A Soul's Journey In Time
By Brigitte Arora - Copyright 2006

Self-Realization and Cosmic Consciousness.
Existence Beyond the Borders of Space and Time.

Here are three excerpts from her Book
Cosmic Consciousness
Episodes of Cosmic Consciousness

This never before published book will provide you with new and more in-depth information about Cosmic Consciousness, Self-realization and Higher Realms than you have ever read before! If you would like to head for the straight path rather than take detours - this  book is for you!  Is Mankind's eventual transformation into a Superbeing a reality or a fantasy?  What is the real meaning of our terrestrial journey on planet earth?  The author has demystified the subject and brought it into ordinary daily life...
Here is what people say about the Book...

I can’t help but be impressed by the depth and breadth of her Cosmic Consciousness experiences. She has contributed much to the evolution of humankind, almost as if she had volunteered as a test sample in a cosmic multidimensional laboratory.  I am sure that she was guided and provided for from above.   Joachim Wolf, author of Understanding the GRAND DESIGN. Spiritual Reality’s Inner Logic

A personal account of Cosmic Consciousness, fascinating, spell binding words!
Gerardus Tros, author of BE STILL FOR "I" AM YOU... and SPEAK!

Today, after finishing this book, I told my husband, if I never read another book before I die, I would die happy.   B.H.

This book will change the thinking and understanding of mankind.   C.M.F.   

A true and compelling story about evolution in progress. This book will definitely become a bestseller, sooner than later.   P.F.B.

I really hope that other people who are affected by Kundalini find your book before they see a psychiatrist. Don F.
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~ Here is some of Brigitte's Poetry ~
    01)  Time Traveler
    02)  Through the eye of the needle
    03)  Shadow Land
    04)  Mother
    05)  Beyond Tomorrow
06)  Divine Beloved
07)  River of Life
08)  Call of the Silence     
09)  Finite Twilight
10)  Dear Heart

~ Brigitte's Later Poems ~
( August 2007 and May 2011 )