enough in one class I automatically reach another. At the moment - somehow I'm in between classes and the moods I experience are strange. I have objections to them and my body is doing funny things. I had no complaints when I was sky high and received splendid thoughts and poems. I was a brilliant witness then. But now that I have the 'blahs'... I am a witness full of discontent. I feel that all this is so because I have not witnessed enough... of the One I Am... So Be It - Gerardus March 1996 = = = = = = = K-L here: Subject: Question for GG-L and Others. >i have read many of your posts and you enjoy asking questions. now i have a >question for you, and i ask this in all sincerity. could you please tell me >how, for you, one's deep involvement (perhaps preoccupation) with ascension, >other planets, extra-terrestrial life etc. helps one to spiritually grow in >the here-and-now and deal with daily three-dimensional reality (in which >most of us currently operate)? it may sound simple, but the answer eludes >me. personally, my path leads me to hopefully ever-increasing mindfulness >and open-heartedness in the present (maybe even becoming closer to God) and >i just don't get how this focus on the above mentioned topics gets one >further along in that direction. >thanks in advance. >in light and love, > >K-L Hello K-L... Since you mention others as well - I dare to jump in here and answer your question. Answer: We are all different and therefore have different interests. We can therefore also look at it this way: We are the very Force or God, for we are this Force in a personal manner manifested on Earth in human form. IOW: We are the Creator and the Created... We all live within God and are this Force and for the purpose of experience and diversity we temporarily have seemingly separated ourselves from our Greatness. IOW: we live in the Illusion of Separation. To fully enjoy this illusionary existence and celebrate our individuality within the Oneness we are is a universal Art of Being. For us this basically means being fully Human. This also means being fully God in a human sense. And naturally there are other ways in being God. We do that in other existences seemingly, which in actuality, all happen at once. Since we are the very One - we have the power to forget who we are and be whatever we fancy. Like K-L, GG-L, B-L or G-L... To overcome this temporary separation we all entertain different interests and activity in order to bridge the illusionary gap with out greater Self. In actuality however there is nothing to bridge. The only thing required to be God or Ourselves to the fullest is to be 'happy' within the limited scope we have projected ourselves in. This is not always easy naturally. We have to be able to see our Greatness 'shining' within our smallness. So, once we know Who or what we are - *whatever* we do is 'perfect' for we know that All is Well. We can never lose what we are! So, we are God and yet we are not God - simultaneously. And the more we learn and study other Gods and their works - the more we will be able to experience and bring with us into the rest of our Creation. And Creation is "God at Large" in all kinds of positions and circumstances - universally... Light... Love... and Laughter! *!* Gerardus. March 1996 = = = = = = = Questions to All... Suppose we live in a big city that has no zoo. What do we do? Well, we begin to collect the necessary money and build one. Then we begin to buy all kind of animals and put them into their cages. Pretty soon the zoo is full and in a few years nobody really knows how it all started. And in a way, we begin to think that the zoo has always existed. The zoo is like the world - it has always existed. To establish this zoo takes many many years naturally and the entire zoo has thousands of contributors and people who have worked for many years just for the love of it and somehow the zoo has become an existing reality. The animals and the monkeys naturally, have no clue at all that there were many invisible contributors and workers who have built their zoo. Also, they are not aware of the staff that maintains it either. The monkeys just live... Then - one day one of the female monkeys has a very smart baby - and here is the big step - WE ARE THAT BABY! Now imagine that this smart baby starts to think and when it grows up it ponders over its life in the zoo. Well, I guess you get the picture. It begins to ponder how the zoo came about and who created it all. Wow! The stories it gets from all other animals and monkeys really do not make any sense and it becomes truly confused. However, since the monkey is a very smart, it accepts its existence and it finally begins to enjoy itself. It could not care less who created the zoo and who collected all the ideas and the money. And for reasons only a smart monkey knows - it starts to become a super monkey to the fullest extent. It plays, it yells and it fools around. It is joyful and it is what it is - monkey! Big questions here: Shouldn't we do the same thing? Shouldn't we just think world - and then man? Shouldn't we just look around and help whoever we can? Shouldn't we stop wondering who or what created the world? Shouldn't we stop wondering who or what God is - and Be Here Now? Shouldn't we just leave the Creators to the Creators... like the monkeys leave Man to Man? ? Is that what it is all about ? Couldn't it be... that when we have become Man to the fullest, that the day will come upon which we will understand that the Creator lives within us? Aren't we the ones who created cities, zoos and monkeys? Couldn't it be... that when we do the simple things properly, the big things will be waiting for us to be taken care of later on? Like creating Worlds and People? Let's not think about it anymore and just be Man - and love being it. Let's celebrate and Be Here Now! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are the One experiencing the All - We are the All experiencing the One Gerardus April 1996 = = = = = = = Gerardus wrote: >The Spirit is the Power of the Universe that we as Souls modulate and use >to create our own tunes. This Spirit-Power is neutral and we actualize it >by putting our signature on it. >D-Bridge-L A question for you, Gerardus By neutral, do you mean a harmoniously perfect balance of two polarities? What is your perception of these polarities? Or does "neutral" mean "impartial", or something else? Gerardus here: Aha! Semantics... wow! What a Game. I basically mean "impartial" but there is always guidance from above. This 'above' are our Teachers, Guides and Helpers - but they do not and can not interfere with our free will - regardless of how bad a choice we might make. Then - about this "harmonious perfect balanced" energy the universe is or contains. I see this as having two main divisions Unconscious Energy and Conscious Energy or Unawareness and Awareness or Unmanifested and Manifested or Undifferentiated and Differentiated Not necessarily in that order. There is seemingly 'duality' here - but ALL originate from the "Nest of Nothingness" or the Void of unconscious Energy or Mind. All have one Source! Once this unconscious Energy is 'nudged' into action by the Super-Masters of Creation or the Game Masters - this unaware Energy is super-imposed upon other aspects of the Creation. So Man, starts out with an innocent and ignorant soul that has had its preliminaries in the animal kingdom and eventually it is aware enough to be infused into the Human Line of Consciousness. After that - it goes higher yet naturally. Keep your seat belt on! Before this specific unit of 'awareness' reaches man however it has been learning to become "aware" in billions of different and lower levels of the plant and animal worlds. The entire Creation is a process by which "Unconscious Energies" are raised to "Conscious Energies". So the "Universal Stock" or Void is the Source from which unconscious Energies are taken and these Energies become/form the Conscious Creation. The entire Creation then is a School in which the unconscious Creative Energies become Conscious or Aware. Eventually The Creator awakens in Man! I and the Father are One! (Jesus) Once they reach higher levels yet, I have no idea what they do with themselves, for I am not aware that far at the moment. So, between the lowest and the highest levels of creation we find the Co-Creators, who each in their turn and expertise, 'create' creation with the same easy as that you and I create a post or message or a goof... Not always therefore is Creation a perfect endeavor for we are all learning. Naturally - things are well in hand and less mistakes are made by the Great Ones than by you and I the rest of the gang. Nobody gets his ticket by looking pretty... Now - I mentioned two basic types of Energy, but these are not polarities in the real sense as some people see Good and Evil. Basically there is only One Energy in the process of awakening and in the beginning periods of this 'awakening' its acts out of "ignorance" - which by the masses might be seen as Evil or Bad. All is the Creator awakening. The Creator or the Creative Energies are not evil or bad - just uninformed or not developed or not smart enough to know better... Then also - the process of the Creative Energies goes through a period where the 'Undifferentiated-Energy' enters a stage were it 'individualizes' (Ego) and from there on, this Energy grows and grows toward the "Serving of Others" instead of "Serving the Self" like the orientation of the ego does. ------------------------------------------------------------- Gerardus said > Electricity for example is a neutral force and our appliances are the > things that give meaning to this neutral electricity or power. > D-Bridge-L My favorite "electrical" analogy for the tripartite nature of man involves a string of Christmas lights. Again the electricity represents the spirit or Source. The individual light bulbs represent our bodies (ie entire physical being), and the light that is given forth represents the manifestation of Soul. Yes, that's a good one. Mine has lost some of its color. Is that bad? (I hope your Christmas lights are not all hooked up in series) --------------------------------------------------------- When the bulb burns out, or the Vehicle is no longer capable of transforming Spirit into Soul, the electricity (Spirit) is absorbed back into the Source, until it finds another Vehicle for manifesting the Light. Of course, there are many problems with this analogy, as there are with all analogies, but I have found it generally useful as I strive to understand the nature of being. At the very least it provides one with a starting point to begin to understand our "triune" nature. Gerardus here Yeah, I like your analogy. Our Triune of Being - "SoulMindBody" - are forms in which the Spirit or the Creative Energy expresses itself and possibly other life forms in Creation have a different combinations of characteristics. There might be Beings for example that are more Robot like and their emotional nature is a flat curve - no emotions and possibly no morality either. Although morality is a pretty fluctuating picture in and by itself. It depends what we are used to... Thanks for your response D-Bridge-L. See you in Heaven... Wow. Gerardus April 1996 = = = = = = = >Personal question for you Gerardus. Since I have been a member of MEANING >in several post you have made reference to "The Christ Consciousness" or >"becoming a Jesus." Gerardus here Hello Shane/Meaning List IN MY OPINION The Christ Consciousness is the State of Mind or Awareness that was attained or possessed by a man called Jesus. His real name might have been different. How did he become so smart? Well - living lives by the thousands, on this planet and others will do it for everyone. IOW I feel that the Person now called "Sananda" possibly came from another planet and was born the normal way by a lady we call Maria. Maria and possibly Joseph her boyfriend or husband were members of the Essenes I think they were called. They were let's say 'New Agers' 2000 years ago! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Additional note added on August 2001 ***Not necessarily did a Jesus really exist. All religions are stories and what is really true might be just the meaning of the story - not the story itself! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- In any case Jesus was born the normal way and his mother very likely became pregnant the normal way by Joseph. However, Jesus was born the Virgin birth and this means that he was born KNOWING! He knew what he came to do for he was/is able to bring with him the 'knowledge and wisdom' he had gathered in all his lifetimes and bring it with him intact (consciously) into the plane of the physical from the others planes he descended from. No mean feat!! (We bring 'knowing' with us as well when we are born. But compared to Sananda we are poor beginners) So all he had to do was wait long enough until his baby body grew, learned to speak and voila - A master in a boy's body! Miracle! Not really a miracle naturally - but a very unusual Birth for sure. An Avatar in Human Flesh!! Sananda's birth was a preparation and a showing of what could be done by a human being who had reached that state of evolution - that state of mind! Jesus was an example! He also was Love personified. Something for us to become! ***LOve is Understanding! He can do and does what was called Miracles. He is able to penetrate our dream and suspend it so to speak and change our illusionary reality in what HE wants it to be. He is the Magician! Many other Masters have done many outrageous things in the past and Jesus in his turn did a few things as well. Moses for example did some miracles. (Not really Miracles) They are acts of Mind over Matter! The bible speaks about miracles - but mind over matter is the thing to call it. ------------------------------ Shane/Meaning List >I was just wondering who you think Jesus was. I mean >was he born to a virgin? Did he come back from the dead? Is/was he all of >the stuff the Bible say he is? Did he have powers beyond most humans? Gerardus here Here is a piece I wrote some time ago about Jesus. I called it "Spilling the Beans on Jesus"! I believe/feel/intuit that Jesus or Sananda is the highest official in the Solar Government and that all of us are aspects of his Consciousness, of his Christ Consciousness. We are his children in a mental sense. He thinks and creates beings (souls) so to speak. He is the Creator in a Personal Form. He's way up there and certainly not some kind of extra-ordinary person. He is not even an ordinary super Star. He's beyond what you and I can think of! Here is the piece ================================== The person called Jesus The Christ attained the "Son of God" level or also called; The Christ Consciousness or Buddhahood, or whatever people call this State of Mind, by living many and many lifetimes upon this planet or others. After many and many lifetimes then, he was born as Hesus or Jesus for the last time (the biological way), and he would live his last lifetime as Jesus. He studied most of his younger years and when he was at a relatively young age (say 32) he was going to be initiated! This "initiation" at that time, was called "crucifixion" or something similar. This initiation was the final test or exam that has to be completed before he could be accepted by his peers and then would belong to the "Initiated" or the "Infinite Souls" of the Universe! Immortality as Jesus The Christ! Or Sananda as he is called also nowadays. This Initiation meant that the initiate would be tied to a cross like the Roman number 10, which is a "X". (The initiate has gone from 1 to 10 ) The initiate is tied to this "X" with leather straps in a most informal manner, for it is a ritual and then the initiate leaves the body, voluntarily, and visits many other planes of existence. S/he stays away for three days and nights and then returns to the Earth and the body. In the mean time the Teachers and other "contemporaries in learning" take care of the body and assure that it is not interfered with. In other words they 'babysit' a soulless body! A Zombie! After three days, upon the return of the Initiate, he or she must tell what places were visited and what was seen and experienced. (The Teachers and others know what's out there so to speak) This was to assure that s/he knew what s/he was talking about and thus could proof that s/he is capable of leaving the body, visit other worlds and return in time. (Some people fall asleep and fake it maybe? - Ha Ha) Well anyway, after this initiation the Initiate receives the title of "Christ" (possibly from the Great Krishna Initiate) and from there on in, s/he is an Infinite Soul who has the power or ability to appear any place, any time, all over the Worlds as s/he sees fit. It really means that this person is totally FREE! One has become a Son of God or we also could say that s/he has realized the "True Realization of Self" IOW. S/he is ONE with the Father as the man Jesus called it. After that, this person radiates "light" for s/he lives now in the "Light Body"! The dense matter of the body has become Light. Intelligence, Wisdom, Truth, Reality, Love! ... and naturally - Joyfulness! As you see, the above is quite different than the stories told by the religions about Jesus The Christ. Naturally, we all have the freedom to believe what we want and what satisfies us. Naturally this is only a story and it might be nonsense. It's up to you what to believe. The best is to believe nothing and when you are ready, you travel back in time and find out yourself first hand... Please be happy... Life is a Celebration! ============================================= My source of the above, which I identified with almost immediately, in 1980 or so, is the following. The originator of the story was E Yada di Shi-ite, shortly called Yada! The Teachers of Light! Yada is/was a personality not focused in our physical reality anymore and spoke through a person called Mark Probert of San Diego, CA. For almost 30 years Yada and some others spoke through this man and revealed an astounding story to me and many others. Yada had once lived 500.000 years ago and was a priest or official in a Temple of some sort. Anyway, there have come about, because of Yada and his friends, thousands of pages of a Teaching that is superior to any New Age Magazine of today... In this book Yada tells the story of Jesus, and to me this has been one of the most trustworthy tales I've ever heard about this Great Man. This Jesus naturally is somebody entirely different than the "Bleeding Heart Jesus" the churches speak about! As far as I can figure out the personality that was and is Jesus or Sananda is absolutely in a different category that you and I, and possibly will be for a while to come! However I know that Time is an Illusion, so we could also say In all aspects we are as Great as this Jesus or Buddha for we are Infinite Souls just the same. Our status is not fully realized at this moment in time, which at this moment, is our Dream! In other words we all are already enlightened or a Son of God. After all we have lived infinitely!! There are actually two books the Teachers of Light sell and they are both worth the money a thousand times. The one book is Yada Speaks and the other book is "The Magic Bag" Here is the address and send them about 20 dollars. (I think by now) There is more in these books than you will see on an email list naturally. Also, it's a lot handier to have a book... The address Mark Probert - Kethra E'DA P.O. Box 11672 Palo Alto CA 94306 USA Include a couple of bucks for the shipping if you like ================================================================= Shane here >I personally believe he was just an ordinary man with a good heart and >an instilled god complex. Wasn't he told from infancy that he was the >son of God? Im sure he was completely convinced of it himself. Too bad >his personal teachings can not be deciphered out of today's Christianity. Shane Sullivan Gerardus here Well, the above covers all your questions I feel and if you have more let them rip - what do I know? Shane here >I personally believe he was just an ordinary man with a good heart and >an instilled god complex. Jesus or Sananda is the most advanced Being that possibly will be appearing on earth in the future and then you will know whether I am full of BS or not. 2012? Who knows? It depends on how far WE advance in the years to come! All things depend on Mankind... ***The appearances of Jesus in the form of the Christ Consciousness will be demonstrated by some people on earth. This is what the Second Coming might mean. I hope you can wait that long - and I hope that I as Gerardus will see that day! An ordinary man with a good heart - indeed! (Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile) Rumors say that Sananda is an Avatar from the star Sirius B - looking after Earth and its people... Naturally he is able to ascend and descend all planes of being up to the tenth or whatever highest there is. We are only on the third going into four or five maybe... Good questions! Gerardus April 1996 = = = = = = = -------- Snip --- from other conversation: >> What's offered above is not to controvert. Nor am I seeking validation, >> 'though I too would welcome comments. It's merely to point to commonality >> of what we mean by some fundamental terms. F/Lightwork-L here: >Symantics is the art of Advanced Hairsplitting. It deals with the >exact meaning of words, and in a semantically correct text, there can >be no misinterpretation. >However, it is my opinion that the essence of what we call the Soul is >largely (if not completely) a non-verbal thing. Though I applaud your >attempt to nail down definitions (the start of any discussion if you >want it to go somewhere instead of bogging down in misunderstanding >and prejudice), I'm afraid that words, the raw material of symantics, >just don't apply to this field... > >Regards, Frank =================================== Gerardus here: The other day we had a discussion about Spirit and Soul on another list and I came up with the following. It might help (or confuse) us... who knows. What is Spirit - What is Soul? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Spirit is the Power of the Universe that we as Souls or Instruments modulate and use to create our own tunes. This Spirit-Power is neutral and we actualize it by putting our melody or signature on it. This mean that - what we are, right now, is a self-made-quality that can only come about because of the 'neutrality' of the source that participates and follows our wishes and commands. We create our 'soul' so to speak while we live our lives. We are an image and a free willed expression of the Source. We are the Source individualized or personalized. Electricity for example is a neutral force and our appliances are the things that give meaning to this neutral electricity or power. Basically we could see ourselves are apprentice Co-Creators while the ultimate Creator is the "Power or Light" upon/from which we run our infinite Engine called the Soul. Then naturally there are Michael Souls, Gabriel Souls, Uriel Souls, Buddha Souls, Jesus Souls, Socrates Souls, Human Souls - ET Souls - Dolphin Souls, Whale Souls, Dog and Cat Souls, Louse Souls (Smile) and whatever else has manifested/appeared within the Universal Mind we all share and are. (Most animals however have group Souls) An infinite Soul therefore - like a Jesus Soul (Sananda) or a Buddha Soul - is an unknown unlimited quality and quantity of energy that may divide or project their 'energies' into other beings and in a sense create these beings, like we create a poem or a post. These great Souls then experience more and more by means of us. And we experience more and more because of what we do and what we share. All of us always learn more... So, in a direct sense; the entire Creation and all the GodBeings in it - are all Co-Creators that have a direct connection to the Source and are the Source THEIR way. (The Image) A human being is God being human and a mouse is God being a mouse. God here naturally - is the Power or Spirit of the universe and not some kind of being. Like the Air is all the different winds and storms including hurricanes or summer breezes and whiffies... Hmm? A Soul then is a 'unknwn and unlimited unit of Consciousness' that by means of its travels grows more and more aware and hopefully more loving... The Higher Selves of which we are Thought-Forms (Thought-Energies or Tunes of Spirit) might not completely agree with what I say above, but my words or explanation fills the need for me to understand myself and in the mean time I try to share some of this with others. I hope my words help... We are the One experiencing the All - We are the All experiencing the One April 1996 Light... Love... and Laughter! *!* Gerardus = = = = = = = >Hi All, > >C, I appreciate your post...must admit the ascend master theology is >new to me. This following exchange led me to a question. I am interested >in how others have reconciled same. > >Is God impotent enough to require Mankind's help in order to fix things? Gerardus here: When I have time, I always 'jump-in' when I think I know something. So in this case I like to answer D's question. Here's goes G-Man Gerardus Question: Is God impotent enough to require Mankind's help in order to fix things? Answer: God is not some kind of Being - Big - Small - Human, Alien or Other. God is the Energy of the Universe and we could use other names for this Energy. Like Life - Isness - Creation - The Nameless or The Infinite Light (TIL) The above question is similar to: Is the Air impotent enough to require the Wind's help to blow clouds around. My point is that God or TIL *is* Mankind in the form of Mankind. God or Life or the Universe *is* all Things, Beings and Entities. Within the Created then - God lives and is the Created. To understand this means - to forget about the idea that God is 'other' than Creation, or Mankind, or the Animal World, or whatever. There is only God. There is only Life. There is only TIL In order for this Force to know itself it is/becomes Creation and goes about its ways to experience itself. Our life therefore is God, or the Nameless, or TIL, experiencing itself - as - what we are. In the mean time - whatever this Force is, say Mankind, Mankind is subjected to an evolving or growing process of becoming more and more aware of who or what Mankind really is. In a sense - this Force or Life has stepped 'outside' itself and became Mankind as well as the infinite variety of all other Life, including the UFO Intelligences, in order to become aware itself. Each Being then is God being Itself. This includes the AIDS Virus in all its splendor. Which in all its devastating work might have been created by Mankind itself. Things do not fall out of the sky... So - the answer to D's question is YES! God is the most impotent Being in the Universe! Because ONLY by means of the Created - **Great and Small** - is and does Creation come about. Without beginning or End - for the Big Bang scientist speak about in my view is nonsense. The only Big Bang that ever takes place is the 'explosion of understanding" in people's head when they see the Light. The Infinite Light They ARE!! Note ** Great and Small** In my view there are Beings in the universe who are immensely wise and loving and powerful, and they are responsible for the creation of Solar Systems and their Planets. I call them the Game-Masters. Under them, in different functions, we find the Buddhas and the Jesusses - who in and by themselves are beyond human imagination in Greatness. Well - at least beyond mine. I cannot possibly know their Greatness unless I am as Great. Yet! I am them - for all is one! At the moment however, "I as Oneness" have lowered aspects of myself into a Time and Space Environment and one of them is Gerardus. Another one is David. (Hi Joan) It is up to them to self-elevate their level of awareness to the levels of the Infinite Greatness we are as the Oneness of Love - from which they are temporarily separated by choice in order to experience their creations. This post for example is one of Gerardus' creations and he experiences and enjoys his posts immensely for he has read them over several times, again and again, in order to make sure they reflects his truth precisely. The beauty of it is - that you do not have to accept it! For we live in a universe of free will and free choice. This is so - because we as the Creator set the rules! May 1996 Gerardus = = = = = = = Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 14:33:00 MDT From: "Paul P. Tifford" Subject: Re: All: Spiritual Wholeness < PLEASE REMEMBER THIS> 1.At the innermost level of our being we are permanently peaceful, knowledgeable, and whole. 2.It is insufficient Self-understanding that prevents us from knowing this truth. 3.We have to intentionally cultivate awakened spiritual consciousness until all delusions and illusions (misperceptions) are transcended and stable Self-realization prevails. 4.To attain Self-realization one needs time for truth study, surrendered prayer, superconscious meditation, and alert contemplation of higher realities. At all times,cultivate conscious awareness of yourself as a perfected, spiritual being, and individualized ray of Divine Consciousness, which is what you are. 5.While you express through the body, the body is not you. While you use your mental faculties, the mind is not you. Your emotional states, memories, etc. are not you. The *you* of you is pure consciousness. The *you* of you is Supreme Consciousness, the Spirit of God, in relationship with Nature-manifested realms. 6.By knowing your spiritual Selfhood,you can better relate to the world, make right choices,be impervious to external influences which do not serve higher purposes,and live as a free being in the midst of change. 7.Self-knowledge is not a mental or emotional state,nor is it an acquired or created state of consciousness. Self-knowledge is the obvious result of direct perception of who and what we are;it is error-free Soul realization. 8.In meditation,calmly contemplate the reality of your changeless Self as an individualized unit of the allness of the One Consciousness. 9.Later, relate to thoughts, feelings and circumstances while maintaining your inner awareness of being undisturbed Self. 10.Thus Self-aware,living will be easy and enjoyable. Because of your knowledge that God alone exists and that the universe is but God's objective expression, you will be fearless. There will be no more becoming or overcoming. Having awareness restored to spiritual wholeness, you will be forever established in total wellness. ============================== I have discovered the Great Teaching, the Incomparable Great SECRET, the Exquisite Truth of the Meaning of Life. It is not easily found and has been hidden away since the beginning of time. How lucky you are... for I now hand you! 1.YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN BEING! YOU ARE AN IMMORTAL,SPIRITUAL BEING, *LITERALLY* MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD. 2.You cannot *become* a spiritual being, for mind and matter does not become transformed into Spirit. It is just the reverse. Spirit produces mind and matter out of Itself. 3.Spirit is superior to Nature, just as you are superior to your mind and body. Your mind and body is subject to changes and dissolution; *you* are changeless and forever what you are-Spirit. 4.You do not have to strive to *become* spiritual, you only have to *allow* your innate reality to be increasingly expressive and influential. 5.To the degree that you can lose consciousness of yourself as body and mind, your Self or soul awareness increases. To the degree that soul awareness becomes manifestly expressive, knowledge of higher realities unfolds in the mind. Finally self-consciousness is transcended and cosmic consciousness states blossom. You come to have an expanded awareness of life and it's processes. 6.The way to Self-realization is to restore one's attention and awareness to one's inmost center, to withdraw it from objects of external attachment and from mental and emotional conflicts. At the core of us, right now, we are peaceful and content - we are Spirit! 7.How can we experience this peace of soul? When we pray until thoughts are stilled and then rest in silence, soul peace and awareness can be experienced. When we surrender in alert contemplation of God, profound realizations spontaneously unfold. We come to know that we are in God and God is in us. 8.All souls are rays of Pure Consciousness and have the same innate nature and potential for awakening and spiritual growth. All are "gods". This is the great secret: we are all Spiritual Beings! 9.Greater is that which we are than is anything that happens to our bodies or minds or to the world around us. 10.We are destined to awaken to knowledge and realization of our relationship, our oneness, with God. 11.We are not alone in the universe.As reflected lights of pure consciousness we are divine to the core: "I live in God, God lives in me". 12.We are on earth to become completely enlightened and to do God's will. 13.You are an immortal spiritual being. Acknowledge this truth and live your life with this understanding. You are an individualized ray of God's consciousness, so never admit to any other identity or dramatize mental or emotional states or behaviors which are inconsistent with this fact. 14.Say always,"I LIVE IN GOD, GOD LIVES IN ME!"> Paul... The above is an superb summation of what I see as the Truth!!! ! The best I have ever seen ! * The Creator within Man is the Genius - Man is the Instrument * May 1996 Gerardus = = = = = = = S/TheWayList here: >None of this really rules out the relativistic notion that there may be >other beings with completely different sensory mechanisms, for whom >*our* ordinary dimensions are undetectable, but to whom these >high-curvature dimensions appear "ordinary". -------------------------------------------- Hello S/TheWayList... Hello All... I enjoyed your posts about dimensions. I am new to your "Way of Words" and I am delighted to have joined. I have my own thoughts about Dimensions. In my model of the universe the entire Show *is* the Energy of Consciousness in Action. Consciousness or Mind is the only thing there is! The different vibrations of this "energy" produce the different physical as well as non-physical entities, beings or things. These vibrations range from the lowest to the highest in frequency and the higher the frequency we are able to sense, the higher we go up into the other dimensionalities of existence. These dimensionalities are Awareness Levels. States of Mind. I see the universe as an "Infinite Quantum Energy Hologram" containing smaller distorted versions or nodes of itself making up all entities within creation. All Things and Beings therefore are an image or holographic copy with variations of the Whole. Whatever we need to know and do, to become aware of our Source, is engraved within our Beingness. To recognize this 'selfness' is the task we have accepted when we divided (or gained our individuality) from the Whole as a semi separate being. At all times however are we connected to the Whole and are it as an individual version or reflection. Also - we never 'leave' the Infinite Quantum Energy Hologram. We exist or swim within it! To become individual beings or personalize ourselves is the only way to recognize who or what we really are, since the Whole as Such is an impersonal Holographic Energy with no self identity. It is therefore 'Unconscious' which becomes 'Conscious of Itself' within the created by means of the experiences we encounter. This consciousness forms/is our Beingness or Truth! Dimensions - how many are there? This I feel is up to all of us to discover, for in the first place, we are the "Personal Discoverer and Experiencer" of the infinite Show which naturally keep us infinitely busy. We periodically return in different kinds of energy bodies upon different planets in order to eventually become familiar with our Creation. (Our Soulness is our HardDisk) Yes, we create while we are on our Way of Discovery, for the entire universe is a personal phenomenon. We all have different versions or models of it, which here and there overlap, to help us along and form a common bond or relationship. However, at all times Truth is an individual Thing! We are the very Consciousness of the Universe and dividing ourselves, as well as forgetting who or what we really are, are two of our characteristics. This put an additional touch of mystery in our discovery and when we finally reach the status of the Christ Consciousness or Buddhahood we remember that we are the very One - Consciously! (I and the Father are One - Jesus) Am I there? Are you kidding?? My Higher Self is yes - and I as its instrument am in the business of giving my universe a personal physical twist. It reinforces the idea that we are it! We are our Creation in other words - we are our Truth! Greetings and Love - Gerardus July 1996 = = = = = = = To One and All on the Meaning List... God or Creation is... an unlimited expression of Love for Itself. That's why the tiger defends its young, the dog marks its territory and the bee collects its honey. This is also why we see and have confrontations with others, for all expressions are different in nature and type in order the play the Game of God or Creation. All our actions therefore are natural and just! We need to understand that the unlimited expressions of Love for Itself are extended into the invisible planes of God or Creation and this is why there are wars in the heavens over territories and or planets and their populations. Jurisdictions and responsibilities change for all changes are the leading edge of the unlimitedness of God or Creation and its divers expressions. It does not mean that we ought to like or love all the many expressions of the Source we are and therefore embrace all we do not agree with or see as foreign. Some beings and forms are so alien that we need time to adjust to their beingness in God or Creation of which they also are expressions of Love for Itself. It does mean that we need to understand that all of us are different, but yet spring from the same Source which is Love for Itself. God or Creation are the expressions of opposites and dualities. To respect, love and accept these and admire the diversity within God or Creation is Understanding. We also need to understand that all systems of belief, all religions, all philosophies, all political positions and laws are but limited concoctions of the human mind that restrict his freedom and nature, while some of these concoctions might be necessary but all are temporary! May the God within ready itself to The Great Awakening of Mankind, so that all may understand that all of us are One as expressions of Love for Itself, but different in nature and type in order to make God or Creation what it is, infinitely splendid and unimaginable in its unlimitedness. Therefore - let God or Creation be and let us live in Joy. Celebrating being a finite aspect of Infinite Love Expressed with a magnificence that can only be understood because we are the One in Love by means of what we are - the very image of God or Creation! Gerardus August 1966 = = = = = = = C. here: >Addendum to the Virtual Reality thing.... >E......could that physical body that B saw through the robot's "eyes" >have been a hologram? Gerardus here: While E is thinking about his own answer - I give you mine. (Hi E) The entire universe is ONE Hologram containing aspect-holograms that seemingly have a life of their own in order to create diversity by means of confusion. Some aspect-holograms look like Human Beings trying to explain to themselves where the dickens they came from. This is so, because they find themselves kind of lost and bewildered being a specific aspect of their own Infinite Self. Who in and by itself is not worth a 'toodle' for it needs to be 'personalized' in order to see or experience itself. That's why I say: we are God in a thimble looking for a needle to awaken us. The needle does not exist, but most Human Beings don't know this. I slyly suspect that it an infinite laugh! No Clown or Clone believes me... ------------------------------------------- C here: The theory is just too fascinating to let go of. >Perhaps when the light hits the retina of our eyes, we create all these >holograms. Gerardus here: The light that hits our eyes is the Energy that IS the Infinite Universal Hologram within which we have taken individual positions in order to look at a specific aspect - the Physical Reality - around us. It differs for all of us, for it is a complete and total self-created thing for there is no objective reality out there. All that is 'out there' is the Infinite Energy out of which we as Creators manufacture our own reality, our own way. That's why some are better than others... -------------------------- C here: >Hope I am not becoming tedious....I just want to KNOW this. Gerardus here: Yeah, "want to know this" - fair enough. All we can do for now is similar to what the little boy does when he turns on the TV. He knows how to 'work' it, but he doesn't know how it works. What else is new?? I feel that as long as we 'enjoy' what we experience - we are doing an excellent job of creating. Please pass me the Cookies for my mind is sagging. Long live the Baker and his Infinite Self! BTW: The short answer to C questions is: There are only holograms anywhere - but we in our greatness experience them as physical bodies, of which most girls look better than most guys - including this hologram... We as Man are the Thoughts of the Creator but We also are the Creator thinking. Gerardus August 1966 = = = = = = = To One and All... Comets and all other objects are multi-dimensional energies of which we only see and experience certain aspects in the Three Dimensional Reality of the Physical. Since we only experience certain aspects of Comets or all objects we think that they are only three dimensional. This is not so! For example: Is an urge or a feeling a three dimensional thing? Is life only ruled by chemicals? Or are chemicals and or physical things the result of feelings and/or Mind or Soul? Human Beings and or Comets are a lot more than three dimensional Objects or Energies. All things are multi-dimensional! Many people and or scientists do not want to discuss multi- dimensionality for they have limited themselves to certain areas only. That is why metaphysical discussions to them belong somewhere else. This is limited in vision! Why determine before hand to what limit any discussion ought to go? Life is Everything and to limit a discussion is putting blinders on...! Why limit our interest to the physical only? Are we ashamed to speak about Feelings and/or Soul! We are Feeling Beings expressed in Human Form that seem to look like bodies. We are a lot more than these bodies we live in...! We are Life itself expressed in Human Form in order to learn about all the possibilities Life itself is able to create. Being Human is only a temporary experiment or experience. We have been many other Forms of Life before we decided to become Human... Gerardus April 1997 = = = = = = = - - - - - - - Cosmic Notes - - - - - - - When we go back far enough we will discover that we were the creators of the solar system and her planets. We created the animals, from amoeba to elephants and eventually we created a suitable animal that would accommodate our spiritual energies. We began to 'live-in' these animals and enjoyed the physical realities. This was new to spirits! Eventually the time came to live full-time in these bodies and we became Human. The Great Light Beings we were then, expressed themselves physically and proliferated into human beings and their incarnations. This has been going on for such a long time however that we have forgotten where we came from, who we really are, and what we are doing here and why... Now is the time to awaken to what is and remember that we are the cause and result of our experiment. All this took billions of years naturally, although we really cannot speak of time for the appreciation of time had to be gained by living in it. In any case, we have come to the end of our daring physical endeavor and the Great Awakening is just around the corner. Is this why we are visited by Alien Vehicles? Are they our older brothers and have they been looking after us for ages and ages? Are they the Lords of Old, the ones Ezekiel met and chatted with? Naturally they are! Who else would come and visit us? Greet them with joy and friendship for they are our Benefactors... Gerardus May 1997 *** Note added in August 2001: Not all Alien Beings are necessarily friendly toward human kind. Be careful and be aware! Knowledge of what is - protects... = = = = = = = >Gerardus...I neglected to ask your permission to use your material. If I >have quoted you out of context, I look forward to any corrections or >comments you may have...with happy anticipation! :-) >As ever...with love, >C/TriLite List Hi C\TriLite List and EveryOne... I could not have done a better job myself Cynthia - Thank You. Metaphysics - yeah, it really is all the "ordinary-stuff" in our life. How did it get here? And what happens to it when we let go of it? Well, it got here because we were able to visualize it first, then we manufactured it. And how did we do that? We used the ingenuity of the Creator within us and low and behold - the most complicated tools and appliances roll out of our factories by the millions. You are using one right now... Wow! All this - created by a lot of thought and a bit of Earth. Mixed together to astonish the inhabitants of the world. And most of them find it but ordinary stuff. Yes, even boring maybe! And who created this Man - the Thinker?? Aha! Now we really touch upon the Notes of Metaphysics... Mankind and the Creator are One Being, One Energy, One Ingenuity, One Source of Being. The Source and its Creation are One! The Creator and its Creation are each other. And many aspects of this Creation are wondering - how is all this possible? They wonder, because the Spirit or Interconnection that ties it all together is invisible. The Creator has fooled itself and it is confused. The Creator is like a dog barking in a Universe of Mirrors and all it sees is other dogs barking. Finally it is silent and it finds itself! Why is this Creator confused? It's simply this - we as the Creator, we as Man have entered a phase of our Creative Endeavor, within which we have lost 'touch' with the Source we Are. This was necessary in order to descend deeper into our creation of Matter. We used to be pure Energy! I think it says in the bible - God descended and became Flesh. Now, pinch yourself real hard and listen to who is shouting. It's the creator of the pinch. The Creator of all things! Hiding behind the dust of Flesh called Man - who is crying for help and mercy because he has lost the Knowledge of Who and What he really is. We as the Creator did all this - out of Love for Ourselves in order to wander out into our Creation like the Prodigal Son. And then return to be Forgiven and Celebrated about. Because now he has seen the Greatness of his own Being, within All That Is. And all he saw was himself... May 1997 Gerardus = = = = = = = Hello K/TriLite List... Hello All... Awfully good questions you have Kevin. I will attempt to answer some. First of all there is a long article about what the **new age** is on my homepages. Look in the index for: Why a New Age anyway? It's toooo long to put on here now... BTW: TriLite is not really a news group. We all deal with old stuff. The Science of Man and his infinite Consciousness. Metaphysics and or Philosophy. All grouped in one by: New Age! It's been around for a while. ------------------------------------- K here: > Without understanding what it means to other people, I assume that it probably deals with a new realm of thinking after one has awakened. Gerardus here: Awakening is a process - so there are different levels of awakening. The Buddha and/or the Christ are fully awakened. There are many others but for now - two is enough... --------------------------------- K here: >Yet, >I assume that the great majority of people involved in the 'new age' >movement have not awaken. I feel that a lot of people are just pretending >to be awake. Gerardus here: Hard to tell what others are at. Trick is to keep wondering along yourself by allowing things to come to you. What's the hurry once you know that we all live forever? Enjoy the Moment! Our experience or knowledge becomes an aspect of our higher self in the end. Which is what we are anyway... ------------------------------------- K here: >To the uninformed public, I might assume that new age is all that weird >stuff like astral travel and astrology. But surely there must be more to >it than that. Gerardus here: The masses have not caught on yet precisely but they suspect that something is up I feel. What, they do not know, and it make them itchy. And as you know itch is worse than pain! ------------------------------- K here: >Everyone is sure to have a different interpretation of what it means to >them. Perhaps to some it is a platform of thinking on a higher level of >consciousness. To others, it is an answer to quieten the part of the >mind that is screaming for truth. To others.... Well, some just want to >be into weird stuff. There's stuff floating around that is utter >nonsense, but some will believe just because it's unconventional. Gerardus here: You summed it up properly. We are all on different levels and it might seem that some are more along then others. Not true in my mind. Beyond time - we all might be at the same spot. The learning Spot! ----------------------------------- K here: >I'm very curious as to who is in this news group. How many people are >part of this? What are they like... What are YOU like? This group is >dominated by a few voices. Gerardus here: The entire world of Man is an aspect of the Great Awakening of Mankind. Some however might not be able to grasp the in depth concepts of it. When the older folks disappear for example the younger ones automatically create a New Age of Understanding. They are that type of Soul or Consciousness. At the moment the entire Mass Consciousness hangs on the tails of the ones seeming ahead... There are about 90 people on TriLite. It's holiday time and some have left. There are other lists like this. They all deal with the same subject: Life! ------------------------------------- K here: >Are these just people who read books, or have >thought a lot, or are these people schooled, awakened, and unified >people. Are they just playing a role? Gerardus here: Yes, some of us have made sure that we kind of caught on what is going to happen. We have read books. However, many of us know by heart or intuition what will go... And yes, we are all playing roles. The entire Earth is a stage! ShakieBoy already told us. In general there is going to be a change in the understandings of mankind and soon many will know that we live forever. This will create self-responsibility. At the present however the masses are being held prisoner by the Rulers of the World. The Banks, Politicians, Religions, Insurance Companies, the Media. etc. etc. It's a make Believe Nonsense World at the Moment. Kid stuff to put it shortly. Hard to change until it collapses maybe. More and more awakened people will eventually demand change. They might have to run for it politically. Followers will come for more eyes are opened each day... --------------------------------------------------- K here: >I'm sure that a lot of people are just playing a role that makes them >feel like they are playing along with the nature of the universe. I'm >sure that a lot of people are looking at these topics on a superficial >level, and are never changed by the depth of the thoughts. Gerardus here: Yes! You cannot teach poetry to monkeys. The earth is a school with many grades - too many maybe. This might change... ---------------------------------------------- K here: >Are the people involved in the 'new age' higher level beings, or are >they just people with different beliefs. Gerardus here: They are not higher or better. Just different. Older Souls or just a bit more evolved. They are Doneits as I call them. (Done it) More experienced and so a bit wiser... -------------------------------------------- K here: >These things I do not understand. These things I question. Gerardus here: You are wise to have done so! Yes, you are not the only one who questions. Presently I'd say that 90% does not have a clue. It used to be 99%... We are gaining! The world is waiting for the Hundredth Monkey - are you it? Just laugh it off Kevin... ------------------------------------------------ >I am also curious if any one is part of any other newsgroups. I am part >of a 4th way group also. Anyone else? Are other people here aware of the >4th way? Gerardus here: I cannot speak for others. I know that some of us are members of more than one list. I used to be, but I have no time for other lists now. TriLite and the Cookie List, and this, and that, keep me busy! ------------------------------------ >Thanks for your time. I look forward to your replies, either in public, >or privately sent to me. Yes, your questions are welcome for there are others on the list who have the same questions. Human Life is a 'teaching' by which all of us eventually become self responsible for all things. This includes self-education and the all important concept of Love. In my book Love is Understanding! This includes the Understanding that all of us are really alone and walk a singular path. (Bring a Sandwich) July 1997 Gerardus = = = = = = = >S. here: >Since humans are really divine beings, and humans make errors, >why not "To err is divine?" After all, every error is a >lesson, and that's what we're here for, so there's no gap between >human and divine, or between error and forgiveness. Gerardus here: The words - divine - holy - saint - infallible - crucifixion - hell - heaven - purgatory - sinner - saint - god - are all religious words. I guess they became popular since many, if not all religions, became the educators of the world population in the past. The people connected with the religions were among the few who could read and write, so logically the way they looked at things, these words slipped into our dictionaries later on. Religions had an enormous impact upon humanity. Now - in my view - all these words are useless in modern thinking for they are phoney or nonsense... If there is 'divinity' there in 'non-divinity'. So, why bother to use divinity or divine? All things either are 'divine' or they are just as they are without naming them anything. ( Like S I AM - I like it ) I feel that all Things, Beings and/or Entities are equal! But play different roles in the Game of Goofs or Illusions. The Creator's Dream - Creation - is a relative thing or reality. Infinite but relative! The Creator is Real but its dream is a virtual reality. As Human Beings we are entangled in this relative reality and think that we are real! On top of all this, the human aspect of this game fascinates us. Or did anyway! Now - not that there is anything wrong with that! Not at all - there is nothing else to do anyway. So, why not become lost in it and play the fool for a while... -------------------------------------------- >> Gerardus here: >> Thank you Cynthia! >> I think we should expand upon that one. >> To err is human - to forgive is divine - to laugh even better! >> ------------------------------------------------------------- >> >> C here: >> That little sentence contains a real is the ultimate >> punch-line if one truly understands its meaning. It is apparent to me that >> all that separates me from my divinity is the belief that I am separated >> from it. Gerardus here: Yes! That's the idea!! However there comes a time that one might prefer to move on and see different flowers within the fields of universal reality. However relative these fields might be... I feel that the entire Universe is an infinite Joke of which we are the 'butt' end. It's played on us - by us. We wanted it this way! -------------------------------------- C here: >>This is the human error...the belief that we are physical bodies >> separated from All That Is by an ego encased in a sack of skin, as it were. Gerardus here: I'm not sure that we could call it a human error or anybody's goof. It is just the way we have things set-up for a while and we dove into it both eyes blinded completely on purpose. Here we are; 'seeing' through it part way. The veil is lifting... And she is Looking Good!! -------------------------------------------- C here: >> When we can look into each other's eyes and see ourselves there, we have >> overcome this purely human perception that the ego presents and we can >> offer the gift that will transform all humanity--indeed, the world... >> Forgiveness. Gerardus here: Yes! That's why I say: I am 100% in favor of an Unconditional Ascension. This means that everybody, good/bad or indifferent, is raised to a higher level of Awareness, regardless of whether or not their karmic sequences are completed. As far as I am concerned, each and everyone is forgiven whatever they did. Naturally if you want to stay in a 3D karmic environment you may do so by reincarnating upon a different planet. The Earth is scheduled to ascend! So, let's hop on the next Wave of Creativity. Enough of this Darkness, let's enter the Light of Love - The Fifth Dimension! ------------------------------------------ C here: >> It is my hope that we can bypass that old religious connotation that the >> word "divine" implies...and go to a more accurate definition of the word >> for metaphysical is a verb meaning "to perceive by >> intuition or insight." Gerardus here: Yes! Let's use "awareness" of/at different levels - different grades. Like mice-awareness - human awareness - cosmic awareness - Christ Awareness - Game Master Awareness - and so on! To me - calling ourselves 'divine' makes just as much sense as that we call ourselves "holy energy" - naturally energy is neither holy or unholy. Our 'energy' is just like electricity! Useable for any purpose we want to.. ------------------------------- C here: >>IMHO, divinity is the birthright of all of us as >> aspects of the Absolute. We do not have to earn this has always >> been ours...we have simply forgotten how to use it. Gerardus here: Yes. Humanity is a divine happening! However, so what? In the mean time, 'divinity' is a concept that shrieks off the religious, for they are still struggling in the levels of their mind that separates them from the Universe or Creator they are. It separates them from what they are! The normal course of evolvement is to transcend this separation and the best way to do this is to leave the kindergarten of religion and go it alone. This mean that we are 'reborn' and continue on our own! We become free individuals searching for our own unlimited potential under our own power. We walk our beat alone! Not too many are ready, but the next decade will make many ponder the possibilities. The light within will speak when ready! ! The Beauty of Self is present in the Moment of Nowness ! Touch it lightly and smile. Light... Love... and Laughter. - - Gerardus - - August 1997 = = = = = = = >S here: >The only static life I know of is the eternal, unchanging I Am, the >universal consciousness, Being itself. Dynamic life is the Action, >the motion, the e-motion, of the so-called physical universe, where >all is change and all is opposites. Being has been described also >as the great void within which all material creation resides. The >void is static. Creation is dynamic. Hi S... Hi All... Gerardus here: Very nice words. Yes, BUT! Consider this... The Being within which all of creation resides and is permeated with, the so called Observer, is the very One that is changing and growing infinitely! The changes and expansion of ITS Beingness is the changing and expanding of the very "possible potentialities" that are reflected within the holographic aspects of Creation - Mankind on Earth and all others Things and Beings. In my view: Anything - including the Void, TIL, God or The Nameless that does not change - dies out of boredom or becomes stagnant and dries-up! THAT what lives within me is not static! It grows, because I grow and all Others grow or expand in awareness... The entire Universe, high and low, in all dimensions - IS - an "Infinitely Complicated Holographic Signal or Energy", of which certain aspects are noticed/perceived by its images or reflections - the "Individual Holograms in Human Form" - and exist within this Signal. These Human Holograms are created in such a way that they accept the physical as the reality they live in. Some even think that it is the only reality... This "Infinitely Complicated Holographic Signal or Energy" IS the Void or Being as some people used to call it. However, it is not a Void at all!! It is neither a Being at Rest in Bliss! It is the "Infinitely Complicated Holographic Signal or Energy" which in and by itself is unconscious or unaware and IT becomes consciously aware within the Individual-Holograms of Creation. Mankind, all Other Beings and Things are these Individual Holograms and have the Wholeness of Creation vaguely reflected with their awareness. We are its Image! This means the more we grow in awareness - the more we realize the "Infinitely Complicated Holographic Signal or Energy" which some people call God or TIL... BTW: I realize that what I say deviates from what has been said by the old Sages who spoke of the Void or Nothingness as the Womb of Creation. This Void or Nothingness is the Holographic Energy I speak of - which is NOT Nothingness. It is the Signal or Energy out of which all things arise... Down To Earth Example: Let's say that God or TIL is Electrical Energy. Within this Electrical Energy there are appliances. (The Elohim and Others) All appliances *use* the all permeating Electrical Energy and grow from its Power. Naturally some have grown more than others and all expand upon their beingness by creating other appliances - Stars, Planets, Mankind and other Beings. Of which Sam and Gerardus and the rest of TriLite and the World are additional and specific individual Thinkers/Feelers and Co-Creators. And they in turn create their own reality and world around them... We are the One experiencing the All - We are the All experiencing the One! Gerardus August 1997 = = = = = = = At 06:21 PM 8/26/97 -0700, you wrote: C here: >Hi Gerardus and all.... >You wrote: >"You know, at my time - I just was driven to write. In a way I did not >have to listen either - I just had to write! I think they were shouting at >me! Nothing could stop it. Often enough - I wonder what I myself had to do >with it - next to Zilch - sort of." > >C here: >Well...I am curious--you speak of all this in the past tense. Do they not >still speak to you? Gerardus here: Once I finally got the Universe to fall in love with me Cynthia (Took many lifetimes naturally) - I became and am the forever favorite Bloke so to speak. (Smile a lot here and maybe even snicker!) I can still write like in the past - but there seems to be less need for it. IOW: I'm on some kind of a 'break'. An old horse put to rest maybe for while... Seriously now: Yes, I spoke in the past tense and I meant the years 1980/84 or so. I still write very easily nowadays, but not as driven. It takes me a long time to complete a post however, since I am a two fingered artist and sometimes try to correct/change what I wrote. (Change the structure of the sentences.) I also feel that I have different Guides with me now, compared to the earlier years. I guess they need a break as well - wow! All are smiling here! ------------------------------------------------- C here: >I have had the feeling many times when I read your >posts to TriLite....that your comments are unerringly on the mark....I am >wondering if on these occasions, the same thing happens---does your >response sometimes come spontaneously, as did your earlier writings? Gerardus here: Yes, I would say that I write spontaneously. I do not specifically sit down for any post and/or prepare my thoughts for it and do it differently the next time. I let mySelf babble on so to speak. Once a babbler always a babbler I suppose. I have greater trouble speaking for example, for there are other energies around. Sometimes however, I guess when necessary, it flows like water and I don't even know it. I know it's happening but I am not directly aware of what to say or of what I said... -------------------------------- C here: >I'm not just curious...but I would like to know how you get your conscious >mind out of the way so the communication can come through. I find this >very difficult. As I write, I can't control the urge to read and question >the material, instead of just letting it flow. Gerardus here: I do not go 'consciously' out of the way completely and I used to call my state my writers trance. So, basically nothing much else in the room exist once I climb on top of my keyboard. Hours pass and I do not notice them... In general I'd say: I write from the heart and let my mind have its nap. It's used to it, not much there anyway but algebra and metaphysical malarkey, etc etc. Also - I dream about writing often and I seem to prepare for posts that are not even written yet... Another thing I feel is, that there really is nobody else out there but me. IOW: I have my monologues. Some monologue discussions, like James' for example, I cannot completely understand, but it does not bother me. I know that I am wired differently for reasons that are obvious to me. The universe is diversity for the purpose to reach all! I do not know what else to say here for it is next to impossible to explain myself. I just do what I do - doing it... Now C, I am often most amazed at the depth and scope of your posts. How do you do what you do?? Told you this was going to turn out in a mutual admiration society! Well - I guess that's what monologue are for! August 1997 Gerardus = = = = = = = At 05:25 PM 8/27/97 -0700, you wrote: >Hello Gerardus and all... >You wrote: >"I feel that 'everything' changes Everything. And that WHICH IS is a >changing Isness. Not steady or static or not influenced." > >You speak only of the physical universe. I tell you that there is an >uncreated universe...the NO-THING from which everything emanates. Similar >to the vacuum which must exist in order for chemical reactions to take >place. This is what I mean by that WHICH IS...and it is changeless and >unaffected by any "things" or thoughts. IT is pure consciousness. And IT >can be experienced if one is willing to take that leap into the VOID and >discover their real identity. >Cynthia Gerardus here: Thank you C. Before I leap into the Void I peeked into the Mystery I AM and it likes to say this: Sorry, to give you the impression that I spoke of the physical universe only. I seldom do. I speak as *if* I know something about the entire phenomenon. Which in my view is a Holographic Universal Source or Infinite Spectrum out of which the entire creation issues. Being drawn out (manifested) by Creators, High, Big or Small, including ourselves. The Holographic Matrix 'holds' All Things in a potential form. In a No-Form. ( Not a Thought Form either! ) One could call it the Void but it is not Nothing! We could consider it the unmanifested or implicate order of the Holographic Projection of Creation - Creation being the manifested or explicate order. When our Awareness focusses on this Matrix we can create anything we like. We manifest it... ((I have assumed here that all things in Creation, high and low, are holographic projections or images existing within the Matrix and hold the total within themselves but not in a obvious or conscious manner.)) No Being ever will be conscious *as* this Universal Holographic Matrix for it is indeed a "No-Thing" that is "EveryThing" out of which all Things are born or issued. Possibly one could be conscious of this Matrix and experience it, but we cannot be conscious as it. We might be conscious of this Void or Matrix as you say, after we leap into it. I don't know what one is conscious of then. I have never been there that I know of. I am 'from' it however like all other Blokes and People and Things... In order to be - one has to be an aspect of this Matrix - but being an aspect of it only means being conscious of being a Self, High, Big or Small within it. So, all Things or Beings, High, Big or Small exist within the Total at all times, but they occupy a changing conscious position or function within it when they function as a Being (High or Low) within Creation... Therefore this "No-Thing" Matrix changes all the time for it is the Total Infinite Sum of All That Is in an unmanifested Order (Implicate). We are an Image of this "No-Thing" Matrix in a manifested manner. We and all Things are the Explicate Order... Example: We all belong to Humanity but Humanity is nowhere to be found in and by itself, except as human beings within the population of the world. Humanity changes all the time but only because the people do. If Humanity was infinite in scope - we could create any being we would want to and have it function as a human so to speak... ! The greatest mystery is the Mystery Within ! - We all have our Own - August 1997 Gerardus = = = = = = = To One and All... Statement 1) The entire Universe is a Mind that issues and receives thoughts. Statement 2) The Holographic Nature of the Universal Mind maintains a record of all Thoughts ever thought! Statement 3) The World of Man has its own tiny aspect within this Universal Holographic Mind Matrix and whatever was ever thought about on Earth can be found within the patterns of the World Holographic Record. (Akashic Records?) = = = = = Conclusion: Suppose now that somebody started a lie two thousand years ago and billions of people have believed in this lie! Now what? This means that there is a Holographic Record of this lie, for all Thoughts are recorded. However, the record of this lie is not distinguishable from the records of a truth, for all Thoughts are imprinted equally and no special marks are given to a truth or to a lie. ( Gi-Go ) The fact that the lie is imprinted into the World Holographic Matrix means that anyone who is able to interpret the Holographic Matrix is able to pull a two thousand year old lie out of it and say: here it is --> a truth! And in a way he is right, for the combined Thought Energies, imprinted into the World Matrix of the particular happening, are but patterns of Energy. No one living at the moment can say what was true or what was false by 'sensing' this record. The fact that the lie was a lie, is imprinted as well naturally, but this one Thought is so small compared to the billions of Thoughts of all the believers in the lie that it cannot really be found anymore. To me all this means, that the only thing that shifts the lies from the truths is common sense. September 1997 Gerardus = = = = = = = To One and All... Big Questions here: What is God and what do most people understand this God to be? I am not sure whether it will help anyone to put my idea of God on the line but in any case - here it is: There is Energy! There is Information! These are the two basic aspects (ingredients) of the Universe. All Things and Beings consist of a combination of these two Things. So let's say, a mountain is a lot of Energy and a little bit of Information. A human being is Energy with a lot of Information. Especially if we include the Soul and its "Information System and its infinite Inter-Connections" as the inhabitant of the human body. Within this Energy and its Information (for short: Mind) there are different planes or levels of existences and within these levels there are billions of different kinds of Beings and Things including Thoughts. Thoughts are Information super-imposed upon a specific Energy and they exist upon a different level than the body for example. All is Mind however! Even the body is Mind. Mind in a certain form... Now what is God? The above! God is All That IS. However, this God or Universal Energy and its Information is NOT the Creator of the Universe or the Creator of the World and the people in it. To put it really short --> God IS Creation! So what are we? We are Creation! So - we are God! And where is the Creator? The Creator is not just one particular Being or Spirit or Entity. The Creator as such is the 'Creative Energy' which lives within its Creation. It lives within us! It slumbers there and every time we come to a new level of understanding, we, as well as the Creator within, awaken to that new understanding. The Creator within really is our Soul - that what we are! IOW: There is no God or Creator out there or 'within' all by and in itself. The Creator or God is (seemingly) divided all over its Creation. It lives and IS ALL. Some specific "know-it-all" Entity or Being called God does not exist! God IS Creation. God and Creation are not two different things! Naturally there are Great Beings in the Universe who are responsible for certain aspects of Creation like Mankind for example. Well - let's say that the Being responsible for the Solar System is the Sun. Yes, our ordinary Sun shining away there and people sit in. Beautiful! Our Sun is an alive Being in the same sense as that the Earth is. They are both alive Beings... Our Sun for example is the Creative Power within the Solar system and all of us are created by this Sun and its Co-Creators. Who are these Co-Creators? Well - I think they are you and me and other people! These people however are not just people or human beings, for their "beingness" ***extents*** all the way up into the highest levels of Creation. Human Beings are but the tip of the last hair on the tail of the Infinite Being we Are. Wow! Point is - we are the Infinite Being! IOW: Above us somewhere there is a Co-Creator we call the Higher Self or OverSoul and it is responsible for, let's say 10,000 people and their pets. Other Co-Creators are responsible for other people and their canaries. etc etc etc. All human beings then are representatives of an OverSoul or a Higher Self. Now - We are this Higher Self in the same way as that we are Creation. In the same way as that we are Life! The entire Creation then looks more like General Motors than just one God on top who does all things and looks after all of its Creation. No such God exist! The entire Creation works like our body. Is the heart more important than the brain? Is the liver less important than the Kidneys? Are eyes better than ears? No Sir! No Madam! Not true! Every atom, molecule, cell, organ of our body is just as important as the rest, for all together they make it possible for a Soul to live in it and have a ball. And Souls on the other hand, are aspects of greater Souls and these greater Souls are aspects of even greater Beings who facilitate Creation in the same way you and I write a letter. We just do it! While in the mean time, every human being or individual is a living aspect and participant of the Greatest Being there is. And who or what is that? This Being or Beingness is the Creative Force! That is what we are - the Creator, the Universe - or Life 'feeling' itself. Being Human for now... Well, my story is not perfect for I am too much in a hurry. I think I know why. It's the Creator within - she is a 'pushing me... September 1997 Gerardus = = = = = = = At 11:53 PM 10/7/97 +1000, you wrote: >> Dear Gerardus, >oh I hope I am not becoming a pain in the butt with this ongoing >discussion! Hi Ga and All... When I stop responding - you better send me an aspirin or two. Don't want to use anything big... (;)= ------------------------------------ Gerardus here: >> Yes, it makes perfect sense for the position or state of mind you are in. >> I understand your position and thoughts about it. It more or less comes >> down to that you think/feel that God and You are TWO different beings. Ga here: >Absolutely! *smile* Gerardus here: The entire universe is ONE Thing! ONE Energy! One Source! Your expression of "absolutely" means that you 'feel' separated from God or the Creator. Nothing is separated from God for God or the Creator *IS* all things. You are that ONE Thing, Energy, Source. Since You as the Source have projected an aspect of yourSelf into a specific reality and since this aspect is capable of thinking - it seems to the aspect (Gabrielle) that she is different than the ONE Source. This is not so! The aspect you are is engaged in a "Process of Awakening" to what this aspect really is. This "Process of Awakening" are the many lives you live and the experiences you have. How to speed up this process? You are already doing that, for you are asking questions and are slightly confused because you have been raised in a society that is unfamiliar with this concept. (This is what the Occult was all about. --- It all is in the open now! --- No more Occult!! ) People believe in some other force than themselves. One by one they will change their mind! ------------------------------------------------------------ Gerardus here: >>This >> is not so. There is only God. So what does that make you? Ga here: >If this is the case dear friend - there is also no you in order to even say >this much that I should believe! Gerardus here: That is right! Gerardus in and by itself does not exist either. God as Gerardus exist. The Creator as Gabrielle exist!! We are existing 'thoughts' of the Creator or God. Physical Reality is an Illusion! Our body is a teaching-device. A dream is a teaching device. Gerardus and Gabrielle only exist in the Dream the Creator has. WE are Dream-Figments! To awaken from this Dream is our task. Yours and Mine and Everybody's. You should read some, if not all, of the material on my Site. This might help you to grab this. In order to understand you have to transcend years of conditioning. You have been told things in the past and you believed them. You believed them (possibly) without investigating them. Your question should be : Why do I believe what I believe? The Creator's Dream is an Infinite Experience. It will always dream - within this Dream many Dream-Figments take on a reality of their own. They become self-aware and eventually God-aware. Or a Buddha or Christ! The entire "thing" is a paradox and I could not possibly explain it for you or to you. You have to do that yourself - that's what becoming Aware is all about. You are on your own! -------------------------------------- Gerardus here: >> There is no God who created you and then sits back to watch how you are >> doing. Ga here: >I am not an Anthroposophist, but have the greatest respect for them... >Rudolf Steiner once said (and I love it so I am quoting it now - it is dear >to me) "The greatest mystery I can impart is to say that Christ sees us and >Knows us". Why should we limit great beings? I believe that Christ created >Man, as part of God, He can watch and delight in how we are doing. Gerardus here: He is right! Christ or Buddha however are just ordinary Entities in the Game of Creation. They are 'ordinary' not compared to us, but to the universe. They are as much an aspect of it as we are! We however are in a different position right now - we are focused upon a different reality than they are. They have been through the school and we are still in it learning what it has to teach. But you are not less than a Christ or Buddha. A Child is not less than the parent - so to speak. We All are the Creator Dreaming Creation... ----------------------------------------------------- Gerardus here >You as God came here to participate and enjoy YOUR Creation. Every >> post you write for example is a creation. Sooner or later you will learn >> to create guppies and a planet or two... Ga here: >I feel (I know) I have a way to go yet. But that does not give me despair >to think so - it gives me hope - because I would want to become much more >than I am now. Co-creating is the gift of Man - I agree. We need humility >too though - we need to know our true place and revere those which are to >be looked up to that we may grow to become likewise? Gerardus here: Your conditioning is shining through. "Revere" "Adore" "Look up to" "Have a Savior" All these are religious connotations. The only person that is able to save or do anything for or about you - is you! Each person within Humanity has to learn to walk the path alone! Nobody is here really to hold your hand. Naturally there are people who could guide and help you, but all my words do not help one iota for YOU must do the understanding! Awakening! And indeed "you need to know your true place" in Creation. Your true place is knowing that you are the Source. (The Father and I are One! - Jesus) That this is so is what you are working on. Not only you naturally! Everybody in the world and on TriLite or any other place is working on that one. We are all here to get to know our true place. Then - I suggest not to revere anyone. This however is hard enough in and by itself, for if you or I would ever meet a Christ or Buddha we would be overwhelmed by their Beauty, Love and Power. Their Energy would overwhelm us and bring us to tears for days to come. This Greatness Gabrielle is within all of us. How could we recognize anything - if we are not the same thing? What we would experience - is what we are. Naturally, we have a way to go and then some. However, we are the same as they are. BUT not at this Moment! However, we could be parallel selves of the Christ. We could be one of its personalities living in Physical Reality, while the Christ itself graduated from this reality already. Time is an illusion. ----------------------------- Gerardus here: >> At the moment however, in the form you as God appear, you experience >> yourself as Gabrielle. > > But at the same time you as God are Gabrielle! >> This Gabrielle in the mean time grows and grows, and every step on your >> infinite path, you create a better understanding of the Universe. Every >> step of better understanding the Universe becomes more You, or what you >> Are! The Universe is about you and the One Creates the Other. >> >I am not godly though all the time am I? Sometimes my thoughts and deeds >would make the gods cringe or blush - and not all is attributable to a >higher self, but rather to lower inclinations I'm sure. Gerardus here: You are not Godly?? You are underestimating yourself. People have been taught that they are Sinners. The religions do not know. You are the Creator becoming aware. There is no Sin. Sin is a human concept! It's false!! You need to learn to 'see' things from the top down - so to speak. You keep looking up! Look down!! Look at yourself as if you are a child learning. What is wrong with a learning child? Nothing! Do you not love children whether they are absolutely perfect or not? Don't you love them unconditionally? IOW: You understand them? That is the way - your High Self - looks at you. For it is YOU in the first place - and YOU are it! We are all One Energy - confusing ourselves - until we catch on and awaken... -------------------------------------------------------------- Gerardus here: >> This cannot be fully understood instantly but by pondering about it and >> meditation if you like, you will get the idea eventually. Also, your >Life >> is YOUR responsibility - not God's or someone else's. Naturally there >are >> many Helpers, Guides and Masters who help you, but in actuality all these >> Helpers, Guides and Masters are you in the first place. Ga here: >This I know is not true (but thank you anyway) - my teachers are independent >to me and that is how I can actually learn more today than I knew >yesterday. Gerardus here: Some day you will learn that NO thing or Being, high or low, is independent of Anything! This is the illusion to overcome or transcend... -------------------------------------------- >> It might be a good thing to remember that Jesus is a forerunner of us. He >> is an older brother. This means, that you and I, eventually, will become >> that old and wise and loving. We all are walking the same Path... >> Amen!> Ga here: *big smile* Gerardus here: Keep smiling and sooner or later you will understand that all things are the Creator doing its thing! Dreaming Creation. All this by means of you and me and everybody - for all of us - are co-creators. Even a tiny mouse! October 1997 Gerardus = = = = = = = Breaker ------------------------ I am working on it Mate... There are a lot more to go...... Hi R-C... I have responded to this posts again, but it is possible that you and I say the same thing. It's different enough though that it sometimes seems to me that you say something different or do not answer my questions. So here she goes: =========== Gerardus wrote: >>I realize that I am dancing on both sides of the Karma-Line. Makes >>for good thinking and learning I feel. I also had another thought in >>conjunction with the No Karma System. As you know we are influenced >>by the Predator's Mind and a person like Hitler, as the Cs said, was >>completely controlled by the STS Predator's Mind. R-C here: >Because he let it control him. If he was deceived to let this happen, >or if he did this consciously (unlikely) doesn't really matter. Gerardus here: Indeed being deceived or not consciously knowing what's happening is the same thing. What I am trying to say is: because of the control over Hitler and the control over other world leaders, the world experienced a variety of happenings. This is the manner by which world happenings come about and the STS Aliens are responsible for this. It's their job to create world happenings... So, this is meant to be so! Hitler therefore is "used" or plays his role on the stage of the world. I do not blame him, nor his Soul for anything that happened to the world or the millions that were killed. In one way or another - the world of mankind needs its negative experiences and the STS Aliens bring this about. I see this as the normal workings of the world/universe and I neither blame Hitler, nor any other world leader, nor the STS Aliens for the misery mankind experienced. The world and mankind are engaged in a play or performance. This play creates our experiences. And all experiences are positive in my view... -------------------- Gerardus here: >>Let's assume that this indeed was so - where >>does that leave the Hitler Soul? Is it responsible when it is >>completely taken over? R-C here: >Again: there are lessons to be learned. >Until you've learned them, you repeat them. Gerardus here: Yes, I already knew this. But what you say does not answer my question. My point is: The world is a stage and somehow certain actors upon that stage need to implement a Play or Performance. I do not think that it is just to blame any actor for playing his or her part. IOW: the actors are without blame. All they do is play their part. They are deceived or unconsciously controlled by 4D forces that are able to travel time and set things up according to their liking. The masses of mankind are sitting ducks! What I say here is that we need to see through this world-action and understand how it comes about. That to me is the lesson! And if one does not learn it - one will subjected to the same scenario again. By seeing through this - one's Soul becomes more aware and takes the possibilities of unconscious control as a possibility... Knowledge protects like the cassies say - Gerardus February 2001 = = = = = = = Hi Group... I was reading Wave13j.htm last night and I ran into the following question: What is the nature of this reality? Meaning our reality. Here is what I noted down last night... Question: What is the Nature of our Reality? Answer: We can never explain the true Nature of our Reality! Because we Are this Reality! Isness cannot be explained only experienced! Then: We can only speak about the true Nature of our Dream. Our Dream is our Creation and our Creation is an expression of our Reality. This means that we are able to know ourselves by our Creation. We ARE what we create! I hope you don't take all this too seriously. I was just musing on the first Question last night - Gerardus February 2001 = = = = = = = The Boiling Water Pot... Imagine an enormous big glass pot full of water on a stove. Turn on the stove and the water will boil. When the water boils watch the bubbles rise to the top and disappear into the air. Now, the Air is Consciousness and the Water is Creation. We are the Bubbles rising from the bottom of Creation to the Top - all the way through 1D 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D and 7D. Once at the top of the water we become Air/Consciousness again and are absorbed by the water to rise once again. Naturally this is a very simple Grand Cycle but it works. Do you see that tiny bubble, just below the middle of the pot, rising to the top? That's Mankind... In a small way, the big bang IS the "idea of the boiling water pot". It repeats its process infinitely as long as you keep the air and the water in a closed system. The universe is a closed system for it is only one mind infinitely changing... Simply bubbling - Gerardus February 2001 = = = = = = = Gerardus here: Creating our own reality in 3D is a matter of awareness. An incarnated 6D being could create anything it wants in 3D. Point is, why would it want to? It's kid stuff to them! In all ways, all things are relative and the actuality of our 3d world is an example of a reality created by a massive amount of Entities, high and low, who in turn and collectively create what happens here. On top of all this, there might be Lizzies and/or Greys who also have their say so... One thing to me is for sure, that "wherever" you put your attention - THAT - is the reality that is re-enforced or created. IOW: the Cs and everyone reading the sessions are re-enforcing what the sessions say. This is as much a trap as any other. Once one get used to this trap, well, one thinks, feels and experiences what the trap contains. No doubt some traps contain more truth than others, but a trap is still a trap. If we are Duplicates of the One - no other force can truly touch us or do anything to us. To know that this is so, to the utmost limit, is true protection. Knowing that we are the Truth for example is a good start. To come to that point - well - that is what 3D might be for in the first place. Know ThouSelf... Life is what you believe it to be - Gerardus ( Saying is from Yada ) February 2001 = = = = = = = >Hi Gerardus, >Just read S-4's post, I am becoming more aware of the neg energies, certain places that I drive by seem to trigger that recognition.. I do not 'see' with my outer eyes, but an inner knowing, manifests as wariness, anger.. if my attention is not turned on, it follows me home. My question to you, S-4, and any group members, how do I construct a protection wall to keep this out, are personal shields the same as say protection around your property. >Something odd is going on, actually this interference is coming from more than one direction. Comments, suggestions, web sites are appreciated. > >Thanks, S-4 Hi S-4... Good point! I feel that Knowledge is Protection!! This is reached by experience. This also means that we need to experience certain teachings as false. Life is the Teacher! In the mean time, many of us still will have to go through some of these Teachings and learn from them... In actuality, I see nothing as either false or true, for in the end, all things are only stories. We have been hoodwinked by some of these stories and they keep hanging around in our belief system and our experiences are created by these. Possibly by believing absolutely nothing - we will not be creating anything anymore and shoot right back to the Plane of Bliss and know that we are the Truth in the first place and that all stories are only ingredients to consume, digest and expel... Wiping is not necessary - Gerardus March 2001 = = = = = = = Gerardus here: From what L-C writes and from many other teachings I have concluded that the human personality is not just one being or entity. It could be a "collection of energies" and this is demonstrated by Multiple-Personality cases. I feel that I have different moods, and or resources, to draw from so to speak. Some joke a lot, some worry, some are serious, some are restless, some are nervous... The older I become for example, the more anxious or insecure I become. This does not mean that I'm shaking all the time or have the quivers. No, but I do have a different "feel" about, and of, myself than when I was 25 or 35 or 45 or even 55 or 65. It creeps up on old guys maybe. Why? Getting older for example is not what I thought it would be! I thought that one would be the same guy and just do less. Not so! There are emotional and mental changes that not necessarily makes one feel older - one IS older. Not only that - I have thought it over and I cannot find a possitive thing about it. Does that mean that recognizing reality is negative? I do not think so. All I can say is - it is an experience. Not necessarily a nice one... So these "Mood Changes" of myself and of others - where do they come from? I do not think that these characteristics find their source in the meat Gerardus is - could they be attachments in the form of Guides, Helpers and Hinderers? Do we live life alone? I would say certainly not! The dominant personality however might be my own. Whoever he is - is a riddle in the first place. It is Genes? DNA? Or the type of food I eat? Are my emotions caused by chemicals in the brain? So, to conclude - I have many Guardian Angels, Demons, Emotions and Feelings that make up what Gerardus thinks he is... I am a multi-dimensional and multi-personal GodBeing - Gerardus April 2001 = = = = = = = Hi J-4... Life is what we focus upon! So if there are scientists who are focussing on a Big Bang and or Splat - They will find it!! They will find it - for it is their creation... In the mean time, the universe or life is neither this nor that - it is everything! Whatever we find it to be - is what we have created of it! About the article: I have read some of the theory about and of before the Big Bang. The universe as known by the Sciences is a happening limited to Time and Space. I do not think that they have concluded yet that Time and Space is a certain condition of an illusionary reality we find ourselves in. IOW: what I am saying is, that there really is no time and space, except in our dream we call Human Life - it is a Dream or a Dance in Consciousness. Our Consciousness. Time and Space and the physical universe are only real when you look at it by means of a human body. The body is a lens - drop the lens and Time and Space disappears... About this illusionary reality: Physical reality is a "Reality of Mind" in a certain form. IOW: the energy we call mind FORMS the activity and or objects that appears to look like the physical universe, when we live in a human body and focus upon it. It's a self-created illusion with the help of the body - the lens. It's an illusion... The physical reality is a form of mind, and what we call it, and how we experience it however, does not change what it is - Mind in Form. It is a construction in Consciousness - which is Mind. Mind is timeless and spaceless! However, physical reality is real - for we experience this Dream as Real. A Real Illusion! So, was there a Big Bang, after a big Splat? And are there other universes out of which others have developed? Yes, there are other universes - but they are also only Mind in certain forms. Well, the big bang and all "splats" are only a theory and are nothing but speculation. It's not something we can go to and witness and say - I've seen it and it was an actually happening. It is a speculation... Here is my speculation: The only big bang that ever happens is a personal one, and at that LightBulb Moment we understand that we are dreaming. Dreaming creation as we experience it. To awaken from this dream, is the personal big bang, all of us sooner or later will have it. It's a thing or happening in the Head... The universe is a timeless and spaceless phenomena that under certain conditions and with a certain body can be experienced as something physical. How physical is it? Not much physicality there at all when we take into consideration the emptiness between atoms. The same scientists say that the spaces between atoms and electrons are so great that an atom is 99.9999% emptiness. What happened to our solidness as we experience it?? Solidness or solidity, as well as Time and Space, as well as Big Bangs and Splats are part and parcel of an illusion we are subjected to - the Physical Dream. We created it, then went to live in it and find that it is real. A real Illusion... We have come here to experience this dream and it fools us. We say that the reality we live in is real, this is so because we are focussed on an illusion that fools us. Dreams at night are just as real! As a matter of fact, all realities are virtual and nothing is real except the Observer. The Observer is The God That Is All! We are this God in the form of Man and are fooling ourselves with our own Creation. As a matter of fact, we are lost in it, and now we are looking at other people (Scientists) to explain to us where and what we see and what is happening before big bangs and/or before splatses. There never was One of them - for the physical universe is a Timeless phenomena that rebuilds itself piece by piece, atom by atom like the cells of our body - continuously. The physical universe is forever new, looking forever old or older. It is such a crafty creation that it fools all scientists. And they keep saying this is the way it is, for they are paid by the New World Order People - who would like humanity to believe in nonsense... Slowly awakening - Gerardus BTW: I repeated myself a few times above because I had three different goes at it. I was interrupted too many times. Also an illusion naturally... April 2001 = = = = = = = >Hi All, >Found some very interesting info: >You might already be familiar with the Spiritweb site. I found that John Payne's contributions to this site are very good. One of the quotes in his channeled material which touches on the discussions here some months ago is: >---- >So, ascension my dear friends, is truly about descension. It is bringing the light down - it is landing the light. It means incarnating 100% as your soul-self. >That is how paradise will be brought to earth. You are not waiting for a savior or a guru or a messiah or spaceships from one enlightened planet or another. You are waiting for the arrival of your soul. >---end quote--- Hello E-4 Gerardus here: If I am not mistaking John Payne used to be on my TriLite List for a while. Is there anybody here who might remember? And yes, what John says is true. It is all about bringing "The Light" down into our physical creation - the locality in mind within which we think we live in physical bodies. This is only done bit by bit, for the Soul-Self needs to experience all the "fluff and stuff" before it is able to command a human vehicle in such a way that it will be in a continual listening mode for the Soul to shine through. This truly means that possible only one out of a million is able and ready to do such. Another thing, it is not only to bring down The Light, but also to be able to create a physical reality within which we all get lost and play the game of searching for what we really are. There is nothing else to do! It's a con-game naturally, for we are The Light or Truth in the first place. The joke is on us... Great quote - Gerardus June 2001 = = = = = = = Gerardus here: What difference does it make what the real story is about Jesus, or maybe Hesus as some people call him? What difference does it make what the real story is about Buddha, Moses, Krishna, Lao Tzu or any other Great One? All we know is that some of their words survived, and by golly by thinking/feeling and experiencing Life for what it is, again and again, we slowly learn that the real story is about ourselves! Hello Gerardus, While I agree in part with your above comments, because certainly there are those who live a fine life without ever having even heard of these fellows, isn't it wiser to know as much as we can and so doing make better choices? Otherwise it seems as though lots more untruth could be laid at our feet. Which amounts to lies. If one does not care enough to find these answers that is okay, I guess, but wouldn't we then still be looking out form our caves? What I mean is... isn't this wanting to know/grow all a part of the evolution? I think so. You say: What is our story? Our story is the experience of Life. Our Life! I say: I agree, but experience is colored by what one knows. K-C Hi K-C... Gerardus here: Yes, even more than colored I feel. For knowing is influenced by the inspiration/knowing of the Soul We Are. It already knows the past. So again, why bother about any past. Is all this research done because our human body-mind finds it interesting and possibly thinks that this is important? I still think/feel that one can go too far in trying to uncover the past. It's easy to become an ego-mind thing... What about the past of 200,000 years ago? Does it really matter? In the same sense, it does not really matter what happened 2000 years ago. All is present within the moment. I take into consideration here however that we are aware of what those beings stood for and what they might have said. This means to me that one is not to stumble or ponder endlessly about who said what about them and whatever details might come up, which might be contradicted by other historians... I stick with L-C here who says that the more one thinks one knows, the more one knows nothing. Exactly! That is why it is more important to listen than to discover the details of history. After all it is only his-story! In the mean time - whatever works for you - follow it... Following mine - Gerardus BTW: I find that too many people think that the Truth is out there. What is out there is only a specific interpretation of an illusionary happening. There are as many interpretations as that there are people. We all have our own - all stories. We are the Truth! All our illusionary experiences will end when this is fully realized. Until that point is reached, we will all only experience our self-made dreams. So what needs to be done? Full realization of who or what we really are - The Truth. We are the One That Is! In the mean time, all that's "out there" is diversion... Blessings and Smiles - Gerardus June 2001 = = = = = = = Hi All... Well, I feel that truth of any kind is an individual thing. Therefore we have to find it ourselves by means of our own experiences. Absolute Truth, Life, the Universe, The Light are all the same Force and it is a changing Force. If it was not changing - it would become stale. It is a Flow! We are this Flow - changing... Apparently as you say, your physically impairment does not stop that Flow. Sounds reasonable to me since a stroke is a impairment of the brain. Sometimes by exercise and time it is fixable. I have seen stroke patients recuperate. I hope that will be the case for you too... Smiles and Blessings - Gerardus July 2001 = = = = = = = The OverSoul at Play... About Karma and Experience ... As I see it, and I am gut-guessing here, there is no Karma from the point of view of the OverSoul. However, there is Karma from the point of view of the human being... For example, let's say that I am an average OverSoul, and I want to have a thousands human instruments living on earth in a widely varying arrangement or proliferation. So, by means of thought, I distribute certain aspects of my Energies among a thousand human vehicles, who in and by themselves become human soul energies on their own. These human soul energies live what we call incarnations within a period of say 20,000 years. I as the OverSoul do this on earth for I want to experience the Human Condition on earth... So, there they are, a thousand different human beings living over a period of 20,000 years and they are living and experiencing human lives. Since I as an OverSoul am not familiar with the Human Conditions on earth, there are many things and details to learn. I do this by means of my instruments and the Energies invested into them are called human souls. Human souls are learning - not human bodies. IOW: these human instruments make mistakes in judgement and in order to learn how to correct this, they experience their mistakes from the other point of view in other lifetimes. This means, each human soul energy, as an aspect of the OverSoul Energy, is a unit on its own and it is responsible for this human soul energy. Each human soul energy cycles back and forth from the earth to the astral after the death of the body and from the human point of view, they cycle and re-cycle according to the lessons that need to be learned. Bingo - Karma! From the point of view of the OverSoul however, there is no Karma! There is only learning and experiencing. In the mean time though, because the OverSoul is responsible for the one thousand human beings and their energies, it is possible that some human energies will not be completely balanced in thoughts and experiences, after the set time of 20,000 years. Now what? All this means is, that the OverSoul needs to pay particular attention to these stragglers and it needs to help these human soul energies in order to finish their journeys in a balanced manner. If not, the OverSoul cannot leave the Earth plane completely, since some of its Energies are still living in human instruments. It is still attached to earth. No big deal naturally, for the OverSoul exist beyond time and all it takes is to go back into time and "help" its human soul energies to complete their cycles. Voila, the little voice speaks louder... Since we at present are at the end of an enormous universal cycle, it is clear that there is an enormous effort put forward by many many OverSouls to finish their learning on Earth. They all want to collect their energy-interests that are living on the earth. No wonder, so many people on earth are waking up and want to finish their 3D experiences. They know that it is time to move on and up. For by now the little voice is shouting. Karma - the Laugh of the OverSoul. Karma - the Human Being's Dilemma. Laughing here - Gerardus - - - - - - - >Hey Gerardus, I like this.... makes a lot of sense.... and it makes you >think.. ;) > >I-4 Glad you liked it I-4... F-4 is right about the no Karma bit - for her that is! She lives from the point of view of the OverSoul. For ordinary human beings though, especially the masses, they live from the human level. From that level the idea of Karma or Balance is good! All this is set up with much thought in mind. And yes, by living so many lives "thinking-out" what's what, and by means of the different teachings, we find out that all teachings or religions are but stories. Some are more ridiculous than others, and it is up to each individual human soul to discover the lies about them. In the mean time, all of us are subjected to the conditioning of our parents and our society and/or the times we grow up in... In the mean time, what I wrote above - is also but a story. Mine! I am afraid that each one of us has to go by what is true for us. As I see it - the Truth is that there is only individual Truth! --- ALSO - we are the Truth! We are the Reality! --- What we experience is what we are and is where we are at. Where we are at, depends upon our belief systems and/or views. What we experience depends upon our awareness... Story Teller - Gerardus = = = = = = = Hi All... Karma is an aspect of a belief system. It is a virtual reality. If you believe in it - you will live or have it. Karma or belief systems are the impetus or actions of physical life or lifetimes. Nothing is chiseled in stone or steel - except for what we believe in. It creates our realities. We are the Creator in a mode of distortion and therefore believe in certain philosophies and or realities. We do all this in order to play the Game of The Light We Are. We express ourselves in Light and Shadows. Looking from the bottom, Karma looks like a real thing or actuality, looking from the top and therefore from a No-Time perspective - how can Karma be real? More or less it is a script by which we play our roles - written by our so called previous actions... What is - What 'is' ? All experiences of all Life are What Is. We can only experience this on an individual basis and Truth therefore is an individual thing. The only absolute Truth that exist is Individual Truth. No one being in the universe knows it all. Except The Infinite Light itself and it ain't talking much, because it is busy expressing itself in All That Is. In a sense we could say - What 'is" IS "All That Is" - The Infinite Light or TIL. It is the grass and the rose, it is the human and the enlightened Master, it is the Co-Creator of the Solar system creating with the infinite wisdom of the Infinite Light - TIL. Yet, all blades of grass, roses, human beings, masters and Co-Creators are equal - for all are the same Light. Keeping itself busy being All... Only one Candle - Gerardus ( Sometimes people say: You are preaching! ) (( Did you know that that is only their opinion?)) July 2001 = = = = = = = Gerardus here: >Yes, and then the self-responsibility bit. >I wonder what happens to people who are not self-responsible? >Do they come back and need to learn this? >Is not this equal to Karma or being out of balance? >................................................. >F-4 here: >No, I do not think anyone has to come back to learn anything - that is >unless they truly want this type of experience. It does not matter how we >experience these realms, it is the experience alone that I favour as being >what it is all about. Gerardus here: In the mean time I posted a post about this Karma Subject. Did you receive it? Then - YOU are right from the OverSoul's point of view. YOU live there - your awareness is and comes from there! For many billions of others there is a different rule. This rule is a self-made rule by means of belief systems. Karma to them is existing and real. And yes, especially so when anyone wants to come back and truly want that certain experience. This is what you mentioned above... I think/feel the clue lies in the fact that... We ARE the Universe, we ARE Life, we ARE the Truth! This means that if we would treat someone in a negative manner - we treat ourselves in that manner. There is no "other" - so we create a gap by means of the way we treated another aspect of ourselves. This needs to be corrected sooner or later. These treatments of others are caused by the fact that all of us have blinds spots in our awareness system (human soulness) on purpose!! This "blindspot" is the "activator" of the 3D world and its incarnational programs or the proliferation of the OverSoul by means of its Instruments and the energies invested there. IOW: all of us... are created exactly the way our OverSoul wanted us to be! Blindspots and all! These blindspots are the impetus that makes the world what it is. A dysfunctional mess! It is the CAUSE of all our experiences...! This entire scenery is a challenge for the OverSoul, as well as, for the human soul. The human soul living in a human body for example, pulls off some dandies here and there, because it has free will. The task of the OverSoul is to direct the human soul in trying to see or understand what happened and correct what needs correcting. It is at least a two way scenario. This is why it is important for the OverSoul to finish with its incarnational energies, for it cannot move on completely unless it is free of attachments in the lower planes... I have attachments in cyberspace - Gerardus (It's 4D and the Cookie List) July 2001 - - - - - - - F-4 here: >Hi Gerardus, >Yes, I did read your discourse on the OverSoul from yesterday - I wanted to >respond but knew I had to read it a few more times to really get it into my >brain before commenting. I do however agree with a lot of what you said - >except of course anything to do with Karma ! It was overall a very >insightful view. Gerardus here: Thank you for your kind words. I know that you do not agree with the Karma bit. I respect that view. Possibly, as soon as one sees through the illusion or beliefs about it - it falls away. Then it is like passing off the Tooth Fairy. There are factors however that are unknown to me. More below... F-4 here: >Karma is real when it becomes a belief, the same as sitting >on a cloud playing a harp will be real for the entities who truly believe >that this is what they will do after physical death. Gerardus here: Yes, same thing! We create our own reality. But the reality we create is not necessarily the whole bottle of wax... F-4 here: >When you look at the big picture and see that all lives are occurring >simultaneously there is no way we can be paying for something we did last >life time in this one - because the last one is still viable and still >happening to us - just in a different time line. We do of course need >belief systems to create a world to experience - but when we realise that >that is what they are - merely belief systems, we can observe them as just >that and not give them any more power. Gerardus here: Yes, living all lives simultaneously might seem to exclude Karma. But there is still the issue of the influences of one life upon another life, or upon many lives for that matter. There is also the factor of "no time". Going back into time for example plays a great part in the activity of certain beings who are dependent on human food and/or human energies. They are able to arrange a different future for many human beings, if not for all... If THEY can do this, so can any OverSoul! Therefore - I might hit some Karma head on possibly. Personally, I am not quite aware enough on being completely sure of what is possible by taking the 'no time" factor into account. I assume that this only can be learned from existing in 4D or beyond. YOU may say Karma is out, but I cannot join you on this one. At one time I thought I could agree, but I must leave it open for now... I do know for sure, that OverSouls still encounter surprises from their human instruments when humans pull off an unexpected maneuver. Humans have free will! If OverSouls were not surprised by some human maneuvers - all lives to them would be an open book and the universe would be a programmed machine that no one could change. Things are not that simple I feel... The human free will plays a part in the future of mankind and the universe. By this I do not mean that they can completely upset the apple cart. Humans minds have influence upon all things within the one Mind... Then - time is a very flexible ingredient within the universal scheme of things. Therefore I cannot say with absolute certainty that Karma is out. You can do so possibly, but I personally feel that I do not know enough of the Time Factor and the possibilities of returning to the past and correct or change things. The Cs speak about this abundantly. Might be true - might not be true. I take their words with caution and in the mean time I leave all possibilities open. From past experiences I have learned that I changed my mind on things when I acquired more knowledge or information. No doubt I will on this one as well... Hope so - Gerardus July/Aug 2001 - - - - - - - Fiona here: I totally respect your need to keep the "karma" possibility alive. This is what makes for good interaction and discussion ! You are right in that our other lives influence our current one. We definitely do get bleed thru from one life to another. We can unknowingly pick up on the thought patterns and possibly even the experiences of other selves living different lives. Unexplained fears or phobias could easily be bleed thru (like some peoples irrational fear or spiders or snakes - yet in their current life time they have never been bitten of killed by these creatures). This once upon a time would have been thought to be past life stuff - which in fact it is, but at the same time we can be influenced by current lifetime existences of other aspects of our beings. I have encountered some really neurotic "other selves" in my sleep state, they are a real mess, and I can understand why I have some of these tendencies in this life time, it is bleed thru. I also believe it could be right that time lines and mass experiences can be altered or changed, that is because there are so many realities within realities that can split of and continue independently of the original reality. It is mind boggling. Aug 2001 - - - - -