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The following Homepages are from other Travelers on the infinite Path.
I recommend these pages for they contain valuable teachings.
Thank you Fellow Travelers...

~ Here's Clickers' Heaven ~

Gary Zukav
Light and Life
Energetic Arts
Global Visions
Voice of Wild Bird
Library of Wisdom
Scientific Spirituality
Welcome to Heaven
Moon  Lodge  Visions
Earth  Spirit  Emporium
Yoga for the General Public
The Universal One Foundation
Journey to the next Millennium
Phaitos Disk and Decipherment
Let there be WOW... Wish Only Well
InnerSpace - Teachings of Julia White
Pyramid of Truth, Light & Compassion
A Sacred Journey: Moon Lodge Visions

~ Chrystal Skulls ~
  ! ... Very Mysterious Indeed ...!  

It's time for an Interlude - meet the Musical Masters
~ Meadowlark ~
Listen to the wonderful Soul touching music of Rick and Lynn

! ... The Leading Edge Research ... !

! ....... Wisdom of the Ages ....... !
! Thousands... of time tested Wisdom Quotations from the Sages of the past ! 

~ Light and Love Net ~
... Very Special ... Indeed ...

~ Starbuilders Meta-Site ~
! How to live a Miraculous Life !

~ The Law of One Books ~
... No Recommendations Needed ...

!  Lorri Payton's Books  !

~ The Meditation Book ~
"Your Guidance to Inner Peace"

~ The Book of Foundations ~
"The Journey of the Progressive Spirit"

~ Meet Antares ~
... The Guardian of the Magick River ...

... Erase *your* Karma ...
! Carol's Love is yours but for the Asking !

! The Word Foundation !
... Books by Harold Waldwin Percival ...
"Thinking and Destiny"
~ A book that took over thirty years to write ~
! Highly Recommended !

Tom Beardon - The Virtual Times - True Genius
The Newest Technologies and Inventions of the Free Energy Spectrum.

! Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor !
Diane Brandon
Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor, Personal Facilitator, Speaker, Writer and Author
of Invisible Blueprints: Insights of an Energy Reader