! Special Notice !

  Souls Younger Than Infinity Minus One Need God's Permission

Fun List For Clean Souls Only - Leave Your Dirty Karma Outside.

! Before you go any Further ... Forgive EveryOne ... And wipe your dirty Feet !
... Then ...
( Hum - Ohmm - Loud )

The Fun List The Fun List The Fun List

Gerardus' Gracious Guests
The Enlightened Entities

to have their Cyber Presence on this List.  

They are the Thirsty Ones who dared    
imbibed at least
7 yes 7

Sips of Sanity.

( Incredible )

May they savor them well and behave like a Saint.
( Swallow a tough Cookie )

This Page is like Life - Full of Fun - Always in Progress  

Boring or Daring.

( Approximately )

! ... Beware ... Soul ... Beware ... !
... Enjoy ... Enjoy ... Enjoy ...

( ? But How ... But How ? )

- If you are sanctimonious you should not read this -

However if you cheat once in a while
like a bit of fun here and there
you may do so anyway

... Life is Laughing a Lot ...
Wear your best Suit
You learn the most when you Lose.

( That's why people like to Win )

- Hold on to your Socks while you learn this by Heart -
( Sit up straight and do not blink )

Put your memory in first gear and let's go...
People who like or slightly approve of the Genuine Gutsy Gerardian Gossiphilosophy will immediately become responsible for their own universal evolvement and no longer be cuddled by the Kindergarten Klans of Kookoos, known as the Yes-Denominational Institutions and/or the Non Committal Politicals and their connected and/or nonconnected Churchianities of our fear and insurance based illusionary three dimensional matter world and its social Heroes.

Neither will they be protected and/or favored by the Gerardian Author
no doubt whatsoever

will be far too busy to keep his bod out of trouble
the publication of this list.

( Nod Head Here )

... All this really means is ...
!   You are walking your beat Alone   !

( Bring a Sandwich )

Therefore this list separates the Knowers from the Believers
Many are called - Few are chosen
Many cry - Few laugh.

( Most do Nothing )

Coming up is the fun list of Gerardus' Gracious Guests most respectfully chosen
The Author and Chef of Cookie Wisdom.

Fortunately the Author and Chef
is also known
" The Rascality of God gone Human "
( ! What a Blessing ! )

AHA - Gerardus' Gracious Guests don't have to be a member of the CosmicCookies List - AHA
( What a relief )
However they are most welcome to join this source of Wisdom.
( Brains not Needed - Hearts are Enough )

! Here's the latest from the CosmicCookies List !

... Mumblings of the Cookies Delivery Boy ...

"My name's Dough and I am the Pro"
( I lie a Lot for Life's a Plot )

"People are on the lookout and attack me upon arrival to get their daily Cookies"
( Some cry when they receive a puny Poem )

"Bosses are Powerless - They too want Cookies"
( ? Who will do the Work ? )

"Do not become a daily Guest - You'd wreck the World Economy"
( Just read the old news with different names and be happy )

"In general things are fine - the List has over 328 Guests"
( More than 45 people quit - they ate too many Cookies )
( They are missed and missing Out )

"The other day God was talking to me and She said...
I became all of you...
in order to confuse and enlighten myself all at the same time... or no time.
I am the Mother of all Mothers and I never had any Children of any kind - only Equals"
( The whole thing confused me more than I already was )

"All of a sudden I heard a great big enormous Laughter
Yes, she roared... I am some people more than others - the rest talks too much"
( It scared seven dumplings out of me....... )

"Many people hit this site and go directly for the Fun List"
( They are the wise Ones )

"This funlist is more useful than an ordinary Newspaper"
( Most people read the wisdom of the funnies Only )

"Don't yell at me - I am a Volunteer"
( ! You are the deaf One ! )

"Excuse my mumbling please - my mouth is full of Cookies"
( I live on Them )

~ Click here to get a hand full of Miracles ~

... Please remember this One ...

- Valuability Guess of Gerardus' Worthiness in Light due to Lifetimes in Darkness -
( Not to be over-estimated because of his Rascality )

- It is estimated at 99.9999 % of not too Bright -
( Typically slacking old Soul )

... Here goes Infinity ...  

  Seven short visits to this Space of Light are just enough to qualify
  to become a Gracious Guest for a Lifetime.
- Incredible -  
  ? How much Light can one Take ?

( Absolutely Astounding )

Next is the seduction by the diversionary tactics
The Funny Forces in Full Flight.

~ Girls with Skirts up can run faster than Boys with Pants down ~
( ? How did Confusius get in Here ? )

~ Meditation is the Scenic Route to Enlightenment ~
~ Laughing is the Freeway ~

( ? Who let Gerardus in Here ? )

~ It's an honor to be on Gerardus' List but most people would rather have a Beer ~
( Most likely Gerardus had too Many )

~ People think that this is not funny for they are not rolling on the floor laughing ~
( Possibly they live on dirt floors and do not want to get Dirty )

~ Many books say that we live in the End of Time ~
( Dig your hole and Jump )

~ People who do not have time for nonsense are Useless ~
( Be Useful - Be Foolish )

~ For The Initiated Only ~

For about two thousand years now
every year the top Rabbi and the Pope have a secret meeting.
They each bring 99 male Officiaries.

( All in Skirts )

At the height of a very lengthy ceremony
under the most glorified conditions
the Pope passes a very old Scroll to the Rabbi
the one year
the next year the Rabbi passes it back to Pope.

Afterwards they all go home glowing in the Light of Tradition.

? Do you know what is written on the old Scroll ?

Suppose someone with a multi-personality problem
holds a gun to his head.
? Would that be a hostage taking situation ?

( Hmmmm... )
Well... it is a hostage situation all right!  The trouble is...
If he shoots you'll never catch him for he'll be the first one out.

( ! He knows the location of the Hole ! )

! For a Joke and a Tear !

~ Click Here ~

Finally we have come to all the important Predictions
( Copied from - Gifme Abreak )

People like to be fooled for a while...
In 2012 on January first, God will come down in a UFO and point her finger to the winner. Make sure you stand in the right spot! After that, everybody will jump into the air and hang there for a minute or two like a ballet dancer. It is called acute ascension. It is a spontaneous happening and it is not curable with either drugs nor meditation.  We've just got to take it like a man and that means, that we'll fall on our face on the way down and hurt ourselves. Bring stilts maybe. After this, all Christian oriented people East and West will gently take Jesus off the cross and throw everything in the garbage. All other statues of Jesus, especially the bleeding heart ones, will be broken down for children to make their hop-scotch patterns. Boy, they just love it. Some people however will wrap their statues in soft plastic sacks and say their farewell by kissing it. All statues will end up in the same place however.

At those moments there sure is no need for sentimentality for the Great Master has been mistaken long enough. His savior bit has worn off and from then on in, he is set free in the minds of many. Not that it mattered to him for he has been dancing freely for many centuries helping others to grow into mental maturity.  His great efforts of manifesting Love into the World were perversely interpreted by Churchianity for it was understood as Salvation the Churchy Way. Pledge you money right here and we build you the House of God. It worked perfectly. People like to socialize and play Simon Says. God's House naturally is the Temple we live in!  Sure, people like to be fooled for a while. All this will end by the date mentioned above, our Soul has had enough!  In the mean time, please continue your business as usual - dream a thousands new paths and walk the old one!  Next predictions will come when I am prudently inspired by the Power of Predictions. Boy she's pretty! Usually, she tells me to look into my Soul and cook up my own. Come to think of it, that's what these are...

They window gaze at earth looking for equals...
Well, it happened again. The pressure of the Power of Prediction pushed me into manifesting another batch of bold ones. Typically the tactics of the more graceful aspects of our race of beings - wow! Her beauty stunt me and I'd plum forgot her predictions. Now what? In any case, it was all about Haily Bops and her skirts. Yes, she is female too. They are millions of miles long and it's as clear as day that that is true for the entire thing is 123 million miles from the earth. Boy that's a lot of driving! Well, here she goes... Haily Bops naturally is not that natural as she seems to be. There is a lot more involved than a woop of petticoats. What we see of this beautiful comet is but two bits of physical poof but the bulk of it is of another dimensional reality altogether and that is the sreaming secret. Another thing, it is well possible that this indeed is the twelth planet for if that is not it - what is?   That's what Sitchin and I would like to know - yeah. There are live Beings up there! Wow...

No doubt they have a lot more interest in mankind than just sailing by every 3600 years. Boy what a trip! They do what farmers do, drive around and inspect their investments once in a while and if need be - harvest some.   I wonder if guys like me are harvestable?   Who knows, maybe I'm not quite done yet!   Must check my holy tripplers and see if they are still green. If so - I'm not done. If they're golden - I am.  Would not surprise me either way for I am a 50/50 kind of a guy.  Except for my predictions naturally for they are always dead on. Really now, could a space ship be four times as big as the earth and sail around the sun every 3600 years?   But then you know - maybe it is but one year for them. What do I know. Possibly these Beings sleep for 1800 years and the rest of their long day they window gaze at earth looking for equals. Is that what I saw the other night, two tiny black spots on the right side?   I bet you that was somebody's peeping binocculars staring at our tripplers. Yeah, next time I see those tiny black spots I pull a funny face, maybe they won't recognize me. I wonder if they record everything on film like we do. Boy, thousands of pictures on the Web about this Haily Bops. Why do people bother - it's just a dirty snowball anyway...

... For Souls of all Ages ...
It is automatically assumed that all young Souls on this
Fun List
chuckle and clap with one hand in seeing their precious name displayed.

( Old Souls are not to waste any time on anything and get out there immediately to save the World )

... Finally here is the Introduction ...

Gerardus' Gracious Guests

( ! May the Last be First and the First be Late ! )

( Cyber - BellCurve - Listing )

Angela Clifford / ccsso.org
Ed Elkin / EdElkin@aol.com
*Jim Keller / jkell@earthlink.net*
Meadowlark / lark@goodnet.com
Rene Mueller / kiwi@iis.ee.ethz.ch
Cynthia More / Cynch@seanet.com
*Ivey B. Stowe / IBSTOWE@aol.com*
*Chris Boyne / boyner@hotmail.com*
*M.A.A. DeLozier / fyrbrant@gate.net*
Annelie Boogerd / boogerd@nat.vu.nl
Ken Parker / parkerk@kparker.nai.net
Julia White / meyna@mindspring.com
James Clark / Theion@worldnet.att.net
David Meurin / davidm@infomatch.com
Richard Anderson / rico7@inet.uni-c.dk
Jeff/John Laymon / jlaymon@ainet.com
*Cathy Roller / clovelox@rconnect.com*
Swami Gyankirti / medisage@visions.net
Mark Hohenberg / honks@ATLAS.CO.UK
Michael F. Quigley / michael@goingv.com
Iron B. Simek / ibsimek@bach.ccinet.ab.ca
Georgette Carlson / gcarlson@holycross.edu
Donna Cook / DONNA_W@cont-ed.cornell.edu
Herbert Brandley / 74053.3562@compuserve.com
Chad D. Sundberg / sundberg@badlands.nodak.edu
Shannon/Sara Smith / 73521.3045@compuserve.com
First Light / IMU@pretty.far.beyond.the.rainbow.galaxy.organ.pipe.net
* Gracious Guests marked with an * are on this list by Personal Request *

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Cosmic Cookies are the Bite Size Bones of Gerardian Philosophy.
( No one gets anywhere with or without them unless you know them all by Heart )
A Cookie takes two minutes to read - yes - but it requires two days of pondering.

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